Rooftop Prince E14

I love that she cares more about what’s best for him than what is better for her heart. As soon as she heard he called off his engagement, she goes to yell at him asking how he intends to go back to Joseon now. But all he does is hold her and apologize over and over. It’s like he just realized how hard all this has been on her to stand by and watch him get engaged to someone else when she is the one who truly loves him. Even though G asked himself what he should do as the crown prince, he did the only thing a man in love can do in this situation and followed his heart. At least he has his entourage to help pave the way for him when he faces more obstacles soon. M really stepped up this episode and played cupid and then the sole voice of reason by totally silencing the other two’s complaints with facts. Besides H, it’s so great that these guys have G’s back. Six more episodes to go and I am left wondering how much more tears we will be shedding or how much more laughter is headed our way. I would settle for a lot of the latter with some extra tears of joy thrown in.  🙂

*My hands were shaking as I typed the last lines cuz my heart was racing. it’s one thing to know the truth all along, but it’s so exciting to watch the character connect the dots. G just gets smarter and smarter every day. Not to mention more swoonworthy. this drama is doing quite a number on my heart.

Thanks to Semi-fly for the torrents and Ginko for the gifs on E13 and E14.  🙂

I knew she looked familiar and here is the reason why. the girl who plays mimi was in this music video with JW. Lucky girl – first JW and now Micky. Come to think of it, baby LMH was in this music video too so she got to work with him twice since he is on RP as well. 🙂

It’s so cute how he shares his ice cream with her and smiles like he did her a big favor, but doesnt think to get in and actually help out till she tells him to.

*also I know he supposedly learned to drive a few episodes back, but watching him drive well enough to tail someone just cracks me up cuz what happened to the guy who drove 10 miles an hour with his hands at 10 and 2 o’clock on the steering wheel. someone should bottle this guy’s learning curve and market it. 🙂

Written before it aired: Who knew a romantic comedy could become this intriguing in the last half when the finish line is just around the bend. No matter how many speculations we come up with, we all want H and G to make it through all this. We’ve seen how good they are for one another. She helped him grow from a bossy spoiled prince to a man who has learned to put others before himself. Ever since she was abandoned by her sister, H has been adrift with no anchor to tie her down and give her stability. For the first time in her life, she finally found someone to keep her in one place and give her emotional security. It’s not fair for either one of them to lose what they earned and deserve to have. Last night’s events made me recall the look on H’s face when she went to the library and did some research on G in the history book. If he had died tragically, I assume she would have cried more. The look on her face was more tearful with some hope to it. Maybe I am grasping at straws, but I want a miracle for our couple. I want them to stay together somehow without getting the rest of the Joseon gang stranded in 2012.  H and G have come too far and been through too much to lose one another. It dawned on me yesterday that the biggest threat to their happiness might not be S or T’s machinations, but something more cruel and uncontrollable. Their love is tied to a destiny that will do whatever it wants and the sad part is that it can’t be swayed with sentimentalities like true love.  Since it’s not enough that you love someone when you are dealing with factors like reincarnation, time jumps, and fate, I’m beginning to wonder if this story even has a fighting chance for a fairytale ending at all. If this drama ends in a redux of 49 days finale, I swear there will be a live recap of a major hissy fit.


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Starts from G showing the stamp imprint and saying: you are not this kind of person. why did you lie to me.  She starts to cry and says it’s cuz I love you. I love you so it was too hard on me watching H by your side. G: so is that why you deceived me and tried to send H far away – does that make sense. S: to tell the truth, grandmother told me to give H the plane ticket. G asks: grandmother did? She says sorry even if grandmother wanted to do that I shouldn’t have done it. G: if grandmother told you to do that, then I will apologize on her behalf. S: no it’s my fault.

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S calls the grandmother in the car and says I have something to tell you so I will go right now. G follows her in his car and remembers S excuses about the envelope – that it was switched and that she did it out of love cuz it was hard to see H next to him and that grandmother told her to do it.

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S puts on a show and cries and tells the chairman how TY bought H an officetel. S: he got her one that’s right in front of the company. I was so upset and angry so without realizing I made a mistake and said that -I gave H a plane ticket and told her to leave for america. Chairman says you didn’t make a mistake or did anything wrong. even if you did more she has nothing to say. S: still I should have held it in.  I think I was too harsh to do that to H. chairman says S is too nice – how is giving her a ticket being too harsh. you should have really reprimanded her. S: but grandmother TY found that out and was so angry. without realizing it I told him that you gave me that plane ticket (to give her). Chairman says: if I knew about it, even the ticket cost is a waste. You should have just kicked her out. what is wrong with TY. you did well. Just use me as an excuse and you just act like you dont know. I will tell TY that I did it so dont worry. S:I’m sorry grandmother. S got a call from T while she was there

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S comes out of the house and G watches her get in her car. G follows her again

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T calls S while she is in the car. He gets her things moved back in. S says why should I go to the officetel when I don’t live there anymore. S pulls up to her old place. G follows her there.

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G watches her meet with T in the parking garage. S: what’s going on. T: move into the officetel starting from today. I moved everything back in. She says did you forget I’m getting engaged. He says father acknowledged our relationship. he hugs her. T: I can accept everything about you. she pulls away and says “I will be going.” He says let’s go together to get your stuff but she just says I will be going.  He yells TY doesn’t love you – I’m the one who loves you. she gets in her car and drives away

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G follows S to her mom’s place and he remembers how H’s mom lives here. the mom comes out and runs into S. S: mom you were home – what about the store. mom says H sent a delivery so I dropped by the house to get it. i cant leave the store unattended too long so I’ll be going.  G hears them talking as S asks her mom where H is now. The mom says at jinan -why? S: it’s nothing. just go and come back

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G stands by the river and remembers how his princess died. Then how T chased after S in the hallway at work. then his marriage when they were kids. then how H asked him if S and the princess are really the same person – not on the outside but in her heart. and how G asked if S has a sister but S said I don’t. then how H said this is my mom’s home. then how H said this is my mother when the mom came to the house. He asks himself “what should I do– do I continue on the path I’m on or should I choose another fated path. It might be something i cant control. if I don’t do what I came here to do from 300 yrs ago for the rest of my life I might not be able to go back to joseon – as the crown prince, what should I do. G calls S to meet.

S says how she was sad to part like that awhile so she was happy to get his call. G: I am really curious who you are. S: what? G: whether you are the person I am looking for or not, I am really curious. S: if it’s about the plane ticket,  you can confirm with grandmother but G says stop it. stop it now – if you tell me one more word of lie in front of me, I wont be able to forgive you. S: why are you like this. when did I lie-  I will be going. she gets up but he holds her arm.  G: sit down. don’t move a step until I finish talking. they sit down again. G: you were dating T and deceived me and hid your relationship between the two of you. you are sibling’s with H and deceived me and told me you didnt have a younger sister. he yells accusingly: Do you know what you did. you did something a person shouldn’t have done. even after all this do you expect to be forgiven? But you still keep lying one on top of another. Was there even one word of truth out of the things you said to me. everything about you is a lie. You are not the person I was looking for. I cant marry you. I am done talking so you can leave now. She doesn’t move so he yells at her to leave right now.

* He really feels betrayed and it made me think of all the history he had with the princess. all those years they were married and what they shared as husband and wife. looking at her and seeing her for who she really is must have come as quite a shock to him.

S walks away crying.

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G sits with the guys. He says I wanted to tell you that I am not going to marry secretary hong. Y: what do you mean you wont marry the crown princess. C: then how do we go back to Joseon? M: if that happens, then there is no reason for coming here from Joseon. G admits cuz of his personal reasons, things got messed up and aplogizes to them. they say your highness.

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The 3 guys sit with their gifts for their families and are upset. M: he wont get married with the crown princess. Y: we dont know when we will go back to Joseon so I’m going to eat this (beef jerky) C puts those medicinal packs on his body. M puts on the lotion. C: this is all cuz of the prince’s relationship with H. he is giving in due to a girl. M: if the prince feels that way, isnt this fate? C: this wasnt something that involved just him alone. how could he decide that – what about us. Y says it was too irresponsible.  M gets mad and says how Y would have died in joseon if it wasn’t for the prince (saving Y’s neck right before he was almost executed) and how C wouldn’t  have been able to get his surgery (back in joseon) and would have died. And that if it wasn’t for H they would all have been homeless here. M stands and says I am going to tell H the news that the prince canceled his engagement. C says we don’t know where she is. M says of all the places why would the prince go to jinan. they stand up

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S drinks alone in anger

옥탑방 왕세자.E14.120503.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[12-35-01]

H is playing with the cute puppy. She remembers asking G if he really didn’t give her that ticket and how he said why would I send you away to america – do you still not know why I wouldnt. the 3 guys show up so she asks how they found this place.

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M says he found her address on the package from mimi. Y asks why she disappeared like that without a word and they couldnt contact her. H: i’m sorry. I was going to call after some time passed but it turned out this way. were you all ok?  C says we are hungry so can you make us omurice. H: what is this. as soon as you come you want me to feed you. M says if you make us omurice, we will give you good news. H: good news? they nod yes.

She serves them omurice and asks what the good news is. M says don’t faint when you hear. The prince canceled his engagement with secretary hong. H: he canceled his engagement? Why?

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H is outside and yells at M and Y: did you still not eat all the’s almost time for the last train.  C offers to go inside and check and then come out.  M is eating slowly on purpose – one grain of rice at a time.  Y says there is no time. C: arent you done yet? Y: it’s so frustrating I think I will die.  M: this time I have to eat some carrots and eats one piece at a time

C goes out and she says why arent they coming out, the last train has almost stopped running. C tells her to leave first and they will follow. H: then I will leave first

C goes in and tells M that H left first – what is this. M: she left? he starts eating normally saying I thought I was going to starve from hunger. you two should have some sense. The prince and H must have a lot to talk about -not having sense you guys are so dumb.  Y asks what do we do in a home without the owner and M says I made good plans

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They go swimming and check out women in bikinis. Then M sketches a woman in a bathing suit and C compliments him for his drawing skill. Y drips on the sketch saying how the sketch is affecting him so both guys say “drool” at the same time.  M asks – did this drop of water come from your nose or mouth and Y lies and says my nose. but he actually drooled on it.

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H goes home and G is there. H: what happened -you canceled the engagement. G: did you hear. She asks what the reason is. it wasnt long ago when you said you would so why are you not doing it. what is the reason? G: Why are you getting so upset over someone else’s broken engagement. H: was the reason why you came from joseon something to take so lightly. something to change your mind about so easily to call off your engagement. If you call it off – how are you going to figure out the reason why you came from Joseon. How will you go back Joseon. He suddenly hugs her and says do you think my heart feels at ease. There is no other solution/way. I am sorry. I wont make you have a hard time anymore. I’m sorry. She cries as he hugs her

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T is waiting at S’s former officetel. She goes in. S:you were still waiting for me. did you know I would come? T: did you drink alcohol? S: dont you hate me. T: does that guy hate you. S: Why are you accepting me. You could hate me as much as you want. He says I understand everything about you. In this world there is only the two of us. we just need to encourage each other and treasure each other. S: from here on I will listen to you. I will do everything you said. be jang’s daughter. I can act like her fake daughter. I will pretend to be her fake daughter.  T: ok. it will be over in a short time. the rest of it all I will take care of it. you just need to trust me and go out and pretend to be jang’s daughter. S: also get rid of H. make her disappear from my sight. T: ok if that is what you want, I will do it. S: I have one more request – get rid of that person TY too. T: it will end up like that soon

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S goes to the chairman’s home and G is standing there. he says I was waiting so listen to me and then go in. I came cuz I was paged by grandmother . If you go in it will be hard on you. S: what is this now. are you trying to help someone who is in a difficult plight. G: I will tell grandmother that breaking off the engagement is all my fault. that I suddenly changed my mind and just didnt want to do it. So you just go back cuz there is no need for you to endure any harsh talk from her . She asks why he is like this. do you want to brag now. G: you are not speaking nicely. S: did you find another negative side of me. G: the broken engagement happened cuz of me so go back to how you were before you met me. And live the life you were originally going to. S: that sounds like you can do whatever you want with me (meaning that she can be told what to do) G: I will take care of things so go back. He goes in

옥탑방 왕세자.E14.120503.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[12-53-53]

T asks G what happened for him to break off his engagement. Chairman says hurry and sit down. G tries to talk and says I am sorry, but chairman cuts him off and says the engagment is already broken off so she doesnt want to talk about it. T’s dad says we should still hear who is at fault but chairman says it’s already been broken off so what are you going to do. from this time on,  don’t talk about the engagement again. She wants them to convince the shareholders and make TY the CEO during the next meeting. T’s dad tries to say it’s not the right time, but T says to his dad that’s something for the board to decide.  Chairman tells T to use his power to convince the shareholders and make TY be the CEO. he doesnt answer so she asks dont you hear me. T finally says yes

옥탑방 왕세자.E14.120503.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[12-55-19]

T and his dad talk in the car. the dad wants to take over the company in this next meeting so T says that will happen for sure. dad asks with what power when Jang has not made a move. T says jang is on our side.  his dad asks how can you be certain about her. T: secretary hong is the daughter Jang has been looking for. His dad: what? really?

옥탑방 왕세자.E14.120503.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[12-56-07]

T’s dad is nice to S and apologizes. He keeps shaking her hand.he says I heard from T all about your family. I thought you were a daughter from a good family so I thought being a daughter of a market lady didnt suit you. so jang was your mom. S: yes I just found out recently too. T: you can forget my mistake right. She says of course. he says I am really sorry. let’s work well together.  he almost hugs her so he says I am overdoing it. he just shakes hands with her. T asks S to talk. They leave

옥탑방 왕세자.E14.120503.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[12-57-19]

T tells S how the meeting will be soon and jang will attend. so S asks shouldnt I prepare paperwork that I am her daughter. So he asks S to get some of H’s hair to get indisputable proof. S: are you going to do a DNA test. T: I am going to tell Jang to send the DNA report too.

The 3 guys come home with H’s belonging. she asks if they already came up cuz she was about to go down after cleaning up here. Y: there is no need for you to go down. M: we packed all your stuff. H: why did you pack someone else’s stuff. C: if we tell you you will only say we cant. Y: cant you just look the other way. M asks if prince is inside the home, but H says G already left for work so the guys leave for work too.

G meets with the guys. M: are you saying investigate T? C: what do you mean investigate secretary Hong too? G: we came here to find out everything about who killed the princess. in Joseon, the crown princess was a good person with a beautiful heart, but the crown princess here is different from the one I know. the crown princess was not a kind girl. knowing this is one of the reasons why were we were sent here from Joseon. so that is why I want you to investigate secretary hong and her relationship with T. they agree to do so

The 3 guys talk. M cant believe the princess (S) was not a good person and was in another relationship. C says so the rumors back were true – I thought it was just talk. he goes on about the rumors around the palace that the princess was sinister but people kept their mouths shut and didn’t reveal it cuz they were afraid for their lives. after the princess younger sister was chosen to be the princess, she burned her sister’s face and became the crown princess. Y: how could a person do that. M thinks that is a rumor and says let’s go work on what the prince asked

Y captures a thief in the lobby and meets another employee in security and they exchange names and job titles

C drinks with other female staff to hear about T and the rumors -how T said “should I leave the company or will you” C asks why T is mean like that to the employees so the girl says that’s why his nickname is yong scissors

옥탑방 왕세자.E14.120503.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[13-04-21]

G gives a presentation to the directors to introduce a new item. T stares at his photo of TY. G goes on about the places in jinan that is good like the hotel at a reasonable rate and nice spa. Suddenly T shows the photo of TY on the projector and says: TY is in America lying in a coma state. there is almost zero chance for him to survive and knowing that truth, that guy came here. the guy standing there is an imposter. a fake. Chairman asks what happened and faints. G tries to run out and T stops him. T says ” you are an imposter” and punches G.  But all of that was in T’s imagination. G gets a round of applause. chairman likes it and orders a date to be set to air it on the program. Chairman compliments Pyo for teaching G well. she smiles at G and then leaves

* does T (or shoud I say the writer) not get what a coma is – arent you supposed to be unconscious? maybe he meant vegetative state. plus if TY lived for two years, why does he think TY wont survive. maybe he meant zero chance of recovery. I swear I translated this correctly, but it doesnt make sense medically cuz people have been known to live for decades in a comatose state. Plus this puts a major damper on those who were hoping TY would get together with H. Just like someone else, I am wondering who has been paying for TY’s private hospital room for 2 yrs now.

옥탑방 왕세자.E14.120503.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[13-08-14]

T compliments G for the good presentation and says you did well. you must have been busy going around here and there around the office investigating me. did you find out a lot about me. be warned. There are not many days left for you to kid around. G shrugs his hand away

옥탑방 왕세자.E14.120503.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[13-10-08]

S’s mom is watching a drama and S sits down. She says should our family go on an outing since it’s been a while. The mom asks what’s wrong with you – are you sick. This is the first time you asked to go somewhere since you were in 3rd grade. what’s wrong. was your shock that big. what to do – you have to forget it. S: it turned out well cuz you weren’t able to go to the engagement party anyway. I’m sorry. let’s go. The mom offers to pay for today but S says I will pay. mom: then it’s even better. S: Call H too cuz she is our family

옥탑방 왕세자.E14.120503.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[13-11-30]

The 3 eat grilled meat and S asks the mom if she likes this that much. the mom says of course and says how nice it is to have her two pretty daughters next to her. even though it lacks 2% without a husband but it’s still nice. S: I will pay more attention to you from here on. the mom hums so S says you said you will lose luck if you sing while eating. the mom says it’s ok. I am so happy now they can take a little of my luck. S gives some meat to H and asks H: you like pork right. H: yes. S says after such a major thing happened, I thought about family a lot. during all this time I am sorry. I was too greedy. mom says it’s nice and tells S to eat some pork too.  S asks H aren’t you going to keep calling me unni so her mom asks H to forgive S cuz S changed a lot after her engagement was called off. S: they say women need to go to a bath house to really get close. let’s go to a sauna. mom agrees and tells H to go

옥탑방 왕세자.E14.120503.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[13-12-07]

After their showers, S gives H a comb and tells her to comb her hair cuz mom went upstairs to the steam room. H thanks her and combs her hair.  S says she is thirsty after the bath and asks H to go buy some drink. She asks for the comb back after H used it saying I will throw it away with mine. S puts it in a plastic bag

옥탑방 왕세자.E14.120503.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[13-13-01]

H is giving her mom a hand massage saying how can your hand be so small as the mom complains it tickles. S says the two of you are giving me goosebumps. S tells H to separate cuz “she is my mom.” They share drinks and S asks H: don’t you remember your mother. H: I dont remember cuz we parted when I was 1.  S tells her mom: wasnt I 2yrs old when I fell off the vanity. her mom nods yes. S asks H: Isnt there anything you remember when you were really young. H: when I was around one or two, the floor was so cold cuz there was no heat so dad put me on his tummy. the mom says your dad was that kind of person and more.  the mom gives her boiled egg to eat so H thanks her

옥탑방 왕세자.E14.120503.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[13-14-41]

Jang meets T and his dad. the dad asks if she had been well. jang: yes thanks to you. she asks if S didnt come so T says she went down to the countryside for work and will come back up soon. until the board (shareholders) meeting is over, we will drive you around.  Jang says it’s ok cuz she has personal business so she will take care of it on her own. she leaves and the dad wonders when jang will meet S so T says they will meet soon

Jang meets with S’s mom. the mom brings her a drink asking: did you want to drink this that much? jang says this coffee has the best taste, but the mom says: I dont like this much but since S is your daughter, she takes after you and likes this coffee a lot. but are you allowed to drink coffee (cuz of Jang’s health). Jang: I drink it cuz it puts me in a good mood so it’s like medicine. I am really grateful to you for a lot. You raised S really well. suddenly she drops the cup and falls back. Jang is not feeling well and almost faints so the mom asks if she is ok and takes her to go lie down.

The mom brought her to H’s place. she explains this was the closest place so she brought jang here. H: you did well mother. The mom keeps getting calls from the market and has to leave so she asks H to take care of jang well. H says yes mother don’t worry and go.

After the mom leaves G is standing behind H and startles her. H: why are you standing there like that. G: how could you do that. you should have told me your mom was here so I can say hello so why did you let her leave. H retorts: do you think this is Joseon? a younger person has to say hi first to an elder. since you are here – follow the rules here.

He calls for the others to back him up, but the guys are busy playing games, listening to music, or on the computer so G wants to punish them all

옥탑방 왕세자.E14.120503.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[13-28-23]

H is serving everyone seafood stew and says to jang: I dont know if you will like this. I made it with the seafood that is sold at my mother’s store. H serves Jang first so Jang thanks her. G thinks he is next but C says please give me some too. then Y and M say the same thing so H gives everyone big portions with the best parts and tells them to enjoy. she serves G last. jang watches all that. G complains H passed out all the good stuff so there is nothing left for him to eat so H says dont worry there is more. so greedy. the other 3 laugh. She gives G a small portion. H tells jang to eat a lot. G is sulking cuz he got a small portion but likes the taste of the stew.

옥탑방 왕세자.E14.120503.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[13-30-07]

Jang is about to sign away her shares of the company. The lawyer says this is what jang ordered for him to do – transfer her shares of home shopping over to S and asks Jang to look over the paperwork and confirm it. the guy says by giving all her shares to S, it will make S have the second most shares of the company. she says he did well.  (*Jang is doing this since she is sick and doesn’t have much time left and cant find H. she has to leave her forture to someone so she gave her shares to S)

T tells S to go and wait in the coffee shop and he will go and bring jang there. S: can I do this well. T takes her hand and says dont worry

옥탑방 왕세자.E14.120503.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[13-30-58]

Jang looks at the paperwork. T knocks and comes in. she says it isnt time for the meeting so what’s going on. T says that he found her daughter – the one she asked him to find last time. Jang asks: you found my Injoo? T: yes. jang: where is she now. was she living in korea.

옥탑방 왕세자.E14.120503.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[13-31-27]

T takes her to meet S. jang looks at S from across the room. She is shocked. she asks isnt that secretary hong. T says I was surprised too but she matched the dna you gave me last time (it says 98% match) Jang: it did. T: let’s go. Jang asks for a moment. I must be too shocked. I have to go up and take some medicine for shock. Can we meet later. T: yes I will do that

옥탑방 왕세자.E14.120503.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[13-32-52]

Jang looks at the contract she just signed. Then her family pic. She asks in her head- S you are my daughter too. But you aren’t the one I am looking for. What are you doing now. Why are you trying to deceive me

H is doing laundry by stepping on it in a small tub. G stands by and watches. she says it’s hard work and it’s hot so he gives her a bite of his ice cream. she says it’s cold but yummy. G: all this time there was something i wanted to ask you. H: what is it? G: why didnt you tell me about your older sister? it’s strange but that always bothered me. She says her dad remarried and her sister came along. she doesn’t like people knowing that (so I didn’t say anything) there wasnt any other reason. since I told you what you are curious about  – how about coming in and helping me do the wash. He steps in the tub with her and they stomp on it. he says how cold the water is. she almost falls so he catches her. they splash each other and have fun.

T is waiting with S. he tells her how he gave the DNA paperwork to jang so don’t worry. S: ok. Jang shows up and hugs S without saying anything. Then she says I missed you Injoo. Jang smiles at S.

They are all eating and jang serves S. jang: do you not remember anything at all from when you were young. S: I had an car accident when I was 9

옥탑방 왕세자.E14.120503.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[13-38-59]

H tells G how she was in a car accident when she was 9 and lost her memory. after being alone like that, I was adopted and went to America. Two years ago I found my dad and came to Korea but he passed away. And then I met you and now I am just living like this. G: then do you have all your memory back now? H: I dont remember my father’s face well from when I was young.

S says the same thing about not remembering her father’s face and just remembers stories she heard. when I was around 1, it was winter and the room was so cold and there was no money for heat so father put me on his tummy. Jang thinks in her head: S – how do you know that?

옥탑방 왕세자.E14.120503.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[13-40-47]

G watches as H hangs up the laundry to dry. G says in his head: The crown princess is secretary hong and secretary hong’s younger sister is H. the crown princess younger sister is bu yong. G remembers how he told H her name meant lotus flower – that lotus flower is also Bu yong.

옥탑방 왕세자.E14.120503.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[13-41-29]

H calls out: hey prince. She looks at him over the hanging laundry so only half her face is visible. G realizes and says “pak ha – you are Bu Yong.”


This is my guess, but just like G realized he was meant to come here to discover this truth about S and his princess-that they were not good people, he will also discover something else. That his real fate was to fall in love with Bu yong so since he came here and fell in love with H, that’s the marriage that needs to take place for him to go back. I think that is why the guys disappeared from the picture after G and H kissed. This was the love he came here to find.

also Jang has to know Injoo (H) is out there for S to know that story and for the DNA to have that match since Jang didnt submit DNA to match S. I wonder how far she is going to go along with S’s lie to find Injoo (H) the one she really wants to find.

All of us are madly scrambling to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and so far all the pieces are lining up the way we thought, but pretty soon we are going to be left wondering what to do with some major key pieces like what will become of H and G in the end. Some have already guessed the couples will switch places. G will go back and end up with Bu Yong if she didn’t die or TY will come back and reunite with H. No matter how much we want these puzzle pieces to fit and go into the exact spot we want, it might not work out the way we hope. So should we all accept that as part of the enjoyment of watching this drama or should we take a different approach. I say we jam those pieces that don’t fit perfectly and make it. Even if we have to cut, tape, or super glue it there. That’s what makes me come up with crazy scenarios cuz I want a happy ending for this couple and I don’t care how weird looking the puzzle will turn out in the end. I can live with the imperfection as long as I see these two stay together.

옥탑방 왕세자.E14.120503.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[13-38-24]

Fanderay’s comments

The only thing better than S not weaseling out of something for the umpteenth time is S weaseling out of something and G finding out the truth anyways. I think I may have gone crazy if he just trusted her, and I loved that he was proactive and actually followed her. The ultimatum he gave her was long overdue, and very satisfying.

When the boys got on-board with H I was practically cheering, but two seconds later I was thinking, “get off board, jump ship!” I don’t know what I want anymore because I don’t want them all to disappear. M was adorable with all his planning, and it’s cute that boys aren’t above bribing H for food or ogling girls (not that I condone that behavior, but they make everything funny). I’ve missed their antics the last couple episodes, and it was nice to have so many little scenes with them again.

T and S were kind of cute in the first episodes, so it’s too bad that he’s become creepy and aggressive, while she’s become a manipulative user. I can’t wait to see their plans crumble, but I still can’t find it in myself to hate them. Despite their frequent nausea-inducing scenes, they both have moments where they seem so vulnerable and frail that I actually feel the tiniest bit sympathetic. I have no idea if they’ll be at all redeemed, but it seems possible. It’s beautifully ironic that S has probably just blocked herself from getting any inheritance from her mom. Jang should realize now that S knows her other daughter, so on top of knowing that S is a liar, she can also finally track down H.

It seems like all the pieces really are falling into place. G finally realizes that H is the modern version of his sister-in-law, and although that may not mean much on its own, it’s a step in the right direction. C also knows the gossip about the princess, and they should be able to figure out what triggers their partial disappearances soon. I think that H will solve G’s riddle too, but I’m not sure that any of this is a good thing. All clues indicate that as soon as they’re happily a couple, G will be whisked away. Can’t they just be adorable and do laundry together forever?

옥탑방 왕세자.E14.120503.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[12-46-55]


158 comments on “Rooftop Prince E14

  1. ck1Oz says:

    Softy hi, thanks for the episodes recaps. May not have posted but have read them. Busy dear this week. Viki has been madness and so has real life.

    Ep 13 and 14 have been adorable. If only Micky wasn’t getting skinnier,I would be happier. However absolutely love the couple times this week.

    Thanks again, have a good weekend.


    • chunyenz says:

      @ck1Oz I heart you Ck, Chun looks so skinny and sometimes I can see form his eyes that he’s really tired, may be coz lack of sleep and rest. Poor of him T____T
      But he still looks gorgeous ^^


  2. chunyenz says:

    Thanks to Softy and fand, your comment really same with what I thought. And thanks for the recap too. They talked so many important things and we won’t understand the story if we don’t know what they’re talking about.

    And thanks to @Ginko…. I love all the gifs, especially the laundry scene. They are so cute together.
    I really like the part when G hug H when H knew about G canceled his marriage with S. He said he won’t give H a hard time anymore, as he really know that H really loves him but he can’t make her happy coz he has to come back to Joseon.The time they have may be not very long anymore. I hope they won’t fight anymore and enjoy their togetherness till last or helping each other to solve the problem.
    This Crown Prince really smart, I like it. He find almost all the answer of the problem by himself. Even he has M who smart, but he also smart too, not just lazy and spoil prince, but he really smart and full of dignity prince.

    I have to admit Chun’s acting already improved a lot in this drama. He has to be Prince of Joseon, Yong Tae Yong and Lee Gak too (Prince of Joseon who already change). 3 different characters and all those character really suit with him. He can make all the 3 character so alive. So proud of him, he’s good actor and good singer too.

    And J3 already know how evil Princess was from her childhood, so they will let G know soon what kind his Princess’s truth personality. Than G will realize that his Princess as evil as Sena. So yes, at the end he know that his mission to make the fate come back to it’s path. Start again from the beginning, G married with BY and in the present day H will married with TY.

    But for the ending,I really want H will come along with G back to Joseon and become his Princess, as I thought that the woman who died in pond was BooYoung not the Princess. Coz G falling in love with H, not with BY for exactly and H falling in love with G, not TY. Ugh, Writer-nim, please make the story more interesting OK? I really count on you.
    Since the edition part of this drama so lack, they not edit this drama smoothly, so rough, so they have to make good story so people won’t feel those lack.
    Cheering this drama till the end. Love my Crown Prince ^^
    Can’t wait for next week ><


  3. Sherie says:

    Thank you very much for recapping and explaining in details how the story come about. It make a lot of sense after reading this. I truly am enjoying the wonderful chemistry bet. Micky Y. and H J Min. Their acting is so good that i wish they can be a couple for REAL.


  4. nonski says:

    LOLS Softy, I got a little slow there or maybe i just forgot that scene in Full House, it’s only now that I remembered. 🙂


  5. lil says:

    sorry i dont really understand something >< how does jang know that the secretary is not her daughter??


    • Wewe says:

      Jang actually has 2 daughters. 1st is Hong Se Na, she gets HSN from a guy that make her pregnant,that’s why Jang ask Se Na’s (now) mom to raise her.
      Sometime later,Jang married Park Ha’s father and get a daughter, Park In Joo (which later changed by PH’s dad into Park Ha).Jang left PH when she’s only 1 year old and end up married to Hongkong guy.
      Several years after, PH’s dad married SN’s now-mom without anyone knows that both daughters have same birth mother.


      • lil says:

        Ohh so jang knew from the start se na is her daughter but shes only finding injoo because she feels bad for leaving her? so the current mother role of sena and park ha is not the real blood related to both of them?


        • Wewe says:

          The current mother of both girls may or may not blood related.Because Jang keeps calling her eonni,which term can be used for older sister (blood related) or not related (due to respect older ppl).


          • lil says:

            ohh i understand it now! thanks so much for clarifying cause i guess i missed some information when i was watching 🙂


            • Wewe says:

              My pleasure.
              I used to rewatch past episodes or reread previous recaps if i get sidetracked *grin*


    • Wewe says:

      So,Jang already know that HSN is her daughter. But HSN is not the daughter she’s been looking for.


  6. Rngy says:

    What the he” I had goosebumps because of this line “pak ha – you are Bu Yong.” =)) What I love about this drama is that I can’t predict what will happen next or how will it end. It’s frustrating how they twist everything with those puzzles that comes out slowly. :))


  7. MJShinshi says:

    wow what a week of RTP! thank you much dear softy for your recaps. between car trouble and having guests over I’ve finally gotten time to fully read recaps of both episodes and enjoy the lovely screencaps! Thanks mucho 😉


  8. han says:

    Let’s keep voting for Rooftop Prince! The Princess’ Man is climbing up really fast!! click as many as you can!!!!!

    To Vote:

    – You just have to click the red heart.

    – You can click it as many times as you want to increase the count. (Keep Clicking)


  9. meli says:

    so clueless about how this drama going to end, but it is for sure the most entertaining Korean drama i’ve ever watched.


  10. nonski says:

    Softy just wanted to share this GIF i saw at soompi posted by ilwoo_aein… i swooned big time 🙂


  11. nonski says:

    episode 15 preview


  12. Anonymous says:

    wait i wut happen in the preview????/


  13. chasen8888 says:

    What I find interesting is although in the preview Sena says in her thoughts that she will take everything from Park Ha is that it is going to backfire big time on her later on. The real mother finally gets to see Sena for what she truly is and based on Sena’s actions will no longer be interested in handing her shares to her. Ergo, contract gets cancelled. She stays with the lie because she now knows that Sena is the key to revealing the real InJoo aka Park Ha as well as she is learning more about Tae Mu’s character as well. Looking forward to episode 15.

    By the way, I think we should have Sena homeless, totally rejected by all parties turning back on her and embarrassed – she and Tae Mu gets totally outed in one of the worst manner – jail time would also work as well as a suitable punishment for these 2.


  14. nonski says:

    been really busy at work, i was only able to rush this one.


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