The Moon That Embraces The Sun E18

When I saw this, I thought “wow – things really do come true when you wish hard enough.” One great actor in a role makes that character memorable, but when you get another one who is even more talented than the first one, that character becomes unforgettable. It was totally unexpected, but I was literally bowled over by these flashback scenes. One right after another, they delivered some powerful performances. If you are going to bring YJG back, these were the perfect moments to let him shine.  I was thrilled just to see him reprise his role, but having both of them on the screen at the same time made me feel like I had landed in kdrama bliss.

BTS of kiss scene translations. so cute 🙂

HGI explains how she is living in hiding in that room that Hwon made for her sake inside the palace and how she is wearing similar clothes to young YW cuz YW is finally back. HGI and KSH laugh alot during filming. HGI keeps saying “I’m going crazy” cuz she cant stop laughing and cant focus. KSH laughs loudly so someone asks why and he points to her. she says it’s too funny and hides behind her book to laugh some more. she says “going crazy – what to do. you cant see me right?” meaning she isnt in the shot so she hides behind her book as they shoot the closeup of KSH and the table he is holding. someone off camera complains cuz KSH kissed too quickly and pulled away. then someone says “what are you a mosquito?” after the scene is over KSH laughs and HGI says “I’m dying”

Just when we thought HS couldn’t be any cuter with his constant grinning and offering to make random snowmen, we get this. How adorable is he here. 🙂 I really hope Hwon doesn’t make HS sleep sitting up like that. Poor guy is not young you know. First time I ever saw a human used as the “wall of Jericho” (a divider between a couple so there is no hanky panky going on) 🙂


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H and YW are lying down. H: Isnt it nice we are lying together. YW: Yes it is. H says to HS: dont you think this too much (as in aren’t you going too far doing this). HS is blindfolded sitting between them and cant see anything. HS: what are you talking about?  H: You think I would… before marraige– do you not trust me. HS says how he trusts H but he doesnt trust the urges of a young man that H hid away for all those long years. H: but in this situation -how can I sleep like this. HS removes his blindfold and asks: then will you make me a promise? H: promise? what promise? H: you swear on your knees that you will never ever lay a finger on the miss. H yells HS crossed over the line.

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YW says to HS: when I think about that long time when I didnt get to see the king for 8 yrs, even if I saw him every night it wouldnt be enough. she pleads for him to let her look at H in the dark as much as she wants. HS says something about how he is going to think of her request from a daughter to a father and she can look and keep H in her heart as much as she wants. HS bows to H and leaves.

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H: more than the king he served over 20 yrs he listens to your words better. even though I dislike HS,  don’t worry I wont lay a finger on you. YW: do you really mean that? H starts to say “he would never” until she takes his hand. YW: I dared to hold your hand so are you going to chase me out. he says no. she asks if he will tell on her. he says he wouldnt. she says how: you didnt lay a finger on me.(meaning she did it)

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They holds hands more and stare at each other and smile. He closes his eyes

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B meets with her aide. B: what do you mean the (spy) attendant girl disappeared. aide says H must have suspected cuz he move to another building and no matter how much she looked she couldnt find the girl. Also he got rid of all his previous attendants and hired all new girl attendants. B asks all of them? aide: yes that is what I heard. B: then he is hiding something there for sure. What is the king hiding there

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MW is running and Y’s mom says you shouldnt run. MW says sorry she just wanted to hurry and tell her mother the good news. his mom says: I am happy too but this is a time when you should be very careful. didnt the doctor say that too. MW promises to be careful and walks slowly.

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Hong says hello to MW -are you well. She says yes and asks who he is. He introduces himself. she comments on his appearance and tells him to serve the king well. he says he will. Hong looks at her as she walks away and remembers his conversation with H

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H asks hong if he found out what he asked. Hong reports how met with the person H wanted but it was hard to meet that person and he didnt hear anything useful. but before the former king ordered a stop to the investigation of the crown princess’s death, he met with sookyungjae (skj) a lot. H says how that person has something to do with the princess. hong says since the former king doted on the princess there shoudnt be anything suspicious but something about it bothers hong.

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YW listens from the other side. H asks says what bothers him. Hong says how the former king met skj a lot and without a new selection the king made the current queen the new crown princess right away. hong also says how the dowager met with skj often too. H: my grandmother? hong: yes. hong looks up his notes and says he found out about the spell like H wanted. H says it’s ok about that cuz he already found out through the head shaman at seungsucheong. H changes his mind and tells Hong to report what he investigated. Hong mentions how the spell could be cast with a straw doll, but it’s more effective with a person. someone who with strong desires for the spell to work better.

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H suddenly remembers how he asks the dowager -what are you hiding and her saying how she is doing all this for his sake – to protect the ones H cherishes. how the former king must have covered it up for that reason. Then how YW said the former king must have had a reason to cover it up. H replays what hong just said. H tells him to stop and he can go.  H is in shock. He says in his head “why did the princess – why?”

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Y’s mom and MW meet with her mother. And tells her how MW is pregnant. his mom says how they just came from the doctor and confirmed that MW is pregnant. queen mother is happy about the news. She praises her daughter saying you did well. MW asks Y’s mom’s permission to leave first. his mom asks why – if MW doesnt feel well. but MW says that’s not it – she wants to hurry and tell her husband the good news. His mom says the queen will feel sad since MW hasnt been here to visit in a long time so MW should stay longer with the queen but her mom says MW can go. queen says she can just talk with Y’s mom. MW tells his mom to do that and gets up. Her mom tells her –even if MW is in a rush to tell her husband – not to forget to tell H too. MW says she will

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H remembers how he had a conversation with his dad as a kid. when the king said sorry to the prince. young H: for what? king: your father wasnt able to protect that girl. you are a smart prince so one day you will reach the age when you know the meaning of these words. Remember what I am going to tell you now. young H tells him to say it.  king: forgive these people your father tried to protect. And protect them. H: what? king: even if it will be hard, forgive me first. H says sorry but he doesnt understand what his father is saying. the king faces him and says how lonely the position of being king is. there are enemies all around and anyone could become your enemy. there are times when you have do things that you dont want to do. the enemy could also be your own bloodline. even then, you have to forgive that family member. young H asks who do I have to forgive and protect?

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Current H remembers how young MW cried and came into his room and said she hated him and how she told young Y that the prince lied and she wasnt stupid and that she reads and stuff.  YW calls to him so he asks: did you know? is that why you hid from me that your memories came back? He gets up and goes

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H goes to that main room where ministers meet with the king. H has a flashback and remembers how the king was yelling at young h “to stop right now.” (young h was kneeling in protest – arguing for Y’s sake) For his dad to take back his word for letting Y marry MW. king: did you not hear me telling you to get up this instant.  young h says what a waste it is to block Y’s bright career path that he is just starting on and that it’s no different than killing him. king: how can you compare becoming the princess’s husband to death? young h: how can you say only losing your life is death. king: what? young h goes on and says something about how he is going to tell Y’s dad not to let this happen  (like break up Y and MW) and young h asks again for the king to take back allowing Y to become MW’s husband. King tells him to go back but young h says: until you take back your word/order, I will not leave. king threatens – are you only going to understand my words if you get dragged out by guards. young h: your majesty. the king orders him to follow.  young h goes after him. H stands there and follows them.

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when the two of them are alone, King calls him a bad kid. king asks: do you know what you did? young h: I only did it to protect Y. king: protect? how many people do you think you endangered today? king points out how young h’s actions made Y and his father targets in front of the ministers.  also now the ministers will suspect the king too. King points out how the citizens will now suffer under those pathetic minister’s rules (instead of good people like Y’s father who could have done a better job) King asks if young h didnt know the damage he just caused -Who do you think you can protect? young h: then do you just want me to stand by and watch- not doing anything at all. if I dont protect anyone at all and just follow along changing nothing- To be weak and powerless. Is that how you want me to live. Is that what a king does. King says -the more you try to protect -they will get hurt. the more you want to gain – you will lose. it’s your lot in life/your fate. if you really want to protect – don’t get caught. if you want to gain one thing, throw away one thing.  you can only gain by losing. you can only throw away to protect. that is your goal. young h asks:so what did the king protect. what did you gain and what did you lose? King says in his head: in place of losing your brother I gained you.  in place of losing Y, I was able to protect you.  in place of losing the crown princess I was able to protect your sister MW.  young h says: I wont do that. if it’s the right thing to do, even if I have to put everything I have on the line, I will protect it. if it’s the wrong thing, even if I have to lose everything, I will throw it away. I will become that kind of king.

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Young H leaves and current H looks at him. young h glares and yells: did you forget what you swore to do back then? did you forget your goal/objective to correct what’s wrong? putting people in their rightful position-when people who dont have the right are in position, giving it to someone who has the right. as the king that is the path you have to go on. Did you forget that?

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H brushes past current H and leaves. H stands there in shock.

* pretty sure the script called for Hwon to stand there looking dumbstruck, but the actor KSH seemed pretty blown away by YJG’s acting skills. YJG made us remember why we missed him so much and I bet KSH was thinking – thank goodness this kid wasn’t on longer than 6 episodes or else I would have had even bigger shoes to fill. 🙂

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MW asks the aide is H didnt say where he went. aide says she doesnt know. H shows up. She asks if he has been well (healthy)

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MW says she heard from mother that he was healthier so why is he staying here. he says her name. H: did you want Y that much? MW: what? H: is that why you did such a cruel thing? she asks what he is talking about -what cruel thing. He says Y’s sister. She gets nervous and lies “what? I don’t know what you are talking about at all.” H asks why did you do that –why are you involved in the spell to kill the crown princess. Why? She bows her head and asks him to keep it a secret from her husband at least. it’s ok if you punish me but my husband – please. please.  H tells her to lift her face. H cries and says do you know what you did. MW: same look in your eyes– in the same voice –the  same words. That’s what father said to me too. Flashback: Young MW is crying and begging the king to save her. king yells at her – do you know what you did. she tells him how she didnt know-she really didnt know what would happen. grandmother said if she just stood there being still she could marry Y and she really didn’t know YW would die. king grabs her and says listen carefully to what I am going to tell you now  – no one can know about this – till the day you die keep your mouth shut. do you understand my words?

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Current MW says back then she only told their father that she didnt know. cuz she really didn’t know. she found out later when Y cried. I realized what I did when I saw him crying over his sister. H: you committed a crime that deserves death to our father and to Y’s father-to me and to YW too- how are you going to pay for that crime. what are you going to pay that crime with?

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YW cries hearing this.  MW: even if I went back to that time again, I would choose my husband. even if I was punished a thousand times later- even if I died and went to hell – I will not regret that decision back then. H: I will punish you. I have to punish you to be able to punish the others.  MW says she will take her punishment but (dont punish) the baby in her stomach and her husband. H: what did you just say?  MW stops crying and puts a smile on her face and says I have to go now. My husband will be waiting. She bows and leaves.

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H keeps shaking his head and crying. he yells out over and over.

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Y is waiting for MW. He goes over to her. she says husband in a sad voice so he asks why she is like that. he asks if she heard something that wasnt good from the doctor. MW: he said I have your baby in my stomach.  He laughs and then says sorry cuz he should have guessed but he didn’t know at all. MW: no it’s ok I didnt know either. but. Y: but what?  she cries and says – I have something to tell you. he says to say it. she starts to say – to tell you the truth. He asks if she didn’t want the  baby. She says no. I wanted it so much. He takes her hand and thanks her. he says: it’s not enough to say thanks. he says sorry for just receiving her kindness and not returning them. He promises to be better to her from here on and hugs her. he tells her not to cry cuz the baby will be scared. MW keeps crying. S watched all that from the wall

* there arent enough tears in the world for her to shed so make up even a little bit of what she said to Hwon. feeling sadness in her heart now doesn’t make up for the actual words she said about not regretting her choice back then. the young princess didnt know what she was doing, but the grown one knew exactly what she was doing when she said she would do it again. you cant cry real tears of remorse when you dont feel any. If she had been crying for her husband or her baby, that’s one thing. but I believe she was crying for herself and what she might lose. no pity there. she ran out of excuses for her behavior tonight by not confessing in this moment.

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S goes back and jansil says in her scary possessed tone: he will be a son that resembles his father. smart. goodlooking. he will prove beneficial for the country. S sits and cries. Jansil becomes herself and asks: why are you like that – did I say something again. N says to S: that is why I told you not to go there again. why do you not listen? S: my poor young master -what to do. in love with the woman who killed his sister. how could something like this happen. N tells her to be quiet. (afraid others will hear) S: it would have been better not to have told. N says-you said if I didnt tell everything, you threatened to jump in and save everyone. that’s why I told. S: still – you shouldnt have told –my poor miss and young master-what to do

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YW asks if she can come in but H says no you cant see.  I cant see you. I swore I would punish those who did that to you but the people who did that to you – they were my family. those that plotted to kill you, killed you, and covered up your death-they were all my family members. So what right do I have to look at you. he bows his head and cries.

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YW comes out and sits in front of him. He looks up and she says: even after I regained my memories,  you asked why I didn’t tell you the truth. What I was afraid of was this. that you would blame yourself and you wouldn’t look at me – that is what I was afraid of.  H: how you ended up like this, it’s cuz of me.  YW: if you say that I will regret that I am alive. he asks- what should I do. She says stop and cover it up. If my brother knows about this he wont be able to endure it. H: dont you feel it’s unfair cuz of all those long years you had to live hiding? dont you want retribution for the torment and anguish you went through. YW: that torment and anguish, I dont want to share with my brother. He says: you feel bad for your brother but dont you feel sorry for me. you arent the queen and I have to be with some other girl so dont you feel sorry for me. dont you feel bad for you? They both cry

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dowager: did you say Ohyang? H tells the dowager: even though they say spring will come soon, it’s still cold at night. that place will be better than the palace. she asks: are you really wanting me to go for my health’s sake or …he interrupts and says: I am saying you should stop being involved in politics and just rest comfortably now. dowager: that will never happen. no one can remove me from this position. H: then you can choose. Either go there like I said or take your punishment for conspiracy to murder according to the law. She asks what crime did I commit for you to say such things. He says the crime of killing the crown princess with a spell 8 yrs ago. dowager: prove it. and also for the crime of using your granddaughter as an accomplice in the act. dowager: prove it.

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H: do not confuse my father with me. I wont be lenient towards the guilty just because they are related to me. just put down everything and go to ohyang. this is all the consideration I can show you as family. dowager: what will you gain from doing this. H: I will gain that one thing – justice. dowager: why do you not know that you still need me. H: you said I should correct what is wrong and you said I should follow the right path. if you are following your path cuz that’s what old people do, my path is to correct the wrong right away and then I will return everything to its rightful place. dowager: you cant do this to me. H says he will not watch her leave tomorrow and tells her to be healthy. He leaves.

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She yells through the door -the seat you are sitting in right now- don’t you know whose strength made that position for you. it was me. your grandmother -for your sake – I got blood on both my hands to protect that seat. what do you mean ohyang. How can you ask me to give up my position. You cant do this. She yelled too much and collapses. aide calls for the doctor. H doesn’t even turn around

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Ministers meet with Yoon. Minister heard about how the dowager was sent away to ohyang so one says – the king just said with words he did it for her health, but the king actually kicked out his own family member. They guess things are not looking safe for them cuz the king found out everything and has decided to draw his sword and come after them (as in attack them). They think no one is going to be left alive among them. One asks yoon what to do. yoon: we have to attack first. He uses an old phrase to basically say –why should they leave when there are so many of them since all they need to do is change the ruler.

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M is getting ready. His mom asks if he is leaving now. he says his injuries dont hurt anymore so why stay longer. She asks for a walk together for a while.

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His mom says his name and he says in the usual tone guessing what she is about to say that he wont waver or break. She says do what you want. From here on –do what you want-live act according to your heart. M: Do you mean that. his mom says: cuz I trust you. I trust you will choose the right decision. M: you trust me- do you know those words scare me. She says this time will pass. when time passes everything will be ok. Even sadness disappears at one point. and another good life will appear. However you live – whatever your choose. I will trust you. M: no matter what I choose? She says yes whatever the choice

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M goes back to his home and his supporters are milling around. He walks over to them. Asking why they are gathered around in such cold weather. guy asks M not to run off. they just came to say hello. M invites them in

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The men say how there isnt a quiet night in the land these days cuz the next in line hasnt been designated so they are worried cuz there is no certainty. It’s even more worrisome if the king doesn’t have a night of consummation. M says they are overreacting. he asks what is there to worry when the king is healthy and strong and still has time (to have an heir). one guy says of course the king should be healthy but we are talking about “if.” Other guy says if H doesn’t have an heir, then M could take the throne since he is the prince. M says they are talking about a dangerous topic and asks what they want to say. A guy says if the next in line to the throne is not determined/set so if M acts after everything has happened, it will be too late. M: so what should I do. Leave the healthy king and follow you guys? M pulls out his sword and asks: isnt this sword really beautiful? the guy says it is. M: It’s a waste- this precious sword will have to get dirty with the blood of pesty flies. (meaning these guys). M points the blade at the mean. M: whose neck should I cut off first? If I take your traitorous neck to the king then how much will I get paid for it? other guy says M misunderstood. M: should I cut of that tongue that speaks treason? guy says let’s go to the men.

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They all run off except one. M has his blade at the guy’s neck. M says if you say such things like that again, you head and body will say goodbye forever

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The main guy reports to Yoon how M wouldn’t even go for it so it wont work . they thought they moved M’s heart cuz M let them inside, but they almost lost their necks. yoon: it wouldnt be fun if he fell for it so easily. so is that all? flashback to M asking the guy- who is in charge that is hiding go and tell that person to stop using people and come himself if he has something to say. yoon tells the guy to leave now. Minister wonders why it has to be M since for a long time he has been loyal to the king. other guy asks what yoon doesnt know such an obvious fact. the other guy says how M ran off with the girl but got her taken away by the king. so M will want to turn on him.  other guy wonders if M will turn on the king over a girl. the other one says wont it be dangerous? cuz M wont easily betray the king. Yoon mentions how the king’s position could go to M. one wonders if M will be easy to convince (to come to their side). Yoon: whatever we have to do we have to make M cross over to us. in his head yoon asks: your majesty arent you curious what my last card is?

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B is walking and sees her mom. she is with some girl. Yoon asks what his wife is doing here. His wife says this is the niece she mentioned to him. since the queen (B) was depressed I brought the girl to chat with her.  yoon asks what the girl’s name is. she says her name. he asks if this is her first time coming to the palace. girl: yes. he asks what she thinks since she came.  girl lists all the places she went to and what her impressions were. and now the palace feels real. so she thought how nice it would be to live in a spacious beautiful palace like this. Yoon laughs and asks if she wants to live in the palace. she says yes. he asks if she wants to look around the palace. B remembers how her dad said the same thing to her. do you want to look around the palace – if you want I can let you live there. B’s mom calls out to B. her father looks over at B and leaves

해를 품은 달.E18.120301.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[11-35-26]

Girl is introduced to B. her mom says even if the girl is young, she understands well and is at a docile age so she can of great comfort to you if you keep her by your side. B: mother my father might throw me away. Her mom asks what do you mean your father could abandon you. how could you say such things. B: if it’s father, he is someone who could do that. if he doesnt need me, even if I am his daughter he could throw me away. Her mom asks who would take B’s place then. B looks at the girl. Her mom calls the aide and tells her to take the girl away and feed her. her mom says like you said, even if the girl lived here in the palace- would the king fall for such a young girl. B says the situation would change if the king changed. If it’s father – it’s possible.

해를 품은 달.E18.120301.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[11-36-14]해를 품은 달.E18.120301.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[11-36-09]

M’s servant says a guest came outside. M: I told you not to let anyone in. servant says: it’s not someone I can order around to go or come.  M goes out and it’s Yoon. Yoon asks to have drinks with M

해를 품은 달.E18.120301.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[11-36-26]

They sit across from each other. M asks if the mice already reported what happened let’s get to the point. Yoon asks if M doesn’t want to become the sun (king). M: dont you realize what you just said means? yoon: how could I speak without knowing what it means. M: how fun. but why me? what about your other prospects. yoon: the important things are ambition and ability. the ambition to want to become the king and the ability to be the king. M says he doesnt have those characteristics so don’t drag me into you plan. If you leave now I will keep it a secret from the king. Yoon asks if M always wants to live the rest of his life underneath the king. M: even if I agreed with some of what you said, you need a reason to remove him (H). Yoon says they can make one up. yoon brings up how H is irresponsible cuz in front of the country who is watching the king loves a shaman -isnt that plenty. M: but that shaman isnt just a shaman. cuz she is the crown princess who died 8 yrs and came back alive.  as a human being wasnt that cheap to do. Yoon: you already knew all that. M: I already knew cuz I am smart like that. Yoon: so you knew all that and tried to keep what belonged to the king  even though you knew that was selfish?

해를 품은 달.E18.120301.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[11-36-50]

H meets with hong. H says hong worked hard and thanks to hong, H was able to figure out a lot of things. hong says he worried that the information he gave H from his investigations didnt cause more trouble for H. H says he needed that info to realize things. H says how there is more unpleasant work left. HS hands over a list to hong. H says written on the list are the people Hong has to meet  and what Hong has to do from here on. Hong says he will carry out the order and leaves.

해를 품은 달.E18.120301.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[11-38-07]

H talks to YW. how H threw out the challenge so the other side will attack.  (meaning Hwon started taking action against them) she talks about feeling bad for causing him trouble cuz of her. so he says: did you think I would just stand by and let this happen to me -just wait and see-from here on among the citizens they will start to hear some amusing talk. H asks her to take a walk for a while

해를 품은 달.E18.120301.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[11-38-57]

H and YW go outside to the hidden moon building. H says he hid a present for her here. she says she already has everything. how could I want anything else. He says he already prepared it so go find it.

해를 품은 달.E18.120301.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[11-40-19]

She looks here and there.  he says she is looking to earnestly for someone who said she didn’t need anything. She asks what it is and maybe it’s too small so people cant see it well. He says defensively: what do you mean it’s small – it isnt small. She walks over and asks if he is giving the hidden moon building to her. he says her greed is too big. no.

해를 품은 달.E18.120301.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[11-46-11]

YW: then what is it? H: what I am giving you is something you cant exchange with anything in this world. something precious. what every girl wants. that one thing. She says no way. He says yes you guessed correctly, it’s me. she laughs. H: what is that laugh – are you saying it’s silly. She says how could she do that. it’s cuz I am really happy.

He hugs her. H: you already gave me you my heart. I am going to give you everything I have

Yoon asks if M already gave up (on the shaman) the king is going to let that shaman sit on the throne. also how cold the king was towards you and how he mistreated you. have you forgotten? M laughs and says you guessed wrong. M says – do I look like someone who will go for the throne over jealousy and betray my brother. i have no interest in power and i have no intention of joining you. M says he doesn’t need anything yoon is offering. Yoon draws his sword under the table and says in his head that he is disappointed that M doesnt have any cant be helped. If I cant use you I have no choice but to throw you away (meaning kill him). M leans in and says all he wants is his ancestral rites at Jongmyo Shrine and Heo YW- just those two things.

해를 품은 달.E18.120301.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[11-48-43]


seung gi’s drama preview again

Kyung-ri shared what jazzer said on soompi and I like what jazzer said about M’s last line – hope she doesnt mind me reposting cuz I forgot my soompi password and i can no longer reply to comments there.

“I watched the character Yangmyung carefully in episode 18 (particularly since I know what happens to him in the novel and I was curious if the drama would follow the same path) and was taken in by this last line. Basically he says that he wants two things: 종묘 제례의 제주자리 and Yeonwoo. I had to do some research on what he meant by the first, and the interpretation I stumbled upon broke my heart.

종묘 (the Royal Ancestral Shrine) 제례 (ancestral ritual formalities) 제주 (master of religious rites)

Simply put, he wants to be the master of the ancestral rituals held at the Royal Shrine. To be the master means that you lead the memorial services for all the royal ancestors. This position is strictly reserved for the king (who is, in most cases, the eldest son) – so the position is Hwon’s. The simplest interpretation of what Yangmyung meant would be, “I just want two things. The position of king and Heo Yeonwoo.”

But it didn’t seem so simple to me, because if that’s what the writer meant, she sure said it in a roundabout way that left many people (including native Koreans) scratching their heads. Why didn’t he just say that he wanted the position of king instead of that long title that popped up out of the blue? Plus, it didn’t fit because all this time Yangmyung has consistently said that he doesn’t want power, wealth or honor. So would he, in front of Minister Yun, go back on what he just said and declare that he wants to be king? I didn’t think so. That simple interpretation didn’t fit his character.

So then what did he mean? This is what I think (and I may well be wrong). The position of the master of ancestral rituals is restricted to the king, and the throne is usually passed onto the eldest son (usually, but not always). IF like in the case of Yangmyung the eldest son is born of a royal concubine and not the queen, then that birthright is passed onto the next son of full royal blood (in this case, Hwon). Therefore, if not for the custom that a royal concubine’s son usually does not ascend the throne if there is another son born of the queen, Yangmyung would be the master of royal rituals (and the king). Add to that the fact that Yangmyung feels he was neglected by his father (which is true, but we all know that late king did that to protect him from dying like Prince Uiseong of the first episode) and was never formally acknowledged by his father. So gaining the position of the master of ancestral rituals is in essence proving to himself, his late father, the royal court and the entire nation, that he is his father’s son. It is gaining some sort of indirect acceptance.

So it’s not just about becoming king. It’s about proving his birthright. About being a true prince, and not just in title. About being fully acknowledged as his father’s eldest son.

In the end, he just wants Yeonwoo and his father’s love.”


I love the flashback scenes with young hwon and the former king. young hwon was idealistic, but full of passion. he had an agenda to be a good king and current Hwon forgot that. at first all these flashbacks threw me off, but now I get the point. Hwon needs to remember who he used to be and what kind of king he wanted to become in order to make the changes he needs now to get back on track.

In this scene, we were supposed to be watching a king telling his son the young prince how to be a good ruler, but all I saw was a father who was too ashamed to face his son. As a father he knew what he did was wrong, but as the king this was the only thing he could do to protect his children. Now that Hwon has grown up and realizes the meaning behind his father’s words that day, Hwon is not reacting as a brother, grandson, or a king right now – he is feeling everything as a man who is in love with the girl who was wronged.

Fanderay’s Comments:

Gah…what did M mean at the end? His loyalty was incredibly admirable throughout this episode, and I hope that he hasn’t finally gone to the dark side in some way or another. There are only two episodes left, and they need time for bromance!

Mind you, HS is doing a pretty job of keeping me happy. Could he be any more adorable? I think that “heart of a parent” is the understatement of the century. At least as far as H is concerned, HS acts more like a parent than anyone else in his life. When it comes to H and YW having kids, I could care less about romance or creating heirs…I just want to see HS bouncing a little baby on his knee!

If yesterday was the romantic episode, then today was the angsty one, but it’s hard to begrudge the angst when KSH and JIW pull it off so very well. I always feel guilty when I watch KSH cry because a part of me enjoys it. The best part is that in the midst of all this, the boys are sticking to their principles (although I’m not so sure about M yet).

Although I understand all the MW hate, it seems a bit much that people are calling her YW’s killer. She was standing in a separate room with no clue what was happening, and then later sworn to secrecy by her father the king. Implying that she’s a murderer seems a bit too hyperbolic and unfair.

It did make me angry when she said that she has no regrets though, and that she would do it all again (even though she did what she did unknowingly, it seems like she would have done it knowingly too!). MW isn’t just choosing love over family here, she’s proving that she doesn’t understand love. If you really love someone, are you willing to kill that person’s sibling? I really hope that she said those words out of denial, or in an attempt to defend herself, because if she was sincere then she doesn’t deserve Y’s love or her family’s.

Other than getting MW some sympathy, what else does the baby signify? Currently M would become king if H died, but would the baby become first in line since it would have “pure” blood? I’m not really sure how all these royal shenanigans work, but it seems plausible.

In contrast to MW, I appreciate that H is protecting his love not just because of that love, but because he feels that it is the right thing to do. I don’t think he wants to punish MW or the dowager soley on YW’s behalf, and he probably understands that YW wouldn’t want to hurt anyone or get revenge in the first place. All those great flashbacks reminded him of his principles, and H is taking care of business calmly and effectively (even though he probably just wants to punch everyone in the face). Does anyone else think that righteous anger and KSH suit each other perfectly? More of that please! I was filled with a delicious sense of joy while watching H take the dowager down a peg. In fact, that was one of my favorite scenes this episode!

H isn’t the only one with a spine though. It seems like everyone is taking action or standing up for themselves now (for better or for worse) and it’s rather exhilarating to watch. I hope that MW really does tell the truth to Y, and that B does something independently from her father. Wouldn’t it be great if B actually helped take her father down? I’m not crossing my fingers, but he’s fairly crafty and she could probably be a big help.

It’s hard to believe that there are only two episodes left when it seems like there is still so very much to resolve (more accurately, everything to resolve). I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that I’m not going to see all the things I’d like to next week, but I still think that we’ll have a couple of very exciting, jam-packed episodes on our hands. I’m curious to see what varies from the book and what doesn’t (a bit nervous too!). Of course we probably won’t get a video preview until the very last minute, but hopefully we’ll at least get the written one soonish. I’m desperate!


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  1. Trang Nguyen says:

    this is random but I just remember that in Ojakgyo Brothers interview, they say that all the dramas the lady that plays the mom of Hana is in are successes/high ratings. Funny cuz right after Ojakgyo, she is in this drama as the chief shaman and what do you know?…. It’s ALSO A BIG HIT! lol The cast of OB shouldve really followed her to her next project which is this drama.


    • zerocrow says:

      You mean Jun Mi Sun right? Oh I really like her. Actually she’s in 2011 Royal Family and that drama did NOT get high ratings. But I love RF to death. And I think that’s best performance to date besides her acting in King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo.


    • zerocrow says:

      You mean Jun Mi Sun? Oh I really like the actress. Actually she’s in Royal Family and too bad it didn’t get high ratings. But I love RF to death. And I think that’s her best performance to date.


  2. Bella says:

    wow.. so two more episodes left? …


  3. nonski says:

    Softy! thanks for sharing the BTS on the kiss scene. i’m still laughing, it’s really cute. 🙂 i love how comfortable they are with each other.


  4. thai united says:

    ep 19 and 2o
    the finale was similar to that in north hollywood that they reduced to slavery .ho was sent to me that somewhere the chancellor has caught them .bokyung drug death . and hwon /yw have a [ prince ] together .


  5. Jasmin Rice says:

    Thank you for the recapped. I can now proceed to watch the no subbed episode 18.:-)


  6. thai united says:

    ep 19 and 20
    mw ; her husband because his brother .the princess and a son in law i was demoted . the princoss has a son in that it is playing . one male [ the sire ] cold canyon west end pregnant again upheld . the new spot in the novel. but i do not like fiction
    mw ;have a son play with the prince
    yw ;have a prince and pregnant again omgggggg end


  7. Literati says:

    I’m a long time reader and I just comment every so often but it’s only because I can’t stay up to stream. I have a feeling that M is going to be the real healer for all of them in the end. He’s going to make the traitors acknowledge the truth and idk. I feel like he wants to do the right thing and that means letting her go again. He can’t just dismiss the conspirators because then they would just try and use somebody else.


    • Softy says:

      Yes I remember your name – haven’t seen you comment in a long time 🙂
      I totally agree with you – not for a second did I think M would betray Hwon in any way but I really do wish he could be granted that position he wanted – I think he earned that right more than anyone cuz like you said – for Hwon and YW’s sake, M is willing to “throw himself under the bus” to save them. He had so much practice letting go of her so he should be getting better at it by now. I really hope the last two episodes do not feel rushed. But i fear that it might cuz they seem to have a lot to uncover and reveal.


  8. Softy says:

    Credit – allkpop: On March 4th’s episode of MBC ‘Section TV’, there was a special for Kim Soo Hyun.
    Recently on ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun’, Kim Soo Hyun and Han Ga In had a kiss scene and Kim Soo Hyun expressed his thoughts saying, “It was my first time doing a kiss scene that was that long.” He continued, “After kissing and kissing again, railings were set on the floor and the camera rotated around us about five times.” He also shared how this kiss scene was physically hard for him saying, “It was hard to hold my breath. Right when I heard ‘cut’, I finally let go of the breath I was holding. My stamina was greatly reduced because of that kiss.”

    I giggled like a school girl when I read that – it still cracks me up – ROTFL 🙂
    In another interview, KSH was asked – do you think you are good looking when you first wake up in the morning and look in the mirror. He said yes. He was asked what he thinks his best feature is and he said his eyes. He was also asked if he had more than 10 relationships so far. He said no. So she asked how many. He laughs and says it was less than 10 for sure – it was 9. During an NG clip, it showed Jung Il Woo messing up his lines and JIW making cute faces like sticking out his tongue so KSH laughed and told him in banmal -ya it’s ok to make NGs and mess up but don’t make those funny faces. (cuz it makes KSH mess up his lines from laughing at JIW) Also because that guy playing Woon and KSH hang out so much and act like a couple wearing matching crocs – Woon wore blue and KSH wore black and Woon suggested exchanging one side so they have mismatched pairs, the director brought up brokeback mountain in front of those two. It doesn’t help that Woon took KSH’s arm like how a girl holds onto her boyfriend’s arm and said in a babytalk tone “I am hungry” so KSH said in a manly voice, “ok let’s go eat after this.” man I could watch those NGs all day – they are so funny. 🙂


  9. erika22 says:

    Omg I just found This drama on hulu and it’s eng subbed to ep 12!!!!


  10. pemborit says:

    cecilia@soompi mentioned that ep 19 & 20 will not be aired this week due to the PD joining the MBC strike. here’s the link to the news

    can any kind soul translate it? thnx.


  11. thai united says:

    koream website
    final episode 20 spoiler poeview
    after completing the royal wedding ceremony .lee hon and yeon woo spend a great and romantic time in the end .heo yeom does not become court official .and he is tocused on educating his son .heo ui
    three years later ,there is petition that crown prince should att end the lecture at sigangwon [royal education ] out of cansiderafion to let crown prince has a dependable force to assist when he ascends to the throne in future,lee hwon decides to lel the son of heo yeom . heo ui ,to enter the palace and be the reading partner of crown prince .
    the 4 -year old heo ui does not cry even when falls down earning the liking of crown prince .
    princess min hwa who is released from the status of state slane is lurking out side yeom’s house in shabby state .she is discovered by yeom and both persons have areunion .all though yeon cannot forgives the sin commuted by the princess, but he still hugs tightly the princess out of deep love for the princess .
    yeon woo who is sleeping in the queen’s chamber is pregnant again …end


  12. buni says:

    i really like this drama,only two episodes left.can’t waiting for .i wish to be happy ending.


  13. is it true that ep 19 and 20 will not be on over the strike i just read about it if this is really true it will kill me i was so looking forward to the last two eps and they say their is no new date for when the last two ep our on please could someone find out if this is true


  14. Joun says:

    There is another rumor about ending the drama with the 19th episode.


  15. Iviih says:

    I thought MBC wouldn’t let it happen but it will……..


    • nonski says:

      oh my! i’m so depressed right now 😦


      • startulle says:

        ……dont be, @nonski!….we almost there! 🙂


        • nonski says:

          huhu… but.. but… we won’t be able to watch tonight, seems like the news about moonsun not airing is true 😦


          • Bella says:

            so.. there really isn’t?! omo.. this is just sad… ><


            • nonski says:

              😦 yeah the news on DB says so…


            • Bella says:

              Hey nonski!

              it frustrates me that this had to happen.. NOW… when it’s the finale.. the last two episodes.. and when I, finally, was able to find a decent url for iMBC.. why now?!! weh?!! ;((

              On another note, I’m currently visiting soompi.. awaiting.. any good news that might pop our way.. just learned that:

              -it seems the PD has come back work (to, I’m guessing, resume shooting because KSH’s and JIW’s skeds are packed)

              I pray that if they air ..either one or a double episode finale (I hope not, for Softy’s sake).. that it wouldn’t feel rushed out. I’m not wishing for utter perfection.. but I’m hoping something close to it.Lol

              -this article: .. is just AWWW 🙂 @Softy – I hope it’s okay to post this link. ^^

              I’m glad that his sudden dose of popularity and acting- recognition hasn’t gone to his head; he’s so grounded. I hope it stays that way. 😀


            • nonski says:

              Bella dear thanks for the info… i don’t know but i can’t get any connection last night and all the while when i checked this morning my prepaid load just disappeared. and thanks for the link too. that was so nice for my baby to do that but i know he’d always stay grounded… there is that certain air in him.

              @Softy… at least am happy they would not be doing double episodes tonight, i was worrying about you. and Gong Yoo is more built than KSH, when i look at the two, i would say to GY, here is the man.


    • Softy says:

      Bella, did you use your great new streaming link to test out tonight cuz at ten I turned on my tv just to make sure it wasn’t airing and saw the regular intro coming out so I almost turned my computer back on, but then E1 started airing – what the heck kind of special is that???? I kept watching to see if they would show something else but it was just E1. people who had no clue this was going on would have been so angry tonight – hope ratings do not drop next week. Also hope they didn’t change any endings cuz of that script leak.
      Also that pic of KSH holding that board up, it’s adorable, but that’s nothing compared to what gong yoo did during his drama. He held up those really heavy boom mics – the one you need upper strength for cuz your arms get tired from holding that heavy thing above actors heads while they talk so we hear what they are saying. After gong yoo held that up for one scene, he had a deep appreciation for the guys who have to do that all day. 🙂


        • nonski says:

          lols… bella!

          anyway what is your new streaming link?


          • Bella says:

            Hi nonski! 🙂

            I was searching-mad online when I lost that url list, due to having the pc formatted. It’s a good thing I shared it with a friend who also likes streaming live and she was ‘chidding’ me for not asking HER from the start. Ha! ^^

            Softy, I do hope it’s alright to post this url here – mms://

            It does not display captions.. but what I usually do (to atleast understand the scope of the dialogue while watching..and awaiting Softy’s recaps) is to also stream it live using ionair.. I then enable the captions button there, disabling the volume and finally, placing my VLC player on top of the embedded video. Yes, desperate times do call for desperate measures, apply here. Haha! Note: If you find the captions really tiny.. I usually zoom-in the page on that site as well (to clearly see the live captions). Imagine seeing the live captioning on the side of the embedded video (or under.. whatever works for you), while your VLC player is on top of that video on the said site. 🙂
            I hope it works for everyone.

            Anyway, for live streaming.. I rely on VLC or WMP these days so (after finding out what tv station my new crack will be airing on) I normally look-up mms, http, asx, ftp etc links/files before it starts. My url isn’t exactly new..some are probably already using it already. Recently, I find it working really well on VLC, version .8.6 to be specific. It does not work on WMP (it used to) or on other VLC versions, for me that is.

            Sorry for the incessant post-blabbing..


      • Bella says:

        I did Softy~! I’m so bummed out.. >< This ends my fangirl defence-rant. Hee! ^^

        Min Hwa is soo adorable! And for the nth time.. yes MW.. I can understand your pain. I found myself laughing out loud (and getting scolded for it), at 1 in the morning, every time she comes up to Yeom. I can repeatedly watch her scenes with him and I would still be giggling mad. I especially loved 3: Are-you-married? scene, what-my-orabeoni-is-saying-about-me-isn't-true-at-all! scene and the epic so-will-i-have-to-marry-someone-ugly-and-stupid-then? scene xD

        I read Shiwan's interview and he mentioned how Jin Jihee calls him 'hubby'.. So cute! ^^

        Oh..and Young Yeom is really hott!
        Just had to get that out 🙂


      • Bella says:

        OMo.. it just won’t display. Sorry Softy! Kindly delete my multiple posts if you can. 😦

        Anyway.. I’ve decided to just divide ’em all up. Lol

        I did Softy~! I’m so bummed out.. ><
        I was expecting BTS or NGs or last-minute on-set interviews even! When I saw Ahri (again)..sigh.

        Still, I watched it for 30mins.. and there's this hilarious occasion wherein I also streamed it live using ionair to see the subs and when THAT turned laggy. I even checked your recaps ONLY to realize (after 15mins or so) that 'wait, I shouldn't really go through such lengths to comprehend this episode-right because this has been aired, subbed AND uploaded on major streaming sites, right?' So I skipped the streaming, visited dramacrazy.. and watched all the aired episodes. 🙂

        The up-side, is that I have found a new appreciation for the teen actors. So to repeat what I posted before, you were absolutely right! These kids/teens are just plain awesome. I must admit, I'm guilty of not fully watching episodes 1-5,
        I just read your recaps for those. Revisiting the scenes (especially the OTP and Yeom-Minhwa ones) I've only read made me wish I streamed them live. Darn it, regret really comes late. HA! =P


        • Bella says:

          Another realization worth-mentioning is my increased level of sympathy for YM. I guess the disadvantage of not really seeing them grow up (on-screen and in the story) is not being able to comprehend why there are lots of fans still shipping him with YW, even this late in the arc. I get it now. My heart broke to a zillion pieces for the young YM (although I still find the adult version of him annoying and whiny.. I can now totally understand HOW he came to be like THAT). It made me wonder, if everyone’s just been totally straight and honest with their feelings.. then maybe.. just maybe..le sigh.. x'( But I guess, if everyone’s been honest and peachy.. we wouldn’t really have the angst.. and this drama would’ve have turned out really boring from the get-go. He-he.


          • Bella says:

            On a different note, Gong Yoo has always been on my good list and will forever remain so.. because he’s one of the few great actors around! I started following him not in a stalkerish-kind-of-way but in a watch-out-for-his-next-drama-kind-of-way. Wait,why am I so defensive? -_O


            • Bella says:

              I mentioned KSH because there has been careless barbs thrown his way going-around on some threads lately. Some are letting-on that fame must be getting on his head already, seeing as he (and his agency) can’t even free-up or move his CF skeds to devote extra time to TMTETS shooting when even HGI has agreed to do so (I believe his agency has voiced-out that KSH won’t be able to (do anything) after Mar8 because his calendar is packed afterwards). I can understand the ire, because the wait is also causing my split-ends to further split, but I can’t take the personal attack thrown his way.:( We should all, still, try to view it from his agency’s shoes. Should KSH not honor signed contracts and/or other commitments, how would that look for him? Wouldn’t he be criticize as well? I may not be overall familiar with showbiz.. but I am well aware that any unfulfilled contract can turn ugly for parties involved. I had to post that article link to showcase how the said accusations are completely undeserving and a little unfair to KSH >< This ends my fangirl defence-rant. Hee! ^^


            • Anonymous says:

              Sorry your comments didn’t go through bella – normally only posts with lots of links go into moderation 🙂


            • Bella says:

              Oh and I started ‘watching out’ for Gong Yoo after seeing him in She’s on duty. I just really started crushing on him since then.. haha! His and Kim Sun Ah’s on-screen chemistry just sizzled for me. Lol!


      • Bella says:

        That’s okay Softy. I thought it’s probably some sort of conflict with the limit of string-input per line.. or something code-related. I’m thinking the glitch must’ve been caused by the so-many hyphens I used to connect some words; I did not exactly use them sparingly.Hee! ^^ So I edited those out before posting.. but to be increase the chances of posting success (haha).. I decided to divide them into parts. Success! =P


  16. startulle says:

    It soothes my anxious……


  17. startulle says:

    It feels like spring coming……blue sky and laying on the grass feeling the sunlite! ^^


  18. thai united says:

    in episode 19
    the king lee hwon sends asecet decree to hong kye tae of uigeumbu [royl guard and secrel police ] to gather the soliers trained and cultivated dy qreat kind’s [hwon’s father ]woon -geum cloud sword, there are five woon-geum orignally to the palace .to eliminate the forces of prime minister who plotsto rebel.
    yang myung who hides his identity as a woon-geum pretending in the rebellion ,and them arrests and sobmits the gang who secretly comspires the rebellion to the king ,wiping out the power of consort clan in one go .
    princess min hwn is foeced to divorce with heo yeom in the joseon bynasty where guilty by connection is very severe,only a divorce can save yeom from punishment .the princess is them demoted to state slave .and heo yeom is deprived of the field and position awarded as emperor’s son -in -low .
    great empress dowager yoon is poisoned yo death by the clique of yoon dae hyung who thinks that she no longer has any value is use .
    queen yoon bo gyeong commits suicide when she knew the new of her father’s rebellion .lt’s a mistake that she manages to sit on the position of the help of great empress dowager yoon and prime minister, as such the state wedding is not recognized,became a virg in ghost.
    because of yeon woo is the first crown princess , and thus she is been affirmed as the first queen ..cnd ep19


  19. Iviih says:

    Hello everyone! Not sure if this was posted!

    NG’s of Moon/sun LOL poor KSH, must be hard talking so many long lines!


    • Softy says:

      I have a dumb question- is this KSH singing? Cuz I find it hard to believe this guy is starring in a drama that brings in 40% ratings and still finds time to sing on the OST after having a heart procedure. He makes everyone else his age seem like slackers in comparison.
      Thanks so much for this and the preview. I have to admit, it was quite satisfying to see Y pull away from MW. What tugged at my heart was listening to YW thank N.


    • Anonymous says:



  20. deedee810 says:

    Preview for ep 19


    • Anonymous says:

      OMG!!!………….i still have faith YM is just playing along with Yoon to save the king!!! I confess after princess MW said she would do it again im still in shock….all these 8 years she just cried for herself! She needs to be punishment to learn how much she affected other people’s lives.

      Thanks for sharing!


  21. thai united says:

    ep 19
    hwon ; i have given you all the time .what are some of my return
    hwon ; it has nothing else
    yoon ; the appointment of a new king will be use ful to you both
    bk ; you’re going to need …i neglec ted .i
    yw ; thank you for my life ,i care ,i care for you .
    yeom ; what women want from your head . what is the crown princess needs a little madness
    yw ; please do as he wishes .and please come back safely …


  22. deedee810 says:

    Here is another song by kim soo hyun


  23. essel says:

    i really love the movie though i’m still at episode 3


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