Bridal Mask E6

Pretty much nothing could have prepared us for this episode. first time during a recap where I had to take deep breaths just to keep typing.

Preview ep 7: Gaksital unexpectedly drops by the Jongno Police Station to attack Kenji with his iron bamboo flute! Shunji draws his sword and run towards Gaksital! Gaksital runs away on a horse in order to avoid Shunji’s attack, but loses consciousness when Shunji shoots him with his gun, sending him tumbling off the cliff into the valley below. Mokdan can’t believe that Gaksital is dead and keeps wandering around the valley where Gaksital fell. In the waters there, she finds her knife

Thanks to Semi-fly for torrents, Sparkskey for her preview translations, and Yanna for her videos. 🙂

Written before it aired: They say the more you look at something to condition yourself to get accustomed to it, the less it affects you when you see the real deal. Consider yourselves conditioned. Just in case it doesn’t work, stack up on lots of Kleenex. I have a feeling we are all going to need a virtual group hug by the time this night ends.

For good measure, here is another one. So far it’s not working cuz I started crying as soon as I saw this.

Sparkskey translated written preview for ep6: Kangsan who didn’t block his mother’s death blow goes to find Kimura Kenji to exact revenge. Kangto receives news that Gaksital has appeared again and rushes to there to find Gaksital intending to kill Kenji. He aims his gun at Gaksital….

Character list:

Joo Won as Lee Kang-to (K)

Jin Sae-yeon as Mok Dan (D)

Park Ki-woong as Kimura Shunji (S)

Han Chae-ah as Chae Hong-joo (a gisaeng. Japanese identity: Ueno Rie). (H)

Shin Hyun Jun  as Lee Kang-san, Kang-to’s older brother who is the original Gaksital. (KS)

Yoon Bong – kil as Abe Shinji (the chubby guy with the hat that is with K all the time)

Jeon No Min as Dam Sa Ri (D’s dad and leader of the independence movement )

Kimura Taro (the actor who played the president on city hunter- dont know his real name. he has two sons kenji and shunji)

Kimura Kenji (that scowling guy with the mustache who is out to kill K. Kenji is Taro’s son and S’s brother)

Kono Goji (the old actor from Moon who played minister yoon and B’s dad. Goji can also be spelled as Koji. On the show he is referred to as Konno but there are way too many K names as it is.)

Leader Jo – head of the circus (I give up memorizing any more circus characters – too many names to remember as it is)

Sunhwa (Dan’s circus friend)

Kenji’s spy girl from the circus

Baek Geon is Lee Sun’s (k’s dad’s) subordinate

Katsuyama Jun is H’s bodyguard – the guy with the long hair tied back (what kind of spy has her own bodyguard-this drama is trying to kill me by adding on more characters each episode)

The Ki group that the 5 men belong to is called the Kishokai (I cant remember how to spell this during live recaps to save my life)

the other Kishokai members besides Taro are:

UH– Ueno Hideki – the leader of this group and the man H calls “father” cuz he adopted her

Lee Si Young is a Count with the wife who cheats on him. his son is friends with K.

Woo BJ -hospital director and doctor

Park IS Newspaper owner

Jo YG-in charge of banking


Starts from kenji asking if KS is Gaksital and counting to 3. KS’s mom gets shot and dies and KS yells. Baek walks by and sees kenji and his men leaving. He quickly goes to KS’s home.

KS tells his mom please wake up mother. why do you keep sleeping. mother, your son is not a fool. I’m going to tell K too that his hyung is not a fool. and to stop doing what he has been doing so that you can rest comfortably and live for a long long time. After father went first, I was going to get revenge for him…i was going to tell you everything…KS cries and keeps saying mother wake up.  you’ll be cold. hurry it’s cold. let’s get up mom. he sees the mask fall out from under her skirt. He cries more

KS lays his mom in her room and touches her head. Baek comes in calling out for KS. He sees the mom as KS touches her hand. Baek says “it’s me” to the mother. He asks KS what happened. KS covers her up. Baek asks if Kenji did this –why would he do this. KS says I didn’t do anything and just stood there. ajusshi even when he held a gun to my mother, to hide that I was Gaksital, mother went towards him. Baek calls out to KS’s mother. KS: I debated- What happens if I get discovered here. what about my father’s revenge. what to do about our K. KS looks over at him. KS: Even if I do this- am I her child. Am I a person?  (as in does he have the right to call himself her son and a person for letting her die)Baek: young master. KS takes the mask and gets up to go. Baek says you cant do this. your mother put her life on the line to save you – it wasnt to do this. but KS says he is the one who killed my mother (meaning kenji) He is the one who killed my mother! KS runs off

Jo’s secretary comes back to the injured men and asks if they are ok. he tells them everything will be ok. the guy says how he got his clothes taken by Gaksital (that was the outfit Gaksital wore when he dropped off the crates at the grandma’s home). Secretary says he called and told Jo that the money was stolen.  Until the police come, he told us not to move so let’s wait a little bit. Jun comes over dressed in the white police uniform. He kills all the men there

Kenji asks his lackey if Gaksital killed the employees from the bank. are you sure? how did you know that? His lackey says Taro said that. Gaksital killed the bank employees and took the money. to find you and invest the crime scene. Kenji says how good the timing is that Gakistal did this right before the event. the lackey is happy K will get in big trouble over this. kenji says that’s not enough-his fingers have to break. lackey says how upset K will be over his mom. He asks why kenji killed the mom. kenji says who killed her. that woman came at me. I should have killed that crazy guy. Kenji tells him to act well so K cant suspect it was kenji who killed her. The guy says of course

H meets Taro. Taro says as she ordered, he sent kenji and reporter park to the crime scene. an article will go out tm morning that gaksital killed innocent employees of the bank and stole the money. H says of course that should happen so that Konno Goji will be in a predicament (trouble). Taro compliments her and says she is UH’s daughter (for coming up with this plan). to use the incident with the stolen money like this.   She says since they settled up what’s left behind now they can proceed as planned and get that money back (that was given to the people). Taro doesnt understand and says “as planned?” H says it wasnt in our plan for Gaksital to give the money out to the people. Taro says that’s true but how can we get all that money back. it’s not possible so she calls Taro stupid and says how can you sit in Konno Goji’s position. She warns him that Gaksital can no longer be a hero to the joseons anymore

Crime scene photos are taken of the murdered men. The reporter Park is there and recites the article he is going to write that Gaksital stole cash and killed innocent bank employees. Kenji says you left out something so Park mentions K. that he will include K and say something bad about him in the article too. kenji tells the men to work quickly. K calls out wait and runs over.

K checks out the crime scene and looks at the men’s throats which were slit. Park says to K-I heard you are in charge of Gaksital’s case. your skills at capturing a killer is dead.  are you going to just watch as Gaksital does this. K says who said Gaksital did this?  park says it’s obvious. who else would do this without fear besides Gaksital these days. K says there is no motive to do this, no “Ki” mark  left on their chest, and the victims throats were slashed. you think Gaksital did all this?   kenji says a report came in that Gaksital stole the cash boxes. K asks do you think this injuries were caused by (Gaksital’s usual weapon). Kenji says you don’t want it to be Gaksital. cuz if Gaksital is the culprit you will get in trouble. K says to Park – all of this was done by a sword (meaning Gaksital doesn’t use swords) Even though I explained all this nicely so if you write in your paper that Gaksital did this or that, you know my temper right. Park laughs and says you know that a journalist can kill with a pen right? K says this crime wasnt done by who they think. K leaves the crime scene. kenji tells the men to clean up

Kenji tells the lackey to go to K’s home right now. the guy says should I kill that crazy bast*&^%.  kenji says let’s watch K to see if he stays loyal to the Japanese even after his brother and his mom dies- should we place a bet.

Gaksital shows up and fights the officers. Gaksital beats up kenji and his lackey. Park hides in the car. K runs back to the crime scene when he hears a gunshot.  Gaksital is about to strike Kenji and kill him. But K shows up and fights Gaksital. KS says in his head “Kangto”. kenji gets up as K and KS fight. KS says in his head “please don’t do this Kangto”. kenji was trying to get away but Gaksital hits him. KS says to K in his head “be careful. please” He knocks K down. Gaksital looks over at kenji. As he goes to hit Kenji, K shoots his brother in the ribs. K stands over Gaksital. Baek shows up and beats up K and knocks him out. Baek takes KS away. K wakes up and goes after Gaksital

Baek is trying to help KS walk but he is bleeding a lot. They leave a blood trail so K says bingo. K follows it.

As soon as they get in the gates of his home, KS cant go anymore. Baek says you have to run away from here. He tells Baek to get away. Baek says it’s dangerous here. after you get out of here but KS says mother – how can I leave my mother behind. Baek urges him. KS says be sure to tell K how father passed away. And be sure to tell him why I had to put on the Gaksital. K is at his gate. KS hears him and tells Baek to get away right now. he pushes baek away. Baek runs off.

K comes in holding his gun aimed at KS and says Bingo. of all the places, you ran away to the lion’s lair/den?  Gaksital is in my front lawn at my home. This is fun. Fine. Let’s see who you are first. K leans over to remove the mask, but KS holds out his hand for K to stop.

K waits as KS takes the mask off himself. K stops smirking.

KS looks up at him. K is stunned. K: hyung. KS: yes it’s me hyung. KS puts the mask down on the ground. K looks at that and says – it doesn’t make sense – it was you? you were Gaksital. KS: I am sorry. I wanted to take care of everything. I didnt want to give you any burden. I wanted to handle everything. K asks how could you be Gaksital. how could you be? you were a fool. you were a dummy. KS touches his face and says our kangto is good looking. My younger brother. I am going to miss you so what do I do. KS closes his eyes, falls back, and dies. K recoils back in shock. He looks at him then at the mask. K remembers all the times he fought with Gaksital and how Gaksital saved his life. K keeps crying and shaking his head back and forth in denial. he remembers how his brother wouldn’t let him look at the bloody clothes he was holding. How his brother fed him. How K beat up his own brother. How his brother waved goodbye to him. K keeps shaking his head no. he looks over at his home. He says “mom. mom come out. I think hyung is dead. Come out mom!”

He goes inside and sees her there. he takes the blanket off and says “don’t you hear me. I said get up.” he realizes she is dead. He screams out in anguish and gut wrenching pain.

Korean people talk about what would we have done if  Gaksital wasnt here. (they are happy to have their money back) the guy says how much trouble K will be in cuz of Gaksital. the woman says what are you going to do if K hears about this. They all decide to cheer for Gaksital. then those men suddenly look serious

K is holding his mom’s face and crying and saying mom over and over. he holds her hand. suddenly he looks outside and goes to his brother.

He shakes his brother and says you are Gaksital? someone like you is Gaksital? you couldn’t even protect mom, but you save joseon people? what a joke. it was you wasnt it. cuz of you mom died huh? she got shot cuz of you. cuz you were Gaksital. let’s go-let’s go the station. I am going to report you. I am going to throw you in front of Taro. he tries to pick up his brother but Baek stops him. K asks who he is. Baek introduces himself as the one who served K’s dad. don’t you know me? K grabs him and says you did this didn’t you. you made my innocent hyung turn into Gaksital didn’t you. Baek says I will tell you everything from the start till the end. K: from the start to the end. You saw? You saw who killed my mother. Baek says calm down first. K: tell me. Tell me! Baek: I cant tell you everything yet. He says cuz KS died like that he cant lose K too. K remembers how KS tried to kill kenji. K says kenji’s name and takes his gun and runs off. Baek calls after him. Baek picks up the mask and tucks it under his shirt and chases after K

Baek tries to stop him but K holds a gun to his head and says move aside before I shoot you-move. baek steps aside to let K pass but strikes K by hitting a pressure point to make K pass out

Those Korean men who cheered for Gaksital set fire to K’s home. K’s mom burns inside and fire surrounds KS too (these men hate K so they did this)

Baek is carrying K on his back and people are at K’s home trying to put out the fire. K gets off Baek’s back and tries to go to his home. He yells no. let go. Baek holds him back from going into the fire

The circus people are practicing and the man yells save me. he calls for the leader. the woman says you are being loud. a girl says she offered to step in for D but the woman said no. the woman says the girl cant do this. the man keeps saying save me cuz the woman is going to throw sharp objects at him. They tie him up at the woman’s order.  the woman says she is rusty from being out of practice for a few days resting so she doesnt know if she can aim well. she asks if she should aim for his lips. he says no. she throws at the count of 3. The man screams

S brings lunch and wakes abe up using K’s voice. Abe gets up and reports there was nothing strange. S says it’s just me. Abe says you startled me. S asks if K is inside. I packed plenty so all of you eat together. Abe says how S’s cooking skills are great. Abe is happy about the packed lunch. S says I will go cuz I am not suppose to be around here and cant run into K. Abe says K isnt here now cuz Gaksital robbed Jo’s bank employees. K left at night and Abe hasnt heard back from him at all. S asks abe to go get a newspaper for him and I will guard mokdan. Abe says don’t let anyone in cuz she is not allowed to have visitors. S says don’t worry and hurry and go and come back.

S gives D the lunch. She says it looks really delicious and cant believe he made all this. S says she has been cooking for 4 yrs so he can make most general things. her arms are hooked to IV and other is handcuffed and cant reach the food so S offers to feed her.  she eats and smiles at him. he asks if it’s edible and she says it’s delicious. Abe comes running over with the paper. S says release the handcuffs first. even though she is under custoday, she is still a patient. does it make sense to cuff a patient all night. Abe says he was given the cuffs by K before he left. but S argues D has to eat. Abe agrees and says he will release her cuffs. He lets her go. He says how Gaksital was shot by K’s bullet. D: what did you say.she reads the paper. Abe says if Gaksital ran away after being shot, then Gaksital will die for sure. S says abe should eat too so Abe thanks S and goes out to eat. D is about S to check on gaksital and says never mind. S guesses and says you are curious about what happened to Gaksital arent you? (like what his current condition is). S offers to find out. she thanks him. S says since Gaksital put his life on the 3 times to save her so he is grateful to Gaksital too. D says I might know him. he asks if she has an ideas who he might be. she says that person put his life on the line not just once or twice but 3 times to save me so he might be … In her head she says: He might be young master. it’s true. he must be young master.

Baek  and K are at the gravesites. His mom and brother’s. the mask is next to KS’s grave. Baek says for the sake of repaying K’s father’s unjust death, KS had to avoid their eyes. after KS was caught and jailed, he had to pretend to be crazy to avoid danger. so KS had no choice but to live as a fool. he says how it hurt KS’s heart everyday cuz K was after him. how KS waited for the day that he could reveal to K that he was Gaksital. K says I want to be alone.  Baek leaves him and K remembers how he insulted KS and told him to die and kicked him saying I don’t need a hyung like you. how KS chased after his car saying hyung was wrong. How his mom prayed for K – for him to live like a person and not commit any more sins. How K cried and told his brother –“ I don’t know a better way than this. hyung say something.” how his brother fed him the next morning. How his mom and brother gave him their soups to eat. How KS said “my dongsang. I will miss you so what do I do.” K cries and yells out hyung

Goji asks is there still no news of him. instead of just saying there is no news of him shouldnt you be looking more. Taro lists the places that have been checked and they are checking into hospitals to see if a gunshot victim came in. Goji says I was talking about K. Taro says oh you were worried about K? I thought you were worried about losing Gaksital. Goji says K was chasing after Gaksital, so if they find K they can find out what happened with gaksital.  Taro asks why do you care so much about K. goji:what? taro accuses Goji: instead of Gaksital who is opposing the Japanese rule, why is a Korean more important to you. Goji: a korean? Taro: how is the result of putting K in charge of Gaksital’s case? innocent bank employees are murdered, the money from the bank was stolen, and even my own son was injured. but there isnt a single call from K. whether he is alive or dead- caught or lost (slipped through his fingers)-there is no word. do you still think K should be in charge of Gaksital’s case? from today I will be in charge of Gaksital’s case. do you object? I will think (assume) you gave permission and leave now

Some man is eating a lot. his secretary called the man Parkha and annouced Goji is here to see him.  (Goji calls the man hyung during their conversation and they spoke informally) Goji comes in and says I have something to tell you. after the secretary leaves, goji speaks freely and uses banmal and gets mad about taro. Goji asks when are you going to fire Taro. he looks down on Koreans.  Park says I am in the middle of eating. Goji says havent you eaten breakfast yet. what is that (he imitates how the man was eating every grain of rice) Goji says do something about Taro. park says fire him or transfer him or something then. he says something like why let him walk all over you. Goji says what can I fire him with. Park says why do you only know how to go straight ahead. sometimes you have to make Uturns. if only you werent my younger junior (hoobae) from my hometown.  Goji says how many times do I have to tell you that taro and choi took a picture together. Park gives him advice so goji gets his train of thought and says “money and women”

Taro and his group are meeting. Lee and others asks if gaksital was caught. did he die? why is there no news of K?  if he chased after Gaksital who was shot, he should report in by now. How did K end up letting gaksital run off. what if Gaksital tells K all about us? what do we do then? Taro says I am in charge of gaksital’s case starting from today. I will take care of everything so you all don’t have to worry. there are not many days left.  No matter what we have to do we have to finish this up before the event. Taro leaves the room. Lee gets mad and calls Taro frustrating and says are we machines

Taro puts kenji in charge of gaksital’s case. kenji thanks him and promises to do his utmost. Taro: whether it’s K or Gaksital, find them and kill them. if K finds out about Kishokai through Gaksital, if Konno Goji finds out, things will get beyond our control. Kenji agrees to find and kill K and Gaksital

Kenji goes to the hospital to D’s room. Abe is tied up to the bed and gagged without his uniform. kenji asks where the girl went. Abe says it’s only been ten mins since she left wearing my uniform. Kenji tells the men to go look for her. kenji asks abe: have you heard news from K. abe says K was chasing gaksital. nothing happened to him right. Kenji doesn’t answer and leaves Abe tied up. abe says you have to free me first before you leave

D is walking out wearing Abe’s uniform when the alarm rings so she changes into a nurses outfit. She walks past kenji and his men. Kenji tells them to look everywhere for D. Kenji looks at the back of D walking away. His spy shows up and calls out D’s name (D would have made it if it wasn’t for that spy girl calling out her name). the spy girl smiles.

D is tied up and kenji says i dont like dragging things out.  let’s end this quickly. Where is gaksital. in her head, she says “he isnt dead yet. he is still alive.” Kenji: you know him dont you? you are working together. where is he? D: Ask K cuz he chased Gaksital. kenji applies pressure where she hurts and says are you still not going to talk -even though I do this

The spy girl comes in crying and tells the circus people-what do we do- D was caught. Sunhwa asks why. Leader asks how she could be caught since she was in the hospital. The girl says she went to the market to buy a hairpin and was passing by in front of the hospital and she saw D wearing a nurse’s uniform and getting caught by the police. Leader thinks D was trying to escape. Sunwhaw says she will go and ask S cuz he will know something. the spy girl cries and pretends to be upset about D

S looks at a mask and remembers how D said gaksital might be someone she knows cuz he put his life on the line 3 times to save me. he might be…

Sunwha comes in with her brother and mentions’ D’s name so S rides off on his bike again

Kenji asks his lackey what happened. The guy says K’s home was burned down by the korea citizens after what K did to them (when K beat them up last time and put them in jail). kenji asks about K’s mom and K’s hyung. the guy says of course they died. you dont have to worry about anything. Kenji: maybe there is no word from K cuz he is having a funeral for them. the guy says K cried in front of his burning home.  kenji: I worried for nothing.

Suddenly K shows up dressed as Gaksital and fights off officers. he kicks the lackey before he can shoot K. Then he kicks kenji. K knocks down the other officers. S rides up on his bike and runs into the station. Kenji is trying to get away from K. the lackey gets up again so K punches him out.

A guard is watching D and she is tied up.

K punches kenji a lot and beats him with his fists. K punches Kenji’s throat and blood spurts out of his mouth.

S arrives to see that. Just as Kenji falls back dead, K looks up and locks eyes with S. S yells out hyung.

S leaps and punches K. then S attacks K with a sword. They fight. they are face to face, eye to eye.


wow cant believe kenji died too. so that’s how S becomes K’s enemy. taking the life of a brother for a brother – epic.


Taro makes the paper write that S killed Gaksital and says ” even if he is alive, he has to die by your hands”

K hits himself and asks his brother: what’s so great about this. was this that important?

D : do you really think Gaksital died? Gaksital didnt die

S asks: is MokDan the only way to catch him?

K asks S: can you protect that girl till the end

S back hugs D.

S: even if Mokdan killed my hyung, I cant give up on that girl. K says to him: I am sorry S.

K: Gaksital didnt die -he will show up again for sure

Am I the only one who thinks JW’s next drama or movie should be a romantic comedy? Even though he is so great at dramatic roles, I want him to play a happy character from start to finish. No action scenes, just hanging out in snazzy suits, eating great food, and driving a sports car while singing along to the music blaring from the speakers. Actually make that a tropical locale so he can get some tan cuz this guy is too pale. No yelling or screaming at all cuz I was so afraid he would strain his vocal chords from yelling so much on tonight’s episode. I bet the woman who played his mom had a hard time too. He was sobbing all over her face. in between takes I bet she told him to ease up on those tears a bit cuz she was getting drenched. either that or she had to fight back her own tears cuz she was just as moved as us. I don’t know why, but part of me cried cuz of the actor. before this drama started, he felt so much pressure being the lead. he has killed himself with all the training and preparations to do justice to this role. watching how he threw himself into this character broke my heart. I know he already feels rewarded just by being in this position playing a lead, but I wish he got some recognition from his critics as well. How great would he feel if he read a formor critic suddenly change his/her mind and start to praise him. Knowing him – just based on interviews and stuff, he seems to have a soft heart. More than likely, instead of focusing on all the great acclaim he gets from his supporters, that one voice of dissent will make him lose sleep at night. For his sake since he has 18 more episodes to go, I hope those voices of dissension were silenced for good by his admirable portrayal tonight.

I didn’t know where to put these cuz he actually smiled a few times in this episode.

Off topic: I ran into Lee Kwang Soo, that tall guy from City Hunter and Running man on the street today. I was so tempted to go over and say I saw you at the Baeksang awards. You sat next to Uee all night so I was wondering if you could tell me what Uee and Joowon talked about so much during the awards show. In the last second, I chickened out cuz I realized how rude that would be to the guy. He was probably hoping his fan approached him so I didnt want to make him feel bad that I had no idea what his name was even. I had to google him just now to get his name down. 🙂


174 comments on “Bridal Mask E6

  1. Ann J says:

    Still stunned by the ep6 events… Expected tears…. yet totally unprepared…. haven’t got over the heart wrenching wailing. EPIC, EPIC episode!!! So Curious to see what surprises will be in stored for the next 18 episodes.
    I doubt we will be hearing him shouting ‘GAKSITAAAAAAAAL’ anymore.. Its Shunji turns now, bet it won’t sound the same anymore!!!
    Joowon for Best Actor!!!!


  2. bbblue73 says:

    BTS photo, i think this for ep.7.
    Poor Kangto. Can we offer you something to keep you warm after that scene?lol
    credit to baidu


  3. SS says:

    My oh my….Lee Kang To is attracting the fairer sex like all creatures are to JW. Pray, tell me where does he find them. Maybe every time he needs to take a break, he’ll just don the mask and chill out on the roof, huh?

    credit baidu:

    if i didnt read the chinese word properly, this lady is a geisha who holds a candle for our dear boy and helps him(out of sticky situation)

    See, D, as surely as you push him away, there are many in the queue.


  4. SS says:

    I read this on korea portal website and almost cried:

    “Shin Hyun Joon of KBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Bridal Mask’ encouraged Joo Won for his transformation for Part 2 of the drama,’revealing a brotherly love until the end.
    On the 14th, Shin Hyun Joon updated his Twitter, “I bow in thanks to those who supported me during my appearance in ‘Bridal Mask.’ I will pass down the bridal mask, which holds my affection, sweat, and passion, to my loving younger brother. He will be a greater Gaksital than I was. Please love ‘Bridal Mask’ to the end and fighting to my younger brother Joo Won!”

    AAAWWWWWW!!! Such brotherly love! I am getting mixed reel and real life mixed up real bad.


    • bbblue73 says:

      I bet SHJ have no brother siblings coz he treat JW just like his own brother. Wow how lucky our Joowon to have SHJ & 1n2d hyungs. Much more lucky for them to have & to know Joowon in their lives.
      Thanks SS.


      • SS says:

        you know bbblue, from all his interactions with his hyungs, his mother and co-stars, I’ve long come to the conclusion that Joowon is a terribly affectionate, sentimental sort of guy plus he needs a lot of skinship. Obviously he can’t do it with any girl so we just see lots of it with the guys. So, how is it that this guy is single? Obviously his work and career is the greatest obstacle to him dating and having a relationship. I am glad he has a great family, friends and colleagues around him cuz he’s the kind who’d probably die from lack of social interaction.

        I just post a comment on OBsession that the QIHM couple been spotted dating for real. They look like they are in heaven. My heart ache as I hope our precious dears will experience the same type of joy.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Seems that ladies keep coming to Lee Kang To, aigoo who can resist him!

    I’m looking forward to love story between KT and MD to begin and how will it develop. In OB, Taehee is the awkward bf.. But here, KT is the ‘playboy’ 🙂

    Glad to hear the news of QIHM, as an OBnians, I want the same to Joo Won (.. and hopefully Uee)


    • ty88 says:

      Are sure KT will play as play boy?? will be nice it that true..come to me too ke ke ke


      • Anonymous says:

        Hihi. Well, not really a playboy.. But someone experienced with girls, unlike his role in OB 🙂


        • ty88 says:

          ho ho just can’t imagine if he play role as it will more interesting..i think it’s good idea for next drama.. make Joo won as playboy ..will make the girls dying..luv that


    • Anonymous says:

      yes,,the ladies keep coming to lee kang to..and i noticed that geisha girl is pretty… are bad boy kang to ahhhh….
      i’m looking forward to relationship between Rie and Kang to..i know Kang too will never fall for her…but i’m still curious about their relationship..coz tell you the true..Rie is a beautiful lady,she is a kind a perpect match for the playboy KT..he..he..and i found the leading lady for this drama is not quite’s too bad!!!!


      • Dreamgirl says:

        me too iam curious what will happen between Kang To and Rie. Hope they end up together even there is the other female lead, Mok Dan. I think they sizzle together. although i am a Tae Hui Bak Jaun fan and Uee and Joo Won fan, at least for the series to be great as well, then let Kang To fall for Rie LOL


  6. ty88 says:

    i still shocked by Ep 6!! so Amazed !!! how he can cry like that, i can feel his sadness, suffer, angry, regret, longing when his mother & brother dies..he could convey true sadness as well occur !! Joo won Daebaak!!!!


  7. bbblue73 says:

    BTS photo from the 18th shooting.
    Second pic makes me think that he is busy with his phone again, lol.
    Look more closely on the 3rd pic. I bet u’ll notice something good & “U” can brag out loud now, lol. (here i am again)

    credit to baidu


  8. ty88 says:

    guys..can you tell me where i can download goodbye day that song so mach, give me the link pls…


    • bbblue73 says:

      This is the link:
      Just click “save as” & wait for download. Wait until it’s done & you can open & start listening while sipping a cup of cantata coffee, hehe.

      [audio src="" /]


  9. thom says:

    Thank you so much softy semi-fly, sparkskey
    “gaksital” this drama let joowon take lead role and I can watched joowon on screen much time in gaksital and he can show his talented in several emotion screen like badguy, action screen, full stream heartbreaking screen, anger sad lonely playboy gealous and If I wanna watched joowon be him self I just watched him in 1n2d.


  10. bbblue73 says:

    Watch out for our Hero Kangto’s new image in Gaksital eps…

    credit to baidu


    • bbblue73 says:

      Just a bit bigger photo size for a clear vision


      • SS says:

        *Hug* bbblue. Thanks dear, can always count on you daily for updates. Been busy today and starting to feel “normal’ again, you know, like doing all the stuff I am supposed to do instead of swooning, mopping or trawling the internet. But tomorrow is Wed, so I will be back to my deranged state. Never felt more delighted, LOL!

        Who wants to be this cushion? Please Q up behind me….


        • Ooww… so that was Joowon, I thought he just took a random picture on the set, a film crew/staff or someone he knew on the set 🙂
          Poor Joowon, he looked extremely exhausted.
          He lift his leg like that, he must be walked & ran too much for Gaksital filming.


    • ty88 says:

      thanks for nice pics..joo won with new hairsyle!!!
      to be honest i’d prefer the old hair style.. he looks so handsome and natural with old hair style.. in the picure ( may be for next ep ) hair style look similar on SIU movie


  11. ty88 says:

    I guess the next episode KT will be very stressful with the death of his mother n brother, and more tragic he will broken heart found MD look very close with Sunji, i can not imagine how bad & suffered his feeling, i think it was the reason to play with any women like playboy. he just alone no sibling, none care n hug him at that situation..poor KT ..just do it whatever can make you happy & free.. just run from that situation, let go anything even that temporary…BIG HUG


  12. SS says:

    Funny BTS: Kang To and Kimura Kenji

    RIP Mr Scowling


    • bbblue73 says:

      Yeah both of them, but poor K, coz he really shed tears for real after that scene. Maybe becoz he knew that he can’t be with Kenji any longer on the set & he will die infront of his eyes with his two hands. *sobs*
      Thanks my dear SS.


      • SS says:

        oh bbblue, is that how you understand from the clip? I was wondering why he was dabbing his eyes as if he cried. You mean, he actually cried! OMG, this namja is real sweetie.


  13. bbblue73 says:

    Goodbye bicycle & hello tricyle for S.
    Wow our Kangto in his new transformation as GAKSITAL. I’m pretty sure that this is his natural hair.


  14. SS says:

    I love those lips but hate the hair!

    credit baidu:

    but it’s quite fitting for that era. reminds me of the original Bridal Mask movie in the 1970s where such hair style was in vogue.


  15. dreamgirl says:

    oh pls let the writers develop something for Kangto and the geisha girl who kissed. she is very pretty and matches the looks of Joo Won better than the Mokdan girl. I am a Baek Jaun fan – Uee fan but id like to see something nice and beautiful for Joo won and that other girl at least for Gaksital series only pls….


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