1N2D S2E8

This episode needs to come with a warning – take your motion sickness pills cuz the camera work bobbing up and down on that rocky boat will make you just as queasy as JW and SG. I was looking pretty green around the gills myself as I was recapping. There won’t be a single good photo of JW after he gets on that boat for a few hours cuz he only had one look – trying his hardest not to throw up on camera. When he ran late and the cast started the opening without him, I was having a minor heart attack going “where is JW?” I have to hand it to this PD. He really wants to show us the best views of Korea. This episode had the most gorgeous shots I’ve ever seen of Jejudo and some majestic looking creatures. When you read or see what they are, they will take your breath away. Even though JW didnt look so well in the last half, don’t miss this episode and watch for yourselves. It’s truly breathtaking. Lucky SK for getting a bird’s eye view.

* Thanks to Semi-fly, I can get some screencaps up for those who missed this. 🙂

Written before it aired: This may be THE most highly anticipated episode of 1n2d ever cuz if they filmed tonight’s episode a week or two ago, then they had great weather. As in it’s not cold at all cuz it’s been averaging between 70-80 degrees F this whole time for the last few weeks so there is no need for winter hats anymore. That’s probably why JW tweeted it’s hot. During the day when the sun is out, it really felt like summer was here to stay. I would love to watch this gang jump into an ocean or lake – the entire group – just to bond and celebrate summer. On season one, some of my favorite episodes were where they played games on the beach and then jumped in the ocean. I don’t know why, but watching grown men frolic around like little boys is so entertaining.

With a glowing complexion like this, now that he has CFs for coffee and outdoor apparel, I say he is long overdue for a popular men’s skin care line. Seriously, he looks so flawless here, I don’t even look at his clothes at all. I just stop and linger at his face and forget the rest.


The guys gather at 3:30 am. TH has dark hair. some girl says hello (informally) so he says hello. she says it’s been a long time. TH looks like Kim Jong Kook from family outing minus the muscles. TW asks who JM is as he greets JM. TW hugs him.  someone says this is strange (cuz it’s been a while since they’ve met). SW says it’s been a long time and shakes the camera guy’s hand. SW explains why: cuz it’s awkward. SG joins them and bows to TH and uses chondanmal. TH looks bashful. (The guys do the opening without JW)

at 4am, JM does stretches. SG asks where is SK?  SK shows up and jogs over to the guys then jogs over to get his mic put on. TW and TH crack up laughing. SW says how SK is funny. Choi PD says they are starting. (each guy yells out what it’s been like without 1n2d) SK: your stuffy/frustrated heart. JM says something about getting a bad complexion. SG: irritated/peevish without a reason. TW: for a couple of days every day – crying. (cant understand what TH said at all cuz he spoke funny) SW: you’re able to meet Happy Sunday. it’s been a long time. they all yell 1n2d! SW says (facing the camera) to the audience: it’s been a long time since we’ve said hello everyone. you werent able to see what you wanted to see – 1n2d cuz we werent able to film. instead, we will promise something today- as much as you waited we will bring you a lot more fun and laughs – and will there be poignant moments? the others say yes. SW:if possible we will show you poignant moments too. We will show you a side that we are working even harder than ever. We’re sorry. They bow down. TH is reluctant so SW says it’s weird if you dont do it. you shouldnt do a bow while smiling cuz they might not like it. TW remarks about how SK is dressed like that. TW: you didnt come to do morning exercise so why. SW: did you forget what your occupation is. SG: tell us about this concept. why are you dressed like an olympic athlete -whose clothes are you wearing? SK explains he dressed the same as some Olympic medalist -JMH the one who lifted heavy weights. she came me the clothes she wore once. TW: what is your relationship with her to share clothes. SK: I am her fan. I wrote her a fan mail. SG asks if he wore her clothes. SK says I got so many insults for wearing trench coats so I wore this – not to show off.  SW asks if SK got insults for wearing trench coats on 1n2d. SG jokes today SK will get insulted for wearing that. SW: the trech coat is better. this is weird. They ask where JW is. TW says he was filming his drama so he is coming up now. SW: are you JW’s manager? TW: no it’s cuz I was curious. (that means TW must have called) SG: sorry but if you are going to talk about dramas then let’s give TW a round of applause for EQ the wed/thurs drama that is #1. JM and SG both say I saw that and came here. kiss. “if you cant wait – I will wait” SG pretends to kiss JM. TH and others joke TW kissed for too long. SG chants “treat” and  jokes TW should treat them to a meal. SW says JM and TH didn’t have anything else scheduled except for 1n2d so what did they do during that time. TH says how hard it was. in the middle of it, he even texted Jong Kook to ask if there is a spot on his running man show. the others say you dont fit there. it’s too late. JM talks about his cd coming out. JM says it’s called “thump thump (like beating heart) so SG tells JM to sing some of it. JM: I cant live. they all laugh. JM asks SK to sing it instead.  SG counts off so JM sings some. SG sings along so SW asks how do you know it. SG: he gave me a cd. the song is really good. TW says it sounds catchy – was it plagiarized? they all laugh at his joke. SG says SK went abroad to another country. SW says you went to australia. then rested a week from here. then that next week you went to japan. SK says cuz of a recording schedule cuz there is a song in japanese he is singing. SG says how everyone was busy. JM prepared for his album. SK went abroad. TW filmed his drama. when SG gets to TH he says : he (TH) struggled whether to jump ship to another program. JM laughs. SG says how the audience thinks cuz they didnt film that they didnt gather but to tell the truth, the friday they were supposed to gather to film, he made them gather at Kimpo to play a soccer match.

(clip of the guys playing. you can hear JW laugh. his hair looks funny though as he waves V signs at the camera. SK tied his bangs up. LOL. ) SW says as you can see, we prepared our hearts.  he asks the pd what they do today. SG: you said you were doing a project. PD says we are going to introduce it in a special way. please come out. Someone comes over covered in black and they guess it’s JW but it’s some comedy guy whose name sounds like JW. The guy says something about S line. black skin. their objective is revealed.  “when you go to jejudo you can always see them. what to do if they act like they dont know me. I cant do it. He reenacts some scene where there is slapping between two people and he plays both roles by saying both lines. this punk – come to your senses.  this is an important project. I dont know. if you dont see them they will all disappear. no. no.  no!!! (he continues his spiel – about how they will see wild dolphins)  He complains they wanted me to do this one thing and woke me up at 4am when i was sleeping. 4am. The guys clap. he bows to them and says “work hard.” the guys walk over to him saying is this the end – dont go. SG jokes you were all suprised right. during the time we rested, he changed anew. this is JW (cuz the comedian’s name is similar to JW’s). SG keeps rubbing his belly. SW says it would be nice if the guy came along – if you dont have anything scheduled, but the guy says I am busy so I cant. he lists the events he has and the places he has to go. SW says it would have been awkward today but thanks to JW we were able to laugh and smile.  The guy tells them to go well and come back safely and show a lot of good sides. SG catches him off guard by saying you charge alot for coming out once like this dont you.  guy: what? you know so why are you like this.  SG asks him to say the 1n2d call with them so they all say 1n2d. the guy says can I say “1night” first -pretending to be angry since it’s 4am. they all say 1n2d call. after he leaves SG says how well the guy will do (as in succeed) and how grateful they are to him to come out at 4am. SW says he is really busy these days, but some PD says his home is nearby here. SG: so are we going to go see dolphins? clip of dolphins

PD says today’s trip is to see 114 dolphins. SK says isnt it hard to see dolphins so TW jokes then make an appointment. PD asks if anyone has seen dolphins in korea before so SG says it’s hard to see them in our country. SW says I havent seen them in the wild but at dolphin shows. JM says I saw them on documentaries. PD says there are 114 dolphins living in the wild in jejudo. today they are going to go see them. SW says you cant see them just anytime. PD says their team went 4 times but found dolphins twice but wasn’t able to see the other two times. TW: then we might go and not be able to see them. PD: you might now be able to see them.  SG asks: those two times when you found them – were they jumping in the ocean or did you see them just passing by. PD says like those scenes you see in movies. SG says they are looking forward to it. SK says they could do this impressively like a documentary, but what is our mission after we find them. JM: is that the end. SK: if we don’t find them do we sleep outside. PD says today’s mission is to find dolphins. the guys ask: really? SW asks if they cant find them during the day then do we keep looking till night but PD says you cant see them at night in the dark. SK says we need to go quickly. SGs says if we go today and don’t see them then we have to look for them the next day too. if we dont find them that day  then we might end up there in jejudo till Sun. it would be nice if we stayed late. (since it’s jejudo) SG jokes that TW asked a while ago if you call information about dolphins will they tell you.  They make TW say 1n2d and it makes his face red

The guys walk across to the airport and wonders where JW is. JW finally shows up with another kid hat on. he apologizes to them and they say it’s ok. you suffered (coming all this way)

In the airport the cameras follow them as SG shows each guy’s ID. SG says SW looks like a movie star. SG: when did you take it. SG says TH too – he looks different in a photo. And TW.  Really great pics of them. SG says actors take pics when they came out the best. SG shows his pic when he lost weight cuz of playing 3 soccer games in a day. JM shows a photo of when he was in HS. they leave out SK and JW (drats). The guys board. SK acts like an athlete saying I will do my best. SG jokes and wont let people take SK’s pics saying – dont tell anyone. you wont even be able to win a medal so dont tell anyone.

SG says this is the first time the new members all rode the plane together. everyone is excited and nervous. They get brochures on dolphins. TH thinks it would be daebak to see the dolphins flip over next to the boat.  SG calls them cute cuz they look like they are smiling. there are pics of dolphins shown. JM asks a question about dolphins. SG says half of them is sleeping and half is awake so that’s why they come up for air. JM says that’s correct. TH: you arent sleeping so why are you like this. TW thinks JM is half asleep now too. TH: which side of your head is sleeping? JM: both are asleep.

They land and there is a crowd clapping for them. SM asks if they came often to jejudo. SG says for filming.

(JW and SK are holding hands and swinging them like kids) SW says 1n2d’s wild project is to find 114 dolphins so we arrived in jejudo. they all raise their arms. SG: we are ready to go find dolphins.

PD says to find dolphins, he will introduce two dolphin guides who are PhDs (they have doctorates)  who will give advice to them (I’m guessing sort of like marine biologists) their last names are Kim and Sohn. the two guys come over. SW makes SK stand in the middle next to them. the two guys introduce themselves. Sohn is the older looking one. Kim is the younger looking one. SW calls them the 3 professors (since SK is so smart). SG says Kim looks young so Kim says he was born in 80. SK says he is my dongsang (younger than SK but the guy says i am an early 80 but SK says you are still a dongsang). SG remarks even if you are born in 80 you can be a PhD. TH asks if these two are going to help them find dolphins today and PD says yes. SW asks them to explain about where the largest dolphins are in korea. Kim says how they are in jejudo. there are only about 114 dolphins in korea so they are precious. SK asks how they know there are only 114 dolphins. Kim explains on the fin, there are scars and identifying marks.   SG says I dont understand –  dolphins have babies so shouldnt that count go up, but Kim says how they investigated and in a year 6-7 baby dolphins are born, but some die on their own or are killed in boating accidents. the year before last, ten died through getting caught in nets or was it propellers (cant hear) or killed. SK asks if those incidents are reported. Kim says originally it should be reported according to the law, but the year before last it wasnt required by law. After 50 yrs it will be hard to see any in this country. TH asks where they need to go to find them. Kim gives a hard answer so TH says can you say it more simply and just give us points on how. SK asks truthfully what the percentage of seeing any today are cuz of the fog, Kim says 50% and that will go up higher if the weather clears up.  They worry about the fog. JM asks about what the reason is for dolphins to jump so Kim says there are many reasons. when they jump it makes a sound so they communicate with other dolphins. TW jokes so when they have something they are upset about – they jump like crazy? JW laughs really loudly. Kim says whether they jump, turn over to reveal their stomachs, or shake their tail fins -through those normal actions, the babies learn what grown ones do.

SG asks if they just divide up, but PD says only one person can ride a helicopter so SW worries and asks without the PhD? SW says we came all this way. we want to see them too but we have to show them to the audience.  SG says we have to film again if we don’t see any dolphins. The pd says the members have to be tickled and endure (to later determine how they travel by car, boat, or helicopter) SG yells the loudest cuz he doesnt like this. it hurts SW’s ears. SW: what is wrong with you. someone asked certain body parts like leg, but PD says your whole entire body.  [good thing Seung gi isnt here cuz he wouldnt last a second.  he gets ticklish if you just hold your hands up]

Each guy takes their turn being held down and tickled. PD will time them. JM says dont touch me yet – until it starts. TH was just testing his vulnerable spots by touching JM.  SW asks if it’s ok to prepare something like that and points to what TW is holding. TW comes over with a rolled up pointy kleenex and asks if this is ok. JM protests and says “you cant use that.” SG jokes -if it’s this size, wont it cause nosebleeds? JM says wait a mimute and tries to inhale and prepare himself. SK says I think he will last a second. SG tells the PD to say start. JM asks if they can tickle him anywhere on the body. SG: of course – all of it. JM thinks TW’s weapon of choice will make him bleed but TW says it wont. TH blows on his ears and JM flinches away. PD yells start.

JW goes after his armpits. JM goes down quickly. TW shoves that rolled up Kleenex up his nose. JM kicks his legs -sort of flailing with his legs since his arms arent free. SW goes after his thighs. SW says he endured a lot. SG: you endured too much. this should be first place. JM asks how many secs it was. PD says 24 secs. they wonder how he was able to endure that long.

Next is SW. SW says it wont be fun cuz he isnt ticklish at all. SG: there has to be some stuff that’s no fun. it would be weird if everything was fun. They make him take his jacket off. SW: why take this off. SG says you have to take off outer layer. PD asks are you ready. SW: if I endure too long it wont be fun. SG: it will be fun. JM says you just have to go past 25 secs. PD says start. JW goes for his sides. SK his knees. TH, JM, and SG his back and sides. TW goes for the nose again. SW calmly says to TW: that hurts. he insists that isnt ticklish, it hurts. TH: what is this. SG says there is a spot that is, but SW says there isnt. SG tickles his neck.  TH blows on his ears. SW: what’s he doing. giving me a massage. I dont feel anything. JW hits his arms from laughing. SW: why are they laughing when I am standing still. SW complains they are pinching me. The guys try everything but SW doesnt flinch. TW goes for his (I dont want to type this word – it’s that area that sticks out on his chest) TH: how could something like this happen. SW: i’m really not ticklish. SG: hyung – go and see a dermatologist (cuz SW’s might have problems with skin sensitivity). SG says SW won. SW says this is why I said I didnt want to do this awhile ago. SG: we thought you were joking then. They ask again if he isnt ticklish so he says not even on the soles of my feet.

Next is TW and he says I’m not ticklish too. SW: he looks like he wouldnt be ticklish. TH starts tickling TW already and says: how can there be someone like that (as in he isnt human). PD says start. SG goes for his armpits. SW goes for his nose and TW starts to laugh. TH goes for his knees. TH take his socks off and goes for his feet.  TW keeps laughing as they lay him down on the ground. TH tickles his ankles while SW works on the soles of his feet. TW says I could endure this for an hour. JM: it seems like he likes it. TW says it’s nice. I really am not ticklish. TH: what are these hyungs.  what is this hyung – really. SG keeps going saying there has to be a spot but TW says I am not ticklish. TH: you’re really not ticklish? TW: uh. PD: then why are you laughing? TW sits up and admits: cuz I like it. (LOL) they all laugh.

Next is TH. He thinks he can endure. he hits himself to prepare. SW tells the PD to say start. JW eyes TH’s ears and gets ready to blow in his ears. PD says start. JM went for his knees but gets knocked down by TH struggling. SG, SK, SW, and TW went after his chest area, armpits, and sides. TH struggles and gives up after a few seconds. SW: so this is how you do it. TH:how many secs was that? PD: 5 secs.

Next is JW. he stands there like a scarecrow with his arms out. all the guys are in position around him. SG has his hands far up JW’s shirt. JW blows out his cheeks as he tries to hold it in. omg look where TW put his hand. how is the tummy a tickle spot? (LOL). PD says start. TH, JM, and SK go for his armpits and sides. SW goes for his knees.  JW does a sideways dance trying to endure. he keeps leaning to one side a lot then the other side. he is standing on his toes and grimacing. SG enjoys watching JW’s facial expressions. SG encourages him to endure but, JW makes that pose when you have to pee really badly. finally he cant take anymore and crouches down and loses. someone says that was so hard. JW makes it 9 secs.

Next is SK. he gets ticklish before it starts. TH says he is trembling. PD says start. JW goes for his ears. JM his knees. everyone else his waist, sides, and armpits. SK caves. 2.9 secs.

Next is SG. JM goes over to help him up. SG says I have something to control my mind. “this is war.”SW tells the PD to say start. SG asks for one favor. to let him go when he gives in. cuz I will get allergies. the other guys station themselves near his armpits, sides, and back. JW gets ready to go after his tummy with that rolled up kleenex. (boy I hope they switched that out cuz it’s not looking as pointy. like it’s been used on a lot of body parts so far.) PD says start. almost right away, SG makes a funny face and barely gets the word out to give up and then runs off. JW gets knocked away. TH laughs like crazy. SG lasted 2.1 secs. SG: I couldnt endure it.

SG jokes he did that cuz he wanted to ride the helicopter -it was his dream when he was young to be a helicopter pilot. SW says he wanted to drive that open jeep when he was young. SG says let’s hurry and assign since we have to go quickly. SW calls out car. TW says boat. SG goes over to SW and says then we end up paired up. if that’s what you want. JW calls out boat. TH calls out boat. SG says you have to ride helicopter for 2 hours. JM calls car. SG asks who is left. SK calls out I will ride the helicopter. SG lies: I did that on purpose to ride the helicopter.  SK: since SG really doesnt like it. SG jokes to tell the truth, I am not ticklish so they tickle again and he crumbles. SG says boat.

PD says before they separate, he will give them each $5 to eat something when they are on the ocean cuz they will need the money. each guy goes over to get $5. SW: there is something to buy and eat on the ocean? what about on the helicopter. what is there on the ocean. PD says to succed in the mission, they have to find dolphins. if they don’t find the dolphin they have to stay in jejudo (for days even). SG says we have to show them dolphines for the audience sake. They yell out 1n2d

SW and JM are in the car looking at the map. SW asks where they are right now and JM guesses. they cant find it so SW jokes: this is the first time you are looking at the map aren’t you. JM wonders why the car wont start so SW says you didnt put the key in. where are the keys. here they are

Other guys are getting on boats. TH asks how long they have to ride. TW: 7 hrs. TH and TW are on one boat. SG and JW are on the white boat. SG yells out 1n2d to the onlookers. SG says to the camera- to the audience. what you can only see in jejudo.  114 dolphins that are left. I will make sure to show you and bring them to your living rooms. SG and JW say 1n2d to start

SW and JM are still in their car and SW finds out where to go. let’s go. drive carefully. SW keeps asking ” will you be ok” so JM says it’s his first time driving one of these. SW offers to drive but Jm says it’s ok. JM says how great jejudo is. SW says he can see well with binoculars.

SK is in the car and says how he never saw this fog before in jejudo – not even once out of his many trips here. is this 1n2d’s strength? I always pass by this road (right now it’s engulfed in fog)  PD says his helicopter might not be able to take off cuz of the fog. So they have to go and find out the situation and go from there. SK:ok. he starts to sing

TW and TH talk with the professor about dolphins and another “dol.” TW asks if the dolphins come out even with big boats around. Kim says they follow the boats if the boats go towards them. to ride the waves made from the boats. (Cool info) TW: What happens if people go in the water with them and Kim says the dolphins don’t care and aren’t interested.

JM and SW head over to a lookout and the fog is 100m. SW says it’s important that we seem them (dolphins) but the audience must see them.

SG read this in the brochure – that dolphins dance if you praise them so today if the dolphins come out I am going to praise them. JW laughs and says to make them dance. SG: I am going to say I think you are the best and they will dance.

TH calls out to JW’s boat- do you see anything? JW says I didnt see anything move yet. I will be on the lookout for them. TW: he has eyes on his hat too.  TH jokes about JW’s hat: your eyes are continuously open. you have 4 eyes. The professor gives more facts about dolphins-about how the 114 remaining dolphins in jejudo might disappear. TW calls out for the dolphins to come out.

SW is still looking at the map and says it would have been better if the weather was better (no fog). if the weather was clearer, they could go around at the lookouts and see them.

TH wonders why there aren’t any at all. TW is still calling them. TW starts to play his own game where you go up when you say the first syllable of each word as you repeat the line (the game he always loses at). Suddenly he stands and says “oh – oh- oh- it’s the ocean.” TW complains the sun is hurting his eyes. TH says I want to see you dolphin.

JW’s boat hits more waves. he looks over and there is more fog. He doesnt look well so he lies down in the boat and cuddles against SG so SG sort of hugs him and pats him on the back and says sleep is the best for seasickness. SG radios the others that JW has seasickness. So he is out. the first one out is JW. someone else says SG has seasickness too.

TH and TW comment they dont feel sick – not suffering from seasickness at all

People stare at JM and SW in their black jeep.  They head over to more fog. SW: what do we do. going through the city the weather was nice (but they cant see anything here cuz of the fog) JM: this is big trouble. SW: what do we do. Sohn says it might clear up by 2pm so SW says:  Let’s start looking from 2pm and just eat something now. Let’s go

SG and JW are asleep, but the fog is clearing up.

In TH’s boat the PD says the fog has lifted.

Some camera guy wakes up JW (cuz the fog has lifted. the camera guy spoke to JW in banmal.)

TH says how the color of the ocean is so great. he calls SK and asks did you ride the helicopter? SK: not yet cuz of the fog. TH: Will you be able to ride? Within the hour. we saw 3 ducks here. the sun just now came out. until now we couldnt see it at all. And JW got on the boat and was out after 30 mins cuz of seasickness.

SK gets on the helicopter and says to the camera – giving updates -TH saw 3 ducks – JW is out -and SW and JM went to eat so you only have me to trust (depend on). the situation is difficult cuz of the weather but I will work hard for your sake so you can see dolphins. He says someone else’s name and says this was KBS news. 1n2d

SW checks his phone and reads where the closest noodle place is. he calls and asks how much some noodles are. It’s $5.50. he calls another. It’s the same price. JM comes up with an idea. They get back in the car and drive. SW puts in the location in the navigation and has problems inputting the info. He finds the noodle place. They go in and SW asks how much it is. She says $5. SW: we are so lucky. He goes in with JM and Sohn to eat.

JW asks if the camera hyungs are ok. (as in aren’t you seasick too?) but they all say they are fine.

TW says I heard some sound. TH looks with binoculars. TW: where? do you see any? TH: I think I saw something over there. isnt that it? I think I saw something.

The lady mentions the movie about killer whales so SW says free willy. (I used to love that movie). SW says how he saw a dolphin show in jejudo. There is news piece about the dolphins. Some facts about dolphins show up. how those dolphins were caught here in jejudo and something about the 6 babies. doesnt seem like it’s good news though

SG calls the PD. Shouldn’t you give us something to eat since some of us didnt get to eat awhile ago. JW: that’s right. PD says they are going to buy lunch from that big yacht.  JW realizes this is why they were given money.TW wonders how much it will be so TH guesses it will be $5 (since that’s what each was given). The yacht drops off sandwiches and milk. JW thanks her. she says have a good meal. SG thanks her and tells her to sell a lot. so does JW. SG passes out sandwiches to each person on the boat.

TW wonders why there are so much. TH says it’s for everyone here (the camera crew too) TW asks if the PD is going to buy this. TH asks the PD to pay too. one sandwich for $5.  TW realizes there are a variety of sandwiches. TW and TH  say this is yummy. TH: Anything tastes good out here cuz we are suffering. TW thinks SW will have bought lunch.

Cut to SW and JM enjoying their noodles.

Some guy brought 7 sandwiches and offers some to SK. SK asks if it’s yummy. he thinks it’s too much to pay $5 cuz of the cost of bread (isnt that much). He eats one. He says this is the first time he ate under the shade of a helicopter tail. the pilot says we eat like this every day. SK asks why they have to keep waiting since the sun came out and it’s brighter now. The pilot gives him reasons for why they have to wait-something about the humidity from the ocean. but the pilot thinks it will clear up soon so they are waiting

SW says we ate and gained strength. As they drive they think they see dolphins. SW: it’s not. [It’s those floating dividers (buoys) for people not to swim past that or for ships not to come close to land. I forget why they put those out there in the water.]

TH jokes that JW looks like that comedian from earlier cuz JW’s face got all bloated. SG wonders where to look in this wide sea. SG and JW call out together.

TW is acting like a kid on a trip bouncing up and down. He is getting really red- hope he isnt getting sunburned.

SK is finally on the helicopter. I cant hear what he is saying cuz of the sound of the engine. something about I have to succeed. He gets on the mic so now I can hear. we didnt miss them right? he says how beautiful it is (while looking down.) [Wow it really is. He has the best view out of all the guys.] He says I haven’t found anything yet. I feel like my eyes will fall out, but I will try hard. pilot says he will go somewhere else.

SW says it’s so nice here. JM suggests stopping to look here at a lookout. (Hey I’ve been there.) they walk to the red lighthouse. SW says the fog has cleared. JM says there are no dolphins on the ground picture.  They look with binoculars for dolphins.JM: do you see anything there at the end. SW says you are seeing a hallucination. JM saw another buoy. SW asks if they move in pods/ groups and Sohn says yes. normally 20 at a time but it could be as many as 70

TH jokes and thinks the dolphins checked the internet and all went home – cuz they knew we were going to their home so they all left. JW looks out.  There are lots of ducks on the water.

SK sees some great views of ohdo. SK: It’s no joke. He pretends to be an announcer. I am live.  haven’t found any dolphins yet, but until the end, I wont give up and keep looking till my eyes fall out. I will succeed in finding 114 dolphins in jejudo. KBS news

JM and SW are surprised cuz they saw waves and thought they were dolphins. JM asks did you see anything move. SW says no he looked everywhere. JM:how about over there. SW: I saw everything from there. JM makes sounds like a dolphin. SW: they aren’t answering. JM: they must be too far out.

TW pretends to be doing the same thing – telepathically calling the dolphins. using wifi. TH: there is only one connection here.

SK gets off the helicopter and says my eyes hurt. I just saw a lot of ocean. He gets back on and says we can go around once quickly. if we hurry. that’s the only thing we can trust. pilot says that’s the only solution. SK: have to do it. we have to find them.

SW says this isnt easy.

JW moves over to the yacht. Someone yells they see them. where? They scramble back to the deck and their boats. TH: what a waste. TW says I saw them jump sideways. SG: i’m so nervous. TH calls out-there over there. I saw them. TW yells too. where did he go. over there. TH says one keeps going back and forth. He wonders if the camera on his life vest caught it but his jacket flapped and covered it up. TH keeps muttering what waste (cuz they missed getting a shot)

A PD informs SW and JM. they hear the people on the boat saw 3 of them but weren’t able to film them so we should go there too since it’s possible to see them there.

The camera pans out over the water as the helicopter passes then the camera aims down to capture the shadow of the helicopter reflected off the water. On SK’s helicopter, he is eating another sandwich and yawning. Then he dozes off and looks out. he saw something

SK saw some dolphins. They are jumping in and out of the water. So cute. Omg there are like 20 of them. SK gets ready to take their pics. there are like 30 or more. SK asks the camera guy: wow- cant you film that? this is daebak. If we saw them on the boats it would have been daebak. There are some more in the back. SK says there are 70 total. Pilot says they can only film for 5 mins cuz they are running low on gas.  The dolphins keep jumping and SK says it’s beautiful. (The dolphins are so huge like whales. I screencapped the way they jumped from the moment they came out of the water till they went back in)

SK calls SW and says it’s daebak like a movie. My eyes hurt so I was dozing and I saw them. SW says: must be nice. We are almost there. SK gets out of the helicopter and says it was the best. The pilot was the best. The other members should have seen it

They show more footage of the dolphins with music. it’s the same one from before that SK saw from the helicopter.

On the bus SG says how the professor showed them a video he took of the dolphins -how they were jumping in and out of the water following the boat. TH: I wanted to see that so much. SG: cuz of that it made me keep staring at the sides of the boat. SK says you should have seen them from the boat for the filming to be daebak. PD: dont you feel like it was a waste (to miss seeing them) so SK says let’s go meet them in the morning. PD says then let’s wake up tm and go look for them again. the guys agree


Preview of games at camp. Where  TH tries to kiss JW so JW backs away from him. TW and SW almost kiss on the mouth. (that’s a first on 1n2d. Ho Dong would try but i dont think he ever made it. just on the cheeks.)  and more looking for dolphins. TH gets up and close with some dolphins on his boat. TH gets tired and lays back: These kids (dolphins) are playing with us.

I have to admit, this show just gets better and better. Totally loved how much JW laughed during the tickle scene. I’m still scared about JW’s schedule once his drama starts. if he missed the intro due to filming that early in the morning and his drama hasnt even started yet, what’s going to happen when he is really in the thick of it. TW made it on time and his drama was extended. the last time a member showed up late for filming was seung gi during MGIAG, but at least he was in the middle of it. not like JW whose drama hasnt aired yet. poor guy looked so bloated when he arrived like he slept in his car. it sort of broke my heart to see him duck his head and apologize to his hyungs for being late. glad they accepted him so warmly.


70 comments on “1N2D S2E8

  1. Anonymous says:

    yeah! finally!!!


  2. sammi says:

    I hope someone watching it live would keep updating!! So excited..it felt like a year I haven’t watched Joo Won and finally it going on air in few minutes.too bad I can’t watch it live!!


  3. bbblue73 says:

    Yepeyyy, can’t wait to see the dolphins, lol……..Finally we can see maknae Joowon & the rest of his weirdos Hyungs tonight.


  4. JW got sea sick… poor JW


  5. SS says:

    omy, poor baby is terribly seasick. He buried his face in SG’s lap and he’s patting his back like he would a little boy.

    No wonder he prepared a motion sickness patch in the 1st episode. But he didnt anticipate this one


  6. SS says:

    Not much apparel came off. First the coat but he was wearing this long sleeve shirt. Then the cap came off during the boat trip. Well, we can just stare at his glorious forehead in the meantime and fervently pray for next episode.


  7. SS says:

    My streaming from wubisheng is very very blurred. But I think I can look forward to screencaps showing his gorgeous, and handsome face without the cap.


  8. SS says:

    pods of dolphins came to do the curtain call.

    poor JW, guess he didnt have a whale of a time in this one.

    next week preview: fun games by the campfire?


  9. semi-fly says:

    Torrents for episode 386:
    – ohys / 720p: https://www.box.com/s/2edb0f6aca4adac696ff


  10. bird says:

    Thank you so much Softy ^^
    *Wave* to SS ,Bbblue,Yanna,Sammi and everyone 🙂
    Today we know more about JW that he got easy ticklish.
    And got sea sick but maybe it’s because he got hard work and can’t rest and sleep well.


    • SS says:

      ‘wave back’ to bird.

      You got a point, he is probably overworked with his hectic back-to-back schedule plus his being prone to seasick makes it a double whammy. Poor thing….I wish I was SG’s lap


    • Wave back to Bird darling 😀 **HUGS HUGS**
      I agree with you, JW didn’t get enough rest since he had to filming in Sorok island for Gaksital for 5 days in the row then continued to Jeju island for 1n2d filming, what a tight schedules.
      Poor him, I feel so terribly sorry for him.
      In Indonesia we believe that a ticklish man is a sign of a very caring and lovable person to their spouse (I know it doesn’t make any sense, but I don’t care, hehe)

      And many thanks for Softy and Semi-fly… **BIG HUG**


      • SS says:

        I love what you said about the indonesians’ take on ticklish men. sayang sayang Joowon.


      • Anne says:

        Ho Dong made it. Seung Gi got kissed like 2 or 3 times.


      • Anne says:

        sorry, I guess I pushed the wrong button.I’m actually trying to comment on the whole recap, but it turned out I’m replying for your comment. Sorry. I’m from Indonesia too, and what you said here in Indonesia is actually does make sense 🙂


    • bbblue73 says:

      Dear bird, wave back plus group hugs.!!!!
      Thank you Softy & Semifly dears.

      Ooppppps, another secret revealed for our Joowon….his tickle spot, haha.!!!


  11. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so Softy for the recap and others for the torrent etc.

    I missed 1N2D.. and Joo Won 🙂

    Apart from the cast, what I like about this show is the beautiful view of Korea, in 1N2D, I got to see it all.


  12. ck1Oz says:

    Oh wow. Ehm, totally staring at the dolphins today. Oh wow. Oh wow. I think nature has caught my attention today.

    Total props for dedication softy. I can’t even watch YT videos with crappy videos. How about you recap while closing you eyes. Or write down what they say without looking at the screen? In case it ever happens. I am sure it will again, it’s summer. There are a lot of boat rides in summer for 1N1D 🙂


  13. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Softy. Yeah for the returning of my favourite variety show! Love the screencap of those dolphins.

    LOL… What a naughty hand TW got there! Hahaha.


  14. SS says:

    Thanks Softy for your super duper fast recap. Can I ask a favor, if you have time, can you include some screencaps of Joowon without his cap. There was this period in the boat where he was hatless. I just miss his forehead


  15. Looks like JW’s tickle spot is his “armpit & ribs”, coz when JM’s & SK’s hands start to tickling his armpit & ribs area, he started to swing to the side… 😀


  16. nonski says:

    thanks for the transcaps Softy dear! wow, it feels like it’s been a long time since the last 1n2d, i missed the boys. still downloading.

    oh poor JW, that must have hard for him, did he forgot his ear patch, the one he used on the previous episodes.

    the dolphins are so cute… it would have been daebak to be able to watch that scene. we had something like that a few hours travel to where i live but i never even got there yet.


  17. Softy dear, I love your screencaps here :

    OMMIIIII…..!!!! Joo Won looks SUPER SMOKIN’ HOT!!!!


    • His messy hair gave him a very sexy look!!
      And look at that beautiful face of him, so perfect!!
      I love his sexy chin, hot lips, beautiful shape of nose and his deep sexy stare… ** drooling**


    • bbblue73 says:

      I believed due to Joowon’s tiredness coz of his hectic sched, he suffered this terrible seasickness but still he look so more super sizzling smokin hot.!!!!!


    • flo says:

      OMG..Yana..me too..i super love those screencaps!!!!
      Me and Umi almost fainted when we saw those pictures!!!!!
      thank u so much softy…
      omi………….indeed our JW is super super smokin’ HOT…*melted*….*.Fainted*^^__^^


    • SS says:

      Me too, Yanna!

      I love that first pic, so so handsome. How can someone look this good when he is seasick?


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  19. anonymous says:

    Sweet. Tons of JW picture. Wait, I love the dolphins too 🙂

    Thanks for recap Softy. When SG said that he gathered the guy to play soccer, I think I saw Joo Won playing soccer too… Whoot!


  20. umi says:

    thank you so much softy dear for the recap and the screencaps, I love all jw’s pictures, he is super smokin’ hot, cute and adorable. The scenes are so beautiful and the dolphins are so cute, can’t wait to watch next ep…


    • SS says:

      bird, you are fast! Thank you so much.

      rewatching the tickling part, me thinks Joowon gave up after TW dug his hand further down his pants.

      and I love 4:15 to 4:20, i know he wasnt feeling great but that kind of killer looks and vulnerability makes me want hug him so much. If I was the yacht lady who sold him the food, I won’t be lowering the lunch basket, I will be lowering myself into his boat!


      • Softy says:

        If that was possible, we would all get in with you so the boat would overturn and capsize. 🙂

        I love the tickling part too. I was dying during the recap. it’s so hard typing when you are laughing your head off. Man the lengths these guys go to make the audience laugh. totally loved every minute of it. 🙂


      • Anonymous says:

        Let’s call it… THE LOVE BOAT


      • Anonymous says:

        OMG. HAHA.

        I’m imagining all of us tickle Joo Won lead by Softy and SS! LOL.


    • Waaa… thank you Bird darlin’ for JW’s cut only… love it so much!!
      SS dear.. Softy dear, you both are hilarious… LOL!!


    • N says:

      haha i love it when he said “oooops” at 3:11 🙂 that’s exactly how i say it lol!!!


    • enz says:

      oh no.. its been blocked 😦


  21. GH says:

    OMG. I’m dying. Laughing out really loud during the tickling part.

    Thanks. Really really enjoy this episode!


  22. Anonymousee says:

    Speechless. School of dancing dolphins! I’m amazed.

    Awww poor my cutie. I don’t know about this Bird PD, but Na PD from Season 1 love the island/sea/boat ride too much. Keke. It will be hard for cutie to endure.


  23. sammi says:

    I remember how JW mentioned that he cannot tolerate cold in one of his interviews during OB and it seems to be true seeing how he was wearing long sleeves and jacket while SG and other crews were in t-shirts when they were in boat.


  24. Anonymous says:

    Dolphins. Daebak. Lucky SK to witnessed it from the heli. It was like when Seunggi got to witnessed the dancing balkan ducks before.

    I really really love this episode. Love the tickling part and the highlight of yesterday’s show.. DOLPHINS. They are so adorable.

    Kim Sunbae and Kim Hobae.. KJM and KSW were made for each other.. HAHA. Love their interactions.

    Our Joo Won looks tired. Poor him 🙂


  25. ck1Oz says:

    Because you said the others said TH has nothing on during the break in 1N2D flying. I find it funny he is called an oppa 🙂


  26. anonymous says:

    Thanks Softy.

    I’m enjoying the harassment to the max. Haha.

    What a cute dolphins.


  27. N says:

    Two things I noticed in Bird’s JW cut:

    1) He has a bruise on his hand @ 1:30…i hope he isn’t hurting himself too much during drama filming :-/

    2) When they lifted up his shirt to tickle him, there was a black band around his abdomen (0:56- 1:07). Does anyone know what that could be for?


    • Softy says:

      I know the answer to #2. all the guys had that black band – it’s to secure their mic links. that big bulky thing they keep out of sight in the back – everyone who has a front mic -that cute round fluffy puffy thing on their shirts- also has to wear that bulky thing in the back. there is a long black cord that wraps around their body and connects to the mic in front. normally they tuck it into back of pants if possible but since they move around a lot, the sound people chose to use these bands to hold them in place. once in a while they always fall out during really active games. 🙂


      • N says:

        That’s really interesting, i never noticed that before! All the things they do to entertain us… Thanks for the info, Softy!


  28. thom says:

    thank you so much softy for the recap &screencap and semi-fly for the torrent, sorry bird I can’t to watched JW cut today.
    Apologized i’m very lated just back from seminar for ten days.


  29. enz says:

    just getting to watch this episode today – i almost peed in my pants at the tickling bit. taehyun was funny, hitting his armpits to ‘numb’ them first. and joo won with his ballerina moves – soo funny


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