Big E1

In just under 30 mins, I fell in love with this show. Then before I knew it, the last half broke my heart cuz it was so moving. They billed this incorrectly. All those previews and trailers made it seem like pure comedy, but this drama is grounded in tragedy. I love being taken by surprise like this – starting a drama thinking it’s going to be full of laughs, only to find there is a lot more under the surface. I was willing to settle for the laughs, but now that I have something with added substance, it’s just going to double the enjoyment even more. Thank goodness we get the best of both worlds. 🙂

Thanks to semi-fly for her quick torrents. 🙂

The long Gong Yoo drought on the small screen is over. and boy is he a sight for sore eyes. Just as her character got to her feet, I needed to sit down cuz my knees went weak. 🙂

We seem to have a brand new noona killer in our midst.

Written before it aired:

This might be the first time I anticipated a drama so much that I went ahead and made a widget for it already. Just hearing the news that Gong Yoo was coming back to the small screen made my heart leap with joy, but what fueled that expectation on even more was when Lee Min Jung was cast. There might not be a foolproof formula for a winning drama, but knowing it’s a Hong sisters’ creation pretty much sealed the deal that I would love “Big” from day one. All the trailers and previews so far have not let me down so now it’s time to see if all the hype was worth the wait.

Not sure if the names are correct but here is the legend I will follow for now.

GONG YOO as Seo Yoon Jae (Y)

LEE MIN JUNG asGil Da Ran (D)

BAEK SUNG HYUN as Gil Choong Sik – D’s younger brother. (CS)

SUZY as Jang Ma Ri (M)

SHIN WON HO as Kang Kyung Joon (K)
JANG HEE JIN as Lee Se Young. the female doctor who likes YJ. (S)



D runs up the stairs and into a church yelling out “I am sorry – excuse me” and gets into an elevator carrying a wedding bouquet and asks people to be careful saying this is the bride’s bouquet. She was here just to deliver it, but it turns out she knows the bride. D runs over and says the bouquet has been delivered and the bride was going to yell for being late but stops herself. they say each other’s names. D asks so you are the bride? D says hello to the other girls. you guys are all gathered too. the bride makes an excuse about how she didn’t send D an invitation since D doesnt have that many days left till her (teacher’s exam). i’m sorry. D says it’s ok and congratulates her. The bride thanks her and invites D to join them for the pics with friends, but D looks at her outfit and says I have another delivery to make so I have to hurry and go. good to see you all. congratulations.


On her way out D gets stamped for parking for delivering the bouquet. she decides to pay (wedding gift is money in korea) and stick around to eat so she asks for a meal ticket. while she eats she tells herself this time she has to pass that test.cuz wedding invitations are passed out among the ones who passed. if I dont pass I wont be able to get married. she gets a call and says I am done delivering so I will be there soon.  she finds out the bouquets were switched. yes the wedding already started. why is that my fault?

So D stands with the other single girls determined to catch the bouquet when the bride throws it. a friend says you didnt leave yet. D: I am a friend too so I have to congratulate her. D says in her head the bride is really lucky cuz she only paid $300 and got a $1000 bouquet to hold and get married. I have to take that back.  I paid a gift too so I have the right to catch it. throw it. She falls back trying to catch it and Y bumped into her. he had his hand extended to catch her, but she missed his hand too and falls down the steps. the bouquet lands next to her.


The radio host reads D’s letter over the airwaves. on that day I missed my friend’s bouquet, but I caught one man instead. on those 36 steps, my entire body rolled down and broke my tail bone and wrist and missed my exam that was coming up in a week and was hospitalized for two months. during that time, that man treated me. cuz that person was a doctor.  one month later we are getting married. the radio host says if I can meet an impressive fate like that should I roll down the stairs too. she continues reading: I am continuing to prepare for my teacher’s exam and I am  currently working at a high school as an intern/trainee.  please cheer me on to become a good wife and a good teacher. radio host says I want to send a congratulation and encouragement gift. D wins some appliance. cue music and they play lee seung gi’s marry me (cuz seung gi was on the last Hong sister’s drama). The kid (his name is K) stares at D as she smiles and gets excited hearing her letter read aloud on the radio. she notices him staring so she checks to see if anything is on her face.  he pretends to look away but stares and smiles at her again


She gets off the bus and wonders why the kid stared so much when he didnt know her. it’s raining so she has her umbrella open. the kid calls out wait and holds her umbrella too -exactly where she is holding so over her hand. She asks if he followed her off the bus just now. what to do. I have someone to marry and also I am older than I look. Don’t do this. he says “uh oh. this isnt right. this is mine. this is my umbrella. you took my umbrella when you got off the bus.  That’s why I chased after you. let go. (he said all that without using polite speech and spoke banmal). he walks away so she keeps walking with him to stay under the umbrella.  she asks where is my umbrella  then. K: it’s on the bus. D: you got off the bus without bringing my umbrella?  He says why would I get off the bus with someone else’s umbrealla. D: if i brought yours, then you should have brought mine.  K: you should have taken care of your own umbrella. She calls out ya and speaks banmal. it’s cuz you stared at me on the bus and I was overwhelmed so I got off the bus with the wrong umbrella. a while ago you kept staring at me didnt you. K: whether i stared or not. she points and says you stared at me and smirked. K: I did. D: see you did. K: I did cuz you were funny. after hearing the radio – then I saw you and it was funny. rewind to that scene. how D got all happy about her gift and dropped her umbrella and picked up his by mistake. D: oh so that’s why you stared. K: was I the only one who stared. Everyone on the bus stared. but in your eyes you must have only seen me. Of course that’s what happened. you didn’t see the other ajussis or ajummas and only saw me a good looking young guy. and overreacting by yourself and taking someone else’s umbreall and getting off the bus. what? he mimics her voice: “did you just follow me off the bus?” omg. She kept sticking by his side to share his umbrella so he asks are you going to keep following me like this? she says no I am going. sorry for mistaking and I feel a little sad you didnt grab my umbrellas. go well. she starts to run off but he stops her with his umbrella and pulls her back. He asks if this is the school where she works. She says dont try to know. he says uh oh.


She goes into school all wet and kids say hello to her. the head teacher calls out her name. you look refreshed.  D explains how she lost her umbrella on her way here and got rained on. the woman asks if D ate breakfast. D says yes. the woman says D’s tummy is smarter than her head since she didnt forget to eat. the woman lectures her and says even though you arent a regular teacher dont forget that you have to look proper. if you think you will forget. write it on your tummy. the male teacher leaves a towel on D’s chair for her to wipe up with but he did it without anyone noticing. he seems to have a crush on D.

the teacher is outside taking deep breaths. K looks through the window so teacher asks what he is doing. K says I am a new student.


K goes in and gets introduced to all the teachers. The woman in charge says how K is from a great high school in America with great grades. K smiles at D so D shuts her eyes. The woman asks D if D just closed her eyes. D: no I was just blinking my eyes. the woman says if you are done blinking that long then show the new student around the school.


K asks this time can I follow you around teacher. She says follow me. She says schools are the same whether it’s here or America. she says it will be similar to the high school here.  He says no it’s really small here. D: even though it’s small we have everything you need. K: doesnt look like you have much. she says a while ago she didnt know him so she overlooked it but now I am a teacher and you are a  student. so you are not speaking formally enough. K: I was talking to myself. in korea when I talk to myself do I have to speak politely? D: that’s not it. just be careful. let’s go to the library first. K: forget the library – where is the gym?


D turns and says “where is it”- you werent talking to yourself. you were asking a question werent you? he pretends to not be fluent and says I still feel awkward speaking korean. sorry. D: cuz you came from america so you might not know well -this is famous in korea so remember it well. I am a teacher and you are a student. she repeats it in english. K: ok Gil DR (he called her by her name like she is his friend and his age) D points her finger and says teacher. K: ok teacher Gil.

She shows him the computer room and looks up “dont kid around or else you will die” to say in english. She gets a call from Y and speaks all sweet and girly. She says : yes I can answer your call. i wasnt doing anything at all. yes. where should we meet tonight. ah so you are busy. it’s ok. where should we meet tonight. Really? I can go to the hospital?  I don’t have anything I need to do today- i can go. I will buy something delicious and go. See you later. K asks if that’s the doctor you caught after breaking your tailbone. be brings up what he heard from the radio -her nickname that she used. She asks him to keep that a secret -what he heard about her on the radio. cuz she never dreamed that one of her students would know her by that nickname. she says she sent that in for free. he says but she wanted to win that gift too. she says that’s true. He makes a bargain – ok. If I do that then don’t say anything about me speaking informally. teacher gil. she says she will try to get used to it and not point that out anymore. she says let’s go but K says let’s stop and jumps out the window to leave so she says why leave a perfectly good door and go out the window. thinking that’s so cool – a kid is always a kid.


K faces 3 students and one of them  -CS says I heard you came from america. I have a friend who goes to a school in america. do you know bang mi shi. K: uh oh you dont even know about the states. whatever. CS speaks eng poorly and asks can you not understand korean? you dont know what I said so K calls him stupid. CS holds K and asks the others what K said. the other kid says kristal always says that on the sitcom. CS says that’s an insult. he gets mad and asks you understood everything I said didn’t you and insulted me. K says kids leave me alone.  CS: if you understood it all speak in korean you punk. K: you are annoying me so go away. CS tries to pull K but misses.


Just as he is about to punch K, D blocks the punch so CS runs off. she beats CS. CS says I didnt even hit him once. K asks another kid – can a teacher just hit a student like that in korea. kid says no. K: Shouldnt we report that teacher. The other kid says that teacher is CS’s noona


D asks to look at where CS got hurt. he pulls away and says it’s ok. she lectures I can forgive you for not studying well but I can never forgive you for fighting. CS says K was first to look down on him and be rude.  D: still how can you try to hit a friend. she says he got a scratch on his face. CS: is it bleeding?  he says I will tell dad that you hit me. D: then you will get in trouble with mom. she looks and says it wont bleed. you have to go to class. stand up. I am sorry. K watches them act like siblings


K goes to his place and takes out a frozen pizza. While he waits for it to cook, he lays around


D goes to the hospital with food for Y. another doctor (S) says hello – did you come to meet YJ. D: yes. to eat dinner together.  S: not many days are left till the wedding. when is it? D says the invitations came out. you didnt get it yet? S: he didnt pass out the invitations. cuz he was busy he must have forgotten. you should scold him when you see him. D; yes


D puts up a photo of Y and her and posts it on his board. she looks at his bed and remembers how they sat there and talked about what they need to prepare. he said there is no need to buy new furniture cuz it hasnt been long since he bought them. She says how they need to get the basics. at least our big bed should be big and nice. Y: yes we should get a bed. she says I saw a bed and it was big and cool. it will be comfortable and nice. He asks how wide it is. She holds out her arms and extends them. about this much. maybe more wider than this. so does he so she leans into his arm. He says it should be this much. She remembers that moment while sitting on his bed. She sees a package and realizes he didn’t even open the box of invitations. D: he didnt open the invitations. Isn’t he curious how it came out?


D goes to her dad’s restaurant. He asks if she went to see Y. she says yes. He says how he wishes she had passed her tests before she got married. she says how she might not pass just cuz she takes it. so he says you have to pass. He doesnt want her to think since I met a doctor- so what if I dont pass. D: that is why I am working hard.


Her brother shows a stationary bike he got so he can change her room into a fitness room when she gets married. her dad says she needs to study there. her mom says D shouldnt be studying. she should be dieting and getting skin care and get ready to get married. her dad says studying for her test is her biggest preparation for marriage. he tells her to wash and go study. CS says how he should meet her fiancé at the hospital once but she tells him not to go


She left a note for Y with his food saying “you must be busy so I am leaving first. Since we are going to go look at furniture tm let’s meet tm” He doesnt look happy


K’s uncle gives him a motorbike. he asks this is the one you were talking about right? here is the key. I had a hard time finding this and bought it for you. K points out in korean, if you drop one syllable (character) the meaning changes greatly. you bought it with my mom’s inheritance so you didnt buy it, you got it for me. K goes back in the house so his uncle says ok I got it for you.  the uncle says the bed you used in america  that you sent here is for kids to use so should I buy you a new bed. K: it’s ok. if it isnt that bed, I cant sleep. the woman (I think K’s aunt in law) mentions maybe it’s cuz the home is too big and empty so that’s why you cant sleep. uncle agrees and says the home is too big to use alone. how about moving to a smaller place so K says: it’s ok. mom bought this home for me so I am going to stay here. the woman makes a face. she doesnt seem to like K.


K goes to his room and remembers back to his childhood- how his mom said: our KJ is all grown now right? If you sleep in your own bed you have become a grownup. should we sleep? close your eyes. K lays in the small bed and says it’s big enough. I grew plenty. (even though his feet stick out)


K goes to look at beds. the sales clerk says this bed is great. it’s a new line so there is only one left. K tells the salesclerk: the exterior is ok but I have to try the bed out to see if I can sleep here then I will buy it right away. D goes to see the bed she saw last time and to look at it again and then reserve it but the salesman says someone is trying it out now and might buy it. D asks if that person is sleeping. the man says he might buy it if he can sleep on it. D goes over and says I chose that bed. this is the bed I chose. She sits on the bed next to K who has his back to her. he turns and they recognize each other.

She explains how she came to look at furniture with the person she is going to marry. She asks if he is really thinking of buying this bed. K: thinking about it.  she says how there are others that are better. This is not that great. K: it’s ok. D: I saw a lot of funriture these days and this is bad for atopy (sensitive skin). K: I dont have stuff like that. D:  And these supports are weak. if someone with long legs kicks it in their sleep – look how it shakes. K: is it? D: also look how weak and fragile the top is. K: would anyone pull on that on purpose. D: why? you could after you get up from sleeping. if you hang on it it will break.  She reaches for the top part and breaks it so she ends up buying it. (now that she is stuck with a broken bed, she is thinking of passing it off to K so she mutters he liked this bed)


She buys him some soup to eat and says how yummy it is so eat it while it’s hot. she says that bed could be fixed and you wont even be able to tell the difference. he says no one will go up there to see it anyway. D: that’s right. She could sell it to him a little cheaper than the amount she bought it for. K: how much? D: $200? He lowers it down to $500 off. D: $300? K: $500. D: $400. K: $500. she agrees and says then you are buying that. K: no. D: you were going to buy that awhile ago. K: no I wasnt. She asks him to understand her newlywed situation and buy it. K: I wasnt going to buy it – was just looking at it. he says how he doesn’t have money to buy that. D: werent your parents buying it for you? K: teacher didnt you see my paperwork. I am an orphan and I don’t have parents who can buy me that. D: sorry. she gets a call from Y. D: ah you cant come? you cant help it cuz you are busy.dont worry about it. it’s ok. she starts to eat, but looks upset. K noticed that


S goes to Y’s office and takes down the photo of Y and D. S trashes it. Y comes in  so S asks did you finish surgery. other doc says I am hungry-let’s go eat. S asks when Y is going to pass out the invitaitons.  other doctor asks if the invitation didn’t come out yet. Y says it didn’t -not yet. she says come out after you change so we can go eat.  (not sure if he hid the box of invitations under his bed or if S did it)


D is looking at her wedding invitation while she studies telling herself -this is not the time to get sleepy.


D is running late and worries about getting in trouble with that head teacher. K rides by on his motorbike and sprays her with puddle water. he looks back and smiles.

K arrives at school and gets a warning for not wearing a uniform. K said I didnt prepare the uniform yet. The teacher said get it within this week and wear it. D comes up and says hello to him but he cant face her cuz this teacher has a crush on her.


D tells K to sit. K: what’s going on. D: I saw a while ago.  if you go around like that it will be a problem. there are rules at school. she hands him a bag. I got it without any burden (meaning it didnt cost much) so wear it and dont feel burdened. wear this uniform before you go into afternoon class. Also a while ago I saw that you put your hands in your pockets during class -dont do that. She walks off so he says: I said I was an orphan – I never said I was poor. she comes back and takes her books and things. he smiles at her. He changes into the uniform she gave him. he mutters about how she really did get it without being burdened cuz it’s not that great. He looks in his wallet and we notice a picture of two angels reaching for each other


Y looks at his plane ticket and puts it away in his day book (like a day planner and it has the same pics of angels like K and it says Miracle on the cover)


D starts her class. she looks at K so he takes his hands out of his pockets. she asks what page she got up to last time. The kids joke around and tells D to sit on the chair while she teaches. she says I havent seen this cushion before so the kid says we prepared it for your sake. cuz your tail bone hurts. another one says dont use your wrist cuz it will hurt. D tries to ignore the laughter and says I am not hurt. be quiet and let’s have class.  (the kids are poking fun at D for getting injured and then nabbing a doctor as a husband in the process) D tells them to be quiet. The boys don’t listen so her brother makes them. K just watches that and looks annoyed at the kids.


Another teacher tells D not to pay attention to those kids -they are kids cuz they joke immaturely. D says I am still embarrassed. the teacher says why is that something to be embarrassed about, you got your bones broken and was able to catch a great doctor so you totally won out. D: then think about it in the opposite way, I am a doctor.  what if I was marrying a man who isnt that great cuz I broke his wrist by mistake. the woman says then you would be a total snake. she stops herself from talking and says instead of that, it’s a love story. a couple who doesnt pick on specifics (about what each owns or has) and get married. it means love is really strong. She mentions how D is going to look at her new home today with YJ shi – I’m so envious of your love house. I will be leaving first.

* I dont know her name but this girl playing D’s teacher friend was on scent of a woman. she made everyone bawl for the whole episode.


D goes out and waits for Y. K watches her sit there. D texts Y. she gets a call from him. She asks how far he came so far. she says we are going to live there together so we should go see it together. He speaks formally and says sorry. D: Are you that busy. Y: something urgent came up. She starts to cry and says Ok. it cant be helped. so he asks: you are really ok right? D: to be honest. I am not ok. I am having too much of a hard time. you said to me you felt sorry and that you would take responsibility and marry me.  are you really marrying me cuz you felt sorry to me and wanted to take responsibility? or do you really love? If you don’t, then you don’t have to marry me. She hangs up. K heard that and said she has skills cuz she let it burst. (meaning let out her emotions)She realizes what she said and says what do I do. I must be crazy. Why did I do this. what should I say. what do I say when I call. She tries to call back but K takes her phone away. she asks for her phone back. are you crazy?


K takes her on his bike to a lake


He took them to a place by the river.  She says even though you dragged me here by force, it turned out well. if I called him back and said I was wrong, I would have become a ridiculous woman. thanks for letting me know that.  K: I came too far out to let you know. why did I jump in when it’s a bother. (Meaning he regrets getting involved). D: I know how you feel in your heart. K: what do you know? she smiles and just nods her chin up. he asks why are you smiling. what are you going to misunderstand this time. what about my heart? She thinks he did that cuz he felt sorry cuz he spread the radio rumors. K:what? D: it’s ok. it’s not like it wasnt true. He denies telling anyone. it wasnt me. I dont do childish/immature things like spread rumors. D doesnt believe and just says “ok” so he insists: it’s really not me. dont put me in the same category as those kids in class doing childish things. D: in my eyes, whether it’s those kids or you – you guys are all the same students. what’s wrong with that. you guys are all the sam age. K: must be nice that you are a lot older. thank you for thinking I am cute. (he said thank you to mimic how the kids said it) So she says that’s not how you do it. she teaches him how to do the “I’m sorry” gag with the hand motions too.


She explains how this is really popular. if you dont know this then it’s hard for you to blend in with the kids.  she asks if he doesn’t know what Pweeng pweeng is. K: I dont know it. D teaches him how to do pweeng pweeng. he laughs and says with sarcasm: you sure are teaching me good things. She tells him to hurry and copy her cuz he needs to know this stuff. K: what are you doing.


She gets a call from Y so he gives her phone back. D says into the phone yes YJ shi. Y says sorry for giving you a hard time. what you said you wanted to know a while ago, can you tell me again? she asks do you love me. Y: where are you now? let’s meet and I will tell you. D: you are coming here now? she tries to give him instructions to her location. where is this place- I followed the river. I passed Olympic highway. K walks off and gets on his bike. he remarks she is excited. K looks at his wallet to check if he has enough money for gas cuz he came so far out of the way . K leaves her behind.


Y leaves to go meet D. they are both on the highway. K is on his motorbike and Y is in his car. A black car drives recklessly and causes an accident. So two cars are blocking the road. Y swerves to avoid the cars. K brakes too and swerves. Y and K lock eyes as both the car and K’s bike crash through the guard rail and flies off the highway- and end up in the water together side by side.

Y sees his car filling with water and tries to get out. K is floating in the water past Y’s car door. Y kicks his door and gets out. he sees K floating and goes up for air but goes back down to get K. he reaches out to K who opens his eyes. Y reaches out for K, but K closes his eyes. They both look like the angels on the cover – the two angels reaching for each other


Both Y and K are brought into the emergency room. Doctors work on them to revive them. But they failed to revive Y. They take the leads off of Y. he passed away.


D rushes to the hospital and gets the bad news. she is taken down a corridor by a nurse. D is told to confirm the deceased and then contact the other family members. D nods yes. she is in shock and asks for a minute cuz she cant walk. The nurse asks are you ok. then prepare you heart for a while here. the nurse leaves her there. D starts to cry and looks at the morgue sign.


There are two bodies in the morgue. Y gets up and looks at a reflection of himself and seems shocked. he reaches out to touch his reflection then stares at his hands and body. He covers his lower half with a bed sheet and goes outside.


D is sitting there crying. she looks up and sees him through her tears. He walks over to her and she calls out his name. she hugs him and says I thought something bad happened to you YJ shi. (meaning she thought he died) he pushes her away and asks who did you say this was? she repeats again: YJ  shi – i thought something bad happened to you YJ shi. he speaks informally and calls her by her first name. Y: who did you say I was? She asks what’s wrong with you YJ shi. Y: teacher, I am Kang KJ. She calls him YJ shi and asks why are you like this. YJ shi come to your senses. he says I am not YJ shi – I am KKJ. She asks how he knows K. do you know K? he says on the curvy road, there was an accident. I hit the guardrail and I think I fell into the river and when I woke up, I ended up like this. I dont know why I am like this. D: they said you came to meet me and got into an accident. they said something bad happened to you and that you died.  I was so shocked. Y: where am I? (meaning where is his body). D: YJ shi. Y: there is no way. he turns around


He runs back to the other body that is covered. He asks is this me. Am I dead? Am I totally dead? I just turned 18. she asks why he is like this. Y: you’re saying I died? He closes his eyes and looks away as he lifts the sheet. Y: you’re saying this is me?  She hits his hand and says what are you doing to a grandpa who has passed away. he sits on the floor in relief. Y: it’s not me. She asks him to go out and get tested once more if he doesn’t feel well. he calls her by her first name and speaks informally. do I still look like YJ shi to you?  She thinks he lost his senses cuz of the accident.  why are you like this? come to your senses. try to remember. you were coming to me. there was something you wanted to say to me. Don’t you remember? what I said? Y: what you said to me. D: you remember what I asked you to say right? say it now. Y: pweeing pweeing. you told me to do that. he repeats it with the motions with the hands too so she gives him a “are you crazy” look. D: what I asked you to say to me was that you love me. Y: no teacher Gil, you told me to say pweeing pweeing. She asks how he knows that cuz she told that to K to do that. Y: I told you I am not YJ, I am KKJ. nurse comes in and screams so D and Y yell too


Y is tested and doctor tells D that they were shocked too but Y is normal. (nothing is wrong with him)  She says how Y seems like a different person – he is a little strange. but doctor says it might a cause of the accident so they will run more tests that are needed


Y looks at his reflection and wonders : are you SYJ the one who is engaged to Gil DR. he slaps his cheek and says: you are perfectly fine (normal/healthy) so what about me? where am I? K’s uncle comes and says I came cuz I got a call that KKJ was in a car accident. where is patient KKJ. nurse says follow me. Y says uncle. They all go see K.  his uncle says it’s me. he asks why the kid is like this – what’s his condition. nurse says K has not regained consciousness yet.


While Y watches K a patient gets wheeled past him. They brush hands and Y looks down and his hands are bloody. He remembers back to the moment when he found his mom’s bloody body. Y cries and wipes his hands.


D looks for Y and sees K in the hospital. his uncle asks how K was hurt. was it a big accident. D heard the doctor say how K hit the guardrail and was thrown into the river. She remembers Y telling her the same thing. she realizes K was in that accident with Y. she remembers how Y said I am not YJ – I am KKJ. she says that couldnt happen. I have to find Y first. she goes to look for him.


D looks in his office then she goes out. she remembers how K said I am not Y. I am K. she goes out and calls a teacher for K’s address.


D goes to K’s home. She goes inside and there are clothes on the ground. She finds Y in K’s small bed. She goes over and stares at him. He opens his eyes and looks at her. she calls him K. he says yes – teacher Gil DR.



D drags Y and says let’s go back to the hospital (she means for you to be tested and treated) but he says that treatment method is going to (?) all 3 of us. (I cant hear cuz the volume goes in and out in the preview)

the head teacher and another misjudge what’s going on in the classroom with K and D so she says how could this happen in our innocent/pure school.

D asks if Y is at the hospital now.

D’s brother asks D: Who is the person I saw a while ago. her dad asks: Who is the guy who acted like he didnt know me

M asks a kid: there is a kid named KKJ at your school huh?

Y: I held that person’s hand.

I really like the kid who plays KJ. He is a natural in this role. I feel bad that his character has to take a back seat now that GY is playing him. Not that I am complaining about GY since he is the main reason why I am here watching. Lately with all the new dramas (I do I do, Dr. Jin, and GD), it’s so hard to find anything to connect to cuz all their stories either fall face flat or I feel like I am treading water till I drown in makjang. I have yet to figure out what GD is all about cuz I just don’t get the appeal. But this drama just cinched it for me from the first minute. It just hit all the right notes and when GY came out shirtless, it was like “ding ding ding ding – we have a winner.” 🙂


Fanderay’s comment:

Watching Big has left me feeling happy and thoroughly charmed. Nothing stood out to me as amazing or knocked my socks off, and yet I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a first episode of a drama so much.

With many dramas the early episodes try to establish so much that they feel awkward and forced, and it’s tough to get caught up in the characters and the story. I love that Big had so much momentum from the first minute, and that we got to know the characters from the present story, instead of via a million flashbacks. The way that DR talks on the phone to Y (and how he treats her) speaks volumes about their relationship, but it also leaves us wanting to know more, and a bit of mystery is always a good thing.

I think that the casting for this show is also responsible for a lot of the charm. I adore the two leads, but the supporting cast is great too. D’s brother was fantastic in White Christmas, and that nasty female doctor played a great multi-faceted antagonist in What’s Up (she was pretty good in Spy Myung Wol too). I’ve never seen the actor who plays K before, but it only took me about 10 seconds to start liking him. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in lead roles down the road.

I was a bit surprised to see so much of this episode devoted to K and DR (rather than Y and D) but it was a great writing decision. K immediately had all sorts of chemistry with D, so I was already rooting for him, and swapping in Gong Yoo’s post-military body was just an added bonus. I don’t dislike Y (the real Y), but K is pretty mature for a highschooler and DR is a bit immature for an adult, so they seem like a natural match. I’m even happy about K’s mommy issues, since I like a bit of tear-worthy drama mixed into my rom-coms.

It doesn’t seem like this show is “saving up” in terms of story and I hope that it continues to barrel straight ahead with this brisk pacing. I expected the episode to end with the accident or K waking up in Y’s body, but we got a lot more than that and D even believes the truth already. Thinking back, it’s actually pretty impressive how much was crammed into this first episode without it feeling rushed, and I find that quite promising.

I’m curious to see how this body swap will ultimately be handled, since K obviously can’t pretend to be a doctor without endangering people, and Y can’t either while stuck in an 18 year-old’s body. Will D call the wedding off? How is Y going to react to all of this? Just thinking about tomorrow’s episode already has a big grin on my face. I can’t wait for all the shenanigans to really begin.



75 comments on “Big E1

  1. Reideen says:

    NICE! The first episode got me hooked! Can’t wait for the next one! I want to see what will happen now that K’s soul is in Y’s body (+ vice versa)… LOVE Gong Yoo ^^


  2. sparkskey says:

    Preview for ep2
    Daran finds out that the highschooler Kyungjoon (Shin Wonho) is in her fiancee Yoonjae’s body, his unpredictable actions in Yoonjae’s body leaves Daran flustered


    • Reideen says:

      It seems (at the end of the previeuw) that when Y touches K’s hand, Y’s soul can communicate with D? Y doesn’t say teacher, but Da Ran-shi…. Wondering what M is going to be like and what role she will have! 🙂


  3. Feima says:

    now i know where i saw K’s face – he is the “Bachelor Idol ” from Bachelor Vegetable Store drama ~ thot he looked familiar as his looks remind me of Song Joong Ki ~ porcelain skin and baby face 🙂


  4. Trina says:

    Hello my dear softy dongseng and fanderary,
    =) Well for first episode… The only thing I like is GY body and my mind went blank. After that, I watch the episode. LOL hrmm.. I do not know who to ship yet. However, I am happy this is different from Hong Sisters other kdramas. I just hope they change it from the beginning to the end and not add the cutesy stuff. Just some HOT Shower Scenes will be better. Like a lot.. Like in every single episodes. =-D


  5. nicole1212100 says:

    it looks interesting,looking forward for this.My another kdrama addiction.thanks softy your the best.:)


  6. dmko says:

    great recaps, thank you! Shipping D and K already. Y :{


  7. onnie says:

    can’t wait for the coming ep 🙂


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