The Moon That Embraces The Sun E10

This drama has a way of pulling out memories of first love you thought you had pushed out of your mind. It makes you wonder if a love like this could exist – one that time can’t even touch, where every memory is stored away and treasured –taken out only to be felt anew and put back cuz of the pain it floods you with. Does a part of us envy these characters for having such a lasting love that endures even as the memories begin to fade. That got me thinking about why this drama might be getting so popular. Everyone enjoys a good love story, but it’s so rare to find one that is told the right way – from its inception to its fruition, there has to be a fluidity in acting and plot so that we not only grow to care about these characters, we can’t even imagine a reality where we never got to know them. At least that’s how I feel about this drama so far and something about each poignant scene tells me that following my instincts for this drama was one of my best choices this year.

E11 video preview translations posted on comment with CK’s video. 🙂

Written before it aired.

As Hwon pulled Wol into his arms, I wondered if his heart raced. Even if he doesn’t fully realize yet who she is, bet his subconscious at some level knows and reacted to how close she was standing.  Something tells me tonight’s episode will go at a breakneck pace again and the story will have us twirling around so much that we will be swept off our feet. My kdrama instinct says E10 will be something for the records.

*oh man KSH outdid himself tonight. every word, every stolen glance, every longing gaze, this guy made everyone’s knees go weak. Still trying to catch my breath. wow. best episode ever.

*thank you Semi-fly for your torrents – the best thing about tonight was keeping an eye out for your fast torrents cuz I was dying to translate those scenes more thoroughly. thank you thank you 🙂

** the actor/singer who played young Y is on tv right now on some talk show.

*** during recaps of Lie to me, it was the word “marriage,” during OB recaps it was  “contract marriage” and “farm contract,” and now on Moon, it’s shaman, amulet, and talisman that I have to type ad nauseum. so far lots of translators are using the words talisman and amulet to mean the same thing so I will be switching back and forth between them. as for shaman, sometimes they actually say that or spiritual daughter when they refer to Wol as N’s spiritual daughter. and Wol calls N “godmother” so that is what I will be doing too.

Here is a legend of the abbreviations we’ll be using. It includes photos of most (but not all) the child actors and will grow as the drama progresses:

Lee Hwon – H Wol – WolHeo Yeon Woo – YW Yang Myeong Goon – M
Yoon Bo Kyeong – B Heo Yeom – Y Woon – Woon
Seol – S Princess Min Hwa – MW King Seong Jo
Park Hoe Bin – P Queen Dowager Yoon Jang Nok Yeong – J
Hyeong Seong – HS Minister Heo Yeong Jae Minister Yoon Dae Hyeong

Since sageuks are confusing, here are some very brief character descriptions. There are more detailed descriptions available, but they could be considered rather spoilery. The names in brackets are the actors’ names (childhood actors are listed second, where applicable):

Lee Hwon (Kim Soo Hyun/Yeo Jin Goo) – The future king.

Heo Yeon Woo (Han Ga In/Kim Yoo Jung) – An intelligent and beautiful girl who was betrothed to Lee Hwon.

Wol (Han Ga In)- A shaman who bears a strong resemblance to Yeon Woo.

Prince Yang Myeong (Jung Il Woo/Lee Min Ho) – Lee Hwon’s older half-brother from another mother. He is next in line for the throne after Hwon, but is a loyal brother.

Yoon Bo Kyeong (Kim Min Seo/Kim So Hyun) – Hwon’s first wife.

Heo Yeom (Song Jae Hee/Si Wan) – The affectionate and incredibly smart older brother of Yeon Woo.

Woon (Song Jae Rim/Lee Won Geun)- Lee Hwon’s bodyguard, he is the son of a nobleman and a concubine (which gives him a low status despite his intelligence and martial prowess).

Seol (Yoon Seung Ah)- Yeon Woo’s personal maidservant.

Princess Min Hwa (Nam Bo Ra/Jin Ji Hee) – Hwon’s younger sister who was jealous of Yeon Woo as a child, and smitten with Yeom.

King Seong Jo (Ahn Nae Sang) – Lee Hwon’s father.

Park Hoe Bin (Kim Ye Ryeong) – The king’s consort and mother to Yang Myeong.

Queen Empress/Dowager Yoon (Kim Young Ae) – Lee Hwon’s grandmother. She is a lady of ambition, and will do almost anything to get rid of contenders for power.

Shaman Jang Nok Yeong (Jeon Mi Seon) – Wol’s adoptive mother.

Hyeong Seon (Jeong Eun Pyo) – Hwon’s male aide.

Minister Heo Yeong Jae (Sun Woo Jae Duk)- Yeom and Yeon Woon’s father.

Minister Yoon Dae Hyeong Kim Eung Soo) – Bo Kyeong’s father, and Dowager Yoon’s right-hand man.


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Starts from when H tells wol to put to sleep his troubles. Answer me. Can you do that. Wol says how she will do everything she can. He orders her to lift her face. She does just as B opens the door and sees H staring at Wol.

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Woon closes the door just as B was about to open it. She leaves and says to HS she was just concerned so don’t bother the king.

해를 품은 달.E10.120202.HDTV.X264.450p-HANrel[20-11-43]해를 품은 달.E10.120202.HDTV.X264.450p-HANrel[20-11-52]

HS breathes a sigh of relief. H calls for him (by saying “are you outside”). HS goes in. H calls for the king’s personal doctor. HS asks if H is unwell. H looks at wol’s cut and injuries and says : I am not unwell, that girl is. HS tries to explain this cant happen. H: what cant happen? the royal physician only serves you the king. how could he for the sake of an amulet…H: isnt she a human amulet to absorb my illness -if her body is not comfortable/well, then it will affect me.  it’s not for her sake it’s for mine so hurry and call him. HS: but your majesty. H: it’s an order. an order! HS leaves.

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Woon heard that and goes outside and guard asks why woon is out here. woon says H ordered him to stand outside. woon asks what the guy has in his hand. guard shows Wol’s letter that they took from her cuz it looked like she was going to give it to the king without them finding out. he tells Woon to confirm it and hands it to him

해를 품은 달.E10.120202.HDTV.X264.450p-HANrel[20-13-14]

B is in her room throwing a fit after remembering how H looked at wol. B mutters in her head about the way H looked at the girl and that it’s certain. (as in B is not imagining something is going on)

Doctor does acupuncture on Wol’s bruised arms as H reads a book. H sort of sneaks glances at her but when she looks at him he looks down at his book. HS notices that.

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the gong strikes. H is sleeping as Wol sits by him. She remembers how he said she had to put to sleep his troubles. She gets up to leave.  H opens his eyes and closes them again

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Next morning Woon gives the letter from the wol. H: what is this? Woon said it was found on the talisman and it was meant for H. woon offers to take it back if H doesn’t want to see it. H says leave it and reads it. H’s voice and Wol’s voice narrates the content like they are having a friendly banter with old sayings. H said what an amulet is and her voice says an amulet is a citizen too. H remembers how he said to wol: she isnt even an person and dared to lay hands on a king. H says aloud: even an amulet is a citizen so dont look down on me.  to put it bluntly and succinctly. HS tries to read and remarks it’s unusual that she is a shaman who knows hanja (chinese characters) but it’s also unusual that she can recite these passages. H snarls at HS.  H remembers wondering how a 13 yr old girl could write that kind of letter (the one she sent with flowers on it). H repeats young H’s words- how could I forget you. HS: your majesty. H: why are you calling me.

HS reminds H: that child is an amulet. H: who said she wasnt. HS: I am someone who stayed by your side your whole life and served you. how could I forget YW’s writing so dont confuse them. H: are you saying my heart might waver over someone like an amulet? (meaning that he is falling an amulet)  HS: she is not miss YW. no matter how much she resembles miss YW….H tells him: shut up. shut that mouth.  HS: your majesty. H: I dont want to see your face so turn around for the time being. HS: the past night the queen came to the door and left.for her to throw away her pride over YW, how difficult the walk over here must have been and then had to turn back, how do you think the queen felt?

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B is still in bed. She hears news that H is coming to see her and is happy

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H is walking towards B’s place and his mom watches him go in and smiles.

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dowager asks if H went to visit B. H’s mom says she saw for herself and came. she says how much B’s heart must have suffered all this time so his mom thinks B is being rewarded now. Dowager thinks it’s odd. she says after she put the amulet to ward off evil spirits -his heart was eased. queen asks how could you say that was all that kid’s going (wol’s). queen thinks the heavens are answering what the dowager prayed for. but the Dowager says keeping her by his side, he got stronger and now his ill will towards the queen is alleviated so it’s really cuz she is N’s spiritual daughter (meaning Wol has skills). She is going to ask for the date of consummation to be redone. queen: what? but it’s already been set. dowager mentions how H kept pushing it off all this time but now that H is healthy and since it looks like he is getting along with B so how could they lose this chance. queen sort of wants to keep the set date but the dowager says the heavens are helping so how could we wait a month. We should move the date up as much as we can.

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H says B doesn’t look well. is something wrong that you cant talk about? B says she didn’t sleep well last night. He says he heard she came by last night. She says sorry she was just worried about him. He asks what she was checking on. B: what do you mean checking on. H:whatever you saw and whatever you heard, in my bedroom there wasnt a person. If you saw something it must have been the talisman from Kwangsanggan.  Did they say it was in a month. She asks what he is talking about. He says the night for our consummation. H: they advised from Kwansangan that until that day, that we should keep our distance and not meet. B says in her head- does that mean you dont want me to step foot inside your quarters again. H: did you understand that? B smiles and nods

H leaves.

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B wonders what exactly is H hiding. to go so far as to warn her not to step foot in his quarters-what is it that he is hiding. She remembers seeing the back of wol’s head. Is it cuz of the that girl. It wasn’t enough that I did that over a dead girl, now do I have to be afraid of a mere amulet. B asks for a spy on their side to keep watch over that amulet every night and report back to B

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shopkeeper: what do you mean a shaman. M: look carefully at my face.  cant you remember the girl I was with last time. the shopkeeper says he remembers cuz she was so polite and smart so he thought she was a teacher or something. she was a shaman? M: did she come back again after that.The guy says he doesn’t remember. M walks out disappointed

M walks by Jansil and she remembers he was the one who saved her.

M remembers how the professor said they kicked her out far away from the palace. And how Wol said she was in a safe place now. the professor saying how they didnt put her name in the registry. and then Wol saying her name. So M wonders between the two, one is lying so under whose order are they lying. Jansil runs over and calls M “brother” so he points to himself and asks confused “brother?”

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She hugs him and says you were alive. M pushes her off saying wait a minute. he says she doesnt look like a gisaeng. Jansil: I’m a shaman in training- this is the clothes of a trainee. M: trainee? J: dont you remember the psychic kid? he finally remembers her as the kid who was psychic. she nods yes. M: you became a young lady. I almost didnt recognize you.  have you been well. She says yes -cuz her shaman godmother saved her so now she is not a fake and a real shaman. he says that’s good. M: did you just say you were a shaman. she says yes at seungsucheong and shows off her outfit. M thinks to himself that’s the safest place for a shaman to be where they can go back and forth. he quickly grabs J’s shoulders and asks if there is a shaman named Wol among the shamans at seongsucheong. Jansil was about to say she knows Wol but remembers how N scolded her not to say Wol’s name. N: I told you to watch what you say. do I have to sew up those lips for you to come to your senses? even if you are seen act like you arent -even if you hear act like you dont hear and dont say anything – didnt I tell you that? Jansil: did I say anything? N: say just one more time about the sun -just try saying again something that’s related to the miss. that day your limbs will be torn off. Jansil quickly shuts up and lies to M. Jansil: i dont know her. Jansil suddenly pulls away from M and says that’s the first time I heard that name Wol. M: dont be like that and think carefully. she says I dont know. there is no name like that at seungsucheong. Jansil gets called away so she says to M “brother let’s meet again if we were fated to.” she runs off. he thinks to himself if she is not at seungsucheong then where is she

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Wol is sleeping during the day as S keeps watch. Jansil comes in. S asks why Jansil looks like that. Jansil says in her head. I am sorry brother. I am really really sorry.  She lies down next to wol.  S watches as Wol has a bad dream.

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Wol is dreaming about the night H dragged her away wearing the mask. S calls out “miss” and Wol wakes up just as H took off his mask. S asks why she is like that. did you have the same dream again? wol nods yes. S: you didnt for a long time so why did you start again. This time again, did you not see his face. Wol: This time I really wanted to see his face. this time I could have seen his face. S says to herself: miss are you that curious about the face behind the mask? every night you sit by his side.

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Wol goes to H. she bows to woon and goes in. H is reading when she goes in. Woon goes in too. H comments on her letter and how she told him off. H: how much you must have resented me, from the content it was more than plenty to realize that . She says she didn’t resent him. H: with words you say you didnt but your letter certaintly did. did I get it wrong? (as in misinterpret). she explains how it’s different cuz she was trying to convey her sincerity and her personal view. H: so you are saying you didnt resent me but reprimanding me is the truth? She recites what she meant by the letter. she says stuff that went over my head – it was something about rocks on the street and stuff. basically she is saying that she is just a citizen like everyone else and is doing everything she can. H asks if she wasnt trying to make a point that he is not doing his job well. She quickly replies that she wrote that and whoever reads it will interpret it the way they want and misunderstandings occur that way. so if you took it that way, there must be a reason for you to take it that way. H says those words sound like he did something wrong. Wol: I didnt mean that. H: I treated you favorably and now you are crossing the line-did you forget who you are addressing right now? (as in -did you forget the person you are talking to). H raises his voice and yells: I am this country’s….(just like he did as a kid) H doesn’t finish and stands up. he calls out for HS (“are you outside”). HS comes in and asks what H wants.

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H says he is feeling stuffy so he wants to go for a walk so prepare. HS says the night air is cold so how about pushing back the walk to tm. H: didnt I say I felt stuffy. HS orders the servants to prepare. H heads out but notices Wol is still sitting there. H looks down and asks: what are you doing. Wol: what? H: you said you would take on my troubles in my place so why arent you doing your job now. you are my amulet so hurry and follow

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H and everyone walks and Wol is behind him. H tells the others to step back and follow along. H also tells Woon to step back too. Wol starts to back up too so H holds her arm and tells her to stand where she is cuz she is the king’s amulet. He yells for others to move back more. H stands in front of the place YW stayed at. Wol looks at it and remembers opening the door. And how she was taken out of there and H crying out her name. Wol: did you bury your sadness and memories in this place. Was the person crying here you? H goes over and asks: what exactly did you see?

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H holds her close and touches her face. Did you see with your psychic ability. Wol: yes. H:Then try to guess with your psychic ability now. wol: what? H: What does it look like I will do now. Today HS said something strange to me. What do you think. Do you think I can embrace you – a mere amulet? she asks why he is like this. When everyone had their eyes averted cuz H was holding wol so close, H takes wol’s hand and runs. HS tells everyone to follow. Woon is last and goes the other way.

H takes wol to a room and let’s go of her hand. He looks at her and asks what her identity is. She asks- am I not shaman Wol?  H: no you arent wol. Wol: then who am I? when I lived as a shaman without a name, you are the one who named me wol.  H holds her and cries. he asks: do you really not know me? Have you really not met me before? Wol: whose memories do you keep looking for in me? through me, who do you see? Is it that person YW?

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HS is looking for H. they run into woon. Woon looks at the room H is in.

Wol: why did you allow me to stay by your side. is it cuz I resemble that person. But I am not that person. He tells her to be quiet. H cries and says: you are crossing the line right now. just cuz I allowed you to remain, do you think I gave you my heart too? you are just the amulet that wards off evil spirits -nothing more or less. who are you to….someone like you…who are you to dare …H says in his head “to confuse me.” He turns to leave but stumbles so she holds him to steady him. He tells her without looking at her face: do not come close. If you cross the line anymore, I wont forgive you.

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H goes outside. HS puts the robe around H’s shoulder. without looking at her face, H tells wol she doesn’t need to follow cuz he is going to sleep alone tonight.

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H tells woon to escort her safely without her knowing. and on the way back, you have a place to drop by.

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Wol remembers how H said she is not anything more or less than a talisman who wards off evil spirits. Woon watches Wol being taken back to her place

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N sees Wol and asks why she is outside when she is supposed to be watching by H’s side. N: did something happen. Wol: godmother. who exactly am I? when I was abandoned by my parents cuz they realized my psychic abilities, you found me wandering around lost and sensed my psychic abilities and took me in you said. N: why are you asking that suddenly. Wol: i keep seeing strange things. it’s certainly someone else’s memory, but it feels like they are mine so it’s confusing. N says it’s a mistake – it’s just that you cant control your psychic ability yet so I am warning you dont date. Wol: I couldnt possibly be the owner of those memories could I? Even if I resemble her – I cant become that person right?

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S watches that and cries and wipes her tears

해를 품은 달.E10.120202.HDTV.X264.450p-HANrel[00-18-16]해를 품은 달.E10.120202.HDTV.X264.450p-HANrel[00-18-43]

Y is looking up and S is watching him. Y hears a sound. Y:who is it? M jumps out to surprise him. Y: I was startled. M: I did it to startle you. He asks why M is sneaking around. M: that’s cuz I got more used to this side then coming from the front. also it’s after curfew hours so it was really hard hiding around.  M says since the weather is cold, let’s hurry and go in and drink.

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Woon shows up and surprises them. Y asks what brings Woon here this late at night. M: you startled me. how can you show up without any sound or warning. did you sneak around like me. Y asks if woon came as an order or a friend.

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Woon gives a message that a minister gave permission for Y to go to the palace. Y asks why suddenly did he allow me to go there. Woon doesnt say so Y guesses: before the king orders it, you wont talk. Woon: since I relayed the message about the order I will be going now.  Y asks if he is leaving already. Woon: i left my post for too long. woon sees something written by YW and Y explains YW made it for his birthday. woon: is that your sister’s letter? Y: yes. Woon compliments her handwriting. Y says how good she was at other things too and not just writing so it was too bad that she was born a girl. more than that she was kind and polite/respectful. Y asks why woon asked. Woon says cuz it caught my eye so I asked.

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S was watching from outside and Woon sneaks up to her. S and woon fight. He asks who sent her. why was she watching. S runs away. M: you…

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M comments Woon finally showed interest in a girl. Y says it’s not like that. M: what do you mean it’s not. anyway a girl is a girl. Y says he heard M had a girl he liked. M says so MW talked. Y: is it true? I thought it was a joke-it’s really true. what kind of person is she. M: what kind of person is she. I don’t know either to tell the truth. Y: what? M: did you know – 8 yrs ago,  the night before the selection, I jumped over this wall. flashback to young M asking YW if she wants to go with him. how he would give up his title and everything to keep her safe and take her away. current M asks: but do you know what your sister replied. Young YW says your joke went too far. M: the way she looked at me, I couldnt say anymore. that night, if I didn’t smile and hide/deceive my feelings and tried harder to extend my hand out to her and be more truthful and ran away with her. Then that kid – would she be by my side right now?

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Wol is in her room when S comes in. S: you didn’t sleep yet. Wol: where did you go so late at night. you got hurt. how did it happen? S says while practicing with the sword, I made a mistake and cut it. Wol: come here so I can see your injury. S: I am really ok. Just the clothes got ripped, there is no cut. Wol asks where S went. S: to my previous owners from a long time ago. Wol: they must have been nice people for you to visit them even now. S: yes they were really nice people. When I wasn’t even treated like a creature, they treated me like a person.  gave me a pretty name like S. S says in her head: miss you were that kind of person

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Y remembers how M said both of them are aging, but Y’s sister is always 13 in his memories. Y goes inside his old home and looks around the room. he sees the box that contains YW’s things and cries as he touches her belongings. Young YW recited what Y told her. “never back down when you have already taken a step forward. You clearly taught me that.” Y opens the box and sees her letter to H. Young YW’s voice continues: a person’s heart is like that too. it’s not easy to change a person’s heart once it’s made up. no matter what happens as a result of the choice, I can never forget the prince”

M sees someone in the dark. M: Are you a ghost or a person. It’s jansil. M: you. Jansil: it’s me brother. M: what are you doing here this time of the night. She says sorry brother- I was wrong. M: what do you mean you are sorry. jansil: The person you are looking for I will help you meet her. she runs and hugs him. Jansil cries and says: cuz you are my life savior, I will pay you back for that. even if my limbs are torn off, I will be sure to pay you back. I will make sure to let you meet her so don’t hurt too much ok?

Y sits with YW’s letter for H

해를 품은 달.E10.120202.HDTV.X264.450p-HANrel[00-28-03]

H remembers Wol’s words: whose memories do you keep looking for in me? through me, who do you see? H cant sleep and sits up

해를 품은 달.E10.120202.HDTV.X264.450p-HANrel[00-29-07]

MW yawns. Y’s mom says: you can leave – I am ok to be alone now.  MW: no it’s ok until you have your energy back, I wont be parted from your side even for a short period. Y’s mom: thanks to you princess I feel better. I wont be sad anymore. Y comes in saying mother and says the princess was here too. Y’s mom says from yesterday MW never left her side afraid that the mom would be sad again. Y thanks MW for taking care of his mother. MW: How could you say such things between spouses. she notices his clothes and asks : Are you going to the palace. Y: yes last night I received an order. MW: why are you telling me now. if you had told me sooner I could have gone with you. Y: I didnt think of that – next time I will be sure to do that. Y tells his mom he will go and come back. she says something about H – like be good to him or something. after Y leaves,  Y’s mom asks if MW is angry cuz Y left alone. but MW says it’s not cuz she is angry,  she is nervous/feeling uneasy. Y’s mom: what are you uneasy about? MW: Cuz if my husband goes to the palace….

해를 품은 달.E10.120202.HDTV.X264.450p-HANrel[00-30-03]

Y walks around and girls go crazy. A minister thinks it’s cuz of him since he didn’t notice Y walking in behind him. girls are going crazy over Y.  (there is no shining light illuminating his face like they did for young Y)

해를 품은 달.E10.120202.HDTV.X264.450p-HANrel[00-30-45]

H is happy to see Y and takes his hand. H asks why is it so hard to see him. if I didnt invite you first, were you not going to show your face.  H orders a table of food and tells everyone to step back and dont let anyone in so he can meet with Y alone and have drinks and chat.

해를 품은 달.E10.120202.HDTV.X264.450p-HANrel[00-30-54]

Ministers meet. How dare Y come into the palace. can this happen. he should have lived quietly for the rest of his life and then go (die). one says: This is dangerous cuz of what Y represents. he is worried his followers/popularity will drop. cuz in the palace, if you pick on which good looking guys are popular, next to woon it’s Y. (the funny thing is this guy is worried about his fans or supporters being shaken by seeing Y, so the other one retorts if this arrogant minister even has supporters that could waver). other one talks like Y is a threat cuz of his father and his supporters. Yoon wonders if minister Heo (Y’s dad) wanted this to happen. Yoon says in his head: why did Y come to the palace when his wings were broken.

Y hands YW’s letter to H by putting it on the table. H asks what is this. Y: It’s the last letter my sister left behind. since it’s already in the past, I was going to just keep it buried (I thought maybe I should just leave this) but I then I thought I should give it to you. H: is this really YW’s letter that she left for me. Y: yes it is. H cries and says: it’s what YW left for me for the last time… Y: while my sister was alive, after me the person she valued the most is you.  If you would take this, my sister in heaven would be happy. H reaches for the letter. Y:  from now on please forget my sister. The queen is beside you now-please don’t make her lonely anymore. if you continue to be unable to come out from under that child’s shadow, I doubt that’s what my sister would want. This is my request and my sister’s. please accept it. H cries and asks: why does everyone keep telling me to forget her.

해를 품은 달.E10.120202.HDTV.X264.450p-HANrel[00-32-08]

HS walks Y out and asks Y to visit often. even though his majesty doesnt say it, he misses you a lot. Y says how could he walk lightly when he comes to the palace cuz of his past. Please take care of the king well by his side. Y leaves. HS says to Y’s back: you should have stayed by the king’s side

H reads the letter in front of HS. Young YW voice narrates:My prince – with my last strength I am writing this. This might harm you or it might not get to you.  Before I left (died) I was very happy to see you. please forget about me and leave me as a memory. Dad will bring my medicine soon and I wont be able to see you forever. forget me. Please be healthy so you can be a successful king (or it might be have a successful reign).

H cries and says to HS: this child told me to stay healthy till the moment she closed her eyes and wrote this letter with her last strength – what did I do…what did I do. how much she must have been in pain – how much she must have been tormented for her handwriting to get so messy. H orders HS to bring YW’s belongings from storage (her keepsakes to him)  to find the old letter. H: I cant remember …YW’s handwriting. I cant remember it. I have to see it – that letter she gave me I have to see it again. HS says he will.

해를 품은 달.E10.120202.HDTV.X264.450p-HANrel[00-33-12]

B’s spy reports that H took a walk at night and told the amulet to go back and not come back to his room while he sleeps. B wonders why he went for a walk together so late at night. girl says how H has always taken walks at night. B:Did something else happen after that. Girl says H looked uncomfortable after Y left during the day and suddenly ordered to have a box brought. B: a box? girl: yes it looked like just a normal box but it had the word “rain” on the lid. B: did you just say “rain” (Yeon woo)

H cries and touches her old letter and quickly takes out the recent one and compares what Wol wrote and it matches YW’s handwriting. He yells for wol to be brought right now.

Wol is headed to H’s and M stops her and asks : do you recognize me?

Hwon compares handwriting and looks up like he knows for sure now.


no preview


해를 품은 달.E10.120202.HDTV.X264.450p-HANrel[00-33-43]

Fanderay’s comments:

Eeeee, H knows! Woon knows! M…almost knows! Best of all, none of the baddies know! Does this mean that we’ll have a handful of sweet episodes before everything turns to chaos?

I had forgotten that of course Jansil would feel loyal to M, which is something I’m happy about. She’s young, but I wonder if she’ll develop a secret crush on him. I had also forgotten that MW must feel a lot of guilt towards YW’s mom since she helped “kill” YW. It seems like the mom is the only person MW is close with, so it’s going to be heartbreaking if the mom turns her back on MW once she learns the truth.

I’m not sure why I ever worried about the chemistry between Kim Soo Hyun and Han Ga In because I’m pretty sure that man could have chemistry with a rock (I would probably be sitting her all giddy and dying for him to marry that rock).

Despite his terrible hair, I sort of love Woon because he goes far beyond the call of duty and protects H as a friend, and not just his physical person as a guard. I’m also always intrigued by quiet characters who don’t openly display their emotions, but are obviously thinking. Every time I watch a character like him I think my nose gets a couple inches closer to the screen because I’m trying to analyze every little facial twitch to figure out what’s making him tick. In Woon’s case, we know he’s a smarty-pants, and I bet his role in the show will continue to change and develop in all sorts of interesting ways.

B seems primed to go off the deep end, so that should be fun to watch. She doesn’t seem like she quite has it in her to be calm and calculating, at least not initially, so I imagine that we’ll see some major hysterics at some point down the road. It’s rather sad that she’s spending her whole life chasing a man that she’ll never truly have, and I wish for her own sake that she could just give up.

What I really love about this show is that it feels like there is a strong and genuine bond between all the different characters (not just the leads) and as a result I appreciate and enjoy all the various relationships and don’t find myself impatient to just watch the OTP scenes.

I really have no idea what’s going to happen next (usually after a cliffhanger there are at least a couple obvious choices) and the preview for next week can’t come fast enough.


195 comments on “The Moon That Embraces The Sun E10

  1. Iviih says:

    Hi Softy and everyone, I don’t know, but I wanted to make this clear, I have nothing against Han Ga In herself… I just have a problem with her acting. That is all 🙂 HGI seems lovely in RL, saw some BTS and she seems a nice person, she also is so cute… did you see some videos with her Husband? They are such a cute married couple!!

    Also her husband, rawr… xD

    Softy what you said about the weather being very cold I didn’t know it was this cold.

    Some MoonSun BTS show how cold is! Poor them! Forget the waterfall scene! Even with editing it isn’t possible.

    Poor Woon’s actor is shivering (2:08), HGI seems to be freezing see around 2:12! Poor her, she is also coughing a lot it seems… (call your hubby to make you warm :))! KSH is the one smiling besides everything, awww he is adorable.

    JIW was poor baby! And lol He coughs and everyone take sthe chance to cough too! Poor them.

    KSH seemed to be cold too, have this cute BTS that he and Woon are helping each other – I think they are putting hot packs? In their clothes ? Not sure. And lol, Woon’s hair seems always so messy but they spend a lot of time to make it…


    • Iviih says:

      And lol Softy can I ask what did JIW said to shock both HGI and KSH?


      • Anonymous says:

        can someone please translate this interview of the moon embraces the sun casts ? sorry for bothering but i am really curious about what they are talking and laughing about everytime ^^;


      • Softy says:

        Iviih, JIW said he is the same age as KSH so the reporter asked JIW to say something to KSH in banmal (informal talk) so JIW said “let’s make a good show/drama Soo Hyun ah” so it took KSH and HGI by surprise cuz KSH said today was the first time JIW spoke to him like that in banmal so it startled him.

        For the other link, HGI debuted 10 yrs ago so everyone clapped to congratulate her. HGI was asked how her mind has changed since marriage and HGI says she loves sales where if you buy one you get another one free or if you get 30% or 40% off discounts or sales where you get an extra milk when you buy an item so the woman said HGI became an ahjumma.
        KSH said he had been a fan of HGI from the past so he is honored to do the same project with her and thinks he came up a lot (in acting status to star opposite her)
        JIW said HGI is really beautiful and she is his ideal (woman) – he laughed a lot so I dont think he meant that cuz he couldnt keep a straight face as he said it.
        reporter asks what do you think is cool about yourself. KSH: I am the king. JIW says: I am the prince but I think I do everything more sincerely and love.
        The rest is about how HGI always worked during her birthday for the past 6-7 yrs so the woman asks what HGI wants from her husband as a gift and stuff.


  2. Iviih says:

    An adult YW and H mv ^^


  3. Hey there!(: Great job on the recap and I’m so envious of your ability to understand Korean!(: I do recaps too on this show (haha not sure if you have heard of my lj before?) and I always have to wait for subs. That being said, I love this show a lot and I can’t wait to see where it goes. Kim Soo Hyun’s acting was really awesome!(:

    I really like Woon too!


  4. Trina says:

    Written preview for episode 11:

    Wol still has no memory of her past. No matter how Hwon questions her, Wol can only answer that she does not know. Hwon continues to miss Yeon Woo. He takes out her final letter to him and reads again about how she is waiting for her father to bring her medicine which will make the pain go away and she will never see him again. Hwon starts to suspect the circumstances of Yeon Woo’s death and launches an investigation. He discovers that Yeon Woo’s grave has been touched, and her corpse is no longer in the coffin.

    Bo Kyung has grown jealous and hateful towards Wol. Under dire circumstances, Wol is pushed out of the Palace and sent to live in the Infirmary (care house for contagious diseases and homeless patients). Yang Myung finds out through his source the infirmary where Wol is residing. Hwon is curious about Wol’s life after she is thrown out of the Palace. He disguises himself and leaves the Palace to check on her. He sees Yang Myung together with Wol, making him so angry that he summons Wol back to the Palace.



  5. Trina says:

    Here is the official text preview from MBC website credit:moonsun fb

    As Yang Myung grabs Wol’s arm as she was heading towards the King’s palace, Nokyung appears before them with a cold expression on her face. Nokyung warns Yang Myung not to entangle fates with Wol and Yang Myung ask Nokyung. Meanwhile, Wol who has gone to the King’s palace can no longer contain her tears and starts to cry as Hwon asks her countless questions.

    Nokyung punished Janshil and kicks her out of the palace. Wol who wants to fix the unfortunate situation decides to leave the palace.
    Meanwhile, Hwon discovers a suspicious part from Yeonwoo’s last letter.


  6. Softy says:

    hey CK, cant delete entire comment when it gets up to this number cuz it messes up the order of the thread. 🙂


      • Softy says:

        Preview translations

        N asks Wol: are you sincere about going out of seongsucheong?
        Wol: I realized there is nothing I can do for him. the person he needs is not me.

        N’s voice and B’s voice come out at the same time and they say: the amulet that absorbs evil spirits resembles that dead child

        H says something about “father will bring medicine and (she) wont be able to see me for all eternity (or maybe it was “forever”)

        Jansil cries and says: I only wanted to give brother one thing-just one thing.

        M: you made me feel a lot of pain but you are the person who made me really happy too

        H says to Wol: I was supposed to protect her but I didnt get to protect her -had a lot of things I wanted to say to her but I didnt get to say them. I really liked (her) a lot.


  7. Trina says:

    Hi thank you Softy and ck1Oz dongseng…. xoxoxoxooxxo…


  8. shirlp says:

    thank you very much for the episode 11 txt preview.. so excited to watch it soon..


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