Introduction to Architecture

One of my favorite lines in the movie was a statement from Seung Min’s close friend: “Normally your first love doesn’t turn out well so (that is why) it’s called your first love. If it turned out well, would it be your first love? It would be your last love.”

*Please do not read if you plan to watch the movie and do not want to know spoilers since this is not a movie review. It’s more like scene by scene recaps of the movie. I clearly remember the first and last scenes, but there are a few in the middle that are out of order or missing. The best parts of the movie are the funny scenes with his friend, but those are the missing ones. I was laughing too hard to remember exactly what he said that was hilarious. My memory can only go back so far since it’s already been a week since I watched this. So until I update in a few weeks when I have a copy of the actual movie, this will have to do for now. Enjoy. 🙂

Cast :

Seung Min = Uhm Tae Woong and Lee Je Hoon

Seo yeon = Han Ga In  and Bae Suzy

Koh (Go) Joon Hee = Eun Chae

Cho Jeong Seok = Nabddeuckyi. He played Seung Min’s best friend. I also didn’t like any of his online photos so I had to take a screencap of him from K2H.

Yoon Yeon Seok = Jae Wook (Seung Min and Seo Yeon’s sunbae= upperclassmen)

Introduction To Architecture

The movie opens with a well dressed woman pulling up to a home in Jejudo that is located right across from the beach. The house is run down and is pretty out of shape as if no one has been living here for quite some time. There are also signs that someone tried to renovate, but left the material behind. There are missing walls where it was knocked down. She makes her way through the house looking around the place.

Thirty five year old Seung Min is sleeping on a desk in his office. His boss comes in and wakes him up. The man tells SM to go home and rest and wash up cuz he looks terrible. SM has been sleeping and working at the office for over two days. As he looks for some cigarettes, he agrees that he could use a shower and shave, but just wants a clean shirt for now.

An attractive assistant named Eun Chae comes in and says to SM: you have a visitor – said she was your friend. SM: friend? Who? EC: how would I know that? SM peers around the cubicle to get a glimpse, but he cant see anyone so he walks over. Seo Yeon is looking around the office. As soon as she sees him, she smiles and speaks informally like you would to an old friend. Seo Yeon: It’s been a long time. how have you been all these years. Seung Min: Who are you. SY: don’t you know me? Freshman year of college. Yang Seo Yeon. He repeats the name and acts like he remembers, but it’s not clear if he really does. They make small talk and then she gets to her point.

She asks him to rebuild her Jejudo home by tearing it down and starting over. When can he start. The expense doesn’t matter cuz she is prepared to pay whatever it costs. (He learns that she is married to a doctor and is wealthy. She finds out he is still single.) He says his firm is small and they don’t do work like that. (reasons like the overhead would cost too much etc.) No matter how much she insists that he has to be the one to rebuild it, SM says “I can’t.” They decide to let his boss settle this and they meet with him. As soon as he hears what it’s about, his boss says “of course we can build it” and tells SM to take on the project as a challenge of sorts. SY beams satisfied to have won, but SM gives his boss a dirty look.

Eun Chae works at the office as an assistant (more than a mere secretary) so Seung Min brings her along to meet Seo Yeon for coffee to talk about the project. EC asks them “how did the two of you first meet?” SY says he kept chasing me around. SM denies it. SY continues that they first met in an introduction to architecture class.  From there it transitions into their flashback when SY and SM were both 20 yr old college students.

Young Seo Yeon enters the introduction to architecture class late so her door makes a thud sound so some students look over at her. Seung Min happens to glance to, but he is the only one who continues to stare throughout the rest of class. The professor has a map of Seoul in front of the class and wants each student to go up and mark a line that is their route from the school to their homes. SY ends up drawing her line before it’s SM’s turn. Surprisingly he marks the same line as hers. The class assignment is to look at the road they take home with different eyes. Basically to see where you live in a new light as in try to see something unique about their usual routes – maybe notice certain landmarks or buildings you’ve grown accustomed to and note something special about it.

After the lecture, SM is standing outside with a classmate and Jae Wook comes along. JW is tall and good looking and a lot of girls have crushes on him cuz he is smart, rich, and considerate. SM and the other guy are both younger than JW so the guy asks JW to buy them lunch. JW says why do you always ask me to buy you food every time you see me. The guy says cuz you are our sunbae (upperclassmen). JW says that doesn’t mean I have to buy every hoobae (younger classmate) meals. But suddenly SY calls out hello to JW calling him “JW oppa” so JW smiles back at her and makes small talk. We learn that she is not an architecture major like the 3 guys. [Later on she shares that she wants to become an anchor woman on TV one day.] She is required to take this intro to architecture class. As she is about to leave, JW calls out for her to call him and he will buy her a meal anytime. The other guy remarks how pretty she is and notices SM staring at her so he asks if SM thinks she is pretty. SM denies it and says no. JW insists if it’s her level, then she can be considered attractive. *through this scene, SM learns her name and major.

On the bus ride home, SM sits behind her and keeps staring at the back of her head and her reflection on the bus window. When SY senses someone staring, she turns back to look at him but he quickly turns his head and pretends to look out the window. They get out at the same bus stop and SM ends up walking behind her like he is following her. But suddenly his best friend shows up and takes SM in another direction. When his friend notices SM staring at SY, the friend asks if SM knows her. SM says no and has no choice but to follow him, but even as he leaves, SM tries to see which way she went.

SM’s friend walks him over to a place nearby where his friend’s girlfriend is hanging out with her friends. The friend says “she is your sister in law” (meaning his friend is going to marry her when she grows up so that’s how you introduce your future wife to your friends)  The girl looks like she is in 8th grade. SM knows his friend is dating someone way too young, but the guy doesn’t seem to have a problem with it at all. He lectures SM to dress better and not look so pathetic all the time. He introduces hair mousse to SM saying: what is up with your hair – dont you know “all back?” (he demonstrates by moussing his hair all back so later SM tries that hairstyle and hates it. SM ends up washing his hair and putting it back to normal). The friend hands SM the can of mousse and says “use this sparingly when you go on group blind dates”

*This was the first scene where we get introduced to this character, but almost every line of dialogue made the whole audience crack up the entire time. Pretty much for the rest of the movie, during their scenes in the evening when SM sits on his front stoop, his friend would go on and on about his dating tips and life advice for SM. If it wasn’t for this character bringing so much laughter and comedy, this would have been a whole other movie. It’s too bad every one of his lines were so funny that I actually need subs to get it all down accurately. My memory is fuzzy now cuz I was laughing so much during his scenes and forgot to memorize some of it. *one dating advice went by like this – he tells SM to call and say to the girl “I’m in front of your house. come out.” then just hang up. that makes a person really curious.  Right then (when she comes out) go up to her like you are going to push her against the wall and then without saying a word turn around and leave. no matter what dont turn around. the way you look from the back as you leave is the concept.” The friend’s advice on kissing about rubbing tongues is off the charts hilarious with his gestures.

When we first see SM’s home, we realize that he is very poor. It’s a very small home with a main gate outside and once you go in, it’s one of those old fashioned homes. His mom is normally out when he goes home after school during the day cuz she has a small shop that is more like a stand cuz it’s just a level up from a Pochangmacha. She has regular customers who drop by for her thuckbokki and Korean style sausage. Sometimes SM eats his meals there too.

Present day, SY takes SM to see her home in Jejudo. On the way there they talk about what she has been up to all this time. after college, she tried to work as an anchor woman and when that didn’t pan out, she decided to just get married. She married a doctor and it’s been 3 years, but still no child. SM is the first to notice the renovating material lying around and she replies that her father tried to do some work on the home, but became ill and never ended up finishing. Her father is currently living in Seoul getting medical treatment at a hospital. As she shows him around her old home, he notices everything she points out that has special meaning for her. like the wall outside where her father measured her height when she was a child. Then the little square pool that is all dried up now. You can see a young child’s footprint where she had stepped on wet cement as a kid and got yelled at by her father cuz it left a permanent imprint. She puts her shoe next to it to compare the size of footprints. They discuss the layout of the home. Instead of rebuilding from scratch like originally planned, she wonders if it’s possible to save some of the original structure and space, but he argues against it cuz then the home would be too narrow. He gives her ideas that he has to improve the space.

The next class assignment is to take interesting pictures of their neighborhood. Professor says through this exercise “you’ll be able to grow attached to where you live and start to understand it better. This is the start of introduction to architecture.” SM goes home to grab his camera.

SM walks around his neighborhood. He is busy carefully selecting something interesting and snapping away at trees, alleys, and anything that catches his eye. Since it’s a sunny day, he tries to get a shot of the tops of trees with the sunlight behind it so he crouches on the ground to aim up and shoot. But suddenly as he looks through his lens, someone comes into view and blocks his shot. It’s SY. She happened to be walking by and notices him practically lying down on the ground. He quickly turns away and aims his camera down muttering about something is wrong with his camera lens. then he acts excited to see an ant and aims his camera at it. SY is the first one to speak to him and asks “you know me don’t you? aren’t we in the same architecture class. He mumbles a response cuz we can see that he is very shy and awkward around her.  She speaks with ease and asks if he lived here a long time in this neighborhood. He says yes – that he grew up here. She says she just moved here not too long ago so she doesn’t know the area well. She asks to tag along with him as he goes around taking pictures since he is more familiar with the area.

He points out certain buildings and homes to her and explains about them. They walk down an alley and she stops in front of a door that has ivy growing all around it and asks what this place is. He explains that it’s an abandoned home and no one lives there now. She pushes the door and walks in. he hesitates and stands outside reluctant to go in saying it’s someone else’s property so they shouldn’t just trespass. She isn’t listening cuz she is already inside and walking into the home with her shoes on to look around. The place has been deserted for some time cuz there are cobwebs and lots of dust. She is about to sit on the edge of the open room without wiping away any of the dust so he quickly says wait a minute and takes out a notebook from his backpack and puts it down for her to sit on. they make small talk about the abandoned home. She takes to the place right away. At one point, they talk about their ages and she wants him to speak banmal (informally) like she had been doing. SY: Speak informally. SM: I cant. SY: I said speak down. SM: I cant if you tell me to so suddenly. *He never does end up speaking banmal in this scene.

In this scene, she explains how she is originally from Jejudo where she used to live with her dad. but now she lives in seoul alone cuz of school.  He asks what about your mother. SY says she passed away. SM: I’m sorry. She asks why? I don’t like it when people say they are sorry. Why do people always say they are sorry when they hear someone’s passed away cuz they don’t need to be sorry since they had nothing to do with it. he says I don’t like it either. My father passed away. I don’t know why people say that too – maybe it’s cuz they don’t know what else to say. She takes out her CD player and headphones and asks if he wants to listen to it. she puts one earphone in his ear and the other into hers. They stand side by side listening to Kim Dong Ryul’s song. He asks what the song is so she tells him the title and singer. She says how she listens to it when she feels troubled and it soothes her.  SY: should I lend it to you? SM asks eagerly: will you? SY: after seeing how you behave first. (meaning she will consider it based on his actions. )

SY goes shopping for a necktie for SM cuz previously he had tried to look more professional during his presentation and slide of his blueprint and design ideas. She had made fun of it at the time since the tie was cheap and shabby looking. That it would have been better if he hadn’t worn it at all.

She goes to meet him for drinks, but he brought along EC so she quickly puts the tie box away. The 3 of them are having drinks and SY offers to set him up. SY: What kind of girls do you like. SM: Pretty and nice. SY: where is a girl like that. He insists that’s the only kind of girl he would want. His boss calls so he leaves the table to take the call. SY asks EC: do you have a boyfriend?  EC: I am getting married. When he comes back to the table, EC confesses to SY “it’s me. The pretty and nice girl.” SY realizes then that he is dating EC and they are going to marry soon. EC continues the conversation and says “I heard he had a first love while in college.” SY ask SM: who was it? tell me – it’s making me curious. EC asks him to “tell us. you said she was a communications major.” SM looks uncomfortable, but SY sort of smiles in recognition.

SY gives that tie to her dad as a present when she goes to visit him. She always drops by and feeds him and takes care of him mostly in the evenings.

JW, SM, and the other classmate from earlier go over to JW’s home. They are taking a break and eating and talking.  JW is older than these two and lives alone in a one bedroom near campus. He also has a car cuz his family is sort of well off. Other guys envy him cuz he gets to live alone and have girls over. JW likes to brag to these younger guys about how to get a girl drunk so that she is easy to manipulate and sleep with. SM successfully tries to bring up SY’s name so that SM can ask JW if SY has ever been to this place. JW says no. SM seems relieved to hear that. *from this scene we realize that JW hasn’t made a play for SY yet –not because he doesn’t find her attractive since it’s very clear that JW does. It’s more cuz he can sense how much of a naïve and innocent girl she is and has left her alone.

At the deserted house, SY proudly shows him how she came back over the weekend and cleaned the whole place. They brought some stuff they would need to hang out there. she even plants some seeds in the pots. When he asked what she planted, she has no idea cuz she wanted to find out when it bloomed. While she is planting, she talks about her circle (Korean term for club) how there isn’t a girl who doesn’t like JW oppa cuz he is good looking, tall, and is well off. SM asks if she likes JW by any chance. She doesn’t answer him. SM asks hesitantly as if he doesn’t really want to know the answer to the next question: is that why you feel troubled and listen to that song. SY: why? Cant I do that? SM feels his hope shattering.

Later on at night, SM updates his friend on what’s been happening with SY. His friend’s dating advice is so off the wall crazy – as in no guy who gives out that sort of advice or even takes that advice should have any girls around him, but it seems to work for him. Maybe since he is always targeting very young impressionable girls who do not realize that he is the worst at dating. That’s why his suggestions get the most reaction from the audience simply because it’s so funny.

In order to get ready to go meet SY, SM followed his friend’s advice and moussed his hair and slicked it all the way back. That hairstyle ages him so he starts over and washes his hair again and turns it back to normal. SM wanted to wear his special t-shirt. Out of all his clothes, he valued that Guess shirt the most since it was a brand name. But it was in the laundry so he took it out and asked his mom to wash it right away since he planned to wear it. She asks how can I wash it on such short notice, but he insists he has faith in her that she can do it. We see that while he was getting ready, she had washed it and covered the fan with it so that the fan would blow it dry.

They meet up and walk side by side on the train tracks balancing. Sometime when they wobble, their hands almost touch a few times.Winner gets to hit the loser on the wrists with two fingers.  SM finds out today is her birthday so they go somewhere nice and drink alcohol.

She likes this place cuz it’s pretty and decides to build a home here when she grows up. SY tells him: Later I should build a home in a place like this. At that time you have to build it for me –for free. Since you are going to become an architect, you have to build me a home. She draws it on a piece of paper and hands it to him. It has to have two floors.  This is the contract pay (down payment). She gives him the CD he liked.

They head over to the bus stop and SY is a little tipsy. There is a bench there, but before she can sit down, he lays a notebook down for her to sit on since the bench is dirty. She leans her head on his shoulder as she rests. He is nervous from how close she is to him, but then she suddenly pulls his arm and holds on to it cozying up even more. He stares over at her lips. He braces himself and goes in for a light kiss. Just as he is feeling the affects of the kiss, he looks over and she wakes up. He is totally startled wondering if she knew what he had just done, but she ruins the moment by stating matter of factly “I have to pee.” He looks around as if he could magically make a bathroom appear out of nowhere. She decides to pee behind the brick wall and tells him to move away so he can’t see. He starts to walk away and keeps going so she calls him back by saying “move away. But don’t go too far away.” He stops in his track with his back to her and waits.

Later on that night when SM (looking love struck) tells his friend about his first kiss, the only response he got from his friend was a frown and a lecture that what SM did was not kissing at all. it wasn’t even a peck –it’s what people call accosting someone since she was asleep. He totally acted righteous like SM crossed some moral ground by kissing Seo Yeon while she was asleep even though technically he is breaking a bigger taboo by dating a minor.  He tries to instill some knowledge by demonstrating how to French kiss, but the way he demonstrated with his whole face and body was so hilarious cuz he followed his physical description with verbal instructions like “move your tongue around – everywhere- in and out.” *It was the longest most strenuous description of French kissing I have ever seen. The whole audience was dying from laughter. I bet after that take he was totally winded and couldn’t catch his breath.

Flashback: JW gives them a ride after class. SM too since he lives in the same area as SY.  SY sits in the front next to JW while SM pretends to be asleep in the backseat and listens to everything they say. They talk about which neighborhood she should move to.  JW suggests closer to where he lives, but she is reluctant since one room homes are more expensive there. He asks if there is anything going on between SM and her. But she replies that they are just friends. JW makes fun of SM’s Guess shirt since it’s not an original and just a cheap knock off cuz the letters “U” and “E” are reversed. That’s the last straw for SM so he pretends to have woken up and asks to be let off right away. As soon as JW pulls over, SM runs off.  SY tried to call him back to go together, but SM was already gone. JW mutters that SM is rude.

As soon as SM goes home, he takes off his Guess t-shirt and throws it down in anger. He never wears it again. His mom doesn’t get why he is so angry over a shirt and won’t let him throw it out since there is nothing wrong with it. he is in a bad mood and kicks the front metal door out of anger and leaves a huge dent.

SM meets with his friend. The guy points out how SM has to make the move and get past the “just friends” stage.

SY moves in to a basement apartment closer to school and central Seoul (where it’s wealthier) and SM helps carry her furniture in and helps with the move. Inside her place, she shows him her album and pics of her as a child. She says you are the first guy I let in to my home so you should feel honored.

When she walks him out, he asks what she is going to do on the first day it snows. She says should we meet on that day then. let’s meet at the empty house. She makes him promise with a pinky swear that he will.

He goes home and dances like crazy from happiness. (sharing the first day of snow is a big deal for couples) At night, he keeps yelling out SY’s name over and over and drives his friend crazy.

Present day SY and SM walk over to a school and sit to talk. She asks who was that communication major? Is it me? Your first love? he denies it. SM: it’s not – what’s so great about you. She points out he kissed her while she was sleeping. He asks did you know I used to like you? SY: of course I did. When I think about it – it was so great back then. When I first came up to Seoul and didn’t have any friends, I was so grateful to you cuz you were good to me. Don’t you remember?

*By now after working on the house together, he picked up on all the clues that she is no longer married. She finally admits that she got a divorce not too long ago. her marriage had fallen apart cuz they led two separate lives. Since her husband was wealthy, her lawyer pointed out if she had hung in there for a few more years, she would have gotten more money out of the divorce. Plus, if she had some kids, then she would have gotten even more. The longer she stays in the marriage, the bigger the pay off. But she had enough of that marriage and wanted out. As it is, she got enough of a sizable settlement to afford to rebuild her home.

Deciding to follow his friend’s advice to move past the friend stage, SM stands outside her place and practices confessing his feelings. He rehearses how to say the words “I cant treat you just as my friend anymore.  My heart wont allow me.” He looks over at the model home he built for her and has the courage to say “I like you.” He decides “this is it.” (this is what he is going to say to her :”I like you”) *on the model home, her hand drawn design is on it cuz he made it exactly like she had described when she asked him to build her future home.

SY is at the drinking place waiting for SM. She paged him over and over to come, but SM ignored the pages or never got them since he was waiting outside her place to surprise her with the model home. JW offers her some beer. She tells JW that she cant drink alcohol well and he lies “I cant drink well either.”

JW drove her home. SY is drunk and can barely stand or walk. As soon as JW’s car pulled up and SM realized who she was with, SM went to the side of the building and hid. He watched what they were doing. SY couldnt walk so she sat down on the ground and JW had his arms around her and was trying to help her up, but decided to make his moves on the street. He leaned in twice to kiss her, but each time she had the sense to move her mouth away. JW decides to finish this inside her place and helps her in. SM follows after them, but doesnt knock or ring the bell.  After they go in SM stands outside the door listening and fighting with himself whether or not to barge in, but he finally just runs away crying.

*When SM saw her with JW, it scars SM. From the stories he heard JW tell about what happens with girls he gets drunk, SM just assumes the worst and let’s his heart feel broken.

That night, he cried a lot. He goes to his friend and cries on his shoulder. His friend was there to support him, but SM was miserable. *For days, he stayed in bed moping and was just beside himself with his sense of regret and misery.

When she comes out the next morning, on her way out, she finds the model home he made her near the pile of trash. She realizes SM had left it there.

In the end, the home SM built for her looks new and modern, but certain parts that were sentimental to her he preserved. For example, like where her height was measured and the small pool with her footprint – all of that was left intact so that she has a sense of nostalgia, but can still enjoy a spacious new home at the same time. Another main reason why she wanted to add the second floor in the last minute when the construction was almost complete was to keep the original old fashioned roof. That was when his fiancé EC had enough and got furious at him for not caring about their own plans and only thinking about SY’s home and what she wants. EC had planned to get married right after the home was finished so now her wedding plans would be postponed so she put her foot down and said you can’t make any more changes to the home. But he told her point blank that he intends to finish the house the way SY wants. This is something he has to do for SY no matter what. EC ends up crying hearing him put another woman’s needs ahead of hers. * this scene was also where I got my hopes up that they would break up.

Young SY tried to call or page him so many times, but he never picked up the phone or replied to her pages. She looked for him in class and he wasn’t there. she finally just waited for him outside of one of his classes. This time he couldn’t avoid her so he walked over to her. She says this was the only way to meet him and asks why he wasn’t replying to her pages. He takes out the CD she gave him and returns it to her. He tells her how he cant listen to this cuz he doesn’t have a CD player at home and that he doesn’t want to build her home anymore. She asks why, but he tells her everything is over. His final words to her were “get lost” and walks away from her.

On the day of the first snow, as promised, she dressed up and went back to that empty house and waited for him for hours. He was in his home in bed while she sat there waiting and watching the snow. When she finally leaves, the camera pans to the CD and her CD player that she left behind for him.

In the present time, her home is complete. She walks around and goes to the second floor. SY goes outside and the ground is level with the roof. She sees SM sleeping on the grass and lies down beside him and watches him sleep. She lightly touches his lips, but he only stirs. They both lay there under the sun as the camera pans out.

At night, she invites him in for drinks to celebrate the home being completed. They have some drinks, but he gets up to leave. Right before he leaves, he asks “Why did you come and find me. Cuz I was curious. How you were now. I was curious.” You can tell he doesn’t want to leave so he offers to carry some boxes upstairs that are by the door. She says it’s ok just leave them but he picks one up. Inside is the faded model home he built for her and threw away that night. He asks why she has that.  she says cuz it was for me. What’s wrong with me keeping it. He suddenly pulls her into a kiss.

Seung Min visits his mother and she is wearing his old guess t-shirt, but now it’s faded and tattered with holes. he tells her to throw it out, but she says it’s a perfectly good shirt so why should she. He notices how her fridge is still crammed with bags of food so that it’s hard to open the door without bags falling out. She hands him a bank book she had been collecting money in and tells him to use it in NY and add it to his living expenses. He doesn’t want to take it, but she insists. He suggests selling this old home and her shop and getting a small new home somewhere else cuz he is worried about leaving her here alone, but she says I am going to keep living here till I die.  he goes outside on his front stoop to smoke and notices the outside metal door he kicked in 15 years ago. no matter how much he tries to straighten out the dent, it’s too old and rusty to unbend.

Seung Min is on a flight with Eun Chae on their way to NYC and their new life.

Her father moves into the new home with Seo Yeon. Her dad is sitting outside by the little pool and this time there are fish and everything was retiled so that it’s pretty. Through the water, you can see that SM kept her childhood footprint intact.

Seo Yeon gets a delivery and opens it. It’s a small box and inside is her CD and CD player. He did go back there during the first day of the snow after all.

The end

Here is what the director said about his movie. Since he used to be an architect, he sounds like one in this quote:“The two main characters learn to understand each other through their memories. They need to figure out ‘what do they need’ and ‘what do they need to leave each other.’ A good structure needs time to build. Even with people, you have to invest time to build the relationship and make it stronger.”

Final Thoughts

I kid you not – the first thing I asked my friend when we got outside the theater was “so did she sleep with JW or not? Why didn’t that info come out? Why leave us hanging?” My friend told me cuz it doesn’t matter anymore. Their love ended 15 yrs ago. He has a new life now that he is about to embark on so Seo Yeon coming into the picture can’t change that. That made me stop griping and I began to appreciate the fact that at least no one died suddenly like on all Korean love stories. It took a while, but eventually I came to the same conclusion too. There couldn’t be any other ending than this. I realized SY coming into the picture now can’t erase all those years they lived apart. During those 15 yrs they evolved and changed. They are not the same two people who were in love then. If he dumped his fiancé for her now- that would be unrealistic. Their first love was magical enough, so why must they turn it into a complete fairytale for each one to have a happy ending. Cuz we all know – in real life, we make our own happy endings. No matter how much we want to turn back time to find something that used to make us happy at one point, even if we could find it again, we will quickly see that nothing is the way it was before. Their love was perfect back then cuz reality didn’t get a chance to mess with it yet and once it finally got a grip on it, look what happened. He fell out of love.   Here I was hoping she could get back what she had and hold on to it this time, but then I realized this movie might be a lesson about letting go. She had to go through this to really move on in her life and start over. By having Seung Min marry Eun Chae and move on with his life, it forces Seo Yeon to do the same. At least her solace can be that she gets to live in this beautiful home till she knows how to pick up the pieces of her life to continue. Now I get why it was so important for him to keep his promise – this home was his final gift to his first love.

Normally it takes a whole drama series to create a memorable on screen couple, but these two managed to do that in less than five minutes before they even shared any screen time together. Just by watching his character go through all the stages of an instant crush by staring at her constantly, but looking away when she looks was enough.  It’s not just that they are so compatible looking together, but it’s more like they slipped into their characters with such ease that you believe these two people are real. You effortlessly identify with what they went through and it doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to do so.

In a BTS right as Je Hoon was leaning in to kiss Suzy while she was sleeping, the director yelled “cut” so Je Hoon was like “why” (cuz he was just getting to the good part) He walked away with a mischievous grin. Sooooo cute. 🙂

During a cast interview, Lee Je Hoon was quick to point out that there is a ten year age gap between Suzy and himself and another ten year age gap between himself and Uhm Tae Woong so that means there are 20yrs between UTW and Suzy. The interviewer asked Suzy the question “can you sense such a wide age gap (between UTW and yourself)” and Suzy replied “not that big cuz we don’t talk that much.” Everyone laughed, but UTW laughed more from embarrassment than anything else. He was quick to reply that Suzy still calls him “oppa” instead of “sunbae” like Je Hoon does. *How much do you want to bet he told her to do that and it wasn’t her choice. 🙂  FYI: Joowon has never referred to UTW as sunbae even during interviews and Je Hoon is older than JW so I get the impression that Je Hoon is not that chummy with UTW. In all the interviews, Je Hoon referred to UTW as sunbae.

In a few weeks, I will probably end up getting a copy of the movie so this post will be updated with all the missing scenes. Till then I hope this was enough to tide you over till you can watch the actual movie. 🙂

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29 comments on “Introduction to Architecture

  1. Softy says:

    This is the song from the scene on the rooftop where he falls in love with the song from the CD she likes. CK found this one for us.

    This has the interview with the director.

    This is just one long summary of the movie that shows everything almost.


    • WeWe says:

      Thank you Softy.
      This might full of spoilers but i wouldn’t notice when i can get the copy of the movie myself. Because it would take months to get it…LOL
      I like the moral of the story and agree with the director’s statement about love.
      Love does takes time to build. And the way you love, define who you are.

      Looking forward to those missing scene and watching it myself *fingercrossed*


  2. ida says:

    is he the rich guy from fashion king?


  3. ck1Oz says:

    WHEEEEE… it’s finally here.
    I am been dying for it and I want spoilers. MORE!!

    Okay off to read. Thank you so much. * hugs *


  4. cassophia says:

    How is Suzy in the movie? Did she get better with her acting?


    • Softy says:

      I thought she did a great job – so natural and likeable, but it may just be her character. I saw it in a packed theater and everyone loved this movie -with that ending and all. I still wanted them to be together in the end -since they kissed. but I guess that was a goodbye kiss -not “hello let’s start our life together.” 🙂


  5. bbblue73 says:

    Thank you Softy dear for posting & shared to everyone.
    Finally it’s here…. i like this movie


  6. ck1Oz says:

    Now I get why it was so important for him to keep his promise – this home was his final gift to his first love.

    Now see what you made me do softy * tear*

    I need to walk away and think softy.


  7. azndgn26 says:

    Thanks for the recap, I wanted to watch this film. I’m disappointed that it didn’t have a “good” ending. Where did you watch the film?


  8. ak says:

    I found the name of Jo Jeong-seok’s character. It is “Nabddeuckyi”.
    I’m going to wait to read your recap until I have a chance to watch it online.

    I haven’t watched K2H yet, but Jo Jeong-seok is excellent in “What’s Up”, both his acting and singing. No wonder he is a musical actor.


    • Softy says:

      hahahah I found that too online but it didnt sound like a real name 🙂 will add it after 1n2d is over. Never saw what’s up but that actor is killing it on K2H -I am a huge fan now of his work cuz I swear he made this movie – without him I doubt half the men in the theater would have loved the film as much. Total scene stealer that one. 🙂


      • nuri says:

        If you love him at K2H, you definitely have to watch What’s Up, he’s playing totally different character and really endearing. *rewatching what’s up*


  9. oozzeee says:

    ,I hope you won’t mind me posting your opening line to my FB account..thanks for the transcap of the movie..Looking forward to watching it once subs are out..


  10. Cinderella says:

    I have been waiting for this film since I first hears about its premise and its actors, and that was ages ago. What hooked me to this movie was the pairing between lee jae hoon and suzy. When the posters and stills were first released, I was immediately enamored by their pairing. Even with just photos of the two, you could tell they had chemistry! Thanks a bunch Softy!!


  11. jdkk09 says:

    I get why it’s called “Introduction to Architecture” because it’s the understanding of how things are built. You haven’t yet applied any of the skills or techniques of building or designing. You are just laying a foundation. It’s the same with this story of first love. They laid a foundation of love but never built anything on it. He put closure to what could have been and moved on to what he HAD BUILT with EC. I really look forward to watching this movie. Thanks for the summary.


    • Softy says:

      You sure do know how to “wow” people -that is like the most beautiful interpretation of the title and movie – have you seen this film too. I think you got more out of it than me. Here I was complaining to my friend about the ending, but if I had read this last week, I would have understood better. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I spent over 15hrs making this post, but now I feel like it’s all been worth it reading all these comments. So glad I helped to garner more interest in this film cuz it deserves to be seen. One of the best Korean movies so far this year for me. I like subtle moments where just an action speaks volumes and this film had lots of those so I am pretty confident no one will walk away from this movie with any regrets watching it. Cant say the same thing about most other Korean films. 🙂


      • jdkk09 says:

        Really you deserve the praise because I have yet to watch the movie. I “got” it from your recap of the movie, that’s how well written it was. I love reading and meditating on what other’s have seen when they view a movie. So just know how much your work is appreciated. Thank you Again…


  12. nuri says:

    Aw, Softy you are amazing. I visited for my weekly dose of 1n2d and when I found this I was “yay!” Finally. I heard the buzz about this movie and just dying to watch. Reading this is as good as watching since I won’t understand a word without sub anyway.


  13. MsPurpleLee says:

    Oh Myyyyyyyyyyyyy Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!! You don’t know how much you made me happy today by putting this post up in your blog. I want to watch this film so badly, I wish I live in South Korea so that I can catch this movie in cinema. I can’t find any videos of it online. Huhu . . . Actually, even without subtitles will do. I just want to see this with my own eyes.

    Lee Je Hoon is such a brilliant actor! I love him in Bleak Night and The Front Line. His scenes with Suzy in those videos above still linger in my head. My heart twinges for his role 😦


  14. ck1Oz says:

    Hi softy sorry it took so long to write. I really wanted to watch this badly and will still do.
    I don’t know why I am even surprised with the twist. Every Korean movie I’ve watched so far does not follow the normal Western norms. Should have learnt from my experiences already.

    Thank you for the review. I feel really invested now to watch the part where they were in college. Just the term ‘first love’ makes you think unconsciously on what you expect a first love movie to be about. One hopes to recapture it- the feelings, the hopes, the sheer joy of falling in love for the 1st time.It’s such a magical phase in your life that when you see a movie with this premise- you go ” Ah… I wonder. Will it happen? Will they be able to rekindle their first love? ”

    No they didn’t. Sorry softy. I know I know, expectations. One should never have expectations in a Korean movie. They always defy being pigeon holed.

    So yes, was a bit sad with the ending. Because the fairytale did not eventuate. It has nothing to do with the film. It sounds absolutely beautifully written and edited. It leaves a bittersweet feeling- your recap- you catch the flavour of first love but it is fleeting. One must really work hard to hold on to it. They grew up and had other important things happen in their lives. Now the first love, and more so their first love coming back, it makes a ripple in their current life- but is no longer the burning love and the be all of their existence anymore. What can I say? I am a sucker for romance. Reality is bitter 🙂

    Yeah yeah, that’s why I took so many days to stew on it. Haha. Thanks for the recap softy. Really looking forward to it now because of the college age couple and what else, the best friend. Guess that’s why I feel that Korean films are more memorable sometimes because of this very reason. The twist at the end… which always makes me go “again?”


    • Softy says:

      You had me worried there cuz at first you didnt say much about it so I was afraid giving away the ending ruined it for you. *Whew -sigh of relief* Glad you still want to watch this. 🙂

      It’s been bugging me that I couldnt capture every scene in detail and all the jokes and funny lines from the best friend so I have been asking my other Korean friends to go watch this with me so I can take better notes this time and for some odd reason they have all seen it already. That rarely happens cuz most of my friends are like me and rather not watch Korean films. But they read good reviews about this and saw it for themselves. If I do end up seeing this movie twice, it will be the first Korean movie I ever did that for cuz even 200 pound beauty couldnt make that happen and back then I thought that movie was the best one yet -happy ending and no one died. Then Speed Scandal came along and topped 200 pound beauty for my favorite Korean film. That curly haired kid was just too adorable for words and CTH really showed off his comedic talents. So once in a while a Korean film comes along and actually surprises us by being great like this one did. 🙂


      • ck1Oz says:

        I am not even attempting to watch this till I get your line translation. I will not lie. Am laughing thinking of you typing the French kissing instruction scene.

        It already had me at Lee Je Heon. Didn’t even know that that cutie from K2H was going to be in it. Now that you’ve told me he’s great in it… will make me more inpatient.

        Don’t worry. I am a want to know the ending girl. Your ending for the SJS movie though. Probably made me decide not to watch it. Thanks again.


        • Softy says:

          Hey CK, since you are a Lee Dong Wook fan I have some translations for you from strong heart tonight. (I moved the strong heart comment to KDH 5 cuz I added more translations) before I get to that, trust me – when it comes to that SJS movie “Only you” – I did you a huge favor telling you the ending. I dragged my reluctant friend to watch that and as we walked out of the theater, she hit me saying “how am I going to get back the last hour and a half of my life.” According to her I still owe her for making her waste that time cuz she hated that movie. Sorry for saying that to fans of that movie, but they really messed up with the plot towards the last half.


          • ck1Oz says:

            * ck making squealing incoherent noises *

            You got me out from my warm bed to download SH now. Hahaha.I wasn’t planning to watch it as SH is too much for me. They speak too fast and I don’t understand ordinary stories and places.

            However for THIS!!! I will. I read about LDW asking his besties but no, did not know LJW and KJS were BFF. So he must have been the 3rd guy in the HK trip post Scent. Hmm…
            Oh man, it’s too early in the morning to think about those 2 in a jimjimbang scrubbing each other’s backs. Kyah… my poor fangirl heart. Except for kissing we did everything. How can he say that in public!!!

            Cue scene, set in hot humid Thailand. Police station with fans whirling in the background.

            Background: group of tanned looking locals. Enter 2 tall skinny shirtless ( squeak ) fair foreigners. Looking lost. Do not speak Thai. Sitting there for a loo….ong time waiting for their turn to pay the fines.

            Sigh. End scene. Fade out into black.

            Bet you didn’t know I like LJW ( not love like for Wookie) plus he is going to be the new lead in the new tvN drama I Need Romance 2. And the 1st season had so many kissing scenes. Now I digress…

            Going to watch it and cut that scene for another fan of his now 🙂 Did you know I used to be the viki back up uploader for SH? I had about 80 episodes of SH in my HD. Haha. Somehow I like it better than the other variety shows because of the changing guests and stories. However 1N2D has overtaken it.

            So thanks very much softy for this tidbit. See? I do read your blog faithfully.Oh and if you’re voting- are you voting? Good luck with the elections. The good thing with the delay- it’s that it is making me so frustrated that I am doing more Korean homework trying to distract myself.


  15. ck1Oz says:

    On a random note. Softy you know how you like bags or clothes from some dramas we’ve watched together.
    This site is a hoot. Look at all the find.


  16. hitsugaya505 says:

    Can’t wait :))


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