Rooftop Prince E12

If anyone has ever gone through this, you know how awful it feels not being able to reach someone you desperately want to. As soon as he realizes H left, G starts falling apart. As he lit each sparkler, I wondered what he was thinking about. But then I realized it doesn’t matter cuz what he was feeling was more important. He wanted to connect to her somehow since he can’t see her so he sat by her billboard all night and used up her sparklers. Even though he was yelling, you can almost feel the relief in his voice when he sees her the next morning. There was no way she was ever going to take any more steps away from him cuz he is tired – probably from staying up all night, but mostly just from pushing back his emotions. That kiss was long overdue so that’s why she didn’t waste any time and put her hands on his waist to pull him in. If you think about it, her love for him began in another time period when they were children. Bu Yong had a crush on him even before she was set to marry him. But as the years went by and she was relegated to just being the sister in law, she still managed to capture his interest and draw his attention away from his princess. It’s the same thing now – S went out of her way to impress, but H remained the same person – honest and true. Falling in love with a prince hasn’t changed her one bit. H speaks her mind and does whatever she wants and she still gets the guy. Do you know why? It’s the same reason that sets this kiss apart from all the rest. Cuz their love was fated and destiny decided to set things right this time around.

Thanks to Semi-fly for torrents, Ginko and nonski for the gifs, and CK and others for sharing the award clips and photos.

Will post pics and fan cams tm cuz I want to be thorough and not leave out any details. it’s going to be pretty emotional cuz I absorbed a lot tonight. Def not your run of the mill fan encounter for sure. what we all imagined is really true – in real life, JW is even better looking and well mannered in person. Plus – Uee and JW talked a lot throughout the night. They were the only pair that had conversations. the only time Lee Je Hoon said anything to Suzy was to congratulate her when she won. they didnt even look at each other all night. Guess that’s the difference between making a 58 ep drama together and just one movie. Only regret – I chickened out and didnt shake Lee Je Hoon’s hand, but at least I had the sense to smile at him. He has the sweetest smile ever.  *swoon*  🙂

* as I was screencapping this kiss scene, I noticed he was a little off the mark and might have missed her lips a bit so here is my defense for him – it’s really hard to cry like that over and over so the director kept these cuz it was pretty much perfect otherwise.  that quick pull and kiss was sort of hard for him to get right precisely so it’s understandable he wouldnt hit exactly the right spot but he was close enough. it’s like they formed an “X” with their lips. odd but credit for originality. toughest of all, he had to keep crying through the kiss. plus her eyes stayed shut from start to finish which is a miracle in itself for a kdrama. the director was right to keep these takes and air it.

Last night’s episode had G staring quite a bit. Not just in the absent minded way, but more of the lovesick variety.  Every time he had a moment to himself, his thoughts wandered to H. He would gaze at the plant and think of her words and then go outside and stand in front of the resort billboard remembering what it means to her. He even sneaked glances over at H when she wasn’t aware, but the problem is G will be engaged soon. The man is on a mission and he is just steps away from accomplishing what he set out to do so I wonder what will set him off to lose his grip on his emotions and kiss her like in the spoiler preview. Was it possibly the fact that he risked life and limb to go into that fire to rescue H? Was that the pushing point he needed to realize that even though he told H not to like him, it’s too late for him. There is no stopping this guy’s emotions anymore cuz the floodgates are going to open with that one honest act. That moment where all his lies come to a screeching halt and he finally gets to feel a real emotion for a change. It’s no secret that tonight is already going to be an exciting night for me, but having that spoiler come true will be the icing on the cake.


Starts from the fire and H trying to move away from the falling boxes. She crouches down and coughs. G is running down the hall.

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The guard opens the warehouse door and M calls out her name. G pulls up and goes in.

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Inside G calls out her name. where are you? she hears him calling but closes her eyes. He finds her and runs over. He tells her to wake up – open your eyes. She looks at him then closes her eyes again. G carries her outside with the handkerchief covering the lower part of her face. He puts her on the gurney. after watching her being taken away by ambulance, he allows himself to cough. M asks if he is ok.

H is in her bed. G says it’s good that nothing major happened to her and  gives her medicine to drink to calm her shock. She says it’s bitter so he gives her peppermint candy. H: I am ok now so go get some rest. G: ok. He helps her lie down and tells her to rest. She gives him back his handkerchief and it falls and covers part of her face so he looks like he sort of recognizes Bu yong and stares. she asks why (he is looking). He says it’s nothing. I have urgent work to do so dont get up and just rest

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[09-12-44]

S remembers how G ran off so she calls M and asks if he didnt call TY a while ago – what happened. M says H’s name and starts to cough so she doesnt hear what really happened.

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[09-13-49]

S tells on G to the chairman. Chairman says what – after getting a call from H, he ran out in the middle of an important contract appointment. S says yes and the contract to purchase was canceled right there. Chairman : you think canceling is all of it – what is this humiliation. what’s up with that girl H. where is TY right now. Tell him to come right now.

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[09-14-37]

G runs in. he gets on the elevator with pyo. Pyo says do you know you caused big trouble. How could you run out in the middle of a contract. didnt you know how important this was for you. are you in your right mind. G: I am sorry.  Pyo says T will use this failure as a reason to push G out saying that he is not useful. G says I will try again to do better but pyo says there is no next time. this was a test for you. T might have you kicked out so be prepared

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[09-14-59]

Chairman yells at G. are you in your right mind. are you going to be like this.  G: I am sorry. she asks why H called him. where is H now cuz she isnt at work. G: she is at home. she was in an accident but the chairman says: she is at home. unbelievable. doesnt H know you are engaged to S? she knows and she is still in the home? it wont do. come move into my home right away. He says no grandmother – I have to stay at the rooftop home -you promised.  she says then kick out H right away. no I will tell her myself in person so she understands. I will go there later so tell H to stay home-why arent you answering. you understood? G: yes.

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H is eating with the guys and M and Y give her more chicken. M says you suffered a lot today so eat this and gain strength. H: i’m ok. thank you. Y gives her some saying: you dont look well-eat alot and have strength. H: I’m really ok. C is jealous and says is H the only patient. I’m the one who got surgery. so G gives him some chicken. G asks C how his health is doing  and C says it hurts where I got surgery but I am ok as long as I dont laugh. Y and M both make faces to make C laugh. Y gives C chicken saying eat a lot. H laughs so G watches her laugh

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[09-17-03]

Guys say they are going to drink a beer and then go home. G: then do that – I’m going to go up and rest.  M says to her: you have to rest too.  H: i’m going to rest. She says C cant drink beer so he tells the guys – I will go with you if you promise not to make me laugh. Y: what is there to laugh about. let’s go. C tells G and H to go home first. G: ok dont drink too much. as the guys walk off,  G counts to 3 and C starts to laugh. C tries to go back to G but the guys drag him away. It makes G laugh. they look at each other and smile

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[09-19-14]

They walk home. Chairman and aunt are waiting outside on the street by the rooftop home. Aunt asks are you going to wait for TY and H till they come home. chairman tells her to go home if she is busy. the aunt remarks that chairman is really determined today.  G sees them and blocks H’s view. he says let’s go eat ice cream. She tries to look behind him asking what’s going on. H says it’s the chairman and he says she is really angry. She has a misunderstanding that it’s all your fault that I wasnt able to purchase something today so it’s better not to meet now. H: but it was cuz of me. He says it’s better to avoid her so hurry and let’s go. He takes her hand and leaves

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[09-21-44]

She says sorry – cuz of me it was all ruined. He says I am the one who is sorry – shouldnt have sent you to the warehouse cuz you were almost in big trouble (meaning she almost got hurt in the fire). She thanks him for coming into the fire and rescuing her. G: I am the one who is grateful – for laughing again today. H: why are you thankful for me laughing. G: Cuz it seems like I made it so that you couldnt laugh (meaning he made her sad) H: dont be mistaken. you cant make me laugh

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[09-23-25]

They sit and talk. G: do you remember what you said to me the other night when you came home drunk. H: what did I say when I was drunk? G: That you were unlucky. She says I never said that. he says you don’t remember cuz you were drunk. H: no – there hasnt been one time where I couldnt remember when I was drunk. I nver said that. G: that night you said this -out of all those homes – why did I have to drop into your rooftop home where you live. after hearing that, I thought about it – you were living well and I dropped into your home, how hard it must have been on you. I am sorry. H: it would have been better if you dropped into a good home. G: no – I liked it, but it was unlucky for you. H: when I said unlucky then i didnt mean that. G catches her in her lie and says: you said you never said that. H: just saying if I had said that.

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[09-26-27]

G gets a text from Y. It says grandma left. She asks if chairman left. He lies and says she is still there . she seems to be really mad. so you cant run into her. H: ok. They keep sitting and he smiles to himself.

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[09-34-52]

G and H go drink – she mixes coke and cider (sprite). She says this is what they call sweet here. G breaks off his chopsticks and rubs them together so she laughs. H comments how he has adjusted and become like someone from here. in the beginning you couldnt do anything. H laughs and says how she thought he was crazy at first (when they first met). G retorts how she had such a loud voice for someone small and was so abrasive. do you know how many times I had to stop Y from killing you with his sword. she retorts how he had a drop of blood come out on his finger and he raised his finger over his head. I didnt say it, but they call people like that here a sissy. G: sissy?  H: you always complained you were tired when you didnt do any work. so despicable. G: what- despicable?to sell some strawberries, I put on animal fur and shook my body alone. (meaning the panda suit dancing) She says wasn’t that becky. what is that. I was totally tricked. He says whenever you looked at me, it was out of anger so how could I tell you. but when you went on the blind date, you looked pretty.  H: are you giving the disease and the medicine -after you cut off that long hair, you looked a little handsome. G:  it wasn’t cuz I cut my hair, I was already good looking. dont you know even though you are looking with your own two eyes. H makes a face and says his bragging is despicable.   He gets another text – why are you not coming home. H: did grandma leave? He lies: she still hasnt gone. she must be determined. H: then what do we do now. G:  let’s go somewhere else. H: should we do that.

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[09-42-26]

They both have flashbacks to their past moments together as they walk. they look over at each other

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[10-07-51]

They are lying at the sauna side by side. She tells him not to sleep cuz they have to go home. G: grandma is still there in front of the house. H: really? isnt she hungry. G: she just ordered food to be delivered just now. H: you are lying arent you? G: did you live just being duped? H:all this time you lied about the chairman not leaving didnt you? you are a total liar. There is something I didnt say at the pojangmacha. when I lied that helium in the balloons was sweet, after you inhaled some, you spoke funny. you were so dumb. while she was talking, he fell asleep so she puts a pillow under his head and watches him sleep. She reaches out to touch his face but doesn’t.  he is sleeping alone. He dreams about the poem he recited with bu yong. He wakes up and realizes he is alone. G: sister in law keeps coming out in my dreams often.  She comes over with a drink and says “are you up- let’s go home after you drink this.”

*that was one of the longest and sweetest dates ever. it’s so funny how he lied and made it last so long. they live together, but I guess he cant get any alone time with the other 3 around. I could watch this on repeat all night.

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They walk back together under one umbrella and S is waiting there. he gives H the umbrella and goes to S. S asks did you forget the promise to look at engagement halls early today. G: I’m sorry – I fell asleep. I will get ready quickly and come down. She scowls at H

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[10-54-21]

H is packing her stuff. She looks at the turnip doll and remembers how she won that with G. she packs that.

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[11-00-29]

T and his dad are getting compliments from some board members. how thanks to T, the company’s revenues went up.  they compliment T’s dad for having a son like T. his dad says all this is cuz you gave him attention. T says let’s go inside. Chairman meets with the board and tells them to talk. one by one they say how there decided to act like talk of giving TY a high position never happened. it’s a problem he failed to get a product contract this time, but it’s also a big problem that there are rumors TY is not right in his head. to be honest, how could he just inherit the company for being your grandson. they sort of threaten her about removing her control if she continues doing this. T’s dad says over what happened (TY losing contract) , we are in agreement that (TY) should take responsibility. pyo: but what happened this time , TY did that cuz he wanted to protect a life (meaning he saved H and that’s why he missed the meeting) T says let’s give TY another chance.

Chairman scolds G saying do you know how embarrassed I was cuz of you in front of the board. G: I am sorry. chairman says in front of the board, T gave you another chance -it;s really your last chance so get a proper product item and get it chosen during product selection and win. Got that? G: yes grandmother. G glares at T

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[11-05-28]

G meets with the 3 and M says if they go up against T they will fail cuz they arent skilled in this.  C: we cant win. Y: this is a fight we cant win. the best thing is to avoid. G: in a fight, the moment you underestimate your enemy, you increase your chances of losing. we have to make him think we are inferior and then our chances of winning increases.

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[11-07-42]

T meets with the other guy. he reports after G went into the office it’s been quiet for 3 hrs. T says dont worry about it cuz it’s obvious what that side’s item is. the guy asks if T has an item in mind. T shows sneakers that are popular in hollywood that he is already in talks with for getting the contract. the guy says T is impressive.

G tells the guys how T will try to get in their way and prevent them from doing well. so if G uses T’s cheating methods, G’s team has counter it. M wants to organize the list and C wants to spread word about their work around the office and Y says we have to put our lives on the line and pretend it’s for real (the false info they are going to spread so that it reaches T’s ears).

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[11-16-15]

S shows G her dress. she asks what do you think. G: it’s nice -let’s take that dress. he seems indifferent so she asks do you really like it. G: yes – really. S: cant you say something else – like it’s pretty or beautiful. G: sorry – it’s pretty.  S: ok- I will hurry and finish so let’s go. I will change and come out

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[11-36-08]

S and G sit and drink. She asks can I speak truthfully. G: of course. S: I think I am getting closer to you as time goes by but you seem to be going further away from me over time. G: it’s not like that.  don’t think like that but she says that’s how I feel so what do I do. G: you must have a reason why you feel that way. what did I do to make you feel that way. tell me everything. She says I think it’s cuz of H more than you. I feel uneasy about H. I think H will steal what’s between us. G: H is not that kind of person. she will give what belongs to her but she isnt someone who would steal someone else’s. You got that wrong. S says why put it that way – why say it’s my fault. even if I said it wrong – shouldn’t you take my side. I will leave first.  She stops after she walks off, but he doesn’t come after her

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[11-38-43]

G goes home and asks what H is doing. H: I took outside what I was going to trash. clothes and shoes. She wants to take the lotus plant. He says leave it here and come  visit when you want to see it. H: how can I come. I should take it with me. G: are you thinking of going far away? H: I dont know yet. G: if you dont know – how can you go. H: I am going somewhere better than this. he says there is no place better than this. H: why? why arent there any? spacious rooms, great view, good transportation. there are so many good places like that. she asks what do we do about the sparklers. G: didnt we buy those in advance to use when something good happened to celebrate with.  H: I think I will have lots to celebrate about from here on so I will take them. G: ok – take it all. H: dummy. G: dummy?!

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[11-43-40]

Becky and mimi hear from the 3 guys that G is getting engaged to another girl -does that make senes – cuz G and H seem to like each other. this is ridiculous. what about H. she must be totally upset now. M: we dont feel at ease too.  mimi: did you just stand by and watch that. becky: after getting everything from H. (meaning H was good to them so they should do something nice back but they just took from her and sat back doing nothing about this) C: we are in a situation where we had to do that too. (meaning they dont have a choice) Y: please understand – we arent those kind of people. mimi says this isnt right. becky: poor H.

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[11-44-29]

Mimi asks if H plans to move out of here. H: you heard? mimi: I don’t get it. why do you have to. H changes the subject and asks if there is work for her and mimi says she does – for her uncle but it’s far from here pwang. H says that’s ok. Tell your uncle I will work hard. Mimi: ok

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[11-46-18]

H stares at the rooftop home and her billboard and cries

T is with that assistant guy and he says -as  T expected G’s group went to the travel agency. T asks for the person in charge of the travel agency and the guy gives him a name.  the man guesses T wants to place a call and threaten – so that person doesn’t sign a contract with G

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[11-47-32]

3 guys try to get the contract but the guy says I have another contract elsewhere

S asks how much longer H is going to be here at the rooftop home. H: I will handle it so dont pay attention to it.  S says since TY insists on being here against his grandma’s wish, S might move in here. H: what is it that you want to say. S: to ask you not to. H: I will handle my own business. S leaves clothes for G and tells H to put them in his room

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[11-50-10]

H was writing a note and mimi calls. She asks why she couldnt reach her – did you run out of battery. H: you called –  i didnt know. mimi: Can you go to pwang right now to my uncle. Cuz other people are being interviewed for the job. so hurry and go. H: I will. write down the address and name for me. mimi already did.  Mimi asks when you are moving out and H says within 3 days

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[11-53-42]

H turns in her resignation and quits at the company. the woman asks if H got a job elsewhere. H says no. she wanted to learn something all this time and wants to start now before it’s too late

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[11-54-12]

G: is everything going well. C says like you guessed they were trying to hinder us. Y says they are totally fooled.  M says how T is falling for everything G planned. G says then while their attention is elsewhere, I will go visit the mask pack factory again. 3 high five saying we succeeded.

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[11-55-45]

When G goes there, he has a hard time getting a meeting. the woman lies the guy is not in so G gets to the point and asks he doesnt want to meet me. she says sorry. G: please tell him I will continue to wait

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[11-57-56]

3 guys put on a show for the spy. C says how hard it is to get a contract. Y: we should quit this job.  M: why are you all like this. this time let’s go to samchulee kimchi. C: let’s go.

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[12-09-55]

so the guy reports back to T about what he spied – where the 3 are headed so he will place a call to the guy in charge there but T tells the spy to take care of it on his own now.

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[12-23-02]

G is still waiting when the guy comes out. he says I will hear you out. come in

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[12-24-36]

T runs after S saying why are you resigning. why are you doing this without discussing it with me. S: why are you like this. now I dont have to dicuss anything with you. everyone knows I am getting engaged so there is no more reason to come to the office anymore. He tells her to go to england to her mom and wait.  while you are there I will settle everything here. S: how? T: When you come back from england, everything will be the same as it used to be.  there will be no problem. TY wont be here. father wont be able to say anything to you. I will settle things.  she says why do you always say the same thing. it’s already over. He tells her to come to her senses. You cant be with TY. he is going to be ruined. His dad watches them

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[12-24-55]

T meets with his dad. his dad asks did you still not break up with S. after going after you, she moved over to TY. like the price tag on clothes. after comparing who is more expensive,  TY looks expensive so she chose TY. T: I will make her choose me again. his dad almost calls him a bad name. come to your senses. do you think you really know who she is. from the top of her head to her toe she is trash. T: what are you talking about. dad says she lied about her entire family. what did she say – that her mom is  a professor in England?she sells fish at the market. You have been totally deceived for two years by S. T is furious

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[12-46-40]

G goes to meet H and asks if she went somewhere cuz he couldnt find her at the studio too. he hears H quit her job today.

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[13-17-36]

He goes home and her room is empty. He tries to call but her phone is turned off. He sits on her bed and sees the note she left him. She wrote: to the dumb prince. When you are reading this letter, I will have left the rooftop home and arrived somewhere else -of course somewhere better. thank you for making me good memories. It was fun being together. dont be sorry. please give my farewell to C, Y, and M. I will miss you all. bye. park ha – who is more dumb. He cries as he reads it.

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[13-21-13]

T goes to the market and hears S’s mom fighting with a customer. He was told to come here by his dad. then he remembers how she asked for her daughter to get a job from him. He goes over and says hello. She asks what brings him here. he says I had work here and saw you. how do you feel. She says I feel better now. She invites him in for some coffee

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[13-29-55]

She takes him inside and invites him to sit. He sees the family photo and recognizes H’s father. Then he remember jang saying how she is looking for her daughter. The mom notices him looking so she says this is a picture of my daughters – the little one is park ha the one you got a job for. He says how when H filled in her paperwork for her job, for the part about family she only put herself only. and that she didnt remember her mom.  the mom says dont think of that strangely. it’s cuz we combined families.  I brought her (she points to photo as she explains) and he brought H and we became one family. it’s cuz we lived without sorting it out legally. He asks if the man is H’s real father and the mom says yes. he passed away 2 yrs ago

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[13-30-27]

T goes back his office and looks at jang’s family photo again. He smiles.

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[13-31-33]

S is driving when she gets a call from him. She says talk later. I will be hanging up. I ‘m driving now. He says I want to talk about your family

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[13-33-47]

G goes and asks becky if she knows where H went. She says I don’t. He asks where mimi is and becky says at a workshop. He remembers how H wrote “don’t be sorry –bye- park ha who is more dumb”

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[13-35-39]

S goes to meet T. he asks if she wants a drink but she says I have to drive. S: talk about my family? you must have heard from your father. about my mom? T: cuz of that – did you get threatened by my father. whether you are a daughter from a good family or not – whoever your parent is – I dont care. but why lie about that. H is your younger sister – of course not by blood. he quotes S “a donsang you know.” S: what do you want to say. T: I mean it. I don’t care at all about the lies you told me – you can believe that. more important than that is that I found jang’s daughter. H is Jang’s daughter. You went looking for her too with the picture Jang gave. But you didnt want to find her cuz H would inherit everything from jang.  S: so – what is it that you want to say. T: pretend to be jang’s daughter. she is really important to our company.  H is about to inherit a fortune so if you act like jang’s daughter – the company can be ours and of course TY will be kicked out empty handed onto the street. do you know what that means. the important thing is we  need to send H far away. so she wont be seen at the company or in front of jang. the rest I will take care of it. And we can just be like we used to -like nothing happened

S thinks that over by herself

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[13-40-13]

G has the sparkler lit and stares at it. he lights another one.

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[13-43-07]

H is walking and goes up to the rooftop home. G is sitting there. H: what are you doing. G: what are you doing. H: what? G: Didn’t you leave? H: go where? I didn’t go yet. She says how he used up all the sparklers – they were mine. He yells “do you know how much I looked for you. you only wrote a letter and I couldnt reach you. was it your plan to worry me sick. why did you make me like this. why did you turn me into this. all day yesterday my heart felt tight, racing so fast, felt stuffy, like it would burst. even though I was breathing I felt frustrated so all day I thought I was going crazy -even though I screamed it didnt feel better. but now that I saw your face I know. I… missed you all day. I like you.” tears drop from his eyes and she cries. H: you always do whatever you want. She turns around. He makes her face him and kisses her. she slowly puts her hand up to hold him.

옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[13-45-27]옥탑방 왕세자.E12.120426.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[13-45-51]

*look! evidence of of multiple takes! We have chin kissing in Softy’s pictures up top, and then upper lip kissing in this first shot (which is much closer to the mark IMO). This last one actually looks properly lined up, but it’s hard to tell. Either way, I admire their acting in this scene, and don’t think I could personally hold my face against someone else’s without moving after dramatically whipping around (at least not without turning bright red or bursting into laughter).


*now this is how you end a perfect episode.

No preview but all is forgiven

Fanderay’s comment:

I’m so relieved that H didn’t have to burn her face to cover it and have G recognize her. I’m not sure he’s quite put 2 and 2 together yet, but I certainly feel like he’s one step closer to figuring out his life. I still don’t know how this whole time travel story will resolve itself, but I love that I can’t confidently predict where everyone is going to end up.

Once again we were given great scenes of H and G just hanging out and talking. Why don’t more dramas do this? After watching their conversations play out it’s pretty obvious why this couple is so great, and why they want to be together. It was also pretty adorable of G to trick her into staying out longer.

When H was teasing G about how pathetic he used to be, it occurred to me how lucky he is to have her in both worlds. Who else would take a time traveler under her wing, no questions asked? In the past she is a steadfast friend that he can talk to as an equal. As royalty he probably feels very isolated, and even though he cares for his wife it seems like his sister-in-law is the the light that brings him happiness on an intellectual level. In the present she is incredible just for not submitting him to a mental hospital, but she also challenges him in every way imaginable and makes him question both of his lives. Even when she’s broken-hearted and knows he is pursuing another woman, she still stays by his side and supports him as a friend. He’s probably spent his entire life acting aloof and keeping his feelings to himself, so it must come as a massive relief to finally open up to someone.

It’s too bad that T and S are both so dysfunctional, or they may have had a chance at happiness together. Even though T says that he doesn’t care about her lies I’m sure he sees her differently, and it certainly feels like their relationship has changed, as if it’s finally been corrupted by the darker sides of their personalities. She essentially betrayed him by lying, and any fondness she had for him is surely disappearing as his behavior becomes more aggressive and manipulative. They both almost seemed normal when they were together, and their sincerity made me dislike their characters far less than I probably should have. I suppose they are classic examples of greedy self-destructive people who end up ruining their own lives (they’re a bit Shakespearean really).

I’m curious to see how their plan of pretending S is the daughter plays out. The bio mom can obviously figure out their ploy right away since she already knows that S is her other daughter. This probably means that S will finally learn the truth, but what will she do with that knowledge? If the secret is out, will the mom willingly leave her shares, or will she be upset by their plotting?

I’m even more curious to see what G does after that kiss. He is going to be one confused and conflicted puppy, and I’m not even sure that I want him to drop everything else just for H because that seems borderline irresponsible (his friends want to go back to the past!). I’m guessing that he will have a back and forth struggle for a few episodes, before he realizes that his destiny might be different than he thought. Despite his confusion, I love how very connected the H and G romance is. I was practically ready to cry when she watched him sleep in the sauna (I blame the music) and their tears before the kiss are what really sold that scene for me and made it extra sweet.

Since the actress who plays H did some pretty serious kissing in Padam Padam, I have my fingers crossed for a “real” kiss in a future episode. Jaejoong has done some good kissing in his time, and I feel like it’s Micky Yoochun’s duty as his groupmate to compete a little and try to show him up. Maybe that’s wishful thinking, but this drama is already so good that there’s very little on my wish-list. With 8 episodes left, and such a quick pace, it seems like anything could happen!


199 comments on “Rooftop Prince E12

  1. Lin Cheng-Sy says:

    Softy, Fanderay, Sparkskey, Nonski, Semi-fly — thank you very very much. Dang it, that kiss was soooo “safe”. I demand a real one, you know, JGS and LMH style. Or make us happy and show the BTS of that kissy-face scene. I love Rooftop Prince and all its cast. Perfect. Lovely.


  2. chunyenz says:

    Awww kissing scene…. It’s beautiful but why so sad? Just like farewell kiss? I hope they will find another way to stay together. I hope G realize soon that his destiny was with H not S or her sister in the past. I’m so glad now G already know that H is Boo Young’s reincarnated, next step is how G know from beginning that he suppose to be with Boo Young, and how her sister cheated and became princess from her evil plan. Somebody must tell that to G, but now and who?

    I like how writer made those fire scene, first I think S made that fire to killed H or harm H and H got burn in her face like BY. But thanks God not like that, that fire scene make G move one step ahead coz he already know that H is BY’s reincarnated. Smooth way, I think writer not too rush or push it.

    Now, T already made those evil plan, S will become Jang’s daughter, what her mother do if she know about that? Her mother doesn’t want S know that she is Jang’s daughter. I hope S smart enough after she know the truth that she is Jang’s real daughter, she will inherit all Jang’s stocks and she can use T to have all the company and kick T’s Dad, to take a revange to him. Than the story more complicated LOL….. Bad scenario I guess.

    Still can’t guess how writer will solve all this problem. The G, S and H problem already so hard to solve. But this make this drama become more interesting.

    Now waiting for softy’s news and vids and fancams from baeksang award, even I’m little sad coz Park’s Brothers not won awards all, but I have to admit, JW is more deserve to have that award than YooHwan. YooHwan still so young, he still has long long way to go, I hope at the end of this year or next year Parks Brothers, both can win an awards.

    Congratulations for Park Yoochun, JW and Uee, all of you deserve for those awards.


  3. nonski says:

    posted by ilwoo_aein:

    episode 13 text preview
    심복 3인에게 손이 머그컵을 그냥 통과해버리는 이상 현상이 일어난다. 이각의 마음을 확인한 박하는 이각에게 조선에 돌아가지 않았으면 좋겠다고 말한다. 한편, 이각과 심복3인이 기획한 마스크팩 방송이 나가자 매진임박이 뜨는 등 판매 성적이 굉장히 좋아 대박을 치는데…


    • chunyenz says:

      Somebody please translate…….


    • bakhaNleegak says:

      The hand passes that cup of the [me] as it is to the 3 person*c,m,y??* and the abnormal actual condition which throws away happens. The peppermint which confirms the mind of the chonha*lee gak?* to the chonha will not go back to Korea and says that. Meantime, mask pack broadcasting which the chonha and the 3 person plan should have gone out the etc. sale performance where the selling out imminence floats very well hits a big hit

      i got this translate from some other website T_T


    • ahriev says:

      I got this:

      The trio know about what happen between Lee Gak and Park Ha. Lee Gak has already confirmed his heart that he loves Park Ha. Park Ha wishes that Lee Gak won’t return to Joseon. Meanwhile, Lee Gak and the trio hit the jackpot since they conduct a very good sales performance.


  4. its me says:

    did softy post fancam related to awards i joint the forum today and cant find any.


  5. adibah says:

    anyone has got the preview video for episode 13???

    I am longing for it.
    please do share if you find one.

    thanks ^^


    • Softy says:

      E13 preview is already showing in seoul – G gets H an apartment. T gives S a ticket for NY to give to H and says “I will take care of TY”
      H and G ride the cable car together and she asks if he thinks S really resembles the princess (not in looks but who S is as a person – sort of hinting that S is not a good person like he thinks of his princess)


    • adibah says:

      thanks deedee810!!!


    • Kayana says:

      I saw a big spoiler in their too. It seems they will have a few dates because she is wearing the turquoise jacket for one but on the cable car date she is wearing a checkered shirt.Yay and I am glad she gently told him about Se-Na.It will have him thinking and taking a closer look at how she really is.Love G for getting H her own place.I hope she aces that interview.


      • Kayana20 says:

        If you are going stir crazy they posted new spoiler pictures.Everyone wants Ha Ji Min and Yoochun to be a couple so bad.It also was 2 dates for this episode yay!They talked after the kiss scene too.Dying to know what was said.Obviously G is gonna do what he wants.Now only 1 day and 10 hours before we squeal at the love between the Whipped Cream couple.


  6. adibah says:

    I just can’t help but to keep watching RTP.
    I’m dying want to see the next episodes.


  7. Anonymous says:

    maybe in the last episode park ha and G will seperate, because he goes back to joseon. park ha will leave to america to start a new life and there she will meet the real TY, who doesn´t know who he is, because he lost his memory after the accident and he will fall in love with her at the first sight like two years ago…
    G will travel back and will marry park ha in past life. Sena and T will go to hell


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