Ojakkyo Brothers E41

Since so many kind fans already shared screencaps of their back hug, I thought I should give the sunset a chance to be seen too. Plus I like how he keeps staring at her.

Can I just say – watching drunk ajumma talk back to grandma just made my night. That was so hilarious even the actress had a hard time keeping her face straight. She had way too much fun with that scene. Also the next morning when J was copying what the mom did – throwing out her chest like that and doing that wave with her body – I was ROTFL – cant stop grinning even now. 🙂

I love KJ even more now cuz he finally got through to TH – the miracle happened at last. KJ’s words cracked that protective outer shell that TH had around him. Truth be told it was already chipped away by J cuz she has been making TH come out of his isolated way of life more and more these days. That phone conversation was even better than the best back hug I ever saw. What a great Christmas eve present this episode was for all OB fans. 🙂

I have a gift from Sailor Enigma. This music video is so amazing – it sort of takes your breath away. She used two music videos and intermingled with OB episodes seamlessly so it feels like you are watching a movie montage of all their great moments. Happy Christmas Eve everyone. 🙂

Thank you semi-fly for the quickest torrents and those screencaps posted in comments. Merry Christmas.  🙂

Wow Bird those are some fast gifs – thank you so much for sharing them. Love every one of them. yay – you also made some of J teasing the ajumma.   🙂

Thanks YeeKrFan for that gorgeous Christmas card. 🙂

Just a reminder : Fanderay is out of town so she will add screencaps when she can so I just posted a few till then. Thank you Joonni for all your help 🙂


SY is crying and TB goes in her room. TB: you said you love me? from the start you liked me and held onto my ankle? why are you telling me now after making me into the bad guy. why are you telling me now. SY: that is why I said I was sorry. i am sincerely sorry. He says then stay in this marriage if you really mean that you are sorry –let’s stay together cuz I have no thoughts of breaking up.  you said you love me then all I have to do is try- I will try and not cause you heart ache so let’s protect this marriage- I really want to protect this marriage. SY: why? the marriage you said you hated and hung in there (not to do) why do you want to protect it? cuz of the baby? what did you say to me before marriage –  marrying cuz of a baby cuz it cant be helped-didnt you say how you were committing a sin in your life. didnt you say living with a dad who doesnt have any affection for the mom would leave a scar on the kid.  He throws her words back too and her reasons in the beginning for wanting to get married. how she wanted her baby to be born in a family. that it’s ok if I dont love you. no matter how much that marriage is like hell it doenst matter. werent you the one who said just stay by my side. SY: now it’s not. I thought I could hold it in and live for the baby but I cant do it. to me my happiness is important too. now I want to be together with someone who loves me and cherishes me. TB: I like you – if I am with you – even if it’s not a year but two or three more years -even if we live together for however many years I dont think it will be bad. no – I think it will really be great. that much – you are a good person and attractive to me.   Also more than anything – in your stomach – you have my child. now I want to – I want our baby to be born in a secure family. I used to think it was childish/immature to get married cuz of a baby but not now.  These past months of marriage with you changed me and now this family is precious to me more than anything. She asks: do you love me  – answer me – do you love me – I don’t want to be hurt again. TB: I will try. She hits him with a pillow. TB: why are you like this when it’s not hormones. SY: dont try. she  says it angers her to hear the words he will try. TB: you said you love me so you could just wait a little… she hits him again. SY: now I dont – I dont love you.  now I dont love you. is love something that can happen after you try. go – now I no longer love you. He says she isnt calm now cuz she is too angry and to talk again tm but she says she is in her right frame of mind now and made this decision and will not regret it.  let’s break up. end it. TB: do you mean it – do you really want to break up? SY: yes – break up

TB’s parents are waiting. Dad says she should have spent money cuz the present is too shabby. she says then he should have kept insisting that they do. He tells her to lay low like a jellyfish this time. She says don’t worry and that she wont show anger from her heart. SY’s parents come out. SY’s mom asks what brings them here cuz her heart wasn’t ready to see them. TB’s dad says like last time, they wanted to have fun talking and getting to know each other so if they are ok, to have some alcohol. even though it’s not great alcohol, he brought some. SY’s mom says after what TB did how could they talk about drinking. TB’s mom says there is a misunderstanding. SY’s dad says to sit and talk. TB’s mom explains what she brought and how it’s homemade and good for them so they wont catch cold or have body fatigue. SY’s mom says they don’t need it and take it back. SY’s dad accepts and thanks them by saying “we will eat it well.” TB’s mom explains how TB isnt meeting that girl from the past (HR) at all and that girl from his past showed up at his office suddenly. dad says how TB gave up the emcee position for Start Together. his mom says that chance was so important to TB but he gave it up for SY’s sake. She says how those two are doing the contract marriage between them just with words but TB doesn’t plan on breaking up at all. dad says he wants them to understand  – that unlike what the in laws think, TB didnt do any of that stuff (meeting HR and stuff) and that TB is fulfilling his job to be a good husband. SY’s mom disagrees and asks if they know how TB uses separate rooms from the first day of marriage till now. that he never followed SY to her sonogram visits and doesn’t buy anything SY wants to eat while she is pregnant. how could he be so disregarding any more than this.  TB’s mom asks why TB did that cuz he isnt like that. SY’s mom says -why are you asking me – ask your son yourself. she says again how she wants to get them divorced and wont leave SY with TB who is so brazen. TB’s mom says TB doenst even know the “bra” in “brazen”and isnt that kind of kid.  but SY’s dad says how he cant agree with this cuz TB should have cleaned everything up sooner (make a clean break from HR) – if he did then HR’s mom wouldnt have gone to the office and called TB “son in law.”SY’s dad: I can no longer say the words “endure and keep living the way you’ve been.” TB’s dad brings up the baby that will be born in a few months since her dad is talking divorce. SY’s dad says just cuz the baby is going to be born, letting his daughter be in an instable marriage is not the only option. TB’s dad starts to talk about the baby being born in a stable family, but SY’s dad says it’s more important for the mom to be happy for the baby to be happy. Her mom says it’s better not to have a father who is underhanded and selfish. how could he propose an underhanded thing like a contract marriage to her pregnant daughter.TB’s mom says TB must have said that cuz he was so upset but our TB quit Start together. SY’s mom says that isnt much to give up to keep bringing that up. when she thinks about what TB proposed to her precious daughter, it’s not even enough he guit the job entirely.  TB’s mom says TB didn’t even have an affair. SY’s mom says: doing that much is having an affair – why is it not an affair? that is having an affair. TB’s dad says: how is that an affair? just cuz (your husband) had an affair – in your eyes, do you see every man in the world like that? SY’s mom:what did you just say? TB’s dad: you said he had an affair so that is why you dunked his toothbrush in the toilet. TB’s mom tries to stop him but he keeps saying “also you think divorce is simple – over something this small you make them get a divorce? Then you shouldn’t have made them get married to begin with. With our precious son’s life are you playing around right now or what?  Is marriage something for kid’s to play with? A grown adult should behave like an adult and teach them how to live. He says something like – is it right for them to do whatever they wish with their kid’s lives.

TB’s parents walk out and TB’s mom asks why he did that “You’re the one who said we should just lay low, and like a jellyfish, match the in-laws preferences” (Note: the parents had wanted to be compliant and not rub the in-laws in the wrong way so like they compared it to being like jellyfish, which are transparent and can camouflage. He says he didnt plan to say all that – he would have held back if he could have. it came out before I knew it. I’m sorry I should have been patient. even when I think about it – I dont know why I am like this.  I dont know why I cant hold back and just blow up once in a while.  He tells her to go and says he will walk a while cuz he is still angry and then go to his get together with his childhood friends. he tells her to take a cab. She calls out for him not to drink too much

TB’s mom drinks alone in her kitchen. She says aloud about SY’s mom: even though she was angry – there are things you can say in front of the in laws and stuff you have to swallow (hold it in and not say). She mimics SY’s mom’s voice and says: we don’t need it so take it back.  The mom repeats words that SY’s mom said which are “” underhand”? “brazen”?”. “Doesn’t she even know what “brazen means? Should I go over there and teach her? How dare she say, “brazen”?!  the mom drinks and says  “when I think about how furious I am I want to go over there and get them divorced –our TB – how much he must have been shedding tears of blood to quit Start Together.” She suddenly yells out “you think just cuz you live well that’s all”

GM comes in muttering: what is so great about getting him married off to brag about it and doesn’t know to be embarrassed. The mom stands and says: mother did you come. GM: what are you doing? You are drinking alcohol? Mom: yes mother – during the day today we went to the in laws – it was soooooo upsetting. GM orders her to hurry and put it away cuz she is already mad. Mom asks why the GM is so mad. GM: (There is a Korean saying that ) You don’t even know your parents when you drink in the daytime, and your exactly like that now.(Note: As in you lose your sense of propriety and manners when you drink in the daytime. In Korea, it is believed that drinking in the daytime is not good and that the alcoholic has even more of an effect on you if you do). She yells that Chong chul is getting married. Mom: mother Chong Chul is getting married already? GM: that’s right – TH’s childhood friend is already getting married. As a mother – what are you doing? If your son in 30 yrs – you never saw him date a girl –shouldn’t you be working hard to get him blind dates and get him married off. So how could you do nothing like “I dont know anything about this.” is it cuz he isnt your son? Mom says there is something on GM’s face. GM: what? Where? Mom says “it’s on this side” and touches GM’s face. Mom says sorry – it was age spots/ liver marks-when did you get this old? It’s covering half your face. GM pushes the mom’s hand away and says: what are you doing.

J comes downstairs. GM yells at the mom to clear up the alcohol. Mom says to GM: mother you shouldn’t do that. I didn’t learn anything and I don’t have anything or any family to depend on (note: as in her own family from her parents) so you only put me down and pick on me. GM asks through an Korean idiom that basically means: “What kind of unepected/unreasonable/and useless thing are you saying?”Mom retorts: have you ever made dong soo (TH’s birth mom) work? You always just put me down and made me work and called out “big child.” (since the ajumma is older than TH’s birth mom the ajumma was called the older daughter). The mom holds out her thumb and says she cant even leave a fingerprint cuz for over 40 yrs she used her hands so much and worked like a cow with her back bent. GM just says “omae” so J tries to stop the mom from talking, but the mom keeps going. “I am a cow – am I a person? That is why my eyes blink like this. Look.” The mom blinks a few times and J stifles a giggle. GM sighs and turns away and leans on the wall. Mom goes on to say that if she hadn’t lost her parents early, and had a proper family (birth family), I would have been able to bring in a lot of dowry. do you think I wanted to push out my butt just holding a spoon? For over 40 yrs you kept bringing that up and not letting me forget. She repeats the words “holding just a spoon and pushing out my butt.” Suddenly she yells out: when did I just bring only a spoon – I held onto chopsticks too. J cant hold it in and laughs. GM: omae – are you not going to hurry and come to your senses? Mom yells back: I wont cook anymore now. I am going to live doing whatever I want now. even if I cant live in a nice home and wear delicate clothing like a dragonfly’s wings like other people, now I wont do anything at all. She yells out that she won’t make food, or attend to Grandma or look after the kids. I don’t want to – it’s a bother – I hate it all.

GM tries to throw water on the mom so J blocks the mom and holds GM back with her other hand. J: grandma you cant – you cant grandma. GM: stand aside. She needs to get water poured over her to come to her senses. J: but still you cant throw water grandma. I know cuz I was hit – it makes you feel really awful. It really doesn’t feel good.

J puts the water pot down but the mom comes closer and holds her arms up, puffs her chest out and says: why? Pour it (make it shower down) Pour it! (sort of like daring the GM to throw) GM keeps saying “omae.” J tells the mom: ajumma stop it. Mom: why are you stopping me? Let go. J: ajumma how much alcohol did you drink exactly? On top of that drinking in the middle of the day alone. Mom asks her: “you still think of me as a robber don’t you? that’s right.” She puffs out her chest and gets closer to J and repeats “I am a robber” and passes out in J’s arms.

*thanks to Joonni for clarifying this scene 🙂

GM and J put the mom to bed. GM mutters “aigoo” as she lays out the blankets for the ajumma. GM mutters “I lived too long-aigoo” and leaves the room. J reads the note the mom wrote:  In 6 months $50,000  – I will protect Ojak no matter what. I will get my dream fulfilled. J looks at the calendar with the days marked off. J looks over and sees sample skin products the mom uses to save money

TH is waiting at the hospital.  He remembers how KJ took the hit for him. The nurse calls for KJ’s guardian. TH gets up to meet with the attending doctor. The doctor says nothing much is wrong with KJ like his head scan and stuff has nothing strange showing up

TH goes in to see KJ who is lying in bed. TH aims the humidifier towards KJ and sits down. KJ wakes up and looks at TH. TH says “it’s the hospital.” KJ says it’s good to see him. TH says how KJ got 14 stitches and the CT scan shows nothing is wrong but KJ has to stay overnight for observation. KJ asks TH: but you are ok right?  TH: why did you jump in (get involved) – who told you to follow me and get jump in like that? cuz of you, you should know I wasted a week’s worth of stakeout and didnt catch that punk. KJ: cuz of that – you get irritated at a patient.  TH: Give me someone to contact so I can call that person and leave. KJ says there is no one. TH:dont joke around and give me someone to contact.  you need to stay overnight so you need a guardian (someone to take care of him). KJ: I really dont have one. TH: does that make sense? when there are so many people at your office. where is your cell phone? I am busy.  KJ: I can stay alone.  just go. I need to get some sleep. TH: dont sleep and give me your phone. Kim Jae Ha. KJ keeps his eyes closed. TH leaves angry. KJ opens his eyes after TH leaves and KJ sighs.

TH walks out, but then he stops and goes back in. J texts TH and asks : when are you coming home today. TH was going to text back but goes outside to call her.

In the stairwell he calls J and says: it’s me – I cant go home today. J just washed her hair and is towel drying it. J:why? are you on a stakeout? he grunts yes. J: it’s too bad cuz I had a lot to tell you ajussi.  TH: what is it about? tell me now – I have time.  J: ajusshi did something not good happen? your voice sounds really down. TH: it does? I’m not.  He clears his throat and and asks: is it still doing it? J: now it’s ok. J laughs and says :ajussi -today ajumma….TH interrupts and says: I miss you. J: I do too. TH: then let’s meet. I am switching to video call.” But J says: no ajussi – not now –10 mins – no – call back in 30 mins. She dries her hair and puts makeup on and changes her top. when he calls back on video, she waves and calls out ajussi. J: ajussi – do you know ajumma drank alcohol today? not just alcohol but during the day all by herself. TH: mom did?

TB’s dad comes out to take a call and sees TS greeting a customer. (TS is working his part time job as a driver for people who drank alcohol) TS tells the woman how he will drive her safely home after she gets annoyed at TS for coming so late. TS’s dad saw all that

SY cries and asks her baby- did mom do well?

TB remembers how SY asked if he loves her. he sits up.

The mom goes out to feed the ducks and J is already there. J: you came out. Are you feeling ok (meaning is the mom’s insides ok from drinking so much) mom: I can endure. J grins and asks: do you remember? J mimics the mom when she was drunk and J throws out her chest waves her arms out saying “pour it” – J said it exactly the way the mom did with the accent and everything, but it sounds way cuter. The mom gives her a look so J stops. mom: Let’s start the “Farm experience tour” from next March since in the winter, there will be no profit while we just put in meaningless labor.  J nods yes and says “ I thought that too” (but J said that as she made her body do a wave) the mom goes on and says taking care of the ducks is what she has been doing and developing a new feed will take about 40 days so during that time J doesn’t need to come out to the coop and just keep doing the work J has been doing – that animation. Just work hard on doing that. It’s not easy for a person to do 2 or 3 things all at once. Go that? J:yes. Mom: hurry and work. J throws out her chest and yells out “yes” so the mom yells at her to stop that. J laughs. OMG – LOL (you have to see it to know what I am talking about – it is hilarious how J keeps teasing the mom)

The mom apologizes to GM and says what she did yesterday will never happen again. TP and J giggle. Even N smiles. GM asks what happened with the in laws –did they get everything cleared up. are they less angry. The dad says he made trouble so they need to go there again. GM asks what that means. dad says I should have been more patient but i got carried away and said things I shouldnt have. GM is shocked the dad said something wrong instead of the mom. GM: what did you say? dad: I will tell you later. TS comes running over and says sorry (for being late) He  says to N that N should have woken him up. N says: I did wake you. TS: you did? TS apologizes and says he has been working overnight cuz there was a lot of work these days. Dad stares at TS

TB goes to work and coworkers congratulate him. Choi and other coworker come in. choi asks how TB could deceive him too. Girl says how the home page is filled with people saying how the marriage is a good thing. SY comes in and lectures the girl. SY tells TB that the head director called them

Director Goo says he heard something shocking today – that SY and TB are married and she is 5 months pregnant. is that for real.  She says sorry for not telling him in advance. TB says yes it’s true how they got married in September. Goo:what? september? Goo asks if G knew and G says he didn’t know. Goo says : a secret marriage? 5 months pregnant? how they could keep that a secret – he didn’t know and tried to set up his daughter with TB and tried to push SY towards G. How could they do this to him. He gets a called from his boss (the president) and Goo tells him how SY and TB got married in septemeber and how he just heard.  Goo starts laughing into the phone about how SY and TB are IBC couple and will do as the president ordered. After he hangs up, Goo says since this happened – they should tell people properly so no more rumors go out. he orders G to contact the filming team and get an interview from SY and TB.  but SY blurts out they broke up – they are going to get divorced. I am really sorry. G: what does that mean? SY: we broke up. we are no longer a married couple. Sorry for disappointing you again. Goo yells: divorce? divorce?! secret marriage- pregnant – and now divorce? TB yells out they haven’t divorced yet. SY says we broke up – they already clearly talked it over last night and agreed. TB says to her: that’s what you think by yourself. TB says to the others: just said would think about it -didnt agree yet.  Goo asks what they are doing. is marriage easy? is divorce a joke to you two? if you keep this up- pretty soon you will get remarried.  For now I will act like I didnt hear about the divorce -the whole company knows the truth of your marriage so how could you divorce with one word. are you determined to ruin IBC? He says he will give them a month and they can talk then. This isnt an order for the company’s sake- it’s a favor for their lives. if after 4 weeks your thoughts havent changed then you can announce the divorce.  He is upset again and cant face TB and SY.

G goes out first and asks what the two of them were thinking. SY and TB apologize. Some guy comes over and says HR didn’t come to work and they cant reach her – he worries something happened. SY looks at TB.

TB goes to the editing room. He remembers how he told everyone and in front of HR that SY is his wife. TB gets a call. Some guy says the woman in the apartment fainted so he is calling the number on her phone. TB tries to ask where that is but he gets disconnected

G and SY are together. G says HR isnt answering. He says let’s go together to her place. She asks him to go alone but he says go together. On the way let’s talk. She says ok and says sorry. I should have told you in advance – you are surprised aren’t you. G: are you really going to break up with TB. She says yes. He asks if she is ok. She doesn’t answer

TS  is working at the duck restaurant. The boss is overworking TS so MS asks the boss to go easy on TS. Flowers get delivered for MS. The boss says how a guy named Jang has fallen for her. hurry and read what he wrote. she says no it’s ok and says – why does he keep sending flowers when he doesnt need to. even trashing it is work.  boss asks why she keeps saying she doesnt like Jang.  He lists all the guy’s good qualities like a good job title/position, two years younger than MS, tall, looks good. She says it’s strange how a person like that is interested in her. the boss says it is meant to be and tells her to meet the guy but she says no. she tells the boss to stop being interested too. TS over hears all that and smiles.

TS goes and asks MS about the guy. TS: are you really not interested? MS: about what? TS: a while ago – that flower basket. heard he keeps asking you out. MS: I am not sure – like ajussi said it’s not easy to meet a man like that. before I regret later, I think maybe I should meet him once.  it would be a waste to let him go.  TS: what are you talking about -there are tons of guys like that outside. TS says stuff that isn’t good about  Jang-how anyone can get that high job title if they reach a certain age etc. TS points out “I am a sheerjang (assistant director/manager)  He says how tiring dating is and she will have to pay more attention not to look old. also, more than your age-you have a pretty face  (he tried to compliment her but she takes it the wrong way as an insult) MS: are you saying i look old for my age? TS: that’s not what I meant – what I was saying..she interrupts and says : yes I look old – I know that too.  thanks for telling me. the boss asks what TS is doing here when he sent TS out to throw away the trash. TS says he is coming.

TS throws out her flowers. He destroys it and tears up the card too

The chief asks TH’s boss (team leader) what’s going on with TH. The boss says how TH is working on drug smuggling since last month and is determined to capture the culprit.  Chief asks if TH totally backed off the backdoor admittance incident. the boss says yes but TH is currently working on a hit and run accident from 26 yrs ago. After he leaves, the chief talks to himself and asks why TH is looking into it. how did he know about that accident. He repeats TH’s full name and TH’s real dad’s name and looks up paperwork and matches TS’s dad’s name (Hwang Chang Sik) listed under TH’s father’s name. he calls and asks someone to look into TH’s family –see if there is a Hwang Chang Hoon in his family and what the relationship is with his dad Hwang Chang Sik.

* OMG the chief has something to do with the car accident I bet

D meets TH outside of KJ’s room. D: is Kim PDnim ok? TH says KJ woke up for a bit yesterday but kept sleeping. D: nothing bad should happen to him. I told the team leader so you dont have to worry.  TH: did anyone call for me by any chance? from the Taejun poilce station.  D: there wasnt – why? TH: it’s nothing – did you bring it? D shows him some paperwork and says, “I checked and the acceptance date is the same as Im Jae Song’s departure (as in leaving the country) date.

TH goes in and sits on the bed next to KJ. TH lies down to rest and KJ wakes up. He looks over and sees TH there. KJ: you didn’t leave. TH sits up and asks: are you ok. KJ: come and get mom’s keepsake- I will ask you as a request (a favor)– It’s my last time (asking) do me this favor. TH starts to leave so KJ says how he doesn’t want to keep doing this : I don’t like this cuz I’m pushing you- at least listen to what I have to say till the end. TH stops and turns around to face him so KJ says: thank you. from your position this is like violence. Cuz it’s like forcing you to forgive but to me, she was my mom who was like my savior. I wanted to let you know how much mom missed you and her heart ached for you her whole life.  if by any chance you want to go see her even once. (*KJ mentions how she was laid to rest) TH says: that wont happen-stop and just get some sleep. TH is about to walk out the door but KJ blurts out: I am adopted. Before they went to America, they adopted me and took me with them. Why of all things would they adopt a kid similar to your age. At first I didn’t even know about your existence. one day I saw mother bring home shoes she bought. Naturally I thought those shoes were for me but even though a few days passed she didn’t give it to me. I thought it was strange so I opened her closet and found out. In that closet – there were shoes she bought each year. That’s when I knew that mother had a son. Also that those shoes were his birthday presents. From then on till mother passed away, I never once opened the closet. It was my last pride. In that last moment as she was about to pass away, mother looked for you. Tae Hee ya Tae Hee ya – she called out for you and passed away. So that’s why I promised mother first –that I would make sure to pass on her keepsake to you. Thank you for listening. This is really my last request – please come and get mother’s keepsake. TH leaves the room and stands outside for a bit and then leaves

*I got my friend to explain this part to me, but I dont get it. KJ says how TH’s mom was cremated or burned under a tree or buried under it? it’s supposed to be some new way of burying someone, but I dont understand this. I am going to ask Joonni to clarify for us.

J goes to meet TH. She asks if he finished his stakeout. he doesnt say anything.  She asks if anything happened. He asks if she wants to go see the ocean

Y and TP are passing out fliers to people. afterwards, Y thanks him and asks – should we eat something before we go? he agrees.

They stand at a street vendor eating and remember what they said to each other. TP saying he got over his feelings for her and how she said not to go past owner and manager relationship.  Some girls nearby say how good looking TP is and wonders if he is a celebrity. They ask him to take a picture. he says they cant. They ask if he is a celebrity – what is your name – do you have a girlfriend. Y tries to offer him some food, but he says he will go wait in the car first. The girls ask Y “ajumma are you his manager?  Y: do I look like an ajumma in your eyes? They say yes

Y is at the store and girl worker asks if it’s ok to leave first. Y says yes she can leave first since it’s christmas. you must have a date. the girl says yes and wishes Y a merry christmas. Y does too. Y overhears TP talking to someone on the phone making plans -he says he wont be late. After he hangs up, he asks Y if she isnt going to leave work. Y: yes I should – do you have an appt today too? TP: yes I do.  Y: of course you must have one since it’s Christmas. then you can leave first and I will finish up putting things in order. TP: can I do that? Y: of course. hurry and go. you worked hard.  have a good Christmas. TP: yes then I will be going

He goes outside and a girl is waiting for him. He says how good she looks. she says she put some effort into it. he offers to drive her car. Y watches all that and hides behind the tree when TP sees her. When Y peeks out again, TP is standing there looking at her. he says merry Christmas and Y says it back. She watches him leave and looks sad

TH and J are crouched by the car near the beach. They are cooking ramen. She tells him the water is boiling so he can put the noodles in. he is about to break it in half but she says not to break up the ramen and put the whole thing in. TH: it’s easier to eat if you break it in half. J: you cant – you have to put the whole thing in for the noodle to stay “alive” (I think she meant be intact)  she points out how many ramens she made while living on the farm. (meaning she has experience making it)  also you are supposed to add the egg after the ramen is all cooked. if you put it in the beginning – you know the soup taste gets “tup tup” (no clue what that means -maybe that clunks of egg will float around) J also tells him to sprinkle the seasoning in all over. he repeats her words and does as she asked and says it’s all done. he closes the lid. J is grinning really big. He looks at her and asks: do you like it that much. J: I like it so much. do you carry stuff like this around in your car. (the fold out chair and cooking stuff) TH: yes – it’s nice to have to suddenly go off somewhere alone. J: by yourself? so lonely? From now on you have to make sure to go with me. J points and says the ramen is overflowing so TH grabs the lid and burns his fingers and has to hold his ears (*supposedly that eases the pain) he says it’s hot and blows on his fingers. J laughs at him. They start stirring the ramen and TH puts in the egg. They start eating. TH says it tastes good.

After they eat they walk side by side and they shove each other playfully. J grabs his arm and holds his hand as they walk over to watch the sunset. He stares at her and then stands behind her and puts his coat around her and rests his cheek on her shoulder. He back hugs her as the sun goes down

SY and G get out of the car. They head over to HR’s home but SY sees TB pulling up in a cab. SY is shocked. G says it’s over there and sees TB. He says TB must have been worried about HR and came. SY walks over to TB. TB says her name. she doesn’t say anything.


No preview

Sparkskey translated E42 written preview -thank you so much- wow you are FAST 🙂

TH finds the keepsake his birth mother left behind and the tears he’s been holding back just keep flowing. Upon coming home after spending the day with TH, JE gets scolded by the mom who didn’t sleep but stayed up waiting for her. JE feels really touched since this is the first time she got scolded/nagged at by a mom.

Mom arranges a matchmaking date for TH under GM’s constant nagging. When TH rejects by saying he doesn’t want to date, GM starts taking her frustration out on the mom

The look of love…

I love how he stares at her. He sees her everyday, but it’s like it isn’t enough. Sometimes it feels like he is making up for a lifetime of not staring at someone like this. How can you act this in love unless a part of yourself believes you do. Either JooWon is the best actor around or he is feeling some of TH’s emotions for real.

I wonder if E42 will end with a declaration of his own – will TH finally speak up and say why he doesnt want to go on that set up. Hope we at least get to hear his excuse for not telling his family about J.


302 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E41

  1. PM says:

    This is a serious question so I hope no one bags me for asking this but I’ve seen a lot of Korean dramas over the years and there is one question that always pops in my mind every time I see a kiss scene or scenes where actors have to get up close…. the question is, I wonder how actors take care of their breaths in such scenes because I know in Korea most foods contain garlic and most people eat Kimchi which contains a lot of garlic, and onions… do people in Korea take care of their breaths b4 they engage in… shall we say up close and personal moments like kissing? I know people might be thinking what a question to ask, but I think it’s a legitimate question since there’s so much garlic involved in Korean cooking as well as green onions, white onions etc… foods that are quite strong in aroma. How do people (not just actors) take care of their breaths or do they? And if they don’t take care of their breaths so to speak I guess people don’t mind if they talk to you with a very strong breaths of garlic?


    • Zenti says:

      They use lots of bottles of mouthwash! =)


      • ck1Oz says:

        Hahaha…I didn’t want to say that but it’s true and brush and brush before the kissing scene 🙂
        Remember the interview with an actor where he said he felt bad for his co star because he was drinking before the kissing scene? Eww…


    • ck1Oz says:

      They don’t eat kimchi or garlicky stuff during lunch. Not to mention they use mouthwash. I hate to break it to you but most of the Korean actors smoke as well. So you don’t only have to account for the garlic but the smokers’ breath…ewww…


    • Selina says:

      I think if everyone in Korea eats lots of garlic and onions and so on, then it must be custom and very usual to them to have that smell around them! Right haha?


    • Anonymous says:

      re: Kissing scenes and actors’ breath
      Kang Ji Hwan was interviewed about one of the famous kissing scenes in Lie to Me — I can’t remember whether it was the “ice cream kiss” or the “coke kiss”
      He said he used a whole bottle of mouthwash in preparation for the kissing scene!


  2. @mikz: hehehehe this is regarding our topic about sickness. My two cents about HR hiding away from TB, its because she doesn’t want to burden him cuz of practical matter like money. From my opinion, when a person is sick what you need most is the support of the people around you especially your love one, money can be earn anytime, but the life of a person is priceless. People who had their love ones around them when they’re are sick recover faster, because on their mind they have a reason to live but people who feel lonely feel more sick. Well I think HR now realize that she can’t live anymore without saying goodbye to TB or rather spend her remaining days with him, but like what you said she doesn’t know that TB is already married and having a baby, if I’m HR I would free TB, because I think that is the only way she can make him happy, anyways she already hide away from him from a long time. She must accept that TB can still have a future with SY. But now that SY is suffering emotionally she better pull herself up and live a peaceful life.


    • Zenti says:

      If TB will choose to stay by the side of HR during her sickness, TB will turn his back against his family and that will make TB not deserving of SY and their child anymore.

      Given that HR left TB because of an illness (hypothetically), it does not give her the right over TB. It’s a decision she had to make and she has to accept the consequences of her decision despite how noble it is. HR is being selfish by doing so.


      • well that I was pointing the whole time, in the first place HR must not have left TB side even if she’s sick, but now she wanted to stay beside TB for her remaining days it will be impossible. But SY and TB needs to be apart for a while so they can realize that they needed each other the most, not only because of their baby but they truly love each other. I’m still giving TB a chance because from what I can see from previous episodes that he really likes SY, I think it will turn into love someday…..


        • Zenti says:

          If HR is indeed sick, we just provide her a personal nurse so she won’t bother TB any longer. Hehe ….

          I think TB already loves SY as attested by the many times he endured the challenges thrown at them (particularly on those made by SY’s meddling and hard to pleased mother). The problem is he has not yet realized it fully because he is so hung up with HR who chose to come back at the most inopportune time.


    • Anonymous says:

      i hate HR. She is a very thick skin girl. Trying to play with TB’s feeling. TB is also a stupid scumbag. Doesnt want to take responsibilty.


    • mikz says:

      well, actually I was previously giving my opinion in general, 🙂 But to apply that to HY’s situation, I guess she would want them (TB and her) to be comfortable first before she opens up (if that is really the case). But it didn’t end that way since TB has to be responsible enough to act as a husband and father. HY did not get the chance of telling it to them so now, she just need to keep it to herself so as not to destroy TB’s family. You also have a point that HY should have taken the step to move aside and not ruin TB’s life after knowing that he is already a married man. Maybe she should just have tendered her resignation w IBC and silently left. or maybe it is her dying wish to at least ask for TB’s forgiveness before passing away. hehe. 🙂 But it just doesn’t make sense to me about HY’s mom showing up last time wanting to tell something to TB.

      Well guyz, this is just my speculation. It will still be upto the writer on how he’s going to work out on their story. 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:

    cant wait for the next ep


  4. Anonymous says:

    ojakgyo brothers ep42 preview joowon reveals he has a girlfriend!!!


  5. singaporegirl says:

    jus saw the recap of ep 39, i think is abt time both TB-SY to be separated for a while. TB to focus n get his feelings straight. SY to control her emotion. SY shld understand to give up love of 10yrs is not the same n easy to built a love for which is only 5mths. Maybe after the break, both realises they miss n need each other. TB may required Ahjussi to ‘bang’ on his head, a sickly ex is not worth to wait but a pregrant wife is.. SY heart maybe soften she sees the gift from TB… no not the couple rings but the baby shoes n the written words by TB, giving their baby a nickname…


  6. mischa says:

    merry christmas softy and to all OB fans!!!!
    i found this ep 42 video preview on youtube…hope someone can translate it…i’m so excited for tonight!!!!!!

    thanks to yongseohaejusaeyo for uploading!!!!!!


    • ck1Oz says:

      OMG. I can’t translate word by word. but OMG….wait for softy. He refused the matseon date but on man…was that JE hugging him?
      Did he say he has someone and did you see his gaze turn to her? OMG *faints*


      • mischa says:

        i know…. i can’t wait for tonight episode…it’s gonna be awesome!!!!!


      • pickles says:

        TP: The two of them are definitely together. At this rate, I’m going to get 3 nephews in a year!
        Mum: I’ve found out about a match for Taehee.
        Grandma: Taehee, look at this!
        Dad: She’s pretty!
        TH: Halmoni, I won’t go for matchmaking. I’m dating someone.


        • Zenti says:

          Haha! TP is daebak! Three nephews in a row – one from TS, one from TB, and another one from TH. Keke …


        • flo says:

          OMG..3 nephews in a year.????..he..he..
          the way TH looks at J…omoo..his smile OMG i,m faints and faints…
          and J hugging TH..so romantic , i think they spending the night together..he..he..
          OMG i, can’t wait for tonight episode..my heart beating faster just thinking of TH & J scene on the beach kyaaa so sweetttt….


        • Anonymous says:

          haha so funny how TP says that he will have 3 nephews in a year lol. I’m dying to see their baby :))


    • pickles says:

      KYAAAAA!!!!! Omggggggggg I absolutely LOVEEEEEEEE the way he looked at Jaeun after he said that he is dating someone!!!!! Gahhhh, can’t wait for tonight’s episode!!!


    • zenitram says:

      so much squealing 😛 I’m pretty sure my neighbors heard me^^


  7. ck1Oz says:

    Bochra Bsm says:
    can someone pleaaase remind me of TH name : what does it mean?
    thank you.

    Ep 38 태희 Tae Hee : Great joy and happiness.
    That was me by the way but I could be wrong.


  8. ck1Oz says:

    Wa…it before I get back the the Christmas routine. Now that we’ve had a whole lot of couple moments…did I miss a MV for the couple moments somewhere?I know we had a lot of them being separated but do we have a happy MV of them together?

    I am going to go back now and rewatch where TH said goodbye to JE and when he tried to give her a coat. I can’t quite believe they are so happy now. So perversely going back to rewatch the sad moments so I can squeal some more at yesterday’s back hug. Been so busy that had no time to spazz with anyone about OB 🙂
    Can’t wait for tonight. I am live streaming…no matter what!!


  9. Black says:

    How i wish TB has a diary in which he wrote all the things happened in his daily life, his feeling etc… When SY saw this diary, she will know all TB sacrifices and hardwork in their marriage.. That’s when she will try to calm down and have a one to one talk with him and work things out…
    at the same time, SY see all the things he bought for her; couple rings, baby shoes, and the small card for her..
    Even better, if TB hp wallpaper is the pic of both of them in the park and SY see it.. Awww…
    My wishful thinking this christmas… hahaha


    • Zenti says:

      Yeah, TB and SY should happily spend Christmas and New Year together with their unborn child. SY is 5 months pregnant and the gender of the child can be known already by ultrasound. It will be a sight to behold seeing them happy to know the baby’s gender.

      I was thinking maybe their boss will give TB a documentary assignment on being a husband and a father. TB will then draw out from his experiences. And SY will be touched on how TB regards them with love.


  10. Zenti says:

    @softy on *I got my friend to explain this part to me, but I dont get it. KJ says how TH’s mom was cremated or burned under a tree or buried under it? it’s supposed to be some new way of burying someone, but I dont understand this. I am going to ask Joonni to clarify for us.

    Maybe her cremated remains were buried under a tree? Isn’t it done that way in 49 Days and in Can You Hear My Heart?


  11. Vivian says:

    @Love Joy M. Anteja – I think I missed reading a few topics here….is HR really ill in this series? Sorry, i’m getting a little confused because I don’t remember reading any recaps about this. Or is this all hypothetical?


    • Zenti says:

      Hi, Vivian. It is still hypothetical, which I hope the writer will not venture to. It’s too cliche of a makjang!

      People have been speculating that she might be ill because she does not look well (she looks tired usually), her mother would want to tell TB something, and now that she has fainted.

      If she is indeed ill by appearance, TB would have noticed it right away because he had known her for ten years. So that is why I find it illogic to make her ill.


  12. Zenti says:

    @ Love Joy M. Anteja – I hope you do not mind I answered on your behalf since you, mikz and I have been discussing the hypothesis.

    Anyway, I hope writer nim is going to give the pregnant lady a break from further heartaches and give TB and SY their first Christmas together. Fighting!


    • No worries Zenti, I’m all good, I really think the writer of OB is really amazing! but TB and SY will have their reconciliation in their own sweet time! but because it Christmas I’d like to positive like TH and J, I hope Ajumma and Grandma will not faint after these two admits their relationship…..hehehe or rather that will be the best scene ever! LOL!


  13. rainyrain says:

    OMGGGG I need to finish all the chores before the episode starts , OMGGGG finally he is going to reveal his GF identity to the family , and I wonder why JE was hugging him , did he say something about his mum and KJ ?


    • rainyrain says:

      I think there will be two diffent scenes in which one TH will say that he doesn’t want the matchmaking and in the other he will reveal he has a girl friend becoz he is wearing two different jackets in the two scenes


  14. Subject says:

    OK, I had enough time to think about my OTP – SY&TB, and unfortunately, at this point, there are no other choices beside separation. I didn’t say divorce, I just think that the most necessary thing they need is time to think trough things.

    I really can’t see SY’s miserable face every time she sees how TB is not matching her ideals about marriage, relationship and friendship. she doesn’t believe him anymore, and nobody can blame her, specially after yesterday’s episode. Why the hell he went to HR’s house? WHY? my BF said he understand why and gave me bunch of excuses which i didn’t accept. me, as all of you, watch week after week both sides of the equation and knew until yesterday that SY misunderstood TB, that the program with HR and HR’s Mom and all the other things have good explains, but now, after he (again!) broke his promise, I’m so upset and frustrated, he drives me crazy!

    The separation should be a good solution for TB also. he’s like a guest in his own life. he has no clue what he done wrong (yes, he bough flowers and baby shoes and other stuff – but they just stuff!) and he must figure it out! he must realize what SY to him: a mother of his baby? one-night-stand? a woman? co worker? team manager? friend? wife? he also need to understand what he wants to achieve from the relationship and why he insists to keep SY by his side. it’s not the end of the world been a single parent, BUT it’s the worse thing to be stuck in a relationship just because a sense of obligation and not because of love.


    • Mistletoe says:

      Well, TB got an anonymous call to inform him that HR had fainted. Being a righteous man, remember he saved the boy who was trapped in the lift, he had to do his part to check on his sick friend.


    • Miss Q says:

      I too had like almost a day to think about TB & SY, rather 1 day to stew about it. I am still upset with TB. SY deserves to be with someone who will love her not try to love her. Actually TB is not even trying in my thinking. He keeps going to back to HR. Actually the heart wants what the heart wants. Seriously I am beginng to think that honestly he is still in love and hung up over HR. If so ok then, at this rate I rather have SY with G, it showed in his face how concerned he was for SY when he asked whether she is really gtg a divorce and is she ok. Has TB ever really showed that kind of concerned over SY? It is like HR, HR, HR. Anything he did always had a tinged of this is my obligation, as a husband or as a soon to be father.
      On the part of HR being sick, maybe terminally ill, I do hope the writer will not go along that route so cliche….please please don’t do it, writernim you had been doing so well wit OB thus far… If truly she is terminally ill, that she is the biggest “B” in this entire world. Also the most selfish person ever lived. How can you comeback and wanting to see a person you previously dump, so you can spend the sort time you have with that person. What in heavens name are you thinking really, how could you let and allow the person you claim you love go through another time being left. This time by your death. How could you??? That to me is just pure selfishness. Early on TB already said that he is married but yet she keep hinting that she still wants to be with TB. She should have not said what she said at the MT as she already knew that TB is married.


      • Subject says:

        I think the same as you, but I don’t think that TB still in love HR. he cares for her, cause he have a very long history with her, after all we talking about 10(!) years. I know from personal experience that if one of my EX need me, i’ll be there, but unlike TB, I’ll let my current BF the whole story and ask his advice. we don’t need permission to do things in our age and with our past, but we must do everything that we can do to avoid misunderstandings!

        about HR possibility illness, let’s trust out writer-nim, so far she did great job, so i can’t imagine she’ll go so far.


  15. semi-fly says:

    There’s no chance that once Tae Hee’s relationship is revealed that things will turn sour between Ja Eun & Bok Ja like in other family dramas, right (READ: Smile, You)? I mean we have an extension so it could be resolved but I think it would simply ruin the shows dynamic if they went this route.


    • Anonymous says:

      i don´t think they will be against about it…thay may be shock at first and a little disappoinment for hiding it to them but they won´t be strongly opposed to it like in smile you since they know JE very much now and they even treat her like their own….besides JE doesn´t have a history just like JungIn (failed marriage) and a selfish and immature father….


      • ck1Oz says:

        But she has the other Korean taboo. No parents. As in no mother and missing father. Not that I think the ahjumma will be against it later. I am more worried about the GM. I wouldn’t have said this before but suddenly she has a lot of scenes.

        Anyway, I’ve just marathoned ep 27-41 only TH/JE scenes and have a pretty good idea of the timeline of their romance. Only 5 dates-

        Date 1 :kiss then spicy loach soup
        Date 2 : JE back hug and then they hold hands
        Date 3: alone in the barn
        Date 4: she makes lunch
        Date 5: beach date, back hug and they stay out late?

        Man I knew it was from ep 36 so it’s like only 1 month. But for skinship progress WHOA.


        • Anonymous says:

          your right….that also may be the case for their opposition….but anyways they all love TH very much so they won´t make it hard for them to allow this two to date….what i think is it´s JE´s father who will be more against it when he comes back since they will be some reasons for the that ex. the smuggling case that TH was investigating at the fist few episode of the drama……


    • Softy says:

      I agree with semi fly – there is no way the family will oppose J. Not once was I worried about the family – I am more concerned about her dad if he ever comes back.


  16. Vivian says:

    Thanks zenti….goodness, I hope they WON’T go that terminal illness route—way too cliche. But a thought just occurred to me….if too many people think HR doesn’t look well (ergo, the hypothetical illness topic) that doesn’t speak well for the make-up artist—LOL! ;-P. just kidding!


    • Mistletoe says:

      Oh c’mon, give HR a break. She gotta to look weak and tired after her divorce and unable to continue her relationship with TB. She must have felt regretful but only got herself to blame. She didn’t know all the dogs and cats fight over her sudden appearance behind. But i am no fan of HR!


  17. OBfanatic says:

    Pass the tissue box please….


  18. Selina says:

    oh why is she cooking for kim pdnim:( She has a boyfriend, it really will give a wrong impression!


  19. edith s says:

    I also keep watch of the Taehui (Joo Won ) stare. He must have something going for UEE for real because i watch his extra movement and stare and it melts my heart that he feels “special love” for Uee. I really hope this feeling is real and would be forever even after Ojakgyo. Notice the extra quirk in his smile and stares and the extra touch in most of their scenes. the last being the touch in the arm episode 41 hehehe!
    Lastly, Joo Won is so good an actor and very stunningly handsome and tall – perfect match for the equally tall and gorgeous UEE. OMG!


  20. kdgrandma says:

    Kang Ji Hwan, the lead actor in Lie to Me, was interviewed about one of the famous kissing scene — I can’t remember whether it was the “ice cream kiss” or the “coke” kiss about what he did in preparation for the scene. He said he used a whole bottle of mouthwash.


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