Bridal Mask E9

The preview has me baffled. if K meets D in the forest and he is dressed as Gaksital, unless he doesnt say one word, wouldn’t she know he is K? the guy has been yelling at her and questioning her from day one so wouldn’t she recognize the voice even if she doesnt recognize the dimples? Granted she didnt recognize her own father just cuz he wore glasses and a fake mustache, but that was cuz she only got to meet him that one time. Even I didnt realize he was her father last week cuz I totally forgot his face (cuz there are like a million characters in this drama), but K is another story. His voice is pretty distinctive so I can’t wait to see if she ends up doing all the talking in the woods and he just nods or shakes his head. I must say, their love line has the slowest progression ever. No wonder they need 4 more episodes.

Thanks to Semi-fly for torrents, Sparkskey for written preview translations, and Yanna for video link:

Preview for Ep10:  Shunji feels a keen sense of betrayal when Kangto arrests his father Kimura. Immediately he orders the removal of Kangto from the Gaksital team and removes the guards at Far East Circus.
Mokdan has to meet Gaksital because of her father’s request. Though she feels uneasy because of the close surveillance from the Jongno station, she makes use of Kangto’s carelessness while observing them to run into the woods to meet Gaksital.
Kangto as Gaksital receives a message from Mokdan that Mokdan’s dad requests his help and is troubled

For that BTS of the kiss scene at the club, it was the first time I ever swore while watching one of those. I wanted to grab a pair of scissors to snip off that annoying strand of hair that made them redo that kiss scene repeatedly. I bet you anything she planned it so that her hair would get in the way each time so they would have to redo that scene over and over. Maybe her hair stylist was bribed to rig  her hair to be extra “staticy” and styled to the side like that so it would cause the most trouble.  As for the fly that caused another retake, maybe she sprayed herself with something flies would be attracted to. It seems pretty suspicious that there were so many “excuses” to keep doing another take. What a trooper JW was for remaining the constant professional.

During the Mountia CF interview, JW laughed and said “I dont know why so many people give me love” (when the narrator said JW was getting so much love on 1n2d as the maknae.) JW: I took on many characters whose personality were always abrupt/brusque, with no expression, but in real life I smile/laugh easily so people were surprised.” he looks at someone off camera and asks “werent they?” he laughs and says “they said that’s true”

I think it was this smile that so many people love -when the dimples come out in all their glory-watch out. swoon factor skyrockets.

Character list:

Joo Won as Lee Kang-to (K)

Jin Sae-yeon as Mok Dan (D)

Park Ki-woong as Kimura Shunji (S)

Han Chae-ah as Chae Hong-joo (a gisaeng. Japanese identity: Ueno Rie). (H)

Shin Hyun Jun  as Lee Kang-san, Kang-to’s older brother who is the original Gaksital. (KS)

Yoon Bong – kil as Abe Shinji (the chubby guy with the hat that is with K all the time)

Jeon No Min as Dam Sa Ri (D’s dad and leader of the independence movement ). he is currently going by Choe and just helped out Lee and Lee’s wife has set her sights on D’s dad.

Kimura Taro (the actor who played the president on city hunter- dont know his real name. he has two sons kenji and shunji)

Kimura Kenji (that scowling guy with the mustache who is out to kill K. Kenji is Taro’s son and S’s brother)

Kono Goji (the old actor from Moon who played minister yoon and B’s dad. Goji can also be spelled as Koji. On the show he is referred to as Konno but there are way too many K names as it is.)

Leader Jo – head of the circus (I give up memorizing any more circus characters – too many names to remember as it is)

Sunhwa (Dan’s circus friend)

Kenji’s spy girl from the circus

Baek Geon is Lee Sun’s (k’s dad’s) subordinate

Katsuyama Jun is H’s bodyguard – the guy with the long hair tied back (what kind of spy has her own bodyguard-this drama is trying to kill me by adding on more characters each episode)

The Ki group that the 5 men belong to is called the Kishokai (I cant remember how to spell this during live recaps to save my life)

the other Kishokai members besides Taro are:

UH– Ueno Hideki – the leader of this group and the man H calls “father” cuz he adopted her

Lee Si Young is a Count with the wife who cheats on him. his son is friends with K.

Woo BJ -hospital director and doctor

Park IS Newspaper owner

Jo YG-in charge of banking- the one who wont wear pants for like 3 or 4 eps and hurt my eyes. still traumatized by all his scenes showing so much skin.


Starts from S getting his promotion and officers clapping. Then S saluting them.

S says to take care of me well to K and K congratulates him and they salute each other.

Goji comes over so S introduces himself. Goji congratulates S for killing Gaksital when none of the top officers could do that. of course to acknowledge that you should wear the uniform. From here on I look forward to what you do. S says I will do my best. As Goji leaves he scowls.

Taro meets with S alone. taro tells S that goji was going to put K in S’s position so don’t trust K. cuz K is in league with goji.  S says  -what are you talking about -K is on our side and he supports you. but taro says how all this time K was reporting to Goji about me. so how could someone like that be on our side. throw away your emotions as a teacher cuz now you are a japanese officer.

As officers line up getting ready for S to show up and address them, Abe says to K – you will be more comfortable than when Kenji was in charge cuz you two (S and K) are really really close. S comes in. lackey says no matter how close they are, K wont be glad to see S (in this position). abe sticks his tongue out at the back of the lackey’s head. when S arrives K makes them salute S. S gives a stern speech -now that he is in charge – how he will get rid of independence movement members by pulling them up like weeds

While S is talking, K remembers the past. Flashback to officer training days when kenji and other officers beat up K. S comes in and runs over asking: what are you doing- why hit a person. he stops kenji from hitting again. Kenji says about K – a korean dared to come and say that he wanted to learn.  K grabs kenji’s legs and begs him. K cries and says: please please help me. I want to learn kumdo too. please let me. kenji kicks him away. S stops him from hitting K again. S: hyung stop it. S says to K nicely: look here if you want to learn kumdo you have to go to a dojon  (place where they teach that) this is a kumdo class for officers. if you arent a student in this school you cant come in here. K grabs his leg and says: a guy who is living from day to day – with what money can I go to a dojon. this isnt a place that is teaching to earn money.whether laundry or cleaning,  I will do anything. please let me just learn. S asks why do you want to learn so much. kenji says why bother asking and orders others to drag K away

But K gets away and grabs S’s legs again. K cries and says:  my hyung who was attending college was captured by soldiers and taken away. now there is only me in my home who can take responsibility. I am going to take the test to be an officer. if i can just do well on kumdo, i can be selected for training. Please- Please help me

So S takes pity on K and practices with K separately and teaches him.

K gave S rides to school. S thanks him.  K thought S forgot his lunch and calls out to S and holds it out, but S smiles and says you eat it.

They practice kumdo and S shows him attack moves. Kenji watched their friendship grow

after the speech for the kumdo competition for officers, during the match, S and K sit across from each other wearing white and black and smile as they watch each other advance. S watches as K competes and vice versa. Then K competes with S.  In the match K beats S but S smiles. K helps him up.

after the match, K asks – is it cuz of me. Did you lose on purpose cuz of me. S: don’t be mistaken-it’s just cuz I didn’t want to be an officer so. I told you, I just want to teach kids. congratulations

K finishes remembering the past and hears the last part of S’s speech. S wants them to look into family members of all the resistance members in a timely manner. after the speech, S asks to speak to K

They meet in his office. S looks at him sternly and then smiles. S: how did I do? I came on too strong huh? K says till yesterday you taught kids so why did you have to be so stern (to the other officers). You should have eased up and just done enough. K: you are the guy who lost to me on purpose to not put on the uniform so how could that guy become an officer overnight.It’s cuz of that girl huh? To save that girl’s life. Lackey comes in and talks about D. he asks S: why did you let her go when she clearly has a connection to gaksital. K kicks him for speaking out of turn. lackey says since he cant get through to S and K, he will go and tell someone higher up. so S says: that circus that girl is a part of, I didnt let them go. prepare the officers right now cuz we are going to the circus. do you not hear me? Lackey leaves to follow his order. K asks what S means. what do you mean you didnt let them go. S: father knows about D. just this one time, he held it in, but he wont do that again.

D is with the circus leader and she thinks they let her go on purpose to use her as bait to catch gaksital. leader says gaksital is already dead though. she says he isnt dead. S said gaksital is alive too. The leader says her dad -damsari might have come into the country.  if he came then he will look for you for sure so they might have let you go on purpose. D: will father really have come?

The man from the train bombing incident is D’s dad in disguise. He is going by “Choe” he looks at a memo on a board and reads it. he tells the woman “they got in” and it’s not far away from where we are staying. she asks which school.

The guy who caused the trouble on the train goes to the hotel (where the circus stayed in) with the other guys who posed as guards. the hotel owners offers lunch

The circus people are eating. The woman asks how the man can eat after what he did in front of the officers. Sunhwa wonders how the police knew about them to find them. so the woman asks the spy girl where she went yesterday. cuz right after you left and came back, the police came in. The spy girl says S knew about us -plus he is the son of the chief of police (meaning he could have told) Sunwha cries saying S is not that kind of person. Leader agrees and says S doesn’t seem like a bad person

Officers run in with lackey and S. the woman calls S by his name so lackey tells her to shut up and introduces S with his title and that he is an officer now. S says from this moment on the circus people will be watched 24 hrs a day. leader asks what the reason is cuz they were just released not long ago. S says: just cuz there is no evidence they are working with gaksital doesnt mean suspicions have disappeared.  from this moment on if even one person does anything suspicious everyone here will die. S orders for them to be watched at all times -24 hrs a day

D remembers how S said – so you want to turn yourself in? if you go now you will die. you cant go- I cant send you

She goes out to speak to S. she asks is it cuz of me? Is that why you became an officer when you didn’t want to. He says gaksital killed my hyung-you think I would put on the uniform for your sake -the one who kept her mouth shut till the end even though you knew who he was . don’t be mistaken – I put it on to catch my hyung’s killer. He rides off

At the club people are practicing dance steps. Even the owner. The girls tell him to stick in his guts. (every time this guy comes out, I cringe more than when Jo isnt wearing clothes. it’s not just his hideous wig, but his awful acting)

K meets with Lee’s son. The guy talks about S and how S loves anything Korean so how could a guy like him put on a uniform and wield a sword.  K says S matured. Lee’s son says how if it wasn’t for S then K could have been promoted to kenji’s former position so you must be furious. K says what’s the point of getting upset- after my mom and hyung died. tomorrow has no meaning. Just today-this moment is the best. the guy says now I can get through to you. this time period is dying anyway so you should have fun. you will have popularity with women and got a kiss from Lala-how do you know that girl. K: what do you mean how do I know her? she toally fell for me. enough so that she threw away pride and everything. the guy says K brags too much. The lead singer (K calls her madam) comes over and says this is the first time she saw K here at this time. he says he got some (I dont know this word) from her. so she says que sera sera. K says bingo and winks at her. (that wasnt the best wink I ever saw but it sure was adorable)

As K leaves the club he smiles then looks over at Baek. K signals him so baek leaves

The governor is smelling his gold bricks when goji comes in. goji salutes him and says I was short sighted about you giving the promotion to kenji’s younger brother. The governor accuses him of sulking. he laughs and says: I knew you would do this. taro and them came and gave me this stuff.  he puts some gold bricks into goji’s pockets. The governor: with stuff like this, taro was trying to cause a rift between us -isnt it cute? goji asks: is that why you were mean to me on purpose? they laugh it off. (this mean the governor did this to play along with taro so the governor is not corrupt after all). governor says how taro doesnt like goji. so since i accepted this I had to play the part (of the backstabber) goji pockets the gold and says how officers are complaining-they are holding back cuz of the truth that S killed gaksital – if gaksital shows up, you have to look at how the officers look at you. what will you become. (meaning how it would look bad for the governor since the governor gave the promotion to S who lied about killing gaksital). the governor realizes the predicament he is in now.

Director says to taro there are no news about Jo after he left at night. taro thinks Jo is with some gisaeng but director says Jo only fell for M (that gisaeng that K was friendly to) so Jo doesnt hang out with any others. and that Jo didnt show up this morning either. Officer comes in and says the governor is on the phone for taro. The governor says – you know the teacher (S) was placed in his officer position and given that special privilege for killing gaksital right- so that means gaksital cant show up in the city again. taro tries to say S killed gaksital for sure but gaksital isnt the only one and that he is part of a systematic terrorist organization so he could show up again but the governor gets mad and yells that other officers are going to complain cuz he promoted S for killing gaksital so what is this talk about a systematic terrorist organization. so taro says he will make sure the governor doesn’t hear again about gaksital showing up. the governor says if I hear that again, you will have to be punished too. after the phone call the governor and goji exchange a wink and a wave. Taro calls for S

Taro meets with S and says if gaksital shows up again – it’s the end of you and me. Do you get what I mean. S: i will be careful

The Koreans at the market place stare at a carriage covered up and it keeps moving. they wonder what it is. sunahwa pushes Abe over there to check it out since he is an officer. that guy that burned down K’s home goes over to look in and Jo falls out. he is in his underwear and tied up. abe goes over and unties him. who did this. you arent hurt? are you ok? the Koreans recognize him as the banker Jo. Jo denies it but the guy says look  and points to Jo’s chest. They recognize gaksital’s handwriting on Jo’s chest. Abe asks if gaksital did this to Jo. The people say does that mean gaksital is alive, they point to the roof and say it’s gaksital. K is standing up there dressed as gaksital. abe takes out his gun to shoot so a kid bites his leg and sunwha bites his hand and others beat up abe. Abe and Jo run down the street together. Gaksital shoots something at Jo’s back so abe goes back for Jo and they hold hands and run off.

They head to the safety of the police station and other officers guard Jo and abe. Koreans yell we punished you (to Jo)

Abe takes Jo into the police station. Jo passes out. abe tells the others about gaksital ….so S takes out his gun and runs outside. He looks everywhere. K is standing there scolding an officer for not doing his job well saying he is the face of this police station. S calls out to him. K asks-why- did something happen. S says gaksital showed up – didnt you see him. K asks the guard- didnt you see him? guard shakes his head no. K yells at him for not being a good guard.Lackey asks where K was. K says none of your business do I have to report to you.  S says I wondered if he was and he is alive. S gives K orders -bring me everything you have on gaksital. dont leave out a single file. K agrees to do it now

Jo is in the hospital and director is there with him. director is mad cuz they were told gaksital was dead. Jo says death would have been better cuz of this humiliation. Taro comes in with S. director rubs it in and says the guy you killed showed up. taro asks him to leave the room.

Taro asks Jo- what happened. Jo says I was kidnapped by gaksital at night and I woke up like this. S asks when and where he was kidnapped and was gaksital alone? what happened after. why were you kidnapped? but taro stops S from questioning jo saying it wont be late to investigate later when Jo is better. taro asks if Jo can finish up his work so Jo says i can do it. when I think about what that guy did to me, I have to pay him back for this.  but taro doesnt have faith in him and tells Jo to back off now and just recuperate. But Jo says this is an affront to Kishokai-I will think of it as my last chance-  trust me and leave it up to me. taro leaves the room. since Jo mentioned Kishokai so S repeats it to himself

Governor is introduced to H by Lee’s wife. she says H is the singer who will sing the congratulations song to the governor. H says I am Lala. He says H is pretty as her name. lee’s wife says H is a star so it was hard to get her here to sing. he is happy such a beautiful singer will be singing for him. he says thanks to lee’s wife the anniversary event will be great. The governor checks out H’s legs. (ewwww)

The circus is performing-actually it’s just D. Choe (D’s dad) is there in attendance too. for the last part, she puts on a white mask so people yell it’s gaksital. Officers  come on stage and aim their guns at D (for wearing the bridal mask during her performance) so Choe stands up to go rescue D, but the woman shakes her head no and stops him.

Lackey hits the circus leader jo and yells at D for wearing the bridal mask. do you want to die. Leader jo begs for forgiveness just this once-i am sorry it was my fault. Officers in black show up – from the army–the main guy is the bomber from train. they say entrust us with investigating the circus. the guy hurts the lackey and threatens him. he says not even a ghost can know we came and went. if you tell anyone about this truth, if we end up failing in our mission then you will be shot. got that?They drag D and leader jo away.

They take D to a room where choe is with the woman posing as his wife. Choe takes off his mustache.  D says father. the woman says it’s been a long time to the circus leader. She introduces the guys in uniform. The guy says to leader jo:  I heard about you – it’s an honor to meet you. Leader jo and D’s dad hug.

K is singing on stage. He has a perm. When K walks off stage, the waiter says a guest is looking for him and is waiting in the VIP room

*This is going to sound sacrilegious, but I have to screencap this on mute cuz I don’t like these songs that he sings at all. lyrics are –oppa is cranky (irritable)… getting drunk late at night. Every line starts with “oppa is” and it cracks me up cuz there is no way JW is an oppa to anyone in this drama except for maybe D and Sunhwa.

K goes to meet Jo who is dressed in disguise. Jo says it’s me (cuz K didnt recognize him) K says your style changed a lot. Jo says I was almost killed by gaksital at night. I dont know what Gaksital will do to me so I cant live cuz I am so scared. K asks what that evidence (ledgers that incriminate taro) is for Gaksital to do all this. Jo says if that paperwork goes into taro’s hands, it’s the end of me. like my employees, I will die too.  K asks are you saying the chief (taro) killed the bank employees. Jo says if it wasnt Gaksital then it was for sure taro. when you said you had proof and came to meet me, you said that cuz you were thinking the same werent you. K says then tell me first what you think is the reason it was the chief, but Jo chickens out and says -I cant do this – pretend you didnt hear my request. we didnt meet tonight. he leaves

*I am not sure yet if Jo is just pretending to be scared and leaking info to K or if Jo really meant to betray taro out of fear

K talks with baek about taro.baek says you said Jo admitted that taro killed the bank employees so what is there to hesitate about. you should hand over that evidence to goji. K says if I do that then it just reveals what taro did and I didnt put on the bridal mask to do goji’s bidding only. baek asks what K is going to do. K: for starters – find out what is the relationship between the men who betrayed my father and taro is.

D’s dad cries at church over his wife. D tells him to stop being sad cuz now the mom will feel comfortable now. he says I didn’t even know your mom died and didnt even know she was buried in another country- I have no excuses. She says mom was always proud of you cuz you did stuff even educated men couldn’t do. He says how he wanted to work on his land and be a farmer and live with D and her mom. D says father let me help you. I want to help. He says- I do need your help –help me meet gaksital. cuz leader jo says you can help me get in touch with gaksital. D: it’s not certain but I will try. but why? he says in our plans we need gaksital’s help.  if he helps, our chances of succeeding is really high. She promises to be sure to help her dad meet gaksital. he thanks her

As K rides through the forest dressed as gaksital, he sees the note boon written in red. He gets off the horse to go look at it closely. He takes off the mask and unties the note. He smiles when he reads it.  someone comes running so he hides. It’s D. she looks for her note and it’s gone. K is hiding behind the tree. She calls out- young master – you took it right? now you know who I am now right? That I am Boon-you know. But why arent you showing me your face even once. I want to see you – I miss you young master. She cries and so does K. she ties a new note on the tree.

After she leaves K comes out and reads the note. D wrote: There is someone who wants to meet you young master. I will wait here tm before the sun goes down. K reads it and smiles

Goji is talking to a group of officers including taro and S. goji says how the governor is seriously thinking of taking away S’s badge right now. how can they let the governor look bad over the lie that gaksital is dead. goji says to taro: shouldnt you take responsibility for this. taro: how do you want me to take responsibility. Goji makes K stand up and show the photo of the deceased judge cho and taro in that sword outfit. goji says we have to capture gaksital. that Ki mark on the clothes of those two people is the way to capture gaksital.  what is that? chief kimura! taro says I clearly told you before in this spot-did you forget already? flashback to taro telling gogi he is willing to lose everything but is goji willing to do the same.  Goji remembers Taro’s veiled threat back then. he has taro arrested by K and hancuffed to be questioned and invesitigated.  taro walks away in handcuffs and S looks on in shock. taro shakes his head at S to do nothing

Lee is bedridden (cuz gaksital has shown up). lee says even though he took the medicine the doctor gave he cant sleep. the wife says lee ended up this way cuz gaksital showed up again. director says how Jo was attacked like that. lee asks what happened to jo. his son asks: you didnt know? how could you not know that?  Lee asks his son how Jo was attacked. tell me the truth of what you heard. dont leave out anything. Lee’s son says how gaksital left Jo at the market placed with his arms and legs tied , gagged, and without clothes. how Jo was humiliated and left to be beaten by the Koreans. Lee asks what did Jo do that was so wrong. The aide comes in and says S needs to see him in a hurry

S says he came cuz his father was arrested this morning and he thought lee was the only one who could his father. Lee asks so did goji arrest taro – what’s the reason. there should be a reason to arrest the chief of police. The wife says it was probably to take responsibility for gakistal showing up. S says that’s correct. only the governor can rescind what  goji did so S asks lee to help. The wife says for S not to worry cuz the chief has a hidden card prepared to use at a time like this.

H is in her bath reading the paper when she gets a call. Jun knocks at the door. She asks what was that call. He says lee’s wife has something to tell her in a hurry

H takes the call and lee’s wife asks for her help

The governor is mad at the newspaper owner about the news articles that gaksital showed up again. that even if this news came out that it shouldnt have been printed but the guy says the news was already spreading all over the place. so how could they not put that in the paper. H shows up running in and calling out for the governor. so governor is happy to see her. he makes everyone leave. He is super nice to H. she pretends to be upset and cries. he asks what’s wrong – what happened. She talks about someone who is like her father

Goji meets with the governor and he asks why goji did that-arrest taro. giji says gskaital showed up-when a gaksital who he said was dead showed up but that guy would not talk.  so how can I just stand by and watch. Governor says let taro go for now cuz there is a girl who thinks of taro like a father so I will find out more info through her. goji asks who that girl is. he suspects the governor has different ideas about H, but governor denies it. goji reluctantly agrees. you take responsibility and you must find out (about taro) Governor promises to reveal everything about taro so let him go for now

K is interviewing taro. K crumples up the paper cuz taro is not cooperating and not talking. K asks him:why do you hate me so much? is it cuz I am Korean (he meant as in half Korean and half Japanese cuz of his allegiance) -but I am Sato hiroshi. Not one time since I became a japanese officer did I think of myself as korean. every time you hate me, it makes me feel it to my bone that it’s cuz I am korean. Please acknowledge me. I want to wear the same uniform (that sword outfit) as you. taro insinuates that K is masking his ambition under the cloak of fealty and that K is the kind of guy who would have sided with Americans if they had taken over korea instead of the Japanese. (meaning K’s pledge of loyalty is not sincere). Taro: even in death or in life, I am Kimura taro.

S comes in and tells K that taro has been released. S:Let’s go father. S is mad at K and says: LKT -you put handcuffs on my father. I will not forget that.

Taro is cleaning his sword as S says that all the victims of Gaksital were Kishokai members. please include me in the group too. taro: you arent ready yet. S: we have to catch Gaksital. for the sake of catching him, I will become the bait. I will become Kishokai and be that guy’s target. I cant put up with the talk that i rose to (his hyung’s position) after lying that i killed Gaksital. I will do my best to capture that guy and get goji’s approval.

S tells the officers – as you all know, I was put here in this special position for killing gaksital. but gaksital showed up so if there is anyone who cant acknowledge me as an officer – speak up now right here. I will promise on the name of my dead hyung who was killed by that guy’s hands that I gaksital will die by my own hands



S says to someone – that Gaksital will show up if there is someone he wants to kill

in broad daylight, K smiles as he watches D hang laundry up to dry (well that doesnt make his crush obvious at all)

K says to S: We might have not been meant to be friends from the start

D meets gaksital in the forest. she thanks gaksital for being alive. thanks to you- I know for sure who you are.

they are making koreans pay a penalty fee. someone says they told the market people – those who borrowed money will have no choice but to get kicked out

S says for certain gaksital will show up tonight

baek asks if K will be ok. K: it’s something i already started. I have to go to the end

S fights with gaksital with swords. S: let’s get going.

If JW gets a brand new spiffy haircut, I am ok with the extension. Also if they promise not to add more new characters with K names. And if Jo keeps his clothes on.

Even the worst looking wig can’t stop this face from standing out. he looks 12 here, but who cares.


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