Ojakkyo Brothers E47

They gave us this and then they took it away. Why does this writer always have to make it so that at least one couple is miserable while the others are happy? I thought we would get just one more episode of happiness, but it was not meant to be. I am so dreading tm…but great news for TB/SY and TS/MS couples. 🙂

*I know the gif on the right is not the one you probably thought I would put up out of all of Ginko’s lovely gifs, but I hate to say it – the thought of staring at TH and J being happy for those fleeting moments made me want to cry cuz I know what’s coming up tm night. I really wonder how I am going to pull it together long enough to be able to recap E48.

Sparkskey translated written preview – it’s in the comments and at the end of this post.

New music video from our talented Sailor Enigma for you to enjoy before we forget all their happy times.


Starts from the dad yelling out his brother’s name in the shed and crying. The mom watches him and goes away.

GM is happy getting ready for bed. GM mutters in old fashion way of speaking that she wondered why J had come into their lives but it was so she could become part of their family. Mom comes in with GM’s water (for when GM gets thirsty in the middle of the night – all old people need this it seems) GM tells the mom she was referring to J. GM: if you and I just hold hands we can rush and get the kids married. mom: mother let’s let the kids get married slowly. they just started dating. GM: even though they started dating now how long has it been since they have been seeing each other’s faces. also now I am 81 – I dont know what will happen tm so let’s hurry.  Mom says GM will live another ten years dont worry and J is only 25. GM asks: dont you think about TH? TH is now 31. and if you told him to marry tm he would like it so why are you like that. Is it cuz he is someone else’s kid? Mom says every once in a while when GM says that it hurts her feelings. GM: then looking at TH and me -how could you talk like that. if I leave this world without finding a good match for TH, how can I dare to look at CW’s face? mom: you will live a long time more so dont worry mother. Mom says TS is in a hurry but TH isn’t in a hurry. They couldn’t help it with TB cuz he had a baby first, but letting TH get engaged too doesn’t seem right. She promises to hurry and get TS married off first so please give in a little. letting those young kid work hard at their jobs and dating is good to see. GM clears her throat cuz she is unhappy.

Mom tells dad that she clearly told GM to let TS get married first and let the kids marry slowly. Mom: I am sorry and thank you very much

TS goes down to his room and TP remarks TS is late cuz TS and MS are in the thick of dating and says TS has skills -when did TS and MS become like that (having that kind of relationship). TS says he is tired so talk later. TP says TS is probably tired cuz of his age. TS says he isnt lacking in energy. As TS goes into his room, TP yells that he is in support of MS as his sister in law cuz he likes MS.

Guksoo fell asleep as he wrote something so TS carries him and puts him under the blanket. He remembers YJ saying she cant raise Guksoo no matter what. TS read what Guksoo wrote: Dad is late today too. I want to hurry and grow up and become someone successful. so I can be of support to my dad. also I want to support great grandma, grandma, and grandpa cuz they gave birth to my dad. TS writes back : Guksoo that you were born is my greatest comfort/support. I love you my son.”

TS looks at MS through the window and she glares at him. He says sorry for earlier – I was wrong and to open the door for a minute but she ignores him and goes into her room and turns off the lights after glaring at him. TS: she must really be mad.

TB helps SY get out of the car. She says it’s ok now (meaning he can go) he asks if she can go up the stairs. She says yes of course. TB: then go in and get lots of rest. SY: ok. TB: If you need anything call right away. SY: ok. TB: go in first. SY: no you go first. TB: then I will be going. She nods yes. She sort of shoos him away cuz he lingers. They both turn to walk away but she turns around and faces his back and yells out: you said you loved me so how could you ask me only twice and stop. thinking about how you made my heart suffer all that time -shouldnt you cling to me ten or twenty times more? that way I can pretend that I cant win and accept you.  You said you would prove it to me – is this all that you feel for me?

TB quickly goes back and says “can I hold onto you? can I cling to you? in my heart – I wanted to ask you many times to let me stay by your side but I thought it would burden you–that it would make it harder for you so I couldn’t  – can I cling to you? can I be by Cha SY’s side? SY: don’t go. Stay by my side. Be next to our Cha Gom’s side….but she doesn’t get to finish cuz he kisses her.TB: I love you Cha SY. SY: I love you.

They look at each other and SY drops her bag and kisses him more.

SY goes to the bathroom and TB is in there changing. She says sorry and goes back out. TB: it’s ok. He takes his shirt off but she goes back in and sees him sort of half shirtless. she says sorry for earlier cuz she didnt know he was inside. He asks if she wants to use the bathroom first but she says no -you use it first.

They both get ready for bed. She puts lipgloss on. he fusses with his hair and tries to see if unbuttoning the top of his pj looks better. Then he does push ups. She gets in bed and tries out sexy poses. TB goes in.

SY: you’re here? TB: yes. He comes in holding his pillow. He sits on the edge of the bed and it’s awkward. TB: should we lie down? SY: should we. They both get in bed. TB cant stop smiling. SY farts. TB: omo. She blurts out she didn’t do it. He says it’s ok that he understands cuz she is pregnant but she hits him and says -really it’s not me. She goes under the blanket and pulls out the baby’s toy. he asks what she is doing. She proves she didn’t fart cuz it was Cha Gom’s toy that made the sound.

TB tells her to come closer and hugs her. he says it’s really nice – this isn’t a dream right? SY: yes  it’s not a dream. oh yeah I was curious about something. TB: what? SY: what does Cha Gom mean. no matter how much I thought about it I couldnt figure it out. TB explains: it was a word that was shortened.  (in Korean) “Cha SY –Gomah wha” (which means = Cha SY thank you). She smiles and says for the second nickname should we call it “Hwang Sah?” TB asks if she means the word from what you see in the spring. SY: no – Hwang TB Sahlanghae = Hwang TB I love you. they laugh over it.

TB says he has something to give her and shows the rings he prepared. She asks when he got them. He says he wanted to give it to her from a long time ago, but now he gets to and puts it on her finger. She says it’s pretty. TB: should we register for marriage? SY: then is this a proposal? Ok I’d like to.

TB kisses her forehead and says: Thank you for marrying me. he kisses her cheek and says: thank you for giving Cha Bom as a present. SY: I am thankful too and kisses him. They keep kissing and finally go under the blanket

TS lights candles on the cake and they all sing happy bday to the mom. For the part “happy birthday to you – the one we love” where you fill in the name – GM says “daughter in law,” Guksoo says “grandma”, J says “ajumma,” the brothers say “mother.” TS tells her to blow out the candles. Everyone congratulates the mom on her birthday. mom thanks GM then the rest of the family. Guksoo congratulates the mom and says he made the card for her. mom says he drew it well. TS: there is nothing our Guksoo cant do. TP gives her an envelope saying: mom I prepared what you like the most – cash! so she says you shouldn’t have and then asks how much. TS says he only got her the cake cuz he isnt earning much but next year he will give her a perfect present.GM asks why TH and J didn’t give the mom a present. TH and J said they already gave it to the mom in advance. GM asks what was it to give it to her in advance. did you get something good? Mom says a bag. mom says SY and TB called and are coming later for dinner. GM: of course they should come since this is her (SY’s) mother in law’s first bday after marrying into this family. TP and TS mentally wonder what happened. GM says that’s good cuz after TB and SY come later we can all go take a picture. That’s her present for the mom- a family portrait. TS: a picture grandmother? GM says of course cuz SY and Guksoo joined so their family got bigger. she was holding it in and couldnt bring up the topic of taking a picture cuz everyone was so busy but now I cant hold it in anymore. now we have to all go and take the pic. TS says that’s a good idea and Guksoo will like it the most. mom says she likes it too cuz she was thinking it would be nice to add SY and Guksoo and hang it up. GM brags was there anything that came out of my head that wasnt good. she says J has to go with them too. J: me too? GM: obviously you have to go with us -now you are our family and cant go anywhere. J smiles but looks at the dad and says she will take the pic later. GM: why? Don’t you want to go with us? TS says to J -go with us. TP: why are you trying to get out of it – it’s not like you.  J says : no – next time. so the dad says to J-dont do that and go with us cuz GM will be sad. go with us. J agrees to go then. GM: you should have said that sooner.

GM says the soup is getting cold – let’s eat cuz J prepared a feast. J says I prepared a feast so everyone eat alot. They all start to eat as J watches anxiously. The family makes unpleasant faces. J asks how the seaweed soup tastes. J asks GM how she likes it. GM lies and says it’s good cuz J added a lot of some ingredient I dont know the name of. TS lies too and says it’s a sungae soup. J worries: is there not enough soup? TH reassures her: no it’s ok. it tastes good. TP is about to say the truth so TH threatens TP with a glare and mentally says: just endure it and eat. TH smiles at J. dad looks at TH.

SY’s mom goes to SY’s home with food and wonders if SY is still sleeping. TB comes out of the bedroom. She is startled and asks why he is coming out of there.

(This drama has great family portraits. The mom looks so cute in the one behind TB’s head! -Fand)

SY and TB go to meet her parents. TB says sorry for all that time when he showed his bad sides and lacked and for putting them through all that. father mother I sincerely love SY. please give me permission I want to marry SY. her dad: what? marry? SY says yes dad we got back together. we are going to register today (for marriage) TB promises to be a good husband -you raised her  preciously so for the rest of my life I will treasure her and love her faithfully. her mom notices their rings. The dad says no – is marriage kid’s play? just doing whatever you feel like – is that a marriage? if you made that fuss and broke up then dont be involved with each other and end it like that. dont say that you are breaking up again later, settle it cleanly now. The mom was ok with it but the dad says “that’s enough- I dont want to hear it. leave now” Dad goes to his room.

Mom says the dad should have heard the kids out till they were done talking. Dad says -listen to what? when I think about the scar/pain he gave our SY, I dont even want to see his face for a second. how did we raise our daughter for him to make her heart suffer and make her cry. mom: thw two of them said they like each other. didnt you see SY smile?  dad: so you want to give them permission? if we do then what if our SY gets scarred again? I cant watch that again. If I hurt it’s ok but I cant watch SY hurt again. She says ok since they have to go to work, let’s send them off and call them over at night to talk again

Mom is at the shed and wonders if it will be ok – she tells herself – if some times goes by it will be ok. TH comes in and says he came to move the sawdust before he goes to work.  She asks if J asked him to do that. he says he always did it once every two or three days. cuz he was afraid she would run out of the ones he moved.  mom tells him to move just two. She asks what he likes about J. TH smiles. mom: I was just curious. is it too personal? TH shakes his head and says no. TH:There was a small hole inside my heart. Even though you and father raised me with equal love, there was a small puddle that couldn’t be filled. When the rain came, I could see the rain water in there, and when the wind blew, I could hear the wind ringing. Even though I said I shouldn’t feel that way, there was a puddle that made me feel lonely and grow smaller. But after meeting J, I feel like that hole has been filled. There is a side effect, though- like this – in front of you I am saying these corny things. She says it’s good to hear him talk like that and says don’t rush too much to marry cuz big hyung still hasnt married and J is still young. TH nods yes. should I add some more? mom: just this much for now. TH: then I will move it. he moves the sawdust

TH and J walk together. TH: this morning in the shed, mom asked what I liked about you. J: ajumma did? TH: yes- so I suddenly got curious. What do you like about me. J:what did you tell ajumma? TH: I asked you first. J: you dont even know when you started liking me so how could you know what you like about me. it’s obvious you probably didnt tell her anything. she looks annoyed so he holds her arm and says: no I answered her. J: really? what did you say? he just looks at her. J: see – you cant answer. you didnt say anything at all. TH: that’s not it. I asked you first.

J sort of smiles and tells him to hold her coffee. she wraps her muffler around him saying :why do you go around dressed so cold? when you said you would be working outside all day. TH: but I’m ok. J: I am not  ok. in the winter a muffler is warmer than extra clothes. make sure you go around wearing it. She puts her mittens on him. J: this too. TH: but these are mittens. J: that’s why they are a hundred times warmer.  She tells him not to take it off or lose it. TH: ok.

J: now that I think about it we never took a sel-cal (picture that you take of yourself) She takes a pic of them together.  J: let’s take it – 1-2…He doesn’t smile so she says aren’t you going to smile? He does and she takes their pic. J: 3

*when are they ever going to answer that question about when they started to like each other. it’s driving me nuts cuz I wanna hear those answers. the writer had better be saving this for later before the drama ends.

*My instinct when I watched that scene was, “No, don’t take a picture! It’s like giving yourselves permission to break-up now that you have something to look at and cry over!” Very ominous. -Fand

The dad is working on the pear trees trimming it. mom asks what he is doing cuz it’s cold. He says cant you see. she says he can do it slowly there is no need to rush. He snaps at her and says -cant you see I am working –go in and dont pay any attention– I have to do this at least. If I stay in the room sitting still, do you think I can endure it? I am trying to make an effort to be patient and to endure this. so leave me alone. She asks if they should go visit his brother’s memorial so he gets mad and says- what are you saying? why go there -how could we dare to look at CW’s face? (cuz he doesn’t think they have the right) dont go anywhere near there. got that?

SY’s mom looks over the store profits and asks Y – how did you raise the revenue so much? Y: in the first month, there was effectiveness in focusing on advertising. this is all thanks to TP. TP: no this is all from your effort cuz you didnt sleep and ran around on your feet (distributing ads). SY’s mom compliments TP – anyway you did well. I thought you wouldnt be able to turn a profit within 3 months so you did well. Y sighs and says that’s good. SY’s mom: let’s go since you worked hard for 3 months I will buy you dinner. TP: thank you

As they eat TP tells Y : umm – tastes good doesnt it? Y nods and says yes. SY’s mom notices how chummy they are. SY’s mom says since the store is safe (doing well) and TP is working well as the manager so Y needs to think of remarrying. Y: remarry? I didnt think about it. mom: what are you talking about – if you arent going to live the rest of your life alone before you get any older you have to meet a good person and get married. She orders Y to start going on blind dates this weekend. Y says I really havent thought about it (meaning I dont want to)  I am really ok. Mom asks if Y has someone she is dating. Y looks at TP. Y: huh? mom: do you? then answer me. Y: that’s not it. Mom: if it’s not that then go on dates right away – got that. Y: yes. TP drinks his wine in anger.  mom offers him some more.

KJ’s assistant says he confirmed it and it’s true that the president of the food company was J’s father Baek In ho and it’s true her grandfather was Baek SB. KJ: ok you did well. you can go. the guy leaves and KJ takes out the suspect list to look at it and remembers Bong saying that TH’s dad knows too and asked me not to tell his son. KJ gets a call from J and says he will go down now

He leaves the suspect list on his desk inside a portfolio but it’s sticking out

KJ asks J: speak comfortably. that you have something to discuss with me – no matter what it is, I am glad to hear it. She says she is really sorry but she has to sell the farm. I am sorry – you were very considerate towards me but I couldnt keep my promise. after next month feed result comes out, we are thinking of selling the farm right away. so if I give up the farm, I wonder if it’s right for the movie company to use it or if something changed between that time. I wanted to ask. he asks why suddenly what is the reason. She says ajussi and ajumma want to sell it. that it’s hard for them health wise to do farm work anymore and want to move. I am really sorry. KJ: it cant be helped. for now I understand. let’s talk again after next month. J: yes. arent you angry? I was prepared for it and told you. KJ: it’s not your doing so getting mad doesnt seem right. you said it’s what ajussi and ajumma want.  J: yes – still -thank you for understanding and again I am sorry.  KJ leans in and says: in front of you there is nothing else for you to find out about me and I let you know everything about me – you know that right? you even know that I was adopted.  so if there is a time when you are having a hard time or anything difficult–whatever you want you can tell me anything. she asks what that means suddenly. he says he always wanted to live being nice. he changes the subject and asks if work is going well

TH goes to KJ’s office and sees a piece of paper that KJ wrote a note on. Then he looks at the suspect list sticking out and is about to open  the portfolio but KJ runs in and takes it from TH. KJ asks what are you doing now in someone else’s empty office. TH says sorry.KJ: of course you should be sorry. hurry and get away from the desk. TH asks: do you really not have the list of suspects?  KJ snaps: I said I didnt have it. leave now please cuz I have a meeting. KJ puts the list away in the drawer. TH gets a call from D and says he will go right away. TH: you really aren’t hiding anything from me right? KJ: there is nothing. TH: ok

TH and D meet with Hong. TH asks Hong: I am asking you as a request – all you have to do is tell me the truth about what happened in 2007 at the hong kong restaurant. that is the only thing that can help J get out of the backdoor admission suspicion. D promises that TH and D will take responsibility and make sure there is no fallout for Hong. Hong: please be sure to keep that promise. I didn’t give you this. He pushes over a memory stick and leaves

TH and D insert the memory stick and watch a video on it. the chief says the watch is nice and thanks J’s dad for the watch and that he will use it well. her dad asks where the chief is going to use the watch. Chief says there is no need for her dad to know. TH makes D zoom in on the back of the watch and serial numbers match the one they have a photo of. D is happy. they high five each other. D: We found it. But what do we do now – it’s the chief. TH: all we have to do is reveal it officially. he orders D to copy the video

TH gives the memory stick to his team leader in front of other officers. TH tells him how he got the evidence for professor Seo and the backdoor admittance. the serial number for the designer watch that Professor Seo received matches the one from the parent of the student who was admitted through bribery. in the hong kong restaurant Baek In Ho gave the watch to the parent of student Lee SM to use as a bribe. inside is the video file where he gave the watch.  team leader compliments TH for doing well. but how did you get this? TH: but that student’s father is the cheif Lee Ki Chul. other officers are shocked. team leader: what? Our chief?

The chief gets angry when he learns what happened from the team leader. Chief: what? but how? I will handle it -I will handle it so get out. team leader says it was revealed in front of the other officers so it will be hard to cover it up.  Chief tells him to be quiet cuz his daughter’s admittance will be revoked. he keeps saying he will figure this out

TS goes to see YJ. she asks what brings him here suddenly. TS says he has something to say to her but couldnt wait till she got off work. he says Guksoo is my son and I will take responsibility and raise him for the rest of my life. I should have told you clearly then so sorry I was late. I was happy while I was with you – thank you for letting me have that pretty dream. This is as far as we were meant to go. Be well. He bows and leaves

TS goes to work. He tells MS that he came and asks if everyone else went somewhere. He offers to clean the table for her. MS tries to get away from him so he holds onto her. she orders him to let go. MS: let go – do I look like someone to treat lightly- do I look like someone you can push around? TS: that’s not it. listen to what I have to say. MS: let go. TS: I clearly settled things with YJ. she wanted me to leave Guksoo behind if I go to her so I clearly told that I could never do that. MS: so? what does that have to do with me. if it wasn’t for Guksoo you would have gone back to YJ already. in your eyes you can only see YJ. TS: I thought I was going to do that too but  while I was with YJ, why did I think of you? when you are strong like this and forceful, I dont get it but I missed you. she doesn’t know what to say. So he repeats : I missed you. when you are not angry let’s go eat that dinner we didnt get to eat. wear this when you come out then. This is a present for you to get over your anger. She opens it and it’s a new headband that fits

The family is all dressed up for photos. They compliment GM for looking so good. GM: do I look ok? I put some attention/effort to my appearance. TB says that’s cheating grandma cuz you cant look better than mom today’s main star. GM: I would have believed you if you had eased up a bit but since you came after a long time, you overdid it so there is no sincerity. they all laugh. TB says he cant trick her. mom says GM really looks great.  Gm asks the dad if she looks good. Dad says she does. GM: then that’s good. I really have to look good today. J comes downstairs and asks if TB came and then says hi to SY by calling her “onyi.” SY congratulates her saying on the way over she heard from TB that J is dating TH. J: yes. TB: our SY wishes you would come in even a day earlier as TH’s wife.  GM thinks SY wants that to make J cook. (cuz Korean custom says SY gets to boss J around cuz she is the second daughter in law plus J is younger) SY says: no grandmother – I cant even do those things as a daughter in law so would I do that. GM: so you do know. SY: of course grandmother – even if I dont have (ability to cook and stuff)  I have a conscience.  they all laugh.

The family is taking pics. The photographer says they all look great and asks GM to smile comfortably and for the dad to make his tie tighter so TS adjusts it for him. they laugh cuz photographer asks TS to push back his glasses, but TS says he already did. guy tells TS to put his hand on Guksoo’s shoulder comfortably. guy says TB and SY are acting too close so calm down cuz TB was lovingly fixing SY’s hair. guy says the son next to TB has his head crooked and look comfortable so TH straightens his head.  TH and J smile at each other. Photographer compliments J saying the bride to be is too pretty. J is pleased. guy tells TP to lower his arm so TH slaps his hand down. It’s over and guy says they worked hard. everyone stretches saying it was hard to hold poses. (after they were done, TH held onto J’s arm acting like he was tired and she tried to pry his fingers off her arm, but he kept holding on)

mom to GM: you had a hard time didnt you mother. GM asks for the photographer to take a separate pic of just her – for her funeral picture. dad asks if that is why GM wanted to take pic. GM says she is old so she should have already prepared one. Everyone is sad so GM tells them not to be. this isnt anything at all. she just wanted to naturally prepare is all. the real problem is if she doesnt prepare one.  isnt it? she asked the dad so he says she should have told them sooner. GM says she thought of it this morning too – since they are taking the family portrait that she should take one too.

GM sits alone and ask the family if she looks good. They says yes saying she looks really pretty. She asks the photographer to make her look pretty-the best that he can. he tells her to look comfortably at the camera and it would be better if she smiled. Parents look sad

The family is eating fruit. GM says she feels better cuz she thought she should take that pic. Dad says she should have said sooner. She says no – this was the right time and they took the pictures well.  She says since she took her funeral pic she has one other thing to say. Dad tells her to talk. She says in her dreams these days her dead husband came to her twice so it doesnt look like she will live long. so that is why she took her funeral pic today. Dad says how she shouldn’t talk like that. she says at her age, it’s not strange for her to go at any time so that is why she is saying this. she asks TH and J: cant you two get married this spring? I know I am rushing- I am not doing this cuz I dont know that but I want to make you two a match. isnt all this cuz it’s time for me to go. So whenever I go – I can comfortably close my eyes. TH: grandma if you keep talking like that I will be angry. GM says yes – she isnt saying this to threaten them so dont get mad– it’s grandmother’s wish – if you are going to get married this fall -couldnt you move it up a few months – april is good and so is June. Mom says she already said this last night but TS hasn’t married yet. TS says: mom if it’s cuz of me you dont need to at all. on the day they revealed they were dating, I already told TH right away not to pay attention to me and get married anytime he wants . GM says: you did? this is why they say there is nothing better than a hyung. mom says to GM even if TS said that but GM interrupts and asks-do you think I am just making this up. I told you my dead husband came to me twice in my dreams.

GM asks what TH and J think cuz that’s more important.what do you think? couldnt you move it up a few months and do it this spring. then GM wont have any more wishes. TH: yes grandma we will do that. GM: really? did you really give me an answer? J says yes too. TP says congratulations to GM. TB says to TH: you must like it TH. you didnt need to rush cuz grandmother moved it up for you. SY congratulates TH.  GM says to TH and J – there are no take backs.(meaning you cant go back on your word) J: yes. everyone laughs. parents look worried. TH and J smile at each other. TH gets a call. It’s the chief and he asks to meet. (oh crap)

SY, J, and the mom carry in the dishes. SY congratulates the mom saying there will be the third daughter in law soon (cuz TH is the 3rd son). mom doesnt say anything. SY comments cuz there are so many family members even if we drink tea there are so many dishes to do. J says this is nothing at all cuz there are tons more after a meal. Mom asks to speak to J cuz she has something to say so come upstairs

Mom asks why J is trying to marry fast. how old are you (meaning J is too young) for now you should have told GM you would think about it and just wait-how could you say first that you will get married. J: you don’t like me to get married quickly? Mom: yes I dont like it – you still want to hurry and get married after watching ajumma get married into this family and suffering so much -working so hard.  J: yes to be honest I want to hurry and do it. mom: you cant. even if you two said yes. TH getting engaged before TS too is not want brothers should do. even if you are young you should know better than to do that. Hurry right now and go downstairs and tell GM that you cant married. J: cant I just do that ajuuma (get married) cuz TH ajussi already said we would. mom: why are you being so stubborn and acting like you dont know better. I said hurry and go down and tell her -no matter what within 3 years you can’t. J: why ajumma? why 3 yrs? mom: are you asking cuz you dont know? Did you forget everything ajussi said  to you last time . did you already forget everything he said about why he doesnt like you as a daugher in law J: did you know that too? Mom: that’s not important. if ajussi disapproved like that then in front of him you should show that you are trying or wait to get married. how could you just announce you would get married.  hurry right now and go tell GM that you cant. do you understand? GM comes up and says what are you talking about –why are you scolding her – what do you mean push back the wedding

TH goes to meet the chief. Chief: you finally revealed the backdoor admittance – you wanted to protect J that much? TH says there is clear evidence so there is no way you can get out of (your involvment in the) backdoor admittance. TH says he plans to reveal all the rest of it too. Chief: you like J dont you? that’s why you went all the way till the end to uncover it. TH: I dont know what you are saying….chief interrupts and says ” if you do then cover this up quietly. the criminal you are looking for in the hit and run accident -the criminal who killed your real dad is Baek In Ho. TH:what? Chief: the criminal behind the hit and run accident is Baek In Ho. If you keep going with this backdoor admittance till the end, I will reveal this truth to J. that “your father is the criminal who killed officer Hwang’s birth dad.” TH: Lee KiChul – till the last moment you’re hideous and incorrigible (incurable).  Chief: if you dont believe me then go ask Bong Mahn. see if what I said is wrong. TH: of course I dont believe you -how can i believe what you say

KJ is pleading with Bong when TH gets there. KJ asks Bong: please tell me -who is the criminal of the hit and run? is the  criminal really Baek Inho? Bong: I said to stop and go. KJ: this is really an important problem. is the criminal really Baek In ho? Bong: yes the criminal is Baek inho.

TH rushes over and grabs Bong. TH: answer that again. The hit and car accident – who is it? Answer me – is it baek Inho? is it? Bong: yes. From what I know it’s Baek In ho


No Preview

Sparkskey translated E48 written preview

TH gets a shock when he finds out from Bong that Baek Inho was the person who caused the hit and run and asks if there is concrete evidence, refusing to believe it. Bong asks who on earth is this Baek Inho, telling TH that Dad knows as well, dealing TH another blow

GM and Mom have a fight and cries because her heart hurts from this messy situation. Finally they decide to tell J the truth together with TH

Fanderay’s comments:

Is it too much to hope that OB will pull a CYHMH, and TH and J will stay together despite all opposition? Since the grandma is so sensitive about her deceased son, I thought she would be enough to throw a wrench in their relationship, and I’d really like to see them fight for that relationship together (yes, I know I’m dreaming!).

TH sure doesn’t understand girls very well. Does he think you can tell a girl that you told someone what you like about her, and then not follow up with details? I thought he was lucky that J didn’t beat the information out of him, or bribe or blackmail him. She did try to coerce him a little, but she needs to improve her skills in that department, or I may go crazy.

I was so thrilled to finally see TB and SY happily together, in all their dorky matching-pajama glory. All their primping, preening, and posing before bed seriously cracked me up.  Their reconciliation was all the better because it involved SY calling after TB, instead of the other way around.  She finally let her true feelings win over her stubborness, and I thought it was cute that even while “giving in” and telling TB not to leave, she sort of had to yell and make it seem like like it was all his fault that she had to call after him at all.  My face kind of hurt after their bedroom scene, from grinning at all their giggling.

Does anyone know if Koreans ever get rings that don’t match? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it happen in a drama before, but I have to say, I find TB’s matching ring a wee bit feminine, especially on his slender hands.

I have to give credit to SY’s mom for empathizing with SY and understanding her, probably better than anyone. She knows what it feels like to be “betrayed” by the person she loves (both of them are little oversensitive regarding such things) and her feelings almost always mirror SY’s own, even she does go over the top. Every time she sees conflict between SY and TB I think it reminds her of her own problems with her husband, and on top of that, I’m sure she always feels worse for her daughter than she would ever feel for herself. Once SY split from TB I think her mom immediately realized how miserable and lonely SY must be (since she knows what it feels like) and regretted trying to separate them (I get the impression that she also regrets her feud with her husband, but is too stubborn to give in now).

TP and Y definitely need to be less transparent regarding how smitten they are with each other, or at least be aware that they’re so transparent. It took SY’s mom, what…3 seconds before seeing through them? They’re no match for her, and she immediately confirmed their feelings by gauging their reactions to blind dating (clever woman!). Those two should just decide to officially date — sooner rather than later — and get the misery over with.

I sort of wish that KJ wasn’t so sweet and understanding so I didn’t have to feel so sorry for him all the time. He seems so genuinely despondent over the issue with J’s dad that it really emphasizes how incredibly important J and TH are to him, and it’s sad that part of the reason he probably feels that way is because he has no one else in his life that matters.  I am still eagerly awaiting the moment that TH really reaches out to him and acts like family.

Even though part of my brain is stubbornly insisting that TH and J will never break up, here’s what I think is going to happen. Before J finds out the truth about her dad, TH will tell his family that he’s going to break up with J, so they don’t need to reveal anything to her (the chief has already indicated that TH is definitely going to prioritize protecting J from being hurt). Then TH is going to say that he’s tired of J (like they discussed a few episodes ago) and they’ll break up (both will be devastated!). Then, when it’s time for them to reconcile, J is going to be stubborn because she doesn’t want to trust her heart to him again. That’s when TH will tell her everything he likes about her, and when he started liking her ( and that will convince her that he really does love her).

A lot of my predictions with this drama have been wrong, but it’s fun to make wild guesses anyways, and see just how wrong I end up being. 🙂

Speaking of predictions, Softy mentioned a reader who a great job predicting some of the stuff that happened this episode. Her name is ak and her comment can be found here.


364 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E47

  1. ydoodler says:

    So I wanted to drop by a quick comment before I hurry to watch the next episode. I love love LOVE TB and SY so much. I’ve replayed their scene so many times. My favorite thing about their relationship is that SY has this cute side that only seems to appear around TB. The first time in the elevator after their kiss and before HR reappeared and then now.
    Let’s go find out what happens to J and TH. I’m scared.


  2. Dear Ginko,
    I watched the Prosecutor Princess, too.
    I hope TH and JE will work together to investigate the case thoroughly… Although JE is not a Prosecutor, but I have a feeling that it will not be easy to get information from her Dad (BIH)…
    I guess TH would need JE to get the truth from BIH…
    From my point of view, most probably TH would break-up with JE for the sake of JE… He knows how JE loves her father, and that the father is like a father and a mother for her… He wouldn’t have the heart to break her heart knowing that her dad is suspected to kill his dad… *I really cannot imagine the pain it could cause JE, as it would be horrible to know that your beloved dad killed the father of the person you love… Dear God… 😦
    Most probably that after the break-up, most probably JE (and maybe with BIH) would stay with Kim JaeHa… (I wondered why there was a scene of JaeHa’s house in episode 46… Usually after they show one place, they would use that place as a setting of the future scenes? *that’s what I thought)…
    I guess for the coming episodes we would be tortured to see how TH’s heart broken to pieces to see JE with JaeHa (again)… And how JE would feel broken-hearted after the break up and maybe she would start to accept JaeHa… And I hope eventually she knows the truth of why TH broke up with her and JaeHa would be the kind-hearted man who will let her go for the sake of her happiness. JH knows how much they love each other anyway…
    Well, I am NOT hoping that would happen, but with 10 more episodes, I believe we would need to bear ourselves and prepare a box of tissue for the coming storms after storms…
    With BIH comes up earlier than anyone expected… (I thought he would be brought up to life. But not this soon…) If this is the case, most probably there will be a new story developed…
    I actually hope and wish that the writer would give us good closures for the below:
    ~ On WHY TaeHee’s mom left him…
    ~ On WHY BIH was suspected died on that accident (about the plot and who was the mastermind)…
    ~ On WHY the chief and BIH involved in those cases (backdoor admittance and hit & run cases) ~ Hope this will be solved cleanly…
    ~ On Kim JaeHa’s intentions toward TH ~ He seems to sincerely care about TH so far, hopefully TH could accept him as a brother somehow… (Despite everything)… Cause JH is the loneliest guy in this drama, considering he was an orpan and adopted to become the replacement of TH and how the adopted father treated him…. I feel that in the end he could be bitter about TH (by wanting to take JE away from TH, and letting himself to be TH’s replacement again in another woman’s life) or he could be the loving brother who takes care of his brother (by letting go his own feeling for the sake of TH and JE’s happiness…)
    ~ I wish to see TaeSik becomes a doctor again, a successful one, since he has matured so much lately…
    ~ I wish to see TaeHee and JaeUn wedding with Grandma and BIH attend…
    ~ I wish the writer will not kill anyone of them… (Not Grandma, not anyone…)
    ~ I wish to see TaeBeom and SY re-married… (Hmm, thinking about them… I wonder what other obstacles could break them again??? ~ I hope they would just stay as happy as they are now!!)
    ~ I wish to see TS and MS become one family with Hanna and GookSoo… I guess in the coming episodes we would still be seeing YJ… I had my gut said that YJ would not be easily give up, maybe until TS found out about the debt??
    ~ TP and Y… Hmmm… I don’t know what to expect about this couple… From my very Asian background and culture, I feel it would be VERY challenging to have your aunt in law to be your sister in law… It is just nuts… But looking at them, how Y and TP matured because of each other, how they are so “clicked”… Hmm… I don’t know…. Maybe Y will get pregnant first???? Hahahahhaa…
    ~ Would there be a chance for G to become an item with HY??
    ~ I wish to see ChaGom… ^o^
    Hmm… I also wish to see MORE sweet scenes for TH and JE and all the other Brothers and their couples…
    About the last episode, I haven’t watched it, but I saw the pics… I saw how TH cried and begged CS to forgive J and to let them continue date… I wetted my pillow the whole night!!!
    Moreover last night my baby was sick and I need to take care of her during the night… Basically no sleep… When I was awake, I will turn my phone and open this website and longing for every single updated piece by Softy, Fanderay, Ginko and everybody who commented in this website, also searched for ep 48 uploaded in YouTube…
    Oh dear oh my…
    It is only MONDAY!!!
    I really can’t wait for Saturday to come soon…
    Yorobuun, also please help to pray for my daughter to get well soon… She’s one of TaeHee’s fans too! ;-))


  3. Sorry if I missed out… Is the recap for ep 49 up yet??


  4. hamba ALLAH says:

    i ❤ this darama..


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