Bridal Mask E8

I told myself not to post another main pic of JW again ….and then he kept wearing my fav white uniform so I caved. Now there are two of them and boy does S look a lot better now than as a teacher. Bet Iviih is in heaven.

Thanks to Semi-fly for her quick torrents, Sparkskey for E9 written preview, and Yanna for video.

Preview ep9: Shunji gets recognized for his contribution in the capture of Gaksital shortly after he becomes a police officer at the Jongno Police Station. He finds his father’s words odd when Kimura tells him not to trust Lee Kangto completely.

Kangto who had already made the decision to become Gaksital feels this sense of foreboding for the future after Shunji becomes a police officer.

The Korean people who saw Gaksital appearing in the Jongno Police Station rejoice and are excited at the fact that Gaksital is alive. Gaksital’s reappearance gets Shunji in a fix…

written before it aired: Part of me is intrigued about what the chemistry will be like between K and H, but the other side sort of wishes he would stick with one girl and just hold out for D. It’s still going to be one interesting night cuz we finally get to see K balance his old and new life.

If only these two would stop hurting each other, they might have a chance. When K learned D turned herself in to save the circus people, he warns her “if you come here one more time you will die by my hands.” But she has no idea he meant those words cuz he doesn’t want to see her in danger. Her reply has to gut him emotionally cuz she says “someone like you should die and Gaksital should be alive.” After the world of pain these two inflicted on each other all these episodes, I am starting to think there might not be enough affection in the world to make up for the abuse they heaped on one another. Can’t wait to see them take their first steps to make amends cuz it would really be nice to see them smile at each other instead of all these death glares and scowls.

Character list:

Joo Won as Lee Kang-to (K)

Jin Sae-yeon as Mok Dan (D)

Park Ki-woong as Kimura Shunji (S)

Han Chae-ah as Chae Hong-joo (a gisaeng. Japanese identity: Ueno Rie). (H)

Shin Hyun Jun  as Lee Kang-san, Kang-to’s older brother who is the original Gaksital. (KS)

Yoon Bong – kil as Abe Shinji (the chubby guy with the hat that is with K all the time)

Jeon No Min as Dam Sa Ri (D’s dad and leader of the independence movement )

Kimura Taro (the actor who played the president on city hunter- dont know his real name. he has two sons kenji and shunji)

Kimura Kenji (that scowling guy with the mustache who is out to kill K. Kenji is Taro’s son and S’s brother)

Kono Goji (the old actor from Moon who played minister yoon and B’s dad. Goji can also be spelled as Koji. On the show he is referred to as Konno but there are way too many K names as it is.)

Leader Jo – head of the circus (I give up memorizing any more circus characters – too many names to remember as it is)

Sunhwa (Dan’s circus friend)

Kenji’s spy girl from the circus

Baek Geon is Lee Sun’s (k’s dad’s) subordinate

Katsuyama Jun is H’s bodyguard – the guy with the long hair tied back (what kind of spy has her own bodyguard-this drama is trying to kill me by adding on more characters each episode)

The Ki group that the 5 men belong to is called the Kishokai (I cant remember how to spell this during live recaps to save my life)

the other Kishokai members besides Taro are:

UH– Ueno Hideki – the leader of this group and the man H calls “father” cuz he adopted her

Lee Si Young is a Count with the wife who cheats on him. his son is friends with K.

Woo BJ -hospital director and doctor

Park IS Newspaper owner

Jo YG-in charge of banking

*If anymore new characters come out, I am going to make up my own name for them and call them “Bob” or something – it wont matter as long as it doesn’t start with another “K”


Starts from K shaving and putting on his white uniform. He rips off his Korean name patch and gets a new one stitched with his Japanese name on his uniform.

He walks up the steps to see Goji. Goji says he was curious about what happened to K. K introduces himself with his Japanese name (Sato Hiroshi). goji invites him to sit. he asks if K’s family’s funeral went well. K says thanks to him he was able to do it well.  Goji tells K to have a strong heart from now on and think of the country has the mother who gave birth to him. Goji says taro rushed to put out articles that Gaksital is dead and was trying to cover up things. K says gaksital is not dead. Just wait and see he will show up again for certain. Goji  says that’s true cuz taro cant prove gaksital is dead with a recovered body to reveal. Goji says find out taro’s vulnerabilities and his objective and I will put you in Kenji’s previous post. Goji addresses K by his Japanese name. K thanks him and says I will do that for sure.

K goes to the station. There are koreans being questioned about the money they received from gaksital. they claim it’s money they earned on their own. Abe calls out to K – happy to see him. Lackey sarcastically says it’s good to see K -cuz K didn’t show up for kenji’s funeral but you finally showed up. K runs up and kicks the guy from the market and says it’s you huh- you set fire to my home and killed my mom you murderer. K asks the lackey -what were you investigating this guy for? lackey says cuz gaksital stole money from Jo’s bank employees and distributed them to the koreans. K let’s go of the guy and says to the lackey- what about my mother and brother dying -what about that case, didnt you hear of it? an officer’s family was senselessly murdered and not one of you thought of catching that criminal.  Lackey says they didn’t get the opportunity yet and the theft case was a direct order so K hits him and aims his gun at him. K says be warned – I am not Lee kangto, I am sato hiroshi- this is not just a simple case of some koreans dying, but it’s a terror attack on an officer of the Japanese. should I show you how much blood of korean rebels I can get on my hands. K points the gun at the Korean guy and says: should I start with you? Abe tries to stop K from shooting the market guy by saying: calm down – there is no proof that this guy is the criminal. calm down.  but lackey says go ahead and shoot so K shoots the wall next to the lackey. K smirks at him and then looks up. Taro watched that so K bows to him.

K goes to see taro. Taro threw a white GO piece at K so K catches it. taro says how could K lose gaksital when he had been shot. how did you lose him? how did it happen for you to lose him and end up being taken to the hospital the same day kenji died. K takes the blame and says it’s my fault kenji died. if you want me to take my uniform off I will take it off. if you want me to die I will die, but please just wait till I get rid of the rebels. Taro: after being shot by you, how could gaksital barge in the next day into the police station and kill my son huh? K: it doesnt make sense that the guy I shot killed kenji. on that night, aside from gaksital there was another guy. cuz of that guy I lost gaksital cuz he was taken away to safety. taro: another guy? K bows yes.  taro makes a call and calls in the lackey who verifies there was another guy who attacked K. (they are referring to baek). taro: what? are you saying Gaksital is getting help.  K says for sure it’s not just one guy – they are moving within a systematic terrorist organization. Taro says to question D and find out about gaskital right now, but lackey says she escaped on the day gaksital barged in. taro:what? lackey says he was going to catch her right away but S stopped him.  K says: does that make sense? why would S do that when she could have given us Gaksital’s identity. lackey: do you think I would lie in front of the chief now? K asks taro to entrust this to him. Taro tells the lackey to leave that girl for K to take care of and gives the lackey another order. Taro tells K to hurry and catch that girl. K says ok and leaves

S is playing the organ and kids are singing the Japanese song. S tells them to sing louder. Sunwha’s brother CS asks S: “teacher you didn’t kill gaksital did you? S yells at him for asking questions during the national anthem. who told you to do that? the kid asks why they are singing this song today cuz they don’t sing it every morning. S goes over and hits the kid’s hands as punishment. The kid cries so S feels bad and leaves the room.

D was outside and watched that thru the window.

S sits outside and D goes over to him. He cant face her and scoots away from her. She says sunwha packed this lunch for you cuz she thought you probably didn’t eat properly for the past few days. she said to return the empty lunch box by giving it to CS (her little brother). I will be going. He asks why aren’t you asking. You came cuz you are curious about what happened with gaksital. the guy who promised to find out about gaksital – a guy who is grown and learned – a teacher who teaches kids- get angry – how could he act like a japanese officer. it would be better if you got angry. D: that’s right I was curious so I came. even though I believed he wouldnt die, I wanted to confirm with you. but i cant ask cuz I know you are having too much of a hard time now. Cuz you are a teacher who teaches Koreans kids. Kids like CS likes you a lot-you know that right? so feel better. She walks away so he catches up to her and back hugs her. he says gaksital might be alive. K watches them from a distance and goes away. S repeats that gaksital might be alive. the one who got hit by my gun wasnt gaksital, it was the horse he was riding. for a few days we kept looking in the river, but we couldnt find his body. she turns to face him and thanks him for telling her. S: you know dont you?  You know who gaksital is right? the person you wanted to meet.  The one who gave you the knife… (I think S almost says K’s name or maybe it was Gakistal, but he stops himself.) She says I am living at CS’s house these days so don’t worry about me and be well.

D runs off into the forest and looks at her knife.

At the club, K is drinking. H goes over to K and sits on his table. H drinks his shot. She asks don’t you recognize me.  Don’t you remember? He pulls her onto his lap and smiles at her. he asks do you like this oppa. She leans in and kisses him. Lee’s son sees that and the singer is surprised too. H whispers to K her name (lala) and says not to forget it. she walks away

*that last pic – is it just me or does he not look that happy to have been kissed. that is not the look of a man who enjoyed it. and what the crap kind of dumb name is Lala? worst name ever. makes her sound fruity and it’s hard to take her seriously. I am going to keep calling her H.

D tears her slip and cuts her finger with the knife. She leaves her name boon written in blood tied to a tree branch for gaksital.

Lee and his wife are on the train and he feeds her. another couple is there too. A man comes in and starts kicking people. He states who he is and holds a bomb. He says if they help him get across the border he will get off at the next station. he is about to light it and says-if things dont turn out well, he is ok with dying so they will all die together. he goes over to Lee and sits next to him. He calls lee father and asks what his name is. Lee says it’s not me. Guards come in and ask for ID. People take out their IDs and lay it on the table. The guy with the bomb doesn’t so Lee says he is my son but gets nervous and it tips off the guards. The guards pull their guns on the bomber but the bomber uses Lee as hostage and says throw away the guns. He lights the bomb. The guy with glasses trips the bomber and throws out the bomb in time just as it blows up. guards take the bomber away. The guy’s wife asks if he is ok. The guy asks the lees if they are not hurt. Lee’s wife says he saved their lives. Lee introduces himself. The guy says his name is Choe TG. Lee’s wife acts like she has a new crush. (choe is D’s father in disguise and the woman with him is posing as his wife)

They leave the train station together. Lee thanks Choe again. The bomber leaves with guards and he smiles and winks at choe and choe acknowledges him too (so all of that was planned so choe would get in Lee’s good favor. even the guards were in on it cuz they smiled too)

Baek is shining K’s shoes. Baek tells K – you have to clear gaksital’s alleged crime. he says how KS was chasing after his father’s enemies and that KS is not someone who would kill the bank employees. so K says bingo – I knew it wasn’t gaksital. K leaves and goes to the newspaper office. baek had told K how they are framing gaksital as the murderer so K has to clear that up first

K goes in and meets with park and looks at crime scene photos of the dead bank employees from  the car robbery. K says Jo lost his money and his bank was bankrupt so how is Jo doing these days. park says havent you heard the rumors.

Director goes to see Jo who is choking. His gold filling fell out and he choked on it. director tells the girl she should have gone easy – how could she make Jo swallow his filling.  the older woman asks Jo to take care of her too and not just the girl.(as in give her some benefits) Jo says I am in the middle of preparing so wait a little. director asks if there is anything new going on and not to leave him out or he will be hurt. Jo says he wont leave out the director and says just invest 1000 and mentions the land where the Korean market is- that it will go bankrupt. the two women take mental notes. (*would it kill this guy to put on some clothes instead of this robe all the time-3 scenes so far of him barely dressed. I am getting nightmares here)

Jo goes to see taro. Jo asks what brings him here at this time. taro says he heard Jo moved in here. Jo says it’s just for a short time till the people settle down (the ones who lost their money). Jo promises to keep everything secret about the money till it’s all over. Taro says no one can know about his involvement (with jo’s bank going backrupt and stuff)  Jo says dont worry about that. taro says I will trust you then

K watches them talk from a distance. He sees a carriage come over and he looks inside and smiles. He gets in.

He is meeting with the girl who was with Jo. K says how pretty her ears are and gives her a rose (she has been feeding K info about Jo cuz she was there during the conversation about the money between Jo and the director. Part of me envies her for getting to spend this time with him, but the other part feels bad cuz she had to endure Jo chasing her around.  of all the compliments K can give -pretty ears? and he is supposed to be a player? he needs to work on his skills more. )

Goji is pleased with K for finding about Jo. K says in order to capture someone who is hidden, you have to go in where he is. goji asks what Jo is planning with taro there. K says the money that gaksital stole from Jo’s bank, gaksital distributed it to the koreans. and that taro got that money back so if they can find out where it went, they can find out about taro.  Goji says how he is more proud of K than his own son.cuz even after everything K went through he is doing so well as Sato (K’s new name).  K says everything is thanks to goji. Goji calls the governor and says I found someone to sit in kenji’s position so you should meet him. then I will think you gave permission. K thanks him

H meets with taro. She says her father wants S to sit in kenji’s place too. taro says there has to be a reason for that to happen so it will be hard to get S instated, but she reassures him. H points out how S killed gaksital. she says something about S so taro says dont worry about S cuz he is kimura’s bloodline (meaning S is Japanese). H points out that may be true but S teaches korean kids and loves korean women. taro is shocked to hear that. she says thank goodness taro will get what he wants cuz of Kishokai. taro quickly excuses himself and leaves angry. Jun asks if H had to go that far (cuz she mentioned who S likes) H says how S likes koreans to his bones so she had to make sure she if could put S in kenji’s position.

Taro meets with K. taro asks about the girl (D). K says sorry we will be able to catch her soon. Taro asks what that girl’s relationship is with S. you must know something. K says I heard when S was young and his nanny was admitted into the hospital, that’s when S met that girl.  taro: when he was young? at the hospital? Taro remembers how he beat S and hospitalized S by breaking his bones. and that there was a young girl there with the nanny and S.  taro tells K to leave. taro recalls how S stole his sword and sold it to pay for the nanny’s surgery. taro: he dared to sell my sword to save the nanny but this punk is still…he gets up and leaves.

S is alone and remembers how he asked if D knew who gaksital was what D said about staying at CS’s home. He breaks the mask and stomps on it.

K comes in and they look at each other. S asks what brings him here. K says taro knows about your relationship with that girl. He ordered that girl be caught.  K says how he is going to live tough and kill whoever he needs to. it’s up to here – my last (act) of friendship to you. (meaning K is not going to let their friendship get in the way of K doing his job so this was the last act of friendship). K walks out

S goes after K in the hall and asks what that means -you will kill if you are told to kill. does that mean you are going to get Mokdan’s father too. K: should I report that I cant catch her cuz she is the girl you like? S: is D the only one you have? taro comes into the school

Taro hears them talking. S: to catch that guy – is D the only one you have? taro doesnt let the other man call out to S so taro can keep listening. S: D doesn’t know who gaksital is or what kind of guy he is. she doesnt know anything at all. K: gaksital killed your hyung. Even if it’s not me someone will catch that girl. can you protect that girl till the end. S: even if D killed my hyung I cant give up on that girl. K leaves.

S turns around and realizes taro heard the whole conversation.  Taro shoots at S, but misses on purpose. taro tells the man that starting from now S is no longer a kimura (taro disowned his son)

The circus is performing. The woman is blindfolded and throwing sharp blades at the man tied up. the man keeps saying dont do it. she nicked his ear on that last throw

K shows the pics of the dead bank employees to Jo and says they were killed by swords. Jo asks: are you saying someone killed my employees and blamed it on gaksital. K warns him that Jo cant trust anyone.  Jo: don’t come here again if you are going to tell me nonsense like this. he leaves

Jo remembers his phone call to taro – how he told taro his employees were robbed of the cash by gaksital and taro told him to tell the employees not to move anywhere cuz I will send the police there right now. suddenly Jo runs away and K watches him

Jo goes home and packs up his money and gaksital watches him. Jo is throwing money into his briefcase when gaksital shows up and throws a message written in red. Guards comes in so gaksital fights them off. Jo makes a break for it and runs away while gaksital fights the guards.

Jo tells his driver to go faster but gaksital catches up to them on his horse. In the tunnel he blocks their way and points his stick at Jo. Jo tries to run off but gaksital stops him. Gaksital gets ready to hit him

Abe wonders where K went. Lackey is in pain from when K hit him. Abe asks if he saw K. lackey says don’t mention that guy to me again.

Kenji’s spy shows up. she meets with the lackey. She says she helped kenji to capture D when he was alive. she asks him to pay her too but he asks where is she. He threatens the girl and says should I get some of your help too

Sunhwa tells the circus people that D is safe so dont worry. The woman tells sunwha to make sure her brother CS doesnt open his mouth cuz if CS tells S that D is there. Sunhwa interrupts and says they can trust S. . the man accuses sunwha of liking S. the woman says how startled he must have been cuz he kicks up a fuss just plucking his eyebrows.  so the man says next time I will throw so you stand there. the woman says so you can kill me. the man says I almost died. the spy comes in. sunhwa asks where she has been cuz it’s their turn to perform. the woman asks her where she is always going off to. the spy says I am not late.

The circus is about to perform but officers show up with the lackey. He orders abe to gather the man and woman. abe told them not to move but the guy did so he hurts his nose. abe didnt hurt him though the guy did it to himself

S is going by sunhwa’s home when sunwha’s brother CS comes running in calling out for D. D asks why he is like this -what happened. he tells D that officers are hitting the circus people and my noona. D: what do you mean – speak slowly. CS says his noona and circus people have all been caught.

D runs off but S is there and stops her. he asks where she is going now. She says they got caught cuz of me. So S asks if she is turning herself in. D says there is no other way.  S: if you go now you will die. you will die! D says how CS’s sister is his mom and dad so how can I take sunhwa away from him. He says you cant go. I cant send you. D: do you still not know that you and I are different. We cant even be friends now. She walks by him and leaves

The circus people are at the station. Woman asks why are we here. at least accuse us of stealing or something. what did we do wrong. Can you just do this? lackey says she is loud and orders a guard to do something so the guy hits the woman. Lackey shows them a picture of D and says you all know her dont you. I know she is with your group so hurry and talk. Spy girl points to the scared man  so Lackey asks him – do you not hear me. The man says I dont know – I really dont know. someone hid her really well so how would I know?  the man points to sunhwa and gives her up so leader jo gives him dirty looks for telling. Lackey jumps down and asks sunhwa where is D?  he threatens her so sunhwa cries. D shows up and tells the lackey to stop. D: Since I came in on my own let everyone go. Lackey tells abe to put the chief on the phone.

Taro says: you did well. put that girl in interrogation cuz I will interrogate the girl myself. Put the rest of them in jail. he calls for his driver. But S is standing there. S gets on his knees and says I will do as you want. I will live like kimura taro’s son. Taro asks how could you love a girl who is on the same side as the enemy who killed your hyung. never show up in front of my eyes again. S: i just realized now. after hyung died I realized. the truth that I am a japanese down to my bone -now I know. like you father and hyung, I will wear the uniform. but I have one condition. taro: condition?S: Let that girl go just once. if you let her go just this once, I will let go of my feelings for that girl. the moment I put on the uniform,  I will totally let go all my memories of that girl.

lackey complains cuz they just caught her. Abe goes and opens the cell and tells the circus people to come out. (cuz they are free to go) you can go out. abe asks the man – do you want to leave first ajussi? so the man says I can leave slowly. Lackey yells at him to come out so the man cries and obeys. he leaves.  lackey asks for the next one. but the rest of the circus people all cling to D and refuse to go without her.  D tells them not to worry about her and hurry and go. Woman says they won’t leave D behind -they wont go – not a step without D. lackey tells them to get out and go home -all of you get lost. woman asks if D can go too.

The circus people leave and K looks at them as he comes in. Abe comes over and asks where K went without him. K asks what’s going on with these people. Abe says D worked with the circus so that lackey guy captured all of them to catch D. K asks if D was caught too so abe says we caught her but the chief…K doesnt hear the rest and runs in all worried. As K quickly heads in, D comes out with leader Jo and the woman. the woman asks the leader if they really have been released. they look at K, but K only stares at D. she glares at him.  D goes up to K and asks – why did you let me go. leader jo says let’s go but she goes back and asks: Did gaksital die. cuz he died, is that why you don’t need me as bait anymore. K: are you going to act up. if you come here one more time you will die by my hands. D: someone like you should die and Gaksital should be alive.  She walks off. K asks abe- why did they let her go. Abe says the chief said to release her. K: the chief? abe: yes

Goji hears K’s promotion was canceled. goji already made a certificate up. the secretary says S was instated in kenji’s place. goji: who? where is the governor now. she says with guests. He is upset so goji finds goes to see the governor

The governor is looking at all the gold and gits the Kishokai members like lee, park, taro, and the director gave him as donation. the governor goes over all their names so Lee asks how he was able to remember their names. Lee’s wife says there thinking of building his statue to be more luxurious. Lee gives credit to taro for coming up with the idea. the governor says S takes after his father. goji barges in and asks are you crazy hyung (to the governor) for giving that position to a teacher. The governor calls his secretary and gets angry for her letting in just anyone. Goji looks worried and taro smirks

S puts on a uniform and everyone claps after S gets the promotion (kenji’s former position) from the governor. S salutes the governor and other officers. K looks at his friend.

S comes down the steps and K goes up to him. S says please take good care of me Sato hiroshi. K congratulates S and addresses him by his title. (since S is higher in rank that K). They salute each other.



Taro tells S: from here on dont trust K. If he (gaksital) shows up again it’s the end of you and me.

D: Is it cuz of me? S: don’t be mistaken it’s to catch the killer of my hyung.

S asks: did you not see Gaksital?

S asks his dad to include him in the Kishokai group. S offers himself up as bait to catch him (Gaksital)

Sparkskey gave us written preview too:

Preview ep9: Shunji gets recognized for his contribution in the capture of Gaksital shortly after he becomes a police officer at the Jongno Police Station. He finds his father’s words odd when Kimura tells him not to trust Lee Kangto completely.

Kangto who had already made the decision to become Gaksital feels this sense of foreboding for the future after Shunji becomes a police officer.

The Korean people who saw Gaksital appearing in the Jongno Police Station rejoice and are excited at the fact that Gaksital is alive. Gaksital’s reappearance gets Shunji in a fix…

Sparkskey: I love the written previews for Gaksital cause they are so informative, helps tide us through the next week. Big needs to learn from Gaksital and stop dishing out puny previews. Haha. Can’t wait for next week’s Gaksital!!


111 comments on “Bridal Mask E8

  1. SS says:

    I feel so frustrated by the lack of K&D progress because unlike OB which had 58 episodes and we could slowly savour and enjoy the blossoming love between TH & JE, BM is only 24. With 16 episodes left, I wish to see more K&D interactions even if it is going to be more antagonistic for the time being, like that in ep 8. The best they ever gotten was in episode 5 when K rushed D to hospital, you could see that love , regret and concern in his eyes. Then him reading the newspaper upside down because he couldn’t handle her staring at him, was just as cute as it could get. We know how great JW is in love scenes, so I can’t wait to see the romance happening.

    As it is now, I cannot see how D will fall for K especially with K not revealing very much his change in feelings towards her. The romantic side of me wants D to fall for K before finding out the truth that he is Gaksital. But the practical side says it’s quite impossible at the rate they are going. So the key here is D has to find out that K is Gaksital.

    I have been running all the possibilities in my mind like:
    1) D realises that she has been using the same height chart. The height and angle she had to look up to Gaksital’s face is the same as glaring at K.
    2) D finds that cute pout of Gaksital familar. She had that thought during her brush with K but she had always dismissed it because no matter how cute a pout is, K is still the bastard albeit a very cute one at that.
    3) D finds it strange when she rides behind Gaksital on the horse. There used to be more space, but now, Gaksital seemed to have developed a more significant hind overnight. And who in Joseon has that besides ?!?!!!!!
    4) Gaksital saves D and drops her off in the forest. When D stood there rooted to the ground, staring at him: ” Young Master, is it really you? Gaksital lets slip and exclaimed: Boon go!
    5) One day, Gaksital spent a long time changing up because Baek Gun had mistakenly starched his outfit together with his police uniform. And who should turn into the back alley at the moment? D!

    I am not sure if any of the above scenarios will play out but I just hope that day will come sooner


    • anonymous says:

      LOL at no. 3 and love no. 4.

      Joo Won flirtatious smiles is deadly. But I’m dying to see his softer side again.. I hope it’s with Boon Yi.


    • Sunny says:

      that’s very interesting possibilities!!!!
      but tell you the true..i’m not really looking forward for their romances..i enjoyed the story line about KT him self..coz..ehmmm..KT is tooo HOT for D
      and beside gaksital is action drama with full of suspense & revenges…so i already prepared there will be lack of romances..somehow i’m a little bit familiar with the writer of Gaksital..because it’s the same writer of the drama “Green Rose ” ( played by Goo soo & Lee Da Hee ) and in that drama..the story was so lack of romances.lack of the interactions between the couple but i was admired Go soo’s acting in that drama..he was soo good..his character was intense and very’s look like KT’s character


    • HAHAHAAAA…. I laugh really loud for no.3 😀 😀
      Coz this Gaksital is way way more Hotter & irresistible than the first one, hehe


  2. SS says:

    credit baidu:
    or go to page at and scroll down to the 2nd last pic(if you don’t swoon on the way there). note: if you misread my instruction and skip to last pic, you might not be able to get up and scroll up anymore.

    I can suggest a new name for the shaver : Gillette Gaksital


    • bbblue73 says:

      Yayyy, tears keeps falling from the sky, lol i mean from me as i watch BTS ep 6 when Joowon cry for real. Wow, Sato Hiroshi you make speechless all the time on your acting. Plus i love the way Hyung Kangsan eat those bread. Donno how many bread he enjoyed to eat on that day, lol
      Thanks Yanna my dearest.


  3. Another good fanmade Gaksital MV..


  4. WARNING!!!
    If you want to watch this bts it’s much much better with empty stomach… @_@
    Shin Hyun Joon is a DAEBAK actor, I admit it..!! He acted so real!!!


  5. bbblue73 says:

    Underwater shooting was scary to imagined but Joowon really managed it well.
    BTS vd link
    credit to baidu


    • SS says:

      thanks bbblue. He probably doesn’t have phobia of water, otherwise he will freak out in the deep tank. This is worse than the sea, I have done underwater scuba in a tank and for the first time, I felt so claustrophobic. Kudos to him being calm and taking breaths through the regulator between takes. Not easy unless one has used the equipment before coz, you can easily end up breathing in water through your nose as he doesn’t have the snorkel mask.


      • bbblue73 says:

        Your most welcome SS dear.
        When i saw Joowon on that water, wheww, i remembered myself when i did my Solas training back then at the sea. It was all scary honestly. But it was all my braveness & determination to worked out it well. That’s why i loved this guy coz we’re alike we don’t have any phobia of water, lol. *pyong pyong*


        • SS says:

          eee, i am not as brave as you. I always tell people I can dive better than swim because I am better at sinking.

          Regardless of him not having a phobia of being underwater, it still looked terribly tiring, doing so many takes, plus that gaksital outfit is the biggest drag! so difficult to swim with that ghastly sack cloth **sigh** why can’t that awful wrap come off like the mask? seriously, I should be the writer or director. I think I know what the audience wants. ok, maybe not

          ***run away and hide****


  6. gtam says:

    Don’t know I you already saw it or not but preview for ep9


  7. SS says:

    credit baidu:
    or go to

    “Black please, with a lump of aegyo sugar”

    In summary, the article says the focus of this 2nd part of the show is the rising conflict between 2 best friends K & S. To complicate matters, they both love the same girl. Their conflict, together with D, the love triangle will begin soon.

    Does this mean D will know who K or Gaksital is soon? Or D will fall in love with K? so unimaginable at this moment(although ahem, I can only conjur ridiculous scenarios).

    Will the ice start to melt this week? Will the furrow between K’s brow finally disappear? Will D regain her woman’s intuition? Will K continue to shave with UTW’s shaver?!?!?


  8. SS says:

    Yipeeee!! New OST for BM by 4men. This is the group which has done a number of OSTs , not very familar but I love their Secret Garden OST – Here I Am. Seems quite soulful type of singing.

    Dunno if my emo state starts whenever it comes to BM, but could you believe the title of the song? I wish someone can translate the Korean title but I don’t even have it. Only the chinese one which my translation will do no justice. “I Know(clearly) I Shouldn’t”

    Kangto saying that he knows he shouldnt fall in love with D(as in he can’t give her happiness)? But he cannot help himself? AAWWWWW……….T…………………..T

    and tuesday is supposed to be the day i feel the best. JW pls act in some rom-com for your next drama, this is seriously bad for health.


    • Zee says:

      Gaksital still airing, but I already want him to act in a new drama! Rom-com will be nice. Not sure what his agency will do next, take up a drama role soon after finish Gaksital or let him rest for few months and do a comeback after that. Lucky we still can see him in 1N2D.. Phewww.

      I re-watch the scene of Kang To and Mok Dan in the hospital, and I can see sparkle in their eyes.

      About the scenes outside the police station, when Mok Dan said that Gaksital should live and Kang To should die… Ouch, it’s hurt. I hope that Mok Dan can discover Kang To’s alter ego, Gaksital soon.


    • bbblue73 says:

      Omoo omooo, love their voice.
      Listening Secret Garden OST *goosebumps*

      Thanks SS dear for the info.


      • SS says:

        I am highly anticipating this although I know it will drive me further into the emo state. Is it out already? I couldn’t find it this morning, just read the news in baidu. A couple commented that it’s sung beautifully and the lyrics good. Aarrrrggghhh…can’t wait.


    • Loverz says:

      waiting..waiting..^^ I become wednesday holic now…. can tomorrow come faster??


  9. Anonymous says:

    BM will extend 4 episode more-28 episodes, will be ended on September 6!


    • Zee says:

      Really. Yeay. More Kang To. More Joo Won.

      Joo Won darling, fighting!


    • SS says:

      which means:
      1) we’ ll have more of D glaring at K and K frowning like he has a headache but it’s a heartache that he has
      2) S will have more time to evolve into a seriously badass monster. I think 4 more is not enough for that sweet face.
      3) Rie will move even more slowly than she already is. Great! We’ll forgive her for slurring coz booze is easily available in the nightclub
      4) K will have to buy more haircream cos you seriously need a full tub to slick that hair back


      • anonymous says:

        Haha.. Everything Rie do is in slo-mo 🙂 Rie need to do some kicking, why not take down Gaksital herself, yeah, not with your kiss Rie, but with a kick. Huhu. I remember her background in DB says that she’s good in making explosive and poisons, so not so sure about how good she is in fighting. I guess not so good because she have her sidekick to do that.

        Poor baby will be tired. You can do it JW!


      • bbblue73 says:

        Hahaha, i’m so bad with my comments with this 4 eps extension. My apology in advance.
        Well, i wish to imagine that they will bring back Mom & Kangsan alive.With that K will be happy compare to have a girl in his life. But i know it’s impossible to happen. I’m not really interested on romance between Mokdan & Kangto coz seriously speaking there’s no sparkling & bubbly feelings from me for them. I’m more interested S & K conflict story. For Rie, all the best girl, lol but i’m sure K will say NO THANKS.


        • Zena says:

          me too..i’m not really interested for K & D’s love story!!!!!!, and so do i…. i’m still not feeling chemistry between them…
          i relieved ..KBS tweet that BM will have only 24 episodes..because tell you the true..i really dont like the extentensions!


    • bbblue73 says:

      Thanks Anon & here’s the news link for the extension.

      (Softy dear, i posted this link at OBsession, sorry for that.)
      Honestly, i don’t know if i’ll be happy or sad with this extension coz i felt pity for Joowon with his character on Gaksital.


  10. Anonymous says:

    KBS just tweet few minutes ago, google translate BM will have 24 episode!

    정정합니다~ 각시탈은 24부작이고, 연장은 아직 검토중입니다 혼란을 드려서 죄송합니다~ 애교로 봐주시길^^


  11. bbblue73 says:

    Gaksital Bts, NG’s…….. & comments from the viewers.
    Check this out:


  12. bbblue73 says:

    Calling 999!!!!!

    Omo omo omo, i think Rie like these scene….lol..OTOKiiiiii!!!!
    BTS for K & Rie kissing scene for a million times, LOL

    credit to baidu


  13. SS says:

    New OST:

    this OST is for MD and Shunji!!!!!!!!!! omg, Kangto ahhhhh….my heart weeps for you.


  14. SS says:

    credit baidu:

    No wonder I keep falling down….there is no person in my life who will guide me down the stairs.

    They were holding discussion on whether to extend 4 more episodes. Decision to be announced on the 28th


    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks SS and Thanks Softy in advance. Waiting for Gaksitaaaaaaaaaaal.

      Aw. He’s such a gentleman. Like always.

      I noticed both actresses looks a bit tired, but the two actor.. Our Joo Won and Park Ki Woong with their killer smiles and H.O.T.


    • Omomoooo… I feel so left behind, the one tiny picture I posted on OB4 it’s only a crumb from this link, haha 😀
      Thank you SS & bbblue dears for the links.. I thought everyone would be gather around on OB4 page until Softy post the new page for next BM ep… 😛


    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks to baidu. Love this brotherly love of Shunji and his hyung Kenji.

      I really love all the badass actor in Gaksital… Joo Won, Park Ki Woong and Park Jun Hyoong (Kenji) were actually gentle and sweet of screen, really opposite their character on screen… They’re good!


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