The Moon That Embraces The Sun E15

Last time when I watched SKKS, from start to finish I was rooting for MJS to get the girl. It’s been my weakness to always root for the underdog. But somehow that didn’t happen in this drama. I think it’s cuz Hwon did such an excellent job of showing just how much he loves YW that I couldn’t picture her with M for even a second. Even though she is back to being YW, as far as her feelings for M goes, nothing has changed. Just like when they were kids, her heart still doesn’t belong to anyone except Hwon. That’s why I wish M would move on and let her go, but I guess for a few more episodes M has to reside in denial city thinking that he still has a chance. It’s bad enough his pride won’t lose to his brother twice so I really hope M doesn’t make things worse and stir up more trouble for himself or for his brother. In the end, the only one standing there alone again will be M. The biggest difference this time will be that he might compromise his relationship with his little brother along the way. Someone needs to teach M a lesson about cutting his losses and taking a step back, but I guess his foolish heart has to dictate his actions for a while longer before reality sinks in and knocks some sense into him.

Despite the fact that this is a dream sequence, they still look so great together. I really hope we don’t have to wait for 4 more episodes for this to really come true.


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Starts from S running into wol. Wol makes her be quiet and takes her into the room. S asks what happened miss-i heard you were headed towards the infirmary and disappeared so you dont know how much I worried. Wol says she lost consciousness. S: what? are you ok now? Wol: yes when I lost consciousness for a short time I remembered what happened in my past. S: did you say what happened in your past? Wol: yes what happened in the past. When I (became a shaman)  –back then too I lost consciousness.  you remember that too don’t you. S says she wasn’t there when that happened. Wol asks when S started to live with N – before I became a shaman or after. S lies and says I told you- after being sold to another owner, I ran away and met ajumma and you-starting from then. Wol: S. S: yes? wol: why are you lying to me- I saw you clearly – when I was being dug out of the grave – you were watching over me.

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Professor tells dowager what happened with wol. dowager: are you saying that child survived? he says yes. she took in the ghost spirit with her body and was still sane. this is the first time I saw a shaman do that. Dowager thinks wol has great powers/skills – if this and that didnt happen, it would have been useful to keep her by my side so her ability is a waste. dowager asks if he sent her to the infirmary. he says: to tell you the truth, that….He remembers how wol asked for a favor. she lied about how she took in the spirit and it left something inside of her. if she doesnt hurry and let it go, not just her but others will face the wrath of the spirit. he asks what her request is. Wol says she needs time to comfort the spirit inside of her. so let her pray over the spirit at seungsucheong briefly to do that. dowager asks if he let her do that. he says how he had to let wol do that cuz she became a different person from when he put her in there. he says if he messed with a shaman who has the ghost inside of her the wrong way, that anger could make others go crazy. dowager asks what if she runs away. he says put someone to guard over wol so that wont be a problem. she tells him to finish up everything well

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S cries and says I was wrong miss. Wol says I don’t have time so beg for forgiveness later and just tell me the truth you know. what did godmother say. what did she say for you to keep your mouth closed for 8 yrs and not tell me.  S says how N and YW’s dad in order to save YW from the illness of the shaman -they fed YW the medicine to dig her up from the grave later. wol: to save me they fed me the medicine? S explains how it was bad for a crown princess to have the illness of the shaman so they had no choice but to hide the illness of the shaman that YW had. in order to do that they had to make her not be in this world.  Wol asks if that means her dad knew she was going to be alive. S says yes he had no other choice to do that in order to save YW. and they couldnt let anyone know that YW was alive.Wol confirms that she was told the truth that she had an illness of the shaman. S: that is what I knew, but. according to what you said and what I felt, I asked her (N) cuz I couldnt see that you had mystical abilities, but she said you didnt come into your powers yet. that you dont have your ability yet cuz you lost your memory. that is what she said. Wol argues that at least the rest of her family could have been told that she is alive. S says: if we did she said your life would be in danger. wol: if my family was told about how I was doing that my life would be in danger? S says how she wanted to and everytime N kept telling her not to tell cuz YW’s family -not knowing is the way YW can live “if you want to protect agassi’s life, keep your mouth closed. S: I am sorry keeping my mouth shut was the only thing I could do. wol: but S – dont you think it’s strange? S: what?

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Wol says she doesn’t remember getting the final rites to become a shaman. that N never gave her that yet. If wol didn’t have that then she cant become a shaman but N sent her to seungsucheong as an amulet. an amulet to ward off evil at that and put her in the palace. N was a head shaman at seungsucheong 8 yrs ago. and the truth is that N worked for the dowager. isnt that strange. of all the times, why did I come down with an illness of the shaman when i became the crown princess. of all the people, why was it the head shaman of seungsucheong who saved me. what I thought was psychic abilties was the reason for my lost memories. but what if it wasnt an illness of the shaman. then what was my illness? why did godmother save me? what if I really didnt have an illness of the shaman. S says ask N yourself but wol says no – I cant. I cant trust anyone now.  I cant act rashly. until we figure out who the enemy is. someone asks if anyone is inside. (it’s HS)

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HS goes to seungsucheong to get N.  The girl shaman asks what brings HS here.  HS asks if the head shaman Jang (N) is inside. girl says how N left yesterday for the mountains to pray. HS asks how many days did she say she would take.

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HS reports to H how N went away to pray in the mountains so H repeats that. HS says how it will take a couple of days for N to return. H thinks to himself that N ran off from seungsucheong (to avoid him) and cant look at this as a coincidence. HS asks what’s wrong. H says he needs to go out and get some cool air

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When H goes out B comes over. She asks where he is going. He says for a walk. She offers hot tea but he says he already drank some. He asks her to walk with him.

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B says how a few days ago it was cold but today it feels like spring is coming – don’t you think. He looks at the hidden moon place and stops listening to her. he asks what she said. B says she will wait. H: for what? B: till you look at me – no matter how long it takes i will wait. I will not ask you to forget that child. I heard the king is the sun and the queen is the moon. just as the sun and moon keep their places, if you look at me, wherever that is, I will always be there. H remembers how he gave the hair pin to dying YW. how young YW asked what is this. young H: it is the moon that embraces the sun

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Wol holds the pin and remembers how he gave the hair pin to YW before she died. Wol remembers what H said: I heard the king is the sun and the queen is the moon. this white moon is embracing the red sun so I named this the moon that embraces the sun. young YW: embraces the sun. wol cries and holds it close and remembers young H saying: the queen I chose in my heart is only you.

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H remembers that past scene too and imagines YW standing in front of him. He smiles at her as she wears that pin in her hair. But he is really looking at B. he stops smiling. Wol holds the pin and cries.

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S calls and says I am  coming in. S is wearing plain clothes. Wol says now that S is dressed like this S really is a girl. you look pretty. S asks when was I ever a guy. Wol asks her to come to the infirmary after S does what wol requested her to do.

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Woon sends guards away from M’s gate.  M asks if he is a free man now.  woon says that H convinced the minister and canceled the order to confine M so M says sarcastically that he is grateful

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M is packed and woon asks where M is going. Woon says M cant go there. M: where do you think I am going for you to hold onto me. Woon: aren’t you going to the infirmary. M remarks that old friends are different. why are you saying i cant go? is it cuz that girl belongs to the king? M: heo yw,  if it’s that girl then he could.  but since it’s shaman wol, doesnt that make things different. even if the king is mixing up Y’s sister with wol, I dont. I like just like that kid shaman wol. doesnt it look better to say she is my person than the king’s? Woon tries to stop him but M shakes him off.woon reminds M that he is a relative of the king. M says being a prince is a bother. and that M can throw that away anytime. having the option to do that- the king doesnt have that but I do.

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M is yelling at the guy -what do you mean you still havent found her, today is already the 4th day. even if she is a criminal shouldnt you try to find her. but the guy says to find one shaman that ran away, you want us to look all over the country. if the criminal disappeared during the transfer it’s up to the royal guards so why are you taking it out on me when I didnt do anything wrong. Some poor man says his daughter  is dying and asks for help. but the guy says wait quietly till the doctor comes. the worried father says it’s been a long time since the doctor stopped coming here so please call someone else or why daughter will die. the guy says for the father to call if he has money. M hears and yells at the guy -what are you doing when a person is dying.arent you embarrassed? the guy gets mad and kicks M out

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Wol is being escorted to the infirmary and people are still throwing things at her as she is taken to that place for sick people to help them. She looks around at all the poor people lying on the ground injured and sick. They seems to have diseases and rashes too.

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Wol is pushed into a room full of sick people. M is there asking the girl to straighten her back and asks if she can breathe. M guesses what’s wrong with her and how it has to do with her health and orders the dad to go and bring salt water with ginger. cuz they need to make her throw up the food that’s blocking her. M orders the nurse to prepare something. He tells the girl to be endure for a short time and her pain will go down soon. M notices wol there. M tells the nurse to hold the girl tightly. M tells the girl to drink – you have to drink. M calls out to wol-what are you doing and not helping. no matter what they have to make the girl swallow so he tells wol to hold the girl’s nose so they can force the girl to drink. The girl throws up stuff on M’s clothes. Her dad is relieved his daughter will survive now

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M is eating and wol comes in. she brings him his clothes. He asks if the stains came out. She says not all of it but she cleaned off the parts that got dirty. She asks when he learned medicaltreatments. He says you cant call it medical treatments cuz someone like him can do it. He learned a little a long time ago from his teacher a little bit about what to do in certain medical cases cuz the teacher read it out to him. so M and the other classmates who learned from the teacher knows this much basic medical treatments. she says his teacher must have been a nice person. He says nice things about his teacher -how M didnt know closeness with a father but the man acted like a father in his place and how the man was a teacher for other things like being a mentor and how the teacher spoke to him truthfully about everything.  it makes her sad cuz he was talking about her dad

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M walks out and says it was a busy day. she says he helped a lot of people in one day. he says it was good to meet her again. M: It must have been hard for you-so much anguish/torment that you cant express in words but thank you for being alive. Don’t worry – I wont come here again. I was just worried about you being missing so I came by. Since you are alive and safe. Also your ugly face. since I confirmed everything, it’s ok now. Be well. He is about to go but some nurses call him. he asks why they are like this.The woman says cuz of him they got a lot of help today. she asks him if he couldnt come again. M:me?why?   She says how they are shorthanded with doctors and they keep getting called away for stupid things. They all ask so M acts conflicted and says wherever he goes he is popular so what is he supposed to do. wol says in her head that he is the same as always – wherever he goes he looks good when he is cheerful.

Woon is watching them.

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Woon reports to H. H asks if wol is doing ok. woon: from what I could see she did. H: How was her body (wounds) has she recovered a lot?  woon says from what I could see she is enduring well. H asks if his brother is doing well and woon doesnt reply. H asks if woon didnt drop by M’s place. woon lies and says after M was released he looked like he was doing well. So H says you are hiding something from me – when you lie -when you lie for my sake, your eyes betray you first. is my brother together with that girl now.

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Woon goes out and runs into Hong on his way in to see H. one of the ministers spy and looks and woon notices

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Minister wonders what is the reason why hong was called to meet with the king cuz hong wouldnt be called to guard and says something smells fishy. Ministers talk about how H might have called hong about the former aide that took care of the king who killed himself. another says that isnt Hong’s job cuz the king handed that incident over to the investigation. another one says H wanted to question the guy but he killed himself. other one says something about excuses. Yoon thinks H is looking into what happened 8 yrs ago. the smart one says H is pretending on the outside not to be investigating but in reality he is looking into something else. Yoon says they need to put a spy on hong (have hong followed).

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Hong reports to H how hard it is to find anyone related to incident cuz it happened so long ago- if you can think of someone I can meet then I will go and question them. H thinks in his head that if the spell was that bad to kill the crown princess, there has to be something else. H says aloud the aide that tended to young YW. H asks hong to find her and since she was there when the crown princess got sick sshe must know something. the night the crown princess collapsed ask her details about what happened. and also ask her since she came back to the place after the crown princess left, if there is anything left from the crown princess’s belongings. Hong says he will.

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Woon comes in and says minister yoon’s side is moving. H asks if hong heard that. Hong: yes I heard. H asks hong to be careful of the people around him. Hong reminds him how he is a guard- he may not be as good as woon but he can take care of himself

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S goes to where wol asked her to go (it’s the aide who took care of young YW) and find out what happened to YW that night and what the aide knows.

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S goes and meets with the aide who took care of YW. The aide says how pretty and smart YW was. on the night YW left the palace she can still see them (H and YW) crying and looking at each other. S asks if anything different happened than usual. if the food that was served was different or if anyone came to visit. Anything you can remember please tell me. Aide says the only thing she can think of is how the princess came by so the aid thought she came by cuz she was curious about YW. S asks if the princess met YW and then left.  aide says no something seemed to be bothering the princess but she didnt go inside and asked about YW’s health and  left right away.

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Hong asks for directions to where the aide lives. Hong passes by S on her way out.

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When hong goes in, the gate is open and there are masked guys waiting for him. Hong fights them off. When he goes in the aide was murdered -her throat slashed

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H is angry and says another innocent life is lost. hong says sorry for not being able to follow H’s order. H says it isnt hong’s fault and hong might have lost his life too so putting Hong in this danger is H’s fault. hong: that’s not true. H says he put hong in danger now. if you want to quit dont hesitate and tell me. I  will understand. Hong says he already put his life up for H so even if he is in danger, hong wont stop. H thanks him. I wont forget your loyalty. H says it’s true that someone is blocking their path the more they uncover. because of this one thing is certain. there is an enemy that is alive.

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H goes out and runs into yoon. H asks if Yoon found what he is looking for. Yoon says thankfully he found some book. H asks what the story of the book is about. could I hear it? Yoon: since you are asking I will tell you what I remember. Yoon say some stuff. H replies and says if you dont get overly picky, this is a beautiful story. But H says in his head – are you telling me to cover it up and not dig into it. yoon says in his head: did you hear that. H says aloud how it’s not good to cover up stuff that is wrong and not catch it right away-how can a king do that. more than that it’s the job of the king to – something about truth. Yoon says without thinking about what happens after, if you (something) and there will be regrets – who is to blame for that. yoon warns in his head to H:  if you don’t stop here it will be dangerous

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Wol meets with S. S asks if wol remembers anything about the princess. Some nurse gives wol an order to go get medicine and is mean to wol telling wol not to go there and flirt and make the nurses look bad -“if you do that, I wont leave you alone. got that?”  S offers to go and tells wol to stay here but wol says S has somewhere to go with her.

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Wol and S go to her dad’s gravesite. Wol bows her head and cries. Wol: father. I’m YW. She remembers how he said that she is smarter than any professors he knows in this world. She remembers how she said she likes how she can smell her brother in her father’s arms. And how he told her to sleep comfortably in his arms. She keeps saying “father” and cries.

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Y, his mom, and MW are hiking up. MW trips and Y asks if she is ok. MW: yes. He says it would have been better if she stayed home cuz the road is rough. she says she was the one who insisted on going too. since they are going to meet his father  this much is not suffering at all. He say he has a lot to learn from her. MW: what? me? Y says how she is always cheerful and has skills to make everyone around her feel brighter. he thanks her. she says he is doing it again – between husband and wife there is no need to say thank you. he extends his hand to her to help her but she tells him instead of me – to help mother since his mother has been sad every day ever since the mom came back from the doctor’s.

Y helps his mom and MW up to the gravesite. His mom touches the grave. Y says someone came and left. And it hasn’t been long from the smell of the incense that still lingers. MW thinks M might have come by.

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해를 품은 달.E15.120222.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[13-06-25]해를 품은 달.E15.120222.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[13-02-39]

Y’s mom says to Y- your dad didn’t pass away from a disease. She says your father killed himself. After he sent away YW like that, he said he made YW die and regretted and was in a lot of pain.  She says how after Y married the princess, the dad said he did everything he had to and took his own life. MW hears that and cries. The mom says how sad the father was-how could anyone know how he felt. she asks her husband – are you doing well. Not too long ago I saw a girl who looked exactly like our YW. There is no way it was her right? Everyone in the world was pointing at her and she was hit with rocks. Our YW wouldnt be living going through that right?  Please tell me she isn’t . Our YW is well with you (with the dad in heaven) right? She cries and MW cries too along with Y.

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Nearby Wol is crying with S (they overhead everything the mom said).

해를 품은 달.E15.120222.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[13-08-21]해를 품은 달.E15.120222.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[13-08-23]

Wol and S walk down and wol keeps crying. Wol: it’s cuz of me. Cuz of me I made my father pass away. Back then I was too young and thought if I died I could save everyone. it would have been better if I said back then that I wanted to live-I should have tried to beg to save me. S says tell them now that you are alive-at least to her brother. Wol says you didnt do that too-you said you did it to protect me and my family. it’s the same for me. there is a conspiracy behind my death for sure.  So even now there might be danger to my family and the king. Until the whole truth is revealed YW has to be a dead person

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B meets some shaman girls. B asks if they arent shamans from seungscheong and asks what they are doing here. They say there are crying sounds from the hidden moon so they were ordered to hang some amulets. B says they are working hard. B sees the girl who she met as the human amulet. B asks why she is here. B says she should be at the infirmary so why is she here.  the girl says: the one who went to the infirmary isnt me, it was the amulet who absorbs illness. B: are you saying you arent that amulet? girl says she was put inside as the amulet for the consummation and the amulet who absorbs illness is at the infirmary now. B: what did you say?

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B goes to her room and orders the aide to send a girl to the infirmary right now. find the shaman named wol to be brought to me and no one can know about this

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Wol goes back and M is playing a game with kids. he threw a stick and she caught it. M says wol caught his boar and says she is their foe now.  Wol isnt in the mood to play and walks away from him. he says she isnt understanding what he said-that she is on the other team. Kids grab her and drag her off. M holds out his hand and takes the packages she was carrying. He hands her a stick and says start. Kids tell her to hurry and do it.

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They play a game that’s like an old fashioned way of playing baseball without the ball using sticks. M accuses her of counting the measurement incorrectly and they keep playing.

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when her side loses, M flicks her forehead and she almost hits him with the stick. He tries to take the stick but she won’t let go of it.

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They fight over the stick, but M notices H and woon watching so before wol can look over at H,  M hugs her. she asks why he is doing this.

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M just glares at H. H leaves.

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M lies and says he thought she was going to fall so he did that – he didn’t do that with other intentions so stop being so surprised

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As they walk away, woon says your majesty. H says to woon: don’t say anything – not a word

해를 품은 달.E15.120222.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[13-21-35]해를 품은 달.E15.120222.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[13-21-31]

Kids say goodbye to M and wol. They go home. M: are you ok now? What were you thinking about for your face to look so dark a while ago. she asks if that’s why he did that (make her play) M says when you are running around with those innocent kids everything seems ok and one can shed all his/her worries. wol: thanks to you my heart feels lighter. M: not cuz you played with this cool guy? wol smiles.  M says to himself : isnt it better that you are a shaman so I can be by your side like this and look across at your smiling face. He picks up a stone and says aloud what game to play tm with it. she asks for it. M: why? so you can practice in advance? she says it’s too pretty to play the game with. she wants to use it so that it can worry in her place. M: that’s not a bad idea. He cleans it and gives her the rock and says it’s a present he is giving her. Nurse asks why wol is coming so late -what was she doing since she was supposed to bring the medicine. Wol says she will go right away. wol thanks M and tells him to go safely and leaves

해를 품은 달.E15.120222.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[13-22-43]해를 품은 달.E15.120222.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[13-22-53]

N goes back and asks the shaman girls if anything happened while she was gone. girl says there is an order for N to go to the palace to meet with the king when N came back. N says today she is going to do something and after she is done she is going tm.  Jansil runs over with S  behind her. jansil says S is dressed as a girl. N seems surprised to see S like that.

해를 품은 달.E15.120222.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[13-23-22]

Wol: father until I know everything for sure–I am going to bury my worries and sadness here for a short time so father please watch over me. she places the rock that M gave her on top of the pile

Someone asks if wol is the shaman named wol. wol: yes. who are you. woman says the queen wants to meet wol

해를 품은 달.E15.120222.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[13-24-35]

M is walking away and remembers what wol said – how she is going to use the rock that he gave to worry in her place. M recalls how he said that to young YW when he gave her a rock when they were kids. what are you worried about that you cant sleep. he told her this rock will worry for you in your place.  M realizes how wol just said the same words. then he remembers how he flicked wol’s forehead and she reacted the same way as young YW. He thinks that she might know who she is

해를 품은 달.E15.120222.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[13-24-52]

Suddenly H calls out “brother” and M turns to see him waiting there.

해를 품은 달.E15.120222.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[13-25-25]

M and H meet. M pours him a drink. H asks how M could be so blatant. M asks what he means by that. H says how he heard that M goes to the infirmary often. M: I dont go often I go every day. if the girl I like has fallen into danger, as a man I cant act like I don’t know. H: hyungnim, you…M interrupts and says: didnt I already tell you. that I dont care about my position (as the prince) and I am prepared at any time to throw it away. did you forget that? H: are you going to go against my order not to get close (to her). M: your majesty. H: hyungnim (brother)

해를 품은 달.E15.120222.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[13-27-47]

B is waiting and nervously biting her fingernails. Aide says they brought shaman wol. wol comes in. Aide tells wol to bow to the queen. Wol bows and looks up. B looks at her face and looks shocked like she doesn’t believe what she is seeing.

해를 품은 달.E15.120222.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[13-27-27]


New song

No video preview

written preview for 16: Wol’s past Bokyung goes into a state of panic when she sees shaman Wol’s face and thinks that Yeonwoo has come back from the grave. After meeting the Queen, Wol runs into Hwon in front of the Silver Moon building but doesn’t tell him that she is Wol.

Nokyong tells Wol that Hwon is coming to meet her and tells her the name of someone else  involved (most likely the princess), and Wol is struck with horror.

Fanderay’s Comments:

I have slightly mixed feelings about this episode. I really enjoyed the “slow” scenes, like YW going to visit her father’s grave, but at the same time, I do wish that a little more had happened. I didn’t find the episode boring or slow, and the bigger issue for me is that we’re running out of episodes! There’s so much that I’d like to see more of, and it just doesn’t seem like there’s enough time. I did think it was nice to have more focus on Wol though, because it showed that she’s a worthy protagonist, and not just some girl caught up in the power game of others.

I’m not sure what I think about Wol being wary of N, although she seems to be taking appropriate action based on her circumstances. I admire that she wants to find her enemies without being naive, and N has been lying to her for years, but I think that N’s last conversation with Wol (in jail) made it clear that she’s sorry for everything that’s happened. Either way, I’m happy to see that Wol isn’t just sitting there feeling sorry for herself, no matter how nervous her planning makes me. She already started wondering about her initial illness, and what will she do if she finds out that N was responsible for that too? It may not be obvious that the Dowager was really behind everything. N doesn’t seem like one to play the blame game, and might just try to take responsibility for everything.

Once again I felt a little bad for B, this time since she finally approached her love for H much more reasonably, and chose to be honest instead of manipulative, but her words only reminded H of YW more. Speaking of which, the preview editors for this episode were rather evil, showing us an adult YW that was just in H’s imagination (it made me extra bitter since once I saw the scene I knew it meant they wouldn’t have any real moments together). It’s unfortunate that B’s nice (-ish) side only lasted for one scene because now that she’s seen Wol she may just go crazy. First she had hallucinations of young YW, and now she has the older one to contend with too…it must be horrifying!

M doesn’t really seem to have taken a turn to towards the dark side yet, and mostly just seems angry towards H. I was pleased to see some scenes between him and Wol that were relatively normal, without her life in danger or him desperately trying to pursue her. They have cute moments together, but I definitely don’t think their chemistry is as strong as H and YW’s. Their time together is also bittersweet because we all know that M is just creating memories with someone he’ll never get to have. I’m normally annoyed when characters cling, but it feels like circumstance is conspiring to keep M from moving on. Last week he was ready to leave town and forget Wol, but then she ended up tortured and almost killed, so it’s hard to blame him for not returning. At least now he’s not being pushy about his emotions, and isn’t putting any pressure on her. He’s leaving her free to choose to like him, and really, that’s the only way that ever works.

I actually think that H is handling the situation quite badly too. Stalking M when he’s with Wol and commanding him not to see her is rather cold and un-brotherly of him. He is treating M like he is one of his subjects, and like he can just push him around, which is sure to just make M more stubborn and likely to push back. M has always been a kind and understanding older brother who has gone out of his way to avoid and defy those who want him to vie for the throne. If H appreciates those efforts at all, he should act like family, instead of like a king who is used to always getting his way. I’m sure it’s frustrating for H to not have the freedom that M has, but he too needs to give Wol the freedom to decide her feelings for herself, since no amount of fighting between brothers can change who she loves.

I’m quite enjoying Woon’s role lately, although I still wonder what his exact motives are. Was he just protecting the king by hiding the truth, or was he protecting M? Or maybe, was he just protecting their friendship? I have no doubt that his motives are pure and loyal, but it must make it difficult when those brothers are at odds with each other and he cares about them both. The poor boy looked pretty uncomfortable when he was busted by the king, and he’s ill-equipped when it comes to explaining himself. I also love Woon way more now that his hair isn’t so terrible.

When MW turned away Y’s hand and asked him to help his mother instead, I almost fell over in shock. I knew she was nice, but I had no idea she was that nice. Despite her emotional nature, she obviously has the capacity for maturity and is thoughtful of those she cares for, so I’m glad to see that Y seems to be noticing her charms. Now that MW knows about the dad’s suicide and sees her mother-in-law in such pain, it seems that she is very near her breaking point, and I suspect that her guilt will cause her to confess everything soon.

I can’t imagine many things worse than discovering that your dad commit suicide because of you while watching your mother weep in anguish, so I admired Wol even more for not rushing to her mom’s side or revealing the truth when she overheard everything. She is using her head instead of being ruled by emotion, and she’s actually doing a better job of it than either of the men (is this really a kdrama we’re watching?).

I think that moment with N and Seol dressed as a girl was important because it revealed to N that Wol knows the truth now (I think). The last time Seol dressed as a girl was when Wol was officially YW, so now it’s like Seol is her hand-maid again, which signifies that they have returned to their past roles (even if no one else knows it).

Tomorrow I would like to see a confrontation between Wol and N, some political movement from H or the Yoons, and a kiss between H and Wol. I feel like it’s definitely time, and it’s like this episode was purposely denying us any H and Wol moments to build anticipation for a little romance. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking though (I know I’m too prone to optimism). I really do hate this no-preview business.


94 comments on “The Moon That Embraces The Sun E15

  1. Iviih says:

    omg, omg……. does Hwon know????????

    The video is already subbed by s@nbi @Soompi….

    I hope it’s okay to post it here Softy.


  2. moony says:

    Anyone can translate the conversations please? They will be kissing, yay!


  3. nonski says:

    Hi Fand… thanks, just got to read your comments -__-

    it was really a heart wrenching moment when wol knew her father died by committing suicide. it is sad enough that her father is dead but the circumstances to it made it even more. 😦 😦 😦 and yes she is very admirable for not rushing to her mom, which actually added more pain in her heart that time. 😦

    on skinship… even an embrace by hwon and wol would make me really happy. they have this amazing chemistry that with just the looks in their eyes could say everything that is in their heart, well more so with KSH!

    can’t wait for tonight!


  4. summerlamb says:

    i watched this episode and thru most of the episodes i must say they have done very well to tease you in to coming back to see more in this saeguk drama, i must admit i only watch it for KSH, cos he is a very good actor, and i enjoy how he pretty much can make you embrace the characters he takes on, i am deeply grateful to the recaps as the make it so much easier to watch the drama again without subs, because thanks to the recaps, i get it:D, i heard Joo won would have played the M character, kinda glad he didn’t, because the character seems kinda pathetic, and bothersome because he doesn’t get the hint that H and YW/Wol, are meant to be, don’t think i would have liked to have seen Joo won playing this M character,…#justsaying


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