Rooftop Prince E13

Spring and love are in the air together in this episode. I couldn’t have asked for a better episode after last Thurs. When H and G share screen time, it’s like we get to witness the best things about being in love and no amount of interference or bickering seems to slow these two down. Added bonus: They did something special with his hair here cuz he looked so good, I forgot to type for a few seconds when I was watching this scene. When he motioned with his finger to “come here,” I bet every woman except H leaned forward in their seats without even thinking twice about it. It’s like he has this magic spell over women or maybe it’s just this one. 🙂

*OMG the clues are falling into place…it’s only E13 and already this drama is rolling down that mountain and gaining speed. Pretty soon we are going to get some answers to our questions and some of our speculations are going to come true. Writing this recap makes me feel like I ran a race – totally out of breath after each episode. why does this drama insist on giving me the best kind of mini heart attacks. 🙂

So grateful to Semi-fly for her fast torrents cuz I couldnt wait to post these pics. 🙂

Also – Thanks to Ginko, we have all these lovely gifs in the post. 🙂

These should have been my main pics – majestic views and gorgeous scenery, but none compared with how great a hair day G was having tonight…

If there was a prize for being super shallow, I could win first place in a heartbeat. 🙂

written before it aired:

One look at this picture and I tried to guess whose idea it was to pull on his ears. Then I wondered if he made that facial expression as Micky or was he acting and pretending to be the crown prince who would be outraged to have his ears pulled like that. Either way, this has to be one of the cutest shots ever from a drama photo shoot. 🙂

There is a moment in every fairytale when the happy couple finally declares their love for one another and gets to spend some quality time together before the evil interlopers swoop in and try to break them up. Based on the spoilers, tonight’s episode is going to be a joy to recap since it will have some lovey dovey scenes for our couple before trouble knocks on their door and threatens to yank them apart.

As for the rest of the 7 eps, I’m not really worried about T’s plan to make S pretend to be Jang’s daughter since it’s going to blow up in their faces when they learn S really is Jang’s daughter. What really keeps me on pins and needles is the anticipation of finding out who was actually murdered and how they are going to resolve the whole mystery behind the death of the princess and who is responsible for it if S never marries G. Also, a part of me wants the guys to go back home to their families, but I wish G didn’t have to leave H behind. Even though in this life, TY and H were fated to meet and fall in love, I still stand by my initial belief that a love story like this just can’t end with her meeting the real TY and having them start all over from scratch. The love H built with G was the foundation of this story and I refuse to believe the writer would actually try to justify breaking them apart all in the name of kismet.

There is one more thing I hope the writer resolves somewhere along the way and it’s S’s redemption. When she told H that they don’t have a drop of blood mixed together so they can’t call themselves family, those words scarred H and I want S to take them back. The second S learns about her half sister, I want S to sit there and let the truth sink in about her past actions towards her only sibling. I want her to realize that on that fateful day, she abandoned her half sister and not a step sister. Before H forgives S, I want S to beg for forgiveness first-preferably while shedding a lot of tears. Maybe it’s cuz I watched this actress in Thousand day promise playing such an angel and it’s been unsettling watching her play an evil role so convincingly, but I need S to do one thing to show that she still has a soul just so I can sleep better.

Part of me thinks these two are joined at the hips cuz in almost every bts photo, they are always together smiling at the cameras. Makes you envy their other cast members for getting to work with these fun guys. They look like kids on an exciting field trip.

At first I thought the miracle was that this new rooftop home was built in 4 days, but then I saw the “Taj Mahal-esque” interior and realized I got it wrong. I was so enthralled with this home, I actually wanted to track it down in person to see for myself how big it was in real life. How they made such a tiny rooftop home look so spacious inside seemed like a modern architectural wonder until I found this set picture. You could literally hear the balloon of my elation deflating when I saw the truth for myself.


Starts from G saying I like you and H saying you are always doing whatever you want. Then they kiss.

Inside the home their group pic changes and the 4 guys disappear and only H is visible for a few seconds then the rest of the guys reappear.

Then in the office, C tries to grab the mug but his hand went through the mug. it makes M and C yell out so Y wakes up. Y: what happened.  C: did you see? my hand went through the cup -like my body was invisible, it just went through. Y: did you dream it? M shakes his head no and says the time is getting closer. Y: time? what time? M: the prince and secretary Hong’s engagement is drawing nearer. we will soon figure out the reason why we came here and return to Joseon. the reason is finally going to be revealed. Y worries: what what will happen to H after we all go back. C: we will feel sorry to her for a lot of things. M: why did she happen to end up liking the prince

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[11-47-58]옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[11-45-17]

H says I am hungry and asks what they should eat. G: since it’s been a while, omurice. H: arent you sick of it yet? G: the omurice you make – the more I eat it the more I think about it.  H: till you get sick of it, I will make sure you eat as often as you want. so it would be nice if you didn’t go back and lived here together. It would have been good if we lived in the same time period. I wonder how much longer you can be here. G doesn’t answer.

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[11-51-12]

T is on the phone and asks “did you see TY? Where is he now? Chicago? are you certain it’s TY? Send a pic right now. T receives a pic of TY lying in bed. He gets out of the car in shock and Pyo was nearby.

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[11-54-06]

H and G go back home and she says “let’s stop here. we can turn back here. he asks what that means. H: we both knew this was the wrong path but we wanted to go on it anyway. you came to meet the crown princess and do something important.  and you have to return to Joseon. Just think that I suddenly got involved in the middle and you got turned around for a short time. now go back on the path you were on. what will you do with C, Y, and M. Your head must hurt and your shoulders must feel heavy but this is fate. Get engaged. That’s the right thing to do. She turns and cries and goes in

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[11-56-15]

when G comes downstairs, H was on her way out with a small bag. H tells G that she will be downstairs at Mimi’s for a short time. G: what do you mean you will be there? H: I am going to live there for a short time. G: what does that mean live there a short time? H: till I find a new home, that I will live downstairs. He yells cant you just stay here for a short time. H: I have to go – how can I stay here. in this situation – staying here is ridiculous and strange no matter who sees.  he loses his temper and tells her to go somewhere far where he cant see her then if she is going to leave now. H: when I was about to leave for america you should have left me alone. why hold onto me and make things hard for me. G: I regret that too – I should have left you alone to go to america. then my head wouldnt hurt like this and it would have been better.  H: oh so your head hurts cuz of me. G: yes cuz of you my head hurts. H: then it turned out well. since I am leaving here your head will get better. G: yes it would be better if you went to america then I wont have to see you and be tormented.  H: you really cant fix that habit of doing whatever you want can you. she leaves. G yells out: who is the one who is doing whatever they want.

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[12-00-34]

H looks at the lotus plant and asks how did I end up like this.

G gets H an apartment (an officetel). he tells the woman he will sign the contract now as soon as he goes downstairs. he calls and asks H to meet later. H says I’m busy so cant you talk over the phone. G: I thought about it and this seems like the best way to do things. H:what? G: the problem of you moving out of the rooftop home. H is called to go in for her interview.  H: I was in the middle of something so I have to hang up. G insists on meeting and talking. H: do we have to meet? G: it’s important so we have to meet. I’ll call you later. H: ok

H has her interview and is asked about her English skills. she says cuz she lived in america since she was young so she can carry on most conversations. he says they were looking for someone to work in the countryside (out of seoul). H: yes that’s ok. he asks if she can leave right away if she is hired. H: yes

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[12-05-32]

T meets with S and gives her a ticket for America telling her to send H to NY with money and fear. convince her and send her away. you take responsibility for H and I will take care of TY. she asks why he is rushing. He says we have to quickly take care of H because jang will be here soon for the meeting. do you want all her fortune to go to H? S: what will happen if Jang finds H first? T: H wont be here so how will she find her. no matter what you have to do send H to america.  S: I haven’t agreed to do what you want so arent you showing me too much of your cards, but he says “at least I am not using you. it’s for your sake so trust me. “

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[12-11-12]

The 3 guys watch home shopping and their mask product sells well -selling out in a short time. Y high fives C and hurts his hand. T and that guy watch and the guy wonders how this happened. cuz he blocked them from getting products but one mistake and who knew it would sell this well.

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[12-20-43]

S congratulates G for doing well in selling the masks. G: it’s thanks to all your help. S: I didnt do much but it feels good to hear I was of help to you even though you are just saying that. G: I am not just saying that, I am sincerely grateful. She asks for his time today – cuz he was sick last time, they couldnt go and get their engagement rings so let’s go now. I selected the design with grandmother so all you need to do is get measured for it. but G says sorry but you prepare that cuz I am ok with anything.

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[12-25-20]

S walks out angry and repeats: what does he mean anything is ok – it’s engagement rings. isnt he going too far. she goes back inside. She sees G handing C an envelope telling C to give this envelope to H. C: all I have to do is give it to her? G: I have urgent business right now so dont be late and go directly over and give it to her. C: dont worry.

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[12-28-22]

S waits outside and calls out for C. he calls her secretary hong so she says I am not a secretary anymore. he apologizes. she asks him to have coffee if he has time. do you have something urgent. C: no it’s ok. They sit together and she asks if feels ok after his surgery. C: yes. it’s fine. She suggests they have the BBQ party they didnt get to have so he agrees. While he steps away to get the coffee she looks at the document (for the new apartment)

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[12-29-27]

C goes to meet H and gives her the envelope saying G asked him to give it to her cuz G had urgent business. you are having a really hard time these days aren’t you. she says she isnt. C: there are a lot of things we feel sorry for to you. I will be leaving first.

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[12-31-48]

Inside H finds the plane ticket T wanted S to give H (S switched out the contents of the envelope)

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[12-33-52]

Back at her new apartment, G practices how to say to her in different tones – one royal – one casual and nice– then one indifferently: from here on this is your home. Do you like it? live well here

H walks home and remembers how G said “I regret that too – I should have left you alone to go to america. then my head wouldnt hurt like this and it would have been better.  it would be better if you went to america then I wont have to see you and be tormented.” then she remembers him saying the last time they talked “I thought about it and this seems like the best way to do things.” she stops walking and cries. Back in her new home, G paces and waits. He tries calling her but she isnt picking up

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[12-40-09]

T is at the airport.  He goes inside and boards a plane. He looks at TY’s photo

T goes to a hospital and is escorted to meet TY. his hand shakes as he opens the door. He opens it and looks on in shock at TY. TY has a vacant look on his face.

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[12-46-22]

Mimi is packing something and takes it out to mail it as M comes down and runs into her. He made her drop the box. M: I’m sorry are you ok? I will pick it up for you. He saw the address and asks if she knew where H was. She says H said not to tell anyone so you cant tell no matter what. he reads the address again

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[12-47-09]

At the office M asks G: has H still not contacted you yet? G: why are you asking me that? C: Cuz she isnt the kind of person who would leave without saying anything. how many days has it been already. perhaps something happened to her. G : why worry about someone who left on her own. in front of me, dont bring up H again. Y comes in carrying peppermint candy saying  “your highness – pak ha” and the name sets G off so he orders him not to mention H. he threatens to harm Y if he brings up H again. pyo comes in and reads about their next item to sell and likes the idea- A trip through a travel agency for may so they need to find a place where family, friends, and couples can go together. C starts to list places he looked into where people want to go the most in korea – jejudo, namae, kangnung, jinan so M chooses the one where H is (jinan). G thinks jejudo would be better since it has beaches but M says jina is the best for cherry blossoms cuz these days flower viewing is the best. Pyo agrees and says that’s where you can see the last cherry blossoms bloom before they are gone. pyo tells G to go there himself right now. G: i will do that. M smiles satisfied.

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[12-49-46]

G goes to jinan and waits for the guy to call someone who can show G around. while waiting, G sees H who just finished giving a tour to a group. he looks so happy to see her. She is told to escort a client who came from seoul and hurry over there cuz he is waiting. cuz if they cant get this contract, both of them will be fired. she promises to do well so they will use their travel agency.dont worry. he says I will trust you

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[12-52-11]

She goes over and introduces herself. G had his back to her and says are you the one who is going to show me around today. he turns and faces her saying: I am from home shopping – team leader Yong TY. she calls him by his name and title and says please take care of me well. He says the same thing back to her. H: what are you saying. you are an important client for our company so I should be the one saying please take care of me. G: now that I hear that – you are correct. he waits for her to open the door for him.

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[13-01-12]

they stand looking out over the view. She points out some facts about the two mountains they are looking at-how it’s called the married couple mountains and how high they are.  but he isnt paying much attention

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[13-04-27]

Next place she talks about some famous person – Lee sung who named the place here cuz the water there is clean and delicious. so since all this is talk it might not be accurate. G: then what is it that you do know. She keeps talking about the tree and how Lee sung planted it so he asks why was the tree planted. she doesnt answer. G: if the guide is so ignorant like this how can I trust in your travel agency and suggest it. So she asks how would I know when it was planted a long time ago before i was born. G: now that I hear that, it’s true. we assume he called her boss to complain about her bad attitude cuz all he said was “hello” and next thing, H gets yelled at by her boss so she apologizes. her boss asks if she is going to take responsibility if they dont get this contract. she says sorry again and promises to bow down to G and treat him better. G gloats.

H walks off down the steps and G calls her back and motions with his finger for her to come back up the stairs. G: hurry. He says she should explain about the rock pile on top over there before she walks down. she says next time but he says explain it.  he asks if the tips look sharp the higher it goes up. H retorts: the bottom cant be sharp. he asks what are the total number of stones up there on top. H: how could I know how many stones there are on top – who counts that and why is that important how many there are. G: this travel agency really wont work out. werent you told a short while ago that I was in charge and you have to obey. she mutters and calls him a bad name so he says I couldnt hear that well – what did you say. H: it’s nothing. G  says he needs pictures so go up to the top and take some pics. I will stay here so go up to the top and take some pics for me -cant you hear that?  H makes a fist and says :I cant put up with this anymore – I can do this anymore” under her breath. H: ok wait here a few minutes. He says I don’t have time so run up. She pretends to have sprained her ankle and limps down. She says I am really sorry but I hurt my ankle so I have to call some other guide to take my place. wait a minute while I call the office. She calls her boss and says I cant do this cuz I hurt my ankle and cant be a guide anymore. G knows she is faking it though

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[13-35-24]

G and H sit with some guys to eat. the men say how delicious the food here is. the man apologizes for H spraining her ankle and not finishing her job as his guide. the man tries to urge H to pour G some soju. G tries to leave saying he has urgent business so let’s eat next time, but the men wont let G leave. they say G has to eat with them. H tries to pour drink for G politely and asks him to accept a glass. G:what did you say? she says it again. so G agrees so she pours politely with two hands. G says let’s cheer so they do. H pours her own shot.

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[13-36-02]

They all go to a singing room. She seems drunk cuz she ties G up with neckties and pulls him around. They all sort of scare G dancing around him. she sings about tying him up tightly with ropes so her love wont leave. ROFL.

Afterwards her boss asks if she is going the opposite way so she says I can walk. They tell G to rest comfortably and all pile into a van and leave G and H behind. H says goodbye to them.  G sings the lyrics to her song as he walks off -about “tying tightly with rope” She calls out “hey prince- are you satisfied.” G: what? H: you are in charge. are you happy that you get to do whatever you want? G says I am tired and walks off singing that line about ropes again. H stops him and says: I have something to show you so follow me. She walks off and turns and tells him to hurry and follow cuz she has something to show him that he must see.

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[13-51-58]

H goes to her home and greets a grandma. She introduces G as someone she used to work with in her last job. H tells G to say hello to her landlady grandmother. G says hello to the grandma. the grandma welcomes him.  S introduces her grandson but the kid scowls at G. G says the kid is cute. H tells G to come in and says good night to the grandma

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[14-09-31]

H shows him the envelope he gave her with the ticket inside. He asks what this is. H: what is this? are you acting like you are forgetful? G: you are drunk so I will be going. H: are you saying you dont know what you gave me? when there is proof like this. G: you said you had something to show me so I wondered what it was. so why are you showing me something I never saw before. I was wrong to trust a drunk woman’s words. he is about to leave so she says: just admit truthfully. then I will say ok. this is the plane ticket you gave me to go to America. He denies it and says when did I give you a plane ticket. H: why are you like this. you told me to go to america. G: why are you going after an innocent person. when did i give you a plane ticket. the kids watches them fight and puts dog poop into G’s sneakers.

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[14-12-26]

H: you really didn’t give me the plane ticket. G: I didn’t give it to you. should I turn myself inside out and show you. i never gave that to you. wait. he thinks for a moment. H asks didn’t you ask C to give this to me. He says I did send C on that errand but what I put inside wasnt a plane ticket. at some point it was switched. H: it was switched? G: why would I send you to america? do you still not know that? Is that why you disappeared? you couldnt trust me on that one thing and hid yourself? H: after seeing the plane ticket – you think I was in my right mind.  He calls her a dummy for thinking that. H: who is more dumb? she falls into his lap and falls asleep.

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[14-15-43]

He goes outside and puts his shoes on. G asks what the kid put in his shoes and the kid says don’t torment my H noona. grandma asks if the kid put dog poop in the shoes again. G: dog poop? kid runs off saying: if there is someone who torments H noona, I will protect her. G: why would you? kid: cuz I like her. G mutters: I am learning from a young kid like you. The grandma tells the kid to apologize or she wont let the kid go to the school event tm but the kid says I wont go cuz I don’t even have a mom or dad anyway. grandma tells him to apologize.

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[14-33-32]

G goes home and wakes C up. C asks what’s going on this early in the morning. G tells him to sit. C: what’s going on. G shows the envelope and asks if C remembers it. the one I gave you to give to H. C: yes I do – but what about it. G: the content inside was something else. C: what do you mean it was different.  I didn’t open it at all after getting it from you and just gave it to H the way it was. G: that is why I am asking you right now. somewhere in between the contents inside got switched so do you remember anything. C thinks back and says on my way to meet H that day with the envelope, I met secretary hong. G: secretary hong?

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[14-35-47]

G shows S the envelope. S: what about this envelope. He says how she met with C to have coffee not too long ago. S: yes we just drank coffee for a short time. G: this is the envelope C had – don’t you remember anything. She says “oh so that’s when it got switched.” G: the envelopes got switched? S: I wondered what happened cuz the envelopes were switched. There was a plane ticket inside wasnt there.” G: so that’s what happened. He asks if she had the apartment/officetel contract inside the envelope she took. She says yes that’s correct. G: so that’s what happened. now I know

* S thinks she got away with it, but doesnt G get that H’s name was on that plane ticket which means the ticket was purchased in advance so this was premeditated. There is no wiggle room out of her lie.

T comes back and arrives at the airport

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[14-37-45]

H is on the phone with her mom and says don’t bring up unni’s (S’s) engagement from today on. G listens and comes over. she says you found the place well. he hands her an ice cream and she thanks him. he asks if she has an older sister. G says let’s go ride something fun

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[14-42-57]

H buys two tickets for cable cars. G stares at it in shock asking:are you asking me to ride that thing hanging by ropes in the air. I cant ride that- no matter what I cant ride it. He walks away, but she bribes: should we drink something sweet while we wait. he goes back to her

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[14-51-54]

As they wait for the cable car,G asks if her older sister is getting engaged too. H: yes. G: How come you didn’t mention your sister even once all this time. H says just cuz you are family doesnt mean you are close. he looks at her. H says it’s time so let’s go.

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[14-53-43]

G looks scared like he is afraid to get on. he holds on tight to her sleeves like a kid. She talks to him like he is a baby saying “are you scared? you are totally afraid. dont be like that and look at the view. You will really regret it (if you dont). trust me. She makes him open his eyes and hold onto the railing. He looks around and marvels at the great view

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[14-55-40]

She asks where he went last night cuz it looked like he took the envelope with him.G: I left to look into what happened with C. H: did you find out anything? G: after I passed on the envelope to C, C said he met up with hong S and then gave the envelope to you right after. H: hong S? G asks why H has that look on her face. She says it’s nothing. G: I don’t know why there was a plane ticket in that envelope. H: are you sure the crown princess and Hong S are really the same person. G: I am certain – how would I not know her. H: no – not her outside (physical resemblance) but who she is on the inside- her heart. The cable ride ends and they get out.

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[14-56-20]

There are prizes numbered. first prize is a bike. they go to that kid’s school and G and H take the place as the kid’s parents. H cheers on the kid and hits G to cheer also. G yells at the kid to run fast.  The kid loses so H hits G for not cheering him on properly. she asks why G came when the kid doesnt like G. G: to pay for my lesson. H: wherever you go, you dont receive love.

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[14-56-50]

next there is a call for moms and dads to race. so G and H run in the 3 legged race. kids tell them to win. G sort of cheats and tries to swat the competition away. They are the youngest couple so they win and get a stamp on their hands. the kid comes over and rubs some of the stamp onto his hand and tries to go claim his prize but H says it’s isnt for first prize. which makes G think of something

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[15-01-26]

G meets with S. S asks if he came after finishing his work. G shows her the envelope again. S: isnt this the envelope from yesterday? G: tell me the truth about what happened with this envelope. S: I told you I didnt know about this envelope – why do you keep doing this. it’s about to upset me.” G: I am asking as a request so please tell me the truth. S: about what? why are you like this? G explains how he went yesterday to an elementary race and if you get first place for the race, they stamp first place on your hand. the kid I knew was one step too late so he didnt get to get a first place stamp on his hand. so he copied and stamped his hand with the hand that got first place. He asks for her lipstick and puts some on his hand and stamps it with his other hand so it transfers. G: this is how he copied first place. S: what is it that you want to say? He repeats what she said about how the two envelopes got switched – the one that she had with the plane ticket inside with the one C had. S: yes. G: so according to your word, this envelope was originally yours. S: yes so it got switched. G: the enevelope C had contained a contract for an officetel inside.  there was a new contract inside that the stamp didnt have time to dry. He cuts open the envelope and shows the red stamp transfer marks. G: do you see the stamp for Yong TY here. from the start there was only one envelope and the contents inside were switched. you are not this kind of person. why did you lie to me.

옥탑방 왕세자.E13.120502.HDTV.X264-H소로우[15-02-18]


no preview

All this time I didn’t realize that G doesn’t know that S and H are sisters through marriage – once he makes that connection (cuz he almost did tonight) – he will know H is Bu Yong’s reincarnation.  How scary was that when the guys disappeared from the photo for a second. Does that mean when they go back this time, they wont be flying through the air – they will just simply vanish.  Now that the real TY has been found, it paves the way for G to leave with the others. But I wonder what T did with TY over there. did T kill him or hide him in another hospital where he cant be found. I bet TY has memory loss cuz he didn’t seem to know who T was at all. The ultimate question is can G marry someone he knows is a liar and a bad person just so they can go back to Joseon. Also if he finds out about S’s true personality, wont that make him question his former wife’s character as well? Man this show is exciting. I haven’t had to follow so many clues since 49 days.

Fanderay’s comments

Wow…this show sure makes my head spin! I’m not sure if I should count on a k-drama making sense when it comes to time travel, but I haven’t quite figured out the implications of the group photo yet.

Usually when photos and time travel are involved, someone disappears because of a butterfly effect (they were no longer born in the past, etc). Obviously that isn’t the case here, since the photo is from the future, and their current actions have no effect on their pasts. If the boys start to disappear from the picture, that would suggest that they never traveled forward to modern times in the first place. This in turn would imply that when the boys do go back, it will be like they didn’t time travel at all (a bit like Nicholas Cage in Family Man, although he didn’t technically time travel).

So what does this all mean? Obviously the kiss was the catalyst, so it seems like the ultimate purpose of all this is for G to realize his true love. Once he does, is he going to get booted to the past where he will find himself hurtling over a cliff’s edge? Will H not even remember him, as if he was never there? Will she then see TY, and sense a familiarity, but not fully understand why she feels so attracted to him?

I’m trying my best to get on-board with this sort of theory because it seems so likely (compared to H’s veiled counterpart in the past being left alone for all time). H and are such a great couple that it’s hard not to be stubborn about wanting them to be together, even if it’s at the expense of everyone else. It would help if I felt like the past and future versions of H and G were the same people, but they do seem somewhat different to me.

It seems fairly likely that TY and G could meet, which should be interesting. Will G be able to get TY on board with all this time travel craziness, or will he end up in jail when he’s discovered to be an imposter?

I admit that I rolled my eyes a little at TY having amnesia, but I have faith that it’s temporary and that he’ll get over it soon. One thing I love about this show is that it resolves everything quickly, and then moves on to new plot devices and story so that the game is always changing. Misunderstandings are always a major source of frustration when it comes to kdramas, and I love that the mix-up with the plane ticket was all sorted out in one episode. No plot device feels cliche when it isn’t used to drag out the story or manipulate our emotions, and the writers of Rooftop seem to understand that very well. I don’t think they would introduce TY if he was just going to have amnesia until the final episode. I wonder though…is it that simple? He seemed a little vegetative, and I wonder if he’s in some sort of limbo since G has taken his sport in the present. Or maybe his spirit is in the past? Yeah I know…my ideas are getting pretty bizarre!

I’ve been wondering for ages what G would do when he discovered S’s true colors, and it seems like we’re about to find out. Will he try to marry her anyways, for the sake of his friends and his princess? Will he question his love for his princess from the past? Regardless of what he actually does, I think he will no longer try to force any sincere feelings for S. It was tough enough to do while in love with H, but now he can’t even pretend that she is deserving of his heart (yay!).

It’s a bit cruel that there was no preview. Often that means that something exciting is going to happen, although that’s pretty much always the case with this drama. Surely there’s no way S can weasel her way out of this, is there?


136 comments on “Rooftop Prince E13

  1. deedee810 says:

    Here’s a thought…..could it be possible that (just a thought) its a servant girl in the pond that died dress up like the Crown Princess and the CP and TY had BY kidnapped and sent far way because (maybe) she seen them together ……The only reason I was thinking about this is because in the future SeNa put PH in the back of the truck and sent her away when she was a child and now TY and SeNa are planning on sending PH to america which is far away……they are not planning on killing her just sending her far away…..and I know the butterfly represents PH but maybe the butterfly left because she left……JUST A THOUGHT


  2. nonski says:

    done reading! thanks heaps Softy! you are an angel! and i always love seeing your thoughts after the recap. 🙂 yes softy, that felt scary when C’s hand started to go through the mug. i was like, woah!

    here’s some of my thoughts. a lot of questions in my mind were answered tonight.
    1. this episode strengthened my theory that H is there connection to go back to the past. after H and G kissed the J4 picture vanished from the frame for a while. likewise, it answers why they have to drop on H’s rooftop in the first place. What’s bugging me actually is if and when they return… will everything go back to how it is and then TY and G can met in that designated place in NY and it’s as if the J4 was never here in the first place. Tho we have an opening trailer that says after 300 years, blah blah and H is welcoming G. Tsk, but most of the times, trailers are misleading and are just promo materials.
    2. i was so really happy that TY is alive, it’s been a question bugging my mind for sometime. that they would have just to kill him off from the drama. and continue with the G and H otp. but seems like it changed it all because now, the real persona G is using is now alive.
    3. Tho i am a bit sad that TY is alive. will that mean that there is really no chance for G and H. What will the writer do about this? if Ty and G are fated for each other, what will happen now cuz H likes G? TY and G are the same face but H will forever look beyond the face and see G and that is very sad. 😦
    4. Softy, I am really bad, cuz i don;t want Sena’s redemption. )
    5. Glad we have a smart princey around who can think and making Sena exposed har har har!


    • kecik says:

      i’m agree with you.. I want H with G……. huhu.. coz they so cute together. sometimes they fight and yell at each other.. then comes the sweet moments such go on a date. hehe.
      if G can bring H back to joseon then H has to get/feel what G had felt when he drop in the modern time. hehe.. imagine that H try to being polite in hanbok in front of G the Crown Prince. hahaha… my imagination is like a spin of RP drama. ^_^


    • one_nee says:

      sigh… i also want Gak n ParkHa to ended up together, but i cant denied Gak’s word abt the real TaeYong n ParkHa in last ep. TaeYong was fated to met ParkHa, but something interfere with their fate (remember Gak’s n TaeMu’s scene in the bar in which he used glass n bir bottle as example). and we all know how it was BuYong who supposed to be the one who married to LeeGak in Joseon, before HwaYong scarred her face (i believe it wasnt accident) using hot iron. so if LeeGak was fated to be with BuYong, it would be the same in the modern time, TaeYong is fated to be with ParkHa. i just dont know how the writer would be able to make it happen without leaving us Gak-ParkHa lovers heartbroken =(


      • ditu3ka says:

        Well I think everything will go back to that fateful moment (different fo both couples) so it will be like they have never travelied into the future and TY never got wounded by T …. but it also unfortunatelly means Joseon trio won´t be formed … it makes me sad


  3. chunnie_lover says:

    The crown prince looked naive before coz he sees different world than his, but remember he still the crown prince. . . The man who gets the best education in his time about everything, the one who will run the country, of course he is a clever man, right ?!


  4. Jewels says:

    Thanks so much Softy for you speedy recaps… now all I have to do it to watch it. I can’t wait till it gets uploaded to Viki.


  5. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: In a hurry but with a great smile after reading your transcap!!! Thank you so much. I like how the story is falling into place. Have a great one!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!


  6. m86680 says:

    Thanks much Softy. I want to read more of your thoughts.


  7. one_nee says:

    well, i hope when SeNa agree with TaeMu to pretend as Ceo Jang’s lost daughter, she will show her pic with ParkHa’s dad n her mom (since she doesnt know that her mom n CEO Jang know each other. i mean when she visited her mom in hospital, CEO Jang was hiding that time, right). so then CEO Jang will know that it was ParkHa (since she have met her n know that ParkHa was mom’s stepdaughter) who is her lost daughter. i mean if SeNa shows the pic of her, mom n ParkHa’s dad. of course CEO Jang will be able to connect the info, right? (since she already know SeNa is her other daughter).

    i was really shocked when they shown the real TaeYong.. wow the plot indeed thicken =)
    and i love how we could smile n laugh in this eps (from Gak n ParkHa’s quarrel), after 2 eps full of sadness. but i still miss my dorky Joseon F3 =)

    thx u!!!


    • aJaAja says:

      that plot of pretending sena as the lost daughter of CEOJANG, will be more shocking to Sena once everything is revealed. I just feel sorry for Sena’s mom, as we all know, she wasn’t treated right by Sena.

      i hope the writer will give extra screen time to the real TY and H…


  8. sirina gilbody says:

    Thank you again softy you are the best I watched live and wait for your recap and I am going back to watch raw again that make me understand more this episode so good the clue are opening a bit by a bit look forward for tomorrow episode thanks again see you tomorrow xxx


  9. Hikary25 says:

    Thanks so much!! ^^


  10. houstontwin says:

    Thanks for the great recap and comments.

    I am glad that the real TY appeared and was kind of thinking that he might. If for no other reason, we need a real TY so that Grandma won’t be broken hearted at the end of the drama!


  11. nonski says:

    @Fand… i think it would be very sad if they would really disappear like that and not remember anything when they go back… they really had fun times here.


    • Fanderay says:

      I think the boys would remember. Again, kind of like Family Man with Nicholas Cage. It’s like a glimpse of an alternate life, that teaches them what they need to know, but then everything goes back to normal, and they have to use what they learned in their actual lives.

      Of course, I have no idea what will actually happen! It just seems that no other way would make sense with the photo (but maybe the photo won’t end up making sense, and they just mistakenly used it because it’s such a common device in time travel stories).

      I’m still not sure how any of this will help them solve the “murder” though. Maybe just the fact that S is such a horrible person will make G question what happened in the past? Gah, our poor brains. The poor writers’ brains too!


      • nonski says:

        lols! yeah our poor brains, as i said this drama is really making us think at the same time entertaining us. 🙂 yay! and i get to catch you here, the last time we had like this was with OB 🙂 okay back to our boys, that would be nice if they still remember but rather sad at the same time. they did have some great times here with H. What i am worried about this premise is if the boys can remember then it follow H will too. again, that would be sad cuz to me she will never see TY as himself because G will always be superimposed when she looks at him. and oh about the photo, i like your thoughts about it… more than a common device for time travel, the writers of this drama had made us look at the drama cliches in an entirely new way.


  12. Amy says:

    Thanks a million for the speedy recap, You really made this drama even better with your insightful
    and also others with their comments. I really enjoyed reading your recaps. Awaiting for the next episode. Have a blessed one. Love…Peace…Love…Peace…….


  13. Tha.Tha says:

    Thanks so much Softy for you speedy recaps… i think Lee Gak with bu yong. Then, park ha with TY. just like that i think…


  14. This episode certainly caught me off guard. Thanks for the quick updated!


  15. ditu3ka says:

    “when the boys do go back, it will be like they didn’t time travel at all” – yes, that´s what I think so we will be happy for them because they won´t remember their love (but I still wish for H and Prince´s babies :)) and there would be no pain … TY won´t die and he will meet H in New York and evil duo won´t be evil (ok, she will for abandoning her sister ….) – you know waht I mean.
    But you never know with this show so I will take what I get 🙂
    BTW that little kid was like Y´s reincarnation, don´t you think?


  16. pika13 says:

    preview ep14


    • dapinaymrs says:

      high five~!


    • Reideen says:

      Softy thanks so much for the recaps. LOVE LOVE LOVE this drama.
      I even bought the radish plush… so cute!
      Can you translate what they say in the preview? Thanks so much! ^^


    • Softy says:

      S calls the grandma and says I have something to tell you
      H yells at G – what about what happened in Joseon, how will you go back to Joseon then? G: there is no solution
      Some guy says S has the second most stocks if it this happens.
      jang asks you found Injoo? T: I was surprised too
      Jang meets S and asks: what are you doing right now. Why are you trying to deceive me?


      • nonski says:

        omg! thanks softy and so happy this lost daughter issue will now be resolved tonight. oh, it is gonna boomerang big time to Sena and Tae Mu weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!


  17. toyotabb311 says:

    crazy in love with the 3musketteres, the Prince and Pak Ha but why is it taking too long to upload when its on air twice a week…..???anyone ???


    • kayana20 says:

      The editing and the licensing issue is one problem plus they want to get the viewers interested. sigh I see tomorrow is a Se-Na episode but it’s necessary so we will have to watch it. Praying CEO Jang finds out about Bak-ha and gives her what is rightfully hers after Se-Na stole so much from her and keeps doing it.


  18. bblove says:




  19. shonaz1 says:

    There is one thing that is bothering me from episode 1, that is they never realy shown who actually drown in the lake by the palace. The only reason the picture vanished was because H & G kissed, right? I am starting to think in the past days (G resl time) the princess pushed her younger sister into the lake and got scared and ran away. A past T could be part of the murder by the lake. There could be a past T if rest of the main characters have a past and present self. I am thinking too much into it.


  20. chunyenz says:

    I’m screaming when I know that real TY still alive…. How could they hide him for 2 years? Who was paid for his hospitalize? So many question in my head. And when the photo fade away, it means that the time is already close for G to come back to Joseon. H really know that G have to come back to Joseon, so I hope both of them won’t fighting anymore, they should use their time in a good way before G will be gone forever.

    I have to admit for this episode PYC has perfect hair style, he so handsome ^^
    when his Prince disease back, the way he yelled to H so so handsome, just like he’s born to be a prince. But he still afraid of heights, even he already become a prince LOL….

    What use H meet with real TY, will she loves TY as she loves G ? And if G back to Joseon after he know that H is BY reincarnated, will he ask BY to marry him? Can he loves BY as he loves H? No other conclution, I think H will come with G, jump to Joseon era and live happily ever after with the Prince. I really hope that.

    Thanks softy, I love ur comment and ur pictures, PYC really handsome ^^
    and Ginko, thanks for the kissing gif. The kissing scene a little bit off but when I see your gif, the kissing scene became beautiful.


  21. dls says:

    thanks for your recap Softy… all of the major development…and Tae Yong is alive…. Se-Na is caught red-handed… surely our Prince and the Joseon team would do something.
    Can’t wait for ep 14.


  22. I think the one who will return to J era is TY, not LG. Well..just a thought. Btw, many many thanks Softy.


  23. lime9 says:

    i want lg to be the one to reveal ph’s real mother to her/everyone since he did see her ripped family portrait.


  24. Adam6010 says:

    Thanks for the great recap. What I love about this drama is that it keeps us viewers on our toes guessing what is going to happen next. But what is obvious is that Lee Gak has to go back to Joseon era with the memory that he is destined to be with Bo Young before human greed takes over fate. But there is nothing to say that he will return to the exact time he left. He could have returned to Joseon just before BY was killed. With his knowledge during present time, he may well stop the plan to kill BY. Oh well, just a thought. I cant wait for tonight.


  25. ditu3ka says:

    I was thinking and realized that Princess was poisoned but maybe that poison wasn´t meant for but for her sister or the Prince himself because if I remember correctly BY and the Prince shared a cup of tea in the evening before sleeping. She came with her answer to a riddle and he offered her a cup of his tea … and then someone was found dead in a lake … I think Princess and Joseon T planned to kill the Prince (you know, classic conspiracy in Joseon 🙂 … but accidentally killed BY. Am I thinking too much? Yeah, probably I do 🙂


  26. Ginko says:

    Dear Softy,

    Gifs fro Ep13

    After the kiss

    The trio celebrated their hit product

    The Prince practiced line “from here on this is your home. Do you like it?”

    Beautiful spring in Jinan

    Park Ha!

    His childish tease

    Come here!

    Follow me! Park Ha gets back to him

    Aww, falling asleep


  27. Ginko says:

    Gifs (cont.)

    Ice cream

    The cable car’s scene

    Ready for 3 legged race


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