1N2D S2E10 and E11 (only photos)

Since I am no longer recapping this, but JW came out shirtless for a split second, here are some of those photos. There were some great pics taken of the guys so I wanted to post those here as well. one funny part was when JW went out of his room to tell his hyung in a baby voice: “there is a giant insect in my room” so SK comes over and looks at it and says to the insect “do I have to really kill you? I dont want to kill you.” after he tries to shoo it away with a pillow, he resorts to a spray and someone says to the insect “I am sorry.”  JW tells the camera: I like the tent better. 🙂

Here are the photos:

I should have known better – KBS can’t afford to injure any of the members so that was the saddest rafting trip ever. If this was skiiing, this would have been the kiddy slopes. The only thing they had to fear was more sunburn. the young guys basically got stuck on some rocks and had to be pushed along like babies. The rafting took only an hour so the guys had to fill the camera time with other games on their own. If SG wasnt there, they would have been in big trouble.

Also, JW wont shower on the show at all. Ten weeks and not a single shot of anything. Trying to see this guy wash more than his face and brush his teeth is like next to impossible. Towel being thrown. Tonight’s recap is the last of these for me. Since his drama starts soon, I have to focus on that and then Big when it starts the following week. Not sure if this was a first for TW, but he showered shirtless on the show tonight so his fans must be thrilled. At least we had JW hatless for almost half of the show, but then my eyes kept thinking they were staring at LMH on City Hunter wearing pink pants.  Waist up he looked great, but JW’s pants were too short and tight so his lime green socks were visible. Sort of wanna choke his stylist for that. Maybe she is color blind. 🙂

Thanks to Semi-fly for dropping off torrents all these past episodes. I really appreciate it. 🙂

Thank you Bird for the video clip. 🙂

As you can see, I went a little crazy with the JW screencaps tonight since it’s my last one of these. Plus he looked really great waist up. Until that kiddie hat made a come back in the last part.

E10  (#388)

Guys meet at 8am.JW doesn’t have a hat on and he is wearing pink pants, yellow backpack, and green socks.  The guys gather and do the opening. starts with JW saying “older brothers too” then each guy adds more. TW: anyone too. JM: men too. TH: women too.  SK: grandmas and grandpas too. SG says fathers too and shoves SW forward. SW says today too 1n2d. after they do the opening SG explains he told SW to speak longer not go forward. SW says to TW: you finished your drama. You worked hard.  TW says it’s finished – now it’s gaksital. bridal mask. he holds JW.  so they show a clip bridal mask. SG thanks TH for finding the dolphins last week for them. TH says I felt bad watching them alone. we should have all seen them together. TW says how others around him all want to go watch dolphins now. Guys ask where are we going to the PD. TH: are we going somewhere far again? TW says we gathered too late to go somewhere far. my mom was worried and asked why are you leaving so late. SW: that’s not it. your mom is worried cuz you didnt get married. SG says this is the first time we gathered at 8am.  PD says they are not going far. He says they are going rafting.

Clips of what’s to come. guys asks- why rafting suddenly? PD says today’s concept is …I will show you. he calls out the staff to come out. some guys hold up a banner. PD says first mission is for them to figure out what to do for lunch. SG says-you havent given us breakfast yet so instead of breakfast, we are eating lunch. TH jokes when the sun is strong, it’s lunchtime. PD says when they arrive at the next location, there will be the first mission and they can earn allowance for lunch.  it’s a quiz. all 7 have to get the correct answers to earn allowance. PD says they have ten questions to get right. each question is worth a certain amount. SK asks since they are one team can they discuss and then give their answers. PD says no. when you go you will hear an explanation again. The guys do a group 1n2d saying “let’s be funny. we are a variety program. 1n2d.”

They are in the van. SK says I wore sunglasses to be funny but no one laughed. they say he looked cool. SG says if you wanted to be funny you should have been missing a lens. then draw a circle with a magic marker.  SG mentions how tasty certain noodles would be to eat if they are headed in that direction. SG asks them to call and find out what the total amount they would get for passing the mission.  so SK asks the PD for more info about the mission/game – like if they amount is different from each location but PD says details will be explained to you when you get there.  SK asks cant we know how much so we can talk about it on the way there, but PD says something i cant hear clearly. TH says if it was me I would say “ya cut it out.” they arrive and SK says a PD will explain so SG says there will be so focus. JW: I am looking forward to this. SK and JM says to everyone “let’s eat -fighting” to cheer them on to do well. someone asks if they all have to get out.

A girl PD says the first mission is called “everyone having the same heart to earn allowance” so you have to have the same heart to earn allowance (meaning they have to think as one or think alike). all 7 have to get the right answer to succeed. guys say how they are already trembling. TH says he doesn’t like the yellow pointy finger thing. SG asks cant you get someone with big hands to do it. SW tells SK to sit and point.  She says all 7 have to get the right answer to succeed. total round is ten.  each round they will get 10cents.  so guys complain – that’s going too far. SK says even if you start with $1 the most we can get is $10. SW says you cant even buy one choco pie with 10 cents. SK says you cant even get a cup of coffee from a vending machine. JW asks is it 10 cents for each person. she says no. JW: then for all of us for one round we only get 10 cents. SK says JW is smart to ask that. SG tells JW to say something ( as in complain).  chart shows how much they get each round. first round ten cents. second 20 cents. 3rd 40 cents. then it doubles to 80 cents for the 4th round. etc.

SG says to TH: starting from next week let’s pack our own lunch. SG asks SW’s wife to make 7 lunches. SW says let’s just eat before we show up. SG says they cant eat cuz they come out too early. JM agrees. SG says to PD- dont you know? for 7 guys to eat till full they need $78. 60. they ask where he got that figure from. SG: I just think that. so they all laugh. SW: I thought you saw it in some book. TH says I think I saw that somewhere before.

She starts the first round and says if you get it right, you get 10 cents allowance. she asks them to think of a Chinese food dish that comes to mind. Each guy says one. But JM says something that makes them pause. But he was correct.  still TH yells at him for scaring him cuz TH thought it wouldnt count. TW says another lame joke that SW guesses the punch line for. they move around and somehow JM ended up last so SK worries about JM going last.  Second one will earn them 20 cents. It’s to list types of kimchi. They get it correct. Next one is for 40cents. They have to make the sound of laughter  (like keke, haha, hoho, heehee, JW says haehae.) but the PD doesn’t think SK’s answer is correct (Psh). to argue for SK’s answer being right, JW uses it.  TW says isnt that the sound of farting? SG says if we show you using Psh then doesnt it count so SK uses it. SG asks what “kyokyo” is so TW says that is the sound my grandma makes when she laughs. TH says his kid does that and makes that “psh” sound when TH tries to make him laugh.  (it’s so cute – like the face and sound his kid would make if he thought his dad wasnt funny) SW tells the PD to decide. she lets it go so TH says to SK- I used my kid to back you up. PD moves on to the next one. list the names of Hong Kong movie stars between 1980-1990 and the guys list all the stars from those movies correctly. PD says they have 80 cents so far.  They keep going with the quizzes. $3.20. they get the next one right. Now it’s up to $6.40 if they get this next one right. they have to list kid’s show cartoon characters nemesis/ enemies from dooley. TW says the name of a character that is the monster in the trash. He argues it exists cuz PD doesn’t think it does. He says :Check the internet. Cuz the PD shook her head no. she asks if that was the exact name. they do it over and just name the characters from Dooley and get it correct. TW argued for his answer again and explains I watch it often these days. (LOL)  Now it’s up to $12.80. SG says if we get this right we can eat noodles at least. It’s for $25.60. SK remarks he likes this PD better ( I think cuz she doesnt trip over her words like Bird PD).  They have to list wise sayings (like aphorisms) with animals in it. they answer with sayings about crows, pigs, dog, etc.  PD asks TW to explain his meaning. TW uses the example if JM practices for 3 yrs to sing -can he sing as well as SK? that’s what it means.  He says his grandma said it while laughing (kyokyo). the older camera men weigh in. she gives it to him and tells him the exact meaning. Each time they won they huddled so TH complained he is getting dizzy. Next one is about KBS top ten songs from 1996.  SK says he was in high school then. SG thinks he knows the answer. but all his guesses were wrong. None of the guys get it right.They won 9 rounds and earned $25.60 total so far. PD says next location they could double that. at the 3rd location they could get 3 times much. they want to spend it now but she wont let them cuz it’s against the rules. SG jokes then it will end when we lose everything (get it taken away).she says if you understood the rules you can leave.

In the van, the guys estimate how many km are left. 44km.  they sing. (They talk about the age difference between JW and SW)  they ask how old JW is and he says 26. SW asks what year is that. JW: 87. SW says that’s when I was in college. JW drives and sings. he drives with his hands at 6. (he isnt one of those nervous drivers) TW suggests they eat fried chicken. They get to the next location and SK says how hungry he is.

SG had guessed this next one in the van. Jumping rope all together. PD says he is correct. TW doesnt think he can jump well so SW says turn the rope with me then.  PD says they have to jump 20 times. They each have to jump and each one join in and then all jump together to 20. SK argues since they are going to give them double they should only jump twice. SK asks for a practice jump for warm up. she says yes but only once. TW and SW hold the rope and turn and JW jumps in and does well. JM thinks the rope should be turned the other direction. SG says wait  but SK jumps in and messes up. PD says practice is over. SW and JM ask for one more but she says no way. SK tries to get another practice and TW says I turned the rope the wrong direction, but this PD is strict and wont let them cuz she clearly said just once from the start. the guys say fighting and start.  SK worries. JM goes first. the guys say throw your hat away-take your hat off so JM holds it. JW goes next. he jumps really high when he goes in -so agile.  SG tells him to move up and stick to the front (by JM to make room for others) SW tells TW to turn slower cuz TW is too fast.  SK goes next then TH then SG. They all jump. SK messes up so they failed at 16 jumps. SW says let’s go for all or nothing and go to 30. SG asks for another chance to get it back-what they lost -$12,800 but the rest of the guys say let’s just go to the next location

SK apologizes to the others. They say how hard it is just to turn the ropes. So SW says it could have been our mistake later cuz it was so hard to turn the rope – I had to use two hands.  They keep telling SK it’s ok.

Next location. PD tells them to uncover the black cover. There is a lot of yogurtu drinks -1oo of them. Some of those have vinegar. SK says they were opened and the top cover were put back on. PD says drink by inserting straws. SW stars but SG holds him back saying go slowly. SW: it’s cuz I am hungry. PD says once they stick in the straw they have to drink. SW goes first. TH inhales SW’s breath and says it was yogurt. It wasn’t.  then SG goes. he thinks the 4 corner ones on the sides arent it.  he doesnt think the ones next to them will have vinegar. He got the normal one. SK goes next and chooses the one next to a corner one. SG asks are you going to trust me.  SK got a good one too. JW drinks his down. Then TH. JM looks for the middle one in the center and cant find it. TH tells him there is no center one cuz it will be this hole right here. JM picks one and wants to one shot it. JW goes over to help him swallow, but it was a normal one so JW hugs him. They taste some more. SG says all the sides arent it. they find one that’s bad. they tell TH you cant drink the one with vinegar but TH tries it and spits it out saying what is this. the staff takes away the cover and there is a list of all the black ones.  SG had guessed the bad ones weren’t on the sides. They get $38.40. SG says we can go just right in (to the restaurant across). he asks the aujumma how much the noodle is there and she says $5.

SG says they can eat the noodles then cuz there are 7 of them. but he bargains and tells the PD, with this it’s not quite enough. we cant just eat noodles only. JW agrees they should eat other dishes besides the noodles. JM and SG offer to one of the things they did a while ago. SG says should we do the jump rope again but PD says the car with the rope isnt here yet so how about human zero. that game where the PD says a number and the guys jump and the number of guys cant match what the PD yells out. the guys agree to do it. they sit. PD says I will start. he calls out zero but 3 guys stood.  SW: so this is how you do it?  SK had no idea how to play this. the members huddle and plan.  when PD says zero, one or two must get up no matter what. TH covers the camera and says go away. They play again and PD calls out 5 but no one stood. next PD yells out 0 and 3 stood so they win again so SW says this is fun. PD sort of implies the guys did well cuz they listened then stood but SG and them argue if they did that, they would stand according to the number that was called. The guys huddle again and make plans. they tell each other to remember this. they tell each other not to get confused and to pay attention.  SG reminds the PD there are only 4 tries left. PD says 3 and 3 guys jump up so PD wins. Cuz TH and SW forgot to get up. TW and SK ask; why didnt you get up- we said we’d be 5. TH hides his head and says :what to do. SG: it’s ok. we just dont have to eat. SK says let’s eat lunch with $19.80. SG says to be honest we can eat well with that amount. buy 20 ramens and cook it. they decide to buy $10 worth of ramen and $9 for kimchi. SW asks what about rice. SG: did we buy too much kimchi. SW: yes buy some rice.

SK goes in with JW to get the food.  SK buys ramen. JW gets the rice and TW asks for some kimchi to buy. woman asks if they really go around starving. JW: yes. he tries to look sad and pitiful (to get more). TH pushes TW on the swings

They get in the van and decide to pull over to eat at a nice place but SW is hungry and keeps pointing anywhere to stop. They stop to admire a stream. JM goes on about how this is the most fun thing about a trip – discovering something beautiful they didnt know about. TH tells him to hurry and get in. They pull over to a pension but no one is home. JM tries to do a commentary on birds and pollination but didnt get it correct. he says the bee is eating. he says goodbye to it. They pull over at a place to stop and cook their ramen. SG talks to some man and asks to use the picnic area. SG asks if the man already ate and to joing them but the man says i ate.  the man says if I knew you were coming I would have wiped up the area. SG says it’s ok we will clean it well when we leave. they thank him and sit around and wait for the ramen to cook.

SG points out to JW if we won at that game, then we wouldnt have seen this beautiful view and just ate at the restaurant. losing is the right thing. I wish the PDs knew that. did TH and SW hyung not get up on purpose? it wasnt for this right? SW asks where the rice is. They decide to eat one plain spoonful of rice while waiting. JW reacts like it’s the best thing in the world.  JM keeps trying to feed TH kimchi soup, but he doesn’t want to eat it saying I dont eat that- everyone has their own taste. if you keep eating that it will be salty. dont you believe me. then you have to drink water. then you will get full from drinking water. then later ramen wont taste good.  SG says if the 7 of them lived in this neighborhood as kids it would be funny. SW calls JM the neighborhood fool. SG says JW will want to be a celebrity and doesnt do well so he comes back. SK would study to go to law school. SW is too hungry so he says the ramen is done when it wasn’t. SW eats a lot but says I really don’t like ramen. SG says how hungry SK was cuz he was drinking the soup. They make some kind of joke about how much gas SK would need if he was a car. (but the type of car he would be is a bus) TH thinks that’s so funny – hearing SK say I need a lot of gas. PD says what they are doing today. The rafting. SG says there are courses and how fun it is. after you are riding it, you think what if I fall in- how do I express how much fun this is. SG thanks the old man for letting them use that space and asks the old man to say 1 night so they can say two days.

The guys nap in the van. Suddenly they arrive.

TH says they arrived to do rafting. The guys changed clothes. they do warm up and are taught what to do on the raft. JW has on long pants but rolls them up to his knees.  They get on and start. They paddle together in unison and say one two one two. They are on two rafts split up. They splash each other with paddles. SG jumps into the water backwards.

They lay on the rock. SG says this is the first time on 1n2d they rode a boat for an hour and got off and didnt do anything. shouldnt we do something.  do you have buckets. can these hats get wet. JW says slap with water. SG asks PD for winning team to get choco pies if they work hard to fill in time.

So they divide the team old boys and young guys for a raft race. PD says start. Both teams paddle and go. The young team gets an extra random guy to make 4. They get stuck on some rocks. The old team wins. SW says we are doing really well. TH jumps backward in the water. Then SW flips forward into the water.

The old team practice throwing water on each other’s faces. SG says let’s practice some ideas about which ones to do. how about bowling ball – something I used to do a lot in the past. he pretends to bowl and pours water on TH. then TH pours water on SG pretending to be a baseball pitcher.  and then TW adds more water from behind. then SG throws some on TW and it sort of slaps TW so he says it hurts. SG says this is strange- why are we doing this to ourselved. SG gets his choco pies. SW doesn’t eat any so TH remarks – it’s a big problem cuz he doesnt have the same taste as us. SG asks why SW  doesnt like this so TH explains SW doesn’t like choco. SG: really? how about pie. So TH takes the choco off and gives SW the pie.  TW chokes on his pie so SG jokes – eat slowly. we wont steal it from you. SG eats all the broken choco pieces so TW asks: why are you eating that all by yourself. the young guys arrive so old guys say you will get hit with water. TH: they will have to get hit with water to realize we did wrong. SG points out to SK they took their time too much cuz this is a race/competition.

The young guys finally arrive on land so SG orders JW to kneel and sit. JW tosses his hat off to get ready so SG says a man should know to kneel easily like this. SG asks JW to choose – what type of throwing he wants. (how he wants the water to be thrown) Bowling, baseball, soccer, hair all back, etc. SK points out how cool JW is -like it’s his last stand – cuz JW looks good kneeling like that. TH throws water at JW.  JW says it hurts on one eye more cuz that’s where he got hit. Next SG throws on SK. they go through the choices again.  SK chooses bowling. SG says if i do it right all your hair will go back but SK’s hair didn’t go all the way back -just a corner. Then TW throws water on JM. they ask if JM is not going to kneel cuz it will be more dangerous so JM kneels.  JM acts like a sageuk character about to be executed. I lost. slay me. I will take it like a man. TW throws and knocks him away. Then TH passes the water bucket like it’s football to SG between his legs and SG throws water on JM again. SW says he got hit properly. they say you worked hard. SW says this is fun as he walks back

SG washes at an outdoor shower. JM asks if TW isnt going to wash. JM challenges: dont you have confidence in your body? some girl says TW does just as TW says I do have confidence.  JM says you will be surprised when you see my body. will you be ok. he asked the girl. he takes his shirt off and shows off his pudgy belly. TW stares and laughs. JM says how icy cold the water is. TW looks around and takes his shirt off. His shorts were riding down so he has a slight butt crack showing the whole time. SG admires TW’s body saying it’s no joke. They soap each other up. JM gets frisky with TW. They throw water on each other. TH comes and watches them and laughs. JM was rinsing his hair out, but TH kept putting more shampoo on his hair without JM knowing. TH: they look like people from hidden camera a long time ago. SG says it’s refreshing. TH dries his hair by the bonfire. JM stands like Arnold S. (the Terminator)


Have fun watching 1n2d. 🙂


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    Thanks for everything girl!


    • Softy says:

      I bet you are right – the ratings dropped cuz for those 2 weeks people went elsewhere. before the hiatus, ratings continued to be high cuz this show followed on the heels of the first season so it sort of rode on the coattails of its popularity but then the strike broke that up so now this new season has to stand on its own. but all that buzz about the dolphin eps being too much like a documentary made people turn away even more. I have to admit watching Kang Ho Dong again for those two weeks sort of made me compare both seasons. the man isnt called Korea’s emcee (MC) for nothing. SG is doing his best to fill his role, but I worry about how much longer SG can keep this up. some days I really feel like he is carrying this show alone. (SG deserves a pay raise if you ask me) This new Bird PD needs to step up and do more cuz this rafting trip was a bust. they didnt time it well at all. dont they get that they have to fill over 3 hrs worth of footage for two eps – why didnt they anticipate how short the rafting trip would be. it was done before on the first season but it was more fun then cuz I remember the guys playing in the water a lot. like kang ho dong floating around and goofing off with the guys and playing games and stuff. I forget which ep that was. I dont know about other fans of this show, but I always judge how well they did based on how much I laugh. last two weeks were stellar cuz we had the accidental kissing and hilarious tickling games. the highlight of last night was JW having a really good hair day. Not exactly worthy of double digits I guess. 🙂


  17. ck1Oz says:

    Aww… softy it was great while it lasted. I loved your love.I know I did not comment but was actually reading the recaps.
    However I have to agree, who the heck is his stylist. She has been terrible at dressing from day 1. Goodness, if it’s hired by his agency she needs to be changed. She is doing a disservice when he has so much exposure to dress him that badly.
    However Joo Won is even more adorable in real life. How sweet is he? I know I will see him in Gaksital but am happy I can see him on 1N2D.
    Hope you’re still watching. I am sure you will.


    • Softy says:

      hey CK, glad you enjoyed them till now. Of course I will still make time to watch 1n2d cuz I adore this show even more now cuz of JW, TH, SK, and the others but right now I am trying to finish my recaps of AWC over at TP before Big starts next week. after that RL work schedule is going to be crazy so I dont have the stamina to work on 3-4 hrs sleep on the days after each recap.
      Currently, I have been going thru some major withdrawal for Rooftop Prince. I didnt know I was going to miss it so much. Hearing Micky in that last farewell interview talking with his hoarse voice cuz of all that crying and thinking about how he finally has time to grieve for his father freely without the burden of carrying a whole drama on his shoulders made me well up in tears with him. Then watching all the interviews at the press conference just made me miss the drama more. when Micky said that HJM was the first female co-star to feed him all the time and buy him drinks or give him those expensive medicine for him to keep up his energy, I was so touched. I am so glad his co-stars and staff were so supportive at a time in his life when he needs that kind of comfort. this drama was the best for him for that reason alone.


      • ck1Oz says:

        Oh wow. I didn’t know all that. I will go look for those interviews now.
        I’ve been totally drained both ends with love and anguish over K2H. Then going madly at RP.vibes from both those dramas are so different. Micky, fortunately or unfortunately, will always have these memories associated with this drama. Hope it will make him remember or feel grateful for all those around him at this time of his life.


      • nonski says:

        can i butt in softy, ck… i must say this… i miss rooftop big time. i never knew it would have that big effect on me. still rewatching 19-20 and still crying. 🙂 on another, i am happy for micky for being able to work with such good people, you can see on almost all vids that the rtp cast and crew really have a good working relationship, which eventually may have allowed micky to carry on after the death of his father.


  18. thom says:

    just read your recaped screencap and watched JW cut from bird, not yet watched full part .
    love to read your recap screencap . I knew it very hard to recap the show coz it talk to much and how you explan the game and funny thing made me laugh or smile only read it. and how hard that you can post the recaped in a little time after it on air. thank you so much for your awesome and the love toward jw.

    jw look very great in this ep. still love to watched jw at this show I will follow to watched this show live if could had time or read DB recap or if you translated it at OBsession for sure.
    but softy if you could had time just RAFTING once it so cool and awesome like Iviih said. and it not dangerous like we saw coz we had boatman who expert in rafting each boat to made we safty.


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  20. umi says:

    thank you softy for all the screencaps from ep 11…


  21. N says:

    wow thanks softy for the Ep.11 screencaps! I really really wish you would continue the recaps, but I understand they take a lot of effort and time…and I’m sure you have a a busy schedule/routine/life to carry on. Oh and I like that you treasure your sleep just like I do lol! I just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work the past 10 episodes and I hope you still tell us what you think of the future episodes, we’d love to hear your comments and opinions! 😀

    I have to say though, the camera that they use for filming is incredible, it makes me jealous! I totally wanna buy one just like that (when I start making enough $$!) The first picture makes me think the guys coordinated their outfits because they look so bright and colorful with the clothes and awesome shoes. I lovelovelove the 3rd, 4th & 5th pics because I can see Joowon is getting closer with his hyungs every week and he’s enjoying himself more and more…I love his laugh and bright smile, it makes me all giddy inside hehe!
    Oh and if Shi Kyung is ever looking for an album cover, he should use the pic where he’s looking at the sky….so surreal and a gorgeous background. And Tae Hyun looks downright adorable on the rope swing!

    Sorry for my babbling, but I love looking/taking professional pictures, so I couldn’t help giving my inputs! 1N2D Hwaiting!


    • Softy says:

      Hey N, just to let you know, I think they brought in a professional photographer for those great photos – you can see the back of his head as he took the pics. He has dreads and I doubt he is on the 1n2d staff cuz in the last 6 yrs none of the staff wore their hair like that. 🙂
      I thought it was hilarious that Bird PD played the games with the guys. Each time he messed up, TH would tell him make sure you replay that when you edit this scene. bird PD was mortified, but I love how all the members were so pleased that he wasn’t good. LOL.

      I wish I could continue too, but each one of these 10 recaps took 10 hrs to translate so if you add on 4 eps of dramas mon-thurs at 7 hrs each, you see what I am facing? No one needs to do the math on that, it just equals me getting hardly any sleep and looking like a zombie the next day. 🙂

      Totally agree on how gorgeous SK and the rest of the guys looked. If future eps have great “photo worthy moments” you can count on me to add those in somewhere. 🙂


      • N says:

        You’re right…I haven’t seen the guy in dreads before. They probably wanted to take pictures signifying a fresh new start for the summer season. Brilliant idea, because the guys look top notch here.
        I give props to Bird PD for playing against them because I’ve never seen Na PD do that, maybe bc he knew he would never live it out if the old crew saw him play! Ho Dong and Seunggi would have been BRUTAL to him lol!
        And yes, 10 hours for a recap is scary. Satisfying in the end, but scary. lol Plus we need you to be awake and bumbling for Bridal mask and Big recaps!! <— super excited about this one ahhh 🙂


  22. sayha alee says:

    Hi Softy, i am just dropping by just to say that what you have been doing for us all are much much appreciated by each and everyone of us here. Do take care of your health, stay happy and have a nice week ahead 🙂 pyong pyong


  23. K says:

    I’m a bit sad you’ll no longer recap this show, Softy~ but, I understand, it is so hard on you to recap this along with other dramas~ I am always a fan of your recaps~ Anyway, you worked hard Softy~ *pyong*


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