Big E8

When you watch a scene like this with your hand over your heart, it means they got it right. I admit that in the beginning, part of me loved K’s character cuz of his looks, but now with each passing episode, it goes back to what I was drawn to the most. It was his raw vulnerability in the face of having to witness something so horrific that it made him withdraw into his shell. He never really dealt with the shock of his mother’s death and carried around that tiny bit of guilt that he contributed to that night’s event. That’s why I find it both surprising and endearing that he gets to let go of some of that guilt in the arms of a bumbling school teacher who is more child like in certain ways than him. Maybe it’s really true what they say. If you lost your way in life, sometimes it’s good to have someone who is just as lost as you so you can find your way together. At least this way, even when they stumble, they will still be able to laugh and enjoy their adventures together. This marriage may have started with the wrong body, but who says they got the wrong man inside.

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Episode 9 preview: Kyungjoon has a feeling that his soul will return to his original body and gives up on his honeymoon with Daran to rush to the hospital.
Yoonjae’s mother finds out that the youth Yoonjae had been searching for -Kang Kyungjoon was the person who was in the accident with him and is very shocked

Written before it aired: Last night I finally realized why this drama is called Big. That’s what DR saved KJ as on her phone. More than likely it’s cuz she used to see him as a kid, but now that he is in YJ’s body, she decided to call him “Big.” I liked thinking the title was “Big” cuz that’s what KJ said about his own body in relation to his kid’s bed. He has outgrown that bed for some time, but needed an excuse to let it go and sleep in a normal bed. For the year that he was away, that’s what he finally got to do. Even though that bed will always hold sentimental value, KJ has gotten too big for that bed emotionally as well as physically. What he has experienced this past year in YJ’s body will not only affect who he is, but it has altered his perception on love and life as well. He really has gotten too big emotionally to go back to being a normal 19 yr old when YJ wakes up. I can’t wait to discover if the events that have unfolded can be undone or erased the minute YJ wakes up. Even if his memory is wiped, I wonder if what he felt so deeply can be so easily forgotten.

During the first script reading for Big, one of the Hong sisters, the younger one, got to sit next to Gong Yoo as he read his lines. She didn’t have to look down at the script since she wrote the words so she was free to sit and stare at Gong Yoo the whole time. I don’t know what I was more envious of – the fact that she is half the creative genius behind the Hong sisters’ creations or that they get to weigh in on which male actor stars in their dramas. I am pretty sure if I was in her position, I would have made sure Gong Yoo and LMJ teamed up to do this comedy as well. From the start, I expected them to have off the charts chemistry, but not to the extent that every Tuesday breaks my heart cuz it means we have to wait an entire week again for new episodes. Watching all these BTS videos has me convinced that this is the next drama I need to buy a director’s cut DVD of so now I know what to ask my friends for Christmas this year.



Starts from K putting the ring on her finger and saying it fits perfectly. This is yours. SYJ bought it in the past. D: YJ shi did? K: now next to me you can waver – if you keep that on I wont go to you again. I –KKJ-  wont ever love you.


M repeats what CS told her. M: your dad said to get married right now? CS: yes. my dad said if you arent going to get married then dont meet again. M: they should get married later when he comes back. He cant now. she runs off so CS says doctor seo already came back-you said not to oppose so why are you like that.


K: think of it simply. we are going back to the condition in the past before we switched. you wanted to marry SYJ.  D: I gave up cuz  I thought YJ shi didnt want to. so this is my ring?  K: if you want to confirm what SYJ’s heart was then just get married. D: then will you be ok getting married to me? K: as the solution to getting away from bothersome meddling, it’s not bad (meaning he can get away from YJ’s mom bothering him about marriage). getting married is what will clearly get adults off my back. it’s not like I am doing this for real. This time the bait is SYJ so if you dont want to lose him again, take the bite. He leaves

M comes over and says K cant do that. K:what? M says D’s parents want you to marry. you arent going to do that right? you wont do that ever right? K: even if I do, it doesn’t matter with me so you shouldn’t care either. D comes and hears M yell: you cant. I will go and tell them you cant and not to do that. K: will those adults listen to your words? M: then I will go to the dumpling home and tell them that you are KJ. she runs off so K calls after her


CS waits outside and wonders why M came here. why is M opposing brother in law and my sister’s wedding. CS calls out her name, but M tells him to get out of the way and she runs off. CS calls out brother in law to K, but K says I am in a hurry and goes after her.  then CS calls out noona but D runs after them asking why CS came here. talk later. CS: what’s going on. he runs after them.

Her parents sit and talk. the mom says how much D must have liked YJ to meet him secretly without them knowing. The dad says they cant meet secretly -since I said if she doesnt get married then I wouldnt see her. if they are going to keep meeting then they should have been more upfront and showed up to say they are getting married


M runs in and says to D’s parents: there is something you need to know. dont be surprised and listen. K runs up. the dad asks what’s going on. if you arent going to get married I said there was no need to meet. K says hello to them. M says to K: I am going to tell them everything. D comes in and asks K: did she tell? K: not yet. M asks D: teacher are you going to get married. D grabs her arm to be quiet so M notices D is wearing the ring so M says: you already got the ajussi’s ring. the parents think D was proposed to. dad asks K: did you ask her to (get married)? K: yes. M asks D: what are you going to do teacher? her mom asks what D is going to do. her dad asks are you going to? K: I already told her how i felt so the only thing left is D’s decision. it’s not settled for certain yet but M came first and let it out. I am sorry. K tells her let’s go and drags her out. the dad asks what D is going to do since YJ wants to. D’s mom says of course D will since D went so far as to meet YJ secretly cuz she liked him. CS runs up and asks what happened. his mom says your sister is getting married. she even got a ring. CS: is that why they ran off like that in a hurry. dad: if you were in that much of a rush then why meet secretly.


M says to K: you saw right? if teacher says she will then I will go back again and tell them everything. K: you are just a kid. cuz I look like an adult-if I go and tell them you got it wrong-  no one will believe you.  M: if a kid opposes/resists, then an adult wont be able to handle it. you know that too. I took a stand against it and your mom and my dad didnt get married. K: that’s right cuz you and I -the kids- foolishly resisted so they didnt get to marry. cuz of that, what happened to my mom. if you do what you want and tell them I am KKJ, then I never see you again


D’s mom says everything has been done like wedding album and stuff so this time if they just have the wedding then it will be done. the dad says dont tell anyone till the date is set. she doesnt think it will be easy to get a wedding hall


D sits alone deep in thought looking at the ring. K said: If you want to confirm what SYJ’s heart was then just get married. She wonders if YJ really wanted to marry her. she imagines YJ coming over and holding her hand. He says how well she did- to get the wedding done in advance and get this home prepared so beautifully in advance. the price of the home will go up too so it’s an honor. He gives her flowers and her parents and brother clap. D: will that happen. then she wonders what if he didn’t want to get married. She imagines him being upset cuz he is with S and says to D- what to do cuz I feel sorry. I didnt know you wouldnt have any sense and go through with the wedding. the price of the home went up too so cant you do something about that. you will sign/stamp this right? (divorce or annulment papers)


D’s mom asks arent you sleeping? are you still struggling. D says I don’t know how YJ feels. Her mom asks what about you- the important thing is your heart. dont you still love YJ? like last time, dont tiptoe around being concerned about what he thinks and this time I would like you to follow your heart. go in and sleep now. D sits there and looks at her ring. She remembers how K said he would never love her if she wears that.


CS sits with M. she asks how much D likes YJ. CS says my sister waited all day for his calls. she liked him a lot.  M says then I dont need to worry about the teacher. CS asks: how much do you like me. I know you like KJ but you have feelings about me that accumulated after each pan. If KJ is a 100 points, then how much am I – at least 30- It’s ok if I am 20 too. no even ten is ok. how much is it? She says “bang” (zero) and pretends to shoot him in his heart. she walks away


CS’s heart is breaking. His mom asks what he got on his eng test. He repeats what M said and says “she said bang” so the mom thinks he got a zero. even if you guessed everything you cant get a zero. go and get your test paper. CS: mom – you dont know my heart. he leaves so she asks where he is going


K is with other doctors. one talks about a doctor who opened a dermatalogy clinic and how much it costs.  K watches a young patient with his friends. His friends ask if K is going to the wedding. K asks them to co sign for them so they run off making up excuses. K looks sad like he misses being a kid


K is in the children’s nursery room. The little kids asks why he is here again. K says I went to the emergency room and there were so many accident victims so my shock was big. I want to rest so go over there. boy says a doctor is supposed to treat patients.  K: will you co sign something. kid has no clue what he is talking about. K: this is the best method to get rid of annoying friends. when you become an adult too – try it out. K calls the girl rabbit (cuz of her rabbit socks yesterday) and asks for a bite of her cookie. I am dizzy.  he takes a bite so the boy asks: why would an adult steal a bite of a kid’s cookie. K says I can steal a bite cuz I am not an adult. you sure do talk a lot – it’s annoying. so the girl uses K’s line to get rid of annoying friends and says to the little boy: will you co sign for me. K calls her rabbit and says you did well. he pats her head and high fives her. K: good job. boy asks K: wasnt that what adults say only? K gives the boy a doll and says the kid who is holding this cant talk (cuz K wants some peace and quiet). girl sits quietly by the window and stares at K. (*boy those crushes start young these days)


D meets with S. S: what do you want to know from me? D asks in the past how deep was S’s relationship with YJ. S: YJ doesnt remember that and I didnt tell him so why do I have to tell you? D: I need to know something certain about YJ. please tell me. S: we slept together. we had a deep relationship where we dropped by each other’s homes.  D: that is a lie huh? please tell me properly. S: if it wasnt then what changes. you think you lack and cant confirm your instincts. since YJ came back, now do you have some confidence. D: yes-this time I want to be confident and follow my heart and do it properly. S: do whatever you want cuz I dont want to fan your confidence. D asks – I said I wanted to have some confidence so cant you fan it. S: I dont want to. D insults her and says S is awful. did you have an affair with YJ or not? how is that doing something good to be talking back. S: it’s not doing something good but I dont want to see you do well. so I will never tell you. S walks away

D goes to see K. K: you came. she waves hi. he is watering the grass. She watches him spray the water to look for rainbows like a kid. She stares at him and touches her heart. he asks why. She says it’s too hot so my face is getting red. He offers to cool her off – should I make it rain? he sprays in her direction. D: it really seems like it’s raining. He suddenly stops and takes her place. she asks what kind of rain stops so quickly. he says it’s my turn so he makes her spray him. he says this rain wont stop no matter what cuz it’s a monsoon. She sprays directly at him and says this time it’s a waterfall. He says -what is that. you did it on purpose didnt you- don’t do it. he looks down and smiles. it looks like I am not the only victim in this waterfall. she got  her own purse wet. there are a lot of imp things in there. He goes and gets the nozzle and sprays her again. Then she sprays him.


D is blow drying her purse. K is ironing the paper work she needs for work tm that she needs to turn in. he mutters how much she sprayed with so much zest. D: who is the one who started it first? K: why did an adult jump into kid’s play. She realizes the ring is gone. K: you lost that?

so they go outside to look for it. he asks how she can lose it in one day. D: it’s not here. maybe I lost it somewhere else.  he tells her to look for it but she says it cant be helped if it’s lost. K: what?


they go back inside. K: it’s not cuz it cant be helped. isnt it cuz your heart feels more comfortable cuz it’s lost. she says how she settled all her feelings (for YJ) but the ring showed up and messed everything up. since she lost it she wont think about it. he sees right through her and says she struggled for a long time and fell into pathetic/hopeless side. how can you give up so quickly. D: if I dont give up,  then would I sit and talk about marriage with a kid like you. even though everyone else doesnt know, when I know everything.  K: dont make excuses. that’s not it -It’s cuz you dont have confidence. you are scared to wait and then confirm arent you? D: I dont know the other person’s heart so how can I push my own assertions – that’s something a kid like you would do. K: a kid like me confirmed and got rejected and then gave up. all you did was struggle alone and gave up. that isnt acting like a grownup.  D: that’s right so dont lean on me since I am not acting like a grownup. He gets angry and says -ok let’s stop. I will hold onto any woman YJ’s mom finds for me and get married. so you wont have a chance again. She leaves. he realizes she left behind her paperwork

M asks CS if D decided to get married. He says his sister hasn’t made up her mind yet. She says then I just need to reconcile with K. he says even though her score for him is zero now, I will wait for you. his mom comes over with stuff and tells him to go trash it. he says mom cant you see I am do it mom.  his mom says then I am going to throw out all this stuff I found under your bed -cds, magazines, books, etc. M looks over at it and it’s all racy stuff. CS tries to hide it with his body from M. M leaves so he lies this is my dad’s – not mine. He yells at his mom why bring this stuff out. his mom says that’s why I told you to throw it out.  CS: M was righ there. I am going to go crazy cuz of you. his mom says I understand (about his racy stuff) so CS yells: I hate you. his mom yells back-why get angry over nothing much. I hate you too


CS packs and grabs a piggybank on his way out and leaves the home (he is running away)


K is studying anatomy. He mutters he cant confirm what he saw in the books with the real thing. He holds what D left behind – important paperwork. So he mutters I should contact the vice principal.


K walks over to her house with D’s paperwork and her parents and D are upset. the dad gets off the phone and says na teacher will be here soon. the mom says since the piggy bank is gone, just like when he was in junior high, he ran away from home. D thinks CS will take M’s call and M will obey K. K sees Na running into the home so he says the PE teacher. Na asks how much was in the piggybank CS took when he left. D says around $100. Na says he wouldn’t have gone far then with that much money. we have to catch him before he leaves his neighborhood. I contacted CS’s friends so we can find where he is. the dad thanks him and tells D to get Na a drink. D says sorry for making him come all this way when it’s hot outside. Na thanks her. K says to himself:  they should be able to handle things well with Na. her mom sees him and says you came cuz you were worried when you heard CS ran away. K: yes. she says let’s go in and talk.


the mom says to D that YJ came. The dad says Na is here so K doesn’t need to stay but the mom says he came all this way cuz he was worried. the mom suggests that D and K go outside and go to all the arcades. PC room. singing room, comic book rooms, and all the rooms that CS frequents. K: yes I will do that. but Na says there is no need to go. if he wanted to run away, CS wouldn’t go where his parents know about. I will find him so dont worry and go and get some sleep. Na said that to K. Her dad says what said Na is correct and tells D to go look with Na. there is no need for YJ to get involved, but K offers to help look for CS too. who knows I might be able to find him faster than a teacher who knows all about running away. the dad says then try finding him. K and Na size each other up


K walks out and says the PE teacher might know about running away but I am a friend of the one who ran away. he didnt know that.  K calls M and says CS ran away – I have to find him so gather CS’s closest friends and hurry and come here. dont take any calls from the PE teacher. M: ok.

Na asks if K didnt leave yet. K says I was making some plans. Na leaves .  D asks if K called M. K says she is on the other team so why would he tell her info. she tells na she will look with the other team (meaning K). Na says ok and leaves. D asks K if M is coming. K: yes


M meets with CS’s friends. She asks if CS contacted them. The friend says CS’s phone is off. M: where would be go? friend says long time ago when another kid ran away, he went to the underpass at seoul station. M: subway underpass. the other friend says CS isnt that kind of kid. he will sleep at a sauna. M: sauna?


Na thinks to himself that he has to read CS’s heart – the one who ran away.  CS didn’t go far away. He would be around the neighborhood so he checks the park first. CS – just wait cuz Na teacher is coming. He looks at trash on a bench and thinks it was left by someone who ran away. He looks at the ramen and says it’s only been less than an hour since he left. he found a place so why would he leave here- it was to avoid mosquitoes so he will go indoors to sleep. if his heart felt uneasy then, he wont go where he went first .

N calls and mutters while it rings. he says someplace his parents wouldnt know about and only his friends know. his best friends are the best leads- why arent they picking up.

K is drinking calmly so D asks are you just going to stay like this. K: M will call. D: is running away stepping outside? why arent you nervous at all. cuz you study well and never once rebelled-you dont get how to feel about this? K: I rebelled (once) too – harshly. D: what kind of rebellion? that you wouldnt go to seoul university and go to harvard? K says I have to buy a drink. when M calls pick up. he leaves. D mutters it must have been a serious rebellion.  M calls so D answers. M: are you with K? D: were you able to reach CS? M: no. are you going around with him looking for CS? D: you didnt hear from CS’s friends where he could be?  M: they said he might be a seoul station underpass. D: seoul station? M: so you go there and tell K to come to the noranjin sauna. D agrees. K comes back. She tells K- M said to come to Noranjin sauna – out front. I will go to seoul station. hurry and go. he asks if she can go alone. She tells him to go to the sauna with M. she runs off


CS is at the sauna eating boiled eggs and chokes on it. K sits next to him and gives him water to drink.  CS says doctor seo. K says rebel for a short time. if you drag it on – you will lose the timing to stop. CS: i am not thinking of stopping. I wont go home. I wont see my mom again. K: even if you say that, I bet you arent thinking about what if you never see her again. CS: it doesnt matter if I dont see her. K: you know KKJ right? CS: yes. K: He rebelled and his mom died. he thought it would be ok if he never saw her again, but it turned out that he really couldnt see her anymore. dont be serious about it and drag it out -if you are going to do it then do it often keeping it short. checking to see how your mom is doing.  CS asks is my mom ok? K says go in and see. if it’s a waste just to go in, tell your mom what you want from her. I will try to take your side and be helpful.  CS says can you ask her to send me to America to study. K says I will ask her to let you go to America for a vacation.


M comes over and calls out CS’s name. she almost says “K” but changes it to doctor Seo. she goes over to them. CS: did you come here looking for me? M: are we sleeping here today. it will be fun.  K says it’s the end of running away. let’s go home. K asks M is D is at the sauna at seoul station, but M says-no in the subway underpass (where homeless people stay). K and CS are both horrified and say at the same time: what?!


D goes to the subway and calls out for CS. A man asks for money. another one walks by her and scares her. suddenly K grabs her arm from behind so she hits him and says you scared me. K: are you crazy – how could you come to a place like this alone. D: I am ok so why get angry.


CS comes over so D hits him. K walks off. M watches as K walks past her – he is angry.


CS goes home and says to his parents: I was wrong. His mom hugs him and asks where he went. The dad says go to sleep and we’ll talk tm at first light. D told her dad that YJ found CS. The dad says tell YJ I want to see him too-to have a meal together. The mom thinks the dad’s heart has softened cuz YJ found CS


D asks why M is crying. M says K is really angry cuz I lied again. I put you in danger so he is really angry. I didn’t do that on purpose. D: it’s ok. M: KJ not liking me, it’s cuz he thinks his mom died cuz of me. On the day my dad was going to propose to KJ’s mom, I lied.


Flashback to M saying to K: my dad said he is going to propose to your mom today. that cant ever happen. you don’t like your mom getting married right. I will lie to my dad that I am sick and hold onto him so you make sure your mom doesnt come. got that? make sure

M tells D: on that day, his mom got shot and died. If she came to meet my dad she wouldn’t have died. It’s all my fault.


D goes to K’s home. he is sitting out on the patio. She calls out his name.


Flashback. His mom said to K: I have an appointment today. K: don’t go. I don’t like it. if you go I wont see you again mom. She says ok then I will stay with my son. As they leave together, she gets shot.


K says I didn’t like mom going to someone else. I acted out and wasn’t able to see my mom again. D goes over and back hugs him. she puts her arms around his neck. D: It wasn’t your fault. Just like CS – you just did it (without thinking). it wasn’t cuz of you.


D’s dad says he called cuz he was grateful for his help about CS and wanted to buy Na lunch. Na says I told her I was coming here and AK wanted to come along too. AK says i came cuz I wanted to eat dumplings but the vice principal wanted to come too to meet you. Kim says to D’s dad: sunbaenim it’s been a long time since we met. D’s dad says it’s been a long time and introduces Kim as his hoobae. we were working at the same school a long time. D’s mom says Kim was her homeroom teacher during her senior year. D’s mom says to Kim “it’s been a long time teacher”. Kim says D’s mom got old. The mom says Kim still talks the same and makes people angry

K’s uncle comes and orders meat dumplings and D’s mom takes his order. He wonders why she doesn’t recognize him. maybe it’s cuz of this mustache. the uncle watches the group.  the food comes out so D’s dad tells them to enjoy their meal. Kim and K’s uncle watch D’s parents being loving as the mom ties the dad’s apron. Kim is jealous cuz of D’s dad and K’s uncle is jealous cuz of D’s mom. Kim has a flashback when she sees K’s uncle and he seems to know her too.

flashback: Kim watches D’s parents in high school eating lunch together and kim is upset and says sunbaenim (Kim had a crush on D’s dad back then) Kim saw K’s uncle watching D’s parents back then. From far away in the restaurant, Kim and K’s uncle recognize each other. they speak aloud and throws insulting comments about D’s parents. she says when you get older it doesnt matter about your looks.  he says  maybe it’s cuz the restaurant is run down but it makes it more noticeable that they aged


CS tells his friends how M was so worried and came herself to find him so I went home early.  he cant sit cuz he got spanked on his butt. the friend guesses he was spanked a lot by the dad. CS: no I wasnt. the other friend says then you must have gotten hit by your mom. so CS tells his friends:in order to ease my mom’s heart, I allowed myself to be hit.  you should be good to your moms too. CS quotes K: rebel briefly or you will lose your “typing” if you drag it out. so his friend corrects him and says “you mean timing.” other friend says give up on going to America. CS says -no where M is – I have to go there too. but M will go where KJ is.


M sits and waits outside K’s home. He comes out and asks what she is doing here. she says I bought what you liked. She opens the ice cream and says it melted. It’s all my fault. I ruined everything. He says it’s not your fault. The weather is hot (so it melted). It’s not your fault about my mom too. M: from here on I wont act up. I wont try to do whatever I want. He pats her head and smiles at her.

D goes to see YJ’s body at the hospital. she remembers how K said: think about it simply. we are going back to the condition in the past before we switched


D meets with S again. D says how she wont be uncertain anymore about how YJ used to be. S: i was thinking of you and was going to tell you so should I not. D: do whatever you want. whatever you say now I wont be concerned about it. so that I can become an adult he can lean on, so my heart wont waver, I am going to make it stand well. S: is that so. in order to see how much you dont waver and stand well, there should he some wind once in a while. I will do that. D: try doing that once. like a tree that withstood a tsunami, I will be standing well and not shaking at all


D goes and looks for the ring. K asks what she is doing when it’s hot outside. She says I have to find the ring. where did it go. He says you should have found it sooner. She says it’s hot so don’t you blow wind too (meaning dont aggravate her) and go away. K: you are hot? He fans her with his hand. She says that wind is ok and tells him to keep doing it. she tells him to fan harder. He says I cant cuz my arm hurts.  he holds out his hand and shows her the ring.


She says you found it. he asks why are you just looking at it. take it. D: I think I like him-for sure my heart still likes him. K: who you are looking at right now, I know it’s not KKJ. I am not going to act like a kid anymore and stop someone from going to someone they like. D: so that you can grow up well, I will by your side and help you . She takes the ring. D: KKJ – come and get married. I will raise you well. She pats his head


Inside the house K says if I dont switch back by the time I turn 20, let’s part ways. D is about to put the ring on, but he stops her. D: why? do you want to stop me? K: SYJ cant do it himself and it will feel miserable to put it on by yourself so so I will do it for him.


K puts the ring on her finger. K: I will promise again. I will never ever be good to you. D: why? you said I could think of you as SYJ.  K: if you do that, what if you forget it’s me -KKJ- and jump this body – what will I do. (LOL)  D: nonsense.  K says he will continue on with his dog manners. D: since I am the adult, I will put up with it.


M goes to see the shaman. The woman says there are no returns. what are you going to do about the black magic effects. M asks her to write a different one (amulet). The shaman says reforms are additional $30. M: this time even if the of them are stuck together so they will never ever like each other. the shaman agrees and asks CS -the innocent (pure) young man to go behind the door and receive the negative energy, but M says he wont work cuz he isnt innocent. CS says – I told you that wasnt it. those racy stuff were my dad’s -I am innocent.  shaman says he is right and tells CS to go behind the door. CS says he is taking that for M’s sake. shaman asks M: what you want is for me to break apart a man and woman who might love each other.  M: even if they get married, make it so they wont ever like each other. this one has to be effective


S meets with Yjs’ mom. she says even if YJ gets married I want to keep meeting you and introduce me to doctor Seo (Yj’s dad) when he comes. not cuz he is YJ’s dad, but i admired him as a doctor and wanted to meet him  . The mom says YJ’s dad cant come right away so I dont know why YJ has to get married in such a hurry.  S looks at the miracle book and says YJ has this book too. is this famous. The mom says that book isnt for the public. YJ’s dad made it to give someone has a keepsake (or it might be to commemorate someone). YJ’s dad drew that picture when YJ was young. S asks what’s the story about. The mom says it’s a story about if one kid saved another kid and that kid will save another kid.


D’s mom says it’s a good thing we didnt throw this away when it was made last year. (she is talking about the hanboks)


M gets ready for the wedding dressed in white so CS asks are you really going to wear that to my sister’s wedding. M: yes no matter what. CS: that’s not polite to the bride. If you wear this then the bride wont stand out.M says that’s why – I am going to wear this and stick right next to him. CS: then it will look like one groom has two brides. M: that’s why


D says it’s tm (their wedding). on the day you become an adult, I will open this can (of beer) for you. K: you can open it now. she slaps his hand away and says you cant. she says this gives them boundaries between them. I can drink but you cant. let’s not forget no matter what. let’s never forget this boundary and stick with it. K: fine -until the day I can open this can, if I dont come back to who I was, let’s open this and drink it.  then like grown ups part ways.  She drinks the beer and he drinks the water

next to the line of rocks that represent the family in D’s home, their wedding picture is added


K is driving D to the airport. she is practicing chinese. K: with the vacation break you got from school to go on your honeymoon, do you like going alone to china. D: you try working, you think getting a 3night 4day break is easy? what are you going to do? K: I will handle it on my own. D: last year you didnt go on the school trip huh? try going there with M cuz it’s nice. but at home they think we are on our honeymoon, so dont get caught going there alone. K: dont worry about it. when you go to china, if you meet someone you know – try to avoid them well. She reads the travel brochure and talks about how nice the small island will be and what she wanted to eat. she practices speaking Chinese again.


He drops her off at the airport and she thanks him and promises to take pics in front of the great wall of china. I’m going.  She goes in. he says-  all the way till the end- she isnt asking to go together.


He goes in the car and sees that she left her passport and boarding pass in there. he tries calling out her name, but then he laughs cuz she cant leave. K: she wont get the  chance to say “hello” (in chinese)

D looks for her boarding pass and passport in her bag. She calls K. he is relaxing in the car outside. K: why? She says I think a while ago I left my passport and boarding pass there when I got out of the car. check if it’s there. K says I am driving now so wait a minute. The passport-let’s see the passport is here. she says hurry and come to the airport with that. K: I am far away so I will try to drive as fast as I can and get there in a hurry. D: you have to hurry.  He hangs up and relaxes again


D watches her plane take off. K comes over and asks is it too late? She nods yes


They eat at the airport. He gives her a napkin. He rubs it in and says how she practiced Chinese a lot but she didnt  get to say “hello” once so what to do.  that cook seems like he is Chinese so do you want to converse with him? she says what kind of food she wanted to eat. so K says: It’s too bad so eat a lot of Chinese food. Are you that upset that you couldn’t go on the trip. She says it cant be helped. let’s go home. He says: it cant be helped- let’s go on a trip. forget the vacation from school and go on our honeymoon.


YJ’s mom talks to her husband and says YJ had his wedding.  she sort of rebukes him for not being good to YJ. He says: that’s not it, I had something urgent to look into. she asks what is more urgent than your son? he says that kid heard news his mom died. in america, Chung Ki was in an accident. YJ’s mom: then what about that kid. YJ’s dad: I am trying to find out where that kid is now. if YJ knows it’s about that matter then he will understand.

*K was there so he already knew about his mom’s death so when YJ’s dad say “that kid heard news about his mom’s death” then he must mean YJ.


K says where should we go. it’s 4 nights 5 days so we cant go too far away. guam or saipan resort will be ok. if you want to see a small island then china is ok too. She says I want to go to china cuz I want to see the great wall of china. K says ok I will put you in front of it. She asks how he has his passport and bags with him. He says I normally always carry it around with me  cuz I am a global person so it’s a habit. D:then a while ago, if I asked you to go with me to china then you could have gone with me. I didnt feel too good about going alone (as in she felt bad leaving him behind).K: you did? you should have told me sooner cuz if you wanted I could have gone with you. D: it would be weird to say let’s go on the honeymoon together. K:why? D: a honeymoon is.. He interrupts and says don’t overreact. when I said let’s go on the honeymoon,  I didnt mean to do what other couples do on their honeymoons. D: of course. She suddenly says she has to go get money from the ATM. he laughs


She mutters to herself – when he said let’s go together, why is my (heart) fluttering so much. if it’s obvious to KJ, it will be embarrassing


K looks at the destinations and takes out his wallet. The room spins.

Back at the hospital, YJ (in KJ’s) body moves.


D goes and calls out to K. D: why are you like this. K: just now- I think I just went to my body. Congratulations Gil teacher. I think SYJ will come back.



No preview

M makes CS and his friends sing that song-lyrics: I cant send you away. How could I send you away.


Fanderay’s comments

I’m still reeling after that episode, so I apologize if I’m a bit incoherent. D married “YJ”, K almost switched bodies back, and Y’s dad is looking for K. How are we supposed to wait a week after all that?

I still can’t believe that they went through with the marriage. I had a feeling it was really going to happen partway through the episode, and I’ve been dying for them to finally go through with it, but are they crazy? How can this turn out well? I don’t think it’s going to be easy to tell the real Y that he got married while he was in a coma (whether he wanted to marry D or not) and it doesn’t help that D developed feelings for a teenager while marrying him. Does this mean that D will end up with Y in the long run, or would she divorce Y to marry K again?

I was absolutely terrified at the end when I thought that K was going to wake up in his own body. I want him to have a chance to play husband, and more importantly, I want him to have a proper chance with D.  I don’t think he’ll really wake up for at least another few episodes since Gong Yoo is the lead, and it would be too weird for Y to end up as the lead character instead of K, especially this early on. Part of me wishes that the body switch would happen asap (I want our cutie pie teenager back) but I think that D and K’s relationship needs to progress another step first (just to make things more chaotic/dramatic/romantic when it all goes down).

I thought D had her Y/K confusion mostly sorted, and she probably did when K first came back from the US, but now that she’s starting to have feelings again she’s wrongly assuming that those feelings must be for Y. I can’t really blame the confusion though; that is one good looking body, and it doesn’t belong to K. I hope she figures out her feelings soon, but I can’t help but wonder if she won’t understand them until Y comes back, and she realizes that she’s disappointed.

K seems a little broken-spirited lately, but I can’t really blame him. No one knows who he is and he’s stuck living someone else’s life, and is constantly reminded that the life he’s living has everything his real life lacked (family, love, etc).  He’ll never get to keep this life that he’s working so hard to upkeep, and will wake up without even a high school diploma. He’s married to the woman he loves but doesn’t have a romantic relationship with her, and he wants to keep his distance for his own sake but enjoys spending time with her so much that he’ll do almost anything to make it happen. How can he be so sweet and selfless despite all this? He’s even terrible at ultimatums when it comes to D, and always giving her one last chance, only to turn all puppy-eyed the second he sees her.

I was a bit disappointed that K’s mom died in such a simplistic manner, and wish that those “hey you” guys had at least been trying to rob her, instead of seemingly shooting her for funzies (which seems pretty unlikely). Is it possible that her death is somehow related to the tie between K and Y’s families? I’m extremely curious to learn all the details, and I can’t help but wonder if this miracle thing has happened before.

I’m a big sucker for stories where the leads are put situations where they have live together (yes, I know it’s cliche) so I’m hoping we’ll get some of that next week, along with a healthy dose of serious heart-to-hearts and some more adorable whimsy. That water-fight was undeniably cheesy, but who cares when it’s so freaking cute? I love that D was the immature one who actually started it…if anyone should date a younger man it’s her!

Usually I don’t care whether or not I get a preview when it comes to this drama, but this week it’s killing me. If I lived in Korea I’d probably be sneaking around the filming site looking for clues. We’re officially at the halfway mark, and I’m already getting sad that it’s almost over. I may have to give this drama a marathon re-watch this summer if the withdrawal proves to be too overwhelming.



49 comments on “Big E8

  1. feima says:

    yay! waiting for your recap and camping along with the other *BIG* fans 😀


  2. Smalltank says:

    Hi everyone! 🙂 since its an even numbered episode, i’m kinda expecting a cliff hanger..


  3. Reideen says:

    Hello! ^-^
    BIG anticipation! LOVE THIS DRAMA! I’m wondering if KJ will ever wake up (and if so Y’s soul will be in it?)… because if they make Y/KJ fall in love with D? … and if everyone returned to normal… kid KJ and D will be awkward couple (? … like when M kissed Y/KJ)… will they make a few years fly bye and KJ come back as a man?… or will they kill KJ/Y (I don’t want that… it will be like 49 days… all those days (years) ok and fighting for your life and then to die)… just wondering…


    • Reideen says:

      WOW… I realised I am only thinking of KJ liking D and forgetting about old Y… What if he still has feelings for D when he wakes up? Will KJ back out? The part where he says not going to like D seems totally fake!… Oh boy!


      • Lucy says:

        I was thinking that too! Since old Y is the main lead he probably would end up with the lead girl (D) But I think D will end up with KJ, she already started having feelings for him. It is a HONG sisters drama so who knows we might be getting a twist 😀


  4. Reideen says:

    BTW can Y and KJ be brothers? The part when M went to a shaman made me thought of that. Maybe they are half brothers (same dad)… hmmm,,, I want to know more about the angels from the book Miracle and that from the wallet…


    • Reideen says:

      The dad drew that!?! … That kid knows his mom died? Who does he refer too? K saw it… maybe YJ?!? Can it be?


    • zhill says:

      as Fanderay pointed it out … when YJ’s dad say “that kid heard news about his mom’s death” then he must mean YJ …

      yes, i think Y and KJ are indeed brothers with one set of parents … maybe when the parents separated, both of them got one kid each … Y with dad, and KJ’s with his mom.


  5. enz says:

    hi all

    watching and waiting with y’all


  6. Lucy says:

    Morning BIG Campers! 😀 Waiting on the recap with you guys! For once I wish today was Monday, so we could have been getting 2 episodes T___T

    p.s. I want a kiss scene already! LOl! seems like the last kiss scene was so far away keke


  7. Xyu says:

    The moment that everyone is waiting for!!!!!


  8. sparkskey says:

    HAHAHA in the end mari just recited 2am’s ‘can’t let you go even if i die” and conducted the boys like they were her personal choir


  9. summerlamb says:

    Oh Em Gee!!!, did they just switch again,….Uh Oh!!!


  10. semi-fly says:

    Torrents for episode 008:
    – ohys / 720p:


  11. charlene says:

    I’m so curious what will happen next. another BIGgie thing! so excited for your transcap softy 🙂


  12. bluemoon says:

    No switch…cuz he still called her “Gil Teacher”…but YJ in KJ’s body is about to wake up! OMG…can’t wait till next week!


  13. summerlamb says:

    By the looks of things, they have switched,…..KJ has left Y’s Body, and returned to his own, at least for now, alas he is still in deep slumber.


  14. summerlamb says:

    Oh so thats what happened, interesting, this just keeps getting better, i love this drama


  15. angelicapicklez says:

    Mega confused how did KJ say that if he is traveling to his body. Did he say it aloud to D or did he say it in his head.

    argh confusion.


  16. ziren87 says:

    thank you so much softy..:-)


  17. haruma says:

    I think YJ and KJ are brothers; same father and mom. Maybe the parents divorced…YJ’s current mom is his step mom. YJ’s dad talked about how YJ might know his mom is in an accident in America and the dad is looking for KJ. That is why YJ had bought plane ticket to America. The brothers switched souls


    • Reideen says:

      I see! They are actually brothers… hehehe. I was wondering that too. So I’m happy I am not the only one =)


      • jdkk09 says:

        I think that from the very beginning they were already switched. YJ was KJ and vice versa. That’s why they both behaved they way they did from the beginning. YJ wavering about getting married and KJ not wanting a relationship with MR????


        • ikoeu says:

          Hey, u sounds like the scriptwriter… Now, to think about it. It may be possible both bodies got switched in the beginning and now it is their actual bodies they are now in…he he.


    • Lizzie says:

      Do you think she was also YJ’s mom?

      because it is weird for KJ not know his mom died because he was there.

      So it must be YJ who didn’t know his mom died.

      And I don’t get why YJ would like his stepmom so much and doesn’t see his real mother.

      (KJ doesn’t know who YJ is, meaning they didn’t meet before) hmm….

      This just doesn’t make sense……..


      • Lizzie says:

        Maybe YJ is adopted by the step mom……

        The dad cheated and took YJ to his house, since his wife has no kids she took him in, but the dad still meet KJ’s mom and had KJ with her, mom found out and divorcied.


        too drama to be true.

        ANd how lame was the death of KJ’s mother? Just doesn’t make sense.

        Are they telling us in USA people just shoot others without reason?

        I hope not and that has something more…


  18. lea says:

    wow i like this drama sooooo much , i dont want that SYJ will come back.


  19. Sunshine says:

    Thanks for the recap Softy!

    So one of the main things from this ep is that they are officially married?! Or did they maybe pretend? How will that work out when she realizes she loves KJ? And loving the quick progress with the miracle book storyline!

    Until next week Biggies!


  20. trkn91 says:

    Just watched it,thank you for your recap.I wonder how this drama will end.SecretGarden stiuation part 2.


  21. gzenitram says:

    THANK YOU for the recap~!


  22. Hanachio says:

    Thankssss for the translations! You save my day! Yay love this show but it goes super fast and change every chapter !!! Love it! 🙂
    100% agree with the episode coments!


  23. Mara says:

    OK, maybe I’ll burst someon’e ballon, but I remember seeing YJ’s bank balance at approx. $900,000US (when KJ purchases
    the house) and all DR gets is a teeny wheeny diamond? By American standards he’s a cheapskate so please correct me if this is how it’s done in Korea.

    Da Ran’s brother is hilarious and he’s batting his scenes out of the ballpark. When Ma Ri kicked him I felt his pain, his “great escape” with his piggy bank and dressed in black made me laugh and cry, and how he pleads with Ma Ri to not be so generous and subtract too many pizza pans/pies from his debt so he can stay by her side longer. To date, he’s made me laugh the most and his English is the best of all the actors “mart, Mom”, “Prof. Na…one night stand”, “I want to study in America”. I could squeeze his cheeks he’s so cute! 😉


  24. Anonymous says:

    i really want D to end up with Kj not YJ.


  25. shiela says:

    Hence it settles the thing about YJ’s flight ticket to LA. its not that he’s going away from D, but he’s going to see..i’m guessing his brother KJ. 😀


  26. shiela says:

    i’m guessing…they are brothers from the same parents. YJ knows about KJ, while KJ doesnt.


  27. Anonymous says:

    there is definitely more behind the death of his mother.maybe they will show it later.


  28. unachicaloca says:

    Still can’t get over the fact that they did not show even the tiniest bit of the wedding ceremony. So was the marriage for real/legal or a pretend one? And yeah, YJ and KJ must be brothers. Just finished this episode and I’m really needing some sleep now. I’ll try to figure out later how things might be connected. =D So it’s another long 5 days to wait for the next episode huh? *sigh* Can’t wait! (AND no preview!!! darn)


  29. ikoeu says:

    I cant see clearly the Y’s family photo. Was it a girl in the middle? Dont look like it is Y de.


  30. sparkskey says:

    Episode 9 preview:
     Kyungjoon has a feeling that his soul will return to his original body and gives up on his honeymoon with Daran to rush to the hospital.

    Yoonjae’s mother finds out that the youth Yoonjae had been searching for -Kang Kyungjoon was the person who was in the accident win him and is very shocked


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