Big E7

This drama has a way of sweeping you off your feet and not just in the literal sense. What they say to each other and how they feel about each other is just as “swoon worthy.” Just look at this scene and try to prevent your heart from melting. I dare you. D has been fighting a losing battle trying to resist him and I believe that the preview shows she is going to wave that white flag of surrender. It’s about time cuz the woman didnt have a prayer. Sure did take her long enough to open her eyes – and finally her heart.

Thanks to Semi-fly for her torrents and Sparkskey for her written translations and wedding scene BTS – her translations are in comments. 🙂

The most hilarious kiss scene in kdrama history. they look like two fish.

Watching a grown man act this childish is so much fun.

Written before it aired: This is a face I could stare at forever and the kind of smile that makes me look forward to each Mon and Tues.  In the behind the scene for the bench kiss, LMJ and GY kept making each other laugh cuz of the looks on their faces. She calls him “oppa” in real life and they both speak informally to each other. They seem really close cuz I noticed she put her hands on his leg as she laughed or leaned her head on him. She kept laughing so GY said: I’m going to do it so just wait a minute.  After GY impulsively leans in and gives her a quick peck on the lips, LMJ had to grab GY’s cheeks and sort of slap the sides of his face. Right after she “slapped” him, GY put his head down so she asked “did it hurt a lot – don’t cry.” He took a while to put his head up cuz he said the look on her face was “too funny.” Since she kept laughing every time she looked at his funny facial expression, she finally said I won’t look anymore. There sure were a lot of takes for that kiss. Now I am wondering how the wedding photo one went.



Starts from M asking – are you KJ? D comes in and calls out his name. M cries and says: are you really KJ? KJ ah. She hugs K. suddenly she faints so K carries her to his bed. D says she must have gotten hurt and was shocked. she looks at the wound and says look at the blood. she must have been scratched by the glass. thank goodness it doesnt look serious huh? K says I cant look at blood. I will go buy medicine so take care of M


CS tries to call M but she isnt picking up. maybe I should have gone with her.

D’s dad and Na are hitting it off. his mom asks where CS is going so he says to find M.


CS goes to K’s home and sees the broken glass. He asks what D is doing here. what’s up with the broken window. what about M? she says how M got a little hurt. CS: she is hurt? He looks around and sees M so he runs into the room. He asks why M is like this. what happened. D says the window was broken by mistake when M helped me move my belongings. so M is like this cuz she was shocked. I will take care of her so you leave. he bends down and asks if M is ok. M suddenly gets up and asks where is KJ. She runs out to find KJ. D tries to tell her KJ is not here. CS asks D why M is looking for K here when he is in the hospital. D says since M likes KJ she must have seen him in her dream. CS: in her dream? D tells CS to go home.


K shows up and CS says “doctor seo” in an angry voice. CS asks D: were you with him? D: hurry and go and I will explain later. CS: let go – you think I will just go? he tries to punch K but M kicks CS from the back (in his groin area so he doubles over in pain.) D covers M’s mouth so she wont call out KJ anymore and takes M away. K asks if CS is ok and tries to help him up but CS doesnt want his help. K: I am the only one who knows the anguish you are in. cuz those girls don’t know how agonizing this pain is. K: can you move? CS cries and says:no. K pats his head. then K pats his butt for him.


D takes CS outside and asks if he is ok. CS asks if she is meeting Y again. She says don’t tell our parents. He says I really dont understand-you for meeting again a man who left and for M looking for a guy she saw in her dream. I really dont get it. she says you dont need to understand. are you ok.


M asks K: why didn’t you tell me. why did you pretend to be an ajussi? why?  He holds her back with a finger by pushing her forehead to keep her at a distance from him and says: dont come closer. I did it cuz it was obvious you would react like this. I cant look at you now so go over there. M: since you cant look at blood you really are KJ. so she hides behind the sofa so he wont have to see her bandaged arm. She asks if Gil DR teacher knew from the start. so K says: yes gil teacher is the only one who knows I am KKJ. at first I thought we would go back right away but till now I am in this condition. I am waiting for the body in the hospital to wake up. so like you have been doing till now, you just focus on that side. dont come here and make things difficult for me. he asks why M had to do that to his home. She says she will replace his window. M: also I will protect that side and this side too (meaning take care of YJ and KJ). K: mari – someone my words cant get through. if you are going to protect this side and that side- protect the secret. M: of course I will protect everything


CS comes home and sees how much his parents liked teacher na. his mom says the PE teacher is really great. the dad says Na teacher fits really well with me. CS mutters Na brother in law’s dream will break after one night. CS: one night -stand?


D: did M leave? K: she said she is going to change clothes and get her wound treated and come tm. D: M has no fear. K: but why did you come? you decided not to meet again. I will take care of M so dont worry about it and go. he gets up to walk away but she holds onto his arm. D: I will do as you asked. I will meet YJ’s mother and say I will stay by your side and tell her to leave you alone. K: you said you couldnt do that cuz if you see this face, you might fall for SYJ. D: if I am going to help you, even though it’s hard, I have to be an adult and bear it. K: thank you. I will promise one thing for sure. so you wont have a hard time, I will never be good to you. D: what? he says how he will act out rudely so she cant stand him. if it looks like hearts will come shooting out, I will make sure to step on it. so you dont fall for him again – so you wont be drawn to him again no matter what, I will act like a dog. (meaning he will have the worst manners) D: that you will act like a dog? K: you are helping me out when it’s going to be hard so I should do that much. for starters clean all that up and take the plastic off all the furniture. now it’s not baggage and it’s for our use. so clean it up well. She asks:  do all this by myself. K: in front of you if I act friendly and help you then your heart will waver (fall for him) so do it alone. do a good job. I shouldnt have said something nice like this even.  she smiles cuz she thought he was being thoughtful, but her smile wanes when she realizes she has to clean all by herself.


He watches her work from his room. She is cleaning alone and K says in a vengeful tone: You got caught by a blood clot so I am going to make you cry bloody tears so your shooting hearts will go right back in.


K’s uncle speaks to S: at the accident site, they said there was a man who rescued KJ from the water. was that person maybe doctor seo? S: YJ rescued this student? aunt says since both of them are victims and arent going to seek compensation, why are you complaining about that now. that person doesnt want some kind of reimbursement right? the aunt asks her husband: is that why he brought up talk of money? uncle says would a doctor be petty about something like that. he thinks that is why the doctor has been paying so much attention to K.


S wonders by herself if YJ is paying attention to KJ cuz YJ rescued him


The aunt and uncle talk about  YJ-they dont think he is from the dad’s side anymore. uncle wonders how he knows about K’s mom’s inheritance so the aunt thinks YJ investigated it. uncle:how about the talk about the secret number? aunt: threats. how else would that person know that since he isnt KJ. uncle: they say doctor seo came back to the hospital – am I supposed to me meet him or avoid him. maybe I should pretend to meet him then avoid him


M comes in with her suitcase and says she is moving in. I want to stay with you on the first floor but I will stay separately on the second floor. he holds her back with a finger on her forehead. K: I knew you would do this so I told you not to do this. you cant. she says she cant get used to this situation. she makes him hold a fan in front of his face with KJ’s photo on it. M: let’s talk like this. if you look in fairytale books, whether the prince becomes a frog or a beast, if you keep liking them they come back so I even though you became an ajussi, you will come back. K: just think I became a frog or beast and dont stick to me.


When he moves the fan away from his face, she kisses him and wonders why he didn’t come back cuz if you kiss, you are supposed to return to normal. so it doesnt work out like in fairytale books. He tells her to listen carefully- he covers his face and says: you think you are sticking to this but in people’s eyes, you are sticking to this. (he removes the fan). he covers his face and says when you stick with this, it’s hard on me, but you cant here. (he removes the fan). M:why? K: this belongs to GDR. M: GDR teacher? K: yes. she said she would stay by my side. so dont do this again. if you do it again, even if you call me I wont answer. she tries calling his name but he ignores her. M: ok I wont do it. she makes him cover his face again and says: but this is mine. he tells her to take her bag and go. M: there is something I wanted to ask you first as soon as you woke up. it’s a lie that you like gil teacher right. K: it’s not a lie. M:what? K: I told her I thought I liked her but she rejected me. M:you are sure right? you were rejected for sure. K: yes she said it was the funniest thing she ever heard.  M says thanks goodness, for helping you and rejecting you, she really seems like a good person. he tells her to go


D’s mom asks why D didn’t come quickly yeserday (when Na was over at their home) cuz they had so much fun with him. D says some work came up. I will explain it well to Na teacher and AK when I go to school. Her dad says how good a person Na is. CS asks his dad what would you do if Seo son in law came back. Her dad plays dumb and asks what is Seo son in law? (he uses the korean word “room” from Seo suh “bang.”)  her mom makes a veiled threat to D: if say you have a new room like that, I will take the mop there and clean that room up. D chokes on her food from fear


Na talks to AK. he says thanks to AK, he left a good impression with D’s parents yesterday. so now it’s time for him to throw out the pitch. (he uses sports again as a metaphor-this time baseball) Ak says how he cant even look at D yet so how does he intend to throw his pitch.  a kid asks him to throw the ball that rolled his way. after Na throws the ball back, he says how good of a pitcher he is. he can make the ball go into the gloves even from 130 meters away, but he cant in front of D. so he asks for AK’s help for him to throw the ball so that will hit D’s heart


D is nervous about meeting Yj’s mom. K asks why she is so nervous when D must have met her a few times. D:today is different. I have to tell her I am starting over with YJ shi again. K asks her to endure this cuz if he wants to do as he planned, he has to get away from YJ’s mother’s concerns. D: what is it that you planned? K: there is something. I didnt come back to act like a grown up and be a doctor. drink something warm to calm you. he pours her tea. D says long time ago she met YJ’s mom here too for the first time. Back then I was shaking more than now.

flashback: YJ’s mom said I have to keep living in america so prepare well for the wedding with YJ.  YJ held her hand under the table. D remembers that and says my hands got warmer so it calmed me down a lot. K gets rid of her warm drink and says if your hands get warm, you wont be nervous anymore so it wont do. drink cold water and find your nervousness again. D: why are you giving and taking away.(He wants to treat her badly so she doesn’t fall for him) K: this is dog manners. if I dont want you to waver (fall for YJ) again I have to protect you. she asks for the tea back. he looks at her outfit and says she paid some attention. D: she was almost my mother in law so I should keep my manners. K: are you hoping that you might be her daughter in law again when SYJ returns? D says it’s just that before she didnt make a good impression so she doesnt want to do that today. so I will refuse your dog manners. if by any chance, she says anything you dont want to hear, keep your place till the end and be polite. K: just don’t tremble cuz I wont hold your hand. YJ’s mom arrives


K informs YJ’s mom: she said she would stay by my side. I will be next to this person so you dont have to worry or bother anymore. the mom looks at D and asks: didnt you say last time that you would settle things (meaning get over her feelings for YJ). D doesnt reply and looks down so K speaks up: I clung to her and convinced her and put her next to me. she is someone I need so please dont make her run away. their food arrives and it’s a bloody steak. the mom says she ordered what she used to eat often here at this restaurant with him.  K looks away and says: I told you many times that I didnt like rare meat, but you keep ignoring me.  The mom wants him to force himself to look cuz he used to like this meat. K: now I dont like it so I cant force myself. K folds up his napkin to get up but D shakes her head no at him. the mom says I think for you to come back like you used to be, you should keep trying things you used to like. D watches the bloody meat being cut and notes K’s discomfort.  she remembers how he couldnt even look at M’s cut on her arm. K: what you said is correct so I will stay next to the woman I like. he looks at D. the mom says: I am not talking about GDR and you know that. if you need someone to be next to you, I will move into the home you are living in. D interrupts the mom by telling the waiter not to serve K the meat.  D: it’s ok. she stands and covers up the steak so K doesnt have to look away anymore. she tells the waiter to stop. K says to the mom: DR doesnt like you coming to the home mother. D tries to explain she was talking about the meat cuz it seemed like K didnt like it. the mom gets upset at D and says you have no manners. D tries to explain it’s not cuz I dont have manners, but K interrupts and covers up for D by lying:  I asked her to do that. if you say something she doesnt like, to not be polite and stand up. sorry for not being able to finish the meal till the end and not keep our manners. we will get up. the mom tells him to remain seated. in the past, you werent like this. D: that’s right. in the past… K interrupts and holds up D’s hand and says: in the past, I held her hand like this and asked her to endure but now I am going to hold her hand tightly and get up. they leave. he puts his arm around her and drags D out with him. D apologizes twice to the mom


D asks how he could do this. K tells her this is the time not to forget about dog manners. (So D wont fall for YJ). D says cuz of him her image is ruined. K says how he wanted to help her improve her image cuz she didnt have any in the past but what to do now cuz it’s all gone. D offers to show him dog manners and gets ready to hit him with her purse but  K saw the mom come over to them so he pushes D up against the wall (like he is about to kiss D). K says now that the mom saw a scene like this she wont drop by the home just anytime. thanks Gil teacher. he lets go and walks away


M and CS go to see a shaman. (cue the moon embraces the sun theme) the shaman asks M to write down the names of the 2 souls that need to be returned. M says these two switched places. the shaman says for this type of black magic spell she needs a pure young man. M asks CS to do that (go into another room to be a substitute for the bodies.) CS: isnt that something bad?  M offers to deduct all the pans that are left. if this turns out well, I can go back to America with KJ. the shaman asks CS to go behind the door and accept the negative energy so he obeys. the shaman asks what is the connection between these two souls. M: what is that? the woman asks are they dating? M shakes her head no. the woman asks: friends? M shakes no. the woman guesses brothers. M: that’s not it. both of them like the same woman


D and K go home. she says it’s hot- I am thirsty.  he takes water out of the fridge. he asks D to do as much as she did today cuz YJ’s mom might come a few more times. he opens the bottle of water so she thought it was for her and reaches out for it saying I am thirsty, but he drinks it. so she says he has dirty dog manners. She asks why there is beer in the fridge. He says YJ’s mom filled up his fridge cuz YJ used to like it in the past and told him to drink it. she says a few cans are missing so did you drink it already. K: I didnt drink it. if I leave it alone she will say something so I threw one or two away (to make it look like he was drinking it). D says what a waste so he tells her to drink the beer then cuz you were drooling.

They are drinking outside. D asks why he cant stand the sight of blood. are you scared of red stuff? he looks at what she is holding and says why would I be scared of red pepper paste. D: If you cant stand the sight of blood, then why study medicine. K: I didnt do it to become a doctor only. I just wanted to know the condition of my body in the hospital. I might have to keep taking care of my body for the rest of my life. being a doctor doesnt seem bad cuz you earn a lot of money too. D: for you not to be able to look at blood, was there a time when  you were injured severely? bleeding profusely? K: she died. while bleeding profusely. my mom. after my mom’s restaurant closed for the day, I came out with her and met some muggers. mom got shot by a gun, but there was nothing I could do at all. After that I couldn’t look at blood. D feels bad for him and offers him the last dry squid with red pepper paste on it. do you want to eat the squid?  He says it’s ok. you ate it all so what are you asking me to eat.  D: this one is left. K: I dont like spicy stuff. She licks it off. Then offers it to him, but he says it’s gross so she offers to bite it off for him. He asks where she got the dry squid. she says at the bottom of the pantry. he says I left it there since a year ago. wasnt the color strange? So she spits it out. D: what do I do?  He says spit out everything she ate.  he makes her stick out her tongue as much as she can by saying “ae” sound. she does. he says stick it out so it’s longer. she does. K says:now that I see,  cuz your tongue is long, is that why your last name is gil. this time he tells her to make her tongue touch the end of her nose, but she cant so he says her tongue isnt as long as he thought


K goes to the hospital. He tells himself it will get better if he keeps looking a injured people at the hospital. he tries to look at blood but he cant and runs off. Another doctor says there is someone looking for you so K goes with him.


K ends up in a room with kids. The other doctor asks if he remembers the girl he doted on. she came back in. her mom really wanted to meet you. if you stay here she will be here. meet her and then go. K treats the kids the way a teenager would. He doesn’t get too close to the kids and tries to shake one off his leg cuz the girl was clinging to his leg. K called her “the girl” and when she says she has the same socks as him he says “uh oh that’s not true. yours and mine are different. go over there.” he sort of scoots her away. another kid says I am a bear. K corrects him. the boy points at his wound so K looks away saying I cant look at cuts. but K looks again and says since the kids are small their wounds are small too so if it’s to this extent, then I can look at it. he says I will treat your cuts.

S calls out to him


she asks what he didnt contact her since he came to the hospital. were you going to leave without seeing me. K: haven’t you heard yet- I am back together with GDR. I met her (YJ’s mom) with D. this time there is no point in exchanging keys with you. S asks don’t you have any memories of me at all. after the accident you seem to have become another person. K: I almost died and came back to life so I must have become another person.  he turns to walk away but she calls out KJ’s name so he looks at her. she says I heard you were in an accident with KKJ and you saved him. K: that is true. I rescued KKJK. S: You did something good. since you saved his life, you two must have an impressive fate. Is that why you came to see him right away as soon as you came to the hospital. He asks if she is upset cuz he didnt come see her first. I will say it clearly, but the SYJ who dated you isnt here. he walks off


D wonder how he can recover from the trauma of seeing blood. D gets a text so AK tells her and asks who it’s from. D says there is someone.  K texted: GDR- buy bread. D mutters he is not addressing her correctly cuz he spoke banmal (in korean she said “his words are short/curt”. she texts back: is GDR your friend? so K types back “Gilllllll DR – buy bread. (cuz she typed that he was being curt so this was his way of making it longer) so it makes her smile. AK asks what it is. you seem like you are dating.  D laughs it off: what are you taking about. that’s nonsense. D laughs again so AK asks what is it? who is it? D: it’s nothing.


K texted when Gillll DR’s bread comes, you come too GDR.  D thinks he wants her to come and clean. M comes over and gives D something. (cue MTETS theme again) D: what is this? M says this is an amulet to switch the two of them. you have to keep it with you as the connection (between them) it will be more effective if you pray with intensity (heat). you should pray too so that the SYJ you like comes back. D: I thought you were going to keep sticking next to K’s side, but you arent. M: he said the body right now is yours teacher so I couldnt do that. D: mine? M: but KJ is mine. I made a promise with KJ. D says thank goodness there is someone else he can talk to besides me. M thanks her for helping K. I wont bother him and be by his side. M leaves. D looks at the amulet.

CS is talking to his friends about M. they ask what happened with M. CS says I already got all the pizzas I owed her deducted. now I am no longer her slave for pizza and will become her slave for love. he says in english – love and “nweh” (he doesnt know what that word is in english). the guy says “nweh” is slave so CS confuses “slave” with “slip” and says that’s a bit racy so his friends laugh at him. CS tells them to call him when they see M so he can look cool as he turns around. he strikes a pose. They see M. M comes running over to CS so he strikes a pose and waves. But she runs past him. His friends say what was that. she didn’t even act like she saw you and just left. CS: she deducted all the pizzas so now me too?


Aunt and uncle eat at D’s family’s restaurant. The aunt says they should have bought a korean restaurant like this with the money they got for selling K’s home and not that other italian restaurant. He wonders why he opened the same restaurant as K’s mom in LA but his restaurant isnt doing well. She says  the taste is not the same. She tries to guess what’s in the dumpling  soup cuz it tastes good. she heard rumors how it tastes good here. they try to guess the ingredient. D’s mom comes over and asks them to guess what’s inside the soup. the uncle remembers seeing D’s mom when they were younger. She called him oppa back then. The uncle snaps out of his daydream and his wife guesses the ingredient. He looks over at D’s mom. (when they were in high school, K’s uncle used to like D’s mom)


K says -thinking about it, SYJ saved my life and gave me his body too. why did it end up like this. M: you can save that ajussi and return his body then. K: to do something for that person’s sake, is it not to wake up and wait. M: it’s not something you want to happen so dont struggle with it. she says I have a problem now. since you ended up like this, you take care of it for me.  my report card came out and my teacher said he/she had to call my dad to discuss it so I might get dragged away. so you go and meet my teacher. K: I dont want to. M: since you are an ajussi do it for me.  just pretend to be my uncle. K:  I dont think I ended up in this body to take care of your report card matter. just go. M: if you pretend to be my uncle, I can live on the second floor. she gets happy and runs off to check out the second floor so he calls out: you cant – dont even dream about it. ya! he chases after her


D comes in and hears M saying there are a lot of rooms here. K: I said you cant. you are going to die. M: just give me a room. K: ya jang Mari! M:why? K: are you not going to hurry and go downstairs. D finds K’s photo of angels in his wallet and wonders if this is an amulet that M gave him.


K tells M to go home. you are irritating.  dont talk nonsense and go study. M: I am pretty so why would I study.  K: ya, I am good looking but I still study well. with your face you really have to study hard. D laughs listening to them.  M: I want to live here. K notices D is here and says you came.  He makes M bow and say hi to D.  M: hi gil teacher. D waves back.


CS massages her back and asks his mom to let him study abroad. she says you cant even speak english so what are you saying america for. C S says he wants to follow M when she goes back to america. send me to study abroad to america. his mom says just follow me to the mart cuz I have to go. he corrects how she pronounced mart


K goes through the groceries D brought and asks -what is this- isnt there any bread? D: you said to make it so YJ’s mom doesnt need to drop by so I have to fill it with these things so she will think she doesnt need to come by. K:what about bread. D says all this stuff is healthy good stuff for your body. K: so there is no bread. This isnt stuff you keep around and eat. it’s stuff you have to cook all the time. then are you going to come all the time and cook? that’s not bad for me. D: that’s true. then I will be the only one overworked. let’s go change it to stuff you can store and eat. (meaning instant stuff)


D takes him grocery shopping and he throws in bags of potatoo chips. so she asks why he is just buying those things. she tries to add in onion rings too. she tells him not to just eat instant food and try to learn to cook simple stuff. K: simple cooking? I am someone who knows how to cook complicated stuff. she accuses him of bragging. K: then should I brag properly and cook you something complicated- will you come and eat it? D: what complicated cooking? he says if he puts out one by one what he can cook, she will have to come every day. I was the son of the restaurant owner that did the best in LA. D: you cook well cuz you watched your mom cook. K: oh that’s right. I cant touch meat now. too bad. D: you are scared of birds and dont like meat. he buys chicken and says I am not scare of dead birds. and I dont dislike well cooked beef. she asks if he is going to make korean style chicken stew. K: you said if I cook something complicated you would eat it. D: you are going to make it for me? K: you will be surprised. D: you are really going to make it for me?


while they shop, he eats the chips. she says – does it taste good. you should eat after paying for it. he offers her one so she eats it. someone bumps into them so they end getting really close. She blocks him from seeing anything red so he says I can look at this stuff.


CS is bugging his mom to send him to America. so she says this is from america so eat this. As they shop, K and D and CS and his mom almost run into each other. D spots her mom and pushes K back. K asks why. D says CS and her mom are here. K: I thought cuz CS came by last time so everyone in your family knew. D: my parents dont know.  if they know I am dead. K: if we are going to keep meeing then we cant avoid them till the end so were you really thinking of helping me when I need it only. if we run into them now, I can get beaten to death for you here. I can say I liked you so much that I wanted to die so I chased you and clung to you. what do you want to do.  D says-what do I do. the people around me keeps getting you involved so  I don’t know if this is the right thing to make things complicated for you. he tells her not to draw out what she needs to say and say it briefly. are you going or not? D: I will go alone now so don’t get involved


D goes alone to see her mom. her mom asks why she came here. D says I heard you came to buy groceries. did you buy everything you needed? the mom says she did. D distracts her and asks: mom should we go to the fish corner. the mom asks if she wants to eat fish. is there anything you wan to eat?


the mom says let’s make chicken stew today. CS says I wont eat unless you send me abroad to america I wont eat it. the mom says then dont eat it. D feels guilty leaving K behind and mutters “I said I would eat it if he cooked something complicated” so D says to her mom: I have something to buy so I will go first. She runs off to look for K.


He waits for her outside and she finds him. I thought you left but you didnt go and waited? K: you said when I needed it, you would help. carry this stuff and follow me. he leaves her to carry all of that. she asks how can I carry all this by myself. let’s divide it up and carry it. so he carries the lightest thing– a bag of chips so she says ya. He reluctantly carries the bags of groceries and mutters she is no help.


Na and AK are at cafe. he says how he will pitch so she asks – if I call D over here now, can you throw the pitch? he says how a pitcher doesnt cover the mound so if you call her I will throw from here. his hands shake even though he bluffed he can do this well


K prepares chicken. she says it doesnt seem like much (not complicated), it’s just a whole chicken. so K tells her after an hour and half, let’s see if you can call what comes out of this oven as just a whole chicken after you tasted it. D: an hour and a half? what do we do during that time. he says wait till the meat cooks.  D: it’s a small thing but takes a really long time. do I have to wait so long to capture something so small to eat.K: if you wait till it’s done well, one day a time will come when you can capture it and eat it.  (she was talking about the chicken but he was referring to himself). D: capture what and eat it? he points to the chicken behind him.  She gets a call from AK to meet for a short time cuz it’s urgent. D: right now? she agrees to go there.


K says this just went into the oven so are you leaving now. You have to eat it right after it comes out of the oven so you can know the taste. She says it will take an hour and half to cook so I will be back before it comes out. she leaves. He says if you are even a minute late you wont be able to meet the chicken


D goes to meet AK and Na.  AK tells her to sit here. Na’s hand is shaking.


K looks at the timer and says D only has an hour left for the chicken to wait for her. M shows up. he thought she was D and was happy. he asks why she came again. She says I left something here. something smells good. It’s chicken huh? she looks at the oven and says it’s really chicken. did you make it? K: dont touch it cuz it has to stay in there longer. She says long time ago his mom made this often. so it will be delicious. K: there is an hour left. so go find what you left and then leave. He looks and sees how much time D has left-58 mins.


Na asks D a question about sports and she cant answer. AK says I will be going first cuz I am busy. D: you are leaving first? AK tells Na: I will be going first. As AK leaves, she takes D’s phone with her.

AK gets a call from K. she realizes she took D’s phone. she reads the name from Big.  K asks why arent you coming. where are you? AK: YJ shi? K: who are you?  AK: dont ask who I am and just listen.  K guesses who she is right away-the math teacher. AK: that’s right. I think you should know D’s situation right now. K:what? AK says how D is about to be pitched to by a guy. K guesses PE teacher. she says that’s correct. if that man throws his pitch, it might be a home run so are you going to sit by and just watch? you are the referee so decide if you are going to let the game resume or end. K: I have no interest in baseball so I will hang up now…but she yells out: DR was not able to forget you. after you showed up again, DR’s (heart) fluttered a lot (meaning she is falling for him). come and stop him. K is upset.


M comes over and asks what is this (the ring). I found this among the ajussi’s pictures and stuff. K: SYJ’s stuff? M: I think that doctor ajussi bought this to give to gil teacher. She will like it a lot when she sees this. He tells her to go now. She asks cant I eat the chicken too and go. Cuz gil teacher wont be coming. He says just go cuz I will eat it all alone. M: is it comes this body now is the teacher’s so you have to only eat with the teacher? I dont have to eat a leg or wing. I’m ok with just eating the neck. K: next time, when I come back as KJ,  I will let you eat the whole chicken. M smiles


D says to Na: I only came for a short time so I dont have much time. it’s urgent so let’s talk next time. sorry. she gets up to leave. he stands and calls out her name and says I like you. from a long time ago, I liked you. during that time, I just stood by and watched. I tried to be brave today to tell you this. D says I cant. I have someone I said I would be next to. AK comes back and says did you tell her? Na teacher just talked about me huh?  he liked me during all this time so that’s we decided to date. that’s why I called you to tell you that. D: I heard it wrong. I am sorry teacher sorry.  AK: I didn’t know but I took your phone. she gives D back the phone. you got a call so go. D thanks her and says to Na: congratulations to you two. sorry about that. after D leaves, AK explains to Na why she had to do that – to stop the game so she got involved. so he thanks her


D runs off to meet K. K is staring at the ring. (11 mins left on the timer) He holds the ring and says: SYJ -this punk. what is this. (6 mins left) D runs over. (4 mins left).

He calls her and D says I am almost there. I will only be a minute or two late. He says don’t come. D: I am almost there. in front of the delicious chicken, let’s not have any dog manners for a short time. K: On your way home buy a whole chicken and eat it. She says we said we would eat together. He asks: gil teacher- is your (heart) fluttering a lot? D:what? K: while running over here, are you fluttering a lot? I said I wouldn’t let you end up like that so I will let the chicken fly away. He hangs up and closes the ring box. D wonders if she felt flustered these days. (as in if she had feelings for YJ again)


CS waits for M and calls out to her. he says there are 30 more pans left to deduct so she offers to deduct one for being honest. He says dont deduct like that willy nilly. deduct one at a time. she says then dont oppose gil teacher liking Seo YJ ajussi


K goes and asks S to try on the ring. She asks why. K: you try it on. She asks if it’s for her. it doesn’t fit her.K: it doesnt fit. it’s not yours. give it back. S:why are you doing this? K: I think I bought it in the past so I thought it was yours. but it’s not yours so give it back. She says then you must have bought it for D. you dont even remember buying stuff like this so why are you clinging to D? and how could you just remember D only? K: give back the ring. S: are you going to say you bought it in the past and give it to D? if she gets that she will be moved. she will regret breaking up with you before. K: how far did you go with a guy who bought a wedding ring to marry another woman-cuz I dont remember. (as in how far did YJ and S go in their relationship). S: you were clearly hesitating before the wedding. but now I dont know if that was cuz you liked me or if you disliked that woman. I dont know either. please come back (properly as yourself) and tell us. (when S asks for him to come back, she means as himself with all his memories intact)


D’s mom says to her husband- isnt it suspicious that D is coming home late more and more these days. he says it could be cuz D is meeting someone else. it would be great if he was teacher Na. she agrees.


YJ’s mom goes to D’s family’s restaurant and welcomes her thinking she is a customer. Her mom calls out for her husband to come out. She says doctor seo’s mother is here.


K looks at the ring. M asks why he didn’t give it to D. she will really like it if you gave it to her. K: she will probably like it. M: of course. she didnt know Seo YJ ajussi bought this ring. now if she knows – she will like it so much.  she will want to get married right away


D comes home and CS stands up to warn her. her mom and dad asks if D is meeting YJ again. heard you already met his mother and said hello. she came to see us today and asked – what are you going to do


K asks YJ’s mom if she went there (to D’s family’s restaurant). The mom says they were really surprised. they didn’t seem to know you came back. what happened? Are you really starting over with her for real. you seem to have used her as a shield cuz you found my meddling bothersome,but you should stop


Her dad asks D: are you starting over again-is that correct. D says yes that’s true. Just to take time and meet. Her  dad says to stop if that’s all your doing – taking your time and meeting. mom says how they broke up after passing out wedding invitations so how can you meet again and just date. And you left your furniture there. so did you keep dropping by that home.  her dad says if you are going to keep meeting him then marry him. if you arent going to marry then I don’t want to see that person and I wont see you too. He walks out


K meets with D. K says you should have said we would get married. D: are you crazy? How could I do that. K: then decide one more time. Are you going to continue meeting or not meet again. counting to 3. if you arent going to meet (see me) then go. 1-are you going to keep meeting? 2- this is the last one. 3. He takes her hand and puts the ring on her and it fits. K: It fits perfectly. This is for you. SYJ bought it a long time ago. D: YJ shi did?  K: now you can let your heart waver as much as you want next to me. if you keep that on, i wont go to you again.  I – KKJ – will never love you.



* I dont get how he can say he will never love her when every word is a lie. he also said that with so much love in his voice and the love he has for her is written clearly all over his face.  the one thing this “kid” has not mastered is masking his emotions. when it comes to his heart, he is an open book.

Written preview e8:
After Daran sees the ring Yoonjae had prepared, she is thrown into confusion again and meets Seyoung to find out what was truly her relationship with Yoonjae. She decides she should no longer be under Seyoung’s thumb and resolves to enter a contract marriage with Kyungjoon…

Video preview:

D says to K: KKJ come get married. I will raise you well.

M says to K: Gil teacher’s mom and dad told you to get married. You wont ever do that no matter right?

K: it doesnt matter if I do so you dont bother about it

CS asks M: how much do you like me -Gil CS?

M: are you looking for CS together? you should go there teacher

K says to D: I know the person you are looking at now is not KKJ- i wont act like a kid anymore and wont accept a heart that’s going to someone else they like)

D back hugs K by putting her arms around his neck from behind.

as D watched him as he sprayed water, she had feelings for him (not YJ) so that’s why she hugged him.



Fanderay’s comment:

This show is killing me (but I love it). I just want to yell at the leads to get married and make beautiful babies already. Unfortunately this is pretty much the most complicated relationship of all time, and I think it’ll be quite some time before everyone gets their feelings sorted.

I’m still mulling over why K told D that he won’t love her because that’s very obviously not true. Is that a decision that he’s actually made for himself, because he doesn’t want to continue loving her alone and always feel rejected, or he is just telling her that so she doesn’t have to feel so conflicted about staying close to K and toying with his feelings, when she knows she shouldn’t be in a relationship with him? Furthermore, will she buy it? The boy has some major hearts shooting out of his eyes, and I don’t think he can hide it. After he found that ring it’s possible he thought that D could be happy with the real Y, and maybe he’s trying to make that work for her sake. He wins major points for giving her that ring, because he knows it hurts his chances with her but did it anyways.

D acts like she is afraid to fall for Y again, but I think the real truth is that she’s more afraid to fall for K. Similarly, K acts like he is trying to protect D from falling for Y again, but I think he’s also trying to protect himself because it’s hard for him to be close with her and feel like she’s only interested in the face he’s wearing. Despite all this of course, the two of them can’t seem to stand being apart. K cooking for her to keep her at his house was absolutely adorable, and I love that she is always chasing after him now (instead of leaving him to look over his shoulder).

It seems like we may be entering into that stage where K tries to push D away romantically, but she completely falls head over heels for him. I wonder how long it will be before she confesses that she sees him as K and that her feelings aren’t for Y. I think she’s already past the stage of being confused about who K really is, but won’t admit that to him yet since saying it aloud would be too much commitment.

I spend all my time talking about the OTP, but I find myself loving everyone in this drama. Na is perfectly cast (I’ve never seen someone’s eyebrows shake like that before) and I can’t wait for him to get his happily ever after with AK. I liked CS before this drama even started (because of White Christmas) but he is not disappointing me as the perfect little brother. He must love his sister a lot to go after Y (who looks like he could snap CS over his knee if he wanted) and somehow he manages not to seem incredibly pathetic, despite acting like M’s slave. M’s devotion to K is admirable, but I definitely ship her with CS as things stand. They both have slightly obsessive personalities when it comes to romance, so they would probably make for one of those excessively lovey-dovey couples that induce nausea in everyone around them. I can picture pillows covered in photos of them already.

One “couple” I am surprised about is K’s uncle and D’s mom. I don’t think anything big will come of it, but what purpose will their past serve? It’s just one more piece of this massive puzzle, and I’m curious to see how it’ll fit in.

Other than the body swap, I love that this show isn’t full of secrets or back-stabbing. S, M, D and K are all very open with each other about where they stand, and it makes all their interactions very enjoyable (like between D and M for example). The characters already lie enough to themselves, and the situation is so complicated that there’s already more than enough to keep me entertained and in a constant state of suspense.  That preview for tomorrow has me salivating, and what I’m looking forward to most is an obvious gesture of affection from D to K. It’s about time missy!



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    After Daran sees the ring Yoonjae had prepared, she is thrown into confusion again and meets Seyoung to find out what was truly her relationship with Yoonjae. She decides she should no longer be under Seyoung’s thumb and resolves to enter a contract marriage with Kyungjoon…


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