Rooftop Prince E11

I swear I forgot to breathe in that lotus plant scene – it’s like the love and care he gives that plant represents how much she means to him and it just breaks my heart to watch him hurt her knowing full well that he doesn’t want to. It’s like he has to set aside his love for her in order to fulfill his duty to the other 3. Throughout this episode, I feel like he kept telling so many lies that pretty soon the truth is going to slip away from him. How can one person feel something so sincere and lie that he has no such feelings so often. It is a slippery slope he is climbing so watching him fall as his wall of denial comes crumbling down is going to be so satisfying. 🙂

Thank you semi-fly for all the torrents 🙂

Breaking news: good and bad. Good for me but bad for those who follow these live recaps. I just got a call and I am going to the Baeksang awards tm night for the red carpet at 5pm and then the award show at 7pm. I missed it last year and my friend got to wait in the same room with all the stars and had celebrities walking by an arm’s length away. It usually lasts 2 or 3 hours so there is no way I can be home in time. I will leave E12 post up anyway for others to fill in anything they see and when I get home, I will work on translations. I don’t want to get too excited cuz I dont know how up close I can see Joowon, Uee, and Micky but whatever pics I can take, I will share with you guys. It’s all I can do right now not to chant “OMG I get to see Joowon in person – minus the hat.” Wish me luck. Feeling totally giddy right now. 🙂

When I saw some of the cute BTS photos of the “resuscitation” scene, this one caught my eye. Even without hearing what they said to each other, you can just sense the awkwardness here. Look how they are trying to cover up their jitters by simultaneously having the urge to touch their hair. The way they both mimic each other is a telltale sign that nerves caused these smiles more than anything else.  Though it’s tempting to credit their professionalism for finishing this scene with just one extra take, I bet the desire to get the heck out of there was a stronger impetus. I don’t know why I love watching two people squirm like this, but I just can’t get enough of it. It’s just too cute for words. These two are not in any danger of having rumors of liking each other spread anytime soon, but you only get this awkward when there is a little bit of mutual crush. Cuz we all know, you can’t be this convincing on screen without just a little bit of transference seeping into reality. And no matter how fleeting that reality may be, for the time being at least, it makes us cheer on this couple to get the happy ending they never got 300 yrs ago.

This would have been my main pic but the random arm sort of ruined the shot so I tried to photoshop it out. Bet that person feels bad cuz this was an otherwise perfect photo.

All this time I thought RP was 16 eps for some reason so imagine my shock yesterday to discover it was actually 20. Thank goodness cuz I was starting to worry how they would manage to answer all our questions and fill in the gaps in a few episodes. Now that we are at the halfway point and our lead couple’s feelings have surfaced, I can’t help but feel like all the fun is just getting started.

Panda bear meets bunny. How cute is it that not only are the Park brothers both in dramas at the same time, their characters dressed up in cuddly animal costumes as well. They really do look similar, but acting styles are totally different.   🙂


옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[08-38-36]

Starts from G chasing after H and stopping in front of her. he tells her to take responsibility and holds out his phone. he says it wont turn on cuz dirt got in it. take responsibility. she says sorry. He says if you joke like this one more time, you will be punished. let’s hurry and go – I’m hungry. She says loser has to pay for lunch and rides off ahead, but he looks serious (he just lied)

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[08-39-17]

They walk their bikes and he asks if she is ok. H: about what? G: Aren’t you tired. She says she feels better cuz she walked. H gets a call from the mom.

the mom asks into the phone. you can come now? ok. hurry and come. S is about to leave so the mom asks are you going somewhere. I was going to make noodles for lunch. S: I have a lunch appointmen.  is someone coming.

As she drives off, she misses seeing G and H. H says this is her mom’s home. I will be right back.

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[08-42-27]

The mom gives her some paperwork to do saying I cant figure this out at all. H: I will do it for you but I can do it at home right? cuz my friend is waiting. the mom says of course. she hands her TY’s phone saying when I went to your home last time I must have brought this with me cuz I packed in a hurry.  she shows the background pic and says isnt this the young man who lives in your home. it is right? but this is all broken. was he going to throw it away? H says I will give it back to him

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[08-43-09]

H goes out and gives it to G. H: it looks like TY’s phone. did you lose it? shouldnt you have this?  G remembers the aunt saying how if they look at the pics inside they can figure out what happened to TY. then how he lost the phone when he was with T

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[08-45-23]

C’s tummy hurts. M asks where in the stomach it hurts but C cant talk so Y piggybacks him saying let’s go to the hospital. Y tells M to put C on his back. S shows up and saying are you here – I came too late didnt I. she sees them and asks why he is like that. what happened.  M explains how C is in a lot of pain from his stomach hurting so she says put him in my car so we can take him to the hospital right away

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[08-46-05]

Y and M worry and Y says he will be ok right? he wont die like that right. M: who is going to die. even if he dies he has to die after we go back to joseon. he wont be able to die here cuz he cant explain himself.  S comes out and Y asks what happened. she says C just went into surgery now. it was emergency appendectomy. Y: he will be ok right? S: of course it’s a simple surgery.  he will be discharged after a few days

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[08-47-04]

M goes home and packs some clothes. He runs into H and G. G: where are you going with the bag? where did everyone go? H: did something happen. M asks why they are just now coming cuz C is having surgery at the hospital. H: surgery? M: yes. let’s hurry and go to the hospital. when he was sick, I thought he was going to leave this world. G says let’s go

C wakes up and Y asks if he is alert. S tells C he will be in pain for a while but after that he will be better soon. C: yes. G arrives with H. G asks if C is ok. Y: they said the surgery went well. M says if it wasnt for S, something would have happened to C. that C was able to get surgery right away cuz of S.  she saved a life. C: thank you.  G thanks her. S: it was nothing-I didnt do much. G: that’s not true – you did something major. She asks what do we do about the BBQ meat we bought cuz now we cant eat it. Y: they said C has to pass gas in order to eat. M: he has to pass a lot of gas to eat.  H leaves the room while they talk. G watches her go

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[12-56-22]

H goes to the bathroom and washes her hands. She walks out to hear S telling G to go inside. G tells S : you worked really hard today – thank you. S asks him: cant you make me feel more comfortable. when I asked you about H, do you remember telling me there is no need to worry. G: yes. S: but to tell the truth it bothers me a lot. a while ago when C was sick, only the 3 of them were home. you and H were gone. G: we just went out for a short while – it was nothing at all. She says that it was nothing at all bothers her. I keep saying strange things dont i- I will be going now. she leaves

C says when his stomach hurt and everything went dark – he thought he was going to die without seeing his mother’s face again. Even when I was in so much pain I thought of my hometown. Y: do you remember yelling that even if you die you will die after you go back to joseon? C: it might be nice living here, but it’s not the hometown where my family is.  I really want to go back now. M: when will be able to go back to joseon. G blames himself and says “you guys are having a really hard time. it’s all cuz I am lacking. when we accomplish what we came here from joseon to do,  we will be able to go back then. trust that and just hang on a little longer” they all bow yes.

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[13-18-53]

H brought food for dinner. M asks why there are only enough for 3. she says cuz C cant eat and she doesn’t feel like eating. I will be going first so make sure you all eat. G says I don’t feel like eating dinner either. Y says I will starve with C until he can pass gas. (LOL – that was so sweet and gross at the same time) M scowls at him and puts down the food he was going to eat.

H walks out and G stands next to her waiting for the bus. She doesn’t get on the bus and walks away. He watches her from inside and as the bus pulls away he keeps staring at her.

It’s 11:35pm and she still isnt home. G paces and then calls but her phone is off. He runs downstairs and looks around the neighborhood for her. he goes to the bus stop. H is sitting by her beach billboard back at home. She looks at it. G comes running up. He goes over and says – what are you doing here and not going in. H: werent you inside? the lights were on. where did you go. He says I felt stuffy so I went out for a while. when did you come. She gets up and says just now. He asks why did you turn off your phone. H: did you call? why? He says to ask her to run an errand. he goes in.

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[14-12-42]

G is taking something out of the fish tank. He had asked her to bring a small pot so she asks is this what you are talking about. G: yes it’s that. She is about to walk off so he asks her not to leave and help him. she makes a hole in the soil. He puts some plant from the tank into the small pot.

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[14-26-34]

She asks why he is only moving the lotus plant separately. He says if you move it like this, it wont die and grow well. H: cant it just live together with the fish in the aquarium. why did you have to do it? He says from the start I was going to move this and plant it. she gets up and goes outside. He looks sad – like his heart aches having to say that. (the dialogue was like a metaphor for their love and the situation they are in)

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[14-36-27]

She is sitting outside and he goes out. he clears his throat and sits at the table too. She gets up and says she will go and buy some fruit to take to the hospital tm but he holds her wrist and asks “is it true you like me?” She looks at him with tears in her eyes. She asks if he saw the text. He gets up. H: you saw it and acted like you didnt all day long and turned me into a fool? He says her name and asks “do you really like me.” She looks away.

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[14-37-28]

He turns her to face him and says “don’t like me.” She looks at him with tears in her eyes. then she turns around and leaves. He has tears in his eyes as he looks down and says I am sorry.

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[14-44-41]

She sits outside at the park and cries. He sits on the rooftop.

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[14-47-30]

G goes to the phone service center and gets the phone password and asks for them to fix the broken screen too. The woman says wait a bit. G is in the car when he opens the photos and sees all the pics of him and T. he looks at the date and it says 2-17-2010.

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[14-54-00]

G meets with H and gives him the sketch TY drew of her. she asks why he asked her to bring that. G: this sketch that TY drew of you- tell me again how this came into your hands. H: at the bar I was working at in NY, my manager gave it to me saying someone left it for me. I didnt know when he drew my face and I didnt even get to see if that person was TY. G: when did you get this sketch in america? H: exact date? he nods yes. H:  I was supposed to leave for korea on 2-2o. he asked me to meet the night before so the 19th cuz the postcard said let’s meet the day after tm so the day I got it was 2-17. she says she doesn’t know what happened. G: you could have met TY. H: if he came out to that location the day before I was supposed to leave then I could have met him. I was stood up. G: the reason why TY didn’t meet you was cuz he died. H: is that for real? G: That’s what I think. She asks why he died. G: I am going to reveal that soon. G: you could have met TY -you were meant to meet TY. (it’s like he gets that she was destined for TY which means she was fated to be with him as well back in joseon. wonder what it feels like to know you married the wrong person)

The butterfly on the postcard shines

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[14-54-06]

G asks Pyo: what day did I go missing in america? pyo: we guess 2-17 cuz the date you borrowed the boat and went out to the river was 2-18 and they only discovered the boat and you were gone.  G writes that down and asks what day T arrived in america. pyo says on 2-17.Pyo asks if G remembers anything. G: no. pyo:  If T arrived on the 17th and you went missing on the 18th – if only we can find proof that T met you between the 17th and 18th, it will be the end of T’s lie. G: T hyung said he didn’t meet me in america didnt he. pyo: he must have met you for sure but there is no proof

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[14-58-34]

G meets with T at a bar that looks similar to the one H worked at in the states. T asks if working at the company is going well.  G: since I keep meeting someone I should remember, I think my memory is coming back but the memories upset me. T: why do you remember memories that are bad. G: do you believe in fate. T : there is no such thing. G: there is some man and some woman and these two people were destined to meet and something got in the way so that man wasnt able to meet that woman. that is what makes me angry. T says I don’t know what you are talking about. Speak simply. G: then I will say it simply. What was the last conversation I had with you when I was in america. what did we talk about.  T: you were in america and I was in seoul. it was an international call and I said I was going to leave tm to meet you in NY. this kind of call was our last conversation. G: before that, in NY didnt we go to a place like this together. T panics and looks around. T: we probably would have gone together since I went to meet you in NY at least 2 or 3 times a year. also this style is common.  G: this is what it’s like. I don’t know if I am really remembering or imagining – I cant really be sure. the last conversation with you wasnt an international call, I remember talking about something on a boat. this is probably my imagination too. T: are you talking about the boat you went missing on right now?

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[15-06-33]

G: hyung -Just answer me this clearly. two years ago on 2-17 when you arrived in NY – did you meet me or not meet me? T: crazy punk. G: either you met me or not – it’s only one between those two. “crazy punk” is not the answer. T gets mad and says: crazy jerk. are you playing around with me after nicely asking me to meet. G: did you meet me or not. T: I didn’t meet you. G suddenly laughs and says: since you said you didnt meet me then you are a liar. if you said you met me than you are a murderer  – which one of the two do you want to be. T says you are crazy. As he leaves G says those two people are the same person.  a murderer and a liar. T looks at him and says you just crossed the last line. I will step on you for good to make sure you don’t say such things again. I will totally destroy you. T leaves

(at the SBS building which doubles as their workplace) H walks down the stairs and remembers how G told her not to like him. She slips and hurts her ankle. G saw that and looked like he wanted to help but some other girl runs over and helps H.

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[15-07-59]

Later, H notices him walking away from her work area. He left behind medicine for her ankle

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[15-08-47]

H follows him home asking to talk for a second. G: talk about what – I am tired. She says why are you nice to me. you shouldnt. G: what did I do for you to be like this. H: Back at the office -what was that- if that’s not being nice to me then what is it. G: I havent been good to you – I didnt even think of doing that. he tries to walk away but she yells: I didnt ask you to like me just now. it doesnt match up. you said not to like you so why do you keep being nice to me. i’m not smart so I dont understand. Why cant I like you and why do you do whatever you want. he tells her to sit down.  He says how he used to have a crown princess in joseon. H: I know – it was S. G: that princess died. five days before I came here from joseon, the princess was poisoned. I have to solve who killed her. in order to reveal who poisoned her, for that sake I came here through an unknown force.  when I first came here, I didn’t know what I had to do, but the moment I saw her reincarnation here I thought I had to make the same situation like on the night of her murder. even here, if I live with her as husband and wife exactly like in joseon, I believe the same thing that happened on the night of the murder will happen again. So everything I did becoming TY and going to the company – it was all so I could get married to the princess. just like in joseon, someone will try to kill the princess. that I came here from 300 yrs ago is something unbelievable and it was so I could reveal who tried to kill the princess here and stop her death.  if I do that then I will know who and why they poisoned the princess in joseon.  if I know all this then my people and I can all go back to joseon. Now do you know the reason why I have to marry hong S.

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[15-18-24]

G goes to meet S. G: you said there was something you wanted to say to me. S: why are you in such a rush. if I say I didnt have anything to say and just wanted to see you and asked to meet, you’ll probably be disappointed. G: no sorry – if that’s how you took it.  S: I want to marry you. Since we both confirmed our feelings for each other, there is no need to delay it so even if it’s embarrassing I summed up the courage to bring it up first. G: really? thank you. S: gratitude doesnt seem like the thing to say. she holds out her hand. S: let’s do well from here on. he shakes it. G:   then can we tell the elders right away. She says let’s meet later at the chairman’s home. G: ok

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[15-20-27]

Chairman asks if it’s not too fast to marry. Aunt says how people these days are quick. “want to date” and it’s right away “let’s get married.” G says I know it’s too fast but I want to marry right away but chairman says get engaged first and then set a date and have a wedding. a wedding right away is too soon. aunt asks if he is in a hurry – do you have to get married right away. G doesnt answer. chairman says I should call you S and you should call me grandmother now.  S: it’s still awkward chairman. chairman says Should we drink the coffee my granddaughter in law makes. S: yes grandmother

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[15-34-16]

T hears from his dad that TY is marrying S. his dad tells him not to cause trouble and dont open his mouth about how he dated S.  T: you said it was TY. his dad says : I think this is a good thing cuz I can take care of both of them at the same time since they were worrying me. you have to marry even a day earlier than TY. T makes a fist and leaves. his dad tells him not to make a mistake

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[15-34-45]

T meets with S and asks what are you doing. Who are you saying you are going to marry right now S: I went on purpose and spoke to you to have a clean breakup. he calls out her name. She says don’t call me anymore-meeting you like this – this is the last time. she walks off

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[15-35-40]

when Y chases after her, G is standing there and T says to both of them -listen well- that they wont get to do whatever they want cuz he wont let them. He leaves.

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[15-38-27]

G asks what happened-why T did that to her. why was he so hard on you. She says I made a mistake and he got mad. It was my mistake so don’t worry about it

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[15-39-52]

S tells her mom to sit. mom says you should let me change first before we talk. why – why are you asking me to sit suddenly. S says mom I am dating someone. Her mom: I thought so – why – are you going to get married? S: I am getting engaged first. mom: omo- really? Who is it? what kind of man is he? S says the chairman’s grandson. her mom asks how did you get a husband like that. S: But I never told them about you. mom: huh? what does that mean. S: they dont know about you. I am sorry.  next time when the opportunity comes up, then let’s meet with that family.  not now. mom: really? S: for my sake, I will ask for this favor.  You understand -right? Her mom says of course.

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[15-43-45]

S’s mom drinks with H. her mom asks how did you know how I felt and called me right at that time when I wanted to drink soju. H: i just knew mother. the mom asks why H said she didn’t like that blind date guy. cuz after the date, he is still talking about you. H: he wasnt my style. I will do it slowly. (meaning it wasn’t the right timing and will meet someone later) Her mom asks you heard about S right? that the man she is going to marry is your company’s chairman’s grandson. H: yes. the mom asks what kind of man is he. just cuz he is wealthy, he isnt reckless and treats women lightly right?  H says I don’t know much. her mom says of course how would you know the chairman’s grandson. H drinks soju so her mom asks why are you drinking so much – did something happen? H: no it must be cuz the appetizer here is delicious.  you drink too. The mom says: at least I have you so it cheers me up. H” me too.  the mom asks to clink glasses so they do.they feed each other

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[15-46-28]

H asks why the mom paid when H was going to. The mom says of course the mother should pay – would the daughter pay. H asks if the mom will be ok after drinking. the mom says dont worry – when I was your age I could drink 5 bottles. let’s go home. H tells her to go home safely. The mom says go. she calls her back and hugs H. the mom cries (it’s like she doesnt get any love from S so the mom is grateful to have at least one daughter who is caring and loving. The mom knows that S is shutting her out of her life cuz she is ashamed of her mother and that pain is hard for the mom to bear)

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[15-46-42]

G stares at the lotus plant. (I’m getting best love potato flower flashbacks) He remembers H yelling at him – it doesnt match up. you said not to like you so why do you keep being nice to me. i’m not smart so I dont understand. Why cant I like you and why do you do whatever you want.

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[15-49-28]

G puts the pot outside and looks at the beach billboard and remembers what H said about it. how she feels better after imagining she is on vacation there whenever she grew tired earning money. H comes up and is a bit tipsy. She calls out “hey prince. What are you doing here alone.” He asks if she drank. H: I did – why- should I not to do that too- you should have told me not to – tell me. He tells her to go in and rest. She asks in this wide city of seoul why did you happen to drop into my rooftop home. That was so unlucky. She goes inside.

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[15-51-22]

M and H are walking together. he had asked her to go to the warehouse together cuz Y had to go cuz C was getting discharged from the hospital and M didnt have anyone to go with him so he asked her. H: it’s ok I am done with all my work for today.  G asks them: is the preparation for the product going well. M says how he was about to go to the warehouse with H right now. G says to her: cuz of us you are suffering a lot. H says since it’s their first mission they have to succeed. do well. M says then we will be back.

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[15-53-52]

M and H are at the warehouse and M takes down some boxes. he says the numbers dont match. H wonders if the items were updated late. M says I will go and find out what happened at the office. H: ok I will look for other things. as M leaves, the door locks behind him. A fire started when a socket shorted.

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[15-56-16]

G and S walk down the hall.

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[15-59-01]

M comes back with boxes and sees smoke coming out from under the door so he calls out for H then he calls for help. there is a fire here. there is someone inside. call it in. The guard calls the fire department and says there is a fire. H is trapped inside and cant get out. there is fire all around her. she starts to choke

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[16-02-39]

S and G are at a meeting about the product. She tells him to explain about this part – how much they can sell through the program (sales expectation). G: ok. S says how other people are eyeing the product to have it on their program so we must get this contract. Some other men come into the meeting. G gets a call and excuses himself. S starts the meeting and G into the phone “ok I got it” and turns to the men and says I am sorry – I have to go first. S goes after him but G ran down the hall already. S goes back inside

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[16-03-51]

G is running down the hall while H is choking at the warehouse. The guard gets the door open and holds M back from going in.

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[16-05-17]

G pulls up and runs over. He takes his handkerchief and pours water all over it and goes in. M calls out for him “prince!” The police and ambulance arrive.

옥탑방 왕세자.E11.120425.HDTV.H264.450p-MonG[16-06-40]

Inside, G calls out for her and asks where she is. Answer me. where are you? H opens her eyes and loses consciousness.


no preview at all

Fanderay’s comments

I was disappointed when we were initially faked out regarding the whole text message business, but as soon as I saw G wistfully staring at H afterwards I knew that he lied and that his phone was fine. He’s not the type to understand feelings all on his own! Of course I then spent the next half hour going crazy while I waited to see what he would do.  Even though he more or less rejected her, I was still happy that he didn’t play dumb forever, and that he obviously didn’t want to reject her.  If only he had kissed her though…it was the perfect moment!

The problem now is that even if G discovers S’s dark-side, he’s probably going to to force himself to be with her anyways for the sake of his country, his dead wife, his friends, and his supposed destiny. I’m not particularly adverse to seeing S murdered, but I don’t think it’s worth seeing them marry. Unfortunately there’s not any easy way for G to change the situation. He either has to realize that he’s wrong about his purpose (not sure how that could happen without him seeing his plan through) or he has to betray everyone and everything else just to be with H. There must be an unknown third option though, and that’s what I’m rooting for.

I have to say that Mickey Yoochun completely owned this episode. His moments of introspection and longing were great, and the way he told H about his plan for the plant was so bittersweet I wanted to hug him, but I think I enjoyed watching him make T squirm just as much.  T seems ready to snap at any moment, and I don’t think there’s any limit to what he could do.  It’s hard to even comprehend all the things G is going through. On top of adapting to a different time, he has to woo someone with conflicted feelings, pretend to be TY, prove himself at a modern company, solve two murders, manage his trio of subordinates, outwit T, and prevent anyone else from getting killed. The cherry on top is that he’s fallen in love with the wrong woman, which jeopardizes everything else he’s attempting to juggle.

As per usual I am impressed by the pace that this drama manages to keep, although I wish we had seen a little bit more of the boys, and that there hadn’t been so many plot contrivances (the appendicitis, rolled ankle and fire). This drama doesn’t frequently resort to using such methods (which has spoiled me) and I do like to watch an exciting episode, but I think the clever writers could have found some alternative scenarios that would’ve served just as well.

I think it’s pretty obvious that H isn’t going to die, so I’m most curious about the aftermath. It’ll be very clear to H how G really feels now, but I’m not confident that we’ll be lucky enough to see them act on their feelings just yet. They did seem close to falling into each other’s arms or kissing tonight though, so who knows!

My only prediction for tomorrow is that we’ll see acts of desperation from T, and I can’t wait to see how G responds. You know a show is good when it has you excited for the romance, the comedy, and even the rivalries. I certainly wasn’t expecting so much when we started watching this innocuous little show, and every week feels like a pleasant surprise.


137 comments on “Rooftop Prince E11

  1. Yes please… Softy, kindly inform us just a tiny bit about Joo Won’s scent tonight. Screams Yoo Chun !!!


  2. SS says:

    Uee on the red carpet………

    where is Joowon?


  3. SS says:

    Micky you’re so fine:

    awesome if the ducklings were striding down the carpet behind him


  4. SS says:

    KSH, looks so young.


  5. Ann J says:

    Softy, you have just defined the meaning of jealousy to the dot!!!! This is the feeling of all joowonies who can’t be there. Just thinking about this is making my heart palpitating… We’ll enjoy it as much as you toooooo!!! Can’t wait to hear ALL about it… I”m a ONE MAN Kdrama world. ONLY JOO WON for me…..!!!!!!!! Pyong..pyong!!!!!!!


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