Ojakkyo Brothers E45

I know I said it before, but it needs to be repeated. this is the best drama I ever watched. daebak episode – the tears are back but the good kind – full of love for the other person. the mom and TB both made me cry. The mom is my hero. her speech at the end is one of the best I ever saw in any drama – bawled through it, but was still smiling cuz I was so proud of her.  🙂

Thank you Bird for all the fast gifs and clips – you are the best. dont know how you do it so quickly.  🙂

Thank you Ginko for those gifs – cute cute cute love love love 🙂

I just noticed that the scene from E45 video preview where J back hugs the mom was cut – J was wearing the same outfit as the night when TH and J told the family about them. I love that scene so I am wondering why they cut that out.

Thanks to  Joonni for coming to my rescue and filling in those lines. 🙂


The mom comes back in the house and GM asks what is going on – why did the dad act like that. TS asks if something happened with dad.Mom makes up some excuse that dad got into an argument with the village leader over the pest control schedule during the meeting so the dad is really angry. GM: no wonder cuz I was wondering why he would suddenly get mad. she asks where he went -why didn’t he come in. mom: he was upset so he said he would go around the block and come in.  don’t pay any attention mother. Mom tells the rest of the family not to pay any attention. TP to J: see I told not to worry. TS says to the mom: Ja eun shi was frozen solid mom. he tells J to be at ease now. J: yes.  mom goes to her room alone

[*TS is still the only one in the family who insists on calling J “Ja Eun Shi” – at the beginning, I thought he did it cuz he had a crush on her but now I dont get why he is still doing that. we all know why KJ calls her that – cuz he really does like her.]

The brothers go out to drink with J and TH and congratulate them. TS says : I think I should say this in advance but TH – if your heart is in a hurry and want to do it this spring- don’t worry about me and do it (meaning get married before him) TB says don’t jump ahead so much cuz it’s too soon to talk about marriage. TP: dont talk about something you dont know. in front of GM, they already said this fall. TB: TH you already moved ahead that far? (I think TB is hinting at how serious it’s been for TH and J as in moved beyond kissing)  TH laughs it off and says: no – what are you talking about. TP: that’s right it’s not up to that yet. TB asks TP: do you know something? TH sneers at TP to keep his mouth shut. TP stammers: I am just saying it’s like that. It’s just an analogy. TS: how long have you been dating? how could I not have a clue while living in the same house. TB: that’s right huh? so on a day like today, we have to play the truth game. TH: what truth game? J doesn’t want to also. TP: since we said it -going to start. TH: I said not to do it. TP spins a fork and it points to J. TH thinks TP did something to the fork so he asks: what did you do? TB: dont try to know. TB tells TS to ask first. TS asks: Ja Eun shi – what do you like about TH so much. She says “everything”. TH breaks out his dimples from glee. TB asks why ask that during truth game. TP tells TB to ask. TB asks where they had their first kiss. TH looks nervously at J. TS says since seeing how they wont talk, they did it already. TB: of course they did. TH says let’s not do this. TB: a game is a game. Ja Eun ah. J: on the street. TH closes his eyes bracing himself for what is about to follow. Brothers all echo in unison: “on the street!” TH tries to take the fork away from TB saying dont do it, but TB says no.  TB asks when. TH: younger hyung. TP asks: on the day we made kimchee? J looks at TP in surprise. TS asks TP: did you already know?

TH gives TP a death glare but TP says: after she received TH hyung’s confession, what J said was “yes-go.” TH closes his eyes. J to TH: ajussi! TH: it’s not like that – it’s a misunderstanding – really-it’s not like that. TB teases: what about it – I knew too.  TH gets mad and says “hyung and younger brother are no help.” they all laugh. TB congratulates J and sincerely welcomes her. TP says -welcome and dont forget what oppa said till you get married – all men in this world are wolves. J: except for maknae oppa right? TP: of course. They all say congratulations.TB remembers how SY said it’s too late.

SY is alone in bed and remembers what TB said to her about loving her. she looks at the baby shoes he bought the baby

Dad wakes up and mom is already sitting up. He asks if she didn’t sleep at all. she says she did sleep a bit but it feels like a dream – how could this happen – it shouldn’t happen. Dad: what shouldnt happen did. She says how his heart must have ached knowing all this by himself – is that why you kept wanting to move. dad: right now I dont even want to live a day longer on this farm. that is why I debated whether to tell you or not. mom: You should have told me sooner. Dad: this huge problem  – it wasnt easy to talk about. if you know then you will be in hell like me. yesterday, after hearing that TH and J were dating, that’s why I told you or else I wouldnt have told you. you dont know how much I regretted in my heart. when I suddenly got this farm ten years ago -ten years ago when In Ho’s dad – in place of borrowing my name, I thought it was strange for him to lend me this farm for ten years. to be honest, after we graduated from school, we didnt keep in touch and didnt meet. one day suddenly In Ho’s dad came to find me -I thought he thought highly of me but I didnt even imagine this. now that I think about it – this farm was the cost of CW’s (TH’s dad) life. without knowing that I worked happily here on this farm for ten years. let’s sell the farm right away and move. Mom agrees: ok do that and I will tell J. dad: ok you tell her – I cant look at J’s face. I cant look at her directly. I keep telling myself I shouldnt do that but it happens without me knowing it. you tell her. mom: ok I will. what should we do about the kids? dad: what do you mean “what should we do?” mom: we should tell them to break up right? dad: is that something to ask before doing? of course we should make them break up. Mom: yes – what am I saying. how could this happen.

GM comes to the table and TH and others ask if she slept well. she asks if everyone slept well and says how great a morning it is. J announces the breakfast menu for the day – bean paste soup with some kind of fish I think. J is about to sit down but GM gives J her cushion and tells J to sit on it. J: no grandmother you sit on it. GM:  hurry and sit on it. a girl has to keep her body warm. hurry. J agrees and sits on it. GM: also after we eat – go with me to buy winter underwear. TP: our grandma already started overseeing her granddaugher in law’s care. TS, Guksoo, and TH laugh. J: it’s ok grandmother I am already wearing it. J pulls up her sleeve to show the red one. look. ajumma bought it for me so I am already wearing it. GM says to the mom: you did well. GM says the red ones are the best. make sure you wear that during the winter. J: yes. GM asks if there is no one missing then let’s eat.  TS says there is one more thing GM will like and calls Guksoo’s name. guksoo holds up a wedding couple of TH and J and says “I drew this picture.” TP: our guksoo really is moving ahead fast. TS: this kid takes after me and is eager.  GM says how smart Guksoo is. GM asks TH: since the topic is out- when are you thinking of getting married – how about this spring. spring or fall isnt it the same? Before TH can answer dad says-mother kids are still young. Mom agrees and says they havent dated long and J is only 25. GM: is 25 too young? when I was 25 I already had my second child. mom: mother back then and now is different. today 25 is a kid. GM says-then what do we do – I am in a rush even an hour earlier is better – try to be my age – don’t know what will happen tm at all. I am not even expecting a grandchild-just get married. TP: but GM if you rush too much J will run away. GM asks if J will run away. J shakes her head no and smiles. GM says: look she isnt saying no – J wants to hurry and get married too . J says that’s not it – she wants fall instead of spring too. TP: even fall is rushing it. you want to hurry and get married huh? J tries to deny it but shyly says “yes”. everyone laughs except for the parents.

Mom and dad talk in their room. Dad: the kids -at least for mother’s sake – we have to hurry and separate them. mom: what do we say to the kids. dad: tell J – that will be the quickest way.  if she knows the truth she will break up. mom: no not the truth. how can we tell her that? dad gets up and puts his jacket on. dad: even if we move I have to attend the meeting.  She tells him again “don’t tell the truth.” dad: for now I will go and come back.

J knocks and goes to TH’s room. He isnt in there. she looks around and picks up his phone. she sits on his bed and pokes his pillow and then touches it when TH comes in. she gets up quickly and he comes in and closes the door. He asks what she is doing. J: just…cuz you werent here. TH: that’s why – what were you doing alone in a room without the owner.

J: I called about ajumma’s bag – to give it to her before we go to work. but you didnt pick up your phone. that’s why. TH: ok then I will go to the car and bring the bag in. J: yes then I will take ajumma to the room and wait there first. she is about to leave, but he holds her back.he holds her arms and steps closer. She closes her eyes for a kiss. He is about to kiss her when GM walks in. GM says they should have locked the door to do that. TH: grandma that’s not it.

GM locks the door behind her and tells them “do it as much as you want now without any worries.” TH and J both laugh. TH asks J: should we hurry and get married? J smiles

The mom is standing in front of the sink. J comes and asks why the mom is doing dishes since it’s the dad’s turn to do it.J offers to do the dishes, but mom says I am almost done so just go to work. J: ok. J asks the mom to go to the room with her for a minute. J:hurry.

TH is standing there with a bag. He motions J to come over next to him. TH: mom – here. he gives her the bag. mom: what is this?  he says it’s a present -an early birthday present. if I give it to you on that day, grandma will see it and feel sad (that GM didnt get one) so I am giving it to you in advance. I did it with J. J: no – all I did was pick it out. ajussi bought it. mom: why did you buy this? what money do you have. TH: take it out (of the bag). mom takes it out and looks at it. mom: why did you buy something so expensive. what money do you have to buy something so expensive. J: ajussi said he wanted to give you something good for your birthday so I suggested a bag. mom gives it back saying: it’s too expensive. I dont this – it’s too much of a burden. He asks if she doesn’t like it. She says it’s not cuz she doesn’t like it – it’s just too expensive. TH: then accept it. J: yes please accept it. if it’s one of these you have every right to carry it. also inside the shopping bag, there is a small present from me. mom starts to snap at J so she changes her tone and says: why do you do things you werent told to do -why do stuff like this. J: it’s nothing special cuz I dont have money. it’s just a small lotion set. TH says how the mom’s bag is tattered so accept it. Mom takes it and almost cries. she thanks him. He asks if she likes it. She says of course I do. it’s pretty – I like it. She looks at both of them. They are so happy so the mom looks away to cry

TS and MS have coffee together. he tells MS how he signed up Guksoo to go to the community center yesterday since Guksoo is on break and it’s better for him than an academic academy. MS: that’s a good idea. guksoo can meet other kids so he will like it. TS: he must like it cuz ever since this morning he just stares at the clock. TS: but today there is a recreation event so I am a little worried that only guksoo wont have a mom there.  he asks if MS has time. she says it’s a day off at the restaurant so she says let’s go with H -the four of us together later. TS: I would like that

TS and MS watch as guksoo and H do activities with other kids. Then the moms all do some. Then parents have to pop balloons by hugging and TS and MS do it. They win. Then they do the pepero game where they have to eat a cookie between them but another set of parents win cuz TS and MS were too shy to touch lips

TS and MS have to carry their kids home cuz the kids are worn out and are sleeping. TS remarks how much running the kids did but now they are exhausted. TS thanks her for today – it was hard on you wasnt it? MS: no it was fun. all this time during family events like this – only the two of us attended but since it was the four of us it was nice. H liked it too. I am grateful  to you. I will be going in. TS calls her name and gets close and asks about customers at the restaurant tm. we should go early and prepare. it’s nice if there are lots of customers huh? MS: what do you mean suddenly talking about…. he quickly kisses her.

TS: go in. he runs inside and then peeks out after she is gone. He says there was a cherry scent

Y is at work when TP comes in. she says he is on break till tm so why did he come out. He sits and asks who the man was before. Was it your former husband. She tells him it’s none of his business and stay on the line. He says he will cross that line. I will make it my business. who was it? tell me. dont keep your mouth closed like that and talk. who was he for you to tremble like that. why did you cry like a fool. She says it was her former husband. He asks why they broke it off. Y: stop. TP: what was it? why keep it a secret and not talk? did he have an affair? did he? Y: yes.  yes he cheated on me – with my closest friend too. without me knowing they met for a year. is that enough? the three of us went on trips and ate dinner together on weekends. after I found out I realized that friend didnt come between our marriage – I was the one who came between the two of them. isnt that really funny? in one moment I was betrayed not only by my husband but I was backstabbed by a friend i trusted too. I became a real  fool. TP: you really are a fool. Y: what? TP: what did you do wrong to be unable to look at that person properly? why cry? your tears are wasted on that jerk. what is the point of having the ability to kick. you should have given him a highkick. you did that well to me. ( she gave him a highkick the first time they met) or you should have told me sooner. then at least I could have beaten him to death. why send a guy like that on his way accepting his business card. that’s right. the business card. where is it? go find him right now. let’s go and (he used some phrase that means something like make the guy pay).

Y cries and says dont yell at me. what are you to yell at me? who are you to interfere in my business? until i die I didnt want to tell anyone. I wanted to keep it hidden well and didnt want to show this side to anyone so why keep making me talk about it? what are you to me? why do you keep making me talk. why make me say it all? why do you keep making me bring it up and lean on you. She cries more so he hugs her.

SY’s mom still looks sad. The dad says she didn’t eat any breakfast so have some fruit. He asks if she is going to starve like this. She asks him to meet TB once. dad:what? mom: what he is going to do and from here on what will happen -we have to listen to his side. since you are a guy. dad:even when he broke up with SY and left with his belongings, he is the guy who didnt say one word of goodbye. just cuz I go to see him, nothing might change but now I cant stand the sight of that guy. I think it turned out well that they broke up. mom: why are you like this too? dad: why are you like this? how long ago was it when you wanted them to break up and took his bags to the in laws.

*I love how the mom is having buyer’s remorse right now -it’s like her heart finally caught up to her temper and she is now realizing she might have been too hasty in kicking TB to the curb.

TB meets with HR. HR: I heard you broke up – if by some chance it’s cuz of me…TB cuts her off and says: no I didnt break up cuz of you. we broke up cuz of me. I realized my feelings too late. Han HR –  I love Cha SY. So the farewell I didn’t get to do 3 yrs ago I want to do it now. HR: ok. do it. TB: thank you for those ten years – for being there together thru all my important times-laugh together with me and help me endure it. also for letting me have that kind of love.  thank you HR. I can finally put a final stamp on the love I had for you when I was in my 20s. to be honest- after you left – I thought for the rest of my life I would resent you, hate you, miss you, and not get over my feelings for you, but now I can do it. also my 30 and 40s and till the end of my life I want to spend it together with SY. Be well -healthy and happy. she nods yes. TB leaves (OMG why am I bawling thru this ….)

J is drawing her duck at the studio. KJ comes in and looks at the card on the table. He reads “dad baek in ho daughter baek J.” J: oh that dropped out. KJ remarks her dad is considerate cuz he mails stuff like that. J: yes every birthday he never once forgot to send a card and letter. and he always wrote this on the envelope. dad Baek In ho. daughter Baek JE. isnt it fun? KJ: yes. you didn’t eat dinner yet? let’s go eat. She says she ate-you didnt eat yet? KJ: oh you ate. I didnt eat yet. she tells him to go eat and come back cuz director Yang called and will be 30 mins late. KJ: it’s too bothersome -just design. I wont get in the way.

He is about to take some medicine so she asks “what’s that medicine is for.” He says a light cold. J: you said you didn’t eat dinner so are you going to take that on an empty stomach? KJ: it’s ok. J: no you cant take medicine on an empty stomach. look – it’s not just one pill – it’s a lot of pills. wait just a minute. She makes him a banana milk shake. she holds it out to him and asks:why dont you like banana milk? KJ says: Don’t tempt me/cast a spell over me. J: what? KJ: See! You wouldn’t even be able to handle it.he drinks it. He gets a call from TH.

TH:what time are you going to see detective Bong later? TH tells KJ to be sure to bring the evidence (suspect list and stuff from his mom) when KJ comes later. KJ: what to do – I didnt go home yesterday so I dont have it today. TH hangs up and says: is he playing around? D hangs up the phone and says Hong is back. TH tells D to make an appointment with Hong. D: you are going to meet him again? what is the point of meeting him when he doesnt open his mouth at all. TH: still I have to meet him at least -have to shed J of her backdoor admittance and he is the person I need to do that.If, as according to our instincts, he is Baek In Ho’s faithful friend, we have to hope that he will have a change of mind.  (Thank you Joonni)

KJ, D, and TH are helping Bong at the restaurant. the place is filled with middle aged women. a woman says they came from far away and asks Bong for “service” (free extra food). KJ hears that and offers to pay for each table to get some other dish than the one she asked for. a woman calls out to TH to order two bottles of Sprite. one woman thinks TH is handsome but another one says Kim PD is better looking. another woman calls this place “flower boy gukbap shop.”  She thanks him and pats TH’s butt. KJ comes over and says how they shouldnt hit his butt, but D comes over and looks eager. when she sees D, she changes the name from flower boy gukbap shop to So Bang Cha (they were an early 90’s dance male group. Can’t say boy group since they consisted of older members. There were three members and one of them was a little ordinary looking and round-faced like D. That’s why the women call the three So Bang Cha. But yeah, it does literally translate to “firetruck.”Joonni explained). D looks sad so TH pats his belly and walks away. TH gets a call and says: he showed up? I will go to Seoul station right away. TH calls D over. D asks if Im Jae sung showed up. TH says yes. TH tells KJ that they will leave first. And asks KJ to find out at least one more thing from Bong today. KJ says trust me and go

KJ tells Bong it’s been over a week so shouldnt he tell. Bong ignores him. KJ: you are too much.  if there are things going out there should be things coming in. if you are going to be like this then I am not coming starting from tm. do you really not want me to come? you wont regret it? officer Bong. Bong: it’s not like I wont talk – I cant. Officer Hwang’s dad asked me as a favor not to tell his son. KJ: what? officer Hwang’s father did? why? Bong: that I don’t know too but anyway don’t resent me. (dont hold it against me)

KJ goes to his office and looks at the list of suspects on the evidence list. And he reads Baek In Ho on it and remembers how J read off her birthday card from her dad and said “dad Baek In Ho” aloud. (so now KJ knows why the dad didn’t want Bong to tell TH. also KJ lied to TH earlier cuz KJ told him this list was at his home.)

The mom remembers everything she went thru with J. and how J asked to be her daughter. And how J forced the mom to go to the hospital by telling the mother to take better care of herself. She looks at the skin care J bought her. there is a letter inside. “Ajumma from here on, at least for skin care products use the regular kind (she meant no more samples)– I will be responsible for your skin products for the rest of your life (meaning J will continue to keep providing that for the mom). the mom looks over to her samples on the vanity. She continues to read J’s letter. “ajumma – now you understand why last time when you said let’s be mother and daughter I said I didn’t want to  – right? Even though I turned you down, I was so happy I could have cried cuz you asked me to be mother and daughter –ajumma do you know the biggest reason why I came back to Ojak farm was you? cuz I really missed your warm touch when my stomach hurt and I fainted and the breakfast table you set every morning. Also even if I didn’t tell you, you know it all don’t you? that I completely forgave you. ajumma I love you a lot and admire/respect you– don’t be sick again. Ja Eun” mom cries and says over and over again “what to do – this poor girl. My heart aches– what to do” She hugs the letter and bawls.

Y looks at her ex-husband’s business card. TP asks if she isnt going to leave for the day. she asks TP to go with her.

Before they go inside, she says wait a minute. he tells her not to worry and he will be by her side. TP goes up to distract the secretary and says he came cuz he was introduced by doctor park. Y runs past the secretary while TP distracts her and then TP has to block the secretary from going after Y

Y goes in and her husband thinks she is his secretary so he says I said don’t bother me when I am practicing golf. He sees it’s Y so he asks what brings her here without calling and asks her to sit down. She demands an apology. Y: apologize to me. guy: what? Y: I said apologize to me. you did something wrong to me – you had an affair with my friend. guy: what do you mean an affair- I said it was a misunderstanding. Y: misunderstanding? what misunderstanding? you deceived a person for a year so what misunderstanding? I did my best. you said dont work so I gave up work. followed you to america. you said let’s not have a child so I even gave up having a child. but you have an affair? with my friend at that? he tells her to calm down and listen to what he has to say. Y: it would have been better if you had asked to divorce sooner -why deceive a person for a year and turn her into a fool? do you not take me seriously? in your eyes do I look like someone you can push around? cuz I always endure it, am patient, and understand it so did I look like a fool? he yells for his secretary. she comes in with TP. Y: no one has the right to treat me anyway they want. apologize this minute. She threatens him with a golf club ready to hit him. Y: I said apology to me right now you jerk.

As they walk out, TP asks if she is ok. Y: I am ok – I really am ok. how much I am ok now is I think I can tell my sister. now I am not ashamed. breaking up with that person -living with my  (not sure of this word) -it was the best thing I did while living. I did well right? TP: yes you did well-really well. Y: really? TP: really. Nam Y did well. is doing well and will do well even more from here on too. He holds out his hand. TP: hold it or else I will piggy back you as we go. she takes his hand. TP: you are hungry right? should we go eat something good. Y: thank you.They interlock their fingers. TP: let’s go. Y: yes

SY is having a meeting and asked choi to partner up with her to go with her today. choi says he already has something to do. SY wonders who to go with. I will go alone. Choi says to have a date with TB. Girl says she is envious.

SY and TB walk together. He asks if she wants to have dinner. SY: it’s ok.  He asks for the car keys and offers to drive. He blocks her path and asks: what do I need to do? what can I do for you to accept me – tell me. I will do everything you want. SY:there is no need- I told you it’s already too late. TB: what is so late? Do you really not love me now? Or are you still so mad and need more time. please answer me. SY: I don’t know too. She walks off. It’s snowing outside

SY is in the elevator and when she gets out she sees a bride waiting to get on. SY remembers her wedding and how they had to run off cuz of work. She heads towards her car but drops her keys and holds her stomach. She leans on the car and is in pain. She picks up her phone that she dropped and calls TB. She tells herself “please” and to “endure it (the pain)” she calls TB and says “my stomach hurts so much” TB: where are you? SY: I am scared. I am scared TB shi. TB: calm down – where are you now?

Mom calls dad and asks where he is.

Mom and dad meet outside at a cafe. She asks if his meeting ended well. He said it ended  well and tells her to talk. mom: about the farm problem – I will explain it well to J-that it’s taking up too much of my energy and that I cant do it anymore. I will tell her to quit developing the feed. J will understand too. let’s hurry and move.  Dad says they already talked about that. Mom: yes I know – but about the kid’s problem – let’s just cover it up (meaning keep it hidden and don’t tell J about what her dad did). dad: what do you mean cover it up? mom: Baek In Ho is already dead. J didnt do anything wrong. Let’s just the two of us know (what he did) and cover it up. dad: what does that mean? just let the kids keep dating.  Mom says yes. Dad: what? are you in your right mind now? mom: yes I am in my right mind – think about the scar the kids will have. about the scar J will have.  when she hears that – you think she will be sane and be able to live in this world? dad: but you want us to let TH get married with the daughter of the criminal who killed his father? mom: it’s not like they are going to get married right away. young kids can be together and could break up  and stuff. dad: Park Bok Ja.

mom: I will take responsibility. I will make sure they don’t bring up marriage -at least for 3 or 4 yrs just let them date and I will take responsibility that they dont bring up marriage. dad: you think that makes sense? they are young kids in love – if their feelings grow deeper for each other -what if they cause trouble like TB. mom: TH wouldnt do that. dad: then did TB look like he would? are you in your right mind? arent you someone who lost her senses somewhere. there are other things you can take sides for and other things to cover up -how could you want to cover this up. Mom: did you forget J forgave me? after stealing her contract, I pushed J, who calls all accidents to her (accident=prone) all the way to the edge (as in pushing her to the limits of her grief and bad happenings.) a kid who went under backdoor admittance suspicion -when she put up her tent and came back to the farm -you remember how awful I was to her right? dad: so you want to let him keep meeting the daugher of the criminal who killed TH’s dad and when they want to get married – let them get married? mom: J said she came back to the farm cuz of me – the person who stole her contract-she missed my hands and came back cuz I was like a mom. she missed my hands and wanted to see me cuz I was like a mom-that is why she came back.  How lonely must she have been to do that. how lonely and desperate that kid must have been to do that. dad: dear “yobo”. mom: that girl lost her mother as soon as she was born and lived not knowing what a mom’s affection is- only lived under her father’s care. he left her like that and left this world. in this world she is an orphan and accident-prone who doesn’t have any family to hold her. Please, let us not push her toward a cliff again.how can that child handle that? if it was you could you handle that? if it was you -after you go through that could you live in this world in your right mind?  Please cover it up. I will take responsibility. Dad: then what about mother? can you live looking at mother’s face if you do that? Mom: I will treat her well. dad yells : be quiet – are you in your right mind? mom: yes I am not in my right mind. I am not in my right mind. right now, I am not your wife – I am not a mother in law’s daughter either – I am just J’s mom now- that’s all I am – that is all I am going to do. you said I saved you many times. Save me this time. just do this for me once – if you want to save your wife-if you dont want to lose your wife -cover up this incident. if you don’t I will not live with you. dad: what? Mom: yes I am putting my place as your wife on the line and threatening you. TS’s father cover up this incident.


*could we give her another acting award cuz she sort of earned another one with that speech alone. 🙂

No preview

But in the photos TB went to SY in the parking garage.

E46 written preview translated by Sparkskey on the London subway -thank you 🙂

Mom asks J to sell the farm, J is shocked at mom’s sudden speech. J stays up all night, troubled because mom says managing the farm is beyond her and finally decides to sell the farm..

TH finds KJ to find the namelist of car users on the road at that time but KJ lies saying he doesn’t have it and suggests that TH stop investigating. TH starts finding KJ’s behaviour suspicious..

Fanderay’s comments from the road:

I am so proud of the mom! Last week I mentioned how much was hinging on the mom’s reaction to the whole debacle with J’s dad, and she far exceeded my expectations. I finally feel like I completely trust her, and like J can fully rely on her with no fear of ever being let down. In the early episodes the dad was the person who was most on J’s side, but this is a role reversal that I couldn’t be happier about. Even though the dad is trying to separate J and TH, it’s nice to see him being proactive and more involved in his family’s affairs. It seems like practically everyone is at their best right now!

Even the grandma just keeps getting better and better. I thought it was hilarious that she locked TH and J in his bedroom together (she must be keen for more great-grand babies!). She’s so giddy about them getting married that it’s going to be awful when she finds out about J’s dad, and I wouldn’t be surprised if her health took a turn for the worse as a result.

Y has always been a fairly meek character, particularly for her age, and I love that TP is bringing out her stronger side. I wonder if she’ll soon have the courage to really stand up to her sister? She seems like the type of person who has felt lost and helpless for most of her life, so I’m looking forward to her having a successful business and better confidence in herself. Despite his womanizing I think that TP would treat her very well, and it seems like Y’s fear of what people think (particularly her sister) is gradually being overridden by her attraction to TP. I think she’s just starting to realize that she deserves to be treated with respect (both romantically and otherwise) and standing up for herself is a big step in the right direction.

TB is continuing to act more and more admirably (I wasn’t sure it was possible) and SY at least seems to be considering coming around. I was happy that she admitted that she doesn’t know what she’s feeling since confusion is valid in her situation, and I don’t think I could have handled watching her say anything harsh to TB again. Not that he seems ready to give up, and I love that about him!  He even went out of his way to clearly lay things out for HR, even though it wasn’t really necessary since they were nowhere close to dating.  I actually feel a bit sorry for HR since she didn’t once act like a typical nasty second lead, and always kept a respectful distance.  Maybe her and G will end up together!

I’m a bit worried about the baby situation. Is SY going to miscarry? I was somewhat OK with them separating since it would make their reconciliation more meaningful, but taking the baby out of the picture is just too sad! If there’s no baby then SY will know with certainty that TB loves her (since the baby would no longer be his motive) but the writers wouldn’t be that cruel would they? Maybe we’ll get the best of both worlds, and they’ll just think that they’re going to lose the baby, but TB will confess that he wants to stay together even if they do lose it. Or maybe nothing will even come close to happening to the baby, but SY will realize that TB is someone she can count on. No matter what happens, I think it will be good for the two of them as a couple in the long run.

TS and MS keep getting cuter (I never saw it coming) and it’s sort of endearing that they’re so dorky despite their age. Plus, how great is a first kiss while piggybacking sleeping kids? N’s unusually high intelligence is still confusing to me though. I feel like there must be a point and that’ll it’ll eventually lead to something significant, but I can’t think of what. Does anything of note happen to gifted kids in Korea? Is there a special school or program he might be enrolled in?

One of my favorite scenes was the one where the four brothers went drinking with J. TP pretty much threw TH under the bus (which I found incredibly entertaining) and I loved how TH and J interacted with each other throughout it all. The way she got fake-mad at him and the way he laughed over his “guilt” showed how comfortable they are together. They seem like they’ve been dating for much longer than they have been, and that’s a good indicator or how incredibly compatible they are (not that we couldn’t already tell!).

It seems like the mom has the dad pretty firmly under her thumb, so does that mean that KJ will be the one to leak the truth to J or TH? If the parents are willing to let them date under these circumstances, then I wonder if TH won’t be. Maybe just J will find out, and she’ll assume (perhaps incorrectly) that it would hurt TH too much if he ever found out, so she’ll break up with him. I hope that when TH does hear the truth, that he tells J he loves her too much to ever give her up. Maybe that’s wishful thinking, but this drama is full of sweetness and often accedes to my wishes, so I’m going to keep wishing!


It’s no big secret, but as soon as I get torrents, I usually go back and fill in all the lovey-dovey scenes for TH and J and TB and SY in that order. But not tonight. I went directly to that last scene and J’s letter to the mother. Their relationship has been the heart of this drama for me and tonight it’s the reason why I was leaping for joy. J finally has a mother. The proof is here – this is the face of a mother in torment for the pain her child is about to suffer. She instinctively did what any mom would do in this situation: she put J first before TH even. We all know how much she dotes on TH just as much as her other sons, but tonight she only had one thought and that was to protect J at all costs. Everything about that letter J wrote to the ajumma was perfect. The only thing missing in that letter was J calling the ajumma “mom,” but I rather hear that happen when they are facing each other. I thought I was only dreading the day the grandma finds out about J’s dad, but tonight I realized it’s going to be far worse when either TH or J find out. Watching them suffer is going to be torture. I hope I can keep it together long enough to translate through it, but I bet it will be hard to focus through all the tears. Just thinking about it is making me feel that kick in the guts already. Why does a drama this good have to hurt this much with just an image of our beloved characters in pain.

As for that farewell TB gave HR – can I just say that is about the most beautiful goodbye I ever heard. It sort of tore me up cuz I know TB is finally rid of HR for good. Like TB said to TH – HR left behind some of her “baggage” in his heart, but with his words tonight, it’s all cleared out. Now all that is left in TB’s heart is that empty space ready to be filled by SY and their baby. Since this is a family drama and we didn’t get that many kisses and were deprived of any superfluous shower scenes, I bet nothing will happen with the baby. It will only be a scare that will bring TB and SY together. Maybe he has to sleep at her place to keep an eye on her or some excuse like that. I knew that baby had some remarkable welding power and tonight that baby exerted some of that by demanding some attention. Loving how this baby kicks butts into gear. Wonder what magic the baby can work on SY’s mom –maybe the baby can turn SY’s mom into a reasonable person. Miracles can happen. 🙂


225 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E45

  1. Hanna says:

    Dear Softy,

    I’m scared too. Their separation episode starting from episode 25 really heartbreaking. Episode 27, 28 and 29 for me are the most painful episodes to watch….

    I never felt like this before watching KDrama… TH and JE love story is beautifully written.


  2. nurbi says:

    thanks a lot for this great job softy, fanderay, and everybody sharing comments here .. these are the best times for me. I’m really tired of exams but you make me smile 🙂 feels like home^^
    I dont know anybody mentioned this before but I think this accident that caused to death of taehee’s dad must be related with the chef of TH and the grandfather of JE. I dont believe in Baek In Ho did this. ok it’s really hard to say he is innocent but I dont feel even though we saw him just 3 or 4 episodes (Im not sure about the numbers of episodes ) btw I think the grandfather felt sorry after ten years and maybe he decided to give the farm to Hwang family and never told his son why he was giving the farm to them he said he was just giving the farm for ten years. maybe baek ın ho was using the car but he didnt this purposely and didnt realized what he caused. if he knew this he woudnt dare to come to ask farm back. it must something with baek in ho’s father (JE’s grandfather), the chef and TH’s father. but I wonder what was the job of TH’s father. maybe I missed but I wonder his job!! and what was the relationship between them??
    chef is the only one who knows the truth. he always took advantage for himself and used baek in ho. he is a bastard.!!!

    and I guess firstly ja eun will learn and wants to break up for tae hee’s sake and for this she’ll have to use KJ. ok she doenst anybody who can protect her and anywhere to go but she reallly loves him and never want him make sad. we saw how she is strong before.
    and I like writer-nim. she is making an A-quality work

    so sorry for my english and greetings from Turkey 🙂 I love all of you ^^


  3. ydoodler says:

    Glad to be back in OB land! Thanks for all the hard work!!
    So with the whole accident thing, I feel like maybe the chief did it but in Baek In Ho’s car? That’s the reason I could think of. I feel like the best would be to tell both TH and J at the same time because then they could actuallly see what the other person is feeling instead of misunderstandings.
    I love how this drama shows real love. It doesn’t have to be magical, love at first sight, always perfect but real love is the kind that creeps up on you until you realize that you can’t live without that other person.
    For some reason, I always thought that if SY miscarried, the couple would grow closer but now that that is an actual possibility, I’m scared. I really really want this miracle baby. It has to be born! I love it so much already!
    I always think that I have a favorite episode but the characters all keep growing cuter and I keep loving them more. Can’t wait for tomorrow!


  4. ydoodler says:

    Oh, softy. I made and mp3 version of Joo Won singing in the last episode so I could put it on my iPod. Do you already have a download for it? If not, I can put it on mediafire so others could download it too.


  5. Ginko says:

    Softy, ha ha, name your first puppy after me? lol, but of course I’ll make the gif, you don’t need to say that. You make me blushed, really 🙂

    Sorry I couldn’t make gifs faster, after streaming I went out and just came back in the evening (my side), downloaded, rewatched and made gifs.
    @Bird, you amaze me, how come you make gif and video cut that fast? Thank you for sharing with us.

    Sharing gif for Ep45

    By request ^^, almost kiss

    Same like above, just that I already resized the gif, coz that one’s a bit heavy. So you might use this small one for the side widget.

    GM locked the door ^^

    The truth game

    “What do you like about him?” – “Everything!”

    Where were your first kiss?”

    “Ye,ka yo…!”

    JE was mad at TH


    • Ginko says:

      MS-TS kiss

      TP-NY hand holding

      Can’t find a moment for SY-TB, so I use this scene

      Someone patting TH’s butt! Gru,,,, hand off, ahjuma!

      JE in TH’s room

      Mom cried at the gift from JE and TH

      Then, see you all tonight 🙂


    • Ginko says:

      Hix, typo again, big mistake!
      Softy dear, would you please fix it for me?
      *embarrassed*, seriously, how silly me!
      And please delete this comment if you think it’s necessary ^^

      Thanks so much!


      • ck1Oz says:

        Can I just say ginko that softy’s new widget is my absolute favourite scene for them now. Yes even over the song and kiss. You know why?
        He just stops her and now that they have reached an understanding that they are getting married. Plus the fact they are in his bedroom- would she have dared go in there before?
        Anyway whether it is JE/TH or JW/UEE they are just so good together. Been staring at that gif.

        Gah 🙂 can’t get rid of my fangirl mode after seeing that.

        Thank you for all the goodies.


    • Softy says:

      Thank you for all of these 🙂 sorry I woke up late and didn’t get to press approve till now. When this drama ends, I think I will be staring at all these gifs and just bawl my eyes out. Every scene brings back so many memories – how will we survive without this drama I wonder? 🙂


      • Ginko says:

        Agree, we all will suffer from withdrawal symptoms after the drama ends, *sob* I already feel sad 😦

        @ck1Oz, ^^ I know, love his stare in that ‘almost kiss’ in his bedroom so much. Gosh, I think I faint if I was in JE’s place. The thought of she’s in his bedroom already made me blush! *wishful thinking* ^^


    • startulle says:

      Thank You so much…….its so adorable!


  6. Bird says:

    Thank you Ginko for sharing all the gifs ,I love all of it ^^ and save it in my computer 🙂
    and yes Softy how will we survive without this drama. when I heard about this drama will be extending for more 8 episodes i’m so sad because i just hope it’ll be more 16 episodes .For me I’m not ready for the end of this drama:(
    For the answer how I make the gif that fast, I do it while I watch it live.
    I download the program for watch kbs2 from the link that Softy posted it on the kd forum and open it with GOM player and capture it. as you can see my gifs is not clear and bad quality not good as if we make it from download version.but I just want to share it for someone that can’t watch it live.
    Sorry for my bad English


    • Ginko says:

      Oh, so that how you have the video first hand. I don’t d/l the software from KBS, just go live streaming from the wubisheng.cn link. Please continure sharing with us your speedy gifs and video cut, Bird 🙂 Thank you so much!


      • Bird says:

        Thank you to Semi-fly for the super fastest torrent link.so I got the video from download torrent .
        Semi-fly posted it on soompi^^


  7. startulle says:

    First of all, thanks guys for your awesome work posting this “Daebak” episode so quick!….I was so anxious waiting ! Im so glad the writer made this episode sad and happy same time so my heart still can handle so much emotions! Also i hope mother will protect J till the end but i think dad cant hide the truth for so long, but i think KJ will find the answer! But i confess i wish i was that luck lady who hit TH’s butt! lol


    • flo says:

      me too
      i wish i was that ajumma who hit TH;s butt he..he..
      and i wish not only i hit TH’s butt !!but i wanted to pinch his adorable cheek’s bone..ke..kee
      OMG Hwang tae hee is a adorable, handsome, cuuuteee men everrrr……


  8. Trang Nguyen says:

    i so agree w. u that i also have to repeat myself again, how much i love this drama. it’s very different from other dramas that i have watched. like other dramas, they’re long but they don’t do that by dragging the obstacle out. What i mean is for every incident/situation that can be considered kind of bad, in an episode or two, there’s a light that gives us hope in watching the next episode w/o being disappointed. We were all so scared how the family will turn against JE after they find out the incident, but right away the last scene gives us hope that it won’t be that bad because at least JE still have ajumma on her side. As long as one of the adult is sticking up for the couple, i think that makes me happy already becuz they can make some amend to the situation. I love ajumma’s last speech and i’m taken by how she react to the incident becuz at first i thought she’d be so against the two and JE and will be mean to her. It’s nice to see her controlling how she behaves to JE(cuz the father couldnt) and thought about how JE will be if the incident is revealed and not just thinking only about TH. Role reversal between ajumma and ajussi. It’s nice that when there’s such bad situation, at least one of them are on JE’s side. But grandma….. i’m afraid plus she’s old(hope it doesnt affect her health). As for TB and SY couple, i seriously hope they’ll get closer the next episode or two. i think it’s enough heartache given to SY so please end it scriptwriters especially not make her have a miscarriage. that’s just too much for SY.
    Thank you so much for recapping. Everytime i am up on weekends, first thing i do after waking up is turning on my laptop to this website. Love that it comes out before the video cuz im a bit impatient and the translating always come out before i wake up(since i dont wake up b4 7am) so its just perfect knowing that the episode recaption is already posted.

    don't know what i'll do after this drama ends 😦 too sad just thinking aobut it. i don't mind they having married and have kids and drag out the drama lol kkkk


  9. Anonymous says:

    TH&J love mimicking each other right? Then it’s TH’s turn to come to J’s room LOL!!!


  10. Anonymous says:

    took out link


  11. juemusst says:

    Less than 1 hour to go :). All are busy standing by, I guess. A little quiet ……..


    • Curiosity says:

      Hi, are you from asia? Yesterday, I was ‘stranded’ in ep 44 with 2 others whilst the rest were busily commenting in the ep 45 link. I only realised after the live streaming was over and the ep 45 link appeared on my com screen. LOL, as I kept wondering why the site was so quiet. Wonder if it was due to satelite problem. So if this happens later, you may want to wait till E46 recap appears on screen before you ends up like me, ‘talking to myself’ yesterday!


      • juemusst says:

        Hi Curiosity, yes I am from Asia.

        Hope that is the case. Or else, all are nervous on the outcome of today’s ep. I have been “stalking” ep 46 recap but none so far.

        Wait until ep 46 starts, you will see trails of updates from all over the world. Cant wait …. :).


  12. juemusst says:

    Before we start with Ep 46 recap, just wanted to say that episode 45 is by far the best ever drama I have ever watched in my life!!! I am not kidding. The best scene ever is the scene with all 4 brothers. Seeing how happy and jovial they are, cant help to hope that they will be supportive of JE once the case is known to all.

    Again, to all, HAPPY WATCHING. Praying hard the writer will not leave us in ?? in the end of today’s epi. Dont think my heart and my mind can take another week of suspense.

    Have fun all …. :).


  13. Illyrain says:

    You guys are wonderful and do such an amazing job on this website. I hope that SY does not miscarry that would just be too painful and it would probably devastate her. She had said she could’nt concieve so this is a miracle baby. I am really cheering this baby on so that he can bring his parents together and also melt some of grandma ‘s temper away. As for TH and J they are just so adorable together it just brings a smile as you watch this couple.

    Thanks for doing the recaps


  14. sweetspring says:

    Practically overnight I have become an OB addict & a Joo Won lover. its been a bittersweet journey with OB, I only got into it when the episodes hit the 40ish mark even though I saw bits & pieces of it on tv when I was in Korea in december. Now I have to painfully endure the suffering of waiting for subbed videos while wondering day & night what would happen to our beloved Ojakgyo family.
    As some have said, it really is a daebak drama, I think, because its got the Kdrama twists but portrayed in a more realistic way & the writers & actors have had months to really develop the characters so there is an overall consistency & linkage between all the episodes. Of course the chemistry between the different couples in the show makes for great viewing- if I could bottle up the chemistry between Joo Won & Uee alone & sell it to other dramas I’ll be able to buy a villa in Gangnam! (wishful thinking)
    Mostly I’m thankful that OB introduced me to the #1 amazingly adorable gorgeous being that is Joo Won. He’s got a great personality judging from the interviews I’ve watched of him which makes him more adorable. I think this episode would get him in trouble now- all the ajummas would be aiming for his butt instead of patting him on his back & telling him off for what he did to Tak Gu kekeke (watch Joo Won on happy together to get what I mean).
    Lastly thanks for the recap, I watched this episode raw & it was so frustrating trying to guess what was going on- I hope the Hallyu wave would just get so big that they would sub everything the moment it airs & make life easier for everyone *sigh* (wishful thinking #2)…


  15. chelsealvsj says:

    In Ep45 preview, I saw the scene that Ja Eun hugs ajuma at 0:03
    But when I watch full of Ep 45, I didn’t see it.
    Someone please tells me what’s the problem. I missed this scene or my file is not full ver?
    Thanks a lot. I really love to watch this scene.
    This is Ep45 preview.


    • Softy says:

      this happens when they do live shoots – some scenes they film and put into preview and then later sometimes they take out the scene and we dont get to see it. it’s pretty normal in kdramas during live shoots. sometimes they add stuff like that on the dvd as extra footage. 🙂


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