1N2D S2E5

Man this is one “dizzying” episode. I feel like someone spun me around and kept spinning. The only cure would have been if JW had arrived earlier and was #1. Then this episode would have been heaven on earth. 🙂

*Is it just me or did JW’s face get really clear – like no blemishes at all. Maybe he got a facial or has extra coverage on today cuz his skin is flawless like a baby’s bottom. 🙂

Thanks Semi-fly for the fastest torrents ever. 🙂

Doesn’t he look almost perfect here? 🙂


Starts from an overhead view of a parking lot. It’s raining and snowing. The doors open and it’s JW in his van. He is second place and told to wear the number. He asks if gets something for this. she says it’s a good thing so stick it on.  JW: second place. it feels like there is something to this. not sure what will happen. he waves and says see you later.

They open TW’s door and he was sleeping. He got 3rd place. TW asks if he gets anything good to eat. PD says you will find out later. TH got 4th place and is told to stick the number on. TH:was I late.  he wonders what is up with the number and PD says I will tell you late. TH wears the number. Mic guy puts a mic on him as TH talks about how he had been waiting . to meet by 8:30am, it’s like BBB condition since he left home at 4am.I think I will die.

JM gets #1 and asks what it means.  He gets a mic on him. JM: it feels good cuz I’m #1. He gets handed a car key, a map, and the mission today. JM: alone? PD gives him instructions: he has to travel around Kangjin and there are 5 specific locations, at each place he has to take pics as proof he was there and send those photos thru photomail to the PD to succeed in the mission.

JM:what about the others. PD says everyone will chase him. JM:me?then i just need to run away? PD says yes if you get caught it’s the end of the game. if you get your pic taken by the other members, you failed. if the others get a shot of his face so that anyone can tell that it’s JM, then JM failed.  JM: so if they see me and I cover my face -what then. PD says that’s ok. JM: it’s time for the others to be here. PD says JM has to hang on till 1pm and not get caught. even if you complete all 5 missions,  you cant get caught till 1pm.  JM:what if I cant get all this done by 1pm. PD: then you lose.  If he succeeds, he gets 45 dishes of food and relaxation. if he fails there is a big penalty. JM: but i came early. I think TW followed behind my car. I have to go in a hurry. since he doesnt know yet, can I see him before i go. PD you can see him but it would be better if you didnt. As he walks away he hears the others are going to be divided in 2 teams

JM gets in the car and drives off. JM: from the start of morning a race. I’m looking forward to this. Getting nervous even though it will be fun.

TH goes over to TW and says hello. You came early. TW: what number are you? 4th? TH: yes. why are they giving us this. TH greets JW and asks are you first place? who is first place? JW tells him JM was first. TH: he always sleeps here. this is making me nervous.

SK gets 5th. SK:  I came early. PD says he will tell him during opening what this number is for. SK: this is making me nervous. likely the person who got here first will be loved. I really came early. it’s not like I’m not doing my best. I was on the radio working for 5 hrs and finished at 12. SK shares info about Kangjin (the location they are in) just in case it would come out. I studied

JM parks the car in a hidden location to add the location he is going on the navigation. JM says anyway they dont know what car I am driving but the PD says they are going to tell them. JM looks at the map and asks where are we now. He plans to go around and get to last place in order from top to bottom. He adds the first location saheejae to the navigation and doesnt know how to use it well

TW comes out and says he figured it out – they are going to give good cars to the ones who came first and last person gets a crappy car. SK thinks since I am 5, my car will work at least. TW: no your car will be weird. no 5th place car might still be ok.  JW comes out and says I am 2nd. They look at the cars and count and TW realizes there arent enough cars.

SG shows up and gets a number. SG claims he arrived at 4am and says I should be 1st place. He says it takes 5 hrs to get here from seoul. he puts on his #6. PD says I will explain during opening. SG tells him to get in the car and not get wet. PD: it’s ok. SW is #7. PD says we will start the opening after you get your mic on. SW says this feels good – cuz I’m #7

JM: so there mission is to guess where I am. I feel like a runaway. he wonders if someone is following him. so this is what it feels like to run away – that someone is always chasing me. I still have time. no I should pull over there and make a plan before I go.

SG says hello to everyone. PD says we will start. [SG doesnt want to stand at the end and you can see him trying to move in next to TH.] others say JM has not arrived yet. PD says JM arrived first. TW: so was he set free cuz he was first? PD says JM already left. SG: where? Alone? He is driving alone? PD: yes he left alone. TH: being first isnt great. PD gives their mission. Do you know where in our country gets spring first. The guys yell out places. TH and JW guess Jejudo. PD: except for islands. TH: then it must be here since we are here. TW makes a joke about a 2ne1’s song title. PD says their mission is to catch JM. He is going around here and there introducing us to thing. He is going to 5 places and introducing those areas. If he does that till 1pm and introduce all 5 places and not get caught by you, he wins

JM keeps talking to the PD. JM: everything is possible. as their sunbae, I am going to make those hyungs suffer. He has the map open. this is how you do variety program. he says he thought of an idea – wait and follow behind them. they have to chase but they will be chased.

SK asks if one of us catches him? PD says you will be divided into two teams. PD says 2,3,4 (JW, TW, and TH) will be on one team. SG asks : didnt you divide the teams too obviously. it’s not even 2,4,6. PD says the other team will be 5,6,7 (SK, SG, and SW) so SG says that is impressive. you must have given it a lot of thought since this morning. PD says JM left 30mins ago and is already doing the mission. he has to finish all 5 courses.  how you guys will be able to catch him is with a camera. you have to take JM’s pic with his face on them -his face has to show so you can tell it’s JM and photomail it to the PD. then you will succeed. SK points out it’s imp to figure out where JM went

SG :so we divide into teams and if one of our teams takes JM’s pic first and send it to you bird PD via photomail then we succeed.  the rest of the members get a big penalty. TW: what do we move around in. PD says car and gives them keys. TW: are all the cars the same. JW and TW point out they came first and wanted some kind of benefit for that like a better car or TH suggests giving the other team less gas. SK says JM is going to one place out of 5 so the timing has to be right but there is a chance both teams could go to the same place but PD says they will get notified everytime JM completes each task and where he just left. SG asks how long it’s been since JM left. The PD says over 30 mins ago. SG thinks JM could have already gone to one place. SK says no mail has come thru yet. SG asks if the PD gave JM money. PD: no. SK says I got a new smart phone yesterday so I don’t have your numbers. PD adds his number to SK’s new phone. SW: so if we dont catch JM by 1pm we all get penalty. PD: yes. SW: that’s what is scary. SG asks what the penalty is. do we find out when it’s all over. He wants an idea of it. TW says how the PD really looks like a bird today cuz he got rained on so they all laugh. TH jokes the PD cant fly away today. JW: did JM hyung go in a car too. PD: yes he took a car. TW laughs and says to JW: then what he took a horse. SG: it’s ok to go quickly but the reason why we still have time is JM needs to go to all five places. TW gets an idea for all of them to cover all the bases -one team heads from top to bottom and other goes bottom to top to corner JM but SW says we cant join forces with your team though. PD says they need to know what car JM is driving.   PD says he will tell them through email. TH wonders if JM is driving a convertible.

JM mutters on about how when he arrives at his first place the hyungs will have started off. that’s my guess.  if they move according to my guesses, then I can win. if they play for the sake of my head.  PD says then you will be caught. JM changes his statement and says if they play into my hands. I have to get this mission done. think of all the possibilities. first thing – open all possibilities. second: dont give away the correct answer. He says he heard Kangjin a lot and takes a guess – someone’s name

SG looks at his map to find out where they are currently. He figured JM would have gone from top to bottom. TW thinks JM would have gone bottom to top. SG: or else he might not have left and still be around here somewhere. TH says let’s start and go catch JM. they yell 1n2d and separate. The two teams split up

JM says it will be scary to see the hyungs in their cars. he asks what’s in saheejae. he finds out about a famous teacher in Kangjin. JM knew that man comes out on tv at 6pm. He arrives and asks if this is the place. There is an old hut looking place like from sageuk times. There are 3 different teas ready. One is moba tea, another is iced maeshil tea, and yujae tea JM goes in and sits. He asks a woman if something was made. He figures out teacher Jung writes scrolls (old fashioned script). He reads the characters incorrectly and people off camera laugh. JM tries to read it again from the start – some poem.

JW gets behind the driver’s seat and says “engine start” TW sits next to him and TH sits behind them. TW asks JW if there isnt anything that comes on and helps you drive by giving directions and TH points out the navigation. (The way TW asked that was like an old person and even clapped like a grandpa) JW thinks it’s better to start from the top cuz there is only one on the bottom.

SK sits next to SG as he drives. SK says if they are really going to do a stakeout -there has to be a juncture where you could go to all 5 places. we should go there and stake it out. SG says to SW: cops do stakeouts to catch criminals-if they go in advance to where those guys are going to act, then wont it be too late. SK shows on the map there is one place you have to pass for all 5 places. even if JM went here he has to pass here. this is where we should be. SK reads the interstate. SW thinks that stakeout idea is good.

JM is served 3 teas. He says to the woman- you know 1n2d don’t you. she says yes. He says pretend you haven’t seen me when you see the other members. she says she will lie that she was too busy and didnt see JM. He drinks the cold one then the hot one. It’s the moba and says it’s sour. The cold one was maeshil. He burns his mouth on moba. JM says if they suddenly appear he has to quickly hide. he asks if he can mix all the teas together and drink. He puts the ice from maeshil into his hot moba and yuja to cool it. He gets a call and says it’s TW. TW asks where are you – you aren’t going to tell us huh. TH: we all know where you are. JW: they told us where you are. JM: where am I then? TH guesses where he is -Hukyumso. JM acts surprised and says how did you know. TW: we wont take your pic so tell us.  JM: you think I will fall for that. TW: it’s cuz I miss you cuz I havent seen you. JM lies and says there are too many people here so I cant talk now. JM hangs up on him. JM: he will think I am at a market

JW asks where to go. super smart JW thinks JM is inside cuz it was too quiet and his voice echoed. Maybe he is in the bathroom. TW looks for a place to rest inside and TH reads Saheejae. (where JM is now)

SW calls JM and asks where he is. JM makes an excuse and says I will call later and hangs up. SW says JM is in a busy place with lots of people like a market. SK and SG say: he did that on purpose. SW: but would he say “mother”and put on an act. SK and SG think JM is just pretending/acting. SK: he is kim sunbae. SW: wow he really can act cuz he tricked me.

JM says it seems they all gathered and left already. He keeps drinking his tea. He makes a face cuz it’s sour. They verify he finished all this tea and tells him to take a pic for proof. so he takes a pic of himself with the tea and it’s not easy. he has to lie on the table next to the tea to do it. he finally manages and says I just need to show my face right. He passed mission. he has to send it to the PD. He thanks the woman and goes. He says tell the others there were a lot of people here-sell a lot

TH thinks JM got smart now and isnt answering his phone. TW thinks JM was flooded cuz he keeps getting calls. JM gets a call and pretends to be at a market and calls out “mother -later. I have to go around the market” He hangs up. He asks the camera guy you saw me acting well right. The guy says I think they will all come here from what I can see

JM gets in his car and says we have to hurry. Where was the next place to go. They called and I acted like I was at a market. TH is calling. JM acts again – ajumma I have to get in and ajummas are -hyung I will call you back soon. TH says it’s JM’s concept to keep saying ajumma. JW: but cant hear a single ahjumma’s voice.  TW guesses two places JM is trying to trick them into thinking he is there – dangjang and malhang. One of them is where JM is headed -malhang. SG calls JM. JM says the same thing. How it’s too confusing here now. i have to buy something. SG says if you are going to act pretend correctly (cuz no one is buying it). JM heads towards his next site malhang. JM: it’s really far- I feel like they are all headed this way. when I think about them getting close it feels like they are closing in.

SG: it’s fun cuz JM got first place. SK says 5 mins ago JM finished his mission at saheejae. SG: that means he will be coming down this way. SW says up ahead let’s make a U-turn and wait. we have to follow him from behind. SK says the time isnt right – that JM couldnt have come here by this time if he is coming from saheejae. SG thinks they should be in this alley but wonders if JM will go another way out. SK: that cant happen cuz he has to pass this way coming down. he will pass this. if we go ahead to dangjang we will fail

TW says JM finishes his mission at saheejae -he is going from top to bottom. TW: let’s wait at Huk. cuz JM would pass this way. JW wants to go to Saheejae and follow JM but TW says he will have will left. *wonder if JW is a nail biter cuz he suddenly did that here

JM asks what color car the other team is driving. He thinks it was TH. That white car.

TH calls SK and asks which direction are you going. are you going to dangjang or huk. SK asks which way TH is going.  TH says they heard JM finished his mission at saheejae so JM will probably go to dangjang or huk. if you are going to danjang we will wait at huk. (TH is trying to figure out where the other team are so they can wait for JM at the other place) SK: we will go to malhang.  TH looks out the window and says:  what are you talking about – I saw you follow behind us. SK: what car did you see. TH: where are you going? SK: malhang.  Each car has a van behind them so it’s easy to tell (TH really did watch the other team drive by) TH: where are you going? going straight? then we will go to huk from here.  SK: ok. JW’s team could hear some of the other car’s conversation. TH: I thought he knew how to use a smart phone.

SK figures out they need to hurry and make a U-turn cuz JM’s car can pass by quickly. SW: we have to hurry and make a Uturn where we can.  They figure out which side they should be waiting. SW says we have to be facing where we came from. Sk wants to go farther but SG and SW both think that way is better (they are both correct) SK thinks they need to go more. he will probably have taken another road. if he comes this way he will be going around. SG jokes that JM doesnt have sense of direction so he is lost. we cant try to figure out why.

TW wonders if the others are following. TH: they are going straight. we are going to huk right now huh? TW says if he was JM he would go directly to malhang.  JW: but hyung has to do the mission before 1pm. TH calls JM and says I know you finished your mission at saheejae and you are going to dangjang right now arent you. but I am going to tell you now if you go towards dangjang SG’s team is waiting for you. JM: really? TH: yes SG’s team is waiting so it will help you if you go to Malhang. JM: really? hyung are you at malhang?  TH: we went there and it was too cold so we are going up towards base camp. since you are done with your mission at Saheejae that’s where we are going. JM: now? I finished Saheejae a while ago. TH: there is only one road. where are you going to go now. since there is one road. if we stake out, we can catch you. you are going to dangjang now but I am giving you a hint that SG’s team went there. JM: so you dont want me to be caught by SG but caught by you hyung. TH: that’s right. we wont catch you. I am giving you a helpful hint to be careful

SK shows the map and says they cant go further. They have to stay here. SK says JM went to dangjangamal.  JM says PD is giving out info thru email so they will know my location. SG: he has to pass this road anyway. JM thinks it’s better to go to Malhang. Just then they pass each other’s car. SG: it’s him. SK: oh man we messed up. SG: how do we chase him now. SW: I told you – you should have made a U turn so we could stop and wait. (SW had said that so they replay that scene) SK: made a mistake. Sorry hyung

JM saw the other team too. The pd tells him the other car colors are silver and blue

SG: there was a light back there huh? what a waste. if only we had waited. it’s like a movie. SW: i said we shouldnt switch. they try to guess where JM went. SG: if he passes again you will get furious huh. SW laughs. SG: let’s go a little more and if we dont see him then we can go to chuno

JW is parked with his team in the blue car. TW: is this ok to wait like this. TW tells JW to call JM and say they are at different locations cuz they separated. JW calls JM and lies and says the 3 of them separated. you finished at Saheejae. JM: that’s right. JW: I am at churlung bridge.  TW hyung went to malhang and TH hyung went to huk.  And the other people went to dangjangmal. JM: the 3 of them. JW: yes. I think it would be better if you avoided dangjang.  since 3 of them are there. JM: then it means you want me to get caught by you. arent you saying dont get caught by SG? JW: I am saying since that side has 3, you will get caught easily. so it will be better for you to choose where there is only one person. I want you to succeed on your mission hyung. We even know what your car is. JM: what? JW: we know which one is your car. JM: what is it? JW: should I tell you your car plate number. your car is white right? JM: what are you? they laugh.

JW says they know too much if they know the car  plate number. TW calls JM and says I am headed towards malhang. are you going there last or not.  Cant you come here first. JM: I can go there first but it’s really far. TW: Think about it. the others are thinking you will go down from the top so you should hit malhang first – no one will guess that. TH is laughing like crazy in the back silently. JM: ok. TW: let’s take one pic together. JM:ok

JM says in one minute I think everything -should I tell them this that I will go-no I should say I am not going -should I say I will go there last – no should I say I am going there first. my head hurts from using it too much. my throat. for sure those people who are going towards dangjang will know that I was at saheejae and headed towards dangjang. (he is not making any sense even in Korean at this point -what kind of backward logic is this)  JM is getting why criminals turn themselves in cuz it’s nerve wracking (to be constantly chased).I want to turn myself in.

TH thinks JM is going to go down- and not going to  dangjang. TW thinks they should go to malhang. TH: he wont go to dangjang or huk cuz we kept talking about it.  SG calls TW and says how JM passed by them. TW: where are you now. he finds out they are near malhang. SG says JM is not going in order and isnt headed towards dangjang. TW: you were at malhang and he passed by you. SG: he passed by us. TW: we will wait at huk so you push him there. SG: you want me to push him there. TW offers to catch JM. we are here staking out now. TH: it smells like dirt too much here.   After TW hangs up they decide to go to malhang. But TW didnt actually quite hang up the phone yet so they worry but JW says I dont think they heard you.

SK thinks they should go to malhang. if we go there and he is done and coming up then we failed again. if he isnt at choong or huk then it means he went to malhang.

TW: Jm really could come to malhang. JW and TH think he could go to malhang. JW thinks it’s better to hurry and get down there.  TW: realistically it’s not possible to meet JM here. JW: wouldnt he have arrived at malhang by now. TH says JM’s head must be hurting a lot right now.

JM thinks the others shouldnt have been told his info. I just have to protect my face -i can just cover my face – I just need to make sure i don’t get caught cuz I can still cover my face from far away. cant get caught.  In order to protect my face I am going to buy a towel for a dollar and cover my face. as long as I run away and not get caught they wont be able to take a pic of my face.  if I cover it with a towel, they wont be able to take a pic of my face. there are no cars around me. they don’t know where I am going. he decides to pull over to make plans. TW is probably going to malhang. He thinks SK is smart and decides to call him. SK speaks informally to JM since they are the same age: have you been well for the past week. Where are you now. JM says I am not moving right now. SG points to the road. They see JM’s car up ahead pulled over to the side. SK: don’t move. dont move. JM: where are you. SK: dont move.  They are right there behind JM. JM hears static. SG pulls up and blocks JM’s car.  The 3 guys converge on JM’s car. JM: what is this. They try to take a pic of JM’s face but JM tries to hide it and there is too much mist on the window to get a clear pic. SG says it’s all over. SW: be like a guy and give up. SK tries to take a pic thru the window. The windows are tinted so they cant get a shot. They knock and try to get JM to come out. SG offers food. just open the window a little. JM: dont take my pic. SK says to SW the pic is not coming out.  SG: let’s eat and trick TH.  JM says I wont go out and covers his face. move away and put away the cameras. JM: let’s talk first. SG: get out and let’s talk. We will put away our phones in our pockets so you turn the car off. SW: we promise. JM says move back 20meters. SG: are you a dummy – when a cop captures a criminal -will they move away 20m? JM: dont take pics. SW: we dont have any cameras. we put them away. SK is the only one with a camera and he put it away. JM: camera – I wont get out. SW shows him the camera nd says I will put it in my pocket. it’s in right? come out.  SG says just lower the window. a little bit.  JM: I can hear well so it’s ok.

TH tries to call and JM is answering. JM must be tired too.

JM: I don’t want my pic taken now.  be like a man. Put your phones away. they yell back we did. JM: Put your hands over your heads. (SW grumbled a complaint: you are the criminal we arent.) SG: what a funny guy – he told us to put our hands over our heads.  The 3 obey and out their hands up. JM: go over there and I will get out. They yell at him to come out. SW: he might run away. SG: why does he keep saying go to the front- we are in the front.  SK: don’t you watch movies from long time ago when it doesnt turn out well? this is why criminals get beaten up. They see the blue car headed their way. SK yells: the car is coming

JW’s car sees them and TW says hurry. TW: has he been caught. JW: he is caught.

They pull up. JM has his hoodie on still trying to cover up. JW tries to take a pic thru the window. SG says it wont come out cuz of the mist. JM laughs cuz TH peeks in. JM: this isnt right he is kidding around now. SG asks:what is he thinking of not to come out? how much time is left till 1pm. SW: is he going to hang in there till 1pm. JW peeks through the window and asks: what do we do.  TW calls JM: come out. what are you doing? JM: if you dont take a pic by 1pm we all get penalty. TW: tell me what you want to do then. JM: if I hang on till 1pm, no one can win. TW threatens : do you want to get caught by me? JM: let’s talk about that separately. TW: ya I am going to break the car window. get out. JM: I wont come out till 1pm. JM asks them to hand over all 6 phones and he will come out. JM gets mad and says I am first so why should I be the criminal. All I did was wake up early this morning and went there. I am not a criminal. I am first place so why do I have to go through this. SW instructs TW to call JM and say we are going to give him the phones so come out. SG: come out and talk. TW uses formal talk and speaks politely to JM: JM shi. JM: speak thru phone. TW: JM shi calm down. we will give you our phones so come out. JM: collect all 6 and give it to me. SW collects their phones. He knocks on the window and says here they are. I dont have a phone. JM: if I don’t come out you guys are all last. SG: you have no choice but to come out. SW: cuz of you- are you going to take all of us down. I am going to give the phones to the PD so there is no one left to take your pic so come out. JM asks them to back up.  Don’t come close. He opens the window a crack and takes each phone one by one. JM: if I go out someone will take a pic right. they all say no cuz you have our phones. TW: is he going to run off with our phones. get out. JM: if you touch one finger on me – you better not. SG: what are you doing. SK: we are all very cold and wet. TW: hurry and get out. JM: just cuz I get out doesnt mean it’s all settled. Meanwhile SG pretends to take a pic. he yells ok. TH lies he took the pic. They move away with SG. SG didn’t take anything. SG: dont get out. He pretended to take a pic. JM starts to pull away and leaves them behind.



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    I hope its not the unseen cuts from previous episodes!!! Joo Won I miss you darling!!


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    Hi Softy !
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    Wow, it’s so cute. Love it.


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    i read somewhere that Joo Won tweet that today will be a new episode. Not sure if the source is reliable though since i dont follow on twitter.

    But they are still streaming that show that airs before 1N2D, seems to be overrunning, exactly like what happened last week.


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    according to joowon’s fan club, there is! in today’s episode, one member was given a mission to introduce the location without being caught by the other members.

    Here’s the actual preview (translated into chinese) released by the fanclub, if you can understand the language. http://imgsrc.baidu.com/forum/pic/item/e61190ef76c6a7efd4eeef86fdfaaf51f2de6641.jpg


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    I wish it was May already.



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      I do read DB but not often. I stand corrected but this must be a rare occasion where GF and JB post a selca picture and write an article about it. I doubt the photo qualifies as a still but we should know by now the strange effect Joowon has on girls.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of Joo Won…..did you guys see the bride mask article at dramabeans yet ?
    If not, I posted the link below. This guy can rock a uniform like no one else. At first, I was intrigued by the 1930’s superhero concept, but now I don’t think I’ll be able to concentrate on the story with all the eye candy.
    I wish it was May already.


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  10. semi-fly says:

    Torrent links for episode 381:
    ohys / 720p – http://www.box.com/s/2c92a090a89f54e977a2


  11. tania85 says:

    6 member – SUGUEN, UTW, SEUNG WOO, SI KYUNG ,TAE HYON SHOULD find Kim Jong Min right? i like this episode….


  12. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the superfast recap Softy.

    I seems like a fun episode. Now, I must wait for our kind reader to upload the link for the video 🙂


  13. SS says:

    Thanks Softy for super fast recaps. Sorely need this as it was mainly dialogue this week


  14. GH says:

    Thank you. Will watch it later.

    Aaaa.. Softy, you forget to update our cutie 🙂

    Is he super cute today? Kekeke


  15. loverz says:

    like a comedy -criminal drama…><


  16. sammi says:

    So excited to watch this episode!! Would be more excited if JW was number 1 like softy said!! Thanks for the recaps!! waiting patiently for this episode to get uploaded in youtube!!


  17. GH says:

    Omi.. what a cute Joo Won ah. He dress up like a b-boy!


  18. […] Read recap in: https://soulsrebel.wordpress.com/2012/04/08/1n2d-s2e5-coming-up-2/ […]


  19. SS says:

    Aaaahhhh…….Softy….thanks so much for the lovely screencaps. Streaming live does horrible injustice to Mr Cutie Pie’s face. Now with your screencaps I totally agree that somehow his face looks very flawless and “like a baby’s bottom” …………..geee i had a hard time typing that last 4 words as much as reading it. Cuz whenever the word “baby”+”Joowon” pops up, my brain gets over stimulated, plus there’s another word today…”bottom”

    okieeee, I am out of here……..


  20. K says:

    thank you softy!


  21. K says:

    “Engine start!”


  22. Oh my, the cat and mouse game is hilariously entertaining… JM is definitely blooming and confident in his self this season. He succeeded in thwarting the traps laid by 6 manly cats… — Hands behind your head, hyung! Surrender all phones! — …Mwahahaha… Bravo JM!

    PS: I don’t mind to be the mouse, the one that chased by the dashing cats: UTW and SSK… /winks


  23. bbblue73 says:

    Thank so much Softy for the recap & the cuteeeee photos.
    If our JW came first of course photos where overmuch overload here. The more we will praised JW’s baby flawless skin.

    “his skin is flawless like a baby’s bottom”
    Softy, i love to read this. haha


  24. Kara says:

    Thanks for the recap Softy.

    Yeah, finally they devided into teams. I like it when 1N2D do this kind of mission.


  25. Cinderella says:

    LOL!!! Can I just say how much I’m totally loving this episode!! Not only did JW get a lot of airtime, we finally also get to see his mischievous side!! With a touch of aegyo, natch, lol!

    To be honest, in the beginning, I thought he wasn’t going to fit in with the rest of the guys since he seemed so pure (similar to TOP’s gullibility and earnestness when Big Bang starred recently on Running Man), but now I realize that he catches on very easily and is very witty and street-smart. That I love!!

    Thanks so much Softy for the numerous screenshots!! He’s looking gorgeous!!


  26. N says:

    I have a Samsung cell phone tooo!!!!! yay we have something in common!! *jumping for joy*


  27. Anonymousee says:

    Thanks for the recap and screencap dear Softy. Its like a Joo Won fest here. Love it.

    Super like it when do this kind of mission. I think it will continue for at least 2 more episodes, more Joo Won to stare then 🙂

    Jong Min always be the funny one in my book and he’s not buying LSG’s words this time. SSK becoming more ease and talkative. And man CTH looks like a little Sherlock Holmes.. The cap and the cape really cute 🙂

    Glad that we can still watch our favourite variety programme next week.


  28. Softy dear, thank you for the recap with lots of JW’s adorable screenshots. I love ’em!! ^__^
    And thank you Semi-fly for the torrent, now I’m downloading it properly from the Torrent and I’m enjoying it every minute (thanks to my dears bbblue & SS who taught me) 😀
    I agree with you, Softy dear about JW’s flawless skin and I love reading “baby’s bottom” for his flawless skin, hehe 😀
    I believe soon he will get a CF offer for skin care for men (he deserves that) 😀 😀 **hoping & wishing really hard**


  29. anonymous says:

    BTW, I heard UTW mentioned 2NE1, anyone know what was it all about? I know that he is a fan boy of 2NE1, especially CL and Minzy. I was surprised when he pick those two girls because normally guys always pick the pretty Sandara.

    You go UTW, because I like CL too 🙂


  30. nonski says:

    Softy dear thanks so much for your hardwork on the recaps. Very happy because i haven’t watched it yet. JW’s skin is so different here, flawless!

    on a side note, when i read db’s post on JW, i love it that many people are now appreciating him *pyong pyong*.

    btw, i made another cut of the song JW sang last episode, here is the link:



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