Ojakkyo Brothers E46

How can you walk away from a guy like this – someone who is willing to endure utter humiliation just to cheer you up. He didn’t want to do this, but he didn’t really have a choice either cuz his heart said “J needs me to do this to feel better” so his pride took a backseat as he did the cutest most heartbreaking loving gesture. Part of me laughed and grinned through this, but my heart was bawling right along with her. I don’t blame her for running towards him. Also, who can blame her for not wanting to lose this guy. Did anyone imagine that we would ever see a character like TH sing and dance to a kid’s song on a public street in front of his fellow officers and strangers. I am not sure what I found more moving, the fact that he did it well just for her or that he did it without a second thought.  Just when you think there is no new way to impress the viewers, they whip this scene up out of nowhere and leave us desperately wishing for more. This drama really knows how to keep its audience mesmerized and it’s got me wrapped tight around its finger.

Han cinema’s new Joo Won interview

Ep 47 video preview translation: SY: you said you loved me – be my our cha gom’s side. (as in stay next to cha gom) TB kisses her. When they are about to sleep together, TB says wait a minute -he will go get a pillow and does push ups. (we know what that means) GM says her bday present for the mom is a family portrait. GM says she has one thing to say after the portrait. She asks TH and J- couldn’t you two marry this spring?

from Sparkskey- written preview:

TB and SY confirm their feelings for each other and spend sweet moments together. TB puts a ring on SY’s finger and says let’s register our marriage. SY is touched. GM suggests that they should take a family photo in commemoration of mom’s birthday. J wavers a bit when GM asks her to join the family portrait too. Seeing J this way, Dad pipes up that she can join them. After the photoshoot, GM asks TH and J to get married quickly

First sentence actually says they spend nervous/shy time together (implying that it’s like the first stage of dating all over again) but it looked really strange in english so I just subtituted it with ‘sweet’

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Joo Won has gained popularity with his appearances in “Bread, Love and Dreams” and “Ojak Brothers“.

Joo Won‘s first drama “Bread, Love and Dreams” had recorded almost 50 percent viewer ratings and his second drama “Ojak Brothers“, in which he presents a sweet love story of the so-called “Tae-Ja couple”, has recorded almost 30 percent viewer ratings. His characters in those two dramas are completely different. Goo Ma Joon, whom he played in “Bread, Love and Dreams“, was an heir of a chaebol with a dark and distorted personality and Hawng Tae Hee, whom he is playing in “Ojak Brothers“, is a diligent and trustworthy detective. Joo Won said, “I think that I am a very lucky person. I could appear in good works up to now, and the harmony with other cast members and the staff members seems to be perfect”. Joo Won garnered the “Rookie Male Actor Award” at the year-end awards ceremony at KBS last year, and he has been cast as the protagonist in the blockbuster drama “Bridal Mask” that will begin airing from May. He said, “I think that I do not deserve such a good opportunity even though I really appreciate it. I want to present best acting like other excellent senior actors”.

Actor JooWon is appearing in the KBS 2TV Weekend drama “Ojak BrothersJoo Won (25, real name Moon Joo Won), who has been very busy for the past two years, came to Uljilo to give an interview. He has appeared in dramas as well as movies such as “Special Investigation Unit” and “Unidentified Video”, and he is recently receiving great love for his appearance in the weekend drama “Ohakgyo Family” by presenting a sweet love story with actress Yoo Yi. The so-called “Tae-Ja couple” has been providing great enjoyment to many viewers on weekends. He said, “I feel very happy while filming those pretty scenes that I can hardly experience in the real world (laugh). I sometimes think that it might be very useful for me later when I have a relationship, but actually I am not the type of person who can be very sweet and lovely in a relationship, so I am just enjoying vicarious satisfaction in the drama”. Thanks to his role in a recent drama, people have come to have a friendly image about him. When he appeared in “Bread, Love and Dreams“, people reportedly could not come closer to him due to his character in the drama unless he approached first, but these days many people easily come to him first and like him very much. Joo Won said, “I felt gloomy when I played the dark and gloomy character in the previous drama, but this time, I am pleasantly playing my part, and it is much better to have a love story (laugh)”.

When Joo Won garnered the Rookie Male Actor Award at the KBS Drama Awards on the last day of 2011, Joo Won shed tears. He said, “It was the moment that I achieved my dream. I have always wanted to become an actor since my childhood and I have hoped to garner any award at an awards ceremony some day, and it was certainly the moment that I have dreamed of. I was so touched and could not say anything. The moments that I had appeared in the theater works before I debuted occurred to me, which made me deeply touched, and I suddenly lost words at that moment (laugh)”. He appeared as one of the MC members on the awards ceremony with Jeon Hyun Moo and Han Hye Jin and presented different appearance as a MC. He said, “I had thought that taking a role of MC would be very exciting, but it was actually a very difficult task. I was really nervous. I had thought that I would give an excellent acceptance speech in case I would receive an award, but I choked up and could not say anything (laugh)”.

Joo Won seemed to appear all the sudden, but actually he has prepared for a long time to become an actor. He graduated from Gyewon Art School and entered the Art department at Sungkyunkwan University. He had appeared in many musical and theater works when he was a student. He said, “I actively participated in many works during university years as all the other people acknowledged my participation. One day I had an audition for a musical work, and I could pass the audition with luck”. He was cast as the protagonist in the musical “Altarboys” in 2006, but he experienced huge frustration. He said, “I realized deeply that I was just a big fish in a little pond. What I had done in the school was actually nothing, and I was just a bad actor in the world of professionals. I completely lost my confidence at that time”. But he continued to train himself by appearing in other musical works such as “Singles”, “Grease”, and “Spring Awakening”, and he finally debuted on TV. He revealed that he was not greedy, but he had been very diligent in any works up to now. He said, “I was not greedy about becoming a star or appearing in a good work. I have just tried my best in whatever work I have appeared when I liked it. Thanks to my effort, I could appear in many works and people tended to say that I created a friendly atmosphere on the set. The secret to my success seems to be just do everything with the best effort and to respect senior actors (laugh). People say that doing something with the best effort is fundamental in a world of a professional, but actually some people do not try their best. My strength is not my appearance or my tall height, but it is my attitude of trying my best in every occasion”.

Joo Won will immediately begin filming the drama “Bridal Mask” right after he finishes filming “Ojak Brothers” next month. He already began practicing action acting. “Bridal Mask” will tell the story of a Robin Hood-like character during the Japanese colonial era in the 1930s. He said, “I am the protagonist of the drama, but I cannot determine the success of the drama alone. My other cast members will perform their important parts. I am just studying about my own character in the drama right now. As it will contain many action scenes, I am preparing for action acting. But actually it is very tough (laugh). I have to present various martial arts such as Taekkyeon and Karate, but practicing those martial arts is very difficult. But I will do my best”.

Asked whether things had changed for him after he appeared in the hit drama “Bread, Love and Dreams“, he answered, “Everything had changed for a month right after I appeared in ‘Bread, Love and Dreams‘, but it did not last long. People gradually forgot me and everything went back to the same situation as before (laugh). I did not feel sad, but I just realized that things in the entertainment business go this way and I have to endure those situations in the future. I do not think that the situation around me changed compared to the past. It is the same, and now I just think that this is the process by which I am finding my own way to become a real actor”.


Starts with TB running to the parking garage and looking for SY. He finds her. TB: are you ok? Are you hurt a lot – can you move? SY: i am scared – what if something bad happens to our cha gom-what do we do. TB: SY – nothing bad will happen to our cha gom – it’s ok – Sy- Look into my eyes -just trust me – nothing will happen – there is no need to worry – dont fear- our Cha gom will be ok. it’s ok. Can you walk. She says yes so he helps her walk to her car. She holds his hand as they walk cuz she was holding her stomach and he put his hand over hers. He puts her in the backseat. He asks if she is ok- hold on a little bit it will only take 5 mins to the hospital

Doctor asks if SY’s pain subsided. SY nods yes. doctor says the baby is healthy but SY has to be admitted into the hospital for a few days to rest. she says the husband has to make sure the mother to be doesnt get stress. TB says yes. she says since the time of birth is not far off, the baby knows parent’s voices now. and to remember that hearing bad noises like parent’s fighting can give stress to the baby.  TB: yes i understand

TB watches over SY as she sleeps on the hospital bed. He pushes back her hair and touches her cheek. He watches her closely. He holds her hand and talks to the baby – cha gom ah – hi – it’s dad- it’s the first time dad said hi huh? Our cha gom must have been surprised a lot today. are you ok now? cha gom ah dad is really sorry to you and mom – dad is really sorry. More than anything I am sorry and I was wrong about the first moment you arrived when dad hesitated– dad…dad is really sorry. I am sorry – I am sorry. SY woke up and heard all that. TB: from now on dad will be by your side so don’t get sick and always be healthy. Cha gom ah. I love you. I love you cha gom ah. I love you Cha SY. SY cries. ( I am bawling all over the keys)

Mom and dad go home. Outside the house, mom says that J must have come home. I will go up right away and try to tell her about the farm. Mom goes in the house

Mom takes J some citrus tea. J asks if the mom went somewhere. Mom: yes for a short time. sit down. drink this.  Are you busy? J:no do you have anything to say. Mom says let’s stop developing the feed and sell the farm. J asks why ajumma – why suddenly. Mom says how she is getting old and it’s taking up too much energy. after being sick, it’s harder for my body. J asks if she is not feeling well somewhere. Mom: it’s not that I am unwell-working on the farm is hard on me. it keeps hurting cuz I keep pushing myself. J: then let’s get someone else’s help and for the time being dont work and just monitor them. I will develop the feed by myself. Mom: let’s not do that and just give it up. if you really dont want to then I cant say, but I want to give up the farm and move. it’s also cuz of ajussi. after working on the farm he says I dont sleep well. everytime he sees stuff like that, he feels like he is being a bad husband making his wife suffer so he feels bad. also now I am tired of it too and it’s hard.  J: what about the pear orchard and the ducks. Mom: cuz of me you tried so hard to protect the farm so when I think about all the trees in the orchard being gone my bones ache but I am thinking of giving up farming and move.  Think it over well once ok? J: yes.

Mom goes to the dad and says she told J to give up the farm. J said she will think about it. So you are going to listen to my request once right? Dad says: just know that I am going to meet J tm and tell her. mom gets mad. dad: I know how you feel. you think I am doing this cuz I dont like J? my heart is ripping too. but still this isnt right. mom: dont think of J and think about TH once.  it’s the first time he introduced a girl to the family. if he only liked her a little bit do you think he would have introduced her to the family? dad: that is why I am saying it cant happen. that’s why even a day earlier we have to split them up. why are you like this – I dont get you. would you do this if your younger sibling died. Mom says she would – even if it was my younger sibling I would do this. even if it was my younger sibling I would cover it up. it’s for J so cover it up.  dad: what? mom: if it wasnt for J, how would I say this to you. from your mouth you said “would you do this if it was your younger sibling” so how could I answer like that. dad: that is why stop it. mom: I wont live with you. I will divorce you and not live with you. if you tell J that and make her live the rest of her life in pain-I will not live with you – I will divorce you. dad: what did you say? mom: I mean it. I will divorce you. it happened 26 yrs ago – J is not the perpetrator. how can i live just watching J live in pain from that knowledge for the rest of her life. how could I live with the pain of watching her go thru that? after I married into your family, I did as much as I could. I cared and raised TH better than my own children. Even when we were living on the streets and the kids were going to starve to death, I never once brought up the word divorce, but now I am putting my name as your wife on the line and making a wish to you.  cant you listen to that wish just once?

(I literally had to pause to stare at how lovey-dovey TB looks here. He’s completely twitterpated! Also, I don’t think SY would have hidden her face if she’s wasn’t having romantic feelings herself. Yay! -Fanderay)

SY wakes up and TB is watching her. she covers her face with her blanket and asks what he is doing there. he says he was keeping watch so flies wouldn’t go into her mouth. She sort of wipes her face a little clean and uncovers her face. she tells him to go cuz she can be alone now. He says he will stay cuz she is a patient. She says it’s cuz she is uncomfortable and cant sleep if he is next to her.  He moves back to the sofa and says he will stay here. SY tells him to go now cuz she is ok. he says he will stay until she gets out of the hospital cuz as the baby’s dad he has that right to stay. TB gets a call from TP that TP is here at the hospital

TS and TP show up. TP says we heard sister in law was admitted into the hospital-is she ok? TB says yes and asks how they knew to come. TP says Y told him. TS: is that the problem now? is sister in law ok? how about the baby. TB: they are ok and she will be well again after a while. it’s not a big deal so dont tell the elders cuz they will worry for nothing.  TP: so did you hid it and not tell that you two divorced cuz you thought they would worry? TB: who all knows? does TH know too? TS: ya! TP shushes him (cuz it’s the hospital) TS: is that important? it wasnt enough that you did a contract marriage that you hide a divorce. TP: that is right – this isnt something that will be settled by hiding it. TP says the consequences are far reaching -way more than when TS hid Guksoo.  TB says he was going to tell to the family on the weekend. TB: other people still dont know right? TS: that is right they dont know. dont worry. where did you live during that time? a sauna? TB says at the office dorm. TP asks: did you two really divorce? have you been completely kicked out by sister in law. TB: who was kicked out? TS: dont be like that and tell the truth. is it totally over? TP: how can you my role model get divorced. TB: it’s not like that- divorce is divorce but we didnt break up and even though I left home I wasnt kicked out. it’s a delicate situation I cant explain in one word so I didnt tell them. anway I will go and tell them this weekend so the two of you stay quiet -dont tell TH -if you tell TH then J will know and it will only be a matter of time till mom knows. so the two of you keep your mouth shut – you got that?

J makes a list of stuff she needs to focus on. 1– ajumma’s health, 2-the pear orchard,  3-Ojak family, 4-succeed in developing feed, 5-keep promise to Kim PDnim. she puts stars on number 1 and 3 as the most important.

Next morning J is dressed to go outside and asks if mom slept well. Mom looks at her and asks if J is going out to the coop. J: yes-since there aren’t that many days left till I can see the kids so until then I want to take care of them diligently. Ajumma let’s quit the farm. But only after the 21st –till we can see the result of the feed we were working on.  even though there is a slim chance we did well but I want to see the result. We worked so hard so giving up without knowing the result is too unfair. If we failed then we can make a clean break and quit without any lingering regrets. If we succeeded then we will feel really good and not have any feelings of regret or think it’s a waste. Mom: ok do it that way. I am sorry. J: no ajumma –I thought about it and if it wasn’t really hard on you you wouldn’t have said to sell the farm but for you to say that – how hard it must have been for you. don’t be sorry at all – I am really ok. more than the farm, your health is a thousand times more important to me. Mom: ok thank you. J: I will hurry and come back.

J goes to the ducks and asks: kids did you sleep well through the night-even though you have duck feathers it’s really cold these days at night isnt it? J looks sad. J: If I feel like this already – how can I part with you guys. I hurry and spread out the sawdust and feed you guys. Just wait a little bit. She looks at the ducklings and says –you guys grew a lot over night. It would be nice if there were some that succeeded among you guys. Then I can be happy saying goodbye to you guys.

Mom is barely eating. GM asks the mom: when is SY coming? It’s your birthday the day after tm. Mom: this birthday I was thinking of just quietly overlooking it mother. TP and TS shoot each other worried looks at the mention of SY’s name. GM: what are you talking about? After the daughter in law got married – this is the first birthday of the mother in law so why overlook it? Call SY right now. Mom: it’s cuz my insides are a bit troubled. GM: why – did something happen? Dad: mother we decided to give up the farm and move. TH looks at J. GM: what is that talk suddenly? TP and TS both ask: why father? Why suddenly? Dad: your mom is getting on in age and developing the feed is using up her strength and her health declined a lot after being sick last time. TH: mom you aren’t unwell anywhere right? Mom: no that’s not it. It’s cuz I am getting older and I’m not as strong. After the 21st – right after seeing the result of the feed, we are going to quit the farm mother. J: yes grandmother that’s what we decided. GM: you did. J: in place of that – when we sell the farm we will have money so let’s move to a big home grandmother. Since we have a lot of family members, we need at least 7 rooms. Look – grandmother’s room, ajumma and ajussi’s bedroom, big ajussi’s room, TH ajussi’s room, maknae oppa’s room, my room, and Guksoo’s room. TS: even Guksoo? GM: that’s right – since Guksoo started school we need to give him a separate study room.

J: of course – if second ajussi comes often to sleep, it would be nice to have a guest room too. TS: then TP can come to my room to sleep so we don’t need a guest room. J: ah that’s right. GM: wait –wait – wait –you added wrong. Pretty soon we wont need one of those rooms. You and TH will be using one room soon.  TS: that’s right.GM, TS, Guksoo, laughs. J and TH smile. TP: the two of you aren’t even saying “why are you like this.” TS, GM, TP laugh.

(Umm…what’s with KJ’s outfit? A casual vest over a peacoat and a dress shirt? He doesn’t even live on a farm! Thankfully the cuteness of TH and J is more than adequate compensation.  -Fand)

KJ goes outside and sees TH drop J off at her work. TH gets out of the car and she looks like she is stalking off angry so he pulls her back and sort of pretends to adjust her muffler and playfully tugs on it. she bundles him up from the cold. They wave goodbye to each other and look cute. KJ watches them and I cant tell if he is looking like a hyung who is happy for his younger brother or a guy who is jealous of another guy. KJ remembers how her dad’s name is on that list of suspects

KJ asks what brings TH here. TH said he came to get the suspect list -you brought it today right. KJ: ah – what to do – when I looked for it the suspect list was gone.  TH:what? KJ: when I sorted through the keepsakes, I am sure it was there but when I looked for it again yesterday it wasnt there. i was surprised too so I looked all over the house all night but I dont know where it went – it’s gone. TH: are you joking right now? KJ: I am sorry – I have no words (to explain how sorry I am). TH: did detective Bong not say anything yesterday too. KJ: yes – not only did he not say anything, he got angry saying he really doesnt remember anything. how could he remember something that happened 26 yrs ago. since we keep going there to see him, it’s only pressuring him so stop coming. It’s not like you were counting on him a great deal from the start so what can you do – how about giving up now. TH gets suspicious when KJ wont make eye contact. TH: I will decide that. I’ll be going.

TH walks away and wonders : suddenly he wants to close the investigation and doesnt have the suspect list – what is the the reason? he looks back up the steps.

SY’s parents go to SY’s room. Dad tells her not to stress out SY today and to keep her voice down. Mom says -I am SY’s mom- you think i am that thoughtless. dont upset her by talking about reporter hwang. dad:ok let’s both be careful today. go in. They walk in and SY isnt there. mom wonders where SY went

SY is at work. TB asks if she is in her right mind cuz she is a patient- a patient who needs rest. SY says she got permission from the doctor to come out cuz it’s a live program and they cant leave the airtime unfilled – we dont have time so hurry and go in.   After that the show she has to go back to rest.

They have to do the couple radio show.They get a call from a caller about how his wife left home cuz while he was with his wife at the movies, the husband looked at another woman passing by in a short skirt. I didnt look on purpose and looked without realizing, but my wife got mad and left home. what do I do. DJ asks TB and SY what to do in this situation. TB says he thinks the wife overreacted and went too far leaving the home over something like this. dont look for your wife and wait. SY disagrees:what are you saying? if he did something wrong, the right thing is to find the wife and apologize. with his wife next to him if he outright stared at another young lady, how upset and sad would his wife be. TB: it’s not like he looked on purpose and just sort of glanced so not being able to forgive that is going too far. SY: it’s a problem cuz it was a quick glance.  would the wife get angry over a glance. DJ asks the caller if the man outright stared or glanced. man says he looked for 5 seconds. SY: 5 seconds – you outright stared then, hurry and call your wife and apologize saying you were wrong. but TB says don’t apologize. if you apologize now, everytime you have a spousal spat she will leave home. a problem with spouses you have to talk at home no matter what.  until your wife comes back home herself- hang in there. SY says that the man should aplogize if he did something wrong. Sy gets carried away saying if the man just hangs in there (like TB suggested) than the wife has more of a reason to get mad so TB is worried about the baby and tells SY to calm down. SY points out why would the wife get angry and leave home -it’s cuz she loves her husband and got jealous. cant you understand a woman’s heart? Hurry and call her now and apologize to your wife. TB agrees with SY and tells the caller – what SY said was correct a hundred times over and we should understand a woman’s heart. you apologize. you did something that was wrong a hundred time. how could you look at another woman for 5 seconds at that with your wife next to you. call right away and apologize.  kneel too – this is when you should kneel. He tells husbands everywhere who are listening to this –  listen up well. don’t ever look at another woman not even for a second. just look at your wife and live happily.He asks if SY wants to add anything. She says no. TB tells the guy to apologize

Y tells herself not to call TP – you cant call – hold it in (refrain from doing it)  then she asks “why cant I if we are just the owner and manager. cant we just call and say how are you doing. n- – come to your senses.” TP calls first and asks what she is doing cuz today is their day off. She says she was reading and asks what he is doing. He says playing computer games. TP: Since the day is nice it’s a waste to stay at home. He asks if she wants to see a movie.

TP gets movie tickets. Y says she wanted to see that movie and asked how he knew. He says he remembers how she said she liked that actor before. Y asks if he remembers stuff like that. TP: of course. cuz it has to do with her. Y sees TS with MS and asks if he is really TP’s big hyung. TP says yes so Y hides. he calls out to Y so she tells him to be quiet. she tells him to hide too.  He asks what she is doing. Y: your big hyung didnt see us right? he cant see us. let’s go over there. TP: why cant he see us- why do we have to hide – what did we do? Y: cuz right now we are ….TP: are we dating? Y: no. now that I thought about it there is no need to hide since we only came to see a movie. let’s go

MS doesn’t know what anything is cuz it’s been such a long time since she saw a movie. TS tells her not to live just working a lot. watch movies and live having fun. MS: is that easy to do just cuz you say it cuz it’s hard to raise H. TS: cuz you do that you think H will know (the sacrifices you made) don’t resent H later and take care of your life too.  She says today she will chose a movie a movie she wants to watch. he says ok. she chooses so he says he will go get the tickets. MS sees other women with their hair down so she puts hers down. TS comes and says they have to wait ten minutes till the movie starts. He looks at her hair down and MS asks – it’s strange huh? She was patting her hair so TS holds her hand and says-no it’s ok. it’s pretty. They hold hands. TS: let’s go. They walk hand in hand and run into TP and Y. TP stares at them holding hands. They let go quickly. TS says you are SY’s aunt aren’t you? Y says hello and since the store is closed for the day they came to watch a movie. Y: you know I am the owner and TP is the manager right. TS: yes I know. Y: then I will be going first. she says goodbye and walks away so TP runs after her.

TP tells TS to keep doing what he was doing and hold hands too. TS laughs and asks MS should we keep doing what we were. They hold hands again. they buy lots of food, drinks and popcorn. TS gets a call and doesnt answer. MS asked who is calling. TS says it’s YJ.  TS: I will go take the call and come back.

TS says into the phone – it’s been a long time. have you been well too? YJ had asked if he has time

During the movie, MS is eating and looking mad. TS looks distracted. After the movie TS says sorry but let’s eat dinner next time. MS is about to yell at him but says never mind and walks off. He says sorry and then runs off in the opposite direction. MS watches him go and cries

TS goes to see YJ. YS: you came. TS: let’s sit. She asks if he had been well. TS: yes how about you. YJ says no cuz she waited cuz she thought he would come and apologize once. TS: of course I should have but I was so apologetic i didnt have the guts to go see you. no matter what I said I couldn’t be forgiven. and I didnt know how to face you. I am sorry. it’s late but I am really sorry. She says sorry too. I didn’t listen to you and just left angry like that. It’s not like you hid it on purpose. I realized later and regretted. while we were broken up, I realized how big the hole was left by you. I will speak honestly. I want to start over with you. TS: do you mean that? YJ: yes I mean it. But do you plan to keep raising Guksoo. I don’t have the confidence to raise that kid – I cant raise him no matter what

J is drawing and stretching. She gets a call from the dad.

J goes to meet the dad. she tells him to talk cuz he said he had something to say. Dad says it’s regretful that he has to say this to her but from his position as a father he has to say this.  she tells him to say it. dad: I wish you wouldn’t meet TH- I don’t think you are a right match (partner) for TH and not right as a potential daughter in law. You are pretty and everything good but you lack a lot as TH’s match. TH is a special child to me. so I want to find him a perfect match who doesnt lack anything at all.  That way later when I go to heaven and meet TH’s birth dad, my younger sibling, I can say I did well by him (meaning the dad found a good match for TH). you want to know what I dont like about you. she says yes. dad – I dont like that you are too young and you don’t have a steady job. More than that, I don’t like that you dont have parents and are an orphan. even though I raised him well, our TH lost his dad early and was abandoned by his mother and grew up like this. so that is why even more – a kid like you who does not have any parents or siblings wont work. a daughter who has both her parents and grew up in a stable family -that is who I want as his match. I am sorry – break up with TH – don’t meet him anymore. J: I am not an orphan – my dad didn’t pass away yet – he didnt pass away. Dad says you are a smart kid so for me to tell you all this, you know no matter what you say you cant change my mind. do not meet TH anymore. I am going to trust you understood what I am saying and will leave now. Dad walks away and looks sad for a minute but keeps walking

Dad goes home and the mom asks where he went. He says – I met J and spoke to her. mom: what? You told J- you told her all that. Hurry and answer me –did you tell her everything about that. Dad says-I  couldn’t say that – I told her that as a daughter in law she was lacking and to break up with TH and not meet him. Mom asks what did you say? How did you tell her that –by saying what? Dad: I said I didn’t like her cuz she was an orphan. Mom is horrified and hits him. Mom: what did you say? Dad: then what do I do? I had to say something to that extent for her to lose all affection and think about breaking up. I think my heart will burst too. My heart hurts too –saying that to the kid and coming back – you think my heart likes that? i came here resenting that punk In Ho a hundred times over –what is this? Is this something a person can do? You awful jerk –cuz of the terrible thing you did –you didn’t just kill my poor younger brother –your kid and my kid and you (the mom) and me might all die.

Mom hits him some more saying: shut up shut up –you think that makes sense? I asked you to save me once. (I said) don’t give J any more scar/pain and save me one more time so how could you say that? that you don’t like an orphan? Saying that is like putting a knife through her heart. he yells back: “it’s better than saying ‘your dad killed TH’s dad.” then should I have said that? the mom cries and glares at him

J remembers how the dad said he doesnt want her to meet TH anymore. that she isnt right as TH’s match/partner. that he doesnt like that she is an orphan without parents. break up with TH and dont meet him anymore. J gets up and gets her things together.

She goes outside and walks to TH’s precinct. Outside, she watches as TH comes out with D and the other officers. TH is asking what they are going to eat.  J calls him on his phone. She asks what he is doing now. He says going out to eat. She names all the officers and asks if he is going with them. He asks how she knew. She says she is looking at him now. He asks where and spots her and waves to her. he asks when she came- what would you have done if I wasnt here since you didnt call. She says she wanted to see him suddenly. He says stay there and he will go there. going to hang up now. (cuz they are across the street from each other) she calls out ajussi. I want to hear you sing. TH: again? I said I couldnt sing well.  She says she couldn’t draw well and work didn’t go well (writer’s block) so hearing him sing will make it better. cant you do it? He says ok then let’s go to a singing room. But she says – now- just sing there. he is surrounded by people. TH: here? J: yes. J requested a kid’s song about a tadpole becoming a frog with cute little actions to go along with the song. TH repeats the name of the song and says “here?” She says yes or does he want to sing “My Ear’s Candy” (by Baek Ji Young and Taecyeon from 2PM – guess he thought that is worse cuz he shakes his head no) TH says the tadpole one is better. but do I really have to do the steps too? she says yes and especially the wave too-perfectly. TH: wave? it has to be here? J: yes it has to be right there.

TH says ok wait a minute and turns the children’s song on and watches and practices the song and dance from his phone. he puts his phone away. you can hear D saying ” TH hyung – you cant do that here. you arent really going to do that here are you when there are so many people around” but TH starts to sing and dance in front of everyone (lyrics are – back legs came out then front legs came out and tadpole became a frog) D and other officers make a face and move away from him and people nearby record him on their phones.

J watches him and cries. She crosses the street and runs to him. She hugs him tightly. D and the other officers laugh and make a joke of it and D remarks it’s like they are writing a movie. they discuss what to go eat. D and the other officers stand around TH and J like a circle of bodyguards to give them privacy. The chief drives by and sees all that.

(*It cracks me up that TH had to dance with his hands on his hips because he always stands like that.  I guess the dance was made for him!  Now every time I see him standing that way I’m going to picture him doing silly hip wiggles -Fand)

The chief goes to his office. He remembers meeting J when she came to meet her dad a long time ago. He gets a call about Hong and to set up a meeting. Chief asks if TH didn’t hear anything from Bong and to continue keeping watch. He wonders why Bong didn’t talk yet. (why Bong didn’t tell TH)

*I now wonder who is the chief’s spy cuz not many people know that TH was meeting Bong

TB is doing the news and SY is back at the hospital. They watch a sonogram of their baby and TB leans close to SY making her uncomfortable. Doctor says SY can be discharged from the hospital now. SY and TB thank her

It’s late at night, mom goes outside and calls J but the phone is off. Mom wonders:what happened to this girl – she should at least pick up the phone. doesnt answer her phone the whole day and doesn’t come home. Dad comes and asks why the mom came out. mom:why do you think I came out? J hasn’t come home yet. dad: J did? mom: yes and she didnt call or contact. a girl who doesn’t do this why do you think she is doing this? Mom goes inside

Dad goes to the gate and waits for J. He remembers how J said she isn’t an orphan. He is about to call but J comes home carrying groceries. She asks why he is outside. He asks why she is coming now and why she didn’t pick up her phone. J: you called? I left my phone on the bus. He says she should have asked someone to borrow their phone to call– where were you to come home now? do you know what time it is now. J: I am sorry -what time is it now? after losing my phone, I didnt have a clock so I didn’t know the time. is it really late? he asks what that she is holding. She says she went grocery shopping since tm is ajumma’s birthday. “ajumma said until now no one has ever cooked for her on her birthday even once so I wanted to this time.” dad: what?  J: i must have been tired -I fell asleep and had to get off the bus quickly so I lost my phone.

J is preparing seaweed soup and spicy squid by reading the recipe. dad comes in and asks why she isnt sleeping and tells her to do it tm. She says she doesn’t have the confidence to do all of it tm. She says she has something to say to him. dad: say it.

J: After what you said during the day I thought about it a lot. About me being too young, I will wait till I am the right age – 3 or 5 yrs or however long it takes. about my work, I will make sure to succeed in doing animation and debut as an official creator/writer. The last thing I can’t do anything about it no matter how much I try – about not having parents who are alive – couldnt you overlook that one thing ajussi? I will really do well – I will be good to TH ajussi and to you and ajumma. I like TH ajussi but I like you and ajumma a lot too. GM, big ajussi, maknae oppa, this Ojak family members are like family so I like them but if I break up with TH ajussi,  then I wont be able to see the Ojak family that I like. then I will really feel like an orphan. also I like TH ajussi – I really like him alot.  Even if my parents arent around, I wont be a burden to you. I will become a person you cant count on (someone strong) Please just give me permission once. ( omg her speech broke my heart)

Dad goes to TH’s room and sits there. then he goes to his room and tells the mom, “ok- do as you want. Let’s cover this up. mom: yobo (dear). dad: cover it up. Like you said it happened 26 yrs ago – let’s cover it up.” Mom: yobo. dad: I said let’s cover it up. mom: thank you.thank you. dad: sleep. He goes out.

Dad goes to the shed and cries. He calls out his brother’s name “CW”. the mom followed him outside and watches him.


No Preview

Fanderay’s comments

Even though it was a tense moment, I practically cheered when SY said, “What about our Cha Bear?” When SY used the nickname TB chose in that way it felt like an acceptance of sorts, and like she thinks of the three of them as a family, whether she knows it or not. I don’t think she has been purposely playing hard to get, but I think that deep down she isn’t as confused about TB as she thinks she is, and has mostly just been feeling hurt. I’m not sure I buy the whole random-extreme-pain-due-to-baby-stress diagnosis, but I don’t really care since it was worth the sweetness of the scene (TB talking to the baby!) and also worth no real harm coming to the baby or SY. Of course I was hoping that SY wouldn’t try to turn TB away when she woke up, but I didn’t expect it because her brain and her stubbornness get in the way of what she really wants. I think that if she could just turn her mind off for a moment, she would go flying into TB’s arms.

I feel really bad for the mom this episode. Besides being torn three ways between her husband, TH, and J, she probably feels even worse because she is basically using J’s kindness against her to get her to sell the farm. J has worked incredibly hard to keep the farm, and the fact that she is so willing to consider giving it up for the sake of the mom’s health is very heartwarming, but probably makes the mom feel horrifically guilty (even though she’s just trying to protect J in the grand scheme of things). I loved how J jumped right into counting rooms for a new house (all for the mom’s sake) and that she thought of every single family member (of course the bit about sharing a room with TH just made it all the better).

I’m a bit fearful when I see KJ now (since he know the truth about J’s dad) but I’m glad that he’s continuing to be the ultimate nice guy. If he leaked the secret to TH and J he would have a good chance of breaking them up, which would give himself an actual chance with J, so it’s even more admirable that he’s keeping his mouth shut. Hopefully TH doesn’t feel like punching him anytime soon, because I don’t want to see KJ pushed into saying something! At this point though, I think that it’s fairly likely that TH will use his investigative skills to find out the truth himself. In which case, I still have no idea what he’ll do (although that conversation with J about getting sick of each other and breaking up is always lurking in the back of my mind).

I suppose TS couldn’t improve his character so drastically without the odd mis-step, but I can’t believe that he abandoned MS like that in the middle of a date, even if he had been on his way to push YJ off a cliff! He had better reject her, especially since she won’t help raise N. Seriously…who says something like that?  He’s supposed to choose a girl over his own kid? He’s been such a good dad lately that I think he will reject her, but my heart won’t be at ease until I know for sure.

I know he was doing it for the sake of his son (TH) and for his deceased brother, but that scene where the dad told J not to meet with TH was hard to watch. He picked on what she is most sensitive about (her family) and made it seem like he thinks her dad is dead, and like she’s not a part of their family. Even if J disagrees with his reasoning (which she should!) it’s a tough situation to be in. No matter what a dad’s motivation is, what are you supposed to do when he personally asks you not to see his child? Of course J could insist on marriage against his will, but it wouldn’t be the happiest marriage without the dad’s support, especially in such a tight-knit family. I’m sort of glad that the mom got mad and hit him after, because that’s exactly what I felt like doing! I understood where the dad was coming from, but that didn’t make me feel any less terrible for J.

Fortunately J’s only alternative was to break up with TH, and how do you do that when he’s so freaking adorable? He must really be in love to sing in public like that, particularly in front of his fellow cops. I love scenes like that, where each person is feeling something completely different, but both are feeling what they’re feeling because of their love for the other person. I’ was relieved that J didn’t waver long and so quickly begged the dad to reconsider. I was equally relieved that the dad did reconsider.

I keep thinking that every episode is the calm before the storm, but then there’s no storm! Is it possible that nothing horrible will ever happen? The writer definitely has a deft hand because we get the suspense of a melodrama without the constant heartache, and it seems like each episode is more heartwarming than the last (an effect that is amplified when expecting the worst!). I have no idea what next week will bring, but I think we can be fairly confident that it’ll be good.


671 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E46

  1. Can anyone translate what the grandma said? Why JE TH BJ and CS looked worried? 😦


  2. NaNa says:

    i have a feeling that the grandmother character gonna pass away very soon… and her last wish was to see taehee get married to jaeun… maybe after they get married, there come her time to pass away.. i have this feeling since she always mention that she doesn’t have a long time to live anymore… T_T… i hope they can make the grandmother happy for the very last time before knowing those terrible things, and let her die in peace without knowing the truth… that is even better….


    • startulle says:

      yes.. i agree with u, i wish they will spare grandmother about the accident, it’s only suspicions facts, but still would kill her !……..if it’s her last wish seeing TH and J getting married maybe father and mother finally will agree! Le’s Hope!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Anonymous says:

    OMG!!! Still have to wait 31 hours to watch OB. Saturday plz plz come faster…I can’t wait anymore…I’m dying to know TH & JE’s answer to GM. I hope answer is “YES”.


  4. Ahh… Thanks Sparskey for the translation!
    I cannot speculate anymore…
    I will let myself drowned by the writer’s beautiful storyline….
    *I usually like to think and create about scenes I was hoping would happen in a drama, but this Ojakgyo Brothers always surprises me with EVEN BETTER scenes and storylines…
    Why the time is ticking so slowly??
    No matter what bad news I had just now about my family, somehow this drama encouraged and consoled me with its everything….
    Love and Peace


  5. oMG!!!! yes its finally here!!! wahhhhh!!!!!!!!! and its worth the wait!
    TB and SY scene! hehehehe! finally they are gonna be a real couple this time! hahaha! it took us 47 episode to realize each other feeling……….and then TH and J will start to face the storm, four people are unhappy if they will get married….in my opinion they need to clear everything up before they get married. I don’t want a cliche that during J wedding, somebody will relieve the connection between TH’s dad and J’s dad.


  6. mrschunnie says:

    Thanks a lot for the preview…. can’t wait until tomorrow night….. That family so feast, lots of people, so nice. It would be perfect if TH n J clinging each other in the family picture. Why they still feel shy each other after the kissed, hugged several times? So cute ^^

    Too bad when GM bring up again about TH n J for get married soon, J looks not happy and uncertain, it’s because of what Dad told to her, so sad…. even TH himself looks not sure and not too enthusiast anymore like before (just like he know about what Dad told to J before, but the truth is he doesn’t know at all about it right?).
    I want them get married soon. But I guess now J will refuse what GM said n want to wait until 3-5 yrs later like what she told to Dad.
    And I think pushing back their marriage things after the problem solve is the best thing to do. If they married before the problem solved, it’s just like they plant big time bomb and someday the bomb will blow and crash their marriage. So better they solve the problem and after that they can married without any burden.

    I like TH new hair, curly? so fresh ^_____~

    Tomorrow please come soon……


  7. On my 10th time watching the preview, still burst out laughing to see SY’s facial expressions and reactions when she saw TB coming in after she did the seductive look… Hahahahhahahaa….


    • Anonymous says:

      Can’t stop myself laughing too. Kinda embarrassing. ROFL.


      • Miss Q says:

        Hi guys pause the video a bit and see if you can catch TB’s reaction to catching SY in the midst of her practice, I have no words to describe it….

        So…hehehehehehehe….I leave it to your imagination…


        • Ginko says:

          Ha ha, it’s so awkwardly cute for SY that scene, I can’t believe she is caught! Ha ha.

          Btw, I made 2 gifs from Ep47 preview but my other post contained 2 links so please wait for Softy’s moderation.
          I repost one link here, I think one link is allowed in a comment ^^


    • mikz says:

      LOL. So cute seeing them wearing couple pajamas? Ü


  8. Curiosity says:

    Our cable TV is only showing that OB episode whereby SY revealed her marriage contract to her in-laws. So behind time and yet we have to pay so much to the provider for KBS station. Anyway, that SY looked so pathetic, in contrast to ep 47. Hurray! It’s happy days for SY now. 27 hours more to go!


  9. JoonA says:

    what’s wrong halmeoni? Please don’t say that it’s your last wish!! Jebal!!


  10. chayada says:

    ojakgyo brothers ep 47 preview


  11. zalapaoii says:

    I can’t understand the content, but it seems like joowon will appear on 1 night 2 days hehe^^ really great news!!! I really wonder how he will act on the variety. I enjoy watching him on happy together. He is very cute and funny. He has a ton of charm!!!

    Can’t wait for the next ep. I’m curious why TH and J’s face expression are like that?! They supposes to have a great expression…anyway, have to wait till tmr to understand everything. The writer is so unpredictable!!!


    • Kamila says:

      Really? As a guess or permanent member.

      Because I remember read it somewhere that 2D1N will end soon, means that original member will be replace by a new member soon. The concept will be same as before.

      They speculated that Kim Hyun Jung will likely be the next Lee Seung Gi but no confirmation on that.

      I’m a 2D1N avid fan!


    • sweetspring says:

      omo omo omo!!! I just was fantasizing about Joo Won being on 1n2d today then i see this @$#%$#^%&
      I thought there could be no one close to taking over LSG spot but OMOOMOMOMOMOMO the KBS angels mention himmmmmmmmmmm!!! those 2 magical syllables *faints*
      of course super fantasy is having LSG & Joo Won together on the show with the rest of the 1n2d crew but we could just all die from the pretty rite! :p
      p/s: Joo Won please say yes to this! you might regret it but you’ll make someone’s fantasy come true!!!


  12. sammi says:

    OMG is he gonnna be permanent member of 1N2D…Omg omg if he is then I will be in heaven..I really like this programme.. even if he will appear as a guest thats enough for me to drool over him haha..i guess he is very close to Um taeyang.. the guy who he was in the movie..they are from the same company so i guess he has invited him..wowowow


    • bbblue73 says:

      ur right he’s so close to him although they have an age gap. As a matter of fact he usually tease joowon about uee. I think joowon tells some secret to him.


    • Siska says:

      Really??that’s would be a great news if it’s true!!!!, coz i,m a fan of 1N2D program
      joo won must be KBS’s favorit star, and Joo won so loyal to KBS, his first and second drama gained high ratings and i hopes his new drama “Doll Mask” will gained high ratings also.. ( but he must be Super busy if he takes both of drama and variety show )
      i notice joo won & uee both of them still work on KBS programs, Uee on KBS music Bank and Joo won on 1N2D program…he..he so even OB has ended, both of them can still build their relationships, coz they not separated far away, still on KBS!!!


  13. Silvana says:

    First time writing here! Thank you all for your hard work, you make so many people happy! 😀

    I was SOOOO desperate to watch the preview, and it’s finally out!!! Can’t wait till tomorrow, really, I need cute SY and TB moments, I love them and they deserve to be together like a real couple now. So anxious!! I can’t concentrate on anything, I just want to watch tomorrow’s ep!


  14. Lovely_Moon's says:

    i really love this couple and i understand that there are a conservative lovers but seriously i want more kiss they actually kiss only 3 time!!! in ep 36. 37 and now 10 episode left but no kiss ok we had amazing sweets scenes i love it i think this is the first drama that i love but had the less kiss scene, indeed of their love story which is called an passionate love they don t really express it by kissing i guess it’s their style… i really hope the writer will add a few kiss scene before the ending because they really have chemistry so writer i beg you KISS XDXD


    • ck1Oz says:

      It’s a weekend family drama for Koreans. That means halmoni watching it. Like the real ones including the younger kids.
      Almost no chance of those on Sat/Sun 8 pm Korean dramas.


  15. Lovely_Moon's says:

    I REALLY LOVE OB LOve jaeun tahee couple i can’t wait for ep 47 get ready omooo i can’t wait i already prepared myself i hope there are not many crying scene because i cant handle see my favorite couple in pain! aigooo my tissue my tears are ready so fighting OB hihihihi


    • yenni says:

      same here with me..i,m already prepared a box of tissue, a bottle of water, and an aspirin
      get ready for the pains of my lovely couple..hu..hu..hu
      honestly i can’t stand if TH will be heart breaking again, remain me when he was on ep 25 until ep 33…ughhh…so broken hearted!!!!
      But i must strong and still watching their scenes, coz every second of their scene is very..very meaningfull for me!!!!!


  16. Lovely_Moon's says:

    yes you right not in a weekend drama i understand it anyway i really love this drama so i just enjoy it but i guess I am an eternal unsatisfied girl hihi


  17. Bird says:

    I found this on facebook.really cute 🙂


  18. Isy says:

    Its me but what is wrong with JE and TH expressions in the preview? Do they know about the whole hit and run situation? JE told TH they can’t get married until 4 years like she promise Dad?
    I am actually think of streaming live tonight. Too many guesses and i never guess right with this writer. Which is good 🙂


  19. Jaya says:

    It’s funny how in episode 43 , SY’s belly is a bit big but in episode 47 preview , when she’s in her pajamas , her belly is flat again .


  20. Ginko says:

    It’s Friday afternoon here, so anxious waiting for Ep47 tomorrow.
    So guys, let relax with the cute moment of TB-SY 🙂


    • Softy says:

      You are so funny – you made gifs out of a preview LOL. Has that ever been done before for any drama? This is def a first. you are the BEST. 🙂
      When I read the news that JooWon is thinking over the offer to join 1N2D, I swore to myself I would recap a variety show for the first time ever on this blog if he takes the offer. 🙂 with both YAI’s and JooWon’s dramas coming up in a few months, I am like the happiest drama viewer ever. And if he does join 1N2D, I am gonna park myself on the KBS steps to watch them do the opening every chance I get. 🙂


      • Ginko says:

        Ha ha, OMG, Softy, I can’t belive you put the push-up scene in the widget, ROFL. And I was going to ask you to please insert that gif, ha ha.

        2012 is sure going to be a busy year. After OB we still have YAI and Joo Won again ^^ I’m so happy.
        Right now I don’t watch any drama except OB, heard that other dramas are also good but I’m too occupied with OB ^^

        Sweet dream dear, see you in Ep47 recap ^^


        • Softy says:

          Hahaha great minds think alike – the one I posted is my fav too. 🙂 That is so scary that you know it’s my bed time now. 🙂 I tend to sleep earlier on Friday nights so I can be well rested to stay up Sat and Sun nights. See you guys later on the recap. 🙂


    • Silvana says:

      WOW, love the gif! Can’t wait until tomorrow’s ep!!!!!!!!!


    • ck1Oz says:

      Thank you and even more thankful you slowed it down because I lost count after watching it like 10 times or more.
      I have waited so long for this couple. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Do you see how loving he looks now? Like he realises how much he loves her. Sigh…me in a puddle of goo at the sweetness.


  21. Startulle says:

    Our adorable JW twetted …. Can someone kindly translate?! 🙂


    • Anonymous says:

      It seems JW is a little depressed


    • Anonymous says:

      난 지금 나의 성격, 마인드 변하고 싶지 않다. 난 나일뿐 그 누구도 아니다. 항상 초심 이라는 것을 생각하고 있다. 내 심장을 돌덩이처럼 만들고 싶지 않다.


      • Isy says:

        I used google translate to understand. It sounds like he having a hard time. I hope he stay true to himself.


        • Qua Trang says:

          Bing translater seems to produce better results (understandable but not necessary correct… hahahaha)

          I don’t want to change my personality, mind right now. I, as well as anyone. I think that it is always at heart. Don’t want to make my heart like a rock.


  22. nana says:

    hi… im silent reader… every weekend i will visit your website.. the things that make me wanna visit more ur website, it is bcoz of joo won.. u hv posted a lot of interviews bout him.. i wish u will upload moore about him altho this drama going to finish… im appreciate for all your works about ojakgyo.. very much enjoying this website.. fighting! 2 thumbs uo!


  23. bbblue73 says:

    Hi OB loyal friends especially to our TAEJA COUPLE addict like me. hehehe.
    Thanks GOD it’s saturday. Let the show begin.


    • flo says:

      yes..bbblue i, m a “TaeJa couple” addict too like you dear
      oops..still have wait 6,4 hours to watch OB for you guys who watch live streaming
      BUT for me still have wait around 11 hours, coz , i live in Indonesia, and i can’t live streaming OB, i,m just reading softy’s recap first and read all your comments while is live streaming, that’s why i,m so addicted with softy’s blog!!!!
      i get impatient for this episode, can’t wait to see my coffee couple..of course not forgetting to TB & SY couple, i love them too, alot !!!!


      • Yenni says:

        so do i.. I live in Indonesia too..wahhh i notice so many people from Indonesia visited softy’s blog
        i cant live streaming OB too, first i m reading softy’s blog, but i,m waiting till softy finished her recap, before i opened softy’s blog..i chanting my spell, hopes there is no bad happens to my fav couple, even i,m praying to God and hopes there is a cute moments beetwen my Tae Ja couple.
        eventhough Tae Ja couple is my fav couple, but honestly i loove all the couples on OB, i’m enjoying their chemistry such as TB & SY couple, i love them too.


      • umi says:

        hi I’m from ind also, but I live in sgp. Right now KBS here showing OB ep 41, same time with OB in Korea. So I just turn on tv and my computer at the same time, but stil can’t get enough of TH/JW alias gak puas2..:)
        btw have you guys seen this family picture???It’s from JW twitter, JW so handsome…:)https://twitter.com/#!/Moonjunwon/media/slideshow?url=http%3A%2F%2Flockerz.com%2Fs%2F136897879


      • Open this link http://www.wubisheng.cn/html/hanju/zxtv/?id=sbs-cjb# with Internet Explorer now!!! It won’t work with Mozilla Firefox… Good Luck, I’ve got to go now!! Good Luck!! 😀


  24. Selina says:

    No Joo won! He should not accept the offer to be on 1n2d!! Why? Because I really do believe that he has the potential to be as big as Kang dong won or Won bin. I am scared that appearing on such a variety show, he will lose his mysterious side, which I find each time im seeing the two above mentioned actors! Besides, the show may/ will stamp an image on him which is very far away from his own personality!


    • Melanie says:

      Ditto. I also think that he has the potential.


    • ck1Oz says:

      Err do you watch 1N2D? You mean the show will strip him to his bare personality. I love that show. And although there is a certain direction you can’t predict how it goes. It has me in stitches and I don’t watch it with subs. Their actions and expressions. Priceless 🙂

      It would bring him household name recognition and all the ahjummas would love him more. You all know he has only debut as an actor for 2 years. I mean his agency is one of the top 5 and it’s a great agency. The other actors there are all doing well.
      He would probably be the upright young man who would be corrupted by Ji Won right softy? LOL. Look at what happened to LSG.


      • Softy says:

        I have to agree with CK on this – if JooWon came on 1N2D- not only will he be a household name – he will finally get some CFs and we all know how many Won Bin has – he is all over the tv cuz of all his CFs. plus I have it on good authority Won Bin is not that mysterious cuz he has been dating a very prominent actress for almost a year. Everyone in the entertainment industry knows. Plus I want to get to see how funny JooWon can be in real life cuz I learned so much about the original 1N2D members. however the likelihood of him becoming a member is slim since he will be starting a drama soon and kim hyung joon’s name is thrown in too and between the two, KBS will more than likely want KHJ who will bring in more viewers. Also without any original cast, not even sure 1N2D will last and just tank like family outing two did. I don’t want JooWon to be on a program that is doomed to fail. Unless kang Ho Dong returns, but I doubt that will happen.


    • Isy says:

      I agree with you.


  25. Melanie says:

    I like Joo Won since Baker King, but I like him more in Ojakgyo Brothers.

    After reading the article in Han Cinema, I think that he likes to do thing that he like the most that is acting. Eventhough I would love to see him more on TV but not as variety program star but as an actor. He also mentioned that he is not greedy to becoming a star.

    I hope he continue giving us, fan his good acting skill and yay more dimples!


  26. startulle says:

    I cant help it….


  27. singaporegirl says:

    anyone knows how to watch live streaming via ipad? im at wubisheng chnl but no impact when i select kbs2


  28. ck1Oz says:

    Er we all use laptops I don’t know if it works on ipad sorry.


  29. […] predicting some of the stuff that happened this episode. Her name is ak and her comment can be found here. Like this:Like4 bloggers like this post. This entry was posted in Ojakkyo Brothers and tagged […]


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