Ojakkyo Brothers E48

Ten episodes are left and every drama needs conflict to keep things interesting till the end. I know this all too well, but a part of me wants this breakup not to happen so much that it physically hurts. Why not go against convention and just have happy scenes for the rest of the series. who would actually complain? I know I wont throw up a protest if the duck feed went well and J and the mom decided to keep the farm again. Add in some more singing and scenes where TH and J continue to make KJ feel envious with their cuteness. While the writer is at it, she could throw in their wedding a little earlier instead of waiting till the end too. Make the grandma happy – make ME happy and let us see them adjust to their married life for ten more episodes. How can I make this happen – maybe I should stalk the writer and get her plastered to write all in all these ideas into the new scripts. the cast would look at her like she is high, but I would be in drama heaven. If only I knew anything about stalking – finding out her real name would be a good start I bet. Too bad I can’t read Korean.

E49 video translation:
J’s dad says I came back alive
J: I will go there so don’t move and stay there
They meet at the airport
TH’s Dad says: trust me- don’t delay – the more you do it will be harder on you and J – end it within this week
TH cries in his car
D calls TH and says Baek In Ho came back alive
TH: what?
Baek In Ho goes to the farm and GM sees him and asks : who are you? Aren’t you Baek In Ho?
In Ho: mother

This is the pic I mentioned where TH held onto J’s  arm pretending he was tired, but she pried his fingers off and he kept holding onto her arm anyway. sooooo cute

*written before the episode.

about the written preview and how the mom decided to tell J the truth together with the dad – what part of covering this up did they not understand? if you beg to cover it up and make up your mind to do that – they should stick with their first instincts to protect J. I feel worse for J cuz at least TH still has his family, but if he breaks up with her, she literally has nothing and no one left in her life. I think telling her the truth is horrible cuz she might have faith in her dad that he would never do that, but she could easily react the other way and distance herself from the Hwangs and then you are going to have one miserable recapper cuz from day one, I hated watching J cry. When she is suffering alone, it breaks my heart more than any breakups. I love what Kara pointed out : “I remember how TH blamed the Mom for stealing the contract and he raised his voice to his mother. That’s when he still not sure what his feeling towards JE. Imagine now when TH is so in love with JE and knows that JE’s dad involved and to make it worse his Dad and Mom knows. And when he know that what the Dad said to JE. He will definitely go out of control and against the family.”

Umi shared this article with us about what JooWon said about Uee:

“Uee’s such a sweetheart. Her attitude and approach on the set and her acting, she’s been great on all fronts. Everyone could only love her”.

Actor Joo Won has only praises for co-star actress + singer, Uee

Yeonhap news recently conducted an interview with Joo Won and the actor had many good things to say about his love interest in his drama, After School member Uee.

Joo Won spoke about Uee, “Uee works very hard. I’ve known her since college and she always stood out in the crowd because she always did her best. I had a chance to meet her after long time through our drama and I wondered if she might have changed, but she hasn’t changed at all”.

Joo Won and Uee are both alumni of Sungkyunkwang University.

He continued, “Uee was always concerned for the fact that she is a singer and an actor. She’s always worried that she might become a nuisance to other cast members but she’s done such an amazing job and everyone loves her”.

Joo Won also spoke about how badly he feels for Uee for having to adhere to such a busy schedule.

He spoke, “The fatigue was written all over her face at the end of last year, you couldn’t help but feel bad for her. She had to follow a superhuman-like schedule. I feel bad for her for things like that, but she’s doing very well both as a singer and as an actor”.



TH grabs Bong and asks him to answer again if it’s Baek In Ho and Bong says from what I know it’s Baek In Ho. let go. TH asks how Bong can support/prove that. Bong says he had evidence -broken headlights and there were five suspects and one of them took the car into service and the driver’s alibi was not concrete and all that was Baek In ho.  TH asks why the hit and run case wasnt solved with evidence like that. Bong says how the evidence suddenly disappeared the day after he found out about the car repair. TH: does that make sense? an officer loses the evidence? you took a bribe didnt you?  you took a bribe from Lee Ki Chul (the chief) and kept your mouth shut didnt you? Bong: officer Hwang. TH: shut up – shut your mouth-dont say one more word. I dont believe what you said. shut up and be still

After TH leaves Bong’s place, he goes outside and throws up. KJ goes out and follows him. TH remembers the chief asking if TH likes J and how her dad killed his dad. and how Bong said the criminal was Baek In ho. TH stumbles and falls so KJ goes over and helps him up.

TH grabs KJ by the collar and says: do you want to die – don’t follow me. TH walks off alone

GM asks the mom what is the problem – why tell a girl who decided to get married not to get married -say it – why yell at a girl who did nothing wrong. I said to tell me why you yelled at the kid.  Mom says she already said the reason awhile ago- cuz of TS, TH shouldnt get married this year. GM says TS already gave permission. Mom says:how is that giving permission mother – after you said it like that – how could TS say “no grandma I dont want to.” GM says she didn’t ask him – TS said it first with his own mouth that it’s ok. mom says dont be like cuz if you do then I will be sad. to you mother, you only have TH but TS, TH, they are all the same kids to me. GM: what? are you saying that I am doing this cuz I only think of TH? mom: yes. mother you only favor/coddle TH but it’s true that you dont treat the other 3 the same. because of you mother, my sons that came out of my stomach – I couldnt feel at ease treating them well and that’s how I raised them(meaning she didn’t get to favor her own sons cuz she was afraid of what GM would think). GM: what? J: ajumma. mom: I am saying this since we are already talking about it but TH always ate hot rice till now but my 3 sons were raised by feeding them cold rice. even if I always had to make our TB and maknae wear tattered/shabby clothes, cuz of you I always put new clothes on TH. even if our TS, TB, and maknae ran out of school supplies,  even if it wasnt the best, I always made sure TH had notebooks and pens that were nicer (meaning she didnt buy just anything). that’s how I raised TH. so cant I even let my own child get married the way I want mother.  GM asks since the mom raised her sons like that -is that why the mom is taking it out on TH now for all those years the mom was resentful about doing that for TH. mom: mother how could you talk like that? when you treat me like that, i feel like I will go crazy from being so hurt. GM gets mad and yells then do what you want.whether your 81 yr old mother in law dies or not -do whatever you want. mom: mother.

The dad and the others come upstairs. GM asks the mom: then when can they get married – after I die? oh so you want to get them married after I die. that’s what you can do – get them married after I die. this was your 81 yr old mother in law’s last wish but you cant even grant that one thing. mom: mother why are you like this. why are you making me into the bad daughter in law.  dad yells at the mom to be keep her mouth shut and be quiet. how could you yell at mother – what did you do right? why are you like that? why are you doing stuff you never did. be still. He tells GM sorry and to not get angry cuz he doesn’t know why the mom is like that. GM is huffing and puffing.

TB and TS get GM’s blankets ready for her to lie down.TB asks TS if anything happened. SY brings GM some water and to drink it. TS says that too, but GM tells them to leave it and go out. TB tries to explain why the mom is like that but she wont listen.she says she wants to lie down so go out. TB tells her to rest and they will be leaving. SY says she will be going. They leave her alone.

Mom is in the kitchen and dad is in his room and everyone else is in the living room standing around not knowing what to do. TB asks how the dad is so TP motions that the dad is angry. TB and SY tell the parents they will be leaving but neither parent says anything

TP and TS walk TB and SY out. TP says why did this happen after they took the pics well. TB wonders why the mom did that cuz she never talked back to GM before.  TS wonders if it bothered the mom that he couldnt get married. SY says J looked surprised like she did something wrong. TB says J would have been surprised cuz it’s been a while since they saw the dad act like that. at times like this TH needs to hurry and come home. TB tells TP to call TH to come home early if he can.

J says sorry to the mom and that she would discuss it with TH and tell him to explain it well to GM to push back the marriage. Mom says to go upstairs cuz she wants to be alone when her insides are loud (old fashioned way of meaning when something is bothering her inside)

TB and SY meet with her parents. The mom prepared a lobster. They say as parents of a daughter  they didnt want to see his face again but since SY accepted TB again, for the last time they are going to trust her one more time and watch what TB does (give TB another chance). TB thanks him. dad says there is no need to thank him cuz he hasnt given permission yet. TB: yes. Dad says let’s drink hard liquor instead of wine. TB drinks with the dad. SY tells the dad to drink slower and so does the mom telling them to drink and eat the appetizers. mom tells TB to eat so SY gives him a roll. Mom asks TB how he likes the dish she made. how does it taste? does it not taste good? TB says if he compared it to something french and goes on and says how it’s like so and so met so and so and a new world opened up. the mom totally falls for it. He gives her a compliment saying her cooking skills has class and overdoes it again. SY tries not to laugh aloud. mom is totally flattered. mom: you didnt have to go that far but thank you for saying it tastes good Hwang son in law. Dad says TB has skills to bs and a person needs to be sincere. Mom asks if TB knows anyone to introduce Y to. SY says Y wasnt thinking of marriage but mom tells her to be quiet. mom asks TB: I am not expecting a lot – just that his home is good, he looks nice, has earning potential, healthy, not too old – someone like that. isnt there someone like that? TB says there is someone like that and he would look good with the aunt. mom: really? there is one?

Dad and TB keep drinking. Dad tells TB to drink all of it down. dad asks if TB clearly settled things with his past girlfriend. TB says he did cleanly settle things.  SY adds HR moved to another station last week so now they wont even run into each other at work. Dad says : you think just cuz you settle it that it will be settled? a guy’s heart a guy knows it better. once you put a woman in your heart -you cant erase it well. you are like that huh? it’s true huh? you keep thinking about that woman huh? TB: no father – until I die, there will only be one woman SY.  SY: till death is going a bit far. TB:why? I mean it.  dad asks are you going to keep saying stuff you dont mean? between us let’s be honest- if you want to be my son in law,  tell me honestly once.  you think about her huh? why wouldnt you think of her? I held her wrist just once but it still feels like it’s new. The mom is horrified. dad: on rainy days, in my heart I wonder if she is well.  SY calls out dad and the mom glares at him. dad: her name was Mi Hae.  TB tells the dad he is drunk and to stop drinking but the dad says why stop. dad: you be careful – you dont know when your toothbrush will be dunked in the toilet. the mom screeches out “yobo” (honey) so the dad complains his ears hurt. dad: why yell? dad laughs and says to TB: that Mi Hae was so pretty.  Mom yells out “ya” to the dad and SY yells out “dad” at the same time. the mom drinks alcohol

SY is falling asleep sitting down so TB catches her before she falls. He says she must have been tired a lot cuz of taking the pictures too. She says -no – he must have suffered cuz of her dad and thanks him. he offers to dry her hair. SY: no it’s ok. TB: turn around and sit so I can dry it for you. SY: really? TB: hurry. he asks if he is useful as a husband.

SY hugs him. He jokes his clothes will get wet from her wet hair. She says she is happy. He makes her turn around so he can finish drying her hair.

J goes outside to wait for TH.

TH is still walking the streets in shock. He goes to his precinct and sits on the couch in the dark. He gets a call from J but he doesn’t take it.

J tries texting since he isnt picking up. Ajusssi are you in the middle of a stakeout. for some reason today I miss you a lot. TH gets up and goes out quickly

TH goes to Bong’s place but it’s closed. He yells for Bong to open up.

The parents sit in the dark and look sad

Next morning, mom goes in to see GM and says she was wrong and to stop being angry. It was cuz I was so upset that TS cant get married so I didnt do as you wanted. I am sorry. GM says: do you know how it feels as a mother to outlive your child-do you know why I am hurrying to get TH married? he is the son that my child couldnt close his eyes and leave behind. I have to find a match for TH so that I can leave this world and look at my son’s face directly. Otherwise how could I dare to see my son. this mother who committed the sin of outliving her child -if I dont do that one thing, how could I dare to look at my child?  These days I keep getting strange feelings so I wanted to take the funeral picture. I am saying this as an old woman. These days I keep feeling something strange in my dreams. That’s why I did that. Mom says: I am sorry mother, I was wrong, forgive me.

Mom and GM come outside for breakfast. GM says let’s eat. Mom says how she made GM’s favorite soup. GM says ok – eat. Everyone looks sad, and J notices.

TH stayed in his car waiting for Bong to arrive in the morning. When Bong goes in TH goes in and asks how can you be certain Baek Inho drove the car. Bong says that car was the one Baek inho always drove. On the morning of the accident, he took that car (drove it). TH: even if he did – it cant be clear evidence that he drove it during the accident. do you have any witnesses? Bong says: I told you he did not have an alibi. if he didnt drive he would have an alibi. TH: I aksed if there were any witnesses.  Bong said the witness only said he/she saw someone wearing white clothes (behind the wheel). TH: so did baek in ho have on white clothes. bong: I couldnt confirm that. After I confirmed that truth, when I went to Baek in ho’s home, he already left. TH: then how can you be 100% certain? you are in cahoots with Lee Ki chul arent you (the chief). how much did you get to… Bong cuts him off and gets defensive and says: if you are going to talk like that get out of my store right now. that would never happen. bong shows TH his notebook and says look at the notes he took on the case.  even after the evidence was gone he tried everything to catch the culprit – just look at how he thoroughly investigated. you think I got a bribe from Lee Ki Chul? as soon as the accident happened, Lee Ki Chul is the one who insisted in closing(covering up) the case-from the start he got in the way of my investigation, and then one day the evidence disappeared. I still believe Lee Ki Chul got rid of the evidence. TH: why would Lee Ki Chul close (cover up) this case? why would Lee Ki Chul. Bong says Lee Ki Chul and Baek in Ho knew each other from a long time ago. he probably got a request from Baek in Ho’s father to take care of this. since his son committed a hit and run,  what is there that he wouldnt do?

TH: I cant believe what you are saying. with your own mistake, you lost the evidence so how can I trust the word of an officer who blames it on others. Bong asks who Baek in ho is for TH to react like this and for you father to react like that. TH asks what do you mean the way my father reacted.  what does that mean? Bong says: your father came to meet me first. after he found out the truth that Baek In ho was the criminal, do you know what the first thing he said was? even if you come to find me to never say anything to you.  TH: my father knows?

TH goes outside and is shocked. He remembers how dad yelled at J for wanting to get married and how she was using the mom to work for the farm. TH starts to get upset

Y hears that she is going on a blind date and says she doesnt want to go on an arranged date. SY’s mom says TB said that person is really great and TB kept praising that person. Y says she doesnt want to.  mom asks if it’s cuz of TP. Y: that’s not it and why bring up TP now. mom: if it’s not then go on the date. It’s just a date not getting married so why get so upset. Y agrees and asks what time to meet (I bet it’s G)

TP says it’s time so let’s go. Y says sorry to TP that she cant go do ads today. he asks why. she says  cuz she has to go on a blind date.I really dont want to but my sister is forcing me to go. he says he will go do the ads alone. She asks if he will be ok cuz he has to do it till night so wont it be hard to do alone. She was about to say she wont go but he says it’s ok-go on the date. after he leaves, she says sadly : you want me to go on the date?

SY’s mom is wearing a disguise and waiting at the hotel lounge.  mom looks at her watch and says it’s time for him to arrive. TB brings G and TB looks at the mom. TB points to G to indicate this is the guy TB is setting up for Y. mom checks out G and gives the ok sign to TB that G looks good. TB tells G where to sit saying the view is better. G asks what TB wanted to talk about to come to a hotel coffee shop. TB says he was sorry for a lot of things to G – for quitting start together. for getting married secretly and for suddenly revealing the pregnancy so since he put G in a tough situation a lot, TB made a special meeting for G’s sake. G: a special meeting? TB: yes. Y shows up so TB calls out “aunt-nim.” Y comes over and G stands up when TB says that she is SY’s aunt. TB: I thought the two of you would get along well so I wanted to introduce you to each other. mom is pleased. G: what? TB makes the introductions to Y and G that she is SY’s aunt and gives Y’s name and that G is their IBC director and gives his name. G says hello and says his name. Y says her name. TB tells her to sit over here comfortably. he says he has to go first. Y: what? G: reporter Hwang. TB tells them to have fun and bows. TB winks at the mom. He gets the approval to leave from the mom so TB leaves. G tells Y to sit.

* I hate to say it but Y and G are a match made in heaven looks wise, but his family would never approve anyway cuz of her divorce.

TB is walking out and sees TP run inside. He calls out to TP but he didn’t hear. TB goes after him

G tells Y to drink her coffee. G says “to be honest I didn’t know this was this kind of meeting and came out.” TP shows up so Y is surprised. TP leans in and stares at Y. and then at G. G finishes his sentence “….so I am really overwhelmed.”  TP says to Y: I like you. so I want to take you out of here now-if you dont want me to then answer me now. cant I do that? she shakes her head and says no (meaning he can).

TP grabs her hand and leaves with her. her mom yells out “omo omo” and calls out Y’s name. TB calls out TP’s name and “aunt” to Y. G punches TB. The mom goes after Y and so does TB calling out TP but TP and Y hid behind a luggage rack. She peeks out and says they are gone so let’s go too now.

TP pulls her down and says don’t meet other guys I don’t like it. Y: you too – don’t meet other women. TP: yes. He leans in to kiss her and she closes her eyes. He doesn’t do anything, so after a moment she opens them.

TP: I love you. He kisses her. the luggage rack gets moved so everyone can see them kissing now

Mom wonders why Y isnt picking up her phone-just wait till i catch you. TB cant reach TP.  mom asks TB what are they doing – do the two of them make sense. TB says this doesn’t make sense and it shouldnt happen. She says she knew this day would come – from the start she shouldnt have let them work together. TB says if she knew then she should have stopped it sooner. mom: what? I am clearly saying this but I dont like your younger brother becoming my younger brother in law.  TB: I am the same – we have to stop the aunt in law becoming my sister in law. cuz it will become a headache. mom: that is what I am saying. they both agree that they should stop TP and Y before their feelings get any deeper.

TS comes to work and tells MS that the headband looks pretty. I will make reservations at the restaurant,  let’s have dinner after work. she says she would like that.

TS makes reservations for two by the window.  Coworker comes over and says TS has skills cuz he caught their owner. you are dating our owner right? TS looks over at the old man who he thought was the owner of the restaurant. girl says not the big owner but the small owner (meaning MS) TS just now learns that MS is the owner. woman: you didnt know? she is the real owner of this place.

TS and MS are eating dinner. She says it’s good and asks why he isnt eating. She tries to feed him but he says it’s ok. she tries to get him to eat it but he pushes her away saying I said I didn’t want to – do you not take my words seriously. (he yelled so she puts down her fork) TS: that’s why- I said I didnt want it. She asks why he is acting like this from a while ago like he is mad– what’s wrong. Tell me. tell me so I can know. He asks why she didn’t tell him that she was the owner. from the start why didnt you tell me the truth that you were the owner. She asks why she had to tell him that-without any reason – i had to tell you “to tell you the truth i am the owner” why is that so important. He says it’s really important to him- it’s a really important problem. MS: ya – hwang TS. He says let’s eat and go outside and talk.

They go to pay. dinner was $35.20. MS tries to pay for dinner but TS says it’s ok and pays with his card but it doesn’t go through. His card was stopped. He tries another but it doesn’t work too. So MS pays with her card. TS goes out looking upset.

TS says he will pay her back at night so give me your bank account number. She says it’s ok. he says it’s $35.20 right? I will deposit $36. which bank do you use. she says it’s ok again. why do you keep doing that like you are immature. TS: what? immature – are you done talking? MS: no I didnt get to say it all. she calls him more names like cheap and immature. Does it hurt your pride that much that I am the owner. so do you not like that I am the owner? tell me. Should we stop dating right here and now? TS: no. she says ok then let’s go. He tries to hold her hand but she shakes it off and smiles. He puts his arm around her shoulder as they walk away

TH goes to work and J comes in so TH hides around the corner behind a wall. She calls TH. He says hi. She asks why she couldn’t reach him cuz he kept not answering his phone so she worried a lot. He says “you did- sorry. I was too busy.”

J asks even if he was busy didnt he have time to text back. He says sorry and asks if anything happened. She says no since he didnt come home she missed him. TH: there really was nothing that happened right? She says yes nothing happened.  are you still outside?  cuz to tell you the truth I am at the precinct now. He says he is outside. She says then she will go and make sure to eat even if he is busy. I will hang up. TH: ok. She turns and leaves. TH peeks out and watches her leave.

Mom is raking the sawdust and throws it and cries. “Mother what do I do.” She keeps bawling.

Mom tells dad to sit. They are talking in TS’s room. She says tell the kids cuz there is no other way. Trying to protect the kids and trying not to give them pain – it will make the problem bigger. Since mother is like that -who can stop her – we have to tell – there is no other way. Dad says he thinks the same way. mom: who do we tell? you cant tell J cuz it will be hard on her to break up with TH but on top of that if she knows her dad is the criminal behind the hit and run, how can she live in this world. dad agrees and says it will be better to tell TH than J. TH is a guy and older so tell TH. I will do it – I will do it right away today. Mom: today? Dad says  yes right away today cuz if they drag this out more he feels like he will die. every day he feels like he is in hell. She says sorry cuz from the start if she did what he wanted, kids would have broken up and GM wouldnt have been greedy about the wedding but now what do they do – now if GM  knows the kids are breaking up she will wrap her head and lie down. (meaning the GM will collapse and be upset for a long time)   what do we do. dad: dont be like that – you think I dont know why you did that. mom repeats: what do we do- those poor kids

TH is sitting at his desk. D asks when TH came and asks why TH didnt pick up his phone. D says the chief was looking for the team leader cuz of the backdoor admittance and made a fuss. also the dad is waiting for TH at a cafe. TH: dad is? TH goes to wash his face. He looks at J’s duck pendant and grips it. (like he is determined not to let her go)

TH goes to meet his dad at a café. Dad tells him to sit. TH: did you wait long. Dad: not long. Are you sick – why is your face like that. they order drinks. Dad: TH -I don’t know if I should tell you this or not- I struggled a lot -at first I wasn’t going to tell you till the end but as more time goes it seems like I should tell you – there is no other way so I made up my mind and came to see you.  I have something to tell you. what it is ….he sips his drink. Dad: TH don’t be too surprised but the criminal of the hit and run who killed your dad is J’s …TH interrupts and says : father I heard last night from officer Bong. Dad: you heard? that’s it’s J’s dad In Ho? is that why you look like that from crying all night? TH says how it’s not 100% certain -there is no deciding evidence and just circumstantial speculations and it’s just officer Bong’s assumptions  so there is no way to be certain that Baek in ho is the criminal for certain. But the dad says: yes I know how you feel – of course you dont want to believe – if my heart is like this – how would your heart be. but I think Bong’s guess is right. think the deciding evidence is our farm. Cuz why else would In ho’s dad suddenly give the the farm for ten years. TH: father. dad: break up with J. There is no other way. you two can’t. break up. TH gets on his knees and cries begging.

TH: please forgive her – please forgive J once. It’s not J’s fault. And Baek In ho passed away. if you just forgive father – I won’t be greedy about marriage, and I will just see her. Just let us date and I won’t be greedy for more than that, Father. dad: no – no matter how much it tears your heart you two have to break up– you think your mom and I didnt think about that? we were going to cover it up.  we were going to cover it up,  but we already know the truth so we cant see J and we cant watch you date J  – there is no other way -it’s been like hell the past couple of days – break up. TH: father – to me not seeing J is hell – I dont have the confidence to live without her. Dad: in this world -there is no such thing as not being able to live without someone -didnt you hear what GM said -even living while sending your child first is what all humans do. break up. TH: father. dad: your mom and I tried to not to make the two of your hearts ache and tried to cover it up but there is no other way. for you – me – your mom – there is no other way. it was hell. Break up. TH: I cant do that – I cant – I cant break up with J. dad:what? TH: I cant do it father. it’s cuz I cant bear it. even thinking that I cant see J is making me unable to breathe so how can I live? Dad: so what are you saying. are you saying you are going to keep dating the daugher of the criminal who killed your dad?  TH: yes I am going to meet her. even though that person gave me life, but I dont even remember his face. dad: what? TH:That person only exists to me by name but I don’t even have a single piece of memory of him. He is only alive only in mom, dad, and GM’s words but he is not any different from anyone on the street to me. So I can’t break up with J over him.

Dad: ya you punk. he is still your dad. he had you and he is your birth father.  TH: what did he do for me. I  don’t even remember him hugging me once and cuz of him…. Dad slaps his head and says : why wasnt CW able to do anything for you? whose fault is it that he died so young and couldnt close his eyes and left you behind and left this world? what did you say? come to your senses – come to your senses. TH: please forgive her -please forgive J once. please forgive her father. dad: no – never – even if I die no. even if this whole world falls apart no. even if you die and I die – no. cuz you are Hwang CW’s son – I am Hwang CW’s hyung – cuz he is my mother’s son and you are her grandchild. because J is Baek Inho’s daughter so I cant.

TH: father.  Dad: If you keep doing this I have no other choice but to tell J – do you want that? do I have to go so far as to tell J? I don’t want to go that far too cuz I know J has done nothing wrong. TH: father. Dad: should I tell her?  should I tell J? TH: stop – you cant tell J no matter what. Stop.

J is drawing and there is a knock. J says come in. the mom comes into the studio. Mom asks if J is working. She asks if J hasnt eaten dinner yet cuz she packed some food for J. J: to give to me? Mom: who else is here besides you. mom says how big the studio is-more than she thought. Mom: You were really sad yesterday huh – I am sorry. J says: no – to be honest I was sad but I know why you did that ajumma. you did that cuz of ajussi huh? it’s ok – I understand why ajussi is like that. also what you said is correct. ajussi told me like that, but I didnt think and was too quick to agree to GM’s wish. since GM got her funeral picture taken and asked like that, I couldnt tell her that I didnt want to.that’s why. mom: I know. J: Ajussi is really angry huh? Mom says ajussi is not angry and he knows you did that cuz of grandma. really – he isnt angry.  J: that’s good cuz I was worried he was angry with me. Mom says she will pour her a drink and tells her to hurry and eat. J says it’s yummyreally  and tells the mom to eat some too.

J walks her out. mom tells her to go inside. J tells her to go and she will make sure she doesnt go home late. J waves goodbye. Mom turns around to look at J before walking way.

KJ is in the studio when J goes in. She says you came – I did all the homework. He asks if nothing special happened. She asks what. He says he was just asking. She says there wasn’t. She gets a call. it’s her dad’s voice. J: dad? is that you dad? Baek In Ho: yes it is J huh? it’s dad – it’s dad J. he is at the airport with a carry on like he just got back to Korea.


No preview

For some reason now that her dad is back, I am not so scared for J when TH breaks up with her. At least she has her dad back in her life so she is no longer alone. That’s a huge relief to me cuz I really hated the idea of J being out there in the world alone without the Hwang family by her side. Plus this way she has her dad to walk her down the aisle during her wedding once this whole misunderstanding is cleared up.

Even though I bawled my eyes through this scene, I had a thought. TH already suspects there is more to this case and still isn’t convinced her dad was the one behind the hit and run. So later on when it’s proven that her dad didn’t kill TH’s dad, how stupid is the dad and mom going to feel for believing one man’s word (Bong’s) so much that they would hurt TH and J. I mean I get why they think they are right, but there is no way this writer is going to bring back her dad only to have him say “yes I was driving that night and committed that hit and run” – there is no way that’s going to happen so the mom and dad are going to look mighty foolish for assuming the worst all this time. and I totally agree with all of you that the dad was wrong to hit TH, but what TH said was going too far. Even though he has no memory of his dad, he should have been more respectful than that. Having said that, ask me how much more I fell in love with his character for begging his father to let him continue to date J. I didn’t think he was being selfish at all by saying I wont be greedy for marriage and will only date J. I think that sacrifice is harder for him to make than anyone cuz all he wants to do is marry her like tomorrow so for him to offer that is his ultimate self sacrifice.


Fanderay’s Comments:

Omo Omo. I was not expecting Baek In Ho to show up this early. This could change everything! I wonder if he knows what really happened. He should…right? Hopefully something horrible doesn’t happen to him, but I wouldn’t put much past the chief.

I can’t even imagine how TH must have felt when he first found out the truth (I probably would’ve thrown up too). That conversation he had with the mom yesterday made all of this strike home ever more. The poor boy finally filled the hole in his heart after living his entire life never quite feeling complete, and now after a brief moment of bliss, it’s all falling apart in the worst way imaginable. 

For some reason the moment that TH threw K against the wall was what really got to me. He’s done such things countless times before, but this time it felt different. It’s like he thought he should be angry at KJ, but was too broken to really put his heart into it. On top of that, KJ’s obvious pain for TH raised the heartbreak to another level.

Even though J doesn’t know the truth yet, I bet she’s having as hard a time as anyone (except TH of course). She was thrilled to officially become part of this family that she loves so much, and now she probably feels unwanted and second-rate. Since she is closest with the mom, it probably hurts the most that the mom is the one pushing for the wedding to be delayed. I’m sure that J would be adorably thrilled all the time if the mom was on-board with the wedding, but instead she’s  just miserable trying to make everyone happy and not step on any toes. If TH breaks up with her, the poor girl is really going to feel like she isn’t good enough and isn’t wanted by anyone (her step-mothers haven’t laid down the greatest groundwork in that regard). Of course in her moment of need, TH is MIA, and it’s so much worse because there’s a decent chance she won’t get another moment of comfort or happiness from him.

I wonder…are TB and SY home-free now? Do we just get to watch them be cute and giddy from now on? I’m ok with that, but I would like to see SY pop out a baby at some point. Her belly is still looking much flatter than I’d like, and I think it’d be fun to watch her with TB when she’s in the awkward waddling, I-can’t-wait-to-get-this-baby-out stage. I guess it doesn’t really matter though, because I adore all of their scenes together lately. They’re so blissfully happy that it practically looks like it hurts!

I was more than content with SY’s parents just letting them be together, but I cracked up at how deftly TB swept the mom off her feet by complimenting her cooking in such an eloquent and long-winded manner. She has a weakness! Now that TB has discovered it, hopefully he isn’t against exploiting it frequently. Besides, the poor woman will need some cheering up if the dad keeps it up! He should probably stay away from alcohol if he doesn’t want to end up in the doghouse for another 10 years.

Wouldn’t it be funny if SY’s mom and TB really were an anti-TP/Y team now? It’s not that I don’t want TP and Y to be together, but I think that TB and the mom would make a hilarious duo (especially since the mom is obviously a fan of disguises!). I found all of their signalling across the restaurant adorably delightful.

When TP told Y to go on that blind date, I wonder if he was already planning to go save her? Probably not, but when he left the store he looked like he had the slightest smile on his face, and he’s definitely crafty enough to think up such a scheme. It was sweet of G to stay there with Y, and he probably needed saving more than anyone. That whole sequence was extremely well executed, from G’s punch to the luggage-rack kiss, to TB yelling at SY’s mom. I think the writers probably had a lot of fun with that one.

I was surprised as TS to hear that MS the owner of the restaurant. Back in the early episodes when the mom wanted to see the owner about providing ducks, why did she hide the truth? Did she not want to feel obligated to make a deal since she lives at the farm? Is that why she was so hesitant to bring the “owner” over in the first place? Hopefully it gets explained a bit more, since it seems like a strange thing for no one in the family to know.

I can’t even put into words how much I loved TH for not even hesitating about J, and immediately telling the dad that he didn’t want to break up with her (and with such conviction!). It’s not like it would be easy to say those things about his own father, and I bet he spent half of the day trying to convince himself that his dad is no one to him, and that he shouldn’t feel guilty for being with J. I also think he was probably letting out a lot of bottled up anger towards his father, for leaving him alone in the world. I’m sure it would feel terribly unjust to be filial to someone he doesn’t even know, and who has already caused him so much pain (not that it’s actually his bio dad’s fault). TH has spent so much of his life being the perfect “happy” kid that it was inevitable that he would eventually let out some resentment, even though it surely hurt the dad.

*I just read Softy’s comments and saw that she wrote a bunch of similar stuff about the same scene. That just proves how lovable TH is! I apologize for my redundancy, but I’m not removing it because I can’t not talk about that part of the episode!

I was ready to tackle the dad to stop him from blackmailing TH by telling him that he would reveal the truth to J. TH’s devotion to J almost saved us from the horrible breakup we’ve been fearing, but I don’t really see a way out for him now (that doesn’t mean I’m not hopeful!).

I hope that this whole debacle will spur TH into action, and get him to seriously start investigating the accident in the next episode (he has that notebook to get him started). If his parent’s won’t let him be with J, then proving her dad’s innocence is the only real solution. Maybe he can convince his dad to let him hold off on breaking up until the case is solved? He could work together with Baek In Ho to get to the bottom of things, and meanwhile he and J could be cute together. That sure would be nice (I think my coffee came with an extra dose of optimism this morning).

If they do break up, I’m not really sure how that will work. They live in the same house! Where will everyone go? It’s not like before when J didn’t know she owned the farm, so it would be sort of weird for her to leave, although now I suppose she can live with her dad. I guess they could all just live together until the farm sale went through, but that would be incredibly awkward.

I wrote most of these comments before getting to the end of the episode, so now there are sorts of possible new scenarios spinning through my mind. I feel like I need to restart! Kudos to the writers for shocking me, but I really have no idea what to expect next now.

For some reason I thought that I would get to watch another episode tomorrow, but as I was finishing these comments I realized that tomorrow is Monday! Cruel, cruel writers. You’re going to make us wait a week? 


715 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E48

  1. Mysense says:

    Random thought about TS. I hope we soon would hear news from his former hospital that he will hired again after his ex-boss has fired because of his bad attitudes’ been found out or been reported by patients.
    Less than 4 hours to go… Yeeeaaayyy!


  2. bbblue73 says:

    Thank u for the gif that being posted at this moment. With that I’m really happy watching them just like i’m in heaven but later tonight i know i will cry like a river.
    I only have few tears remain so hopefully 1 or 2 eps would be enough. And i will smile or laugh like sky is the limit for the ep’s to follow till the end.
    I’m ready for the consequences, risk, resentments, tears, heartaches, whatever,lol…. later tonight.
    Of course a box of tissue & a pitcher of water is with me now.


  3. Ginko says:

    In less than one hour and we’ll face the heartbreaking episode. So sad 😦
    I also can’t stream tonight, am busy preparing for the Lunar New Year. They don’t celebrate lunar new year where I’m currently residing, but I’m from Southeast Asian and today we have a big party together.

    OB friends, let’s cross our fingers, wish the best for all OB’S couples.

    Just want to share some old pics of Joo Won (back in 2010 for celebrating Chuseok holidays), Happy New Year to all who celebrate the Lunar New Year

    And UEE also said “Happy New Year 2012” to her fans (pic taken Jan 2012)


    • anonymous says:

      *typo* gone but cant delete cuz it messes up the thread 🙂


    • Softy says:

      Last night I was in such a rush that I didn’t get to click on the other 3 pics so now I realize I also love all the rest of them too – JW looks so good in hanbok. 🙂 thanks so much for having these ready for me – it’s like you were psychic and knew I was running late and desperately needed the perfect pic. 🙂


      • Ginko says:

        He’s charming in everything, right? ^^
        I wish he send us some new hanbok pics this new year, guess he’s too busy. But right now I’m content with those pics ^^
        Happy Lunar New Year 🙂


  4. ninnyhummer says:

    if you noticed, the Bong officer restaurant , are same with on with one of the restaurant in Running Man eps 34, which is Uee become the guest….
    hahaha….. i know it hasn’t any big relate to OB, but after saw Uee on running man yesterday, i just surprised that they used same restaurant….


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