Fashion King E1&E2 plus SUFBB finale

Fashion King E2 is posted under SUFBB. I made up my mind about FK recaps. it’s written at the bottom of the page. 🙂

Now this is how a finale should be done. Finally, a drama came along that didn’t disappoint and run out of steam or exert some last ditch effort to be more than it let on.  Major networks like SBS, MBC, and KBS could learn a thing or two from this drama.


SUFBB finale

HS stands and asks “who said -why are you guys saying I will do it or not on your own. K: are you crazy – what are you talking about with your solo debut right in front of you. D: yes HS there is no need to do that cuz of us. HS: I didnt say I would yet – it’s not something i can decide on my own. I will think about it. Kim says to do that and discuss with J too. kim is proud and says to HS: either way, you are a man.

J remembers KC’s words to him how at first you dont know anything and just enjoy it. after doing that if it becomes real in my heart-like you are right now – it feels like your heart is burning. it torments you and makes you crazy. a guy like you will be lonely. cuz the only thing you know how to do is music. is there anything you have. you have a bad personality.  in the end, a guy like you- music is the only thing you can do. J mutters what does he think he knows about me

SH says he heard from her dad that he is going to china. you are going with him right? S: not sure. he says he wants her to go with her dad. S: you don’t want to see me. SH: I want to see you alone. China is not that far away and I can go see you on vacations. S: what is that like someone who is prepared to send me away. SH: it’s cuz I feel uneasy about you being here alone. even if you go to China you will call often right? Her friend overhears that S is going to china and asks why. S says cuz her dad has to go. and that she has to follow him. J heard that too. Her friend says don’t go cuz you are my only friend

K asks what brings J to school and where did he put his uniform. J says I came cuz I had business here. HJ asks if J went home ok yesterday. J: am I kid that I cant go home. K says how they felt sorry to him. HJ tells J how eye candy was offered to work in japan

HS is being interviewed and the woman mentions how he gained more fans after his duet with YR and they are looking forward his solo album. how do you feel. he says thank you for the love and support. i will prepare a lot and wont disappoint. she says how he got a CF for a cell phone. it wasnt enough you were skilled at singing and playing guitar and now you are an actor and model for ads. she asks if there is a dream that he has. HS: dream?

HS is reading his article and YR sneaks up behind him and says you worked a lot during that time. YR says her schedule is done so want to go eat. HS asks if she doesn’t have any friends. if you dont have anything scheduled you should want to meet your friends and play-shouldnt you.

She says she doesn’t have friends cuz she lived in America and debuted in korea. So he should play with her cuz she is lonely and bored when she doesnt have any schedule. HS: what? She says how it’s no fun cuz she doesnt have anyone to be upset with her when she gets mad-arentI pitiful. that’s why I was so envious of you and eye candy. you seemed to put on airs as if to say – next to my side these guys are here so dont mess around. I dont know well but you seem to hold everything in on your own like you are fighting alone. when it would be good to do that together. If not with your friends then with me. HS remembers how J hugged him on stage and told him not to fight alone -let’s do it together when HS was fighting his pain (when HS hurt his finger)

J mutters that S is going far away cuz she is going to china.

HS goes to J’s home. HS: then and now – why do you always do whatever you want. J: what did I do. HS: you always decide everything on your own. and act cool all on your own. J jokes he was going to make HS’s sister healthy so she can grow up to become his wife.  HS says that will never happen. J: why what’s wrong with me. HS says dont mess with my sister. I was curious about something from a long time ago.  you came over to my home often but suddenly stopped. why did you do that. You know how much I felt betrayed. J: after your sister was born – you betrayed me first cuz you were so into your sister (meaning all of HS’s attention was on her). HS: that was cuz I didnt want her to end up like me. opening the door to a dark room and going inside and waiting alone till mom and dad came home. I really hated that. it was really scary. J: I didnt even have anyone coming home -when I went to your home it smelled of food and was warm like a place where people live and I had to come back to this room. it was really awful. it was colder too. more lonely. it started from then when I stopped going to your home. HS: excuses. it was cuz you were cheating with BH.  J admits that BH didn’t like going home too (that he had problems there too). HS: we thought we knew everything about him but there was so much we didnt know.  J offers ramen. HS says yes. J: what kind of star eats ramen. HS asks if J heard about the offer and what J is going to do – are you really not going to do music. J: I’m not sure yet – what I like. J jokes around and tells HS to live there where it’s sparkly cuz it suits you -cuz you originally liked sparkly stuff -maybe cuz you went to a lot of cabarets. HS: what? crazy guy. they eat ramen together.

J gets a call and the guys go over there. they all meet at their rehearsal hall cuz the place is going to be torn down. J wanted to say goodbye before it was demolished. K says I feel like I am being torn down. HJ mentions how this place has meaning cuz they got to sign contracts they didnt even dream of. HJ tells J to think it over again about Japan. K says let’s all meet and hear what they have to say at least. J says leave it alone – do you want to make the situation complicated by dragging HS over there for no reason. what if rumors go out that he had that meeting. dont let talk like that get out. K says what to do cuz HS called yesterday set up the meeting with the japanese men so they were already called. J: what? when? K: last night. HS said he was coming out of someone’s home so I thought he already spoke to you. D says cancel it now then. but K says they have to go soon. HJ: why did you do that without even asking.

Yoo tells HS how she handled that carbaret dilemma so it wont affect his parents and not to make this complicated situation again. she continues talking about his solo album and stuff and notices he isnt paying attention so she asks if he has a problem cuz his attention is elsewhere. HS says I have something to tell you

The band and Kim are meeting with the Japanese men. Kim asks why HS is so late. The men ask about HS so Kim says HS has a schedule so he will be here soon. HS finally shows up

The men show the band slides and stuff and says they have confidence that eye candy can do well there. that japan cant compare to Korea when it comes to nurturing bands. they talk about the contract saying it’s the best.  kids seem impressed. J asks if they have any anticipated band concept or music from them and they say they have confidence to make eye candy Japan’s top visual rock band

W worries those men are frauds. D wonders what’s so great about visual rock band – is it cuz their name is eye candy. W tells D not to go around talking like that. she asks if J is going to keep being that way with S. D: you never know S might be waiting all this time too.  J says S said to break up and I promised Yoo that I would break up with S, but when I met her I couldnt say anything. to be honest I was grateful. not me but cuz you were having a hard time so I am going. but now how can I hold onto her.  she is going to china with her father. that too and band too – I thought I let it all go but why is it so complicated and confusing again. He says he is leaving and W calls him a dummy. D asks if she is ok. W says it’s not like she dated J she just liked him and like a gum that was stuck on him. but now it seems it’s time for that gum to fall off. D: does that gum have to be stuck just on him. D smiles at her.

J gets a call from S. she asks if they can meet now. He asks where she is and runs over

She is waiting at a park. He goes and sits next to her. she says you came quickly. He says the bus came fast. S: you said don’t call so sorry. J: I was going to call too. S: why? J: just cuz I heard by accident. Are you really going to china. S: I should huh. J: What kind of answer is that. S: I want to go and I don’t want to go. J: When are you going. S: next week. J: That quickly. She stares at him so he asks “Why?” S: I want to memorize your face. Can you not forget my face? No it’s better if you forgot. I regret. I regret running away cuz I thought you would be worse off cuz of me.I regret that. to be honest I was scared a bit. Before I left I wanted to say this. also please continue singing so I can hear even from far away. she gets up so J holds onto her and says: Don’t go – I regretted so much that I thought I would go crazy. I didnt even ask and said I would protect the way I wanted.  For letting you go like a fool I really regretted – don’t go and stay here.

J is alone and remembers what KC said – dont you want to find what kind of music you really want to do. And how S said keep singing so I can hear it from far away

J goes back to the billiard. D says HS made trouble. HS wants to join eye candy again and go with them to Japan. J asks what about Yoo and the contract. K: he already took care of that too. HJ: HS has loyalty. HS says to HJ: I dont trust your words. they both laugh. D asks if HS will be ok – you wont regret. HS:I said I was. why are you guys making a fuss over me. as long as we can all go together that’s all that matters. J says I am opposed – I cant go with you to japan. HJ and HS ask what that means. J: to be honest do you guys want to go together. you are afraid to seem like a traitor and dont want to disappoint each other again. isnt that why you are saying you want to do this together no matter what. HS: do you have to say it like that. I said I was ok. J brings up HS’s sister. can you leave her behind. I really dont know why we ended up like this. just doing everything together and being happy – I think that time has passed now. we dont want to  and it’s not what we want – cuz of friends, we couldnt live separate lives. J reminds how D didn’t like living as a celebrity and being recognized and it wasnt right for him. D agrees. And how HS wanted to become a star and is already doing well so why turn that upside down and start over from the start. HS: I don’t want to do it alone. also cant we do well together. J asks HJ and K – is it really your dream to live doing music?  K’s dream was to earn a lot of money and make a chain of restaurants. HJ wanted to become an actor or model. Let’s make the right decision now. What we really want -what we really want to do- what we really should do.

HJ is in acting class and smiles cuz he likes it here. K offers to help an ajumma out. D tells his drumstick – it’s time to say goodbye to you.

SH says her dad must have been surprised cuz she suddenly said she wouldn’t go to China. She says he still thinks she will change her mind and go. SH: he doesnt know how stubborn you can be. he asks if that is all her belongings. she says it was what she packed to go to China. SH: do you have to go back there. (she wants to go back to her rooftop home) you can stay here. she says if he says one more word it will be his 100th time. SH: I am going back to America. there was a time I was going to ignore how you felt and just thought of going, but I couldnt. she says his name. SH: I am ok with this. for the first time I was honest to myself and worked hard which is unlike me. About how i felt about you and for music. she asks if he has to go. SH: I have to go back to my place. you know my family – during this time they were being lenient. She asks when he is coming back. He says since he played and had a lot of fun. it will be longer than before. S: What I really wanted to say to you. SH: That you are sorry? S: Thank you for being my friend

K is gathered with the band. he thought about it and what J said is right. He asks if they remember the day they gathered for the first time to form a band -do you remember the song. they cant remember it.  HJ remembers what they ate. K: more than gathering cuz we were going to do music. D: I liked playing drums. even if I played the drums so loudly, people insulted me for being loud and they didnt insult my dad for being a gangster. K says how HS followed everything J did. HS: he followed me a lot too. they laugh. HJ: BH and J were different from us. J: somehow BH did this to me and I did it to you guys- since we are friends, let’s have the same dream. I think I encouraged/urged you guys like that. K: that’s not it – we were happy as the band. HS: it was cuz of eye candy that people acknowledged us. D: more than music – friends and band. wasnt that why. it wasnt bad. J: we might regret later, but don’t you think the time has come to decide our separate lives. HJ: then is eye candy disbanding. K says even so we are going to continue supporting each other. J: that is why I decided. I’m dropping out of school. from here on, I am going to find out what music I really like. if you guys want to do music again you need a place to come back to. So I will be here protecting it. K: did you really make up your mind. HS: you seem to have come back to the crazy dog I know. HS: let’s try living separate lives now. J:  shut up and. they hold out their hands and yell “run”

J goes out and wearing the sneakers S made him. He hears S’s voice saying “guitar – the muse might have to endure a loud neighbor” and he looks over. She is standing there by her rooftop home waving at him. he asks how she is here. she says I am in my home. He says she was supposed to go to china. you shouldnt be here. S: i was going to go but couldnt go. I have a lot of work here and I have someone I am worried about. he pretends to be gruff and says – it’s going to be a bother again cuz you came next door. S: what? you arent going to regret saying that.J: I gotta go – I am busy – let’s talk later. he leaves. She looks for him down the street and wonders why he is so fast. He is standing behind her and asks why she is mumbling like a grandma. he hugs her and welcomes her back.

J goes and wakes up KC. Do you know what time it is. wake up. KC says what’s wrong with you –are you my wife. Go back to school. such a bother. just 5 more mins. I feel like I will die. J says I wrote it all so listen to it. KC: of course you must have written it well.  J: are you going to do what I want then. KC: that’s not it. J: then when. KC: did something good happen to you today. It looks like there is.

HJ takes his sunglasses off and auditions saying “it’s me” but  he gets cut. HJ: I didn’t do anything yet. The guy says “we know from the first line – next.” HJ goes back and gives his name. remember it well. from here on I will show you how good I am on camera – you will regret later.

HJ asks if K’s business plans are going well. K says he has to accumulate start up money. until he graduates from school he is going to work part time. HJ suggests getting autographs from HS and selling it to kids. K says he shouldnt sell off friend’s stuff. HJ asks then what are you going to do. K says he is going to work in the kitchen cuz he is good with knives. D shows up. K asks why D came now when school ended a while back. D says I was at the academy. K asks what were you learning. D lists all the classes. HJ: have you gone crazy. D: I didnt study so I didnt know. It’s fun. K says D is crazy. D says he has a lot of stuff he is curious about- I have to start over from first year of high school. HJ tells him to come to his senses. D: I am ok. You should try it too. he talks about how good it is to solve each math problem and relates it to playing drums – dont just play pool. I should turn this place to a study room.  (D suddenly discovered he loves to learn and is now studious)

HS is with YR.  HS: what are you so curious about. YR: everything about you. that is your problem. if someone asks all you have to do is answer. why dont you answer.  you are thinking inside what kind of girl doesn’t have pride. HS: you know well. YR: You don’t need pride when it comes to someone you like. Yoo comes in with SH. she asks why YR is here. dont you have anything scheduled.  YR: yes.  that’s why. she asks to be included in HS’s solo album. Yoo says no. SH says to Yoo: if there is a good duet she could so why cut her off like that. Yoo says there is already talk about YR and HS so if they do another song together it will become a headache. YR: then should we just date. HS, SH, and Yoo are shocked. YR: I was just throwing that out there. Yoo: don’t joke like that. she asks SH if HS solo album is almost finished. HS says before he finishes the album there is someone he wants to work with on a song (to compose it). she asks who so he says J.  Yoo asks if J didn’t stop doing music. HS says J is doing music more earnestly than before. I will go and get it from him. Yoo asks what SH thinks. SH says we have to hear at least. Yoo: go and get it but there isnt much time left. HS: yes.

S’s friend says S was good not to go. She asks if SH really is going to study abroad. S says yes. S invites her over for ramen cuz she learned how to make it well. And brags how great her view is. Her friend says she wanted to go to a rooftop home. I am envious of you cuz you get to live alone

HJ says HS seems close to YR these days. HS: what do you mean close. it’s cuz we worked together. HJ: be good to YR or you are dead. K asks how many eggs he should add. HS asks why ask all the time add a lot. J asks if HJ is going to come out. HJ tells him to wait cuz today it will be out. HJ tells K to hurry and come. They watch HJ on tv and his arms come out as he says the only line he had “the coffee you ordered came out.” They repeat the line and laugh. they said his back looked good. J congratulates HJ for debuting. you did well. eat all the eggs. they keep joking. J asks: did you make that coffee. they laugh more.

SH is going over the music with YR. she says the lyrics are really sad. someone must have rejected you. SH: i’ve been found out. YR: then do you not have a girlfriend now? should I introduce someone to you. SH says that would be nice. She asks what style he likes. SH: a pretty girl.  HS shows up. SH leaves to take a call.  she asks HS- isnt the composer (SH) good looking. HS: cant you tell the difference between unctuous (slick) and good looking. she says how SH is a style girls like cuz he is gentle. he asks if she likes SH. She asks if HS is jealous now. HW:over someone like that -say something that makes sense. she asks HS for a date. HS: what date. YR asks if SH has time tm. SH says he does at night. HS suddenly says YR has an appointment tm.  YR: what appointment. HS: think it over carefully you have an appt tm. HS grabs the song sheet and asks :just have to do this right. he goes into the recording booth. She laughs cuz she finally got HS to be jealous. HS goes in to sing and seems flustered by what just happened

W is sleeping and D arrives and leans her head on his shoulder. She wakes up and looks and smiles. She  continues to lean and sleep

Yoo asks what J thinks of HS’s album. J says cuz HS has confidence it came out well. She says with HS’s looks, SH producing, and J’s music. but J says I only did just one so it’s not big deal but she is going to make J’s the title song. J: what? Yoo: SH agreed too.  She mentions how J is working at KC’s place – what are you thinking of doing. J says he just gets scolded and gets fed for free. she says instead of doing that – after HS’s solo album becomes a success, she wants J to work on his own. J: not sure. Yoo: what is the problem. J: I still dont know what music I really want to do. i dont want to start again without knowing anything. she says that’s true there werent any other kids who came to work for her like them. J says  next time he wants to start the right way. Yoo says come whenever you want. when you are sure of what you want to do. J: I wanted to say something to you from the first. yoo: what? J: Thank you. yoo: for what. J: You were the first person to acknowledge us. I wont forget it. he bows and leaves

Yoo remembers what HS said to her that day. how she told him he has confidence to do the solo album so how could he go to his friends when he could succeed. how HS said when he gets paid in Japan he will return her contract money and costs for the solo album. Yoo: right now it’s not a problem of money. HS: I want to succeed but if there is even 1% I can do that with my friends instead of alone I want to go with them. even if it takes a long time. Cuz out of all the things we have that we have a lot of is time. Yoo laughs and says: these kids.

HJ and K watch D. HJ points out D isnt looking at comic books or red books, but a text book. are you crazy? K checks and says D doesnt have a fever. D says I am going to college. they repeat that in shock. D says HJ should look into performance art schools for acting/ theater.  HJ says acting you do with feeling. K wonders if college teaches how to earn money. D says business schools would. just hearing that makes K want to throw up.  D mentions how teacher Kim came back to school. HJ and K look scared

Everyone is taking a test. HJ is yawning. HS and others get a text from J so HJ, HS, and K try to sneak away. S watches them leave and distracts the teacher. She helped the kids get away

J is helping HJ and K and HS run away as Kim chases after them

HJ asks if HS can come within 2 hrs. HS: tell J not to start till I arrive. make sure you tell him.  J is telling HS over the phone to hurry and come cuz I am totally shaking. S goes to see J and asks if he is shaking that much since he went on live before on a live program. He says then he wasnt alone. this is the first time he performed on stage alone. he helps her up and holds her hand. she says he will do well. you can do well. KC comes over and says J is overreacting cuz S is here. KC accuses J of doing that to get attention from S. KC says I tried that 20 yrs ago. he tells J to stretch and do this. S says fighting to J

The guys are waiting and  HS and W show up. They go in and watch J performing alone.  He sings and plays guitar.

Yoo asks what SH was thinking of to want to come here. he says next week when I go to america I will be bored for a long time so I couldnt lose the chance to have fun for the last time. Yoo asks why Maro and PJ came. Maro explains cuz there arent that many days left till SH leaves so PJ is following SH around like a stalker. PJ: what do you mean stalking. but if I knew he was coming here I wouldnt have come.  YR shows up so Yoo asks why she came. YR explains it’s been a long time since she saw HS perform but if she comes here she can see him. Yoo says why don’t you just go around announcing it to everyone (that YR likes HS)

J says to the audience – singing a quiet song like this and playing alone is fun, but some friends who want to play together came- it’s ok right. The audience says yes. He calls out each band member’s name and says come out. The audience claps as the band takes the stage. They perform as a band. Past clips come out. S smiles at J. J’s voice narrates: John Lennon said we (The Beatles) are more famous than Yes. we aren’t famous or special, but this is what we want to do at this time. Our lives are hazy and we cant see stuff like the future but we are keeping our mouths shut and running towards it – the time that awaits us.



Fashion King recaps:

This drama snuck up on me cuz I thought it was going to start at the end of the month. After watching the long trailer my curiosity was piqued, but it didn’t consume me. I’m not convinced yet if I should commit to this drama so I stuck it under the “extra” category. I happen to strongly dislike the two female leads so the only reason I am here at all was cuz of the guys. In particular, I am intrigued by the second lead Lee Je Hoon and want to see if he acts as well as he looks. Of course YAI was another deciding factor since I wanted to see what drew him to this character and what he will do with this role. I’m also wondering why he felt the need to style his hair so quirky –is it supposed to help him channel what his character is about or just to mess with his appearance to prove he can make any look work. Maybe he was just testing my loyalty. Either way, if it wasn’t for these two guys, I would be finishing up my recap for SUFBB this week. Now that I am here and about to recap another drama, just wanted to let you know what unfolds tonight and tm night will determine if this drama gets a new category or not.

*Best scene was when young W and young Maru from CYHMH came out in a cameo as young Y and young G. They are still so cute 🙂

Is it just me or does anyone else think he has the same exact smile as Keanu Reeves – understated and charming to knock the wind out of you.

Y= Kang Young Gul = Yoo Ah In

G= Lee Ga Young =Shin Se Kyung

J= Jung Jae Hyuk = Lee Je Hoon

Anna = Choi Anna= Kwon Yuri

E2 recap

Starts from the ship and Y running on it and heaving from seasickness.the Korean guy speaks English and yells at the crew to work if they want to be paid and beats up one guy for talking back. Y runs over and tells him to stop – you can say it with words so why hit– that’s why they speak ill of Koreans. Captain asks if Y is taking the other guys side and starts to hit Y. the other crewmen give the captain angry glares.

Y is beaten up and in bed. He remembers his childhood when he was in the car with his younger sister maybe. his aunt was saying she was having a hard time too. his dad said Y is sick and the aunt says she cant take care of a sick kid so take the kids and go. His dad promises to come back for them in a week. She brings up how Y’s mom ran off with someone else to America so how can the dad go and get his wife back in a week. she asks if he has a visa and money to go to America – if he does give it to her cuz she is having a hard time too. His dad says sorry and take care of them. he tells Y to get out of the car

Y cries remembering that.

J gets dressed and checks himself out in the mirror. What in the world is he wearing- a fancy cape?

In the car he gets briefed about how they wont have to spend a lot of money to get a designer and even though J is jet lagged they will be dropping by the fashion school.

G goes to the school and finds out she rejected the acceptance. G denies doing that and the woman shows the letter and says you rejected the offer so you shouldn’t complain. G says she arrived yesterday and came to register so if you were me would you take a 20 hr flight to register at a school you rejected. Woman says it’s not my rules and sends G away. The evil girl (the daughter of G’s former boss) smiles and pretends to have run into her. she says she heard G applied here – did you come to register. It’s so good to see were you. you should have called. even if you were upset with mom we shouldn’t act like that between us. G asks if she came to register. She says how lucky she was and was able to come here. some girl had full scholarship but canceled her acceptance so I barely got in cuz I was on the waiting list. Don’t know who that was but I should be grateful to her. I want to talk more but a car is waiting outside, it was good to see you.  I will leave first

G calls and asks for the owner (Y) and asks what happened. She asks when he will be back. The woman says they cant contact him. Did you have something to ask him. G says I only called to say hello. She hangs up and looks worried

G is eating and some homeless woman chases her away saying get off my bench. G runs away scared. She goes to a motel. She remembers what the owner said to her and how she hid the mail from her and what the daughter said about a girl with full scholarship who canceled her acceptance.

Y wakes up to a fight outside. Some of the crew come in. all the Koreans are huddled together. The crew is throwing overboard the koreans so they can go to some island. The one Y saved wants to keep Y alive but the others say no. Y gets thrown overboard. Y says don’t do this.

Y has a flashback to selling watches on the street. Rolex and omega. Y yells out he has rolex watches. Look at this – I can take you to them. They don’t throw him overboard. Y yells out it’s a rolex and it’s not an imitation. They pick him up again so he yells he can take them to get more in America.

G only has a few dollars left and reads about J in the paper.

J is waiting for a meeting when others arrive. his sec says J came out early. J looks at it’s 9am. he asks how much revenue they make. Secretary says you cant call it profit (meaning there isnt that much coming in) cuz this branch deals with trend park, and discover new items and ideas so they dont pay particular attention to profits. J asks someone how much it costs to run this NY branch in a year. the guy lists all the costs and gives J the total which is a lot. the guy says if you take out the costs for the branch, the amount they contribute to the fashion school is more. J: then what should we do. Shouldn’t we at least earn as much as we spend. let’s do a brand launch. and other guy discourages him saying it costs a lot and NY market is not that easy to crack. J says from tm we will have meeting at 7am.

Secretary says J must have his own thoughts but this might not be up to them to decide and changing the meeting to 7 is a bit…J gives him a look so the guy says I will be here at 6:30. J gets on the elevator and G says hello to him. She says she was on her way to meet him. She introduces herself and asks if he remembers her. sec asks who she is. G asks J: you really dont remember me. she says she saw him a few times when he came with his mother at the chungdamdong store. J: so. G: do you remember. He says he doesn’t remember her. she follows him and says anyway I saw you many times and I saw in the paper that you seem to know the head of the NY fashion school well so I came to meet you like this. to be honest I got into that school and came here. they said they would give me scholarship and housing so I came on a one way flight but something went wrong so I cant register and don’t have a ticket to go back. J tells his secretary to give her money and send her on her way. J walks away. she tries to call after him. Secretary stops her and gives her $60 and says she shouldn’t do this cuz it’s too much to ask for plane fare since it’s not taxi fare or subway fare. he tells her to take that and go. She marches into the office and says you must have misunderstood. why would I come all this way knowing full well you wouldn’t remember me. when did I ask you for plane fare. people like you who have a lot of money – I know very well that you wont spend even a penny on someone like me. Since you donate a lot to NY fashion school and I saw you with your picture with the head of the school so I only came to ask you to look into what went wrong for this to happen, but you gave me money like this. Thank you – I will use it well. She leaves.  J asks his sec if her name was lee ga young. He tells his sec to look into her situation

J has a flashback to the day he met G. J was at a party at the store where G works and saw her take a plate full of food and follows her upstairs. He saw that G was having her memorial for her parents. He looks at her designs. He hears the owner yelling at her. the woman asks did I make you starve. what is G doing in front of guests. G says cuz today is her parents memorial ceremony. Owner says -how unlucky -why did it have to be today. dont you know what today is. it’s the day of the opening ceremony and you have a memorial. your deceased parents are important but what about me who suffered and raised you. can you not think of me. how could you do such hateful things.  until the party ends don’t think of taking one step outside this room. He gets a call from his mother and says I will be there soon. He and G saw each other then and motioned for her to be quiet.

G goes to an apartment where she called the Korean woman who was looking for a roommate. the landlord was leaving angry and insults asians for not paying rent on time and warns her to pay by tm. The woman asks who G is and G says I called earlier. she invites G to sit. she asks what G’s name is and says I am a designer Sook. Sook says she will go over the rules for living together. G cant bring men over. take care of your own food (meaning eat separately) cuz I dont eat much. divide cleaning – like I do mon wed fri and you do tues thurs sat. pay two months rent in advance but G asks if she can pay later so Sook says no. G promises to do all the cleaning and cooking instead. but sook says she doesnt want to do this to her roommate but please leave. just then a woman  comes in complaining the dress doesn’t fit. G offers to fix it cuz she knows how to use a sewing machine. She works on the outfit.

Y is in a pool hall and trying to haggle with some guys. the guy jokes $100,000. Y says 50 and guy says $5,000. The guy says not including the travel costs to the states.  Y was supposed to have 7 people so $1,000 for each so it has to be $5,000 he wants Y to pay 2,000 more so Y shows his rolex and says this is an expensive watch so $5,000. The guy asks how much and Y says $5,000 and no discount

Y is taken in a freighter truck with the other crew from the boat.  The men are asked to get out. Everyone is taking a pee break. The guy asks where Y’s friend lives -the one with the rolex – If you lie you are a dead man.

The other guy wakes up in the truck and Y is gone so they yell stop but Y is on the road trying to hitchhike.

Y calls the Korean embassy. He explains he was on the ship Midas and there was a mutiny. she says he should have called the police then. He explains he cant speak english well and doesn’t have a visa. She says that is against the law and he has to call immigration office and not here. then he says I am Korean citizen so cant you help me somehow. she says she cant and hangs up. He calls back and says aside from me everyone is dead. she hangs up cuz he spoke informally.

The news about the ship and mutiny goes on the news. the captain guy named kang survived. And the loan shark watches with his thugs. the guy hears about the system – how they meet on the ocean on the ship and take the ship back to korea and change the color and name and make it into a different ship and sell it. he wonders if Y can speak english and other guy says Y can speak it well. the man asks about his girlfriend and wonders if she met up with Y in america.

Y calls his friend and says I don’t have money and no passport and I don’t know where this place is so talk fast. He gets disconnected. Y starts to cry.

G calls her former boss and the manager has to lie that the boss is not there. I will tell her you called. the boss asks if G came to korea but the manager says she is in America. woman asks what she is doing there. manager says that G is doing well and not to worry.  woman says why is she worried about others she should worry about herself. J’s mom drops by

The boss gives her another outfit. She asks his mom if that matter last time was settled well. J’s mom says cuz the lady helped out it turned out well. the boss asks her to help her out then. you know my daughter got into the fashion school. J’s mom congratulates her. what is the favor. the boss says they have a home in NJ but since it was vacant for a long time it’s not ready. there is no place for her daughter to stay. there is a lot to prepare for school andshe cant stay in a hotel while going to school so she asks if her daughter can stay with J until the home is ready. his mom asks wont she be uncomfortable since it’s a home a young guy lives alone in. the boss says she will look into it elsewhere if it’s a bother but his mom okays it since he has an extra room. the woman thanks her

J asks what her name is shin Jung hwa. He says he heard she is going to the fashion school. your mom must be happy. she says yes. he asks howlong she will be staying. she says I dont know. J asks-Wont it be uncomfortable living here. She says she will know after living here. he asks if she knows lee ga young. she asks how do you know her. he asks if she can reach G. the girl says no and asks why. he says I have something to ask her. She asks what. J: it’s nothing much. she says that girl worked as a seamstress at my mom’s shop. I am really curious what it’s about. He tells her -never mind if you dont know. think of this place as your home and rest comfortably

She called her mom so her mom says dont underestimate G. learn from G.  she wonders what happened for G to be in contact with J. She calls J’s mom. J’s mom says she is busy this week and will call. She is being fitted. And gets complimented for her great figure. The woman asks if the mom heard about the girl J’s dated. How that girl is doing well as a high end designer.

Anna comes out and is dressing a model. She gets a call and the guy seems annoyed at her

Anna is telling someone to make something over. J is there and says it’s been a while. Are you still mad at me. He asks to talk but she says I have nothing to say. He says it wont take long

She asks what he has to say. He remarks she is doing well and asks if preparation for the fashion show is going well. He asks how much she earns. Cuz she has to work under someone. He asks her to work for him. He gives her some envelope and says this is the best I cant do for you cuz you have talent. She looks at it and it’s a Free lance designer contract.

Secretary says he knows what J is thinking of. But would she come to work for us. he hints about J’s relationship and what if your mother finds out. J asks about a list on his desk and it has the best  designers on there. sec says he found out how to contact Lee ga young. J says write it down and go

The roommate makes a profit from the outfits that G fixed. The girl brags about how she would have charged more if this was manhattan. she asks if G isnt hungry so G offers to make fried rice. The woman thanks god for sending someone so good. There is a call for G from school

G goes to meet some men. They are making an except for this interview cuz someone influential requested this. They are going to base their decision on her potential. G thanks him

Y gets dropped off and thanks the people who gave him a ride. He goes to the bathroom and asks to borrow the razor and shaving cream.

Y goes up the stairs and sees some outfits being wheeled away. He stole it and changes. Omg what is he wearing

Y finds out G isnt registered there. behind him G walks by.

Some guys throw Y’s clothes back and says give our clothes back. You cant just steal from us. they make Y strip off his jacket and pants.

J is walking by and Y sees him. He calls out J’s name. you are J right? It’s me Y. I went to your office and met you. he runs over and hugs J saying it’s so good to see you. now that I see you here you look more cool. When did you come to America. J says it’s been a while. What brings you here. Y says he came for a show in las vegas and I sent one of my employees here to study. J insults him about Y’s shop in dongdaemun. J: so did you come here to meet that employee. Y: yes. J: then meet her cuz I have an appointment. Y calls after him. We should have a meal since we met like this. J: why? Y: cuz we are childhood friends. J: I am busy. Y offers to wait around till he is done. But J turns him down and tells him to get lost. Y says I will be truthful- I was on a boat and there was a mutiny. I had a Rolex and sold it. I came to find my employee but she isnt here. can I stay with you for a few days. If not then could you lend me some money. J: I told you before I don’t have money to lend to someone like you. J walks past Y

J goes to meet some people and Y goes in and grabs him and tells him to come out. J says this is embarrassing. Y: it’s embarrassing? Should I show you what’s really embarrassing?


* Not that I am complaining about YAI having so many shirtless scenes, but in the preview for his 3rd shirtless scene, why is he so tanned and shiny? like someone tripped and splashed too much oil on him. that wasn’t just regular water, unless it was bath oil. No one normal can go around being that shiny in real life.

E1 recap

Starts with Y sketching a design during a runway show and faxing it over to his workshop and the seamstress start to copy it. The actual dress is displayed in store windows at places like Rick Owens and other famous boutiques.

G’s application is submitted to Tory burch and some other people and they review it.

G is sewing and sees the mail being delivered. The owner of the boutique is going through her mail and opens G’s application and reads that G has been admitted. G goes in and the woman hides the letter. G asks if any mail came for her. the woman asks from where. G: from America. the woman asks: do you know anyone in america. G says she applied to a school there. the owner asks which school so G says a fashion design school. woman asks with what money. G says she was going to tell the owner if she got in. if you could you lend me the plane fare and first year tuition the rest I will take care of it on my own and repay the money you lend me. owner asks how G could think of doing that without a word of discussion with her. what if she didn’t get in. what would you have done then. I’m busy so leave. G asks if I get in then will you lend the money to me. the woman tells her to talk about if she gets in. After G leaves, she tears up the acceptance

Some girls and guys pull up to the tory burch store and go inside. One of the girls is the daughter of the owner. friends ask if they can take any of those clothes. the girl doesn’t care and says do whatever you want. Guy asks if G sleeps here and wonders if there is a place to sleep here. guy asks the girl if her mom catches her wont she get in trouble. The girl says I don’t know. take care of it on your own

*this is the tory burch flagship store in apkujeong where the scene where J and TH break up in OB was filmed just one store down.

There is loud music downstairs as G is sleeping. The girl is making out with one of the guys then they go for more privacy. As the girl and guy make out, the guy dropped his cigarette in the trashcan and smoke fills the room. G wakes up and chokes and goes out and there is fire everywhere. She tries to put the fire out. The owner drives up and looks at her store. Everything is burned and ruined. She goes upstairs and water sprinkler comes on at that moment. The woman goes to G and slaps her. you dare to set fire to my store. G says I didn’t do it. woman asks how could you lie. if you didn’t do it then would a ghost come in and set fire.  G says again she didnt do it. woman says until now I fed you, raised you, and sent you to school but you repay me like this. I did as much as I could for you all this time and now you are grown. Get out. Since you are the one who went behind my back to study abroad cuz you didnt want to live here, pack your bags today. The manager says she gets the owner is angry but G is young and has no place to go. But the woman tells her to be quiet and not to butt in. she tells G to get out, but G doesn’t move. she asks the manager to bring some water.  The woman asks why G isnt leaving. G: I will go. Since you came this far by starting with my parent’s store, I should be compensated. (meaning the woman could get this far cuz she had the girl’s parent’s store as start up place) Woman asks if G means for her to pay her money. woman says G doesnt have the background (wealth, status) to go study abroud. you dont know well, but  I should get money from you. I paid for your parent’s debt and I rescued you cuz you had no place to go and raised you. but what?  you want me to pay. that you are going to study fashion design abroad. You have to be thankful I don’t call the police. That’s why they say don’t rescue just anyone. She tells the manager to make sure G leaves and if she doesn’t call the police. Woman checks how much has burned

G is packed and walking by Doota in Dongdaemun. The camera pans around her. she looks through window displays. (she is carrying an oversized Balenciaga bag)

She knocks at a place. The door opens and a woman comes out. G asks to meet the owner. G goes inside and everyone is sewing. The woman says over there. G thanks her and goes inside the office. she looks around and Y is sleeping at the desk. The phone rings and wakes him up and Y falls off. He tells the boss he has some amazing item This time it’s for real I am not lying. I will call you. He hangs up. Y looks at her and asks who she is. G says she called a while ago. he asks -you said you knew how to use a sewing machine. G: yes. He calls a worker over and asks her to test G’s sewing ability. G asks if it includes boarding and food and how much the pay is. He says he will see. she asks what is the average. he says he gives as much as everyone else. If you don’t want it never mind. G goes out.

G sews for the others and they seem impressed at her speed and accuracy. Y goes over and watches too and seems impressed.

Y goes to the sauna to meet some tattooed guy who is his friend. This friend works with some gangster guy. the guy tells Y to pay off the boss before Y’s hands get cut. (Y borrowed money from loan sharks and needs to pay him back) Y asks if there is no one who has money. the guy says there is. KJH.

There is a photoshoot. J is there watching it. J asks if the designer is kidding around. The designer says how he met Karl Lagerfeld while in Paris. J says to do the line over. The guy says he made this for 2 yrs so what do you mean do it over from the start.

J’s assistant says the designer worked hard so asking him to start over is too much.

J goes back to his office and sec says a visitor is here

After the secretary brings in drinks, Y checks her out as she leaves. J asks did we go to school together cuz I don’t remember you.  Y says it’s been a while since we met at school and I missed a lot of school.  J doesn’t even know his name. Y pulls out his business card. J asks what did you want to say – it’s not to borrow money right. Sorry if that offends you cuz there are people who do that often. I don’t have much time so should I introduce you to the one hiring. It was good to meet you. J tells his sec how the visitor is leaving. Y goes back and says I came to borrow money to tell the truth –just $3,000. J: what? Y just tell me if you have it or not. J I don’t have money to lend you

Y goes outside and looks at the building and says I will buy this.

Y goes back to his office and takes his shirt off. He gets a beer. He sits on the bed and G screams. He says she surprised him. she asks what he is doing now. He asks why she is sleeping here. she says he said he would provide housing and food. Y: so you are really going to sleep here – live here? G: I thought housing was separate (at a different location)he says sleep for now and let’s talk tm. She asks if he is going to sleep here too. Y: normally that is my spot.  He goes into the next room and is on the phone with his aunt and they fight cuz he was calling to ask for money. if you dont want to lend me money just say you dont want to -why yell. why are you bringing up mom again. is it my fault mom met someone else and went to america

The owner told a wealthy client how her store was burned. the client asks how much was lost. the owner says you cant put a price on it. cuz you worked on each item so what does it mean to put a price on them. the client says G must be smart cuz she applied to a fashion school in NY the owner’s daughter applied to as well. She asks how the client heard. The client says she heard from the manager. Manger brings over and outfit. Owner says she made it from fabric from milano and paris for the client and to try it on. the client compliments the owner’s eye for style and ability to make great clothes. the owner says she made one for the client’s son so ask him to drop by but the client says he is busy so she doesnt get to see him too. manager says the firedepartment called

The owner hears how her daughter and friends were seen going into the store early in the morning and how the fire was set with a cigarette and they found beer cans. she calls her daughter crazy

The owner goes home and yells at her daughter. She mentions how G applied to same school as her. what is she makes it and you dont.  Girl says dont worry – how Y can’t afford to attend anyway unless she gets a scholarship

Y is explaining to G-the difference between fakes is how exactly it is made from the real one – think about it – why would people buy fakes if it’s not the same. would you buy it and wear it? he says how the seamstresses outside has worked for 16 yrs. I have other worries -do as your told. Just think of the designer and make the same thing. She says how could making fakes be a designer’s dream. He says it’s for advertising. That’s how it is used. He says if she does this again he is going to deduct the cost from her salary. he tells her to go out

the guy asks who the designer is and Y says its a secret. the guy says give me your designer and I will pay off your debt to hwang. Y tries to haggle with the guy about the cost. guy wants 8 to 2 but Y wants 5-5 so guy goes to 7-3. so Y says 6-4

Y watches how clothes are made. He designs and sketches while G sews

She goes inside and sees him asleep at his machine. She covers him with a blanket.

Y pays off the loan shark boss. The guy gets a call and he tells the person how his girlfriend is meeting someone these days so cut him off. Boss says to Y that the ones who pay back the money are kind people. You are a kind person. Y thanks him and is about to go but the boss calls him back and gives him  ten bucks to buy something to eat.

Other workers talk about how good looking their boss is (Y) and his body is great. If I was ten years younger I would catch him. They leave G there. She keeps working and then cleans up.

She goes and cleans his office and computer comes on. she reads her email about getting in. Y shows up and asks what she is doing at his desk. She closes the browser. He asks what she saw. She says email. He asks why look at other’s email. She says sorry but I saw my email. He tells her to open it to check what she saw.  He looks at it and asks what it is – to translate it. she says thank you for applying to our school. He watches her cry as she reads the school accepted her. that she got full scholarship. He asks where this is. She says America. He asks what her parents do. She says they passed away. He asks when. She says when I was young. He asks where she lived before she came here. he tells her to go out

He looks conflicted. He scrolls down the acceptance and sees her name and smiles

Flashback to young Y watching a little girl crying and begging the owner “give me that. that belongs to my mother. give me that necklace.’ woman asks what are you talking about. girl asks : who are you to take everything of my mothers. woman tells her to go away but girl says “give it to me.” woman leaves. Young Y saw that and went after the owner.

Y is wearing that necklace and holds it.

Flashback to when he did a magic trick and showed the crying little girl the necklace. He asks what her name is. She says lee ga young. He pretended to set paper on fire and gave her a lollipop instead to make her smile

*why didnt he give her the necklace though?

J’s dad tells J to go abroad and study to do as told. Secretary announces the designer came. Dad tells the designer he is sending J away to study like the man suggested. And how J wants to apologize to you. dad tells J to apologize. J says “for that day, I am sorry”

J is on the plane and his secretary asks if J needs anything. He says how someone will meet him at the airport and gives off a list of what they will be doing like where they will eat

Secretary goes to his seat and it’s next to Y. Y sees someone wearing one of the outfits she made. She remembers what Y said. If it’s not an exact fake would you buy it and wear it

Y came to her and asked if she was sleeping. He gave her money for airfare and told her to buy one tm. I looked into the school and it’s good. I wanted to keep you here but they are going to give you a scholarship and you like free stuff. I am not just giving this to you -pay me back later. Aren’t you going to say thank you? she cries and thanks him. He tells her to rest and leaves

Y wakes up and girl in bed next to him asks where he bought his watch ciz it looks real. She asks if he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Cuz I have a boyfriend. He says it doesn’t matter. She says really cuz if he knows, there would be big trouble

Y’s stall at Dongdaemun is ransacked by thugs. The girl in bed gives him the phone. Y takes the call and asks what. He asks if her boyfriend is Hwang T. she says yes. Y jumps out of bed and she asks why. Thugs go to the apartment

One thug looks out the window and Y is hanging on the ledge. He tries to lift Y up but Y let’s go and jumps landing on some Styrofoam. Thug yells out catch him. Girl was hiding under the bed

The boss hears about how the thug didn’t catch those two. Boss throws his letter opener at the guy and it barely misses. Boss orders him to catch him

Y’s friend warns Y not to come back and to hide. The friend gets slapped around. Thug sees Y and chase him down the alley. Y hides and eludes them

Y goes to a home. He opens the gate and goes inside listening to the fight going on in the home. a man is yelling at some woman and hitting her so she yells at him. Husband says she is looking down on him. Wife says how he beats her and stuff. A kid says why are you doing this – It’s so embarrassing. Y goes back outside.

Y goes to the docks and looks out over the water and walks around.

G is in NYC and looks around.

J is jogging.

G finds out she rejected the admission. The lady behind the desk says G did that. G says I never did that. the woman shows the letter and says this is the letter you sent us – see you rejected the offer.

Y is on a ship and keeps throwing up.



Y says into a payphone: I don’t have money and passport and I dont know where this place is

G says something didnt go right and I couldnt register and I don’t have money for airfare to go back

J asks Anna – let’s start over but she says wipe your mouth

Y hugs J and says isnt this is fate? I think this is fate

anna says to naked Y; you arent gay so why are you here like this. Y: I am curious about that

G calls for the owner – what happened.

Y gets thrown overboard. he yells dont do this

G says she came just to ask to find out what went wrong

Y yells into the phone – except for me everyone died


Lord knows YAI is giving it his all trying to keep my attention on this show by coming out shirtless twice on E1 and once on E2 and again on E3, but sometimes all the shirtless scenes in the world can’t motivate a recapper. I have a feeling this is not the project that is going to showcase Lee Je Hoon’s acting chops so I might have to bail on this drama. I never liked the two female leads anyway so I have been wanting to run away, but YAI and LJH were just too hard to resist. Now that I see where this story is headed (it is as if the road was paved with neon lights), it’s safe to say no one needs my recaps cuz subs will be out in a matter of hours.

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    OMG I loved the last episode of SUFBB!

    I loved how it ended! This drama became one of my favs, on top 5 🙂

    I was worried, thinking they wouldn’t be able to end everything well in just one episode, but they not just ended the main story but also the side characters story! Actually the story didn’t end, it just started! They have a bright future ahead them.

    I loved SUFBB because since episode 1 it never disappointed me, each episode was great and it never ceased of getting better, the plot never dragged or got boring. The characters are well done and I got so invested in this drama that I can’t let it go now. But what I love the most is the heart this drama has and it’s characters (friendship! Bromance! And romance too!)

    I really have nothing to complain or ask more of this drama. Awesome ^^

    Like you said softy, the others should learn how to end a drama without trying to be what it isn’t.

    And I think one of the things that made this drama work, was also that the drama fimed episodes ahead of time, I think they never really did live filming because every episode had a preview next.

    Ps: This drama could have a season 2. This time showing us their adults live! lol~

    Thank you so much Softy for doing the recaps 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 :)!!!!!!!!!!!! And translating cuts and previews!


  16. Mai Lee says:

    I’m going to give Fashion King one more week to convince me…the 1st episode didn’t really catch my attention…now that all the characters are in the states I’m starting to feel the drama a little in episode 2…thanks for doing the recaps.


  17. Iviih says:

    Hello everyone, so two reviews about episode 1 of fashion king. One positive, one negative.

    I decided I won’t watch this drama. Watched just to see the kids and the story really don’t appeal me.


  18. nonski says:

    thanks Softy for the SUFBB ending and for recapping the drama in general. may not have catched up with you guys but still have read the episode’s recaps and this is all i can say on this drama ending – it brought out tears in my eyes to see it go. again, thanks!


  19. Erikaoi says:

    Too bad you only do last episode of SUFBB when the show was awesome in all episode.really hope you pick that up but well.hope you wont gave up RP after 2ep?please?its yoochun showing his crack


    • Softy says:

      Actually I have been recapping SUFBB since E9 and posting them on KDH5 and deleting them each week to make room to post latest recaps. Also, I have been a fan of this show since it started. The only reason why I waited so long to start doing recaps was since 8 eps had already passed, I thought it would be odd to jump in so late. But a friend asked me to translate some previews so I offered to recap for her and then more SUFBB fans found out and read them too. So in a way, I feel like I was part of this great drama for at least half of it’s series. 🙂


  20. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: Thank you for all your recaps. I truly enjoyed watching SUFBB and totally agreed that it was a great ending. I only watched episode 1 of “Fashion King” but it did not captured my attention. I might give it a chance because of the actors. Thank you again for helping when there are only the raw episodes available. Have a wonderful week!!


  21. Lilik says:

    i like yoo ah in…. Young Gul caiyooooooo………..


  22. Almontel says:

    there wasn’t anything for me to watch on M&T slot so i decided to give this a try since I totally love YHIn since Sungkyungkwan…
    I didn’t like the first 2 episodes, some scenes were just too unbelievable…come on, did you really think you can get on American land just like that? omo…

    And yes, I was happy to see the REUNION of the Young Maru and young W of CYHMH…ke ke ke

    anyways, i didn’t know I would stick around but the storyline at least got better on the 3rd episode and now here I am just finished the 4th Ep and so far I think I may hang on and continue to watch this…
    i want to see how our main leads will get to that stage where they’re on top of the world and not be on the bottom too much…
    let’s see…
    thanks for the recap!!!
    I do LOVE the OST so far…


  23. pasang lhamo says:

    i don’t understand ending ………….i was sooooo angry that kang young died …………
    ending iiiis sso stupid ..other wise all are fine


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