Ojakkyo Brothers E42

There is only so much hatred you can hold in your heart before you reach the breaking point and realize you are fighting a losing battle hanging onto something you never wanted to in the first place. Letting go of all of all those years of resentment and bitterness tonight was TH’s way of breaking free from chains he put on himself as an angry little kid. Unlike last time when I bawled right along with him as he heard the news about his mom passing away, tonight I didn’t shed that many tears as he finally faced what he has been running away from. Just knowing that on the other side of that door there is someone who is ready to comfort him when he came out just sort of gave me peace of mind. It’s one thing to feel bad for a character who has to go through so much pain alone, but it’s a whole other story when he has everything he needs in J – just waiting an arm’s length away. Their love story is going to takes some dips again in the coming weeks so I just hope they are deeply rooted in their feelings for each other to withstand the tempest that is coming their way.

E43 video preview

SY looks in the mirror and says to herself: the choice has already been made/ decision has already ended -now you need to make the decision you made the right one.

Sparkskey translated the rest

SY said “Be happy with Mother” while rubbing her baby bump.
Netizens are asking what TB said on the KBS site too cause the music is crazy overwhelming so can’t really help with that either.
*Softy didnt have much luck either -all I caught was TB mumbling about how SY made the decision on her own and called her a “bad girl”
Dad says to the officer: If my son comes to find you…you must…
Mum: Suddenly my stomach…..J goes to her side.
Dad: What happened?
J: It might be because we have been so busy with coming up with new duck feed recently; she fainted due too overwork. Dad: Thats why I’m asking why did you make her do that! Is ajumma your servant?


Sparkskey also translated the message on the facebook wall about OB extension (thank you)  🙂

“Everyone~! The final decision is to extend Ojakkyo Brothers by 8 episodes. OB was supposed to end on the 22nd of Jan with 50 episodes, but now it has been extended by 8 episodes to end with 58 episodes.

In the 8 episode extension, we plan to deal with TH’s dad’s hit and run accident and it’s relation to JE’s dad.

Now, there are only 16 episodes left and OB will end next year on the 19th of Feb. Hopefully ratings will hit 40% and TH-JE’s love to bear fruit despite the upcoing hardships. Please cheer for the OB family that they will all find happiness”


Written preview

Dad is very tormented by the fact that the culprit of the hit-and-run accident was his friend Baek Inho. Dad can’t even look at J anymore and after some time of suffering by himself, he finally tells Mum “Let’s move”, completely taking her by surprise as she asks “What do you mean?”

TH revealed that he has a girlfriend to his family. TH & JE can’t sleep probably due to nerves and bashfulness. JE then tells TH the thing she wanted to do most if she ever got a boyfriend is to get couple rings*.

*Note: she basically tells him lets get couple rings.

Translated by Sparkskey who is in Milan and still keeping up with OB – if my butt was in Milan this time of the year, I would never go indoors. – Softy. 🙂


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There were too many wonderful things that happened in this episode to worry about one line that may or may not turn out to be true. Not going to jump the gun and panic.  There were daebak moments pretty much back to back so that is what I choose to focus on for now. This episode is filled with great music video material. If you add last night’s too, we are in for some real treats from our talented music video makers. 🙂 *wink*



Starts with SY pulling up with G outside of HR’s home. G says it’s over there (HR’s home) when he sees TB arrive, G says TB must have come cuz TB was worried about writer Han

After she walks over to TB, TB says “SY shi”. she says – get your stuff and get out of my home today -right away. I don’t want to run into you anymore so get out of my home. TB: ok I will do that. SY cries and walks away.

SY says let’s go to G.

TB goes home and sits at his desk. He remembers the look on SY’s face.

TB packed a suitcase and sees her slippers turned on the side so he puts them neatly together and leaves.

TH and J are drinking coffee by the water sitting in front of a fire. TH: do you by any chance know –that the person who gave birth to me passed away. J nods yes. TH: I already guessed you would -cuz you didn’t ask one word.  Who did you hear it from – KJ? She says yes. TH: I heard something I shouldn’t have heard from KJ too-about how bad that person is…that kind of story. That person left a deep wound not just in me but in KJ too. If she was going to leave everything and go, then she should have forgotten everything and lived a good life there. She should have pretended that she didn’t even have a child that she left behind. KJ told me today that person bought shoes for me every year on my birthday and accumulated them. A few days before she left home, on my 6th birthday she made that kind of promise. Every year for your birthday, I will buy you shoes. She must have thought that (if she kept buying shoes every year) she would be keeping her promise to me. If she left to seek happiness, she should have been happy. she should have lived well without having any guilt or longing that the she needs to hide and store in a wall closet. J cries. TH: Then I could hate her all the way till the end and resent and not do stuff like forgive. In that last moment –with the son she raised in front of her eyes, she shouldn’t have called out the name of the son she threw away.  If she was going to do that then she shouldn’t have left to begin with. If she was going to do that – before she died – come and find me just once and listen to what I had to say. While she was alive, she should have come and found me once. At least once. TH cries. J leans his head on her shoulder and cries with him.

J takes TH to her studio. There are shoes, photos, cards,and stuff everywhere. She leaves the room to give him privacy. TH looks at his baby pics and baby clothes. He looks at his sonogram and his mother’s words underneath it. (omg these are Joowon’s real baby pics.) he reads notes and messages left on cards. *Sparkskey translated all these messages.

“I saw my kid through the ultrasound today. I was so touched…. It was the first time I felt that there was a baby inside me.

He’s growing well. I went to the hospital today and they said he was growing up normally. Thank you for growing up well. Love you

Happy 13th birthday to our son…. I love you and sorry

Taehee is now an adult! Happy 20th. I’ll always love you and feel sorry. -Mom-

Caption under the picture: Taehee standing on stage looking like a handsome actor.

Second caption -Taehee-ya, where are you looking? Nonetheless you still draw well”

after reading each one, emotions well up and he cries more…

until he breaks down and sobs.

*in a way, his mom did get to say goodbye – what she really wanted to say to him all those years – what he needed to hear from a mom – he finally got to “hear” by reading them. Standing before all that evidence that she never stopped loving him must have been hard for his embittered heart to face.

Dad goes to TS’s work and asks for TS and how he is TS’s dad. nurse says it’s been almost a month since TS stopped working here

The dad paces in the front yard and sees MS and TS pull up. TS tells her not to fall for a guy just cuz of a basket of flowers. MS: I got it – said it many times a while ago. TS says the guy’s job title is nothing at all. probably doesnt get paid that much. bet it’s less than me. TS says how next year he will probably get a title bump.  TS sees his dad and MS takes the box from TS. TS asks why the dad is outside. MS says hello and asks why the dad is outside when it’s cold. Dad: to get some fresh air for a minute. he asks how they came together. TS says they met up in front of the home. MS: yes I picked him up out front.  TS tells her to go in so she tells the dad she will go in first. TS asks the dad to go in but the dad asks TS to follow him and have a drink for a short time

TS asks the dad if something happened. Dad: why – do you think something happened. TS: yes cuz you suddenly asked me to drink. Dad: do you have anything going on. TS: no I don’t. dad: ok then. he tells him to drink. TS tells him to drink slowly with the appetizers. Dad asks if N thinks school is fun. TS says N thinks it’s fun cuz N got a 100 on his math test. Dad: that’s good. he jokes: like grandma said – he must not be your son. TS laughs and says: yes. Dad: dont you have thicker clothes? why are you going around dressed so lightly? you are not at a young age – you must think of your health. you have to live feeding your child and get married later. it will be hard. why wont it be hard. you became a dad overnight. and YJ who you liked so much left. and I was always so mean to you. TS: no you werent father.  Dad talks about how TS counted on the dad a lot but lost out a lot. how TS must have felt like it’s unfair to be scolded so much. I know that. TS: no father – I am sorry for not believing in you- I dont have any indignant feelings. I am really sorry – as the eldest son I wasnt able to properly act like one.  Dad says : no you are doing well. if I was you I wouldnt be able to accept N so quickly and wouldnt have come to my senses. you are really doing well.  TS: do you really think that? dad: did I ever say anything I didn’t mean. TS: no you really dont say stuff you dont mean to me –thank you fatehr. I will try to do well more.dad tells him to drink.

Y and SY wish each other merry Christmas. Y asks where TB is on a day like today. have the two of you still not gotten over your issues. SY doesn’t answer. Y asks if SY really intends to divorce like SY’s mom said. You aren’t right? SY: aunt why did you get divorced – can you not talk about it yet? You were living quietly and then suddenly divorced.there must have been a reason to do that. with your personality – you kept it hidden for a year and didnt say anything so that means something did happen. but you wont talk about it no matter what. cuz of you aunt – mom didnt (something?) for a month. Y says -I know when I think about onyi I am so sorry. I was wrong. SY: so why did you do it? now you should be able to talk about it. Y: later- I will tell you next time. SY: ok. Y: but you shouldn’t divorce – you like TB – right? SY: no I don’t like him. Y: there is nothing more regretful  than losing someone you like. Think it over again. SY says she wishes just for today that she wasn’t pregnant so she can drink a lot. She asks about Y’s store and if business is well

TB goes to IBC and sleeps in the bunks with other writers.

Mom calls J’s phone and paces and wonders what happened with J – she should have called to say she would be late. She isnt the kind of kid who wouldnt come home without calling. TP asks if mom is waiting for TH. She says no -she is waiting for J. TP: J didnt come home too?  mom asks who else didn’t come home. TP says TH hyung. Mom: TH is late cuz of work. mom is just worried about J  – what is she doing this late without calling

TP goes into TH’s room and calls and says the two of them are together for sure but TH is not picking up too. They shouldnt do this – already staying out late. he is not answering. big trouble. At this rate there will be a 3rd nephew/niece within the year. What is up with all these hyungs. Pick up the phone

TH and J pull up to the house. TH asks J if she called mom. J says no cuz she didn’t know what to say to mom. TH says mom would be worried cuz it’s already pass 2 am. mom will be waiting. J: this late? wouldnt she be sleeping. TH: I dont think she will be sleeping yet.  let’s go in. They are about to go in together so J says “together?” (as in how will that look) so TH says you go in first and I will go in 10 mins later. She kisses him on the cheek and says “today was really a long day huh? sleep well ajussi.”  He tuckes in her scarf saying : even if it’s a short time, it’s cold outside. today was really a long day huh? Thank you. he kisses her forehead. TH: go in. J: ok. She goes inside

The mom is sitting there waiting. J: ajumma you didn’t sleep yet. Mom: what were you doing to come in now? What were you doing until this time and not coming home till now? Why were you late? Answer me. J: I am sorry. Mom: I asked why you were late so why say sorry. A kid who knows she should be sorry doesn’t come home till this time without calling? You have to call and say why you are going to be late- if a grown brat doesn’t come home till this time – didn’t you think about how worried the elders at home would be? Why were you late? Tell me. J: I went to the beach for a short time with friends. Mom: what friend? What friend? J: school friends – Ara and Nam sool. Mom: Then you should have called that you are doing that. Or answer your phone when I called. If you don’t call and not come home –you know how worried I get? If you are going to live like that doing whatever you want then pack your stuff and get out right away. There is no need for developing feed or farm experience so go out and do whatever you want and live. J cries and says “I am sorry I was wrong – I wont do it again” mom: without any fear – a grown brat –what time is it now? J bows and says – I am sorry. Mom: don’t cry – why cry? What did you do right to cry. I don’t want to see you so go up and sleep. J: yes. J goes up. Mom wonders if J ate or not.

J goes upstairs and smiles cuz she just got a life long wish come true. To be scolded to tears by a mom who cares about her.

TB wakes up and calls TH: did you go to work yet? SY?  it’s ok I think it will get settled well – it has to. tell mother and father that and not to worry too much. ok. TH – hyung has a favor. I need some money and it’s urgent.

SY’s parents ask SY when TB is leaving the home. cuz the mom is thinking of putting the house up for sale next month. dad tells her not to get in the way. he asks if SY spoke to TB. SY says yes and they decided to get divorced. he left home yesterday and we are breaking up.  Dad: you really broke up? Mom says you did well – it was good you broke up. Now I feel better inside – from now on live your life and dont get dragged around by that person anymore. SY says she thinks that way too

J comes downstairs and says good morning to the mom.  she is wearing the red scarf. mom tells J to ladle out the soup. the mom notices the scarf and asks what J is doing wearing that in the house. J says her throat felt sore this morning (like she is coming down with a cold). J: the color looks good on me doesnt it? of course it should since who is the one who chose it. Mom: at least you know. it looks ok. J: yes it’s pretty. I wont ever be late again without calling. I was wrong. mom tells her to ladle the soup. J runs out and yells out good morning to grandma and startles her. the mom smiles cuz of that.

During breakfast TP sees J and TH smiling at each other. TP says to her:  J you were really late last night. J says she went to the beach with friends to play and was a little late. TP: you did? you should come home early though. all men in the world are all wolves. TH looks over at TP.  J says she went with girl friends. TP: you did? did anyone say anything? anyway all men in the world are all wolves (he holds TH’s hands as in he is talking about TH) except for this oppa (me). GM wonders what TP is talking about suddenly.  TH changes the subject and announces how he spoke to TB and TB said everything was settled well. he reconciled with sister in law and the in laws got over their anger. dad: TB said that? mom: he wasnt just saying that? TH: his voice was good so there is not need to worry anymore. GM says that’s good then, the parents don’t need to go to the in laws again. Mom: I didn’t say it but I worried a lot. She says how she was worried about TB cuz of how the in laws are. She says she never saw people like them before. Gm agrees and says something about the in laws that make everyone laugh. Mom: mother I have something to get praise from you about. I looked into TH’s matchmaking (blind date set up for marriage) J’s eyes get bigger in surprise. GM: you looked into it? What kind of person is she? Mom says Ahn’s younger sister’s daughter who lives in Seoul. Think she is in the teaching profession. GM: Ahn’s niece? Mom takes out the photo of the girl and says: she is 26 yrs old and I have a picture. Mom says how pretty her face is. J tries to see and looks at TH. He looks at J too. GM looks and remarks how could she be so pretty. GM says to TH: look – your mom found a really good matchmaking position for you.   J makes a face at TH so TH looks uncomfortable. GM: what are you doing? Look – hurry. Mom says to him: look how pretty she is. Dad and TS both look at it and says how pretty the girl is. TS tells TH to look but TP takes the pic and looks. TH never once glanced at the photo. TH: grandma I don’t want to go on a arranged blind date. J sort of looks pleased. GM: you are starting again – why wont you go – how old are you and how old am I? TH: these days I have a lot of work. GM: are you going to grow old for the rest of your life just working. Before grandma dies – other than a grandchild at least you have to get married. TH: grandma I am still just 30. GM: you will be 31 soon. Didn’t you hear Chong Chul got married? He already made a baby in her stomach and got married. GM whines for him to go on the arranged date. mom urges TH to go on the date. dad says to go on the date once – is that so hard to do? GM sort of pleads and whines at the same time. TH: I am not even thinking of meeting (dating) her so going out on the date is impolite to the other person. Later grandma – when I think “I want to meet” then I will meet. GM: when will that be? J smiles. GM is in a bad mood and complains to the mom about the soup.

KJ is talking to J over the phone and says he is getting discharged from the hospital now but has to rest till tm. He asks if J can have the meeting alone tm with the director. J: of course. I will do well. You get plenty of rest.  He thanks her and tells her to come to his home to pick up the paperwork. come an hour later to my home

J brought a fruit basket for KJ. The secretary says KJ is sleeping. J: is he all better now? guy says yes but for the time being he shouldnt overdo it. she says yes and hands him the fruit basket. she asks about the paperwork. he gives it to her.  guy: can I ask for a favor? he has to leave for an hour and doesn’t want to leave the patient (KJ) alone. during that time I dont think he will wake up so I will ask this favor.  J says ok she will stay and tells him to go and come back. He thanks her and leaves

J looks around and there is only ramen and instant rice to eat. She cooks porridge for KJ. J fell asleep waiting when KJ came out. He looks at the food she made and smiles. He blocks the sunlight with his body so she can sleep better. *uh oh  – he is smiling like he likes her.

TH is at work and gets a call. The man says you wanted me to call you when I found out about the contact info for the officer in charge of that hit and run accident. TH says yes – officer Bong Man’s contact number. You found out? TH writes down the name of the restaurant (it’s named after the officer) and its location. D watches him. D asks what is going on. TH says let’s hurry and go

D asks: it happened so long ago so you think it’s possible to catch the criminal? TH: I think the possibility is slim too but at least I have to meet the officer in charge. D asks why TH is suddenly looking into that hit and run accident. TH says the victim (the person who died) is my birth father

At the same time the chief finds out the victim is TH’s birth father and that Hwang Chang Sik is TH’s big uncle. He hangs up and says to himself: How could this happen. Now that I thought TH finally gave up on the backdoor admittance – how could he be connected to that accident 26 yrs ago like this. Chief calls and asks to see if TH went to that police station (the one TH went to).

TH and D get there but the place has closed its doors. D knocks and asks if anyone is in there. he says no one is there. TH calls and cant get thru. D: don’t you know the number? TH: he isnt answering. let’s leave our contact number and go. TH slips it thru the door

TB is walking down the hall and sees HR. a guy asks if HR is ok. She says sorry for worrying them. TB continues his conversation and said he will get there in an hour

SY is eating alone and G joins her. he asks why she is alone. What about the other team members. She says they went out to work. He says her team is busy these days and are doing well. now all you need to do is come to your senses.  She asks if she looks like she isnt. G: yes – a lot. you arent the Cha SY I knew a long time ago. SY: how was I back then? G: you sparkled -no matter where or when – you sparkled. He lists all these good things about her -lively, energetic, confident, so she had a way of making people next to her feel good too. you were really pretty. SY: I was like that. He tells her to hurry and come to her senses and act like Cha SY. SY: yes. G: let’s eat

TH is at a bookstore with J. he is choosing books for N. TH: since N speaks our language well, it should be ok to buy him something at a ten year old level right? J: this morning after you went to work, GM got irritated at ajumma again. TH: why? Did she (GM) do it a lot? J: ajusshi – should we just reveal it (our relationship) for ajumma’s sake cuz grandma keeps being mean to ajumma.  TH: we cant. J: why? TH: cuz if we reveal it, grandma will say get married. We can’t. J looks upset but TH is clueless and holds up a book and asks what she thinks about that book cuz he liked reading it when he was younger. J ignores him. TH: What do you think of this one? J is sort of cold and says: I don’t know – you know books well so choose one on your own. She says she will go somewhere else and come back. TH nods ok and waves as he says: go and come back. J turns back to look at him and he is acting like nothing is wrong so she is miffed. J turns around and goes back to ask: Then are you not going to marry me? Are you not going to marry me? TH: of course I was thinking of doing that. J: then what do you mean we cant cuz grandma will make us marry. TH: that was cuz of you-  cuz you are still young. J likes that answer and gets that it’s a reasonable excuse. She pretends to look at books. TH: did you just propose? J: no – that’s not it at all- I was just asking. She chooses a book and says it will be good for N. J is embarrassed and keeps looking at the book intently.

TH smiles and asks: should we go eat something

TH watches her eat. she asks if he doesn’t like sweet porridge. He says to tell the truth he doesn’t really like sweet stuff. She says he should have said sooner. TH: it’s ok since you like it. Do you by any chance want to get married early? Of course I am just asking too. J: yes when I was younger I did. when I was younger, I only lived with dad just the two of us. So I thought I should get married early and hurry and make a family. I was always very envious of families with lots of family members. Like a home like Ojakkyo. TH: did your mom pass away early? J: she passed away before I was 2 yrs old so I have no memory of her. it’s ok. Since I don’t have any memory of her, I don’t miss her too. Once in a while, I was uncomfortable and had a hard time.  there are a lot of moments when a daughter needs a mom. TH: you didn’t have a grandma or grandpa too? J: yes – when the housekeeper left in the afternoon around 3, until dad got off work I was always alone. But since there were a lot of nights when dad was late, I had a lot of nights when I was alone. That’s why to tell you the truth, last night when I got into a lot of trouble by the ajumma for being late and not calling, I was so happy. It really felt like I was being scolded by a mom. ever since I was young, it was my wish to get scolded by a mom like that where I cried a lot. I’m like a pervert aren’t I? (meaning she is twisted for wishing for that) that is why ever since I was young, when I become an adult later, I thought I should get married early. Have a lot of kids. Fill the home with cooking smell. On Sundays, the whole family go for a bath together. Always leave the light on so no matter how late at night, the road back home wont be lonely. On rainy days, cook noodles and the whole family eat it together. In the winter make snowman. Living with dad, husband’s parents, I thought I should live every day chaotically – crowded with a lot of people. I thought that when I was younger.  ]TH: then should we hurry and marry? Cuz of you I thought we should do it 3 yrs later but if you are ok then before the end of next year. J: ok. That’s fine. He eats and they both keep smiling.

SY says I told my parents today our plan to divorce so you should tell your parents yourself. you will decide when the right time is to do that but I hope it wont be too late.  TB: I will ask again – do you really want to break up with me? Do you really want to end this marriage? SY: yes I want to break up – I mean it. I know you tried during that time so I am grateful. But to me this is the best thing. This is the only way I can protect myself from breaking apart more. I know it’s a selfish decision but accept it. let’s live separate lives now. You should live your life. Don’t try so hard to change and tear yourself up to fix things to match me. TB: Marriage ends this easily. SY: I will get up first. TB: And love ends this easily – you said you loved me but now you don’t? then I have been fired by you. for certain. ok – let’s get divorced. Let’s break up cleanly. I don’t want to hold onto someone who doesn’t like me – let’s stop. But I will still be a father. since its not just your baby but mine too. She says do that. TB: I said everything I wanted to say– do you have anything to say to me? Then I can get up first right? SY: yes. TB walks away

TB turns around to see if SY came after him. Flashback scene of when TB held onto SY to get married. TB stands there crying at the crosswalk

SY goes home and reads the note from TB: when I get a home I will take this. There are stacks of books. She sits down and looks at the calendar. She opens drawers and finds the baby gift. She opens it and takes out the baby shoes. She reads the card. “I thought about it –for our baby nickname – how about Cha gom- I will explain the meaning later. Sorry for being so late to come up with a nickname – I am sorry to you and our Cha gom. I mean it.  I wont be late from here on. will you watch me do that. he signs it “Cha gom’s dad.” SY puts the gift away and leaves the room

*gom means “bear.” I wonder if it’s cuz she eats a lot – I mean the baby makes her eat a lot. 🙂

TH’s phone is ringing. Dad goes in TH’s room saying how loud the ring is. He calls for TH but mom says TH is in the shower. The officer in charge from that old case calls and asks – where you looking for me over the hit and run accident? I am officer Bong Man

Mom tries to get GM to eat strawberries by saying how sweet and delicious they are, but GM is not in the mood and says she wont eat it. mom: dont be like that and try some – they are sweet mother. TS offers her some and says it’s really sweet and taste it. she pushes it away saying she doesnt feel like it – why is everyone like this. she tells them to eat and dont bother about her.  Even N says how good it tastes.  mom tells N to eat a lot. TH:grandma I have someone I am dating. GM: what is this – you really do? TH: yes I do. TS: you should have told us sooner you did. congratulations. TP: congratulations. GM is really happy and so is the mom. mom: even if I die now I dont have a care in the world. GM: why are you saying that before me- that’s what I should be saying. mom: that’s not important.  GM asks TH what kind of young lady she is. TH looks at J and smiles

Dad meets with the officer. Dad: so that is why you suddenly closed the case ( as in he didnt work on it and passed it on to the other officer). dad asks who the criminal is.  The officer says he couldnt prove it was him cuz of lack of evidence but I am 99% sure it was that person. dad: who is it?

TH says to GM: I will introduce you to her soon. GM says she can wait a short time since she waited 30 yrs. She is in a good mood and eats the strawberry and says it’s like honey. TH smiles over at J and J smiles back

The officer says:  Jin Shim Food’s president’s son – Baek In Ho (J’s dad)

omg ………………………..


no preview


At this point, they could include aliens coming down to kidnap our Ojak farm characters into the storyline and I wouldn’t care. That is how much I love this drama and won’t give up just cuz it threw us a curve ball. I must admit, the ending sort of floored me for a while. I was so worried cuz the one thing the grandma can’t overlook no matter how much she loves J is if J ends up being the daughter of the man who took the grandma’s second son’s life. There is no getting around the grandma’s disapproval if it turns out that J’s dad did indeed kill TH’s birth father. I still have faith that TH wouldn’t hold it against J, but then I bet J would do it on her own. She would think it’s better to sacrifice her own happiness so she doesn’t give TH any more pain than he already had in his life. She will probably think she is a constant reminder of the reason why he grew up without a real birth parent. This would pave the way for KJ too since J will be on her own again. KJ seemed to be sporting a crush on her tonight. I really didn’t think the writer would go there – making J’s dad the scapegoat is so unexpected at this point cuz all evidence points to the chief cuz of his suspicious behavior. But like I said, I don’t care what crazy storyline ploy they decide to go with – I am still going along for the ride. 42 episodes of this drama and I am fully invested till the end. You can call it blind faith, but I call it too infatuated to turn back now.

Fanderay’s comments:

First of all, I have to apologize for my negligence.  I haven’t even done any screenshots, and have abandoned Softy to do everything herself (she deserves some sort of award for her devotion).  I’m out of town in the midst of a very crazy holiday period, and although I was optimistic about squeaking in time for OB, it didn’t really work out that way.  Thank goodness for the extension so I have time to repair my reputation and be less of a delinquent!
My thoughts are no longer fresh, but here are the main comments that come to mind…
Now that TH has come to terms with his mother (well…sort of) I can hardly wait to see his next interaction with KJ.  Will he be even more gruff and uncomfortable, or will he let go of his pride and show KJ some appreciation?  
Even if the relationship between KJ and TH improves in the short term, it seems like it’s going to get worse in the long term.  When we first met KJ I thought that there would be a love triangle, but after several episodes I thought that ship had sailed.  I’m not against any romantic feelings he may have on TH’s behalf (I find his jealousy entertaining) but I know that I’m going to end up feeling terrible for KJ.  He’s a very sweet and honorable guy, and he obviously won’t get the girl (if the girl he wants is J) and I just want to see something go right for the poor boy!
I’m glad to see that the grandma and dad have had more of a role lately.  They’ve been my least favorite characters simply because they’ve primarily stayed in the background, and we haven’t had the opportunity to see more facets of their personalities.  In the last episode I loved how the dad stood up to SY’s mom and called her out on her hypocrisy, and this episode I found it rather heart-warming when he brought TS out for drinks.  The grandma also wins major points in my books because she wants to see TH married (which makes me think that we’ll get to see a wedding eventually!).
I’m sort of dreading the downfall of the TH and J relationship, even though I’m sure it will be wonderful torture (in terms of keeping me on the edge of my seat).  I had my fingers crossed that since this is a family drama the two of them might just get to live happily ever after, but that was very wishful thinking.  I’m relieved that as we discussed last week (or was it the week before?) the chief is involved in the accident (rather than KJ’s dad) but I hadn’t really thought about J’s dad being responsible!  Now of course he seems like an obvious choice, but I hope that the chief is the mastermind, and that J’s dad will eventually return to Korea to clear things up.
TH and J were absurdly adorable this episode.  I loved how easily and casually they talked about marriage (even though they were awkward and a bit bashful, which just made it better).  I feel like a marriage discussion have never been wrapped up so neatly in a drama before, and it was incredibly refreshing when J agreed that she wanted to get married soon, rather than saying that she wants a career for 3 years first (which seems like the trend in kdramas these days).
I thought it was cute that J finally wore the red scarf after being scolded by the mom.  It was like she was publicly thanking the mom for caring, and it felt like a significant milestone to me.  
If I’m honest, I’m slightly annoyed with SY right now, even though I think it’s fairly likely that I would be acting the same way in her shoes, and would be feeling equally hurt.  She told TB that trying to love her isn’t enough, but at this point I sort of feel like it should be.  They haven’t been together long enough for TB to thoroughly get to know her, and she hasn’t exactly been showing him her true sparkling self (even G pointed out that she’s not the same lately).  Falling in love is a process, and I bet SY didn’t fall in love with TB overnight, so it’s not really fair for her to expect TB to.  What’s important is that TB’s feelings are changing for the better, although I wish that TB would’ve been more clear about that fact, and not let SY assume the worst when he said that he was trying.  Of course it’s just like real life though, and what’s obvious to an outsider doesn’t often occur to the people within the relationship.
When Y talked to SY I was practically cheering for her to convince SY to stay with TB, and I hope that her words left an impression.  I’m also wondering if we’ll learn more about Y’s past? It wasn’t something I had thought about before, but it seems like there’s a bit of a story there.
This drama has been pretty warm and fuzzy overall, so the end of this episode left me reeling more then I ever expected.  What’s going to happen first?  Will TH introduce J, only to be to separated from her once everyone finds out the truth?  Or will they change their minds about “going public” once they find out? No matter what happens, I hope that TH and J stay loyal to each other, but they’re both so vulnerable when it comes to family that I don’t feel confident making any predictions.
Merry Belated Christmas to everyone, and Happy Holidays! 

546 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E42

  1. Anonymous says:

    I had to correct ’bout the rumors of another added episodes,its 8 more episode to be exact according to viikii channel that’s what i read today..I’m s big fan of this awesome drama that’s why i really love this page now that i enjoyed watching korean drama w/out sub.:))


  2. my4ever77 says:

    Yes… Please vote for Juwon!!! Siwon’s fans are indeed very strong, coz mostly are teenagers & fans of SUJU from around the world (I presume :)), but we are stronger than them, coz we vote Juwon for his talent & we know that he is a good newcomer actor and he deserves this award!!! (sorry for talking/writing too much) 😛
    Please ladies & OB lovers… help us to help Juwon to win this award :D.
    Just click to this link again and again –> http://twtpoll.com/jnv9q7
    Thank you & God bless you all 😀


    • Curiosity says:

      Okie, done.


    • Qua Trang says:

      Hi, I just vote a few times (don’t know if they will screen the votes and count 1 every day for each twt account or not !?! Anyway, I voted 😀 for best couple, also few votes for our Joowon, totally out of the fandom and appreciation for OB.

      Anyway, this poll is for oversee fan, I suppose, as on the main page of KBS there is another poll in Korean. Do you know how this poll will be used and how it will affect the results of the award??? I hope efforts of oversee fan will pay off, anyhow.


    • urmisspepsi says:

      A few days ago the gap b/w the two was small, but it looks like there is more distance today.
      It is cool to see where all the votes are coming from. It seems like both actors have a diverse fan-base.


  3. ck1Oz says:

    ERGH. Softy when you get online can someone tell some of the viewers we’re going to have
    ep 43 to 58 aka 16 more episodes =8 weeks= end Feb 19th.

    There were so many comments @__@ and yes it’s official sparksley translated from the company producing OB.

    Whew 🙂 If I HEAR/READ how many more episodes? I would throw a SY mother fit 🙂 shrill voice and all. Haha…


  4. Curiosity says:

    As most of you might already know, nevertheless I am still posting the real age of the OB casts :
    J – 23
    TH – 24
    TP – 27
    Y – 36
    SY – 34
    TB – 32


  5. Curiosity says:

    O you mean in real life too? Thought he was born in 1979. Anyway, he looks more matured than SY. TB looks better in ‘Bad Couple’. Think his face looks a little ‘plastic’ in OB. Maybe too much make-up.


    • Miss Q says:

      Oh dear I am hanging my face in shame, sorry dear I thought you mean in OB, did not realised that you were talking real life. Sorry again….


      • Curiosity says:

        Never mind, that always happens to me. We tend to read too fast and missed out some words. Hope Saturday arrives quickly. My neck is growing long as a giraffe.


        • Jaya says:

          I can’t believe TP is older than TH , and he’s the maknae in OB . And I don’t know why the writer makes TH 30 years old in the drama . They should have made him a bit younger like his age or a bit older below 30 .


          • yes, and the way he smile made him like 22 only! hehehe! seriously, he really looks like his real age in the drama, he just looks old because he is quite tall! hehehe! I bet TH and J will have long legged babies! hehehe!


          • my4ever77 says:

            Pheeww…. I can relax for now after all day long voting for our beloved talented Juwon 😀
            My opinion is why they choose Juwon as TH, coz he’s very good & talented actor, he can play any role for any age. And I don’t think Uee will look match with the actor who played as TP (I don’t remember his name) >,<. So there's something for us to be proud of Juwon's talent.. hehe..


  6. Xen says:

    Extension for 8 episodes is more than enough for me.. I really love this show. Kindda sad its gonna end soon.

    The way the dad yell at JE really make me sad, I bet JE will feel sad too but she will not share it wth TH I guess. Nowadays, she’s trying so hard not to hurt TH. I guess she will bear the pain herself.. Poor my JE.

    Hope that TH love towards her stay strong..


  7. sparkskey says:

    One netizen mentioned that each time J makes a “lucky charm” something bad happens – the first time her dad disappeared, the second time she made one the mum was revealed to be the contract thief in such a horrible way and this time, her dad is a prime suspect of a hit and run. She mentioned that it should be called an “unlucky charm” instead HAHAHA and ended the post with “Ja-eun ah, I’m begging you, please stop making those things”


    • Anonymous says:

      haha somehow i find it funny


    • rainyrain says:

      hehehehe that’s funny , sparksky thanks for all the hangul translations u are doing 🙂
      may I say that I envy u becoz u know and undertstand this language , I can read some words or even some short sentences but I don’t understand what I’m reading except the two or three words I know already from watching dramas
      hehehehe what the girl is saying is true , I just wish TH will be on JE’s side and will not accuse her or her dad till he finds out the whole truth


  8. mizweng says:

    oh dear…so its official, a total of 58 episodes…i was hoping for more but then again this is much better than nothing… 🙂 🙂 i hope we still can get a wedding scene at least…please oh please… i’ll be camping here on saturday…no new year’s eve party for me…will party with my favorite OB family and you, guys,,, i am so excited already… champagne on me!!! happy new year!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  9. lenemir says:

    Hy Guys, probably since OB will be extended for 8 episodes,i think ( just my instinct, don’t mind me )..you know, before this TH previously said “Cuz of you, I thought we should do it (married) 3 yrs later” ( at restaurant ep 42 )..Maybe TH and J will be separate for three years and meet again after that..hmm, maybe u guys disagree with me right??but, this is my imagination..Hopefully u guys don’t mind me…=)


  10. Mir says:

    thanks lenemir..i thought about it too.maybe after Dad knew about who kill his brother and probably know J is TH’s girlfriend, i think Dad and GM would tell TH break up with J even they love her very much..but because of her father (baek in ho ), they had.hmm, perhaps J will “run away” from ojak family for TH’s sake.they ( J and TH) will meet again after 3 years and married while the truth ( murder of hit and run ) have been revealed..hahaha..its just what my imagination too..don;t mind me too..haha


  11. siopao says:

    i hope i won’t have to hate dad, he’s been one of my favorite characters so far. don’t start being mean to JE~ </3 i feel that he's gonna take his anger out on JE after finding out about the accident. nooo~


  12. Iviih says:

    Omo, if the father treats J badly in the next episodes because he thinks J’s dad killed his brother, then there is no way I will ever like him. I liked in at first, but then he just revealed to be a coward and don’t have guts, always acting as if he is righteous and all.

    I really dislike him already, but if he treats J badly then I’ll hate him… J is J not her dad.


  13. startulle says:

    Somebody mention here before, if J was capable to forgive the whole family for the name of Love, now its their turn to learn to forgive whatever happened between the TH and J’s fathers, rite?!….hopefully they can resolve this issue asap cause its a blast to watch their lively and cute interaction!….and im not that mad about SY and TB anymore, they are growing up in their way, and i think a small break will help them to get together and start fresh!…..more 2 days! Hurry up Saturday!!!!!!!! heheheh


    • Miss Q says:

      I agree with you. It is really time to forgive, more so if it is really true the fault is on J’s father. Anyway, sin of a father should not be visited onto his son or daughter. J is J not her father.

      On TB and SY yup I am not mad anymore as well even if they don’t end up together again being that sometime life is like that… Though I really really really wish that they do get back together, if writer decide not too I will accept, will def stew on it etc but I will get around it eventually. Now both are hurting each other so bad the break is needed.

      Having said that, I do hope they get back together soon, before the baby is born. It is just that with SY difficulties of having a baby due to her operation before, I am afraid that this will be her only pregnancy. I don’t want either TB or SY to miss that feeling of loving and togetherness as well as the sweetness of being pregnant as a couple. Think how cute would that be.. The two of then dotting over Cha Gom, talking to him in her tummy. So come on TB get off your … And do something, fight for what you want harder!!!! Don’t be so egoistical and slow in understanding and figuring out what you want exactly, coz if you wait it might be too little too late.

      On how the characters are growing up, not sure if anyone mention, I see it in J as well. She used not to care about money etc now she learnt the value of money, she has grown up as well. So very sweet. This is what I like most about Korean dramas, if you follow closely you can see the growth in most of the characters.. And that I think is one of he reasons why they have so many fans from all walks of life…

      It is Friday afternoon here, its like one and a half day more, I can’t wait!!!!!


  14. lenemir says:

    if true that jaeun’s dad was guilty, its not fair to J..J innocent girl..huhu..poor T and J =( It will break my heart….


  15. starryleaf says:

    Shared by Chorokbaem Media’s facebook 35 minutes ago:

    Latest official MV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jQFo_OgWOg&feature=youtu.be

    Others in collection here: http://blog.naver.com/chorok_baem/100147203092

    Quite an eye-candy, this one. But I see some fan-made ones shared here are equally good.


  16. za says:

    please keep voting for them…
    MILKY couple fans are so fast….
    and Siwon fans also..


  17. Anonymous says:

    When they learn about their relationship I think grandma and ajusshi will make JE leave TH without him even knowing just like what they did to TH birth mom before…instead running away JE will just push TH away fromher…


  18. my4ever77 says:

    Yes, ladies… we need your votes again & again, so we can make a HUGE GAP/MARGIN between our Juwon, Juwon+Uee and them. Milky couple & Siwon’s fans are catching up really fast this time. 34 more hours is a lot of time for them to catch Juwon & Juwon+Uee.
    Please ladies & OB fans… help Juwon & Juwon+Uee to win this awards.. PLEASE VOTE FOR THEM!!! They really do deserve the award.
    Here’s the link again for JUWON –> http://twtpoll.com/jnv9q7
    The link for JUWON+UEE –> http://twtpoll.com/jnr88l
    Many many Thanks & God bless you all 🙂


    • sammi says:

      yeah been voting for them continuously even in the midst of my revision for exam…come on OB fans help them win the title..we can do it..


    • SayhaAlee says:

      Yes, i have been voting the last few days and will do so until tomorrow. Hope joo won and Uee will win some awards. Calling all OB fans to support them. Thank you all.


  19. za says:

    i cant concentrate in my study until i know who will win the award….after the award,,,,i will focus for my final exam…………need to vote for them……………….lets GO…


  20. joytotheworld67 says:

    anyone knows what is joowon and uee’s twitter account please?


  21. joytotheworld67 says:

    ah ok…thank you so much!


  22. joytotheworld67 says:

    ohhhh…it is written in korean….can’t understand what they are saying lol


  23. ck1Oz says:

    Everything OB
    – you guys might want to pop by there. Sparksley just translated a really long article for OB fans and it’s so sweet 🙂


  24. za says:

    hahah!!! maybe they will date for real…hopefully!!!he3..


    • flo says:

      yes,,Za ..that’s true
      uee said : dating Joowon ?.. we are so close maybe….
      maybe start something???
      i bet they actually already fall for each other
      thank you so much Sparksley for the translations…


  25. za says:

    he3…many fans love to see they date for real…it must be because of their strong chemistry..


  26. sammi says:

    why do i have this feeling that they are already in a relationship..i mean they are actually dating each other..may be its their great chemistry but its weird..they have known each other way before filming..they always mention in interviews that they go to same uni and are senior- junior at uni..is it that necessary to mention?? well if they are not dating then they should and if they are already dating then it fantastic hohoho


  27. Anonymous says:

    cnt wait for tomorrow,it feels like forever…TB and SY!!!!!!!!!!!pls.go back to each other,i want happy moments…


  28. rainyrain says:

    someone posted that KBS2 will change it’s programs today night due to new year celebration but he/she doesn’t know if they will telecast OB or not , can someone confirm this information please , I want my OB today ( the telecasting time in tunisia is at 12h am )
    can someone tell me at which time the award celebration will be telecasted and on which KBS ? thanks
    if I have some luck and my streaming doesn’t lag I will watch it , wanna see my JW hosting or presenting the award and I wish he will get one two all along with UEE 🙂


  29. urmisspepsi says:

    Just watched ep 43 preview.
    Hmm… looks everyone is worried about the JE and dad, but it understandable there would be some tension. It turns his childhood friend is the culprit and he can’t confront him b/c he is no longer alive. The writer is really clever with how he/she deals with revelations. It’s no accident that dad finds out first considering he was on team JE since day one. It’s probably gonna be really difficult for him b/c he knows that JE is blameless, which is why he tells the officer not to tell TH. It’s kinda like TP finding out about the mom stole the contract. Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow !


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