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I know you were expecting another main pic of JW, but his character went off the deep end tonight so I think KS deserves top billing. Just as he stands behind the people and supports them, he did the same for his own family and disregarded his own emotions to place his brother’s safety first. We always knew Gaksital was willing to do anything for his cause, but the real heroic side of him is choosing to remain K’s hyung. Once he dons that mask, we only think of him as the crusader for the Joseon people. We forget that there is a man behind it – a son and a brother. Tonight he proved he can be all three at once in the coolest way possible.

Thanks to Semi-fly, Sparkskey, AK, and KL for your help tonight. 🙂

If K had behaved nicer, this was going to be my main pic.


Watching QIHM right after this is giving me back to back heart attacks. it’s like gut wrenching here watching K being so cruel and over there on QIHM for not letting me breathe from crying so much

*in the behind the scenes take of the spitting scene in the courtroom from E1, D was supposed to spit on K’s shirt (not the face) but before they shot the scene, JW worried she would spit on his face. sure enough when they filmed it after a couple of takes, she missed and spit on his face so after director yelled “cut” she held JW’s arms and said I am sorry. she spoke formally to JW so they must not be close yet. someone said she had been practicing how to spit and then another voice said she accumulated her saliva and then spit. during the first take, JW commented her spit comes out too well and made everyone laugh. *Now I wonder what they had to go through for the scene when she spit on his face on E2. cuz this time she had to aim directly at his face. Poor JW – getting spit on twice in 2 eps.

Joo Won as Lee Kang-to (K)

Jin Sae-yeon as Mok Dan (D)

Park Ki-woong as Kimura Shunji (S)

Han Chae-ah as Chae Hong-joo (Japanese identity: Ueno Rie. (H)

Shin Hyun Jun  as Lee Kang-san, Kang-to’s older brother who is the original Gaksital. (KS)

Yoon Bong – kil as Abe Shinji (the chubby guy with the hat that is with K all the time)

Jeon No Min as Dam Sa Ri (D’s dad and leader of the independence movement )

Kimura Taro (the actor who played the president on city hunter- dont know his real name. he has two sons kenji and shunji)

Kimura Kenji (that scowling guy with the mustache who is out to kill K. Kenji is Taro’s son and S’s brother)

Kono Goji (the old actor from Moon who played minister yoon and B’s dad. Goji can also be spelled as Koji. On the show he is referred to as Konno but there are way too many K names as it is.)

Seonhwa (Dan’s circus friend)

The rest of the Far east circus member’s names I haven’t figured out yet, but CK gave me a list so I will add them in tonight after they come out again so I can see their faces.


Starts from the rescue scene and K telling the officers to catch Gaksital. K shoots and misses. Then Goji asks how K could lose Gaksital in that situation with the best snipers on each building rooftop. are you really not working with gaksital. K denies it and asks: please believe me and give me one more chance to do my utmost and catch Gaksital with my own hands. Taro reminds K: you didnt forget your promise right? you said if you couldnt catch Gaksital with your best officers, that you would admit the truth that you are working with gaksital. K says to Goji: it’s my mistake. I thought with all those officers I would capture gaksital. just once more – for the last time,  please give me another chance. goji agrees to trust K for one last time. Kenji asks why Goji doesn’t believe them about K being on the same side as gaksital. K is korean so why dont you trust my words (meaning he is japanese so goji should trust kenji)

Gaksital drops D off and she gives him her name and asks for his name

Goji shows taro and kenji the photo (of taro and choi) and says I cant entrust you to find out what the relationship is between these two people. Gaksital left the same “ki” mark on choi’s body, the banner, and these two outfits. that bothers me. can you explain right here. taro quotes a line and says how he was able to rise to this position and points out goji’s background and how he got here so will goji be ok. (which is an indirect threat that goji’s position is unstable) Goji thanks him for worring about him. taro says he will be leaving and kenji goes too.

After taro leaves, goji says how dare he threaten me. K tells goji that there was a clear reason why all 3 (choi, taro, and lee gong) were targeted by gaksital. Goji tells K to capture gaksital and find out about the 3 so K promises to do his best to reveal it.

Kenji speaks to the fake gaksital Sazaki who is behind bars and tells him to kill K no matter what. Sazaki says even Goji knows i tried to kill K so what if I end up as the murderer. kenji says there is no need to worry cuz Sazaki has a clear proof alibi. after being caught for trying to kill K, he has never left this cell even a step. sazaki likes that plan and says: how should I kill him.

Kenji reports to taro about his order to kill K whether he catches Gaksital or not and just kill both of them.  dont worry too much. if he kills K and Gaksital at the same time, Goji cant say anything more about it. Sazaki wont make any more mistakes. when taro hears that name, he turns and faces kenji. you are saying that fool is going to catch both of them. kenji tries to say no one has sazkai’s sniper skills but taro brings up how goji is betraying them. kenji says then what should we do so taro says connect me to the tokyo branch.

(The scene of Kishokai meeting. Ueno Hideki is the leader of Kishokai.)

Man 1: It happened 13 years ago. I just heard that Kwon Soo-jeon had taken care of everything (meaning killed everybody) …Man 2: Are you saying that you, who were in charge of supervising Kwon Soo-jeon, reported us that everybody of Lee Seon’s family had been killed without confirming it? Man 1: I’m sorry. Please forgive me, Boss. Ueno: Die with honor before we put our cup down. Man 1: I have mother and children (to take care of). Ueno: Kishokai will look after your family. Man 1: Thank you, Boss. Everybody: Kishokai! Kishokai!  Kishokai! Man 2: Boss, it’s Kimura Taro from Kyungsung (Jeseon’s capital). Ueno: Gaksital? Kimura Taro: I’m sorry. I don’t think I can resolve the problem by myself. Ueno: Find Lee Seon’s family right away. Gaksital is definitely related to Lee Seon. Kimura Taro: Even if we capture Gaksital, Konno already found out the relationship between Cheo Myeong-seob and me. I’m sorry but I would like you to help me. Ueno: Those who have brains cause troubles. In order to capture the two, we need a hungry hyaena. Kimura Taro: I’ll keep that in mind. Ueno: In order to accomplish our mission, I (we) definitely need the members of Kishokai Kyungsung branch. From now on, no member must be killed by Gaksital. If that happens, Toro, you must die. Kimura Taro: I’ll keep that in mind.

(The scene of Ueno Hideki and Ueno Rie (H) ) Ueno: It’s time for you to go back to Jeseon. Ueno Rie: I’m leaving, Father. I would trample down Jeseon that looked down/disrespected me.* (There is a word misused in her line. The word “Boku”, which refers to herself (as in I, my, me), is used by men. She is supposed to say “Watashi” instead.)

**All the scenes in Japanese were translated by AK in full and the 3rd one was summarized last night by KL. Thank you both for all your help and hard work. 🙂

D is running through the forest. She staggers and falls. She stands but then she faints.

K goes back to the motel where the circus was staying. he goes to D’s room. He looks around the bathroom and misses seeing the knife hanging on the door. He yells out for Song (the guy who runs the place). K asks him about D and the woman who was dancing with the big guy. song acts like he doesnt know which girl K is talking about and says all his customers left after the last time K showed up. K asks for the hotel register (list of customers) to be brought and threatens song with it saying if song didnt write down the correct info it’s illegal. k punishes him by closing down the place for 3 months. song begs and says save me once, if you do that I will starve to death. K pretends to be sympathetic and says you shouldnt starve to death. we are both koreans. K tells him to think it over carefully – you might remember. Where D came from and where she is headed. and what she eats to survive. If you remember then call me.

Song calls the circus leader jo and reports he is shut down for 3 months. I didnt tell them anything. they dont know that D is one of you yet. anyway I cant help you anymore. this is the best that I could do. Leader thanks him.

The circus people come in and ask if they are performing todnight. Jo says of course. they worry about having a show when they dont know when K will show up. and that they should leave, but the woman says if we leave then what about D. the guy says if she your daughter. the other girl doesnt know why the woman is so attached to D. so seonhwa asks arent you worried about D at all. the girl isnt cuz gaksital rescued D and called D lucky. the lady asks if the girl wanted D dead and accuses her of reporting D so the girl gets mad. Leader says they have some time before they perform so they should look for D. seonhwa says D will be in the forest cuz first time Gaksital rescued her that’s where he took her

It’s raining so D gets up and walks through the woods again.  She tells herself to have strength cuz she is damsari’s daughter. She hears some instrument being played and remembers how S told her he works as a teacher for korean kids. she said that was cool but he said all I do is play the organ and play with kids. She gets to his school

S was playing the organ and remembers kenji’s words “do you know you just put a knife to my neck and dad’s.”

D goes to S and says it’s really you. he asks why she is like this- why are you so hurt. She asks him to hide her and faints. He calls out her name Esther. He takes her by carriage through the streets and misses abe and K who just passed by

Kenji asks K- it was you huh? you gave that photo to goji didnt you. K: then was I suppose to give it to you? Kenji basically says: How dare you go over my head and give it to him. I am your superior. K tells him to get off work. kenji asks do you think things will go the way you want. you messed with a sleeping lion’s whiskers.  K says a sleeping lion? should I boil it and give it to my stray dog. Kenji punches K and calls him reckless ( as in K doesnt know his place). abe asks if K is ok

D wakes up and asks where is this place. S: esther are you ok? this is my room. she asks for some water. after she drinks, S asks what’s going on. she says K is using me to capture Gaksital. He says K’s name. she asks do you know K? S: he is my friend. D: friend? She gets up. He asks where she is going in her state. if you are running away from K, this is the safest place. She sees K’s uniform and asks do you live with that guy. S: dont worry he is out of his mind busy trying to capture Gaksital. until he catches him, he wont come here. She asks how he could be friends with someone like that. ah that’s right. cuz you aren’t a joseon person. I forgot for a second that you are Japanese. K calls out to S that he came

S meets him outside the door. S: you came? K stares at him so S asks why. K: how could your dad have a son like you. (but he literally said how could someone like you be born from your dad’s stomach). S laughs it off.  K: thanks for taking my side. K tries to go in but S stops him and says: what is there to be thankful for – I am sorry. dont forget that I came from my dad’s stomach and dont hate hyung and dad too much. K: i promise. when the truth is revealed, before I tell Goji even I will tell you first. S: truth? what are you talking about. K: I will tell you later.

K goes inside the room to change into his white uniform so S sits by the closet door and tries to hide something sticking out. K: I lost him again. thanks to him I almost got in trouble with Goji. S: what do you mean you lost him again? who? : you know that crazy girl who tossed the rock during lee gong’s funeral procession, I was going to use her as bait to catch him. S: why that girl? K: she is the girl gaksital saved 3 times so for sure something must be going on between them. something passionate. S: maybe he didnt save her cuz there was a relationship and maybe just saved her cuz she was a girl in danger.  K: you dont know. her father is damsari.  K: if I can catch that girl I can catch damsari, gaksital, everyone.

K asks why he is standing there by the closet like that. S: what? K: you are stuck to the wall closet. are you hiding a girl inside. S: what are you talking about? K: move aside. move. S: It’s nothing. nothing at all.  K opens the door and D is sitting there with her back to them and she isnst wearing a top. K just closes the door and calls S a punk and smiles. K: I’m leaving

K walks out and forgot something but he doesn’t go back in to get it

S waits and D comes out dressed. She thanks him. S: you are hungry arent you? wait just a minute. she says no I’ll just be leaving. S: going? right now? there are posters of you put up everywhere. if you go like this you will be caught again. but she says it’s a rainy night so people wont be out. dont worry. S: is it cuz I am friends with K. D: do you know who he is? cuz of him my  dad got caught and cuz of him my dad was sentenced to death. and he smiled and took a pic next to my dad as a keepsake. S: ok but just this once, let me help you. i cant leave you to die like this.

He takes her on his bike and he runs over a pebble so she ends up holding onto him more.

The guy keeps complaining about looking for D cuz she isnt his child or anything. the woman gets mad at him and says if you are going to look then just keep quiet and stop complaining. he says he isnt going so find her or not on your own. S rides up and D runs over to them. The man runs back and said he worried about D. D says thank goodness they are all safe cuz she worried they got caught cuz of her. woman says thank goodness you are safe. She asks who S is so seonhwa says her brother’s teacher. The man asks if S saved D so S says I didn’t. seonhwa takes the man and woman away so D can say bye to S alone. S asks if she is going to stay with the circus and not move somewhere else. D says I am going to wait here for my dad. he tells her not to move around for the time being cuz K is determined. She says don’t worry.

KS is playing with kids

K tells the officers this is their last chance to catch gaksital. we can wipe clean our shame from failing yesterday. K mentions Gaksital’s skills and if you look at how he makes a person fall, he will have callouses/cuts on his hands. so from here on they have to catch anyone who has those callouses and cuts.  He rides off with a lot of officers. Kenji’s sidekick has sazaki with him in the car. saziki loads and gets his rifle ready

K takes the officers to a market where KS and other Koreans are. The officers all line up and K says to the crowd of Koreans: among you gaksital is here for sure. By the count of 3 turn yourself in and come out. he counts to 3 and orders the officers to start looking. They destroy property and beat people with clubs. KS helplessly stands and watches.  One man gets hit pretty hard on the head.

The Korean men are lined up on their knees and K goes down the line and looks at each man’s hands. He orders them to be all loaded in the truck. He starts to beat one so KS runs over and hugs K from the back and tells him not do that. if someone hits another he is a bad person. K yells: let go of me you dumb bas*&^%. K turns on his brother and starts to beat him too and then kicks him. K yells: die. die. it would be better if you died. I don’t need a hyung like you. you have only been a burden in my life, I dont need you. die. K keeps kicking him. KS says quietly: I am sorry.

His mom pushes K away. How can you do that to your hyung. K says that bast&*^ fool made me mad. She slaps him. He asks if she still likes hyung that much. dont you resent him for going crazy in this chaotic world. she says this chaotic world that is hard to endure even in your right mind, it’s better off (he is like that). instead of someone like you who is crazy, it’s a 100 times better he lost his mind. K yells out “please” but she says no matter how much you try, you are a joseon person. the blood in your body cant be changed. he says he is a (japanese name) not lee kangto who can be ruined. She tells him from this moment on she is going to cut off ties with K cuz she cant have a japanese son like him. The mom helps KS and asks if he is ok.  K asks abe if everyone was loaded. abe says yes. KS says mom let’s go home.

A guy runs into the club and says there is news. K took all those joseon men in and locked them up. one other guy thinks the old guy doesnt like K cuz of mary (meaning the old guy likes Mary) the girls who work there say K did that cuz he is determined to catch gaksital. they talk about how his dad got out of jail thanks to his stepmom.The guy talks about how his dad is the only one who doesnt know his wife cheats on him.   (his dad is Lee-the one who got drunk and killed someone that choi released)

Lee is happy to be home and his wife says she is going out. he tells her not to go but she says I cant just stand by and watch you not feel well. I will just drop by the hospital to get you some medicine cuz you are working so hard to protect the country. He tells her to not to bring any sleeping pills cuz he could die and not know it. she agrees. he says to hurry and come back.

Officers beat the Korean men as they are taken out of the truck. K orders the snipers to be divided into groups -front, back, and sides. (K is using these korean men as bait and tells abe to get ready)

abe says if gaksital shows up the way they guessed they can catch him. K: then should we start

K questions a man about who is gaksital. the young man says if you go to the market, every park , lee, or kim is Gaksital. K beats him as KS comes into the station and calls out to K. KS is leaning by the door and listening. K kept asking where is Gaksital. Kenji sees him and says where do you think you are. KS yells out stuff about banzai so kenji orders him to be taken away. KS says mom told me to find K. as KS is being led away, K comes out. KS says to him: it’s hyung. K closes his eyes and ignores him.  KS calls out to him. KS gets thrown out into the street and told not to come back. KS lies there and listens to the screams of the men inside. He starts to cry

Some Koreans bring their injured son who was hurt by officers earlier to the hospital. They are told this is a Japanese hospital and can only treat Japanese people and turns them away. the injured man’s dad gets angry saying are you saying even if koreans are dying you wont treat them -what is this nonsense. they are pushed away. Lee’s wife shows up and the doctor asks what brings her here. she says after gaksital showed up, her husband cant eat,digest well, or sleep. the guy says that’s big trouble and invites her in.

On the street, the family cries over their injured son cuz he dies

the doctor asks if she is ok cuz he is more worried about her than her husband. Lee’s wife acts upset and says her heart races and cant digest whatever she eats. so the doctor says how shocked she must have been about choi ending up that way. He gets closer and holds her hand and tells her to be strong. and how hard it must have been for her cuz her husband is sensitive.  She says give me a prescription for him to sleep deeply. he says that wont be hard to do but wont you be bored.  She asks him to play go stop with her. if it’s you I wont know time is passing by. he talks about having free time and they kiss. Suddenly the window opens and a figure in white shows up. Gaksital pokes her back and makes her faint. Gaksital holds a weapon to the doctor and says you only treat Japanese. it wasnt enough you betray your fellow countrymen, you refuse to treat them fairly.  how can you call yourself a doctor. you will pay for your crimes. Gaksital makes him call K and say release those joseon citizens right now. in my office at the hospital, lee’s wife is being held hostage right now. if you dont release them right now, gaksital will kill me and lee’s wife. hurry. K orders all the officers to follow him. Kenji gives the bad cop a look as a signal

K and abe and others ride to the hospital. The bad cop follows with sazaki.

K makes some snipers get out separately then he pulls with the Korean hostages. He calls out -gaksital I am lee kangto. Are you listening. As you wanted I brought the rebels.  as promised release the doctor and lee’s wife. Then I will return the men safely.

Kenji pulls up and asks K what happened. Lee’s wife is wheeled out and kenji asks if she is ok. she points to the men tied up so another woman says “he said to let those people go first.” K asks her where gaksital is. She points up to the roof. Gaksital has the doctor on the ledge ready to drop him. Kenji asks if the doctor is ok. kenji orders the koreans to be released so K tells abe to release them. They let the Koreans go and they run off. K calls out to gaksital and gaksital let’s the doctor fall. But he had a rope tied to him so he is safe. (Just beaten up a little and he probably peed in his pants from that fall-sort of like bungee jumping without preparing yourself for it) They run over and get him down and ask if he is ok. the doctor fainted after screaming from the fall and cries as soon as he comes to.  Gaksital runs away and K shoots at him and misses. Other snipers take aim at gaksital and one hits his leg. K spots gaksital but doesn’t get a chance to shoot. He goes around a corner and gaksital watched him from a distance

K goes to the street and walks down holding a gun. sazaki is ready to shoot K. gaksital throws something at him just as he was about to shoot K. gaksital runs after saziki. saziki runs away, but gaksital hits him. They fight. saziki pulls out a knife. Gaksital just uses his stick. He kicks saziki and knocks him out. suddenly a gun is held to the back of gaksital’s head. he turns and faces K. K: bingo. Nice to meet you gaksital. K shoots away gaksital’s stick then shoots the ground where he is standing each time K says a line. K: you are a slippery one. Did you think you could get away this time too. throw away your. you think you can save the joseon people. Do you think you are some kind of hero?people like you, I have to kill and get rid of. KS says in his head: K, it’s me, your hyung, your hyung. K: i have a lot of things to hear from you. why did you kill choi and what is the relationship is with taro and choi. let’s go in nicely.  saziki  suddenly throws a knife at K so gaksital blocks and gets hit with the knife and saves K. K shoots the saziki. K asks KS: Did you just save me. why did you? Who are you, take it off- take off your mask. K reaches to remove it



taro and the men pack up their money. one of them says Gaksital’s goal is for sure the five of us. taro tells the men to protect their lives

someone asks if she really plans to kill K so D says we can do it. I will help too -i will do it too.

K asks D: I knew you would show up again. D: I only came for that knife. K: you were Boon

K says to KS’s back: I dont want to live like this either. other than this I dont know a better way. say something hyung

KS says to someone: before K suspects we have to hurry. it’s only a matter of time before he finds out who I am.

K sees KS with gaksital’s clothes and says: it was you hyung?

scenes show that K finds out D is B – K finds out Gaksital is KS

E4 written preview thanks to Sparkskey:

In order to save those patriots quaking in fear at Gaksital’s effectivness,  President Ueno sends a spy, Ueno Rie who disguises herself as a singer ‘Lala’, arrives in the Capital…

When Kangto finds out that Mokdan was the ‘Boonie’ he thought was dead from his childhood, he feels very tormented that he acts evil and tells Shunji that if he catches Gaksital he will offer vegetables as sacrifices towards that girl.

Kangto starts getting suspicious about the origins of Gaksital and discovers his brother Kangsan hiding his bloodsoaked clothes….


I know that one day K will turn into a good person, but I wish that day would come sooner. Watching him go all psycho is disturbing. I get that he is under a lot of pressure, but he is overcompensating with his bullying tactics. It would also help if he stopped riding around in that side car cuz it makes me think it’s for punishment. K looks like a little kid who is not allowed to sit with the adults cuz of his bad behavior. I would switch places with Abe, but I guess it might be a tight fit for Abe. I vote get rid of the side car and just ride solo.


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  1. thom says:

    softy, i cry when i watched main pic of KS and read your first paragraph about KS at 3th ep. there had “a son and a brother” behind the mask and I curious why KS doesn’t tell the truth to K.

    thank everyone for sharing everything.


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    Owh man. Just like SS said, if I never met him in OB… I will hate him to the max!


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    love your intro softy… so heartwarming~~~

    thanks so much for your fast recaps. ❤

    this drama is not just action, it is so full of heart. and even if jw is like that i still like him and gosh he can act really cool in kang to's character. way to go jw-shi!

    ks is also very good. initially i thought that he can't just look in those people who were beaten by kt and his minions. but i was surprised when he did not appear just like during the commotion but had a well thought plan ahead of him.

    i'm loving the pacing of gaksital, aside from loving it cuz of joo won, and is it only me or what cuz i like the d and kt's pair. ❤


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    I very much enjoy joo won acting evil, it is so much diffrent from the evil in baker king, i dont know how can he mange to play these roles so differently he is really a great actor.


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    How can I hate His Hotness. His still hot when he plays evil. Aish. Love the last scene, when Kang To face to face with Kang San.

    I think that lady, the second wife of one of the Koshikai members is one of the Joseon people and on Gaksital’s side. She was there when the Judge Choi was killed. Gaksital entered the room and kills him.


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    Thanks Softy. Baby shouts too much in this drama. Lucky he’s a musical actor and used to singing out loud and the yelling sounds pretty good :-p

    If Joo Won filming 1N2D and go to the market.. I think the Ahjumma at the market will throw him things.. LOL. Because he is so good playing baddie.

    @ nonski… Psssttt… Me too, rooting for Kang To and Mok Dan. Give us some love story here please PD-nim.


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    Gaksital Episode 3 Ratings 13.6%
    I do i do

    Here’s the link

    credit to baidu


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    I knew I can ccount on you Softy for early recaps. I love this Show. So badass and makes my heart beats stronger. I now LOVE Joo Woon. Late on riding that train I know. And I so ship him with Mok Dan ❤


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    my heart aches when he kicks and kinda stomps on his hyung.
    my God, he’s really evil! his greed and rage overcome his sanity.
    when he says “Die!” to KS, he seems to forget about what he said in the previous ep, saying that he wanted to get his hyung into the hospital for treatment.
    i almost forgot how adorable he is in 1N2D.
    he really is an amazing actor!


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    arggghh..i like kenji..he is so an amazing actor
    i think he make a great chemistry with kang to…


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    Just hearing K’s voice made me cry already of course there is crying scene tonight so prepare yourself.

    Gaksital Preview EP 4


  13. ak says:

    Translation of Japanese scenes. You can summarize them on your post because it’s going to take a lot of space. Nobody but Softy may repost my translation on other sites because I just did it for Softy to repay for her hard work.

    (The scene of Kishokai meeting. Ueno Hideki is the leader of Kishokai.)

    Man 1: It happened 13 years ago. I just heard that Kwon Soo-jeon had taken care of everything (meaning killed everybody) …

    Man 2: Are you saying that you, who were in charge of supervising Kwon Soo-jeon, reported us that everybody of Lee Seon’s family had been killed without confirming it?

    Man 1: I’m sorry. Please forgive me, Boss.

    Ueno: Die with honor before we put our cup down.

    Man 1: I have mother and children (to take care of).

    Ueno: Kishokai will look after your family.

    Man 1: Thank you, Boss.

    Everybody: Kishokai! Kishokai! Kishokai!

    Man 2: Boss, it’s Kimura Taro from Kyungsung (Jeseon’s capital).

    Ueno: Gaksital?

    Kimura Taro: I’m sorry. I don’t think I can resolve the problem by myself.

    Ueno: Find Lee Seon’s family right away. Gaksital is definitely related to Lee Seon.

    Kimura Taro: Even if we capture Gaksital, Konno already found out the relationship between Cheo Myeong-seob and me. I’m sorry but I would like you to help me.

    Ueno: Those who have brains cause troubles. In order to capture the two, we need a hungry hyaena.

    Kimura Taro: I’ll keep that in mind.

    Ueno: In order to accomplish our mission, I (we) definitely need the members of Kishokai Kyungsung branch. From now on, no member must be killed by Gaksital. If that happens, Toro, you must die.

    Kimura Taro: I’ll keep that in mind.


    (The scene of Ueno Hideki and Ueno Rie)

    Ueno: It’s time for you to go back to Jeseon.

    Ueno Rie: I’m leaving, Father. I would trample down Jeseon that looked down/disrespected me.*

    (*There is a word misused in her line. The word “Boku”, which refers to herself (as in I, my, me), is used by men. She is supposed to say “Watashi” instead.)


    One more thing just FYI (I think it’s typo).
    The mark left by Gaksital is “ki” not “K”, which is the first syllable for “Ki-sho-ka-i”. I’m really sorry for being picky. Thanks for your hard work as always. Cheers!


    • Softy says:

      Thank you so much AK for taking the time to translate this. Will add it to the recap tonight when I get home and credit you. Will also edit “ki” then as well and remember that from here on. You are so thoughtful to do this for the show. 🙂


      • ak says:

        I’ve just found out from the recap on dramabeans that Kwon Soo-jung is the other name of dead Judge Choi. If I remember correctly, Judge Choi is the one who killed Lee Seon in the long trailer.


  14. Thank you Softy dear for those screencaps. I love them, specially.. and (I was imagining, I was the one in that closet, topless & stared by those 2 hot hunks, hehe.. crazy me :P)

    I love what you write about KS, Softy dear & what everyone’s here too about KS (Shin Hyun Joon). He is the star in this episode, his acting really touching & daebak!! So did JW who can played as a really JERK last night episode, he is DAEBAK too. So proud of these 2 talented men.. pyong..pyong..


  15. Bebe says:

    TQ for the recap.

    I found that Mok Dan is such a brave and smart heroine. She think fast, luv her idea of exposing her back like that.. hehe. If she still put on her blooded blouse, Kang To will catch her.

    Today’s episode will be more intense I guess. We can see crying Kang To.. aigoo.. you break my heart.


  16. SS says:

    I am having a major hangover and it’s got nothing to do with the unused bathtub.

    I cannot decide if the scriptwriter has stepped off the cliff in writing K to such an extreme that I wondered whether the one rendered an imbecile after torture is K and not KS; or did JW pulled off such a fine job that I really hate K right now.

    I watched the show again, trying to find an explanation for K’s madness. I could explain why he went berserk , hitting that guy who had earlier threw his mom’s rice cakes and beat KS. I even heaved a sigh of relief that he dropped his baton before hitting KS. But when he kicked KS again and again, that’s when my brain cells screamed and died.

    I know tonight is the where K realises that D is Boon and his hyung is Gaksital and it’s one of major turning points in this drama. I still don’t buy it that just because K knows D is actually ‘s Boon, he will suddenly start to be good to her or try to be. Unless D’s knife has the magic power to transform this frog into a prince. The writer had better handle this transformation properly, even D with her fantastic mask changing skills will have difficulty.

    Show, please work your magic before cracking computer codes trumps cracking skulls and bones


  17. SS says:

    I need something light and frothy before I go back to the dark side tonight.

    Softy, I love your take on the side car, it’s the only part of the recap that brought a smile to my face.
    Actually when K was riding on it during a chase, I was laughing at the absurdity of it. He might as well be pedalling on a tricycle.

    In Gaksital BTS, it was shown that JW hurt his leg. I wonder whether it’s got to do with him jumping so fast into and out of this sidecar or simply cramping his long legs into the tiny box!


  18. SS says:

    I think Show has gotten into me, why do I keep shouting Gaaakssssittaaaaalll!!!

    In OBsessions, I kept going *pyong pyong*

    I am sorry, Softy for ranting, I must have knocked my head against the empty bathtub, next time can I borrow your industrial size drool bucket instead?


  19. SS says:

    Spoof of Gaksital episode 2 by Korean netizen. Credit to baidu for post and chinese translations.

    Translation of Captions;

    Pic 1- Kenji’s sidekick : You dare to mess with us? We’ll show you!
    Pic 2- K : Do you think I am stupid?
    Pic 3- Kenji’s sidekick sneers: There happens to be something here that suits you well
    Pic 4- K looks at the bee in alarm.
    Pic 5- K: Arrgh! You!!
    Pic 6- K: Nooo! Don’t go away, get rid of it!
    Kenji’s sidekick: Spend well your time with it, alone
    Pic 7-K: Abe!! There is a bee here!!


    • Anonymous says:

      LOL. Flying roaches will be awesome too. Our Joo Won playing the badass Lee Kang To scared of bugs.

      ROFL on Softy and SS comments on Joo Won and the sidecar. Tricycle? Pfftt.

      Mini Moons tricycle. Or, Kang To can borrow it from the circus troupe. I bet they have one there.

      Thanks girls, I got ‘mad’ at Kang To for playing evil.. but, I can’t be mad at him for long 😉


      • SS says:

        oh anonymous, you too got bitten by the mini moon madness over at OBsessions?

        I am not sure if I am more mad at K or simply mad myself. You just planted a scene in my mind. K riding on a tricycle showing mini moon how to pedal while mini moon’s mommy stands behind laughing and blowing soap bubbles.

        Is there a mental institute specialising in treating kdrama crazed viewers?


  20. bbblue73 says:

    Well, i hate to post this but for the sake of Joowon, i will, though my heart is just a bit aching…..hrmmm.

    The frog & the tigress, hahaha…
    Our K & your D photos (don’t know which ep would this be)

    Thanks God he didn’t hold & hug her tightly,,,,hehehe


    • SS says:

      Thanks bbblue, you just brought me to my senses.

      I dont care if this show is going to amaze me with K’s turn or leave a hole as big as the one in the ozone layer. As long as I get to stare at JW’s face, hugging a girl like that, I will stop complaining.

      p.s. i know you are bothered by the girl but just pop over to our fav ward for recovery, ok?


    • K says:

      Lee Kang To aka Sato Hiroshi~
      he’s such a jerk but i’m helplessly hooked by him~
      blame it on the smoking hotness and brilliant acting!
      anyway, looking forward to how would he and Boon react with each other when they founfd the truth~
      can’t wait for tonight!


  21. Anonymous says:


    I wonder, when will they show us how Kang San became the Village Idiot, what happened to him. There must be a flashback then… Ugh, this show is killing me.

    Kang To, Kang San and Mok Dan and yes, my new favourite Kimura Kenji keeps getting me invested in their role.

    Now the lady spy is in the picture, you know how seductive spy do their thing to get close to their target.. Roar. I hope there will be not much physical contact between her and Kang To. Huhu.


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