Big E5

Is it possible to faint and then swoon in reverse order from looking at a photo? My knees just turned to jelly the instant I saw these pics. Wow this drama is the master of manipulation- it makes you lose your sanity then it does a number on your emotions. Even though this was for the wedding album pictures, why does this look like someone in his head said “now you may kiss the bride” so he just went for it. Then she made the futile attempt to resist his kiss, but there is only one direction she can go from a kiss like this – straight up to cloud nine.

*This episode will leave you breathless then speechless. Just when I think it’s not possible to be head over heels in love with a drama I already adore, they came up with tonight’s antics. The Hong sisters are making my heart do some crazy somersaults.

Thanks to Semi-fly for her awesome torrents and to Sparkskey for her written preview translations.

At this rate, the wedding album is going to look better than the actual wedding couple themselves. These two look so in love. For YJ’s sake, I hope they don’t go through with the actual wedding too cuz I bet he will have something to say when he wakes up and discovers his bank account was cleaned out and he got hitched while in a coma. KJ may have agreed to stand in for YJ and take the wedding album photos, but YJ has to stay married to her for the rest of his life. Plus, how can she get married without her real groom? It’s almost a sin that KJ and DR look so happy since we don’t know what YJ was planning to say to her that fateful day. It makes me wonder if the real YJ could have looked this in love while taking these photos. This drama is not holding anything back and every punch is knocking me for a loop – so far that makes me one happy viewer.

Our boy came back briefly in photos and flashback.

After he does this…

I love this defiant look in his eyes here. like “what are you going to do about it?”



Starts from D walking towards S’s front door. Then how K is running to her location. D turns away from the door then puts the key in and unlocks the door. S asks who is there. Y grabs D and turns her around to face him. Just as S opens the door, he shuts it. D says let go of her so he does. She tells him to put down his arm (holding the door closed) too but he shakes his head no. she pulls his arm and says let go but he wont. she hits him to get out of the way but he takes all her hits. He takes the key from her and she says dont do that. he throws the key away and then both go after it- she is trying to pick it up and he is trying to prevent her. he holds her back so she says let go of me- why are you like this. let go. he kicks the key away and finally picks her up and carries her out of the building before she can grab the key. S comes out and looks at her key on the floor.


K takes her outside and she is saying let go. she tries to go and he stops her from going back in. D: why are you getting involved? he holds her back so she bites his arm. he says it hurts. D: if you know it hurts then dont hold me back. K: if you know it hurts, don’t go. if you run into that woman it will hurt you. he says how he knows what she is going to do and that it will hurt her so why do it. she tells him not to be concerned about it so he yells: then do it properly. He hands her a rock and tells her dont wait for her to open the door and throw it at the window and break it first. when she comes out, you speak up and say “if you come one more time asking for him to make you tea”, yell at her that you will beat her till black tea becomes green tea. dont you dare be weak and act like a fool.


D holds the rock and looks over to the entrance. S came out looking for Y. they both look over at S. then K stares at D only. D cries and drops the rock. She walks away. He silently follows her


They go to the hospital. K takes YJ’s white coat and offers to go see if anyone is there in YJ’s room. if no one is there he will come back for her.


K goes over to YJ’s beside and M put girly stuff all over his bedside like M’s pillow with her photo on it and pics of KJ and M together. K tosses her pillow so M comes over and asks what he is doing. why are you putting this away. he says you cant put these things next to the patient’s face. I am the doctor. she says she washed it so it’s germ free. even then I cant? he says no – put this away and leave. He looks at the socks and remembers what D said about the sock sets for newlywed couples. M asks him where do they sell socks like this? K:why? M: cuz I want to wear the same set as KJ. K: you cant. this isnt your set. you cant wear it. M: I am going to wear them. I will buy a 100 of them and wear them everyday. he says how he is a doctor and she will get a condition from wearing them. M: then I should take off Kj’s too. she tries to remove them but he stops her. K: that’s not something you should touch. leave it alone. instead I will let you keep your pillow by his side. dont touch that. she remarks that he keeps changing his mind and insults him so he says you are right. Seo YJ is bad.


D notices her couple photo is gone so she looks for it and discovers the miracle book. Inside she finds the plane ticket. D: it’s a plane ticket. so this was where he was going to go alone before the wedding.  YJ already broke away from me and I was the only one who didn’t sense anything and new nothing about it.


K tells M to leave now. M mutters under her breath: is this your hospital. moving up the visiting hours. he tells her to leave. M: I am going. she holds “KJ’s” hand and says let’s meet again in our dreams. you come and find me in my dream. K gets a text from D that she is leaving first. Don’t worry and you go home too. M tells KJ – don’t go to teacher D cuz that teacher likes someone else and not you.


K leaves and tries to call D but she isnt picking up. he starts to run


M continues to say to “KJ” : that teacher said there is only someone else in her heart. even if you look for her, she wont even look at you. she doesnt even see you,  so if your heart keeps going to that teacher, you will hurt a lot.  When you wake up KJ, forget all about that teacher. You have to be sure to forget it all.


While she was saying that K ran to where D was. He found her getting drunk at her dad’s restaurant. K tells her you should be alert -are you determined to lose your mind to alcohol? She cries and calls him YJ and holds onto him. he tells her to come to her senses. I told you not to cry. if you keep crying, I am leaving. whether you cry or not, you are on your own.


K turns to leave but she holds him and says don’t go anywhere  YJ shi.  dont go. where were you going to go? dont go.  he puts his arm around her and pats her back.


She fell asleep and he covered her up. He lies down next to her and watches her sleep. the song lyrics say: I wanted to see you like this but you are going farther away so what do I do.


Her mom wakes her up and asks if she slept here all night. She tells D to wake up cuz you have to get ready and go to school. D looks at what she was covered with and realizes he was here


K goes to the new bedroom decorated for newlyweds. he wonders what will happen to all the new furniture if she breaks up with YJ. he remembers how D had rolled around on the bed and said this is my spot and this is YJ’s side/spot. K kicks the bed and says was this Seo YJ’s spot? he pulls on the bed on purpose and says it broke again. it really was weak/unstable.


K gets a call from M. K: why? she asks since you have KJ’s phone, you have his wallet too right? K: KJ’s wallet? M: there is something really important in it. he looks over to his bed and the wallet is there. M: you have it right? bring it to the hospital.  K says I don’t know and hangs up. M: he didnt say he didnt have it, but he says I dont know?  so he does have it.  she calls CS and asks where does your brother in law live.


K puts his wallet in a drawer. he gets a call from M. he reluctantly picks up. K: I said I dont know. she says ajussi KJ woke up. hurry and come to the hospital.  K: what?! when he runs out she runs inside. he goes back in and asks what are you. she asks for KJ’s wallet. Hurry and give it to me. fine I will look for it then. he notices the screen is open to his bedroom and says in his head “M cant see my bed.” He looks over to the remote for the screen on the sofa and pulls her over to the remote area. she asks why he is like this. K: how much do you think you know about KJ? M: aside from KJ himself, I know him the best. she pulls his hands away and turns but he yells out “Amy.” That makes her look at him again.  M: how do you know Amy ajussi? K: KJ’s first kiss. M: is that for real? didnt Amy lie (make that up)? he shrugs his shoulders.  M: that makes no sense.  so what happened on amy’s birththday was all real/true?


He sits on the sofa and says “ah that birthday” he looks over at the remote. she asks if it was for real. K: not sure if that was for real or made up. his fingers reach the remote and closes the screen for his room. she says “ajussi” impatiently. he says you dont need to know that so leave now. M: you seem to really know about KJ so you know how precious that picture is in his wallet right. If he lost it, even if I have to look all over the hospital, I have to find it. do you really not know where it is? K takes it out of the drawer and shows the wallet to her. K: it’s here. M: thank goodness cuz I thought it was lost. she tries to grab it but he takes it out of her reach. she sits down. he asks where she is sitting. go. She says in this world there is one secret of mine that only KJ doesnt know. K: only KJ doesnt know? M: cuz I dont do it to KJ. K:what? She kicks him between his legs and takes the wallet. She runs out and he tries to chase her the best he can through his pain. he tells her to let go (of that wallet). She gets in a cab and tells him to keep it a secret from KJ. she tells the driver to go.


D gets a text to not forget the wedding album photoshoot tm. She sits on the bench looking at YJ’s plane ticket. her friend AK spots teacher Na spying on D and asks if he was doing that. he denies it.  she asks if Na liked D all this time cuz I thought you avoided her cuz you didn’t like her. so the truth is you did that cuz you liked her.  he clamps his hand over her mouth saying dont say such things.  he sort of pins her against the wall and whispers in her ear to please be quiet so Kim comes over and thinks they were trying to kiss. Kim scolds them asking what they are doing now cuz they are the kids teachers. she warns them to be careful. as she walks off, she mutters why do they have to get paired off here – what is this place – the serengeti where animals are.


D gets a call from S. they meet and S says it was you and YJ who came to the front of my home yesterday right? D says how S doesn’t have the right to be so bold in front of her. S: you shouldnt come out this strong either. cuz you being weak worked on YJ. ever since YJ was in school, he hung around with the most pitiful and saddest kids who didnt live as well as him. when they got hurt, was in pain, was weak – those things he could never overlook. cuz YJ is kind. but i didnt know he would get married that way too. D: YJ shi said he liked me from the first time he saw me. you heard that too. S: at that wedding when he bumped into you and you had that accident, where do you think he was going in that much of a hurry? on that day I left before YJ, I told him I broke up with the person I had been dating.  D: then you are saying YJ heard that and was chasing after you and bumped into me? S: since you got hurt and held onto YJ, we ended up not knowing (if that’s the case). why? if you are curious should we call YJ over and ask him? D holds her tea like she wants to throw it. S: you must feel uncertain/unconfident about this wedding. if you are feeling unconfident, then continue holding onto him well. then he will continue to be caught. D speaks banmal to her and threatens S: ya – take good care of your window cuz one day you wont know when it might get broken by a flying rock. at that time I will beat you till you black tea becomes green tea. (this was what K told her to say to S)


K goes to see YJ and D is there.  K: you were here. he offers to wait outside and keep guard if she is going to beat YJ up and end things. She tells him how she has to take her wedding pics tm. K:what? wedding shoot? you are crazy. D: can you think you are helping out your poor teacher and don’t be late and come. I am asking as a favor.


S asks another guy doctor if he knows YJ’s parents contact info cuz S has something important to tell them.


YJ’s mom says how she spoke to YJ and he never mentioned his accident. S says I am his friend and he doesnt listen to me. also D is next to him but doesnt seem that worried. that’s why I called like this. his mom thanks her for calling. after she hangs up, YJ’s mom makes arrangements to leave for Korea right  away


D’s mom tells CS to follow D to her wedding album shoot and take some pics. he agrees to do that. D says she has something important to dicuss with them after the wedding album shoot is over. Her mom asks what but D says I will tell you then. D excuses herself saying she doesnt feel well. her mom says you should eat more. she worries something is upsetting D. CS says something is going on between D and YJ. how he overheard them and they are hiding something so it wont be noticed. they were fighting whether to go to the hospital or not.


Her mom finds D’s pink socks and jumps to conclusions that D is pregnant cuz why else would D need to wear winter socks in the summer. she repeats what CS said – how D is hiding something so it wont show.

AK tells K to be shocked when he sees D in her wedding dress. AK pulls back the curtains and he looks at D sort of sadly cuz she isnt dressed that way for him.


As they take photos, K says to her- if you are going to *go straight anyway, what’s the point of going slowly. take the photos and go and get registered for marriage.  D: there was that way too. K: it’s the sure fire way. more than something like this. D: this is more important to me. the photos have to come out well so dont frown and smile brightly like YJ would. K tries to make his smile look like YJ’s.

*K refers to stuff with reference to driving. he meant if you are going to drive straight ahead, why go slowly. go full speed ahead by getting registered for marriage.


they are ordered to run so K complains cuz he doesnt like the birds. take the birds out. if the birds fly up, I wont run.  D asks for the birds to be taken out.


They make various poses and take all the typical wedding photo shots except for that one. he holds her up. they run. they take pics with balloons, signs, and with him on the bike. CS takes pics of them too.


M is shopping for clothes to look like a high school teacher. she says inside teacher Gil’s closet, there were lots of clothes with this brand. did KJ like this style? the sales lady tells her to try on what she likes. M asks her- will I look like a school teacher if I wear this. the woman says M will look like a cute kindergarten teacher. M: I have to look like a high school teacher.  She receives photos from CS of the wedding album shoot. M says he sent a pic of her dress.  she looks at it and says it’s not that great. later I am going to wear something more pretty. She zooms in on K and notices that K is sitting, standing, and drinking exactly like KJ used to. she compares with photos of the real KJ. She says why does this ajussi seem like KJ.


K is sitting and waiting around while D takes her solo pics. AK says how good D looks and that the photos will come out totally well. K mutters can she smile like that.


the photographer gives D the proofs and asks her to look over them to see if the image is ok. K comes over so she says you worked hard. K asks if she likes it that much. D says yes I like it so much. didnt all the pics come out pretty. now it’s all over. K asks now that taking the pics are all done, are your worries gone too? D: I said it’s all over. it’s just up to here. I am not going to get married. YJ shi is a good person so he wont be able to throw me away so I have to let him go. also you don’t have to pretend to be YJ anymore. during all that time, I felt apologetic towards you. hang on a moment. she hands him the plane ticket saying YJ bought this. K: when you said “run away”, you were talking about this. D: when I tell them (her parents) that I wont get married, things will get complicated so if you stay here, it will just be hard on your and be annoying. like you said before, evacuate. K: if you werent going to get married then why do these things? D: since i cant marry YJ shi. she holds out the photos and says “with these – at least on my own, i have memories.  K: when you look at me like that, you only see Seo YJ huh? even though all day long I – KKJ was the one who ran, carried you, and smiled. the memory you treasure is just of Seo YJ. D: that’s why I am thankful. from now on I wont make you do those things anymore. take that (ticket) and go well.  Photographer says keep that pose, I will take the last shot. K walks over to her side and photographer says look into the camera. that’s good. 1,2,3. K says to her: will it do that your memory is this flimsy/weak. she turns to face him.  he suddenly grabs her and kisses her passionately. after they break away he says “what to do – this is not Seo YJ’s but KKJ’s memory. Gil teacher- Keep it precious cuz this is KKJ’s first kiss. he looks at her defiantly. D: you punk. she looks at him in anger so K says:  look at this. your shooting hearts went back inside. now you see KKJ huh? she tries to hit him but he grabs her wrist. then she uses her other hand so he holds that too. then he takes off running.


D chases after him saying you come back here. but he rides off on a bike saying -you said you didnt get to do it properly. is this your first too? She says come back here. you are dead. she falls and has a nosebleed. he rides around on his bike and says you are bleeding. oh no.


YJ’s mom arrives in korea and tries to call him but he doesnt pick up


D looks over the photos and tells the wedding album guy to be sure to leave out the kissing shots from the wedding album. He says but it came out so well so why. she says she doesnt need them so get rid of them completely. K walks by so she glares at him

CS is looking at the photos and says his mom will like this one a lot. a woman comes over and asks him to give the plane ticket to the groom cuz it dropped out of his suit. CS looks at it and wonders what it is. if YJ is going somewhere


She tells K – I totally got rid of them (the kissing photos). even in my head, I will erase it all. K: before I leave, it was my goodbye kiss. it was my last farewell. even if we ended, you you said you wanted to remember this body, so I am going to just leave behind this body and forget everything. it turned out well cuz I am going to leave. just cuz you are troubled by calling off the wedding and cleaning up afterwards, dont hold onto me again. CS overhears all that and it sounds like they are breaking up so CS calls him a bast%$&* and throws down the plane ticket and jumps him. CS punches K. D asks why CS is doing this and tries to stop her brother. K runs away with bloody lips as other people hold CS down from going after K.  CS keeps saying come back here. D picks up the plane ticket and goes after K


D asks if he is ok.  K: I am not ok – it totally hurts. this ajussi does all the bad things and gets in trouble from you and I get hit by your younger brother. she says I am sorry. He worries he will get hit by her mom and dad too when they go to say they cant get married. in that house there are a lot of rocks so maybe I will be stabbed by one of them.  D: I wont let that happen so go far away. She gives him the ticket and says: after I send you off, I was going to settle things. but since CS found out, I have to go home and tell them. K: by yourself? D: I will handle it on my own.  He says just tell them that YJ cheated with his doctor friend, but she says I am going to tell them I don’t want to get married anymore. it isnt to show gratitude towards YJ, if I say it happened that way cuz I am a bad person, then how upset will my parents be. so no matter what, I have to say I am the one who doesnt want to get married. He asks concerned: what will happen if you get in trouble cuz you are scared of your dad. D: i will get hit some then. she worries about his bloody lips. you didnt do anything wrong and got hit like this so what to do. I have to go back in. I will call you. go home and be sure to put some medicine on it. make sure. sorry about that.


CS goes home to tell their parents but relatives are over at their home so CS says hello to them. the relatives say CS grew up a lot.  Her mom asks if he didnt come with D and YJ. he says no and pulls her aside. he asks why they are over here suddenly. she says the relatives had a wedding to attend nearby so they dropped in. so they are waiting to see D and YJ before they go.  CS: then I cant tell you today. she asks what? that good thing that D wants to reveal? CS: I dont know. he walks away and she says I know what that is.


D goes home and asks if CS told them. He says he couldn’t cuz their relatives came over. She goes inside and her mom asks what about YJ. D says I didn’t come with him. D says hello to them. Her mom asks why YJ didn’t come with D too since they have something to reveal today. D says I will tell you later after they all leave. her mom jokes what could that be. CS brings the cake over and asks D: noona are you pregnant? D:what? her mom says says you were supposed to wait till noona told us and then show her. her dad asks what is this about? CS asks D: you are pregnant and brother in law was like that. D says that’s not it. she tells everyone that’s not it at all.  her mom says since it turned out this way just tell everyone since you are going to marry soon anyway.  D says to her mom I said it wasnt. CS tells D to say it clearly cuz he is going to kill that guy. D tells him to be still cuz it’s not true. Her dad asks D to speak clearly about what’s going on. her mom asks: you aren’t pregnant. that wasnt what you were going to reveal today? then what? Her dad asks what is it that you wanted to say. D says I am not going to marry YJ shi. her mom asks:what? she drops the cake.


D talks with her parents alone. Her dad asks are you really not going to go through with this marriage. D says yes I told him I couldn’t marry him. her mom: why would you do that suddenly? you love Seo son in law. her dad asks perhaps that guy changed his mind.  D: no I changed my mind. her mom asks why. D says after YJ took a leave of absence, he said he wouldn’t be a doctor. I tol him if he wasnt going to be a doctor then I couldnt (marry him) but he wouldnt listen to me so I said I wouldnt marry him. her dad asks: so cuz Seo son in law said he wouldnt be a doctor, that you wont get married? D: yes if YJ shi is not going to be a doctor, then I wont marry him. Her mom gets up and walks out. CS goes after her wondering if his mom will faint. her dad starts to talk to D about marriage, but CS yells out mom and comes back into the room. CS motions for D to run away. her mom comes over with a mop and holds it as a weapon. CS blocks and protects D saying to his mom: noona was wrong but this isnt right. her mom tosses the head of the mop and just holds the stick part. CS tells her to calm down and D begs I was wrong. the mom says no one stop me cuz I am going to get my daughter today. Gil DR come over here. She gets on the table and swings the stick as CS says dont do this. the mom says how at the age of 19 she got her hair pulled by her dad to get married. to attain her love she went through all that difficulty. how dare you look at love so lightly. you come over here. D’s dad tries to stop her and reminds her: she is your daughter. She calls him teacher and tells him to be still. she yells for D to come over here and goes after D and pulls her hair.


K sneaks into her yard and hears all the yelling inside. He hears CS say “mom noona’s neck will break” and D says “save me.” He chickens out and turns to leave. D comes running out and they scare each other. she asks what he is doing here. he asks if she is ok. I came cuz I was worried.  but you are figuring this out well so I think it would be better if I left. her mom comes out and asks where D is going. she kicks her shoe off and throws it at D. K blocks D from getting hit by her mom’s shoe. it hits K on the back of his head. D hides behind him. K turns and smiles at her family. her dad says seo son in law. CS says brother in law. K yells out “surprise” at her family


K and D are kneeling in front of her parents. K’s knees are killing him. D’s dad repeats what K told them – that he was somewhere he shouldnt be and got caught by D. her parents asks where he went. D shakes her head for K not to do this, but he shows them cards of improper places – sort of like strip joints so her mom is horrified. (why did he have these cards handy? LOL )Her parents are shocked by it. Her mom says I didnt see you as that kind of person. how could you go to places like this.  her mom says how upsetting this would be got D, but CS says YJ did something that deserves death. her dad says you two are adults so we wont get in the way  – you two decide whether you will get married or not. K says sorry to him. Her mom says I understand now why D couldn’t marry you. you really did something wrong. I thought D was going to reveal something good today. K says sorry to her. after they leave D asks him where he got these. he says they were on the ground so he picked them up. she tells him to get up but he is in pain


Back at his house she says she will tell her parents she cant marry YJ cuz she cant forgive him for doing those things (going to those improper places). she tells him to go far away so he wont get in trouble anymore. He asks when he can come back -after your home gets settled. will he have woken up by then? she says he probably will – it has to. he worries what if YJ doesn’t wake up. what if he continues to not wake up and doesnt come back. then what do I do? Then do I have to continue living as YJ’s outer shell. He gets a call and says it’s Seo Yj’s mother. D asks didnt you call her to say you are doing well. he says i only took her call. K says into the phone: yes what’s going on. you came to seoul?


K goes to meet YJ’s mom with D. his mom hugs him and asks are you ok. she senses something off about him and the way he hugged her.

His mom says how she heard from his friend S that he was in an accident. is that why you dont feel well.  He says there were some effects after the accident. nothing is wrong with my body. She thinks it was severe enough for him to take a leave of absence. She says to D: i heard you knew that as well. I dont think you should only be concerned with the wedding preparations at this time.  D apologizes and says – that’s why we decided to push back the wedding. His mom says to K: that’s good. then since you took a leave of absence, let’s go back to America together and live there.


K and D talk. K says YJ’s mom already sensed that her son was strange. in front of Seo Yj’s mom, I cant pretend to be him properly/convincingly. D wonders when YJ will come back. K: Gil teacher will you take me in and live with me? let’s just get married. then I dont have to follow SYJ’s mom. She asks: does that make sense.  we have to wait till he comes back. He says: even though we wait nothing is working out. we ended up like this cuz we almost died, so should we almost die again?


YJ in KJ’s body relives the accident. K wakes up and drives to the hospital


He puts YJ in a wheelchair and takes him out to the car.


M goes to see KJ but he is gone. She looks for him and asks the nurse where KJ went. The nurse says the tall doctor took him out for a while in a wheelchair.


M calls D and says YJ took KJ. M: I looked everywhere in the hospital and they arent here so hurry and call him and ask where he is.  D remembers how K said- we ended up like this cuz we almost died, so should we almost die again?


K is driving with YJ and tries to almost get in an accident. He stops the car before it goes off the cliff


K’s uncle is mad and asks where the doctor took the kid away. D says I will look some more.  K comes back with YJ. M asks where he went. we were alarmed. K  says for a short time, I was looking for a way for him to come back.


YJ’s mom asks : did you really lose all your memory. K tells her: yes I dont have any proper/functioning memories. She says let’s go together back to America and call off the wedding.


K tells D that he couldnt tell YJ’s mom that he changed forever and be a totally crazy person so he acted like someone who lost some of his memory so he is a little bit out of his mind. so since YJ’s mom wants to take care of me, I should follow her. D says don’t go I will take care of you. K: what for? so you can marry me in this condition? D: let’s do that. he says how he cant be an 18 yr old student and cant be a 30 yr old doctor. if I am going to continue living like this, I have to skip. D: skip what?  He says skip the 12 yrs between KKJ and SYJ. I thought about it and it’s not that bad. I was supposed to take the college entrace exam, go to the army, and get a job.  but SYJ already did all those things so all I have to do is fill this head. since I am a fast learner I can follow along quickly. She says just cuz his head is full doesn’t mean he is a grownup. he says : no I think as long as I fill this mind, it will work.  she asks if he really is going away. K: yes when I come back I will marry you. D: what? K: I think I like you Gil teacher.  I will go and get an upgrade and come back and marry you. she gets upset and hits him saying “there isnt anything this young kid wont say. what did you say you would do for me?” K: you said you would a while ago Gil teacher. D: I said that cuz it was the only way to rescue you.  she laughs that she got a proposal from a high school student-this really is mind blowing. He asks if it’s that funny. she says yes – it’s the funniest-you blot clot. His feelings are hurt so he throws her words back at her and apologizes: sorry a blod clot dared to blow your mind.

K covers up his bed and puts something on the table next to his bed. he takes his luggage and leaves


K goes to see YJ. His uncle asks if there is no way to bring KJ back. His uncle says to him how YJ took KJ out to find a way to bring KJ back, but it didnt work out well. if there is no way, he is thinking about transferring KJ to another place (like long term hospice care). K asks him: are you taking care of KJ cuz of his mother’s inheritance? I know that aside from the inheritance you are in charge of now, KJ has another large inheritance he will get when he turns 18. the uncle asks how he knows that. K says to receive that amount, the person who knows that secret number is me. the uncle asks how he knows cuz only KJ knows that. K: until then just please take good care of KJ. I am asking you as a favor. he bows and then takes one last look at YJ then goes out of the room. after K leaves, his uncle guesses he is the one who bought KJ’s home


M is looking at YJ as KJ’s pic. she says there is something about this ajussi -he seems a lot like KJ. what is this feeling that it makes me feel bad (that he resembles him).  K puts his hand on her head so she cant turn her head. he asks where is the wallet. she says let go (of her head). he asks is it here (inside her purse) She tries to prevent him from taking it out but he does. she says to let go again. he checks his wallet for that angel photo. He turns her head to face him. K: I will take good care of this so you take care of things here well. I will trust you. he pats her head the way KJ used to by drumming his fingers on her head and then mussing up her bangs. After he leaves she calls herself crazy for blushing (cuz her cheeks got red). She turns to watch him leave so she asks :why did I turn around.  it feels like I am sneaking looks


D goes and checks the home and says he already left. did he get to eat before he left. She remembers back to their conversation. about switching souls- since it doesnt have anything to do with distance, even if they are far apart, they could switch one day right. she says that would be good. K: so when this body comes back, whether it has the adult seo YJ or young KKJ inside – will you be able to know? (as in tell the difference). he smiled up at her.


Back in the present she sees their kissing photo that he left behind and says this really is KJ


K goes to the airport and keeps looking over his shoulder


D tells her parents the news of her break up (but there is no audio)


At the airport, K looks back to see if anyone is following him. YJ’s mom calls out to him. He goes to her.


One year later. D is hurrying into a church. She apologizes for being late. She congratulates her friend for getting married.


afterwards D is giving her friend her wedding gift (money) and AK wants to check out the groom’s friends cuz their specs (qualities) are no joke and asks D to go with her to the “after the wedding get together” that the friends attend. But D says I am hungry, let’s go eat. but AK says the food is not the problem right now. AK says how the groom’s friends are totally good looking. D says I havent eaten breakfast yet. I am hungry so I will be going first. She leaves and AK notices that one of the groom’s friend is YJ


D is waiting for the elevator. K comes over and stands next to her. she calls out KJ, then KKJ but he doesn’t react. She says YJ shi and he finally looks over at her.



What the fudgsicles is going on? Is K pretending to be YJ?  did YJ come back? Or better yet, did K come back with YJ’s maturity? cuz the air of confidence and the looks he is giving people is not a kid’s. It’s like we still get K but in a more mature body-just like the upgraded version he promised her. Looks like a year has done wonders for the boy to help him grow up well. Poor D blew off his proposal, but I bet she cant do that again. This is a new and improved KJ and she has to take him seriously now. she is going to need all the luck in the world not to get weak in the knees this time around.


(I dont know what to call K now cuz I am not 100% certain he is still K so I will call him Y just for the preview)

YJ’s doctor friends ask if YJ is coming back to work. he says I should soon since I have almost filled it all (meaning his head but they dont understand what he said)

CS asks M: didnt you hear that doctor Seo showed up at the hospital?

YJ goes with D to her school and nods hello at Kim. Kim says to AK: teacher Gil wasnt dumped, she dumped him.

Y says to D: I have to recover my pride so I wont fall for you again even if you want me to. (not sure about this line cuz it’s missing pronouns- just certain about the recover pride part)

M wonders in this world can there be another person who gives you the same feelings

M finds out that ajussi bought the home KJ lived in. she breaks into the home.

YJ’s mom asks S: I would be grateful if you could be by YJ’s side so S moves into K’s home and runs into D.

K says there could be a war so prepare for injuries.

I love how he stares at her here – like he doesnt want to blink in case he misses something.  there is so much love in his gaze.



Fanderay’s comments

Now that is a cliffhanger. I feel like he has to be K still, but maybe I just think that because I want him to be K still. Or do I? This drama has me so confused about what I want that the only thing I’m certain of wanting is the next episode (and I want it now!).

I was not expecting a time leap, but I like it. Imagine what could change while living in someone else’s body for a year? I’m sure that D is in a completely different head-space too, now that she’s not second-guessing her relationship with Y. Plus, assuming that K is still in Y’s body, he’s not a “highschooler” anymore. I think that if you spend that long as a 30 year-old, you get some sort of free pass to adulthood.

I couldn’t help but get a bad feeling when M was telling K’s body that the teacher would end up making his heart hurt, because I think she is probably right. K may be able to play it cool for a while (now that he’s been away) but I get the impression that he’s going to fall more and more in love with D, and may even break his own heart by being the one to help resolve her issues with Y and bring them back together. The way he looks at her I’m not sure I could handle that!

Even though I understand why D wouldn’t take a proposal from K seriously, it still got me a little peeved because I felt so awful for the poor puppy. What is he supposed to do…act like he’s in high school? He’d probably end up in jail if he dated someone his own age, and everyone but D treats him like he’s 30, so his only real choice is to grow up fast (whether he likes it or not). D has him act like an adult when it’s convenient for her, so it doesn’t seem fair to just treat him like a kid the rest of the time.  I hope that some time apart will make her see him differently since he certainly deserves it. He’s had to give up his entire life, and yet he still shows empathy and compassion for D and tries to protect her when he can. Besides, he certainly kisses like a man!

Even if Y has always loved D and never thought about cheating, K is still some pretty tough competition to beat. How D has managed to maintain her solid state and not melt into a puddle of goo is beyond me. It’s like he’s trying to vacuum her with his eyes! Plus, by the time their bodies are switched back, K will be old enough that a K/D relationship would be less icky (and less illegal!). I think it’s all going to come down to what D’s genuine feelings are, but she’s been so confused up until now that it’s hard to know where her heart will end up. K definitely needs someone in his life who will chase him to an airport though (even if it’s not D). It was way too sad watching him forlornly look over his shoulder like that.

I’ve written this all on the premise that Y is still K, but what if I’m wrong? What happens then? Do we get a proper love triangle where K and Y are both trying to woo D as themselves? No matter what happens, I know it’s going to be great, but the mystery is killing me. Hong Sisters dramas are always fantastic, but I can’t remember one with so much uncertainty, and I couldn’t possibly be any more hooked.



60 comments on “Big E5

  1. firefly says:

    i think when the two revert back to their original bodies, it would really be hard to tell, coz KJ has to grow up very quickly. but the hand temperature thing will tell da ran if YJ is really back in his body.


  2. Anonymous says:

    it´s k pretending to be y, i think.


  3. nonski says:

    thanks so much for your recaps softy and for your comments fand!
    i was dead tired last night i wasn’t even able to read your post…. ;(
    i am being sad for kj… cuz i had always been rooting for him to get d…
    although we don’t what yj has in store for d, i still think he has a lot work on himself before he can finally be a proper partner to d.
    kj, despite his age has shown how he can love d so much…
    and after what happened tonight, i just wish there would already be a switching back so that k can properly do his wooing to d, not using yj’s body.
    and yes, fand… he kisses like a man!


  4. Iviih says:

    When I come here I feel so alone ahahaha

    Because I’m not a DR/KJ shipper. I just can’t ship them……. yet? Don’t know If I ever will ship them.

    I mean, they are adorable, KJ is adorable, and his kiss was hot but….. he with DR? I don’t see it.

    Maybe because DR’s character still isn’t into him so I also don’t feel the couple. Maybe after they get together I can start to ship them… but I still wish YJ be back and I want to see some competition going on ^^ ~~ also I still want to know YJ’s side story…. 🙂 I find it unfair for him not being able to defend himself while KJ takes his fiancee away 🙂

    Thanks for the recap Softy and Fanderay!


  5. sparkskey says:

    Preview for ep6
    Yoonjae’s appearance in her life once again confuses Daran and makes her avoid him..
    She runs into Yoonjae when she goes back to Kyungjoon’s house to collect all her remaining stuff..
    Yoonjae’s mother wants to arrange for Seyoung’s marriage to him….

    I’m just like, she had one year to collect everything!!!


  6. Jared says:

    suppose it is possible to faint since anything is possible right…


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