1N2D S2E6

I always knew UTW favored JW, but I had no idea to this extent. The man couldn’t keep his hands off of him. Should Uee be worried here? cuz it looks like UTW decided to adopt JW. They are so adorable together. Maybe it’s cuz TW grew up with sisters so he always wanted a baby brother like JW. What amuses me even more is JW is taking all this in stride like it’s the most natural thing in the world to be cuddled by a hyung – probably cuz he has a hyung of his own.  TW used to hug Jiwon a lot on season one so I guess JW has taken Jiwon’s place.  🙂

Thank you Semi-fly for dropping off torrents super fast so I can get these screencaps up quicker. 🙂

*I seem to have this crazy ability to capture any great shots of JW even when there are slim pickins. Doesnt matter how many tries it takes, when I see a shot I like, I wont stop till I have it. As for the whole hat debate, let’s keep an open mind on the bigger prize – next week these guys are going to entertain the people there so that means someone other than SK might sing – crossing my fingers for JW and TH. 🙂


Starts with an extra long recap of what happened last week. Then they show JM driving off and leaving the guys behind.

SW: did that guy just go? SG: he ran away just now. SW: what is this.

TH: we got our phones taken away for nothing. TW: that’s what I am saying. TH laughs as he drives. TH: what is this.  JW is sitting in the back. TW: after we gave him the phones I felt nervous. JW laughs.

JM talks about how the others don’t have their phones and as long as he doesnt get caught, he will complete the mission. He looks behind and the guys are following him. JM: are they following me? I am going crazy. why are they following like this. it’s scary. This is no joke.

SG’s group laughs as they follow JM. SW: the other car is following us too. what is this. then it’s the same picture.

TW says: he is going to malhang. I think he is thinking since he has our phones he thinks he can just continue going around introducing those places. TH: what is he going to do when he gets out of the car. TW:  just wait till I catch him – gonna throw him into the ocean.

both cars trail Jm’s car.

SG: what are we doing right now.

JW suggests texting JM. TW and TH point out there are no phones. JW: oh yeah we dont have phones. he was looking for his phone and realized he doesn’t have it.

JM decides it’s better to pull the car aside and have negotiations. if we keep going like this we are going to end up driving till 1pm

TH’s team sees the other two cars pull over so TW and them say block JM. Both cars corner JM and JM asks the PD to put TH on the phone. PD tells JM to wait a minute. JM says this is a blockbuster. The PD comes over to give TH a phone to use to speak with JM. JM wants to negotiate with TW’s team. JM wants them to block the other 3. TH and TW ask if JM means to only make a deal with them. SW heard that from outside and goes and tells his team. SG asks why the PD is letting negotiations go on with the other team only.

TH and TW ask what they are going to get out of this from JM. TH: cuz we dont even have our phones. JM: I am asking you to block the other 3 cuz I will give your phones back. TH tells JM to be careful of your left side cuz the other team is onto what you are doing. SG knocks on JM’s window. TH tells JM that SW came into their car and SG is at JM’s window now.  JM asks to speak to SG.  TH calls SG over to speak to JM. JM says answer the phone away from others. someone has to eat food. JM keeps talking while they are all outside.  TW knocks on the window. SG says to JM give our phones back and let’s start over. We will give you a ten mins head start so give us the phones and leave. Go wherever you want to go. JM: ok then give me ten mins. TW yells thru the window we said we will give it to you.

JM gets the guys to stand back with their hands up. TW: who can take the phones if we do this? JM: I will go out and give it to you. promise you wont touch me. JW: listen well to (JM) hyung. SW points out their roles have been reversed (cuz their hands shouldnt be up right now it should be JM) TH laughs. JM motions for the guys to back up more. SK points out they cant even take pics so they should be able to put their hands down. someone says just give us our phones. JM gets out and tells them to back up more. JM says we made a deal – you are giving me a ten min head start.

suddenly TW grabs JM in a neck hold and JM says you are going back on your promise. TH says each guy should get to flick JM’s forehead once before JM leaves. TH: if you get hit by each one of us then we will let you go. SG says the same thing. they drag JM out and hold him down.  each guy takes turns flicking JM. JM complains “why arent you keeping your promises. is this negotiating” TW and SG flick really hard so that JM sees stars. SK tries to hit hard but SW says that was weak cuz your finger slipped. TH hits and then JW flicks pretty hard too.  Then the guys put their hands back up and move away cuz JM wants them next to the wall. They keep asking “what did we do wrong. (as in we are not the criminal)” TH: it’s cuz JM got flicked. JM says SK is acting weird – he looks like he is going to hit me. JM is upset and wants 15 mins head start now.  JM gives the guys phones to the PD and says make sure they leave after 15 mins. SG says to JM – just promise one thing. if you cant get away like in this situation, dont lock the car. even as the audience watches, if you lock your car, isnt that too cowardly. JM retorts isnt it more cowardly for all of then to gang up on him. JM tries to bargain for 20 mins head start – stare at the wall. SG says if we just put our hands down now and catch you it’s the end for you. J: but you didnt take my pic. SG: all we need to do is take our phones away. right then JW walks over to get his.  JM tries to block all of them so the guys corner JM again. they want 5 mins with the cameras off. Then JW and SK chase him. JW catches him with SK. TW brings a bag like he wants to put JM in it so they can beat him up. Jm tells the PD: after i get in the car, it’s 20mins. JM says we are playing a game for the mission. the others say they know that but they dont like the way JM is playing this.  finally JM walks away and says “call me” and “leave 20 mins after i get in the car.” SG tells the PD “let’s give him 10 mins to be cool.”

JM is in the car and wants to go quickly to the market. after this I am going to get revenge. JM heads over to malhang. JM wonders if it’s closed cuz of rain, but the market is open. He gets $10 to get food at the market. each item he buys has to be $1. While walking around in the rain, JM realizes and says how cold the hyungs must have been being caught in the rain

SG and the guys are waiting to leave. SG says it’s raining too much. look how soaked SK is. SK: it was cuz I was trying to take his picture. SG says a while ago you should have seen Bird PD’s expression. it was like he was saying “this isnt what I wanted” Everyone laughs

JM buys green onions for $1 then bean sprouts for another $1. Then socks for another dollar so he has to spend $7 more.

The teams get back in their cars. SK sounds like an old person groaning as he gets in the car. JW says something about his butt. TW says how cold it is. TH says JM is a fool if he goes to the market. TW says it’s possible he went there.

JM mutters how there arent that many people around cuz of the rain. he buys batteries and something else each for $1. he has $5 left to spend. He asks for peanuts for $1, then an apple for $1. Then 2 tangerines for $1 then kiwi then tomato until he spends it all. The market ladies ask where the other 1n2d members are. He says they will be here soon.  JM was asked to list all the items he bought but he cant remember them all. in the car, he takes a pic and sends it to the PD. He says how the PD will send it to the other guys.

SK tries to call JM but he isnt picking up. SG thinks the other team called first. SK makes a crack about JM but I cant hear clearly – all I heard was girlfriend. (can someone translate what this says)  TW calls JM and says he isnt picking up.  JM is looking at the map to decide where to go next -the bridge.

Each team guesses where JM went. they think the bridge or dangjang

JM remarks about how he came in first – arrived early and this is happening to him so he cant be taken out (eliminated)

The two teams talk to each other and SG tells the other side to speak to JM. TW says they cant cuz JM wont pick up. SK doesnt believe him so he says: TW hyung you act well in movies but it’s really strange how you cant here. SG, SW, and SK suggest both teams waiting at once place together then get the penalty all together. since they went through so much cuz of JM. TW agrees: yes I hate JM. SK says let’s each stay at once place. where will be you?  TW says we will go to the bridge and wait for JM. SW thinks it’s better to stay together. TW asks what SW trusts to think that. SK tells SW how TW said they cant trust each other if they all wait together in the same place.

TW finally speaks to JM. JM: did you call. TW: yes we gave up cuz we cant find you. we are hungry too. We wont catch you. JM asks them to block for him. TW: we will block for you. how far did you get and succeed in your mission. tell us where you went. you have to be honest for us to block the others for you. JM lies so TW that he went to malhang. TH doesn’t believe JM. TW: you are not trusting us till the end and lying right now. TH’s team came to the bridge.

SG drives by the bridge and says how pretty it is. SG hears that JM is talking to someone cuz his line is busy. TW tells JM the other team is going to the bridge. JM says then you block them at the bridge and I will go there. TW:ok. SG’s team and TH’s team pass each other and wave.

SK talks to TW and asks why are you going somewhere else when you said you were going to the bridge. TW: we arent going somewhere else. SK: didnt you speak to JM? TW: I did. SK: see – what did JM say? TW: to block him. SW: block what? TW: to block you.  SG says there are no more answers – to each his own now. SK tells TW: we are going to hukyongsoo. TW: where do we go. SW wants to just protect the 3 of them. he points out a white car. JM sees TH’s team pass by. TH says JM saw them.

JM realizes TH’s team lied when they said they were going to the bridge to block for him.

JM gets out of the car and hides

TH’s car gets to the bridge and says JM didn’t come to the bridge. there is no car. JM tries to guess where TH’s team will go now. JM: they saw me  -made a uturn and followed me and figure I am not at the bridge so they will go up to the other location

SG says there arent that many people who know what JM is like inside. he is really smart.

JM walks over to the middle of the bridge. he says how pretty it is. this is the sea and between the mountains there is this bridge. JM calls out to the PD that there are no people aside from them. He takes his pic with a girl assistant and sends the pic to the PD. *they make a cute couple. JM: i can leave right away right.

TH thinks they shouldnt have gone to huksul. SG’s team went to dangjang village. SW says this place is famous. They decide to hide the car somewhere. SG asks if JM hasn’t come yet. They decide to hide and stake out dressed as cameramen

TW wonders which way they should go so TH asks directions for huksul. TW gets the picture that JM was at the bridge and TH guesses JM was hiding and then went.

JM decides not to take calls cuz he makes mistakes and tells them info.

TH’s team pulls up and asks if JM came and went. They look around. TW sees a goat staring at them through a hole. JW: why is he glaring at us. when they go inside where all the goats are kept, TW says they are babies. look. you cant tell if they are a goat or dog. (he was pointing to a cute baby goat) TH points to a dog and says “what are you” cuz the rest are goats. TH’s team gets back in the car and TH says there are no roads except this one. they are going along a rough road that is bumpy. TW mimics JM’s voice and how JM will say “I thought I would die from the smell.” TH points to the dashboard and says a light just came on. TW thinks it means something about the front tire. TW reads the text that JM went to malhang market. TH says JM will come here or the other place. JW thinks JM will come here. TH says he will come here no matter what cuz there is not much time left. instead of waiting here it might be better to go and try to catch him since there is only one road anyway

SG decides to call a cop he knows police for tips on what to do in this situation. to ask how to catch a criminal. he texts the cop. SG says  JM might see us and turn his car around so in order to catch him here, we have to change into the camera guys. change your jacket. SG asks for some disguise so they call get raincoats. SG tells the camera PDs to go somewhere else and eat dangjang and not be here.

TH is driving on the only road that JM can come on. TW says if JM comes here then he will be caught. TH’s car gets a call that they have a flat tire on the right front. TW says they felt the car jerking along. TH thinks it was that road back there that was rough. he starts to laugh. flat tire. TW: should we change out the tire. TH laughs and says “the tire suddenly.” TW gets out and says guess we have to change the tire. TH asks where the button is to open the trunk. he gets out and jokes: I really don’t think 1n2d is right for me. TW takes out the tire. TH jokes “is it for a bike.” TW asks JW for the jack.  he really knows his way around cuz he did everything without any hesitation like he has done this a lot. JW stands around and hands him stuff. TW complains they should have driven around in higher cars so he doesnt have to squat like that on his knees to change the tire cuz the car is so low. he really got dirty doing this.

JM gets to where SG’s team is -about 500 m and wants to take the camera’s PDs car. JM says -cant we take that car. he goes over and asks if there is room. I don’t want to get caught. He gets in the camera car (a black van) and asks to be taken somewhere past where SG’s team is.

SG’s team looks like the cameramen. SW tells SK to sit down cuz anyone will know it’s you. SW says it’s fun to film like this.  SG calls his police friend and asks what to do if you catch a criminal and they wont open the door and locked the door. the cop asks are you sure he is a criminal. SG and SW say for sure he is a criminal. SG asks if I am the detective then can I break the window. He gets tips from the cop while JM drives by in the camera car.

JM gets out where he is supposed to go and asks them to wait till he gets back. meanwhile SW gets tips on how to film for real. while the camera is rolling i dont need to film?  JM takes his pic and doesn’t send it

TH’s team is still changing the tire. TH tells JW to keep lookout -be alert cuz if JM comes we have to take his pic right away. JW says then I have to be holding a camera. JW says SG called. JW says to him: cuz of the rocky mountain, we have a flat in the front tire. SG: your car got a flat? JW: so TW hyung is changing it. TW and TH yell: do you see? this is what we are doing.  JW holds the phone to show TW changing it on video. SG: show us the flat tire. SK feels sorry for the other guys. SG: why did you suddenly go off road. TW warns them the road is really rocky. JW starts to tell SG “we were going to leave” but TW suddenly yells at TH blaming TH : this never once happened. it’s after you came.” TH laughs and puts his hoodie on.  SG asks if JM is there. SG asks if JM is here somewhere but JW says there is only one road so even if JM hyung comes he will have to come down this road.

SK lists the 3 places JM went to so he should be on his way here to win or not. even though he wont succeed

JM already left where SG’s team was. JM has only one place left to go. he is going to send his pic after he leaves this place and arrives at hukongsul. then when the others get there he will be almost done there. He passes by SG’s team and keeps going.  SW watches the black van pass by and is curious where JM went. I’m just curious – not even angry anymore. SK chases after a white car to check it’s not JM’s car.

JM runs to his car saying there is no time left. only 20 mins left.

TH jokes at this rate JM will save us. TH says this is cracking me up cuz how could our tire get a flat. TW changed the tire so TH says “now I think I can change it if my own car gets a flat” (cuz TH learned how from TW) JW agrees.

JM is back in his car and says it’s 12:50 now if I speed up I can make it in plenty of time. he sends his pic. He thinks they will think he just now left since the pic was sent now. SW and SG decide to split up and SK offers to stay behind here to wait for JM. SK: call me.

TH’s team gets in the car and debates whether to go to dangjang. They see JM headed their way. JM says we are almost there. TH decides to wait for the moment JM comes in. they chases after JM and TH yells – we caught him.

JM: I was so surprised. JW and them get out and walk towards JM’s car. They take pics. JM covers his face and gets out. He gets caught. TH takes pics as the other two hold JM down. TH’s team wins. TH and JW hug. they succeeded in their mission by 1:09. TW and TH hug JM. JM: you suffered. JW hugs TW. JM: do you how much my heart was hurting for you hyungs – running away from you. TW: we know. JW: if our tire didnt get a flat here, we wouldnt have caught you. TW says how their tire got a flat so he put on the spare. JW: we were going to dangjang but we got a flat tire. JW: that’s why you couldnt go? They were going to dangjang but they got that flat.

SG and SW drive up. SG asks how JM came to dangjang to take that pic. explain it. JM: I was first place so how could I be the criminal. SG says just tell us how you took that pic at dangjang.  How SK is still waiting there to stakeout the place cuz he thinks you are coming.  SG says we guessed that JM would take the pic first and not send it and got goosebumps. but we never thought of him coming in another car. SW: of course we didnt think of that. PD tells them to go pick up officer sung (SK)

SK is singing trot songs for grandmas who are dancing. After he is done singing he thanks them.

JM tells them how he saw SG’s team wearing raincoats – their disguises-  but they were staring at the cameras so that is how he knew. TW says how they thought SG’s team and JM joined forces.  They picked up SK. SK says how some man suddenly recognized him so he sang for the grandmas. *look at where TW’s hand is. Just wondering – is this a Korean thing or a bromance thing.

Their yellow bus takes them to base camp. PD says he will start with the penalty first. The 4 losers penalty is hard labor -clamming. TW jokes that sounds like fun we want to do it too. JW: it’s too bad. TW: what do we do while they are doing that. PD: you are going to eat. TH tells the other 4: we will leave 13 dishes for you from our meal.

TH’s team watches the bus leave. The 3 of them are left behind to eat a feast. TH: let’s eat. he asks if there are going to be 45 plates of food. Their mouths drop open at the sight of the table being brought in. That is the most food I ever saw on this show for 3 people. They keep saying “wow” and “daebak” and TH digs into raw beef first cuz it’s expensive. JW tastes some and says it tastes better than cooked beef

PD asks the guys on the bus – are you hungry? do you want to eat now or after the work. they say now or they will be in trouble (from hunger). they get one triangle of kimbap. SW says this is going too far. SK asks how many each. PD says one each. SW says again this is going too far since they have to work. SW: if we want to look cool we should say we wont eat it then. but they all eat it. SW doesn’t know how to open it so SK opens it for him. SG calls SW a baby for not knowing how to do anything. after SK opens it for him SW says it tastes good.

JW and the other two keep eating. JW calls out “hyung it’s scallops” and they eat it. TH: there is too many so I don’t know what to eat.

SG asks for another one each. it’s not that it’s not enough but this kimbap is like one spoonful of rice. am I the only one who feels this way. They all complain saying they need to fill up. SG: if we were going to eat this then we would have rather eat yellow radish. SK says the others are going to eat 45 plates of food and we are going to go work.  So PD gives them one more- his.  SG and JM say who can eat this but SW says let’s eat it. JM says it tastes good.

TH tells TW to eat some dish later cuz it will make him full.  TH gives the fish to TW saying I dont eat this and wants TW to taste it. TH says why do I feel like I am being punished. TW says there is nothing wrong with it so TH tries some of it. TW: it’s like they caught it and put it on the plate right away. JW makes a face cuz TH ate some fish that has a pungent spicy taste to it (I think it’s a blowfish). JW just sniffs it and says: this is no joke. TH: let’s not deceive each other.  JW: just try smelling it. Smoke comes out of TH’s nostrils. JW tries some and makes a face so TH rubs his nose up and down cuz that is what you do when it’s spicy. (some woman gives them clams to eat cuz that is what the other guys are going to collect now as punishment) TW asks if it doesnt open does it mean it isnt fresh. she says the ones that are boiled incorrectly open on their own and if it doesnt open it’s fresh. TH opens his and eats it saying “what to do cuz I feel sorry (for the others)” TH stands up to see what he hasnt eaten yet. he moves to the other end of the table to eat more food. TH says from what I saw earlier some of these dishes were brought in to match the number 45 total cuz there are basic side dishes like garlic and black beans.

The other 4 guys are about to start clamming. SW asks if they can wear any of these rubber pants – are their different sizes.  SG asks if the other 3 guys are enjoying their delicious meal. must be nice. We ate something great too like kim and kalbi . SW needs help getting dressed in his rubber pants so SG calls him a total baby for not knowing how to do anything. SG jokes SK doesn’t need those rubber pants cuz he is so tall he can just cross most oceans.

Woman asks them about food. what they liked the most. for each person to say it. TH says the fish for him. he was tricked by this fish cuz it’s chewy when he thought it was soft. he thought it would separate on its own and didnt know he had to dig into it so he was disappointed but the taste is – the more you chew it the newer it tastes.  TW says what he liked the most. JW says it’s the first time he ate raw beef  cuz normally he eats it when it’s grilled but this tastes better than grilled beef. normally it’s good when it’s grilled and fried. TH says the clam looks like “mud pearl” and picks his fish and the clam as his favs. “the fish that is embracing the mud pearl”

SW finds out you are supposed to ride on those boards. JM tells him how the board slides around well. SG is way ahead of the others and collecting a lot.  SK is skating along the mud well and getting some, but SW is stuck in mud. SW is envious of SK and says: what are you. SG asks what SW is doing. SW: my leg wont come out. SG teaches him how to get his leg out. shake it out to the side and not straight. SW: this is so tiring. JM asks SK about the name of something he found. SK answers him so JM says there is nothing he doesnt know.  JM says to the PD that there isnt that much – it’s mud water. it might be faster to buy clams from the supermarket. why am I here when i was first place.

TW says we didn’t know this would happen (win). TH and I both thought we would lose.  TH says the moment we got the flat tire – I thought how could this happen. you said this never once happened and it happened to me – again it’s me. TW wonders why there is no answer cuz he sent a photo. TH: it’s cuz SK cant look at it in that situation cuz they are in the mud.

SK is in the mud and says when will i have a chance to do this. JM: is half of you in the mud. SK: yes I am standing in the mud right now. SK got a lot and skates away and says bye. He goes really far out. JM says he is doing well. SW doesn’t hardly have any clams at all. he likes the sound when he tosses his in. JM finally finds some bigger ones. he says try taking your gloves off. SK comes back and SG jokes SK should go around again. SK tells SG that he doesnt even have a 100. JM says SK got a lot and asks SG to lend him some cuz SG has lots. SW praises SG. JM says SG does everything well. JM: I dont think I can get out of here. he is stuck in the mud

TH and TW take each of JW’s legs to lie down and use as pillows. JW holds up his phone and says family game. they he rubs his phone on his leg. then he rubs  TW’s back while TH massages TW’s hands. TH tells TW: you must be having a hard time these days filming a drama and doing a variety show. The 3 of them lie around. TW cuddles with JW. TH talks in a funny voice saying “hello -where did you go to play today? we came to kangjin to play.” It makes TW and JW laugh. TH pretends to snore and cracks JW up.

SW is still stuck and says that SK looks like a mermaid lying on the mud. PD says to finish up quickly.

The 3 guys get on a bus and head over to where the 4 guys are.

SK can walk in the mud pretty well. SG barely makes two steps and falls down. So does JM. SK is standing on the banks. SG reaches out for him. then SG rolls on the mud. he jokes “call the families of those guys cuz they cant get out today.” JM pushes SW’s board to try to help him out.

The bus pulls up and the other 4 came out of the mud. SG says this is no joke. JM says this is really arduous. everything on JM is covered in mud.

The 3 guys walk down and says they look like they are done. SG says it took an hour to come out of there. That is was the first time it was so hard to get out. They all say 1n2d

They are all on the bus. SG says how it took 40 mins to get out of the mud 30meters. SG tells JM to put his head down cuz is that a celebrity’s face. Since JM’s face is dirty. SG says make allowances for SW today. TW jokes that SW looks like a baby that is angry (cuz SW didn’t do so well).

Shower scene. They show SW alone and SG and JM showering together.

TH calls his son on video and asks what are you doing. his son asks when are you coming back. TH says I will be back on saturday but it will be when you are asleep.  his son says wait a minute and see (his sister’s name) TH says how can a baby who cant even crawl come to the phone. Then his baby and her grandma come over so TH says hello to the baby. The baby seems to know him. TH says bye.

The guys are lying around. PD says how they guessed the morning and afteroon filming would be hard on them today so there wont be any BBB for dinner. JM is in shock and says “daebak.”

There is an announcement to the entire village that guests came today – the 1n2d team from seoul came and are going to sing and they prepared something delicious so everyone gather by 8:30 pm. The guys heard that and PD asks the members: did you hear the announcement. how the guys are going to have a simple dinner show. SG says normally we always had a reason to do this but are we just doing it today for the heck of it. PD tells them the people in charge of the food truck for 5 yrs – this is their hometown.  JM and SG clarify if the food truck couple is going to prepare the food. SG says we hardly got to really eat from the food truck.


Preview for next week. If the strike continues, next Sunday will be the last current episode they air.

[Hey CK 🙂  you think this pic looks weird now, but all I could think was I rather JW use an oxygen cannister to give JM air cuz think of the alternative – mouth to mouth.  *shudders at the imagery* 🙂

Each week I wondered if JW came out less and less, would I still recap this show and the answer is yes – cuz even if he barely comes out like today, having any JW’s scene is better than none at all. when you are dying of thirst in the desert, you don’t ask for ice when you finally get the water. you just take what you can when you can and not complain. cuz pretty soon, with this KBS strike looming over 1n2d, we are headed for a major JW drought.


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  1. Thank you Softy for continuous hard work in making the recaps of the 1N2D… I have tuned in to KBS World faithfully to watch every episode started from the farewell episodes of SeungGi to get me warmed-up to understand the show, cause frankly speaking, previously I wouldn’t want to watch the (what I categorized as) “loud” show… Now, I’m addicted to it! So now my husband would say, Sunday, 17.20, do not disturb mama! Hahahahhaa… He doesn’t know that it is not 100% about the show but 1000% about the “hat guy” in the show.. 😀
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    (thanks to JoowonChineseFanbase twitter)
    Good news for EVERYONE like US.!!


  4. To SS dear, I found this video on YT and suddenly I remember your conversation with Softy about how much you would trade with everything just to see Joo Won topless & scrubbing in the shower on the previous page 😀 😀

    I really love to watch his lean broad shoulder & back side like you’ve mentioned on OBsessions page 🙂


    • SS says:

      Ssssssshhh Yanna, I am in ‘damage control’ mode with regards to my repute. Words like topless, scrubbing and backside are not helping.

      p.s. by the way, thanks. This video clip’s been in my hidden stash.


      • Hahaha… SS dear, we always love your hilarious-witty comments & straight to the point (I totally agree with Aisha :))
        We need your comments like those… always brought us happy laughter & make us so much in love and so addicted to our cutie dimples even more (that’s the truth) 😀
        We love you, dear… GBU 🙂


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