Rooftop Prince E20

Just in case you missed what Fanderay wrote last night, here are my favorite parts: “The point is that their love is timeless, and will last an eternity. Even when they don’t know each other, they will know each other. Instead of thinking of it as one relationship coming to an end, I choose to think of it as two people discovering that their relationship can never end, and that they will always find each other.

I loved how so much of this episode revolved around the riddle, and how it so beautifully reflected on the entire drama and could be interpreted in so many ways. Throughout this entire show there have been other riddles for G, such as the truth behind the murder, and who he should love and trust. The answer to everything was Bo Yong, and there’s a sweet irony to that. He thought he was giving the riddle to her, but all this time it was he who needed to figure out that she was the key.”

Thanks to Fanderay for recapping with me and Semi-fly for her fast torrents. 🙂 My gratitude to all of you who contributed over the weeks…

I want to take this time to thank all of you who followed this drama and left so many encouraging comments, torrents,  links, and gifs along the way. Thank you for always making this blogging experience worthwhile. Normally at this point, I type up a list of familiar names from each recap, but I recently realized it looks bad if I end up leaving someone out by accident. So just to be sure not to hurt anyone’s feelings, I would like to thank you all as one group of RP fans who stuck with this drama through all those highs and a few hiccups.  I really hope our united faith in this drama carries on in this finale. Thank you for sharing your love of Rootop Prince. 🙂

E20: The finale

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[09-29-32]

Starts from a chicken coop. G appears wearing his suit. He opens his eyes and looks around. He sees people staring at him funny. He runs out and looks around. Some guards come running saying catch him. G runs and then bumps into C. they run together. G asks why are they following us. he tells C to go another way but C says no. G pushes him anyway. Guards split up and half chase C and other half chase G. G hides and avoids them.

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[09-35-51]

G sees C on the ground and thinks he was dying. G runs over and holds him in his arms and tells C to wake up. G: how can you go like this. he yells out C’s name thinking C died. [C put ketchup on his mouth to pretend to be dying.] C licks the ketchup off and asks are they gone? G: ketchup? C nods yes. we can see the used packet of ketchup in his hand. G drops him and gets up.

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[09-38-38]

C says how he has been starving too death and licked the empty plastic cover all this time. if only I could eat one bite of hamburger. he inhales the plastic hamburger cover. G says let’s hurry and go to the palace. C says if they go looking like this into the palace they will be dragged to prison. G spots M and Y dressed as normal joseon people. G: isnt that M and Y? let’s go.

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[09-39-03]

M and Y are drinking beer with chicken. M and Y hug G, but C goes for the food. G: you arrived safely. C asks how they had money for the food. M and Y gave some lady gum in exchange for food. M says there are rumors everywhere in the village that the guards are looking for strange men who dont have their hair buns and are wearing strange clothes. I think they were talking about the two of you.  G: yes. I ran away so I am thirsty. he tries to drink the beer but the can is empty. He asks for one more but Y says there aren’t anymore.  we each brought our own. M tells him to change into his royal attire

Bu yong’s brother tells her dad that G is alive. her dad: is that the truth? her brother says yes. I just saw the prince go into the palace myself and ran over.  her dad says that couldnt happen. He tells Joseon T (JT).  what happened. the prince is in the palace. didn’t you say the prince died last night in the mountains and we were rid of him. JT gets up and grabs his sword. he goes out and kills some guys saying last night they made a mistake. From here on there wont be any mistakes

The 3 guys bow to G. G asks if they saw their family. they say yes.  M says since it was his first time seeing his younger sister after months so he was so happy to see her, he tried to hug her but she pushed him away saying it’s gross. C points out from her perspective it’s only been a day since she saw her brother. Y says it’s bizzare cuz in seoul they experienced so much the past few months but in Joseon it was only a day. G: we didnt dream it all right? they laugh it off not believing it. M: that’s ridiculous.  H and her rooftop home in seoul is this real so how can it have been a dream. C: that’s really not it.  G agrees that makes no sense. let’s behave the way we do in Joseon. he says now we can reveal about the princess’ murder. he orders the special investigation and for the princess family brought and imprisoned under suspicion of conspiracy for murder.

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[09-52-51]

Bu Yong’s mom asks her husband what is going on. our family has been suspected of conspiracy to commit murder.  our family is drowning in sadness over losing the princess but they think we are murderers. what is this- say something. he says it will be over soon. either I die or the prince will die.  Guards come in and take them into custody

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[09-55-34]

G stands in front of Bu Yong’s family. they are all tied up and beaten except for the mom. G asks if he knows why he is involved in the princess murder. Her dad lies and says how he doesnt know anything and has been sad since the princess death. G asks her mom where Bu Yong is now. Her mom says how she caught a contagious illness  and is shut up in her room. G goes along and says since she has an illness, then I cant meet her in person to ask questions. but I am going to reveal the truth behind the princess murder now

G narrates how the princess’ death occurred a 7 days ago from today.

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[10-11-03]

flashback to Bu Yong hiding and watching G from afar. She turns to leave and trips and falls. she is about to get up, but G comes along and tells her to stay put. Aren’t you the princess little sister Bu Yong. she starts to get up and apologizes but he tells her to stay put and not move.

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[10-12-38]

He holds out his hand to help her up. G: stand up. She spilled some powder so she picks up the case and takes his hand to get up. He asks if she fell down again. she says sorry.  He asks what she has in her hand. it’s white powder – is it makeup for the face. She says it is. it was sent from her brother for the princess makeup. G: how considerate of him. G asks her if she solved his riddle yet. dies despite living -lives despite dying. She says I wasnt able to solve it yet. He laughs and says if you don’t solve by tm I won. Go that? she nods yes.

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[10-16-26]

Bu Yong gives the princess a letter from their father and the powder from their brother. Princess reads the letter. Bu Yong says the powder is from another country so it smells different from others. can I look at it. Princess  knows it’s poison so she tells bu yong not to touch the powder case. Bu Yong: I am sorry. princess: it’s ok. Go back now. Bu Yong gives her the handkerchief for the prince that she made. Princess tells her : I said go back now. Bu yong says their dad told her to take back the letter after the princess reads it. princess says wait while she seals it. she calls for some glue

Bu yong walks by. she sees JT with her dad. her dad asks if she gave the letter and cosmetic to the princess. She says yes I did father. he tells her to go

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[10-18-41]

Bu yong asks her mom who is the man with father cuz he has been here ever since a few days ago. (she is asking about JT) and her mom says JT was a half older brother of the prince. Bu yong: the prince had a half brother? her mom says when JT was young at 3 yrs old, he was kicked out of the palace with his mother when she was dethroned. Bu yong asks why he is staying in their home so her mom says that’s your dad’s business. no need for you to know. Go and rest.

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[10-23-19]

Bu yong is embroidering and remembers how she spilled that powder and how she told her sister it smelled different from others and how her sister said dont touch it. She mutters aloud it didn’t smell like regular powder. She remembers her dad’s letter. She goes and opens it and reads it. in the letter he said. your highness today is that day. listen carefully to your father’s words from now.  Don’t make any mistakes.

Her dad remembers he didn’t get his letter back so he sends her brother to go get it back from bu yong. her brother goes to bu yong but she has already run off. He sees that she read that letter

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[10-17-37]

her brother reports to JT that bu yong read the letter. thugs say Bu yong just ran off. JT orders for his horse to be brought and says catch bu yong and if you need to kill her. her brother seems shocked

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[10-29-48]

Bu yong runs and remembers the letter telling the princess the persimmon will be checked by the cook (people who check for poisoning by tasting the king’s food) so she has to put the poisoned powder on the persimmon.

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[10-37-52]

When the servant serves the persimmon the princess asks if the food was checked (for safety).  The aide says yes – it was tasted and nothing was wrong. G tells them to leave. Her dad instructed the princess to distract the prince while she puts the poisoned powder on the persimmon after the aides leave. So she gives him the handkerchief to admire saying how she made it. he asks if she made another one with a butterfly. let’s see it. she says she is ashamed of the stitching but he says her embroidery is great so she doesnt need to be. while he says how beautiful it is and compliments the impressive stitching, she puts the poison on the persimmon.  she offers to pour his drink.  G: your sister came a while ago during the daytime didnt she. she says yes. but how did you know that?  He says how he met her sister on his way. she fell again and spilled the makeup she was going to give you. He says the persimmon looks tasty cuz it’s so white. I should try eating one.

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[10-42-54]

Bu yong runs in and waits outside.  as he reaches for one, the aide calls out the princess sister bu yong is here to meet you. he doesn’t eat yet and wonders what brought bu yong here. he allows her to come in. Bu yong bows and then sits. he asks what brings her here so late at night. she says i’m sorry. I ran over here in the night cuz I have something urgent to tell you so I came. But the princess tells her-dont you know the rules. go back and come back during the day. hurry and leave. I said hurry and leave.  But G says the princess is right about the rules but I will make an exception tonight. he allows bu yong to speak. what is it that you want to say.  She says your highness I solved the riddle. He laughs and says so you are saying you solved the riddle. I would have won if you didnt solve it by tm.  let’s hear the answer. what dies despite living -lives despite dying. She says the answer is buyong. Princess says how could the answer be your name. dont play around. the right thing to do is if you hurry and went back home. G says to the princess – let’s hear the reason. he asks Bu yong why the answer is buyong. She says how buyong means lotus – the flower that blooms in the pond. G: that’s right. they call the lotus buyong. so? she says everything that is alive is buried in the ground when it dies. buyong has to die in the mud to live and become a flower. dies despite living – that’s what this teaches. to live, the flower has to die and drop its seeds on the ground. lives despite dying- that’s what this teaches. so dies despite living -lives despite dying is buyong. G: is that all? she cites some reference – another meaning that says buyong is something that lives dies and something that is dead lives. G laughs and says it’s correct. I lost. I lost again. Bu yong says i’m sorry. Princess tells her to hurry and go back now if you are done with what you came for. But bu yong says your highness since I solved the riddle, please give me a prize like you promised. G: are you talking about right now tonight. She asks him to give her these persimmon as her prize. The princess looks worried. G: you want these persimmons as the prize? bu yong: as the prize you promised, please let me eat these persimmons. G says I promised to give you a big award, so will something like these measly persimmon do?  Bu yong says yes. to me-more than anything else in this world, I need these and value these. please give it to me as the prize. G: you are so silly. ok you can eat this persimmon as much as you want till you are full. She thanks him. She reaches out her hand to hold one and cries as she starts to eat it one by one.  After she is done, he says it’s late at night so be careful going back. She tells him to live in peace and gets up and bows. The princess cries. Bu yong slowly backs out and leaves the room.

Bu yong is dizzy and aide asks if she is ok. Bu yong says I am ok. aide asks if you dont feel well should I call someone to help you, but she says no. if the princess looks for me later, tell her I will wait by (in the room by the pond)

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[10-51-30]옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[10-52-24]

Bu yong can barely walk straight. She makes it across the bridge

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[11-03-22]

Princess watches G sleeping. She gets up and leaves.

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[11-04-23]옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[11-04-40]

Bu yong is by the pond leaning against a tree. She cries and remembers her walk with her sister and G. then how G helped her stand after she fell.

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[11-10-54]

The princess runs to meet Bu yong. She orders her aides to turn off the lights (lanterns). She makes them wait at a distance outside before she goes in the room

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[11-11-43]

Princess reprimands bu yong:  did you think if you ate the persimmon and the poison is found out that our family and me would be safe. Bu yong: your highness, how could you do such a thing. princess: you ruined this. Bu Yong: unni. Princess: what? Bu Yong: please listen to my last request-please protect the prince.

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[11-12-29]

Some men run in the dark (it’s JT and his men).

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[11-14-08]

Bu yong says the palace will discover my dead body. they will know right away I ate poison and died. after they find out about the poison our family will be suspected and killed for conspiracy. You will lose your life too. Princess says you made it turn out this way. so what do you want to do. Bu yong says if I change into your clothes and drown in the pond and die, they will think the crown princess died by drowning. No one will suspect the attempt to poison the prince. that way you and our family can live. If you step down as the princess like that, then father wont try to kill the prince anymore (cuz he will lose his high position) that way we can protect the prince too. unni -We have no time-hurry. they start to change clothes

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[11-18-11]

JT kills the princess aides cuz they were listening in on the conversation.  He watches the princess run off dressed as bu yong

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[11-21-11]

Bu yong writes a last letter and coughs up blood. She hides it behind a partition.

Bu yong stands by the bridge. She looks up at the moon crying. she calls out your highness. She closes her eyes and falls in.

End of flashback

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[11-28-06]

G remembers seeing the princess in the pond. Then how H almost died in the lake. G is still standing in front of her parents and brother. G asks her dad: why aren’t you answering me. Her dad: what you said about Bu Yong being the one who fell into the pond and died and not the princess is nonsense.  so G asks her mom: did you see bu yong today at home. Her mom says she is sick so she is locked in her room and lying down. G: are you positive it is Bu Yong? he orders the guards to find bu yong and look all over her home.

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[11-32-49]

G repeats that order at her home – to find bu yong and look everywhere. Y finds the princess and calls out she is here. G asks are you Bu yong. G reaches out to check but just then, JT and his men attack so JT fights G. Y saves G. JT shoots an arrow at G and hits him. suddenly Y puts his sword to JT’s throat. JT’s arrow hit G’s necklace so G is safe.

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[11-37-55]

G orders the princess to lift her face and remove the face cover. she doesnt obey so he does it himself.  He sees it’s the princess. She begs him for her life. “please your highness save me. I didnt know about it. please save my life. G: how could someone like you have been this country’s crown princess? she says please save me. G: you shouldnt be begging for your life. you should be begging for (taking) Bu Yong’s life. G orders her to be taken away to be punished.

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[11-43-58]

Y asks G what happened. G pulls out his necklace and shows his dented pendant saying H saved me. G remembers how H told him to always keep it close to his heart. G whispers: dummy.

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[11-45-08]

G lists all of Bu yong’s dad and her brother’s crimes. how they killed G’s mother in order for G to grow up and seek revenge over it. G sentences them to death. then G lists what JT did wrong – as G’s half brother, since JT was kicked out when they were young, G was happy to see him. but JT conspired with Bu Yong’s dad to plot and kill G for JT to become king. G gives him a death sentences. for Bu yong’s mother and her sister, for Bu Yong’s sake, he is going to keep them alive. but the princess is lowered to servant rank and both will be banish to an island so that they cant come out even one step. G orders his guards to carry out the death sentences.

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[11-48-36]

G walks alone and remembers back to all his times with H.

He goes to his room and the yellow butterfly glows. He goes over to touch it. it’s the partition with the letter Bu yong hid. He finds it and reads it. if you see this letter it means you are alive. then it makes me – Bu yong – very happy. there is one good thing about death. All the things I kept buried in my heart all my life I get to say so it’s nice. I loved you. I liked you all my life. dies despite living -lives despite dying? even though hundreds of years pass, I will love you.

G stands by the pond and cries remembering her letter. He runs and goes and writes a letter to H. Park Ha, I arrived safely. How are you doing. He hides his letter where he hid that round circular thing he gave H.

*it’s like they are having their own Il Mare moment here.

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[11-56-08]옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[11-57-16]

H goes over to that spot and digs up his note. It’s old and faded. She smiles and cries. She sits and reads it. G: if you can see this letter, this letter will be from 300 yrs ago. if this letter is in your hands, I take back calling you a dummy. it’s canceled. H cries and mutters “dummy.” G: Is your juice business doing well. I can imagine now what you are like, but I cant feel you. I miss you so much I could die. I want to hear your voice. I want to touch you. if I could die to meet you I wish I could die right now.

TY goes and orders apple juice from her. she isnt paying attention so he repeats his order. He keeps staring at her. She doesnt look at him as she prepares it. G’s voice continues: I should have said “I love you” more. park ha I love you. I want to see your smiling face so much I feel like I will go crazy. Please be well. Please be healthy. TY pays and thanks her. she thanks him. he leaves.

The trio have a successful omurice business back in joseon. Y cooks, C makes the ketchup, and M takes the orders and serves and collects the money. M asks if it’s going well. he complains to C last time the ketchup was too salty. C: you are starting again. M says what do you mean I am starting again. you should listen when a person talks. how many times do I have to tell you the ketchup is the most important. C ignores him and dances as he listens to his music. Y has to yell into his ear, it’s time for delivery.C: ok let’s go.

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[12-12-56]

G paces and asks why they are so late. the guys bring him omurice. C complains and tell him to come himself when he can cuz he is tired and M says for G to pay. G says what money do I have. let’s eat. they changed clothes. G is wearing his track suit.The guys came wearing their track suit too. G says let’s eat. they eat on the floor. G starts to cry. They look worried and says your highness. G says it’s cuz the omurice is so delicious. M gives him peppermint candy to eat. Y doesn’t suck and chomps so they all get mad at him. G: the sweet taste is good

H goes to her store and there is a postcard and a note to meet at north seoul tower by 5. Her sketch was drawn by TY and signed EO like before

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[12-15-06]

H goes to meet him. Suddenly TY is standing there next to her. he asks why are you so late. I waited for you from a long time ago. H: where were you. I was here all this time. he holds out his hand. as she takes his hand, suddenly he turns into G.

옥탑방 왕세자.E20.최종회.120524.HDTV.x264.450p-EUNBiT[12-17-43]

G cries and says: even though 300 yrs passed… H cries and finishes his sentence: I will love you.


Why do I feel like I got my happy ending, but I just missed it somehow. Even with this open interpretation ending, I feel satisfied. G might have missed H all his life back in Joseon, but at least in this life, H has a better fate than Bu Yong. As long as H believes he is G, I want to imagine they will be happy together in this life. In the end, it’s what they feel and believe that is more important.

Every drama has little moments where it lives up to its writer’s expectations as well as the audience’s.  Where everything lines up – the cinematography, the dialogue, the perfect acting and suddenly that scene becomes more than just another part of a drama. As soon as it affects us, it becomes part of our memories and something we will always conjure up when we think of that drama title. For me, that scene occurred last night just as G was fading away through their silent exchange of solace.  As G gave H that little head nod through his tears to say “it will be ok” and she nods back through her tears “I’ll be ok,” I realized these two do not even need words anymore to comfort each other. I thought nothing could top that till this last scene when TY suddenly turned into G. Watching both of them cry from happiness to be reunited makes this scene a perfect lasting memory to cherish.

Fanderay’s comments:

My take on the ending is that it doesn’t matter if he is TY or G because he is both. H sees G because TY is a reflection of G. The same goes for H. When she said that she was here all this time, it felt like she was talking for both herself and Bo Yong. Until she met G, H never knew she had been waiting, but Bo Yong would have been able to tell her as much since she knew when she died that her love would never change and that she would always wait for him. We haven’t seen a lot of TY, but it seems like he has always been waiting to meet H too. Why else would he have been so drawn to her?

The point (in my humble opinion) is that their love is timeless, and will last an eternity. Even when they don’t know each other, they will know each other. Instead of thinking of it as one relationship coming to an end, I choose to think of it as two people discovering that their relationship can never end, and that they will always find each other.

I loved how so much of this episode revolved around the riddle, and how it so beautifully reflected on the entire drama and could be interpreted in so many ways. Throughout this entire show there have been other riddles for G, such as the truth behind the murder, and who he should love and trust. The answer to everything was Bo Yong, and there’s a sweet irony to that. He thought he was giving the riddle to her, but all this time it was he who needed to figure out that she was the key.

Live to Die. Die to Live. Bo Yong never truly lived until she chose to die, and finally showed her love for G. Her death didn’t just allow her to live in that moment though. It also caused G to travel into the future, where she lived on in H. G had to truly live and love H in order for that future to “die” and return to the past. All four characters experienced an end and a beginning of sorts, and that cycle was necessary for them to understand their destinies and let their love bloom (just like a lotus flower).

I don’t think you have to believe in reincarnation (personally I don’t) to appreciate how sweet and touching this story is. From the beginning I have viewed this as a fantasy series, but I just expected a simple and fun romp full of crazy shenanigans and whimsy. I loved the shenanigans, but what I really loved was how much heart this drama had. I can still feel its effects resonating, and that’s a feeling I haven’t had from a drama in a long time.

I haven’t been very active in comment discussion throughout these recaps, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love this community and appreciate the wonderful comments themselves. Thanks to everyone for being a part of this, and of course to Softy for all her hard work and friendship. It’s always nice to be be pleasantly surprised by a drama, but a surprise is even better when it’s shared 🙂

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336 comments on “Rooftop Prince E20

  1. Taiju says:

    I loved the ending. I think its because I think of LG&TY and BY&PH as one and the same. So even though their love wasn’t requited in the Joseon era, they eventually found their way to each other. Best drama of the year so far.


  2. Hang says:

    It’s a bittersweet ending. I like it but I think that there might have been a better way to go about it so that it is more satisfying for the audience who have longed for a ‘real’ reunion of Yi Gak and Park Ha (not their reincarnations). Thank you for your recap and comments. It has been two months sharing laughs and tears with Rooftop Prince. Again, it could have been better (pointing to several episodes midway which lost steam a little bit) but on a whole, this drama is a nice treat – like I will not hesitate to recommend it to people who have similar tastes to mine. I’ve started to miss our OTP and F3 already. I have not been back to the dramaland for a long time and this return was a particularly good choice. Thank you all!!


    • ycel says:

      i cried buckets when i watched d ending of d rooftop prince because of dissatisfaction. maybe because it does’nt end they way i expected it to be. anyways it was a nice series.


      • Lora says:

        Here are my thoughts on the ending in case they help you like it better 🙂
        I think it is actually a happy ending and that Tae Yong knows that he is Yi Gak, and Pak Ha realizes it too. The way Tae Yong was standing with his arms behind his back and the way he reached out his hand were very formal like Yi Gak. Also his tone of voice and way of speaking when he asked her why she was so late were like Yi Gak, and not like Tae Young in the beginning. All of that plus the way he was looking at her with tears running down his face shows that Tae Yong remembers everything about who he was (and still is) and about his time with Pak Ha. Even though he had to live the rest of his first life without her he got to remember everything and be reunited with her when he (as Tae Yong) came out of the coma.

        I saw a documentary a long time ago about a few real life cases where some people who have been in comas, or have had some kind of head trauma, have remembered strange things like knowing other languages, or how to play instruments, that they never learned in their present lifetime. So if Tae Yong does remember that he is Yi Gak, which it seems like he does, then it’s a happy ending! I can imagine that he could even tell Pak Ha how he lived out the rest of his first life 🙂


  3. RF says:

    Thanks for the recap. Its really a bittersweet ending. I especially like the plot of whole drama n we only discovered character of TM in the past. The history repeated in present days so it helped solve riddles. Great mystery drama that captured viewers with the suspend, not only just the live between G and H. Thumb up for this great production. TY and PH are meant for beginning… Starting from the butterfly that draw them together.


  4. Pessimin says:

    so the joseon story that made H shed tear at the library eon ago must be about “someone wanted to kill G and that BY sacrificed her life for G”?


  5. spt829 says:

    i too felt the story lost its way in the middle, esp when the taemu character is involved. but in the end the show redeemed itself. from the start, i already thought it was bu yong in the pond but i thought she was killed because of her sister’s jealousy. but the story turned out to be much much better than i expected. i was crying the entire time when bu yong was eating the persimmon, the slow suicide she committed for love and the prince wasn’t even aware of her sacrifice. it was so selfless and pure an act that i can understand why “fate” would intervene and let the truth be known.

    as to whether it was the prince or TY she eventually ended up with, i think it was both. TY doesn’t really know her before he fell into a coma, but the smile he had on his face when he left Park Ha’s store after buying juice was knowing and familiar. yet at the same time, he kept his skills as TY. i think when he woke up from the coma, he gained both his memories from his past life and his current life. though i wish park ha would also remember her own past life and know as bu yong that eventually her sacrifice would be rewarded and she would get her happy ending.


  6. It’s a shame the prince didn’t really end up with anyone at all. Well…at least his reincarnation did.

    I actually thought I was going to be confused by the ending as well, so I rushed home to see it for myself (I also wanted to hear the Korean for myself too). Based on what I heard and saw, I think it actually makes a lot of sense.

    TY has woken from his coma, and I think he recognized BH as the girl from his time in New York. When he tells her he’s been waiting a long time to see her, I think on his end, he was talking about how he’d been waiting since New York. Now for BH, with YG on her mind, she interpreted what he said as he’s been waiting for her for 300 years. I think the theory that he remembers his past life might not be entirely right since from the beginning none of the reincarnates could remember their past lives, and I honestly think if he really did have YG’s memories, I feel like he would have teared up upon seeing her again. When it seemed like he was talking in his head as YG in the shop, I don’t think it was TY at all–it was just YG talking to himself 300 years ago but the PDs just let us hear it.

    At the end I think BH saw the prince instead of TY because when TY said what he did, suddenly he was YG to her. Basically she wanted to see what she wanted to see.

    As for the voice overs, I think it was more their spirits “hovering” and communicating with each other and not actually BH and TY talking.

    I think overall this is one of those very few dramas on my list where I felt almost 100% satisfied. In fact, this drama has come the closest to satisfaction for me, with only a few minor points I had problems with.

    1. Whatever happened to Mimi & Becky? They just so silently disappeared, lol.

    2. Where was Jang when BH got hurt and had to be hospitalized? And why didn’t she kick up a fuss about Sena leaving?

    3. How could Sena turn around so suddenly, and how were the parents able to accept her back so simply? After all she’d done, idk…and I think in real life people don’t really have a turn around rate that fast…of course, this is a KDrama so the same rules don’t apply, I know, lol.

    4. The drama towards the end was extremely medically inaccurate. I know what it’s like to be hospitalized, and I also know the process for transplants and stuff. BH should have been hooked up to a ton of stuff and she and Sena shouldn’t have been able to rebound that instantly. I couldn’t help but think when watching all that like man, for the people who believe everything they see in drama, they’re going to have the wrong idea about what the process is like for a surgery like that.

    5. I agree, the whole TM thing at the end was kinda rushed and random.

    6. About the 18th or 19th episode it kind of didn’t make sense how BH went from a very sensible person to all of a sudden making trip ups like trusting TM and pushing TY out of the way and not rushing him away from the car together like a football player or something. Haha, I realize her being the one in the pond couldn’t have been confirmed without that though.

    And lastly…I WISH THEY HAD SHOWN BLOOPERS AT THE END!!!! Instead of a commercial for a drama that doesn’t look too interesting. =/ I love So Ji Sub, don’t get me wrong, in my mind he’s one of the “classic” ahjussi actors along with Kwon Sang Woo, Song Seunghun, and Won Bin, but still I don’t think that’s going to be enough for me to watch that drama. I prefer more lighthearted ones or ones that really make me use my head, like this one anyway.

    Gosh! Sorry this post was so long!! Haha. I guess think of it as all this bottled up stuff all this time since I felt like I didn’t have anything meaningful to contribute to the discussion until now.

    Thanks for your translations, Softy! Although for me it was more like spoilers since I don’t really need episodes translated unless it’s those super epic ancient time dramas, where the Korean gets a little too old school for me, haha. These definitely got me through my day since I couldn’t very well watch KDramas while at work. LOL.

    Now…here’s to hoping there will be something good to watch again soon!! 🙂


  7. wanzhaf says:

    Last night i was so emotionally upset that i went straight to sleep 😦 Again this morning i watch this with sub and without sub and still crying… sh****. This drama is really my poison. Cant never understand why????. But some how or others, i try to make sense so that my heart will be at peace.

    From the start, i believe that the whole time jump is for the prince to get the truth about the CP’s murder, get the chance to fall in love with his true destiny and went back to correct the whole mess, and get to marry his BY and live happily ever after. Well, actually went deeper than that. The whole journey is for him to get the chance to get to know the (PH)BY, fall insanely deep in love with her so that the modern PH and TY have the chance that was stolen from them. He lost his chance of true love, who had even sacrificed her life in order to save him. From the start he was drawn to her. She is as intelligent as him, who always amused him, thus always teased her. But he was in love with his CP (if what he feel is love. I feel that he was actually was used to her as they grow up together). When his CP was supposed to die, he jump to the present and the true love story began. He is there to make sure that his reincarnation and PH have the chance to happiness that was denied to him.

    I cried the whole time of BY scene, the down memory lane of LG and cry some more when he cried
    missing his love. My heart ache for him. His life as a king suck 🙂 I pity his loneliness but i can understand why he choose to be alone because if he took another wife his link with the future will be broken. This deep and unfulfilled love is what he left for TY.

    PH never really saw TY properly, even in NY. Even when LG was impersonating TY she saw him as LG. In the end, she went to meet TY but what she saw is actually LG’s essence. The way he stand is LG, the way his smile is LG and the words of TY is also LG. To her, LG is there coming back to her, finally making true of their promises. The love that transendent time and space.

    Only with this belief that i can finally accept the ending and my heart is no more sad. Kudos to the writer who managed to make the mess of my k-drama life. Double kudos to Park Yoochun who make my tears flow non-stop, even now…. A world of thanks to Softy, Fanderay, Semifly who make my k-drama addiction went smoothly, and my heartfelt gratitude to fellow rooftoppers… nonski, deedee, qd, feima……etc, etc, etc.. who laugh, throw fit…and cry together. Without you people, i’ll be miserable alone….. Adios Rooftop Prince. You are my forever k-drama prince is my heart…..


    • nonski says:

      omo chingu we almost have the same thoughts on his trip at the present time. 🙂 it has a much more deeper meaning. really funny thing on me is… i forgot to post my comment, like you i already slept and went to the office early in the morning, then i started composing hoping to finish this soon… hoho, it almost make it 8 hours to finally post and now i saw yours after mine updated. 🙂


  8. Mona says:

    Thank you Softy and Fanderay for the wonderful recap. This drama was a WONDERFUL ride, with all of its ups and downs. I loved it all. Fanderay, your final thoughts were expressed beautifully. I agree wholeheartedly.


  9. ikoeu says:

    Hi all, after reading through all u guys’ comments which also shared my same feelings for RTP. As usual, I saw the drama with the help of Softy’s recap last night..OMG! I realised I have used up quite a tons of tissue papers beside me. Couldnt wake up the next day for work and swollen eyes! (sleepless night reflecting over the finale drama)

    In fact, I was thinking that since Buyong was already dead, wouldnt it be great if Pak Ha can be transported to the Joseon Period instead? Coma or anything from the car accident, then I would say that this is a really Happy Ending Ever After for LeeGak & BakHa.

    Overall, I am still quite contented with the ending (what else can we expect?)
    \(^o^)/ thanks again to Softy for the super fast recaps…so far, u are the fastest recapper! and all the rest for their contributions.\(^0^)/


  10. zank says:

    what about buyong?i mean,poor her .lee gak only knew her feeling after she died…she’ll never know if lee gak ever loved her..but somehow i rather think that at the end, they were lee gak and bu yong which they were destined to be together.


  11. nonski says:

    lols here i go again, forgetting to post 🙂

    Softy thanks so much for taking up Rooftop Prince and making a lot of people happy, me on top of the list. 🙂

    okay… rp ended and i have a heavy heart. 😦 i think everyone is who had loved and followed this drama and invested their emotions on it. rtp had clearly made its mark! i have not had a good drama with such an awesome finale episode!

    we knew from the start that they are headed back to joseon but the first few scenes of hijinks is absolutely daebak! i laughed so hard. 🙂 chi-san doing the ketchup routine was utterly funny, add to it that princey bought it,

    but then we go back to the reality why they went to the present and then back, i was actually floored at how the writer did manage to this and not have us feel rushed and the episode cramped up. it was so sad tho… how bu yong had loved the prince all this time and sacrificed her life to save him and her family. true love! *sighs* as much as i was laughing during the first part of the show, i cried during this time so much my head aches. when BY was beside that tree thinking of G and their moments together, that just kills me. much more so when she was about to fall on to the pond. *sighs* again. G, ah, poor him… after the debacle… all was left of him was the memories of H. <3<3<3 How lonely life would have been for him, the remaining of his life thinking of G… alone in Joseon.

    Loving the J4 transporting back to Joseon their tracksuits, expressions, omurice and the eternally handy kethcup! oh, i cried with G when he teared up after eating omurice, but then who wouldn't?

    I think that it was not only the solving of the murder mystery that G was sent to Joseon. Yes, we saw how he handled the investigation and how he realized it was him that was the main target. But i believe more than that, he was fated to met H, to experience true love (omg i'm teary!). by meeting H he developed into a more mature person, not only aware of himself as royals tend to be but as a person, a feeling person. i think he did not even love hwa yong back then, just a fancy because she is a beauty. reason why he is always attracted to BY in a certain way. another reason, i believe is for him to have those memories of love and be loved till he grows old. another reason still is for G to pave way to tidy up TY's life cuz after he is his reincarnation and in a way prepare his next life. so basically that is why TY got into that accident in the first place because G arrived. i think that i f he had not reincarnated and fell in love with H, it would have been different with TY.

    For me the ending was satisfactory, a perfect cap to the wonderful episodes we have watched thus far. and true again to its nature RP 20 is more awesome than episode 19. Although TY noticed H when he first saw her in NY, it's an entirely different thing after G realized everything and loved H… when TY saw her on the juice store, it is all about seeing your lost love all over again. G is alive in TY… the G that love Bu Yong belatedly and the G that loved H eternally.

    *wipes tears* sorry for the long novel i wrote. ~~~

    thanks Softy and Fanderay, my drama experience would never had been so awesome without you.

    thanks to all campers for making the RP journey so much more fun and meaningful, i gain new friends. special thanks to deedee, wanzhaf, Qd, feima, reideen, amelia, kai, koe, smalltank for making rp watching experience extra special. see you on softy's next project.


    • nonski says:

      sorry but i had to add up another comment for fand… once again, i am floored by your thoughts. love them actually. yes, i am with you for expecting the fun RP will bring but got more than what i had asked for and so much more. heart, that is what makes this drama a gem and it has has it abundantly. i never imagine i would be touched so emotionally by this drama. OB had done a bit but it was more of the shared feeling of the OBnians that made it more special. While RP’s story itself touched the heart. I must admit that when i am remembering bits of the drama when i am at the office, it’s either i smile or get teary esp the last two episodes. thank you so much for giving us always your thought fanderay. 🙂 and oh, the OST is daebak! i never stopped listening and i’m a fool get teary with most of the music, particulary “even under any sky” and baek ji young’s song.


    • kai says:

      loved what you said.i’m still having a heavy heart that rtp ended already.i still come here to read all comments.i really loved and enjoyed this really touched one’s heart.


      • nonski says:

        thanks… and yes maybe this is one drama i won’t get tired to watch it over and over again. without going fast forward… uhm, well i take that maybe a few of TM and S scenes. 🙂


  12. nicole1212100 says:

    hi softy,i really like your blog,my KDRAMA addiction made easy because of you.may i know what’s your next KDRAMA???


  13. smalltank says:

    re-watched part of ep 19 and 20.. sob.. T__T i’m not entirely satisfied but I guess it could not get any “fairer”. If LG didn’t return to joseon, TY probably would have remained a vegetable. One of them had to get the shorter end of the stick. Thank you fellow campers for sharing the joy of watching and commenting on this drama, it sure made the whole experience more fun! 😀


  14. Jewels says:

    Thanks Softy for your recaps… My ritual every Wed/Thur was to watch K2H since that was the only channel I could streamline. After, I would go straight to your blog site to read what was going on in RTP. Thanks so much, your work is so much appreciated.

    Fanderay, I looked forward to not only Softy’s comments, but to yours also. I always logged on to the blog again later in the evening to read your comments too.

    It was a pleasure taking this journey with you both. THANK YOU so much from the bottom of my heart!


  15. Den Kravec says:

    what about buyong?i mean,poor her .lee gak only knew her feeling after she died…she’ll never know if lee gak ever loved her..but somehow i rather think that at the end, they were lee gak and bu yong which they were destined to be together.


  16. RF says:

    Seeing sm comments, i feel that TY is now more eager to meet H compare to beginning of the drama was bcos G had changed the history. Since we know that people’s personality,like M n S, nvr change, still full of greed n evil thoughts in past n present life, if G were to return n spent entire his life missing H, am not surprised that when TY awake, G’s love n longing for H would come to TY’s memory like Tsunami wave, maybe even more after accumumlate 300 years longing for her. I can imagine how miserable G life, longing for a woman who don’t belong his century n after experiencing latest technologies n IT gadget.


  17. Misty says:

    Thanks so much for the speedy recaps. It made RP so enjoyable for me..appreciate all your love and hard work…


  18. I just have to stop back and read your recaps again after watching w/ sub. I AM SATISFIED !
    It’s going to be a hard week, come wed/thurs, when I realize there’s no more RTP.


  19. chasen8888 says:

    Thanks softy and fandaray for being you by providing us fans with the recaps,comments and bringing us into the RTP world, it was a fun ride.

    The show was not perfect and had a good amount of kdrama logical nonsense, but I enjoyed it just the same.

    Right now what I want is for Micky Yoochan to get some rest and some weight on that body of his. I felt with the personal loss and the pressure to perform which served as a form of therapy for him was a lot. While watching the show, I just saw him doing good work but at the same time there was stress in his eyes and he was losing weight.

    So Micky, no more CFs, performances with JYJ, movies or dramas or other performances I am requesting from you for at least 3 months. That time is needed for recuperation mentally, physically and spiritually. Please rest with your family and close friends you owe it to everyone who is concerned about your well being.

    At times when I’m at this site or related ones, I wonder if these celebrities ever visit here to see the comments – what would their reaction be (then again it could be done secretly) or if they even comment here themselves. Just a thought.

    Gone for now and have a good weekend everyone.


  20. im80 says:

    I always review your page, thanks for great recaps..^^

    I watch episode 1 again, after taeyong meet the buterfly, he suddenly get to see park ha from a distance..the “shock” looking on his face like saying “I found YOU(reincarnation of buyong)!!” really make me think he is lee gak. I still sobbing from the last 2 episode.


  21. Mara says:

    If we look at the final shot and. see TY’s stance .we get
    an indication that he is YG because of the hands behind
    his back. Brilliant!


  22. jalz says:

    its a great drama !!


  23. ocean says:

    Buyong actually looked at the moon, then jumped into the Buyong pond!
    She actually died for the man he loved in order to protect him secretly!
    It will be a mystery and secret forever if the prince didnt catapulted 300 years forward into the future in Seoul 2012,investigate and return to joseon to solve the case!
    Maybe even the God of Moon felt so.. sad for Buyong and lead the prince into the modern era to meet Park Ha and wanted him to know the truth as the prince with his entourage actually fly over the moon and into Seoul 2012.
    haaa, who knows 🙂


  24. dls says:

    Thanks to your recap, I can get to know RTP last week when I was away
    today I’ve just finished watching RTP 19 n 20 with sub
    i’m satisfied with the ending, it’s just so sweet
    maybe it’s true that when you meet your other half it’s like meeting an old friend that’s been so long
    anyway…i will miss RTP…
    Park Yoochun and Han Jimin really deliver great work here


  25. minati says:

    annyeong,,,how about ”QUEEN IN HYUN’S MAN ” can u write again the story or sinopsis in english???,,, its so romantic drama …. i hope u can write again about that drama ,,,, jebaLLLLL …. pleaseeeee


  26. dib says:

    I dunno if you guys feel the same way or not,
    but I just can’t get rid of Rooftop Prince withdrawal.
    I just don’t want to put an end to it.
    I just can’t.

    I think I need to try to watch other good drama,


    • smalltank says:

      feeling the same! i’m still reading the soompi forum (though not much updates) and rewatching some episodes 😦


    • Amelia says:

      Me too!! I’ve trouble getting over RTP! Can’t wait for its DVD to come out in the market! Have been following closely news on Micky Yoochun and Han Ji Min and reading their interviews and activities!! And re watching so many of my favorite scenes!!


  27. Hottie says:

    I am lapping up every Park Yu Chun and Han Ji Min interviews after RP is over. I am now into my 4th viewing of RP and never fail to cry at every Ep 19 and 20.

    My favourite scene is the fading of YG at the end of the wedding vows and how YG and PH nod at each other in tears as his body disappears.Signifying their acceptance of destiny. I cry my heart out each time I watch this scene. It’s this couple’s chemistry on screen and excellent acting that made that possible.

    Good bye, RP.I will never forget you. Just as I can never forget SKKS.


  28. kai says:

    just watched again rtp.missing leegak so much!


    • Amelia says:

      I’ve been repeating rtp again and again,choosing my favorite scenes, laughing and crying with them.. this is bad… and saving every picture possible of Yoochun!!


  29. Hi Softy, I thought I just want to drop by to say hi…
    I just finished watching this drama…
    When you started the recap, I only followed every now and then… I was interested but had no time to watch at that time… After that I started to intensively reading all your recaps and watched episode by episode…
    Not more than OB, but it is so loveable that it could ease my longing to see another daebak drama after OB…
    Thanks, Softy… *always a fan*


  30. Paja says:

    omg!! I just finished this drama and I’m balling my eyes out!! I hate the ending bc I was hoping that LG would end up with BY! Ugh the ending is yet still confusing, why can’t the director or writer come out and explain the ending instead of the audience guessing on what I means!!! Frustrating I tell you!! 😦


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