The Moon That Embraces The Sun E17

This may be the most highly anticipated episode of the whole series. The people behind this show made sure not to disappoint some antsy fans twice. They knew better than to mess with diehard fans who aren’t afraid to use the internet to do some damage if the production team didn’t make good on their promises. Judging from this picture, I would say they delivered quite nicely. Bet this scene made her hubby raise his eyebrow a bit. 🙂

I can already tell this scene is going to make me cry. Who knew that a hug could be this heartbreaking.

I think pretty much everyone and their grandma is looking forward to E17 and it’s not just for the long awaited reunion between Hwon and YW that has them on pins and needles – it’s this scene right here. When I saw the pics for this, I was like “dude – I get you love her, but putting a blade up to your baby bro’s neck is not the way to go about making her fall for you.” I wish M would just stop digging his own grave cuz the only thing that is going to happen is all that dirt he piled up is going to come crashing down on him sooner or later and the problem is if he pulls stunts like this, who is going to dig him out? Just what exactly is it going to take for M to see the bigger picture here – when will he realize the fact that he isn’t in it?  That he never was in YW’s heart other than as an older brother figure. It’s always been Hwon and YW so why does M insist on getting between them? The more he tries to force his way into her heart, the more he is going to end up alienating everyone he loves. Could someone for the love of god tell M to let go –not just for his sake, but for Hwon as well cuz I know this must be breaking his heart too.

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M and wol walk together. He said she didn’t need to come out. She says then go safely and bows. He asks-you arent going to suddenly disappear without me knowing right. She says even if she wanted to there is no where she can run to since she is a criminal. He says that’s right – you are a criminal -just criminal shaman wol. She says he is too much. He says he is really glad she is a criminal and a shaman. He tells her to go in and rest. He leaves and she turns around to stare

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As M walks away he passes by some men heading towards Wol’s place. M is alarmed

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Wol starts to head inside and hears her name “YW” being called. It’s H dressed as a nobleman. He walks over and she asks if he is real. He asks what. She asks if he isnt an illusion and really the king.

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H says he isnt an illusion and he really came to find her. he calls himself a fool for not realizing who she was till now. She cries. He hugs her.

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M stands and watches them hugging.

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M walks away crying. he sees woon. Woon makes M be quiet cuz some men are coming towards them. Woon turns and faces the 3 men. They draw their swords. Woon fights them. Woon runs after H and M picks up a sword and runs after woon

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H and YW are surrounded by assassins. Woon steps in between as H and wol step back. Woon fights them. M steps in and fights too and gets injured. H grabs M’s sword and kills one of the guys. YW calls M’s name. M says he is ok. More men show up. Woon goes to fight. H looks at M as a sign to run with wol. H goes and fights them. M runs off with wol.

YW asks where M is going. But he doesn’t answer.

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Woon says to H where M might have gone with her- a place that is empty.if it was dangerous he would have take the miss there. H and woon go there but they aren’t there

H and woon go on horseback.

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Yoon asks if they lost the girl. Assassin says cuz the king and guard woon showed up. also how M showed up and took the girl away and disappeared. Yoon:whatever you have to do – you must catch that girl. he orders them to handle seungsucheong’s head shaman jang (as in go after N and kill her)without anyone knowing

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N is walking with jansil and S and remembers what HS said to her. that she is an important witness in the attempt to kill the crown princess until the incident has been resolved, it’s a royal order for N to stay alive no matter what. he told her where to hide until she is called and then she must come there.  he warns her not to run away or commit suicide. S runs off. Jansil asks where S is going and to go together. N says leave her alone cuz it’s obvious where S went. Jansil worries she wont come back. N says she will return so dont worry and follow

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H goes to M’s room and looks and no one is in the room.

HS sees blood on H and calls for a doctor but H says leave it alone. H says what he did today has to be kept a secret. H says in his head: Yoon and Hyungnim.

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M took wol to his mother’s place. she sees his wound. he says mother and collapses. His mom asks YW: I dont know who you are but could you help me take him inside. YW says yes she will.  His mom remembers when she met YW as a child.

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M’s mom takes care of M’s wounds. His mom asks if YW is Heo’s daughter. YW says she is. YW asks why the mom is like that (crying) his mom says how her son’s heart ached and he kept YW in his heart

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His mom says she wont ask details about how YW is alive. She says how M came one time and asked about yoon hwe. That he could give up everything but there was one person he couldn’t let go. He probably wanted to show me the girl he had in his heart. what kind of person she is. his mom says: I am not a good mother and he came all this way with an injured body. woon watches them and quietly leaves

Woon reports to H that they weren’t at M’s mom’s place. H: they werent at the temple? woon: yes. H ask woon to follow him

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H takes woon to the bathroom with the giant tub.  HS says it’s prepared like H wanted. H tells everyone to leave except for HS (and woon). They leave and H asks woon for the sword. H puts the sword to woon’s neck. HS asks why H is doing this. H orders woon to take his clothes off. H says it’s no fun. you should act surprised to have the sword at your neck for it to be fun to joke around. HS asks why H did that cuz HS was scared out of his mind.  H says how dirty woon got from fighting and guarding H all night. H tells him to get in the bath.I prepared it for your sake.  Woon says he cant but H orders woon to go inside.  it’s a royal order. H says it’s disloyal not to follow a royal order. also the scent on woon’s body if it transfers to H that is also disloyal. also wavering the relationship between a king and his brother is treason/insurrection . H orders HS to make sure woon obeys and goes in the royal tub and if he comes out too son then strike him down with that sword. H tells woon how much H cherishes woon. do dont get hurt. cuz woon’s pains reach H too.  H leaves HS and woon alone (H knew woon lied to him about where M is)

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M wakes up and looks for YW. He sees his mom with her. they are talking about what the mom made the beads with

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M walks over to them. His mom asks if M is awake now. Mom says she will ask if breakfast is ready. YW asks M if he is ok. He says he thought she would be gone. She says she waited till he woke  cuz she thought she should meet him and then go. He asks to walk. YW: yes

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She asks since when did he know that she was YW. he doesn’t say. she asks if it was cuz of haewoosuk (the name of the rock) M: wouldnt me not knowing be more weird. when i gave you the rock as a present, i made up that name haewoosuk. other than you- who else would know that? she asks why he acted like he didn’t know her. M: cuz I didnt want to know. he says if possible he was going to act like he didn’t know till the end. that you came back alive, even if I was so glad that I couldnt stand it, one side of me – the moment I had to admit that truth, it seemed like everything would fly away and disappear. do you know? when I opened my eyes in the morning, that I had a place to go, at that place I had work to do, people who needed me, and also cuz I could see you so I was so happy. She says it was fun for her too. when it was hard to face the reality before my eyes, you were a bright light for me. thanks to you I could put down my troubles and laugh. when I was shaman wol and when I was Heo YW, I was always grateful, but also sorry every day. But I cant give the answer you want. She tells him to be free and meet someone new and be happy. This is the most honest thing I can say to you. she tells him to be healthy and bows to him. She starts to leave but he holds her wrist. M cries and asks – in your previous life you were the prince’s person, but in this life couldn’t you stay by my side. H says that cant happen.

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H walks over with woon. H pulls YW behind him and orders woon to take YW away. YW looks back at them and M looks at her. she leaves. H asks M: do you know what you just did hyungnim? running away with the king’s woman is a crime.

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H throws M a sword. They face off. M asks if H is intending to strike him down but H says he could bring him down with the law. M: then what do you mean by this. H says he is giving M the chance to put the sword to the king’s neck. the sword in your hand is real. in this place if you strike my neck you become this country’s ruler.  they start to fight. Flashback to when they were kids and M put his sword up to young H’sneck. Right now M does the same thing. As M holds the sword to H’s neck, H asks: if you become the ruler, do you think everything will come into your hands. M: even if I dont become the ruler, at least I wont be a criminal. H tells him to strike then. why are you hesitating for– hurry and cut down my neck.

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M cries and puts his sword down.  H: you are one who lost your chance today hyungnim . so don’t expect another chance again. M glares at him

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H goes back with woon. HS looks worried. H asks if she got some rest. YW:yes.  He asks if he can ask one thing. if she was brought here against her will.  she asks: Are you going to send me away if I didnt want it. my heart is already yours so what are you nervous about. He asks if he can open the door. She says if he wants. HS tells the servants to open the door. YW steps out wearing nice clothes. H just gapes at her. he asks her to come closer. She takes one step. He asks her to come a little closer. She takes another step so he goes over to her and hugs her.

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YW asks why he is like this. He turns around and HS smiles at H. H motions with his eyes so HS tells everyone to leave. HS makes a cute smiling face at H that looks like he is thinking “awwwwww” and leaves.

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H hugs her again and calls out her name. YW: yes your majesty. he smiles and keeps saying her name over and over. She keeps saying yes your majesty.

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H is walking and remembers YW saying – my heart is already yours so why are you nervous. H smiles. he looks back at HS who is grinning. H smiles as he walks. They run into yoon. Yoon asks where H is going. Yoon says he heard something big happened not too long ago when H went out. And asks if H is ok. H says only H and the other assassins should know about it so how does Yoon know. Yoon says it’s his business to know everything about the king. H thanks him for worrying anyway. H and yoon talk in cryptic ways again about what’s really going on. H mentions a competition that is coming up and asks yoon for some tips since Yoon is good at the sport. Yoon: when I get a target in sight – I dont know to give up and go after it till the end. H: so once a target is chosen- dont give up and chase after it. and in the end kill the prey. I will remember that

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H is reading scrolls and SKKS music comes on (I swear it sounds exactly the same). H asks what YW is doing (in the other room.) YW: reading a suh book. (maybe literature/novel)He says she said the same thing when he asked a while ago-arent you bored? YW: I am not bored and you should concentrate on your scrolls. He ask what book she is reading. YW: Han Bi Ja. H sighs and asks: is that book that much fun? YW: yes it’s fun. H gives up and hits the scroll and hangs his head in defeat. H suddenly looks up

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YW is reading and looks up to see H holding a bunch of scrolls and his table. He puts it down and sits and reads. He asks if that book is that fun that she didn’t hear him coming in. she asks when he came. he mutters about how she hasnt met him in 8 yrs. he acts like he is pouting cuz she isnt giving him enough attention. He talks about how for the past 8 yrs he didnt allow himself to look at anyone else. (not sure of the exact words here but he says) living surrounded by all the pretty girls in the palace -do you know how impressive that is to protect my innocence and how much mental and physical strength it requires.  she asks if he needs physical strength to protect his innocence. H: of course. he talks about nights when a man’s  blood runs hot – how could you understand that?that he always had to exercise and abstain. she says but he lied about not looking at someone else. H: what do you mean it’s a lie. who did I look at. she points out he was swayed by shaman wol who he kept by his bedside every night.  H: that’s not correct. it’s true I was bewitched for a moment but that….  He starts to get defensive but realizes and says:wait a minute – arent you wol. YW: anyhow, before you knew it was me, it’s certain that you looked at Wol (and was interested)

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H laughs. she asks why he is laughing. H: isnt it funny that you are jealous of yourself. YW: I said I wasnt so why do you keep doing that. anyway I will finish reading and you should look at your scrolls. But he pushes aside his table and makes her put the book down. He says it’s funny how you are jealous of yourself but for me to fall twice for one girl is not normal either.

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He leans over and kisses her. he smiles and continues reading. She just stares.

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Dowager asks what is this ridiculous talk that a dead girl is alive. how can a girl who has been dead and buried for 8 yrs come back alive. she remembers what N said about what did you trust about me 8 yrs ago to give me that order. suddenly dowager says “Nok young this girl– how dare you.” Yoon says H probably knows what happened then.  She asks how H could know what happened then. Yoon says how N was ordered by the king and came to the palace and after that was gone, the girl from the infirmary has been hidden somewhere by the king in the night. what do you think this means. the two of them have been hidden away by the king for certain.   Dowager says if H knows the whole truth and didn’t do anything doesn’t it mean he is covering up the truth he discovered. Yoon thinks H could be waiting for the right time or he hasnt found out the last piece of truth. either way we need to hurry and find those two and get rid of them. even if the king found out what happened 8 yrs ago, if the two people who could bear witness to the truth are not in this world, the truth will be buried forever

dowager heads over to H’s place

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H and YW are still reading. She looks up and stares at him. He looks up and smiles at her. HS is outside grinning. The dowager shows up and tells him to report she is here.

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HS yells out really loudly the dowager is coming in. H is alarmed. HS keeps yelling loudly and slowly that the dowager is here. dowager gets impatient and orders them to hurry and open the door

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Dowager goes in just as H is holding his table up. He pretends to be working out lifting the table up and down saying he is doing this in place of exercise.

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YW listens at the door. He asks what brings his grandma here. she says she  came to tell him something. he says she should have called him. dowager asks if he remembers how she saved wol’s life. he says -how could I forget. I remember. She asks if he remembers his promise to pay that back by listening to her request. he says how could he forget. She says  she is here today to collect on that. H: tell me what that is. she asks him to find seungsucheong’s head shaman jang (N) and her spiritual daughter and give them to her. H: why are you looking for them from me. dowager: I am saying this cuz you are hiding them. H: how could you think that. those two people, why would I…she interrupts and says you are investigating what happened 8 yrs ago. don’t do that and cover it up. Do you remember what I said 8 yrs ago. I told you not to do’s cuz there was a reason why the former king covered it up.

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H asks what the dowager is hiding.  dowager: i must be hiding things that might hurt you. H: Why do you have to hide it. She says it’s all for his sake. To be more specific. for the sake of protecting you and everyone you cherish. H: if it’s someone i cherish, who are you talking about. She says you  know. Think about it carefully. who you want to protect and keep safe the most. She asks his answer to her request. Why aren’t you answering. didnt you offer to listen to my request as payback first. H: of course I have to do that. it will take some time to find them. will give you an answer.if you trust me and just wait, I will make sure you meet them so dont worry. H says in his head to her: but that place will be your place of punishment (maybe trial? execution?) as perpetrator/criminal (dowager), witness (N), and victim (YW).

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Yw is in her room worried and says “brother”.

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Y remembers how Hong said he was ordered to investigate YW’ death secretly. He remembers what he said to his dad about -how could the father want him to avoid the illness when his sister was hanging between life and death. if he cant protect his only sister how could he take care of the prince. Y says YW ya.

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Y goes outside. He hears someone nearby. Y: who is it? he asks who is secretly watching him. If you don’t show your face I will call someone. He walks over and sees S. he asks who she is. She gives her name and calls him young master. he remembers how she used to serve YW when she was young. S: yes that’s right young master. He asks why she is hiding like a cat instead of coming through the front gate. She says cuz she was passing by and thought to come here and it was too late to come in. He asks how she has been all this time. She says she met a good owner and is living well. she called him young master so Y says he isnt a young master anymore cuz he is older. in her head she says: in my heart you are  always young master like that time when you gave me my name S. she stares so he asks why. does she have something to say.  his mom asks what Y is doing there.  He starts to say the girl who served Yw but S is gone. His mom says I heard you talking to someone-did someone come. Y: it’s nothing. why did you come out. his mom is worried about MW and wants to her to get acupuncture cuz MW hasnt been well ever since they came back from the father’s grave. His mom asks what he thinks. he offers to take MW to see the doctor. the mom says she will. She is on her way to meet MW and asks if he doesn’t want to go too. He says he will go with her

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H remembers his conversation with the dowager. How she said  there must have been a reason for the former king to cover up what happened. that it’s all for H’s sake. To be more specific. for the sake of protecting you and everyone you cherish.. Yw calls out your majesty. He says sorry he was just thinking. She says it’s late at night so sleep now. He asks why she isnt sleeping yet. She says cuz he isnt sleeping. He says sorry for making her stay confined all day. YW: I am by your side. if it’s by your side – even if it wasnt this anteroom, even if it was hell it would be ok. He tells her to come out so they can go for a walk in the dark

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They walk by the hidden moon room. He asks when they met for the last time at the hidden moon place, why she didn’t she tell him she regained her memories- why hide it. If she had said who she was then. She says she couldnt interfere cuz next to him is the queen.

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B wakes up and is scared. Aide asks why she is like this. Did she have a nightmare again. B says it’s strange cuz she doesn’t hear the crying sound anymore from the hidden moon room. Aide says cuz the shaman got rid of the ghost. But B says it’s cuz the owner came back – that girl YW is around here. I am going to tell my father to get rid of that girl right away. B changes her mind and says she cant show this side to her dad cuz he will be disappointed. B asks her aide to call that girl that they used as a spy. aide: at this late hour? B: what are you doing – i told you to call her right now

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YW says how she was supposed to be dead but then realized who she was. she wasnt sure what was going on with H and stuff. also didn’t know H right away (like didnt recognize him). so how could she confidently interfere.   He asks what that means – that her having to endure torment was his fault. when you went through the nightmare and shock of being dead  -that I couldnt do anything –  that it’s my fault cuz I was powerless.  She says that’s not what she meant. YW: when I was undeserving – just the fact that you didnt forget me for 8 long yrs, there is nothing I could ask for more than that. Even for the rest of the years, if you forgot me, I will live remembering more and missing you.  H: I will never forget. everyone who is reponsible for your torment/anguish,  I will reveal who the culprits are and eliminate the wrongdoers and return everything to its rightful place. she says what is in the past bury it in the past. when the former king covered up the truth, wouldnt he have had a reason to do so. H: that you trust me – that you trust I will discover the truth. werent you the one who comforted me with those words. so how could you. YW: I do trust you. but I am afraid of the truth that will hurt you. just being by your side, I dont want anymore than that. H: do you like being in that place with no sunlight. She says she doesn’t need any other light since she is next to the sun. He drags her away. She asks where he is going

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He takes her to the room where he meets with ministers. YW: this place is…H finishes her line. this is where this country’s politics begins. this is where I listen to talk about the citizens and decide what I need to do for the citizen’s sake.  She asks why he brought her here to such an important place. H: the day i first met you, you said to me – you taught me that the laws that were wrong in this country were the fault of the king. YW: that was cuz I was too young and didnt know. H: if you look through a child’s eyes, everything in the world can become a problem or everything can be that answer. that’s what your brother, my teacher’s first advice to me was. if a young kid’s eyes figured that out then there must be a problem. everytime I had to make a decision on something, I thought – if I was her, if I was my teacher, what would they have said.

해를 품은 달.E17.120229.HDTV.H264.720p-Spider[11-06-29]H tells her to look at the backdrop. when he was a prince, he ordered the meaning behind the sun and moon to be made into a young girl’s binyeo (hairpin). he looks at her and says: to ask you to be my moon and give it to you as a proposal.  He takes out her hairpin. He says he made a pair of this and he gave her one. And he kept the other one to give to her here on the day she became his queen. He holds it out to her. he takes out the other one cuz he asked someone to bring her things from the infirmary. He gives her the other one too.

해를 품은 달.E17.120229.HDTV.H264.720p-Spider[11-07-13]

She holds both in her hands. H: now the two has become one. She cries and he leans over and kisses her.

해를 품은 달.E17.120229.HDTV.H264.720p-Spider[11-07-38]해를 품은 달.E17.120229.HDTV.H264.720p-Spider[11-07-42]

해를 품은 달.E17.120229.HDTV.H264.720p-Spider[11-07-53]해를 품은 달.E17.120229.HDTV.H264.720p-Spider[11-09-14]End

preview of Seung gi’s new drama

*I love books just as much as the next person, but if I was reunited with my first love after 8 yrs, the last thing I would be doing is reading. poor Hwon is like a puppy deprived of attention. you could practically hear him whining and instead of wagging a tail, he keeps flashing that grin which is way more effective. worked on me. *swoon*

해를 품은 달.E17.120229.HDTV.H264.720p-Spider[09-53-36]

Fanderay’s Comments:

The first few minutes really set the tone for how fantastic this episode was going to be. A little romantic reconciliation, a little lovelorn angst, and then straight into the action. It’s like they threw everything we’ve been waiting for at us all at once, and it’s just as great as I hoped it would be.

I wasn’t actually expecting any fighting so soon since the villains in this show like to stew and plot, so I was quite pleased that Minister Yoon immediately got down to business now that he knows that YW is alive. The guy might be a jerk, but at least he’s an efficient one, and he knows how to take care of him family (in a twisted sort of way). The last few episodes it’s felt like the stakes have continued to rise, and I’m happy that it’s all finally all being laid out on the table.

As much as I would like to see M completely give up for the sake of his own happiness, I still don’t really blame him for his rash behavior. It’s easy for us to view the situation logically, and it’s probably not hard for H to do so either, but at this point M is little more than a broken soul who is doing a lot of feeling and very little thinking. He’s lived his entire life in H’s shadow, and has never come first for anyone (not even his own mother, as we saw in a past episode). He has always lived under threat and been treated like he’s vying for a throne he doesn’t actually want, when the truth is that he’s gone out of his way to protect the king with no appreciation. Technically his life isn’t that bad when you compare it to the lower classes, but he is trapped in the same sense that Y is, and I think he is in need of love and support to fill the void in his life. If his mom had ever seemed to put him first I think he wouldn’t be struggling so much with YW, but instead he is desperate to feel like one person loves and cares for him the most. Even his friends (Woon and Y) have been taken away by the king, and now that M has  just relived his childhood love story with YW (and lost again) I don’t think he can cope with his lonliness anymore. On top of all that, it doesn’t seem like H has ever really empathized with M or showed him much sympathy (openly) and maybe if he had, M wouldn’t be so consumed with resentment right now. I’m sure that everyone has at some point in their life tried to force something that wasn’t working due to frustration or spite, even if it was something small like angrily mashing the keyboard when a computer froze or didn’t work. The sad truth is that forcing anything usually just makes it worse.

I do feel like M has given up on YW in his mind (it’s his heart that’s the problem) and H is making it even harder for him. It seems like a lot of H’s anger is somewhat unfounded, and he is needlessly jealous (the girl loves him!). I adore H, but he does sometimes treat YW a little like a possession, and M a little like a peasant. I was genuinely surprised at his behavior after M ran off with YW. M was looking out for YW’s safety, and if anything H should’ve been yelling for them to run during that fighting. M was also injured, and H seemed to have forgotten about that. I’m still not sure that I think about their confrontation. It was a smart way of H to force M to face his life and realize that he does have choices and that he doesn’t actually want to be king, but it was also rather cruel since those choices are rather grim. When H told M to kill him it looked like M was caving in and crumbling, and I have no idea what he’ll do next. Was he pushed enough to push back, or will he give up on everything so completely we’ll wish he was chasing YW again? The tree is broken, and although we know the people around M do love him, I think he needs to realize that if he wants to hold on to his humanity.

As if this episode didn’t have enough going for it, we got some bromance too! Personally I love Woon’s divided loyalties, but I also like that it’s something that H has noticed. Even though he acts disapproving, I think H is more concerned that Woon is spreading himself too thin. If anything I think that H admires Woon for his loyalty to M, but wishes he would sleep for once and not put himself in a situation where he needs to make tough choices. Also, did you guys notice? Woon did a little acting in that bathhouse scene!

HS was adorable too of course. His grin while he watched H with YW reminded me of a mother watching her son greet a prom date, and I bet he’s just dying for them to make some babies for him to dote on.

The joy in this episode was a pleasure to watch, but it was the mix of tender emotions between H and YW that I really loved. When H handed the hairpin to YW he was obviously overwhelmed with emotion, and I couldn’t even begin to describe what I think he was feeling because it looked like he was feeling about 100 different things at once. Even though it seems like their 8 year struggle should be be over, it’s more like the beginning of the real battle, and I think that the final episodes will be tough for these lovebirds. I just hope that they can fight it out together.

I love the dynamic between those two, and when YW was reading it felt like they were kids again. I swear that KSH was channeling Yeo Jin Goo because there were a few moments where I couldn’t help but see Jin Goo in my mind’s eye. The banter between H and YW makes their romance so much sweeter than if they just had typical lovey dovey dialogue and fawned over each other constantly. They really do make a perfect pair, and I only wish that she would respond more to his kisses (but that’s a universal kdrama issue). I’m pretty sure the rest of us would at least have the decency to faint!

A couple days ago I read that Han Ga In and her husband don’t usually watch each other’s work, and that he hasn’t seen a single episode of Moon/Sun. After this episode, I can’t say that I blame him! Kissing is one thing, but it’s hard to deny the chemistry these two have.

Speaking of kisses, I am mistaken, or did the missing kiss from last week never happen? The new ones seemed like different scenes, which means that there is footage of an unaired kiss laying around somewhere. I’m not really complaining since this episode was so good, but that still seems like a travesty!

Although this episode ended with a kiss, I bet tomorrow’s won’t. I only wonder who will make a move first, and what that move will entail. I sort of admire B for not wanting to disappoint her father with weakness, but I can’t imagine that she will handle the situation well on her own. It’s also clear that Minister Yoon and the dowager aren’t about to give up, so it’s possible that H will have three different plots to deal with at once. I hope he’s up to it!

*I realized after re-reading this that my lengthy defense of M might make me seem like an M-shipper, so I want to clarify that I ship H whole-heartedly. I’ve just noticed over the last couple weeks that M gets a bad rap (on forums, etc) and it seemed like he needed a little support 🙂

해를 품은 달.E17.120229.HDTV.H264.720p-Spider[09-46-41]


107 comments on “The Moon That Embraces The Sun E17

  1. Keane says:

    Man, how many guys are wishing to trade in KSH’s place right now, even Mr Hand Towel himself who’s had a crush on HGI for the longest. Don’t fret KSH, there is a long line waiting to trade places with HGI too. Po-po hap she da-yo! ^ , ^


  2. erika22 says:

    Omg I just found This drama on hulu and it’s eng subbed to ep 12


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