Ojakkyo Brothers E54

I bawled like there was no tm during GM’s speech to the mom and dad. I got my wish and the old OB came back. That scene is the reason why I continue to love this drama. Everything the GM should have said all this time, she finally said it but in the best possible way – straight from the heart and full of love. Something tells me watching TH look like this while staring at J’s photo might have been the last push the GM needed to do the right thing. You can’t tell very clearly, but his eyes were brimming with tears. I loved how he put his thumb on J’s face like he was imagining touching her face. That is the kind of longing that is almost palpable cuz you know he is missing her with every fiber of his being.

E55 Video Preview- thanks to everyone who posted or tried to post video links all day. you guys are the best. 🙂

Baek is sitting next to TH as they meet with Hong. TH asks Hong: please reveal the truth now. who is the person who drove?  Hong: he is here now. it’s Baek.  TH: I said look closely at the picture again – (to see) who wore the white clothes. TH and Baek leave and Baek says to TH “I am sorry”

Hong meets with the chief and says “I am tormented so I can’t do this anymore.” Chief gives him a plane ticket and says this is this afternoon’s flight. stay in China for the time being.

J goes out and sees the ajumma surrounded by kids. the mom tells J: GM forgave you. she told me to bring you. you can believe it. J: I am sorry ajumma. I am very very grateful-that is why I can’t accept even more. J runs out to meet TH.

*My take on the preview is that he is still wearing the same clothes so after he questioned Hong, he went to go meet J since he no longer believes her dad is guilty. Once there I think he will find out his mom is there too and that his GM forgave J. Or better yet, maybe the mom called him and told him how J wouldn’t go back so TH went there himself to convince J. All this better happen within the first 30 mins and not the last seconds of E55 or I will have to go to KBS and strangle someone on the OB staff. 🙂

E55 written preview translated by Sparkskey who is still down with her flu – hope you feel well soon. 🙂

Mum finds J at the orphanage and tells her that GM has forgiven her; but J says she’s thankful but she can’t go. Mum says she’ll stay by J’s side then and starts unpacking.

TH and D starts getting into the investigations in earnest now that he has the picture of the hiking club. Lee Chongkyung (the chief’s job title in korean)  gives Hong who’s wrecked with guilt a plane ticket to requests that he leaves korea

* I love how Semi-fly phrased what will happen in the upcoming episodes- “Next week is going to be a roller coaster ride in the dark.”

I just read about what happened to nonski – hope you and your family stay safe and we will be praying for you. 🙂


I owe a debt of gratitude to Joonni for clarifying so many lines tonight. Thank you for coming to our rescue. 🙂


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written before it aired:

When I saw the scene where TH goes into the GM’s room last night, I was hoping he was going in there to convince her one more time so when he only said he was sorry, it sounded like he was giving up fighting for J. That made me think about what any grandmother in her shoes would have done. After the initial anger subsided and the grandmother was able to see things more clearly, wouldn’t most grandmothers give in to their grandchild? When you claim to love someone that much, how can you turn your back on the one thing they are asking for the most. TH proved he loves his grandmother by giving up J so now it’s the grandmother’s turn to put TH ahead of her own feelings. I think that is a part of the reason why she went to go visit her son tonight- more than likely to get his permission. Someone last week pointed out if TH’s birth father was anything like TH, his father would not want his son to be this miserable. I hope tonight the grandmother realizes that about her son and let’s TH go back to J. The grandmother already robbed him of one important woman in his life, isn’t that enough?


TH asks Hong: who was the person who drove that night. Hong: the person who was driving that night was BIH. TH: then BIH was wearing white clothes? Hong: I don’t know that. I dont remember but I am certain he drove. TH: if you were there, why did BIH drive. (cuz Hong is Baek’s driver) Hong’s hands start to shake as he says: He kept saying he would drive. I tried to stop him but couldn’t stop him till the end. TH: The victim of the accident is my father. Did you know that? Hong looks shocked but just says: please go back I have nothing else to say. TH: ok. I will go back for today but will come next time to meet you again. TH leaves. Hong sits down in shock. Chief comes out and says Hong did well. Even if he comes back you have to do well and keep your mouth shut till the end

TP goes to his room and TS and TB follow him. TP asks what is so important for them to follow him into his room. TB: this is important – why wouldnt it be important. It’s about bringing trouble to the calm waters of both our families. TS says he is on TP’s side no matter what, but it’s hard to take TP’s side when it comes to the aunt (Y). are you really sincere? TB says it doesnt matter if he is sincere. no matter what settle this (meaning break up). TS agrees and says when it comes to Y, there isnt just one or two things that get in the way. there is the problem of overlapping (TP and TB both married to SY and her aunt) but there is too much of an age difference too. also she has been married before. TP: why is that a problem? big hyung why are you being traditional. TB says it’s not just TS, most people are like that. if mom and dad find out, what do you think they will say? TP: then what about you, because of the standards and rules of other people, is that why you did a contract marriage for a year? TS: maknae. TP: younger hyung provoked me first. I didnt know both of you – especially younger hyung would do this. big hyung is normally conservative, but how could you be like this younger hyung. TP says that people’s real character show when they are confronted with something that they can’t understand. TB warns him not to go overboard cuz he is being patient right now. TP: what is the problem. there is nothing legally that prohibits this. he lists the issues that TB has regarding this about it doesn’t fit with society’s expectations, standards, or understanding. TP says those things normally exist to break them. TP says nothing is more important than their love and sincerity, especially the opinion of others. TB: love and sincerity? since you brought it up. let’s be honest. do you really like the aunt. TP: what does that mean? TB: do you honestly genuinely like her without any ulterior motive or calculation? (meaning TB is accusing TP of liking Y for her money) TS says TB to stop him but TB keeps going. he bascially asks TP: arent you loving her wealth? TP tries to hit him by saying: hwang TB. but TS pushes him back. TP gets mad and says: is that the kind of person you see me as? TB says TP has never once met a girl sincerely. (meaning TP always looked at a woman’s money). TP: just cuz up to now I didnt, how can you prove that this feeling I have towards Y now isnt sincere. TS tells him to relax and calm down. TP: I really like Y- without any other ulterior motive or calculation. I really genuinely like her. TB: how can you prove that? you think others will see you that way. (TP gets mad cuz TB is accusing TP not having anything so others will think since TP has nothing he wants money from Y). TP :what? that’s what you were trying to say? so if a guy has nothing, can they not love? if you two see me like this, what will others think. TS: maknae I dont think like that. TP: thanks. thanks a lot. thank you for letting me see reality. thank you so much that I think I will cry. TP pushes them out of the way and leaves. TS says TB should have watched his words more carefully- why mess with the kid. TB: I have to stop him now no matter what or else he has to hear what I said 10 or 20 times more from my mother in law

Y remembers how SY said: how long are you planning to hide it? from here on what are the two of you going to do? there is no way- you aren’t going to get married right? you really cant do that aunt. Y remembers all her times with TP when she kissed him and when he said it’s 3 words you say when you want to confess “I love you”. she smiles and remembers that. she tells herself – you like TP so how much longer are you going to live worrying like this.

TB has his head on SY’s lap. SY: so that’s why you arent in a good mood. after time passes, maknae will understand your sincerity. also thankfully, I dont think aunt is thinking as far as marriage. TB says that’s good then TP is the problem. I will talk to him again. TB suddenly sits up and asks if the baby kicked him. He is happy. SY: yes our cha gom kicked. TB: it’s the first time I felt the baby kick this strong.maybe he is a boy. how could he be so strong. wait – again. he leans his ear to her belly. he says the baby is kicking again. She says after the baby is born should we go on our honeymoon. we got married in a hurry so we didnt get to go on our honeymoon. He says that sounds good. let’s put in for a vacation and go in the summer. we cant take cha gom can we? She says the baby will be too young. instead, when cha gom is 6 let’s go on a backbacking trip to Europe. She wants them to go through the hard times of travel together and overcome the difficulties. TB: ok let’s make sure to go. SY: let’s live apart. I thought about it. as hard as it is to be around my in laws, it must be uncomfortable for you too. I also dont like the office coworkers talking too. I dont have confidence but I want to trust my husband and do it. But the officetel is too small so let’s get a loan and get a small apt. that’s ok right? TB: yes thinking of our cha gom, that would be good. let’s do that. he hugs her and thanks her. should we go in now. he carries her into the room. SY: I am heavy. TB: you are a little heavy.

SY’s dad tells the mom: I said nothing much will happen.  why are you like this when you already talked to Dr. Yoon for so long today. (dad lists stuff about her stats that are high.) you have been healthy every year so what could suddenly happen. mom: no I didnt tell you but these days, my makeup doesnt stay on well, my hands and feet get cold, and my heart races. stuff that was strange wasnt just one or two things. it doesnt feel good. dad: you had regular annual checkups so even if something came up within the year, it will be something like a small benign (? not sure of this word but it alarms her) whatever it is we can figure it out/manage it. mom: how can you talk like it’s someone else.  He says if she is so worried then go tm to get it checked. I will make reservations.  But she says no cuz she needs time to prepare her heart. he says let’s go sleep cuz she cant stay up all night. she tells him to go in first. I will go a little later. he doesnt leave and stays with her.

Baek is working at the construction site and climbs up to a high floor. he puts down what he is carrying and looks down like he wants to jump. He remembers how J said: “dad, you are having a really hard time these days arent you? during a short time, so many things happened. but now your daughter Baek JE is going to cheer up now. more than anything, you came back safely to my side. thank you dad.  As always, you are the person I love the most in this world.” Baek steps back and doesn’t jump. He cries and looks at J’s letter. J: dad, for a short time, I will be going out of seoul. your daugher Baek JE will come back recovered being lively again so look forward to it. also this is a lucky charm I made to give to you the day you went missing. from here on, you must always have it on you.”  He cries holding her letter and the pendant.

J is sitting by the window staring out and not really seeing anything. there is a row of kids and one by one they go up to her. the first little girl tells J that her stomach hurts. J: your stomach hurts? how does it hurt? does it hurt a lot? girl asks J to blow on her tummy. J says should I do that for you. what is your name. girl says it. J: your name is as pretty as your face. J tells the girl’s stomach to get better. Another boy asks J to draw something for him. Another says her finger hurts. J blows on the hurt finger first. J asks how he knew she could draw well. She tells them to sit. J invites other kids over to sit too. She draws for them. They ask what this is. J says they are ojak. they ask what that is. J says ducks.

J and kids watch KJ playing soccer with other kids. kids chant “win”. J and KJ serve snacks for kids and tell them to eat well. J suddenly looks sad and KJ notices

J goes and looks out the window and a boy gives her flowers. She thanks him and says he is nice. KJ comes over and says he has to go back up to seoul now. J: on your way back up, please drop me off. I had to go somewhere but I forgot and just came here

Mom is staring at the family pic and GM saw that. mom: I was just looking at the picture again.  are you going somewhere? GM: I will be back in a short time. mom: where are you going? let’s go together. GM says she is not senile yet and her mind is intact so dont treat her like she is helpless. mom says the GM’s faculties are way better than hers.then go and come back mother

TH meets with Baek. TH: during your questioning, you said you don’t remember driving at all didnt you. Baek: Yes after drinking at the hiking restaurant, I remember leaving, but after that I don’t remember anything at all. When I woke up I was sitting in the driver’s seat and holding the steering wheel and lee ki chil (LKC) said I had been in an accident. TH: you cant even remember the moment of the accident? Baek: I don’t remember. when I came to, we had already left the accident site and were in a snow field. LKC yelled how could I fall asleep while I drove. that it looked like I hit someone. in that moment, I was so scared. LKC said he would see how much the victim was hurt and said let’s leave the site first. I was too scared. TH: at that time, was Hong in the back seat riding the car with you guys. Baek: yes and the next day, he said the person who was hurt- his surgery went well and woke up safely. so I didnt try to find out more and as planned, a few days later I left (the country). TH: and you still dont remember what clothes you were wearing that day. Baek: after you left, I tried very hard to remember but I cant remember. TH: by any chance, do you not remember taking any pictures that day? who did you go hiking with? Baek: I went with a hiking group/club. we did take a group picture. TH: do you have the picture? Baek: but I dont have any remaining picture right now. after my company went bankrupt and I was missing, J moved out of the home and left everything behind. so there is nothing left. TH: I will ask again for the last time- do you not remember driving at all?

GM goes to see her son and J is already there with flowers. J is crying and prays then walks away. GM goes over to her son and looks at the flowers J left behind.

TH meets with D alone. TH shows D Bong’s investigation notes. help me dong min. D: yes whatever you need (I will help with anything) what should I help you with. TH says he wants to investigate prior to the accident cuz Baek doesn’t remember anything about driving on the day of the accident and cant remember the moment of the accident. After the accident he just woke up in the driver’s seat. Hong and LKC were in the same car. both say BIH drove, but maybe – I am throwing this out as a “maybe” but what if either hong or LKC drove and right after the accident, traded places with Baek who was out like a light. D: trade places? TH: The witness said the driver wore white clothes. but that day Baek went hiking so if you think about it rationally, he wouldn’t have worn white clothes. Also he was so drunk that he doesn’t remember anything so it doesnt make sense that he would have driven. D: but realistically there is no evidence/something to verify that.  TH: we have to find it. Also Baek took a group picture with other hikers. Baek doesnt have a photo but one of the other hikers in the group could still have that picture. if we can just find that picture, we can see what color clothes Baek wore on the day of the accident. D: that’s true we could. TH tells D to check about the connections between LKC and hong and the people around them.between the two, if one drove and if the other kept his mouth shut, there is some kind of deal that was made. D: ok I will look into it. I will find out, but you know the possibility is very slim right? don’t expect too much. it happened 26 yrs ago. whatever the truth is, it will be hard to get the proof. I am afraid you will count on this too much and be devastated.  TH: I am asking you as a favor. D: ok. I will do my best. TH: thanks. let’s go. TH gets up and drops his pendant. He tells D to leave first and he will follow after putting things in order. TH picks up the pendant and remembers how J gave it to him. He calls J but just holds the phone out willing himself not to talk, but KJ’s voice says “hello officer hwang it’s KJH.” TH: hello? KJ: I am keeping J’s phone for her.  J is not in seoul right now. she left for a short time. TH: oh she did. ok. I will hang up now.

everyone is gathered for breakfast. mom says everyone is here to the GM. TH said he had work and left early this morning. Dad asks if TH came home. mom says he came home late last night and left early this morning. these days he comes home. mom tells GM to eat. GM says let’s eat.  Dad asks TS if the wedding hall they went to see worked out. TS says the wedding hall was ok. he looks over at Guksoo who is looking down. MS says they reserved it right away. TS says they haven’t decided a date yet so they didnt decide when to get married yet. dad tells him to hurry and decide on the date. it’s good if you do it soon.  MS: yes father. MS gives TP a pen that belongs to Y that she found that Y dropped. mom asks who Y is. TP says my girlfriend mom. Mom: what? you have a girlfriend. TP: yes mom. Dad asks what kind of girl is she. TP says: she is pretty, kind, cute, and a nice girl. GM: while dating, is there someone who isnt pretty, isnt kind, and isnt nice. dad: that’s true mother.  dad tells TP to bring her over. I am really curious.  TS says they are not that serious, they just started dating but TP says: it’s past the start of dating. in a short time I will introduce you to her mom and dad. mom: I knew maknae was dating this girl and that girl, but isnt this the first time he spoke about a girl with his own mouth. dad: it is the first time. what kind of girl she is, my expectations are big.  Mom says to GM: if everything goes well, we might soon see maknae’s wife and child.  H: why isnt J unni around. GM did J unni go somewhere? Mom says she went somewhere for a short time. H: she did? Then she wont come anymore? MS says she bought sweet buns for GM cuz she heard GM liked them. GM thanks her

In her room, GM remembers the first time J bought her sweet buns and could only afford to buy two and then another time when J brought some to her and massaged her shoulders. GM hears dad yelling

Outside in the front yard, Dad is yelling at Baek to leave. dad: if you had any conscience, how could you come here. hurry and leave. leave while I say it nicely. now that she is better, are you doing this cuz you want mother to collapse again. Baek : then please accept my farm. Since you wont allow me to meet mother and beg for forgiveness and since the statute of limitation passed I cant be punished legally so there is nothing I can do. so please accept the farm at least. dad: that is the worst punishment for you. for you to live feeling like a criminal for the rest of your life. Baek: yes like you said, right now I am getting the worst punishment of my life. to my daughter, i became a father where it would have been better for her if I didnt come back alive. and to you, mother, and officer hwang, I became the someone that can’t even be equal to an animal. that is my judgement and punishment and if that’s how I have to pay for my crime then that is ok with me. I am ok with that, but CS -my daughter – my daughter J did nothing wrong. for her sake at least, I must pay for my crime. it would be better to ask your son for a favor and couldnt you put me in prison. Mom tells GM to go in now but GM doesnt move. GM watches from the window and keeps listening. Baek: CS, I want to die but I can’t die cuz of J. couldnt you let me pay for my crime even a little bit? GM asks the mom: how is J doing? you went without me knowing didnt you? mom: yes I went once. she isnt doing well like a kid who lost all her energy (like she is just an outer shell of who she used to be). GM:what about now? mom: he said she went somewhere. this morning I called her and Kim PD from the movie company said J left Seoul. it must be cuz she couldn’t endure it. She was originally a strong girl so I thought she could endure it well.

Guksoo looks at his mom’s pic and hides it when his dad comes in. TS asks: did you think about it? about dad marrying MS ajumma. I told you to think about it. Guksoo says: I am in the middle of thinking about it. TS: still –why think so long.  there is no time. ok. when do you think you will decide. gukso: I don’t know. TS: ok. I will ask again tm. Guksoo: if I say I don’t want you to then will you not get married. TS: what? Guksoo: are you not going to get married. TS: so are you saying you dont like it? is that what you decided for sure? you dont have regrets? for real? Guksoo: I am struggling over it. TS: ok. struggle over it some more. think it over thoroughly.  there is a lot of time so think it over some more. Guksoo: yes

Guksoo comes out of the bathroom and drops his mom’s pic and MS picks it up and looks at it. He realizes it’s gone and goes back for it. She says he looks just like his mother. He grabs it and it rips in two. She says she will tape it together but he says it’s ok and takes the two halves.

He tapes it back and stares at it as TP comes out of his room. guksoo tucks the photo away. TP asks: you feel down too huh. Since we both feel down should we go out and blow off steam. Guksoo: where. TP: anywhere. what do you want to do. just say it. uncle will spare no expenses today.  Guksoo says: I want to go to the Philippines. TP: except for that. Guksoo: I want to see my mom. TP: except for that too. Guksoo:I want to ride on an airplane so TP says: let’s go. I will let you ride something that is way more fun than a plane.

TP takes Guksoo sledding. Oh man that looks like fun. They are on the ski lifts and TP yells this is great – look over there. Guksoo barely looks up. TP tells him to hold on tight. Guksoo looks like he is having fun now. TP looks like he is having more fun than the kid.

TP asks if they should rest and then go. They sit on the snow. TP: do you miss your mom a lot? Guksoo: yes. TP: should I tell you a secret about uncle TH? Guksoo:  a secret? TP: yes a special secret. grandma and grandpa are not uncle TH’s real parents. he has separate real parents,  but there was a situation so at 6yrs old, he came to our home. After that he kept living with us as one family. like uncle TH’s parents, your mom had an extenuating circumstance that she couldnt control and probably sent you to Korea. isnt that right? Guksoo: yes. TP: then when she sent you – what did she want from you. For you to keep missing your mother while you are in Korea? or for you to get on the plane and go back to the Philippines? Guksoo: no. to grow up healthy and well in Korea. she said that was mom’s wish. TP: uncle thinks that way too. if our Guksoo grows up well and impressively, later when your mom sees that, she will like it a lot.  I think if MS ajumma helps, our Guksoo can grow up to me more impressive and grow up more heathy in Korea -like uncle TH. TP: you are the one deciding so you decide. end of talk. I am hungry. Guksoo: why are you feeling down uncle? TP: cuz I am pathetic. Guksoo asks why are you pathetic? when I grow up later, I want grow up like you maknae uncle. TP: like me? Guksoo: yes. I think maknae uncle is the coolest in this world. TP: hwang guksoo, you know how to judge a person. thank you. I’m hungry. Let’s go eat something good

TP goes to the store and says to Y: sorry for then – for not telling you and making you come there. are you really mad. Y: yes I am really mad. TP: I must have been in a rush. Y: if you had even whispered it to me, I could have dropped by a hair salon. it’s still the first time I would be meeting your family so you let me go without any preparations. it would have been nice is I got my makeup done to look younger. Next time make sure you tell me 3 days in advance. TP smiles. Y: I like you. I want to formally introduce the person I like to my sister. Will you go with me. why? Do you not want to go cuz you are scared of my sister. he suddenly hugs her as his answer and says “let’s go and let’s confidently get permission.” Y: yes. He says she looks plenty young.

D and TH are looking up people from the hiking group. They say it was too long ago to have that picture. Everywhere they go people say it was too long ago. As they leave they cross out more names.

Chief is angry. He calls someone about how professor seo is returning to the country tm so the person he is talking to needs to find the original image that TH has on him- no matter what – not caring about his safety or anything, just find it. (the USB that TH has)

GM goes to the precinct and sees TH working. D notices GM so he alerts TH. TH asks what brings you here without calling. GM: I came cuz I wanted to see my baby. will you buy me some lunch

GM says these days she wants to eat noodles and spicy stuff. TH: is this all. if there is anything else you want to eat, just tell me what it is. GM: ok. I will tell you when I think of it. hurry and eat. GM: when will you go on blind dates. TH: grandma after I finish this investigation/case, I am going to take a leave of absence/sabbatical. there is a chance for me to do at this time in my career that so I am going to go and study. GM: that you will go study abroad? TH: yes. what about marriage. you promised me you would get married. that you would get married this year. TH:I cant keep that promise. I can do everything else. just that, you have to give in. GM: no you cant. how old am I for you to go study abroad. ok I wont push you to go on blind dates. so forget that you said anything about studying abroad. TH: it’s cuz I really want to study grandmother. GM: I said you cant. do I not know you? you are thinking of not coming back afterwards. TH: no I will finish studying and come right back. I promise. GM: are you like this cuz J left? are you like this cuz you heard that? TH: just that we were under the same sky in Seoul, my heart was comforted by that. please give me permission. I will come right back after I finish. He tells her to hurry and eat cuz the noodles are soaking up the soup.

GM is on the bus and cries.

J takes out the graduation pics and looks at them. She cries. Kids say they are all done drawing and she says they drew it well

Mom is cleaning and looks at her dishwasher and remembers J asking if the mom likes it and how she wanted to help the mom.

TH is in his room and looks at the graduation picture. He smiles and touches J’s face and remembers how KJ said J is not in seoul. GM comes in and sees him crying as he looks at J’s pic. She leaves.

GM looks back into TH’s room and looks sad

Mom serves tea for dad and GM. Dad asks where GM went when the weather is cold. She says here and there. mom says she is saying this since GM is doing better. Could I go somewhere for a few days. GM: where? mom: I want to go to J to see if she is eating properly cuz I am worried. even if you dont like it, I will still go. even people who work get 3 or 4 days off in a year. Think of this as giving my vacation and let me go. I will just make the kid some food for a few days and come back. Dad tries to say he knows how the mom feels but GM gives permission and says “go and come back.” mom: mother thank you. I was afraid you would refuse me. thank you mother. I will go right now and come back. GM: ok do that but when you come back, come with her. mom: what? dad: mother. GM: come with her. bring J back. dad: mother. mom:mother. GM says to dad: let’s do it this way. do you think it’s right to bequeath this kind of heartache to the kids. I should be the one to just carry it for my lifetime. The kids did nothing wrong. no matter how much I think about it, no one else can do this except me. who can do this? as the mother, I have to do this. If I cover it up, then my CW will understand too. more than anything, that I made his son smile. just looking at that one thing, he will say I did well. he was the nicest guy in the world. wasnt he? Baek didn’t even know our CW died and 26 yrs passed so let’s do it this way. GM says to the mom: bring her back. bring J back. mom: mother.

TH is in the car with another officer. TH stays on the phone with D and hears about Hong’s mom. The other officer goes out first cuz TH told him to go ahead and TH will follow. TH tells D to talk. D says a few days ago, Hong’s mother was hospitalized a few days ago. She has kidney disease. (Joonni’s note: She could also have heart disease…The Korean sounds really similar so it was hard to make out for sure). so just in case, D went to the hospital to check on Hong’s mom past hospitalization records. TH says that he should look in to it. he is with officer kim at Bucheon to look into something.

TH goes out of the car and senses someone following him. TH evades them.  Then TH jumps them and fights with them. TH grabs a guy and asks -why are you following me? who told you to do that. are you not going to answer? who told you to do it? guy says he came to find the USB. TH:what?  TH gets hit on the head by the other guy. They try to search him for the USB. Other officer runs over and chases them off. he asks if TH is ok. TH’s head is bleeding. He says he is ok. TH: lee ki chul. Other officer says go to the hospital first. TH gets a call from D. TH:what?

TH goes to meet Hong. TH says how Hong’s mom got surgery for kidney transplant 26 yrs ago and Hong couldn’t afford that surgery on his salary so how did you take care of the surgery bill. did lee ki chul pay for it. Hong: that didnt happen. move aside. TH: so for that payment, did you cover up that Lee Ki Chul drove? Hong: no – the person who drove that night was for sure BIH. TH: hong manshik shi. Hong: it is true that BIH drive. that night, for sure BIH drove. TH: Hong Manshik shi. Hong: I have nothing else to say.

Baek’s former assistant unloads boxes. Baek: what brings you here. He says he heard Baek came back yesterday. I am sorry for not protecting the company. Baek: what are you talking about. I dont know how to face my employees. Guy says this stuff is from Baek’s office. all this time he kept it safe for Baek.  so when I heard you returned, I wanted to give this to you. baek: the stuff in my office.  Baek repeats realizing: the stuff in my room?

Baek goes thru his album. He finds the group hiking picture. Baek: it’s here.

Baek goes to see TH. He gives the pic. Baek: I found the picture. I had the hiking team picture from 26 yrs ago. I didn’t wear white clothes. it wasnt white clothes. (Baek wore blue) TH is happy and looks over the faces and sees that the chief wore white. TH asks: Lee ki chul was a member of the hiking club too?  Baek: yes we hiked up the mountain together that day. TH knows the truth now and smiles -relieved. Baek smiles too.


Softy’s comments:

This might be a strange thing to say, but J’s dad reminds me of a puppy who just wants to please. Look at the smile on his face as he hands over the photo to TH. The poor guy is so clueless and didn’t even think to doubt his friend’s word all this time and just believed that he had killed someone. Baek seems so eager to help TH with the case, but I still don’t think Baek realizes that his assistance is going to end up clearing his own name and eliminating him as the criminal. The way this case was handled from start to finish sort of bugs me cuz common sense says you tell the officer who else was in the car with you from day one. Why tell TH so late that Hong and LKC were in the car –shouldn’t that have been one of the first things you say if you don’t remember anything. Would it have killed Baek to say from day one “I have no recollection of what happened, but maybe you could ask LKC and Hong who were in the car with me.” It would have saved episodes of TH running around chasing his own tail.  Also, TH went on a hunch that no guy would wear white as a hiking outfit, but tonight we saw that the chief wore a white jacket. So now instead of focusing on the fact that he is the real criminal, all I kept thinking was “what kind of moron wears white while hiking.” This writer is brilliant when it comes to bringing these characters to life and making us fall head over heels in love with them, but when it came to this “hit and run” side story, she sort of dropped the ball at times and hoped none of us saw that. Only problem is, none of us looked away and we all saw this whole thing coming.  If this was the pink elephant in the room she wanted everyone to ignore, it would be wearing a tutu and dancing to swan lake at this point.

If the writer wants to end on a high note, the last four episodes can’t have any more “feet dragging” when it comes to TH and J’s reconciliation. More than likely, they have already filmed some scenes for E55 and E56 so it’s not like they can change the script at this point. It all comes down to the editing. What they choose to insert for next weekend will determine how many invested fans will stick around for the finale weekend. For the last four episodes, the best they can hope for is around mid 30% in ratings. Only foreseeable way that can change is if there is a honeymoon added in somewhere. Who knows, if they actually throw in a realistic kiss or two, it may go up to high 30%, but since this is a family drama, the chances of TH and J learning a thing or two by now is pretty slim. If only there was a way to teach inexperienced drama characters how to smooch properly from those who did it best, I would sign up TH and J to learn from JW and RI from Secret Garden. If they were busy, then I would make TH and J watch the Christmas party scene on repeat. Backups could be AJ and K from Lie to Me and Y and J from Scent of a Woman. 🙂

the dangers of watching too many kdramas : you hear the words “study abroad” and get a freaking heart attack. then you see a fight scene and jump to conclusions – expecting him to get badly hurt and have temporary memory loss, slip into a coma, or worse – have amnesia -the ultimate makjang favorite.


768 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E54

  1. Iprefernottosayit says:

    LOL “All this better happen within the first 30 mins and not the last seconds of E55 or I will have to go to KBS and strangle someone on the OB staff.” I have to say, Softy, sense of humor. You have plenty! 😀


    • Anonymous says:

      hahaha..am very sure many of us will follow u to KBS and do the very same…u got lots of back-ups potential stranglers here… hwaiting!


    • London says:

      I would love to join you all in strangling somone in the stuff but sadly i live to far away over here in snowy london again, what is it with this country and it weather it never makes up its mind

      sorry for the weather rant its just so cold


      • SAMMI says:

        I know right the weather is really unpredictable… theres a saying here “Do not trust 3 W’s in Britain” and the weather is one of them!! I remember there was a snowfall around April couple of years ago and I was like wth!!! Back to topic..Yes I would definitely like to join you all if that whats gonna happen in the last seconds of Ep55!!


  2. Cinderella says:

    I hope that instead of J running to TH, it’ll be TH running to her. Just coz I want to see his face when his grandma tells him to go after her. I want to hear Grandma explicitly state to TH that he’s free to be with her.


    • Anonymous says:

      well..just my two cents.. if JE continues to be stubborn and not give in to GM’s forgiveness and TH’s plea..i think TH would go abroad and studies for few years..after he came back, they bumped to each other or TH looks for her and they reconciled..there may or may not be a wedding but enough for us to know they will be together..However, if JE obliges and accept GM’s forgiveness and return to Ojak’s.. there will be a wedding as both of them will get things ready asap (why wait any longer huh!) Hong would most probably turns himself in to the police at the very last minute before he gets on board the plane…not sure how other problems would be solved tho..am only concentrating on TH&JE..hehe..


      • yenni says:

        na du..i,m only concentrating on TH & JE’s story only too…they are the reason why i,m so addicted with this drama!!!!


        • mischa says:

          me too..i love this drama so much…first time that i have ever been really hooked in a Kdrama..i don’t know when will that be again…maybe when Uee and Joowon will work together again!!!!


  3. gzenitram says:

    18 hours and 3 minutes!!!!!


  4. Ririenz says:

    OOT: why there’s no ‘LIKE’ button in this blog. When i read all those comments, i feel…i just wanna hit that button and give my two thumbs up, bcoz i like your comments…hehe


  5. SS says:

    Oh! The comments here has exceeded 700! This is kinda gauge of the interest in this drama. I don’t think we have seen this for other shows or drama blogs?


    • umi says:

      agree..this is show how much we love OB specially TH-JE…counting down 9 hours to go, omg I can’t concentrate, can’t stop thinking about TH-JE reunion…please writer nim I want this ep only about TH-JE And I dont care about hit and run case..it’s enough for me..


      • flo says:

        me too..umi
        ican’t stop thinking about TH & JE reunion too!!! and i hope on E55 & 56 writerim can give us
        a lot of TH & JE’s scenes..i hope so…insyaAllah!!!!
        arggggg ican’t concentrate anything!!!!i,m missing them very badly ………


    • Gina says:


      Dear Softy,

      Why not after OB ends, we do a Cadence OB poll of all the scene in OB

      Best kiss.. Best comedy… Best crying… Best line… Best OTP moment.. etc etc etc


  6. SS says:

    Can I add one more wish to the reunion? TH finally realise he hasn’t cut his hair for weeks or he decides its time to rid off his crash helmet since the thugs are caught?


  7. nonski says:

    I am being positive for tonight’s episode, I want a KISSSSSSSSSSSSS!


    • Anonymous says:

      I’m with you Nonski ^^


    • flo says:

      so do i..i,m with you nonski
      kissesssssssss plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!


    • Siera says:

      me tooooo!!!!
      OMg i never like this before..i,m sooo hungry about TH & JE’s kisses scenes
      i had been watched sooo many K-drama especially the kissing scenes of the couples!!!even the hottest kisses like in Goong ,LTM, my name is kim samsoon, SOAW,coffee prince
      BUT TH & JE so special for me..everytime i see their kisses scenes..my heart beating faster.
      .i was so nervous and i feel butterfies in my stomach too!!!( OMG what’s wrong with me??????)


    • Zuli says:

      same with you nonski,but not just a kiss but many kissesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Anonymous says:

    Hello OBnians^^ just saw the preview video ,finally our TH-J meet and have scene on screen together again I’m so happy 🙂 it’s the time that I’m waiting for , but I can’t watch live stream on this weekend and can’t watch it until Monday or Tuesday , so sad for me 😦
    Happy weekend OBnains


  9. Lexy Cheng says:

    Hello all. I’m with nonski — I want and demand a passionate kiss plus a frontal tight hug tonight. Can’t wait for tomorrow or maybe the kisses (plural!) can be repeated again and again in the last few episodes. Please! Softy, Sparkskey, Fanderay, Ginko, Bird and all — thank you sooo much. Take care everyone. This freaky global weather brings virus.


    • umi says:

      me too, I want frontal tight hug, kisses and sleeping scene…my mind running wild LOL!!!, and I’m already camping here, refresh softy’s blog just to read all the comments, can’t stop smile read what we wish for TH-JE reunion, some of us I think should be a kdrama writers…:)


  10. bbblue73 says:

    I can’t watch OB live tonight becoz my friends will come over for dinner.
    I’m soooooooo sad.
    Catch you all my addict & loyal family of OB esp TAEJA COUPLE later tonight.
    Just wish for TH&J a passionate kiss & tighter hugs,,,lol…for tonight.
    enjoy ur weekend.


  11. Anonymous says:

    i wanna ask smthg,is that joowon behind uee in the fantaken photo bts ep53 at the playground.the one whose cover his face?i have another question uee fan might know im not her fan before,in we got married uee couple is being called caramel couple right and in this drama she want to drink caramel macchiato is that coincidence.


    • Ginko says:

      @Said ^^ You’re still going anonymous, ha ha. but I always see your name from the “Comments I’ve made” function of wordpress. Which BTS picture? I can’t recall the one in Ep53.

      About the caramel macchiato, I think that’s just coincidence ^^


  12. mrschunnie says:

    Thanks for the preview….
    Please Jaeun-ah, only 4 eps left, no more “push-pull” things ok!!!
    Just get back to TH and make a good reunion, no more excuse for “push-pull” things coz GM already forgive you and ask you to come back to TH.
    Hope the best reunion…..


    • Siska says:

      i,m not sure it was Joo won, but it’s look a like anyway…why he was covering his face???and i dont think in that scene ( when J and KJ was playing football with the kids ) there wasn,t TH’s scene…


  13. mizz curly says:

    i hope we can get tight hugs for today..passionate kisses for tomorrow..and grand wedding on next week….is that too much???

    TH and JE fans…hwaiting!


  14. Anonymous says:

    i dont know…i watched many times its still look like him..mybe i wrong..i know there wasnt TH scene but i think mybe he came to support another actor or there are scene at the playground in the next ep and they shoot at the same day..maybe…his hair maybe before got stylish..my imagination he just came to see uee.


  15. Kiki says:

    LoL kissing class from anki couple, I would love that though I really do wanna see a more passionate kiss from taeun


  16. KTB says:

    Awesome ending! I knew that BIH didn’t do it! It’s going to feel good to nail the chief:)

    Feeling sorry for poor Guksoo though. Must be hard not being able to see his mum and have the idea that his dad will never get back together with her.


  17. xpressgirl says:

    HAHAHA totally agree with softy’s comments!! seriously these two J and TH have so much chemistry but they really need to know how to kiss properly!! I REALLY am hoping against all odds that they put one in there! ahhhhhhh please!!!


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