Ojakkyo Brothers E50

The only thing missing in this scene was the balcony from Romeo and Juliet, but everything else is there like tears and heartache. Here we have two people in love who want to run and comfort the other person, but are rooted in their spots – one pinned down by the weight of guilt over what her dad did and the other cuz he doesn’t want to feel like he is betraying his grandmother by running to comfort J. Then you have the family opposition, the sins of the father affecting his child, and now the great divide that separates two people from staying together is getting too far apart for them to even stay within view of one another. As far as their feelings for one another, nothing has changed, but circumstances are escalating and their break up is almost in sight. Even though the odds are stacked against it, I am rooting with the rest of OB optimists and hope that a small little miracle will surface soon cuz it can’t come fast enough in my book.

E51 video preview posted by DP

TH told the chief he would start investigating the backdoor admittance with BIH as the witness so the chief reminds him – I said I would reveal everything to Baek J so TH leans in and says : I said -reveal it to her
chief goes to see BIH and BIH tells him to move cuz he wont be jerked around (intimidated/extorted) by him anymore “cuz my daughter already knows everything you bad jerk.”
TP asks the dad – do the two of them have to break up cuz they didnt do anything wrong so if they break up it’s too harsh (cruel) and pitiful.
J runs over and kisses TH when she sees him all dressed up
J cries and says : I dont think I can meet you anymore ajussi – let’s stop and break up

E51 written preview translated by Sparkskey

TP asks dad who just came back from meeting J if TH and J must really break up, saying that it’s being too harsh on the both of time. Dad shouts at TP to stop saying such ridiculous words. The family feels hurt on TH and J’s behalf.

TH and J meet to take her graduation photo in advance. TH in a suit asks J to tie his necktie and J asks why doesn’t he know how to tie it till today as she ties his tie. As they stand facing each other, they both try their best to tamp down the sadness welling up in them as they hold back tears.

Thank you Sparkskey -maybe the tie scene will make them change their minds 🙂

OMG I bawled from start to finish and they didnt even break up yet…it’s going to happen next week on E51. Now that is a video preview I am NOT looking forward to watching.  I didnt even cry this much in earlier episodes…I wonder what the record is for how many times you feel your heart breaking cuz I think I might have gone past the highest count with this episode. my tear ducts need a break.


Starts from when the dad dragged Baek into the shed.  dad: Are you a human? after killing my younger brother CW, after doing such a terrible thing, you met me a few times like nothing was wrong. and you faced my mother. Baek: no – I didn’t know –I really didnt know. if I knew,  how could I do that – after doing such a horrible thing – if I was afraid of the heavens -how could I act like nothing was wrong and look you in the face and look mother in the face? I really didnt know. the dad punches him and Baek lands on the sawdust bag. TH’s dad yells: Die you punk. die you criminal. die. die. You are the criminal who killed my younger brother. You aren’t human. How could you be human? J heard all that. TH comes up too and stands behind her. TH hears his dad say- after killing CW you lent me this farm. you exchange my younger brother’s life for this farm and let me live here? How could you do that? how could you do that you. TH looks over at J concerned. J asks: what does that mean? ajussi did you just say that my dad killed your younger brother? She looks at her dad and says : dad-everything that ajussi just said, what does all that mean? Dad! Baek: I am sorry J – I am sorry.

J cries and says: TH ajussi’s real dad who died during the hit and run – grandma’s second son- you are the one who killed him dad? you did that dad?  Baek cries and says: that’s what they said. Baek tells the dad: kill me. it’s better if you kill me. Dad asks: how could you now after all this time dare to cry and dare to beg for forgiveness. even if it was a mistake (an accident) back then you should have come to see me. You should have come to me 26 yrs ago and begged for forgiveness like this. you arent even human. Today cuz of your daughter I am holding back. Cuz you raised your daughter well I am holding back but don’t appear in front of me again. If you do show up in front of me again, I don’t know what I will do then.  you got that? dad leaves. J gets on her knees and cries. TH stands there and cries.

GM is struggling with the mom saying move out of the way. Mom asks her :please dont do this mother – just stay put. GM asks: then tell me. what’s going on for (the dad) to drag Baek to the shed. and for you to use your whole body to stop me from going out. Mom lies and says they must have something to talk about that’s between men. GM: you think your mother in law is a fool. are you not going to hurry and talk? dad comes inside. mom says TS’s dad came back and asks him to come over here. GM asks him- what is going on. what’s going on for Baek to ask me to kill him. Dad says it’s nothing important – there was something I was mad at In Ho about. GM asks what did he do that was wrong that he would tell me to kill him. dont try to deceive me. look how you aren’t able to face me. what is it? I said what is it? GM says she will go ask Baek herself then. mom asks GM to just overlook it this just once. GM asks how could I act like I dont know anything when I saw and heard  – what’s going on for him to get on his knees and ask me to kill him. what is going on. tell me. you wont talk till the very end. ok.  dad wont say anything. so GM gets mad and tries to go out so dad yells: he is the criminal who committed CW’s hit and run accident.

GM asks:what? what did you just say? Dad says he is the criminal behind CW’s hit and run. Baek killed our CW mother. he killed CW. In Ho killed CW mother. I am sorry mother. I am sorry. GM faints. Mom and dad try to help her up, but she is totally out. they ask her to wake up

TH tries to pull J up and says you have to stand up. you sat for too long. She says  leave me alone. she looks up at him and asks: did you know? did you know? when? TH looks away and doesn’t answer. They hear the ambulance and Baek says -isnt that sound coming from the farm’s front yard. TH runs out. J runs after him

Ambulance is here to take GM. dad tells GM to wake up. TH runs over and asks: grandmother – why are you like this? dad: mother I was wrong – please open your eyes.  TH asks his mom why is GM suddenly like this. why cant she wake up? Mom says GM found out everything. she heard everything, got shocked, and  fainted. TH tells GM: you have to wake up. you have to regain consciousness. Paramedic says one family member can ride with GM. Dad says he will go with GM cuz he is the son and tells TH to bring the mom.

TH follows the ambulance in his car with his mom. Dad tells GM to please open her eyes but she is still out.

GM arrives at the hospital and TH takes the mom over to the ambulance. J and Baek arrive by cab at the same time. J runs over to the GM but stops and watches TH and the parents take GM in.

Doctor  examines her and checks GM’s vitals. Dad tells the doctor that GM got a big shock and fainted. TH: grandma open your eyes it’s TH. wake up. Mom asks GM to regain consciousness. TH and his parents are waiting around. Doctor says let’s move her to a room and watch her cuz thank goodness her breathing (oxygen level) is safe and her vitals are stable but since she hasn’t regained consciousness there isn’t a way to know if she is out of the woods yet

Baek found out info and tells J that GM was moved and she hasn’t regained consciousness yet. J says she will wake up. she will certainly wake up cuz grandma is strong. she will wake up.

TS and TP show up and see J standing over there. TS says to TP: isnt that J? TP: it is. what is she doing standing there and not going in. TP calls out to her and asks why arent you going in and standing there. J stares at them. TS motions to her to go in. TP asks TS: why is she like that? TP: ya – didn’t you come cuz you heard the news? I siad let’s hurry and go in. TP wonders why she is like that and who is the ajussi next to her. TS says let’s go in for now – we have to see GM first. They go in

Dad holds her hand and asks GM to regain consciousness- if you don’t wake up I cant live. if you want to save your elder son mother, please regain consciousness. You hear my words right? I was wrong. I should have caught the criminal 26 yrs ago so this wouldnt have happened. and I wouldnt have made you live on the farm. I was wrong. please open your eyes mother. Dad stands up and asks where Baek is – bring him here in front of me right now. it wasnt enough what he did to CW, he made mother end up like this. where is he outside, bring him here right now. mom: calm down. at a time like this you need to be in your right mind. how could you be like this too. your not young and your blood pressure is high so if you get too worked up you will faint too. dad says about Baek: if he came back alive he shouldnt have shown up-why did he have to come to the farm and make mother like this. how dare he come there-what right does he have to come there-how could he come there.  Mom tells him to stop. dad leaves the room.

TS and TP come in and asks if GM is the same. mom says yes she is the same.  TP: grandmother maknae came. please hurry and wake up. TS says to GM- you didn’t see me get married yet. you are going to regain consciousness for sure right? TS tells his mom to sit. how surprised you must have been. TP motions for TH to come out.

TS asks the mom: heard from outside the door a while ago.what was dad talking about –  isnt Baek In Ho J’s dad. did he come back alive?

TP asks TH: something happened huh that’s why GM fainted, say something. that’s why J cant come in and is standing outside the building huh? TH: J came and is outside? TP: yes. she is standing outside. from the looks of it, she seems to have come cuz she was worried about GM but when I asked her to come in she turned her head. what’s going on. also what was dad talking about a while ago? huh? TH quickly goes outside.

From a distance, TH watches J standing there. He calls KJ and says he has a favor to ask.

KJ drives up and sees J there watching the door. He sees her dad there too. KJ asks: how long have you been here like this. Let’s go. J: I wont go. I wont move till GM wakes up. I cant move. KJ: then go to the car and rest a little and then come back outside. if you keep this up, there will be trouble. (as in she will get sick) J:  I have a favor to ask. please take my dad to the car. it hasnt been that long since my dad was discharged from the hospital. KJ says ok- he will take her dad to the car first and come back. He tries to give his coat for her to wear but she says no it’s ok. KJ: listen to me if you dont want to freeze to death. J: it’s ok. grandmother fainted and hasnt regained consciousness. take it with you. KJ: I came cuz officer Hwang called me. just put it over your shoulder. she pushes his coat away and says take it with you. he asks her to wear his muffler at least. He leaves it in her hand. KJ goes over and takes her dad to the car.

J turns and sees TH standing across the way and watching her. they both cry. TH leaves.

* the words they didnt speak to each other here were communicated with looks and tears.

3 brothers are talking. TP says this doesn’t make sense. Is it for real- is J’s dad the criminal of the hit and run. TB asks how TS heard. who said that? TS says the mom told him awhile ago cuz she thought everyone should know. so that we wouldnt make a mistake while talking in front of TH and GM. it seemed like she was saying dont bring up any talk about J. TP: what do you mean dont talk about J – then does that mean J and TH hyung have to break up.  TB agrees that TH and J have to break up. is there a solution? TP is hesitant and says: of course there isnt a solution -there isnt but what do we do. poor J. TB: what about TH? even if he didnt know. this is the first time TH decided to get married. TS: it must be his first time for J and TH both. just thinking about this is terrible. how could this happen. TP repeats: that’s right – how could something like this happen. TB: so anyway no matter what GM has to wake up with nothing wrong with her.  if GM doesnt wake up or if there is a problem (he meant with her health), then TH and J will not be able to live in their right minds.  TS tells him not to even say such a thing. just thinking about it is horrible. TB: i’m sorry it was a mistake. I take it back

The whole family is watching over GM. SY shows up.

J is still outside while KJ stands there next to her watching her. she didn’t wear his scarf so he takes it from her. Baek is inside KJ’s car crying.

Mom comes out and sees J. mom gives J a warm can of coffee. mom: take it. are you doing this cuz you want to faint before GM wakes up? Take it. Mom takes off her scarf to try to wrap it around J’s neck, but J steps back crying and says:  no you shouldn’t. Mom says: what do you mean I shouldnt. do you want to collapse and make it hard for everyone.  mother will wake up. mother is a strong person. she will wake up.  Mom wraps the scarf around J’s neck. And gives J the drink. mom: take it. GM will wake up -at least for TH she will wake up.If she goes like this, she will leave a nail in TH’s heart forever, the child whom if she put into her eye, wouldn’t even hurt her. I dont know about other things, but she wont do that. I believe she will wake up for sure. J cries. Mom goes back inside

* the love of a mother never goes away once she has accepted a child into her heart. I love how J can easily turn down KJ, but stands there like a child as the mom wraps that scarf around her neck. Their relationship will remain – even though they may not be able to see each other anymore, the mom will never stop loving J now and J will miss the mom just as much as she will miss TH.

TH holds his GM’s hand. TH: grandmother please open your eyes – if you don’t regain consciousness like this, you know your baby wont be able to live in his right mind right? I was wrong. for saying what does my deceased father have to do with me. I didnt mean that.  I didnt get to get married like you wished so much. You have to see your baby get married at least. grandmother please open your eyes. Dad and mom are sleeping next to him

Next morning, KJ is asleep in the car. J’s not in the car but her dad is sleeping. KJ goes out and sees J standing there again.

KJ takes her coffee.  She takes it. He goes to give the second coffee to her dad

The family is there and GM wakes up. Dad: mother do you know what’s going on? mother do you know who I am – it’s CS. Mom asks if GM is aware. this is the hospital mother. TS and TP call out to her too. GM doesn’t talk. Dad: mother do you not know me I am your oldest son CS. Mom tells TH to come over and call GM. TH: grandma it’s me your baby TH. mom: mother do you not recognize TH?  TH: grandma I’m TH. Do you know me? do you know what’s going on? mom: mother do you not recognize TH? Everyone keeps calling GM so she says “be quiet- it’s noisy. I am fine.” Everyone breathes a sigh of relief

KJ gets the call from TH. KJ: yes I will do that. will hang up now. KJ walks over and says: JE shi – father-  GM regained consciousnes so you don’t have to worry now. it’s over now JE shi.  J starts to cry from relief. Baek: is that true? Did she wake up? KJ: yes officer Hwang just called. Baek: thank you. Baek walks away by himself and repeats “thank you”

GM comes out of the hospital with her family and they put her in TH’s car. TH looks over to where she had been standing all night but J is gone. He sees J leave with Baek and KJ.  TP says he has to go straight to work. TS tells TP to go.

TS watches as TH stares at J leaving.

TB hears the news about GM and says that’s good. So GM is talking well and there is nothing wrong right? yeah thank heavens. How is TH? is he ok? he is in a panic state so what kind of thinking could he do. yes I have to go into a meeting too. TB hangs up.

Choi comes over and asks TB what time is the housewarming today? TB: housewarming? what housewarming? oh yes today is my home’s housewarming. When did I say it was?

Y says that’s good that GM quickly recovered. TP: I saw her get discharged and came. now we dont have to worry. Y: you didnt get to eat and came didnt you?just organize that and let’s go eat. TP: ok I will finish organizing and let’s go.

TS says to the older boss that he is quitting. Sorry I should have told you in advance, but suddenly something came up. old man says how could you quit suddenly even if you had something suddenly come up. TS: I am really sorry. MS overhears that. she remembers saying to TS that she might get married soon so should she wait. she wonders if TS is quitting cuz she brought up marriage yesterday. She keeps talking to herself and says: Who said I would marry him – why quit?

MS works and gets mad and yells out “bad guy.” She sits alone and was about to break her headband but changes her mind and puts it in a drawer

MS takes the trash out and gets a text from TS: MS- I have something to say. MS says to herself: that you feel burdened? that you want to break apart? dont worry about it. TS texts: I struggled a lot about how to say it. MS says to herself: crazy punk. She gets into her truck. TS texts again but doesnt read it. she says aloud – ok let’s end it –let’s end it. I don’t need you too. Then she sees the text. TS: KMS – I love you. she is shocked.

Suddenly there is guitar music. OMG TS lit up the stairs and is serenading MS. [I have to lower my volume cuz it’s pretty loud and not in a good way.] TS puts the guitar down and goes over to her truck. He helps her out of the car.

They face each other. TS: I didn’t buy a ring and I dont have any flowers. right now i have nothing. but today  I got a job at a hospital so I want to live my life over working hard. MS: is that why you quit? TS: yes. if you are next to me I think I can do well. MS –will you marry me? Please be next to me even though I am not mature (meaning he still needs to go grow up cuz she said that to him before )

MS cries and hugs him and says ok I will stay next to you. TS: I will be a good dad to H and Guksoo. MS: me too – I will be a good mom. he hugs her and picks her up then falls down with her. TS asks if she is ok

SY’s mom prepared food for the housewarming and tells the dad to stop eating. dad wonders why the kids haven’t come. TB and SY show up.mom: you came? TB asks if the mom prepared all that herself. SY says they were just going to order out. Dad says: dont you know your mom’s personality. she has to do it herself. dad says let’s go since the kids came, but the mom says go first I will finish up and then go. mom tells TB and SY to go and change clothes cuz she left clothes in their bedroom to change into. Dad leaves mom behind.

Coworkers and G arrive. TB welcomes them. SY introduces the reporters and G to her mom. she tells them this is her mom.  Choi says SY is pretty cuz she takes after her mom. mom: I heard a lot about you. you must be busy so thank you for coming.  G says : no I am more grateful cuz you invited me mother.  the mom is impressed. TB invites them to sit.  SY’s mom brings more beer and acts like the host and asks: do you need anything else? if it’s not enough just say so. they say it’s ok and the food is really delicious. mom offers more soup to G. G: no it’s ok. the mom points out stuff like you are out of beer and that choi doesn’t know how to eat kalbi. Mom says: then eat a lot and I will be going now. everyone stands to escort her to the door and TB and SY say goodbye.

right then choi says to TB and SY “it would have been nice if mother could have eaten with us” so the mom grabs that chance and says “then should I do that” and sticks around cuz she didnt want to leave. she says she will just stay for one beer and then go so don’t hold me back anymore than that. mom says “sit down” to G and choi. mom sort of shoves Choi over so she can squeeze in.

choi says since the mother is here should we drink. Girl asks TB and SY to make a toast since they are today’s main stars. TB thanks them for coming today and from here on they will live well as IBC’s couple “also I love you Cha SY.” everyone says be happy and they toast. Choi says TB and SY should do a love shot so they do and the mom loves it. G looks away and keeps eating, mom pays special attention to him and tells him to eat a lot. She asks what his parents do.

After a while everyone is tipsy, but the mom is pretty drunk. they are chanting to drink it in one shot so SY tells them to stop (cuz TB has to drink for SY when she messes up cuz she is pregnant and cant drink alcohol). Choi says that’s why SY has to answer well. he asks what is the sexiest thing about TB. SY says the question is no fun so choi makes TB drink again and the mom yells drink too. SY blurts out his lips so the girl reminds her that she cant include the face. SY messed up so they chant for TB to drink in one shot. the mom does it too. SY feels bad for TB so she feeds him appetizers. G doesnt like how lovey dovey TB and SY are so he drinks and the mom clinks glasses with him saying “cheers.” Girl asks when was the last time TB and SY kissed not just a peck. SY complains and says what kind of question is that – cant you ask like a reporter? choi: do you think this is the office? are you not going to answer sister in law? SY: what? sister in law?  So TB admits 30 mins ago in the kitchen. choi: you left your guests alone and did that in the kitchen? he says they need to drink as punishment so they chant that but the Mom says she wants to say something about TB.

She tells him to stand for a minute and asks everyone – how does his style look –dress shirt, vest, pants, socks – all of that is my doing cuz I bought everything he is wearing at the department designer store myself and made him wear it -doesn’t it look good on him. Girl says how good it looks on TB and the mom is unlike others. Choi says I am envious that your mother in law buys your clothes. Mom goes overboard and tells them – you think it’s just clothes? I also bought this home cuz TB came with just his body when he came into this marriage.  she laughs and shoves choi and G. SY: mom!

mom takes G’s hand and says: I can buy you a home too- couldnt you meet my Y just one more time. just one more time. huh? huh? she passes out in G’s arms. everyone yells out “mother”

GM comes home and mom says she will lay out her blankets.  GM says no and orders the dad: call InHo over right now.

J gets a call from the dad. she hears and says:yes I will do that. J tells her dad that GM is looking for him. Baek: of course I have to go see her.

GM and the parents are waiting. Baek comes inside. He gets on his knees. Baek: mother. She stands up and says to him: answer honestly to what I ask. Did you give us this farm as payment for my son’s life. cant you answer?  Baek stammers: no mother, no matter how much I am…I don’t know under what condition my father gave this to you. I didnt. please kill me mother. after the accident, I didnt know that the victime was CW too and I didnt even know he died mother. GM: what did you say? Baek: I know it doesn’t make sense but it’s true. if i knew, how could I…  kill me. I committed a sin that deserves death. GM: you didnt even know he died? my young baby -couldnt even close his eyes and left this world-after sending him you didnt even know you killed him? Baek: I committed a sin that deserves death – kill me mother. GM: I have to kill you. of course I have to kill you. if I could kill you to bring my son back to life-you think i cant kill you ten or 20 times? of course I have to kill you. she throws dried garlic on him and beats him with the basket. die. die. dad says stop mother or you will faint and holds her back. mom says “stop mother,” but GM says: Let’s die-let’s die together. You die and I die and let’s go meet my baby together. after killing a person, you didn’t even know you killed him -without knowing it was payment for my baby’s life, I lived on this farm for ten years. there are no other criminals in this world than the two of us.  let’s die –die. dad and mom say don’t do this or you will faint again. if you faint – what about poor TH.  GM says “die die” and faints again. Dad and mom try to wake her

GM is lying down and mom and dad sit and watch over her. GM asks if TH knows. Dad: yes. GM cries and asks: he knows? Dad: yes. he found out on his own when he investigated his dad’s hit and run accident. GM turns her head and cries.

Mom goes up to J’s room with the dad. Mom: why? Dad: pack up J’s stuff so she can leave home. Mom: ok

Dad waits for J with her stuff. J comes and meets him. Dad: you came? Sit down. J: yes. She sits. He says he packed her bags and brought it. Ajumma packed it. since GM knows too so you have to live outside for the time being. we have a home to move to so we will leave the farm. J: yes of course I thought that. I will do as you said. dad says: I dont want to see your dad again. today too after seeing your dad, GM collapsed again. thank goodness it wasnt bad enough to go to the hospital but I dont think GM should see your dad again. so if you have something to see me about – you come yourself (meaning and not send your dad) J: yes I will be careful. Dad: of course you probably thought about it but with TH also… J cries and speaks up first and says: yes: I will break up with TH ajussi. Dad: ok then. I said everything I wanted to say. Your stuff is here. I will leave first. J: ajussi. why you went so far as to call me an orphan to get me to break up, now I know. In that way, I know that you and ajumma were trying to protect me. Thank you. I will never forget for the rest of my life. please be healthy ajussi. Dad: ok. He leaves.

J goes to her studio with her stuff. She takes out her phone and looks at the pic she took with TH.

TH and D are on a stakeout. TH gets a call from J. TH goes out of the car to take it.

TH: hello. J cries and says: It’s me ajussi. Ajussi let’s meet – I have something to say. How about tm night? TH cries and says: tm? Ok. let’s do that. then tm should we take your graduation picture ahead of time? J cries and says: should we? then I should dress the best I can and go out. TH: then I will pay attention to my appearance too and go out. J: yes ajussi then see you tm. I will hang up now. TH is crying a lot as he hangs up.


*why did they have to make the 50th episode the most depressing? even SY’s mom being drunk and clinking glasses with G didnt cheer me up as much as it should have. from an outsider’s view, it sure did seem like she was hitting on G by being so attentive and asking about what his parents do and everything. he probably thought she was odd too till she asked him to meet Y one more time. then he looked like he regretted ever coming to the party.

If the writer cares about ratings at all, she can’t let this break up happen. when TH and J are a happy couple, the ratings were higher. when they arent together, the ratings will dip. with 8 episodes left, she can’t afford to have any that will decline. that was all an excuse to say that I want this couple to stay together. they need to be as happy as TB and SY right now. Give them their happy grocery shopping scenes and love shots. Lord knows they earned those moments with the roller coaster romance they have been on. it’s time to get off that ride and just cruise along life in a convertible with the top down and the wind in their hair with their duck pendants dangling from the rearview mirror.


Fanderay’s Comments:

Gah…See? It’s the breakup that never comes! How many times have I told myself that “it has to happen next week”? A new plotline will surely get rolling soon (clearing Baek In Ho’s name probably) so I’m hoping that TH and J will hear or see something that gives them an idea about the case. Maybe my dream will come true and instead of breaking up they’ll solve the mystery together and start CSI: Ojakgyo Farm.

I feel just as bad for Baek In Ho as I do for anyone right now. The poor man just got his life and his daughter back, only to discover that he’s a murderer, and there’s nothing he can do that is the “right thing”. I understand why the dad is mad at him for going to the farm, but in Baek In Ho’s shoes I would’ve done the same thing (sitting back and doing nothing would seem too wrong). Besides the accident he’s also caused the grandma to collapse and has torn his daughter away from the man (and family) that she loves, all the while having no idea that he could be innocent.

I’m curious as to why TH only watched J from a distance at the hospital (instead of going over to her like the mom did) although there are lots of possible reasons. Was he worried that it would hurt her more to seem him, and that she would try to apologize profusely and break down crying? Did he think they would end up breaking up on the spot and was scared? Was he not ready to answer any questions? Or did he not want to be near J in front of his family, right after the grandma collapsed? I bet that a large part of him was just terrified of what’s coming, even if he’s not quite sure what that is (isn’t that how we all feel right now?).

I’m equally curious as to what was going through J’s head while she stood there for hours. It seemed like she thought she deserved to suffer as much as the grandma, but I wonder if while she stood vigil all night a part of her was saying goodbye to the family. In the current situation, would a proper goodbye ever be possible? Even though she has her father back, J is probably feeling very lonely right now.

I was relieved to see that J immediately understood why the dad had called her an orphan, and instead of being angry, is touched that they tried to protect her. I’m similarly relieved that no one in the family is holding any of this whole debacle against J personally.  TP even hesitated about whether J and TH need to break up, and that won him major points in my book. I do understand why they should break up though, even though I hope it doesn’t happen. They are both family people, and there would always be a massive elephant in the room if they stayed together. 

It looks like TS and MS will get married first now, which seems right to me, even though I want marriages for everyone! I doubt they can match the cuteness of TB and SY, but they’re off to a good start.

I love SY’s mom now that she’s “nice”. She’s hilarious! I feel bad for TB and SY because she can be incredibly annoying, but it’s sort of adorable how eager she is for acceptance and praise from all the young folk. I’m sure all of us know a mom (or have a mom!) who wants to be cool. Poor G though…I wonder if he even knew that Y is her sister, or thought that she was personally hitting on him for some of the night. 

It’s weird to think that this drama was supposed to end today. Instead of break-ups, we’d get babies and weddings! I think that an extension works with this drama, and I’m personally looking forward to the next four weeks, no matter how painful they are! There’s always so much cuteness that I can withstand the pain. 🙂


401 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E50

  1. sparkskey says:

    My heart just broke into a million pieces watching the preview ):


  2. NaNa says:

    i hope ep51 is a twisted story line than what being shown on the preview like what always happened in previous episode….. for sure,, TH is determined as to not break up with J and the tears prove it… and… i’m speechless… but now, the chief don’t have anything to blackmail BIH anymore.. yess!!! the chief gonna lose soon and probably TH gonna blackmail that chief with the result of his investigation as to tell TH who is the real killer of his dad… becoz, the investigation result might even make the chief lose his job right?? and for sure he will be afraid to lose it so the only choice he have is to tell the truth….. hmmmm~~


  3. Ellie says:

    Me too.. Hope its a twisted story line.

    Because the sequence of the kiss from JE then sitting at dining table then crying seems not right.

    Episode 28 somehow keep lingering in my mind… I remember how TH said that he want to say goodbye by looking at JE face. Maybe he said goodbye to JE (with a smile) and say… “Be well”… Then JE don’t want to lose him and give him a hug and a kiss! How’s that sound???!!

    Lucky they did the kiss indoor.. If they do it outdoor, it will be less emotion because its freezing cold outside and your lips (and feelings) become numb.. 😛


    • chokichoki says:

      that’s what puzzles me…why would she go and kiss him and then ask for a breakup?? even if it was on an impulse and not that I would argue why one wouldn’t wanna kiss a guy like TH… :-p still, the two scenes just don’t add up


      • Anonymous says:

        I’m not sure but it could be that after she kisses him (and i hope he kisses back and do it with a little more movement than the freeze kiss) they go and take her graduation picture and spend the rest of the day together and they finally breakup during dinner.

        I wonder what would happen when they’re getting back together again…. More kissing and crying? A marriage proposal? I have no idea what the writer is going to pull off and all we can do is wait and see…


    • Anonymous says:

      Plus, they said that they were going to meet at NIGHT so probably they spent the night together and when it was time for them to say their farewells, she couldn’t help herself and couldn’t resist to kiss him for once’s last time T.T I’m sure, if that is the case, he will not be able to resist her kiss and will kiss her back!! ❤


      • Tiara says:

        no..i think it’s not like that..but honestly i want everything happens like you said!!!!
        i still think the dinner scene was happened after a farawell kiss…and i think they wouldn’t spent the night together..remember!! it’s TH he is a cop..he wouldn’t break the rules!!!
        but at least we still have a necktie scene, a graduation picture, a kiss..yes i hope the kiss would be more romantic& more intense than their first kiss!!!


  4. nurbi says:

    dear softy and everybody here, I have something to share with you. it’s not a bts or anything new but something that makes me feel full of life. have you ever watched pride and prejudice before, famous jane austen novel?? if you had seen movie version which was played by keira knightley and matthew macfadyen, you will may understand me .. please have a look at 1.18 in first link.

    especially ja eun’s face… and in second link 1.55.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqidX_5ZsLg

    I dont know why but everytime when I watch episode 30, I see mr darcy on ja eun’s face..


  5. hanny says:

    I hope the Chief is the culprit, bcouse from his reaction in eps 42. I think the punishment by his doughter’s love not response from TH.


  6. bbblue73 says:

    Everytime i cook noodles for my lunch (just like now) i remember two adorable people TH & J or Joowon & Uee in particular. Their story really give a big impact on my daily life.
    I don’t know then what will i do if this OB drama will come to an end.


    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah me too. I have no idea how long I would suffer from OB hangover once its over.
      And for the record, I got addicted to ramen because of this drama. I always make sure I have some stock.
      I hope Joo Won works with Uee again in another project. They have perfect chemistry and they’re so compatible with each other.
      Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode no mater how heartbreaking it may be.


    • Tiara says:

      so do i…seriously TH & J or Joo won & Uee also give a BIG impact to me!!!!
      i can’t believe my selft everytime i see another K-male selebrity on a drama or movie or cf it will remains me at Joo won’s face..i got addicted with his character as a tough detective Hwang Tae Hee..i dont know if i fall in love with TH or Joo won..still dont know until now!!!
      and also Taeja couple already give a big impact on my daily life..i lost my weight almost 5 kg since i knew OB 3 month ago, coz i was loosing my times to sleep, i wasn’t enjoying my food at all..every day always thinking about them!!!i think i’ll go crazy if OB drama will come to end..
      i,ll buy Villa at Gangnam if there is a PD who will paired them on a new drama.. only them..one couple..my Taeja couple!!!!


  7. nabithoj says:

    Omgsh..I can’t believe I cried reading this…its just too too too too sad…its so heartbreaking. I love that noone wants them to break up even though its “inevitable”… T_T But my tears won’t stop. I just feel too sad right now…boohoo
    thanks for the recap


  8. Ginko says:

    In preparation for the neck tie scene this week, Softy dear, would you please insert some of these gifs into my comment? Thank you so much.
    I will forever love those sweet moments when they were still dancing around their feelings.


    • Jenni says:

      OMG Ginko..thank you..thank you..khamsahamida, gumawo!!! i love you dear
      my dreams comes true!!!!it’s the gifs i;m soooo looking forward!!!!my favorit scene from my beloved couple!!!oh GOd i will be staring those gifts forever!!!!like you said i will forever love those sweet moments together!!!!
      once again thank you somuch Ginko!!!


    • flo says:

      omo..my Romeo & Julliet’s necktie scene!!!! i LOVE it!!!!!!!SO MUch!!!!!
      thank you very much dear Ginko…
      my heart keeps beating faster when i look those beautiful gifs..their necktie scene was fenomenal scene ..so powerful !!!!


    • Kamalia says:


      But tomorrow’s necktie scene will give us heartaches and tears. Sob.

      Hanging there our Romeo and Juliet…


    • Softy says:

      Hey Ginko
      I tried inserting 3 cuz the other two I will be posting on side bar, but the first one would not show up after I did it twice so I just put it back as is.
      Thanks for making these – was really hoping you would for my OB gif collection. 🙂
      I was watching SG on cable just now and realized R didn’t blame JW at all for her father’s death and went on to marry JW and have lots of boys with him. Granted JW didn’t mean to kill her dad since her dad was a firefighter just doing his job, but still – technically she grew up an orphan cuz her dad died saving him. Made me think TH should move past what her dad did since she is innocent, but I guess with his entire family knowing the truth now, it would be harder for TH to ignore her father’s alleged crime.
      I saw that preview a lot and it made me wonder where TH was when they showed J and TH looking sad separately. she was probably at her studio or the officetel, but where was TH cuz that room isn’t his or J’s attic room. Guess it could be the precinct, but I saw something pink. I really hope something prevents this breakup, but if it does have to happen, all I can say is it had better be for one episode. If this goes on till next weekend, I am going to be mad at this writer. She has to know that sad mopey breakup eps will drag the ratings down. No one wants to watch a race slow down in the last stretch right before the finish line. She has to patch up this separation quickly. Someone for the love of god listen to her father’s words – the man doesn’t remember anything. Why cant anyone become suspicious already. Arghh.


      • Ginko says:

        Thank you Softy for inserting these gifs, two gifs are enough ^^ I just need them to remind us that their happy moments will come back very soon.

        As I said in a previous recap, the writer seems to use forgiveness as one of the main theme of her story. In the past, the way Hwang family treated JE was hard to forgive. This week I’ve been watching a lot of OB MVs, there were some from those painful memories when JE was still at the tent, when she was hungry and Hwang family went out but came back before JE could get out. How humiliated JE was at that situation! I don’t dare to recall those scenes. But she does forgive the family, because she understand them, and because she love them.
        Now I really hope the Hwang family will do the same for her. Of course if it’s only between TH and JE, things would be much easier, but here we have the parents and GM, it’t not the problem of TH and JE alone. JE’s Dad must be proven innocent in order to let them be together.

        Softy, from the preview I also wonder where TH was, it’s definitely not his or JE’s attic room. So curious!

        I don’t think TH knows the fact that JE’s Dad doesn’t remember anything from the accident, I also hope that KJ knows and starts questioning the truth. He will tel TH for sure.

        In less than 12 hours, seem like we’ve been waiting too long this week….


      • Startulle says:

        yes, Ginko!!!!……..why no one is paying attention that her dad keeps saying he doenst remember anything??????????????????


      • Startulle says:

        yup………….ur rite, Softy!!!…..to me R never ever thought it was JW’s fault …
        but i think the whole family is ready to forgive what happened (IF is really true it her dad’s fault) but its hard for grandma and dad so easily to forgive it will take time ….hopefully not 8 episodes!…Softy, i miss soooo much mom bickering with J …….


    • Startulle says:

      JW’s adorable eyes……….


  9. Iprefernottosayit says:

    E51 is going to be so sad. OMG I have no comments!!!!!!!!!! YIKES!!


  10. halftwin says:

    does anyone know what is the song Taeshik sang? i know i heard it somewhere i just don’t remember it’s title.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Is it harder for TH to forgive J’s dad than to let her go? His dad was already taken from him so why does he need to let go of another person that he loves? I hope the family would listen to TP.
    And how would J be towards her dad now?
    Please TH, just beg J to stay with you… 😦


  12. Jasmin Aha says:

    I hate the preview!! 😡


  13. Eza1710 says:

    OMG…. Watching just only a preview is really killing me. How many bucket of tears does the writer wants from the viewers? I don’t think I can watch this episode on saturday so heart breaking.

    Please don’t let our TAEJA COUPLE suffer to much.!!!! TAEJA COUPLE love story is much more painful that Romeo & Juliet story.

    Joo Won such a good actor the last scene where his tears were falling oh so real.. Joo Won I will be rooting for you forever..I am officially your fan!!


  14. zuli says:

    grrrr. i hate Dad’expression when TP ask him do TH&J have to break up??..grr no regrets, no pitiful feeling???..Ok dad!!! look if someday everything clear up and BIH is not the culprit..grrrr
    i, m so looking forward to see dad gets on his knees begging for forgiveness from J and her dad!!!!!
    Romeo & Julliet still stand firm for their love no matter what..i hope our lovely,beloved,wonderful Tae Hee & Ja eun will stand firm too fighting for their love!!!


  15. nonski says:

    jumping back to OB ship… why do i have this feeling that it’s still a no-break up week. or was I just wishing it so hard to come true? So excited now to see J kiss TH. 🙂


  16. Renjani says:

    i can’t believe it’s the first time i visited this blog..OMG it’s so wonderful blog..its everything about Ojakgyo Brothers my favorit K-drama. i,m following OB since Ep 1 until now.BUt poor me OB almost ends and i found this blog through my friend..it;s too late, but i,m happy finally i found this blog..thank you very much dear softy, fanderay for the recap and for the screenshots it;s a very awesome blog!!..i came from Indonesia..nice to know you all..i love read all the comments!!!
    i loooove OB and of course i LOOOOve the 3rd hwang brother and his beautiful girlfriend..i love this couple verymuch!!!


  17. Bochra Bsm says:

    finally saturday is here!
    so what am beeing scared of now is that KJ is going to nail the opportunity and get closer to J since she’s no longer with TH , or that J will use KJ to push TH away!
    please Mrs writer don’t do this to your beautiful caracters!!


  18. nonski says:

    TGIS! anticipating another heartbreaking episode tonight… cya all…


  19. bbblue73 says:

    If OB extended for 8 episodes, and it goes with me too, I extend Lunar New Year Celebration & I have a lot of guests tonight coming in. So i can’t watch OB as expected but I’m gonna catch up a bit late tonight. Of course i will share & shed my tears just like the rest of u guys.
    Thank u GINKO for the gifs. SOFTY & FANDERAY for everything & of course to the loyal OB & DIEHARD TAEJA COUPLE pipz!!!!
    Catch u guys later.
    Just don’t forget to have a box of tissue & a jug of water.


  20. nurbi says:


    ”A KBS insider informed Star News on January 27th that “Original members Lee Soo Geun, Uhm Tae Woong, and Kim Jong Min have plans to stay on, while MC Kim Seung Woo, singer Sung Si Kyung, and actor Joo Won will be joining the lineup. Whether or not any additional recruits will be added is still being considered.”

    here time is 03. 14 am and before sleep this news made my day. I know becouse of today’s episode we’ll be sad but Im so happy at least we wont miss him after OB!!


    • bbblue73 says:

      wow!!! what a wonderful news..isn’t it?
      Since Ka Hodong left i stopped watching 1N2D show & now that JOOWON will be joining, i will set again on my couch & watch 1N2D becoz of him.


    • flo says:

      great news!! fortunately they still keep the old members” Lee soo geun, Uhm Tae Woong and King Jong Min..Fighting Guys!!!!
      and the new members : wait!! i think Kim seung woo, is he MC for Win Win programs right??he will be replaced Kang Ho dong,Sung si kyung wah my fav singer will be replaced Ji won and of course our beloved Joo won willl be raplaced Lee seung gi, i hope uri Joo won can do this job with easygoing and charming personality..i believe that!! he can do it well!!!!!!ajushi
      i will behind you forever!!!!


    • siska says:

      wowwww i think Joo won & Uee had been a KBS’s Sweetheart nowadays…even though OB has ended but we wont miss them so much KBS still keep them on their station..Uee on KBS Music BAnk and Joo won on 1N2D variety show.. i bet they can still seeing to each other.after OB,right???


  21. SS says:

    If Joo Won is going to be in 1N2D, does it mean he will have to give up Bridal Mask? That’s not good


  22. Softy says:

    Lee seung ki filmed MGIAG while he was on 1N2D – sometimes he would show up a few hours later and join the other guys or leave earlier to go back to film. Poor thing fell asleep earlier than the others cuz he would be too tired so I bet JooWon will have to go through the same thing. I love the idea of JooWon being on 1n2d, but I worry if they can maintain the dynamic of the original cast to keep going. What if the rating fizzles like family outing two. Oh well as long as OB fans continue to watch, guess it will be ok. I find it funny that J brought up 1n2d to the dad on E11 when she first set up tent explaining she always wanted to experience the outdoors cuz she was a fan of the show. Then she asked aren’t you sad it’s ending. She said this while TH was there and now he is going to be on it. LOL


    • bbblue73 says:

      softy, i love ur comments at the last part , hahahhaha..


    • SueD says:

      JE also mentioned about 1N2D trip to TH on episode 49 too…

      It will be great if OB bring back the sleeping together scene in JE’s tent for this couple…. Huhu. But, as Uee is an idol not sure if her agency okay with a lovey-dovey sleeping scene 😛

      Yeay for Joo Won in 1N2D… Its my favourite variety programme ever.


  23. zuli says:

    after they broke up..laters on J’animation movie became hit and became Box office movie, she will became famous and then IBC’reporter our chagom’s apa interview her in his program….since the animations story based on J’s true story , during the interview J couldnt cover up her sadness telling the audiences about the story , how much she loves hwang family!!!
    and all the hwang family see her inteview including TH!!!!!

    just my imagination ladies..coz i,m so frustating today!!!! waiting for the heartbreaking scene ever..its about 5 and a half hours to go!!!!!


  24. Ommoo… I am brazing up myself to read Softy’s recap for tonight’s episode…. I cried so hard reading the last two episodes recaps by Softy (as always, you have always put the right emotions and comments to each of your recaps…. I really, really love your blog!!)
    To those who can watch KBS2, please share the updates too…
    I am hoping that the break up will not take too long…
    I am crying every time I see TaeHee’s and JaEun’s faces anywhere…
    I cannot handle this sadness…
    TaeHee…. JaEun…. Baschaaa….
    I hope the truth will be revealed soon!!


  25. now I’m waiting for OB ep 51 hahah I hope that TH’s family don’t hate J’s father.


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