Ojakkyo Brothers E49

I cried as he put that ring on her. it’s like he was hesitant –  knowing that it won’t stay on there much longer and he wanted to savor the moment. before all this happened, he wanted to put a ring on her finger for life, but now he has to do it with a whole other meaning. instead of bringing them closer together, he has to let her go. I think that’s why he touched the middle of her hand for a second before he slipped the ring on- lingering for a minute cuz he knows he wont get to do this again.

* Part of me is still in denial – I can’t believe the twist the writer threw at us….

Does anyone else wonder what would be happening tonight if there wasn’t an extension? cuz this would be the penultimate episode. bet we would be watching another wedding by now. her dad would have come back ages ago to walk her down the aisle. I think her tent would have been shown again.  There would have been some flashback scenes.  More than anything, instead of tears of loss, there would have been tears of joy. Really wish I knew what the writer originally planned for the ending of this drama.

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Since some people still dont understand why Baek In Ho calls the grandmother “mother” and TH’s mom “sister in law” and why KJ calls Baek In Ho “father” in a more formal way by adding “nim” at the end,  here is a quick explanation. in Korean custom, you dont need to be related by blood to call your friend’s mom “mother.” that’s just what you call other people’s mothers in Korea just like in America you call your friend’s mom “Mrs. Kim” or something. So if you are really close friends, you would call your friend’s mom “mother” (and drop the “nim” part) but if you are like KJ who still uses formal speech to J, he would call her dad “father” (with the “nim” added on) which could also be like saying “father in law” even if KJ and J arent dating.

Also I got lazy and didnt write out the full name with job title, but everyone kept referring to J’s dad as “president Baek In Ho” since he used to own a food company, but I didnt want to repeatedly write “president” in front of his name so I called him J’s dad, BIH, or Baek.


After her dad called her J asks if he is really her dad. he says he came back alive. She asks where he is and she will go now. she hears what he said and says :ok – I will go right now so don’t move. After she hangs up, KJ asks if her dad came back alive. J: he is at the airport now. KJ: go in my car – on a day like today you know you need a car right? she is shaking and crying so he asks: what are you doing? hurry and let’s go.

KJ drives her to the airport.

J runs through the airport looking for her dad and he sees her first and calls out her name. she yells out dad and runs to him and they hug. She cries and he pats her back. J: dad – are you ok – are you inured anywhere? do you have anywhere that hurts? He says he is fine and asks if she has been fine all this time. J nods yes. her dad says: then that’s good. Dad is ok.

He hugs her again. KJ watches from a distance. The chief is there too and watches them hug.

TH and dad are talking. Dad: I trust you. between the two of you, if i had to choose one, I thought it would be better if my kid was hurt. as much as  you want to protect her, I don’t want to make it hard for J. show me that who I chose (to tell) was the right one. this is outside the control/will of humans. I wish that with the will of a human being, this could be changed for the better or worse. Don’t drag it out too long. The more you do the harder it will be for you and J. end it within this week. I’ll leave knowing you will do that. TH hold onto his arm and says “father” but dad says: I have nothing more to say. If you don’t want J to know then end it within this week. The dad leaves and TH cries and watches him leave.

TH goes outside and goes down the stairs. He grips the hand rail for support and gets a call from D. D: hyung why didn’t you pick up your phone. don’t faint but Baek In Ho came back alive. TH:what? say that again. D: I said Baek In ho came back alive. He arrived two hours ago at the airport. you cant believe it too huh? you havent heard from J yet? hurry and call her now. How happy J will be. TH drops his arm in shock and sits on the steps.

Her dad says he doesn’t know exactly how he got to the hospital. He must have been moved there by the rescuers. he laid in a state of unconsciousness for a long time,  but woke up not too long ago like a miracle.  as soon as he regained consciousness, he called J and her mom but both numbers were disconnected so he worried a lot. at the airport in China, he was able to contact Hong and found out J’s number. J: this is like a dream dad – it still doesnt feel real.  He says how much he missed J. he asks how J lived all this time and asks what about your step mom. arent you living together? J says after what happened with the dad, how they moved and then separated. Baek: how did you live all this time? where do you live now?  She says at the ojak farm. Baek: ojak farm? the one that was lent to Hwang CS – that farm? J: yes CS ajussi and Bok ja ajumma were so good to me all this time. now we live as one family. they treat me like their own daughter and treat me well like a family member.  Baek: so that is why my daughter’s face looks so bright and healthy. J: dad hurry and eat and go with me to the farm. once they learn you came back, CS ajussi, bok ja ajumma, grandma and others will be happy to see you. dad agrees but KJ says to J: for today, stay comfortably together with father separately. J: what? KJ: how tired father must be since he just came back today. I happen to have an empty officetel. to use as an office, the movie company rented it for a few months but it’s still empty. take your father there. J: thank you for offering but I cant inconvenience you like that. I am more than grateful that you went to the airport with me today. we will just go to the farm. her dad says: yes that’s right we cant inconvenience you like that.  KJ lies and says: officer Hwang ordered that. he said that would be better and to tell you. J: ajussi did? when did you speak with ajussi? a few minutes ago when I called from the bathroom he didnt pick up. KJ: when I stepped out for a few minutes I spoke to him. her dad asks: who is officer Hwang? looking at how my daughter smiles I am getting suspicious. by any chance is he your boyfriend. J: yes. Her dad laughs and says “aigoo”

TH is at the basketball court and doesn’t pick up his phone. he keeps looking at it. Then he goes over and picks it up. He answers. TH: it’s me.

KJ waits outside the officetel and meets TH. KJ: I had something to tell you so I came out. This officetel is a work office/space for the movie company but it’s empty so we came here. cuz J wanted to go right away to the farm with her dad. I thought Baek In Ho shouldnt go to the farm.  she felt burdened and turned me down so I told her it was your suggestion so say the same thing. did I overstep? TH shakes his head and says: no. if it’s ok to impose for a few more days, can Baek In ho stay for the time being…KJ interrupts and agrees and says : yes it doesnt matter. he can use it. but you tell J – you have to tell her for J to listen.  TH: ok I will. anyway thank you

TP and Y are together. They both get calls but lets them ring. TP picks his up so she says don’t answer it. TP asks: why- did we commit some sin? Y: it’s obvious they are going to ask what we are going to do and to break up. TP: then we just need to say we cant break up. Are we minors that need our parents’ permission to date? Y: we are in laws. TP: so why? what’s the problem. did we say we would get married right away? she looks sad so he asks:  do you want to get married?  She says: no that’s not it. not just now right away, but from here on too – I dont know if I will want to get married or not. that’s not it. TP:then what’s the problem. we arent going to get married right away and we aren’t minors, so why do we have to care what our family thinks? Y: now that I think about it. that’s true. TP: If they call again then let’s confidently answer. Y: yes. The phone rings again. She says her sister is unlike most people so how about doing what I say over this.

SY comes home and asks what is this. is it for real? Aunt is dating maknae young master. her mom: I said they were – I saw them hold hands at the hotel and leave. TB: I watched them at the hotel too with my own eyes but I still cant believe it. dad tells SY to sit cuz her aunt is on the way here. SY says out of all the men why maknae. TB: that’s what I am saying. since she is older and experienced aunt should have turned him down. how could she go after our TP who is young and innocent ….her mom gives him a look. so SY says to TB that he is going overboard cuz TP is not a young kid. TB says even though TP is not a young kid (underage or anything) and spits out a bunch of hard adjectives about what Y should have taken into consideration and ends with saying TP is only 28 and is a young bachelor to the aunt. her mom sits up to defend her sister and asks: what? SY speaks up first and says it’s the same for maknae. she points out that TP could have started this first but TB counters and it’s not important who started this, even if TP did, the aunt should have turned him down and put a stop to it as the grownup and acted like the senior. her mom yells at TB: so are you saying that all this responsibility goes to my Y?  TB backtracks and says he was only saying that cuz he was disappointed in the aunt for not handling this like a grownup and didnt mean what the mom thinks. he claps and says like: even a clap – like this you need to bring your hands together to make a sound. so how could the aunt do wrong by herself. it calms the mom down and says: it’s good that you didnt mean that. SY wonders how they can separate the two of them cuz lawfully they didnt do anything wrong. the mom says  even if lawfully they cant do anything about it,  like TB said- this is going to mess up the registry. TB: that’s right – when our cha gom is born what is he/she supposed to call the aunt? when he/she goes to his/her maternal side, “aunt grandmother” and when he/she goes to the paternal side “small mother (aunt)” -how confusing is this? SY thinks it over and realizes her aunt will become her young sister in law and doesnt want that to happen. the doorbell rings. TB: they are here. Before they open the door, SY tells her mom not to go off – you know that the more you stop someone the more they get stirred up right? (meaning Y and TP will become more determined to stay together if the mom tries to stop them too much) SY’s mom makes a face like steam is coming out of her ears.

Y and TP show up. SY’s mom starts to say “you know why we called you” but the dad says let the guest sit first and invites Y and TP to sit down. SY’s mom says you know why we called both of you here at the same time right? TP: yes we know so we both came like this to see you and thought it would be the right thing to explain. the mom says explain what after I saw you two hold hands and leave during the blind date so what explanation? Y lies and says she asked TP as a favor and they put on a show. She didn’t want to go on the date so she asked TP to show up at the right time and come take her out of there like that.  I asked him to do that – we arent dating. mom:what? Y: it was all a show. we arent dating.  TB asks if that is really true to TP. TP nods yes. SY’s mom doesn’t believe them and says “no it’s a lie. I didnt see how these two are together just once or twice. you think I wont notice that? right now in front of us these two are putting on a show. a while ago that was not an act- this is an act right now.” TP insists and says last time I told you too but I am really not interested in the owner. she is not a woman to me. Y says-me too. you think I would date TP? TP is SY’s husband’s younger brother. also he is a lot younger than me. TP adds:  if a woman is over 30 she is not a woman to me. my ideal is …he points to TB and says: hyung you know. someone who is small that I would want to carry around in my pocket. young and cute girl. Y adds says “like you said, why would I want to go out with a man who doesnt have any anything going for him (wealth and status wise) TP adds that Y has been divorced so he doesnt even look at a woman who could make his mom faint. that last one seems to convince the room, but it made Y pissed.

J and her dad are about to have some tea when TH walks in with KJ. J says to TH: ajussi- say hello, this is my dad. she says to her dad: this is the ajussi I told you about a while go. TH says his name. her dad extends his hand and says: I am happy to meet you. I am J’s dad. you are CS’s third (son)? TH pauses but shakes his hand. TH: yes. Baek shakes his hand and says: I am happy to meet you and I am grateful.  I heard everything from J. all this time, that you, CS, sister in law, and your family treated J like family and was warm (caring) and supportive. he says to J about TH: he is really good looking and his eyes look alive. I wondered who stole my daughter’s heart and didnt feel great about it, but for now I approve. J smiles. so her dad says jokingly to her that he can get jealous if J likes TH too much. J grabs his arm and says “dad.” J smiles at TH. KJ is frowning the whole time for some reason. J suddenly remembers that she forgot to call the ajumma that her dad came. TH says he will tell her, he is going right home and will tell his mom that J is sleeping here so J doesn’t need to call. J nods yes. she says she was making some mo-ga-cha for her dad cuz he likes it. even though it’s sweet, ajussi you have a little bit too. the scent is good and it’s good for your throat. her dad invites them to sit. her dad asks J: why? does officer Hwang not like sweet stuff? J: yes.

TH watches her be sweet to her dad. she wiped something on his lips. dad asks if anything was on his lips and says the tea tastes good. TH stares at her and she sort of asks “what?” with her eyes so TH shakes his head no and smiles. TH and J smile at each other. her dad says the tea tastes good. * this tea is like the best thing I ever tasted. just recently discovered it and it supposedly gets rid of colds before it turns into one. it’s way better than yu-ja-cha.

TH drives to the river and cries in his car alone. He is bawling.

* part me thinks he wasnt just crying cuz he has to break up with J. some of those tears has to be about his own dad. as TH watched how close J was with her dad, he realized how he never got the chance to have any relationship with his own birth father cuz of her dad. the way TH cried seemed like a man who finally realized what he had lost. by admitting that he misses having his birth father in his life, he was able to finally let go.

TH knocks and goes to see his parents. He gets on his knees and says “J said she cant come home today cuz the work got urgent so she has to work overnight at the movie studio. Mom: what is so urgent that she has to work all night. what if her body gets exhausted from doing that. TH: I will do as you said father. I will settle things with J (meaning break up). as soon as I can, by next week at the latest I will settle things. father you promise too. no matter what happens that you wont tell J about who committed the hit and run.  dad: i promise. if I had planned to tell J, I wouldnt have gone to find you. TH: yes. sleep. TH gets up and leaves. The mom looks at him worried and gets up to follow him

TH goes to his room. Mom knocks and goes inside. She asks if he ate dinner. He says yes. Mom: did you really eat? TH: I don’t feel like it. Mom: ok then rest. She turns to leave but cries and says: mom is sorry that I couldn’t protect you two.  She leaves the room

Baek: Before I returned to Korea, I heard about the bankruptcy. I was worried about the company, but I was more worried about you and your stepmom because I knew that the home that you were living in would have gone to the debt collectors. how did you think of going to the farm. She reminds him how he took her once to the farm before he left to china and he left the contract in the back of the pic frame. Baek: that’s right I did. but how did you find that? J: by accident when the picture frame broke. now that we are talking about it. that time seems like a bad dream. this moment seemed like a dream from a while ago.  Dad this isnt a dream right? Baek: yes it’s not a dream. I was afraid it was a dream too but it’s really not a dream. she smiles and then gets serious. J: dad – there was something I wanted to ask from a while ago. she asks if he ever bought professor Seo a designer watch. Her dad asks: what does that mean? who is professor Seo? J: that’s right huh? you dont even know who that professor is and never bought him a watch right? Baek: I asked what does all that mean? J: to tell you the truth while you were gone, I was accused of backdoor admittance cuz  the designer watch professor got from a parent who was bribing him was paid by your company card. Baek: what?

Dad and mom talk. dad: thank goodness that TH accepted on his own. mom: yes it’s good.  dad says something about if time passes how it should get better. Mom: yes it should. she turns and cries. He says to just cry aloud without caring what he thinks, but she lies and says she is going to sleep but tries to cry silently

At breakfast mom says this is everyone so let’s eat. GM: is this everyone? she asks where J and TH is. Mom says J had to work overnight at the studio so I told her to do that and TH came in yesterday for a short time and just changed his clothes and went back out to work. TP:wait this is suspicious. maybe the two of them were together and didnt come in. TS: maknae. GM: did they really do that? TP hints that GM might see another great grand baby before marriage again. GM is happy. TS says not to talk like that in front of Guksoo but laughs anyway

TH waits for J’s dad to come out. he runs over to her dad. Baek: what brings you here so early? TH: cuz I had something to say to you. Baek: me? TH: the father I have now was originally my uncle and my birth father was Hwang CW. Baek: if it’s CW, then he is CS’s younger brother. TH: my father, me, our entire family knows. so whatever happens, dont go to the farm. cuz I cant control how my father will react when he sees you. Baek asks what all that means. TH: even if everyone in the world knows, dont you want to block J from knowing. I do too so dont go to the farm no matter what. like you are acting innocent right now in front of me,  act like that for the rest of your life. even if I can’t forgive you, if you can just promise to do that, then I will cover it up for you. her dad has no idea what TH just said so he asks: what does all that mean? talk so I understand.  TH gives him a look and walks away

Her dad (Baek InHo) goes to see the chief. BIH:why did you see a ghost? he chokes the chief. Baek: didnt you know I would come back alive? you blamed the backdoor admittance on my daughter?   you told me to buy the designer watch. Go now and reveal that my daughter has nothing to do with that backdoor admittance. chief: let go. are you in any position to talk big to me?  Baek: yes that’s right – cuz I am not in any position to talk -for the past 26 years I had to live doing whatever you wanted but now I cant do that anymore. cuz of my crime, my daughter was accused of backdoor admittance. now I am going to go and find that victim and ask for forgiveness. even at this late stage, I am going to go and pay for my crime now. so dont think of threatening me with that anymore and reveal the truth that my daughter didnt do the backdoor admittance.  Chief: where is the victim you can get forgiveness from?  when he is already dead and gone. Baek: what? chief: your father begged for a favor so I told you he was injured. the victim died in the hospital. Baek: what? chief: should I tell you a more shocking truth? who the deceased is? The deceased victim was your childhood friend’s Hwang CS’s younger brother Hwang CW.  and what is more shocking is your daughter is dating the victim’s son now. do you know that? You don’t believe it huh. I didnt believe at first too.  If you don’t believe me ask your daughter (who TH is)) So stay quiet and keep your mouth shut. If you don’t want to confess with me. Her dad says : you just said he was hurt –you didnt say he was CS’s younger brother. chief: I told you your dad begged as a favor. (he said) that you couldnt be scarred by it and couldnt be shocked. Baek: it’s a lie. it’s a lie. how could I kill a person? I don’t remember anything from that day. I dont even remember driving so how could I have killed a person. Chief: that’s why you shouldn’t have drank so much.dont be too afraid. It’s something that already happened 26 yrs ago so the statute of limitation is over. Even if it was brought up again, there won’t be any reason for you to be handcuffed, so just be quiet and keep your mouth shut.

Her dad walks the street in a daze and remembers TH’s words to him: like you are acting innocent right now in front of me,  act like that for the rest of your life. even if I can’t forgive you, if you can keep the truth from her then I will cover it up for you.

TS goes to a job interview. he asks the guy to take good care of him and offers a drink as a small present. cuz the guy thought it was like a bribe.

MS’s brother in law shows up. H’s real dad. MS says she heard he came back last month (from overseas). have you been well? he says he has been.  He says she must have suffered (raising H). she says she has been well to. He asks if the kid (H) is healthy. She says H is in third grade and grew up a lot. Would you like to meet her once. he says he doesn’t have the right after all this time. He is getting remarried so he wants to take H out his registry. (he feels bad about doing that) MS says no it’s ok, she thought they should do that too. TS shows up and says he came and sees them together. TS mouths the words: who is it?

TS hears the man was H’s dad. MS says it’s been 7 or 8 yrs since she has seen him. TS asks why he came back – is he here to take H back? MS says no he is going to remarry so he wants to take H out of his registry cuz H is under his name now. at least since he is getting married, I think it’s good. after my sister died, my brother in law had a hard time so that is why he wasnt able to raise H. TS asks if H knows about her dad. MS says she didnt want to lie so she said he is living well somewhere and cuz he has a situation so he couldn’t raise her. thank goodness H seemed to understand and took the news like a grownup. TS says it’s cuz MS raised H lovingly so she didn’t miss not having a dad. MS: I am doing well right? TS: of course. where is a mom like you in this world? H cant live without you. MS: that’s right i cant live without H and H cant live without me. she says she is going to put H under her registry under her name as Kim Hana. TS agrees.  MS: but if I get married the last name will change so I am worried about that. what do you think. TS: huh? MS: I might marry soon. Should I wait a bit. He doesn’t give her a clear answer and starts to eat.

TS looks at his bank book. he has a little over $500. He imagines being married to MS.  he just cooked and calls H and guksoo to eat breakfast. yobo (honey) what are you doing?  MS complains that TS made the same side dish again. she tells him to pay more attention to the side dishes. He says she should give more grocery money (living expenses) since she earns a lot of money. she asks if he spent all the living expenses already. you dont earn any money but you are skilled at spending. TS: what? I will spend it economically so eat. Guksoo says dad I need to buy crayons today so H tells him – I told you – ask stuff like that to mom cuz dad is jobless. Back in his room, TS gets a call and says -yes I am Hwang TS. what?

TB and SY go grocery shopping. TB tells her to choose the strawberries and she says “this one” and TB echoes her. She is tasting a lot of the samples and saying it tastes good. They pick out baby clothes next. TB holds it up to her stomach and SY says the baby likes it. SY tries to help load, but TB reminds her he told her not to carry stuff. he tells her to look forward to his cooking. she asks to stop by and buy ice cream for dessert and rent a dvd to watch in the room too since it’s their day off. TB whispers: something racy? SY: of course. he tells her to get in cuz it’s cold. She says she is so excited and suggests doing everything they didn’t get to do all this time. TB: yes let’s do it all. hurry and get in

*TB’s voice sounds like he has a cold here

when they get home, SY is eating ice cream so TB asks for some too. they see her mom cooking in the kitchen. Her mom says when did you come. didn’t hear you. you havent eaten yet right? She says the food is ready so wash your hands and come

TB and SY are eating quickly so the mom tells them to eat slowly – were you hungry? SY nods yes and says they must have been. Her mom tells him to eat side dishes too not just rice. she says they must have been really hungry. He says it’s ok  -it’s plenty when she gets up to get more rice. SY says she will clean since the mom needs to leave. TB offers to clean up after her, but the mom asks what they are talking about. she wants to have tea time since they are done eating.

SY and TB drink the tea quickly and TB burns his tongue. mom asks if TB is ok and tells him to drink slowly since it’s hot.  SY says they are done drinking so the mom says the tea must suit their taste and offers to give them more, but they say it’s ok

SY goes to the room and says finally her mom left. SY says I worried that she might stick around. TB: thank god (she left). SY: should we watch dvd now. TB says should we watch it after we close the curtains and turn the lights off. They fall on the bed laughing and giggling. he tells her to be careful. Suddenly her mom calls out and says she forgot something. she calls them.

she tells TB to read to the baby – one every day. cuz you know how important books are. what are you doing? hurry and read it to her.  She wants TB to read to the baby in English with more of an interesting tone like an animal. mom says TB should make his tone better – sound like a lion so SY says the words in a more scary tone as an example. TB does that too. SY’s mom likes it.

TH is staring at the memory stick and remembers the chief’s threat to quietly cover up the accident if TH doesn’t want J to know what her dad did. D gets in the car complaining it’s cold. They are on a stakeout.  D asks there isnt any sign of him yet is there. TH: none. D: wish this mouse would show up. D tells TH to eat but TH says he doesn’t want to-you eat. D tells him to eat cuz TH didn’t eat breakfast too. Is something wrong? cuz you dont have a good expression on your face and you arent talking. TH doesnt answer so D gives up and says ok. but then D asks wasnt that the USB of the chief? why  move so slowly on the backdoor admittance case. How come there is no talk when it’s been a while since giving the memory stick. TH tells him to wait a little bit-there is a problem so I am thinking it over. D: what problem? at this rate, will it end up being going nowhere. TH yells out D’s name and says: wait a little bit. no matter what I have to do – I wont let this get overlooked so wait. D: ok. TH gets a call. TH: yes I am Hwang TH. girl says she is from the jewelry shop. The couple rings he ordered came in.

TH goes to look at the couple rings. He takes it out of the box and looks at it. he looks so sad.

J goes to meet TH at the basketball court with two coffees and sees him with the box staring at the rings. She is happy and clears her throat. He puts the ring box away. TH: how did you come cuz you said you would be busy with work. She says yes but her work schedule changed. J said she thought he would be here.  He thanks her for the coffee.

They sit on the bench together. He asks if they should go on a trip. J: when? Where to? TH: anytime – this weekend works too – wherever you want to go. J: I haven’t thought about it. I’ll think about it. But it’s a day trip right? Not something like 1N2D right? TH: that also – as you want  (as in he will go along with whatever she wants – day trip or overnight). She says she will think about it. TH: also – is there anything else you want to do? like last time when you wanted couple rings-things you wanted to do when you got a boyfriend. J: there is a lot. for now since graduation is coming up. you have to give me a bouquet of flowers while wearing a suit and looking good and out of all the flower bouquets, it has to be the prettiest. cuz I am the nation’s fairy/goddess Baek JE. got that? TH nods yes. J: I also want to go to the Amusement park. since it’s winter, I want to go to a ski resort. watch a movie sitting as a couple. see a play too. when spring comes around, go trekking too (hiking). also take lots of pics together. a lot later, after saving money, go on a trip to Europe together and after we save more money, I want to go to the art museum in NY. TH: why are there so many things. if you had so many  things you wanted to do why didnt you tell me sooner? J: we can start doing one at a time from here on. TH nods yes.

J looks over at the box and starts to drop hints like since she didn’t wear gloves, her fingers look bare. she holds out her hand. She asks: dont i have pretty long fingers? he nods yes. J: I forgot to put lotion on here (and points to her ring finger) J finally just comes out and asks – ajussi aren’t you going to give it to me. I want to hurry and put it on. I saw them – the couple rings. Hurry and put it on me. He takes out the ring box and takes out her ring only. (inside the box it says “marry love”) He sort of rubs the middle of her hand first and then puts it on her finger. She doesn’t take her eyes away from it and says it’s really pretty. TH: do you really like it? She nods yes.

J looks at her hand smiling. TH looks up cuz he has tears in his eyes. J says she was so happy so she forgot. J: i have to go to the farm now. on my way there, I just dropped by to see your face. I told dad I would meet him at the farm. TH: when? J: at 4. when we separated in the morning, I promised him but since dad doesnt have a cell phone I cant push it back even if I wanted to. I’ll be going.  TH says let’s go together. I’ll take you there. he walks out ahead of her cuz he is in a rush.

Her dad goes to the farm. He turns around cuz he cant face going in. GM comes out and asks who it is. He turns around. She wonders if she is imagining seeing things. Aren’t you Baek In Ho? they said you were dead but did you come back alive? He calls out “mother.” GM: omo omo is this a ghost? you really are Baek In ho right?  Baek In ho gets on his knees and says–yes mother. I am In Ho.  kill me mother. she asks why he is like this. what do you mean kill you. what are you talking about?

TH’s parents come out. Baek: kill me mother. I committed a crime that deserves death.” mom says to the dad: isnt that Baek In ho? GM says Baek in ho came back but she doesn’t know what he is saying.  Baek calls out the dad’s name.

The dad runs over saying “this punk” and grabs Baek in ho’s neck and says : how could you come here. GM tries to stop the dad saying: why are you like this?dad says to GM: mother it’s nothing. just go inside. dad says to Baek: follow me.  Mom tells GM that it looks like the dad has something to figure out with Baek. since the weather is cold – please go inside. GM resists saying why go inside. mom drags her inside.

TH drives up with J and sees his dad go with her dad. J goes after them

Dad takes Baek into the shed. dad: you came back alive after committing that big sin. you came back alive? Baek calls out his name. dad: why did you come back? if you committed such a huge crime you should have died. why come back? Baek keeps calling out his name. dad: Are you a human? after killing my younger brother CW, after doing such a terrible thing, you met me a few times like nothing was wrong. and you faced my mother. Her dad says: no – I didn’t know –I really didnt know. if I knew,  how could I do that – after doing such a horrible thing – if I was afraid of the heavens -how could I act like nothing was wrong and look you in the face and look mother in the face? I really didnt know. the dad punches him and Baek lands on the sawdust bag. TH’s dad yells: Die you punk. die you criminal. die. die. You are the criminal who killed my younger brother. You aren’t human. How could you be human? J heard all that. TH comes up too and stands behind her.


No preview (there hasnt been a video preview in ages so I wasnt expecting one anyway)

Thank goodness, Sparkskey translated E50 written preview 🙂

J gets a shock when she finds out that the culprit of the hit-and-run was Baek Inho and drops into her seat at the news. GM somehow gets suspicious and keeps interrogating Dad and gets angry at him so Dad has no choice but to tell her the truth. GM is unable to handle the news and collapses. GM gets rushed to the hospital and the entire family heads towards the hospital as well. Although J and her Dad go to the hospital as well, they couldn’t bring themselves to go in and decide to wait outside the hospital till GM wakes up.

Does anyone else think that Baek In Ho could still be innocent? he did say he doesnt remember anything. maybe he passed out and someone else killed TH’s dad and put Baek In Ho in the car to make him think he hit the victim and laid all the blame on him all these years. How could his own dad lie to him and not tell him the truth that Baek In Ho killed the victim just cuz he didnt want his son to be scarred for life from the shock of killing someone. Something doesn’t add up. the fact that the chief would be willing to cover all this up just cuz Baek’s father asked him to doesnt make sense. does the chief look like someone who would endanger his career over a favor? unless he was bribed with a lot of money, I doubt he would have covered up that accident just on a request alone. there seems to be a cover up. the way the chief panicked doesnt sound like someone who doesnt have anything to lose. if it’s all Baek’s fault, then the chief didnt need to be so scared. he was acting like his life was on the line when he realized TH was on the trail of discovering the truth about that accident.

also there really is no hard evidence to point to Baek as the suspect. isnt all the hard evidence gone? even if the time limit didnt run out, there is no lawyer out there who could prosecute this case anyway with any eyewitness-no concrete evidence- plus the suspect has no memory of even committing the crime. I have never been that drunk, but wouldnt you remember something of that night. how can you blackout while you are driving and survive the accident. I really dont think Baek was behind that wheel at all. which makes me nervous. even if TH gets to the truth and finds out Baek is innocent, how is he going to charge the chief or Hong or whoever actually committed the hit and run. the same problems are there. no evidence and it’s been too long so how can they prosecute. there really is no way to close this case is there? discovering the truth is all that they can hope to get out of this.

Now I guess TH wont have to break up with J cuz she will do that herself since she knows the truth. but I thought about what TH was planning to do before she found out so I have a silly little rant about it.

I love TH but why do all kdrama guys have to do this? if you are going to break someone’s heart and stomp all over it, why make more special memories right before you break up? I mean does he expect J to remember their little trip with fond memories and smile everytime she looks down at that ring and not think about the fact that he isnt in her life anymore? does that ring come with some magic spell that is going to give her amnesia so she doesnt remember the pain of him breaking up with her? seriously – why do all drama men do this right before a break up? I just dont get the logic. nothing is going to cushion the blow – doesnt matter how many rings you buy or how many trips you take her on, she will not get over the break up any easier cuz you did that. it will only make it worse cuz she wont want to break up even more after all those things. *aigoo* Not to sound hypocritical but on the otherhand, how cool would it have been if they had gone on an overnight trip – that would have been drama heaven. 🙂 probably more singing too I bet just to make it more painful for us.

**Can I just say, I love everyone’s comments regarding my little rant. You guys are the best and made me see it from TH’s point of view and now I feel silly for writing all that above. I am going to keep it up for others to read so they realize what we were all talking about. but thanks again for responding. this is why I love to read your comments. you guys have the best answers.  🙂

Fanderay’s Comments:

Wow…I hardly expected any of that! Those tricksy tricksy writers are at it again!

It was bound to happen eventually, but I got a little mad at TH. When he first went to talk to Baek In Ho, he acted like he knew with 100% certainty that he was guilty. The last couple episodes it seemed like he had at least a little doubt and might investigate things, so I was genuinely surprised that he spoke and glared with such conviction. Maybe he was playing bad cop a little to protect J? I must admit to rather liking that strong side to TH (especially when he’s dressed decently!) but all my hopes regarding the case are pinned on him, so he needs to get his doubt back.

Luckily TH more than made it up to me with the couple rings. Back when J told him to buy a purse for the mom (instead of rings) I mentioned that it would be all the sweeter if he bought rings anyways, and he did! And it was sweeter, especially since he threw a planned proposal into the mix. Unfortunately it all turned out to be bittersweet since the moment didn’t represent what he had always hoped for, and marked an end for him more than a beginning. I don’t think he planned to show her the rings, but once she saw them, how could he not? 

Watching TH be so miserable this episode was tough, but watching J be happy was harder. Her elation at seeing her father and her excitement over showing him her new “family” were just heartbreaking. I loved how she asked TH if he was ok with the briefest of looks while she made tea (dramas rarely include moments like that!) and I don’t want to see an end to any of it. I’m sure she was already thinking about things like getting to have her father walk her down the aisle, but next episode will she even be able to look anyone but KJ in the eye? 

The mom really got to me this episode too, and it’s clear that she is feeling every bit of pain that J and TH are experiencing. For the last few episodes the focus has been on her relationship with J, so it was touching to see how broken hearted she was over TH losing the love of his life. The parents keep telling themselves that it’ll get better with time, but deep down they both know that TH isn’t normal when it comes to dating, and that it was practically a miracle that he found someone like J to finally make him feel whole.

I still think that Baek In Ho is most certainly innocent. The chief is just way too evil, and obviously isn’t above framing people. Baek In Ho doesn’t even seem like a person who would drink and drive, and it’s extremely suspicious that he doesn’t remember a single thing about the night without even little glimpses (it’s like he’s been drugged or something). If Baek In Ho was actually guilty, wouldn’t the chief have thrown him to the wolves, instead of stopping the investigation? The fact that he wanted to stop the investigation leads me believe that there’s a piece of evidence that could possibly lead back to the chief, so TH better put on his detective hat!

I’ve been waiting for TH and J to break up for so long that I’ve given up thinking that it has to happen. It seems obvious that J would break up with TH now (how could she not?) but…maybe she won’t! If anyone will believe in her dad’s innocence it will be her, and if anyone will be in need of comfort it will be her, so maybe TH will stay by her side for a while. Even if there relationship is on hold, can’t they still investigate together or something? Please? 

I think the grandma is safe for now because the rules of family-drama-writing state that the wedding must come first! I’m curious what her behavior towards J will be after tomorrow. It seems like in most kdramas it is the oldest generation that is most likely to hold the crimes of the parent against the child, but she cares so much about J that I have no idea what she’ll do.

Now that MS has hinted at marriage, I wonder if they will end up getting married first? I think the biggest hindrance is TS’s money problem, but I’d actually like to him propose before that gets resolved. It’s much more romantic if his love is more important to him than his pride, and it’s better if they figure everything out together and help each other a couple.

I’m a bit disappointed that TP and Y are trying to hide their relationship again, although I’m not sure what else they could really do. I am glad that they’re now honest with each other and are actually dating, but what comes next? I suppose they haven’t properly dated yet, so maybe we’ll have a few episodes of them being cutesy together (I’m onboard with that!). It might be fun to watch them be sneaky (especially if SY’s mom and TB try to do some spying) but ultimately they’re going to get caught. It may be a rocky relationship if they have to keep insulting each other in public, but it’s funny enough that I don’t care!

All the diehard TB/SY shippers were right to love them because they are sooooo cute together. SY’s “I will eat you up” seriously cracked me up and then TB put me over the edge with his voices. I think that SY’s mom was probably less annoying to them when she wasn’t being nice, and it’s sort of funny that their newest trial is dealing with kindness. They may need to put an extra deadbolt on the front door.

It’s clear that I have no idea what’s going to happen in this drama ever, so I look forward to tomorrow with nervous anticipation. I always used to say that every episode seemed like the calm before the storm, but I think I finally realized that every episode is like the eye of the storm. It seems calm because of all of the sweet and touching moments in every episode, and as a result the storm that’s raging all around never quite hits. I guess that’s called balance (thank you writers!) .


225 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E49

  1. 1/2twin says:

    i know this is random but i can’t help it….
    looking at his face with this sort of expression, reminds of TROLL face. LOL!
    just sharing ^^


  2. semi-fly says:

    I’m kind of surprised you didn’t add any kind of humor to the whole Tae Shik & Mi Sook conversation when Mi Sook was talking about putting Ha Na under her families registry before broaching the subject of marriage. Just going off his expression I couldn’t help but think about a rat trapped in its cage. Tae Shik’s eyes kind of darting from left to right and taken completely off guard by Mi Sook’s assertiveness. Should we get Tae Shik a nice dress, it’s obvious that Mi Sook is the one wearing the pants in this relationship (humor intended, [visual] offensive not so much).

    You asked me what I thought about the remaining episodes, while I don’t really want to write down my speculations I can say that I have no doubts about Tae Hee & Ja Eun so I’m not really focusing on their characters these days. What I am looking forward to is Tae Shik & Mi Sook and Tae Pil & Nam Yeol. I guess I could add Tae Bum & Soo Young to previous list of characters I’m not focusing on considering they’ve finally found their footing and are in essence a perfect couple (sin overbearing, overstepping, obnoxious mother/mother-in-law)…honestly watching them felt like I was hoarding a bag of candy with an unfortunate carrot thrown in for health reasons (cavity inducing sweetness (almost to the point of being sick from all the sweetness) [Hopefully that makes sense to more than just me].

    As for today’s episode I think I’m most looking forward to Tae Pil & Nam Yeol’s interaction…or should I say backtracking. After watching the interaction and the horrible comments Tae Pil made about not wanting to bring Nam Yeol home in fear that it would effect his mother on some psychological level I have to wonder just what he’ll have to do in order to appease her (if he can) [Was I the only one cringing throughout the entire scene?].

    I honestly don’t want to see these two go through all of this mess and end up without each other considering they make the other a better person (in my eyes) and to be perfectly honest this is a family drama so in the long run they deserve to be happy. Additionally, if anyone can bring Yoon Sook to her knees (humble her, knock her off her high horse) it’s these two.


  3. Rei says:

    Haven’t read your recap for episode 50, but I honestly believe J’s father’s innocent. That police chief just likes to mess with him and blame him for everything… and it sort of smells the fact Baek In Ho cannot even remember driving the car that night…


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