Bridal Mask E4

Written before it aired: Tonight is the turning point for Kangto where the truth is going to engulf him and his little world is going to come crashing down on him. He has been working with blinders on not wanting to see how his actions have been clouding his judgment, but now that’s going to be yanked away from him so he sees everything in its true light. I’m wondering at this juncture if his character is still actively pursuing Dan or he already found out who she is by now. If he does know her real identity, is he just going through the motions of doing his job even though his heart is no longer in it? The way he is cradling her head like this, my money is on he knows the truth and this is about the time when he is probably finding it hard to swallow what he put her through all this time. We finally get to see what a mountain of remorse can do to a man and it looks like the first step is that it brings him to his knees in anguish.

Thanks to Semi-fly for her torrents, Yanna for the YT link, and Sparkskey for E5 written preview: Kangto confirms that Gaksital Booni was the one who got shot by him, and anxiously rushes her to hospital and requests for an emergency surgery but is rejected by the General Hospital because she is a Korean.

Hongjo finds out that Kangto is the investigator in charge of the Gaksital incident, andorders Katsuyama to dig up all he can about Kangto.

Kenji witnessed Gaksital disappearing after saving Kangto who almost died and starts having questions about the origins of Gaksital, and ends up headings to Kangto’s house ………….. Kangto’s turning point? Now that he finally on the receiving end on the discriminating treatment Koreans receive purely for not being Japanese.

He seems to be hugging her to him like she is someone precious and someone he doesn’t want taken away from him.  They only knew each other for a short time 13 yrs ago so I don’t get why he is so attached to her. I get why she is cuz she thinks he saved her by drawing those dangerous men away from her, but I wonder where his emotions are coming from.

Joo Won as Lee Kang-to (K)

Jin Sae-yeon as Mok Dan (D)

Park Ki-woong as Kimura Shunji (S)

Han Chae-ah as Chae Hong-joo (Japanese identity: Ueno Rie. (H)

Shin Hyun Jun  as Lee Kang-san, Kang-to’s older brother who is the original Gaksital. (KS)

Yoon Bong – kil as Abe Shinji (the chubby guy with the hat that is with K all the time)

Jeon No Min as Dam Sa Ri (D’s dad and leader of the independence movement )

Kimura Taro (the actor who played the president on city hunter- dont know his real name. he has two sons kenji and shunji)

Kimura Kenji (that scowling guy with the mustache who is out to kill K. Kenji is Taro’s son and S’s brother)

Kono Goji (the old actor from Moon who played minister yoon and B’s dad. Goji can also be spelled as Koji. On the show he is referred to as Konno but there are way too many K names as it is.)

Leader Jo – head of the circus (I give up memorizing any more circus characters – too many names to remember as it is)

Seonhwa (Dan’s circus friend)

Baek Geon is Lee Sun’s (k’s dad’s) subordinate

Katsuyama Jun is H’s bodyguard – the guy with the long hair tied back (what kind of spy has her own bodyguard-this drama is trying to kill me by adding on more characters each episode)

The group that the 5 men belong to is called the Kishokai


Starts from the scene where Gaksital fights off Sazaki. Then K holds a gun to his head. K says it’s good to meet you Gaksital. K calls him a slippery one – did you think you could get away this time too. you think you can save the joseon people? you think you are some hero? people like you with patriotism must be killed and got rid of. KS says in his head: it’s me Kangto. It’s hyung. it’s hyung.  K says I have a lot of info to hear from you. why you killed choi and what his relationship is with Taro. let’s go nicely.  Sazaki tries to throw a knife to kill K, but Gaksital gets hit and K shoots saziki. Then K asks if Gaksital saved his life. K: why would you. who are you? take that off. take off that mask. Just as K is about to remove the mask, suddenly the man in the black hat (Baek) jumps down and knocks K out. Baek asks KS: are you ok young master? Baek tells him not to worry about K cuz he was just knocked out for a while. He tells him to hurry off cuz KS was holding K. they run off and leave K behind. Abe and other officers show up

Baek treats KS’s wounds. He suggest that it’s better for KS tell K the truth- if K knows that his father died unfairly. KS: If he knows that, do you think K will take my side. if K knows I am Gaksital, for certain he will arrest me. nothing is wrong with me but I pretend to be a fool so how could I do that to my mother. I cant do that to my mom. (meaning put her through that shock of knowing nothing was wrong with him all this time and making her see him arrested) Baek says there is a chance K might work with them for their cause but KS says even if K did, would he be able to help us. K will be in danger and overwhelmed. Baek says unless K gives up on catching gaksital, they will run into each other. I feel like I gave you too big a burden. KS says: what are you talking about. (flashback to the abuse KS went through) if you didnt come and find me, I wouldnt have been able to endure physically and wouldnt have been released for being crazy. i wouldnt have been able to forgive myself. thanks to you, I acted like a fool – doing all those crazy things, it wasnt just to save my life, it was to repay what happened to my father. Baek: young master. KS: dont worry too much, even if I run into K again, at least I wont die. baek: of course you shouldnt.  KS says so far he killed choi and lee gong. before K suspects, I have to hurry. Baek suggests easying off for the time being since K is so determined to go after him. but he says his dad’s name came out from the doctor’s mouth, so it’s only a matter of time till they find out who I am. KS looks at the news articles about the doctor and his other members like choi and them.

Doctor says gaksital is out for the 5 of us – the five of us who betrayed Lee seon (k’s dad) taro says it was (K’s dad) who opposed us. doctor says but on that night we went back on our promise to him. flashback to 13 yrs ago.  the 5  men with K’s dad (LS). LS says it’s today. as planned they will escort the king to gukkyun. all the other men support him and say the king will get there safely so LS thanks them. They swear to do their best. Then the king is killed so K’s dad and Baek fight off the masked assassins. K’s dad was betrayed by the other 5 and are attacked by those assasins so they fight back and run off cuz Baek said we have to escape. they are chased. Taro has regrets and wishes they had killed them then. Lee says what’s the point in regretting now. we have to come up with a solution. taro tells not to worry too much cuz even if he has to use all the officers they will guard those men. Lee says that’s all you can come up with. he points out Gaksital was able to kill choi at the court when all the officers were there. and even during the funeral procession gaksital was able to slash Lee gong’s banner with all the officers present. Taro yells the Kishokai will keep their lives safe. Kenji comes in and says Goji is looking for taro now. Taro: at this late at night? kenji: Cuz sazaki died.

Goji yells at taro. do you thin this makes sense. That a suspect was in custody and went out and tried to kill K. Taro says he will look into and see who was responsible. goji says that wont be enough cuz sazaki tried to K twice.  he takes it as challenge to him. Taro says is there evidence sazaiki tried to kill K. goji names choi, lee gong, and Taro -what does Gaksital want with them. taro says I dont know what you mean. goji says from here on, he wont put up with interfering with K’s investigation anymore. and he wont forgive anyone who is on the same side as Gaksital.  This is my last warning. I will punish any officers who are not in line.  He tells K to make sure to catch gaksital. K promises to do his utmost to catch him

Club scene and a woman is singing. Lee’s son is there with K and mary. K seems troubled remembering how gaksital saved him. He says let’s go out (to the stage) and mary goes with him. Girls dance in the background as K sings.  He stops mid singing and remembers again how gaksital took that knife for him. He closes his eyes and walks off stage and leaves

K goes to his bike but lee’s son asks what is wrong with him. K says sorry. The guy says don’t get so stressed. thanks to gaskital, he turned this area into an action movie spectacle. K repeats that so the guy says have fun cuz he will get caught. K asks- you know that all joseon people from a 3 yr old kid to an 80 yr old want to kill me right? but when I was in danger, someone risked his life to save me. who do you think that is? Lee’s son says who would save you other than your family. K: family? the guy says: it would be different if he had your blood. Suddenly K realizes and rides off

He goes home just as KS bundled up is his bloody clothes and was about to walk out with it. K says: it was you hyung? it was you? He tries to see KS’s wounded leg but KS says don’t do this – I am scared. K: let me see. KS calls for his mom so she comes in and pushes K away. She says kill me instead. K says I just need to confirm the injury.  KS screams and lies face down shaking saying:  I am scared- don’t hit me. His mom yells at K. do you feel better now. Are you satisfied that you made your hyung like this. KS says dont hit me – I was wrong. his mom says to K: everytime you torment joseon people, did you know your hyung was beaten? (basically this explains the bloody clothes cuz it means KS was beaten or bullied again after what K did last time so K backs off) K looks at the bloody clothes and walks out. his mom calms KS down and tells him to come to his senses. KS lies there crying after K leaves.

On the train, H is sipping coffee. A man goes over to speak to her but a waiter knocks into him and spills something on his suit. The guy yells at the waiter saying even if I sold you I couldnt but this suit. waiter says sorry and the guy shoves him away. The rude guy goes over and asks to sit with her. he gives his business card and introduces himself as reporter park and asks to kill the time together on a boring journey. They all end up playing cards and she wins. Park gets a flush but loses his hand anyway. H had a “one pair.” She says you should keep your promise (to park)

Park is not wearing any clothes. H walks away with his suit. She says it would be good to find the right owner for the suit. she gives it to the waiter and tells him to have the suit. he says how could I dare but she quotes what park said to the waiter – that it costs more than a person’s life so wouldnt it be worth wearing. she motions for Jun (her bodyguard) to hand it over. the waiter holds the suit and park asks for it back

kenji is with his sidekick holding a sign for H. H starts to walk over to them, but Park chases after H and asks kenji to arrest her for gambling. kenji says i am here to meet someone. Park asks if he is going to ignore what a journalist said.  he will write an article about this tm morning that an officer isnt doing this job so dont blame him for it. Kenji ends up taking H away

Cops ask for H’s name but she doesn’t speak. The cop asks dont you know your name or cant you talk. He reports to kenji she wont talk. Kenji opens her suitcase and dumps the contents. He sees an album cover and asks if she is a singer and tells her to sing. She ignores him. So he says should I show you what a policeman does. Taro comes down and yells at them to leave and he hits kenji. Taro bows to H and apologizes for kenji not knowing who she was. He makes kenji bow and says she is the daughter of their president/leader. kenji bows and says I committed a crime that deserves death. She stands and asks if he is kimura taro and slaps him. She says she will tell her father Taro’s welcoming was something else. Then she steps on kenji’s hand as she leaves. (* I sort of love this woman for doing that – slapping Taro, stepping on kenji, and giving that waiter the suit)

As K walks in, he passes by H.  she takes notice of him but he doesn’t see her at all. abe comes over to K and says starting from today they all must guard the VIP (those 5 men). But K says what does that have to do with us. abe says all the officers have been called to this task. K says what? including my team too?  dont they know I am trying to catch gaksital. Kenji comes in so K tries to protest saying how can you ignore goji’s order, but kenji holds a gun to K’s face and tells K not to say anything (like don’t complain). if you say one word, a bullet will go into you. K smiles so kenji asks are you smiling. he makes a threat to kill any joseon and also threatens Goji. K steps forward till the gun is at his forehead and says joseon’s barley – the more you step on them the more they grow well. try stepping on them. kenji calls him a bad name and wants to go after him but his sidekick says have you seen an owner get angry at a dog he is raising.

D walks down the street in a disguise as a man. She goes into the empty motel building and looks around. K arrives and looks around from outside and sees the flashlight inside. He startles song who asks what brings him here. D found her knife and takes it. as she removes the boards from the windows to get out, K walks down the hallway. He grabs her just as she was about to leave. He takes the knife away from her and turns the lights on. he says bingo. he takes off her hat and disguise. He says he knew she would show up here again. this is your meeting place isnt it. where is gaksital. D: I dont know. K: you dont know? Should I go after the owner’s neck. will you answer if I do that? She says I only came for that knife. K: knife? you came for this? are you playing…He looks at it and thinks in his head. Why do you have this – I gave it to Boon. He checks her ears and sees the yellow mole he recognizes. so she shoves him and grabs the knife and leaves. he falls back crying.

Flashback to 13 yrs ago. boon is on the middle of the road and asks K and his family to help her. they go and look at her mom. Baek feels her pulse and shakes his head no (her mom died) she asks her mom to stand up cuz they have to go to manchu to find her dad.  K asks his dad this girl is going to manju too so cant we take her along. in the wagon, young D cries in her sleep asking for her mom. K wipes her face and notices a yellow mole on her ear. When they stop to rest he feeds her and tells her to eat alot. she says it’s yummy. (they spend a month traveling like this) K takes her sledding in the woods. K: isnt it fun. She says yes young master. She picks up his knife that he dropped and asks why he has it. he says it’s mine -dont touch it. my dad made it himself for me. He told me always to have it. she says what are you going to do just with a knife – you have to fight well. he says he fights well cuz he learned from his brother. He shows her some of his moves by hitting and kicking a tree

In the wagon the kids play footsy by lightly kicking each other so his mom says his ankle must be better since he is playing around. K says let’s all live together in manju after we find Boon’s dad. his mom says we should live together cuz is it easy living in another country. K says to Boon: you heard right? we are all living togther. they promise to do that

Suddenly from above men attack the wagon. K sees them coming. The bad men shoot the men on K’s side. The wagon overturns. As the men fight with swords, K’s brother opens the door and gets his mom and brother out. they help boon too. His mom tells them to run away. K grabs boon’s hand and runs with her into the tall grass.

K and boon are hiding. Choi is there yelling out orders to find them i guess cuz that isnt korean he is speaking. K gives her the knife and tells her to stay alive no matter what happens. no matter what you cant die. she asks what he is going to do. He says let’s make sure to meet again. She asks where he is going. He says just stay alive and I will be sure to find you. she says you really are going to find me right. They hug and he runs off. The men yell to catch K. they chase him. He trips and falls. A figure looms in front of him and just as he is about to kill K, someone stabs the guy. It was KS. Their mom calls out for them. K says we have to take boon too. He looks back and watches as a man came up to Boon from behind and killed her

K remembers how he hit D and abused her all this time. how he almost had her shot. He says – you were boon?

D goes back to the circus. The woman says how worried they were about her. D says sorry. She says how she met K at the motel. Leader Jo says he got a call from song. she worries about song but Jo says I will take care of it. he tells them to leave but D asks what are you going to do along.  the woman asks if Jo is going to kill K. Jo says there is no other choice. we cant move to another place or break up the circus. the man asks why cant we leave, but Jo says I cant tell you the reason but we cant move from joseon land. we cant give up the circus or hand D over to the officers. the man asks are you really going to kill K. D says Jo can do it but you cant do it alone and offers to help him. so do all the others. Jo thanks them.  Another girl (the one who reported D the first time) overhears all that and smiles

S remembers how D asked how could you be friends with K. K shows up and drinks his beer. K says I almost died from thirst in front of a well. S: what does that mean. K: how could she make me suffer like this. S: what are you talking about? K: That girl I have to kill – the one I need to catch as bait for the sake of catching Gaksital – if she is your first love. if it was that girl you cared about -What would you do. I still have to kill her. as long as I can catch gaksital, I can sacrifice her. as long as I can get that guy, I can tear her in half and distribute her over joseon. you think I cant do it. I am lee kangto. S punches him. mary runs over to K and asks if he is ok. S says go back home. K laughs like a crazy person

KS stares at a photo and says kangto – my dongsang. Lee kangto. His mom calls out are you sleeping. He says no mom. she comes in and asks if K slept at the police station last night too. He says yes don’t worry I saw him without him knowing. She worries about K

K walks home and turns around at the gate, but hears his mom’s voice over the walls. She is praying for her sons KS and K. for KS to come out of what he is in to live normally and for K – to make him stop doing bad things and live like a person and let her receive all the punishment he will face. she prays all that in God’s name. He cries hearing that and looks in her direction

KS is in bed and K comes in. K sits down next to him and touches his shoulder. K: hyung- did it hurt a lot. Tell me if people hit you. I will kill them. KS turns away so K lies down facing his back. Do you remember hyung. When you, mom, and me were chased by majok. after dad died and all the other men all died. Back then I promised. I told her not to die. that I would be sure to find her. I really thought she died. But she is alive. What do I do. I have to kill her. I don’t want to live like this either. I want to do what mom wants but you don’t know huh? (he says something about working a year and getting a 100 something) even though you work all day, you can only earn enough food for a get beaten again and again. that’s how I earned money to for you to go to school. after you graduate, I believed the suffering would end. I didnt have money or support, a kid with no education-in a world you have to be patriotic to japanese to earn a living. I dont know. Other than this I don’t know a better solution. hyung. Say something hyung. KS cries as much as K. K keeps holding on to him crying

In the morning their mom comes out and KS tells her how K came home. KS went and got fish for K cuz it’s his favorite. let’s grill this and enjoy breakfast. this fish is really fate. K wakes up and realizes where he slept. He gets up and KS says let’s eat breakfast. Mom made a lot of food. K: i have to go to work. K: eat and go. You have to eat and go. Come and get up. You have to eat and then go

KS keeps putting fish on K’s bowl. K says I will eat on my own. His mom says your hyung went early this morning to buy it cuz he knew you liked this. she pushes her soup closer to K so he drinks it. KS tells K to drink his soup too. K drinks it all. his mom smiles

The circus people all wear masks to get ready.

As K walks away to go to work, KS calls out to K: come home early. Play with hyung. K smiles and waves back at KS

As K leaves, some masked figure throws a dart or arrow at his face but it misses. He chases after her and turns a corner and faces a crowd of performers with masks on. a masked man attacks so K fights him off.

One tries to stab him so he shoots her. she drops to the ground. he looks at the knife and recognizes it. K quickly takes her mask off. It’s D. he cradles her in his arms.



K carries wounded D to the hospital. the doctor asks what K is doing. K says you have to save that girl in order to catch Gaksital. (It works cuz D is recovering in the hospital and K stays by her bedside. then later she disappears from the hospital. she gets caught and beaten again

S says to K:  you knew and shot her. you knew she was esther and shot her

H repeats K’s name and says is stuff like this fate.

Kenji puts a gun to S’s head and says the guy who rescued the girl, the guy who rescued K too, the guy who made a fool of all the officers. (kenji was referring to S as he said “the guy” – in korean he actually called S a worse term for “a punk” and not “a guy”)

K: there is no way. it was you? you are Gaksital? (the way he said “you” was not how he would say it to his hyung so I think S or someone his own age wore that mask that night)


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  1. bbblue73 says:

    Finally an english subtitle GAKSITAL poster


    • bbblue73 says:

      Aside from posters, you can check some of those photos for the coming eps.

      OML, i can’t breath when i saw some photos especially K’s mom. Does it mean that??????oh NOOO, those tears from K’s eyes really give me the idea that this is the “end of the beginning”.


      • SS says:

        OMGGG!! bbblue…..poor K, he has no one left. And he can’t even reveal himself to his girl. And I know Joowon will act this type of scenes so well that my heart is being fed through the paper shredders


      • Anonymous says:

        ON NO. TQ bbblue73. Maybe something gonna happen to Mum. Or Mum is sick and same like Mok Dan, Mum cannot get the treatment at the hospital because they’re Joseon.

        I like the baddie Kimura Kenji.. but I think, Kimura Shunji will soon be more evil that his hyung Kenji. Shunji seems the quite type of baddie.. Which is more dangerous. Ooo… scary.


  2. SS says:

    If you have not watch this episode with subs yet, I guarantee you will cry another bucketful.

    This show is subbed so fast that I heard viki has it like by midnight and i just watched it on dramacrazy. Rewatching K & KS part with subs is no less gutwrenching than seeing it for first time. Understanding the suffering K went through makes me more forgiving of his present debased state.

    And going by SHJ’s recent tweet, it’s going to be torrential downpour when KS dies in K’s arms


    • bbblue73 says:

      Sob sobs sobss…..OML
      Poor K.
      We will hug him soon SS dear. Back hug will be the best. ( i know u remember someone)


      • SS says:

        you know bbblue, you just made me think how lonely JW may be now. I think he had fun on OB set(and maybe excitement too, woohoo!) but Gaksital is such a dark drama and I think his character is set for some serious heart breaking moments. I am glad he has 1N2D to hangout with his hyungs.

        No wonder he keeps his handphone in his hand so often, guess what he is doing?
        I hope his hyung will give our dear boy some space otherwise next time, JW should wrap his legs round his neck instead! Gosh! I can be so violent , huh? Dynamites and now neck twisters? tsk tsk….


        • bbblue73 says:

          Yeah, maybe he’s calculating calculus problems & do the algebraic expressions in his handphone plus sending pyong pyong to????,,,lol lol.

          SS dear, i now fully understand why those actors refused this character as K. This is so tough & so deep.
          Doing evil things just for the sake of the family is too painful to imagine. That’s how life really is esp your first priority is your family.Some viewers say that they hate him so much, but no me even just a bit coz i know how does it feel to work hard for the family.

          Anyway,I’m so damn thankful for the PD’s for choosing JW for this role coz for them, he is just an amazing & marvelous ONE for the job.
          Well, this drama let the viewers shed with their bucket of tears, box of tissues & gaining a swollen eyes & headaches,(prepare your paracetamol tabs)
          As a matter of fact, since day1 for Gaksital, i already shed my tears esp the scenes of KS & K.

          Btw, i read your comments at the planet pluto. GOOD JOB gurl. CLAP CLAP.!!


          • SS says:

            bbblue, you cracked me up. Calculus and Algebra, ROFL!

            I was just about to suggest that JW gives a 101 lesson on tweeting, looking at how enthusiastic UTW was at learning from him. Then I changed my mind, I think he should teach pole dancing instead. Only that this time, UTW oppa please step aside….I will be the pole instead.


  3. bbblue73 says:

    Yayyyyy, i know it’s not easy for us to handle for the painful & heartache moment but just have fun & will let you decide that our Joowon is toooo freakin so HOT in his white polo shirt….

    BTS for our Dancing KING HERO, lol.

    Thanks to Baidu.


    • SS says:

      Squeeeaaal…thanks bbblue. The entire day I couldn’t see the video link on the baidu page and I thought it was due to some settings on my new laptop. Then i tried on another computer, still can’t view. Finally I copied and paste the chinese title on Youku website and viola!!!

      Damn! His white pants is simply too distracting. How did all those girls manage to stay conscious? I will be dancing with 4 left foot, not just 2 cuz I will be sprawled on the floor. If only it was in HD, then I think I will pass out.

      For those who may face the same problem viewing as me, here’s the URL:


  4. ck1Oz says:

    Thanks softy. Man feel traumatized through the 2nd half half of the episode. It was a tumultuous time in the Korean history. One of the subbers shared with me a story about her grandfather who was with the exiled Korean government. I don’t know about you softy but sometimes I forget that most of our subbers are Korean. And this time, quite a few are adults with stories from childhood. Now feel even worse knowing about this part of the country’s story.


  5. SS says:

    thanks bbblue for the link to the baidu english posters earlier. Floodgates are going to open come next week. I mean look at our baby’s face here

    this is real real crying. I know some actors use tear sticks but JW’s crying scenes are always real. Just looking at the pic makes me feel gutted, I think I better hide myself while watching it otherwise it’s gonna be real embarrassing.

    I know it’s a tall order for viewers to forgive or not hate K after all those things he did. But if there is one actor who can make it happen, it’s our JW.


  6. SueD says:

    Thanks for recap Softy. I can feel his frustation and sadness in Gaksital. I dont like to watch him suffering, its kindda breaking my heart… I thought Hwang Tae Hee in OB was sad, but here it’s more sadder. Poor baby.

    I’m not sure wether this show will give us flashback of fresh Joo Won doing hard labour to support Hyung study. Omi. I think I will cry if they show us that, I cry watching him and hyung stuffed each other with sweet potatoes in Ep. 1.

    So glad now that Kang To met Boon @ Dan before that sexy spy Rie enter his heart. She will trying her best to get close to Kang To and seduce him, right? According to the storyline, she want to destroy him but fall in love with him instead. We cannot blame you girl.. Kang To is hot 🙂


  7. SS says:

    I had a burning question since last night, but I couldnt do the screencap. Also I thought I am just confused by the the careless way the show does with SHJ and his body double whenever Gaksital appears.

    But I just saw that the netizens on baidu had the same question over their heads as I did.

    In the preview of next week episode, there is this scene of Gaksital fighting off the police. I thought somehow that lower part of the face doesnt look like SHJ nor his body doubles. And baidu has the screencap here:

    some say its Shunji cos there was this scene where Shunji was holding the opera mask that D wore and staring at it. He also could be trying to save D. And they added that when K unmask Gaksital, it is S who is behind it. I doubt so, first if you look at the screencap, there is no way, S’s hair could look like that from the side profile unless this show sure messes up big time using body doubles in close ups. I deduce that it could either be KS or K himself (if only I could get a close up cos both KS and his body double have obvious shadow on their upper lips and chin but not K)


    • bbblue73 says:

      As AXN channel always says its “THRILLING” lol

      Hi dearest SS, i watched the prevw ep5 maybe 10x but can’t guess either.
      But on the other hand, sometimes preview is topsy turvy.
      Anyway if it’s S, how he managed to wear this mask, haeshhhh, i doubt it also coz there are only two mask own by KS & K.

      I hope tomorrow is Wednesday.


      • SS says:

        now now why didn’t I watched more of Rooftop Prince or start on Dr Jin and QIHM? Then I may have learnt a thing or two about how to fast forward to Wednesday!


  8. anonymous says:


    That’s one chiseled jawline.. Looks like JW 🙂 This is one drama that is so hard to predict. I like it.


  9. Zee says:

    Phew.. I just finished watching 4 episodes back to back. Thanks Softy for your hardwork recapping this show.. I love it.

    Owh guys, King already updated her/his Joo Won – Gaksital gallery. So daebak. Staring at His Hotness. Melting. How come he’s still look so fine playing a bad guy. Only Joo Won can do that.

    Joo Won, nuna saranghe.


    • Zee says:

      * Even his nostril looks hot. LOL.


      • Anonymous says:

        I couldn’t sleep and watch episode 4 again. Now that I checked King’s gallery, I think I better prepare a bucket beside me less I wet my pillow.

        Thanks Zee, you are right! every part of his body is hot. Now I have the changing of clothes shot in HD, what a beautiful start to a weekend.


        • Vivi says:

          Sorry but where can I find this “King” picture gallery. New Gaksital fan haha ^^;


          • SS says:

            sorry i was too sleepy last night. Should have left you the link, hope you managed to a few winks cuz it’s impossible now after this

            (if you don’t know Korean, just scroll down to the bottom where the pages numbers are shown and welcome to the fandom. GaksitAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!)

            i should have slept in my bathtub, what a waste of pillow


            • Softy says:

              So sorry for confusing your name, but I saw the name Vivi and read it wrong. thanks for sharing King’s link cuz I should have known she would be working her magic for Gaksital. I consider myself pretty devoted to JW, but that girl will always beat me. Her pics are so creative and gets every angle of his face. Curious what she thinks of this new couple compared to TaeJa. Only person who could ask is Ginko cuz she signed up for King’s blog.

              Since Fanderay moved over to Big recaps, we are all going to have to endure my lame screenshots that mostly feature JW again like on 1n2d. It’s like my cursor lands on only him and my mouse clicks instinctively. I went solo for the first time this wed/thurs and trying to add a few screencaps takes up my sleeping time so I don’t get to reply or leave comments. Sorry for not joining in on all the discussions, but just know I am spazzing after each ep with all you guys in my heart. 🙂


            • bbblue73 says:

              Why is this guy so damn hottie smokin^ eyes guy?
              A bunch of thank you to you dearest SS


      • anonymous says:

        HAHA. Nostrils. Don’t forget his hottest…errr LIPS! Ho ho ho.


  10. ano says:

    dearest Softy, I am truly sorry for causing such headache in the morning.


    • anonymous says:

      thank you for removing my personal details but the name is wrong. I don’t mind being randomly assigned one but this name looks familiar. It may belong to someone so I thought it’s best to be in the clear


  11. SS says:

    aaawwww….how can i thank you enough, Softy? please dont apologise, it was totally my screwup this morning but you saved me in such quick time. I think Gaksital is making my brain, fingers and computer mush.

    btw, is King into Taeja? i thought I saw only Joowon’s face all the time.
    And can your cursor and mouse remain biased? See, nobody is complaining.


    • Tiya says:

      yes..i get the feeling ..King soo into taeja couple in OB..i remembered.there was a picture of JW and Eugene in BK in King’s blog..but King replaced Eugene’s face with Uee’s face…


      • Softy says:

        Yup i agree – I remember that King sometimes added Uee’s pics too and not just JW with Uee. I haven’t checked yet if she has done the same for “Mok Dan.” Pretty sure King loved OB as much as we did so I bet it’s hard to see him with another female lead. I don’t mind Mok Dan that much anymore, but mostly cuz I feel sorry for this girl. so far her character has had to do a lot of action scenes and get beat up a lot. Looks like next week after she gets out of the hospital, she is caught, beaten, and tied up again by Kenji or someone. The poor thing that cant catch a break – she is always being beaten or shot at by K. He is seriously going to have a lot to make up to her by the time their love line comes around. I vote she just goes for S and let K be the solo hero Gaksital, but I bet no one else would like that much. 🙂

        For Tiya and anonymous, I will try to remember to add some pics of Kenji and H as well. For a spy who is supposed to kill K, so far I like her character too cuz she seems to care about others. Dont worry I will add pics of KS cuz I like his character a lot too. Each recap I am aiming to insert at least 20 pics per recap, but sometimes if there are less action scenes and more dialogue I run out of time. (I set my curfew between 5-6am so I can sleep at least 3 or 4 hrs.) On nights where there are more action scenes, I can add more pics. 🙂

        Hey SS, someone else asked your question too wondering how the native Koreans feel about this drama. Even though I am Korean, I consider myself more American cuz I grew up in America. I only know American history well and hardly know anything about Korean history other than what I learned from dramas. All the native Korean friends I asked do not watch this drama at all so they didnt give me any input on their feelings about this time period in Korean history. Sorry that wasn’t much help in statisfying your curiosity. 🙂


        • SS says:

          Hi Softy and Tiya, I think I have tunnel vision. I must have seen King’s pages hundreds of time, why do I only remember JW’s pics. *Sigh*

          Agree with you, Softy, I feel sorry for D. I cannot believe the amount of abuse her little body has to take. As much as I like that smouldering sultry appearance of H, I will get goosebumps if she and K has a thing. So D is a better choice. She won’t end up with S and that will make him insane cuz i think he thinks he loves D so much more than K.

          And thanks for answering my question about the sentiments of native Koreans towards this show. Although it is fiction, this show mades me think. Sure, it was fun to watch rom-coms for the fuzzy feeling and detective shows for the thrill and suspense. But this show made me wonder about things like what would I have done or become if I had been in K’s situation.

          Would I betray my countrymen and conscience for my family? Or am I doing it for selfish reason? It may start as noble but lines becomes blurred. Can one become less and less of a human by the necessity of survival? Even KS is not perfect. He sacrificed for his country men but in return his mother and K suffered. Not to forget the number of blisters on K’s feet and bruises on K’s body which he had to endure to put KS through university. And S, the sweet sweet guy. When will he finally have to concur with his father and brother about Joseon people? I can imagine the smirk on their faces as they tell him”I told you so”. His turn to the dark side will be as interesting as K’s transformation to a hero. Man can be so capable of beautiful and wonderous things and at the same fully capable of ugliness and terror.


        • Anonymous says:

          When you say that many of your native Korean friends did not watch it.. I start to think, maybe there’s not much eye candy or popular actor/actresses in this drama 🙂

          And this drama seems heavy. Even it is based on comic but its tell a lot about Korean history. But, I like it because it is diff. from other dramas recently airing. If Joo Won not in it.. I still want to watch it. But, as Joo Won in in… I WILL DEFINITELY WATCH IT. Period. Hehe.

          I’m a die hard fan of Joo Won and I don’t blindly supporting him.. But, Joo Won, so far has been in a good drama and show us his potential as an promising young actor. I just hope that he keep chosing his drama wisely and not too worry about the rating things.

          Yeah, poor Mok Dan. I also don’t mind Kang To go solo!


  12. thom says:

    softy I couldn’t say thank you enough for your love and the recap. The thing that I love you and your blog coz from this place I feel the LOVE toward joowon.
    sometimes i wanna knews feedback of K @BM from the other audience side coz the begin of this series k had dark side to joseon.

    I’m so pround& wonder joowon’ fan around the world such as chinese korean spain vietnames indonesia thai etc. they sharing anything to the other for joowon sake.


  13. anonymous says:

    Dear Softy,

    Your Gaksital @ Bridal Mask recap every week is more than enough for me. Screencap of only Joo Won. I’m not complaining too.. But, it will be nice of you.. if you can also put 1 or 2 screencaps of my other favourite roles i.e Lee Kang San and err.. Kimura Kenji. Hehe.

    Argh, it’s gonna be hard for me when Kang To losing Kang San later. I just feel that he will be very lonely after this. Now, even he get mad at his family and mom ‘throw’ him away.. he still can go home to his mom and Kang San hyung and still receives a warm welcome from them.


  14. thom says:

    typo* sorry i mean proud


  15. SS says:

    I wonder what’s the reaction of Korean viewers to Gaksital? Although it is manhwa/manga fiction, did the younger viewers get more interested in their nation’s past?

    My generation has never experienced the brutality of the 2nd World War but my parents and grandparents did. And as a child I was both fascinated and horrified by the accounts they told, it seemed unbelievable that such atrocities can be inflicted by one human being on another. It’s one thing to learn history in school and another to hear it from people who experienced them.To date, i have relatives whose hatred of the occupiers still remained.

    I just googled the Korean history of this period and read up on the manhwa author Huh Young Man. Interesting to note that his father worked as a policeman during this period. For those decrying the brutality of K, perhaps it was reality of the policemen of those days. It was a period of violence and terror but I salute that generation for their toughness and strong spirit.


    • thom says:

      I wonder what’s the reaction of Korean viewers to Gaksital? Although it is manhwa/manga fiction, did the younger viewers get more interested in their nation’s past?

      SS >>>> may be this rating that bbblue73 share link from baidu at comment this page
      could show you somthing interesting from seoul audience??

      rating from TNS

      tns 全国 14.8
      首尔 14.9 << second place at seoul


  16. Tiya says:

    dear softy
    thank you very much for this recap..and i’m not complaining too..because i love JW..that’s ok if the screencap mostly only JW..hee..hee..but could you pls if you can also put my fav.character..H.( Han Cahe ah ) .arghhhh
    i love her already..she is soo beautiful..i’ m looking forward for K & H pairing…the slow motion when their first encounter…sooo perpect!!!!


  17. bbblue73 says:

    “I vote she just goes for S and let K be the solo hero Gaksital, but I bet no one else would like that much”
    Softy dear, i’m second the motion, count me in.

    Anyway, I spend so much time to watch more closely on HCA’s beauty. Well, there is slight resemblance of her to UEE. So i’ve got the answer why JW is more comfortable to HCA during the interview.
    Honestly i like HCA better than JSY. (please don’t slap me)

    Ok guys, correct me if i’m wrong but please don’t kick me when i’m with Softy that i like D goes for S & let K be the solo hero.


    • SS says:

      well bbblue, besides you and Softy, I can think of someone else who would like K to go solo.

      by the way, i got a nightcap for you at OBsessions. Sweet dreams *pyong pyong*


    • Anonymous says:

      The character herself is intriguing.
      OB ended so can we please stop talking UEE and just enjoy the drama for what it is.


  18. Iprefernottosayit says:

    Hmm…Softy, who do you think Boon Yi would end up with in the end? Kang To AKA Young Master? Or that elementary school music teacher? I hope she ends up with darling Kang To. And I cried when he was saying all that to Kang San. It was so sad. 😦


  19. Iprefernottosayit says:

    I watched ep 4 with eng subs, and lol, Kang To said the F word at the part where he got punched by the elementary school music teacher.


  20. bbblue73 says:

    BTS photos for GAKSITAL ep3

    Anyone who hates our Kangto? please don’t be. Anyway, i just love Kangsan being the fake fool Hyung.


    • Bebe says:

      Thanks bbblue73.

      Shin Hyun Joon @ Kang San is funny. He’s also one of the top actor in Korea but not mind at all playing fool and lying around like that on the set. HAHA.

      Kang San oppa, why can’t you stay forever in GAKSITAAAAAAAAAAAAL.

      I thought that the market scene is full of violence, Joo Won really badass during the yelling and beating the market people. But, looking at the BTS.. Watching his sweet smiles and adorable dimples.. Its not that serious after all 🙂


    • SS says:

      seriously if the Baddie looks like this cutie enjoying his day out in a boxcar(pic 1), flashes a killer smile like (in pic 2 & 3 ), then pleeaaaaassseee pretty please let me be tortured by him.

      btw, everyone captive seems to be enjoying it. See, I am not the only one

      Thanks bbblue!


  21. SS says:

    credit baidu:

    does anyone else think this Gaksital outfit is too thick? It looks so uncomfortable as the weather turns hotter. Plus my pet peeve remains- that overlapping flap looks too secure, doesn’t it? They should have remained true to the one in the original manga cover.


    • anonymous says:


      Yeay. The white GAKSITAAAAAAAAAAAAL outfit. Finally. I’m so excited but scared at the same time. I’m excited to see the transformation of Lee Kang To and scared to watch him go ‘crazy’ or breakdown in cry after the death of his brother.

      p/s. I just read the recap of 1N2D on DB and laughing at silk yellow robe that Jong Min is wearing. I guess, that kind of silky material for the GAKSITAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL outfit in white colour is better, huh?!!! Hehehe.


      • SS says:

        Ooh Nooooo!!!!!! First i couldnt stop laughing at little ‘Jong min’ over at DB. Now, you just planted a new image in my mind (which is like some fertile soil where things grow hugely wild). Little ‘Joo won’?!?!



  22. bbblue73 says:

    BTS for Gaksital.

    The only thing that i really love on this BTS is our Kangto’s cutest smile & glowing face. His angry face,high & mighty eyes makes me admired him the most


  23. SS says:

    Latest MV by Svetik. DAEBAAAAAAAAAAK!!!!!!


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