Bridal Mask E7

This scene made me realize this is what a real hero does. He takes the punishment he deserves. He accepts his fallacies and confronts the truth about himself. By now he knows who his brother was and what he did for these people who are throwing things at him. Even though Kangto is just beginning to realize the personal motive behind KS’s actions, as the one who killed the hero these people counted on, he knew he had this moment coming. When he kept taunting them to come out, he knew this would happen and yet he didn’t flinch even once from the pain and just endured it all. I don’t know if this is a premonition for what kind of hero he will become, but if this is the kind of Gaksital we will be seeing, I would say he stepped into the role when it was the most difficult and dangerous – for that alone, he deserves some atonement for accidentally taking the life of his own brother. I bet if his mom and brother are watching this, they are beaming with pride for the first time in years.

Thanks to Semi-fly for torrents, Sparkskey for written preview translations, and Yanna for video. 🙂

Written before it aired: I don’t get how Kangto is going to continue working as an officer and still be Gaksital on the side. After Kenji died, Taro will put S in charge of tracking down and killing Gaksital, but something tells me once S figures out what Kenji did and that Kangto is now Gaksital, I doubt he will kill his friend. Kenji killed Kangto’s mom first so how can you overlook that. Kangto had every right to go after Kenji. What I am curious is what Mok Dan is going to do once she figures out the original Gaksital is dead and has been replaced by Kangto. I bet some of her hatred for him will go away a bit once she realizes the circumstances behind Kangto becoming Gaksital.

When I first started this drama, I knew this day would come. That we would have to see JW behind the bridal mask, but I just didn’t see this look coming. Why does becoming Gaksital entail this awful hairstyle? Isn’t the formless white outfit bad enough? The same smile is there, but this new hairstyle is aging JW in a way that is sort of scary. It’s like giving the hairstyle of someone 20 yrs older and putting it on a baby. I can almost bet you there will be less screencaps from here on if he slicks back his hair or dons this mask and outfit more often.  I can’t believe it, but I am actually hoping his character will wear more hats just so we don’t have to see this ajussi hairstyle. Thank goodness for small favors cuz this mask doesn’t cover up his dimples at least.

Character list:

Joo Won as Lee Kang-to (K)

Jin Sae-yeon as Mok Dan (D)

Park Ki-woong as Kimura Shunji (S)

Han Chae-ah as Chae Hong-joo (a gisaeng. Japanese identity: Ueno Rie). (H)

Shin Hyun Jun  as Lee Kang-san, Kang-to’s older brother who is the original Gaksital. (KS)

Yoon Bong – kil as Abe Shinji (the chubby guy with the hat that is with K all the time)

Jeon No Min as Dam Sa Ri (D’s dad and leader of the independence movement )

Kimura Taro (the actor who played the president on city hunter- dont know his real name. he has two sons kenji and shunji)

Kimura Kenji (that scowling guy with the mustache who is out to kill K. Kenji is Taro’s son and S’s brother)

Kono Goji (the old actor from Moon who played minister yoon and B’s dad. Goji can also be spelled as Koji. On the show he is referred to as Konno but there are way too many K names as it is.)

Leader Jo – head of the circus (I give up memorizing any more circus characters – too many names to remember as it is)

Sunhwa (Dan’s circus friend)

Kenji’s spy girl from the circus

Baek Geon is Lee Sun’s (k’s dad’s) subordinate

Katsuyama Jun is H’s bodyguard – the guy with the long hair tied back (what kind of spy has her own bodyguard-this drama is trying to kill me by adding on more characters each episode)

The Ki group that the 5 men belong to is called the Kishokai (I cant remember how to spell this during live recaps to save my life)

the other Kishokai members besides Taro are:

UH– Ueno Hideki – the leader of this group and the man H calls “father” cuz he adopted her

Lee Si Young is a Count with the wife who cheats on him. his son is friends with K.

Woo BJ -hospital director and doctor

Park IS Newspaper owner

Jo YG-in charge of banking

*If anymore new characters come out, I am going to make up my own name for them and call them “Bob” or something – it wont matter as long as it doesn’t start with another “K”


Starts from the mountainside as K sits by the graves and looks at the mask and cries. He remembers his brother saving his life and he calls out “hyung” repeatedly then he recalls how he shot his brother. He cries out-you should have said something – you should have given me a clue/hint at least. how could you make me shoot you with my own hands.  what do you want me to do now. how do I live now?  he looks over at the mask and says: What’s so great about that – Was this that important – more than our family? Who will know? who will know that you did that hyung?  Baek stands nearby and keeps vigil. K remembers how his mother prayed over him –for him to live like a person and not commit more sins and for her to pay for all his sins. So K beats himself on his chest and holds his head and yells. He suddenly grabs the mask and club and leaves

Kenji and his lackey are at the station. kenji asks him what happened. The guy says K’s home burned down and of course his brother and mother died. Kenji says I worried for nothing. Suddenly Gaksital shows up and kicks both of them down. S rides up on his bike and goes inside the station.

D is being guarded

Gaksital kills kenji with his bare hands just as S comes in and sees that. S looks at kenji and yells hyung. Then he goes after Gaksital.

as they fight the lights in the basement flicker and alarm goes off that Gaksital is here. D smiles

S and Gaksital are fighting. Gaksital kicks S away and climbs up out of his way. S throws his sword and almost stabs Gaksital but Gaksital runs off. S was going to go after him but stops to look at his brother. He grabs kenji’s pistol and goes after Gaksital

Taro comes in with his men and says what is this about Gaksital. he sees his dead son on the floor

Gaksital rides off on his horse and S shoots after him. He gets on the bike and goes after Gaksital. Sunhwa watches S leave chasing after Gaksital

As her guard goes to check out what’s going on upstairs D kicks him and gets his keys to free her restraints. Sunwha watches officers chasing after gaksital. Sunwha sees D escape and calls out to her. they go together

S is shooting at gaksital. they go thru a tunnel and S shoots again. the horse goes down so gaksital is thrown over the cliff and into the water below. S stands on the cliff overlooking the water and tries to shoot again but he ran out of bullets.

*someone please tell me that horse and rider was ok cuz that horse took a hard fall-nose first. really hope korea has state of the art CG and that was not a real horse.

In the water the mask comes off. The lackey orders the other officers to shoot into the water

As D runs away with sunhwa she looks back.  Camera shows K drowning in the water. Sunhwa grabs her hand and runs off with her

At night the officers are looking in the water for gaksital’s body. S asks the diver if he didn’t find anything. The diver makes an x with his arms and shakes his head no. The lackey asks where the bast&*^ disappeared to. he tries to say no matter how much they look there is no sign of gakistal, but  S says they have to find gaksital -even if they have to scour the mountainside and wade through every inch of the river. we have to find him. the lackey says it’s too dark. S goes into the water himself. The guy stops him so S says how can I face my father if I go back empty handed. The lackey says if anyone drops from that cliff they all die. just wait till light to keep looking the body and let’s stop for today.  He stops the search

Nearby someone picks up the mask -it floated to the water’s edge

S goes to the hospital and asks abe what happened to his brother. Abe says kenji died as soon as he was moved to the hospital. Taro stayed at the emergency room and hasnt said anything at all since a while ago.  also I have to report something. lackey asks what. Abe tells them how D escaped. The lackey gets mad cuz on top of everything D escaped. The guy says he will do everything to capture D until the wake is over. S says the important thing is to find gaksital. lackey tries to say shouldnt finding D come first but S reminds him how the guy said he would look for the body as soon as there was light. S says it wont be too late to capture that girl after finding Gaksital’s body. the guy nods ok

S knocks and goes in. his dad is practicing his golf. S looks shocked that his dad is not mourning. S says they gaksital was chased, shot, and went over a cliff but they weren’t able to find the body yet. His dad calls in and says put in the paper that S shot and killed gaksital at the river. S tries to say it hasn’t been confirmed that he is dead. Taro continues and says into the phone to put on the headlines that S and Kenji were brothers so S did that for his brother’s dead. after he hangs up, taro says that guy killed kenji, even if gaksital is alive he will die by your hands. S puts the gun down and says he saw gakistal kill his brother so he chased after him. but proving Gaksital was the murderer is up to the police. taro:what? S:  if he is alive, I will do my best to help K capture the murderer (gaksital).

S goes and looks at his brother’s face. He lowers the sheet and kenji’s eyes are still open. S cries looking at him and closes kenji’s eyes for him. S stands over him and cries. Hyung I am sorry. I knew you had a hard time being next to father’s side – for calling you his puppet. I am sorry.

In the morning, D is awake and remembers how gaksital rescued her and left her in the woods. How she gave him her name and asked for his. How he just rode off

She goes outside and runs off so sunhwa asks where she is going. She runs after D. D says she thought she could meet him if she came here (to the forest). sunhwa asks is this where gaksital dropped you off. sunhwa remembers how S went after Gaksital. she tells D how she saw gaksital run away before D came out. dont worry he will be safe. D wonders why she cant reach S. she asks if S wasnt at his home. sunwha S says how many time did I tell you that I went 3 times and he wasnt there. D says S promised to check on what happened to gaksital. sunahwa leaves first and D calls out “young master”

K is lying in bed with an IV drip. He wakes up and looks at the light. He sees the governor’s picture and Japanese flag framed on the wall. He calls out for Abe. He gets out of bed and staggers to his feet. The room spins. He takes out the IV. He goes down the hall and sees a body being rolled towards him. S is pushing the body along too. S calls out to him and says you got hurt cuz of that guy too huh? gaksital killed hyung – he killed my hyung. What happened. You said he got shot by your gun so how could a guy who was shot be so healthy.  What’s wrong with you. can you hear me. Kangto ya. can you hear me? K passes out

News spread that gaksital is dead –he was killed by S. Koreans are upset- now who do we trust?

Lee is happy that Gaksital is dead. He does a happy dance. He wants to celebrate tonight. His wife gets up and dances with him. She says they can rest easy now (cuz of gaksital’s death) the son watches them be happy and shakes his head

Leader Jo shows the paper to D – he asks is this true. that gaksital killed the chief of police’s son. and he was chased by the brother ,the teacher, and gaksital was shot and kill at the river. sunhwa didn’t know S was taro’s son. Sunhwa says it really was S. D asks what she means. sunahwa mentions how she saw S chase after gaksital at the station yesterday. D:what? why are you telling us that now? sunhwa says she thought she saw wrong. leader says then this article is not a lie. Sunhwa wonders out of all the officers why did gaksital have to kill S’s brother. D yells out her name. sunwha defends S and says since gaksital killed his hyung S couldn’t help it and killed gaksital. he couldnt help it.  her little brother says his teacher wouldn’t kill. He runs off to ask S himself. sunhwa goes after her brother. D asks the leader if he thinks gaksital is really dead. He says since it’s been revealed that gaksital killed the chief’s son so it doesnt seem like a lie.  but D says gaksital cant be dead cuz there is not a single picture of gaksital. if gaksital really died, they would have taken off the mask and put his dead face all over the papers. they would have revealed who he was. gaksital did not die.

H talks to UH over the phone. she says since the body hasnt been recovered yet, she cant say for certain that gaksital died. UH says even if he died, the guy’s identity has be to be revealed. she says they have to wait and see more if the guy is dead and if he has any relations to Lee Sun cuz he killed kenji. UH thinks it could be a warning to taro. H says if you look at how gaksital killed kenji – so rashly without any of the Ki marks, it means there is a terrorist among them. UH orders her to use all her resources to find out the reason why the officers cant capture gaksital.  She asks if he knows that reason. she repeats how he said gaksital cant be a hero to the people and now she gets why UH said that. UH says something about cats that went right over my head and she repeats it. She asks jun where she needs to go to buy precious stuff.

Jun drives her to the club. H gives the girls and the woman in charge some gifts. the woman asks what the gifts are for. H says after the event ended, she was going to go back to tokyo but she is going to stay here and perform. H offers to help mari get a contract too. The girls are excited about the makeup they got as presents. The owner takes it and wants to use it on his face so the waiter says it’s for women and gives it back to the girl. The owner looks at H like he is interested in her. the woman in charge thanks H and says we will see you often since you will be staying.  H asks the woman in charge permission to perform at the best club. The girls want to practice again with H.

H sings and the girls dance in the background.

There is a funeral for kenji. Taro doesn’t look sad at all. Goji bows to taro. He says as soon as you got in charge of gaksital and this happened. Taro says anyway they killed the guy so they should be comforted by that. Goji says what the best officers couldnt do a teacher was able to do. he says people are talking so Taro should hurry and find the body so you will feel more at ease.  He asks isnt that right teacher (to S) but S says the dead body will float up for sure

The lackey, diver, and officers are still looking in the water for gaksital’s body. D goes over there and watches them. She takes off her shoes and dives in the water to look for herself. She comes up for air and then goes back down again. She finds her knife in the water. She goes back up with it. she remembers as a kid how he told her to stay alive no matter what happens. D says aloud: I guessed right. Young master is Gaksital. she hears the officers call out so she gets out of there

There are flashbacks to everything that happened in K’s head. He wakes up in the hospital bed again. The director and doctors come inside so K pretends to be unconcious. Another doctor says  someone brought K in cuz he was found collapsed on the streets. If it wasnt for S, they almost didn’t recognize he was LKT (meaning they wouldn’t have treated K since he is Korean if it wasnt for S). The director says the guy who chased gaksital is like this so that’s why kenji died. he asks if K didn’t wake up yet. The other doctor says he hasnt woken up yet. there is nothing wrong with K from looking at his x-ray. Abe comes running in and worries over K – I didnt know you were here and looked everywhere for you. if it wasnt for S we wouldnt have know. so the director yells at him for yelling.

Abe says K looks really unwell -that K’s face has been reduced to half (meaning K lost weight from being sick). how much you must have suffered over what happened yesterday. He holds K’s hand and says I am here. Abe is here. they should tell me how hurt he is. He goes back out to ask.

K finally opens his eyes and sits up

The nanny is crying over kenji’s photo. S comes over and sits by her. he asks did father leave cuz I have to leave. she asks if his father isnt it his room. S asks: did you cry again? hyung was the one who was always mean to you. how much longer are you going to cry like that. She says that’s not true. kenji wasnt mean to her. there was no one who cared about him so he just took out his annoyance out on her. S says why wouldnt kenji have someone who cared about him since their father really liked Kenji. she says do you know much much kenji worked so that his father would like him.  S holds her hand to comfort her. she tells him to wait while she packs up some food for him

S goes to check on his father but Taro is weeping over kenji’s bloody uniform so S is shocked

The circus guy is praying for the safety of the circus and trying to honor the dead gaksital. the woman comes in and says does it make sense that S is the chief of police’s son.  the man mutters how he hates seeing that woman but she has to show up at a time like this. the other girls note that he is having a memorial for gaksital so the woman overturns the table and says you really think gaksital is dead

At the Korean market, K is drinking and asking for more alcohol but he is being ignored. Koreans are watching him through the window.

When K goes out everyone scatters. The guy who set fire to his house trips and falls. He expected K to hit him but K ignores him and keeps walking. K watches kids sing and march the way his brother always did with them. The kids see K and scream out his name and run away. One kid stays and faces K. he says I am not scared of you ajussi. our daejang (he means KS) said you aren’t a bad person ajussi. but where is your hyung -our daejang (maybe it means leader). He starts to cry and call out for his mom. his mom takes him away. All the Koreans stare at K. that guy who burned K’s home throws a rock at him. K yells out “who was it? all of you come out – all the bast%$#s who set fire to my home. all the bast&*# who beat my brother. All of you come out.”  Suddenly K remembers how he beat and kicked his brother telling him to die. I dont need a hyung like you. K yells for all of them to come out. Another guy throws a rock at K’s head then the rest of the Koreans throws vegetables, eggs, shoes, rocks, etc at K. he just stands there and gets hit.

S rides by on his bike and hears someone say K is getting hit so he runs over. Officers go and surround K so people don’t throw things at him. S runs over and calls out K’s name. K almost faints so S holds him and takes him away. S glares at the people for doing this before he leaves with K.

S takes him on his bike and says-kangto can you hear what I am saying? K grunts yes. S: listen carefully – you are really hurt –please let’s go to the hospital first. K: it’s ok. it didnt hurt. S: what do you mean it didnt hurt. you are crying now. you think I don’t know. K starts to cry. S: cuz of my hyung’s funeral, i didnt get to go (to K’s family’s funeral). You had a hard time all alone huh. I liked KS hyung so much.  If we only caught gaksital sooner, my hung and mother and KS hyung too -they wouldnt have died that way. If you were just at home and not out looking for him, then how would those koreans be able to do those things. My father cried. I thought he didn’t have tears or blood, but my father sobbed. If gaksital is alive – now what do I do. K cries listening to him cry. K says in his head: I am sorry – I am sorry S.  he cries more as S cries.

Taro and the rest of his Kishokai group are drinking and having fun with girls. (Omg this scene is hurting my eyes.) A woman asks if taro has changed his taste in women. He asks what that means. She says some girl is outside.

Taro goes outside to the car and H is there. he gets in the car with her. she brings up what happened to kenji so he says don’t mention it again. She says she is surprised he came back to his place so soon. She dropped by to see him but he wasnt there so she worried. he asks if there was anything urgent. she says how it’s all over the market that gaksital went to K’s home. they knew very clearly that it was stolen money and not a single one reported it in. so you should teach them at this time how big a crime it is to keep stolen property. taro gets mad and says how dare he (gaksital) steal Kishokai’s money and distribute it over the market area. he asks if she will be satisfied with him pulling up 500 of the barley (meaning koreans) as payment for messing with them. she says she wasnt thinking he would go that far but is it possible.  he says just wait and see

Officers go to the market and beat up the Koreans

S brought K to his home and wakes him up. S: you are hungry right. Let’s hurry and go in. K: no I will be going. he tries to walk away but S asks where will you go this late at night. you dont have a place to live. K: dont worry. he takes a step to go but S holds onto his arm. S worries that K will try to hurt himself (like commit suicide)-if something bad happens to you too then how will I live? so K says: after doing that to my family -why would I leave those guys who made me like this. why would I die.  S keeps holding onto him and says: that’s right- you are Lee Kangto. even if the koreans call you a traitor, you are lee kangto. If gaksital is alive. You be sure to capture him. Got that? K walks away

K goes to Baek’s home and looks at the news clippings of all the Kishokai group members. He focuses on the director, choi, Lee, Jo, etc. He remembers his brother’s words before he died. I am sorry-  I wanted to take care of everything on my own and not give you any burden.  I wanted to take care of everything on my own…

K looks down at the mask and glares at it like he resents it, but he picks it up.

Baek comes home and finds K coming out holding the mask and stick. K walks away in the dark. Baek kneels down and bows after K walked away. it was Baek’s way of honoring the new Gaksital.

K goes to the mountain and finds the horse waiting for him.

In the morning K is dressed as Gaksital and he puts on the mask in slow motion. He looks out over the city. He suddenly gets on the horse and rides off.



someone says they have to make Gaksital into a murderer (I think they are going to frame him for killing K’s family)

Holy crap – H asks “do you not recognize me? dont you remember?” K pulls her and makes her sit on his lap and she kisses him.

K tells S the order that came down to capture that girl (D)

Taro fires at his own son.

circus people are captured including D

S tells someone it happened after hyung died

S says something about his memory of that girl (D)

S says as a Japanese, he will put on the officer uniform

OMG the preview for tm night is killing me – someone tell the woman that’s not how you say hello. cuz it looked more like “thanks for saving my life back then.” Seriously – how is doing that going to jog his memory at all?

This is just my theory on the ratings drop for tonight. it’s all of the side characters fault. The Count aka that Lee character who makes my skin crawl by overacting bugs the rest of Korea too. the guy in charge of the club with that awful looking wig and the lewd looks he gave H grossed out the viewers too. dont even get me started on the scene with the Kishokai members partying – no one needed to see  that old guy from Lie to Me playing hide and seek with his robe coming undone. the hardest thing I ever had to do was try to watch that scene with one eye and still listen to the dialogue while praying for a random power outage so I would have an excuse to skip that scene. I kept begging “whatever gravity is keeping that robe tied -please spare us from seeing more of his underwear.”  Part of the blame goes to editing. each scene didnt blend into the other as well before and slowed down the episode. random scenes kept popping up in between serious ones. you cant have such a beautiful crying scene with K and S on that bike in the field and cut to lecherous old men partying. that was just wrong. and that terrible music score at the end – total overkill. Mostly, I bet the ratings dropped cuz JW’s face was covered up too much. Let’s see if that kiss tm night brings back the ratings.

I am really curious why this drama shows scenes in previews that do not come out. last week in the preview for tonight, S was supposed to back hug D. none of those other scenes came out either where K confront S and asks can you protect that girl. Guess they are saving all that for tm night.


99 comments on “Bridal Mask E7

  1. Briseis says:

    Personally, I think you’re a little overreacting and overestimating the whole rating situation. First of all the report about the Tsm ratings came out barely 2 hours after BM aired the rating agencies need time to collect and analyze the data before they can make and official announcement and that is usually at 8am KT plus Tsm is the agency that submits its ratings later so I found it peculiar that it got out so soon.


    • Softy says:

      The thing is – lately for some other dramas as well, I noticed that these ratings are posted earlier than they used to be. it may not be 100% accurate yet, but it does give us a sense of what the actual ones will be. I followed the ratings report for rooftop prince and noticed the initial ones werent that far off from the actual ones posted the next morning. it sort of gives us a sense of what to expect. I actually watched some episodes of “I do I do” and I really don’t see that coming out as the big winner out of the 3 dramas. I havent checked out “ghost” since its first ep cuz that was such a snorefest, I had zero desire to give it another chance. but I have read the buzz that it’s doing better. even though Ghost and BM might battle it out for first place each week, in the end, I really dont see Ghost winning out. It just doesnt strike me as the best drama out of the 3. sure it might be better on some nights, but not for the long haul.


  2. Denali says:

    Silent lurker delurking. Just for the record, I sometimes take a break from work at the office to read your live recaps on my own smartphone, Softy. ^_^

    Other than the elements potentially damaging the ratings which you have listed, I was wondering whether some viewers may have lost confidence in the acting after the “departure” of Shin Hyun Joong aka Kangsan? Not that this kind of character was new to him, considering his previous roles whether in movies and dramas, although here he could not display his humor much. He is indeed such an experienced actor and Joo Won has to bear such a huge responsibility on his frail shoulders from now on as to the outcome of this promising drama might be.


    • sammi says:

      You may be right that one of the reasons of decreased rating could be the departure of Kangsan but I don’t think viewers have lost confidence in the acting at all because Shin Hyun Joong didn’t not have any major role to begin with and viewers have been praising Joo Won’s acting from the beginning.. Btw has the ratings of today’s episode already out as I can’t see it in any of the korean sites!


    • Softy says:

      Hey Denali, thanks for delurking and giving me the chance to respond cuz you brought up something I wanted to address on the recap, but totally forgot to cuz I got sidetracked from taking screencaps. Even though SHJ brought a lot to this drama playing KS so well, I really dont think the dip in rating was just cuz his character died. It’s really not JW’s acting or the fact that he has to carry this drama on his own that is going to affect the ratings. most koreans care more about the plot and how well the story is executed. despite all the action scenes, the pace of the story slowed down a bit tonight. you could sense it just by how drawn out certain scenes were that didnt need to be that long. like Lee celebrating with his wife, H giving those presents out at the club and then singing. all of those scenes were a lot longer than they needed to be I thought. I bet it will pick up again once the revenge kicks back in and gaksital goes down that list getting rid of one member at a time. this also happened on city hunter and other dramas as well. there are always certain episodes that seem way slower than the rest. this just happened to be one of those and it came at the heels of E6 where a lot happened so we sense how much it lulled more acutely as a result. I am keeping my fingers crossed for JW’s career’s sake that the rest of the episodes go smoother. it would go a long way if they lost the music they played as he put on the mask and never ever use that music score again. I was so grateful no one talked in that scene so I wouldnt have to listen to it again. 🙂


  3. Iviih says:

    I have to say today S was so HOT lol and he using the Japanese police uniform? HOT.

    Hmmmmmmm… I don’t want him to be a police guy, but it seems his dad will kinda of force him to, and he’ll do as his dad says since now he is the only son….

    Everyone here didn’t say this but I wonder how can K be Gaksital, I mean I hope he is Gaksital just to kill the targets that KS had. If I see K saving the korean people I’ll think it does not make sense. He doesn’t care about the korean people and isn’t doing this because of them, but because of his hyung and his family. So it make sense he killing the people who betrayed his dad 🙂 I didn’t want to say this but I hated the korean guys who burned K’s house. No matter what Mom and hyung didn’t have any fault of having a son/brother working for the japanese, so the person who burned it are not much better than the japanese guys.

    As for the scene where they throw things at K, well, K did a lot to receive this hate from them, but I still think the guys who burned the house should step up and try to fight him without being the cowards they were hiding between the korean people.

    As for S and K, I hope their friendship won’t end, I cried so much with K and S.

    Thanks for the recap!


    • Softy says:

      I totally agree with you that those koreans at the market place were just plain wrong to burn down K’s home like that. no matter how much they think K is a traitor, they shouldnt have taken it out on his family. In the narrative sense though, that guy who threw that first stone – the one who was beaten by K before. I have a feeling later on down the line, he will be the first one to get on his knees and beg for forgiveness from K for what the guy did to K’s home and family. Better yet, maybe he will take a bullet to save K’s life later on when all the Koreans realize that K has become the new Gaksital.
      Like you, I don’t see S becoming K’s enemy anytime soon cuz S cares too much about his friend to ever turn on him 100% just cuz of some loyalty to his family, father, and memory of his dead brother.


  4. Noala says:

    I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post links here, but just in case you guys are interested, this facebook fanpage for Bridal Mask seems to be the fastest out of the three main ones that are updating but it doesn’t have the most likes. If you don’t like people posting links here feel free to remove this and sorry!


  5. bbblue73 says:

    Chillax chingus!
    YES, our prayers granted & i think Gaksital fights with the ghosts in my dream last night (LOL)
    Ratings: Gaksital got the first followed by GHOST & I DO I DO

    credit to baidu


    • bbblue73 says:

      Ratings for 2nd & third spot

      I DO I DO


      • SS says:

        Hallelujah! PTL! Thank you bbblue for keeping your vigil over this.

        Gosh, this drama or should I say Joowon has taken me to such new heights of obsession that’s it’s not funny. Never, never have I been so emotionally invested before. I still cannot fully comprehend what is it about him that causes such effect.


        • Ann J says:

          The two-little dimples??? ‘Pyong, pyong’?? Aegyo??? Every little things about him is getting into us! Even his emotional state… ??? Just a ‘rumored’ dip in rating has got us all so hyped-up.. Wat’s becoming of us ‘joowonies’… Its like ‘first-love’, remember when u r always putting the one u loved always on the TOP LIST. At the moment JOOWON is on my TOP LIST!!!!!!!!


      • Yaayy.. Hallelujah!! Praise The Lord!!.. Thank you Lord…
        I’m so happy & so relieved, and I knew somehow Joowon, his family, his friends & Gaksital teams must be praying hard too like us for Gaksital to be successful.
        And God always answer sincerely & fervently prayers (like Joowon personality)
        Thank you bbblue for sharing this great news!! Woo hoo.. 😀


    • Loverz says:

      yay…^^ Gaksital hwaiting…..


  6. SS says:

    Softy and everyone here, I will like to apologise for the mayhem I caused last night by overreacting to the results of that so called “live” rating and dragging everyone into the furore.

    I am not sure what happened cuz since this show started, the ‘live’ rating has always been lower than the actual ones released the next day but the gap or the results have never seen such huge difference. In any case, lesson learnt, I will refrain from this henceforth.

    Much A Do about an Apparition of a challenge.


    • That’s fine SS darling.. I understand how you feel last night, you just want to share with us, coz you care so much for Joowon’s feeling & for his extremely hard works to make this drama successful.
      You have a very tender heart & thoughtfulness towards other people, that’s what makes you beautiful.
      You are a good person SS dear.. Keep on shinning!! GBU always..
      Gaksitaaaaaaaaaaaaaal Fighting!!!! 😀


      • SS says:

        thank you Yanna, I am not worthy of your compliments. But you really understood how I felt last night.

        Shall we all pray and chant : GaksitAAAAAAAAAAAL! Hwaiting! Joowon Hwaiting!


  7. SS says:

    For me, the greatest part of this episode was K & S breaking down on the bicycle.

    Earlier when S rode that motorbike and shot Gaksital, I thought that’s it. End of friendship. But I am glad the show didnt turn him into a anti-korean villian full of hatred immediately. Rather, we will see how family obligations and events are going to slowly transform him. But I think I will never be able to hate S as deep inside, he is sweet natured, a loyal friend and so full of love. He is about to experience hell as much as K has. At the end of the show, I think I am going to shed a tear for him, for the man he could have been and the’ one in the world’ friend he could be if both men have not been hurled into the abyss.

    Kangto ya Kangto, why do you break my heart again. I felt so sad for K as he cried listening to S, of how much S cares for him and loves him and is the only one in the world now that still does. But it gutted him as he realises their friendship will never be the same anymore cuz he is the one who killed Kenji.

    At this point, for me, the biggest love story of this show is not K & D but that of these 2 men. I have a bad premonition of a final showdown between these 2 where it is inevitable but neither one really wants to kill the other. And when S dies(I pray not but maybe K too. Although it definitely cannot be just K and not S), our hero is going to break down in a manner no less heartbreaking as before.


  8. SS says:

    After watching episode 6 countless times, I was going to gush about how good the music is. Seems like they got everything right in episode 6 and then mess up big time in this episode.

    When this show started, I didnt like the scores too much especially those played during the fighting scenes. But gradually over time, I kind of like it as it was befitting that era. And I thought they did a wonderful job when the music added to the anticipation and tension in episode 6 when K & KS was fighting and when KS took off his mask. Then of course, the sad sad music which they first played in ep 4 where K was crying into KS’ back and then again in episode 6 when after KS died, K had all those heartbreaking flashbacks. And may I add, it was awesome that right after KS breathe his last and the horrible truth was sinking in K’s head, there was silence. No background music, just the terrible sight of KS laying there lifeless. This must be exactly what was going on inside K’s head as he fought to face the reality. DAEBAK! and then the sad music came right on when K remembered all those times he had with his hyung. That moment fully opened my floodgates.

    Now, what have they done? I agree with Noah and Softy about that score where K was overlooking the hill and putting on his mask. Gosh, I couldnt even figure if it’s Korean or English. It just sounded so out of place. I think they may have changed the music as now it’s the time of the new Gaksital but I am going to plug my ears if they continue using this score.


  9. sparkskey says:

    Ep 8 Preview:
    Kangto returns to the Jongno Police Station and is interrogated about the circumstances of Gaksital’s disappearance.
    He tells Kimura that Gaksital isn’t just one person but a systematic terror organisation.

    Kimura must find out Gaksital’s origins and gives Kangto orders for an immediate arrest of Mokdan who has escaped from lockup.

    During the final performance of the Far East Circus Troupe, at the climax of the performance, policemen rush onto the stage and start to haul them all in….


    • SS says:

      Thanks sparkskey. I realised that your translated preview is more accurate than the preview they show at end of the show.

      Wow at K’s answer. This guy is good at succession planning. Anyone willing to take up the cause can apply for the position but that cute pout beneath the mask is impossible to replace, huh?

      I wonder how is K going to save his lady love when he has to do things like arrest her and she herself never sit still and always getting into scrapes. Nonetheless, he will live up to expectation but she will still be shooting him dagger stares for quite a while until the light bulb flashes.


  10. Thank you Sparkskey darling.. muaahh.. muaahh.. 🙂

    I just want to share a news to the single ladies here (like my self**blushing** :P) hehe..
    As we all know Joowon is still single, but his “hyung” also still single in real life.
    I’m so surprise, coz I always thought he is a father of 2 girls.
    So anyway, he is still available for every single lady on earth 😀
    credit to (read the last part) 🙂


    • SS says:

      oohh Yanna dear, I had the mistaken idea that you are married. Hope you will find your prince charming soon or you have one already? So exciting! I think watching kdramas has a positive effect on one’s love life.

      I hope Joowon will get married sooner than later. Absolutely nothing wrong being single especially when it fits the personality and being single definitely has a lot of advantages. But Joowon seemed to be a homey person, someone who values family a lot. So he should want to have his own family unit? Purely my guess since he has never voiced any opinion on this.


      • It’s okay SS dear, many people thought the same too about my status, hehe..
        Normally for a woman at my age everywhere at least already have 2-3 kids, 1 good husband & a dog or 2 :). And thank you for the “prince charming” prayer for me. Big Amen to that!! 😀

        I totally agree with your guessing/opinion, Joowon is a homey boy, greatly values family & to me he is very wise & down to earth person for a Korean celeb at his age. So rare!!
        That’s what makes me no regret to choose him as my one & only bias 😀


    • sammi says:

      For a second I thought his real brother hehe!! I wonder if he is married yet!! How about him with UEE’s sister hahaha I know I am being silly but isn’t it funny he has a older brother and UEE has a older sister..BTW about the ratings I denied myself that it has not decreased when there was a rumour of dropping yesterday!! Thank God in fact it went up!! Gaksital and Joo Won Fighting!!


  11. nonski says:

    hi guys, i am confident that Gaksital will come out the winner in wed-thurs rating. i am not saying this because i am a joo won fan but because has enough to keep everyone hooked. i don’t expect gakstital’s position as first being threatened anytime soon. there is enough conflict in the story. kang to has just become gaksital and that is one factor to rouse the audience curiosity, top it with him being an officer still.


    • SS says:

      nonski Hwaiting! Gaksital Hwaiting!

      I have been reading news, forums and everywhere. I think this show is surely and quickly garnering fans. The best part is that those who love the show are so passionate about it that they have been spreading awesome comments and reviews about it. This show seems to have a deeper impact on viewers than the norm perhaps because it is a serious drama and of course it has been delivering, exceeding expectation week after week. I also think that a large part is due to Joowon’s outstanding performance. No matter how great the story is and beautiful the cinematography, the lead must rise to the occasion. He made viewers hate him in the initial episodes and then tear their hearts into pieces in ep4, ep 6 and yesterday. There are now many who have never been a fan or watch his dramas, going crazy over him and heaping tons of praises for his acting. These are all from outside Korea, I hope he is getting the same response there as well.


  12. SS says:

    credit baidu

    Women are attracted to Joowon just like how they are to Lee Kangto?

    We just read news yesterday about Tara Eunjung expressing her desire to act alongside Joowon. Now his Don’t Click co-star, Park Bo Yang in an interview says that Joowon spends a lot of time on set focusing on(I think she means the technical aspects like camera etc) and makes them look up to this Oppa for leadership/direction. He is very manly yet has a sensitive, caring side. His personality is very much like what he exhibits on 1N2D, he is very charming in many ways. She goes on to add that he is fun to be with and very cute. Girls will definitely like him. (that’s an understatement, dear)

    Awwwww…..whoever is that lucky girl who’s going to be Joowon’s girlfriend or wife, she had better be a super secure gal.


  13. ketylove says:

    I’m glad that Bridal Mask the first in the ranking in wed-thurs. I started to watch all 3 dramas: I do I do, Ghost and BM. The first two I just left, and watching now only BM. The drama is the best for me now. BM Fighting!!!


  14. SS says:

    I am probably the only dense one here. I have been wondering how did they style Joowon’s hair in 3 different ways? 1) The old Kangto style which is asymmetrical with long bangs, the hair on his right side is actually longer. 2) Then we have the swept back look a.k.a. Shanghai Bund. 3) The Gaksital one which looks really long and all the hair is combed down, covering his ears.
    2) is easily explained, just sweep all back. The problem I have is that 1) looked much shorter to me than 3) especially the sides.

    I was just admiring his gorgeous looks in some stills from last night’s episode, then I realise that for old Kangto’s style, the hairstylist practically swept his hair from the left side to the right, which explains the non-symmetry and then slap lots of gel/mousse and blow it up to give height and volume. Then for the Gaksital look, the hair is just natural and blown downwards. If you remember the last episode in 1N2D, JW’s hair without the cap was pretty much like that.

    Now, how does K get rid of the cream off his hair while changing into his Gaksital pyjamas at the same time. Hmmmm…….I guess that’s one question that will go unanswered just like how Clark Kent creamed his hair in the telephone booth while squeezing into those impossible tights.

    If you are wondering why I have nothing better to do than to write about K’s hair, you are right. I have no life.

    2 hours to go……….GaksitAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Hwaiting!!!!


  15. He still looked so good looking even under the water… **sigh**

    Thanks for the screenshots Softy dear 🙂


  16. Anonymous says:

    That horse did not need to be tripped for a stupid movie


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