Ojakkyo Brothers E52

The expression on his face looked familiar and it was the same one he had when he learned his mother had already died. It’s the look of loss, loneliness, emptiness, and feeling isolated. Not caring whether you live or die – not feeling anything except hopelessness. It’s something I am fervently wishing we never have to see again in this drama. After back to back episodes of angst, I need my old OB drama back. The one filled with humor and heart and a lot less pain. Watching J stand at the crosswalk and reliving her memory of TH, it dawned on me that this is what we have been doing. For all these episodes, we have been standing on the sidelines watching this story unfold week after week. Now that this drama is winding down, it feels like it’s nearing the time where we will have to move along soon. Except none of us will want to leave and I bet some of us will linger for some time after this drama ends. But at least all of us will walk away with tons of great memories of OB to entertain us as we cross that next street in our lives. Only six more episodes to go….

E53 video preview translations:

TP: I have someone I want to introduce to you hyungs.
TB: there is no way…
SY: it’s not …..right doraenim? (young master-what she calls TP)
Y shows up
MS sees TP being attentive to Y
MS to TP: you must like her a lot maknae doraenim
SY to MS: just be still (meaning dont say anyting if you dont know)
MS to SY: younger sister in law
TB explains to TH: it’s not just our entire family – J knows too. just cuz you two meet again, do you think we can all go back to being cheerful and happy like we used to and not show that we all know what’s going on -do you think J can do that?
TH meets with KJ
TH: is she well
KJ: not yet, she cant.
TH: please take care of her well (for me).
 KJ: JE shi?
TH: yes.



This great new music video by Svetik will break your heart even more than the episode itself. She chose the perfect song. 🙂

Sparkskey translated E53 written preview
Mom looks for J and her heart aches when she sees what a mess J has become. She passes her the abalone porridge she prepared and advises her to eat up and wake up from her drunken stupor. J holds back her tears with the spoon in her hand at Mom’s severe scolding, just as if she was her real mom.
Bong finds TH and passes him the investigation log. TH browses through the log casually. Suddenly remembering Baek Inho’s words about how he drank alcohol after mountain climbing and starts developing suspicions about the case.



Starts from the home when everyone is gathered for breakfast. GM asks if TH still did not come home last night. did he call. dad says no. mom says when was TH ever a kid who called that he would be late. Mom tries to lighten the mood and talks about the food so GM scolds her saying your heart has to be comfortable to joke and stuff. how can you smile cuz even if food goes in my eyes, you think my insides will accept it. GM goes on about how awful she feels and her heart aching and stuff. Dad explains mom was trying to lift up GM’s spirits.  GM: you think I dont know. she needs to pick the right time to lift the mood.  Mom says she will be careful. GM tells everyone to eat. After she eats she wants to go to TH so she asks the mom to pack up a change of clothes and some lunch. Mom says I was going to go, but GM says I am going. he hasnt eaten at home for two days. I cant live without seeing my baby’s face so I am going to see his face and do what I can to drag him home. mom says if you go, TH will listen to you well. I will pack a lot of lunch. Dad tells TS to say his news. dad tells GM that TS has some good news to reveal. GM: he does? what is it. say it.  TS says since the table has some empty spaces he wants to fill them up. I am going to get married. GM: really? TS: yes and I am going to fill two spaces at once.  It’s with MS who lives downstairs. Dad and GM say H’s mom? TS tells them he is going to marry MS. GM says H’s mom was already married once. TS explains MS has never been married. H is her deceased sister’s daughter. GM: really? mom: so she isnt the mom she is the aunt? TS: yes MS knows how to keep a secret and has a deep heart.  Dad says there is no need to say anything then. they are perfect for each other.  TP says he approves of MS noonim as his big sister in law. GM says the person is good so there is nothing more to look at. she asks what the mom thinks. mom: I dont have a reason to stop him too. she says MS seems right for TS. TS says how pretty MS is and how nice and there is no woman as good as her. GM tells him to bring her home right away. She says in life when your tooth comes out another one comes in. dad says to TS: stop smiling your lips will rip. TS laughs. everyone is happy except for Guksoo

TS is on the phone with MS -yes I told them. of course they liked the news. come for dinner later with H. TS asks if Guksoo is ready for school. Before Guksoo can say anything TS says he will be late-let’s hurry and go.

SY’s mom cooked breakfast and wonders why they arent waking up. she calls SY and TB to wake up now. she knocks on SY and TB’s door telling SY to wake up cuz it’s 7:30. she has an interview today so she needs to do her makeup. hurry and wake up. If you aren’t going to wake up then mom is going to go in and wake you. I am really going to go in. SY pulls on the blanket and TB falls out of bed and he is wearing boxers under his robe. SY’s mom comes in so TB pretends to be sleeping. she wonders why he is sleeping on the floor. TB was pretending to be sleeping on the floor so he could cover up his boxers. Mom wakes up SY like she is a kid and takes her out. hurry and wake up. you are late.  she lifts SY. you are so heavy. hurry and let’s wash up cuz you are late. SY mumbles about sleeping one more minute. they leave the room. TB gets up and looks miffed. he mutters about SY’s mom coming into their bedroom.

after his shower, he goes to his closet and all his new clothes are laid out. TB looks for his old clothes but they are missing. He remembers the mom asking him if he couldnt throw away his old clothes

Mom says SY should have woken up earlier. SY retorts: was it cuz I didnt want to wake up? her mom tells him to hurry and sit cuz she made his favorite dish. TB asks if she got rid of his clothes. She says when she was going through SY’s clothes yesterday she took away his clothes too. She asks if he has a lot of work these days cuz his skin doesnt look good and he should put on the skincare she bought him. He asks again if the mom really threw away his clothes. mom: I threw it away. I told you I would throw it away. TB: you asked me if I couldnt throw it away, you didnt say you would throw it away. also even if they were tattered and old, those are my clothes. SY asks what’s so important about those clothes. TB says to SY: if I tell you what those clothes are- will you know. you don’t know right so just sit still. mom asks why he is reacting like that over organizing some clothes. TB: cuz that’s not the only thing. this morning you came into the bedroom. mom: that was cuz I was afraid you two would oversleep so I couldnt help it. TB: even so there are lines you shouldnt cross, but you keep crossing that line. after we got married when you got rid of my underwear, I told you clearly that your attention. interest, and love can make the other person suffocate (unable to breathe). mom: then you shouldnt have accepted everything. if you dont like my interest and attention that much, new clothes or shoes -the stuff I bought- you shouldnt have accepted any of them. is it just stuff? the breakfast I make every morning, cleaning, and laundry too – why did you just stand by and accept it. this is ok that you dont like – am I ice cream you are selecting and eating? you even accepted this home. but what? you cant breathe? SY: mom please stop. her mom continues: do I not have that right? the outfit you are wearing now I bought it for you and I washed it too. but I dont have the right to throw away your old clothes. Why cant you talk. say it. TB says I am sorry. what you said is correct. I forgot for a minute the fact that we are living in your home and getting your help. mom: if you know that’s good. you are late so just hurry and eat.  TB: we are going to live apart. Mom: what? TB: SY and I will get a home and live separately. mom: live apart? cuz I reprimanded you are you saying you will leave home? you are not a rebellious teen so what are you doing being so childish? TB: I am not reacting right now out of anger. from a while back, SY and I were discussing about living apart from you. how much longer can we keep living like kids using your assistance.  since we are married it’s only right we should live apart from you. especially SY.

Mom goes to her home and gulps down water. Dad asks did something happen – why are you like that. she says that TB wants to live apart and will get their own home. where is another a mother in law like me for him to live apart. doesnt even know he should be thankful. dad tsks and says the mom should have just done enough for TB to feel thankful. your problem is you want too much. you are too… (meaning she overdoes things but he doesnt finish his sentence) cuz she gives him a warning look so he quiets down.

J is sitting in bed. Her dad comes in and says she should eat breakfast. Should we go shopping after we eat. or should we go see a movie. She lies down. He asks if she is going to sleep again. You need to eat at least and then sleep. She doesn’t listen to him

D goes to check on TH. There are soju bottles everywhere. D says TH drank again and then slept. He wakes TH up to go eat. D: Even if you can’t sleep you shouldn’t drink soju on an empty stomach every day.  you’ll be in big trouble (meaning health wise) if you are going to do that then at least eat something. hurry and get up so we can go eat. but TH doesn’t listen and says go wait in the office so we can go out and question people. D mutters if TH keeps that up, it will catch up to him

TH is still wearing his suit. D asks him to go eat first, but TH tells him to start questioning some places. TH walks off so D yells: if you keep doing that I am going to get mad. TH sees someone who looks like J and runs after her. but it’s not J. TH stands in the middle of the street and D watches him from the other side looking worried

D and TH go back to the station and GM is there with the dad. TH tells D to go first.  D bows to the dad and GM. TH goes over to them. GM asks what happened to his face in the past few days- have you not been eating well. You should at least come home. If you are going around like this do you think GM can sleep well. Dad gives TH a change of clothes and food the mom packed. GM says come with me to eat go eat lunch now. TH wont look at her and says he has a meeting. GM orders him to go but he doesnt move. she says then promise you will come home today. hurry and promise. TH says he is really busy. She asks if that means he cant come home today too. if you go around like this, dont you know that I cant live feeling easy. how long are you going to be like this.  You think I am being patient and enduring cuz I feel comfortable inside. go on a blind date. I will find a good match for you. go on the date and meet another girl. TH: grandma. G: do you know how old I am? did you promise you would get married within this year or not. He tells her to go home cuz he has to leave. GM: are you by any chance still meeting J without my knowledge? TH finally looks at her like he is disappointed in her. GM: then why dont you want to.  how much longer are you going to put me through this. TH says he will go home after his work is done so go. She says she is going to set a date for him to meet his blind date so just know that. she tells the dad let’s go. GM walks off first.

dad explains GM is like that cuz she is upset and tormented too. why wouldnt she be. instead of knowing about this truth first-starting from when I found out BIH came back alive. I was upset and couldnt sleep too. I think a lot about your poor father CW and miss him and think this is so unfair. if you are like this too and keep not coming home. of course GM but your mom and me – we are all upset.  GM isnt young. After she collapsed last time she hasn’t been well. I wont expect you to go on the date. just come home. TH says his work finishes this week and will go home after that. dad asks do you resent me for making you break up with J? is that why you didnt come home? TH doesnt answer. dad: mom made you a delicious lunch and told me to watch you eat and come back, but I will leave it so make sure you eat it. make sure you do. why did you let your face end up looking like that. (meaning TH looks like crap)  go in. Dad leaves. TH sees the chief walk by

SY and TB are doing an interview. the woman asks what kind of cooking SY does for TB normally. she gets a call and excuses herself. While the interviewer steps way to take the call SY says TB shouldn’t have used her as an excuse (to move out) TB: did I say anything that was incorrect? you lean on your mom too much. SY: then how could I not lean on her. I am not a superwoman.  Interviewer comes back and asks if SY normally cooks a lot for TB. SY lies and says: cooking? of course I do. I do it a lot. woman asks what dish SY cooks well. SY: let’s see – cuz I cook everything well. ramen? TB makes a face so SY changes it to “of course ramen is a given”  she blurts out cream spaghetti so TB agrees that’s right. SY makes cream spaghetti really deliciously. her recipe is special. when the woman asks for the recipe SY lies and says it’s a secret. Woman asks how much SY spends monthly on living expenses. TB asks SY: how much does it come out to?  SY guesses $500 and the woman seems shocked so SY says it comes out to way more than $500. that’s also a secret. TB agrees and says it’s a secret.

While they are taking pics, TB mutters monthly expenses $500 – when both our cell phone costs are so high. SY says she could have made that mistake -should I know stuff like that when mom takes care of all that. TB: I didnt marry my mother in law I married you. woman asks them to the do Andre Kim pose. (the designer who used to make his main two stars always do this pose at his fashion shows) the pose TB and SY make now.

SY is alone and remembers TB asking them to live separately from her parents

SY takes TB tea. She tries to use aeygo (being cutesy -she even wore a pink bow pin in her hair). she sits perched on the table and tells him to drink tea and then work. she pokes him with her finger. he asks why she is like this. it’s dangerous so get down. he pushes her off the table. SY: TB shi – I will try harder. from here on I wont lean on my mom so much and I will learn to cook traditional Korean food. so let’s not live apart. I will control my mom well so that she doesnt make you uncomfortable. she pokes him again and says in a baby voice “it will be too hard on SY oppa.” TB: oppa? aigoo. SY gives up and takes the pin out of her hair and goes back to her normal voice: no matter how much I think about it, I dont think living apart is the right thing. who is going to do the housekeeping and who is going to watch our Cha Gom. right now mom is next to me so I can comfortably work but what do I do if I live apart from mom? so think about me too. if we live apart, even though you help me out, cuz of additional housework, in the end my skills at work will fall and I wont be a good team leader or reporter. do you really want me to end up like that? TB: no I want you to succeed at work too. SY: you do right? TB: yes. your happiness is very important to me.

SY is happy and hugs him. she thanks him. I knew you would understand.  she thinks she got her way. But TB says: then let’s go to ojakkyo. SY pulls away and asks: what? but he hugs her again and says: Then you dont have to worry about housework and my mom will raise Cha gom. SY pulls away saying: wait a minute. are you asking me now to move into my in laws? TB: yes. I lived for half a year next to your parents so to be fair, let’s go to my home now.

TB grins and holds her cheeks. he says:  don’t worry.Trust this oppa. SY pulls away saying: wait a minute. TB chants: Let’s go (to ojak). let’s go.

Baek IH goes to the station. He says he came to get questioned. D thanks him for coming. TH and Baek look at each other.

TH and Baek go into an interrogation room. TH tells him to sit. TH gives his name and title thanks him for being a witness. TH is about to take down his statement but Baek says before that he wants to apologize first. How can I get your forgiveness. I committed a sin that deserves death. how can I pay for my crime and get even a little bit of forgiveness from you and your family – I will do anything. If you know how could you please teach it to me. TH: do you think there is a way. Baek says: isnt there a way to be punished legally? I dont know why I came back alive from that dangerous moment -10 or 12 times a day, I want to go back to that moment when the boat was drowning (Note: Baek is describing his “death” in China). TH tells him to stop. Baek: That day (note: referring the accident that killed  TH’s dad), I was too drunk so I dont even remember driving. it had been a while since i went hiking and I drank too much afterwards. (Note: Korean men like to hike and drink shoji after. They say it tastes refreshing.). When I came to, I had already left the accident site. I was so scared. since I was so drunk all I could think was how scared I was so I ran away. I really committed a sin that deserves death. I didn’t even know the victim was your father and I didn’t know he passed away. I really committed a sin that deserves death. TH: I said to stop. Baek cries and says I really committed a sin that deserves death. TH leaves the room as Baek cries.

*Thanks to Joonni now everything in this scene is accurate.

TH goes to the bathroom and cries.

Y and TP go hiking. He helps her cross a puddle of water and ends up on the other side cuz she pulled too hard. Y: what is this. are you ok? she asks why she has to take a pic alone. TP takes her pic.

They take pics together, then sit on rocks and play the “cham cham cham0 game.” it’s where you have to turn your head in the opposite direction of the bottle to win – not follow the same direction as soon as you hear the last “cham” being said. Y keeps losing so she says what is this. TP hits her on the head with the empty plastic bottle. when she does it to TP, he wins every round but she doesnt get that and hits him over the head anyway. he asks why she hit him. she says cuz she won but she didnt. it’s like she is making this up as she goes.

They are hiking on ice so TP tells her to be careful of the frozen ice but she says it’s not slippery. some old lady slips and falls. TP helps her up and asks if she is ok. old woman says she is ok and thanks him. she has trouble again so Y calls out GM and runs over to her and helps her again. Y says change shoes with me cuz mine aren’t slippery. I will lend it to you till you get to the entrance/starting point. old woman apologizes but Y says it’s ok. I will take your shoes off. old woman thanks Y.

Now TP has to help Y walk on the ice. He asks if Y lent the shoes on purpose to do this so he would have to help her. Y: I didnt. she walks and slips. he jokes and tells her to be careful cuz of her age. TP: you dont have an appointment tonight do you? she says she doesnt -why? TP: my big brother is finally getting married. we are going to invite guests and all go out to have drinks so you come too. Y: why would I go there? TP: cuz my second brother and sister in law will come so it will be nice if we all play. Y: I dont want to. TP: you dont want to? why? I wanted to introduce you to my hyungs. Y: it’s a little…also we said we would date so no one would know. did you forget already? TP: that was just in front of the in laws. you want us to hide it from everyone? wouldnt it better if we just revealed it. to be honest, meeting without anyone knowing is really uncomfortable. we didnt commit any sin so why do we have to do that? Y: are you like that cuz you dont know my sister’s personality? she will throw a total hissy fit. TP: we cant keep hiding it. also later on we have to get permission to get married. Y: marriage? you said you didn’t want to marry. TP: yes I dont right now but at some point I have to. werent you thinking of marrying me at some point too? Y says let’s hurry cuz grandma is waiting.

Mom calls J and she doesn’t answer so mom texts: J how are you doing. you aren’t picking up your phone so I am worried. call me. GM comes home with dad. dad says GM is upset cuz TH wont talk or listen. Dad gets a call. he looks at the number and says who is this. dad: hello?

Dad meets Baek. Baek: if there is a path to redeem myself, tell me what it is. If you want me to jump into the ocean again, I can jump in. dad: murderer. Baek. I wanted to express my repentance like this. I want you to have the farm. It’s already in your name anyway. dad: what? Baek: I just came back from meeting Kim PD from the movie company. the company already found another place and there is no one else to buy the farm. you keep the farm. Dad: crazy jerk. you think that makes sense. Baek: dont just get angry. dad: so you want to pay for your crime like that. for the rest of your life until you die, I want you to feel remorse throughout your body and sleep like that. until the day you die you dont have the right to sleep feeling at ease. what did you say? take the farm? what kind of woman do you think my mother is. what kind of person do you think I am to say stuff like that you jerk. murderer. Dad leaves angry

J is holding the duck pendant. Her dad comes in and says: you cant keep staying in the room. How many days has it been already. Get up. hurry and get up and eat something. if you don’t listen. I will force you to get out of bed. J: why did you do it – why did you hit someone and run away. Why did you do something so bad. why?  How could you commit such a huge sin. It’s all over now. I cant see or meet TH ajussi anymore. I don’t even have to right to miss him. It’s all over now. She cries

J is walking on the street. She remembers watching TH sing for her on the street and dancing.  The light turns green but she stands and cries.

J is at the studio. She starts to draw but she puts the pencil down. She tears up her drawing and stands up. KJ walks in. he asks if she came. If you didnt come out today I was thinking of barging into the officetel. She packs up. He asks: you are going somewhere? but you just got here.  He gets in her way. KJ: where are you going? J: move. KJ: I don’t know where you are going, but should we go together. J: then should we do that? our 3rd date.

they go shopping. J: since it’s a date, I can buy anything I want right? KJ: go ahead. She buys clothes, shoes, and jewelry. She gets a manicure. KJ waits outside and is on the phone. he says he will go right away. He tells J that he has to go to the office for a while so let’s meet 3 hrs later. Where are you going now. J: you don’t need to come

Guksoo is at school and is asked to draw mom or dad. He doesn’t. he takes out a pic of his mom and looks at it. He starts to draw. He draws a woman with a dark complexion and cries staring at her.

TS, MS, and H are standing while Guksoo sits. TS says he will formally introduce MS who he is going to marry and H. MS offers to bow formally but GM says there is no need. since they always see each other every day so just say the greeting and sit down. dad says the same thing. MS says “please take care of me well- I am H’s mom Kim MS. and please take good care of our H too”  H bows and says hello I am MH (she has her dad’s last name so it’s different from MS’s). GM says that’s enough – hurry and sit. Dad says he will call MS “big kid” (*explanation on the bottom). mom says welcome and it’s good to meet you. MS thanks them. TB says welcome to H.  TP: especially maknae uncle welcomes you. H: yes. I really like that a cool reporter uncle and a good looking younger uncle (TP) are going to become my real uncles. TB: our H knows how to look at men. TP welcomes MS. I sincerely welcome you, you dont know how long we waited for you to come older sister in law. TB says to MS: thank you a lot for saving our big hyung (TS) but MS says I didnt save TS shi, Hwang TS shi saved me. TS: you guys all heard right? GM says then the formal introduction is done with this- since you two aren’t young, pick the fastest day and have a wedding. (I think she said to also start working on having another kid cuz TS yelled out “yes” sort of happy and MS shoved him.) TB says to TS: ask me about that hyung. Guksoo gets up and leaves the room, but no one notices. Mom says since they know MS’s situation so dont worry about gifts and stuff (the things you do when you get married but the mom is willing to do without since she thinks MS isnt wealthy) mom says just find the wedding hall. MS says- no I will do the basic stuff. I want to do that.  Mom is trying to keep down the costs for MS so she says there is no need to overdo it. TS tells the truth that it’s not overdoing it cuz MS is the real owner of the restaurant. I found out not too long ago but Chun owner is just the owner by face. MS is the real owner. mom looks happy: she is? MS says to TS: why say that stuff. GM says the dad knows how to (choose) a daughter in law. cuz the big daughter in law is a proprietor and younger daughter in law is a reporter at a famous broadcasting station and a daughter of a junjik. TS says to MS: you still havent said hello to sister in law. he points to SY.

SY says to MS: hello I am Cha SY. MS: omo you were in Korea? SY: what? MS: since you didnt come to the in laws at all, I thought you lived abroad. oh so you were in Korea. after you got married, you didnt even come to the in laws. (in Korea, right after the honeymoon, you are supposed to go straight to the husband’s home and cook and clean for the new in laws wearing a hanbok) SY: yes cuz I was really busy. MS: even though you are busy, you should still do things you are supposed to do. after I get married, if you keep doing that, I will act like the big sister in law (meaning she is going to correct SY’s lapses in her duties as a daughter in law). Mom and GM remark that MS is going to be a strict older daughter in law. MS says to SY: it’s nice to meet you younger sister in law. SY: it’s nice to meet you MS shi. MS: how could you call me MS shi. you have to call me “hyungnim” (older sister in law) but SY points out: but you havent married yet MS shi. there is awkward tension.

*(“big kid/child” is what he said in Korean but it means sort of like “big daughter” – which doesnt sound any better in translation. it’s cuz TS is the eldest so she has to be called “big” and “kid” cuz she is younger than the dad like a daughter- it’s supposed to be endearing) Also since MS is marrying the older brother, MS has seniority over all the rest of the brother’s wives even if she was younger than them (but she isnt here cuz she is around TS’s age)

TH and D are in the car and TH sees a place that sells sweet porridge and remembers that J likes it. TH says he will drop by somewhere so D should go in and wait.

TH drives to the movie studio. He sees KJ on the phone with J. KJ said to her: hello? Where are you? what’s wrong with your voice. what? where? ok I will go right away

J is dancing in a club. KJ goes over and she is drunk. She says you came. Let’s dance together. She falls on him. J: I am ok. Nothing is wrong with me.

KJ: let’s sit first. when did you drink so much. She says: should we? should we drink. She goes and downs some shots. She knocks over a table and falls down. Some girls complain “what is this” so KJ apologizes. TH comes in. KJ asks J to stand but she says let go. other customers say hurry and take her home to KJ. KJ: stand up and let’s go. J: let go. there is nothing wrong with me.

J pulls away from KJ and sees TH standing there. TH goes to her so J runs away. TH is about to go after her, but KJ gets in the way.

TH: what is this. are you not going to move? KJ: Don’t you know why she is running away from you- she doesn’t want you to see her like that. TH: move away. KJ: if you are that worried  you shouldn’t have let her go from the start. even if you turned your back on your family, you shouldn’t have let go of her hand. or take her and run away. do you have the courage to do that? if you have the courage go after her. in the end, you cant do anything for her. so what are you going to do after you go after her. J is having a hard time enduring. if you cant do anything, dont go after her and just leave. That’s the best thing you can do for her. TH cries and let’s go of KJ. He watches where J went and leaves out the front door.

TH goes out and screams. He holds his head. He goes and drinks a lot.

KJ goes to the women’s bathroom to look for J. she is inside crying. other women ask what KJ is doing. he says sorry -it’s cuz my friend didnt come out yet.  He asks if J is inside. he knocks and asks if he can open the door.  he pushes the door. She is sitting there crying. He tells her to stand up and go out. Officer hwang left awhile ago. stand up. She asks him to take her to the farm cuz she misses TH too much. KJ: should I really take you to him? You endured well so why are you like this. Should I really take you?

Family is gathered, just the brothers and parents and GM. mom tells TB to hurry and go home since SY is waiting. TB says I will handle it mother. TH comes home drunk and goes over to GM. TH: grandma. GM asks why are you like this. why did you drink so much. TH cries and begs her: please save me once. please save me grandma. GM: why are you like this?  TH: Please forgive J once. please give me permission (to keep dating J) GM: what did you say? TH: it’s cuz I cant endure it grandma.  it’s cuz I am going crazy grandma.  *my heart feels like it’s being crushed and it hurts so much. I cant breathe. I cant do anything.  I cant eat. I cant sleep.  cuz I miss J I cant breathe grandma. he touches his heart. *this feels like it’s being crushed and it hurts so much and I cant breathe grandma. GM: you are crazy. you aren’t in your right mind. dad: are you not going to stop? hurry and stop – get up. TH: at first I thought I could do it. cuz Baek In ho came back alive so I thought it cant be helped. so I broke up- I broke up, but I cant endure it anymore grandma. Dad tells the brothers: what are you all doing.  take TH away. TH holds GM’s arm and says: grandma every moment is hell-even a minute or a second is traumatic grandma. aside from the thought that I miss J, I cant think of anything else. without alcohol, I cant sleep at all. please forgive her. please give permission. GM: so you are saying you will marry the daughter of the criminal who killed your dad. answer me. is that what you are saying now? that you will marry the daughter of the criminal who killed your father! TH: yes grandma if you give permission. GM tells him: go out and die. if it’s that hard on you go and die. TH: please give me permission grandma.

GM tries to hit TH so brothers stop her. mom: please dont do this mother. GM: are you in your right mind you punk. Let me go. I will kill him and I will die today. TH: please forgive her. I will make it up to you all my life. please forgive her.  dad yells at TH: this punk. are you not going to stop. TP grabs his dad and tells him to calm down. TS yells at TB to hurry and take TH out. TB tells TH to stand up.  TH yells out: grandmother!

*Thank you Joonni for editing those lines 🙂


No preview

When TH yelled out “grandmother” I started talking to my tv screen through my tears – “dont you dare end here. dont do it. dont you even think about it.” then the credit music came out and I wanted to hit someone. 🙂

Was it me or did the GM look like she was on the verge of giving in. TH always said he is the only one  who can control his grandmother….maybe he did it tonight. I really hope he broke her down. GM needs to let go of her anger. it’s not doing anyone any good. Plus how can you claim to love someone if you cause him to break down in tears like this. There is no way the GM didnt feel something here staring at TH cry and beg like that. Bet she crumbled just a little bit. how could she not when TH looks like his dad. it would kind of be like staring at your own dead son and turning down his request. I loved how TH begged like a little kid. he might be a man in love, but his tone and pleads were like a desperate child’s – no grandmother can hold out against that, especially this one.

I just realized all the fun there will be if SY lives on the farm. TB’s mom wakes up at the crack of dawn and as the daughter in law, SY is supposed to make breakfast and stuff. Cant imagine how they are going to wake SY up. it might take the whole family. No wonder SY went to the extreme and tried to use aegyo to get out of moving there. She must have been pretty desperate.

Fanderay’s Comments:

I’ve been a bit ticked at the grandma this weekend, so I would love for her to give in to TH, although I don’t think it’ll be that easy. I completely understand why she has a hard time approving of TH and J, but wanting to prosecute BIH and for TH to immediately go on dates shows that she has very little empathy for either of them. She is only thinking of herself and her deceased son, but isn’t doing it very logically. What is she going to tell her deceased son in the afterlife? “Your son is miserable and lost the love of his life, but don’t worry because he’s married”? It doesn’t seem like she’s actually thought it all through, so hopefully TH’s pleading will at least open her eyes to how much they’re hurting.

When KJ brought up the idea of TH running off with J, I couldn’t help but get my hopes up about how wonderful that would be (no matter how unlikely it is and how unhappy they would be in the long run). I don’t think I can stand much more binge drinking from those two, so if they can’t get it together and are just resentful of their families anyways, they may as well run off and be together!

I feel particularly bad for KJ this episode because he always does the perfect thing, but his relationship with J and TH pretty much just involves cleaning up their messes and they never really treat him like a friend. He volunteers for the job and it’s not that they go out of their way to use him or anything, but it seems worse because it’s like he would rather be used and have people in his life than be alone. Even though I think TH and J would’ve been miserable if they eloped, I still loved the way KJ berated TH (you tell him big brother!). He basically pointed out that TH did have a choice in all this, and that he should man up and stand by the choice that he made. I actually agree with him. At this point BIH is “guilty” and there is no advantage to TH and J wavering about each other if they’re not willing to go the whole nine yards.

I’m still not sure what BIH can do since everything he tries is just considered insulting, so thankfully this isn’t a melodrama and he has a daughter to care for because he’s probably starting to think that suicide is the only thing that would ease anyone’s mind. I guess it’s probably best for him to just lay low and not do anything, but I’m sure that’s hard when he sees J suffering and has genuine good will towards the Ojak family. I don’t blame the family either since they have no way of knowing BIH is innocent, but I know and just want to yell at them all to start investigating.

I actually thought that things couldn’t have worked out better for TB, in terms of having a good opportunity to tell SY’s mom they might move. Since she brought up the fact that he accepts some things (like the house) it gave him the perfect chance to basically say that he doesn’t want to accept the house either. The mom also probably knows that she is starting to overstep her boundaries, so she will feel partially guilty about them moving, instead of just having hurt feelings and thinking TB wants to move because he doesn’t like her. I admire that TB acted calm and took perfect advantage of the situation, instead of doing what I would have done, which is get mad and argue that accepting gifts shouldn’t mean that she gets to throw his things away or do whatever she wants.

I think that living on the farm will be a major learning experience for her. She’s not even used to having siblings or helping out, so everything will feel new to her. I wasn’t expecting a rivalry between MS and SY, so it could get interesting (they need J in the mix to smooth it all over!). I thought it was sort of low of MS to publicly insult SY like that, instead of keeping her thoughts to herself, especially now when she isn’t even married into the family yet. Not that I have tons of sympathy for SY regarding this stuff, since I think if she’s going to lie about it in interviews, she should at least try to improve. Maybe this will all motivate SY though, and she’ll become a model daughter-in-law out of competitiveness.

SY’s aegyo was pathetic but hilarious, and I thought it was cute that TB seemed to find the whole thing endearing. I do feel a bit bad for SY having to move right now when she’s expecting a baby (I’m sure she’s much more comfortable with her own mom) but I think it’ll be good for her because she seems to actually be afraid of being independent from her mother (which is different from just preferring to have her mom around).

TP and Y were the main source of cuteness this episode (even though she looks older, she feels as young as him because they interact so well). I just hope they address their relationship soon, because they can’t hide forever!

I suppose TS is being thoughtless out of excitement, but I was disappointed to see that he asked Guksoo about the marrying MS and then seemed to forget (or not care) about his response. Besides the fact that it probably makes Guksoo feel terrible about his mom, it also implies that Guksoo’s opinion doesn’t matter, and that TS was just asking as some sort of gesture. How do your overlook your kid’s dead mother though? I’m sure TS will feel horrible next week when he realizes that he’s been a jerk, but he obviously still has a bit of work to do when it comes to being a parent and putting his child first.

I would be lying if I said that I enjoyed this episode, at least in the traditional sense of the word “enjoy”. I dont think it was a bad episode or anything, and I know that it was a necessary evil, but the sweetness in this drama is oh-so-sweet that I’m already dying for reconciliation and happiness all around. I do have a hunch that a lot is going to happen next weekend, so I’m looking forward to it. Be strong everyone! All this pain can’t last forever 🙂


703 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E52

  1. Anonymous says:

    Does the writter of OB has a twitter or something?should we give her some petition or suggestion for OB ending….it would be nice if we could send her some message so that she will know how much we love and care for this show….


  2. Jules says:

    I read it that Music Bank @ KBS will record their show in Paris on the 8th February…

    Well, I guess Uee need to film her scene as many as she can.

    This OB is killing me. Killing me with the unpredictable love story of TH and JE… Aigoo.


  3. Ginko says:

    There’s news that Joo Won’s leading lady in Bridal Mask is Jin Se Yeon, which really shocks me.


    I saw her in The Duo, she played young Dong-nyeo (Han Ji-hye’s role). Jin Se Yeon was born in 1993, she’s beautiful and pretty good, but isn’t she too young for a leading role in a big project? Currently she’s in SBS daily drama “My Daughter Flower”, she got The SBS Drama New Star Award 2011 for this role.

    There’s also other news reported that her ageny confirmed the casting but also said that she could not attend the script reading today because of her filming in SBS drama.

    Well, we’re going to get English trans soon in other news sites. I don’t know how I feel about this news, I didn’t expect this. Or may be she also plays the young heroine? But they didn’t say anything on the news. And you see from the link above, her pic is next to Joo Won.

    Meanwhile, Joo Won is really busy, he has to film OB and prepare for Bridal Mask at the same time. Poor guy works really hard. I just hope at least he takes a few days rest before training for the new action role.


      • Hanna says:

        Aha.. she’s cute. Well I guess the drama based on Manga so they need young innocent pure looking heroine. But not sure whether she’s be the lead right.

        I hope she can up to Joo Won strong and firm acting. Lucky girl!


      • Jenni says:

        she is beautiful and young..very nice girl..
        that’s true ginko she is too young for a leading role in a big project..
        but i like her acting in My daughter Flower..she has a good acting!!!!!
        so far not dissapointed…


        • Ginko says:


          Look at the picture in the link, she’s really innocent and pretty.

          Well, I really like her in The Duo, she has an intelligent charm, some thing similar to Park Bo Young. It’s just that she’s too young ^^ But like Hanna said, may be the drama based on Manda so they need a fresh image. I hope all the best for her.

          Jenni, wow, you’re even watching daily drama? That’s really a record 🙂


          • Jenni says:

            yes ginko i,m watching My daughter Flower from monday until friday..it;s a good family drama
            her role as Yang kkit Nam is very adorable person..
            i hope she and Joo won can make a great chemistry then…
            But i dont know even i like her in My daugher in Flower.. i still can’t stand my Joo won with another female star beside Uee..maybe coz i,m so addicted with Uee & Joo won couple..
            just wait…


          • Hanna says:

            I spending my time Google about her now. Hehe.


            • Anonymous says:

              thank god for this casting a wise choise i was afraid they will chose someone who older than joo won, like other dramas with leading lady 9 years older i dont like it


    • Anonymous says:

      whaaa, I was born in 1993 as well so I feel a little awkward about this because no matter how much I like Joowon, my imagination can only go as far as being his little sister. I just can’t get myself to dream that he’s my boyfriend. But yeah, it’s better that it’s someone younger than someone older although I’m still hoping he could work again with Uee after OB…

      I wish there’s a songwriter out there that could write a valentine song that Joowon and Uee will sing then they can make a sweet MV together… 😀

      less than 24 hrs to go!!! I can’t believe I’m more interested in a drama than my college life


      • Haengbok says:

        I’m the same age as you and her 🙂
        but somehow, she looks mature-r than me
        and I agree that it’d be awkward because JW is several years older than us, but I’m still hoping that my future boyfriend/husband (kekeke) has the same personality as TH (though not JW heh heh :D)

        a few more hours to ep 53!!
        somehow, after OB, I can’t imagine JW acting with another female lead other than Uee… o~o


      • Ririenz says:

        at least they didn’t pick an ahjumma like me….:D
        i think she’s as cute as UEE, well…lets just wait and see…


    • Anonymous says:

      well, she’s cute, have an innocent looks & fresh.

      Hopefully she will win more support just like UEE as Joowon’s love interest.
      But still i can’t stand it to see Joowon with another girl in a drama or movie coz i’m so attached & addicted to TAEJA (joowon-uee)COUPLE for life.


    • SAMMI says:

      Also don’t forget that he is also considered for 1N2D and he is likely to be part of it..that means he could rarely get a time to rest!! Poor him..he would be really busy in upcoming days!!


  4. VIP says:

    hello everyone, i want to share this article about bridal mask casts


    i still can’t accept joo won with another girl because i really love Joo Won UEE couple.. kekekekeke… i hope this drama will be big hit in 2012…


  5. Anonymous says:

    First time I post here not sure what I’m doing. I saw this video on youtube after ep 52 came out. I found it so heartwrenching and I’m not much of a cryer, but it was just so full of emotion. Joo Won is a very talented actor. So here it is hope it works. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hClf48dA0aE


  6. SS says:

    Talking about Bridal Mask, read earlier that Shin Hyun Joon who will play Joo Won’s brother in the show, is a “self-confessed” fan of Joo Won. How awesome is that! This guy seems lot more experienced and Joo Won is only into his second drama.


  7. Anonymous says:

    …it worked. I wonder what to do to get rid of the Anonymous. I’ll figure it out later.


  8. Oh noooooo I think that Doll Mask will have bad ratings T______T Cuz it will be aired at the same time slot with MBC drama ‘The King’ ( Ha Jiwon and Lee Seung Gi) I know that Ha Ji Won is LOVED in Korea so Im kind of afraid for his drama =(


    • SAMMI says:

      No Ha ji won’s drama is going to air in March not May!! I am rather worried about the drama which star Jang dong gun which is gonna air in May too but I am not sure if its the same time slot as Joo Won’s drama. If it is then it would be hard to compete with that drama since its Jang DOng gun come back after over 12 years in small screen and he is loved by almost everyone in Korea. But as long as Joo Won gives his best I am not worried about ratings!! I will be supporting him!!


    • Startulle says:

      I LOVE her…….


  9. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think Jin Se Yun will look good with Joowon as Uee does bucz their height is huge different & Joowon is 6yrs older than her plus i still can’t accept & don’t want to see Joowon with another girl in drama beside Uee. I’m so addicted to TAEJA couple and also so much in love with joo won & uee’s chemistry. I really love Joowon, but I think I will probably skip Bridal Mask.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Whatever it takes, we will always be there for JOOWON, right?
    Of course UEE will still support Joowon as well.


  11. startulle says:

    About Bridal Mask……………im just hoping for JW”s new project he wont HIDE his cute face under any mask! lololololololol……….and no more crying scenes pleaaaaaaaaaase!……i wanna hear his adorable laughing! 🙂

    NOw…….anxiously waiting for epi53!!!……………….Please Grandma, dont go after J!!!!!!!!…..dont go!!!!!!
    J doesnt deserve any scold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. za says:

    i love uee very much,,,,he2!!! i am a big fan of her,, i hope she will get another drama offer as soon as possible,,i will always support uee,,uee fighting!!!


  13. ck1Oz says:


    Just so we are talking about OB you guys have to check out King’s latest digital drawings. That blogger is so good she’s amazing.


    • Dania says:

      thank you for the link ck…
      yess it’s so awesome…beautiful pictures of TH & JE couple,especially with cartoon pictures..wahh they are so cuuute..love it..
      that’s true she is amazing..i adore her very much..

      BTW i,m wondering alot of OB ‘s blog are always about TH & JE couple, even on Youtube most of MV about Th & JE couple, even though TH & JE is always become my favorit couple until now and forever they are so adorable together,,but i do loove TB & SY couple too for me they are still the best couple on OB, and it’s hard to find any blog who is talking about them..and it’s also hard to find MV of them

      i,m so anxiously waiting for E53..hope there is scenes of TH & JE…..


    • Softy says:

      Thanks for reminding me CK – I always forgot to add her link on the recap till now. 🙂


  14. Softy says:

    Dania – I am pretty sure most OB fans love both couples pretty evenly, it’s just that JooWon is better looking than the actor playing TB so there are more videos maybe – just a guess. Every Korean viewer prefers TB and SY so that’s why they won best couple award. TH and J didn’t win that so that just shows you TB and SY have more fans I guess. Cuz a lot of people on this blog broke their fingers almost voting for TH and J and they still lost. 🙂


    • Dania says:

      thank you softy for the reply..
      tell you the true i,m still mad until now my lovely taeja couple didn’t won best couple award
      maybe coz i,m so addicted with this couple..


  15. Kath says:

    i’m still watching episode 48 since my internet connection is slow but my curiosity is killing me so i decided to read ahead… but damn… i just reading this episode and yet i can’t stop my self from crying… especially at the part where he begged his grandmother to forgive Ja eun… i dont think i can’t handle it if watch it… i might need 2 rolls of tissue…


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