Ojakkyo Brothers E51

This might be the first time I started an OB recap with a fervent prayer. I kept chanting “please don’t breakup –please don’t break up” even though I know it’s futile. From the very first episode till now, I never once gave up on this drama to come through and not disappoint me. Now that I am faced with a scene from the preview that I know will tear our hearts out, it’s sort of hard to keep the flame of optimism alive. Some have already jumped ship and decided to forgo watching tonight, but there is nothing this show can throw my way for me to ever give up on it. Just as the Hwang family upholds unity and loyalty, I am going to remain firm in my belief that everything will be resolved sooner than we expect. If there is a lifeline to hold onto at this point, it’s the fact that this writer has done a stupendous job in twisting the inevitable to put a whole new spin on it. I don’t know about you, but I intend to cling to that hope for dear life tonight.

*omg my entire neck is covered with tears that ran down my face. I was too busy typing so I couldnt wipe them away …my heart feels like it dropped to the pit of my stomach. I wonder if it’s possible to pass out from sadness. rewatching these scenes is killing me….


Starts with the new family portrait as the opening picture

The mom serves dinner. mom tells TP and TS to eat. TS asks what about dad. mom says he should be home by now but hasnt come yet. you eat first cuz it’s too late (in the evening).  TP asks: did dad pack J’s stuff and leave? mom: he packed her stuff and left. TP: it looks like we are chasing her out. Mom: i think he did that cuz of GM. in case J came home and ran into GM. TP: so what if they run into each other. GM liked J a lot. also it’s not J’s fault.

Dad comes home and tells them to sit. Dad asks if GM ate. mom says she wouldn’t eat porridge so the mom is making something else for her since she likes that better so maybe she will eat some. did you meet J? Dad: i met her and finished talking and ended it well. TP: what did you say to J? dad: that we had a place to move and will move out of the farm so for a short time live outside. she said she would on her own and also said on her own that she would break up with TH. since TH said he would break up the problem with the two of them will be settled. you two should know that and be careful – dont make any mistakes and say anything in front of TH or GM. anyway GM has to recover from this so pay some attention till the mood in the home goes down a bit. TP: do the two of them really have to break up? they just dont have to get married. as long as they don’t get married there is no reason to stop them from just meeting. Dad asks: what does that mean? let him keep meeting with his daughter -the criminal who killed his father? TP: it’s not the two of them’s fault. if they break up like this – it’s too harsh and pitiful. for now just let them meet and just naturally…dad interrupts. this punk – you think that makes sense? even if you dont know his face, he was still your uncle you punk.  J’s dad killed your uncle. mom warns him that GM might hear cuz the dad raised his voice. TS: father TP was upset so he just said that. cuz he feels bad for J. dad: even if he is upset, there are things he should say and things he shouldnt say. how many hours has passed since GM woke up from being unconscious. so how could you say such things? you think your dad is some heartless being who doesnt shed blood and tears? you think I dont know that J is hurting and dont know her heart is aching and took her stuff to her. mom says that GM might hear. Dad: I thought GM would never wake up forever. from the moment she collapsed till she woke up today, I couldn’t breathe properly and almost died. it’s cuz GM woke up, but if she didnt wake up forever  I would have killed In Ho and myself. how could you say stuff like that? dad gets up.

Mom goes in and asks the GM to eat. Mom: Please eat a little bit and gain some strength. GM sits up and says she is coming to her senses and can piece together what has been happening now. She asks if that’s why the mom used TS having to get married first and opposed the marriage so much. mom: yes mother. GM: then how long were you planning to hide it from me. did you think it was ok to just let the kids get married and make me into a mother with a lot of sin who didnt know knowing anything and let the daughter of the fool who took my child marry my baby. did you want me to live and die being that dumb. is that it? mom: do you think I would have done that mother. it was such a shocking matter so if you knew (was afraid) you would collapse. GM: even if I collapsed and died, it’s something that has to do with my baby. even if I collapsed and didnt die and lived with half my senses, I should know what’s going on with my baby.  that’s how I could break up TH and J. that’s how when I die and go to the next life, in front of my child I could get on my knees and repent. (beg my son for forgiveness) your mother with a lot of sin, without knowing this farm belonged to the fool who killed you and lived there for ten years.  how upset he must have been my poor baby. mom: I was wrong mother. GM: does J know or not. Mom: she knows. a little while ago TS’s dad packed her stuff and went and gave it to her. until we move, (he told her) to live outside. she also said she would break up with TH. GM: why say something that is so obvious.  isn’t it obvious that should happen. mom: yes mother of course it is.

*2 lines of what GM said was just too hard – listened like a 100 times but I couldnt get the exact words so I paraphrased.

TH goes and tells his team leader -I can prove professor Seo is involved in the backdoor admittance case so I will start the investigation. you know Baek IH came back alive right? I will use BIH as a witness. team leader: you are going to do it? TH: yes. I will. TH tells D to contact BIH as a witness and page the other two officers cuz they have to have a meeting soon.  D: yes. D smiles and tells the team leader: work hard.

Their team of officers start their investigation. they are going through pictures.

The chief comes barging in and tells everyone to leave for a while cuz he has something to say to officer TH. they all stood up when the chief came in but TH remained sitting. (it’s his way of showing he doesnt respect the chief anymore) After the others leave, TH stands up to face him. chief asks what is this that I am hearing -that you are going to start the backdoor admittance case. TH: yes I will. I will enlist Baek IH as a witness and also enlist Professor Seo. I will reveal everything to the core so be prepared. chief: are you crazy? I said I would reveal everything to Baek JE. you think I am just saying that? TH leans in and looks him in the eye and speaks banmal (informally). TH: reveal it- I said reveal it. chief: what kind of behavior is this. TH: cuz you still haven’t taken off those clothes (as chief of our precinct), I am being patient (hold back) cuz you are still the chief of our precinct. I am holding back for the sake of other officers and younger officers, but pretty soon I will make you take those clothes off. (meaning TH will strip him of his title) so that a parasite like you won’t leech off our police institution, I will chase you to hell if I have to. I will find that ledger no matter what and show everyone how rotten to the core you are. so just wait.

*Thank you. 🙂 Joonni gave me the exact words. boy when TH gets mad, he uses a lot of hard words and adjectives.  🙂

Chief goes and waits where BIH is staying. Chief: what did you do? What did you for officer hwang to use you as a witness to continue investigating the backdoor admittance. BIH: of course he has to so my daughter will be totally cleared of suspicion. Chief threatens: you are going to let your daughter know that you are the criminal behind the hit and run. BIH: move! I wont be browbeated by someone like you anymore. my daughter already knows everything you bad jerk. Chief: she knows? How? BIH shoves him aside and walks away from him without answering

MS tries to tell H “mom is going to get mar..” but doesn’t finish her sentence. MS: just study. H asks what is it – why dont you finish what you were going to say. MS: it’s nothing. H, what if I got married? H: marry? are you getting married. MS: what if I do? how will it be? H: who are you going to marry if you do. MS: big ajussi. H: did big ajussi ask you to marry him. MS: yes he said let’s get married. I don’t dislike him. What do you think. you dont like it? Should I not get married. H was frowning. MS: if you tell me not to get married, I wont so it. H breaks out in a smile. H: I like it. I worried you couldn’t marry cuz of me so that is a relief. MS: why did you have such foolish thoughts.  it’s not cuz of you that I couldnt get married, it’s cuz I have high standards so that is why I didnt. H: really? MS: of course. I have really high standards. they laugh. H checks her hands and asks: why dont you have a ring mom. mom: ring? H: when you get proposed to – they normally give you a ring.  didn’t big ajussi give you a ring?

TS tells Guksoo: so I want to marry ajumma (MS) what do you think? why? you dont like that? you like ajumma. dont you? Guksoo: yes. I like ajumma but what about my mom. TS explains: dad and mom broke up a long time ago. of course I am your dad and mom is your mom of course but since mom and dad broke up, we cant live together. guksoo ya, dad….Guksoo interrupts and says : I will think about it. TS tells him-ok then think it over. should we sleep. he tucks Guksoo in.  TS gets a call from MS and goes out

J comes in with her bags. her dad asks what those are and J explains it’s her stuff cuz she cant stay at the farm anymore. Baek: did you go to the farm? J: no CS ajussi brought them to me. Baek: you met CS? J: yes. I was afraid CS ajussi would get angry so I didnt tell him but I want CS ajussi to keep living on the farm. so if it’s ok with you dad let’s just give them the farm for good. BIH: of course. I was thinking the same thing. J: sleep.  He asks what about officer hwang. J: we are going to break up. Baek cries and says: I am sorry J. I shouldnt have come back alive. why did I have to come back alive and give you this hellish pain. it would be better if I die and pay for my crime even though it’s late -it’s time for me to die… I am sorry J. he cries but she doesn’t comfort him

TH is in the batting cage hitting a lot of balls as D watches on worried.

*it’s like TH is afraid to stop cuz if he does, he will have to think about what’s going on again. guess this is his way of escaping his problem. I love how D just stands silently by and keeps watch over him.

J sits in the dark. TH sits in some room alone too.

At breakfast, dad tells GM that TH didn’t come home. he called to say he has too much work and cant come home. GM asks if there is a way to still prosecute BIH according to the law and put him in prison. Dad says according to the law the statute of limitation has passed so GM says she doesnt know about stuff  like that. she insists find a way somehow. Dad says he will look into it to find a way so start eating. They start breakfast. TS says he has good news. He moved to a new hospital and it’s bigger and has better benefits. mom asks where he moved to. TS explains it belongs to a sunbae (older classmate) he knows and it’s that person’s private hospital. TS has a title bump too. dad says that’s good to hear. Mom says that’s good news. GM doesnt react so TS says: I have one more good news but I will tell you later.

TB is staring at SY as they edit video. She is giving ideas like how about in front of this scene inserting CG about the safety of amusement parks to show how much worse it is so people can compare at one glance. and look into when there were the most accidents. but TB just stares at her and smiles. He agrees to her suggestion about the video clip. SY: then should we keep watching? he holds her hand. SY:why are you like this. TB: let’s rest and then keep going. SY: come to your senses- this is the office.  TB: let’s take a break and work. SY: are you crazy -what are you going to do if someone comes in.

He kisses her cheek. SY: dont do that. he leans to kiss, but choi and other girl come in so TB slips off his chair. choi asks if they are going to keep doing this without any breaks – think of this bachelor a little bit. Girl says they are still newlyweds. let’s go and get some coffee and come back. she pulls choi out to give TB and SY privacy. SY tells him to leave. girl tells them to keep doing what they were doing.

TB hugs SY and says he wants to hurry and get off work. The door opens and TB asks what now.

It’s their boss. SY and TB pull apart. He tells them to keep going cuz it looks good

They are all having lunch together. Gu asks why he was left out of the housewarming. I am really upset. TB: I am sorry. SY: we thought you would be too busy so we didnt contact you. Gu asks: you know I am the number one cause of you two reconciling right? next time make sure you buy me a good meal. TB offers to buy him an expensive meal next time. Gu: how was the housewarming – did everyone have fun? Choi says yes. girl says they played game and SY got mad and made a fuss. choi says to SY: it’s just a game and you shouldnt have misunderstood sister in law. SY scowls at him. SY: it was cuz you took it too far. how old are you to play truth game and what’s up with “yaja time.” (when you to talk to each other informally regardless of age and job title) Gu: that sounds like fun. since we are talking about – should we play it once? everyone says “huh?” Gu: that’s right. It’s a game you play when you are young. when you get older there is no chance to play that game. Let’s play now till our lunch comes out. TB tries to say that’s not a good idea but gets shushed by Gu. Gu says “start” and no one talks.

GU: what are you all doing. He asks G to start. So G speaks informally and says ” lower your voice. how dare you raise your voice” Gu giggles like a girl. Gu: did you just start? G: you are laughing. this punk. TB speaks to G informally and says ” G – you are louder. what are you looking at? turn around and sit. hurry. Gu is turning red and crying from laughing so hard.  G turns around and sits.  Girl says to TB: ya hwang TB – your style is really good today – did your mother in law choose that outfit too? other guy says: why are you asking what is obvious. his mother in law bought the home and clothes. he is totally a kept man. choi: but why am I not envious at all. Gu: does your mother in law pick out your underwear too? everyone laughs so SY yells out Gu’s name informally.  she scolds him for talking about his sunbae. G was smiling and looking over so TB tells him to properly turn around and sit.  SY tells her boss to turn around and sit too. Gu: me? G tells him: let’s sit and face the other way. Gu: ok.

Y’s friend comes to visit at the store. Eun Joo, the one from the couple gathering. E: I was passing by and dropped by for a short time. it’s bigger than I thought. She sees TP and ask: arent you the one who came to the couple gathering, Y’s boyfriend. TP: you are the one who was drunk werent you. E stops smiling. she asks  Y: are you dating your store employee. Y: let’s go over there and sit and talk. TP mutters he doesnt like that woman.

E: no wonder. I was thinking where you would meet a young kid like that. Y asks if E’s daughter B is doing well. but E asks: how could you date your employee? were you that lonely? Y: let’s talk about something else. what grade is B? E: that’s right – is there anything special in life. you have to have fun while you can. I am in favor. that style is someone you can play with without any burden. Y: EJ ya. I thought you had an appointment – arent you leaving? E: I have to go, but be careful (watch out). I understand but what will others think when they see, they will insult you that you seduced a young guy with money

* Y has the worst friends ever. one cheats her out of money and this one finds any reason to insult her. Y needs new friends.

TP and Y are eating together. TP: was that person a while ago really your friend. she doesnt suit you. how do you know each other? Y: she is a friend from college. she is not a bad person. if you know her she is ok. TP: I am curious but do you have anyone who isnt ok? Y:what? TP: while you live, wasnt there anyone you hated a lot?  aside from your first husband. She cant think of anyone. TP: how is that possible? even if I think about it for a second, I can think of so many. Y: who are they? TP lists a bunch of people. first of all during high school, homeroom teachers that compared me to TH hyung and tormented me. freshman, sophomore, and junior year so those three. and then 3 teachers that taught various subjects like math and english. a crazy guy from the army who was in charge. my second girlfriend who two timed and cheated on me so I broke up with her and the other person -that guy. that’s already 9 people. Y: while you were in school, were you compared a lot with your hyung? TP: yes. My name wasnt Hwang TP, it was “Hwang TH’s younger brother.” everytime I switched grades whenever i met the teacher the first thing they said was all the same “so you are Hwang TH’s younger brother. do as much as your hyung.” Y laughs. TP: dont laugh cuz that’s something  that makes me sore. Y: ok I wont laugh.  She kids around and tells him to hurry and eat “”hwang TH’s younger brother.” TP doesnt like it so she laughs.  She remembers what her friend said about how will others think when they see – that she is seducing a young kid with money so she will be insulted. Y looks sad for a minute

SY’s mom comes out of her room.  dad asks where she is going out again cuz she must be tired from getting an exam this morning -you should rest. She says to meet TB so take care of lunch yourself. dad: why again when he is working. She is irritated. I have a reason to see him that is why I am meeting him. you think I called him out for nothing? dad: ok go and come back. she yells at him not to eat stuff like that on the sofa cuz of crumbs. he wonders if something is going on. why is she like that.

TB mutters why did we have the housewarming. Choi comes in and says the coffee came. he jokes and touches the top of TB’s head and says his hands are hot – TB why are you so furious. TB: dont mess with me and just go. TB gets a call from SY’s mom so choi says it’s your mother in law. hurry and answer. maybe she is going to buy your underwear too. choi runs out. TB answers: yes mother.

SY’s mom takes TB shopping. She says she likes this better. this is good too. He looks at the price tag. it’s $2.960.00. she holds up another one and says cuz it’s designer the fabric is good and the design is classic so she likes it. what do you think? he turns her down saying I dont need it. mom: I said I am giving this as a present. are you going to keep being stubborn?  he says there wont be a time where he needs to wear something this nice, but she says -why wouldnt you. he will be an anchor soon and will be invited to a lot of important events so he needs to wear these suits. she says something about a man’s suit giving power. She asks if he couldn’t throw away his old clothes like the one he is wearing.

She tells him to hurry and try it on. she makes him model a lot of suits. She giggles or smiles when he turns around. he says one is small. she tells him to turn around.  She tells him to smile. Next they go looks at men’s shoes. She makes him try on a lot. Then cologne. TB walks out with lots of bags.

TB comes home and stares at the flowers the mom put out. Then at her pictures everywhere. SY comes out of the room saying she fell asleep for a while and didnt know he came home. She asks if all of this was bought today and that her mom went overboard. SY: I am hungry. should we eat something.

TB says he has something to say so come and sit. She asks what about. TB: what if we live separately. He asks them to get a home and move. SY: why suddenly when there isnt any problem. TB: back then it was a contract marriage it didnt matter where we lived and wasnt a problem, but now it’s different. now we are really married and living together. even though it wont be much, let’s get a home with our own means and start. SY: is it cuz of my mom -if it is I can talk…but TB says it’s cuz this is not our home. it’s cuz it feels like we are living in your parents home. After we got married, do you know I didnt get to invite my parents here even once? I felt uncomfortable and self conscious so I didnt invite them, but my parents never once said they would come. when they must be curious how their son is living but they are holding back and not able to come.  She says they could come  -no one will say anything. TB: even if no one said anything, they feel uncomfortable-would they feel comfortable coming to their son’s home when it was bought by the in laws.  to be honest I am uncomfortable and feel burdened. Cant you understand how I feel. SY: I know what you are saying – I know but I dont think it’s a problem we can decide on easily. where do we move right away? when our cha gom will be born soon. He suggests moving to his officetel cuz next month it will be empty when the contract is up. SY: officetel? you are asking me to live in that tight space? does that make sense? TB: even if it’s a tight space we need to live according to our means. that is the right thing to do. SY: anyway I get it – I will think about it. He asks her to think it over seriously. She agrees to do that. TB : you said you wanted to snack – wait and I will make you spaghetti. SY: thank you.

J dresses up and goes to meet TH. He is standing there with a suit on. J: I am here. TH: you came.  J: waaahhh ajussi you really look great and impressive (cool). TH: you do too. you look pretty. J: I succeeded. it’s the first time hearing I am pretty from you ajussi. TH: did I not say that before? J: you think you did? TH: that’s right. wonder why I did that. J: thinking about it I never said that to you too– why did we do that – we should have lived being more expressive (meaning showing their feelings).

J: Where is your tie. he holds it. TH: cuz I dont know how to tie it. tie it for me.  J: you still don’t know how. Give it to me. He does and she ties it for him. J: it’s all done. It looks good. TH: it does? I don’t really like it. J: you don’t like it? TH: umm do it over again. J: ok.

She re-ties it. TH: Ja eun ah. J: yes. TH: in the summer at the farm, the day my second brother got married, do you remember when you tied my necktie? J: of course. *TH:that’s when it started  (that I began to like you) – when my heartbeat started becoming irregular. When the puddle inside my heart started to become filled. J: so that’s when. for me it was when you got drunk and came into my tent. it’s unfair. I was first. (meaning she liked him first) Then was there another girl who tied your necktie before aside from me? TH: no there wasnt -aside from my mom. J: me too. aside from my dad, you were the first man I tied a tie for. And from here on there wont be. aside from you, Baek JE will not tie a necktie like this for another guy. from here on and always. She finishes tying it.

J: it’s all done. it looks good. I tied it but it looks really great. Look at it. He looks down at his tie, gives her the thumbs up and then smiles at her. she suddenly kisses him. J: cuz I wanted to live being expressive. Should we take the graduation picture now. TH: should we take it?

*thank you Joonni for translating this line

J is wearing her cap and gown. D is taking their picture. D says he is taking the picture now. stand closer. he asks if she is going somewhere cuz she is taking graduation picture in advance. He instructs TH to stick closer to her and put his arm around. why act so shy like you are someone off the street. D says now they look good. D takes pics of her alone. He keeps saying how pretty she looks. Then he tells TH to go back into the shot and stand next to her. (Man they look good)

TH and J walk holding hands. They have a snowball fight and play with the snow. Then they go walking again holding hands. as they walk you can hear JooWon laugh (cuz TH doesnt laugh like that)

TH: (want) something cold (to drink)? J: something warm. They go to a coffee stand and get coffees. They walk and drink. There is a small outdoor concert. They stop to watch. J asks him to wait a minute and walks off leaving him alone.

J goes up to the stage and sings. She is serenading TH. Flashback scenes to when TH went into her tent and when they flicked each other’s foreheads. And when J back hugged TH. And when TH back hugged J. J sort of dances so TH and others clap along.

*Sparkskey was kind enough to do some quick translations of the lyrics. thank you Sparkskey 🙂

“Just like an angel’s smile And the songs of birds Loving you, the very lovable you Come towards me quickly Let’s be together forever When we’re together, there’s nothing to be afraid of

You’re the only person in the world Did you know I was born to meet you

Perhaps we were once lovers on an unknown star long long ago

Just like the sun in May And the sky in October Can’t stop myself from loving you Come to me quickly I know that someday the sadness will disappear completely

Sometimes on nights when the typhoon is raging When the devils from the stars try to separate us We’ll just quietly hold hands and face each other Remembering the days back in paradise

As the wind subsides And the dark clouds fade away The sun is smiling warmly When we’re together there’s nothing to be afraid of Not even of the devil, hell or bad fortune

Just like baby’s skin And the scent of girls Can’t stop myself from loving you Come to me quickly I know everything That we are made for it other

Just like an angel’s smile And the songs of birds Loving you, the very lovable you Come towards me quickly Let’s be together forever When we’re together there’s nothing to be afraid of”

J and TH go somewhere fancy to have dinner. He asks if she likes it since it’s to congratulate her for graduating so he thought it should be as good as this so he paid some attention to set this up. J: I like it. TH: Congratulation. last year it must have been hard for you to go through so many difficult things but you didnt take a break and graduated as planned. I am proud of you.  J: did I do well? TH: yes you did well. J: I am not sure. I regret that I should have taken a year break. Now I have no choice but to be a working member of society. if I was a student, when I was afraid I could have hidden and could have acted like I cant do it, but now I cant do that. now I have to take responsibilty so I am a little scared. He reminds her how she is already working at the film company in animation and doing well . J: that was cuz during that time you were by my side.

She starts to get sad so she says let’s order, I am hungry. He does too so he agrees.

They are eating steaks and J puts her fork down.J: It’s strange. A while ago I was really hungry. TH: Then should we stop eating. to tell you the truth, I feel a little bit like that too. J: it’s upsetting cuz everything you bought me was always delicious. the sweet black bean porridge was really good. the sudden trip we took to the sea and that ramen was good too. the kid kimpap from the convenience store was really good too. Let’s have a glass of wine. they clink glasses. Ajussi – you asked me to go on a trip together but I don’t think I can go on the trip with you. TH: ok. J: also from here on, I have to say something difficult. (she puts her hands down on her lap)  TH: should I say it? J: no I will do it. Since I told you I liked you first. So I want to say farewell first. It’s true. I came out to say farewell to you. we promised that no matter what we wouldnt leave without telling the other person. if we get tired of each other, that we would say that and then end it. I think I am tired of you. I dont think I can meet you anymore. Let’s stop and break up. She is crying a lot so TH starts to cry a lot and says: ok let’s do that. J: you can live well right? TH: you can live well right? J: yes, if you live well I can live well. I am used to farewells. So many housekeepers,  some friends over the phone, 3 stepmothers, and I did that with my father last year too. TH: then I will live well. J: that’s good since you keep your promise well. J: also about my dad. TH: dont say it. dont say it.  About your dad, I have nothing I want to hear. nothing has changed at least (none of his feelings about her dad) I am not letting you go cuz something has changed. The reason why I am letting you go….(he cant finish his sentence) J says: I want to make something clear. I broke up with you. you didn’t turn your back on me. I turned my back on you. is there anything else you want to say. She puts the ring on the table. J: then I will get up first. Goodbye ajussi.

She gets up and leaves. He looks down at the table and sees the ring. He cries more.

TH runs out after J but cant find her on the street, he keeps looking and sees her standing there. she runs over to him. J: I love you ajussi. I love you. *until my memory (gi eon) disappears and our recollection (chi eon) ends, I will love you. (Ja Eun is basically says that she will love him until her ability to remember disappears and memories of them together disappear also.)You gave me a lot of love. Cuz of you I was happy and I was able to dream again. If god allows it…. I love you. TH: I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you. J: I am sorry. TH: I will learn to tie my necktie. I will never ask anyone else to tie my necktie aside from you. after I met you, I was saved but I didn’t do anything for you. the reason why I am letting you go. it’s cuz I have to let you go to love you. he kisses her. then he looks at her and kisses her again.

*Joonni’s note: In Korean, there are two different words that translate into the English word “memory.” But in Korean, those two words have different connotations. “Gi Eok” is more simply memory, while “Chu Eok” are memories that are special and have a lot of meaning and nostalgia to them.

They stand and kiss across the street from the Galleria next to the Tory Burch flagship store.


E52 written preview

After their heartbreaking break up, TH and J find spending each day difficult without each other. After spending days shut up in her room, J asks her Dad why did he even hit someone then run away in the first place,  pouring out her resentment on him.

TB gets tired of SY’s mum’s constant interference and declares they are moving out. SY mum gets angry and asks what is he talking about. TB isn’t going to compromise on the moving out issue, so when SY recites the cons of moving out, TB suggests moving into Ojakkyo

thanks Sparkskey 🙂

some of you are wondering why TH said “I have to let you go to love you” – my guess is that if they stay together sooner or later what her dad did will come between them and things might get bad for them – like resentment building up and stuff so if they break up now while nothing is wrong, he can continue to love her the way he always did. also his family might mistreat her if they stay together so he wants to protect her from his family as well cuz look how the GM acted tonight. she is not missing J at all. letting J go is his way of protecting her from the pain cuz J will have to pay a high price to stay with him. cant imagine the hurtful things the GM might say that would make J cry.

The lesson that I learned from this episode was be careful what you wish. I have always secretly prayed they would devote a lot of scenes to just TH and J and tonight my dream came true. Almost half of the episode was all about this couple. But look what they did – they crammed in a lot of wonderful scenes and piled on the memories only to turn around and topple it over like knocking down a newly built snowman. Part of me is grateful to the writer for making this breakup less painful than I thought cuz they ended with a kiss at least. It sort of felt like the writer was slowly taking the band-aid off a nasty cut so we wouldn’t feel the pain as much, but the only problem is, now we are staring at a scar that I don’t think will heal anytime soon. That lifeline I was holding onto before this episode aired seems to be slipping away from me.


Fanderay’s Comments:

The writers must have felt sorry for us, because instead of a break-up we got a break-up with three kisses and a date. I’m not sure though…does that make this episode more or less painful?  I think the blurry vision started when TH called J pretty, but I loved those moments anyways.

The tie scene was particularly poignant because it echoed the past, but this time signified an ending rather than a beginning (that first tie scene has always been a favorite of mine). In both scenes TH looks up and they avoid direct eye contact, but it’s for an entirely different reason this time around.

Even though they’re broken up (boo!) I loved that TH ran after J, and I love that they broke up honestly and knowing that they both love each other, instead of one of them lying to protect the other. This means that once BIH is cleared, they can reconcile immediately (yay!).

TP seems unique to the show in the sense that his character has been developed the most gradually. There have been lots of TH, TS, and TP  episodes that have basically been devoted to them, so their growth as people is often very obvious, whereas TP is a bit sneakier. I tend to see things more from TH’s perspective, so it was elucidating to hear him talk about his childhood, and how all the teachers just referred to him as TH’s brother. It’s no wonder he wanted to distance himself and didn’t call TH “hyeong” for the longest time. These days TP is TH’s strongest supporter, and I thought it was admirable that he spoke up about TH and J staying together. It should have been obvious that the dad would get mad (since the grandma already collapsed once) but even if he shouldn’t have said it, I still felt terrible watching TP get berated for defending the brother he shunned for so long.

After seeing all the hardship this is putting everyone though, I bet the parents are wishing they could have kept the truth about BIH covered up. I think part of the reason that the dad gets so mad is that he feels so guilty, and he can’t really be the “good guy” no matter what he does.

I think it’s pretty funny that a little girl is the one snubbing the fact that MS doesn’t have a ring, but I knew H would be happy about the marriage. I had forgotten that Guksoo still thinks he has a mom though, and wonder if it’ll be a big obstacle, and how TS will get around it. Personally I think that he should just tell Guksoo the truth, not so he can get married, but because I think Guksoo deserves to know.  Of course he’ll be upset to learn that his mom died, but I think it would be worse if he learned the truth years later and resented his dad for lying to him. In a way, this whole scenario is probably a good thing because it forces TS to address something that would’ve otherwise been easier to avoid.

I completely understand why TB is frustrated with SY’s mom, and I think moving is a good idea, but I already feel sorry for the mom. She doesn’t have a son and she’s so delighted with TB now that I don’t think she can help but dote on him. If they move I think she will take it very personally, and that could be hard to patch up (as we know, she holds a grudge!). I feel bad for SY too, because from her perspective it would probably be very nice to have her mom next door once they have the baby, and it’s also a bit early to rock the boat when they just finally got the family politics sorted out.

I actually feel bad for J having to live with her father right now because he must be making her feel extremely conflicted. She sincerely loves him, but she couldn’t help but resent him right now, which in turn would make her feel guilty for not just being grateful that he’s alive. Her life was better before he returned, and that’s a terrible thought for her to have to deal with.

I knew that the grandma would be extremely adverse to TH and J, but trying to prosecute BIH now seems a bit extreme. It’s not like she knows of any new evidence, so re-opening the case would be more likely to hurt J than actually do anything. And if BIH was successfully prosecuted, J would be left completely on her own this time, without even the Ojak family. I really hope that the grandma doesn’t ask TH to investigate the matter because that would be too cruel (even though we all know that BIH is innocent).

I wonder if TH is extra motivated to solve the back door admittance case because he feels like it’s the only thing he can do for J now. I expect that while investigating it, he will discover something that leads him to question BIH’s guilt in the other case. Honestly I’m surprised he doesn’t question it already, since the chief is involved. I can’t help but wonder though…is it normal for detectives in Korea to just do what they want all the time, or is TH just special? It seems like he switches back and forth on cases willy-nilly, which is probably kind of annoying for everyone else involved. I guess in between stake-outs and other tasks he’s been ordered to do, he must be allowed to investigate what he’d like (or maybe this is a drama and it doesn’t matter!).

Today was painful, but I get the impression that tomorrow will be worse. Lets hope that it all passes quickly and they get back together faster than it took them to break up! I’m not sure I can stand to see them apart for too long.


366 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E51

  1. Startulle says:

    And yes i forgot to say that how i wish that TH give back the ring to J…….they had to be apart but the love remains in both of them and they know!


  2. LiliMN says:

    JE and TH are not expressive before. Just wait until they get back together again..YES. WE ALL KNOW THEY WILL.. SOON 🙂

    TH and JE will be more lovey dovey than SY and TB… And when that happen… I will faint in front of my PC!


  3. Ivoire says:

    Hi everyone, I was a little confused about the game they played at the restaurant, I know Softy explained what they were doing, but I felt weird watching it. The way they talked to each other felt so disrespectful to me, and I wondered what the purpose of the game was. Does anyone know? It just seemed like it was a reason for them to put each other down and order each other around. I didn’t find it funny or fun.

    Any thought on that, anyone?


    • Anonymous says:

      “yaja” time is a kind of game where everyone speaks in “banmal” or informally
      its not meant to be disrespectful…its like playful banter where everyone is equal
      the purpose is supposed to be to allow everyone to feel like equals and usually allow people to reveal hidden resentments towards others…in a joking manner


  4. hkguy181920 says:

    I haven’t watch this episode yet, but I’m already crying while reading the recap. Thank you so much Softy for the quick recap ! And also Ginko, Sparkskey & Fanderay ! You guys are just amazing !


  5. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for post lated because I’m crying a lot yesterday.

    THANKs very much again again and again softy fanderay joonni sparkskey ginko birds semi-fly and everyone at your blog. Who share a lot of links pic gif. comment Etc.

    I think I like OB’production staff and I like location in this drama too.
    thanks all actors&actress and staff who bring OBr. is fantastic drama especial writer yours touching word scripts was touched every episode so do I continued to see this shows till the end.

    note: I think tahee knows his feeling he began love jaeun in necktie scene(e18)
    and jaeun think he likes her later than her in TENT SCENE (e16-e17) because at TRNT SCENE he drunk and sleeping at jaeun TENT so he don’t know how jaeun take care him with love in the first time (only my thougth)


  6. nonski says:

    thanks again softy… was really happy that J and TH had admitted when they started liking each other. i knew it that TH did really start to like her during the neck tie scene but it is still so nice to hear it from TH himself. and J telling TH i love you is just so awesome making their break up so bitter sweet. *sighs* can’t wait for tonight and what’s in store for all of us.


  7. rika says:

    From the kiss picture above, Uee looks awkward but JooWon looks like he’s enjoying it too much. When watching, I’m immediately reminded of the reality when they kiss. :/ I wish they would give us a real kiss soon..

    Hehhh 😀

    Let’s not be too down ^^ There might be a sudden twist to the story.


  8. tri says:

    TB = prof Nam in my princess and SY = mother in Manny…love them…


    • Ivoire says:

      Hi Tri, except that here, the actress playing SY actually has great (romantic, sexual and comedic) chemistry with the actor playing TB, which I thought was lacking between her and the male lead in Manny. I found it hard to believe that the leads (both male and female) were actually romantically attracted to each other.
      What did you think of Manny and more specifically, of the leads’s chemistry?


  9. zebiekste says:

    “I can’t help but wonder though…is it normal for detectives in Korea to just do what they want all the time..”
    I don’t think TH can do what he wants. They closed the back door admittance case due to lack of evidence. When you have no evidence you close the case, but its not like the case has been resolved and your name cleared. And when you get new important evidence you can reopen the case. So now then BIH is back (and can give a testimony) TH has an excuse to reopen the case.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Happy Camping everyone….


  11. moon's says:

    About your dad, I have nothing I want to hear. nothing has changed at least (none of his feelings about her dad) I am not letting you go cuz something has changed. The reason why I am letting you go….(he cant finish his sentence) J says: I want to make something clear. I broke up with you. you didn’t turn your back on me. I turned my back on you. is there anything else you want to say. after I met you, I was saved but I didn’t do anything for you. the reason why I am letting you go. it’s cuz I have to let you go to love you. CAN ANYBODY EXPLAIN me i don’t really get it…. does that mean he must break up with her because he loves her but the fact is … if he stand with her because of her father and his family he will come to hate her? so jaeun say i broke up with you that is mean it’s not your fault i’m taking the responsabilty of this… Is it right ? CAN SOMEONE HELP ME I’m confused….


  12. Anonymous says:

    Hello everyone . here is the written preview .

    ♧ 53부 :: 2월 4일 토요일 저녁 7시 55분 ♧
    자은을 찾아간 복자는 엉망으로 망가져 있는 자은의 모습에 가슴이 아프다. 준비해온 전복죽을 내밀며 얼른 먹고 정신 차리라고 충고하는 복자. 엄마처럼 따끔하게 혼내는 복자의 말에 자은은 눈물을 꾹 참고 숟가락을 든다.

    봉형사는 태희를 찾아와 수사일지를 주고 간다. 무심코 수사일지를 보는 태희. 문득 등산을 마치고 술을 마셨다는 백인호의 말을 떠올리며 사건에 의문을 품게 되는데… ※ 예고 영상 준비 중 입니다. 이 점 양해 바랍니다. ※


  13. musings says:

    Yeah what does he mean by “I’m letting you go so i can love you” :S


    • Softy says:

      people kept asking so I inserted my guess for why he said that on the recap – it’s on the bottom on top of the pic of TH and J playing in the snow. 🙂


  14. Stephanie Danielle says:

    OMG I love them so much!!!! -creis- -cries-


  15. janu says:

    I don’t usually comment because I’m a couple of weeks behind all of you. (I wait for the subs to come out– it always feels lie the party’s over when I get here.). But after I watch an episode, I always come to read your take on the ep. because your reactions really enrich my own experience of this wonderful drama. Tonight, my neck was getting soaked with tears, and I knew Softy would be crying her eyes out, so I came over here before the episode was even over because I wanted someone to cry with. Sure enough, Softy had said “omg my entire neck is covered with tears”, which made me laugh and feel better. Anyway, thanks a gazillion Softy and Fanderay for being such loving guardians of Everything OB. I started watching this shortly after Softy first recommended it, and it has been such a wondrous journey. Chongmal kamsahamnida!


  16. Chris Eaves says:

    Someone please help me … the song playing in the background at the restaurant … who is singing? Sounds like Annie Lennox to me but I can’t find that song on Itunes. I will not be able to sleep until I discover this song 😉 Thanks in advance!


  17. Anonymous says:

    I thought it was hilarious that the mother in law was buying clothes for TB because in most Korean dramas it is the rich bf who does this. Talk about turning that cliche on it’s head.


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