Big E6

Be still my heart. I am in big trouble – there are too many great screenshots of this new and improved KJ. oh why does Gong Yoo have to look so great – lost track of how many times I said the words “dag-um”, “holy smokes”, “hamana hamana” tonight. Major dilemma – which one to choose as the main pic?  Thank goodness, K hasnt changed that much – his love for her remains intact. If anything – it blossomed even more like the rest of him.

Thanks to Semi-fly for her super fast torrents and Sparkskey for written preview translations:

Ep 7 – Choongshik heads to Yoonjae’s house out of worry for Mari and is shocked when he sees the three of them together. Yoonjae’s mother heads to the Mandoo store to meet Daran’s parents in order to find out more about Daran andd Yoonjae’s relationship. Seyong starts to have suspicions about the relationship between the comatose Kyungjoon and Yoonjae.

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Written before it aired: It’s hard to believe a little attitude change and hairstyle can make so much difference in a year. Even though I love Gong Yoo’s  character even without this new and improved image, I am going to miss the kid he played. If we really do get this mature version of him, I am sure it will go a long way towards making D see him for who he is and take him more seriously. I’m still curious to see how the audience will react to him as YJ. All this time I thought we loved watching him be KJ so are we still going to feel that same flutter or will our initial crush be tempered by his maturity as well and just go back to good old fashioned routine swooning. Pretty sure the first few scenes will give us our answer.


Starts from the scene where D rushes into church for her friend’s wedding. She apologizes for being late.They take pics and friends congratulate D on her exam

afterwards D is giving her friend her wedding gift (money) and AK wants to check out the groom’s friends cuz their specs (qualities) are no joke and asks D to go with her to the “after the wedding get together” that the friends attend. But D says I am hungry, let’s go eat. but AK says the food is not the problem right now. AK says how the groom’s friends are totally good looking. D says I havent eaten breakfast yet. I am hungry so I will be going first to eat. She leaves and AK notices that one of the groom’s friend is YJ


D is waiting for the elevator. K comes over and stands next to her. she calls out KJ, then KKJ but he doesn’t react. She says YJ shi and he finally looks over at her. He turns to face her and says Gil DR shi – it’s been a long time. the elevator door opens so he gets in and asks if she is going to get on. D speaks banmal and asks: you are KJ right? I was almost confused. Were you just pretending to be YJ in front of other people. why didnt you contact me even once? when did you come? why did you come here? K speaks formally and says: cuz it was my friend’s wedding. so she speaks formally and asks: are you really YJ shi? K: it hasnt been that long since we met but you got a lot older. more wrinkles too so you arent that pretty anymore. she speaks banmal and says: so you are KKJ. K: When I first saw you –you were pretty so I chased after you. she starts to say YJ shi so he says to her: cuz I changed so much, now you cant tell who I am properly. he smirks and gets out of the elevator. he turns to look at her and says “uh oh” so D says you are KJ

D goes over to where all the friends are gathered and AK comes over. AK says I think I saw YJ. did he come back? D: yes. AK: so you saw him too. they look over and AK says he is over there. D: during the time we didnt see each other, he changed a lot. AK says -that’s true –  annoyingly he got more handsome/cool. K turns and looks over at D so AK says he is looking over here.  AK: are you ok? D: yes I am ok. hang on a minute. she goes over to him. AK mutters that D still seems to have residual feelings for him


D sits next to him and asks: you are you KKJ right? K: you really were confused. long time ago I could tell for sure when you shot shooting hearts or when they went right back in. D: I worried a lot about you so it’s good to see you. let’s look. have you been well? she took his face and turned it to face her so she could ask. K: other than I havent changed from before and am still in this state, it hasnt been bad. he puts her hands down from his face.


D puts her hand on his shoulder and everyone stares at them. she says: I didnt know it would take this long.  so K reminds her how all YJ’s friends and her friends are everywhere so is it ok for her to be so affectionate (touchy feely) with him.  She finally notices all eyes are on them so D removes her hand. he reminds her how she always urged him to act well to keep up her precious YJ’s image, but she forgot what her relationship with YJ is now. D: when I see – you are KJ but when others see they will see YJ shi. what to do. K says everyone is watching what the broken up couple is going to do so at a time like this – the person who gets up first can protect his/her pride (dignity).  she agrees and says “let’s get up at the same time at the count of 3. got that? 1,2,” He gets up first by saying “3” earlier than her. he bows at her and leaves. D is mortified. All her friends rush over and ask if she is ok-why did you do that. D: it was nothing. one asks if D was rejected again.


Suddenly the door opens in slow motion and he comes back to her. He pulls aside the chair next to her and says: I am going to count to 3. 1. Are you not going to get up? 2- this is the last time. 3! she quickly stands.  He holds her hand and says let’s go. he leaves with her


when they get outside, D says: I almost looked foolish in front of the girls so thank goodness. K: you think that’s something to be grateful for. she says of course. when my wedding plans got broken off, those girls talked about it so much. K: uh oh. they will talk again cuz we got back together. she looks up at him not getting what he said. K: dont you get what’s going on? the minute you quickly got up when I counted 1,2,3, we started over again. you followed me out – holding hands. she gets it and let’s go quickly. D: that’s true. why didnt I think of that? you suddenly showed up so I wasnt thinking clearly. but why did you suddenly show up here? K: I came to drag you along. D: me? K: yes a situation came up where I need you Gil DR. D: what situation? K: she wants me to get married.


Yj’s mom meets with S. the mom says I will be grateful if you would stay by YJ’s side. I dont know why he got this cold. S says it’s cuz his heart hasnt come back to me yet. the mom says since they have known each other for a long time since college, S should try to win him over – sorry for making this request.  S: to tell the truth when YJ said he was getting married, I regret acting cool about it and not holding onto him. if we can work out now with effort, then this time I dont want to lose him.


K says how YJ’s mom keeps putting him with S-she must think if it works out with that woman then the SYJ she knows from before will come back. so I cant even tell her that I dont want to. D: that’s cuz YJ’s mom doesnt know that you are just an 18 yr old blood clot so she will want to get you married. he makes an angry face at hearing that term again. but he composes himself and says change it cuz now I am a 19 yr old blood clot. D: what do we do? K: that’s why I need you and came to get you.  D: me? why? K: you are the only one who knows me for sure. so if I must get married, then I should just marry you (as in he doesnt have another choice). she starts to ask if perhaps he still likes her but he shakes his head no. K: I am different from back then. I was too young then. D: you are still young. K: I am not saying get married for real. like i pretended to be your fiance back then, this time you do that for me. so that she doesnt put me with S or any other woman, you have to be the one. D: that cant be done. I cant do that. she hears her friends coming out so she rushes off saying this is a wedding hall so too many people are looking – let’s meet later where no one can see.


But as she walks down the street, K pulls up and keeps honking at her. she asks why he came again – go. but he honks again and makes her get in. she tries to sit low so she cant be seen, but he puts the car in reverse and backs up to where her friends are.  AK asks where are you going DR? K smiles and bows to them. D tries to explain to her friends -dont be mistaken. he just said he would give me a ride on his way. K waves bye and drives off while D was still talking.


D accuses him -you punk. you planned this and showed up on purpose today didnt you? K says I came to drag you in- you never listen properly to what I say. she says if you are going to do that you should have gotten someone your own age. he points with this (30 yr old) body, if he dragged in a minor then it would be illegal so if he goes to prison then he wont have to get married. (LOL – I love this guy’s sarcasm) D realizes that wouldnt be right. then what do we do. K: see – even you can see it can only be you. D: still cant – it was so hard to break away from YJ. how can I keep him next to me and look at him again. K mutters to himself: does she still like YJ so much. does it torment her when she sees this face.  he pulls up and says just up to here for today. get out.  D: anyway I can do what you said but if there is anything else you want to discuss call me anytime. cuz I am the only one who knows that you arent SYJ and KKJ. he looks at her restaurant and asks if the dumpling restaurant business is doing well. She tells him not to act like before over here at her parent’s restaurant cuz it wont work. in my family’s eyes, you are SYJ and Seo son in law so if you get caught you will become crushed like a dumpling. before she gets out, K asks: say my name. D repeats KKJ 3 times. He says that’s enough you can get out. D: go KJ ah. she waves bye and goes. As she walks away he watches her. K:I missed you. there was just one person who called me KKJ.


D goes home and her mom asks if she came back ok from the wedding. D says yes and goes to her room. her mom says to her husband that D seems to be doing a lot better now cuz she is meeting her friends. the dad says she should cuz she had to hear how she was dumped by that irresponsible guy. The mom wants to send D on blind dates. The dad says he doesn’t want to say Seo son in law so leave out all the guys with last name Seo.


D looks at her wedding album pics. then a box with her couple socks and the kissing photo


There are anatomy books all over his room. K gets dressed and goes to the hospital. His friends asks if he is all better. K: not all better but not as bad as back then. the other guy asks if he is coming back to work. K: I should soon. he mutters: I almost got it all filled in. I can do this.

a nurse comes over with bloody rags and K looks away. K mutters to himself- I almost filled it all in, but I cant stand the sight of blood


K goes to see YJ. M comes in and says ajussi you really came. K: thanks to you.


She follows him out and says since I gave you some helpful info, tell me everything you know about KJ. (she must have told him about the wedding D attended today so he could run into D like that) She sits next to him and writes down stuff he says. K: KKJ – until he was 7 he peed (in bed). M: he did? how cute. K: His first kiss wasnt amy. amy was the one who said that. he imagines M punching out amy. And he didnt date seri. the person who spread that rumor was seri. he imagines M putting the girl in a headlock and hitting her. He looks at M writing every word down so he says: you should study that hard. do you attend school. She says she does cuz she has to stay here to be by KJ’s side. He asks if she likes KJ that much. M: because I like KJ, he lost the mom he loved the most. so I decided I would never stop liking him. K: in the middle of it since that happened, shouldnt you give up? M: then that would be cowardly. I am going to continue liking him and become the person KJ loves the most. He pats her head like KJ would and says you liking KJ – the first is that you are loyal. M: ajussi you really do have a special relationship with KJ dont you? he nods yes. she asks if he is perhaps KJ’s dad. K: uh oh. that’s not it. there is only a 12 yr difference from  SYJ so how could SYJ do that at 12. let’s not talk about it. Mari – you really dont make sense. (he used a play of the meaning behind her name cuz it means “words” so “ma-ri-ahndae” means “doesnt make sense.” he does that with D’s last name too cuz it’s Gil which means “long”)


The uncle says that doctor back then wasnt KJ’s dad so what was it. the aunt says since YJ brought up the inheritance he is for sure from the dad’s side. so the aunt guesses he made a deal with KJ to split the inheritance money. Uncle says pretty soon it will be KJ’s birthday so will he come before then. the aunt guesses that maybe YJ was KJ’s paternal uncle.  the uncle says the kid has to wake up to confirm anything. why would a healthy kid not wake up. aunt asks if the kid doesnt wake up how do we get the inheritance. it will be a lot.uncle says with that money I could open up a few restaurants and take care of KJ for the rest of his life


K shows up at school and leans against his car waiting. D tries to avoid him but sees AK and Na coming over so D goes over to him to ask:  why did you come here? go.  K: ok go. he heads in after he tells her to go. D: where are you going? K: it is wrong cuz I wanted to come to the school I attended? AK and Na spot them walking in to school together. Na says wait a minute to AK. he asks isnt that person perhaps? AK finishes his sentence and says it’s the fiance who broke up with D. what happened. you go first. AK runs after them

K meets with Kim as Kj’s doctor for KJ’s paperwork and stuff from missing school for a long time. AK asks D: maybe YJ came for you. did you not have a good talk with him. D tells her not to pay attention – what is there to work out well for. Kim asks YJ to take good care of K at the hospital so K can recover well and be healthy. She asks aren’t you teacher gil’s fiancé from before. you came to school a few times too. K says yes. Kim: Since you didn’t act like you knew each other I thought you weren’t. K: I wasnt trying to act like I didnt know her, (he looks over at D) that person told me to act like I dont know her. Kim: gil DR teacher did? so that’s what happened. Kim says D’s pain (over the breakup) was big. but he says: my pain was bigger. you dont seem to know about this well, but I was the one who was turned down for marriage. I lacked so much so I said I would leave to fill it in and come back and asked her to marry me again but Gil DR teacher made fun of me and said it was the funniest thing she ever heard and turned me down. (he says that looking right at D). Kim: so that’s what happened. He glances at D and leaves. He speaks Russian to Kim as he leaves. D goes out after him. Kim asks AK – so D wasn’t dumped- she dumped him- why did she do that. AK says I don’t know too– I heard this for the first time just now

D calls out to K. he stops and smirks then turns around to face her. she asks if his excuse was just to come here. K: yes, you got smarter. did rumors spread that you were dumped by SYJ? D: what does that have to do with you?  K: I have to restore your pride so even if you wanted to fall for me again, it wont look funny.

Their food comes out. D asks why he isnt listening to her. He says let’s eat the food first cuz we need energy if we are going to meet YJ’s mom. D: why would I meet that person. K: i asked you as a favor, let’s say we are starting over again. D: I told you I couldnt. what can I say to her after meeting mother. he points out YJ’s mom wont really become D’s mother in law for real so why be like that. just tell her that I want this. She yells are you really going to keep acting like this when you are a young kid. He looks around at other people and whispers to D- whoever sees me wont think I am a young kid. so be careful or you will go to the hospital (for being crazy). D: that’s why. you explain it well to mother. K:I cant get through to her. D: then go against her. K: since I am living off her bloodline’s body, I cant act out (like misbehave the way he wants). D: you must have been very uncomfortable too. to tell you the truth, after sending you off, my heart didnt feel comfortable. you are still a young baby clot. he doesnt like hearing that again so he asks why she is still has all her newlywed furnishings in that home the way it was. she says if she sells it, she wont even get half of what was paid so later when she lives apart (from her family) she was going to use it since it’s empty so she left it alone. K: that’s good -since the newlywed home is still there we can go in as a newlywed couple. everything works out nicely. D: I said I cant. K: if you cant then move out your stuff right now. I cant help you so until I go back, figure it out on your own

D goes back to K’s home and wonders how she can move all this out by today. why did he become so awful.

K meets with YJ’s mom. she asks if he has to live in that home. if you like that place should I go there too? he says I am more comfortable being alone. She asks what happened for her son to be uncomfortable being with her. he says sorry. she asks if he is going back to work at the hospital he was at. K: since I filled in everything I lacked, I should continue work. she says then meet the friends you used to meet often and spend a lot of time with S too. if you are going to go back to the way you used to be, then she will help you out a lot. K: someone I know, I am going to try to meet that person a lot.  I will handle it well on my own

D mutters she should have sold off everything back then.

S drives over to K’s home with YJ’s personal stuff like his miracle book and their couple photos

D boxes up the stuff. when K shows up, she says for now she will put everything in the bedroom and on the weekend, she will call a truck and load them all and move it out. he says how she turned down his predicament impersonally but she easily accepts her predicament-can an adult do that. she retorts when kids act up the adult has to cleanly cut the kid off. He says if you are going to cut them off cleanly like that then after you take out your stuff, clean up this area well.  she says there is nothing to clean with. He offers to go and buy cleaning supplies so be sure to clean up here before you leave

CS goes sneaker shopping with M. he puts it on her feet. M: how does it look. CS: whatever you wear it’s pretty. she deducts one pan for the compliment. she points to each shoe and he carries them for her. M: you can carry them all right? CS: of course. M: I will deduct one pan. CS: there arent that many pans left now. M: do you like that? he says after the last pan is deducted and it’s all over, I have something i want to say to you. she looks sad and says I didnt know that KJ wouldnt wake up by the time i deducted all 300 pans. he offers to pay for arcades today and you dont need to deduct a pan for that.  He asks if she heard doctor seo showed up at the hospital. M:why? CS: cuz I heard about that person. He drops her sneakers so she hisses at him

S goes inside the home. D comes out and talks to her thinking she is K. D was asking if she should take out the slippers in the bathroom cuz dont you need them. they stare at each other in surprise. S asks why she is here. D says for my stuff. S asks if D met up with YJ again. D: yes since I saw you come here, he was right about him getting stuck with you (meaning YJ’s mom is sticking him with S)

K is buying cleaning supplies and asks the saleclerk – “out of all these – which one is the one that doesnt clean the dirt well and will take the longest to clean with (OMG soooooo adorable)

D asks if S really wants to go so far as marriage. S:why do I have to tell you that. now the two of you are not anything to each other. (meaning there is no relationship anymore). D: I dont want to do anything good for you at all, but something like this I want to stop it. you said you are 31 yrs old didnt you? what do you think of when you see a 19 yr old high school student. do you see him as a man? S: what? am I crazy? D: that’s why. inside YJ shi right now, I am saying there is a childish/immature young kid. of course men say they are all young kids till the day they die, but for YJ shi that is more severe. S: of course I know that YJ got in that accident and changed, but even though he changed like that, I still like him. I wont give up on him like you. S sits down so D looks at her sexy legs and says “a kid cant look at that” so D says “get up cuz this is my sofa.” S: what? D pulls her up and repeats herself -get up this is my sofa. S: why are you like this? D:  All this furniture for newlyweds is mine so until I move all this out, you cant come here. go. D pushes her and says go. from now on dont come here at night no matter what.  I will beat  you till black tea becomes green tea.

S stands outside the door and cant believe what just happened. K walks up and asks what’s going on. S says D is home saying she is getting her stuff and chased me out. he smiles like he is happy to hear that and proud of D. K: she did? S: what’s going on. why is that woman like that? she said you got immature/childish like a young kid so she told me to give up on you. K: she is right. I am a kid. I am really childish. do you think you can handle it? he tries to go in but she blocks him. S: you were never someone who is childish like a kid. even if that woman gave up on you, I will wait for you till you come back to who you used to be. K: when I come back -when I am totally back, then you can have him (meaning she can have YJ). He goes inside

He comes in happy and says: gil teacher,  so you chased S away. he realizes she isnt listening to him at all cuz D is looking at Yj’s parents pics. D: these are YJ’s belongings. he kicks the box and says I dont need them. D:why are you like this. I am going to put them in that room so don’t throw them away.

She looks over K’s medical notes as K comes into his room and sits on his car bed. D asks did you really study medicine? did you read all this.  you really are smart. he says I told you I would skip. when I think about it as that I didnt waste time and came to one place at once, it’s not bad. but I dont want to get married all at once.  she agrees and says the problem really is serious if S came here this late at night. K: now you realize it’s serious. at this late at night with that sexy woman. he makes a perverted face so she scowls at him. He points out his mind has no self-restraint so she retorts if S knew the identity of his persona was a blood clot (a young thing) then her attraction will turn around right away. K: is that so? she lightly kicks his bed and says your persona’s identity is this kid’s bed. K stands up and leans in close as he says: then gil teacher – you would never -ever have your heart pulled in. (meaning she wont be drawn to him ever)  D backs up and says that’s right. K: that’s why there is only you gil teacher. To protect this innocent kid like mind.

D goes home and wonders what to do with K cuz she cant leave him alone

K looks at YJ’s stuff and says she still has shooting hearts (for YJ)

AK talks to Na about his missed chance. what were you doing all that time. you kept insisting you didnt like D for 6 months then fpr 6 months you said you couldnt give her pressure  -if you keep that up you wont be able to say one thing and it will end.  He asks what should I do now. She asks do you want to do something about it. he says how fast he can run 100 meters but with D, even though it’s been over a year, he couldnt even start. so that I can take off, you shoot the start gun for me. he says shoot his heart here. she agrees. she points and aims at his heart (but it looks like her heart starts). He holds her hand and says I took off. please help me. shoot me one more time so I can start properly. AK: bang. Kim watches that and gets mad cuz they are shooting guns for love at this school. is this a vietnam war battlefield.

K stands outside D’s family restaurant and this could end up as a battlefield so I need to prepare for injuries. He walks in but sees her mom come out so he avoids her saying that ajumma is the scariest. Then he sees her dad and says jesus. He quickly goes in and hides behind a fan and orders a plate of dumplings. He says there are customers so it’s better to talk to them here so they wont be as mad and he wont get in trouble as much. he gets up but sits back down at the sight of her parents talking and holding a rolling pin and knives. K remembers how D said her dad would mince him dumplings (if he goes there). he tries to sneak out but M blocks his way. The server says his dumplings came out. M quickly figures out the predicament he is in so she calls out that it’s to go. Her parents say M came- we should give you dumplings so she smiles at them (they seem to be used to her coming by)

M and K sit outside while they eat. M says ajumma and ajussi were holding rolling pin and a knife so if you got caught, you would have turned into dumplings. he says how this place’s dumplings are delicious so how much would they (the parents) mince and roll them. K reaches for two yellow radishes so M warns him eat one radish for one dumpling. the only person I allow to eat two radishes at a time is my KJ. K: then you can overlook me. M: are you copying KJ and eating 2 radishes too huh. he says he normally eats 3 but ate 2 till now. anyway thanks. you eat the rest. whether I turn into a dumpling or what I have to go and settle this. he gets up and leaves. she says there is nothing left anyway. you trash all that. K: are you following me? dont follow me.  She gets sand thrown in her eyes. he looks back and asks why did you have to follow me. M: I cant open my eyes. he goes back and asks if she is ok. when she opens her eyes, she sees KJ and he says : dont touch it and leave it alone. when you tear up,it will get better. he musses her hair. Her vision is blurry and she sees KJ walking away instead of YJ. he says ok I will throw away the trash. He goes back to throw it away

Yjs’ mom calls D and says hurry and move out the furniture that is in YJ’s home cuz she is going to get rid of that home. D says there is a person who is going to buy that home later-that home is very important to that person.  The mom says what does that have to do with you -you left the newlywed furniture as is so you must still have feelings left but hurry and get your stuff out

nurse says doctor seo got more handsome. S: YJ came to the hospital? nurse says yes – to this room. S: here? she wonders how YJ knows this patient. The nurse says nothing is wrong with him so why wont he wake up for such a long time. this is the first case i’ve seen of this. S: this patient was in a  car accident wasnt he. nurse says yes. He is famous in our hospital cuz he is our sleeping flower boy. S reads the name KKJ

S looks into the records and notes the location of KJ’s accident and remembers YJ had his accident there too. she makes calls and finds out that KJ and YJ were in the same accident and brought in together.

D looks around the home and remembers how KJ said his mom bought this home and this home is the last remaining thing he has. She gets a call from AK that AK came with Na to her  her family  restaurant. AK says we will wait till you get here so come quickly.

D’s dad likes Na esp Na’s last name (cuz it’s no seo). AK remarks Na’s start is going well since he can run 100 meters quickly too. the mom says her husband wanted a son in law who was a teacher too like D’s dad. CS says if his brother in law is teacher Na he likes it a lot. the mom asks AK if D is coming so AK says yes.  K sneaks a look at them

Her dad asks what Na’s parents do – works for the government (like civil servants). K says uh oh cuz the new future son in law looks good on paper. He sees D coming and thinks if she goes along then the son in laws will be switched. He blocks her. she asks what he is doing here. K: there is something urgent – let’s go. she says i have a visitor. I have to go in. he reminds her how she told him to call anytime if he has something to discuss with her when he has some troubles. I only have you to talk to – you know that. If you don’t want to then never mind and go. he walks away. she follows him

In the car, he makes up a hard problem –whether he should make the kid in him become a grown up or find a new identity. that is my troubles. (all that to mean something about an identity crisis cuz he doesn’t know who he is anymore) so D takes it seriously and says it’s really a problem only he can solve. what should I say to you. He asks who that visitor was that came awhile ago – was he the PE teacher. she says yes. K: did you get close to teacher Na during that time. D: no. K: oh. he smiles to himself. what should we go to eat? she asks :what you just said. K: never mind. D: it means you are confused about who you are huh? I thought about it and I dont know the way to solve it for you but you are just KJ. just dont forget that. he mumbles that he asked a long question but she gave a short answer. D: so dont forget that you are a minor. dont go to bars where adults go.  you cant smoke. even though you have a license, I am worried about you driving.  He smiles and says ok to everything. he is totally pleased.

M stares at YJ in KJ’s body and remembers all of YJ’s similar habits to KJ. She wonders in this world is there someone who gives you similar feelings. His uncle comes in and asks what relationship doctor seo has with KJ. do you know? She says I don’t know too but it’s a very special relationship and he knows about KJ very well. The uncle says how that doctor bought the home KJ lives in in korea. so that doesnt look like they know each other well.  she repeats – the home that KJ lived in that ajussi bought it? the uncle says yes -KJ’s mom bought that home for KJ to live in while he goes to college in korea. after KJ’s accident, I sold it cuz it seemed better than leaving it empty. but the person who bought it was that doctor

M tells that to CS -that ajussi bought the home KJ lived in.  isnt it that strange. CS: that’s true. (my sister) was going to live in an apartment originally but suddenly changed to that home-that doctor was the one who changed his mind.  M: is that so?   He says how SYJ used to be an ok person, but then he got into that accident and went on leave and became strange. M: accident? CS: yes car accident. She asks when and he says around the time you came here. M: is that so?

D and K are ordering drinks and a person gets hurt so he asks her to bring the drinks cuz he cant look at blood. She wonders how he can study to be a doctor when he cant stand the sight of blood. K sits alone by himself waiting for D. D remarks that he is sitting just like in class with his hand in his pocket. Other women say how good looking and cool he is so D sees him in a new light. Another girl pretends to run into him and asks if her drink spilled on him. she offers to pay for the dry cleaning to get his number. D thinks he really is giving his number to the girl and says about K: he really did give her his number. that punk really is easy. but he called D to complain about the girl hitting on him. K: are you just going to stand there and watch? Aren’t you going to stop her – you said you would protect me. D goes over and the girl asks are you his girlfriend. D: huh? what- well. She says sorry and leaves. He asks D what kind of answer is that “huh -what- well” is that admitting or not. she doesnt say anything

M goes to his home and says this is where KJ lived. She climbs over the wall.

D and K sit outside to talk. He asks what are you going to do – you are going to do as I requested right?  She says I will think about it. K:when you think longer, your misunderstanding gets extended. (he basically says make up your mind faster and not drag it out). the bait is KKJ so just take the bite. in this world, the one who knows me properly is you alone Gil DR. (he uses stuff on the table to make his point-he takes out one of the candy out of many to represent him) K: out of all the fish, this isnt a fishing bait to attract any of them. it’s hanging on for just one fish – a really sad fishing bait. so gil teacher -please take the bite. he pushes the candy closer to her while saying that.

M sees his bed and confirms that it’s KJ’s home so she tries to punch then kick the window in. she takes a lawn chair and breaks the window. She cuts her arm on her way in. she goes to KJ’s bed and sees all of Kj’s toy figures. She says all of this is KJ’s

S is staring at YJ. She says they both had an accident together-one doesn’t have memory and one isnt awake/conscious.

D says :when I am with you like this – in other people’s eyes, they will only see that I am starting over with YJ shi huh? K; that’s why – cuz it will cause more complications we cant meet just casually -whether we keep meeting or never meet again -between those two, it’s only one. D: KJ ah I really want to be by your side and help you, but I dont want to see YJ shi’s face again. it was really hard to settle my feelings (for him) but if i see that person’s face while looking at you, will I be able to not waver? (meaning fall for YJ again) Will my heart not be pulled in again? K: then you made the decision- let’s not meet again. He gets up and walks away.  He sort of turns to his side to look back –hoping she will stop him but he keeps going cuz she is still sitting there. She holds the candy that stood for him in his explanation

K goes home and asks why M is here. she asks why are you here in KJ’s home. K: cuz I bought this home. M: then why didnt you tell me this was the home KJ lived in. you are a doctor right? I got hurt so treat me. She holds up her bloody arm and he looks away. M: Are you scared of blood too? Cuz KJ was like that too. D walks over to his home.  She smiles and heads in (she changed her mind)

M says: you aren’t a doctor huh. You aren’t Seo YJ ajussi huh? Are you KJ? She cries.

D comes in and calls him KJ. M asks him: are you really KJ? KJ ah. She goes over and hugs him. M: KJ ah.


No preview

It sort of freaks me out that a crush from those coffee prince days is coming back so strong and knocking the air out of me, but this face is gonna do that every single time. “dream city” is what he is.  Every one is talking about unrealistic stuff like how can a 19 yr old study to become a doctor in a year or how can KJ look so good after being bedridden for all that time, but the truly remarkable thing is how can D resist this guy. that is just downright ludicrous. Plus, I wouldnt worry too much about K practicing medicine – looks like his fear of blood pretty much takes care of him never stepping foot in a surgery room.


Fanderay’s comments

Once it was confirmed that Y’s body still belonged to K, I was surprised to feel so relieved. I guess I’m less confused than I initially thought, and Y has a lot of work to do if he ever wants me to ship him again. I love Gong Yoo, but I don’t think that will stop me from loving K just as much as I do now once he’s back in his own body.

It occurred to me yesterday after watching D’s reaction to the kissing photo that she really does have feelings for K. I don’t think she wanted to keep that picture for her album because it was like proof that she wasn’t just saying goodbye to Y and taking final photos with him, but that her heart was moving on to someone else. When she looks at the picture near the end of the episode she almost smiled, and I think that she enjoyed that kiss in spite of herself. That’s a complicated issue though, and I’m sure it makes her uncomfortable just thinking about it, so she’ll probably be stuck firmly in denial-land for quite some time. Having a year apart has given these two an opportunity to start fresh, and I think it was needed if they’re going to develop a healthy relationship between equals.

I also loved how the end of the episode yesterday mirrored D’s first meeting with Y (running late to a wedding). Is it just me, or did D seem much happier and more confident this time around? It feels like she’s she’s properly primed to meet her dream-man now, and the only question is whether that man is K or Y. There’s definitely crazy chemistry between her and K so far, and the way she touches his face and looks at him is starting to look more and more like a woman in love. It’s too bad that Y’s face, which used to be what drew her in, will now actually deter her from falling for K. Thankfully she’s a much stronger person now, and after watching her kick S out of K’s house, I have faith that she’ll eventually choose what she really wants.

K is definitely much more mature now that he’s back, but I don’t think that he’s just more grown-up or more Y-like. I also think he’s become more like the old K that we met in the first episode. I think the stress of the body-swap situation brought out his immaturity, but I also got the impression that he was subconsciously acting like a kid to separate himself from Y and feel like his own person. Now that D is less confused, I’m sure that K will feel less frustrated when he’s around her, and can act a little more suave when he’s around her. She doesn’t even want to pretend that K is Y anymore, so K can act like an adult and actually have a hope of genuinely winning her over.

I feel a bit bad for D because she’s already been on and off again with “Y” and has had to disappoint her family and friends,  but if she falls for K, how does she explain the situation when he switches back to his own body? “Sorry, I’m ditching this incredibly handsome doctor so I can date my ex-student who has been in a coma”? I’m not sure that would go over well, and on top of that, K will be set back in his life and won’t even have graduated high school when he wakes up in his own body (it doesn’t exactly seem fair when the poor boy has been cramming to be a doctor!). At least all of that’s better than the two of them getting married and then the bodies switching back…what a disaster that would be.

The romance in this drama has me perpetually giddy, but I love the individual character growth just as much, and I can’t wait to see how D and K next develop. I get the impression that K will be dealing with his blood and mommy issues soon, which I’m sure will make me cry like a baby. Then he can hopefully start working as a doctor, which seems a bit crazy, but I think K is smart enough and would never do it if he wasn’t confident. It’s pretty sweet that he’s worked so hard all year pretending to be someone else, all for the sake of D. He uses Y’s mom and S as an excuse to pretend to get back together with her, but it’s pretty obvious that he just loves her and needs her in other more important ways (the poor boy doesn’t have a single other person to talk to). I think my favorite moment of the whole episode was when he watched her from the car after she said his name and said that he missed her. It was a tiny little moment, but it somehow seemed to encompass everything he’s been feeling.

Now that M knows who K is, I’m not too worried about a love triangle because he seems so little interested in her and hasn’t been swayed by her affections all this time. I know she’ll probably be pushy, but I think the only real threat is if D essentially pushes K away and into M’s eagerly awaiting arms. Unfortunately that seems quite likely since D isn’t too smart when it comes to love. Personally I think that K should kiss D some more if he wants to be convincing. He certainly had me convinced yesterday.

I don’t really mind that there’s no preview since I always anticipate the next episode so eagerly regardless. It’s a bit hard to believe that we’re only at episode 6 because it seems like we’ve already seen and felt so much, but I’m thankful and relieved that we still have so many episodes to go. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of this drama.


72 comments on “Big E6

  1. Same here i won’t ever get sick of this drama, it’s fresh and i love the fact that we don’t know what gonna happen; I love suspense and i find it here. Bravo Hong sisters

    Thanks for your recap! 😀


  2. joonni says:

    Okay, episode 6 got to me so badly. Gong Yoo as K. LOL at all the screencaps in the beginning. That’s what I wanted to do while I was watching him. I could also feel those “Coffee Prince” crush days coming back. This is dangerous!


  3. phoenix says:

    i cannot understand when people say they don’t find GY good-looking when all i could think is that he’s the most handsome man i’ve ever seen. he’s not pretty handsome, but more like manly handsome. before, i used to think that i am only attracted to caucasian men, but now GY’s become my yardstick, lol.

    also, i didn’t know much about suzy b4 this tho i’ve heard the buzz about her of course. i’ve also seen BG,GG b4 and i just thought the mv is a bit racy from the usual kpop vids i’ve seen and her face didn’t register with me. but im liking her more and more in big. and climbing the gate in high-heeled wedges! lol. if that’s not amazing, idk what is. XD


  4. Espresso says:

    Thanks a lot.


  5. Cinderella says:

    We’re only at episode 6 but I’m already worried about the withdrawal issues I’ll have to deal with after this drama ends… No other drama has had me so invested in it since day 1 (I got onto the Ojakgyo bandwagon late into its run… as in the 36th episode.. nuff said).

    I’ve been waiting for Big since I first heard news of its story and the writers behind it. Especially when I found out that this was Gong Yoo’s comeback project after more than 5 years of being gone, I was more than willing to jump on board.
    Gong Yoo’s former project, Coffee Prince, had me swooning for him. I literally fell in love with him after watching him in that drama. Granted, his five-year break has wavered that, but now it’s come back like a hurricane.


    • Softy says:

      You and me both. I missed the rom com movie he made after the army and only saw the gritty serious one and I was too traumatized by what happened to the kids to focus on his looks at all in that movie, but this drama is bringing back my adoration for this guy all over again. Now that you mentioned it will end after ten more eps, my withdrawal kicked in right along with you. 🙂


      • Enz says:

        I just feel lucky that I discovered gong yoo only like feb or march this year and didnt have that long to wait. If I had watched coffee prince when it came out and had to wait all these years, I might have gone bonkers. 🙂
        Eternally grateful to softy for mentioning coffee prince in obsessions the original for ojakgyo fans.

        Somehow gong yoo just has that combo of being so manly and yet playful that is devastating. Am giddy to get this many hours of him 🙂


  6. Xyu says:

    the truly remarkable thing is how can D resist this guy. that is just downright ludicrous. – softy

    Cant say it better. Come episode 6, forget about the story, D, KY, YJ, M. Im happy just to have Gong Yoo having 90% of the screen time and it will be the best drama of 2012.


  7. smalltank says:

    i wish YJ would wake up soon.. before DR were to fall for KJ in YJ’s body.


  8. heartstrings says:

    someone made an english complication!! ^^”


  9. sparkskey says:

    Ep 7 preview:
    Choongshik heads to Yoonjae’s house out of worry for Mari and is shocked when he sees the three of them together.
    Yoonjae’s mother heads to the Mandoo store to meet Daran’s parents in order to find out more about Daran andd Yoonjae’s relationship.
    Seyong starts to have suspicions about the relationship between the comatose Kyungjoon and Yoonjae


  10. viane says:

    preview is out! softy, please help to translate this. thank you soo much…


    • Softy says:

      Doing this from an iPad so it’s going to be tricky…
      M says I am going to move here- you will come back. I will like you.
      D says if I am going to help you, even though it will be hard, like an adult I have to bear it.
      K says thank you. I will promise one thing too – so you won’t have a hard time again – so you will never fall for him (YJ) again, I wil behave like a dog.
      D’s mom welcomes YJ’s mom thinking she is a customer.
      AK says after Seo YJ showed up again, do you know much D is falling for him again?( if she said this to K then that last pronoun would be “you”)
      Na teacher yells out D’s name
      M says that doctor ajussi must have bought this to give to Gil DR teacher
      K says are you falling a lot (for him)? While you were coming here, were you falling (for him) a lot. * the word “surlae” means the fluttery feelings you have when you fall for someone so it could also be translated as “flustered”

      making K hold up that pic over YJ’s face was LOL – I love this drama so much. Even the previews are daebak. 🙂


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