Rooftop Prince E18

OMG my heart – I bawled like crazy through that last scene…I am still shaking…It’s like even though you’ve guessed for weeks that this would happen, when it actually does, it’s different than when you imagined it. back then these characters were just getting to know each other. no one fell in love yet on the show, but we certainly did. Over time as they developed feelings for each other, the audience knew it would be difficult to see this couple say goodbye and have these guys go back to Joseon. That’s always been inevitable so we braced ourselves for that episode. I really thought it would be tonight, but what the writer chose to do instead just floored me. How could this happen. Wasn’t it enough that they have to go their separate ways? Why this?  I’m sitting here trying to grasp at straws, but there aren’t any. It was pretty clear what will happen next in that last scene. Omg – how do you brace for an impact that is going to knock you silly anyway.

Thanks to Semi-fly for her torrents. wondering what your guess is for the finale week.  🙂

Written before it aired: Last night when I watched that scene where G is kneeling in front of the grandmother’s portrait, I worried for the actor himself. It hasn’t been that long since he had to do that for real so I kept worrying about what was going through his head. If he was remembering his own father’s funeral and letting the emotions well up. It also made me wonder if some of those were actual tears coming from his heart and not his acting.  At times like this, it’s very hard to differentiate the lines between fiction and reality. Especially since this scene came up on the heels of what happened a few days ago. I read that Micky went to go visit his father’s gravesite recently and tweeted about how much he missed his dad like crazy. Then that actor who plays Taemu (Lee Tae Sung) tweeted Micky a sweet message. Something about how Micky is doing well now and all he has to do is keep being the kind of son his father doesn’t have anything to feel ashamed about till they meet in heaven later. I never thought a tweet would get to me so much, but it did. I have to admit, after reading that message, I no longer hate Taemu cuz the actor behind that character is beyond awesome. I said this before when this drama first aired, but I really am grateful to Micky for keeping it together and proceeding with this drama as planned despite his own personal loss. I bet somewhere up in heaven, there is a father looking down beaming with pride.

As for the preview, I’m not too worried since G can’t stay in jail for very long anyway. I kept imagining him disappearing right before their very eyes and freaking out the police. I guess we have to expect the four guys to return to Joseon either tonight or next week. Something tells me they won’t save that for the last minute. There are some loose ends to tie up in Joseon, but would they need an entire episode or two. As for who will get the company, after getting that text and learning that Sena knew all along that H was Injoo and not telling Jang, I doubt Jang would leave Sena the company shares. So I hope they don’t dwell on the company too much and just throw us a bone and let us either hold onto the hope that H and G will stay together or start preparing for an alternate ending that will be hard to imagine. Whatever happens, I’m going to recap tonight on pins and needles for sure.

There must be something in the Joseon water for these guys to have so much willpower and restraint. First it happened on Moon when Hwon waited 8 yrs for the love of his life. at least G only had to wait a few months. Errr…. or does that make it 300yrs since the crown princess wasn’t his true love. I get confused. either way, self-restraint runs deep in these crown princes.


옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-10-43]

Starts from G walking down the hall to S’s officetel. He uses her key card to get in. she asks how T could ask her to go to the wake and how could you dare stand at the chairman’s wake – aren’t you even afraid. She turns and faces him. T comes in and says Tae Yong ah and G calls him a bastard and punches him. then again. G: you made grandmother pass away didn’t you. say it. T calls him crazy. what are you talking about? G: you are a liar and murderer -you are both. I already knew that. T: dont say whatever you want. they struggle and G hits him again. G says I will make sure you pay for your crimes. G walks off leaving T on the ground bleeding -huffing and puffing.

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-18-17]

G walks down the hall to TY’s room. He looks at TY. G says in his head: I am sorry Yong TY – in your place I wasnt able to protect grandma. I committed a huge sin to you. I will catch the ones who killed her and put them away with my own hands and then beg for your forgiveness. Yong TY- have strength

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-18-28]

G sits and remembers all the time grandma held him and asked him to be her grandson TY.

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-20-08]

H goes to meet him. They sit together. He says just like in Joseon you are real sisters with S. hearing it straight from you in person, I am more shocked. one more mystery that was bothering me has been solved. He says how it must have been awful for her to live all this time not knowing. if she knew sooner that she had a real mother, she wouldnt have been lonely and having a hard time. since you found your mom isnt that something to rejoice. H: if only we knew each other and met from the start.

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-23-59]

She stands and cries so G gets up to back hug her but he sees how he is disappearing. He reappears and stares at his hands. She turns and asks what’s wrong. G lies: It’s nothing. H: why do you look like that. G: I said it was nothing so why are you like that. He quickly walks away from her

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-29-09]

She follows and catches up to him. He looks at his hands and says I disappeared and couldn’t see my body. So I couldn’t hug you. H: you saw? You saw yourself disappear? G: then have you already seen me disappear before? she nods yes. G: Why didn’t you tell me sooner. H: how could I tell you that. what do I say? she turns away and cries. he puts his hand on her shoulder and hugs her. she cries and so does he.

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-29-32]

They are sitting together. G asks -his body disappearing for a short time and coming back is a sign that means he has to go back to Joseon huh. She nods yes. H thinks if that’s correct it means he has to go back. He thinks the reason why he came here from Joseon was to meet her. the only thing I did here was to like you. she says he also came to figure out the princess’s murder. G: but with the time i was given, I want to use it for your sake. I dont have much time. H: you also have to figure out about what happened with grandma. G: I will figure that out no matter what.

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-32-59]

The guys wait for G. G: what happened? Y says the police doesnt think it was an accident and are investigating. M says the police are questioning those people around the chairman. G says for certainT is involved in making grandma die. C says this situation is they sense T did it but no evidence. G: that’s right. we have to find clear evidence that T did that so he cant get out of it. we have to find the proof before the police. I am going to make sure to put him away with my own hands.

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-33-30]

The lawyer goes over the will and says the chairman left her inheritance to TY. if TY doesnt show up during the final reading of the will, then the entire inheritance goes to T.  this will was made when TY was missing, but since he is present he will inherit. aunt mutters the chairman didnt think of her at all (meaning chairman didnt leave her anything) Pyo says she only entrusted the company to TY not the entire fortune. pyo looks at T and his dad and says” unlike some people who are out for money.” lawyer says they are going to formally finalize this tm at noon. he asks if anyone wants to contest this will – if they do then they can contact the lawyers but Pyo says no one will contest it.

T’s dad and T discuss what happened. his dad thinks the old woman was determined to give the company to TY. T is angry -can they just lose the inheritance to TY like this. the dad says what can they do cuz it’s in the will. also TY is in his right mind. there has to be something wrong with him to do anything about it

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-34-53]

T remembers what G said to him about being a liar and murderer and realizes TY is G. he goes back to his office and takes out a dvd and inserts it. it’s a recording of the hospital when TY supposedly woke up. He sees G hide his hand and knows the truth

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-35-14]

The cop goes to S’s home. He asks are you Hong Sena? S: yes I am. he says I am here about the chairman’s accident so can I ask you some questions? S: what questions?

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-36-01]

T goes to the chairman’s home and sees G’s car. He opens it and puts some money and incriminating evidence inside the side compartment (why dont these cars have alarms?)

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-37-12]

G is walking deep in thought and H follows him. She plays with his hand and he holds on tight. He says sorry I couldn’t give you attention even though we are together. She says a king who can only see a girl is not attractive so keep continuing to contemplate what was bothering you. G laughs and says she is good.  She asks if he cant figure out what happened with the grandma’s accident. He says I have a feeling about it but no evidence. G sees an ad about a car’s black box and how it’s good for safety. He asks if every car has those black boxes. she says these days a lot of cars have them. G remembers stepping on some debris that day and the chalk mark on the ground to show how the accident happened. he says how there was an car accident in front of the home the day the grandma died. She thinks if those people who were in the accident had a black box,  then it might be recorded who came and left the grandma’s home

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-39-47]

H and G go and ask each mechanic for a car that came in to be fixed. two say they dont know and one does. they finally find out the car that had the accident. H asks if that car has a black box. The woman says yes but that place is far away cuz it’s a distant relative’s car who came for a visit. H asks for that home’s address.

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-40-14]

they share yogurt drinks. H says since they got the address, let’s go home quickly and get ready and go find that place. I think it will work out well. The cops show up and ask: are you yong TY? G: yes. the cop asks again:are you really YTY for sure. G says yes I am YTY. The cops arrest him for posing as YTY and for being a suspect behind the chairman’s accident. ( he reads him his rights in Korean – those rights about having a lawyer and everything- i think it’s called your Miranda rights. who knew watching years of Law and order would pay off). H stops them and says wait a minute.  G says I didn’t do anything. H says this person is YTY.

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-42-52]

The cop questions G and asks where is the real TY. G says I am the real TY. the cops: are you going to keep doing this – let’s be truthful. G: when you see YTY and ask where is YTY, what do I answer? cop shows the evidence found in G’s car that T planted and says we found this in your car. you posed as YTY and went into that home and killed the chairman. you took the company money and was prepared to run off overseas. everything falls into place so why do you keep saying you didnt do it. G: I don’t know what this is – it’s the first time I saw this

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-47-19]

T is sitting next to G. G explains how on that day, he was drinking with T at a bar. G tells T to tell them. cop asks T: on the day of the accident where and who were you with. T lies and says I was with S at my officetel. G says to T: what are you saying now? when I said was going home you held onto me saying let’s have one more drink. T says to the cop:  if you need a witness for what I said, I will call S as my witness. cop thanks him for his help and tells him to go.  G asks if that obvious lie about being with S will hold up. T says: that’s not for you a con artist to say. anyway it will all be over by tm.(cuz of the will being finalized by then)  until then just rot here. After that I will squash you for good. G says it will never happen the way you want.

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[10-07-43]

cop puts G behind bars. G says I am not the one. that jerk T made grandma die. he put me in here so he can get the company. if I dont go out now, it’s all over. I cant give up now. Let me out right now. please let me out. cop goes over and handcuffs G. G: what are you doing? cop warns he will add on an extra charge if he isnt quiet.  (like disturbing the peace maybe cuz G was yelling – at first using banmal then asking politely)

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[10-09-03]

T eats with S. she doesn’t eat so he tells her to eat. It’s all over so eat and gain strength. took care of that imposter so after tm, the company and everything will be ours. S: really? T: forget all your worries

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[10-10-57]

G remembers what T said – how it’s over by tm. until then rot here. And after that I will squash you.

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[10-11-27]

G asks to be let out again-just for an hour and I will come back.  G is told to be quiet

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[10-14-53]

At home the lotus plant has bloomed and there is a lotus flower. H looks at G’s handkerchief and notices the stitching on the handkerchief of who embroidered it.

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[10-22-57]

H goes and visits G in jail. G: there is nothing i can do. H tells him not to worry too much cuz it wont work out the way those people want.  she shows him the letters on the handkerchief and tells him to look at it- what does it mean. He reads it and says it’s Bu Yong. He says how the princess gave it to him saying she stayed up all night to stitch it, but the truth is Bu yong made it. she asks why he didn’t know that all this time. he says he didn’t know in Joseon when he saw it, but this was from Bu yong. His hand goes out to reach for it but his hand disappears. Then G’s whole body disappears. The cop comes in so H pretends to be on the phone so it looks like nothing is wrong. She says into the phone that she just finished her visit and he went back inside just now. I should go too.  (so that it looks like G went back inside).

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[10-25-24]

G walked out of jail and is waiting in the hallway. H goes to him.They see the cop so they take the stairs and leave. Outside, she tells him to hurry and run and be careful

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[10-29-17]

It’s almost noon and everyone is gathered. T’s dad laughs and tells the lawyer to start. Pyo says there is 3 mins left. Lawyer says I will start at noon according to the law. G runs like crazy to catch the elevator but he misses it so he runs up the stairs.

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[10-35-49]

The lawyer introduces the other lawyers and reads the will that was checked yesterday for validation. The chairman left everything to TY. is TY here. T’s dad laughs. Lawyer says if the main benefactor isnt here then it will go to Yong Taemu. Lawyer gives the paperwork for T to look over. T is about to stamp it when G comes in.

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[10-36-55]

G: wait a minute. I am sorry for being late. Yong TY is here. T says that person is not TY -he is a fake. G: if I am a fake how could I come here. I am here – I’m YTY.

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[10-38-37]

Pyo hugs G. G: why are you like this. Pyo: I thought everything was going to T. how did you get out of jail. pyo says he just got the call and everyone is on their side. G says thank goodness we were able to protect the grandma’s inheritance. pyo says as the CEO, G should kick out T and take care of the company, but G asks to leave it up to him to take care of T cuz he has an idea. G asks Pyo to take care of the company and gives pyo a title bump. G says how grandma would have felt safe doing that. pyo asks if G is going to clear up what happened to the grandma and G says I will for sure.

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[10-39-23]

Y gives G the black box from the accident. G says Y did well and says let’s look at it. G tells C and M to turn it on so they can see what happened that day. G looks and calls out Y’s name

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[10-40-32]

T goes out of the building and Y grabs him and shoves him in the car.

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[10-42-00]

G orders T to call S over here. T: if you do stuff like this do you think you will be ok? Y hits T’s head. G: call S.

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[10-42-45]

when S shows up G orders for the video to be shown. S and T watch as the video shows S walking out with the laptop. G says this video was taken at the time grandma passed away. S says what is strange about me coming out of grandma’s home. I always went in and out so what (meaning I do that all the time). G: I’m saying  during the time of grandma’s death, you came out of the home.   T says the time of death could be off by an hour or two.  So stop saying ignorant things and get out of the way. T was going to leave but Y holds him down to sit. G says how he wanted T to pay for his crime on his own. dont commit anymore crimes and put everything down. resign from the company on your own. and return the company money.  if you dont, you will feel unbearable pain. (sounded like it would be inflicted by Y). T says to S: there is no need to reply -let’s go, but G yells this is the last chance that I am giving you. you and I dont have much time. just know that. they leave

S wonders what to do cuz her face is on there. he will take that video to the police. what do I do – what happens to me now. T says I will kill that guy – I have to end this now.

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[10-44-52]

G is in bed and H is sitting outside his door. She calls out “your highness” and he says it’s late so go sleep.  H: ok then sleep well. She keeps sitting there. H: hey dummy – are you really sleeping? G: yes I am sleeping. H: how can someone who is sleeping talk? G gets up and goes to her and asks why she cant leave from outside his door. She says cuz I am afraid you will disappear suddenly like at the station awhile ago. He pulls her inside.

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[10-50-22]

They lie in bed together. He holds her hand. G: if I do this do you feel more at ease? H: if you didn’t disappear you wouldn’t have been able to protect the company. You will have to go back to joseon to solve the princess’ murder case. you have to go back huh? That’s the right thing huh? G faces her and says: instead of feeling tormented about not knowing when we have to part ways, i decided to only think about this time when I am with you. I like this moment now. let’s make a lot of wonderful moments. think about what you want to do tm night with me. Hurry and sleep. She closes her eyes and he does too

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[10-51-06]

T and S stand by a lake. T tells S to memorize this place well so she recognizes everything. S:ok. T: whatever you have to do- you must bring G here.

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[10-51-46]

S goes to the rooftop and meets H. S says I came cuz I had something to say. H: go in and talk. S: can I do that?

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[10-52-22]

S asks you don’t like to see me huh. of course you would. If I trade places and think about it, I wouldn’t want to see me. I guess I should say sorry first. I’m sorry. I needed some time to come and talk to you. S cries and says I don’t know why I did that – these days I wish I could die. when I think about what I did I cant lift my head around. I cant go to mom’s home or meet my real mom or you. should I just die. if I die will that allow some forgiveness.  H: why are you saying such things. don’t talk nonsense. H gives her Kleenex. H says I will go get something to eat. Wait here for a minute

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[10-54-48]

S notices that H got a text from G. G asks: were you still not able to decide where to go tonight to play. S takes the phone into the bathroom. She texts G back. Meet by 8pm by the lake. Let’s do some night fishing. G reads it and repeats: night fishing? G texts back and says “I put a couple T on top of the shoe cabinet – it belongs to C. kekeke. so wear that and look pretty when you come later.” S smiles (maybe cuz of the “kekeke”)

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[10-56-10]

S goes back and puts the phone in her bag. After S sat down, H comes over with fruit and tells S to eat.  S suddenly says I will go. H: are you busy? S: yes don’t come out. i’m going.  As S leaves she takes the couple T shirt with her

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[10-58-25]

S is about to pull away but H calls out wait a minute and gets in with her. S: what’s going on. H says I don’t think I should send you off like this. eat and go. I will buy. H sees the lake setting on the navigation and asks why are you going there. you arent thinking of something right? (H worries that S is thinking of committing suicide) S says I put in the settings incorrectly.  H: if you made a mistake, you can correct it while living. if you did something wrong then apologize. dont think of taking your life so lightly. S tells her not to worry-I’m going home. H gets a call and it’s coming from S’s bag. H says it’s the same as my phone ring tone, aren’t you going to answer it?  S doesn’t answer and lets it go to voice

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[11-00-44]

G is buying fishing gear with the guys. M shows him a fishing pole and says comparing the cost and function, this is the best choice. but C says it doesnt look flashy- this red one will look good on you. Y shows him one and says they said this is the strongest. G tells them to choose one that’s right for H too. M asks why G is looking for fishing equipment suddenly. G: fishing is something you can do at night too. C says: ohhhh a date at night. Y offers to go too since it’s dangerous at night so G says there is no need. Y insists so C and M shush him (cuz they know better than to interrupt the date) G calls H again. C: H still isnt picking up it seems. G: we already agreed on where to meet so she will come there. G asks if they are going to the baseball stadium. they nod yes. G says sorry to C for taking his Tshirt. C: it’s ok. he checks his pocket and realizes he forgot the baseball tickets so he has to go home to get it. I will hurry and get it so go there first. M rolls his eyes while Y looks in C’s pocket again. G tells them to have fun. they leave but Y goes back to tell G – have a good night.

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[11-01-22]

S drops off H and says I don’t feel like eating so I will leave first. Let’s eat together next time. S drives off and leaves H there at the restaurant

G has an elaborate set up at the lake with all the fishing gear and chairs

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[11-03-59]

H goes home and looks for her cell phone. she says it’s strange – i left it here. C comes in and gets the tickets. he asks didn’t you go fishing. H: fishing? what fishing? C: his highness already left for the fishing. I will be going first.  Have fun and we wont wait up today and sleep first. C leaves. H calls out: what about fishing?  H remembers how S acted strangely -how the cell phone ring was same as hers – how she saw the lake on the navigation on S’s car, and how C said G went to go fishing

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[11-25-14]

G is waiting and wonders why H isnt coming when it’s so late. He thinks about this remote location she chose

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[11-25-54]

H is on her way in a cab and tells the driver to go faster

G paces back and forth.  He calls H again but her phone has been turned off. He thinks her battery died. He looks around to check for her, in the distance he sees who he thinks is H but it’s S dressed as H wearing C’s shirt. G calls out and says why are you so late. You should have called that you would be late. She waved and ran off so he thinks she is playing around. G calls out playfully -just wait till I catch you.

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[11-30-39]

T is waiting in his car. He revs his engine and heads over quietly and slowly with his headlights off

H gets out of the cab and looks for G. she is on the road and keeps looking

S runs off and G follows her. S hides in the tall grass. G says her joke is going too far. T sees G standing there and starts moving the car quietly over to G to run him down. H sees G standing there and the car headed over to him.  She calls out to G -your highness. G sees her. he smiles and waves. H runs over to him. G sees the car headed his way, but it’s too late to avoid it. H pushes G out of the way and faces the car headlights. OMG

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NGs are shown.

* can I just say, everyone knew H would push him out of the way and take his place, but that music and her tears just unleashed my floodgate of tears. of all the ways for G to find out that the princess didnt die in that lake in Joseon, this was the worst. it seemed pretty cruel to let him come here and find his real destiny and love and then have her die like that -then on top of all that – for him to realize he mourned the wrong woman back in Joseon. Part of me was hoping H survives this accident, but then it wouldnt make sense. Bu Yong died back then so doesnt that mean H has to die here. and that G came here to find all that out. at this point, I really hope this all ends in a dream like some of you said – that G wakes up and realizes all this happened in his mind. and he learns all that the night before Bu Yong dies so he can rescue her from her fate. If only wishes were enough.

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Fanderay’s comments

The problem with watching live broadcasts is the lack of a pause button, and my poor heart needed a break just after 20 minutes. Between tear-worthy grandma flashbacks, even more tear-worthy discussion of G’s disappearance, the reading of the will, and T confirming that TY isn’t TY, I was already clutching at my chest, but then of course G got arrested and it all just kept getting worse!

G probably should have used the police against T long ago, but I suppose he is used to taking care of investigations himself back in Joseon times and doesn’t like relying on anyone else. Between photos, H’s witness accounts, and the key fob on the floor (which he should have left there) he’d at least have been able to start some sort of case. The evidence could be countered with some cleverness, but it would have been stronger than the case used to throw TY in jail (a rich guy having money in his car isn’t too convincing).  Also, is there actually some crazy law in Korea that states if someone isn’t present at the reading of a will, they forfeit their claim? That seems like it should be illegal. I  sort of like the whole kidnapping and interrogation method G has going, but he definitely should have brought that video to the police as soon as he saw that video. It’s not like he doesn’t know that T is a big fan of murder, so making him more desperate and setting him free is a very bad idea!

Of course, all that was just oversight, but how could H possibly let S go after all that terribly suspicious behavior? S comes over for a visit, randomly leaves, has a strange location on her gps, has the same ringtones as H, acts completely shifty-eyed, and H just gets out of the car? She should have punched S in the face and snatched her purse (I suppose that’s not her style). I can’t fault her for stupidly standing there and not properly yelling a warning to G when she saw the car though; I lose my voice when I’m scared too.

So now what? Did H seriously just get hit by a car? Thankfully T chose a terrible murder method, so I don’t think she’ll die, but I’m not sure how it will all play out. I’m guessing that T will flee the scene immediately, and G will take H to the hospital. G is going to be seriously PO’d though, so I think it’s time for him to really take action and finally take T down.

Honestly though, I’m somewhat dreading all these big problems being solved. As soon as everyone is happy I think that G will disappear, and I don’t know if any of us will handle that well. This episode already made me weepy enough, and I know it’s nothing compared to what we have coming. Thank goodness we have our adorable trio of boys and even more adorable bedtime snuggling to lighten the mood!

I love the honesty and openness of the OTP’s relationship, and how G told her about seeing himself disappear pretty much right away. Similarly, I loved how H waited outside his room and admitted to being scared she would find him gone. They share everything with each other instead of just their happiness (unlike all the noble idiots in most k-dramas) and it just makes me love this couple even more with every scene. It’s a bit cruel that this drama has created an especially wonderful relationship when there’s about 2% chance of them ending up together, but it’s worth the pain. I think the ending will be sweet and satisfying in its own way, but I’m fairly confident it will be heartbreaking along the way.

I’ll be waiting on pins and needles with the rest of you until next week. Get your buckets ready! I’m not sure tissues will be enough.

옥탑방 왕세자.E18.120517.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-29-25]


211 comments on “Rooftop Prince E18

  1. leanyer says:

    Thank you for the recap(s). I read it before I watch the raw vid.
    My heart trembles for G & H. Its so unfair to see them fall in love then separate without any choice. I can’t help thinking about TY, LG, PH & BY. The pairing. No matter, I have to prepare myself whatever the writer will present to us. Hopefully, a happy one? Will certainly miss RTP…the cute prince & his cute 3 sidekicks.


  2. leanyer says:

    S & T deserves punishment to end their evil deeds.
    My heart goes to Micky Yoochun.


  3. Ajanne says:

    …Dear Rooftop Prince Writer please don’t make a sad ending, :(:(:( ***couldn’t breath***


  4. Alex Moom says:

    Thank you for the recap(s).


  5. I’m too scared …please happy ending for this couple. They went through so much!


  6. MadaMag says:

    Hey, wasn’t it the Crown Princess killed in Josen, and not Bu Yong?

    I think Chona TY goes back to Joseon, but present TY will awake, with Chona dram-like memories (or at least remembering meeting H), and both will couple with the ‘time-wise’ right partners.

    Also, by so fast as T is faring, he should drive right into the lake… Yeah right.. IMHO idiotic way of trying to kill someone (because there will sooo not be any proofs/clues in the car)…


  7. Adam6010 says:

    New here. Thanks for the recap. I read it dilligently after watching thru live streaming. My happy ending is Lee Gak and Park Ha. But I dont think I will get even that.


  8. kimcheejoy43 says:

    I saw a episode 19 preview, not sure if it is accurate..

    Rooftop Prince Preview 19
    Modern Era
    -SeNa and his lover Tae Moo decide to kill Tae Yong (hit with a car)
    -but Pak Ha realise their plan
    -she sacrifice herself to rescue her love and let the car hit herself!

    Joseon Era
    -Princess and her lover (joseon TaeMoo) decide to kill prince (with poisoning his dinner)
    -but Bu Yong realise their plan
    -she sacrifice herself to rescue her love and eat it instead of him and after poison affect her body she fall to pond!



    • Softy says:

      thanks for sharing but this cant be for real cuz first of all – written previews never look like this – it’s super short and they come out on mon and it’s only sat now. secondly – what they dont have trash cans back in joseon? why cant she throw it out, why eat it herself? or report it. better yet, why not just throw it into that pond then. and that is one long walk to take while being poisoned. so now I am wondering – was she on her way home to die and fell into the pond or did she plan to die face down to throw off suspicion that it was her -cuz she was dressed as the crown princess -not as her sister Bu Yong. but then why would she want them to think she was the crown princess. also, if she had time to walk all that way and plan all that out, that poison must be the slowest one in history. boy i hope this preview is not the real deal.


      • kimcheejoy43 says:

        me too.. i felt this “preview” was nonsense…it seems that it was too early to know what the next episode will turn out.. sorry for the wrong info.. just desperate in finding the episode 19 preview.. 🙂


  9. Rosa says:

    Taemu and Taeyong are half-brothers I think. In Joseon, I think Taemu wanted to kill Taeyone to get the crown. I think Joseon Taemu was like Jung Il Woo’s character in Moon/Sun except Taemu wanted the crown unlike Jung Il Woo. So, he decided to poison Taeyong with the help of Sena but Buyong found out and got killed herself. This is my theory.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Both the riddle and the lyrics of the songs give us the answer to the ending. I was hoping that at least they would have given more than two episodes toward them returning to joseon period. The princess was the one to die in the joseon period and will also die here. There has to be a happy ending for both of them. One of the songs talks about them loving each other forever and how people saw something like that before.


  11. dib says:

    what I hope is there’ll be no end to this drama.

    It is just so suffocated to know that RTP will end next week ;(


  12. sparkskey says:

    Preview fpr ep19 is out:
    Lee Gak rushes the injured Park Ha to hospital. Park Ha’s liver was badly damaged because of car accdent and would have to receive a liver transplant surgery in the shortest possible time. Lee Gak pleads with Sena to save Park Ha, saying there’s no else else but her who can do it. Taemu tells Sena to go overseas and live happily with him….

    Okay, a liver transplant???? This drama just lost me there -.-


    • Softy says:

      ooooohhhh I just read this on the subway. Thanks so much for taking the time to translate this Sparkskey. Now I’m wondering what G said to S to even get through all that evil – seriously I dont think she has any goodness left in her to make such a sacrifice and donate some liver. plus dont you have to be compatible? just cuz you are half sisters doesnt mean S is 100% a match. also Jang cant donate cuz of her cancer I bet. with 2 episodes left, I cant believe the writer threw this in. if S does agree, it would be totally out of character for her to be so nice suddenly. if S just leaves with T, then that’s another sort of craziness. You have to hand it to these RP creators – just when the audience thinks they have all the answers, the writers throw us another curve ball. cant wait to see which one of us hits this out of the park. One of our guesses has to come true sooner or later. The odds are in our favor. 🙂


      • sparkskey says:

        No worries, it was a short translation anyway. Our poor G probably would have to beg and plead again to get through Sena’s thick, evil skull – the second time he has to lower himself for Park Ha. Girl has got it lucky in love 😉 I’m not exactly sure how they intend to smooth out this liver transplant arc either this late in the drama, they’ve got enough loose strings to tie up as it is. Sighhhh, bring on the crazy, Rooftop!


        • ak says:

          I had the same reaction as your’s when I read the preview. Liver transplant? What the ….. ???
          Then I found some comments on the official site as follows:

          Sena refuses transplant. Jang comes back to do it instead and revokes Sena’s right to claim inheritance.

          If this spoiler is correct, I think that the writer brings in this liver transplant to give Sena a big punishment. Sena has been trying to snatch everything from Pak Ha but will lose everything in the end. I wonder if Tae Moo will stick with Sena even after she lost her monetary value.


          • Softy says:

            That makes more sense if that’s the reason why the writer added this in last minute. to make Sena make that choice so that Jang can see who S really is and finally disown her. I think T will stick with S cuz even when he found out her poor background he stuck with her so I dont see why he would abandon her now. having her be Jang’s read daughter was a bonus, but not the defining reason for his love for S – that was there from the start.


    • dib says:

      thanks a lot Spakskey.

      I just dont get why the writer wants to do this way: LIVER transplant?
      Another problem will need another solution and it needs another time.
      it makes me more confused,
      is there any significant of this liver transplant to the story plot?
      last episode is Grandma’s death and now this.

      Just two episodes left, I wonder how they will end RTP.
      hope for the best


    • semi-fly says:

      Ding….ding…ding…ding. That’s the sound of the death knell of the series for me.

      She gets into car accident and her liver is damaged. Was she it by a booze wagon when I wasn’t looking? I know livers aren’t really that easy to come by (UNOS) but really using it, I suppose, to allow Se Na to “step up” as a sister (or whatever harebrained notion the writer/director intends is just silly).

      I know I’m condemning the episode/series before having seen the episode in question but really do they think that little of the intelligence of the audience? I mean it’s a step up I guess…well can you get cancer (the oft disease/aliment in KDramas) from a car accident?

      How is it Tae Moo isn’t in jail? He hit a person and there is no way in Hades he should be able to talk his way out of saying otherwise (again a logic fault occurs — thanks writer/director) so there should be NO way he’s a factor in this or the remaining episode. Given the calamity of the situation it’ll be brushed aside to focus on the bigger issue (saving Park Ha).
      — For now, even though this is a fleeting thought, I don’t want to see them use Tae Yong as a last minute savior in saying he has a liver that’s compatible, etc. because as much as I hate the initial premise of the episode this looks like a train wreck for someone like me [I suspect I’m not the only one].

      I know I’m jumping the gun with the episode based on the preview but come one I could write better trite than this and still fall within the insanity that KDramas take on in the later half of a series without making the audience feel like they’ve been hit repeatedly in the head for it to “just work”.


      • sparkskey says:

        Your comment made me laugh. I agree so much with everything you wrote! Though, I have to point out, you can’t get cancer from car accidents, but you can ‘discover’ random suspicious cancer lumps – see Scent of a Woman. I doubt Tae Yong can be a suitable replacement (who knows what terrible diseases or ailments he might have contracted during the time jump that we as viewers have no idea about!), so Park Ha’s life would have to depend on Sena, most probably. Can’t believe after the wonderful Joseon setup, the writers are just acting like these guys don’t ever have to go back to Joseon or something. Would love to see more scenes as they go back to Joseon and each deal with their life after time travel in their own proper timezone. Will Park Ha be able to get a second chance with Taeyong? Will TY wake up and be normal? Who killed the princess? Will Lee Gak marry Buyong instead? Evil Joseon ministers get their comeuppance by being run over by horses (after all. they are the Joseon equivalent of car accidents)? Ducklings writing a time travel guide book to the future? So many things the writers can talk about and they choose a TRANSPLANT of all things.


        • semi-fly says:

          I was being a little sarcastic about the whole getting cancer from a car bit as that tends to be the disease/aliment of choice with Korean dramas. For once I’d love to see someone get appendicitis or some uncontrollable bout of the runs instead of them using this “catch all” time and again.

          As for Tae Yong I meant his present self (i.e., the one in the vegetative state) and not Lee Gak (though I guess either could/would due). I guess there is a possibility that when Lee Gak goes back to Joseon Tae Yong will wake up as if nothing has happened (something about two object not being allowed to share the same space/time). Even if this was the case they would have to pull off some wizardry that triumphs Hogwarts (yes a Harry Potter reference) to make it all come together.

          I’m still of the opinion that if Bu Yong is in the moat/pond it would be Hwa Yong’s doing. Whether it was to save Lee Gak from some nefarious deed (political, jealousy, etc.) or if it was Hwa Yong being her typical self (which is kind of redundant really) I can’t say at the moment. As we saw Bu Yong was a nice child/woman who liked to play around with the people around her and as far as I can see she had no real enemies outside her own sister. So it leads us to believe that she was a sacrifice for someones other wants/needs/desires [her own included].

          I’m not really sure about the “ducklings” at the moment. I would have thought that once Lee Gak started to vanish the three would likewise vanish but we’re lead to believe that didn’t happen. So we’re all stuck wondering what they plan on doing with them if not sending them back [since they spent some time on how they longed to return] how do they plan on sticking around for the long run [I thought they were setting something up for Yong Sul with the security guy but that went the way of the Dodo as well].

          As for Lee Gak once he gets back to Joseon (or along the way) I guess they could do a re-do scenario to allow everything to just work out but I think even this would upset a lot of people.

          Right now I’m just trying not to think about the 10 weeks I will have spent on the series to see it end in a total mess [from my perspective].


          • Softy says:

            hey Semi-fly,
            Only when it comes to dramas, I guess I have a “glass half full” mentality cuz I dont think about the last few weeks ending in a mess- I’d like to remember how great the past E18 eps were instead. I don’t watch that many dramas normally so there arent that many to compare with. if you had been watching Fashion King from the start like I have, then you’d realize that compared with FK, even with the liver transplant angle, RP would still be a step up from what’s going on tonight on E19 of FK. it’s like a bright light you cant look away from even though you know it’s bad for your eyes – it’s shiny and pretty so you are entranced. FK doesnt even hurt my brain anymore cuz none of this stuff makes any sense so I threw out logic and continuing watching. when you stop trying to make sense of nonsense, it’s surprisingly tolerable. every once in a while I try to figure out the logic again and have to stop myself and say – dont go looking for answers that were never there to begin with.

            That’s why no matter what other crazy angle RP pulls this week, I’m going to remain grateful for the last 18 episodes that were great. getting 18 eps right out of 20 is still good in my book and RP still deserves a proper send off. As crazy as the last eps might get, I have this fierce loyalty to this show. It’s sort of hard to let it go just cuz it had to come up with some nutty scenarios to tie up its loose ends. As long as there is some semblance of sanity somewhere between all the crazy, I’ll accept it. Really sad that you won’t be joining us. I loved having you drop by and share your views. Maybe there will be another good one coming up that you might like next time like Big or Bridal Mask. I bet those two will turn out better. Hope i didnt just jinx those. “knock on wood” 🙂


            • semi-fly says:

              I’ll probably end up watching the last two episodes just to get some closure. Honestly though I have the hardest time throwing logic out the window (that being said for a series that utilizes time travel as a premise) — I tend to over think a lot of things [helps with all the stories I write to know even the smallest details about characters so I don’t throw some wishy-washy bit out and confuse my readers].

              When you have characters like Se Na & Tae Moo doing whatever they feel and yet feel they don’t actually pay for their wrongdoings it tends to be a bit off putting for me [How many times have they tried to kill someone or steal something without being overly worried that they’re breaking the law or fear what would happen if they get caught?]. Maybe I’ve been watching Korean programming for far too many years or I wasn’t as picky with the series I end up watching, I don’t know. It just seems like the writers could try a different approach with some of their stories [It’s not like the writers don’t know the type of story they wish to tell or how they wish to end the story. I’ll give them some slack since they tend to write towards the audience (writer, re-write, to suit the audiences favorite couple, story line, etc) and for ratings rather than logical].

              I guess I should have used other language when describing the series as a mess. I mean I enjoyed the series to a point but once we got into the second half and the revenge angle became more pronounced it took on a different feeling [I most certainly enjoyed the OTP and the ducklings antics — I’ll add Mimi & Becky to wind out the craziness]. But once the secret birth issue popped up and Tae Moo started enacting his takeover bid [no thanks to his father — the fish] you have to admit the fun that we saw in the earlier episode was coming to an end.

              As you mentioned previously you watched High Kick 2 and seemed happy with the series overall but the last little bit, the surprise ending, gave you, like so many others, well a bad aftertaste making you think twice about watching another daily. I’ll say that while Ojakgyo Brothers wasn’t perfect it felt good after spending 29 weeks watching it I don’t regret it one bit — well I could have done without Ja Eun’s mother-in-law (not Bok Ja) for most/all of her story line and them dragging out the police chief got a little annoying at time [did because of the extension and all but still].

              I managed to watch a few episodes of Fashion King but soon realized it wasn’t for me. I mean I sat through Style and wanted to poke my eyes out so another fashion oriented dramas, admittedly I was giving it a chance because Yuri (SNSD) was in it, but even such an enticement wasn’t enough to keep me going through that bit of insanity.

              I do plan on at least checking out Big & Bridal Mask with Bridal Mask being the more anticipated series of the two (I’m a fan of period dramas, even if it’s set during the Japanese occupation, these days — we need more of them and less of the warmongering types — pseudo Princess Man or Queen In-hyun’s Man). So I’ll be dropping those two off if you decide to pick either of them up [which knowing you you’ll pick up Bridal Mask].


            • Softy says:

              Hey Semi-fly,
              first – yay!!! you’re going to watch the last two eps of RP! so glad to hear that, you have no idea how much cuz it’s no fun if we can’t talk about it after each episode since there are only two left. My favorite part of recapping is to read all the comments at the end of the night when I am done translating cuz I get to learn more about the show. I still remember all the guesses people made about the answer to the riddle G gave Bu Yong. I have a feeling this finale is going to have a lot of us talking up a storm – whether good or bad. 🙂

              The one good thing about not watching so much kdrama is that shows like this feel special cuz seriously – who would have thought time traveling dramas would come out all at once like this – one right after another. I was trying to watch QIHM the other day cuz I never made it past E1 and so many people are raving about it made me more curious. I finally managed to get past the first few eps and a lot of people were right – this one feels totally different from RP. Not just in the lack of comedy, but all this going back and forth from Joseon to present. As for RP, I have to agree that the story sort of confused me even more when the chairman died. I still don’t get why she had to die, other than to make S feel remorse for like 5 seconds. and I am totally with you about T and S not getting punished enough – they better pay big later – I’m talking life in prison sort of anguish. Not sent to Joseon to live cuz even there, I bet they would lie to get to the top again.

              I never watched Style, but I heard about it and saw a few scenes while flipping channels, but I don’t remember a thing. I didnt start FK for the fashion to be honest, I just wanted to watch how well YAI and LJH did in a drama together. The only good thing I can say about that drama is they both look good most of the time. So you chose wisely – avoid FK at all costs. Spare yourself cuz the rest of us who started this is now drowning in really bad kdrama writing. I should try to remember this writer so I can avoid her work in the future.:)

              You know me so well. Just last week I was chatting with Fanderay about what our next drama should be – she likes both so now I’m tempted to recap BM and Big, but not sure if I can fit both in with 1n2d on the weekends too. Was thinking of doing my super quick recaps of Big on Mon/Tues and save all my energy for BM on Wed/Thurs. I was already planning to watch “I do I do” so recapping both Bridal Mask and Big might pose a problem. Thank you so much for offering to drop those off cuz to be honest, your torrents save me tons of time. For one of these dramas, I will have to add screencaps myself so they will be even more handy than usual. I really can’t thank you enough. 🙂


    • Amelia says:

      I’ve been surfing every moment for the preview! Where did u read it from?!! This has thrown us all off balance! Doesn’t our prince quickly put 2 and 2 together by now that he has to realize the person in the pond has to be Bu Yong ?


    • nonski says:

      thanks so much sparkskey!


      • nonski says:

        hi sparkskey… the preview got me dumbfounded! i dunno what to say, there are so many things i have expected to get settled this coming last two eps but the transplant is just beyond my imagination. *sighs* we we;re praying that it be not 49days or lovers in paris but those two had one fooled at the last moment of the drama while rtp seems to be otherwise. still wishing the writers have something good in store for us… pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzze!


    • Reideen says:

      Se Na can’t do anything really, even if she wanted to… People have ONE liver… you need that liver… So PH needs a donor… Se Na can only search for a donor. Maybe/Most probably PH’s mom will be the donor.


      • Ligia says:

        ParkHa doesn’t need SeNa’s whole liver, just a part of it would be enough. And I don’t think their mother can be an organ donor since she has cancer.

        But the whole transplant thing would take too long and there are only 2 episodes left. How disapointing… Still, it’s not the first time in a korean drama that they rush things up in the last episode.


        • Reideen says:

          I never heart of part-liver transplantation? Of course they have to do a test on the liver to see if it is compatible & if it is in good condition. It is very hard to get by a liver donor… even family members can be incompatible. They have of course higher rate to be compatible…. We’ll have to see what the writers will do.


        • Reideen says:

          But you are right… You can donate a portion of a healthy liver… (I’ve learned something new :P)


  13. mblaze says:

    liver transplant ?
    are u sure this is the real written preview for episode 19 ?
    what the ….?!
    I can’t stop wondering why the story become so unreasonable in the end.
    i loves this drama from the start and falling for micky & han ji min because of that
    so please..don’t go there..please..pretty please..


    • sparkskey says:

      unfortunately, yes. this preview was translated from the one posted on the official website. I was so incredulous I actually ran the words through my dictionary again just to make sure I understood correctly. Transplants??? SERIOUSLY? I thought they were so last year. Sigh


      • myblaze says:

        hiks..why..oh..why..after i told all of my friend to watch this series.
        I realize that one of the main attraction from this series is how the writer always made us think and guess what will happen next..
        But liver transplant ?! and the grandmother’s death ?
        i don’t know what they think but this is beyond my imagination and i don’t like it..with 2 more episodes left i don’t think liver transplant would be the best answer T_T


  14. Ligia says:

    Hi everyone. Thanks for the great recaps and for all the interesting or funny comments. I see so many people want BuYong saved and happily married with the prince and I can’t understand why. I don’t think it can happen, even though I feel sorry for her. ParkHa and BuYong might be the same soul, but it’s definitely not the same person. They are different because of education. LeeGak had affection and warm friendship for his sister-in-law, but he loves ParkHa. It’s the same for ParkHa: maybe she was meant to meet and love TaeYong, but the present was already changed by LeeGak’s arrival. TaeYong and the prince are not the same and it’s the prince that she loves. In order to be happy, they have to be together. In the past. He has to go back to his era and do his job, as recorded in the history books. So ParkHa should follow him into the past, but for this, BuYong has to be dead, secretely dead, so that ParkHa can take her place.
    That’s my opinion, but it might have a flaw. I don’t know if back in Joseon a widower was allowed to marry his sister-in-law… But I wonder if there’s any record of LeeGak’s wife or wives in the history books.
    As for the riddle, I don’t know the exact answer BuYong gave, but I noticed the prince’s reaction. I’m sure it’s the key to this love story. And I’m sure that, figuratively, it has to do with her love for him. She was alive, but like dead, because of her love; and she had to die so that she can live and be happy with him.


  15. Sherie says:

    BH got hit by a car and so they pick the liver to be the organ that was damage during the accident. The writers are probably trying to turn SN to the good side.It might be too late for SN.


  16. semi-fly says:

    There are a few screen shots/behind the scenes shots floating about on soompi (see below) that gives the impression, I use that word lightly as it could be a careful deception, that there will be a happy ending for Park Ha & Lee Gak (a wedding of all things — from the looks of it it was done on/around the rooftop apartment). So it looks like our lovesick puppy prince will get his clever princess.

    So if that part of the story gets resolved happily what do we have in store for the ducklings and their spunky neighbors (I don’t remember if it was Mimi or Becky that was interested in one of the ducklings — but if we’re going all out with the story might as well go a step further [as logic will allow])?


    • Softy says:

      Daebak 🙂 omg thanks for sharing. was trying to stay away from soompi cuz I didnt want to know any “bad news” spoilers before Wed, but this is great news. I never even hoped for a wedding – just that these two stayed together would have made me happy. Going to pray none of this was someone’s daydream or fantasy and H doesnt end up with TY when he wakes up. Since I don’t know how this drama will really end, for now I am going to hold onto this image. See? now that I have this to look forward, getting through this liver transplant business is a walk in the park. 🙂
      About the other 3, they never did go anywhere with the whole Mimi liking M storyline. Guess cuz it wouldnt be fair for the other two guys to be left out. Becky didnt seem interested in anyone at all. I still say somehow the 3 should go back to Joseon cuz they all wanted to return. Wonder how they are going to make that happen. so excited for Wed now. 🙂


      • semi-fly says:

        I know I just wanted to see someone else get a little piece of happiness but that’s a bit of wishful thinking since it appears as if the ducklings (all or part) manage to return to Joseon (Micky tweeted (accidently(?)) something that may give us that impression and sort of confirms his staying put in the present — so we’ll just have to wait and see).


    • dib says:

      I believe it will turn to be a happy ending.
      but i am not sure whether it is Lee Gak or Tae Yong.
      Just hope for the best that it is out princey Lee Gak.


  17. May 17, 2012 at 10:50 pm
    “”i rmb watching preview(before RTP was aired),
    lee gak said to park ha, i travel 300 years to meet you again, i never 4gt u~(something like this, leegak wore joseon cloth while park ha wore modern cloth)
    do any of u rmb this scene?””

    i was talking about this preview~


  18. dianinozguzmi says:

    Hello there!!!

    Because I’m kinda new and there are a lot of people contributing to the recaps I am not sure who does the actual recap of RP. But anyway I was wondering if you guys have plans to recap another of the next dramas to air. I saw in the main page that someone was planing to see Bridal Mask and I do I do. So will there be recaps of something??

    AND THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR HARD WORK RP IS JUST DAEBAKKKK I dying to know what is going to happen because I have just no clue at all.


  19. nonski says:

    @Softy… saw some tweets and seems like our adorable ducklings is going back to Joseon or maybe back and forth, that seems to be how it sounded. 🙂


    • Softy says:

      Thanks nonski for the update 🙂 wonder how they will go back and forth – that’s bizarre. Guess where I am right now? At naksan mountain where they film RP and all those scenes from k2h, SOW, CYHMH, etc. It’s like 80 something degrees and I’m about to pass out from heat exhaustion and from all this climbing – this stupid mountain has like 20 million levels/decks. No one ever mentioned that part on the guide maps. 🙂


      • nonski says:

        lols, good luck on the 20 mil levels/decks! waaaah! i can imagine how you are right now… drink lots of gatorade or propel later. but but, i do envy you dear, the view there is awesome! 🙂

        i was wondering that too, but i’d rather it be like that for the J4 than them missing 2012. we can all see how fit they are on this era. i can imagine them longing for things here when they go back to joseon. well, it won’t hurt the drama if they add that, since, well, it’s fantasy anyway and rather than giving us the focus on “liver transplant” i’d rather accept these zany things. 🙂

        btw. i emailed thundie the mp3 links to the awc ost posted by momosan.


    • Amelia says:

      Ooooh that’s like a light at the end of the tunnel… it means our prince actually stay back in modern era and ducklings will go back fix the wrongdoings ? The slip in Micky’s twitter could be it then!
      Gosh, I’ve been repeating most of the earlier episodes again and again and again just to see the couple while waiting for the final 2.


  20. says:

    I hope the writer / director has better do a good wrapup for the drama. I don’t really like the liver transplant thing nor abt Lee Gak begging SeNa’s help for the liver donation thing.This is really hilarious! Tae Moo and SeNa getting away from their crimes! What is this? Hope this is not true. My rating for this drama will be going down the drain. Although this is like a fairytale drama (I am telling myself..dont be so serious) but I am crossing my fingers that the ending will be a good one!


  21. nonski says:

    Softy… just saw another tweet… they are definitely gonna be going back to joseon, princey included… here is the pic’s link:

    agh! all these spoilers is getting so anxious and excited at the same time! only wish for this drama, i’d accept all craziness they will throw in as long as G and H will end up being happy in each others arms. 🙂 <3<3<3


  22. nonski says:

    a very short preview:


    • Amelia says:

      Tks so much non ski, softy and semi-fly for keeping us updated. I notice right after the preview, we can click to watch Micky’s bts which showed him practicing his lines diligently! What a sight to behold!!!


  23. semi-fly says:

    I’m still a tad confused as to how they manage to go back and not somehow mess up the timeline considering all four of them are contaminated with future events/technology. What’s the chance that if they go back (and stay) we’ll see a mind wipe of relevant information or everything for that matter?

    Given the screen shots/behind the scenes pictures we’re lead to believe (or hope) one thing and this new news seems to blow all of that out of the water unless of course as mentioned previously there something of a redo [allowing Lee Gak & Bu Yong to be together as originally planned] while somehow allowing Park Ha & Tae Yong to be together as well though I’m drawing at straws as to see how that happens (the later) considering Tae Moo pretty much committed murder disrupting “fate” so the “gods” would have to re-write a bit of this.


    • Softy says:

      That mind wipe happened on QIHM already, but I don’t think that can happen with RP cuz this drama was never that complicated. the answers were never meant to be difficult to begin with so connecting all these dots seemed easier than for QIHM. I seriously hope there is no “redo” cuz that would totally spoil things for me. But you know what, after what I just endured with the FK finale – any other crazy ending will be easier to accept in comparison.( I need to stay away from that actress SSK cuz first highkick S2 and now FK – the woman picks the worst dramas ever. Thank god I never saw Tree with deep roots cuz the way she speaks Korean is sooooo annoying so I can’t imagine how awful she sounded speaking in sageuk talk)

      I am totally counting on RP and K2H to erase this terrible finale memory from my mind and replace it with decent ones. At this point, I don’t need perferfection or even great – I will totally be happy with “normal” or “average” – it would be a welcome respite from the crap I got from FK.


      • semi-fly says:

        Well I’m just trying to figure out how they plan on sending the quartet back without messing things up. A mind wipe or a redo would be the easiest thing to accomplish this but would somehow ruin what we’ve expected for a finale but then again if it’s written just right we’ll buy it (like we always do).

        I might just have to fall back to one of my original comments about things sorting themselves out with the universe but one thing nonski about the ducklings and/or the prince being able to come to a fro (like Queen In-hyun’s Man) would screw things up just as well. I mean if they are able to do that why wait until the last two episodes to introduce that ability?

        I kind of doubt the image I posted yesterday was deceptive but given the myriad of spoilers I’m having a hard time trying to place how they plan on doing it and still have everything go according to some grand plan [and for me make sense].

        I read about the finale, seems I dodged a bullet. Frankly I don’t mind Shin Se Kyung most of the time. She can be rather flat in her deliveries and High Kick 2 wasn’t meant to be a grand bit of acting it, like previous seasons, has just been used as a launching pad for stars. So I’m not going to simply wash my hands of her future endeavors. I’ll just be a little pickier especially when the series are based in Busan or have a heavy accent/dialect [not enough aspirin for me to sit through another one of those series].


        • Softy says:

          I love the spoiler image you posted yesterday cuz it gives me hope for even a few mins of sheer glee – don’t even care if it ends up being deceptive and it turns out to be a daydream or whatever. 🙂

          I guess I was projecting my hatred for this FK finale on SSK cuz her character was the weak link from day one. if her character had been written with more backbone, I truly believe this finale would not have been necessary – or maybe i am giving this writer too much credit cuz what if she planned this insanity from the start – in which case I go back to my original plan of avoiding this writer like the plague in the future.


        • nonski says:

          hi semi-fly… i just thought of that one cuz of the tweets… frankly it’s hard to buy the ducklings doing that… how on earth could they all of a sudden go back and forth when they have been having a hard time piecing clues together to be able to go back to joseon 🙂 but anyways, i am willing to do away with logic here and just have everything in a happy mode, or at least as what i want them to be 🙂


      • nonski says:

        aw! softy, i haven’t seen the ending but saw the spoilers and the end part of FK and all i can say is wth happened there? really, everybody were speculating the ending to be a choice between YAI and LJH for the girl but… tsk tsk tsk…

        i still have high hopes for RP because for 18 episodes, the drama had been very good in outguessing us. based on the the barage of tweets and posts at soompi, it would be a happy one but how they do it is what will make us a happy viewer.


  24. adgirl22 says:

    As far fetched as it may seem…. Maybe what happens is BH goes back to Joseon Era and helps to unravel the Crown Princess’s death.
    When she has to return to our time period, because the Crown Prince is already dead and there would be reincarnation, then the real TY wakes up, finds BH, remembers her and they fall in love all over again… * SWOON* BH will probably be in the hospital and TY will be the reason she wakes up.

    I agree about how emotional this must be for Micky, when it comes to dealing with the death of the Grandmother, and even the opening scenes form EP 1 when he had learned of the Crowned Princess’ death. That was so fresh then from his fathers death. I bet for him it is healing. Being he has to always be on , and the cameras are constantly on him, revealing his true pain for the loss of his father was hidden.
    The opening scene when he is screaming and crying and they have to hold him back ….. That was him able to let go.
    I am amazed at how he can hold it all together and continue with the drama.

    I liked LTS as an actor from the moment I saw him in PK. TO see him be able to pla the good guy all the time was fine. To watch him completely reverse his role and play a bad guy. That is some talent. I cannot wait to see either LTS or MY in another drama. For LTS to leave such an encouraging Tweet…. Just lets the world know he is truly a good guy.


  25. nonski says:

    longer preview:


  26. nonski says:

    just wanted to share this too:


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