Big E4

No one does this look better than Gong Yoo. He is one of those rare actors who can say so much just from one expression – all of K’s suppressed emotions are welling up in this scene. Before D came into his life, he lived not knowing what self-sacrifice for someone you care about means. As he watches D taking care of him here, you can see the transformation that has taken place in his eyes when he stares at her. She is no longer just a teacher and a friend. She now embodies everything that is missing in his life – a loving mother, a caretaker, and someone he could fall in love with.

Thanks to Semi-fly for torrents and Sparkskey for written preview translations. 🙂

E5: Daran, filled with sadness, heads towards the hospital Yoonjae worked in…There, she realizes that the photo she stuck on has disappeared. As she is looking for the photo she finds the plane ticket to LA, and realizes the Yoonjae was preparing to leave her. Mari goes to find Daran’s fiance Yoonjae at his house randomly

Written before it aired: If everyone saw the preview from last night, we know what’s in store for us tonight. D has finally hit that brick wall of denial and run out of excuses to make for what K has been trying to warn her about when it concerns Y and S. The look on his face when he realizes where D is headed speaks volumes about the anguish and concern he feels cuz he realizes his teacher’s heart is about to break. In the span of just a few days, D is going through the gamut of emotions without her actual fiancé around. She experienced the elation of finding out belatedly that her fiancé fell for her at first sight, but tonight she will also realize how short lived that was. Finding out S’s home address on her own and confronting her suspicions might be one of the bravest things D has done so far. She needs to know the truth so she can stop putting Y on that pedestal he never belonged on to begin with. D wanted so desperately to trust in her fiancé, but it’s time for her to realize sometimes trust needs to be earned and not handed over so freely. To be fair, it’s hard to judge a man who can’t speak up for himself and defend his actions, but so far all of YJ’s actions are pretty much speaking for him in an all too clear voice. Now it’s up to D to open her ears and heart to accept the truth. Cuz we all know, as inexperienced as K is when it comes to matters of the heart, he still has the strength of youth so D has someone to catch her when she falls.

Wonder when these two will come out together cuz they are just too adorable in between takes.

*from here on I will be referring to Y as K until KJ/YJ wakes up from that coma.



Starts from K leaning in to kiss D and batting his eyes at her. then he pulls away. K: Why aren’t you avoiding it- you were going to just make contact. (Meaning kiss him) he says -look at this ajumma. no matter how much you crave this body there is an innocent 18 yr old inside this body. if you bump into this, there will be trouble. Isnt this forbidden for an adult. She says so this is what it feels like – when YJ came close to me- it would have felt like this. so he asks : what is this? did you really not go there? no way. (he motions with his hands meaning – did you never kiss YJ) She says I did go there, but I didnt get to see it. during that important moment I was asleep


flashback to when she stayed up all night working on preparing some event for school and while YJ went off to get coffee, I fell asleep. In the parked car, YJ leaned over and moved her head to face straight ahead and kissed her. D: in that moment I was so shocked so I woke up, but I couldnt open my eyes. I should have opened my eyes naturally, but I Iost my timing. K: so what happened. D: so i kept my eyes shut and came home. why couldnt I have opened my eyes then?  If only I had opened my eyes then more could have happened. (meaning they could have kissed more and stuff) K: dont feel too bad about it. you could have been mistaken (as in maybe it didn’t happen like that) cuz that is your specialty – imagining things and drawing them out longer than they were. D: I wasnt mistaken. K: you said you didnt see. how can you be certain that he kissed your lips.  She says how could I mistake something like that.

He leans over and says using YJ’s voice “I wonder if D is sleeping” He puts his hands up to her lips saying YJ could have checked with his hands to see if she was sleeping and then she thought that his hand was his lips. K: it could have been this. D: it didnt feel like he tapped me (with his hand). next K asks then maybe it was this. he makes a horrified face and uses YJ’s voice saying she is drooling (while she slept) so he wipes her drool with his thumb. K: wasnt it this? she says it didnt feel like it just passed by quickly like that, but since I didnt see properly… she tries both ways – the back of the hand and wiping her lips but suddenly K kisses her lightly and says was this it? D: yes. she realizes what happened (that he just kissed her) and starts to hit him. D: ya you punk. K: why are you hitting. you were confused so I only did it to confirm for you. D: why did you confirm it. a little thing like you – what do you know.  she starts to kick him so he says dont do that. if you keep hitting me I will go around bumping this into anyone (meaning he will go around kissing anyone) D: is that yours? it belongs to YJ shi.  K: that’s right -so why get so angry? since you bumped into your precious YJ’s. just act like you saw what you couldnt see -since this time you had your eyes wide open, you saw properly. did you like it? D: are you YJ shi? you are KKJ. K: if you know that, dont make me act like YJ shi again. if you mess with me, I said I will do whatever I want. He walks off angry so she asks where are you going. He says: home – to KKJ’s home.


CS says to M: you didn’t know K was hurt. Didn’t my noona tell you. M: noona? CS says back at school a while ago you met my sister. Gil DR teacher is my older sister. you must have met my brother in law too. M: brother in law?


He goes and shows M YJ’s pic and says he is marrying my sister in a month. my brother in law is a doctor at this hospital. She says this ajussi is the doctor in KJ’s hospital. M tells CS to leave now. CS wonders what M has to do with his brother in law and sister. M walks away wondering why Y deceived her


D goes to K’s home and he asks why she came again. She says she dropped by cuz she forgot to give him something. K: come in teacher.


He is eating pizza with coke so he holds it out so she can watch him eat. so she starts her lecture saying isnt it too heavy to eat before sleeping. plus there are too many calories and it’s not healthy. K: then this ajussi will gain weight and not feel good inside.  she tells him to chew and eat slowly and be sure to brush after he is done. K: he wont die if I forget so leave it alone and go. D says even if you dont like this, I think you should keep up with this. and takes something out of her bag. K: what now? what else do I have to do in YJ’s place? She gives him notes to study for the times he missed classes. you are a student who needs to study. even if you miss school, make sure to keep up with your studies. I will be next to you helping. K: whose notes are these? D: the number one kid who studies the best in your class. K: when I go back, that kid will become second. why cuz I will become first. she says how people said he studied well in america. K: it’s not just at the level of doing well – I was excellent. I was a God of studying. D: if you want to keep doing well then you need to work diligently. K: I will – I’m going to Seoul university. of course I could go to Harvard but I promised my mom I would go to Seoul university in Korea. that’s why my mom bought me this home. D: if your mom sees how well you study and how well you are doing alone, she will be very proud. I will help you so you can go to Seoul U. he asks for some help with a math problem and she starts to struggle cuz this isnt the subject she is in charge of


M holds KJ’s hand and remembers how Y said “KJ is doing well so there is no need to worry so go back” and “I will make sure to tell him to call you to say goodbye and even if he cant call he will text.” M says KJ is like this so who is going to text me. She texts Y.

D is still trying to solve that same math problem so K smirks watching her work so hard. He gets a text from M “KJ you said you would contact me – I am so curious. before I leave, text me at least.” K thinks if I dont send it she wont leave. so he texts – be well and go safely. K says since she came all this way, should I say one more thing. he is about to but gets a photo from M taken next to KJ so K says – oh gosh. I am going to go crazy. he runs off so D asks where are you going

M speaks to KJ’s uncle. he says yes are you the friend who came from America. the aunt asks what M had to say when she called a while ago.  M says I am going to take KJ to America

D suggests telling M the whole story if she is such a close friend of his but K says: you dont know M well so that’s why you are saying that. D: will she do anything bad. K: she is bad- from here on M will try to stay by my side.

cue creepy stalker music


M promises to stay next to KJ from here on.


K: if she knows this body is KKJ, she will try to stay by my side. day, night, 24 hrs -every day on she will stick by my side.  D imagines M clinging to him and not letting him go. K says no matter how much I tell her to get away, she wont listen to me. D says then that girl cant know. let’s go.


K’s uncle and aunt are happy. she says there was someone who could take K away to america. his uncle wonders if the doctor in charge will give permission since K will ride on the plane. aunt says if the doctor in charge hasnt left work yet then maybe they can get K discharged tonight. his uncle thinks there will be a morning flight. K watches and says if uncle is happy then it means he is sending me to America. D asks what to do. if she got permission from your uncle, what do we say to convince her. K says convincing her wont work. we have to give her a great shock and blow her mind.


M says KJ looks like he is sleeping. In fairy tales, the sleeping princess wakes up with a kiss from the prince. She leans over to kiss KJ, but K stops her. K: I told you to go quietly but you found out and came. she slaps his hand away. M: I almost went back without knowing but thankfully I found out and came. ajussi why did you lie to me. liar. con artist. I am going to tell everyone at the hospital that a doctor lied about a patient. K:I never lied. as you can see he is getting his treatments and is doing well. M:  I am going to take KJ with me to America. he would want to go with me too. why? cuz there is no one here KJ likes.


K: KJ will want to stay here.why cuz the person he likes is here. M: someone he likes? KJ doesnt have that. K: he does. here. he points to D and says KJ likes Gil DR teacher. M: KJ likes that teacher? K winks at her to go along. D: KJ? me? K: From the first time he met her on the bus he liked her so he followed her off the bus. M asks D: really? D: that did happen. K: Then he kept following her around and pretended to run into her by accident at the furniture store. M doesn’t believe it and asks D: that’s not it right? D: we did meet by accident at the furniture store. M: this is ridiculous.  KJ is not the kind of kid who would secretly follow someone around. K says KJ got caught by me for following my fiancé around so I met him and he opened up and told me this and that about himself. M: liar – that would never happen. K: How else would I know so much about him – like you said, I am not the type KJ would get close with. M gets mad and says D is not the type KJ likes. he said he likes woman like Angelina Jolie who has charisma so I went around putting emphasis on my eyes. that teacher is not at all what he would like so what does he see to like her? K says this without looking at D: cuz she is pretty – the more he saw her, she was pretty so that’s why he did that he said. (D tries not to feel so flattered) So the person that body needs to regain consciousness isnt you, he needs her (he points to D) so D says to M: you said your name was mari right? I will watch over KJ well cuz I am his teacher. As they walk out, K whispers to D that it’s game over


D says that K likes someone else seems to be the greatest shock to M. K says after she leaves, I can tell her later that’s not it. D says what you said a while ago about me – you really don’t mean that right?  you made it up huh.  He says of course. did you worry by any chance? you are overreacting too much. D: just say you didnt – why say it like that. when he walks off, she says why did he have to add the part about her being pretty cuz that’s why YJ shi said.


M looks at D’s pic and says no wonder cuz K wouldn’t go around taking D’s pic unless he was interested


K is bragging to D that he is a pro cuz of what he said in front of M but M comes running over. M goes up to D and asks: you dont feel that way right? you don’t like K at all right? D says of course cuz I am going to marry Seo YJ. M says: but still -KJ is way better looking and cooler than that ajussi. (K cant help but be pleased) D says: that’s not true. in my eyes, KJ is just a baby. and I am not the kind of person to play with a young kid like that. did you worry. this is when kids like you say this is overreacting too much (she threw K’s phrase back at him). M: so you cant ever change your mind. D: that will never ever happen. M: I think you are a good person teacher. CS is your younger brother huh? tell him I will deduct ten pans (of pizzas). M notices K wearing KJ’s fav clothes. he lies it’s my clothes. she says it’s the same as KJ’s fav. clothes.  he says I like this the most. She asks if he is imitating KJ. K: KJ imitated me. M tells him not to copy her cuz he crossed his arms like hers.  he accuses M of imitating him and she does the same. They keep fighting like kids in front of D


his aunt says if KJ rides the plane he will need a lot of paperwork. the uncle thinks so. M walks by and the aunt says we just spoke to the doctor in charge and discussed things, but M cuts her off and says “we aren’t going”


K stares at separate photos of YJ’s parents and ask if they are YJ’s parents. D says yes and YJ’s parents both live abroad. K: that’s good cuz I dont have to pretend to be their son.  she says it seemed like YJ called his mom often so she will worry. (K gets her hint and sits and asks for the number). She dials so he can speak to YJ’s mom. (his mom’s face is not shown) YJ’s mom says she worried cuz his phone was always turned off. nothing is going on right? he says I was busy. She says even if you are busy you can meet on that day right. I am going to korea soon. Your dad wont forget that day too. let’s all meet on that day and discuss the wedding problem. He says ok. she says since you seem busy, let’s talk again later. he says goodbye. He hangs up and wonders what that day is. D thinks it might be a family gathering. He asks doesnt YJ have a diary or something – look through it. D says it will be in his phone. she takes it out. K takes it from her and asks what YJ’s birthday is. (They want to check Y’s planner on his phone but it’s locked) She says she knows the secret number. I saw it before last time – a quick glance – I didnt look on purpose.  K: then why didnt you unlock it? D: he locked it on purpose so if I open it how bad would he feel. how much of a woman with lack of manners will he think of me. he asks if she is trying to play by the rules alone right now and stay clean and ethical cuz he got dirty from lying to Jang Mari blatantly. if you keep doing that I wont do anything at all. She gives him the number to unlock the phone -o624. K is surprised and asks: this person’s secret number is 0624? he punches in the numers and unlocks the phone. K: it’s really true. is 6/24 YJ’s birthday? D: no why? he says that’s my birthday. he makes a comment about how that date is when someone as good looking as him was born so it’s a good passcode. He looks at the calendar and says the family is gathering on 6-24. She says the details for that date is not written and wonders what that day is about. He says we will know on that day.


The camera goes to the miracle planner on his bookshelf.YJ’s mom picks up the same one too where she is


K goes home and sleeps and remembers how Y and K were under water reaching for each other. K wakes up in a sweat.


D looks at Y’s phone and tries to justify unlocking it. she tells herself during that time he could have gotten important messages so she needs to check those. There is one text from the insurance company about the car. There are other texts so she scrolls down and sees how often S ate lunch with Y. S texted between 2 to 3 times each day. there is nothing much here. but there is a text about “did you see what I put in with the tea that you like? with that, from here on we wont need to divide it in half huh.” D wonders what else was given with the tea


S goes home and looks at her key on the floor that Y left behind. She says his name


D’s mom says D looks tired. you came home late so did you not sleep well? D: yes. Her dad asks when she can move into her new home. D says today she is doing the paperwork so she can go in by next week. Her mom says how busy D will be cuz of wedding preparations like move in the new furniture and film her wedding album. Her dad says even if you are busy make sure you study and dont miss it. D: ok. I will get up first. her mom asks why he has to talk about studying all the time


CS asks if D is sick. She tells him how she opened Pandora’s box last night. he doesnt get who that is and asks did she come from america too? D frowns at him. he asks what M noona’s relationship is with K. She says M is the same age as K and are friends. CS realizes M lied to him that she was a noona. I should ask her to deduct one pan. She says M told me to tell you to deduct ten pans. what does that mean? CS is happy. really? guess i should continue calling her noona.


D called K so K lists all the places they have to go to like insurance company, bank, realtor so K asks why are there so many places we need to go. I dont feel well so tell them I am sick and push it back to tm. she says if they dont take care of it today she will lose a lot of money. he charges her $100 and decides to fix his cracked phone screen when he gets paid.  He looks out and sees his uncle and aunt coming so he quickly cleans up and grabs some clothes and hides


His uncle says we should clean and then go. K is hiding. K says: cleaning? they must think I am coming back here at least. he leaves out the window


D is at school and AK asks what is bothering D so much all day. D says the tea. no I have closed Pandora’s box. Na says how he is going to KJ’s hospital today and offers D a ride if she needs to go. AK says he got friendly. D says thank you but I don’t need to go to the hospital today. He says that’s good I don’t have to give you a ride. AK says I have an appointment near there so give me a ride

K drove to school and called D. she asks if he met the car insurance person. K says everything was settled well and he was given a great rental car by the insurance company so he got a totally great car. I came to pick you up. D: what? car?


D goes out and asks if he drove the car here. K: then would I carry the car here. D: are you crazy? how can a kid drive so he says I have a driver’s license and drove around in america. She says this is Korea and asks for the key. he says I dont want to – it’s mine. they fight like kids trying to get the key out his hands. Kim comes over. K bows and says hello. Kim says you came again. she asks if he came today to get money for gas this time instead of cab fare. He says sorry for those interruptions and offers to buy her a meal next time. She says she doesn’t have time to fill her stomach cuz she is too busy filling her head. so he offers to recite from her book and recites some lines in Russian. Kim is impressed cuz he quoted someone she likes. she says his accent is great. When Kim leaves D asks where he learned Russian. K says from a Russian guy who worked in the kitchen at his mom’s restaurant. he asks for the car key but she says no. he says Kim is watching so D lets him drive.


They go to the bank and the secret number is the same as the one on the phone so D says thank goodness. K says this ajussi has a lot of money. must be nice for you Gil teacher. D decides to use Y’s money to pay for the new home deposit cuz she thought she might lose the contract fee on her reservation.

K says how he has to stay at her new home cuz he was almost caught by his uncle this morning when he showed up to clean. I think he isnt going to send me somewhere else now. D says but that home is for me and YJ for our new start so it would be weird for you to move in first and live there. K says should I harm your precious YJ shi’s body? she offers to give him the smallest room. K: if it’s small my bed wont fit. D: bed? you are going to bring that too? K : if it’s not my bed I cant sleep.  didnt you say there was a lot to do?


His uncle finds a man’s suit and says this isnt KJ’s clothes. the aunt asks whose dress shoes are these. he says that’s not KJ’s either. so he wonders if someone else is staying here. the aunt wonders if K met his dad. the uncle says: KJ’s dad? I dont even know who he is so how could KJ find him. the aunt thinks KJ could have heard about his dad from his mom and be meeting his dad secretly without the uncle and aunt knowing. the uncle says KJ’s dad is not in a situation where he can say he is KJ’s dad. he says the place will be clean if they take out the bed KJ brought from America. she wonders how to get rid of the bed. Since they cant sell it his uncle says leave it out for the trash to take it


D and K bought home furnishing stuff and loads the trunk. She says it’s comfortable having a car. K thinks the color of the blanket is childish. and the pjs too. she says it’s always like this for newlywed couples. she thinks it will look good on YJ and wonders if the pj is too small. he offers to try it on, but she says why should you wear this cuz then it will be worn. K: what? she tries to explain that it’s pjs for a couple and the socks are a set too. on their first night as a wedded couple they have to wear it together so it would be weird if he wore it first. (cuz it something she wants to share with YJ for the first time as newlyweds) K gets offended and says: never mind. even if you wanted me to put it on I wont. she says after they finish the paperwork for the new home and get the key, let’s put all this into the new home. K: there wont be anything there so what do I cover up with tonight to sleep? D quickly lies and says that blanket isnt for her new home it’s for her own bedroom and will give him a separate blanket. K gets mad and says never mind. I will go and get my own and use it. he walks off. she asks where he is going cuz they have to go buy dishes next door. K: I wont go. I am not going to use it so why should I carry it. I am going to go get my own stuff. she says then get your stuff and come to the realtors. you have to be sure to come there. is he sulking. but this stuff I have to share for the first time with YJ shi.


K mutters how selfish she is. When he goes home he sees his bed and belongings on the street thrown out with the trash. His uncle is talking to the realtor about selling the home quickly even at a lower cost. The man says since the home is clean and empty, it will go quickly. his aunt tells the guy to get rid of this stuff (K’s belongings). the man agrees to and says I will contact you.


D is at the realtor and the woman says the other party (apt owner) is almost here. your fiance is going to be here soon too right. D says yes.  it rains. The woman says D will live well since she bought a home on a rainy day (some superstition about rain being good when you buy a home) D  thanks her.

K quickly packs his belongings and bed and tries to cover it with plastic so it wont get wet from the rain.

They need Y to show up to complete the paperwork so D keeps waiting for him. she calls him but he doesnt answer


He tries to pull his bed inside out of the rain and is having a hard time cuz it’s heavy.


D keeps calling him but he isnt picking up. the realtor says Y is running too late cuz the other family who are selling their apartment is busy too.

D drives over and says -KKJ you keep not answering the phone. you are dead


She goes in and asks why he didn’t come and didnt pick up his phone. what were you doing? Were you moving your bed. K says: go cuz my condition isnt good. I will do it next time for you. She says this wasnt something he could miss out on cuz he didnt feel well. how many times did I tell you how important this was. K: I am asking you as a favor too so just go. D: are you really going to act like a kid.


She walks over to him and notices the floor is wet. then she realizes he is dripping wet. D: why are you like this? why are you soaked? K: I got rained on. D: then you should change. K: I dont have any – it was all gotten rid of. He says how his uncle came to clean but it was to clean up here and sell this home. they threw away all my things so I went and got them back, but it rained so I got wet.  She crouches down and asks if he is ok. K: I said I was sick-you dont listen to me at all. She feels his head for a fever. She goes out in the rain and gets some stuff from the car for him.


She comes back in and takes out her new blanket and wraps it around him. She says let’s go inside the room. She gives him YJ’s new honeymoon pjs to change into while she makes him something hot.


She goes back out to the car to get some pots and pans cuz everything in the house is gone. She uses all her new stuff to make him tea and tells him to drink this while she goes to buy him medicine.


K sleeps and then gets up and goes out. all the boxes from her stuff being unpacked is the first thing he sees. She asks did you wake up. come and sit so you can eat and then take medicine


She gives him porridge. She says after you eat that, take your medicine. He says she must be upset cuz now her “new start” household goods have become used cuz of him. She says I was going to open it and use this stuff anyway. K: you feel so upset so you cant even get angry huh? She says let’s go to my home. I will tell my parents you came cuz you are sick so do you want to sleep in CS’s room? He says no I want to sleep on my own bed. I will eat this and take med too so you can go now.


She feels his head and says you still have a fever so will you be ok. He says I wont let Seo YJ’s body get worse so dont worry. She asks do you really think I am only worried about YJ’s body. K: I know – cuz right now you are looking at me like you are thinking of me. D: you know? K: when you see KKJ- hearts arent popping out.

*he said that in a sad tone cuz it was true and it made him feel bad.


D goes out and finds the couple socks she bought on the ground cuz she dropped them in her haste earlier.


D goes and visits YJ. she sits by his bed and says there is so much I want to do with you – please hurry and come back


Y says: cuz of me- you didn’t get to take that important exam. what to do – I feel so sorry. D’s arm and wrist is in a cast and she says no stop saying you are sorry. he asks if she is going to continue preparing for that test. D: yes cuz this time i had some confidence, but it’s too bad I didnt get to take the test. that doesnt mean it was your fault at all. he says I have to take responsibility. D: what? Y: I have take responsibility for your life.


D sits and waits on a bench. Y comes running out and says you waited a long time didn’t you. sorry I have another surgery so I cant keep our appointment. she says it’s ok we can watch the movie next time. thanks for coming out to see me even though you are busy. then I will be going. He notices her skirt hem came undone. He says this surgery is more urgent. He staples her skirt. I will call you after the surgery ends. He runs off so she waves to him

End of flashback


D goes out wearing her pink socks on her hands. Inside YJ is wearing his blue ones.


K is playing with his toy figures.


Next morning, K goes to the bank dressed in a suit. He hands over YJ’s ID and bank book. He wants the entire amount in his account taken out.


D is buying pizza for K.  she gets a text from YJ’s phone for the amount that was taken out of the account. It’s over $900,000. (914,440,580 won)

the realtor introduces his uncle and aunt saying how K wants to buy this house now (why didnt his uncle recognize Y as K’s doctor).


D runs out with the pizza

K is signing the paperwork and buying his mom’s home back.

D runs over and it’s all over. K: what up? She says  – you are here. I thought you ran off with the money so I was alarmed. K: where would I go when this is my home? she asks why did you take out so much money. where is YJ’s money? K: I bought something. she asks what and looks at the paperwork asking what is this. K: I bought this home with YJ’s name. starting from today this home is YJ’s


She kicks him out of the house. he yells – Gil teacher – You were going to buy a home anyway. this home is really great. I got this really cheap. when I come back, I will give the money back. I will also pay you back for the deposit fee you lost (on the other home). [*doesnt that mean he has to use his mom’s money to pay YJ back so in essence, he paid for his own home? wonder if he will be able to get that money back for the home from his uncle.]


He sits outside and plays with stones. She is too mad to face him, but she sees his cold medication on the table


At night she goes out and says let’s go in and eat medicine. We can talk later after you are all better. He says I was wrong. I know it’s a home you have to start, but this home is the last thing I have left. I wanted to protect this home, but there was nothing i could do so I took advantage of being a grownup. I’m sorry. I was wrong. She says the value of this home price better not drop. Go in and take medicine. he tries to butter her up by saying he heard the realtor said how the price of the home was going to go up cuz a subway was going to be built nearby


Next day new furniture is brought into the home. D tells the movers where to put everything. K sits around and watches movers bringing in stuff. The bed she bought cuz it broke arrives. He pretends to hold on and fall cuz she told him not to touch it cuz it’s still not fixed. He wants to open the box with the radio but she wont let him. He doesn’t like the sofa and tell her to get something else so she says then you don’t sit here. she pushes him off. he pretends to be hurt so when she checks he yells you are stupid and runs off. she tells him to be clear this is my newlywed home with YJ. so from here on obey what the owner says.

She sets up house. He says why put YJ’s stuff in my room – is my room a storage


M goes to CS’s home. CS says I brought you here cuz you said you would deduct 50 pans but why did you suddenly want to come to my home. She asks where his sister’s room is. he takes her there and she says it’s the size of my bathroom. he says when his sister gets married this room will be his personal workout room. she looks at the invitation and asks if D is going to marry Y for sure. he says of course cuz his sister looks his brother in law a lot. she says I don’t like this ajussi cuz he is like K and totally follows everything K does. CS says my brother in law is a really good person –unlike K. she asks if that means he is saying K is a bad person. CS says no – I like KJ too. for KJ’s sake, I brought a print out without anyone knowing. She deducts more pans cuz he did that. she asks if she can drop by often. he says of course since she deducted 50 pans. but are you not going back to America. She says no not until K wakes up I am going to find out everything about your sister


K tries out the tv to check how many channels come out so D frowns at him. She gives him money and tells him to go buy drinks and fruit cuz her parents will be here soon.


As he leaves, he takes the car key. She gets a call from YJ’s phone so K sees that


K goes to meet S. he asks what he left behind at her home. She gives him the key that he dropped next to her bed. K: this….S cuts him off and says: Are you giving it back to me or did you drop it. dont confuse me and be clear about it. are you going to keep my house key or not.  he asks: this was your house key. I thought it was the one for the new newlywed home. She says this is my home key that I gave you. and since you didnt give it back and kept it, I thought you settled your wedding stuff and was coming to me. if you werent, then let’s stop this. she leaves. K: going to go crazy

D’s mom says this home is really nice cuz D said before that it was an apartment so what happened. D says it turned out this way. They unpack stuff from Y’s officetel and D finds the tea that S was talking about. D wonders what S put inside here.


K comes home while the family eats. K says did you come and bows and says hello to her parents.


D goes over and says where did go all this time after i sent you on that errand. You took the car didn’t you. you are prohibited from driving anymore. Give me the car  key. S’s key drops out of his pocket when she tried to get the car key out. she says this is the key we saw at YJ’s home. K: yes. D: i thought it was the key to the apartment we made a contract for but it doesnt seem to be. they didnt ask me to return it. K: it must be a key for another home. D: where does this key belong to for YJ to have it. K was about to tell the truth about the key but he cant do it. he says this key is broken so you cant use it. since it’s useless, I will throw it away. She says it’s Y’s so why are you throwing it away. He says it’s useless so why keep it around. I will throw it away so dont worry about it. he takes the trash out with the key inside


D’s family is going home and her mom says how she needs to come tm too to put everything in order. her dad worries that there wont be any food there when YJ’s parents come to visit. the mom says if Y comes and goes to their home there is no need to divide the food. D remembers how S texted that same thing – how there will be no need to divide that in half. D starts to get it and asks her mom: if he keeps going back and forth between the two homes, there is no need to divide things huh? her mom says of course cuz then Y could come to their home to eat since their homes are close by. D asks her mom: in order to make it comfortable for him to come often to our home, what should I give him. Her mom says should we give Y a key. so he can stop by when there is no one home too so he can be comfortable eating and then going.


D suddenly realizes and asks her dad to stop the car cuz I have somewhere urgent to go. CS calls out where are you going

K gets a call from CS. CS asks if his sister went there. K: no why? CS: cuz she suddenly asked to be let out of the car and ran away like crazy. she was acting a little strange.

K calls her and goes out. he notices the key was taken out of the trash bag


In a cab, D calls someone and asks for S’s home address cuz she heard it was near the hospital. D is holding S’s home key. K runs like crazy to S’s home


D walks over to S’s home. she stands in front of the door. She cant bring herself to try the key. K runs in and doesn’t wait for the elevator and takes the stairs.


D tries the key and it opens. S asks who is there. right before D can open the door, K runs over and turns D to face him. D is crying.  The door opens from inside but K pulls D to him and shuts the door.  D says let me go, but K shakes his head no.




D meets with S and says you dont have the right to be so bold in front of me. S asks when you two bumped into each other and you had that accident, where do you think YJ was going in a hurry.

D finds out when her wrist and hand was in a cast, Y got her ring sized with S. (the sales lady says the ring size will fit cuz Y told them he had her ring size measured.)

CS says how D fought with Y whether to go to the hospital or not

K musses M’s hair the way KJ used to so it makes M suspicious

S finds out that YJ and KJ were in the same car accident

D is sitting by YJ’s bedside. K offers to guard the door outside if she is going to end things with YJ but D says I am not going to end this. I am going to continue and act like I dont know anything.

The army made him a little rusty at this.  he seems to have missed his mark a bit here.  Yesterday when D bit his arm, he pointed out how it hurt. That made me wonder if K feels Y’s physical pain, doesn’t it mean he feels the after effects of the kiss on the bench as well.

I love that K has become the voice of reason in her ears. He doesn’t even like YJ so K isnt biased by what everyone else sees. His eyes, mind, and heart have the clarity of uncluttered preconceptions so unlike D, he sees what’s actually there and not what he wants to see. Getting D to open her eyes about who Y truly is might be the biggest favor that kid has ever done for her. it’s too bad she decided to table the truth about what’s been going on between S and Y. Maybe K is the only one who can make her snap out of her delusions.


Fanderay’s comment:

Is it possible not to adore this show? I think I almost died of of giddiness during the first few minutes. I expected no kiss, but then we got a flashback kiss, an adorable discussion of that kiss, another kiss, and then more cute antics to finish it off…it’s borderline absurd how much the writers are giving us love (and I thank them for it).

Poor D. Her mind is her own worst enemy in this scenarios since she’s just stuck with her own thoughts and can’t even confront the real Y to seek any sort of resolution. I already can’t wait for her to find out that the situation with S isn’t as bad as it looks, but who knows how long that could take. I don’t think that Y’s cold feet had anything to do with S, and that he was struggling with something regarding his mysterious family matters. I wonder how K ties in? Is he directly related to them by blood, or is his mother’s death the link? K’s birthday might not just be K’s birthday, but could also be the day his mom died.  I can think of about a million possibilities, but the situation is obviously quite complicated (especially when you add M and the miracle books to the mix).

I think that Y genuinely cared for D, but they still weren’t emotionally intimate, and of course the end result is that he’s made himself look extremely bad (and that in itself is something he needs to be responsible for). S said she told him she loved him because he seemed to be wavering, so it doesn’t seem like they have much of an established relationship, other than coworker friendship. It may not be all sunshine and rainbows if D finds out that Y didn’t cheat however. By then she may have developed some feelings for K, so she’ll probably feel guilty that she turned out to be less loyal to her relationship than Y.

Which brings me to another morally grey area. If D kisses Y or has feelings for him when he’s K, is she cheating on Y? The way I see it, it’s not quite cheating in this early stage when she’s confused and is basically convincing herself that it’s Y she’s with. Once it’s cemented in her mind that K as Y is a totally different person, it’s a different story, and I think that she should mentally give up on her marriage with the real Y before going any further (for both her sake and K’s).

Despite what D got hit with at the end of this episode, it was still K’s character that got me really teared up. When he gets disgruntled around D I don’t think it’s just because her romantic feelings are for Y, but because he’s jealous that Y had someone in his life who wanted to take care of him. His desperation when trying to push his bed inside was completely heart-destroying, and I think he clings to that bed because it’s his last reminder that someone once loved him. He has had no one in his life to comfort him since she died, but I’m sure that when he lays in that bed it’s like being wrapped up in the warmth of his mother’s love (or at least as close as he can get to that feeling). I don’t think he’ll be able to let that bed go until he feels loved by someone else, and it looks like D is going to be the person to help him.

Seeing Y struggle in the rain was certainly sad, but it was even harder to see him quietly watch D while she cared for him. I’m sure he just wanted to burst into tears and hug her (that’s sort of what I felt like doing) but he also seems wary, as if he’s scared to rely on someone (which is fair, since their current situation will surely come to an end eventually). His feelings for D must be fairly complicated, since she was already a teacher and a romantic interest (in a weird half-fiance kind of way) but now she’s filling a motherly role too. It doesn’t bother me or gross me out that so much is going on with their relationship though. Both of our leads are in desperate need of some comfort and security, and I just want to see K loved in any capacity. M doesn’t have the gentlest of personalities, so K has probably never even realized that she is one person who cares.

It seems likely that M will find out the truth before too long, and I can’t help but wonder if she was onto something with that kissing business. I wouldn’t be surprised if a kiss from D ultimately broke the “spell”, but the big question is who would she be kissing? K, because it’s his body and she wants him to wake up, or Y, because she thinks he’s in there?

Despite the preview, I think that D will eventually change her mind about going through with the wedding (at least temporarily) and that she wants to go through with it out of spite or resentment. She probably feels like a wedding is owed to her after being cheated on, and it just so happens that she has access to Y’s body and can make him marry her. This is of course very unhealthy, and I see some emotional break-downs in her future.

Just like that Episode 4 is over and we’re stuck waiting another week. It’s a bit cruel of the Hong Sisters to make all their dramas so addictive.



46 comments on “Big E4

  1. feima says:

    yay! waves to all !


  2. deedee810 says:

    Hey every1……Waves Waves and more Waves…….!


  3. nonski says:

    hello everyone *waves*
    hope to be able to be with you guys… finges crossed
    will get back later if i can
    thanks so much in advance softy!


  4. enz says:

    hello – am here too – cant wait to watch. and yes, thanks softy


  5. nonski says:

    well, well, well… i almost rewinded that scene, forgot i stream live


  6. nonski says:

    finally i was able to finish watching. 🙂

    love this episode… and love da ran for pushing the key, now she knows… but but i now i also got me wondering who really is yoon jae.

    waiting for softy’s recaps… thanks in advance. )


  7. semi-fly says:

    Torrent links for episode 04:
    – ohys / 720p:


  8. Iviih says:

    Hello Softy and fanderay!

    Waves to Nonski, Semi-Fly (thanks for the torrents) and everyone. It has been awhile 🙂

    So, I usually don’t enjoy Hong sisters drama (they don’t make me laugh and their lead guys are annoying… )

    But maybe Big will change it, because I’m loving this drama! Loving all characters (well, I confess I’m a bit annoyed by DR who seems tooo naive for her age, but ok… :))!

    The bg song is used so well, love the one who appears when K or M will do something.
    Hahahahah the one when the taxi appears… it’s so funny 🙂

    I think the writer wants to trick us to believe JY was a cheater, but I don’t think so…
    Yes, maybe he wasn’t sure about the wedding – or about his feelings, but I think he didn’t cheat DR and does like her….but his ex-girlfriend appeared again saying she wants him, and he got confused… I read in their characters description that she was the one who broke up with him….

    Or it could be another thing. DR and YJ weren’t too comfortable with each other – never shared things about each other and didn’t show their real selves, so both aren’t sure about their relationship. Maybe YJ was unsure about the wedding because of it? Or maybe his mom opposed it. I read that his mom lives at USA… maybe his mom didn’t approve DR? And liked the other doctor better? Hmm…

    Well, I’m weird, I ship JY and DR…

    I find K and her cute, but is more like a brother and sister thing… weird, right? lol

    Thanks for recapping it.


  9. sparkskey says:

    I adore Kyungjoon because he’s always so honest, always pushing her to see the truth. Yet, when all is said and done, in the end all he wants is to see her happy. He just couldn’t bear to see the pain she would face. His running over to her (although seriously, call a cab would you?) with all the anguish plain on his face has turned me over to the kyungjoon x daran ship. And I will go down with that ship even if it sinks


    • Enz says:

      It’s reminiscent of him running to gong hyo Jin character in biscuit teacher, no? And the last scene in first epi, a little bit of coffee prince when eun chan blew on his face. And when he gestured precious, didn’t he look like dokko Jin presenting himself as a gift to ae jung? Not that any of this is of importance to story line!


      • sparkskey says:

        I’ve never really seen Gong Yoo’s appeal, until now. I was blind but now I see….choco abs!!! Hahaha.

        Also, Mari really reminds me of Jeremy from YAB, the devotedness, the quirkiness, and just the overall feel. Maybe shades of Choongshik too

        Ahhh the agony of another week worth of waiting. ):


    • Softy says:

      Hey Sparkskey, looks like you got company cuz I will go down that KJ/DR ship right along with you. Even though I love GY playing KJ, I want the kid to wake up just to see what he is like as YJ.
      My head hurts from trying to figure out how they are related cuz they must be for YJ’s family get together to be on KJ’s bday. they can’t be father son so I am thinking half brothers. Different moms but same dad maybe. Cuz why doesn’t KJ know who his dad is – so curious now. This is gonna be sheer torture till next mon. 🙂
      Also I want someone to kick that uncle and aunt’s behinds where the sun don’t shine cuz I hate their greedy sellfish faces. The emotional pain they put KJ through so far would take a lifetime to make up. Actually, he will be better off if he just got rid of both of them. Why couldn’t they switch bodies and souls – that would show them. lack of sleep is making me talk crazy. 🙂


      • sparkskey says:

        I can’t help but think they might not be brothers. Call me crazy but it is just the most obvious answer and the Hong Sisters have been known to subvert drama tropes. That it was KJ’s birthday has to be significant, though I’m still hesitant to jump onto the brother/son conclusion. I’ll just wait for more clues to be dropped.

        No no no, if the uncle/aunt and KJ switched souls they’ll run off with his money. Definitely not a good idea. Kicking them where the sun don’t shine, or preferably to a place where all disgusting adults like them belong is a much better idea. 😀


  10. enz says:

    softy, maybe gong yoo is just not very good at giving these light kisses – he certainly did a nice passionate kiss in finding mr destiny 🙂


  11. Yumi says:

    Thanks for the transcap.

    Now it seems clear that YJ and KJ are related by blood. But how?

    I was certain they were brothers

    but now, with KJ’s birthday the code for everything in YJ’s life, I’m wondering if YJ is KJ’s father. That would be a surprise–since the age difference seems to be only 12 years. Hahaha.


  12. Anonymous says:

    My thought about D going through with the marriage despite what she has found out, isn´t because she feels owed something. D wants someone to love her, she made that pretty clear in the first episode. So to go through with a marriage with someone who could possibly not care for her seems to go against character. My guess is that she wants more time to figure things out(and what else she doesn´t know), and to help KJ which she can´t do if she calls off the wedding as KJ is stuck in YJ´s body at the moment.

    However, I was wondering if any one caught on to the house symbolism this episode. He lived in an empty house, then D comes and she is the one who fills it! She needed a home, he needed someone to occupy it….interesting, don´t you think?


    • Mara says:

      Him wanting to buy the house because his mom left it for him and it’s all he has left of her was a very emotional statement. It’s his safe spot and he was more than happy that DR furnished it for and with him. They are just so cute together. The Hong sisters have outdone themselves with these characters.


    • Cecile says:

      Whats more special bout the house thing is, its a common tradition for marriage in korea where the groom’s duty is to provide the house while the bride provide whats to fill inside it. So in other word they were already feels like a marriage couple >.<


  13. ananana says:

    Someone else got the feeling the Hong sister where giving us hints that Y and K might be actually…brothers?


    • Lizzie says:

      I think so too.

      But the creep thing is, why the suspense with YJ’s mother?

      Don’t tell me that maybe KJ’s mother had a twin sister and she is JY’s mom, making them not brothers but cousins?



  14. semi-fly says:

    Let me go out on a limb here. We’re not exactly sure what’s going on between Yoon Jae & Se Young but we obviously perceive the worse since evidence (his phone) seems to point to a more than friends relationship. What we do know is that Se Young gave Yoon Jae a key to her flat with the understanding that he could use it when/if he wanted, right?

    What would throw a wrench in this logic is a passing comment by Se Young regarding Yoon Jae’s marriage. If I’m not mistaken she mentioned something about “settling things” but this might just be a case of wishful thinking on her part since he didn’t decline the key, so at the very least Yoon Jae intentionally/unintentionally is leading Se Young on.

    I’m also kind of curious which of the two actually initiated their current friendship. [I’m still of the opinion that at one time they were more than friends but that seems to have been rebuffed at some point.]

    Moving on to Da Ran I honestly feel sorry for her because she doesn’t really know what to believe even with all the evidence she’d rather wait it out and get an answer from Yoon Jae. It’s commendable but at the same time I can’t help but thing it’s a tad foolish. At what point does one react and when do you simply let it (whatever it is) pass?

    With the revelation at the end of the episode and the previews it’s hard not to say that Da Ran has already lost the will to stick up for herself and instead is going blind into the unknown. The only shining factor in this is that she has Kyung Joon by her side (sadly he’s a sheep in wolves clothing at the moment — so that’s not helping the situation).

    As for the relationship between Kyung Joon & Yoon Jae I think I’m only willing to accept that they are brothers/step-brothers/cousins as the alternative father/son doesn’t really sound right (Yoon Jae is 30 and Kyung Joon is 18 making daddy the ripe old age of 11/12 when he conceived Kyung Joon — this alone would add another layer to the story but one I thing most would rather avoid).


  15. Enz says:

    I love that last scene of him pulling her close and shutting the door. He looked so intense and so protective of her. I guess, even more so after what she did for him the his uncle and aunt cleaned out his house.


  16. msasspas says:

    Thank for recap this drama. Is it really his second drama? I think KJ is YJ ‘s son, his teenage mistake. May be KJ’s mom contacted him so his past is catching up with him just before his wedding day.


  17. map says:

    is it possible that y and k are father and son?


  18. sparkskey says:

    Woah preview for ep5 is out early! I was so anxious I tweeted kbs_drama and they said they would usually have to discuss with the writers before releasing the written preview, which explains why some dramas have such irregular preview releases and why towards the end the previews come out later and later.

    Anyway, ep5
    Daran, filled with sadness, heads towards the hospital Yoonjae worked in…There, she realizes that the photo she stuck on has disappeared. As she is looking for the photo she finds the plane ticket to LA, and realizes the Yoonjae was preparing to leave her. Mari goes to find Daran’s fiance Yoonjae at his house randomly


    • Softy says:

      wow I cant believe you tweeted KBS – that is some devotion – thanks for sharing. Have I told you how great it is that you are following these dramas with us? It’s not just cuz you are so super fast with these written previews, but you seem to like this drama a lot too.

      Oh and I meant I wanted his aunt and uncle to switch bodies with each other to make them suffer-not with KJ. 🙂

      I get a feeling that Mari is going to discover very soon that KJ is in YJ’s body. His mannerisms keep coming out and there is no denying this girl is quick at picking up clues. She isnt just your regular stalker – she has this down to an art. I love how Suzy is playing this character – sort of creepy with the whole clinging part, but still adorable at the same time. Best cast ever for a romantic comedy.


      • sparkskey says:

        Yeah, just like in all Hong sisters dramas, no one secret can be kept for very long. Sooner or later, one by one, I bet even Seyoung is going to realize Kyungjoon is Yoonjae. Though with her scientific training, I doubt she’ll entertain that possibility until the proof is right in front of her. His aunt and uncle are equally terrible human beings so I don’t think they would even realize what KJ is going through :[

        And you’re right!!! It’s been a long long time since I’ve fallen so hard for any drama. Gaksital I’m still trying to get into (though Joowon has this magical ability to make me cry when he does ): ), OB I joined the party late, etc etc. The last time I streamed a drama was YAB, so yeah it’s been a long time coming.


  19. Cinderella says:

    Wow, my obsession with this drama has just taken on a new crazy… this is the third recap that I’ve read (from the three different bloggers) concerning ep 4, and I’ve already watched the episode even before I’ve read the recaps. So, I guess I’m just so into this drama that I’ve become so consumed by it to the point that I need to read various recaps just to get my fix.

    But I guess it’s also because I like reading other people’s thoughts and comments about the episodes, since this drama has presented us with many mysteries to solve. (wow, denial much?)

    I know many people have already praised Gong Yoo’s acting, but can I just I LURVE him! Not just because he’s gorgeous but also because he’s such a talented actor. Most actors would simply act childish if you were to ask them to act like an 18-year-old kid, but he’s gone above and beyond! He’s actually taken the time to include little details that only a teenager would do. The distinction between how Gong Yoo portrays Y and K are so severe that you could never mistake one character from another, even with just one look.

    The two kisses in today’s episode particularly wowed me in that there’s such stark differences between the two. Y’s kiss was typical to how a man would give a gentle peck to a woman. He’d let his lips linger for a moment, and yet as he’s leaning back to break off the kiss, he’s still looking at her. But K’s kiss was very much how an 18-year old would kiss someone, especially someone older than him. Sort of like a stolen kiss, an act-first-think-later move.

    It’s completely different, as if it was done by two different actors, which is exactly why it’s messing with me!


    • Softy says:

      before I started blogging, I used to do that too -read recaps and check out soompi on a regular basis when I loved a drama. Now it’s hard to find the time to read other blogs as much since I took on these dramas. I still liked reading comments cuz viewers like you share insight we might have overlooked. thanks for sharing about the differences in the two kisses. totally see what you mean now. I remember watching tons of interviews about him and Gong Yoo gave me the impression that he was down to earth. In real life he is just as handsome, but his face is smaller than you think. He was never rude to his fans from what I saw, but then my hair stylist told me some personal stuff about him that I would rather not have known so my bubble popped a bit but it didnt deflate totally. WIth this new drama, that bubble is filling back up. 🙂


      • Cinderella says:

        I’m so tempted to ask you what those personal stuff are… but I think I’d rather just sigh and swoon in ignorant bliss. Thanks for the recaps, softy! You’re the best!


      • enz says:

        am exhausted coz watched the drama ‘live’ online. waited for recaps, read several of them, then read comments, then commented, and read more comments and then rewatched with subs!!! this is taking too much time!!

        anyway, gong yoo strikes me as someone who has a life outside of his movie and drama making. hopefully that is true and that his personal life and growth continues to fuel his work so that we get to enjoy it.

        oh softy, i hope whatever personal stuff that put you off him wasnt too awful.. i’d hate for him to be awful. i think everyone of us can behave badly now and again and only recurrent, habitual bad behaviour is unforgivable.


      • Enz says:

        Btw softy, I think it’s not so much his face is small than that it’s small in relation to his well developed body and neck 🙂

        Sometimes it looks proportionate and then sometimes, you can see why ppl would say that he has a small face


  20. IBELIS says:

    This episode seem to effect me differently, it made me think about how I saw DR;s character. Every site I’ve been in people see DR as being naive, I saw her as a woman that didn’t want to know things. She knew that things had changed between her and YJ but she has his phone with the password but never looked in, she has access to his home but never looked around. She was the same before the accident, when he canceled dates she never asked for explanations, she went so far as to offer excuses for him. We all see that she knows almost nothing about him. Even after she saw all the text messages from SY my bigger concern would have been to check his out going calls to see if he was calling and texting her the same way,

    When she found the wedding invitations she never questioned him about them. Now with KJ she is living out the relationship she wanted to have, but what about the real YJ. Does she visit KJ body and try talking or coaxing YJ out is she concerned that he is trapped in KJ. She even treats KJ like he has no choice but to play YJ and that should take precedent over anything he might want. I have never seen her on her own even worry or concern herself about KJ or YJ. Shouldn’t someone be thinking about what’s to happen if this is permanent?.

    I just find it strange that no one seems to be concerned with how to fix the problem.

    I will admit that I’m enjoying the antics but somewhere their should be an answer to the problem and someone should be looking for it.


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