1N2D S2E1

Even though this flag doesn’t come out every episode, if you are a 1N2D member, getting to this flag first is the key to survival on that trip. It might mean the difference between getting a nice meal, sleeping indoors, or not having to get wet in the ocean or lake. For viewers, it practically guarantees that we get to watch an entertaining race to the finish line. Now that we have a new season and some cast additions, there is no telling what kind of tricks they have up their sleeves to fight for their moment of glory. 🙂

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Cast initials I will be using for recaps: new members (SW) Kim Seung Woo, (TH) Cha Tae Hyun, (SK) Sung Si Kyung and (JW) Joo Won, and the original members (SG) Lee Su Geun, (TW) Um Tae Woong and (JM) Kim Jong Min.

I spent Friday and Saturday watching some past episodes and was ready to write up all the games and activities that are typical of 1N2D until I realized this is a whole new cast basically with these 4 additional guys. There is no way to know how they will do in all the games and stuff. If they do continue in the same tradition, you should note that each time they film, they get at least two episodes worth of footage that they will air over the span of two weeks. The first segment will always consist of the opening (typically filmed on the bottom of the steps at the KBS building) where they determine where they will end up going on this trip by some random selection process or being told where if the destination is predetermined. Next there will be a mission of some sorts to get to base camp. Somewhere in between they will play games for lunch or snacks. By the end of the first episode, they will either have arrived at base camp or will start their games to determine what they get to eat for dinner. Second leg of that same trip will either start with arriving at base camp or be in the middle of playing games for dinner, snacks, or indoor sleeping privileges – losing team will end up sleeping in tents outside no matter how cold or rainy it gets. Normally the sleeping scenes come out towards the last 20 mins and sometimes there is a morning challenge where they have to compete for breakfast. Then they do the closing in the last scene and say “come visit (insert city/village/island/mountain name)”

Judging from this photo, they took this after their drinking game. Normally it’s more fun when they are covered with the numbers on top and contents hidden so no one knows which drink they selected. But this round, the circular numbers on the table means these cups had similar looking drinks with numbers attached to them. Since there are 7 members, some of those cups will have a disgusting drink in it and they have to select a random number and hope they didn’t choose those awful tasting drinks. If you look around that room, it’s not one of those nicer base camps so it means they started this trip with a “severe winter training camp theme” which means these guys are going to end up suffering a lot and roughing it. No wonder JW said he was exhausted after the trip.

Ever since Ho Dong left the show, UTW was the eldest out of the 5, but now that SW has joined it will make him the leader automatically cuz that’s what these guys do. Whenever guests come on, the Korean thing is to line up according to age so everyone knows who to call hyung and find out if the rest are the same age or similar. More than likely everyone already knows JW is the maknae. When I first heard Kim Hyun Joong was considering this show to take on the maknae role, I worried about how he would fit in with the others and if he would stick around even for a few months cuz he seems like the type to easily drop out if his schedule gets busy. I can already guess that the PDs chose 3 actors and one singer to add to the new lineup based on their current careers and personalities. Counting UTW, that means there are a total of 4 actors, but only UTW and JW are going to be busy with dramas. SKK has his radio gig and CTH hasn’t been in anything recently this year. The PDs clearly chose newcomers who could at least stay on the show for the foreseeable future.

Why you need to watch this show if you like Joowon

Short of meeting him, this will be the next best thing. Get ready to find out a lot more about this guy like his eating, sleeping, and grooming habits. This show really let’s you get to know the celebrity up close and personal cuz all those cameras never stop running so during their many conversations, info about their real lives slips out.

For the literally “steamy” shower scenes where there is too much steam to see much except for their faces cuz they only film waist up, but sometimes the camera is left on during their showers so we can see how they bond in there. The members normally end up jumping into lakes or oceans as punishment for losing so  if you have sharp eyes and he wears a thin t-shirt, we will see at least more than what we saw in the OB bathroom scene when he comes out of the water dripping wet. Somehow Seung Gi has managed to do the impossible and eluded being shirtless for the past 5 yrs. There was one scene a few years ago where the camera caught him changing shirts, but it was from the back so there was only a glimpse of his abs from the side caught on camera. Evidently he and Top have a reputation for being modest and do not like to show their abs at all. Seung Gi finally did show some skin during a past concert promo, but that was ages ago. The funniest scene was when Seung Gi didn’t have anything on and Ho Dong took the camera and aimed right at him so Seung Gi had to duck behind a huge round bucket to take cover. Seung Gi held onto that thing like his life depended on it. 🙂

We all know JW can do stunt scenes pretty well, but we don’t know if he is coordinated enough to outshine the others in every single sport they feature on this show. Either his fans will find more reasons to fall in love with him or we will just have to face facts that he is human after all and appreciate all his other qualities like maybe his quirkiness or inability to multiply. Something tells me he is going to be easy target for his hyungs to kid around with cuz of his amenable personality.

There is a very good chance he might end up singing at one point against Sung Si Kyung in a sing off or sing together-either way we win. Seung Gi and UTW sang together and I think the ratings spiked during that scene. Female staff were swooning left and right that day.

We get to find out who JW’s best friend in real life is cuz once in a while they have a “Let’s go together friend” trip. The recent one that aired in January with the two soccer players was one of the best cuz they were hilarious, but most of them did not use their real best friends. The original one (Episode 89 and 90) used actual real life friends (non celebrities) from their childhood so that one was more genuine and a lot of fun cuz their friends spilled secrets about the celebrities.

Aside from JW, personally I am looking forward to seeing just how funny CTH is cuz I sat next to this guy at the hair salon in a VIP room with his manager and stylist a few years ago so the fact that he is on this show with JW makes him my one degree of separation from JW. I had a feeling after the last viewer’s trip that SSK loved the time he spent on this show cuz it did wonders for his image, but I had no idea he would be willing to commit to being on as a regular member. I am a huge fan of SSK’s voice so if they could make him sing or just play his songs during his scenes, I would be in heaven.

Things you need to know about this show and what you might learn about these members

In the beginning they all start out with makeup and stylists, but somewhere down the line they just look like tired guys who want to sleep and get some food. Except for the intro, UTW gave up on getting his hair and makeup done ages ago. Seung Gi has always taken the longest in grooming after his showers cuz he has a skin care regimen he follows diligently. I wonder which one of the new guys will take the longest to primp. Pretty sure it won’t be JW cuz if you look at his pictures, you can tell he didn’t wear any powder from his shiny complexion.

Their genuine personalities really come through cuz even if you wanted to keep up a certain image, it’s human nature to slip up and show your true colors and with the number of cameras that are on these guys, those moments will be caught on film. Like everyone knows how smart Seung Gi is, but he has the strangest form of logic when it comes to cooking. He thinks his way is the correct way, but it’s far from anything a normal person would do. Also, he has a lot of cute sides like being very affectionate and really ticklish. When you look at Um Tae Woong, he looks like he will be manly and cool so no one knew he could be this dorky and clumsy in real life. So far from day one, he showed how bad he is at math, sports, and games, but he is a really good sport about it.  Plus he doesn’t play along with the format and always jumps to the next event by asking stuff like “where are we going today,” “when are we going to get to eat,” or “let’s hurry up and get through this opening/closing so we can go inside cuz it’s too cold.”

Through the games, we learn who is smart and who is a bit slower than expected. What I liked about Jong Min was that even though he ends up losing a lot in mental games, he makes the funniest mistakes and has everyone laughing. Even though he loses on those, he is still good at sports.  Speaking of which, I am a little concerned about the lack of competition for JW. None of the other 3 new members seem all that athletic to me so Su Geun will be the only one JW has as far as competition goes. For a small guy, Su Geun is amazing in sports and there isn’t anything he isn’t good at and could even beat Seung Gi sometimes. I hope SSK is a fast runner at least since he seems to be taller than JW.

My take on the last few months of 1N2D: The only variety shows I watched on a regular basis were Family Outing till it ended, first and second season of We got married until Yong Hwa left, and 1N2D ever since Seung Gi joined the cast on E27. After Seung Gi joined, then MC mong came on board to replace Jong Min who had to go to the army, and in my opinion the best years of this show were with Kim C, Mong, Seung Gi, Jiwon, Su Geun, and Ho Dong. These six would usually divide into two teams and the married ones like Hong Dong, Kim C, and Su Guen would call themselves the OB team (for old boys) and the other 3 would be the YB team (for young boys). Those years when these 6 were together made this show come alive with camaraderie and heart. There was so much entertainment with this group and you could feel their genuine love for the show and each other. Like a well oiled machine, each episode would be funnier than the last from start to finish. In the last few years with Kim C leaving, MC Mong being forced to drop out, and with Ho Dong retiring, somewhere along the way this show lost its groove. It was still fun, but not as consistently. The viewer’s trip, actress and supporting actor specials, and the recent friend special helped, but other than those, the PD made some major mistakes in not keeping it fresh and lively by constantly splitting up the five members or making them go on actual tours with a guide. That is why I am approaching this new season with some trepidation. I don’t want to expect anything cuz I don’t want to be disappointed, but I believe the first two episodes will make it very clear whether this new season can endure to quell some of the doubt fans may have. That is the optimist in me talking, but the pessimist is willing to lay odds that this 7 member cast won’t outlast its first season predecessors to surpass 5 years together. I predict more cast member changes coming up within the year.

1N2D normally starts around 6:15-6:20pm on KBS after the first half of Happy Sunday ends

*I realize there are 6 other members, but I did give you guys fair warning I would be translating mostly JW’s lines so of course I have to add his screencaps first. Dont worry I will add the others too cuz I love how thoughtful and considerate SK is and how hilarious CTH is too so I wont leave out the others entirely. 🙂 This show is almost an hour and a half long so it will take some time to get everything done, but so far with all my screencaps of JW, it looks more like a one man show cuz I only featured one new member.

Season Two E1

JM says he is a little nervous cuz they have to try to get along with new members (as in try to match personalities) cuz he thinks he might not fit in well with them. JM asks where the other members are – arent they here yet. he calls them their hoobaes (even SW) PD says how SK texted him at 2:30am saying how he cant sleep. JM says he got texts too from SW 3 times. so SG says they have to make them feel comfortable cuz those people are more worried. if we worry too with them then worry meets worry. TW remarks that sounds impressive. SG says those guys will get stress and then misunderstandings will occur and then they will say they will break up and later they will get cancer. if it gets serious it can go so far as getting cancer.

First guest they go to the hair salon to meet and it’s TH. He sees the camera guy and says – you startled me. the guy says hello. TH says you guys are too much. didnt you say we are doing an opening? are we not doing an opening? guy says since this is the first day they came to take TH so he will be comfortable. TH giggles and says on the internet it said yeoiudo (where KBS building is located)

when TH gets in the van, he asks shoudnt I have brought my bag? guy says you should have brought the bag and then get in the car.TH suddenly guesses they aren’t going to yeouido (for the opening) and yells that out to someone

Next they ring a doorbell and it’s SK’s place. his home is nice-interior has been remodeled. PD said since it’s his first time filming they wanted him to be comfortable so they came to take him. SK doesnt open his eyes and says: cant I get ready? she says there is no time so he has to hurry and come out. SK: ok. He worries about his hair.he says going is ok but he doesn’t have a hat. she says you dont have a hat? He comes out just dressed quickly (no coat so for the first half of this show he freezes his butt off till some staff member finally lends him a coat to wear later during the outdoor game)

Next is another hair salon and SW asks who they are. girl says from 1n2d and SW has to go film. SW says he thought he was supposed to go to yeoudio. He asks his stylist if he knew and the guy says he didn’t know. SW says they dont seem like the 1n2d team. he says his heart isnt prepared to film yet. he sees his manager run off and yells at him – ya where are you going? the guy just took off running though. SW asks which car he needs to get in.

They go to JW’s home next. he opens the door saying “OMG.”guy asks if JW already guessed or knew they were coming. JW: no I didnt know. hello. cuz they say JW is already dressed to go. He gets in the car and says this gives him pressure (burden). guy warns him there is a camera right in front of JW (cuz they attach cameras in the car to record everything he does or says – poor thing his eyes are puffy cuz it’s 7am)

*he is def living in a very moderate middle income home. bet there arent any other celebrities living in that neighborhood. guess he needs a few more years till he can afford to buy a new place for his family. I am sort of glad he lives like this – it will keep him humble. he doesnt even wear any name brand clothing too.

TH talks about how he is dressed for 1n2d opening – wearing shorts and everything is color coordinated. his stylist dressed him like she would her kid. he says he is embarrassed. he looks at the camera and says: anyway it’s nice to see you. through 1n2d I will show myself doing my best. until now on variety programs, I always wanted to show that I was doing my best but it didnt come out like that on the actual show. to be honest that hurt my heart cuz I really did do my best. through 1n2d I will show myself working even harder so please watch. he makes a crying face and says: what is this from the first day.

They ask SK why he decided to do this show. SK: there were a few reasons but to me the biggest one was filming twice. He liked the warm feelings from the show that he got from doing his radio program and he likes that the people who watch this show feel warm. he is looking forward to it.

TH says other actors-when they finish one project, before they start the next one they have to rest and go on vacations-there are people like that. for the sake of coming out of their role, but I can come out of that role that same day right away. I even come out of it in the middle of it too. when i finish filming that day I come out of it. with 1n2d there really is nothing that matches me. so I struggled a lot cuz of that. there is nothing that matches me- I dont like trips/traveling. I am not good at games so there was no deciding factor. that’s why I always get in trouble by my wife. I’m going crazy.

3 members do the opening by themselves and say we came back after a week. TW asks for the new members and are told they are coming soon. PD asks if JM can do well. JM says “this is not funny right now” they laugh. SG asks the PD if he isnt going to say hello (introduce himself) cuz he is a member too. you have to let the audience know your face. PD says: there are a lot of things I will lack but from here on I will work hard and slowly fill the empty position left by Na PD. please take care of me well. SG says he thinks the audience will find watching the 3 of them awkward and worry a lot but we will work even harder and fill everything that lacks and show a good side. a fighting side. JM promises to do what seung gi cant do now (like fill Seung gi’s emcee role since seung gi isnt here and talk a lot) SG says they will work hard and asks the audience to watch so cheer us on.The 3 bow and say they will work hard -please take care of us well. SG points out the ocean is here so he guesses today is going to be an island. JM says this is the first timePD went but the 3 of them went to many of them.

SW asks if they aren’t going to Yeoudio cuz he was told to meet there at 7am. He sees all the tapes and asks if they have to film all this. He has a jinx ever since he debuted when he starts a new project, he cant sleep. if he moves sleeping locations he cant sleep well cuz he is sensitive. and they show footage of him sleeping through whole trip. SW: I normally cant sleep

JW asks if they didn’t tell on purpose (where he is going) and says “it’s scary” he looks at the navigation and assumes they are going to Incheon terminal (where the docks are). the guy asks how JW knew. JW points and says it’s written on the navigation. guy says they should have covered that up. JW wonders “where are we going when we get on the boat” and puts his motion sickness patch on under his ear. the name of that patch is literally “under the ears” cuz that’s where you put it and you dont suffer from motion sickness for a full 24 hours. (I can’t travel without that so I know about it really well. you have to stick it on at least 30 mins to an hour before you get on a plane or boat)

TH: my guess is that we go to yeouido and do the opening. what is this. then I have to go there and say all this again. they are going to ask that again. let’s just end it with one time. later on if they do that during the opening, I will say I did it all a while ago. when we get there they will ask all this again. and waste all that time there. we need to do it quickly and go. This is the first day so he doesn’t think this is polite. He looks out the window and yells this isnt the way to yeouido.this is big trouble. should we just play games amongst ourselves? what do we do.

The PD explains to old members where they are going on the boat. TW guesses when the new members come they drop off each new member at each island. PD says they are already going to be there on each island. SG: they will already be on the island? PD says the first one KSW will be there so SG and JM guess since SW is older he got dropped off at a closer island. next island is CTH.  next is SSK. and last one is JW cuz he is the maknae. SG says so they get on the boat and go to each island and pick up the members all 7 go to base camp (this is what the old members were told but it didnt turn out this way) TW says a lame joke and asks “is this the boat that is on it’s way” (it was the boat drawn on the map) TW decides to put away the map cuz he is embarrassed

SK is asked why he isnt nervous at all about where they are going cuz they came so far away so far, but he says he is used to this. he admits it still feels strange

TH says he sent a text a while ago to SG and asked. the reply came “I dont know” so TH asked ” are they just kidnapping new members” and the reply came back “probably not” and now another text came in like it’s someone TH hasnt seen in a long time and said ” sorry for texting in banmal-it was cuz I woke up early and wasnt fully awake.” someone asks if SG did that and TH says yes.  TH guesses SG must be blood type A

SG makes TW practice 1n2d. cuz they need to audition to say this. SG wants the staff to turn around as each new member says 1n2d and give them scores.and if there is a member they like they can turn around and look at them. cuz there is a sound that the audience wants. so he wants the 7 of them to audition fairly. cuz someone can say “1N” well and others might say “2D” well. (SG just wants to make new members yell out 1n2d in an original way – cuz Ho Dong had a special way of saying it -he had a few ways and SG demonstrates)

so pd asks SWif he practiced saying 1n2d. SW: no i didnt. she asks him to do it. SW: it’s embarrasing so why. he only mimes it and explains he cant do it loudly with words cuz of the driver so he will only do the action, cuz he normally doesnt like to impose on others, but the driver says it’s ok

SW arrives and walks along singing about the place

TH worries: how much further are we going to go. He arrives and says it’s cold over and over. Then he says the weather is ok -what would you have done if the weather wasnt good and the boat couldnt take off. He greets some people and gets on a boat. He shows a motion sickness patch he found and says it means there is a lot of motion sickness

JW arrives and says “no one is here.” he gets on his boat. He asks the captain where they are going. (cant hear what the captain said) but it makes JW laugh and he leans his cheek on the guy’s shoulder for a second. (wow JW sure is affectionate cuz he just met the captain like a second ago)

SW asks where to get on the boat. He goes in and sits saying : so this is what it looks like.

SK is talking in the car a lot (chatty fellow) he ends saying “I almost had tears coming out”

Old members get on their boat. SG says they get to meet SW first. JM acts surprised and asks which island so SG says you heard too so what’s up with you- you are making me worried. The PD sneaks away behind them without them noticing to coordinate other members arrival.

SW is talking with some guy and says this world really is small (cuz they must have found out they knew someone who knew each other)

TH opens his window and looks out and next to him is SW’s boat but TH didnt see him

SK asks the woman if she knows where they rest are gathering. why park here? he realizes they are waiting for a boat and have to get on it

JW’s boat is already on its way to its location. JW watches the view outside from the side of the boat

TH, SW, and SK are sitting and waiting to leave while the old team’s boat leaves the docks.

PD apologizes to the captain that some people were not able to board so they need to go back. captain makes an announcement they are going back to the docks for a few minutes. SH hears that. PD explains to the old members that there was a mistake when they left so they need to go back to pick up someone on their team. SG: these things really do happen. PD: since this is our first time there was a mistake. SG: this is the first time this has happened. JM: do we need to redo the opening? PD: no how could we …. {*SG says something here that Koreans are very well known for – they speak their mind too bluntly without thinking. like if they think you are fat they say it to your face like that and do not use euphemisms like “you are too healthy”} SG said to the new PD “I am sorry but Na PD arranged this sort of thing well” so JM laughs really hard to break up the awkwardness and says to the PD “looks like you will get compared a lot – will you be ok with that?” PD explains they can do this cuz they rented out the whole boat (so it wouldn’t impose on other passengers) JM encourages the PD saying “you will get better at this over time”

TH is asked to get off his boat and run. As he runs he complains “we came first before everyone so why do we have to run – that’s not right. if something went wrong, the other side should have come here”

SK says he is slowly getting nervous. SK walks over to the docks and asks if he is first. TH is running and says this doesnt feel good running from the first day (meaning he has a bad feeling about this). SW keeps asking which way do I go. the old team’s boat docks. they go out and SK is standing there. SG asks what happened. they spot TH heading their way. TH asks what happened cuz he waited over there for an hour. someone points to the patch TH put behind his ear. SW runs to catch up with them. SW tells his VJ to be careful (the camera guy) SW says why make him run from the morning. He is told to run cuz he is late getting on the boat. SW gets on and sees the rest of the members. SW asks why this happened like this. Only JW is missing. The boat takes off. SW asks what happened to JW. They explain JW is on the island as planned cuz he was born in the 80s. then a song about being born in the 80s comes out as they show JW being dropped off alone on the island

JW arrives and says “I am alone again?”  he waves to the men on the boat. He is left on the island with his staff.JW: what is this? what to do. he keeps playing with the sides of his hair flattening it (not the sideburns but his actual hair)- must be what he does when he is nervous.

SW claims he didnt even sleep for one second-not even one minute for two days. JM brags he slept for 9 hrs and TH also says how he slept at 9:30 and SW says “you slept at night time at 9:30 pm?” SG says the bad part about sitting here like this is they don’t think about JW at all. who is here and who isn’t – there is a huge difference.

JW is told he has to fend for himself for food here. JW: on my own? the guy says yes without any money. JW walks with his VJ. JW: wow they are just starting right off the bat. (making him suffer) I am so hungry.

Other members are getting along. SK asks TH: you werent nervous at all? SG: if you say you werent that’s a lie. TH: it’s not like I wasnt. SK: are you nervous now? TH: a while ago when I was on that strange chubby boat, I was a little nervous. I thought everyone would be there but no one was so I was nervous then. SW asks TH: oh you were on that chubby boat awhile ago? (cuz they were docked side by side earlier but missed seeing each other) TH says the name of his boat and SW says the name of his boat. they all laugh. SW says he felt good though cuz of the name of the boat. but the boat wouldnt leave. wasnt it cold inside there? TH says it was. SG asks the PD – how do we look- what do you feel just from looking at us? you should feel like you can trust us or be a little nervous. PD says matter of factly “it’s good.” SG shares the story about what TW said the first time he saw this current PD. TW gave the guy the nickname bird cuz the man “looked like a bird when you sit across from him drinking soju. cuz everyone sort of resembles something.” everyone laughs.  they play a song about birds.

SK says this PD looks smart. TH says a bird has to be smart to be a bird. SK: more than what we all kept talking about this whole time. what the PD said for a minute was more fun. SG jokes and tells the PD to go outside so they can give him some shrimp chips (cuz birds love that).

JW runs and says the village is too far. He knocks on a door and asks if anyone is home. He runs into a man and JW asks if the man knows 1n2d-do you watch it? the old man says he does. JW explains: today is my first time filming but they told me to find food on my own and dropped me off by boat here. would it be possible to get something to eat?  The man says to go inside and JW says he will repay the man somehow -maybe through work (what he should have done was sing – bet that would have made the grandma happy)

SG says how TH fell asleep first. then SG comments on TH’s shorts saying most girls wear this a lot-he has to get more cold to realize he made a mistake wearing it. we can understand this. SG points out SW’s bell bottom like pants saying he will complain when the wind blows but when SW lifts it they notice that SW wore thick hiking socks underneath. SG points out SW is similar in age with someone named Lee.

The members disembark and someone calls out CTH so TH smiles and says hello to people. They change to a bigger ferry. SG asks if they want to lie down and since it wont look good if they all lay down, he suggest playing “instinct” game for two people to lie down comfortably SW doesn’t know the game well so SG explains how to play. SG makes them play for two people to sit and two people to stand.those two losers stand for over an hour till they get there (an hour and 40 mins). first TW is out then TH. SW jumped too high and hits his head. they decide to do rock paper scissors and SW brags he has confidence and he really does well and wins every round. SG and SW end up winning and getting to lie down and TH and TW have to stand the whole trip and SK and JM get to sit. SW asks TH to borrow his bag as a pillow. TH leans on TW. SW says from the first they should have said no leaning and made them stand in the middle of the room. SG gives them another chance and let’s TH and TW do rock paper scissors to see who gets to sit and who has to stand in the middle of the room. TW wins and gets to sit. TH is left standing

JW goes inside the home and says hello to the grandma. the grandma makes ramen. He sets the table for the elderly couple. grandma doesnt eat and watches JW eat. she pats JW on his lower back as he eats. grandpa says how good it tastes cuz she put in some oyster looking things inside. JW agrees

since he is standing anyway, they ask TH to clap cuz that’s how they edit the tapes and knows what the next scene starts from. someone always has to clap usally with that clap board. TH adds that day’s date. 2-24. this guy is too adorable. his two kids are sooo cute too just like him.

they play SSK’s song. TH sits. Everyone is sleeping and JM measures how long SK’s legs are. TW and HM are the only two not sleeping.

JW does dishes and says he doesn’t do this at home so it’s been a long time. he does a good job and washes the sink area well. JW says “done.” He thanks the grandpa and leaves

JW gets out of someone’s car and thanks them. Cast waits and TW says JW is coming. JW runs over to meet them. They clap and JM says JW is good looking. SG asks what happened to him. SG says their maknae came so now all the new members are here. they do the 1n2d sign since this is the first time the 7 of them gathered.

SG says the 7 of the members are here and starts by asking how old JW is. He says 26. JM says he will treat JW comfortably (meaning JM will speak banmal) PD says they are arriving soon so finish the rest there. JW walks next to TH and stands next to him too

SG says it’s been a long time since they came to an island. SW says the island is impressive. TH and SK jog in place cuz they are cold. They stand around and announce they arrived at base camp by holding hands. TW asks what island this is so camera pans around as the name is given. PD explains how even though 1n2d visited a lot of islands, there are over 3,000 islands in korea so there are a lot of beautiful ones. TH says – if possible, let’s try to go look at all the islands close by first and then go to those far away. SW likes that concept. PD asks them to look over to the rocks that look like a train cuz of the shape (that is the name of the rocks – train). SW says to the PD: normally when they arrive, when you look at the monitor there is some kind of briefing cuz the PD doesnt seem like he is doing anything in particular. PD explains about how they will have less time if he does that and says they have lunchboxes for the members. SW asks if they don’t have any ramen. SG says the first place winners will have something like soup separately. SK asks if the team has ramen but just doesnt want to give it to the members. TH whines “let’s just go.”

the cast walk over to the village. SK says he is hungry. SW says it’s time for him to be hungry. SG remarks:from what I can see- there is something to this program. SW: why? SG: it hasnt been that long since we met, but we are already getting along like this. SW: you can see the village now. SG points out the landscape. They see the village and remark how pretty it is. SW says looking at this “now it really feels real that I came to film 1n2d.”

They stand by the beach and are instructed to play games here for what kind of lunchbox they get. 3 winners will get the best kimbaps and the rest will get some with problems. They start hopping around on one foot and SG says JW has to go against SK cuz of their height. and TH looks like he will fall on his own if he keeps that up. TH hits JM so JM asks why did you hit me? SG knocks down TW and SW knocks down SG and then SW falls.  SG says TH is doing well. TH and JM go against each other. SG says you have to beat SK.  JM hops around like he malfunctioned and falls down all by himself. someone says standing is the hardest. SG says how well TH is doing. then SG says the maknae JW is going for it. TH goes against SK but SK doesn’t fall. someone says they are doing well.Then TH and SK go after JW and TH finally falls down. SK and JW are left. SW says the younger ones going against each other. JW goes and tries to push SK but SK falls on his own so JW wins the first round. JW complains his right leg is numb. They say to go another round. Minus JW cuz he won the last one. thia round they have to stand within the circle. SW accuses TH of stepping out but TH says he didnt and ends up pushing JM out. then SW pushes TH down. SG gets TW to go after SK so both SG and TW go after him but SW gets knocked down. TW asks SG why he is coming after him. SG falls. so SK and TH are left. SK pushes hard and TH falls. SG says SK won the second round. There is a 3rd round. This time they just push each other out of the circle. TW drags SG and tosses him out but TH shoves TW at the same time so TW is out.TH goes after JM next. Then SW tosses TH out. SG tells SW to eat since he wanted to eat it so much

JW, SK, and SW open their lunch boxes and it’s kimbap with meat. The rest get kimbap with only yellow radish and rice. TH show how his barely has any rice at all. They complain but JW laughs the loudest. They sit around and eat. TH says it tastes good cuz he is hungry. SK pours soup around for others. SK eats some from JW’s lunchbox. TH says the people at KBS who packed this must have kept laughing.

They arrive at basecamp and JM suggest everyone to drink water from the well out of the bucket, but no one trusts the water. JM tries it first and says it tastes good. he makes JW drink some. JW drinks and says it’s good. so SW drinks. SW tells SG to drink. So JW gives it to SG.

They sit around in the room under blankets. JM tells SK not to over think stuff. TW says he has lots of thoughts but he loses games. PD tells them where they are going to go for a walk cuz the elderly people told them about a place nearby. SG thinks it’s the same place as another famous mountain. SG worried from the name it will be a place that shakes a lot.

They all go outside and SK is last to come out cuz he is totally dressed warm so SG remarks SK must have been cold earlier.

They walk up some road and go through a corn field. SK walks last with SW and sort of helps SW who is winded. SW remarks how old people from this area walk up this place in 12 mins but they are struggling to get up there. JW is ahead of the rest. There is a flag at the top. SG asked if the staff discovered this place or old people told them about it. They shake the rock at the top. SG climbs on top. SG says there is ocean on the left and right. They all lean against the rock and SW remarks about how long it’s been since he has done this. SG asks JW to scream something out so JW yells out “1n2d fighting” and TH adds “me too.” Then they all yell “1night” and wait for an echo, but there is only silence. SW asks the PD to take pics of them as a keepsake for their first memory.

They walk back down and JM asks if SW’s legs are ok (from walking up earlier) Someone says SK looks like a goat from the back. as JW comes out of the cornfield, he does a little bunny hop and says cutely “I arrived” (OMG a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e)

TW stops at the well wondering why there is a flag there so SG makes them do rock paper scissors for one person to get his head soaked cuz they cant just end with going up and down a mountain. SW brags he always wins. PD says TH doesnt seem to like the idea. SW says TH doesnt like anything. TH complains the program has a lot of other things planned so why add something else. SG says let’s do this. they do it and everyone touches the cold water and SW says someone will get hurt. SG: why would anyone get hurt? SW: their head will get hurt. in the first round, only TW, JW, SK are left. Now TH likes the idea cuz he doesn’t have to do it. he says doing this seems like it’s good.  He gets more water from the well and other three does rock paper scissors. TW lost so he has to do it. SG: hyung you’re it again? JW hugs TW cuz he feels bad for TW. JW holds onto TW’s jacket and outerwear. SK tucks in TW’s collar so it doesnt get wet. TW makes a face and has to bend over as they pour the water over his hair. TH puts the water a little bit at a time on TW’s neck so TW wont be too surprised. SW says when he watched the show he thought TW was manly. TW tells TH to hurry and do it. TH asks TW: hyung should I just pour the whole thing or pour slowly drip by drip? TW: just pour the whole thing. TH pours half then SK pours the rest. SW worries TW’s head will get hurt. TH yells imagining how cold it must be.

SG says play another round next for soaking the back. TW says it’s ok you wont get hurt- I did it so I know – do the back. SW asks:including you? what if you get caught again? TW: it’s ok – let’s do the back. SW: he must be angry – dont react according to your feelings. TW: no it’s ok – it feels cool. They go another round for the back and SK and TH lost. TH acts like his world just ended. JW gets more water from the well. SG, JM, and TW insists it feels refreshing after you’ve done it once. it’s not even cold. SW laughs and says TW said it wasnt cold at all but his lips are red from the cold.  SK goes against TH and they do mook ji ba (hard version of rock paper scissors) TH wins the first one without SK having a fighting chance. TH teases: you are so startled huh? this is how you do it normally. they play another and TH talks through it with the others saying what he thinks SK will do if TH yells out a hand. they are amazing at this game. SK finally wins and TH loses. All the guys strip TH down. TH bends over and SG tells JW to pour water on TH. so JW asks TH exactly the way TH asked TW – do you want me to drip slowly or pour all at once. They sprinkle water on TH first then JW pours. TH has enough and tells JW to stop. TH runs away cuz it’s so cold. But then he runs back cuz the black goat chased him. TH puts his clothes on and says let’s go another round, but everyone ignores him and they go back inside.

Preview for next week. There is a race. JW, TH, JM, and SG lost and have to drink the bad tasting drinks. plus I think they lost their stylists along the way cuz they do not look so great doing the closing. it took forever to find JW’s face among the 7 cuz they all dressed alike. at least SW was the only one who made an effort today to look good for the first half of the show with his designer puffer jacket, but then he decided “oh forget it” and just went all native looking and blended in with everyone.

Someone already noted the show is trying to make JW the center of attention by giving him the important spot in the middle. it took quite a while for Seung Gi to work his way to the middle next to Ho dong, but judging from these photos, they seem to be putting JW next to SG a lot. SG already refers to JW as maknae and not by name. For JW to keep the center spot, he needs to talk a lot more.

my quick thoughts on this new season, JW, and the PD.

It turns out I was correct in my assumption. SSK and LSG are JW’s major competition at being athletic, but the big surprise is that CTH is pretty good too. (another plus – CTH sings really well too – not as well as SSK or JW but CTH can really sing)  I love this new cast and how quickly they seem to have bonded, but I am worried about this PD cuz he just needs to take a more active approach and have them do more fun stuff and not leave it up to poor SG to keep thinking up stuff. That used to be Ho Dong’s job in the past and now SG is doing it. when the guys would reach a destination, Ho Dong would be the one to say hey let’s play a game and see who has to take a dip in the lake etc. I love SG for saving this first episode cuz he made it more fun than what the PD thought up. It’s like the PD has the best players out on the field during a tense game, but he isn’t putting them in positions where they can be the most effective. 🙂 Who knows, maybe I am being harsh on him cuz he stranded our poor JW alone on his first day on the show.

p.s. From this first episode, we got to see just how cute JW acts in real life. cuz I dont know if he means to come off being so adorable, but he really is. from the way he talks or the little things he does like how he grinned like a kid on vacation with his family as he hiked up that hill or the way he hopped out of that cornfield. Something else we learned – he suffers from motion sickness and it took almost the entire episode for JW’s swollen eyes to finally go down a bit. 🙂

Here are 3 more pics from the photoshoot that ck liked – see the difference hair and makeup makes?  🙂


237 comments on “1N2D S2E1

  1. Anonymous says:

    * sorry but I can’t delete comments cuz it messes up the thread so I can only erase the content.


    • startulle says:

      sorry guys…..error!

      posted twice!

      Softy could you kindly remove this post?



    • umi says:

      thanks for the link startulle…it said that “Naturally, there may be situations where shirts may come off. And much of the show consists of strenuous physical activities. Therefore, Sung Shi Kyung, along with the rest of the new cast-mates are busy working out.” hehehe including jw??? I hope so..:), when I saw ep 1 when they played rock paper scissor at the well I hope it’s jw who got drenched not TH..:) I think he is not skinny now compare to beginning episodes of OB…just look at his arm muscles when he kissed je in the elevator…pyong..pyong..pyong..:)


  2. Dsq says:

    I didn’t know where to post it but… Unaired OB scene


  3. hanie.gee.p says:

    Thanks for the recap. Looking at the picture above, the ones with Kim C & Hodong makes me miss Kim C on variety. Good times. I remembered bawling my eyes on Kim C’s last episode.


    • Softy says:

      When i saw Kim C cameo on SUFBB, the first thing i noticed was the last few years without 1n2d aged him. He looks so old now, but on the show he was so fit that he even beat out seung Gi sometimes. When he left that show, I thought I couldn’t watch 1n2d anymore cuz along with MC mong, Kim C was my fav. so I bet I cried more than you. Even though he was quiet, he brought understated humor to the table. What he lacked in quantity, he made up with quality. He was the one who bungee jumped when seung Gi and jiwon chickened out. He spoke to Na PD like a younger brother and told him he needed to wear that winter coat in the summer heat cuz Na PD had gained some weight so he could stand to lose a few pounds. The way Na PD called him hyung was so cute and genuine – you could tell Na PD looked up to Kim C a lot.
      I was doing research for more old 1n2d clips to share for this weekend and I noticed how many episodes there had been where I laughed my head off. There really were a lot of great episodes in the past. I hope this weekend and next weekend really showcases what these 7 guys can offer 1n2d fans. It’s one thing to stare at a group of guys cuz they look good, but there has to be some spontaneous variety. In the old days, they divided into two teams when there were 7 so I am wondering how they will divide up this new group. They can’t go young vs married cuz that would make it 3 against 4 and those married 3 would lose cuz the other 4 have height advantage. This show will always have high ratings cuz that time slot is prime to be number one. That’s why I want them to deserve it and not coast along with just the name of the show giving them attention. They need to start doing stuff that earns them the right to call themselves a hit. 🙂


  4. bbblue73 says:

    Found this:

    Bokbulbok chataehyeon spoke publicly on the 2nd night, “it took the game to sleep outdoors” (google translations)



    • yoonshinli says:

      So that’s mean they have to “fight” if they want to sleep in the warm place (indoor), hoping JW will won,to be honest I don’t want him sleep outside, it’s cold >”<
      Anyway,wait for tomorrow, 1N2D! 🙂


  5. Anonymous says:

    kyaaaaaaa do you know Birth of a family season 2, it has huyna and gna and siwan(zea?), i really want to watch this show, plz sub it


  6. kimcheejoy43 says:

    that moment that i knew i wasn’t really moved on about the Ojakgyo drama was when i thought “TH” there means “Tae-Hee” not “Tae-Hyun”…. i really miss the drama 😥


  7. Anonymous says:

    where can i watch this with eng sub?


  8. Saldearnian says:

    I like it when i saw JW in 1 nights 2 days…especially the drinking apple juice or apple vinegar fighting to sleep indoors… When i see that part… i burst out laughing…. ^.^ it was very funny..


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