Rooftop Prince E10

I love the baffled look on his face as H acts like a crazed woman trying to distract him with cherry blossoms so he won’t know what she did. Even when things are serious, the writer loves to throw in some humor. That’s what sets this drama apart from the rest – it maintains the heart of the story without sacrificing the laughter.

Thank you Semi-fly for keeping up with this crazy schedule – you worked so hard tonight. 🙂

Our dear sweet Sparkskey translated Ep11 Preview for us: Lee Gak obtains Yong Taeyong’s handphone and goes to the service center for the password to unlock it. Chisan suddenly gets a stomach ache and gets flustered, Manbo and Yongsool are also flustered and have no idea what to do. With the help of Sena, who came for the BBQ Party, they send Chisan to the hospital. After this incident, the 3 friends start to miss home….

HAHA of all things, he gets knocked down with a stomachache???

My fingers are numb from typing so fast for the past two hours. I should feel exhausted, but I am giddy from the last scene and wish E11 was around the corner. I literally screamed at the screen “don’t you dare end there.” Make G do something. He already declared to his grandmother that he likes H so make him prove it to her now.  H said what’s in her heart through the text so make him react to it. Is G really going to do the unthinkable and marry the wrong woman twice? Guess he doesn’t have a choice since they think this is the only way they can get back to Joseon. Three other people are counting on him to do the right thing and not follow his heart, but the problem is following his heart is all that G wants to do at this point.

written before it aired:

Lately I’ve come to the conclusion that ultimately all kdramas portray how much of a far reaching affect love has on people. The leads grow from brusque, uncaring selfish individuals to those who are willing to put everything on the line to protect the one they love. What sets RP apart from all the others is that our leading man happens to have two women he wants to protect – the memory of his beloved wife by finding her killers and wanting to hold onto his current love who made him a better prince, person, and man. From day one, when I saw his interactions with his sister in law, I thought even though he is a married man, you can’t fault him for turning toward the light instead of being shadowed in deception. The princess was cunning and devious back then so I wonder if her reincarnation has it in her to do the same and take what doesn’t belong to her again.  At least this time around, H has a firm foothold on G’s feelings so it won’t be so easy for S to lure him away from H. Karmic retribution can be a pain that way.


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Starts from H walking over to meet G. then that last scene of dialogue and how she gave him back his handkerchief. She said I found it for you. he asks if she suffered looking all night to find it. S: cuz I thought it was important to you. G: thank you very much. S hugs him when she sees H headed their way. then S pretends to kiss him and H sees that and turns and cries.

(S didn’t really kiss him though. But it looked like it from H’s vantage point)

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(007167)12-51-23]

H walks away and heads home upset.

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(007768)12-52-01]

S and G walk over to namsan tower. She asks if he really hasn’t gone up there. he says he hasn’t. she says how she hasn’t gone up their either cuz she cant go alone and didnt want to go up with someone who has been there before. how should I put it. that I wanted to share that first time feeling. I want to go there quickly.  let’s hurry and go.

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(009770)12-54-04]

H walks over and finds a basketball court with a basketball nearby so she plays alone

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(010260)12-54-26]

S and G look at the city lights. S: People must live in those lights. From lights you can see from far away, they look happy but if you look close there are people who fight, feel sad, or have lots of people who are lonely. G repeats: lights you see from far away look happy. S: stars at night are like that too huh. G: which side are you. Do you look beautiful from a distance or are you beautiful when looked upon closely. S: not sure cuz I can’t see myself. When you see a view -from a distance or nearby -which side do you like. G: when it’s a view, I think it would be nice if I was in it. Cuz of that, I liked looking at it from afar. then realizing it really is nice like I guessed is good. I think the same way of people. He says it’s getting late but she say let’s go ride cable cars.

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The 3 guys walk by and see H. C asks if she feels better. She throws the ball at him and asks don’t I seem well now. M says how she was supposed to have dinner with G cuz of her birthday. Didn’t you meet him.H: I don’t know. M guesses from how well she is dressed that she went to meet G, but she says no i met a friend and ate.

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Y asks what she is doing alone at night. H: basketball. She teaches them how to play basketball. She tells him to try throwing it. Y jumps really high and dunks it. C and M clap. M says daebak. She says let’s play a game

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(016053)13-06-52]

G and S are about to ride but he says let’s just go back for today. She says let’s ride since we came all this way. He says let’s meet tm at the office. She says then see you tm. G leaves

G learned to drive i guess. He is on the phone with C and asks where are you exactly

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(017797)13-10-13]

H and the guys are playing when G gets there. she waves G over to hurry and join them. She says let’s play in teams. Loser team has to follow the winner’s wish. C is too tired so he sits out. M says I will be on Y’s team and H and G can be on the other team but she holds Y’s arm and says no, I will be on Y’s team and you two handle it on your own. G is alarmed that she is holding Y and Y just stands still. G says I will be on Y’s team but H suggests paper rock scissors by standing and sitting. G motioned for Y to sit like him but Y doesn’t obey and stands. H is happy to be paired with Y. Y can’t face G. H asks Y: do you not like it? Y: I do.

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They all play and C pronounces Y and H the winner. Y and H high five each other. G glares at Y. M: what ability do I have. G will grant your wish. G tells them to say what their wish is and pulls out his wallet. Y tells her to make the wish.H: is it ok if I do that. Y: it doesn’t matter. G: what is your wish.

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(022717)13-21-33]

She gets close and says let me hit you once. She punches him in the stomach. G orders them to punish her but Y disobeys and they all get on their knees and Y says I committed a sin that deserves death. G: as long as you know.

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(024350)13-24-01]

The guys sing happy birthday to her off key and they clap. M says we prepared this cake. Did you not prepare anything. C asks G: did you come empty handed. G almost takes his present out but says isnt the cake enough. He says he doesn’t feel well and will sleep early and goes in. H: this cake looks yummy how could you make this yourselves. You made it so well. M calls out to G to eat the cake since he likes sweet things. He wonders if G’s tummy still hurts from H hitting him. Y tells her not to touch G’s body again

H remembers S kissing G.

G looks at his present for H and puts it away in a drawer

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S meets with Pyo and says I have something to tell you. she asks if she cant move and work under him. He says there are only the 3 guys with him. She says she wants to learn from the start. He asks if chairman will allow that. S says if you ask chairman will allow it. pyo says ok I will convince the chairman. I don’t have time now so let’s talk later. She thanks him.

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T’s dad heard all that and comes over saying S is clever. since you cant make it work out with T now you are after TY. And thinking of working with the guy i hate most (meaning Pyo) I clearly told you to resign by today and leave quietly. I will say one more thing- if you dont tender your resignation by today I will action

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(032824)13-44-31]

S and H run into each other in the bathroom as H washes some plastic vegetables. S accuses H of telling T’s dad. H asks what are you talking about. Move. S: you crossed a line you shouldn’t have. You said you wouldn’t cross that line that you wouldn’t tell anyone. Did you like telling that I didn’t have a mom who was a professor at a college in England and a mother who sells fish. H says look elsewhere if you feel indignant and it’s unfair instead of holding onto someone who didn’t do anything. Move. If you lied on your own and suspect on your own what am I supposed to do. S knocks everything out of her hand. H: How can this end? S: I will steal everything that is yours. All of it.  H gets in trouble for dropping those vegetables right before the show when there isn’t any time. h says sorry.

Chairman meets with Pyo and T’s dad. She says without any ability TY can’t stay at the company even if he is her grandson and heir. T’s dad says how TY isn’t doing anything and just taking up space so there are lots of complaints about him. She wonders what TY needs to do to calm the complaints. He says for TY to show he is matured and has talent. Pyo says we need more time to show Ty’s ability. The dad says more complaints might come out. pyo asks who is the one complaining.tell him to come out.she says when the product comes out, advertise it and sell it then decide after seeing the results. Pyo says to T’s dad let’s do this. T’s: try to do well.

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The aunt hears pyo and T’s dad arguing. Pyo says must you try to kick TY out. The dad calls pyo crazy. Pyo says a person needs loyalty.even a dog repays someone who is good to it. Pyo calls him dog poop. The dad insults pyo. so the aunt makes T’s dad apologize to pyo and calls pyo her husband. T’s dad asks is this for real. but pyo says I am not your aunt’s husband.

Pyo’s tells his team they have to find a product to sell and they dont have much time. Pyo assigns tasks – for TY to find a product item and the rest to plan to sell it. S comes and pyo says the chairman agreed to let S work with them this one time. G welcomes her. She tells G how she always hides a product when they comes out

S takes G to meet some manager who is going to explain about their mask packs.

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(040400)13-49-42]

S asks G – doesnt it look like selling the product will go well. He says thanks to her it will. S asks if her behavior last night took him by surprised. He says it didn’t. She says but he just left at namsan. He says how there were things to do at home. She says she found out at the office today that it was H’s birthday yesterday. So that’s when I realized you left namsan in such a hurry. He says they were all waiting at home. S: can i ask what your relationship is with H. Since i started liking you, i confessed my feelings to you. When i got home and thought about it realistically, i was bothered by H. if I am in the way then I thought I should apologize and back out. he says you don’t need to worry about that. S: really? Thank goodness. I worried all night

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H meets with C and asks whats going on. C asks if she wants to eat anything today -say anything you want that is expensive. H says why are you like this- it’s making me nervous – did you do so something wrong to me? C says that’s not it – we get paid today. H: really? C: thats why we want to treat you. She calls him cute. He says let’s meet after work

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Pyo says they worked hard for a month and pays them in cash cuz they don’t have bank accounts. Pyo says they will have higher pay when they become official employees so work hard. Y thanks him. M gives him money saying thank you for teaching us a lot. Each guy gives him money. Pyo:what is this. M gives more. C: we will give you more when we become official employees. Y: i almost forgot. He switches out ten bucks for 50. pyo: is this a tip? Since I got tipped should I dance for you. they give him more money so pyo throws money and says they learned bad habits somewhere. c thinks pyo got mad about the money amount.

S is driving G and asks if she should take him home if he is getting off work but he says do you want to go – I am playing squash with T. S: should i? If you do what you learned you will do well. G: this time I will be sure to win

S watches the two guys play.

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(048899)13-56-22]

T says G got a lot better. G: my body is remembering. T: you are trying. G: I have to try as much as you.

T asks if S has been with G all this time. she says she was ordered to by Pyo. He says don’t pay attention to that punk from here on. S: how can you talk like that. T: he isnt TY. S: if he isnt TY the who is he. T: I am going to reveal that guy’s objective. So don’t be around him and be careful cuz it’s dangerous

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(050667)13-57-10]

H meets with the guys and says they came early. She looks for G. C tells her how G went with S on a business trip so it’s just us 3. H asks what they should do first- eat or drink beer. M says chicken and beer. C: here, they say you should buy your family presents with your first paycheck. She compliments C for thinking of his family. Then should we buy gifts first? But what family. They look sad and M says we have family in joseon too. H: I am sorry – I was short sighted. I am really sorry. C says it’s ok and suggests separating and buying presents and then meeting up afterwards.

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(053121)14-00-22]

Each guys talks about his family. C says how he bought a box of hot packs (for soreness) that you stick on your body. In Joseon I don’t have siblings but I have a mother who works for noblemen and works hard. When she comes home her back always hurts and says her arms and legs ache so I bought her hot packs. If she sticks this on, it will feel refreshing and her pain will dissipate. M says I bought this makeup cuz i have a younger sister who is 16. She is kind and pretty. I wonder what she is doing now. She must have looked for her brother who disappeared and must have given up by now and thought I was dead. Y says I bought beef jerky. After losing my sister and mother under the knife of a nobleman, my father became ill. If only he could eat warm meat with rice he could get energy and get up but at home we couldn’t afford that. I want to buy raw beef they said this beef jerky lasts a long time so I bought it. H cries hearing their stories so C says don’t cry – we said we wouldn’t cry. H: I am not crying. C says we got a present for you to thank you. M and y thank her. she says you shouldn’t have and asks what it is. It’s something racy and lacy. C asks if she likes it. C says I told them your age and personality and they suggested that. H: how is my personality. C: I heard from the prince that it’s unusual. She changes subject and says let’s drink beer. Cheers.

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(059651)14-02-35]

They all eat popsicles and C says he wants to take something back to joseon with him. M asks Y and C- do you want to keep living here or hurry and go back to joseon. C says even if living here is nice he wants to hurry back to joseon. Y thinks that too. H: so you do. M: are you upset cuz we want to go back even though you are good to us. She says that’s not it- she didn’t know their hearts too much all this time. C says even if they don’t know when they will go back to joseon they plan to have fun while they are here. C sees something fun over there and says let’s all go there.

They take sticker pictures. H passes them out. C says how Y has to cover his cheeks to make his face appear smaller.

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(063577)14-05-04]

H shows them how to take their pics with special effects to get rid of their imperfections and offers to pay for retakes. They marvel how clean their faces look. She messes up and made C’s eyes disappear. M tells C to open his eyes more and C claims I did.

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(067316)14-06-44]

While the other two play video games, H asks M when he thinks they are going to go back to joseon. M: we cant know that. she says I heard you came to meet someone, after you meet will you go back. M: the prince told you that much. We came from an unknown power from joseon to here so it must have been to meet that person.she asks if he knows who that person is.M: we know and already met. H: you already met? Who is it. M: the prince came here to meet the crown princess. her reincarnation lives here. A reincarnated person doesn’t remember her former life so it’s only natural she doesn’t know she used to be a princess so she doesn’t know who the prince is. H: so you came from joseon to meet the princess and you already met her. M: if he marries the princess again here then we can solve the problem and after that we can go back. H: then who is the crown princess. M: the princess is secretary hong.

H stands there and remembers everything about what G said and how he gave the bracelet to S. and how S said I will take everything that is yours.

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(072222)14-08-20]

H looks down and sees G getting out of S’s car. G smiles and walks away but S honks and holds up his phone. he says I almost lost it. thank you. she says I had fun today. And waves bye. He says go safely

G walks up and asks what H is doing here. H: just standing around. he asks if everyone went somewhere. She says they went to play basketball. He says I heard you all went somewhere today cuz it was pay day so what did you do, but she walks off

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(076511)14-22-24]

The 3 guys are coming back and S honks at them. She says how she dropped off TY and the product will turn out well. let’s all eat together cuz I want to become closer. She says she will prepare BBQ tm and bring it to the rooftop cuz it will be nice to grill- noon is ok? They say yes and M says see you tm at noon. She says see you tm. Have a good workout.

C says it looks like S got closer with G. m thinks so too. M says something good might happen. C asks if M means if G and S register for marriage they might discover the exact reason why they came here. M says of course. The moment we know everything about the princess death we will be able to go back to Joseon. Y says when they go back, they can catch the criminals. M says let’s do our best for that to happen even a day sooner. C says let’s do our best for G and S to get closer. Y thinks it might be good to trap the two of them. C thinks maybe not doing anything might help. M thinks doesn’t he know H is the problem.

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(079385)14-23-52]

H is drinking and G comes over and joins her. she gets up. He asks why she keeps avoiding him. H: what did i avoid? G: you dont reply when i try to talk, if i get close you run off, whats going on again. H: again? G: whats going on. she says nothing is going on. He asks should we grill meat that you like tm? She says check with someone else

S goes home and her place is empty. She remembers T’s dad saying if she doesn’t resign by today he will take action

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(083302)14-25-58]

T drives over to S’s place. She packs up some clothes. He says this is her home so where is she going. She says this is T’s home so he could do this. he says you know i didnt do this. Put your bag down. I will bring back the furniture. Father went too far. I will meet him. S: why?so you can convince him. T: I will pack and leave home too. Let’s live here together.S: how can I keep staying here. He offers to take her somewhere else like a hotel to stay if she doesn’t like this place.during that time we can get another home. She says no -for the time being she cant go to work and leaves

S goes to her mom’s place and lies she let out her place but it was rented out sooner than she thought. Her mom offers food but S declines

H remembers what M said about how if G marries the princess here they can all go back

Pyo hears from the aunt that TY is dating S and T went on a blind date. Aunt says cuz it’s spring everyone is looking for their partners. Pyo asks if that is all she wanted to say. Cuz she could have said that at the office in 3 mins. aunt asks if they cant do that too. He asks if she means find partners. He says he is busy and leaves.she says you will cling to me one day

H asks what to make for lunch. Y says there is no need to prepare it. C says how they are going to have a barbeque party with S later.

Becky and mimi give H keys to ride her bike and tells H where to find the bike. H thanks her and asks if she can give it back late. becky tells her it gets chilly if she rides too long. H says she wants to clear her head by riding. she says I will use it well and give it back and leaves. mimi says H’s face says she has a lot of concerns.

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(091093)14-29-00]

M is showing Y how to make the fire and tries to do it himself. G comes out and asks where H went cuz he cant see her. M says she went downstairs. C asks: Isnt sec hong  coming soon but G leaves

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(094001)14-32-21]

H is riding her bike and G is on one too and went looking for her. he catches up to her. she asks why he is here. he asks why she is here and not eating her fav food. She says she doesn’t feel well (indigestion) and came outside. She tells him not to follow her and rides off. G calls out: I am not following you. he goes after her.

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(096007)14-34-43]

They sit and rest. He says I am thirsty so go and buy something sweet. She says I wont run your errands anymore. He gives her bday present and tells her to take it. H: what is this? G: your birthday present. She says it’s ok from now on I wont accept anything at all. G: are you angry cuz the present is late or are you angry cuz you dont like it. H: I’m not mad. G: you have been continually angry ever since yesterday. you are really strange. you make me bothered and follow you all the way here. it’s annoying to keep being bothered by this. normally I am not someone who gets concerned about others.  I don’t know why I followed you. H: who said to follow me. G: from now on I wont pay attention to you. he leaves .

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(099071)14-37-02]

H cries and says in her head: even though you didn’t come here to meet me I still want to like you. she texts him “I like you.” then she adds “I love you.”

G gets the text but his phone was in his pocket so he didnt know.

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(100249)14-38-16]

H realizes what she just did and tries to cancel – she thinks she is totally crazy for sending that. she is about to go after him, but G came back on his own. G says I think we need to talk some more. wait while I buy something to drink. he walks off.  She thinks he didnt read it yet. She checks his phone and sees he didn’t read it yet. She doesn’t know his password. what could it be. I have to figure it out and erase it. what do I do. she sees him coming back with ice cream instead of drinks.  She panics and buries his phone.  He comes back and says let’s talk slowly. he is about to sit but H says wait a minute. she points and says look at those cherry blossoms it looks like it’s snowing doesnt it. let’s go over there and look at it. to be honest I am not angry. let’s go.

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(103824)14-42-38]

she tries to distract G from the dog digging. a man comes over asking what’s wrong and the dog owners says something is in the ground cuz my dog finds those things well. The man says what could be in there. she says her dog keeps digging though. H tells G to look over there at the cherry blossoms – they are so pretty. G tells her to be still cuz something unusual is over there. H says what could be in the ground. the dog is just barking. let’s go. you cant see that. let’s go. the man checks and says it’s a phone. G says isnt that my phone. he calls out and says that looks like my phone.

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(105477)14-43-39]

G gets it back. He asks H did you bury this. H: how did it get there. G: do you feel better burying it. is that how you are tormenting me. he gets the text. G: did you send a text.

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(106578)14-44-22]

She takes off on her bike. He reads the text. : I like you – I love you. He is shocked and looks over in the direction she took off.

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(107892)14-46-33]

She rides off but he catches up to her and blocks her path. he looks at her. she looks down.

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(108287)14-46-49]


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just more cartoons and NGs

The way G looked at H – didn’t it seem like he was partially angry at her. it’s like he is thinking – I had this plan to marry the princess after I found her, but along the way you got in my way by coming into my heart. I still have to do my job and marry the princess so the 4 of us can go back to joseon but now you made that unbearable. Even though I am pretending to be TY now, I am still the prince inside so I have to carry out my duties. But now you made that a burden cuz the thought of leaving you behind makes it impossible to imagine ever leaving your side. There definitely was a look of blame on his face so that’s why I am doubly curious what his next words will be. Secretly I just wish he didn’t say anything accusatory and just kiss her for real this time. Mouth to mouth resuscitation was adorable, but it can’t take the place of watching them finally acknowledge their feelings for each other.  I have a feeling hearts will be racing all over the world as we watch how this scene unfolds next week.

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(022485)13-21-00]

Fanderay’s comments:

OK, this episode was fantastic. I always just expect things to get dragged out in kdramas because I’m so used to bluffs and being led on. Well, not today! Before I talk about the end though, I need to talk about the beginning!

The basketball and the payday put massive grins on my face, and I couldn’t get enough, but I’m used to the boys making me smile. I am not used to them making me cry! I think the scene of them sharing stories with H about their families was the sweetest moment of the entire drama thus far. I think the contrast between their usual silliness and those few minutes of vulnerable honesty is what really made it hit home. I’m not sure if I felt worse worse due to empathy, or the confirmation that they really do need to go back to the past, but I love that this show can mess with my emotions so deftly.

It’s pretty obvious that all the boys have the wrong mission in mind. I don’t think that replacing their dead princess is going to send them back to the past (and it’s sort of a creepy concept anyways). I think that G’s true purpose is to understand real love, and realize that there is someone else in the past he should be living for. Once he connects H to his sister-in-law, hopefully it’ll all come together, but we spent so little time in the past that it’s hard for me to see the two women as the same person, and trust that if G loves one, he will love the other. This drama has done such a great job so far that I trust it will put my worries to rest, but meanwhile I’m dying to see how it all plays out.

This drama needs to be given a trophy for someone actually writing a meaningful text and then sending it. It needs to be given a second trophy for having the receiver actually read the text. When does this ever happen? I was freaking out right along with H when she sent it, and loved watching her hilariously try to rectify her mistake (I wasn’t even that disappointed when she got a hold of his phone because I never expected that he would actually get to see it). When he got it back (the way he dryly accused her of burying it cracked me up) and saw that she texted him I thought for sure she would snatch it away and throw it in the water, but I was wrong again! Honestly, I probably would’ve fled too. I still can’t believe that he knows now, and I have no idea what he’s going to do.

At this point I’m feeling a little desperate for these two to be together. Can’t just G stay in the present? Heck, I’m willing to consider him taking H to the past and having two of her!

I’m pretty sure I had a bunch of other things to talk about concerning this episode, but the standout moments have overwhelmed my brain and I can’t think of anything else. This drama deserves to lead the ratings; it just keeps getting better!

옥탑방 왕세자.E10.120419.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(064402)14-06-02]


109 comments on “Rooftop Prince E10

  1. pitnee says:

    I don’t know if anyone mentioned the following possibility before?
    So, we presume that many things happened/will happen in the present would be counterpart of what happened in the past. If we think that it’s actually Bu Young who drowned in the pond and was killed by the Crown princess, there’s a possibility that S might do the same thing to H in the present. We are quite sure that G loves H (hasn’t admitted now, but soon) and H is also a daughter of CEO Jang. Also, S already announced that she will steal everything from H. With some serious situation (or maybe accidentally), S’s action (or may involve TM) leads to harm H’s live and G might be the person who save H in the present. Then, the murder case in the past is also solved?


  2. eci says:

    could it be the meaning of the riddle is “the truth”. The embroidered butterfly went alive and flies to the modern time. It will be the key to reveal the truth with what happened to Bu Yong.


  3. meli says:

    Does anyone notice when Tae Yong drown into the sea, clip of the “princess” that drown was shown and their hands look like holding hands? so i assume that is Bu Yong that died.


  4. meli says:

    So the present Tae Yong died with the past Park Ha, and the past Tae Yong come to modern time to meet the present Park Ha. Just another thought 🙂


  5. Ep11 Preview:
    Lee Gak obtains Yong Taeyong’s handphone and goes to the service centre for the password to unlock it. Chisan suddenky gets a stomach ache and gets flustered, Manbo and Yongsool are also flustered and have no idea what to do. With the help of Sena, who came for the BBQ Party, they send Chisan to the hospital. After this incident, the 3 friends start to miss home….

    HAHA of all things, he gets knocked down with a stomachache???


    • jennlo says:

      sorry i dunno how to post the vid here… ep 11 preview is out.. =)


    • Softy says:

      thanks for the preview. next time you just have to press enter with just the link itself and no brackets to make it visible. 🙂

      G tells H: dont like me.
      then he asks his grandma to hurry and have the wedding (between S and him)
      T yells at S: who are you saying you are going to marry right now?
      suddenly the volume went down and cant hear what T said to G ( think he asked if G has other reasons) G says “you will see soon”
      H tells G a date and G tells her that the reason why TY couldnt meet her was cuz he was dead.
      M says C suddenly has a tummy ache and cant come to his senses. Y worries: he wont die right?
      G tells S: I just stepped out for a bit. S says it makes me worry (it bothers me) when you say it’s nothing at all.
      H asks: cant we just live together with the fish in its bowl?
      G goes to H and says: park ha -take responsibility.

      *OMG that is hilarious – that’s what girls usually say to guys – never heard a guy say it before – much less a prince. bet he wants her to take responsibility for making him fall in love with her and making it hard for him to marry S. they are sooooo adorable. 🙂


      • Kayana20 says:

        Yes and he is crazy to think she should do that.Lol no way he should open his eyes and see his soulmate is right there.


      • nonski says:

        thanks heaps for the preview… was about to post one when i saw this 🙂

        thanks so much softy for the translations, the preview is a lot more exciting with your trans. mwuah!

        i am all excited for tonight!


  6. ditu3ka says:

    Does G wear the same clothes in tha first and last scene? It looks like the last scene comes before the first one … it doesn´t look that good … worried, worried…


    • Smalltank says:

      I agree that the last scene seems to preceed the first scene.. Ep 11 is likely going to be another sad + angsty one. Lets be positive, i am sure PD-nim will give us some happy moments soon! 🙂


  7. bakhaNleegak says:

    i hope it won’t turn out like this —> lee gak finally married sena,and the four of them *G,M,C,Y* finally going back to joseon,but when they are there..just to found out that the crown princess was still alive,and its the crown princess sister *bu yong* was the one to have drowned *that all of them think it is the crown princess*..then lee gak was relieve that it wasn’t his princess..but then when he see the death body of bu yong *finally see bu yong face with the scar.*…he was shock and regret but..he cant go back to the future already…in the end..park ha go to live in america with her friend..and meet the blind date guy*the man who act as yeom character in the drama the moon that embrace the sun*..which mean ..park ha live happily with that blind date guy T_T

    i hope it won’t end up like that..but if it does end up like this..i can still accept it *if park ha can have a better life with *The blind date guy*

    ps:im sorry that my english is kinda bad.. 😥


    • Anonymous says:

      …i could imagine that.. ;-;


    • wanzhaf says:

      Kekekeke, i hope NOT, not ever. If LG has to go back to his time, let him be miserable and missing PH so much that he will insanely try to find a way back to her side. And let PH have a happy ending. If LG is not her fate the second time round, the let it be TY who fall in love with her at first sight. While drowning, it was shown that his eyes were opened, right? So its possible he is alive, wondering around to figure out who the hell is he, and a chance meeting with PH again will make him remember. Hahaha, that kind of ending, i swear will quite satisfy me. But the best will be he comes back for her. LG-PH’s love will be, what word should i use?? (hah, my poor english!!)… time and place restrict nothing ( i am sure theres one beautiful phrase that can summarize that) But please not that blind-date. Not because he is not good enough for her but this is Park Ha – Lee Gak love story, not anyone else 🙂


  8. Ginko says:

    I saw a BIG spoiler at Soompi for this week episode, so I have to rush to add some Ep10-gifs now, coz people are going to gaga over Ep11 and 12 they may forget about Ep10 🙂

    Basket ball scene

    PH’s punching LG

    Park Ha’s birthday

    Park Ha and Chi San


  9. mizweng says:

    OMG talk about dying of jealousy!!!!! that’s what is happening to me right now…i wish i have super powers where i can turn myself into air and just blow myself to where u are and be inside ur clutch or shoes so i can join u tonight when u see those awesome and hot actors… i can drool for u so that u can’t ruin ur fantastic outfit…mind u, i can still be useful yunno….seriously, am soooo envious of u girl,like all the rest here…..

    am so glad i visited this morning to read your recap before watching the episode…. boy! will be counting the hours from this moment onwards til i read your blow-by-blow account of your amazing experience with K stars!!!! hmmmmm i think you saved a country in your past life to be this lucky,,,,,,,, hahaha spoken like a Kdrama addict i know….

    Have fun tonight my dearest Softy…don’t worry about anything….just enjoy this wonderful experience… and if you can blow JW a kiss for me…and LMH and YAI and Mickey and KJH and all the other hot actors you can see….. I’ll be very happy indeed…naaaaaah am NOT greedy….. ^__^


  10. nursEe_Rain says:

    Glad I found this site, thnx for all ‘ur harwork!


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