1N2D BTS special

I chose this main pic cuz it was pretty, but now it fits the theme of this episode perfectly. This is not a typical episode -it’s a collection of BTS of previous episodes. These are footage of previous episodes that were cut – they are showing scenes they didnt show us that ended up being cut due to time constraint or didnt help continuity. This is sort of cool and confusing at the same time, but they threw in some funny scenes so it’s worth watching. They showed the breakfast mission so that was new and JW sang longer this time.  🙂

We need to take a good long look at this face cuz after they run out of previously filmed footage, who knows when we will get to see it again if this KBS strike continues. *UPDATE: So far only the recent April 6 and 7th filming was canceled so as long as the strike ends soon, they can continue airing the trips they have already filmed so this means this Sunday will air a new episode.

Thank you semi-fly for torrents. 🙂

SK tells someone how this station is famous cuz the temp inside is colder than outside. someone asks if he came prepared (for this cold weather cuz he is wearing a trench coat) and he says of course. SK says he was told to dress like spring when he comes out on the show but right now it’s not. TH sees the truck full of food and says we should eat breakfast together cuz you packed too much and will have leftovers. someone says it’s exactly enough for the staff so SK points out the staff is allowed to buy their own food and eat. PD mentions how TH is dressed and TH says I am ok (warm enough) but this guy is totally – he touches SK’s thin layers. SK asks the stylist for white earmuffs to keep warm. TH worries that the earmuffs will be seen on the show so SK says what can I do when it’s cold. SK asks a rhetorical question: if I wear a trenchcoat with earmuffs – wont I look crazy. TW walks over with SW and TW comments: hyung you didnt wear bell bottoms today. SW complains the PD said something about that and wouldnt let him wear bell bottoms since they are comfortable.  TW says these jeans are way better (cuz SW is wearing something akin to skinny jeans) SW: those bell bottoms are way better and comfortable.  TW: if you brought them do you want to change into them. JM comes over and TH says it looks like you slept here. JM: yes I slept here and came. SW says SK’s white earmuffs are nice – it would be even better if music came out of them. JW comes over and JM says hey JW – you got a CF. SG comes over and says they look like spring. JM says to him: it’s cold. SG: why are you telling me it’s cold.

The guys stand in a line and PD says something about how they are standing cuz the two tallest are standing on the ground while the rest are elevated. the PD wants them to move around so SG ends up next to SK but SG looks taller. SG tells SK to say: let’s go SG and SG holds hands with him and walks off and now you can see the real height difference. SW:there is a lot of height difference between you two. SG asks how tall are you. SK replies 187 cm. JM: is that all? TW asks if they should stand according to height. TH pulls SG to the end with him saying this is where the two of us are. SW asks why TW is tall so TW explains it’s my face that is long. SG tells all of them to face the front. SK gets an idea – how it will look good if each one turns his head and says Mon-Sun. so SG says mon, TH tues, JM wed, SW thurs, TW fri, JW sat, and SK sun – on sunday 1N2D.

TW tells a lame joke that he knows this area Jungsun really well cuz his maknae older sister’s name is Um Jung Sun. the rest of the guys mumble about it being awkward suddenly.  (No wonder this scene was cut)

PD tells them about the race they are going to do here.

in the van, JW says even in this tight space there is a camera. JM: they hang them everywhere. SW asks SG: have you driven a car like this before. TW answers: even if the engine doesnt start, SG can push it along and go anywhere. SG asks the rest of the group: nothing much happened to you guys right. cuz people around you will evaluate how you did on the show and stuff. SK: people around me are mostly on my side so they tell me “you did well” TH adds “there arent people who would tell you to your face ‘it was no fun'” JW adds about SW how people thought SW was gentle so SW jokes back I am gentle but after coming out on the show,  I havent met hoobaes. when they call, I dont take it.

when they pull up to the school museum, the yard had lots of potholes from the rain so the van shook alot as he drove over each puddle so they worry they can keep going so SG says with the 7 of us pushing it will go. SG offers to drop them off where it’s safe right at front so they marvel about how great a driver he is. this is like his car. TH comes out and says SG is the best driver. I didnt get any mud on my shoes.

in the van, the guys talked about the possibility that one person has to sleep outside. TW says if one guy has to sleep outside, it will make us feel sorry for him. SW says just in case, should we have it set up that if one person has to sleep outside, one more person sleeps outside too. cuz it will be too lonely. SG:  the person who said that can sleep outside then. they all laugh

when they have to eat the yellow radish, SG says how great it tastes.  They ran more than one race across the bridge cuz they didnt make the time limit the first round. they ran with the radish as their baton and you also hear someone counting. they tell SW to run faster. SW asks the camera man – didnt I run pretty fast. it was ok right?  TW massaged JW’s arms and legs before he ran. after JW finishes running, SG said we are late. PD says it took 1min 46 seconds so 106 seconds. SK says they took over 15 seconds each. then they run again with the pink baton like the one that aired.

In the van, TH mentions how he filmed a drama with Jeon Do noona after his debut. that his character kept chasing after her. They even show the cast getting out of the car and TH says how his arms hurt. and JM talking to the statues more and he says they seem real. TH gives directions cuz he used to live here. SK brought up that TH made sassy girl here and buried a time capsule.

In the cave, each member was asked to pose looking cool. SW: does it look like an ad. when SG stands between JW and SK, SW says you look like you are with your mom and dad. so SG says where is a mom and dad this tall. I dont look like a child born from this family. SK takes SG’s hand and says “let’s go SG” so SG pretends to flick SK for speaking english saying that’s my english name. SK had pronounced SG the way american’s do as “Soo Keun Lee” so they all laugh.

For the kicking and touching the rope scene, they added more closeups of their faces.

The edited scene was for red pepper paste and stuff. the guys had to write exactly what the PD called out with correct spelling.  it has to be word for word with no variations. PD reads “a few days ago, SK told the scriptwriters that he didnt want to show his nipples on the show.” they show past footage where SG had said to SK  “on the radio you said you couldnt show your nipples on any show.” SK: my nipples are normal but the way you said it sounds funny ( like something is wrong with them) people say they want to see how much I worked out so they want to see but to tell you the truth, I dont have the confidence to show my nipples on the program. SK forgot, but most of the other guys remembered so since their answers werent all the same, they lost the red pepper paste. SG was worried the other members would write something other than “a few days ago.”

when JW was trying to get votes, he held onto some girl’s hand. Lucky girl. so TH goes over and tries to break them apart but JW pushes him away and keeps holding onto her hand as she stares at JW. TH asks how can you go so far as to hold hands. that’s cheap. (cuz TH is married and cant use that method of garnering votes) Before they count the ping pongs after the staff voted, PD gives each member one too. each guy was given the option of choosing someone else to vote for or themselves. JM asks SG: what if one of us loses. SG chants: we all sleep together. SG lectures them not to vote for themselves and calls that kind of person a bad name (but drops one in his own box as he says that) JM says he believes in SG but voted for himself too. SK voted for himself and SG jokes box sounds empty. SW felt sorry for SK so he voted for him cuz SK’s box sounded empty. SW: also it means I have confidence. but why does everyone’s expression look like that.”SG jokes you have to make someone like him sleep outside.  TH says he will vote  for SK too but drops it in his own box like it was an accident. TH voted for himself. SG says I will save you from sleeping outside if you lose, but JW says “but can you do that” (as in SG does not have that kind of pull) and votes for himself. they all laugh.

Morning mission at 8am was delicious breakfast for 3 people who pull up flags that will be placed between both sides (those sleeping outside and inside tent). they have to have the flag with them by the time the music ends to win. the rest of the 4 will eat something simple and plain. TH wonders why his sleeping bag doesnt have any wiggle room. SK says his head wont fit into his sleeping bag cuz it’s not long enough for him. PD tells SW that if SW can endure this (sleeping outside) he can endure anything from here on.   JM adds: you wont even catch cold. SW doesnt look convinced.  TH watches as SW and JM are tucked into their sleeping bags under the plastic cover so TH says they look like they belong in a thriller movie (cuz they look like they are in body bags). JM watches the snow fall and tells SW that it looks pretty cuz it’s sparkly. SW: it just looks pretty – dont you worry. JM complained about the heavy snow hitting his face and SW says we cant sleep face down so the PD decided to put that plastic tarp over their heads for the night. SW came out of his sleeping bag and was standing around. someone asks why SW cant sleep so SW explains cuz of his hood, it makes crackling sounds so he cant sleep. SW: I didnt get to sleep a wink yesterday too before i came here. the guy says later on you will get used to it. SW: I think that will happen. SW looks at JM and says you sleep well. kim sunbae (SW’s nickname for JM) you are impressive.

FYI: JW wore gloves to bed – he put them on before he went to sleep and still had them on in the morning.  JW woke up first and said my mother told me to be sure to eat breakfast. meanwhile outside the tent, SW and JM made plans to hide two flags and toss the 3rd one. so JM put the fire right in front of the tent so the other 5 would be surprised by it and not be able to find the flag in time. JW tells someone it’s 16 mins before (it’s time to go out). that is when TW looked over and they waved to each other.  JW was the first one out and looked for the flag. SW had thrown one in the water and JW went into the water to get it. TH, SG, and TW look for their shoes. JM and SW dance to the music and retrieve their hidden flags as the music ends. TH snatched the flag out of SW’s hand, but only got the top part. so JW, JM, and SW won breakfast. JW didnt come out of the water and stayed there waving his flag saying I won. SG complains to the PD that you cant give food to people who hid shoes. JM and SW ask where the shoes are. SG: it’s strange that 3 pairs of shoes are gone. someone asks JW: did you have shoes? JW replies like it’s the most natural thing to say: I hid the shoes. so SW and JM high fives JW. someone says JW you did well. SG doesnt complain anymore once he realizes JW did it. cuz SG seems to have a weak spot for the maknae. 🙂

the 3 get to eat breakfast. some kind of white fish stew.  SW says it tastes like caramel. that it’s really soft. SW pigs out while the other 4 eat anchovies with rice.  someone says SW’s face looks like his body has got better (from sleeping outside) JM asks if SW’s wife can make this so SW says how she make this at home – you think if a person gets married she becomes a chef. JM asks this isnt spicy so why is it making me sweat. since he doesn’t get to eat the nice breakfast, TW says in an irritated voice: then take your hat off. everyone laughs.  JM makes some speech about the stew and how that fish is the king of all fish cuz it gives you energy. they laughed cuz he accidentally referred to the fish as a person. they see the snow falling behind them outside.

On the bus ride, JW sings a longer version of the song. (Bird said they might show that and they actually did) Just as he was about to sing the high part, he said “all together now” so they all clapped and he stopped cuz TH says just sing up to here since it’s morning. SW says you sing well – what would you have done if I didnt make you sing. JW says he felt pressure singing in front of SK but SW says “you did really well.”

During the closing, JW gives a speech about how there is a lot of beautiful places to see in this area. my fatigue before I came here – now it’s totally gone. cuz it feels rejuvenating so SW jokes “aside from the view, it might be cuz you are young.” JW: not sure but that could be it too. SG asks “what do you remember the most (about this place)” SW: sleeping outside.  🙂

Just wanted to let CK know that I watched Introduction to Architecture and the guy from King2Hearts that plays Seung Gi’s character’s protector practically stole every scene he was in. There were lots of funny scenes in this so it felt more like a comedy. I loved everything about this movie except for 15mins. It has romance, nostalgia, humor, innocence, and a heavy dose of subtle angst from unrequited love. Through these characters, you get to vicariously experience what it’s like to meet your first love again after 15 yrs and their trip back to when they were young is just as poignant as your own. Truth be told, I love architecture so part of the reason why I wanted to see this was to see that house. Totally fell in love with the interior of the house they built. More of the movie review will be posted later on KDH5. 🙂


94 comments on “1N2D BTS special

  1. PJupiter says:

    I know that the bit about Introduction to Architecture wasn’t the main point of this post, but can I just say how excited I am that you’re gonna write a movie review! I’ll be looking forward to it, Softy! ;D
    Another aside–Although I haven’t had a chance to comment on the actual posts, I just want to say that I really appreciate your Rooftop Prince transcaps 🙂


    • Softy says:

      I watched the movie pretty carefully so I could write a recap of it and make it less of a review, but the only problem is I dont know how to prevent spoilers if I give away the ending. Also right now I am working on a review of the drama A Wife’s Credential and got sidetracked. 🙂


  2. sammi says:

    Filming of ’1 Night 2 Days’ cancelled for this week due to KBS labor strike http://www.allkpop.com/2012/04/filming-of-1-night-2-days-cancelled-for-this-week-due-to-kbs-labor-strike
    This is so unfair!!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Owh man. Really.

    No Joo Won this week 😦


  4. bbblue73 says:

    Thank you so much Softy dear for your information.


  5. bbblue73 says:

    Just found this from King’s blog.
    Love this, so cuteeeeeeeeee.
    Check this out chingu.



  6. loverz says:

    why Sunday seems too long to come…(keep refreshing this page)


  7. bbblue73 says:

    Our JW tweet this evening & Joowon International fanbase trans this:

    [JW twitter trans.] “I miss my 1N2D hyungs ㅠㅜ heugheug!! Tomorrow 1N2D will have a normal broadcast~Everybody~~~^^ Goodnight!~ihi


  8. Noo mi says:

    Im living in singapore and I like to watch 1n2d season 1. I did watch season 2 but i find boring. If in season 2, there could get season 2 to seach for season 1 casts like Kang ho dong, Mc mong,Kim C, lee seunggi and Eun Jiwon. Whoever successful in getting the old casts to join them, will be given buffet dinner. That will be great. Im sure that the ratings will go up.


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