Happy Together OB cast

Sort of wished there was a part two to this program cuz it went by too quickly. At least we got to see a little bit of how JW might be on 1N2D. You could really see how their personalities in real life sort of seemed similar to their characters for some of them while others are complete opposites. Just look at their slippers. 🙂 Can’t believe we have to say goodbye to this cast this weekend.
*Wow Semi-fly – that is so generous of you to leave so many torrents. 🙂 You really are too good to us – we have been spoiled by your kindness. Thank you so much. 🙂

**Updated Friday night

Never did a live recap of a talk show before. It’s harder than it looks. With so many people being interviewed, I know I wont be able to get any names straight. I will use their character names to make things easier and the only name of the hosts that I know is Yoo Jae Suk so I have no idea what to call the others -maybe the funny wig guy, the ajumma, the short girl next to her and some random guys on the side that always sprays the guests for no apparent reason.

JS makes the introductions and says the ratings are over 30% and TP couldn’t come cuz he started another family drama. JS: The maknae got work first. TS: after we all finish, we will be jobless. except for this friend (MS) cuz she is working on Moon embraces the sun. The woman says when people with MS’s name comes out, the ratings are high. so SY says they talked about that – if MS unni has another project- let’s all follow her and to her next drama. JS jokes SY’s face is small but TB’s face is clearly visible even though he is sitting far away. SY says how even though JW is a guy, his face is too small. They tease Uee saying since JW’s face is small, Uee’s face will be compared. wig guy says Uee’s face is big so uee hits him and says it’s not big. JS calls MS the queen of ratings.TS says if you add up all of MS’s dramas it comes out to over 100%. 35%,35%,40% ratings=110%.  MS lists all her dramas that were ratings hit.  JS says today will be the last day of filming. each cast introduces their characters. JS says how well MS drinks alcohol. TS says how deliciously MS drank her beer at their set party yesterday. Girl ask if the image MS projected in acting was all a lie. TS says that’s her charm. They ask if MS is married. MS says she is married and has a 6yr old. they say she looks like a miss.  SY didn’t know if TB was the second or third son. TB introduces himself saying: I married first and felt love later-I am the strange guy hwang TB. JS says SY is on her honeymoon stage and hasnt gone on one yet. SY says she is going when weather warms up. They say how sad TB was when SY got married. woman asks why SY got married during the drama instead of waiting till it was over. SY says she felt nervous like if she didnt do it now she wont be able to later. Woman asks if actors have feelings for their partners during filming. Uee says when JW started his new drama when there wasnt a female lead she said “why isnt there one” but then they found the lead so Uee didnt feel good about it. so uee asked him ” is she pretty.” TS says when KJ came in to film. JW said to TS, as soon as he came in the morning JW got angry looking at the script. JW hides his face so TS asks why is he like this. TS: he really said he was angry. like Uee is getting stolen away. TS says how JW reacts emotionally. TS: “I was shocked that someone who is 26 could have these feelings. and his acting is like a grownup and impressive.”

Some guys are introduced behind them as G4. They talk about Uee. They talk about her long legs. Another one says how she cried well on OB. One of them says he is same as JW. 87. They say how Jw and Uee’s kiss scene brought in 20%. They talk about TB. How they think his next project will do well. They talk about how younger looking SY is becoming and how she resembles the ajumma on the show. They talk about all of MS’s dramas. They make all the cast make funny faces so Jw does it first then MS. Then Uee. She ask the wig guy to do it first. Uee does it. TS does it. Then TB. They talk about SY’s real name which is weird. they show a college picture of TB. TB talks about what he was good at doing – fire show. where he has to put oil in his mouth but some got on his chest and arms so his arms caught on fire.They say how Uee and Jw are a year apart. JS says they must feel something so Jw says he told the hyungs that in real life he felt some  jealousy towards KJ. MS says truthfully not too long ago she told JW as a noona “cant the two of you date?” JW: suddenly during set rehearsal, noona called  me over and said – couldnt you date Uee?” Uee starts to say alot of people around them say this. the woman asks if they didnt really feel something during filming. like feel flustered (have feelings for someone) Uee said she did as she tied his necktie cuz it was their first skinship. during rehearsal she didnt know so she just tied it but the director said it would be nice if she felt like she was falling for JW so she pretended she had feelings for him and did that scene and her habit is to blink a lot (when she feels that) and she really did blink a lot. TS jokes he felt something towards MS when he grabbed the rag from her hand. SY says she felt something when she pulled TB’s hair. Y says when she did the kiss scene. The hotel one. Y says how TP was cool and pulled her and said “I love you.” JS asks how they were at school so JW said how popular Uee was at school. Uee talks about how she had to speak formally to JW when they could have spoken informally. TS was the emcee at MS’s wedding.  TS says when he saw the script he thought of MS. And her manager called TS and said MS was going to do OB. Woman says if they weren’t married it was a nice fate. Y asks if her husband was ok with her kiss scene. Y went home and bragged she did a kiss scene but her husband wasn’t interested and there was no reaction. Y talks about  her husband and they talk about being lonely when they are with their spouses. SY says how she always has her phone nearby. She talks about how her husband has big eyes. When she is with friends her husband texts I love you. Uee says SY uses a lot of aegyo. And SY puts Uee on the phone. but SY’s husband didn’t say one word to Uee cuz he likes Uee. And SY’s husband didn’t want this drama to end cuz of Uee. Her husband wanted the same phone as Uee. Her husband wants to hit TB cuz of too many loveydovey scenes. SY says how TB always has a mirror with him (cuz he likes his looks). Wig guy says he likes his looks so Y jokes is that why you had eyelid surgery. JS asks how Uee looks at the mirror and she shows it. Jw just checks his eye corners for the crust from sleep. TS doesn’t look in the mirror. They ask what song JW likes to sing. Since he did musicals. They ask him to sing. JW sings. Other girl makes the G4 guys stop goofing around while Jw sings. They make fun of Jw putting his hand in his pocket. Then how JW sang. They think he seems similar to someone. They chant for Uee. So JS asks her to dance. She stretches and dances to Beyonce’s Single ladies. JS asks why JW didn’t watch Uee dance cuz JW looked down while she was singing. Jw: I cant watch that –I normally dont like that stuff. i dont know why but I like when Uee is cute more. JS: even though she is not his girlfriend, JW has a little bit of jealousy. so when we chanted Uee when she came out to dance so instead of Uee’s dance, JW couldnt stand us. JW laughs. MS sings something old. Then TB sings something slow while looking in the mirror but laughs. They say TB plays guitar well so TS learned from TB when TS had to play for the drama. TB plays guitar and gets another guy to tune it. TB sings and plays. Uee laughs and cries.

JS says best 3 from OB. First one is kiss from TS and MS. TS says he was supposed to MS talking and think she is pretty and want to kiss her. TS says people in 30s and 40s waited for that kind of couple. SY says there was a scene when the  ajumma talks back to GM. TS says that was hard for her. JS reads the card “left out/missed out from the brothers” Uee said there was a scene where TP oppa and TH oppa were supposed to be shirtless in the bathroom conversing. looked forward to it but was disappointed. SY says the script said maknae had his shirt off all the female actors and female staff looked forward to it but it didnt look good. Uee says both oppas were supposed to match their lines (as in practice their lines) but instead both of them were doing pushups to pump up. Y says there should be some line (shape) but there was no line. TS says – my line/shape came out when I wore MS’s training pants. he was embarrassed about his pink pants cuz it was too tight. Jw laughs about the tight pants saying he was so shocked to see TS wearing those pants. Uee said in the first episode she came out one scene and there wasnt good reaction but second episode she got better response. TS says they worried cuz the female lead is a singer. even if the ratings werent good Uee shined. JS says how Uee worked hard. girl says in kim tak guy, JW played the bad guy character but in this one he showed aeygo so they are curious about it. JW said he sang the tabpole song to J cuz she asked me to so I did it on the street. the two women say they want to see it. JW dances and sings the tadpole song. the girl joins him. after it was over she wanted to high five but he didnt know so TS tells him to go and high five her so JW does, but she hugs him too.  They ask what Jw’s ideal woman is. JW: there is no set ideal. wig guy asks: Do you look at appearance (face). JW: it’s not like I don’t look at the face. They ask him to choose so he chooses uee. JS says that Jw seems to like uee. woman says since they filmed for a long time. for the time during the drama you have to love for the acting to come out. JW agrees. JW: I feel like I need to take care of my partner a lot. woman asks: after it’s over you dont keep in touch huh? JW: i do even when it’s over I do. JS says Uee and Jw has to say they like each other is they really do. after 1,2,3 both do not say anything. they are asked what snack they like. uee says thuckbokee and JW says pig sausage. they ask about TB’s personality. they ask his ideal and TB quickly says he looks at faces. his ideal is emanuel b. (some french actress) and they think she looks like SY like a rabbit.

They want to do the water segment, but Y is alone. So they start with her. I think the point was they have to answer quickly and it they are slow to answer, they get sprayed. Question: my body is better than Uee.  Y holds up no.  Q: if she was upset about something during the drama. she holds up yes. next question i coulndt hear. she gets sprayed. They say she looks pretty even if she is soaked. JS asks what she was upset about. Y says when she looked forward to something and it didnt match up so she was upset about that. Y says she liked the people she filmed with and the staff. woman says Y’s body is great so why do you think it’s not as good as Uee’s. Y says Uee is the same height as her and there is 7kg difference in weight. Uee says that is similar to being a kid cuz when Uee first saw her since she only saw Y on tv, Uee bowed and said hello but Y asked her “what is your height. Uee: 171 cm. and Y asked: what about your weight? Uee: the middle of 50 kg. Y: you and I are just 7kg difference. Uee thought for a female actress she just met to talk like that Uee thought she was very easygoing. Next is for JW and Uee. The question is : if the partner next to me said let’s date for real I could. JW and Uee both hold up yes. Q: I think the two of us look really good together. JW and Uee both say yes again. Q:The drama was popular because of us” their answers are different. Their answers can be different so the guy shouldn’t have sprayed JW and Uee so they both spray the guy. Q: more than acting I have more confidence in singing. JW no and Uee yes. the others spray both of them again. guy sprays into JW’s mouth so he spits the water back into the guy’s face. JW says he felt like it was unfair cuz he was about to hold up the paddle. JW bows to apologize. JS asks the guy instead of JW who was in front of you did you see what was going on behind you? cuz the other guys next to him sprayed the guy too. so the guy says he feels betrayed by those others. JW brought a towel and wiped Uee’s face for her. girl says she wants to get hit with water too.  Uee said this was the first time she had couple scenes while filming a drama. so after every scene they have feelings that accumulate. like for example there was a scene where oppa wore a suit and looked good. woman says they could date then but Uee says : cuz i am an idol. (meaning there are rules against it) wig guy asks till what age is an idol. woman says 30yrs old these days. JS says why else would MS would ask the two of them to date. They ask when Jw and Uee will start dating now. cuz it looks like the only thing left to do is dating. woman says the important part is after finishing the drama.  Jw: that is what I really think.  that what happens later is more important. woman says you two know each other’s personal phone numbers. JW: what happens later is important. guy says dont hide and reveal officially. SY says no to that. she thinks they should date hidden somewhere deep.  if the two of them are going to get married it doesnt matter but if that’s not it. SY goes on about how they wont be accepted as is and a lot of strange articles about them will go out. girl says she is going to hide and date so the mean guy says go into the basement and hide.   They ask SY and TB – you didn’t like the look of your partner at first sight. TB doesnt hold up his answer in time but SY held up yes. the mean guy sprays so SY says: it’s not me so why. she hid behind JW and JW gets sprayed on purpose. the girl asks why the guy is spraying JW (but you know the guy just wants revenge for JW spitting on him). Q: I am dating cuz of the drama but in real life I wouldnt date. SY yes and TB no. guy says TB was late and sprays him. SY gets hit so she asks: why do you keep spraying me. they explain how the rule is they have to be sprayed together. Q: my partner is really a brat. SY holds up no. TB is slow again. SY yells out “ya.” they ask why SY answered she didnt like TB’s looks at first. SY: I heard it wrong. JS says she needs to be sprayed. SY” but I was already sprayed a while ago. but that guy only sprays JW – saying “it’s revenge.” JW takes the water in his mouth and walks over to spit it out and other guys want JW to spit on them but JW doesnt do it. JS asks what they thought about each other’s first impressions. TB says he thought SY would be a brat but when she smiles she seems like a person.  Jw says when they film at drinking bars SY would eat fried chicken in the morning -I eat that often too so only the two of them ate together. TS says SY eats everything well. woman wonders how SY doesnt gain weight. SY is asked about her first impression of TB and she says when she heard he would be her partner she looked forward to it. TS  asks if SY was dating her husband at that time (when she started filming). SY says she was. TS asks if she ever once thought “I could like this person more than my husband, but SY chooses her husband. they asks TS and he said he could. TB says TS’s wife is really pretty and young. there is an age difference between TS and his wife. JS says TS’s daughter is really pretty. They show pics of TS’s kids. they say the girl resembles her mom a lot. TS says his second is prettier. He has his 3rd child on the way. His daughter is really cute.they ask how many total he wants and TS says 4 cuz he is being greedy, but i havent told my wife yet. TB didnt hear that and tries to say that TB has another kid on the way so TS says I already told them. TS mutters that TB is not such a great dongsang – maybe water got in his ears.  JS asks why TB answered that he wouldnt date for real -it’s just for the drama. TB didnt understand the question. SY jokes: I am not great huh? (as in you dont like me much huh) TB says he didnt mean that. TB says SY has a lot of charm. you have to be with SY for about 5 mins to know her charm. JS jokes a lot of minutes has passed. Next is TS and MS.  Q:Want to partner with some young actor/actress now. TS no and MS yes. Q: more than the drama/project ratings are more important. both say yes. Q: there are scenes i wish my family at home wouldn’t watch. both say no but MS was slow. MS gets sprayed a lot. Q: we drink a lot. both hold up yes. They ask who MS wants to be partnered with who is young. MS: it doesn’t matter I am not choosy. they ask how much TS and MS can drink. TS answers that if the ambience is good and he thinks of it then he can drink. first time he met MS he said let’s go drink -he wanted to be polite and go to a drinking place but she chose a street vender saying “let’s just go anywhere” and she drank soju. he liked that he likes girls like that. TS points out that Uee and the other woman drinks alcohol well. woman asks what the limit is that Uee could drink – one bottle of soju? TS: she keeps drinking. Uee: I drink till the end. (she adds she learned to drink from TS) woman says Uee can drink a lot. (high tolerance) and JS points out TS gave Uee thumbs up meaning she can drink a lot. TS: at first she called me ajussi. but after learning to drink from me she called me oppa. Uee said she called TS oppa but he told her not to call him oppa. TS: who did? so Uee asks “were you drunk then?” cuz TS cant remember. Uee says since she calls the hosts oppa so she thought she could call TS oppa but that was a drinking place. woman ask if it’s not better for Uee to call TS oppa. TS: yes it is. Guksoo shows up. TS says Guksoo grew during filming. they ask if he is Korean. SY: yes. woman: he acts so well. TS: he is a korean kid. TS explains they powdered Guksoo so he would look tanned.  They ask if Guksoo has another project. He says it’s not certain yet. SY: uee cried yesterday too. Uee is about to cry cuz OB is ending. Uee: cuz this was the first time I was a lead. so it still feels sad. it would be nice if everyone watched till the end and had fun. guy says she looks like she wil cry. she normally cries easily. JS says this time with Ojak family was really fun today. there is more of the drama so please have fun watching till the end.  Guksoo : thank you for loving OB till now.


221 comments on “Happy Together OB cast

  1. summerlamb says:

    That was so worth staying up to watch, gotta get some sleep, but must say i enjoyed it all very funny, and liked when JW got wet by the gagmen and he caught it in his mouth and literally, i dunno if spat is the correct word to use, but he gave it back to him,:D:D:D:D, so although he was rather, he was pretty good interacting with the gagmen, allowing me to believe, he will prolly have no problem on the 1N2D show, since its an all male cast, so he should be OK!!!, maybe he was shy cos, people literally are watching them two, so one must be careful, so as not to stir any misunderstandings, and Uee is pretty confident, but she is a kpop idol star, and she is in an all girl group, that exude, confidence,….just an observation:):):)


  2. semi-fly says:

    Torrents for Happy Together S3 236:
    Spider / 720p – http://www.box.com/s/qu0a90zux91quodqrk5g


  3. summerlamb says:

    semi fly, you are a legend:D:D:D


  4. Anonymous says:

    in my opinion JW did okay…that seems to be his personality. If ur going to see his past appearances in other talk shows he was also quiet.He doesn’t talk much when he is not being asked.


  5. edith s says:

    I think they have something special . It’s just that Uee is better or more cool in handling it. Joo Won is really very shy but he gave himself away when he offered the fresh towels to wipe the face of Uee. Everyone in the show noticed this and literally asked them what relationship they have. OMG !!! At this point, it was Uee’s turn to turn herself in . . . she smiled naturally to the question but cannot admit the truth probably because of the idol image. Joo Won is so lucky to have her. Uee too . They are match made in heaven.


  6. Ginko says:

    Softy, I can’t thank you enough for your recaps. Hope you get enough rest for tonight.

    It was so hard for you coz they talked so fast, I’m amazed at how well you were doing multitask: watching, listening and typing, you cover most of the show. Truly impressive!

    They ask about if Jw and Uee will date now. Jw says what happens later is more important. SY thinks they should date hidden.

    Now, this is the evidence!!! They definitely have feelings for each other, or they’re already dating. But like SY said, they can’t make it public, just them alone. I’m already happy with this.

    Long love Joo Won – UEE couple 🙂


  7. Anonymous says:

    gosh he could have just handed the towel to UEE but he wiped her face with his own hands.yeeeeeeeeeee.:)


  8. bbblue73 says:

    Well, everybody said it all for our Joowon-Uee couple & I’m happy for them.
    For Joowon, action speak louder than words. He proved it a while ago for uee.
    I agree with you Ginko dear, maybe they’re already dating & i think SY know something that’s why she says they should date hidden.
    Thank you as always softy for the recap & semifly for the link.


  9. r.a.b says:

    I really had fun watching HT and I really think that there is something between them.I love the fact that joo won didn’t looke at her when she was dancing I think he is conservative and he said he likes her cute side awww. i hope that they stay friends for soo many years and when they grow up they realize that they are match made in heaven. It’s soo common to see friends turn to lovers

    And when joo won wiped her face i was like am i watching JE and TH !!! but then i remembered BTS when he buttoned up her jacket. I think joo won is soo obvious while uee is sooo good at hiding her feelings but she also cried many time. Anyway wish them luck in their career and later i want them to get married.

    thank you softy and semi-fly <3333


    • Lili says:

      He just simply a caring guy… I bet he will do the same to Bokja Ahjumma and Grandma too on set (it just the camera don’t shows us that… 🙂

      Uee hv tons of male fans… I think many male celebrities and non-celebrity rich guy want to go after her…


      • Nana says:

        but as a fan of after school, i dont think that uee is that ‘kind’ of girls… both joowon and uee obviously have pure feeling with each other…

        if joowon did the same to bokja ahjumma and grandmother, it’s just his affection towards elderly people…. but if he does it to someone younger that is qualified to become a girlfriend @ lifetime partner maybe,, then it’s something else.. keukeukeu.. it’s called LOVE,, or maybe a liking,, which at the end will become LOVE.. hehehehe.. 😀


  10. nonski says:

    Thanks so much Softy! will have to get back laters… just peeking in, darn so very busy, still at work atm. 🙂 you are so awesome for doing this.


  11. letters says:

    Does anyone know what were the q’s they were asking JW and Uee during that water game.


  12. SS says:

    This is my first time watching live streaming. I can’t understand a single word but could get that TB, SY, Y and TS were all very funny. They really camped it up.

    I didnt expect JW to be so quiet. For a moment, I forgot and thought that I was seeing TH all the time.

    Then I had almost a heart attack when I saw him brought a towel and wiped her face. That more than made up for his passiveness the whole hour.

    What can I say? TH…no…JW is a man of action……***sigh****


  13. edith s says:

    can someone capture this towel wipe face scene please


    • Ginko says:

      Here you are, pics from Korean news

      Now Korean media also put a question if those two are in love ^^


      • OMG!!! I really don’t like his hair, he looks like he is wearing GM’s or the mom’s WIG!! >,<
        And it got worsen when wets 😦 :(. Makes me wants to go there & comb his hair or give him a hair gel or a bandana, haha 😀 😀
        Seriously, he needs to changes his hair style or do something with his hair style… I wish Uee would give him some extra attention about his hair style, hehe 😛


  14. Oo my Good Lord!!! Softy, thank you thank you very much for your super fast recap!!! WOW!! I didn’t expected would be this quick!! You are ROCK, Softy!!!
    Anyway, I still couldn’t believe/accepted JW would spit on that guy 😦 (really did shock me!!), I almost lost my admiration/amazement to him… Well, anyway he shows the good side of him by caring to Uee and I love it!! I hope JW will always stay humble, down to earth, well manner and nice to every one (young and older people) in the future and in his many next projects/dramas 🙂


    • r.a.b says:

      I think he was just joking and trying to be funny


    • SS says:

      I was also rather troubled by JW spitting on that guy. Not that I admire him less but rather concerned how this will go down with Korean audience? The guy also seemed shocked.

      I mean if I am a guy in his shoes, I can imagine myself doing it, more in the name of fun or mischief rather than being intentionally rude. Maybe he is not so used to this type of shows yet whereas you can see TB & TS are a lot more seasoned.


      • Yeahh… after watching JW & Uee on the water spray game few times, I realize JW never meant to be rude & disrespect to that guy, it was just a joke & he just wanted to get even with that guy for over spraying him. JW is always a very sweet, nice, respectful & shy person. Shocked it’s just my first reaction :P, but I will always love my cutie dimples charming JW, no matter what 🙂 🙂


    • Ginko says:

      Oops, I think he didn’t know that guy was standing right in front him that time?
      And JW did bow several times in apology after that.


    • Qua Trang says:

      My reaction too. I was shocked and wondered if that could be scripted? But the other guy was shocked too. And to be honest, I don’t think it funny on television. It could be funny amongst friends but not in public, on tv. But I think maybe JW was trying too hard to be funny, because he was really quiet. I think he is a little stressed being asked about his relationship with UEE. The feeling that exuded from their interaction is very strange. But I hope he will learn some tricks on how to do varieties and fare better in 1D2N, because I plan to catch it.


    • Yeahh… after watching JW & Uee on the water spray game few times, I realize JW never meant to be rude & disrespect to that guy, it was just a joke & he just wanted to get even with that guy for over spraying him. JW is always a very sweet, nice, respectful & shy person. Shocked it’s just my first reaction 😛 , but I will always love my cutie dimples charming JW, no matter what 🙂 🙂


  15. Sayha Alee says:

    Thank you sooo much Softy and semi-fly ! I really enjoyed the HTshow although i don’t understand what they are talking about. Like they said, actions speak louder than words ! All of them were sooo funny. Love JW/ Uee and OB Family 🙂 🙂 XD


  16. SS says:

    JW’s face is so cute when he was holding the O card during the game. Reminds me of the look when JE goaded him into playing the forehead flicking game and he was initially quite nonchalant about it.


  17. Selina says:

    I dont like him with his hair like that, in the tie scene he is just so hot!! He is so ready just to be kissed in that scene!!! At first I liked his big hair but now it is really out of control, it reminds me of boys over flowers, oh gosh I hated lee minho’s hair in that drama!! When he spitted, I was so embarassed, he shouldnt have done that but I see many times in k variety shows where celebs do very silly things.


  18. Anonymous says:

    Yeay, other k-celebs too do the same thing.


  19. edith s says:

    i like Joo Won no matter what. He is quiet yet spontaneous once he feels he has to show it . his feelings are just natural . he genuinely cares for Uee and if there’s anything that is bothering him is that they are both celebrity stars. I wish he keeps his heart for Uee only. I’m sure there will be a lot of temptations later to both of them. Joo Won and Uee must developed something intimate after filming Ojakgyo and with so many memorable kissing scene and otherwise. I wish they continue dating and marry later. Hope news about them will not die even if they try to hide it. can’t lve without any news from them . . .


  20. Anonymous says:

    I was surprised as well but not troubled when he spat at the man. He was obviously gonna do it to joke and the second time he tried to do it the guys were actually fighting like they wanted to get JW’s spit on them.

    Anyways, no OB preview?


    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not surprised at all because all the HT MCs and the 4 gagmens like to provoke their guest 🙂

      You will see a lot ‘ inappropriate manner’ in variety programme like 1N2D, i.e. Seugeun habit of farting freely in the show! Pffffff…. 🙂 🙂


      • Ginko says:

        What? Did her really? Oh man, this is exactly the reason why I can’t watch variety programme. I’ve never ever watched a full episode of any variety show until today. It must be really weird now if I start following 1N2D from March ^^

        Btw, I didn’t pay attention that JW was trying to spit the second time, so it’s true he did that on purpose to joke. Well, it’s really strange for me. But I love him no matter what, coz other MCs didn’t trouble by that. It means Korean audience get used to that kind of jokes?!!!

        @SS, just read what you quote from JW’s interview back then, I love him.


  21. SS says:

    I think most of you may have read this Joo Won interview back in 2010(?)

    “recently took part in a recording for KBS variety show “Happy Together 3.” I worked really hard on the show because I thought I would come off as someone who is boring since everyone on the show is so funny. My hidden talent? I didn’t particularly have one but I did everything that they wanted like singing or reciting lines. I feel that being on entertainment programs are really hard.”

    He also said in the same interview that he was an introvert till he started to take part in theatre.

    So I think thats how he is in real life. He is quiet and shy but becomes totally different being when he is on stage and acting.

    These are the reasons why I love this guy. He comes across as really genuine, affectionate, tender and shy in person. But when the cameras start rolling, he puts his heart and soul into acting and the result is clear for us to see.


  22. 주이 카폴 says:

    Someone please post the Online streaming links for Happy together! I can’t download it! T.T


  23. Liz_A_JYJ says:

    I keep replaying the towel part xD It seems to me that UEE had a small smile on her face and she was blushing a bit. I agree with you guys, UEE is better at hiding her real feelings than Joo Won xD They should date in secret =)


  24. mizz curly says:

    Thank you very much Softy for the recap…you’re awesome…..waiting for the link from youtube…


  25. Esquire says:

    Hi, I have to say I agree with the comments regarding Joo won’s and UEE’s feelings for one another. This is the first time I’ve ever loved a drama couple so much. I think it’s because Joo won’s portrayal as TH is so real (kudos to him for his acting chops), and he genuinely seems to care for UEE a lot. I think it’s the same thing for her as well. I believe there’s more than just friendship between the two. However, she has to conceal that because some of Joo won’s fans would most likely hash out against their union (if it does happen – want it to be soon. That’s if it already isn’t). Especially, those who seem to dislike/hate UEE for no reason. Even up to now, I’m baffled by some comments about her; accusing, lashing out – etc.

    Moving on, I believe they should date, and if they are – most likely in secret. I can’t blame them for that. Some people need their privacy. Nevertheless, I have to say that Joo won’s caring nature does come out often, and we get to see how much he really cares for UEE. Even though she tries to hide it; her reactions and expressions showcases a different story (or maybe it’s just my wishful thinking).

    As for the spitting scene, it was obviously meant to be a joke. Why people would take that so seriously beyond me. Based on the expressions and reactions from everyone who were involved, it definitely showed that it wasn’t meant to be a serious issue. Sometimes, people need to relax and not get so rile up over things like that. It’s an entertainment show; surprises should be expected. Therefore, for some of his fans or others to – suddenly change their opinions of him because of one particular scene where it wasn’t even intended to be taken seriously is a great overreaction.

    Back to our favourite couple: I believe there’s something there, and I hope that they would explore it; undeniable, irresistible, and an adorable chemistry these two have. It would be a shame not to,

    Well; that’s my two cents ^^’


    • Betty Ruan says:

      It’s obviously that Uee couldn’t memorize the choreography of Single Lady but she strongly danced and even overdid it. I remembered Night after Night show in which she hosted with Park Muyng Soo, she revealed that girl groups tended to dance passionately in front of their favorite boy idols. Is it just me or is her showing off for JW easily realized?


  26. Nana says:

    noticed that when joo won wipe uee face, it looks like that he is playing around.. but uee face turned red after that… kekekekee… we all know what u did there joo won… flirting around in front of many people…. ^_^


    • dee says:

      Yep! Especially since he “pressed” kind of hard.
      But I could help noticing their hands and also the expression of Y, SY and TB.
      They looked genuinely shock and at the same time happy. I don’t know how to explain but like there’s a little secret that they are sharing within.


  27. Anonymous says:

    There must be something going between JW & Uee, and I’m 100% sure about that hehehe. They must be dating in real life, and I think that they are giving us a hint about JW & Uee’s dating through HT show LOL!!!


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