Big E2

*Daebak of epic proportions. I absolutely adore this show to pieces. Keep wondering if it’s really K that is going to end up falling in love with D in the long run and if he ever gets back into his own body, will he retain the feelings he has for D? I love that through this whole ordeal, K is going to finally grow attached to someone and not feel so alone anymore. Just like YAB, the Hong sisters like to get everything out there in the open from day one so I am relieved they are still doing that now. Nothing is being dragged out that doesn’t need to be. It’s at that right pace where we can follow along with everything without feeling out of breath from trying to take in too much info. They give us time to breath and take in all the laughter so that we can have clearer heads to feel what’s happening to our hearts. This couldnt have come at a better time cuz I was still suffering from RP withdrawal, but this drama is easing all those symptoms and then some.

Sparkskey gave us E3 written preview: Kyungjoon feels that Yoonjae’s relationship with Seyoung isn’t as simple as it seems and meets Seyoung to find out what was the relationship between the two of them. Jang Mari who calls herself Kyungjoon’s fiancee and used to follow him around in America because she liked him, flies to Korea when she suddenly loses contact with the Kyungjoon in Korea.

Also be sure to watch the mv Nonski left us for more backstory about Y and D.

Thanks to Semi-fly for her quick torrents, Sparkskey for her previews, Ginko for her first Big gif (will use after QIHM ends), and the rest of the gang for joining us. we seem to be mostly Gong Yoo fans here….:)

Sparkskey translated E2 written preview for us: Daran finds out that the highschooler Kyungjoon (Shin Wonho) is in her fiancee Yoonjae’s body, his unpredictable actions in Yoonjae’s body leaves Daran flustered

Written before it aired: Maybe it’s too soon to gush over a drama that just started, but I can’t help it. I keep finding more things to love like the music and chemistry. Take this rain scene for example -how he stopped her from walking away by angling the umbrella to drag her back. The comedic timing between these two was off the charts amazing. Fanderay commented that he is giving her Song Joong Ki vibes, but all I thought was how lucky this kid was to be in a Hong sister’s drama. Each time they create a character, they find the perfect actor to bring him to life. He should hold on tight cuz now his natural talent is about to be showcased to the world. ( well as soon as he wakes up that is)

Character list:

GONG YOO as Seo Yoon Jae (Y)

LEE MIN JUNG as Gil Da Ran (D)

BAEK SUNG HYUN as Gil Choong Sik – D’s younger brother. (CS)

SUZY as Jang Ma Ri (M)

SHIN WON HO as Kang Kyung Joon (K) JANG HEE JIN as Lee Se Young. the female doctor who likes YJ. (S)

vice principal Kim (Kim)


when this scene came out – I had a massive laughing fit. I just love Gong Yoo when he does comedy.  🙂



Starts from D leaning in and saying YJ shi. Y: uh oh – still? D: are you KJ? Y: yes- teacher Gil Daran. She says let’s go back to the hospital – something went wrong there so this was an accident made by doctors. if we go and complain the hospital will take responsibility and switch you back (she thinks it’s their fault). He asks what they will say when they complain –this person is my fiance but he switched with that person so take responsibility and switch them.  you are going to say that? D: I know it will sound crazy but they will find a way to treat this. Y: that’s right – cuz they think we are crazy, the way they will treat us is to lock all 3 of us up. you teacher, me and my shell of a body in the hospital -all of us will keep staying there in the hospital. if you are going – go alone. I dont like hospitals.  D: can you just avoid it cuz you dont like it. dont be a kid.  Y: I am still a kid. I am 18. D: yes so a kid has to listen to an adult. let’s go KJ. Y: dont treat me like a kid. this face is not a kid. D: are you trying to kid with me now? he tells her not to be a frustrating adult. why cant you think about listening carefully to what happened to me in detail. D: fine – then talk.

He sits and reenacts what happened with two figures about the accident – how they switched souls. Y: I – Seo YJ got into an accident. the moment right when I almost died, my soul flew out. at this time, SYJ’s soul thought his body was going to die so he came into my body. she says Y isnt the kind of person to take over someone else’s body like that without permission. Y: anyway – my soul had no choice and went into SYJ’s body.  this all happened cuz SYJ went into the wrong body. D says how YJ is not the kind of person to make mistakes on his own cuz he is meticulous so Y scowls and says anyway – whatever. This side has to wake up to switch or do something and come up with some solution. she lovingly talks to Y’s figure and asks how did this happen. why did you go over to a place like that. Y: that place? He hits himself and says I don’t like this either.


He goes to drink coke but she says Y doesn’t drink can sodas so drink something else will you. Y: what? D: this isnt your body – it’s Y’s. until things go back to normal, treat it preciously. Y: preciously? how? D: do as Y always does – when you are thirsty, instead of can sodas drink water. and the weather is chilly so this is too thin. dont you have thicker warmer clothes? a while ago you didnt get checked out properly.  omo you have a scratch. what to do. She notices a cut on his hand and holds it and breathes on it. he pulls his hand away and says wait a minute. while you are checking out my body, I wish my brain could step aside but i cant so what to do. if you keep this up, my mind will get angry. She holds his hand and tells him to take good care of Y’s body cuz he is a very precious person to me. I will go and check and make sure your body is well. (meaning she is going to look in on K).


He asks for her phone and dials his uncle’s number for her to speak to and check on what’s going on with K through the phone. his uncle says so the school was already notified. they moved K to another hospital in seoul. She asks for him to call anytime of the day when K wakes up. She tells Y, but he said I already heard everything. why is this guy’s ears so blocked. She asks if he lives here alone. Cuz if his uncle and aunt come, he cant be in this current condition (the way K looks like now). he says I live here alone so they dont come over. go.  she holds onto him and asks: can you be alone? you had a big accident today, you arent in a normal condition right now, and you had a big shock. can you really be ok alone?  Y: you are pretending to take care of me to keep staying next to (him) but it’s ok- go. I will sleep deeply for him. he walks away pretending to snore and goes to his room.  she looks in the fridge and sees all the frozen pizza and carbonated drinks and sighs. I wonder if he lives eating only instant frozen food and sodas.


Y wakes up and hits his arm on the small bed. He says his body is too big. He sits up in bed and smiles. I don’t have to go to school. Yes.


He goes out and there is porridge waiting for him to eat. In the fridge are all fruit and healthy drinks. Y: oops. He says she put a lot of food for her precious body’s sake but I am not going to eat it (for him)

D goes to visit K and holds his hand. She asks you are inside here aren’t you? she holds his hand close and remembers.


flashback to the night they walked in the snow and he asks if she is very cold and held her hand. She says his hand is really warm so he says I was holding the coffee with that hand. (those can coffees are heated in korea) she says they say the temp of a hand is the temp of the soul so since your heart is warm, you hand is warm like this. There is probably only you who has such a warm hand.


present time – D cries and says: (your hand) is warm. In this world there is only one person who has such a warm hand. He is here.


D runs to her dad’s restaurant which is connected to their home and her mom says D just came home. she probably stayed out all night with Y. her dad says is that something to smile about – our daughter staying out all night. She says it’s ok cuz they are getting married within the month. She thought something was wrong with Y cuz he sent D home so early each night so there must not be a problem after all. she suggests calling Y today and cooking him grilled eels. he says they should do that so it doesnt embarrass the kids. we should do it so it’s not obvious. she asks how so he says put the eels into the dumplings and make it. she says eel dumplings


Y eats a mushroom pizza and looks at his body and wonders if he should try growing a mustache since he is this body’s age. His body itches so he wonders if Y has atopy


D is late to a school event and gets there after it started. she apologizes to vice principal kim. Y rides up in a cab sticking half his body out. her friend tells D that person looks like YJ shi. Y tells the cab driver to wait and calls out for D to give him money. hurry hurry. he takes her whole wallet to go and pay the cab. she tries to whisper dont come here.


He runs back itching and says omg. I think I will go crazy. my whole body is on fire. D: what? Y: do something for me.  Look at me – my body is hot. he tries to take his shirt off so she lowers it saying what are you doing.  are you crazy. Y: Go over there and look. he drags her away. Kim asks who that person is so her friend says her D’s fiancé. D’s crush hears that. CS: why is brother in law like that?


Y shows D his rashes in a classroom. D: what’s wrong. Y: I am itchy. and hot. I think I will go crazy. she sees the red splotches. Y: something is wrong with Y’s body. he keeps showing her all his body parts so she looks in shock and tells him to hold still. what to do.  Kim and another teacher look as Y yells out “oh please –oh mother father-please please-oh yes – right there-oh please please”-from their view it looks like D is doing things to Y. Kim remarks how could they do such dirty things in this respectable school. the teacher tries to look again but Kim pulls her down.


school doctor  says it’s an allergy to mushrooms so if you eat medicine and put the ointment on, the rash will go down soon. Y mutters he should have had a body check done on Y.


D gets yelled at by Kim “is our school a hospital? unbelievable.” D apologizes to other teachers


Y explains how he spent all the money he had at home on the cab fare yesterday. my body felt strange and I couldnt go to the hospital. i thought maybe some problem would occur with your precious body I am in charge of so I worried and came here. did you get in a lot of trouble? she asks if he is ok now. He says yes this ajussi’s body must be really healthy. cuz it heals quick with medication. She tells him to eat some food and take the medicine again when he gets home. she hands him some cash.  He says if only I had my wallet I wouldnt have imposed on you like this. when I buy a wallet, I will repay this.


She cries so he asks did you get into a lot of trouble teacher? D says it’s cuz she is upset – cuz Y is such an impressive and dignified person. and not someone who should hear insults. it’s cuz I feel sorry to Y and it’s upsetting.  go home and be good. dont roam around causing trouble again. If there is anything else you need, I will buy it for you. Y: buy it for me? never mind. dont worry about it. I will take care of it on my own. he walks off. D calls out: go home. Don’t go anywhere else


Y walks away and says how nice these clothes are. how it looks good on his own body.  It’s just that it’s on this body so it doesn’t look good. He hits his body. then he looks at an ad for a suit and says when I find my wallet I will put these on for him (or maybe he meant for her)


D’s dad calls Y and says to Y’s pic, it would be nice to see your face seo son in law. but Y doesn’t answer. Y goes to ask about which room patient KKJ is in.  Nurse thinks doctor seo’s looks different today. Her dad asks what floor Y’s department is in.  he sees Y waiting by the elevators. Y doesn’t recognize him and gets on the elevator. her dad kept calling out seo son in law, but Y ignored him. The doors close and her dad is shocked.


Her dad calls D and says he came here to the hospital to meet Y but he looked really busy. D: what? YJ shi is at the hospital now? her dad says so I will leave the dumplings at the front desk for him so you tell him to take it and eat it. D thinks to herself how K wont know that Y works at that hospital. i’m gonna go crazy. D starts to ask Kim for a favor to leave but doesn’t have the nerve. The other teacher (Na) who has a crush on D helps D leave. he tells her to put down those files cuz he was looking at them. Kim asks if he was looking at those files. Na says yes. I dont like D touching my files. I will look at them and take care of it. Kim says since he doesnt like it, then D should leave them and go. As D runs off CS calls after her but she keeps running. CS: what is up with her. I think something is going on with brother in law.


Y walks down the hallway and everyone says hi to him. Y: why is everyone like this. I think they got the wrong person. He sees his face on a poster for the hospital and covers it up with his hands. He says Y’s name and starts to hide his own face. He makes it to the men’s bathroom and another doctor comes in and Y sees Y’s face again on a poster. He must be a star around here. he tries to smile like Y and do his hair like that.

D runs to the hospital and Y hides and presses all the elevators and waits for it to open. Other doctors like S call him and they ask -what’s up with you- missing work – we couldnt reach you by phone. did you just arrive? did you come like this? Are you not feeling well. Y says his head hurts. let’s talk later. she asks what’s wrong. she checks for a fever so he flinches. S: are you feeling sick? you really do look sick. he explains how he ate mushrooms. guy says how? you must have suffered. Y: I am suffering so I will go rest. S asks do you still have what I gave you last time. Y: oh that. S: I gave it to you to use at times like this. it’s close by and dont feel pressure. listen to me ok? he nods yes. she held his hand lovingly before leaving. she leaves. he wipes his hand and says why does that ajumma touch other people’s body like that. D comes and calls out his name. Y pretends to be YJ and smiles like him. he speaks politely to D: you came. D smiles at the other doctor’s and says  hello.  to Y she says: I came to meet you YJ shi.


She drags him out and asks how can you come here alone without saying a word. Y: I didnt know he was a doctor. I came to find my own body. D: your body? Y: wouldnt you be curious? also I have precious personal belongings to find. D: then follow me


She makes him wear that white lab coat. He says out of this guy’s friends, there is a female doctor huh? she nods yes. Y: she is a little strange. the way she touches is not like others. she asks if he is trying to make Y hear more bad things said about him. she says guys like him at his age – even when they touch a girl’s finger, he senses it differently than others so she understands that cuz I am a high school teacher. but if you look at Y’s friend like that with those eyes, what will my Y’s think? he says she is mistaken again (he used her last name gil which means long to say she is making a long mistake) you know that guys my age want to oppose the more you act like that right?  he lists all the things she has accused him of and tells her to stop. i’m sensitive.


He sits on the bed and lies down so she says since you are on Y’s bed wearing his clothes in his hospital it’s like you are him. dont say anything. she goes over and says: Give me your hand. She holds it and says it’s not warm. The temperature of your soul is different. Since you are not Y you are not warm like him. Y: that’s good cuz I want to be cool. She stands and reaches out to him and says let’s go now. He remembers how in the water Y reached out to him. So he says I grabbed that person’s hand. In the water, when I thought I would die. he extended his hand and in order to live I thought I should go to him so I took his hand.  is that why I came to this side. He touches his chest.


She takes him to K and says if you two switched cuz you grabbed hands, if you hold hands again wont you come back to your rightful places. Y: what if I dont wake up. D: you will wake up. hurry and hold his hand. She makes them holds hands. They hold hands. he closes his eyes and then opens them.


Y turns and looks at her and says “Daran shi. It’s me.” She cries and says YJ shi. I was so worried. I thought you ended up like that cuz of me cuz I got angry and acted annoyed. I worried so much thinking it was cuz of me. Cuz I said those stupid things. I am sorry.  Y: I am sorry too. I will tell you now what I was going to say to you. Pweeng pweeng. I am sorry. Pweeng pweeng. I didn’t come back. I didnt come back. I am KKJ. You look really disappointed. hello – Gil teacher. Come to your senses. Where is this place.” She looks down and keeps crying. she looks up in anger and says does this all seem like kid’s play to you. Are you having fun. Y: Why are you crying if it’s kid’s play since you are a grownup. D: playing with a kid like you- I was wrong. She walks out so he says why are you taking it out on me and getting angry– is it my fault we didn’t come back to ourselves. he looks and says where is my stuff. he sees it and walks over


His uncle comes and asks how K is doing. Y: he didnt wake up yet. his uncle wonders why K isnt waking up since nothing is wrong with his body. His aunt says he wont continue to lay there right? his uncle says nothing is wrong so he will probably wake up. she says in his condition, he could lie there for years. there are cases like that.  then what do we do. do we have to keep taking care of him? Uncle asks Y: that wont probably happen right?  (meaning for K to stay in a comatose state) Y asks: what if it turns out that way, what are you going to do?  The aunt says -doctor we aren’t the people who should take responsibility for him. we are just doing what we should do as relatives who were entrusted with him. you shouldnt ask us what we will do about him in the future.  his uncle says Y can leave now. Y hears them talking about “is there someone we can send him to in america just in case? his uncle says who is there to take care of him. she thinks since he grew up there, there should be someone he was close with.  his uncle says there is no one like that so that’s why he came to korea.” nurse gives them K’s stuff and asks what to do with the student’s belongings. the aunt carelessly goes through them keeping the money and credit cards in the wallet and throwing everything else out. Y leaves with his heart broken


D is waiting outside the door. Y looks serious and kicks the trashcan. He takes off the white coat and D chases after him. He says dont chase after me.  leave me alone. why? Are you scared your precious Y’s will look like someone who misbehaves in someone else’s eyes. are you about to cry again? before I do more leave me alone and go. D: after hearing that you will be upset so how can I leave you alone and go. Y: dont act like you are worried. you are just like my uncle. you are worried I will keep staying with this precious Y’s body. just like uncle you dont like me and feel burdened so why act like you are worried. she keeps him from going again. he says I told you if you keep doing this I will resist. so Y pushes her away. CS shows up and says noona. CS says to Y:did you just push my noona. why yell at her. she tells him not to interfere – just go. CS says to her: he came this morning and behaved strangely to you. I came to meet him to see what’s going on. good thing I came. CS says to Y: I didn’t see you like that kind of person brother in law but you are strange. Y says I am not your brother in law. CS says to D: if he is going to be your husband isnt he my brother in law? is he sister in law? Y calls him stupid. CS asks: stupid? did you just insult me sister in law. D tells CS not to do that. he tells her to be still. Y walks off angry so CS calls out sister in law. Y yells stupid. D tells CS not to get involved-just go home. CS: sister in law is mistreating you. D: it is brother in law you dummy. If you get involved, it makes things more complicated. Listen to me and go home. She goes and looks for Y


Y is upset and remembers how D asked him to drink water for Y’s sake instead of carbonated sodas when he is thirsty. He drinks soda and chokes (cuz his body isnt used to it)


Y goes back to get his stuff from the trashcan but it’s empty. he stands over K and tells K. since you have your mom’s inheritance for the time being they wont throw you away. Don’t worry.


Y goes home and there is a bag hanging on the door. It’s all his belongings. He wonders how it came here. he looks at his wallet and then smells the dumplings inside the box. He reads the name of the restaurant. It’s Gil’s dumplings (D’s last name) Gil Daran?


D sits with her dad and brother. CS asks if the wedding is called off. he said he wasnt my brother in law. her dad asks is that why he didnt take my call? D: YJ shi has a situation right now that’s why he did that. CS say how Y insulted him and called me stupid. her dad says how Y acted like he didn’t know him. CS says he ignored dad. She says Y didnt do that. CS: then who is the person I saw a while ago? her dad asks who is the guy who acted like he didnt know me? D: that was YJ shi.  they think things are over between Y and D.


Y is outside the restaurant and her mom says hello to him. mom: our seo son in law came. did you enjoy the dumplings? Guess what’s inside the dumplings. He guesses meat. she shakes her head no. he says shrimp. She gives him hints. it’s slippery and hard to catch. something long. like our Daran’s name – it’s gil (long). He guesses eel so she asks how did you know. let’s go in. she goes in and says dear son in law guessed what was inside the dumplings. D calls out mom.


Y sees D and her family and says “uh oh” so he figures out this ajumma is D’s mom so Y’s mother in law and that ajussi is this ajumma’s husband so he was Y’s father in law and he is D’s younger brother so he is Y’s brother in law.  So Y says the right things to address them. Y bows and says hello to her dad politely. her dad says did you come. Y says hi to CS. he says you came brother in law. he says hello to her mother.  Her mom says it’s been a long time since he came. D: you came YJ shi? Y says “surprise-yoo hoo” in a cute way.


D drags him out. She asks why he came here-how could you come here. so he says how he came to meet her but some woman suddenly showed up and made him guess what was inside the dumplings. he mimics her mom’s behavior and voice. “what’s inside the dumplings. you guessed correctly.” then she dragged me inside. D: I will go crazy. Y: I figured out the situation quickly so it went well – what would have happened if I said “ajumma who are you” thankfully I said hello to them so you take care of the rest. bye. She says where are you going. since you started as Y-  you have to finish it before you go. Y:what?


Her family makes dinner for Y. CS says since Y came all the way here the wedding isnt off. her dad says Y was inured after his car accident so he was like that. his body condition wasnt well and behaved that way and we misunderstood for nothing.  her mom says have some beer with Y and reconcile. she tells CS to get some beers from the restaurant. CS: beer. she asks why do you like that. her dad says bring some soju too


Y and D are arguing with each other. he tells her to do this on her own cuz he doesnt want to get involved. D: then should I tell them everything. that in his body there is someone else. Y: then you will get dragged to the hospital right away. D: if you dont want to get caught cooperate. Y: I will get caught. the longer it drags out it will be obvious (who I am). she says you have to try. her brother asks hide what? Y: uh oh -see-  it’s already starting. CS: what are you two hiding. D says kids don’t need to know. it’s between adults talking so dont get involved. let’s go in. Y teases CS as he walks by. Y: kids don’t need to know

Y goes inside with D and her dad invites Y to sit. Y goes and looks at their family pic. He points to her dad in the pic and smiles and gives a thumbs up. He sits next to her dad. her dad notices Y is barefoot. Y: why? Her dad offers socks if he is uncomfortable. Y: it’s ok I am comfortable. Her dad says I heard you were in an accident-how is your body. Y: as you can see I am ok. dad: so you are ok. Y: I’m good. he itches so he says it tickles cuz this body has allergies.


He says how there are a lot of stones around the home. Her dad says I make those. Y looks at them. Y: so you collect stones. Her dad explains it will hurt if you touch like that with your hands cuz Y said “ouch”. her dad says these rocks are my family. the big black one is me. The white pretty one is D’s mom. this one is D and this little one is CS. Y was yawning and picking his ears while the dad talked so when the dad looks at him, Y sits next to him and says the rocks are nice. he hits each one and says dad rock, mom rock, and kids rock (but he said it like idol rock) her dad says let’s find another rock for Y to put next to D since he is going to get married to D and will be their family member. Y says no thanks. what rock- it’s so funny. her dad doesnt find it funny so Y says should we find a son in law rock? did you say this was my place here. her dad says yes. Y asks how he finds rocks-what does he look for. Y says if you are looking according to size, the biggest one should be CS. then ajumma. then D, then ajussi. Y knocks the little one over.  if you were looking according to how pretty then it would be this one cuz it’s the prettiest. it’s ajumma. then CS, then D, and then you ajussi. her dad repeats: in this house I am the smallest and ugliest. so you must have resented that I chose the biggest and prettiest to represent me. Y says no that’s not it. I was just curious what kind of rock would be me. Her dad says I have to find a rock that looks good with the ones here. he walks away so Y says when adults are annoyed by explaining, they just overlook it


Y is eating dinner and has to drink water like a kid cuz the soup was too hot and spicy. D whispers will you die if you eat it. be quiet about it. Her dad offers Y some cool beer so Y happily takes it. Y: why not? sure. D tries to stop him. Y says to D through clenched teeth – will I die if I drink this. so D says to her dad that Y has to drive( so he cant drink) but Y retorts: I don’t have a car after the accident so it’s ok. She says you cant drink alocohol cuz your body is not well after the accident but he says to her dad: I think I can sleep better if I drink one glass of beer. please give it to me father in law.  Her bro wants some too so she says you cant drink alcohol cuz you are 18 and under age.  Y repeats that to CS: students cant drink. CS: like someone would say you arent a teacher. D: that’s right cuz I am a teacher, I cant open my eyes and watch a student drink alcohol. she said that last part right at Y so Y tells her with his eyes to keep her eyes closed (LOL).  Y lets her dad pour. when Y tries to drink D drinks it for him. Y tries to drink the last sip


She walks him home and he says you dont have to take me – I said I can go alone. D: you drank alcohol awhile ago so how can I send off a kid who drank. she hits him. Y: I only drank a little. are you innocent/naive? you think that beer was the first in my life. She says as his teacher she feels responsible for him. cuz he is her student. Also sorry for making you pretend to be my fiancé. And also thank you. he says you don’t have to feel sorry since you found this for me again (he holds up his wallet) so if you are grateful, it would be nice if you put some money in here. cuz this face costs more when I take buses. And do something about these clothes cuz it seems like if I breathe out it will rip apart and these pants ride up. D: I cant leave Y like this. She says let’s go. Y: to buy clothes? D: no to Y’s home to get his clothes


Her mom says how Y has changed. cuz Y doesnt act so stiff and seems comfortable around them and is treating D more outspokenly. her dad asks you felt that too huh? she says yes so she likes it. now it seems like he is comfortable with their family so he is really like her son in law. Her dad thinks it’s good if he did that cuz he felt more comfortable


Y asks if Y lives alone. D explains Y’s parents live abroad and wont let him touch anything. She shows him Y’s closet and tells him to take some clothes to wear. she goes to get his razor and stuff. he looks in the closet and they are mostly all suits. he takes his shirt off to change so D walks in and screams. She turns away. He says she startled him. she asks how can you be undressed like that. Y: you must have seen all the time so why be surprised. D: hurry and change. She peeks so he says: you see it all the time so just openly stare and dont sneak glances. He turns to face her so she can stare at Y’s body. D: I didnt see. Y: why are you like that. when I was at the hospital with nothing on at all-you came and hugged me saying “I thought you died YJ shi” D says in that situation I didnt know and I never saw properly.  He comes over and says: omg – you and that ajussi do not have that kind of relationship yet where you “saw” each other and stuff (meaning they haven’t done the deed yet) how can you be like that when there isnt even a month left till the wedding. She says that isnt for a kid to say. go and pack more stuff. He leans in and says : Gil teacher – should I show you? this looks really great. look. he lifts his shirt from the back and front. this isnt a body you can get from working out a month or two. look at this stomach’s choco abs. D: dont do it.


Y walks away saying: why did this ajussi not show you his body that he took such great care of. since he made it (the body) look so great I thought he did it to show you. D says Y likes to work out cuz he diligent. Y says to make this body he would have worked out 2  hrs every day. D: to look like that – you have to work out 1-2 hrs every day? Y: definitely. during that time he could have met you. he always said he was busy – using that as an excuse to stand you up and during that time he was working out. to ajussi – this muscle must have been more important than you. D: he said he was always busy but he had time to work out. then when he said he was busy and didnt have time – was all that an excuse. did he just not want to meet me. he tries to make her feel better and says as he walks over to her: what do you mean he didnt want to meet you. on that day. he was on his way to meet you. and when he met you you said he had something to tell you. she wonders if he was coming to say he loved her. what if he wasn’t. Y steps closer and says Gil Daran shi. I love you. (he said that in Y’s voice) She smiles up at him-more like she beams. Y backs up awkwardly and says “he was probably going to say it like this.” D: that’s probably right huh? I was like a dummy by myself for no reason. Y: yes you were like a dummy. D: Let’s pack some clothes.


She holds up shirts and says Y looked really good in this color. and this color too. and he looks really good in this color too. I will go and bring a bag. He looks through the clothes and wonders in a jealous tone “is Y that great? What’s up with these clothes.” he looks down and finds a house key. He holds it up and asks D if this key opens this home. She says no and wonders if it’s for their new home.


The phone rings so D says what do we do. she asks him to pick up. D: just for a second, be natural and talk. Y: hello. (D whispers S is Y’s doctor friend. the one he met before.) S says: you were home?  I was so worried cuz I couldnt reach you by phone. heard you were in an accident. I just found out at the hospital. why didn’t you tell me a while ago. Y: I am ok now. S: no wonder, you were a little strange a while ago. I will go to your home with your things- I’m close by so I will be there soon. Y: ok. she is coming here.  D thinks it’s good S is coming to bring his stuff cuz she didnt have the sense of mind to pack Y’s stuff (his stuff at the hospital from his accident). Y wonders what he has to do about Y having to go to the hospital from tm on. do I have to go to work? D: you cant do that. let’s ask for you to take a break cuz you need to rest from the accident. Y: then what about the newlywed home and wedding – do I have to go that far and do all that? D: by then he will come back.Y: even if he doesnt I dont want to go so far as to do all that.  She suggests cleaning up while waiting on S. Y: I have to wash Y’s body so do I have to clean his home too. forget it. She tells him to be polite to S when he meets her and dont look at her with lustful eyes. Y: I will look at her with pure eyes.


D goes and looks for the vacuum and finds a packed bag. She wonders: the bag isnt empty. Y packed. where was he planning to go. he didnt tell me


Y goes and waits at the elevator and looks at the key again. S pulls up and gets out of her car. She has the same key (it must be her home key). Y gets on the elevator.

D sees Y’s travel plans and wonders “where was YJ shi going to go –leaving me behind”


Y goes down and says hi to S and holds up his hand. she called out speaking informally “YJ ya” she runs into his arms and says I was so worried. If something like that happened you should have told me first. she was going to kiss him so he pushes her off and says what are you. she says: YJ ya- I love you. S comes and calls out Y’s name. Y looks at D then looks at S. D glares at S.  Y says : Seo YJ – this bast*&%”


For a kid, he sure does have some great grownup moves. 🙂


Y says to D: he (Y) did double play with another woman. (meaning Y dated two women at the same time)

S looks at Y’s photo and says he doesnt seem like YJ

D says to Y: You caused trouble didn’t you. normally kids cause trouble and cant handle it and run away

Y says he needs to find clear evidence and looks all over Y’s home

M asks D: who is that ajussi. D: KJ. someone I know

M says to Y: I am going to marry you for sure. Y’s mouth falls open.

CS says to M: you are really pretty.

D and Y lean in to kiss and D says: YJ shi – You are inside here right?


Fanderay’s comments:

Yesterday charmed me, but after today’s episode I am positively giddy. I still can’t pinpoint why I’m loving this show so much, but I found myself constantly looking at the clock because I was afraid it might almost be over. When I start technically comparing story and script to past dramas, it seems like Big should just be average, but it has some magical combination of elements that has resulted in some impossible-to-resist X-factor.

Of course the most obvious magical ingredient is the cast, and this OTP is ridiculously squeal-worthy. As soon as they lock eyes it’s like time has stopped, and watching them makes me feel like an immature teenager with her first crush. My only concern is that their potential combined cuteness may defy the laws of the universe and cause the earth to implode.

The shyness of the relationship between the real Y and D is cute (like when he pulled her close on his hospital bed) but there is an obvious wall between them. From what we’ve seen, D was constantly trying too hard to be the perfectly sweet girlfriend, and Y never seemed fully engaged with her. It’s like they wanted the relationship to work, so they were afraid to be themselves. It’s refreshing to see the stark contrast in D’s personality now that K is in Y’s body. D doesn’t care at all what he thinks, which means that their relationship is already more honest. I find it funny that she’s even a lot more physical with Y now that it’s not really him. She’s constantly grabbing on to him and pushing him around, and I’m willing to bet she never did that with the old Y (which is a shame, because I’m sure most women wouldn’t keep their distance with abs like that within reach).

One thing this drama definitely knows how to do is pack in mortifying moments that practically stop my heart. I don’t even remember how many scenes I had to watch through my fingers, but between interrupted assemblies, classroom rash inspection, hospital run-ins with staff and the FiL, as well as every embarrassing minute spent at D’s house, I felt pretty desperate for a pause button to relieve the stress. When Y said, “Surprise!” I felt pretty certain that if I was D, it would be easier to just call off the wedding than suffer through all the embarrassment.

Of course, all this cuteness and humor would be more than enough to keep me happy, but this show has a lot of heart too. The serious moments really hit home, and their impact isn’t remotely lessened by all the surrounding fun and silliness. K’s family situation is completely heartbreaking, and I’m already dreading what D will have to go through down the road. She’s going to realize that her dream-marriage was really just a dream, and she’s so open-hearted and naive that she’s going to be utterly crushed. I’m sure she’s also going to get very confused about her attraction to Y and whether or not she has feelings for K or not (and whether or not Y is still in there somewhere). I can’t wait for Y(K) and D to really connect and open up about all their woes, and I feel pretty strongly that they need each other but just don’t know it yet. We’ve already seen a bit of that connection, and it’s pretty clear that they could both use someone to talk to.

Another great thing is that I have no idea how this drama will end. Will K and Y return to their original bodies? Will D ultimately end up with K or Y? I think that D needs K (Y’s body) in her life right now to really grow up and understand relationships, but I don’t think that necessarily means with certainty that she’ll just love K’s soul and never mend things with Y. I’m not convinced that Y was as bad a guy as he seems. S is obviously a crazy stalker type, and we still don’t know the full story behind the plane ticket and what Y was so torn about. I got the impression that he really was going to tell D that he loves her, so it’s tough not to sort of ship both guys.

It seems like K might not wake up any time soon, but I wish he would because I love that young actor, and I’m dying to know more about how Y really feels. Of course the mystery is half the fun, but I’m already so invested in these characters that I can’t wait to know more. I guess there wouldn’t be as much of a love triangle if D had access to Y in K’s body, but having him awake could be an interesting dynamic to add down the road once she’s started to fall for K in Y’s body. I guess it’s also possible that K is just a shell right now, and Y is still somewhere in Y’s body. This really is quite the tangled web!

The cliffhanger at the end wasn’t really much of a cliffhanger (I doubt anything too crazy will happen there) but I like that everything is already out on the table, and that Y is going to tell D what S said (based on the preview). That being said, I also like that Y  seems a bit torn about how to handle D in that final scene, as if he has the urge to protect her from the truth. Maybe I’m just reading too much into the crazy electric chemistry that happens as soon as they make eye contact though.

Really, no cliffhanger is even needed for this drama. Aren’t we all eagerly salivating for the next episode regardless? I actually look forward to M (Suzy) being introduced since I don’t think she’ll just be a typical annoying or nasty second lead (we have S for that!). In a way she has more rightful claim over Y than D since her boyfriend is in his body, and it should be a lot of fun watching the two girls try to share him. In a way, M is a lucky girl. Her boyfriend just got a body upgrade!

This last week was a bit of an experiment because I was trying out Bridal Mask and Big to decide which to help Softy with. I don’t have time for both, and after today I think I have to say that Big is the winner. I’m going to keep watching Bridal Mask, but it doesn’t have its claws in me like Big does. Besides that, Big is more fun to to screencap (there are a lot of great stills, and very few blurry action scenes!). I’m sure I’ll still come around to comment in the actual comments section of Bridal Mask, but I’m still sorry to the Gaksital fans for ditching out. Hopefully you’re all Big fans too. 🙂



63 comments on “Big E2

  1. feima says:

    hope to see more of him – “3 second Song Joong Ki” 😀


  2. nonski says:

    yay! camping~~~

    thanks so much in advance softy. 🙂 lurve that picture… i am now fully into K!


  3. nonski says:

    *waves at feima, Qd, deedee, nik, sparkskey, reideen, flo and ginko*

    advance special thanks to fanderay. 🙂


  4. Reideen says:

    Hi everyone! Glad to be early today ^-^… Can’t wait to see what happens!


  5. Reideen says:

    I’m sad QIM is ending, but so happy that I have BIG to watch! ❤
    I'm also watching AGD and IDID ^^


    • nonski says:

      i’m loving AGD so far… not something i expected~~~


    • feima says:

      hahaha i am kdrama mania crazy – mon-tues BIG wed-thurs Bridal Mask and QIHM Fri (rest day or trying to do catch up with IDID or AGD ) sat-sun Time Slip Dr Jin ~ in between i try to catch up with Softy, Fanderay and Thundie’s sites ~ *phew*


  6. enz says:



  7. Charlene says:

    GY is the my first favorite Korean male actor . and BTSC (biscuit teacher star candy) aka Hello My Teacher is my one of my top favorite KDrama. So thrilled to see him again doing a series ! and Hong sisters work is a big plus. Thanks so much softy for including BIG on your recap list. BIG HUG sweety!


  8. semi-fly says:

    Torrent links for episode 002:
    – ohys / 720p:


  9. nonski says:

    yes! thanks softy… off to read~~~~ you don’t know how madly crazy i am waiting here… quietly gritting my teeth cuz i can’t stream.


  10. enz says:

    just watched most of the second episode and while i cant understand most of the conversation, it does seem like the are making gong yoo play him much less put together and street wise than the character was when he was still in his 18 year old body. granted the whole situation he found himself in is bizarre but i think the 18 yr old boy of epi 1 would have been less childish in some of the situations he was put in today. hmm..


  11. nonski says:

    next week’s preview


  12. flora says:

    thanks softy!!!


  13. enz says:

    thanks softy 🙂


  14. sparkskey says:

    thanks softy! whoop, i’m loving this drama, can’t wait to watch it tomorrow 😀


  15. nonski says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA! and i haven’t watched the raws yet. 🙂

    how long will K’s body stay comatose? it would be hilarious if he is also in the equation.

    Funny GY is love!

    Here is what i really hope for Big… K (in Y’s body) and D fell in love… Y in K’s body realizes later how much he love D. this is just the love angle… i am sensing more from this drama. how the tow guys are connected. what will trigger to get make them get each other’s body again?


  16. Reideen says:

    hehehe Gong Yoo is really like a BIG kid … ^-^ Love him! He’s so funny! He portrays his 18-year-old-boy character really well.


    • Reideen says:

      His “OH OW” / “Whatever” / “Oh gosh” / “Surprise” is making me LOL and I love it when he’s being cute ❤ ❤ ❤ (≧∇≦)


  17. bj says:

    Thank you very much Softy and Fanderay for the lovely recaps and screencaps….never mind Fanderay…we respect your choice, so keep on your good work……..I’m rooting for this drama too..boing..boing….


  18. It’s alright i’m a big fan too! héhé :p


  19. sparkskey says:

    I just realized that the central themes are very similar to OB, maybe that’s why we love it so much. We’ve got a young, out of place kid who lost his family, never really allowing himself to be loved meeting a bubbly and affectionate woman, finding attachment, family and maybe love in the process. Loneliness, belonging, family all seem to be themes.

    Can’t wait to see kyungjoon’s cold exterior thaw even more soon!!


    • sparkskey says:

      Also, anyone else wondering what the great big Miracle will be? Body swap was merely an occurrence, so there has to be some overarching ‘Miracle’ somewhere.


  20. Trina says:

    Well after watching raw link… no Suzy but we did have choc abs which is fine by me… it was good but or the usual LOL of Hong Sisters.. although, Ep 3 seem promising as the will they kiss or not…. that will be my pondering mind until next week… I am looking forward to watch with subs.


  21. Trina says:

    Eek.. I Mean Hong sisters are there on ep 2 but not as much.


  22. flo says:

    the show is getting better…OMG..i love the preview for E3..can’t wait fot next week episodes..
    thanks softy & Fanderay for the recap…


  23. semi-fly says:

    I’ll a little confused as to what kind of relationship Se Young has with Yoon Jae. I mean from the character correlation chart these two were in a relationship at some point before Da Ran’s accident and “snatched” herself a doctor. The problem is everything, even parts of episode 1, say otherwise. The question I guess why would Yoon Jae start up a relationship with Da Ran if he was still in a relationship [taking a break rubbish notwithstanding] with Se Young? I mean if he had broken off such a relationship why did/does she have a key (?) to his flat?

    I’d suppose many people were already aware that the relationship between Yoon Jae & Da Ran was of the one-sided variety which in turn makes everyone feel sorry for Da Ran. I had suspected that there was something wrong with their relationship with every canceled meeting regardless of how important Yoon Jae’s job is [what is he a oncologist or a neurologist – given the kids in episode 2 and the poster of him with a child – I’m making a leap I’m sure.] he’s never really been there for her as she has tried to be there for him.

    What’s going to be interesting to see is how Da Ran manages to deal with the fact that the man she’s loved [for what a month now?] is seeing someone else on top of that there might be something brewing [if only on the surface] between Kyung Joon and herself [think of an oft emotionally abused puppy meets a caring master].

    I’ll add adding Ma Ri to the mix may just be enough to bring out Da Ran’s competitive nature and allow her to realize what she’s been missing while being with someone like Yoon Jae.

    Why does it sound like I’m already demonizing Yoon Jae [I’ll be proven wrong I’m sure but I doubt that happen until the real Yoon Jae wakes up in either his own body or in Kyung Joon’s]?


    • Trina says:

      You have a good point semi-fly regarding Se Young. Therefore, I hope we see flashbacks how Se Young and Young Jae meet. Back look at the choco abs of GJ. =)


    • Softy says:

      Hey semi-fly,
      sorry for the late response – recapping 2 dramas back to back is kicking my butt cuz of a busy work schedule, but I just wanted to add that Meltedd is correct. S gave him a key to her place and told him to use it. since he dropped it in his closet, I am thinking he doesnt really care to use it that much since it wasn’t found on him at the time of the accident. or maybe he forgot to keep it in a safer place. we dont know when their relationship moved on from physical to friendship, but I bet S started seeing him as more than a friend after D came into the picture. either way, what “K in Y’s body” said made sense. if Y was working out that much and never showed his body off to D, he was doing that for someone so the way S was so “handsy” with Y hints a physical relationship was going on. plus in that last scene, she moved in for a kiss like it was a normal thing between them. she even held his hand at the hospital so all the vibes “K as Y” got was correct. something is going on between Y and S. as to why Y was going away, not sure if part of his plan included S, but I am hoping he wanted to get away from both of them to think. those flashbacks make it seem like he did like D at some point, but all this wedding business seems to be giving him the cold feet.


      • semi-fly says:

        I did notice one of the flashback where Young Jae held Da Ran’s hand so there was at least something going on between them even if it was on a rather superficial level. What I think bothers me is how cold/disconnected he seems now. I could chalk it up to pre-wedding jitters (everyone goes through them to some degree).

        What it is still somewhat frustrating is figuring out what Se Young’s role in Da Ran & Young Jae’s current relationship is. I’ll agree that there appears to be something going on [it could be that she want to rekindle their relationship because she misses him or it could be just in spite that he’s headed for the church and she’s not the one next to him] but we’ll have to wait until later to figure just how far this hunch of Kyung Joon’s proves true.

        I’ll probably end up re-watching both episodes to get a better handle on the things I missed.

        Interesting question: We know that Kyung Joon’s family left him some kind of inheritance and that for whatever reason he is in/was in the care of his uncle and aunt so my question is in the event of his death wouldn’t the inheritance fall into the hands of his legal guardians? I noticed that Kyung Joon (as Young Jae) commented that they’d keep him around (because of said inheritance) but there must be some kind of legal loophole for just such an incident.
        — That being said and not really liking my thought process at the moment (too many revenge dailies/dramas under my belt) this could turn really ugly if Kyung Joon is in a prolong vegetative state with little/no chance of recovery. Which could mean that Kyung Joon (as Young Jae) & Da Ran could team up to “rescue” him from them.


        • nonski says:

          hi softy and semi-fly… butting in again, had little chance to go here since last night. the mv i posted below showed the “before” of Y and D… which shows Y actually took a liking to her the instant he met her. it seems like the “snatched a doctor” concept running the rumor mill in their community is without basis. it’s obvious how Y likes D. this keeps me wondering why there is the prepared passport, luggage, the SY scenes. *sighs* as much as i want my kyung-ran/da-joon OTP to be realized… YJ’s case is getting my curiosity piqued with the mysteries surrounding the last two episodes.


  24. meltedd says:

    @semi-fly i think she gave him a key to her flat – the part where she told him to use what she gave him last time at the elevator


  25. nonski says:

    just wanted to share this mv i saw at koala’s, well yj did like her at first sight, 🙂 now i am a little apprehensive on my kyung-ran/da-joon ship~~~


  26. sparkskey says:

    Preview for ep 3:
    Kyungjoon feels that Yoonjae’s relationship with Seyoung isn’t as simple as it seems and meets Seyoung to find out what was the relationship between the two of them.
    Jang Mari who calls herself Kyungjoon’s fiancee and used to follow him around in America because she liked him, flies to Korea when she suddenly loses contact with the Kyungjoon in Korea.


  27. nonski says:

    just wanted to share this: 🙂


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