1N2D S2E2

First impressions are tricky. You tend to let your hopes and expectations influence what’s really on screen and cloud any negativity that might be brewing.  Last week curiosity brought in all the viewers, but today’s episode will determine how many will stay. Whether die hard 1n2d fans stick around for the long haul is yet to be determined, but for now I will table any reservations I might have to keep focused on the big picture – we are going to learn a great deal more about some of our favorite stars.

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Tonight we finally get to find out if JooWon snores or not and the extent of his grooming habits since he seems to be very low maintenance. Hope no one is a light or sensitive sleeper since Su Geun tends to snore very loudly. Jiwon used to sleep sitting up during his earlier episodes. Even if he went to sleep lying down, in the middle of the night he would sit up and sleep sitting cuz his body was accustomed to sleeping in a sitting position. It was the oddest thing to watch for sure and no one else had such a bizarre sleeping habit. Mong used to talk in his sleep a lot. On nights he is really tired, Seung Gi flares his nostrils as he sleeps and snores. I think Kim C was the only one who didn’t have any odd sleeping habits. He would always tend to sleep on the ends and give more blankets to the younger guys. When he woke up in the middle of the night, he usually tucked in whoever kicked off their blankets and then go back to sleep. Out of all the guys, the easiest to wake up in the morning was Kim C and Seung Gi, then in order Jong min, Su guen, Ho dong, and it would take a small miracle for Jiwon to wake up at all.

The first time I saw a glimpse of 1n2d was when I was flipping channels and saw a bunch of guys gathered around talking nonstop. I didn’t really hear what they were talking about, but I noted the big guy in the middle seemed to be bossing around all the skinnier guys. Then I wondered why such a baby faced guy was among all the middle aged looking guys. Back then I had no idea Jiwon, and MC Mong were in their late 20s cuz they blended in really well with Kim C and Su Geun.  All the yelling gave me a headache so I continued changing channels. The big shocker is I didn’t know who Seung Gi was back then and didn’t deem him cute enough to linger around and find out what all the fighting was about. One thing I noted right away when they showed Seung Gi washing his face was something most men at that age start to fret about. I worried for his future receding hairline cuz I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that one day when he hits his mid to late thirties, he is going to start aging really fast when his hair starts to disappear. Next thing you know, not too long after my initial viewing, I started hearing chatter about a singer named Lee Seung Gi and his variety show. So one day I sat down and checked it out. I downloaded all the episodes starting from when he came out and marathoned the entire series till I caught up to the current one at that time. In a nutshell, 1n2d is not just a variety show – it’s human interaction at its worst and best with comedy built in. When these men compete for rights to sleep indoors or just to have a meal, you see how far people will go to survive another night. Along the way, you also see the inevitable “bromance” that builds as you struggle together. There is no other kind of humorous bonding than sleeping closer in an outdoor tent in the dead of winter to stave off freezing all night. They showcase the basic elements of comedy – very few props and a lot of facial expressions and gestures to elicit laughter. No other variety show can come close to what 1N2D has achieved. They gave Koreans everywhere vicarious trips and adventures to the remotest spot on the map and entertained us every step of the way. There is no other way to convey your gratitude to the cast other than to tune in every Sunday and that is what almost every Korean did for the past five years. Age or culture differences didn’t matter cuz this is 1N2D where even a look can set off people into peals of laughter. If this new cast can continue to entertain even a fraction of what the original cast managed to do in the span of five years, then we may never have to part with this show. Right now season two is going through its growing pains, but I have faith in the show to bring out the “variety spirit” in each new member.

Background info: this truck only has AC in the front and none in the back for some reason. Since the main MC is Ho Dong, at first they put him up front but Jiwon complained about his seat too much cuz the seat on the far left has an engine directly beneath it so it’s like a hot spot. The guys did rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to designate and assign seats for everyone. Mong won and put Jiwon, Seung Gi, and Ho Dong in the back seat.  Everyone in the back was already starting to get cranky from the heat, but Ho Dong just went berserk and the best kind of chaos ensued. 🙂

I have never seen a guy so ticklish before. he is all kinds of adorable. *FYI: Airens are Seung Gi’s fan club members


Pay attention to the last half of this video after they wake up and do their morning missions. I love when they have races like this. They didn’t have that many over the years, but they were so much fun. 🙂


I can’t help it… I miss Seung Gi and Jiwon…


See this red hat? get ready to see a lot of it. I just googled it. It’s called a knitted “trapper hat.” JW never took it off for two days. He kept it on 24/7 while he did the opening, ran, cooked, ate, played games, brushed his teeth, slept, woke up, did the morning mission, and even when he came back inland again to do the closing. He never took it off except for a few minutes while he ran his fingers through his “hat shaped hair” before he decided to sleep with it on. I just checked the clip for next week. He got another hat – this time it’s black. That means for 3 episodes straight, he is going to be wearing hats. I miss his hair – even that sad LMH look will do. *sigh*

*I am going to use “BBB” for Bokbulbok cuz I cant for the life of me spell this the same way twice. BBB means the games you play for lunch, dinner, or to determine if you sleep indoors or out.

Season Two E2

They announce it’s time for dinner BBB and SG makes them “ski dance.” (Dance like you are holding two ski poles and skiing, but you hop from side to side) while chanting “this is fun.” JM makes JW do something cute. SG asks if TH is ok. PD says there is no dinner BBB today cuz the members have to find the dinner ingredients hidden all around the village and cook it themselves. if they cant come back within 7mins they cant eat. JM: what? everyone? There is a map given to them (PD says I wanted to be nice/friendly) and they have to find all the food items and ingredients. There is lobster and other stuff but JW says bacon right away. SK comments the bacon is far away so it means the staff doesn’t want them to eat that. SG asks what everyone wants to eat first. he says maknae JW wanted bacon. SK said rice. TW says ingredients. SG says that’s ok cuz it’s close by. they see that seaweed is hanging on the tree nearby. SG says sorry to JW but today is SW’s birthday so they need to get the seaweed but SW says it’s ok. SG says: oh really then we wont do that. they laugh cuz SG didnt make a fuss or force the issue. SW jokes I like it cuz you are cold. SK points to something and PD says there are 3 things there and it’s the BBB. there could be really great things in there or things that would disappoint them. (they are in containers marked with question marks). SK says let’s make our plans before we start. so they try to agree on a time to do this race to get the items. SG says to make things more fun they need 3 mins more time.   JM says 10 mins is good and doable. SG tells TH to say something and he says he wants the fish. SG says sorry to JW and asks JW to run to test how fast he can get to the water tank and back.  JW runs so fast so SG calls him back so JW doesnt exert energy. JM says his legs are long so he is super fast. TW brags: what did I say – I told you he was fast. (so cute how TW said that like he is bragging about his friend) PD says there is no anxiety in 10 mins so he agrees on 8mins 30 seconds but SW says 9 mins. PD agrees on 9 mins. the guys talk. SG says personally he wants them to bring the bacon. they gather around and SG says: this is our first mission as a group so let’s eat dinner well. he congratulates SW on his bday. SW: thank you. SG: we will make you seaweed soup somehow. they yell fighting.

They make JW run first. SG tells him not to get hurt over food since he is an actor. JW nods ok. they yell start. JW takes off running. SW remarks how fast JW is. JW picks up the bacon and heads back. someone says it took JW less than 2 mins. SG yells at JW to bring anything else he sees on his way down but JW cant hear that. JM and SG yell for the coffee. TH gives JW a shoulder massage. next SK goes for sausage and brings back 3 things. Then SW goes next and brings seaweed. TW brings back something in a bowl. TH goes next for ingredients and yells at the camera guy to get out of the way. he doesn’t want to touch the fish cuz it’s alive so he uses his sleeves. He stops by and brings the ingredients too. JM gets scared of a dog and goes for something else-a mystery item. SG goes for the rice. It’s a heavy bag (20kg) so JM yells not to bring it but SG carries it down along with the coffee. SK goes and gets what JM didn’t get and something else. he makes it back with less than 32 seconds to spare. they yell they succeeded in their dinner mission. SW and others say they brought a lot. Mystery items are yellow radish and ramen. TH tries to bargain to use the remaining time to get chicken. but SG says they will give up the fish and sweet potato for eggs and tofu cuz the distance is about the same. TH worries how to go to both places cuz it will be hard. SG thinks they can get to both places within 1 min 30 seconds if JW goes. JW laughs and says how can he go to two spots. PD says they can get just one thing to exchange. they worry about how many eggs are there cuz it might not be that many but TH says it’s better than the fish. PD gives 1 min to get the eggs. TH thinks that is plenty of time.  SK puts the fish on TH’s hands. So TH has to take his fish back and pick up the individual eggs so he puts them in his pockets. they yell he has 15 seconds left. they think he only brought one. TH comes back just in time. TH mutters: I knew this would happen. they ask if he only brought two. he takes all the eggs out of his pocket and puts them down.  SW wonders how many fit in his pockets. TH broke some on the way

the guys are sitting around resting. SG talks about how they need to make seaweed soup for SW. SW keeps saying there is no need. SG: you say that, but then you will feel hurt. SW: if you really want to then for all of us to bond. SG: if we keep going talking about this, later when the cameras are off, we will be eating sweet potatoes.

JW and TH cook. JW prepares the seaweed soup.TH peels the sausage and jokes he didn’t wash his hands. TH gets up to wash them, but just rinses it under the water remarking how cold the water is. JW points how TH just rinsed his hands only (no soap was used) JW calls his mom and sounds like a kid. she called him “son.” she asks if he is in the middle of the program (filming). he says yes.  he says how he has to clean off the clam looking thing -these were just pulled off so there are stuff on the outside. she instructs him to scrape them off with an abrasive material. JW: all I have to do is wash it off? she asks if they are going to steam them and eat them. he says yes. she says add a bit of black peppers if you have it.  TH says into the phone “hello mother I am CTH.” she thought he was SG. JW laughs and says he was TH hyung and TH adds “the new member.” she says hello. she gives more instructions to JW.  SK comes into the kitchen. TH says they understood her and so does JW. she says eat it deliciously to TH.  When JW hangs up he says “bye- pyong.”  SK says it sounds good to hear JW say pyong to his mother cuz it sounds like they are close. JW just smiles about it.

TH tries to ship the eggs and look cool. TH announces what he is making by saying: the sausage will fall into the eggs. what about you? SK says how his kimchi will fry with the bacon.  JW makes the rice and seaweed soup. SK puts the seaweed soup on the burner to cook and makes some spicy bacon dish. TH makes some weird sandwich with eggs as the bread part with kimchi and bacon in between. there are just enough for 3 people (the 3 of them in the kitchen cooking) TH wonders if it’s cooked (the bacon part) and gives some to JW saying the maknae should eat a lot. TH: it will be edible. JW says it’s delicious. SK runs off a list of ingredients like garlic and stuff and asks if JW put them in. TH keeps eating the cooked leftover egg pieces. (I swear I think he wanted to help out cooking just go he could keep eating) SK makes something with kimchi and bacon and TH tastes it. SK asks how it tastes – is it ok and TH says it’s not especially delicious but it’s ok.

Everyone is napping while these 3 guys cook. the whole time TH sits and cooks 2 pieces of bacon, SK and JW walk back and forth doing all the work setting the table and laying out the food. TH arranges bacon pieces to make the number 44 for SW to say congratulations on your bday. JW goes in and wakes up the guys to eat. JW says “come along” in a cute way.

The other guys are impressed with the food that has been prepared. They show SW how the bacon says 44. SW: I wondered what that was. They sing happy bday to him. TW kisses him on the cheek. There is a candle on stacks of choco pie. SW thank you so much for a bday memory I wont be able to forget. thank you very much. I will eat it well. He says the seaweed soup made by JW is not just your average soup (not sure if SW meant that in a good way or not). JM adds “it tastes like the ocean.” someone says what SK made is delicious. JM says this is his style of rice (JW made that too)  SW says normally I dont pay attention to my bday so thank you so much for today. He eats all his rice and asks the PD if he can eat more rice. SK gets up to get him some more. SW says it’s been a while since he ate two bowls of rice. SG says normally SW doesnt eat much. SG and JM mention how SW said he was sensitive and cant sleep but slept well (during his nap). others mention how SW said he doesnt have confidence but did well and how SW got his appetite back. they all say they ate well and gives their thanks.

After dinner the PD says it’s the highlight and last filming they need to do for the day. But SG says wait a minute. since it time for BBB, he wants to test who has the best voice to say 1n2d. they show the clip where SG wanted the new members to audition to say 1n2d cuz there is a voice for it.  SG explains it and says this is voiceover for 1night. And the camera guys can raise their hands to vote if they like what they heard. JM yells it out. SK says I will say it quietly. SW: you should do it in a special way. SG says TH seems to be thinking of how to say it. SG says doing it their style is most important. SK says 1 night softly and everyone laughs cuz it’s so quiet. JW says it loudly and got 5 votes. Next is TH and they ask if he prepared anything. TH asks someone to say 1,2,3 and he says it physically with his facial expression, body, and hands and gets 10 votes. TH forgot how he did it and does it again with his hand on his chin.  Next is SW. he says he prepared while others were doing theirs. he gets up and is about to do it but messes up. everyone laughs. he does it by yelling out 1night then hopping to his knees to finish it off.  the cast members clap. SW: the viewers will know my sincerity. he complains about his knees hurting cuz the ground was uneven and not all covered up. he gets 9 votes from mostly the female staff. SG announces TH won. They all practice it and say it together.

SG says its time for sleeping BBB. SG asks if the new members didnt want to do this the most. TW asks the PD what they are going to do since it’s their first night. PD says it’s a BBB classic. SG and JM guess it’s vinegar or kaneri. TW says I never did that before. SG says it’s been over a year since TW came in but they havent done this. PD says since they ate they should have a time for drinks. TW seems excited about it cuz he hasnt done this. There is something that is sour, spicy, or fishy and there are 3 rounds. 3 of the losers have to sleep outside and 4 sleep indoors. SG points out the staff is being considerate letting more people sleep indoors. the PD says something about SK if he ends up sleeping outside cuz of his height (since SK cant fit in the tent). SG points out how the staff is really good at this and wont give away their secrets to people who came to find out how they did it. SG says they are able to make the drinks so alike in color so there is no way to know the difference unless you taste. TW says it already smells.

PD says only one is apple juice (out of the 7 drinks) and they can choose who goes first. SW asks: if you get the vinegar- do you have to drink it all? PD says no. if you endure it and drink it all, you can sleep indoors. TW: really? SW: as long as you dont show any obvious expressions ( as in make a face that it tastes bad. so if you fake it and fool people you can win) PD explains if you just look like you are drinking apple juice then they get to sleep indoors. SG thinks if all 7 endure it and drink it like it’s apple juice then they can all sleep indoors. SG says they need to decide who goes first and whoever does sets the tone for this classic BBB. SG asks SK: do you wanna go first?  SK says no. SW offers to go first cuz this is their first BBB game and he is the eldest hyung. He chooses #6. SW asks if he cant smell before he drinks. SG says others are allowed so he smells first and coughs. they pass it around and TH says it’s totally apple. JW, TW, and SK dont make any faces, but JM makes a terrible face. SW takes the lid off and drinks.  He smiles and they say his expression is good. SW says normally he doesnt eat apple at night but since he hasnt eaten apple at night in a long time – he cant believe there is an apple this sweet. TH jokes it must taste so good. SW drinks more. SG: are you going to keep drinking it. SW: I said it was apple so of course. smell it. TH: it’s totally apple. SW asks why it’s so swwet. it must be 100% apple cuz it chases away a cold. it’s so yummy. SK: wasnt it really apple? when I smelled it – it was apple. SW downs some more and others say his eyes got red. He starts to choke and says a while ago he didn’t let on and didn’t make it obvious (it was not regular apple juice). SW: this is ridiculous. someone says SW failed.  SW keeps coughing. someone says SW is sweating. SG asks why he kept drinking. SW: if I didnt let on then we can sleep indoors. Next person is TW. TW claims he can see it (as in he knows which one is what).I can really see it. is that ok? is that ok for the program? SK doesnt think you can know from the color. SW claims cuz he already went through it he can see (the difference now). TW: you can see it right? so TW chooses 1. SW says you shouldnt have TW – it’s #2. JW gets it and others smell it. SW: I told you it was #2. TH sniffs and whispers this is vinegar. TW asks: I dont have to drink it right? SW asks: he doesnt have to drink it? Other guys says it’s whang vinegar. JW smells it and says: it seems stronger than the one a while ago. TW asks if everyone was just saying that – maybe it’s really apple.  SW: TW- like a man (down it) I drank this much. TW says it smells like apple. he drinks and makes a face and puts it down. SW didn’t know and asks – so you are allowed to spit it out? SK and TW asks how SW drank this. TW keeps making a face. PD says it was apple vinegar.  TH says JM can go next. JM says I will drink it quickly. he goes on about his “know how” that he saw this whole time. he thinks it’s #2 and offers to drink it down in one shot. he comments on the smell wondering where it’s coming from and thinks maybe he saw it wrong. he doesnt even swallow and just spits it back out. he comments about how the air (scent) went inside his throat. SW says it goes down deeply. TH spits his out and coughs a lot. SG chooses 7 saying he has confidence. SW: it would be nice if it was apple. SG spits his out through his straw and makes gagging faces. Then it’s down to JW and SK and they have to drink at the same time at the count of 3. they both drink and neither show any reaction. SG keeps asking who is it.  JW says his straw doesn’t work well. SW says the way JW said that – his words were cut off. JW was acting it tasted normal. he lost so he makes a face.  then he coughs. SK hugs him. SK says: I am really lucky. he wins this round.

Next round is a darker drink and it might be kaneri (fishy one). there are 5 bad tasting ones so SG says JM should go first. JM claims to know again which one. TW: can you see (which one) this time too? JM: I know kaneri at least cuz I did this for a long time. JM: for the sake of you hyungs, I will end it this time around. he chooses 5 and says he will do it with one gulp. He drinks it down. It wasn’t it. TH: what is this? SG: is it for real? how did you know. JM: I dont know. SG claims JM gets to sleep indoors. TW: then are we done? SG: we cant just end and waste this good products. JW tastes a drop from the tip of his straw and makes a face. he mumbles it tastes like a 100 anchovies.  SK says how the insides of his mouth smells like something. TH wants to spit but manages to swallow. JW gives him water.

Next round looks like tomato juice but some are spicy. SW: I dont get a good feeling about this at all. SG says two need to drink first and there is 40% chance it wont be it. JW says SW should as the eldest hyung. SW remarks how he is lucky. he wonders what will happen since he drank something sour and if something spicy goes in now. SG: it will be sour spicy.  SW swallows all of his saying I am lucky. he starts to make faces (cuz his was spicy). SG says SW passed (cuz he didnt let on and didnt make a face). SG chooses and TH says it smells spicy. SW asks if he can taste it. TH says to SG: hyung my nose is spicy. SW smells and tastes some. TH: why are you drinking that again? SW tells SG to drink. it’s 100% -dont drink if you dont believe me. SG agrees to it. SW: trust me. SG drinks but wont swallow. SG pretends it’s ok. SW: see it’s yummy right? SW gets hiccups from tasting. TH says SG’s cheeks are hot. TH: you look like someone who is holding tomato juice on rodeo street.  SG finally spits it out. someone asks if it’s spicy so they show SG blowing imaginary fire.  Next is TH, JW, and TW. JM says from this one person can sleep indoors. SG comes in with a raw sweet potato to rub on his lips. The rest of the 3 drink.  JW drinks all of his. TH spits his out while talking. SW: we dont need CG for this. TW chews on the raw sweet potato. TH drinks water and eats rice. they make TH blow imaginary fire. He gives TW some rice cuz theirs was spicy. JM says it’s not spicy so they make him drink it and TH offers rice for after. SW says JM should taste it so they can see his reaction and learn from him. SW keeps calling JM “Kim sunbae.” SW: show us how it’s done. SG says JW is watching so JM offers to drink it all down. JM teaches JW: always think this isnt the one. just keep thinking that JW. JM keeps it in his mouth after a big gulp. SG says just think – it’s not anything at all. think it as tomato juice. JM spits it out yelling it’s spicy. Everyone laughs but it’s gross.

Afterwards everyone is gargling or looking like in a daze. SG announces this round of sleeping BBB has ended and JW, SW,JM, and SK sleep indoors. they do 1n2d yell like TH taught them

TH goes to wash his face like a kid. he even plays with the water blowing bubbles. TH: people who watch this will wonder “what is up with him.” TH spots a leaky hose and goes over there to let the water drip on him.  JM comes in and asks TH to help wash his hair. JM asks him to pour water on his hair. TH says this is clean new water (the one he used to wash his face and blow bubbles in).  JM takes his shirt off and TH grabs his neck and says put your head down. JM yells cuz it’s hot. JM:I cant breathe. It’s too hot. TH gives him some sample shampoo. JM thought actors would use special shampoo. TH: not at all.  TH alternates between ice cold water then hot water. SW washes his face. JW brushes his teeth. (drats he doesn’t wash anything else like his face or hair- that stupid hat. he probably didnt want to take it off.)

JM goes back in the room and says it feels refreshing. SG remarks SW doesnt wash. SG asks if SW washed and SW says only his face. JM: you didnt wash your hair. SW: no. JM looks at SW’s stuff and asks “why do you have so many things?” SW: nothing much. that’s a razor. JM: what is this? he reads it. TW remarks about JM that JM is too curious. like people from a long time ago who didnt know anything and was so fascinated with new stuff. SW explains what the product does so JM asks if it’s from another country. SW: from here on you will get a lot better.  JM asks for some lotion from SW. SW offers some to TW but TW says I havent even washed my face. SW: arent you going to? TW: no. JM is so happy to have used a product actors use. JM remarks about doing what actors do. some woman says JM is cute. SG asks about morning mission. but the girl PD says choi will tell them later but since there is time left she asked for each new member to say something since they spent the whole day together.  SG says for the new guys to talk cuz after what they went through today if the new members think this isnt for them they should say it now in advance. JM: you have to say it quickly. SG: we already got so close.TH raises his hand and says it’s not for me -it’s really not for me. SGs says poor TH got unlucky all day. SK lists how TH got the broken boat, stood all the way to get here on the boat, ate yellow radish kimpap, got drenched, drank bad stuff, have to sleep outdoors. SG: there maybe one time it wouldnt work out but something like this is unusal. SW and SG count and says how TH lost out on 6 activities. TH says I still have a chance (to turn this bad luck around) tm during the morning mission. PD asks each new member to say something. SW says more than I thought it was a fun day.also it feels good to meet good younger donsangs. more than being difficult, I think it was a much more fun day.  JW: since I didn’t have the confidence to be funny, I worked hard. it’s really good now cuz there are so many hyungs. as the youngest, I will protect my spot and from here on continue to work hard. SK: along with working hard I wanted to be funny when I could, but I only worked hard and wasnt funny at all. he says how he feels sorry. JM: don’t say that – we arent in this for just one or two days. what are you going to do next week then. SK: please take care of me. TH mentions netizens and jokes again to let him out of this cuz I dont think I fit in here. PD says tm’s mission is a team speed quiz across the river. Group is split 3 and 4 and have to yell across at each other over the water.

TH goes outside to sleep with TW, SG. TH says it’s his first time sleeping outside. they worry about the strong wind. The tent is next to an abandoned boat on the beach. They read the name of the boat. They get into their sleeping bags. TH sleeps between TW and SG. SG says about the weather: it’s march so it’s ok. TH says about his sleeping bag: cuz you cant move your body in this it’s stuffy. TW thinks SK would have to use two sleeping bags – one for the top and one for the bottom.

Inside JM sleeps in the middle with JW by the wall. SK fans the fire and sings his song. SW comments it is SK’s voice but he doesnt sound like a kid. SK retorts to SW: hyung you didnt seem like the person who made that kind of film too. SK tries to sing along to his own song. he says it’s too high (the notes) SK tries to sing the high note and says in order to do that you have to poop (as in strain yourself) so SW laughs. SW and JM yell out ballad. SK: I really cant – in a singing room. (someone points out it’s his song so how could it be hard) SK retorts: it’s totally difficult. all my songs are hard (to sing) Jm tries to sing it and people laugh. JM is going to sleep next to SK with SW by the side of the door.

Inside the tent, TH mutters: that I would really be lying here on 1n2d. I never even dreamt about it. SG and TW laugh. TH: I really thought it doesnt suit me. but it really fits perfectly. TW laughs. TH:  it fits just right. TW worries: if the water comes in, while trying to get out of these sleeping bags, wont be able to get out and cant even swim. TH thinks it might just float away as is. SG says they suffered a lot today and to have good dreams.

SK goes into bed and everyone says you worked hard today to each other. SK asks if SW can sleep well since SW cant sleep well in unfamiliar places. SW says no I think I can sleep well. JM laughs and says it only took a day to ruin SW’s image that he made. SW says it feels like he did this program for a long time.  JW takes his hat off for a while but sleeps with his red hat on. SW snores. a loud sound wakes him up for a second but he goes back to sleep

TH sits up for a minute and takes his hat off, but goes back to sleep.

The tent guys are woken up. the guy says you have to wake up quickly. cuz of the tide coming in. the staff guessed incorrectly about the tide and pitched it in the wrong spot so water is about to come in. TW gives the others a look like “I told you so”. The members wake up and move the tent closer inland. SG congratulates TH for being first place for having the worst luck. TH smiles and coughs. SG grumbles complaints about how this is the worst. maybe they will tell us to move down from here cuz a car is coming. The 3 laugh. TH thinks they might fall from this place. they go back to sleep.

SW woke up first and then SK sort of stirs and asks what time it is. SW: I just kept laying here. JM sits up. SW asks about JW and SK wakes JW up. They hear music. JW sits up. SW laughs and says it’s TH’s song. JW looks into the camera with one eyes open. SK says that song came out in the 1990s.

TW wakes up the other 2. TH wakes up and says “omg”. he asks if it’s his song and smiles with his eyes still closed. They play a clip of his younger days. TH is still sleeping and doing the moves to the dance with his eyes closed so TW laughs. Inside SK is doing the same thing.

TW comes out of the tent and is told where to go. They are going to get in the truck and go somewhere. they play a clip of sassy girl where the girl yells out – do you hear me?

JW goes outside and asks where to go. he gets into the back of the truck with the other 3. They wave to TW, SG, and TH. The 4 are driven to the other side and they start yelling across the water. JM yells: hyung do you hear my voice? SW: it’s too far.

TW yells out – can you hear? The 3 can hear so when SW asks are you ready the 3 say yes. SW yells the movie clue – a 3 D movie about a blue character . TH guesses avatar. SW: ok.  JW yells out a movie clue and the 3 guess correctly. JW says some actor’s name but SW yells out about MBC and KBS and the 3 guess it correctly. SW yells out Sylvestor stallone’s movie and other side guesses Rambo. it’s correct. SK and JM yell out another movie clue and SH guesses correctly. SW yells out – the drama kim Joowon comes out in. SG only heard the word drama and thinks they said the drama JW came out in. SW says to hurry and do the next one – something the other 3 can guess. the 4 yell out the movie with Leonardo dicaprio where the boat sinks. JW holds his arms out like the scene where Leo and Kate are standing at the tip of the ship. SG guesses titanic correctly. JM yells out another clue but time runs out. They failed. SGs says he didn’t hear anything JM said.

My favorite song comes out.

The guys are in the room under blankets. SG says the wind was no joke. SW wonders if the boat will go out today. cuz he heard a little bit yesterday that they might not be able to leave. SG says TH looks exhausted now. PD says to eat. They bring in food- soup and rice. And then more yellow radish. They complain. SG: really no more.  TW starts to cut and dig in saying it’s overcooked. SG is going to eat it like a pork cutlet so everyone laughs.

PD asks if they ate well. The guys said yes. JM asks if they need to do the closing now but PD says no not the closing. I have to have a meeting with the staff. TW guesses the boat didn’t come in. PD says yes. he explains how this didn’t happen once with the old 1n2d for 5 yrs. there was news about bad weather. the staff is looking for a solution, but they might not be able to leave. SG says that means they might not leave till tm afternoon. PD says the problem gets worse if they cant leave by tm cuz just the staff alone is 80 people and the food truck was only till today’s lunch.  meaning there is nothing to eat and they cant get anymore food. Everyone looks worried. SG tells SW to have their meeting too.

PD says how there are 80 people on their staff and there is no more food. The staff scramble to make calls. Cast looks worried. One guy is on the phone with a boat captain. PD reports they got a big boat but it cant come to this island so they need to take another boat and transfer over to the big one so the members have to prepare quickly to leave cuz the boat will be here between 30 mins to an hour.

SW asks the camera guy –you should sense something – will we be able to get out? The members are moved to a smaller boat and put on life jackets and move to a bigger boat.

The cast is standing on land again. SG says they got the help from the villagers and korean version of coast guard and are able to stand here safely (with their health he said). they bow their head in gratitude again. SG points out how much TH suffered. TH jokes again he doesn’t fit with 1n2d. SG asks JM if he is satisfied with variety and stuff so JM says even though we aren’t family, we are family by choice. They show pics and clips of the guys playing all their games.

JW says : now that it’s over, it feels real. even when I arrived here my heart was still nervous (worried) but now that I am here and it’s over, my heart  feels more comfortable. SW says to the camera: you worked really hard. TH says something about suffering a lot.  Each new member says 1n2d.


This last scene might be a clip of next week’s episode cuz they are by the river and there is one huge tent (probably cuz they need a big one so SK can fit since he is so tall):

They are standing around and SK quietly says 1n2d and hops around. everyone quickly goes into the tent and leaves SK embarrassed on the ground.

Some thoughts: This episode was better than last week’s cuz it was more fun overall, but there are still learning curves for the staff and new PD. They didn’t account for the weather and almost stranded the cast and crew overnight without any food. Plus that morning mission was going too far. Making the members yell so much and straining their voices seemed like a bad idea to me. No wonder they failed. Poor JM sounded awful when he did the closing. Also that drinking BBB was gross and I couldnt screencap pictures cuz I didnt want to see them spit over and over again. 3 rounds seemed excessive. maybe one or two would have been better and more footage of the cast getting ready for bed. *wink and a nod to someone who wouldn’t take his hat off*

My biggest pet peeve is Choi PD’s low voice. the guy needs to speak louder cuz I can barely hear him most of the time and he mumbles quite often. as someone who needs to hear what is being said, that is so annoying. Maybe it’s cuz I miss Na PD so much, but it looks like it’s gonna take a while for me to like this new PD. Maybe if he airs more footage of JW doing cute things, that would go a long way towards making it up to me. 🙂


139 comments on “1N2D S2E2

  1. Gaeina Lee says:

    Wow Softy, you and Semi-fly are 2 of the fastest ladies… Thank you!


  2. K-Reen says:

    Thank you so much for the recap and most of all for that link with Lee Seung Gi and (my very dear) Eun Ji Won on their “friendship weekend”. So endearing. *___* ❤


  3. RSD says:

    Thanks. Cannot watch it live.

    Dear Softy, as Spring is around the corner and soon Summer… I guess we will get to see Joo Won’s hair and abs??!! Kekeke. Seriously, when its summer.. they need to slam dunk in the water. Call!

    Aigoo it must be very hard for Joo Won. Juggling between 1N2D and his new drama. Poor my baby.


  4. Iviih says:

    2bic(a duo) revealed new-teaser featuring Joo won

    Oh Joo Won why so handsome? And your tears, my heart TT

    Sorry if this is off topic here^^


    • Siska says:

      WOW..thank you Iviih for this teaser
      OMIIIIII..JW looks so handsome..is’nt he????the song sounds so beautiful i got a goosebump when i heard the song.and saw JW’tears..i can’t wait..it’s look a like it will be 2 teasers..Lee min ho ( moonsun ) for teaser 1 and our JW for teaser 2..OMG my 2 handsome stars on one MV..it will be released on March 14th,2012…..and i noticed JW female co-star is Kang Byul


      • Is that a teaser for a music video or JW’s next other drama beside Gaksital?? JW & Kang Byul are from the same agency (SIM Ent) right??
        Indeed, JW looks so handsome. Thanks Iviih for sharing this video 🙂


        • Siska says:

          this is a teaser for his new MV for the group music 2BiC..yes that’s true they are from the same agency….and also Kang byul is his co-star along with Park Bo young on JW’new movie : Dont Click ”

          this MV seems looks so amazing..on that MV..is Kang byul pregnant??WAH>>WAH>>>>


          • hahaha… you really do have a sharp vision!! I thought the same too, Kang Byul pregnant!!
            Well, I wonder what is the story about in this MV :D. Thank you for his next movie info, dear 🙂


            • bbblue73 says:

              Well, the story goes like this:

              KB is pregnant & JW is the father…but KB’s parents opposed JW’s personalities, abilities, status…whatever, hehehe,,that’s why you noticed that the Japanese soldiers took JW from KB’s eyes….aigoooooo. hahaha.

              Oh please chingu, sorry it’s just only an illusional story that came up to my mind coz my heart is achinggggg….(coz he’s holding hands with another lady)???????nothing is working normally on me right now upon watching this MV of our Joowon,,,lol.


            • SS says:

              Pregnant!!! I think I got DVT-Deep Vein Thrombosis, not from my flight but from reading this word “P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T” when its associated with Joo Won.


            • LOL.. LOL.. SS dear, you really make me cry & pee on my pants at the same time (pardon my language, ladies). Love your shocked comment, dear 😀


            • loverz says:

              and guys…you make me imagine how if JW acts as a father…a young father..oh God, I want to be his child…


      • loverz says:

        wawawa…I’m late..so guys, who is Lee Min Ho here? same or different story with Joo won?


    • Bird says:

      Thank you so much Iviih 🙂
      Can’t wait for the full MV. ^^


    • Anonymous says:

      I have never heard of 2BiC before, but wow what a killer voice.
      It seems like all that ever gets attention is kpop music (don’t get me wrong I love GD & TOP).
      I’m always happy when I’m introduced to amazing voices.


  5. flo says:

    ” to someone who wouldn’t take his hat off”..that stupid hat
    ha..ha.. softy you’re so funny..tell u the true..i dont like his hat..why he didn’t take his hat off?when the other members took his hat off…*sigh* i missed his hair and his ears…
    he never took it off ,even when he slept.. it seems like he was so addicted with that weird hat…
    i hope even he is wearing hats for the next episodes..but pls dont be like that stupid hat..it’s not matched him at all


    • Dd says:

      Cut your hair darling!

      His long hair bother him.. Please cut your hair Joo Won ah.

      But, no matter how messy his hair, he still look great. He really dont pay much attention on his appearance 🙂 🙂


    • I think he’s still lack of confident on this show, we can see he was kind of nervous and he admitted at the end of the show, coz this is his first variety show, when cameras all over him, when talking, sleeping, eating, washing, cooking, even running & many more 🙂
      Well, looks like on the next week episode he’s wearing a baseball cap, which is much better… woo hoo.. Joo Won-ahh.. Fighting, darling!!


  6. HannaD says:

    Thanks for the recap Softy and Bird for YT clip. Many many thanks girls.

    Yes, I think Joo Won still awkward… Not only him, the senior top actors like KSW and CTH and his hyung UTW too.. hehe. Being in variety programme is totally diff from being in a drama or film. Where in drama and film all are scripted unlike variety programme, you need to think fast and act on the spot. But I think sooner or later they will be okay.


    • Yes, I agree with you, Hanna D 🙂
      Just give our beloved Joo Won more time to adjust with the programme, feel more confident & comfortable with the 24/7 cameras over him in this show.
      I read from a netizen on twitter, that some people are already complaint about JW being in this show, they said JW is so boring in 1n2d show. My heart really sunk!! 😦
      Why some people are so mean & heartless. This show is his first variety show, so it’s normal if he’s still awkward, shy & nervous!!! Back off you haters!!! Joo Won~ahh, we all are supporting you, darling 🙂


      • bbblue73 says:

        Breathe & Chill Yanna dear. Just don’t mind those weird creatures, they just being jealous that their favorite idol isn’t on the show but our Joowon won PD, KBS peoples heart & trust that he has the capacity & it all proves that they choose him coz they believed that joowon have the right to follow the steps from the previous casts.
        Having an anti & pro supporters, followers in showbiz world is normal but those haters don’t even think if in case given the opportunity on the show if they have the talent to act.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Joo Won need a motivation to drink those nasty drinks.

    Like he did in OB with Kim PD 😉


  8. Mini Squid says:

    Thnx to Softy, Bird and Semi-fly! Luff u people! He he!


  9. One thing that i noticed after i watched the cut vid. Choi PD could spicy things up more when JW run very fast to get the cooking ingredients… He could take the screen shot of OB,when Tae Hee run to catch the bad guys… ;( Ooh..well…just a thought..


  10. Anonymous says:

    Belated post

    Softy thank you so much for your recap screencap and everything.
    Thanks semi-fly for torrent and bird for joowon part at youtube made me appreciate.
    Thanks everyone who drop by to comment or post some news .

    Softy, I love to read your introduction or comment it made me learn more. Some sentence from your introduction like this below
    “-they gave Koreans everywhere vicarious trips and adventures to the remotest spot on the map and entertained us every step of the way.
    -Age or culture differences didn’t matter cuz this is 1N2D where even a look can set off people into peals of laughter.”


    And from your recap the part that “PD asks each new member to say something”
    -JW: since I didn’t have the confidence to be funny, I worked hard. it’s really good now cuz there are so many hyungs. as the youngest, I will protect my spot and from here on continue to work hard.
    -SK: along with working hard I wanted to be funny when I could, but I only worked hard and wasnt funny at all. he says how he feels sorry.


    THIS MADE ME LOVE JM attitude, a lot

    In this ep. I like CTH a lot may be I liked him suffer Made him got the screen. he is very funny Haha

    About bad weather and you have 40 people on their staff and 7’member cast and you can’t get any more food till tomorrow. Oh bad news .THANKS GOD & THE HELPER. I had a trip to go to the sea at my country it had weather like this. I and my family among the sea big waves and strong winds it made me scare a lot. NEXT TIME PLEASE CHECK THE WEATHER AND SAFTY FIRST.

    Finally, I think it the first time that joowon is filming as a new member of the show and he is youngest of the member so take time and be yourself that we all love you joowon shi.

    Sorry friend,Please ignore wrong compre. Or word.


  11. enz says:

    hi everyone, i am new to korean dramas (obsession started with ojakgyo :)) – am wondering what does pyong mean. hope someone can enlighten me – thanks in advance

    i think its really harsh if ppl expect the new members to immediately be comfortable and funny – everyone is different. hope joo won will just be himself and not worry about how he is coming across to ppl.


    • Softy says:

      Pyong means hearts – like on OB when J texted him she would end with hearts =pyongs. 🙂
      The actual word in Korean means “you’ve fallen head over heels for someone” when you use it in this phrase “pyong ga suh”


      • enz says:

        ahhhh thanks softy. and thanks for creating OB page and all the recaps everytime. like all the others, i really enjoyed re reading the episodes sometimes and crying again haha.


      • Enz says:

        Softy, what about daebak? What does that mean? Sorry so many questions on phrases or words but I see it being used so much and I can only guess at the meaning. Thanks


  12. […] 1N2D S2E2 Recap by Softy at soulsrebel/CADENCE Rate this: Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. from → 1N2D Season 2, Softy, soulsrebel/CADENCE ← Cha Tae-hyeon’s Back Washing Records Instant Viewer Ratings of 31.1 Percent No comments yet […]


  13. K says:

    i lke that all the hyungs treat our JW very well as if he is their real dongsaeng..
    i noticed that each of them seem to take care and lead him in this program and look after him attentively as he is the youngest and is a rookie in entertainment shows.
    i think they just like JW as he is so humble and have this dongsaeng-like attitude towards his hyungs as he always acts cute (for me, he is cute in every way) eventhough he is a bit introverted.
    i don’t really watch this program. but i started to have interest in it when i heard JW’s gonna be one of the casts.after watching the first two eps, now i know why ppl keep saying how special this program is. it’s not just about having a bunch of guys doing funny things and stuff, it also teaches us about brotherhood and friendship. i’m officially a fan of 1N2D!


  14. K says:



  15. SS says:

    You know, when I was watching this episode, I got kind of worried. Although there were a number of parts where Joo Won oozes his cuteness, I thought he was too quiet.I was like “Man, you got to talk more..” CTH has plenty to say and even SW. Joo Won said very little by comparison and as a result the camera didnt pan to him as much as I would liked. So it didnt surprise me that there were comments about his awkwardness, nervousness and not being funny .

    But you know, I love him more and respect him for being who he is. Those who has been following him and even digging up his past videos, know that he can be a truly consummate performer when he is on stage. I can’t think of another actor who can perform on stage, singing and dancing the way he did. Then of course, he is an excellent actor with passion for his art. So why he is like this on 1N2D? My take is that he just wants to be himself on this kind of reality variety show. That’s who he is – the kind, humble, adorable, shy Joo Won who knows he maybe not be as funny as say CTH and in the nature of things, is not inclined to such programs. He saw it perhaps as challenging himself, will no doubt work his cute little butt off but yet he is confident enough in himself not to sell his soul in the process .

    Saranghae Joo Won, pyong pyong!


    • aisha says:

      Hi,SS…it’s been a while not seeing you.. Finally you came back 🙂 Been missing your witty comments lately.. 😀

      And this time i love your comment in this part the most : “He saw it perhaps as challenging himself, will no doubt work his cute little butt off but yet he is confident enough in himself not to sell his soul in the process”. You describe exactly who he is… He is who he is in this show…Although I must say, i kinda worry too just like what you felt about JW cannot be funny or too quiet..even some netizens called him boring… (darn netizens, give him chance will ya??*&?&/!:’!!)

      But then again,they’re all a group of guys who’s just learned to know the field… Especially JW..Just give them a chance to get some morev experience,getting to know each other..build a chemistry.. Who knows in a few episode later, JW and the hyungjedeul can learn a lot..

      Including the PD…what can i say,he too also in a difficult position, tearing apart whether keeping the old style of Na PD or doing his style… There are a lot of things that he can add more to the scene…more matching and funny screen captures,or screen shots from drama or another show. And just like what Softy has mentioned,sometimes the game is too cruel for them too handle… 😦

      But i’m sure,this show is gonna be DAEBAK!! BIG HIT!! It’s shown the sign already with the 31,1% rating in the last episode….And of course,hopefully our JW can learn how to entertain viewers without being sucked up and losing great pieces of him that we love.. ^_^ Just give ’em time and we’ll see..

      PS : My guess for JW’s cellphone is Galaxy Note.. I can tell from the size,it’s almost the same with my friend’s… 😀

      Pyong…pyong..pyong :-*


      • SS says:

        Hi aisha, I love reading your comments too.

        Maybe we should let our dear Joo Won know that we support him no matter what. He must be feeling a lot of pressure lately with all eyes on him. In this aspect, I am so thankful that he has good family support and that he is very grounded and has self-awareness. Joo Won Fighting!

        P.S. You guys make me want to get a Galaxy Note. You sure this is the one? It does look like it, I agree. You know I would have bought the Millet underwear if they sell it here. LOL


    • I agree with you, dearest SS…
      I think JW wants to be recognized not only for his beautiful eyes, lips, handsome face… But above all, I think the reason why he decided to join the 1N2D troops was because he wanted to gain more knowledge and experiences from his hyungs, about acting, life being an actor, etc… Also for the viewers and fans to know his true self… His cuteness… His “more than word can say” humbleness and hard work as an actor…
      No matter what the netizens say regarding him being boring etc. I think they just need more time to see the JooWon that we (his fans) see… The hard working, the humble, the VERY talented Moon Jun Won… I guess that is why he is in this reality show… To “shut” the mouth of his anti-fans??
      Well, at least that’s what I thought….
      Saranghae Joo Won, pyong pyong!

      Always and forever…


  16. K says:

    yup. you can see that he is a type of guy who really doesn’t talk much. he only speaks when he is asked to or when he needs to, you can compare when he filmed this show and HT. he behaved just the same. humble, shy, and non-talkative but, these traits of his makes me even more in love with him. Instead of being funny, he said that he will work hard for this program, for me, being humorous is not his speciality but it’s fine for me cuz he is showing the true himself, instead of trying to be someone else for the sake of the program. I just wanna say I like him the way he is. 🙂


  17. Anonymous says:

    March 11 episode 1 Night, 2 Days recorded a viewership rating of 27.2 percent (AGB Nielsen Media Research) and protected its spot atop the viewership leader board.


  18. Iviih says:

    Joo Won and Lee Minho mv is out^^

    The music is so beautiful but so sad.

    And the mv? Too tragic…

    (at least it wasn’t Joo Won that died!)


  19. Our dear Umi found this article on tistory.com. I hope they don’t comparing Joo Won with Lee Seung Gee in 1N2D show, coz it is not fair!!
    If somebody can translate this, please do. Thank you in advance 🙂


  20. Anon says:

    “After hearing about how netizens are criticizing JW for being quiet or dull on 1n2d, all I have to say is if the only thing JW ever did on the show was sit around and sneeze, I would still watch and recap this. Why? Cuz this is the only guy who could make sneezing attractive. Actually, one minor change would help the aesthetics of my screencaps -if he stops wearing those trapper hats in the future. I swear I was so tempted to bribe someone on the 1n2d staff to hide JW’s hats or better yet, to burn them. JW has the kind of face where it’s just a sacrilege to cover up any part of it. ”

    LOL Softy!!!! Burn the hat!! Hahaha..

    Netizens are cruel. How come they expect him to be comfy in just 2 filming of 1N2D.


    • sammi says:

      Actually it’s one filming. apparently they film once in fortnight and just makes it into two episodes!! So basically it was his first filming. the second filming episodes will be this sunday and next sunday!! I can’t believe Netizens are already being harsh on him!! Give him some time to adjust..compared to other new members he and sung si kyung were quiet in the last two episodes but him being the youngest and first time in variety show it takes time to adjust. Its not like 1N2D was really popular from its first episode!!
      I want punch those nasty netizens haha


    • loverz says:

      How JW’s feel if he knows about this…his kind heart..:(

      It’s ok JW oppa…it means you are famous now…we’ll always support you…><


      • I guess, we do not need to care about our JW’s anti-fan… Let them curse as much as they like… 😀
        Cause the truth will reveal… They will open their eyes and someday they shall see his wonderful talents, abiltiy, humbleness, hard work as what we see in him now…
        Let us just love him sincerely, without paying much attention to the haters…
        I believe JW is humble enough to take the haters as his fighting spirit to improve himself, as he also knows that his fans and those who love him so much, are here to support him… 😀
        *This is my opinion*
        Peace on earth…
        *suddenly pop off in my mind*
        SS-shi… I miss you! ;D
        Pyong pyong to all JooWoNies Pyong….


  21. nonski says:

    Hi Softy… I haven’t watched 1N2D but after two episodes and your transcaps, i’m hooked line and sinker! Thank you for making me discover this gem. ❤


    • SS says:

      nonski! i was wondering where were you, glad to see you here.


      • nonski says:

        hi SS been following this show already but it’s just now that i sit down, copy Softy’s transcaps and read them while watching and damn, I got sooooo addicted with it already. No I am reading DB recaps. They are just so funny. I have a confession to make tho… even tho I love Joo Won so much, but awwwwww TH is so funny here, his whining is so cute and the fish haha, I almost died laughing out there. Tho, I am also really proud of Joo Won in episode 1, he came very prepared and on episode 2, weeeeeeeh, he was so cute calling his mom and *pyong* *pyong* 🙂


        • SS says:

          yes, I giggled, reading Joowon descibed as boy scout or a little boy with his backpack all ready for his first day at school.

          They sure love Joowon over there too. Who doesn’t ? Only those anti-fans who I think, are still bitter ever since they crash landed on Roswell, they always thought they had bigger eyes than us!


          • nonski says:

            lols… i can’t imagine there would be anti-fans for our boy,,, but as they say you can’t please anyone. it’s there loss for not appreciating what a great talent and person is Joo Won.

            I get to rewatch 1n2d again with Softy’s transcaps alongside with it and get to appreciate it more. 🙂


  22. […] can read the recap of this episode in: https://soulsrebel.wordpress.com/2012/03/11/1n2d-s2e2-recap-coming-up/  (Thanks to […]


  23. Anonymous says:

    softy what the title of your favourite song that was played in the show?


  24. Anonymous says:

    if u hv time softy can u help me to figure it out…….it keep lingering on my brain thanks


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