Rooftop Prince E7

That bus ride tonight got to me. I love how G keeps doing things he has no idea why he is doing them. In the beginning, he would think first and then react. Now he acts first and doesn’t think at all. He is too busy following his heart to notice. I love this stage of their relationship where both of them are falling for each other and no one is putting on the breaks till it will be too late to undo anything. Just look at that preview and tell me you aren’t counting the seconds till next Wed. 🙂

Thanks to Semi-fly for the fast torrents, Nonski and Ginko for the cute gifs. 🙂

First time I fell in love with a rooftop home since Coffee Prince -this one makes the one in CP look like a shack. Drooling over a home of all things.  Just look at the interior shots. The inside has to be a set. There is no way it’s the same home. 🙂


Starts from H walking out and G asking if she came to pick them up after work. He looks at S then looks over at H. He runs after H. (yaaaay)

H is about to get in a cab and he stops her by putting his hand on her shoulder. G asks why are you like this. She glares at him and shakes his hand off. G: what is going on. Why are you like this to me. Why are you looking at me like that (meaning why are you glaring at me). you have to talk. She gets in the cab and leaves

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H goes to the hospital to feed the mom. the mom says I can eat alone. Jang shows up with flowers. S’s mom looks uneasy. H takes the flowers from Jang.  Jang says thank goodness you are sitting up. I came cuz I was worried. S’s mom tells H to go eat since she hasn’t eaten yet. hurry and go eat. H: you have to eat more mother. S’s mom: I’m done eating. she tells H to take the plates away when she goes out. Jang stares at H as she leaves.  S’s mom says “she isnt the kid you are looking for. I dont know how you knew which hospital to come to but hurry and leave or you and I will die here.  Jang says I was wrong to come and find my daugher. like the promise i made you 29 yrs ago, until the day I die I wont look for my daughter. S’s mom: you wont look for my S?  Jang says: 4 yrs ago I had surgery for my cancer and thought I was in remission but it came back so this time it’s going to be hard. I wanted to see S once to see what she looked like as a grownup. that was me being selfish. it’s not something I should be doing to you or S. Before I go back to Hong Kong I thought I should tell you this so I came here. (Jang is S’s real mom. that is why S’s mom looked so uneasy with H around cuz she is afraid H will find out S is not her real daughter)

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(007064)11-06-39]

H pushes S’s mom’s wheelchair and S’s mom tells H to go. H: will you really be ok alone. The mom says there are kind nurses here and I can go to the bathroom alone so go hurry and go home. H: then I will go first. H says goodbye to Jang.  Jang tells her to go safely. H leaves.  S’s mom explains to Jang: I separated (divorced) from my first husband got remarried and took S with me. that H came along with her new husband. even though were married we lived without registering our marriage. Jang says how H is full of energy (cheerful) Jang sits and S’s mom asks how did you end up living in Hong Kong. Jang talks about her life – how as a single mother, she left S for her sister to raise. a few years later she met a man and set up house but that didnt last very long. she couldnt put her heart into living like that (so she left). she ended up living in hong kong and met a rich man. since a lot of money came with it, she earned a lot. maybe cuz of the money she kept living in hong kong. S’s mom: what about children? Jang: there is no kid in Hong kong. while i set up house and lived here (in korea) for a short time, I had a daughter. S’s mom asks if that child is well. Jang admits she did something terrible to that kid too. (meaning she abandoned her) Jang goes to buy some drinks and S shows up. S: mom why are you here outside. her mom asks what she is doing here without calling. S: why are you so surprised. you were admitted so of course I had to come. did someone come? Jang sees S from far away and doesn’t come closer.

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Jang stands there and cries watching S. S’s mom says: no I came out cuz I was feeling stuffy. S lectures her mom for breaking her leg while hiking and this time getting hit by a car. her mom says be quiet and asks to be taken inside. S: at least you arent totally unlucky since you were only hurt a little bit

(jang is S’s real mom. she had S out of wedlock and then set up home with H’s dad so that makes S and H half sisters)

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H gets a call and it’s G. he is standing behind her but she cant see him. he asks do you like banana or strawberry (cuz he is holding two flavored milks). She asks what he is talking about suddenly. why did you call. G: I am going to give it to you so choose between the two. H: it’s ok. I will be late today so all of you should  go back to the camper and sleep first or not. she hangs up and leaves

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H sits and remembers how S’s mom gave her the family pic, how S ignored her mom getting hurt, and how the charm bracelet fell off S’s wrist. She is sitting by the water and G is sitting next to her drinking the last of the milk and slurping through the straw making a loud noise. She looks over and he says I am full cuz I drank both the strawberry and banana milks. She asks what he is doing there. G: what are you doing over there when you said you would be late. H: then have you been with me since the bus stop. she stands up and says of all things. G: I have to know why you are mad at me. She yells back who is angry. He says if that’s not anger now then what is it She says don’t make me talk

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The 3 guys are testing out massage products on different parts of their bodies when H walks in. Each guy asks her questions while she stands there making faces cuz they look bizarre moving their bodies like that. C: this keeps hitting my tummy so it’s upsetting. Y: what is this? it tickles cuz I am wearing it. (his legs are being massaged)  M: I am holding still but my neck keeps moving. this is hurting my pride. M says they were told to do marketing for these products by trying these out and putting them on but what do you use these products for. She acts annoyed and says she is tired and has to sleep. C and M ask her to help them cuz as soon as they go into work tm they have to report their findings. please teach us. Y: she said she was tired. let’s take care of it on our own. M: what is so hard about saying just one thing. C says dont be like that and put this on. he tries to put it on her but she yells at them to move away cuz she is having a hard time

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The 3 guys come out and G asks if they were kicked out by one woman. Each guy complains about H except for Y. how H is stingy (with her time) and how she isnt helpful like other women. C: would it kill her to just say one word of assistance. M: if this was joseon would I have even bothered asking. G laughs. G says something about H too if this had been joseon. M: would she have even dared to speak to you prince. C:would she have even been able to look at you. M: her forehead would have been on the ground from bowing so she would only taste the dirt. G laughs more. suddenly G asks why Y is not saying anything and just standing there. Y: what are you talking about prince. C says to Y: this is suspicous. you are always helping H and thankful to her. M: even now you arent saying one word. do you perhaps like H?  G looks alarmed. Y tells them: your words are going too far. who likes who?  G says to Y- you must be mad too so get it off your chest like a man so M and C can see. H came out and heard all this.Y: it’s cuz I didn’t say it but… he says how he would have hit H many times by now -how can a woman look you in the eyes and yell about this and that. C and M turn away when they see H standing there. Y goes on about how if he followed his heart, he would have tossed her in the air and spun her around and thrown her on the ground and spun her again. Y notices that C,M, and G are looking away so he looks scared. he turns and sees H glaring at him. she walks over and shoves the products at him. She says I thought about it and felt bad so I came out to explain about the products but what did you say? spin me throw me down and roll me? why don’t you just kill me instead. I didnt see you like that kind of person but what are you doing in front of your dongsangs. she insults him and goes back inside. Y looks at G so G pretends to look at his watch. C pretends to have gotten a call and walks away and M complains about his neck.

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(028760)11-35-20]

H is packing. G asks where are you planning to go now to pack your bag. where are you going this late at night. She says everyone is speaking ill of her so why should she stay here. I just have to leave. she tries to walk out, but G stops her by putting his hand on her shoulder. he says Y was just kidding. she shakes his hand away and made her drop her bag so her family pic comes out. G looks at it and asks who is the baby here. who is the man in the picture and who is this baby? she says the man is my dad and the baby is me. give it to me. He asks if that means she regained her memory from before she was 9

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(029729)11-38-17]

H and G sit together. She says her dad hated her mom and tore her mother’s pic off for abandoning such a young daughter and leaving. He says that’s too bad but it’s a good thing that you got your memory back from your childhood. She says it might have been better not to remember and not know.  He says if there is no memory you cant be with them in your heart. if you have your memory you can be with them forever.

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(033093)11-39-16]

G walks alone and narrates in his head how he came from joseon 300 yrs ago and jumped through time. The princess was reincarnated and reborn. cuz of that I have memory of joseon but the crown princess doesn’t have any memory of joseon. I have to figure out this problem (mystery) so I can know the reason why I jumped here 300yrs forward in time and discover who is behind the murder of the princess

T drops off medicine (hanyak) for S’s mom and apologizes again for hitting her and says thank goodness her injuries werent serious. she says they were both unlucky and had that accident. since he knows her daughter (she means S but he thinks she means H) she isnt pressing charges or bringing up talk about compensation. He offers to pay for all her medical bills, physical therapy, and recuperation fees. and if there is anything else you need please tell me anytime.  She asks -can I ask for a favor. T: yes. anything at all. she asks him to hire H. my daughter had a good business but there was an unlucky incident so H is not working now. if you give her any job she will do well. H:mother it’s ok. T says he will look into hiring H. H: you really dont need to do that. the mom thanks him.  he asks H to come to his office later

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the 3 guys stare at shin minha’s pic and some comedian shin bong sun’s. they are picking who is their ideal. C says what is there to struggle about. M: of course it’s shin bong sun.  C cant believe his answer and says “of course it’s shin minha. what do you mean shin bong sun.” M sticks to his choice and says you have to look at a woman’s ability to have a lot of kids well so you need someone sturdy like her. you really dont know better. the rest of their conversation is on chipmunk mode fast forwarded.

G comes in with a tub of peppermint candy. M asks what that is. G calls it park ha candy. they sold it at a stand so I bought it. C repeats the name and asks if it’s like H. G passes them out and says let’s all chew it. C says his throat is feeling cooler. M says this taste is exactly the same as H’s personality. G yells at Y: why are you sucking on it? chew it right now. G passes out more of it and makes them chew on it. but he gives a lot to Y to chew and C says Y isnt chewing it. it’s too much for Y

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(042593)11-45-20]

T meets with Jang and says “we were really alarmed you left to go back to hong kong cuz were disappointed in us.” She says that wasnt it. she didn’t want to be a bother to T or his father so she was going to go back quietly. She asks: can I ask a personal favor? T: please tell me what it is. jang shows him the family picture and says it’s a pic from 25 yrs ago. I want to look for my daughter.

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(044865)11-49-19]

T sits in his office and remembers what Jang said. that the baby’s father’s name is park in chul and he passed away 2 yrs ago. my daughter’s name is park eun joo. there is paperwork that she disappeared when she was 9 yrs old and there is no way to know her whereabouts now. S comes in and says I came back in a while ago and you didnt know. here is the paperwork you asked for. he takes it and puts it down and it covers up the photo except for jang’s face. S asks whose pic is it. it looks like it’s from a long time ago. T says it’s a pic from 25 yrs ago. this person is jang. she says jang was beautiful. like she has talent and a lot of money. T: I thought jang was married to someone from hong kong but she was married in korea too once. It’s a family pic taken when her daughter was one. he reveals the pic. S looks at the picture and recognizes H’s dad. T asks what she is staring at like that. she asks why he has this pic

H asks for direction to T’s office (I just realized this whole time they have been filming this at the SBS building where city hunter and MGIAG was shot too)

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(046856)11-50-43]

T says how he has to find the daughter for Jang’s sake. H knocks and comes in. S covers up the pic. H: hello. T welcomes her and asks if she took her mother home ok. H; yes.  T asks why they arent saying hi to each other. did you two fight. S smiles and asks what brings H here. H says cuz T told her to come. T asks H to go with him.

T showed H where she needs to work starting from tm. H says thank you and will repay him by working hard. T: let’s do well. he tells her she can go and leaves.

S shows up in front of H and asks what H is doing. Did you ask for a favor to get hired here where I work. what are you wanting to do. what is the reason. H says how S’s mom suddenly asked for me to get hired  so if you are going to complain then put mother and T in the same room and complain about it. it seemed like compensation for mother’s accident so I didnt want to get hired, but since the company is the one you work at, I didnt want to avoid it. S: you are crazy. H: I am telling you clearly – I wont let on what your true colors are so dont mess with me.  S threatens : it will be best if you leave even a day earlier. and dont get broken and kicked out.   H: I am not angry at you cuz I feel sorry for you.

G says to H: sure am seeing you a lot at the office. H says you will see me more often from here on. G: arent you following me around too much

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(052037)11-52-45]

T is about to call the photo studio where the pic was taken. S goes and asks T what kind of person Jang is for T and his father to be so good to her. T says next to the chairman jang has the most amount of shares of the company. now you know why we have to be good to jang. She says since it’s an important request from jang then I will help you find her daughter. She makes a copy of the photo. T: it wont be that easy. S: I have to help you. she copies the front and back

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(054992)11-55-22]

H asks where he wants to go suddenly. G says the pic she showed last night had Choonchun written on it so let’s go there and you might remember more. what are you doing. let’s hurry and go. S watches the two get in a cab. S calls G. she says she was going to show him where the call center is today so where is he. G says we have to cancel today’s plan cuz I am going to choonchun now. She asks why he is going there. he says to get some air. please move your plans to tm. S: ok.

G points out a photo studio and asks isnt that the right place.  H says yes. the man asks if they need anything. she asks the man if this pic was taken here. the man says yes. my father who passed away took this. He asks when it was taken. She says 25 yrs ago. he says there is no film left from back then. arent you here cuz part of the picture was torn off. H: that’s not it. I just decided to come here once.  where is an elementary school around here. if you cross a narrow bridge, there is a big tree and the front of the school. so the man asks: are you talking about gyodong elementary school.

H tells G: I’m not sure if this was the road but after school when I went home with my friends, we would ring the bell at stranger’s homes and when the owner came out we would run away. it was so much fun. G: what’s so fun about running away. H: dont talk if you have never done it. G: Only robbers and criminals run away so how could it be fun to run away. that would never happen. She rings the doorbell and waits. When the owner asks who is it. H tells G to run but G doesn’t. what are you doing you have to run. he says he is going to tell the owner that an immature woman did it. H: you are crazy. hurry and run. owner comes out asking who are you so they hold hands and run off. they hide and G says: we were almost caught. there would have been big trouble.  He had fun so they do it again.

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(060920)11-59-40]

This time G rings the bell. There is a barking dog this time and a scary guy so they hold hands and run again. They keep laughing as they run. she lost a shoe on the way

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(063569)12-02-26]

G is waiting for H. he asks what happened. She says there was no girl named park ha enrolled here 20 yrs ago.  this must not be the right school. G: maybe you got your name wrong. H: am I stupid for me not to know my own name. G: it’s cuz you always say crazy things.  He asks how to write her name in hanja. He asks if she has paper to write on. Cuz he will write it for her and show her. she says give me your cell phone and tells him to write on it. he writes her name in hanja character and asks is this how you write it. she says it’s correct. He says it means lotus flowers –you were using a name that is myungot.  they call myungot – bu yong. G repeats the name Bu yong and has a flashback to his conversations with the crown princess’s sister and how the princess called her younger sister “Bu Yong.” And how he gave her that riddle. What dies even though it’s alive, and lives even though it’s dead? H repeats it.

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(070329)12-03-44]

He asks if H can solve that riddle. She says it’s easy.  What dies even though it’s alive, and lives even though it’s dead. G: can you give me the answer. tell me the answer. She says the correct answer is life.  cuz living is not really living. he calls her crazy and pokes her head. what is in your head? She tells him not to hit her head cuz she will get stupid. she tries again and says the correct answer is being comatose. cuz you arent living and you arent dead. G: what are you talking about being comatose. He leans in and says I will give you something to eat when your brain doesnt function well. H asks eagerly: something to eat? what is it? G: flicking. He flicks her head. She chases after him

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(072275)12-04-58]옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(072716)12-05-25]옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(073402)12-05-59]

They end up on top of the slide. She starts to cry and turns around. He puts his hand on her shoulder. She turns around and wipes her tears then he hugs her. G says in his head: don’t cry you will only have good memories now

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(075115)12-07-51]

T and Jang go there to the photo place. T asks if this pic was taken here. The man says yes and a young man and woman came not too long ago asking about that pic. Jang: there was someone who brought this photo? she asks where the young woman went. if she left any contact info. He says she asked about an elementary school over there. T says let’s go there

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(076418)12-25-28]

S is already there watching G and H swinging. T comes with jang so S shows up in front of them to prevent them from meeting H and G. T asks what she is doing here. S says she came on his order to find someone. isnt that why you came here too cuz of that. T introduces S to Jang. S says hello to her. Jang: it’s good to meet you. T asks if S saw a young man and woman just now. S shows the pic she had with her and says I asked at the photo place. So he must be talking about me. And there was a young man with me who gave me directions so that’s who the man must be talking about. jang thanks S for coming all this way for her request. S says sorry for not being of help. T says he will check at the school to see if anyone can help but  S says how she already went there and checked and nothing panned out. Jang says let’s go back for today. she asks to ride back with S. S says she will take her. T says take jang back safely.

In the car Jang looks over at S.

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(081863)12-54-04]

T tells jang: you must be tired so rest well. jang thanks them for today. T says sorry they weren’t able to find out anything today. Jang says how she wasn’t expecting too much anyway but it was good to get closer with S. S: me too. Jang gives S her ring and says I want to give it to you. even if you dont wear it just keep it. S accepts it and thanks her

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(082725)12-58-28]

in the parking garage, S asks if he is going back to the office. T hugs S. S: why are you like this. T says jang liked you a lot. S: does it seem like that. T: What if jang wants you to take the place of her lost daughter.what will you do then.  S says I will do that then. I told you if it’s good for you then I will do everything.  He thanks her

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(084038)13-03-27]

T’s dad shows up and sees them hugging. He looks angry and walks over to them. he says they cant do this. What are you doing now. the chairman trusts you. how can you do this to someone else’s kid. why are you like this when you know better. this cant happen. What if there are rumors that T is dating the secretary. His dad asks T- is this why you wouldn’t go on arranged dates. T: i was going to tell you father. his dad yells be quiet. He says to take a present up and come back. let’s talk at home. T leaves

His dad tells S –listen carefully. that she has to end her relationship with T quickly

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(086197)13-03-38]

On the bus ride back, H leans on G and fell asleep. She moves her head away but he doesn’t open his eyes and makes her lean her head on his shoulder again. He smiles with his eyes closed

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(087964)13-04-40]

They get off the bus and he checks his text and smiles. She asks who it is. He says S wants to meet so I have to go. She asks what S wants. He tells her to go home first and catches the next bus

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(089406)13-04-53]

S is drinking and waiting. She takes the call from T and says I don’t want to meet today. I am going to be alone. it’s not that place. She sees G arriving so she says I have to hang up now

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(095179)13-05-13]

G walks over and sits. She says you found the place well. Do you want some beer. He says ok. They clinks glasses and drink. She takes out the charm bracelet and says I asked to meet to give this back to you. from the first time I met you, you seem to be interested in me but I am not interested in you. he says you will end up liking me. S: even if I don’t like you will you keep liking me. G: yes.  S: when did you see me first. what do you know about me to like me. He asks if she believes in reincarnation. S: that’s all? just reincarnation?Are you trying to say we were meant to be from a different lifetime. G: you will end up believing that. S: you are one of two things. either stubborn or strange. he asks if she has a younger sister. S: no why are you asking that. G: cuz it seems like you would. He takes her hand and puts the bracelet back on her. G says in his head:  If you don’t have your memory we cant be together in our hearts. If you have your memory then we can be together forever. T shows up and watches them

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(096265)13-05-57]

When S goes home T is there waiting. He asks where she went. She says she roamed around here and there and drank some alcohol too. T: let’s talk. S: i am tired – talk next time. He says sorry. For making you hear stuff like that from my father. I will convince my father. Give me some time. S: living with you – do you need to convince and get permission for that. dont you have anything to say about it (as in cant you do what you want).  you have to ask your father? T: that’s not it. S: if that’s not it then tell your father right now we are getting married. He says:I cant. you know I cant. She says then let’s break up. He leaves and she sits and cries

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(099449)13-08-46]

H is outside the camper and yells at the guys – we are late. I cant be late on my first day. I’m leaving first. The guys come out. G says she has no loyalty. C: noonim let’s go together. M: arent we going to the same place. Y: we will be late so we should hurry. They catch up to her and G says she is a slow walker cuz of her short legs. G: I’ll be going first. H: what?  They walk ahead so she says -ya go together. They all run

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(102559)13-12-00]

Pyo comes in and says how heard T is meeting with jang who came from hong kong. T: should I tell you that I am learning how to play badok these days too. Pyo:  isnt it too obvious. since jang owns a lot of our company’s shares. arent you trying to get her shares and do whatever you want with the company. T says pyo is writing a novel (work of fiction). Pyo says just cuz TY came back after being missing and presumed dead -can we look at that incident as over. pyo calls T by his name so T tells pyo to call him by his director title. pyo: you said you went to America and didn’t meet TY but I know for sure you went and met him. T says if you write fiction like this then you will sell some books. Pyo: you used your credit card 2yrs ago when you went to america to meet TY. you ate and drank enough for two people. I am going to help TY get his memory back. life is no joke. T looks nervous

H is working at her station cleaning up after the filming when the 4 guys come over. H: arent you guys going to work.  G says today is the day we move into the rooftop home so we are going to have a housewarming party. H: housewarming? today? without telling me. Who is going to make the food.

T walks by and sees all of them on the camera monitor. He walks over to the main booth and turns the mic on and listens. he hears M say food cant be left out at a house warming party. H: what do all of you want to eat? C says he is craving crabs. M teases Y and tells Y to tell H what Y wants to eat and she will make it all. Y: why are you all like this. she makes a suggestion about crab with soy sauce. how it tastes good if you mix rice with it. C: no – it cant be crab with soy sauce. G says how 5 months ago he almost died after eating it. he was allergic and couldnt breathe so he lost consciousness. T hears that and repeats 5 months ago. H: wanted to eat that. then what else should we prepare

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(112127)13-16-48]

T and G play squash but G doesn’t know how to play. he tries not to get killed by the ball. G says to T:  you said were going to teach me so why are you hitting it so hard. T says a person might lose the memory in their head but they dont lose the memory they hold in their body. I never beat you at squash before. I never once believed you were TY. G remembers telling T and the grandma – you got the wrong person. I am not the person you are looking for grandma. G and T face off.



The guys and H go grocery shopping for housewarming preparations. she lists stuff like carrot, spinach, lettuce, mushrooms, but G buys a lot of yogurt drinks

T tells G to eat the crabs saying: it’s your favorite. you have to eat it.

H tries to teach G how to drive.  H: right signal – dont you know it? he turns on the window wipers. He gets mad and asks: Were you able to drive from birth? H: you cant drive if you lose your temper

G and H are riding on the same horse. G asks: then what kind of guy do you like – a guy with long hair or short hair? H: you look better with shorter hair than longer

H: why are you putting your life on the line to pretend to be TY? G says : that is the reason why I came here from joseon.

S watches H kiss G

*Just to clarify one more time. the photo Jang gave T is the same one H has. the little girl is H. S is Jang’s daughter too. that makes them half sisters with the same mother. we dont know who S’s real dad is yet. Jang had S when Jang was a single woman so she gave her older sister S to raise. Sort of like on OB when MS raised her sister’s daughter like her own child. Not really sure yet, but judging from the conversation they had together, S’s mom hasn’t connected the dots yet that she ended up marrying the same man that her younger sister set up house with.  no names of husbands came out in their conversation at the hospital. plus I dont think S’s mom ever saw the face of the woman in the photo cuz it had always been torn off so she has no idea it’s Jang. So in a nutshell, H and S are half siblings. S’s mom and Jang are sisters who married the same man at different times. All of this may seem far fetched, but we are also watching a drama where 4 guys from Joseon came to 2012 so stretching the imagination a little more won’t do any harm I would think. Since this is a kdrama, isn’t makjang part of the territory:)

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(062974)12-02-02]

Fanderay’s comments:

I get the impression that S will be thrilled to have a rich mother, and that she is going to resent her adoptive mother very much for keeping the truth from her. She already treats her pretty badly, but I wouldn’t be surprised if S never even wanted to see her again. She’s the type to think that it’ll solve all her problems if she doesn’t come from a poor family, so it seems likely that she’ll just swear H and the mom off for good.

Until Softy finished translating I was VERY confused by a lot of these family issues, but now I think I have it sorted (although it’s all pretty crazy!). There’s no doubt that S is going to be very jealous, and now that she has T issues, is it possible that she’s going to treat H even worse? Hopefully H has matured enough to avoid a hot iron to the face, and not get abandoned in a truck. Perhaps stealing G will be S’s next tactic?

G still hasn’t quite confirmed H to be his sister-in-law, and when he does, I wonder what difference it’ll make? He seems loyal to the memory of his princess, but at the same time, I think that he would fall for H more in the present if he thought that she was a reincarnation too. I bet H will have to cover her face for something, and that’s when he’ll fully realize.

I was wondering last week how H would be more involved with the company story line, and of course, she’s getting a job! I’ve certainly seen enough kdramas to have guessed as much. Lets hope it’s a job that has her around the boys as much as possible.

H and G’s romance was super sweet in this episode, and I love that their relationship seems so based around friendship. The two of them laugh and cry together, and it makes them seem like the perfect couple. I’m not sure G is in a position to fully understand his emotions though. He’s a man who had an arranged marriage as a child, and I don’t think he even understood any attraction he had to his sister-in-law in the past. It’s actually great when H is mad at him, because only then does he realize what he’s missing. Plus he’s not disgusted by the prospect of her head on his shoulder anymore…progress!!

I actually respected S for returning the bracelet to G. Does this mean that she has things like honor…and feelings? I thought she’d jump at the chance to keep a possible heir as a marriage option, but it seems like she might not just be using T and actually loves him. I’m honestly quite shocked, but that would be fairly redeeming for her character. It would also give her an extra “excuse” to lie about her family. I still don’t condone it, but I’m sure she doesn’t want to look like an even more inappropriate match for T.

This show is one big revelation party, and of course the biggest one this episode is that T is now onto G. I’m not sure what good it will do him (good luck convincing the grandma) but if he thinks G is an impersonator, he probably won’t feel any guilt whatsoever for trying to take him down. How cruel that we only get one episode this week!

옥탑방 왕세자.E07.120412.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(071094)12-04-15]


114 comments on “Rooftop Prince E7

  1. nonski says:

    softy, just want to share these:


  2. aigayafu says:

    But… people can develope allergies over time, they can also disappear. So him being allergic doesn’t prove anything. At least it wouldn’t in the real world 😛


  3. cherry says:

    lol i love how everyone ahem “green and yellow” ajushi are egging Y on his crush on H. lol. especially when the housewarming food menu. “Y, tell H what u want to eat. I’m sure she’ll make it for u.” lol and then u can HEAR him giggling after saying that. and G is annoyed at Y bc he thinks Y does have a crush on H. yelling and picking on him to Chew and eat a mouthful of BakHa!!! almost died there!


  4. redkye says:

    wow, very nice analysis at the end, I also like the progress the prince and Park Ha made in this ep. I like the way you described their romance as friendship-based because it truly is. They are now companions at work and at home (well together with three other guys, even more lovely so). They share laughters and tears and grow sympathy for each other. In the preview, there is a line Park Ha says why Gak has to risk his life being TY, which means she sort of buys in his story. And we have a scene where she sheds a tear after reading a, I guess, history book at the library. I hope now that Park Ha buys in, she will collaborate with F4 to solve the 300-years-back mystery. Just one thing, we have fewer hilarity in this ep. Can we have more please, screenwriter? I love giggling but I would like to have some wild laugh too 🙂


    • Mrschunnie says:

      Yeah…. Finally somebody went to library and open the history book then what she’ll find? Still a mystery but this need writer-nim good idea to solve this mystery things, it has to good but not to push. Really envious about it. A little mistake from the writer can make this drama don’t have good meaning al all. But I believe to this writer-nim he/she already make a good effort until now, so I have a big hope he/she will finish this drama beatifully.


      • redkye says:

        this library thing stuck in my mind for a long time, I mean, Kdrama writers should put more rationality in their plot, in a time warp setup like this, how on earth the F4 who traveled over 300 years to the modern time are NOT curious about what have happened for that period of time (of course apart from questions about the murder of the princess). Seriously, a library should be the place they come first after sort of getting over all kinds of culture shocks. Anyway, let’s wait and see what Park Ha finds in the history book. I hope it will not be a tragic past. The present – what is happening now – can be something in the past (e.g. LG was missing and then came back, so on and so forth) which is recorded in the book. In a similar way, the book might tell the future (what happened to the prince, e.g. how he died). And I guess Park Ha can change it, change the future, if she really wants to.


  5. Ginko says:

    Hi Softy 🙂

    I’m back to join the power rangers. Thank you so much for the live recap anf thoughtful comments.

    I see Nonski already shared her cute gifs, but if you don’t mind here’re some of mine from preview of Ep8. 1 week seems unbearable, why are they torturing us?!!!


    Prince’s driving


    And these are from episode 3/4, I know it was long ago but I so love their colour power ranges, I just put them here for a collection.


    • nonski says:

      hi hi there glad you’re back to join us… 🙂 your GIFs are always awesome. i just started doing them lately.


      • Mrschunnie says:

        Thanks a lot @nonski and @ginko for the gifs, it’s so awesome, especially my Chun’s faces, so cute yet hillarious. Save………..


  6. Anonymous says:

    man, that preview!!! I’m not even cured of my OB illness yet and now I’m infected with the princey bug! seriously, another week of waiting?!? It’s already summer break so I don’t even have homework to keep me from going insane.


  7. pockified says:

    So if the modern sisters are HALF sisters with Se Na’s dad being the big question mark, does that mean that their joseon counterparts have the same kind of relationship? Explains why their dad chose to have Bu Yong (younger sister) submitted for marriage to the crown prince!

    God, at this point I just wish the real crown princess died (not Bu Yong…as people suspect) and Se Na would drop dead too. She is so irrationally hateful.


  8. crimson says:

    tnx, for recaps softy .. i hope you get enough rest, take care and keep up doing good recaps.


  9. nonski says:

    hi softy, new set of GIFs:
    peppermint munch:



  10. Mrschunnie says:

    H and S family affair really confusing, so H and S have a same mother but have different father right? So they are sisters right? So in their reincarnation, they still sisters, even they don’t realize that. Will S feel regret that she already throw her own sister to the truck and made her lived seperately from her father, after she know that H is her real half sister? I don’t think so, her evil side is thicker than her angel side.
    Both G and H are so cute together, may be they don’t have strong chemistry like TH and J, but when they together G can become himself with his playful side plus his Prince’s diseas and can become so manly when H cried and need a shoulder to cry on. She can count on him, those little things he did can make H more depend to him.
    And the preview really kill me, why we have to wait until next week? They promise to aired the ep 7 & 8 together than suddenly they change their mind. I don’t know what the reason, but I’m sure SBS have good reason behind that and next week rating will be higher than this week. Really hope for that.
    Thank you for the fast recap Softy and your comment Fand, you think what I think^^
    One more thing, when G said “You will end up falling for me” with his husky voice, how come a woman can’t falling unto him? This kind of drama really suit for Park Yoochun, he has comical side, romantic side and serious side in him and this drama can make him show those all. Fighting for RP!!!!


  11. Ep 8 preview:
    President Jang’s family visit for a housewarming party and Park Ha finds out that Crown Prince Lee Gak is not Yong Taeyong. Taemu’s father Yong Dongman forces Taemu to go on a blind date, and President Yeo keeps trying to push Taeyong (Lee Gak) and Sena together. Park Ha brings the gang of 3 shopping in preparation for her own blind ate.

    So episode 8 will just be a series of crossed wires and people going on blind dates?


    • nonski says:

      thanks sparkskey 🙂


    • Mrschunnie says:

      I don’t understand why TM’s dad not let TM together with Sena but he let her with TY? Sena is right hand of Grandma, if he smart he can use Sena to have lots of information.
      Park Ha will have a blind date with who? Will TY sad when he know that? i bet he will…..
      Ugh… Can’t wait until next week….


  12. nonski says:

    More Chunnie faces:


    • Mrschunnie says:

      Chunnie’s faces…. Never bored seeing his face and expression.
      @nonski you really make my day…..
      I love those all…..
      Thanks a lot dear…..


  13. nonski says:

    just wanted to share this nice bts to tide us through wednesday:


    • pockified says:

      I gotta say, despite the fact that Jung Yoo Mi plays such a hateful character, I actually think the actress herself is super cute and has a great smile 😀


      • Softy says:

        Me too – I loved her on thousand day promise and she played a super sweet character so I still have a hard time thinking of her as evil when she smiles.

        Just discovered today that the actor that plays C was on tree with deep roots so that means 3 of the guys have sageuk backgrounds with LMH from Moon and Micky from SKKS.


  14. Mia says:

    mayb there was also a tae-mu in joseon? and, he and se-na eloped, but was caught by park ha, so they kill her off . . . . ?? but there seems to be a conspiracy in joseon, maybe tae-mu was some important person back then? an illegitimate son of the king perhaps? oof so many ways to twist this story . . . i’m hoping they get to travel back in joseon, so they get more info, but the present is good too ^^


    • Mrschunnie says:

      Yes dear, you think what I think, that’s why the one who died floating in pond was not Princes, but Boo young (princes’s sister). But may be TM just a person that not so important in Joseon era, may be just one of king’s concubine’s son or just an abide? Because when Prince met Tae Mo, he didn’t recognize him. But I’m really sure Tae Mo also lived in Joseon era and had connected with The Princess.
      This thriler yet rom-com drama so interesting. I hope the writer-nim really smart to make this story interesting till end.


  15. cherry says:

    i think that it was really the princess that died in the pond… and it was Booyoung who killed her accidently. my kdrama spider senses are tingling!!! it could be that the princess wanted boo young to stay a bit later to “speak” to boo young bc she see’s the prince paying to much attention to her little sister who was suppose to be the crown princess ( u know giving riddles for her to solve and such instead of admiring flowers with princess…) but of course priness underestimated boo young as being weak, they get into a fight, and princess ends up in the pond. Boo Young being the favorite daughter to her father, will do all he can to protect boo young including covering the murder. and so we get the plot. forward 300 yrs later, with reincarnations of the ppl of joseon era. From what i gather from the reincarnation theory from my mom’s perspective – what you did in the past you reap in the next life. herefore sena is still a bitch , and park Ha is left as an abondon child. both crown princess and boo young sin, so in this life time they have to pay each other back. i dont now if i am maing sense but i am going to wait and see!! sooo exciting!!


  16. nonski says:

    Softy, i love the “garden set” i could imagine myself seating there and relaxing!


  17. ck1Oz says:

    Just some thoughts. Your side bar note just kills me. I am already tortured at the thought of him going back to the Joseon era. Add in all this talk about Bu Yong being dead back then just tears my heart apart. Not going to even go there. There WILL BE a happy ending. Grr.. I hate K dramas who never promises happy endings.

    When I think about the fact that ep 8 with the blind dates was actually meant for his week * sob, sob *


  18. ditu3ka says:

    I´m little bit afraid that the Prince is asking Park Ha what type of man she likes only because he wants to find her a husband. He probably thinks that all the girls just dream about finding a good husband, settling down and having kids (he´s from Joseon after all). I think he´s the one who arranged that blind date for her. He wants her to be happy, probably seeing her as his modern sister-in-law (taking care of her is part of his duty or something like that) but poor him doesn´t undestand his own feelings yet. I hope Park Ha won´t be hurt … and the Prince should learn about jelousy (I can´t wait for that cause I´m sure it will come sooner or later :-))


    • smalltank says:

      i agree! he is so digging his own grave if he did arrange for the blind date for her. can’t wait for him to be filled with jealousy or feel the loss when Park Ha is away :p then again, since he had an arranged marriage, he probably wouldn’t realise what his actions or feelings meant…


  19. nonski says:

    Softy waaah, your sidebar note… can they just give us a happy ending for RTP, just like TMETS. really2 hope it will be. just thinking about your predictions make me cry already. H deserves to be happy and now that she is falling for G, she will be devastated to see him and go and the presence of TY will never compensate for that. I think G will always superimpose on TY’s face every time she looks at him. What do you think about the initial trailer of RTP, where H welcomes G and says even after 300 years i will love/remember you (not really sure about the exact words) ? So far, this drama had kept us on our toes and made let us in a guessing game. As predictable as almost k-dramas are, this one seems to allow us leeway and give us different possibilities. Starts praying for a happy ending.


  20. Kayana20 says:

    I think we need to be optimistic. There is a reason why fate gave them a second chance and I strongly believe if they change Lee-Gak love from Sena to Bak-ha they can change the past since their souls have been reincarnated. It will restore balance to the world and some of Lee-Gak spirit will remain in Tae-yong and Bak-ha spirit will go into Bu-young. Then when they meet 300 years later their love story continues. Both sets of loves live and flourishing and ready to begin the love they found again. I think the history book Bak-ha finds is about her death and if Lee-Gak doesn’t start paying attention he will lose her again. I think if Lee-gak prevents his death or the plan for it he can save Bu-young since the butterfly can transport them back in time when the next eclipse happens.I hope everyone knows this week is climax week. It sets up Lee-Gak realizing he loves Bak-ha and all his pushing her away while his feelings will come out . Bak-ha now has a stable job, a mother with money that she does not know about, and she is gorgeous. She is a perfect catch and suitable wife for anyone.will the prince push her away or realize what he has in her and leave Sena alone?


  21. smalltank says:

    2nd preview for ep 8.

    i don’t know korean so i’m not sure what they are saying!


    • Softy says:

      Some of the lines are the same as before so here are the new lines:
      Pyo says to G that “T knows something for sure or else he did something” (referring to T being responsible for TY being missing)
      T says to G: you are having a hard time huh?
      G: you must be having a harder time hyung.
      chairman asks S: what do you think of our TY? S: how should I…
      Not sure who G is saying this to but G says: I like her -I like Park Ha
      S: by acting like you dont know and acting like you are nice, you are helping G.
      Chairman slaps H calling her “an awful girl” cuz I think S lied to the chairman about H.


  22. nonski says:

    Softy, SBS just tweeted this:
    [ #옥탑방왕세자 ] 이번주 옥탑방왕세자는 18일(수) 밤 9시55분에 8회, 19일(목) 밤 9시 55분부터 9, 10회가 연속 방송됩니다.^^ ★SJ

    [# Rooftop Prince] This week, Prince Charles Rooftop Wed the 18th at 21:00 55 8th, Thurs the 19th 21:00 55 minutes to 9, 10 episode will be broadcast continuously. ^ ^ ★ SJ


  23. kecik says:

    Softy fighting!! hehe
    give you bear hugs!


  24. nonski says:

    this is the first time i get to be very excited of the next episode… 25 hrs and 10 mins to go wooohooo!


  25. Mrschunnie says:

    Fighting Softy!!!! 3 episodes in a row, it’s heaven for us but I don’t know about you, but I know you are the best and you can do it.
    Can’t wait until tomorrow. A lot of questions in my head, and the preview really torturing me. I just count on you, Softy, fighting!!!!!


  26. Ginko says:

    3 episodes this week! Oops, I’m all torn! Viewers are beyond happy, SBS is surely happy too – if the ratings remains on top. But I feel so bad for the filming staff and actors, I thought they would have one episode in advance so the working pressure will not be too tough. *Sigh*, and more works for subbing teams, and our beloved Softy.

    Softy dear, if it’s too much work for you, I think just a quick, short summary for each episode on Thursday evening is more than enough. Softy, fighting!


  27. selinakuipers says:

    finally I found my sparkling drama after Ojakgyo Brothers. This drama has definitly all the ingredients to produce an incredible wedsneday and thursday day for me!!


  28. Shnappy says:

    Hello I hope you don’t mind, I used one of your screencaps in my blog. I credited you 🙂


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