Bridal Mask E10

Let’s hope this is the last time he looks at her like this. It’s a miracle, but their love line just took a major step forward –and E11 will be the giant leap. Looks like next week will be “D day” cuz D is going to play along and humor K to keep him by her side at all times so that means she will pretend to like him and stuff. Just look at the preview of K kicking his legs together in glee as he walks away. Wonder what she said to put him in that great a mood. He is going to be very busy soon – not only playing the role of a hero, but a love struck one as well. I rather see him hurting from puppy love than getting injured by S and the other officers. I can’t wait to see D pretending to like him, then falling for him for real. I predict we are going to be seeing a lot more of JW’s dimples in future screencaps. Get ready for an overdose of his smiles.

Thanks to Semi-fly for torrents, Sparkskey for preview translations, and Yanna for video link.

Ep 11 preview: After Gaksital punishes Jo Young Geun in Geum Hwa Jeong, he runs into Shunji and disappears into the dark after duelling with Shunji. Shunji feels tortured after losing Gaksital and heads to Angel Club where he sees Kangto singing and dancing with the dancing girls.

The next day, when Kangto heads to the circus, he finds it odd when Mokdan’s attitude towards him is much more affectionate than before… The instant he tries to check her heart is when he comes across the scene of Mokdan held tightly in Shunji’s arms…

Kangto has resolved to help Damsari’s party. He leaves a message in the coffee shop at Askar Hotel for ‘President Choi Taegon’. Damsari doesn’t know Kangto is Gaksital and comes to the conclusion that Kangto is planning to arrest him… He starts to plan to kill Kangto…

Sparkskey: Dear Next Week: Why do you feel like forever away? D: D:

Character list:

Joo Won as Lee Kang-to (K)

Jin Sae-yeon as Mok Dan (D)

Park Ki-woong as Kimura Shunji (S)

Han Chae-ah as Chae Hong-joo (a gisaeng. Japanese identity: Ueno Rie). (H)

Shin Hyun Jun  as Lee Kang-san, Kang-to’s older brother who is the original Gaksital. (KS)

Yoon Bong – kil as Abe Shinji (the chubby guy with the hat that is with K all the time)

Jeon No Min as Dam Sa Ri (D’s dad and leader of the independence movement ). he is currently going by Choe and just helped out Lee and Lee’s wife has set her sights on D’s dad.

Kimura Taro (the actor who played the president on city hunter- dont know his real name. he has two sons kenji and shunji)

Kimura Kenji (that scowling guy with the mustache who is out to kill K. Kenji is Taro’s son and S’s brother)

Kono Goji (the old actor from Moon who played minister yoon and B’s dad. Goji can also be spelled as Koji. On the show he is referred to as Konno but there are way too many K names as it is.)

Leader Jo – head of the circus (I give up memorizing any more circus characters – too many names to remember as it is)

Sunhwa (Dan’s circus friend)

Kenji’s spy girl from the circus

Baek Geon is Lee Sun’s (k’s dad’s) subordinate

Katsuyama Jun is H’s bodyguard – the guy with the long hair tied back (what kind of spy has her own bodyguard-this drama is trying to kill me by adding on more characters each episode)

The Ki group that the 5 men belong to is called the Kishokai (I cant remember how to spell this during live recaps to save my life)

the other Kishokai members besides Taro are:

UH– Ueno Hideki – the leader of this group and the man H calls “father” cuz he adopted her

Lee Si Young is a Count with the wife who cheats on him. his son is friends with K.

Woo BJ -hospital director and doctor

Park IS Newspaper owner

Jo YG-in charge of banking- the one who wont wear pants for like 3 or 4 eps and hurt my eyes. still traumatized by all his scenes showing so much skin.


Starts from S kneeling in front of taro and H. but she is wearing a black veil over her face and speaking through the screen. She talks about what qualifies to be a Kishokai member–for the sake of the leader, they have to pledge their lives – their actions, mind, not just with words but with a knife, blood -willing to put their lives on the line. She asks if S is ready. S says yes. she orders Jun to give S a knife. Taro tells him to swear with his blood. (to cut himself and bleed to swear an oath) so S cuts his hand and writes Kishokai in blood. Taro and H both smile

S tells the officers – as you all know,  Konno (Goji) acknowledged me for killing gaksital and assigned this special position as an officer. but on the day I got the promotion, the gaksital I said I killed showed up, so if there is anyone who cant acknowledge me as an officer – speak up now right here. I will promise on the name of my dead hyung who was killed by that guy’s hands that I gaksital will die by my own hands.  K looks up at him. S gives orders to the lackey and others to look into things. He scolds abe for running away when he saw gaksital right in front of his eyes. abe promises not to fail at his job again. S orders abe and K to keep close surveillance on the circus members. S asks each of them to do their best

After he leaves, lackey says sarcastically what abe said was right. you have to do surveillance on the circus members. he says to K: you must feel more comfortable cuz S is in charge.

K goes in to see S without knocking. K: sorry about yesterday, but it was (goji’s) orders. But S calls out his Japanese name in a stern voice and says don’t come to this room whenever you feel like it from now on. K calls him S so S takes offense so K apologizes and calls him by his title. S tells him to be careful cuz I am your superior.  K: from here on I wont talk to you informally (as in friends) about personal matters so you shouldnt react personally and exclude me from the case. S says from here on K has to stay out the gaksital case and until there is a change in orders, only do 24 hr surveillance on the circus members. K doesnt reply so S asks: didnt you hear what I said? K: that means if I watch them 24 hrs you don’t want me to come to this office. Ok. He leaves

In the car, Abe says I thought I would get kicked out. i worried so much. why S is like that.  why make us do mere surveillance. (meaning they are more qualified to do other stuff). K tells him to stop the car. abe: where are you going?  K: you go ahead. I will go later. K gets out of the car. Abe tells him to hurry and come. Abe leaves first

K goes over to see baek. He gets his shoes shined. K tells him what S is doing (like investigating the past) so baek should not come around here anymore for the time being. Baek says everyone is trying to catch gaksital so will you be ok? K: dont worry cuz in their eyes, I am only LKT. baek says the newspaper said that S will put his life on the line to catch gaksital. K : that guy is the only friend I have. after hyung was captured and things werent good, he helped me so I am grateful to him. baek: will you be ok. K: I already started this, so I have to see this through till the end

S echoes those words and tells taro: it’s something that already started, I have to catch that guy with my own hands for it to end. taro: so are you saying there is a way to catch that guy. S: we always tried to chase him after he showed up so that’s why we lost him. we have to make someone gaksital would want to catch. taro: someone he wants to kill? S: Gaksital always showed up in front of our  Kishokai members – those who persecuted the koreans. this time too, Jo deceived the koreans by saying he would give them high interest rates and took their savings. taro says but gaksital saved Jo (meaning he didnt kill Jo). S: even though he saved him, if Jo bothers the koreans again, he will show up for sure in front of Jo. S says how Jo set up an office under a fake name so why did he do that. I don’t care what you do but my goal is only to catch gaksital. Taro confides that after Jo gets rid of the koreans at the market, on that land, UH will build Askar department store there. S: this time Gaksital will end Jo’s life for sure.

Jo is with his favorite gisaeng -M. She says he looks like someone else cuz of his disguise. He says how dare they (those koreans) persecute him. wait and see what I do to those who mistreated me.

At the Korean market people are happy to see gaksital is alive. the guy who burned down K’s home (Kim) says let’s make a toast for the day they can get rid of all the Japanese and for gaksital. a man shows up and passes out yellow paper to certain people. They read it and it says to pay penalty fees. They think it’s cuz of the money gaksital passed out to them. and argue that it was their money. plus that money was taken away anyway. Kim says no wonder they let us out easily. He runs out in anger so his mom holds onto him. He says they want us to pay a penalty fee-they want to suck out all our blood -they are saying we should all die. she says you cant – if anything bad happens to you, I will die. She cries listing all that she lost- why should I pay a fine – what did I do wrong. Just then a kid runs down the street and passes out fliers for loans. In the car, Jo waits for the kid and pays him for passing out those fliers for loans. The kid thanks him.

Abe gives himself a pep talk and tells himself to act like an officer. he faces the group and tells the circus people -as you know -after gaksital showed up, we have a new order. starting from today officer K and I will take responsibility for all of you. the woman says there are so many of us so how can just the two of you be responsible for all of us. abe tries to argue how good K is at his job but she argues no matter how good he is, how can he when there are so many of us. she starts to count how many women there are -too many to count so how can just the two of you do that. try to explain how you can.  the man asks why the woman is bothering the nice guy. the man asks if abe is ok after the kid bit him cuz that kid was bitten by a crazy dog a few days ago. Abe worries he has rabies. He pulls down his pants to show the bite mark on his leg and leader jo and D sneak away. the man asks: shouldnt abe’s leg should be amputated. abe says I cant die -what about my mother. abe tries to run off to see his mom before he dies from rabies, but he falls down face flat. they all laugh.

Leader jo tries to call D’s dad at the askar hotel, but he isnt picking up.  D: he isnt answering? what do we do. he says: this is big trouble. he says how her dad will come tonight to meet her. she worries cuz K will recognize her dad. he offers to go but D says it’s too obvious if he is missing. and even if he goes to the hotel he might not meet her dad. She offers to go and relay the message, but leader Jo says that’s a bigger trouble cuz it would alert where her dad is staying (since she is being followed these days). D says she will meet and relay the message to the people that came with her dad who are staying at the motel (for them to relay the message to her dad) She says she will be back. he tells her to hurry before K comes. she leaves

As she walks away K shows up. she is carrying a big bundle. He asks where she is going with that bundle. She says don’t worry about it cuz I am not running away. he stops her from walking off and says dont you know I am in charge of surveillance on the circus members.  I asked where you are going. She says I am going to the motel to do the laundry cuz it’s my turn today. He takes her bundle and holds her hand and walks with her. She says I have to go do laundry so let go. K: so go – who said anything about it. arent you going to kysungsan motel. didnt you hear about 24 hr surveillance. She pulls away from him and walks off. He smiles like a kid and runs after her and walks next to her. (I just noticed that his pants are too tight-not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing cuz it means he is not losing weight doing this drama, but on the other hand it’s distracting me)

They go to the motel together and the owner is nervous to see K. (he stutters out an excuse about why he thought it would be ok to resume business.) he thought since D and the circus were set free – that they didnt commit any crimes. he offers to make them move out but she says dont worry. I didnt commit any crime. because Gaksital showed up, he is following  me around. (She tries to communicate some veiled info about those men with her dad with the owner) D asks about some business people who came from incheon – did they leave yet? he says they already left. she says when they come back let them know some are missing. K didnt get any of that. the owner quickly fans K asking – you are hot huh? K acts chummy with the owner and tells him not to do that – asking K if the owner should tell them (circus people) to move out.

K watches her do laundry and sees that she has the knife. she took it out of her pocket and put it next to her. he remembers how D came back for that knife and he first discovered who she was and their past as kids when he told her to stay alive. he looks at her and cries out of remorse. she looks over at him so he covers up for crying by telling her to hurry and work faster -why are you taking your time. if you stall, you are going to die by my hands. He goes over and helps her do laundry saying -move aside. why wash it one by one. He takes off his shoes and socks and gets in the tub to wash by stepping on the clothes

At the club, Lee’s son is with the newspaper guy- park and the club madam. Park says how gaksital showed up so as an honest journalist he had to write the article that gaksital is alive. Lee’s son says how the paper owner was to scared to even open his mouth so how could park dare to do that. the madam asks park if he did that when he was drunk. The waiter says a customer wanted him to give the madam this note. she says put the customer in the vip room (nothing was written on that paper). lee’s son asks who is that. did you get a love letter? park tells him to stop being interested. madam jokes do you think i only have one or two (guys who love her)

When she goes into the VIP room with the waiter, D’s dad and the woman posing as his wife are there. the madam tells them to sit. She introduces herself and says she was waiting for this day to receive the letter. He says I heard when I gave you that letter that you would give me a present from Yang Baek.  She gives him a box and inside is a short sword. D’s dad looks at the waiter and madam says he helps me so you dont have to worry about him. The waiter says he supports Yang Baek so I will help anytime you need. D’s dad thanks him. Inside the sword is a blueprint of the police station. madam says it was easy to get that. D’s dad thanks the madam. The waiter asks why they need that blueprint so the other woman says for your safety you shouldnt ask.  D’s dad asks if K drops by often so waiter says K comes by all the time, but why are you asking about LKT? the woman warns him again so he shuts up. after they are gone, the waiter worries.  He asks the madam: They don’t mean to kill K right. she isnt sure and says maybe if it’s LKT’s fate.

K sits and watches D hang laundry and smiles. She looks over at him feeling uncomfortable. He remembers feeding her when they were young and going sledding. He keeps smiling.

But she notices S coming over. S walks right up to her and faces her but he calls out : Sato hiroshi. K: yes. S: that guy is going to show up for sure again so watch D closely 24 hrs. K doesn’t answer so S asks: do you not hear me. K: yes I will. S looks at D again and turns and leaves. He never once looked at K –just at D.

S goes back to his car and looks sad. He looks back at D. then he looks at D staring at K and K staring at her. D looks over at S. D was crying. she wipes her tears and goes back inside. K follows her in. S drives off.

(Now I get why he didnt look at K and only stared at D the whole time. S went there cuz he couldnt stay away from D, but needed an excuse to be there. he pretended repeating his order to K was the reason. My heart broke a little bit for S here cuz it must feel awful to entrust the girl he loves to the friend he is losing)

D’s dad’s men head in. (omg I need their names-it’s takes too long to call them “D’s dad’s men” – can I call them “Bob and his crew”)

D whispers to the owner there is some place she needs to go before sundown. K opens the door just as the owner asks where she needs to go before sundown.  she notices K listening so she lies and says that’s not it. he says but you just said that – that you needed to go before sundown. K comes over and asks her what that means. Since her dad’s men showed up, D yells so they can hear what she says to K. She yells at K: Are you really going to keep following me around like this-just cuz you have to watch me 24 hrs a day, are you really going to follow me around so I cant breathe. the guy nods his head like he understood what D is trying to say. they head in. K calls out to the men with the bags to question them, but D runs away so K calls out her name and tells her to stop. He follows her out. She is a fast runner. K doesn’t go after her and goes in another direction.

K is dressed as gaksital and rides off into the woods. (is it part of the requirement to change into Gaksital and pose by this tree and look out over the city -every single episode?)

D runs to the woods and looks at her note. She hears the horse coming. Gaksital rides up. he gets down and stands there in front of her. she asks – are you ok? You are not hurt anywhere? thank you-thank you so much for being alive. Even though you saved my life a few times – I didnt get to say thank you, I was afraid I wouldnt be able to say that forever so you dont know how much I worried. when articles came out that you died, I couldnt believe it so I looked in the river you fell into all day and found this. she takes out the knife and shows him. Thanks to this, I knew for sure who you were. He turns to go so she says it doesn’t matter if you are the young master or not -whether you are or arent the young master who told me to stay alive and he would find me.  Cuz of you- the Koreans and I are alive. cuz of Gaksital, we are living. Thank you. thank you so much. my father wants to meet you. my father is fighting the other side like you. he said he needs your help.  Couldnt you meet my father just once. all you have to do is leave a note when and where my father can meet you at the Askar coffee shop bulletin. He gets back on the horse. So she asks please help my father just once. He rides off

At night, K is at baek’s home. Baek goes in with a drink for K. K is still dressed as gaksital. baek puts the drink down and leaves.

D’s dad is with the guy that works for him and the woman posing as his wife. The guy thinks it will be hard for D to meet gaksital when she is watched 24 hrs by K. the woman says even if they meet, there is no certainty that gaksital would listen to D’s request.  would a guy who wears a mask easily reveal his identity. we have to proceed as if gaksital cant help us. The guy says if gaksital doesn’t help us then we should (he was about to say kill K ) but the phone rings. It’s D. (D was sneaking a call in while abe was sleeping) D says  it’s me. her dad asks if she is ok. D: yes don’t worry. I passed on the message. he will probably contact you through the bulletin. Her dad thanks her. she tells him to take care of himself. He says: you too. The woman and guy ask at the same time if the message was relayed. D’s dad nods yes. the guy says they already succeeded in half of their cause. the dad asks him for the blueprint.

They go over their plans as they look over the blueprint. damsari says if gaksital shows up and takes care of the officers, the woman says their chances of succeeding increases by a lot. They plan to blow up something at the anniverary event to get access to the weapons silo at the police station.

K is sitting in the dark at Baek’s home – still remembering what D said – . my father is fighting the other side like you. he said he needs your help.  Couldnt you meet my father just once. K gets up. he leaves and goes outside to stare up at the sky.

There is a closeup of the map of the korean market with all the shops and vendors listed by name. Taro and H look at it. she says it’s almost over. taro says as you can see there are only a few stores left. She says after what happened with Jo’s bank and they lost some money but taro came up with the idea to close down the market and get rid of it so her father is happy too. taro says he will listen to her compliments after everything is over. H says this time it looks like we will catch both of the rabbits. since S is secretly following Jo around so they will catch Gaksital and the Korean market land will come into our hands. There is a phone call from UH so H takes it.  she says father the Korean market land will be in our hands. today we are getting the rest of the store owners to sign off. to paraphrase, he says that she is jumping the gun and asks if she forgot how she has to be ahead of her prey to succeed. H apologizes. he reminds her what she went here to do – but gaksital is still causing trouble and Konno goji is still alive and well. He warn if she fails this mission she has to go back to being chae hong joo ( her Korean name). H: until the day I die – no even if my bones have been cremated, I am your daughter Ueno Rie. After she hangs up his guard asks if UH had to go that far to say that to her. UH says to control a person’s heart, you have to grab their weakness. this kid’s weakness is the truth that she is Korean. H reports to taro what her father said- to make sure there are no mistakes and failures in what they are doing. Make sure and bring gaksital’s life and the market (land) no matter what. taro: i understand

Jo is wearing a disguise and tricking korean people to give them loans for low interest rates. Another Korean man waits for his turn. the woman asks if she pays the interest rates diligently and pay back the loan, he will give back the deed to her store. Jo says of course. the shop owner is putting her store up as collateral just in case she cant pay. there is no need to worry. she says how her son just wants to pay off the penalty with his body but when healthy people go to prison they come out dead. Jo says since she is doing this then her son wont be sent to prison. If you pay the interest fee well then there will be no trouble at all. here sign the paper. She stamps the document. He gives her money. she thanks him. Jo crosses out all the people he tricked so far. A guy grabs the paper from him –it’s K. JO: who are you? K: you startled me. he lifts his hat and says it’s me. K asks what Jo is doing for Koreans to drop by all day. Jo says K doesn’t need to know. K: if you say that then I suddenly thought of what to say to chief kimura (taro). How you came to see me and told me to find secret ledgers. Jo says ok- sit down. I will tell you everything so don’t bring up talk of the ledger again. K: I keep my promises really well

Jo whispers into K’s ears. as K listens, his smile fades.

S is in his car and signals to other officers outside the building who are staking out the building with him. K comes out wearing his disguise and S follows him in his car. K and S look at each other.

They talk alone together. S says you show up outside Jo’s office. in a disguise at that. Did you forget you had to watch D 24 hrs. K: you want me to baby sit. dont you know how much I want to catch that guy. S: I told you to step away from catching gaksital’s case. K says leave gaksital up to me and you step away. S:what? K: You really think you can catch Gaksital? when you havent put on the uniform for even a week. even the best officers who couldnt catch Damsari for 3 yrs, I got caught him within 3 months. now after I worked so hard for months, you are saying you will catch him? S: that’s right – cuz you are good at your job I thought you could catch gaksital, but instead of taking my side and you take goji’s side – the one who wants to kill my dad. Goji’s informant is my friend Lee kangto?  Now I know why kenji hyung warned me about you- that I was putting a knife to my father’s throat-now i know. K says we might not have been meant to be friends from the start. But when the moment comes when I put a knife to your dad’s throat, don’t hesitate. K walks off

Lee and his wife meet with D’s dad and that woman posing as his wife. lee’s wife asks why he did that – get rid of that land that has gold.  D’s dad talks about opening a school in manchuria after visiting there with his wife.  Lee’s wife compliments him for thinking of doing something so great. They give Lee a present. Some expensive root looking thing (used for medicine). Lee’s wife says it’s perfect timing since Lee had not been feeling well. D’s dad says how he wants to meet the governor and asks to attend the anniversary event with his wife. Lee’s wife says it’s for V-VIP but we can come up with invitations for you.

K goes to the hotel coffee shop (where D’s dad checks the board). K orders coffee and pretends to read the paper while facing the board. D’s dad shows up and reads the notes on the bulletin. There is no note for him so he goes away. K holds the note he had for her dad. D’s dad shows up again to check the board, but K puts away his note. Abe comes in and calls out for K. her dad sees that and leaves. Abe is reporting about how all the officers are going to Geum Hwa Jeong (that place with the gisaengs) tonight and leaving the two of them out. abe thinks they were excluded cuz they have to watch the circus members and all the other officers are eating out without the two of them. when K hears the location is Geum Hwa Jeong, K quickly goes over to the phone and tells Abe to leave first.

K asks if M (that gisaeng that Jo favors) has time tonight. She says she cant today. He asks why. did something happen. She says taro is coming to congratulate Jo for what Jo did today -getting all the market people to sell. K says that’s too bad (that he doesnt get to see her). He hangs up and says bingo.

S asks did you confirm the rumors. Lackey says right about now everyone at the Korean market should be in chaos. you should hear directly. He brings in the spy girl. She says how she told everyone at the market place like the lackey told her to. that the fake name Jo was using was actually the banker -Jo – that everyone who borrowed money not cant do anything about it and will get kicked out of their stores

The Koreans are upset they were tricked by Jo again-they say I was crazy to believe his words. what are we going to do now.  kim yells at his mom how he told her not to go there.

S asks if the lackey is ready. he says dont worry- I prepared the best swordsmen.

Men in black –the ones sent by the lackey and S-  go over the wall at the gisaeng house

Taro says Jo worked hard (tricking the Koreans). Jo says I cant live here anymore in korea. as you promised you have to send me to Japan. Taro says don’t worry about that. The president will take care of everything. Jo says then I will trust you. Jo leaves. Taro nods to S to go after Jo. S gets up (I wonder if S was going to kill Jo if Gaksital never showed up)

Jo goes and gets his paperwork (the contracts from the koreans) and puts it in his briefcase. Gaksital is standing there. he says I saved your life once and you suck out their blood again. (meaning Jo took the koreans livelihood). Jo begs for his life and hands over the briefcase. gaksital lists what Jo did wrong and says I am here to collect. He hits Jo on the head and kills him. Gaksital takes the paperwork out and leaves with it.

As gaksital runs out, those swordsmen in black attack him. He fights them off and runs away but S goes over and jumps in his path. They lock sword and stick again. S: it’s been a long time Gaksital.



Taro holds his sword out to S and says: you still havent come to your senses. you know how to catch Gaksital dont you?

K asks Baek: if it was hyung – what would he have done. even if it’s dangerous, he would have helped huh? (K is talking about helping D’s dad in his plans)

D plans to match K (meaning humor him cuz he seems to like her) and keep him next to her side at all times.

S says: K – help me.  it’s too hard to do it alone.

H says to Jun: that girl that K needs for gaksital – he loves that girl. She slaps Jun (for not doing his research well)

D’s dad calls D. her dad says: no matter how I think about it – it’s strange. how could he…another voice says:perhaps that guy (K) is Gaksital. D is surprised to hear that. D: lee kangto?

I know it’s wrong but I am so glad I dont have to see Jo in his boxers or various state of undress anymore. now if Gaksital takes out Lee next, I will be way happier and grateful. (cuz that actor gives new meaning to the words “histrionic acting”)

Kidding aside, part of me had a problem with K killing Jo. when KS killed judge cho, KS was on a clear path of revenge for his father. but K still isnt fully clued in on WHY he is Gaksital. he knows what he has to do, but his motive is still not personal yet. that part bothers me. it feels like he killed Jo just cuz of what  Jo did to the Koreans which just makes him one step up from being a mean version of Robin Hood. if K should kill anyone, it should be Taro first. when K spared Jo’s life before, I was relieved cuz I knew at that point he didnt have the heart to do that yet, but suddenly K does it anyway tonight. for some reason, at this last stage, now it’s starting to sink in how dark a drama this is turning out to be. not sure how many times JW needs to smile to make this up to me cuz he is making me recap one of the darkest dramas ever. City Hunter was Disney compared to this.

To be totally honest, this is not the kind of drama I would ever watch in a million years. If it wasnt for the fact that JW is in this, I would not have lasted past the first episode. what is keeping me here is JW’s growth as an actor. If I miss out on his performance on this drama, I might not get to see one of the most important roles he ever took on. if he makes this drama succeed, he would have single handedly brought in a lot of these viewers cuz not all of us are here for the story alone. some of us are going to be hanging on till the end cuz one young actor is proving that looks alone might bring in initial interest, but his indefatigable effort and dedication to improving his craft as an actor is what’s blazing up our tv screens and keeping us mesmerized each week.

Who am I kidding. With all these photos of him, I might as well just call these recaps “JW highlights”


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  1. feima says:

    hahaha! carry on with JW screencaps ~ will never get tired of that *dimple* 😀


  2. Siera says:

    Hai softy
    camping here..
    hello Obnians..Bingo….*winks*….^————————


    • Siera says:

      just found this..


      • bbblue73 says:

        Did JW call Rie as Noona? lol.


      • SS says:

        AAAAWWW thanks so much Siera. He is SUPER cute!


      • Softy says:

        Sorry for posting late, but i couldnt work on this all day till now. most of it is just describing what’s going on the show right now – like summarizing the story.

        D mentions how S brought a bubble gun from somewhere and shot it saying “it’s gaksital” -he likes to goof around a lot and it’s fun. they are asked if they guessed the popularity of the show so JW says we counted on it cuz there was a lot of story to tell. they are asked if there was an NG for the kiss scene so JW explains during the kiss scene, a fly would sit on noona’s back or my forehead so there were NGs cuz of that. H says how K was supposed to keep his eyes open but he kept closing his eyes when he shouldnt close them like he is receiving the kiss. the guy asks: did you feel it. JW says they had to do it a few more times. they say how JW has a lot of aegyo so show the viewers so JW says into the camera in a baby voice “noona did you eat?”
        they say how on the drama S and K love the same girl so S says if I really loved my friend the friendship would be a little more precious. so JW asks what about if you really loved the girl so S says then love would be more precious. they ask D who she would choose in real life so she says Mokdan seems to like Gaksital more. H keeps saying D would choose S. D says both guys are attractive and good people. for the underwater scene, JW says he went to the deep end too quickly so my face swelled up, my hands swelled up, and my whole body swelled up.


  3. mizweng says:

    hiya everyone!!!! am so happy I can stream tonight…Ionair seems not to have KBS channel anymore…so happy wubisheng is working fine at my end…. Softy it’s more than fine for me to gaze to all your JW’s screencaps…. as expected, BM is my favorite summer drama….. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  4. bbblue73 says:

    Waves back to Softy, feima, seira…………
    Good evening Yorubon!!!!!


  5. SS says:

    Hurray for Softy & Softy’s mouse!


  6. sparkskey says:

    No one’s complaining when the pretty is around


  7. WeWe says:

    Evening fellow campers.
    Starting from yesterday, I can no longer watch BM live on ionairtv T___T
    So, I’m counting on your live comment, Softy live recap and Yanna (or teams)
    Happy watching.

    PS: I notice today that KBS(KBS1 and KBS2) no longer available in
    If anyone can recommend other live streaming site,I’ll be grateful.


  8. SS says:


    Yay for Dam Sa RI!

    Dam Sa Ri Dam Sa Ri Dam Sa Ri


    • SS says:

      so not……..

      now D is going knife K and K is going to gasp and say in (what he thinks is his final breath) : “Promise me you will stay alive”. And then D’s memories will all come crashing back.

      My bet is that D will hurt K cuz no way he is going to get away from all those shouting and torturing her without suffering a bit, huh?


  9. semi-fly says:

    Torrent links for episode 010:
    – Random / 720p:


  10. Priya says:

    Hi Softy,
    first comment for BM…
    thanks a lot for ur hard work. without u i wouldn’t ‘ve come to know what was the story so far. today i got time to watch it live.


  11. SS says:

    I said in the last post that I will do more household chores if someone like JW watches me hang laundry.Now, I think I will ditch my washing machine too, we can then stomp on the clothes together in the bathtub and ………………..



  12. sparkskey says:

    Ep 11 preview:
    After Gaksital punishes Jo Young Geun in Geum Hwa Jeong, he runs into Shunji and disappears into the dark after duelling with Shunji.
    Shunji feels tortured after losing Gaksital and heads to Angel Clun where he sees Kangto singing and dancing with the dancing girls.

    The next day, when Kangto heads to the circus, he finds it odd when Mokdan’s attitude towards him is much more affectionate than before…
    The instant he tries to check her heart is when he comes across the scene of Mokdan held tightly in Shunji’s arms…

    Kangto has resolved to help Damsari’s party. He leaves a message in the coffee shop at Askar Hotel for ‘President Choi Taegon’. Damsari doesn’t know Kangto is Gaksital and comes to the conclusion that Kangto is planning to arrest him… He starts to plan to kill Kangto…

    Dear Next Week: Why do you feel like forever away? D: D:

    Btw, preview for big is up on ep8 recap page


    • SS says:

      Thanks sparkskey.

      Now I feel like a total IDIOT. That’s the problem of watching Live without subtitles cuz iONair got spooked by ghost and went blank this week.

      I had thought that Damsari suspected K is Gaksital and told D. So so hopeful………

      *Bubble Burst*


      • sparkskey says:

        Yeah, I thought Damsari suspected K is Gaksital too, so I double checked the written preview to be sure. Damsari thinks it’s an evil plot by Kangto to capture him. The written preview implies that, but I didn’t fit it into the sentence very well, huh.
        Hopefully K isn’t going to be injured or anything next week. /crosses fingers


        • SS says:

          i am not so optimistic. He’s got to be hurt badly and she will nurse him back to health. Is that a tried & tested recipe?


          • sparkskey says:

            I suppose the big reveal has to happen soon. Someone else has got to find out since they can’t exactly dance around the issue of who Gaksital really is forever with no one actually in the know


    • sparkskey says:

      *Angel Club. Sigh, the mistakes never end


      • Softy says:

        I already saw that club typo and changed it. 🙂 also I posted preview for Big on the top of the page so thank you for all these. you are super fast.
        from the video preview, it was that guy’s voice (the one with D’s dad’s) who said he thinks K could be gaksital. so actually D’s dad didnt jump to that conclusion. I guess it takes an outsider to suspect that K could be gaksital cuz the coincidences keep piling up.


        • sparkskey says:

          Yeah I guess so, though I was wondering how Kangto is going to explain his very conspicuous disappearance each time Gaksital appears. Now that he has been removed from the team, it makes sense. And you’re very welcome! Thanks for your hard work with these transcaps each week 😀


  13. dreamgirl says:

    i hope Joo Won does not undergo any facial improvement or artificial surgery . He is most handsome as he is now. just noticed in the interview that his cheeks appear to be enlarged. I hope Joo Won is not tempted to do anything to his handsome face. and he needs no buffing either. His lean frame fits him to a T. remain the same beautiful and handsome leading man that we all love please . . . and lastly pls pursue UEE in real life.
    Joo won reminds me of a celebrity in the Philippines – a young man who has not shown his real interest in the girl who is obviously special to her. It will be a waste if Joo Won loses UEE.


  14. Waves and Hi to Softy, Siera, feima, SS, bbblue, Loverz, Mizweng, Wewe, Priya, Sparkskey, Semi-fly, dreamgirl and everyone here.. Btw where’s nonski??


  15. bbblue73 says:

    Softy, Sparkskey, Semi-fly (lucky SSS)


  16. SS says:

    Can someone enlighten me? Tonight we see K sitting in Baek ‘s house pondering if he should help D’s father. He was in his real hair, just that it’s not combed back. How does the show expect the audience to accept that- at times, K in Gaksital outfit is like this and at other times, he is wearing a wig. Reminds me of the way they use the KS’s stunt double even when it was a close-up shot. Unless that wig is part of Gaksital’s disguise.

    I would rather they expect us to believe that the people in the show won’t be able to tell that it’s a different Gaksital if K were to wear his own hair(cuz it’s different from KS’ hair which was a wig) than to make him wear that horrid piece.


  17. SS says:

    Yesterday I complained about ep 9 ,said it was akin to sitting on a kiddy train ride and worry if the drama was losing its steam. Today, I gladly eat my words.

    Yes, it was no emo roller coaster like the first 7 episodes but I am happy to be in wonderland where I am grinning from ear to ear, just looking at how happy and infatuated K looked when he was staring at D. Softy is right, when dimples come out, the sun shines, the rainbow appears, the birds sing, the mouse goes ‘click’ click’ and we go faint with joy.


  18. Somebody needs to make some JW’s header in Gaksital from Softy’s screencaps.
    There are so many swooning screencaps of JW that Softy took, from ep.1-10. It’s too beautiful to waste.
    I haven’t seen one header of JW in Gaksital yet.. And that makes so sad.
    I wish I know how to make the header 😦
    Perhaps Bird or nonski would like to make some… yes?? 😀


  19. SS says:

    my heart aches for JW.

    And he said he lost weight. So Softy, he didn’t put on weight like you thought he did. What can we say, he is naturally endowed?


  20. SS says:

    Does anyone have the subs for the BM interview that Siera put on top of the comments page?

    I can’t find it on baidu in raw, let alone with chinese subs. If anyone has the eng sub version or chinese one which I can translate, please post it.

    It looks like a really funny one. They were all laughing and having fun. Joowon looked so bashful.

    Thanks in advance


  21. SS says:

    It’s the Hangover. The morning after a BM episode.

    Raves after last night show:
    1) K & D stole the show this episode with JW doing an excellent work in acting completely besotted by D, smiling just looking at her back, her every little action.
    There is progress here from the love he had for her since the old days. While he reminisced 2 times in this episode, in the first, his eyes teared but in the 2nd, he looked happy remembering the fun times they had.
    So, now, he seems to be falling in love with her in a new way. Like a boy who is instantly attracted to a girl and can’t help staring at her.
    Just like I want D to love K as he is now and not as Lee Young, I also want K to love D as she is now and not as Boon Yi.
    2) I love the way JW runs after a girl. Remember those scenes he ran after Uee in OB during the period when she was angry with him? I love the way K ran after D when she was bringing laundry to wash. And later when she snatched back the bundle from him, did you see how he ran after her, while putting his hands clasped behind his back. It’s this type of body language that JW does that makes his love scenes so powerful. No words, just little gestures and change in body language.
    3) I liked how JW can plays a cheeky playboy with winks and all like ep 9, how he made the motel owner nervous and the way he arm-twisted Jo into telling him the plans. I think he can act in a wide range of personalities.
    4) This episode I cried for S. Did you see his face after he met D at the motel and sat in the car. Aaawww…..I am afraid there more heartache for you, S. I know S will turn more & more to the dark side but I dont buy that beneath that growing darkness, there is an ounce left of the good S. In the end, probably nearing death, he will be holding on to K. All will be forgiven between these 2 friends and we’ll cry our hearts out. I got to give to PKW as he is really stepping up in his role.

    The preview:
    I am so hopeful for how D and K’s relationship is going to play out. I was very frustrated before this week. I had almost lost hope that the writer will amaze us on this aspect like he did with the earlier episodes. Now, with a glimpse of where this thing is heading, it looks very interesting. I didn’t even expect that D will play along to humour K and K happy like a lark(there are many gifs made of K kicking his legs in that leap). This is going to be Daebak!

    p.s. why did Rie take off her clothes when Jun didn’t keep up on his research on K? With this kind of punishment, what kind of incentive does he have to do his job well?


  22. bbblue73 says:

    *sigh* waiting for another week.
    So stressed out with my work today & found myself listening & watching Gaksital OST ” Goodbye day” for K&M, & MV for TH-J ” It’s not Goodbye”…yayyyy


    • SS says:

      my poor bbblue, cheer up- Thank God It’s Friday! There’s 1N2D coming up and we’ll see if our cutie wins the crying game.

      I have OB OSTs in my car, so it’s always on the play. Just added my recent fav QIHM.

      I have not added Gaksital’s. I must say that now I find the 2nd OST nice especially when they played it during the part where S went to find D in the motel, it really made me feel that scene for S.

      As for K & M’s song ‘Goodbye Day” I find it too sad. It seems to foretell that they will not be together in the end. And after seeing how K is falling in love with D, being happy & all, it will kill to know that he who has lost almost everything, will lose his girl too in the end. Aaaaaaaaaaawwwwww………T…….T


      • bbblue73 says:

        Thanks a lot my dear SS.
        Wow, that’s great. While driving & listening those songs, i know that you imagined things or scenes that makes you smile.
        Finally, i just bought OB ost CD last sunday & this is the only cd’s left transfer order from another branch store. (Congrats to me, LOL)

        Yeah it’s so sad. We have the same outlook for this drama but then hoping for the possible result for the official 4eps extension. But honestly, i don’t want this extension due to Joowon’s health.

        K&D will fall in love & keep their relationship for a while but i have this feeling that they will not be together in the future ahead of this drama. I’m not really sure that the ending will be that great but this is gonna be something that we gonna shed tears & say this word “what & why” at the end.
        Well, why i said this things coz the story involved a lot of characters, a plot of intense & suspense story.

        Cheer up bbblue, fighting!!!!!. thank you SS.


        • SS says:

          *Hugs* bbblue.

          After replying you, i came across something on baidu(not new, just that i didnt open that page). Just post my comment on OB page

          I feel sad for K in his doomed relationship. Many times I want to kick myself for getting too emotionally vested in reel romance.

          But when I think of JW and Uee, I feel worse. If they were never ever ever emotionally attached to each other, fine.
          If they were, then it’s so so sad. Unless Korean pararazzi is non-existent(but they did chance upon Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na, didnt they?), then I believe they have not seen each other since the coffee CF. I remember Joowon saying in Come to Play that he broke up with his gf 5 years ago because he had no time and not responsible of him not to devote 100% into his studies due to his obligation to his parents. Now, he doesn’t even have time to sleep. I dont think he will start a relationship. He probably knew it better when he said during the Happy Together show, to wait and see how things turn out after the show.


  23. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Softy for the recap. More Joo won screencap please.. Keke.

    Ooofff.. it’s hurt. How much I love to see Joowon and Uee in a r’ship, but I think it’s impossible to happen now, they’re both busy. Gah.

    Love last night’s episode.

    I wonder how will Mokdan react when she realized that Gaksital is Kang To and Kang To is Lee Yeong and the Gaksital who saved her is not Gaksital Kang To but Gaksital Kang San. Did Kang San know that Mok Dan is Boon Yi.. I doubt he knows.

    Now, I think that Mok Dan will be the second person to know that Kang To is Gaksital besides Baek Gun. She will protect Kang To/Gaksital… And I bet she will protect Kang To identity from her dad too…


  24. Zuli says:

    yes..Softy..tell you the true..this is the heaviest drama i ever seen..actually i love a family drama .rom-com drama, or a fiction-romance drama
    i can’t stand with suspense’s,,thriller’s drama..those were too heavy for my poor heart!!
    but because of Joo won..once again because of him i watched Gaksital..and i satisfied with his acting..he is so amazing in gaksital^_____^i hope this drama will receive so many loves from the viewers till the the very end of episode


  25. Another video of Gaksital press conference on June 27, 2012

    Joowon so cute when he talks, so radiant 🙂


    • Softy says:

      After I translated that previous video by Siera around ten, my eyes shut by themselves and I fell asleep. But since my body is used to sleeping only a few hrs, i woke up around 2:30am. Plus it’s raining so that sound made me wake up too. So I watched all these videos. That 6 min longer interview JW did that SS translated from Chinese I can’t do now from an iPad so I will see if there were any missed lines tm and post it under hers. (he talked about how he had been filming this drama even when OB was still on so he has been filming for the past few months and there are still two more months to go and he did say it was extended to 28 total so now I am not sure if he said that prematurely since the final decision was on the 28th)
      In this one, JW talks about the pressure he felt for this role/drama cuz of the killing/violence. Then how there are a lot of flies so it kept landing on his face and her back so they had lots of NGs and had to kiss a few more times. Then he talks about his mask and how it’s tied in the back so after he runs it falls down. So if you tied it on tightly, when you take it off it leaves a mark/indentation and then the rest of his speech was cut.


  26. I found another bts on facebook, thanks to Joowon Thaifansclub 🙂
    This bts when Kang To was been beaten by Kenji & Kemdo guys..


  27. Iprefernottosayit says:

    GAAAAH JOO WON LOOKS SO CHARMING IN THAT DISGUISE, PARTICULARLY WHEN TIPPED HIS HAT. This episode reaaallly got me on the edge, especially at the ending. CAN’T WAIT FOR EP 11!!!!


  28. SS says:

    Yanna darling, you are super! I love your headers. You put me to shame. Tell you the truth, I read your comments asking for headers and 5 hours ago, I googled for tutorials. I think I lasted 1 minute cuz my brain just couldn’t process the information, haha. I promptly closed it and went to watch a movie instead.

    You inspire me. Let me check if I have any more grey matter left over and report back when I can.

    First, let me charge the battery overnight. Goodnight Yanna darling, muah muah *pyong*


  29. Anonymous says:

    credit baidu:

    This looks like another interesting interview. There is no full chinese translation(will translate when I get hold of any). The only extract was that when JW was asked what’s the difference between the old and new Gaksital, he said he is younger so his action moves are better. Apparently, SHJ who was watching the video clip of the interview, burst out laughing when he heard that. Later, JW also mimic the way Kang San used to say in his ‘idiot’ baby voice: ” Kang San, come and play!” To which SHJ replied: I missed you too, Kang To, my brother”

    So awesome and cute these two! Aaawwww………….I miss you too!


    • SS says:

      It’s me up there. I delete to clear something so my id didnt appear.

      Anyway, regarding this interview, they also show some clips of future episodes which I have not seen. Why is S and K in the torture chamber? and D is also there? Uh-oh….not good. I cannot imagine what’s going to happen.

      btw, D is so cute at the end of the video


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