1N2D S2E7

Tonight we got to hear JW belt out a trot song in his musical singing voice and watched women of all ages swooning as he sang. The camera guy was smart enough to pan over the audience to capture the reactions from a love struck grandmother, some smitten ajummas, to a little girl who couldn’t stop smiling. This is the first time I saw this side of him and all I could think was how much do you want to bet he learned that song for his mother or grandparent. The lengths he will go to please his elders is just too sweet for words. I bet that audience wasn’t the only group he won over tonight.  Almost makes you want to forgive him for the funny hats, but not quite since it was a trot song. If it had been a normal song, I would have been swooning right along with the audience.

Thanks to Semi-fly for her super fast torrents and Bird for JW clips. 🙂

Nonski made us gifs of JW’s “S line.” Thank you – soooo cute 🙂

I love the way he stared out at the view here. It’s like he gets to see parts of Korea in a new light. I really hope he looks back on his career one day and realizes becoming a 1n2d member was one of the best decisions he made. After watching this show for five years, I know what this program becomes to these guys. It marks the most important milestones in their lives like when Kang Ho Dong finally became a father, SG got married and became a dad, Jiwon got married, Mong was there live – right in the midst of filming a trip when his album went to number one in the first week of release and we watched him overcome with emotion and shared his joy, JM went to the army, came back, and was immediately kidnapped by the 1n2d members, LSG’s first lead role drama was a ratings hit and the editors replayed his songs every chance they got, and Kim C had to miss a trip when his father passed away. Since the rest of this new cast leans older,three are married and the other three already served in the army so only JW has to worry about enlistment. If this season lasts another 5 years (which my gut instinct says it won’t), I bet before this show goes off the air, JW might leave for the army or wait like the others and go right around 29. TW, JM, and SK still have marriages or steady relationships as possible momentous events. The biggest factor for longevity is if Kang Ho Dong ever decides to return. Something tells me one member will drop out then. This new season is just starting to get its footing so I sort of hope Kang Ho Dong doesn’t come and shake things up, but part of me still feels like a strong standout presence is missing. Maybe Ho Dong filled in every gap of silence with humor and kept the show rolling along at a brisk pace like Seung Gi continued to do after he left. I thought JW being on the show was enough to appreciate the new 1n2d and CTH is bringing a lot of humor into it too, but this show overall is not quite there yet. If everything was working in perfect harmony with cast and crew, we wouldn’t have any inconsistent episodes. Maybe I need to lower my expectations and just stare at JW some more and remember who brought me back here for season two. After all, he is one of the main reasons I won’t be going anywhere. 🙂

This is the only hat I can tolerate on JW cuz it comes with the rest of the uniform, but I still can’t help what JW would have looked like in this uniform:

Seung Gi was born to play this role, but it always makes you curious about what another great actor would have done to reinvent it. I have a feeling that JW would have done this role justice too, but he is way too baby faced to play opposite HJW. There is only so much makeup and great chemistry that can cover a 9 yr age gap.


Starts with a long recap of last week. then the guys are gathered around and told about the evening event. SW has his arm around JW’s shoulder.  SG repeats and says they are going to invite elders to eat and then do a show for them to enjoy. JM asks if they can sing and PD says yes. SG says JM can sing his “lonely” song. PD says they have to go grocery shopping for stuff even though dinner will be prepared by food truck ajumma. he says some of them need to help her and others greet and welcome the guests. the members have lukewarm response so PD says their reaction doesnt seem like they like it so everyone laughs. the guys split up.

TW, TH, and JW all pile into a bus and think about what to buy like fruits and alcohol (rice wine). TH thinks what they are going to buy is not important and worries about what song to sing and plays one on his phone.  JW sings along with the old song so TH says “so you know this song. I dont” and TW says this is JW’s specialty or something so TH tells JW to sing this since he knows it. one is done. he shakes his head to the side with JW to the music.

Food truck ajumma is cooking and SK helps her carry ark shells. SG, JM, and SW come over. SG asks if she likes being here in her hometown. She points to where she lived and her husband lived nearby so this is where they met and dated.

SW and JM say hello to some people and invite them to come by 8:30. So do SG and SK. they say hello to people. SG asks a kid- how old are you. kid holds up 5 fingers. SG: do you know me? who am I? Where did you see me. kid calls him lee seung gi. *I just noticed from watching again, but there are no young people in this village – only little kids – no one in their 20s at all it seems cuz JW sat with young kids and their parents.

JW, TW, and TH buy some fruits and alcohol (rice wine) TW says to the man selling it that the color is great and looks tasty. they thank him and tell him to be healthy. he says to enjoy it

The guys serve the people and SW jokes about SG’s height cuz he is short:”he is standing. and so is he (pointing to SK)” SW says we are 1n2d team so since we gathered you all here – not sure if it’s the right thing but we want to formally bow. They bow and say have good luck this year. some of the audience bows back. SG gives a speech about food truck ajumma’s hometown being here and how they provided food for their staff and members for 5 yrs. so since they came here they wondered what to do for the people here so they quickly prepared this so please accept it.  he says how the rest of the members TH, JW, and TW are coming with alcohol and fruits so please wait a little bit.

The guys are practicing singing on the bus

SK says the eldest in this village came so SG calls on the old man to the front and  SK wipes the rice off his mouth. old man says who he is and his age – screen says 81 but it sounds like he said 88. he thanks everyone for gathering here. SG asks if you can sing but the old man goes back to sit.

SG announces the other 3 arrived. TH says hello and I am CTH and the 3 bow to them. The people were served noodles for dinner. SG mentions how they havent eaten yet so someone tries to get SW to eat but he keeps saying you eat first please. SW and the guys pour rice wine for people and yogurt drinks for kids. JW and the rest eat.

SK sings a trot song first while JW and SG stand next to him clapping along. The women seem happy. Then SK sings another song while TH and JW clap next to him. SW ends up talking to someone on the phone to say hello per requests of an ajumma.

SG announces how the 1n2d team are going to sleep here in beautiful kangjin tonight. not sure if it wasnt enough but did you enjoy your meal. they yell yes. He says he was given a note so he is surprised but he doesnt want them to be and asks them to inhale and exhale. he says there is someone who came from far away to be here to congratulate you all. you will be surprised. It’s trot singer kang jin. The audience goes crazy. [Going to mute him singing now. SK singing trot was one thing but this guy is the real deal and I hate this kind of music.] The rest of the guys go up and clap behind him. Some woman yelled encore so he sang another one. SG says he cant believe they actually brought singer kang jin to kang jin. SG asks if the audience had fun and thanks the singer.

Next JW sings the trot song he sang on the bus in a musical singing voice and he doesn’t sound like him. the lyrics are “charming me picked out another woman -that person’s beautiful look is too sexy” and he does a slow sexy wave.  Why is this cracking me up. he sings about her killer S line and her face having a V line.  He does a great job and women seem to love it. he even does an elvis pose at the end with his arm up in the air.

SG announces they will see a special show they cant see anywhere else. he calls out “the lead actor from ‘Highway star’ CTH” and TH comes out wearing a yellow mask and says “hello I am Bong Feel.” * He sings another trot type sad song. The rest of the guys clap in the background. TH made a grandma cry with his singing.  after he is done, TH tries to run off stage cuz he is too embarrassed.

*Tigger clarified CTH’s masked performance: this was from his 2007 movie Highway Star, in which he acted as an aspiring rocker stuck in a small town and reluctantly making a living playing trot at local clubs. When a recording company in Seoul offered CTH’s character a contract, he eagerly grabbed the opportunity. However, after he signed, he discovered that he wouldn’t be rocking after all. Instead, he would be singing trot. Unable to back out of his contract, he took to the stage behind a mask to hide his embarrassment, but ended up an overnight sensation going by the stage name “Bong Feel”. The wannabe rocker seemed to have found his true calling, but doing music he disliked.

as they leave, people say how fun it was and how they are happy. they enjoyed their meal and show. Cute kid says 1n2d. then group shot of them saying it too.

Back at basecamp each guy yells -(SW) it’ not important who you sleep with, (TH) it’s not important how you sleep, (JW) it’s important where you are sleeping, (SG) sleeping outdoors-  indoors or outside, (JW) sleeping BBB arrived. They look at the mattress on the ground and ask if this is where they sleep. PD says “give music”. They play the song you play when you want people to dance and then stop when the music ends. So the guys start to dance in close groups so SG says just dance when the music comes out. JW sings along the loudest and SK hugs him. (lyrics are “have fun dancing like that and stop right there (dont move) SG says “I cant have fun though.” PD calls out 3 people so everyone hugs each other to make 3 except for SK who is left standing alone cuz he moved away from the group too much. PD says a rep from both teams have to do rock paper scissors to see what to do with SK. winning team gets to decide to keep or throw away SK. each teams picks their maknaes so TH and JW do rock paper scissors. SK points out isnt it better to have more people on a team and PD agrees. TH wins and TH’s team says they are ging to throw SK away cuz that tent isnt big enough for more than 3. So SW says you can sleep on it as you breathe more air into it. he takes SK to their side. SW: we are nervous too. TH: if we fight over this it’s the end of us.  SW asks so is this our teams – 4 of us and 3 of them. PD says yes. today’s sleeping BBB is an “elephant tour” (holding their nose and spinning to play rounds of games)  [winners sleep indoors and loser sleeps outside in a tent]

TH realizes more is better cuz the other team has 4 so one of them as to have an extra turn spinning. SW says more is better so JW hugs SK and says “yes.” TH jokes we will have to keep that air pump on us at all times.  SW’s team says let’s not get nervous. PD says they will start the first round – elephant spin and writing on the forehead. he tells each side to have 2 team members step up. JW and SK step forward and the other side TH and TW. one person holds the marker and other person has to wear a headband to pull their hair back. They have to spin ten times and write a dot on the other guy’s forehead. SW asks which one of them can endure being dizzy better. JW says me so SK has to pull his hair back. TH pulls his hair up and brags his forehead is wide. he brags he will follow the marker.  They start and both guys spin and TH holds still and TW tries to balance to be able to write. It’s funny so SK hugs JW and laughs. PD says it took 28 seconds to write on TH.

Next SK pulls his hair back. JM says SK that looks pretty. SW asks JW : you can see this right – dont be so exact – just poke him with it from far away. you saw how TW did it right. you have to focus.  SK says to JW: I will kneel so you just need to find me. SW tells JW to hold the marker like a knife to stab with. They both start spinning and SK is really fast. SK kneels and JW runs over and kneels too and marks the circle. They win by making it in 18 seconds. TH says SK didn’t spin one extra but SK says I spun one extra. TH: but I counted and told you to spin again but you just kneeled right away. SG says SK did well too. SK says again I spun one extra. TH wants to confirm on the camera cuz he is sure.  his teammate SG pulls TH away from the camera, but TH insists so they press replay. They count how many times SK spun and he did one extra. TH says sorry.

SW asks what the second one is and PD says do the elephant spin and then do high five. he asks for two people to step forward. TW says to SG: we dont have enough people. SG says I want to go out but I cant endure this well. SW says I cant do these well either. JM brags he can do this well and spins around but he is already dizzy.  So it’s JM and SW. SW spins like an old man. JM ends up spinning and hitting air while SW is still spinning. SW just falls right after he stops. SW: where are you? JM ah! they both slap the air and fall again.  They make it in 29 secs. SW: this is too hard. TH complains how do you do this. this is going too far. SW asks JM: did you hear my voice loudly? JM: yes it was good. SG asks the PD: then do we just need to do this in 28 secs? SW: this was no joke.  SG says SW was too slow. SW says I needed to put motion sickness patches to do this cuz I was too dizzy. SG says cuz of you hyung(turning slowly) JM ended up spinning 18 more times. SW: really I got dizzy after 5 turns.  SG teaches TH that normally people sway to the left so you have to come this way. if you dont come to this side and catch me I will end up at the village. SG falls down so he has to start over but TH spun like he is was supposed to so he is dizzy. SK tells him to spin the other way so TH spins the other way from before. SG wonders why did I fall after turning 3 turns. This is big trouble. TH is seeing stars and says this is hard.  They start over and poor TH spins again. SG ends up with the cameras so JM tries to catch him. TH looks for him. SG grabs oxygen (air pump). They didn’t make a sound so they finally high five with sound. SG says the air pump is really great. PD says they took 52 secs so other team wins. SG keeps insisting they made the slap sound. SW gives them another chance. SG says JM shouldnt have blocked him but JM says I didnt – I sent you on your way. SG asks for another chance. TH asks him where are you going this time. SW asks SG: will you be alright cuz you have to do another game after. SG: I will be ok. They have to go again so TH worries and asks : wait a minute- who does the next game and SG says you and TW (since they have less members and TH is the youngest in this group he has to do more often). TH and SG spin again. SG bangs his head on the mattress and TH falls. They finally high five and it took 21 secs. SW says they were faster – at spinning too and they both landed there so they got lucky. Both guys are heaving from being out of breath. SG gives him the air pump and says it’s great. someone says put your nose on it. TH says that is mosquito repellent so TH pretends to choke. SW says that makes it 1:1

PD says the third game is hit hacky sack within 3 seconds after spinning 10 times. SK and SW complain it’s too hard. TW: I cant even find the person so what do you mean hacky sack. TW practices and does well. JW only hit twice. JW is going to start. TH complains cuz JW’s shoes have wings so he has more room to hit. SG jokes JW bought mismatched pairs cuz his sneakers are two different colors -red and blue(to be stylish).  JW spins around and misses the sack and doesn’t even hit it once. Everyone laughs but TH laughs the loudest. JW pretends to use the air pump. JW’s hat came off for a few secs. SW: this is big trouble – cant get even one.  TW goes next and SG gives him some air so TW pretends his voice changed to squeaky like when you use helium and says “fighting” so SG points out this isnt that kind of air. TW’s butt crack almost shows as he spins. He misses too.  The guys are getting dirty and muddy from the wet ground. JW and JM help TW get up while his teammate TH laughs. JW and SK thank TW for missing.

SW says do it again-this time the one who has the most confidence so SK was going to go but PD says you cant switch so JW sighs cuz he has to go again. SW says the PD is too strict.  JW says he will do it this time. SW tells him spinning fast is not the problem. JW spins and does it again.  He misses again cuz he kicks long after the sack has already hit the ground. His butt is muddy from landing on it so much. TW goes again. SG says most people make this mistake – they throw and fall to the side. so he teaches TW how to throw it towards him so it’s possible. He practices. Then he goes again. After spinning slowly, he does it and falls to the side and they show him in slow motion hitting it. SG and TH say you did well. SW: wow you did it. you have the ability to focus. he held onto it even as he was falling. JM: he stared at it till the end. TW tells SG: this is good- this is how you do it.  SG says if they win once – it will be 3:1 so they get to sleep indoor. he says to the PD he is giving the other team a chance – SK has to hit it twice. JM asks if SK cant just hit one but SG says no.  SK spins and SW says turn slowly. SK doesn’t make it and only got one hit. SK says it’s hard. SG gives JM a chance to do one. SG says JM has to spin 12 times though. but then it changes to 15 spins then 20 spins and all he has to do is touch the edges even. JM asks if his leg can come in contact but PD says only his ankle. he takes off his jacket. He is wearing a white hoodie. He falls even as he spins and TH couldnt stop laughing the entire time. JM just ends up doing a side high kick and falling on the ground. Everyone laughs. JW gives him the air pump. TH cant stop laughing. Cuz the repeat shows JM kicked before he even threw the sack. SG says we gave them a chance and it didnt work so it’s 2:1. JM thought he was close so SW says you werent even close to hitting it – there was a huge gap. JM: really? TH: cuz of JM I dont think I can do it. he laughs again. JW is breathing into that pump again.

Fourth game is having to hit each other on the head with the red toy hammer first after spinning 10 times. only the head and not the face. SW and TH are going against each other. SW asks if they are allowed to avoid the hit. SG tells TH to go in right after the 10th spin cuz that’s when SW will fall.  JM tells SW you have to win no matter what. SW: but I am slow. next game I will use my strength but I am slow at this. we cant lose 3-1. JM: hyung you can win for sure. SK: even if you lose hyung it’s ok. SW: it’s cuz I am afraid I will lose. SK: hyung just sit right away as soon as you stop spinning.  SG tells SW to hit TH lightly. SG says it they win they sleep inside and it SW wins,  it will be tied at 2 and 2. JM: you have to win no matter what hyung. SK: you can do it. The two guys spin and SW picks up the hammer and falls down. TH ends up holding TW’s legs from being dizzy. SW threw the other hammer away and hit TH’s head. But TH covered his head with his hand. SK, JM, and JW hug SW and say “hyung you are the best.” TH says “he hit my hand (not my head cuz he covered his head with his hand).” but replay shows his hands was in the way. SG tries to argue it so SW says: why are you like this- I cant spin again. he thinks the other team is not playing fair but SG says we want to cleanly admit you won but. SK says TH still got hit on the head a lot and TH never had the hammer anyway. PD says from what I could see TH’s hand was hit. SW says then let’s do it over.  TH offers to go again but he should get to choose who to go against and chooses JM. JM: then let’s do 20 spins. TH spins with small steps while JM takes wider steps and ends up falling twice before he is done. After they spin TH picks up the hammer first and JM avoids TH. But TH catches him and hits JM on the head a lot of times. Poor JM. PD says TH won. SK gives JM more air. SG: are you ok JM? JM: I told you I am exhausted. SG claims they won sleeping BBB 3:1. (SG, TH, and TW get to sleep) inside.

Everyone is washed and inside. JW is hatless but wearing what looks like some kind of giant earmuffs but it’s a hoodie (bet with that zipped up he will look like a bee -where does he get these crazy clothes?) TH explains to JM: I was going to hit you lightly but after spinning 20 times I forgot. cuz I won I forgot that. PD says their morning mission tm is simple. they will get rice. When they wake up tm morning, next to their heads will be a bowl of rice. you have to carry that bowl to the located place quickly. you have to run and when you get there, there will be a buffet table set up with ingredients for bibimpap. They will only have enough ingredients for some of them to eat bibimpap. It wont be enough for all so they have to get there early. if you go late you eat plain rice. SW says stop doing things that require endurance. cuz it means they have to run from start of morning. SK asks how many can eat so PD says between 2 0r 3 people.  SK asks if the red bean paste and sesame seed oil is there and PD says yes. SW asks: cant we wake up earlier and get there first. PD: before that time it wont be there (wont be set up).  JM says let’s hurry and sleep. TH tells him to go. a girl says those who are sleeping outside please leave. JM lies down and says I am not going to sleep yet. TH says this is the first time I have slept indoors. TH got rice cakes from his fan who wrote on it “you cant sleep outdoors today cuz it’s my bday.”  they talk about their fan cafe names and SW says mine is “milky boy.” they all laugh and screen says he is 44 in big red letters. SK asks “why hyung” and SW says it was made when I was a boy. it doesnt suit me now huh. back then it didnt feel awkward but these days I feel awkward about it.  TH asks what TW’s is and TW says “premium.” TH asks SG. SG: I have a lot in my fan cafe – about 4000. since I dont go visit there they say (I didnt catch this joke) TH asks for JW’s and he says 1 mang 1 jang and it means market.  they ask for SK’s and he says it’s no fun. SW: what is it? SK: purple ocean. no one laughs. SW just says “let’s go.” SK: i like it. The 4 guys go out to sleep in the tent. before SK leaves, JM asks what does ocean mean? TH guesses it’s means the purple color of the ocean. but JM asks: isnt that perfume?  (cuz he mixed up purple with perfume). JW said in a soft voice “everyone goodnight” but no one heard cuz they were laughing about JM mixing up those words.

as JW walks into the tent, the PD says this is your first time sleeping outdoors isnt it. JW: yes. SW: this is your first time sleeping outdoors JW? congratulations.

indoor guys talk and SG says TH did a lot today – elephant spins sleeping, indoors, etc. TW praises SK for doing elephant spin well. TH says what he remembers the most from today was JW falling  – it was so funny. they replay the scene where JW falls on his butt-he sort of fell at a 90 degree angle. “I think I will remember that for two days.”

in the tent SW says “sleep well” and JW says goodnight in a cute way like a kid so SW says “like JW does – see you in dream land – pyong” then someone else says “pyong” to him. JM: JW really has a lot of aegyo. JW: pyong. JM laughs.

It rains during the night so you can hear raindrops on the tent. While the guys are sleeping someone puts bowls next to each guy.

TH comes out first. The tent guys are already up holding their bowls and SK is eating some of his rice. JW tells TH to get his bowl then waves hi. TH says I think I will be faster cuz I can go directly right away when it’s time to start. There is a person holding an arrow sign.

When the music starts TH takes off running with SK right behind him. SW wonders why the guys are so fast. JW ( wearing a red trapper hat)  and SK are right behind TH with SW and JM trailing behind. JM says it’s too far away. SK passes TH and starts loading up his bowl. JW is third and loads his bowl up too. so far each guy only took a little bit off each plate but SW comes and just cleans up emptying each plate into his bowl leaving hardly anything for JM or the rest. JM says to leave a little bit. TW comes out when the song is almost over and looks groggy cuz he cant walk straight. He doesn’t know which direction to go. The other guys are already mixing their rice. JM asks TH to leave a little of the red pepper paste cuz TH was using up the last bits of it. They all sit by a rock and eat. TW comes over. JM falls off his stool as he tries to sit. TW counts and realizes SG is missing. TW eats plain rice. TH gives him some of his egg. JW says breakfast is really fast. SK has the best bowl so JW eats a spoonful of his. SG comes and says “you guys are early. Daebak. You guys really aren’t going to sleep just to compete in morning mission. Just wait till next time and see what I do. you guys are something else. when did you come.”  he sits with them and eats.

PD says the last place to see on this trip in kangjin is to see something memorable. SG guesses it’s to see unique flowers but TH says it could be animals like frogs. SG thinks it might be animals that only come out in spring. Sk thinks it’s something that can only be found in kangjin.

SG says it’s still cold. They all climb up a mountain.  JW holds SW’s arm as they walk up with SK next to SW (still in the habit of walking with the eldest) SK hugs a tree to check how wide around it is. They look at how old and oddly shaped the tree roots are. SG thinks the tree is dead but  TW says it doesn’t look like the tree roots are dead. But what an odd shape for the root of the tree to be shaped like an arch. JW wonders how the root can stick out like that.

They get to the top where there is some place some teacher designed famous landmarks. that he lived in this home for 18 yrs. Guess he was an architect from the olden days. PD says this pond and stuff was made too. TW points out the piles of bamboos stacked to have water flowing out that was built by the old guy. they stand and look at some round island. TH points out the bridge they crossed the other day.

as they walk some more SG says even though this is the mountain there really are a lot of trees. JW points out a tree that is twisted and still growing out.

SG says the weather is great. someone says this place is like spring cuz there are cicadas. SK asks why they came so PD talks about the trees.  They walk over to some trees with pretty flower buds that are about to bloom. SG says if people who see this program come here, it will be bloomed. JM says the exact same thing to JW – if the audience comes now they will have bloomed by the time the audience arrives here. JW says they are prettier cuz of the sunlight.

The guys sit around with grass blades in their mouths trying to blow and make whistling sounds. SK makes a loud one so does JM so TH thinks this it’s the difference between a rapper and a singer.

The guys gather for the closing and each says what’s great about Kangjin. SW says it’s like a spring miracle that opens your heart. TW talks about the trees. SG says spring comes here first. TH says this is first in spring activities. SK says how hiking is great here.  JM says there are so many spring flowers.   JW yells come visit the beautiful land kang jin in jurlado. 1n2d.


Written before it aired: I missed JW so much, I actually managed to sit through 3 or 4 episodes of Kim Tak Gu last night. Pretty sure that drama is where everything makjang goes to die – it was impossible not to groan and roll your eyes during it. Not to mention JW has only one look that borders on “having a chip on his shoulder 24/7” for 99.9% of the series. Between all the scowling on Kim Tak Gu and funny looking hats on 1n2d, a girl can’t catch a break. The only silver lining tonight is that we still got a new episode. The downside is that another 1n2d trip cancellation the other day means we are facing a repeat next week or a preemption. The momentum this new season had is officially going to wane and dissipate. Makes you wonder how many fans will still be around when the dust settles after the strike.

I worry about how long this strike will last cuz I read we got married was canceled cuz of all the episodes that didn’t get to air. They wouldnt cancel this show right? Even though JW’s drama airs next month, I would prefer to keep watching him on this show too. One good thing is TW, JW, and those other actor guys have time to work on their dramas more so they can be well rested instead of doubling their schedule for filming 1n2d at the same time. On the other hand, this greedy selfish 1n2d fan wants new episodes pronto cuz a dry spell without this show means less laughter on the air. Why did Bird PD have to go and join the strike. He had better come back to this “nest” asap if he knows what’s good for him cuz JW’s trapper hats are giving me ideas.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    HAHA. Good point there!

    Thanks for recap Softy and I like your thought on 1N2D at the beginning of the recap. Sobs. Bring back all memories and I hope this new cast will give me the same feelings as well, I would like to see it survive for at least… 2 years 😉


  2. SS says:

    GF: Oppa, why did you do the sexy wave dance today?
    BF: Huh?
    GF: You dont like it when I do sexy dance….
    BF: That’s different. And did you see it was all ajummas out there?
    GF: Still……
    BF: Plus how sexy can I look when you make me wear that white hat?
    GF: I made all those for you, Oppa. Didnt you find the white one cute? I was practising….
    BF: Huh?
    GF **blink**blink**: nothing……..Oppa, sleep well.
    BF: You too, pyong!
    GF: pyong pyong!


  3. ck1Oz says:

    “cough, cough”
    This is not even me trying to get your attention softy. I love Joo Won but discovered a new difficulty. One cannot spazz when one is cringing and laughing at the same time. Been coughing and choking.
    I love his voice, I really do. He sounds so powerful and it’s beautiful. Except it is trot and every time he goes “shabang, shabang” I just want to plug my ears because it’s embarrassing. It’s like watching a hot young thing singing … I can’t even think of what to compare it with.

    He sounded so good and every time he does the S line wave like he’s showing off, oh man, that is the funniest sight. Those ahjummas do look like they loved him though.

    I loved this episode. It’s times like this when I realise why I like 1N2D. It’s because it gets so close to the ordinary citizen. No artifice. Just the real thing, the celebrity status is not so pronounced and you feel your idol/fave actor being their genuine self.

    Thank you softy.

    The S line still cracks me up. I watched it 4 times already. Hahahaha…


  4. nonski says:

    Softy, i made these s-line gifs, three versions.

    i created another account on photobucket to upload them. 🙂


    • SS says:

      nonski! Daebak! now you have us giggling non-stop 3 times over

      i never knew Joowon can be such a hoot in real life


      • nonski says:

        right SS… our JW seems to change into a different persona when holding a mic or maybe he is that because isn’t it that we are given a glimpse of their real persona in 1N2D 🙂


        • SS says:

          i think he has 2 sides to his personality. He said himself that he used to be an introvert until he went into theatre. So if he is not on stage, he is shy and slightly awkward(just look at the way he poses sometimes). But put him on stage, my jaw literally dropped. There are these videos of him (during his theatre days) where he camps up and in one particular one, he did an amazing Wonder Girls infamous Nobody dance. If this sexy wave makes me giggle, that one got me into hysterics!


    • AAmn says:

      OMG.. Thank you.

      Our Joo Won seems like the shy type ordinary guy but when he hold the mic. Bam! Like he’s been possessed by a Trot ghost. Haha. Wave it baby… Wave it!

      He really enjoy performing on stage. If the show goes well, maybe we get to see him on stage during the KBS Entertainment Awards at the end of the year doing that wave again. Bring it on.


      • SS says:

        haaa…..Trot ghost? poor Softy, no wonder you’ve been “chased” out of 3 cabs! this will be Softy’s worst nightmare


        • SaLe says:

          But if the trot ghost in form of Joo Won, she’ll be fine. Keke.

          I agree that cutie being a bit of ‘show off’ with his wave 🙂 🙂 His face, full of confidence and we can feel the happiness and excitement from his singing 🙂

          SSK mesmerized me with his singing. CTH too. I want more of this kind of interaction in 1n2d. Its the spirit of the show.


    • flo says:

      thank you nonski dear for the gifs..those gifs are great!
      arrggg..now i knows what JW’s felt when he saw uee did sexy dance on HT-3..
      ooops i was embarrassed when i saw JW’s sexy dance *blushed*!!!!*hide* coz i love this guy!
      he is so hot..he was like a different person when he hold the mic and standing on the stage
      and my dear Softy..thank you soo much for the recap i enjoyed this episode and i love our JW much more in this episode he seem more relax and so into this show, and with or without those funny hats i love JW just the way he is.and you are right this handsome man is the main reason i won’t going anywhere,stay here waiting your recap and later waiting his new drama.
      i really hope the strike won’t going too long..please!


    • bird says:

      Thank you Nonski 🙂 love it. I smile and giggle everytime when I watch him does the S-line,
      so cute ^^


    • anony says:

      Omo… I’m giggling watching the gifts. He doing it like it was nothing to be ashame of. Hah.

      I just love him 🙂

      This episode was fun.


      • anony says:

        **I remember in Season 1 where the members detour to this University campus and MC Mong and 2 others terrorized the Uni’s radio station.. It was so damn funny. And later crew annouced that the team will give an open concert to the students there.

        I still remember how the members show their singing skill and when Seunggi arrived, madness is all over the place and all of the members sing a Trot song at the end of the concert. LOL.

        I guess, if the new members do that again for this new season.. It will bring out the same madness too. 1N2D forever!


    • nonski says:

      softy, was this one already embeded in your blog, i’m still using a free account i will update the links once i have already bought a pro account. sorry about that, i’m afraid it will get blank once the bandwidth reached its limit 😦

      thank guys… this is all for the love of softy and joo won.


    • nonski says:

      here are the links from my main account:


  5. thom says:

    Thanks a million times for your awesome recap, screencap. And your love toward joowon that I can feel. Softy I love the second pic bez it only fews seconds but you screencap it clearly.
    Thank semi-fly, birds and everyone how drop by post anything.

    It hard to do the variety show like this . they have the PD’s and a lot of staff to put up the shows successful . The thing that I like 1n2d season2 is
    – several funny , excite games ( I love sport game) & BBB game and I love to watch how the cast survive the game and how the other’s cast (6’s hyung) affection toward maknae joowon likes softy said it made me love the others casts more ep By ep.
    – l love how they shows beautiful place , the culture and the korean’s life style at local district. I think when they had a trip on this shows may be someone (including staff) suffer or had a hard time. But when they back home I think they got lot of love from Korean people that they visit. (next time may be new generation plus ajuma hahaha )

    Pyong Pyong Note: @ this ep. I love how they invite elders and children to eat and 7’s casts with guest do a show for them to enjoy. AND I LOVE HOW the news cast (sorry dear I post about the news casts absolutely the old cast had a lot of love from people first )
    – I think TH he is really really match this show. He is very funny guy.
    – I like how SW talking to someone on the phone to say hello per requests of an ajumma Made ajumma happyness.
    – I like how SK wipes the rice off the oldest mouth he is so sweet with older beside joowon.
    – I love JW this ep so much I feel likes he stress out . he is very cute & shine on stage. Absolutely I love how JW clap in the background when the others sings trot song. He is very cute. I love how JW holds SW’s arm as they walk up with SK next to SW. ( I likes joowon shoes every pairs including at OB)


  6. Anonymous says:

    softy…just curious, why did you not recap the king 2 hearts?


    • Softy says:

      You do realize this is a recap for 1N2D right? When I saw this question, for a second I wondered if you had gotten lost. Not sure how to reply cuz most of my readers already know why and i dont know if you are asking cuz you havent been following my blog and are new so just in case, i will give you both answers.

      The most obvious answer would be that I am already recapping Rooftop prince live so it’s hard to recap another drama that is on at the same time since I only have one tv. Plus, even though I think my typing speed improved from recapping for the last year and a half, there is only so much I can do with two hands. Two dramas at the same time is physically impossible

      What everyone already knows: I was pretty clear early on that I would recap Rooftop prince cuz it’s more fun and easier. since i dont know north korean words or dialect that well, i passed on k2h. I followed my instinct and I was right – I love RP so I have no regrets choosing it. K2H turned out to be an easier drama than I originally thought, but aside from the main 6 characters that are my favs, the rest of the plot and story line makes me fall asleep, cringe from bad acting, swear a lot, or fast forward. The logic the writers came up with to take care of certain crucial events like the king’s assassination and why JH has to back down and not go after his brother’s killer just makes me want to hit someone. But I continue to tune in for the two couples cuz even though nothing around them makes much sense, at least the writer didnt screw up the lead characters romances and made them amazing and indelible.


  7. Tigger says:

    Softy, thanks very much for the recap and always enjoy your comments.
    On CTH’s masked performance, I just want to share that this was from his 2007 movie, Highway Star, in which he acted as an aspiring rocker stuck in a small town and reluctantly making a living playing trot at local clubs. When a recording company in Seoul offered CTH a contract, he eagerly grabbed the opportunity. However, after he signed, CTH discovered that he wouldn’t be rocking after all. Instead, he would be singing trot. Unable to back out of his contract, CTH took to the stage behind a mask to hide his embarrassment, but ended up an overnight sensation going by the stage name “Bong Feel”. The wannabe rocker seemed to have found his true calling, but doing music he disliked. If anyone is interested further, here’s part 5 of the movie in which he sang the same song (eng subs) & wore the same mask — http://www.wat.tv/video/highway-star-cd2-part-4t8aj_4sk3f_.html — URLs to other parts of the movie are easily available on screen.


    • Softy says:

      Thank you so much for the link and for taking the time to clarify this cuz I never heard of this movie and had no idea why he came out wearing that scary mask. SG did mention CTH’s movie, but I didn’t know the movie title “highway star” in Korean so I skipped over it. From the introduction SG made, I sort of got that CTH was supposed to be reprising his character in the movie, but after I saw the mask, I just assumed in his movie he must have been a wrestler. 🙂 For a second there I was like “what kind of wrestler sings such a sad song that would make a grandma cry” but now I totally get it. I can see why his character would hide behind a mask though, cuz if I had to sing trot songs, I’d put on the rest of that costume that goes with the mask too. 🙂


  8. Softy says:

    Is anyone even watching equator man -is it any good? cuz the 4 ep extension it just got is going to push back Bridal mask premiere by 2 weeks so now it’s going to start in June. I bet when 1n2d resumes filming, they are going to bring this up on the show somehow. that UTW’s drama delayed his dongsang’s premiere. Guess it’s good for JW and his cast since they dont need to rush as much, but if this KBS strike continues – we are in for a long dry spell when it comes to seeing JW on the small screen. *aigoo* happy for equator man fans but sad for us.


    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Softy,

      EM is full of suspend. I’m a fan of UTW and his acting in EM is superb. The story now getting better but I don’t like the over dramatic background music. Heh.

      What I like about UTW is, he’s a dorky guy in 1N2D but show an intense and charismatic acting in Equator Man. H.O.T.

      Sigh. Now we have to wait longer for our Joo Won 😦 I’m with you, I hope that the strike will end soon, KBS should do something ASAP.. Come on, 1N2D is like Korea’s no. 1 show.


    • Jenni says:

      omo..???? JW’s new drama will going to start in June?? aigooo that’s so sad!! i read in JW chinesse fans club the PD’s gaksital and my husband got a family joined the strike..omoomo!!it was like nightmare! i’m worried about gaksital’s rating coz when the other new drama will premiere their first episode on May 31 ( MBC&SBS ) and stealing some viewers’s attention first!
      i watched EM,and that’s true the story getting better. i like UTW’s acting he is so amazing in EM,and i heard the rating for EM beats RP and K2H for the last episode ( ep 9 & 10 )


      • bbblue73 says:

        EM,RP,K2H have different drama storyline & but in terms of acting i will praise UTW. So i believe to this qoutes ” don’t judge a book by its own cover”. UTW is such a dorky guy esp in 1N2D but wow, his acting is superb & the story of this drama between two friends is quite interesting. Just like our JOOWON he is so shy in real life but when he hold mic on the stage ( wow,he’s very entertaining) & when his acting in all drama were all DAEBAK.
        I hope that this strike will end as soon as possible. I bet this PD’s who joined the strike just recently( master PD chief of gaksital) is much more concern about the insurances & benefits towards the employees & crew. The sad accident happened a week ago might be his basis.
        Jenni, don’t worry much. Let’s just pray & hope that things will be OK.


    • nonski says:

      downloading but not watching yet… reading the recaps too and seems good but got a little irked cuz it moved the bridal mask premiere. 😦 even tho, i like utw much, never can replace seeing jw!


    • Gaeina Lee says:

      Revenge or mystery/suspense drama-movie is definitely his forte. He acts best in such characters, it makes me understand why they nicknamed him “Uhm-force”.. He is born avenger, I think.

      If you love him in The Devil and Resurrection, you will be wow-ed by him all over again in EM. And, we could ogle his beautiful-shirtless body working out.. it’s, oh, so, priceless! So I personally hope 4 eps extension means more of such scenes…~ A woman can only hope and pray… ^^


  9. sammi says:

    Apparently the news of EM getting extended is groundless and untrue. Thats what it says in the soompi thread of EM.


  10. anonymous says:

    “As it was speculated earlier, it has been confirmed that KBS 2TV‘s ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ will not be airing a new episode this weekend nor the next weekend.

    On April 25th, a representative of KBS revealed, “It has been confirmed that ’1 Night 2 Days’ will not air a new episode for 2 weeks.” They stated that this was because with the main production director, Choi Jae Hyung, and the production staff joined the union strike, the show was unable to capture enough footage to broadcast an episode” via allkpop/nate

    Crap. No 1N2D for 2 weeks!!!!!


  11. sandrouu21 says:

    Loool it was so funny!! I’m goin to look for the scene where Jiwon is singin hihi and i’m glad u’re whatchin The King 2 Heart 😛


  12. SS says:

    While we moan that there will be no 1N2D for 2 weeks, we can take heart that hopefully we are able to see some good shots/clips of Joowon tonight (waiting fervently for Softy’s Baeksang Awards experience).

    Meanwhile, as a filler, I grinned like crazy looking at these cute gifs posted on chinese baidu page. This guy is super adorable, can I put him in my pocket?


    i love the ‘chewing food” gif , the “shaking head together with CTH” gif and the one at the end of the trot performance where he punched his fist in the air, LOL!


    • elli says:

      Thanks SS. Sad already thinking that no Joo Won for 2 weeks, and we have to wait longer for his new drama. Argh.

      CTH and JW looks like they’re in same age and CTH the mischievous one. I love the black and white gifs of him looking ‘evil’ after hiding his hyung shoes.

      Hope he win tonight and hope that Softy manage to get his picture. Softy and Joo Won fighting!


      • SS says:

        LOL! They are not the same age but neither act their age in 1N2D!

        JW is a 2 year old trapped in a 1.85m body. CTH is a 2 year old trapped in a 1.58m body(ok ok he is taller but he sure looks it standing besides JW and SK)

        Perhaps their ‘age’ explains all those baby hats they wear, huh?


        • elli@gmail.com says:

          But one already married with two kids! CTH close to UTW’s age but UTW like ‘samchun’ (uncle) to Joo Won 🙂

          Only JW and CTH tlike to wear baby hats and bright colour outfit. Lol. I’m gonna miss their bromance.


    • enz says:

      so cute. thanks for the link 🙂


  13. sammi says:

    So they won’t air 1N2D for two weeks ?? I thought they are going to air 1N2D with highlights from the previous episodes.. so we have no 1N2D at all oh son of a monkey this is torture!!


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