Ojakkyo Brothers E40

OMG before we got lovestruck TH, stalking TH, and tonight we got raging hormones TH – can I just say – I love where this drama is going.  Added bonus – TH brought up the topic of calling him “oppa” – soooo cute  🙂

* Just curious, but if he gets this worked up over seeing J towel dry her hair, how is he going to react if he ever sees her in a swimsuit I wonder-heaven forbid she should wear a bikini -the guy would faint. I think the writer needs to add a scene like that – just for the sake of satiating my curiosity about how he will react. I vote the next “meeting outing” KJ takes J to should be an indoor pool with stalker TH trailing behind. 🙂

E41 video preview is out…

TB’s dad tells the mom to be calm and rational and not fly off the handle like she normally does when she speaks to SY’s mom. the mom tells him not to worry

when SY’s mom comes out and asks what brings them here, TB’s dad says it would be nice if they could be understanding

SY’s mom says : “anyway I am thinking of getting them divorced.” TB’s mom argues :but my TB didnt even have an affair. SY’s mom: what do you mean he didnt have an affair? TB’s dad says just cuz SY’s dad had an affair – does SY’s mom think every man in the world is like that? TB’s mom calls out “TS’s dad” (cuz he went too far by saying that)

TB says he will try not to make her heart ache and to stay together. “I want to protect this marriage.” SY: do you love me?  TB: I will work on it (I will try to) SY hits him with the pillow and says : dont try – I dont love you.


E41 written preview…Translated by Sparkskey – thank you 🙂

TB is shocked to hear that SY loves him, but nevertheless still insists on remaining married. He says he will try his best in the future so that she will not be hurt by his actions anymore. But SY stands firm.

JH gets admitted into hospital and TH has no choice but to stay by his side. JH then manages to tell TH all that he’s been wanting to say…

Joonni worked her magic and now these scenes flow and make sense -thank you so much.  🙂


SY says to separate and end it since we are a contract marriage anyway. End it.TB: Why are you suddenly like this – did something happen. SY: why are you like this? Did you forget that we have a contract marriage? If either side wants to end it, that they can get out of the marriage. He corrects her and says the contract marriage hasn’t ended yet –it hasn’t been a year. SY: then should I pay for compensation (penalty for canceling earlier) if you want me to pay I will. For the time being – starting from tm, I will stay with my mom and dad. as soon as possible find a new place to live and leave. If it’s possible it would be nice if you can move out within the week. If it’s hard you can stay here till the end of the year. But for the new year, I want to feel like I am starting over so make sure you move out within this year. I am done talking about what I wanted so if you have something to say – say it. TB asks why she is like this. What is the reason? SY: I don’t want to live with you anymore. TB: why do you no longer want to live with me? She says she is sick and tired of this. She goes to her room. He takes his apron off and follows her into her room.

He asks why she suddenly hates him. Why are you tired of me. If you are going to shock someone like this then you should at least explain the reason. Is it cuz of HR? she says that’s right – it is cuz of HR. TB: that’s why I quit work. gave up start together. SY: that’s why you don’t need to. You can work again. Meet HR too. I don’t want to do stuff like that anymore and cut off your wings. TB: if you were going to do that you should have done that sooner. What are you doing now (when it’s too late) are you playing around right now? SY: you met her today at the office too. I saw you two pass by. I am not trying to say anything about that. So from now on don’t care about how it looks in front of me and meet her out in the open. You have plenty of right to do that. This marriage was a contract marriage –from the start we said that if our fated partner shows up, we had the condition that it was ok to date. there is no need to care about what the other thinks. TB: am I someone to take lightly –are you playing with me right now? SY says she is tired of defending him to her parents. Even though he said nothing is going on, she doesn’t want to see him meeting HR at the office.she cant patiently watch how even HR’s mom came to the office to see him. To be more direct – she is annoyed, angry, and feeling dirty, and she cant do it anymore. She doesn’t want to be part of a third-rate makjang drama love triangle. Every day she feels like she is becoming a pest so end this. TB: are you done talking? What did you say-a third-rate makjang love triangle?  SY says that there isn’t another third-rate like this third-rate, and there isn’t a makjang like this makjang between TB and HR. Because of TB,  I (SY) became a fool, and because  of me, TB became  absurd. So end this. TB says: Fine. Eveyrthing you said is right. Cuz of you I became absurd. I already tossed my resignation to the director and lost a chance of a lifetime and now you are saying what? Work again? I met HR and said my wife is 5 months pregnant I cant meet you anymore. I nailed it into her and now what? Meet her again? If you were going to do that you should have said so before you turn a person into a fool. So I cant do that. Who said you could null the contract? Do I look like someone you can push around? If you say end it, do I look like I will say “yes I understand” –do I look like I a big lump that just says, “yes, if it is difficult for you to see me, then just go” and just leaves with a clean break.  I wont do it I wont break up. I wont leave. There is no cancellation in the middle. Fill all the days of the contract till the end– you got that? He switches back to formal language (cuz he spoke banmal out of anger) and asks if she understood that. SY: then I will give you compensation. How much will it take? TB: ya ChaSY. Are you going to keep playing around?

*Thank you Joonni – you are my hero.  🙂

Y remembers TP saying he likes her and for them to date. she says “hwang TP –  get out of my head. please disappear.” She tells herself “Nam Y – you did really well -he is the young bachelor in law – he is SY’s husband’s younger brother. you did well. in all your life – next to getting a divorce, this is the second thing you did well. you did well”

TP remembers how Y said she doesn’t want to date him. He throws a dart out of frustration

Y gets a call from TP. He says he is in front of her home now so come out for a short time. She asks why he came to her house at this late time. He says he doesnt understand – why she doesn’t like him. TP: let’s meet and talk. She says that is his problem to solve and it’s not a problem that can be settled by meeting her. as long as he feels that way, she has no choice but to fire him and will put his pay into his account tm. I will hang up first. She hangs up. He says: hello? you reject my call – this hwang TP. TB comes outside and sees TP. TP: hyung. TB:maknae.

TH, TS, TP, and TB drink soju together. TH: She said, “Let’s break up”? TS: Did you keep meeting HR without SY knowing? TB: Who kept meeting around? TH: Then why would sister in law decide something so final like that? Even when she came to our home last time, she took your side in front of the in-laws. TB: She said that everything is too dirty and complicated. She doesn’t want to be part of a third-rate makjang drama  love triangle because it’s too irritating now. TS: Drink slowly. (TS pours him another glass of soju.) Think of how upset she must have been to say that. TB: If we are going to talk about being upset, I am a million times more. Is she training a dog? She wants to break up now? How can she say now, “If you want to work, then work,” when I already turned in my resignation. You know what that job was to me?! But I gave up that job. I gave up that job feeling like I was throwing up blood. TH: We told you to drink slowly. (TH pours him another glass of soju.) TP: You should have quit sooner when she said to quit. Sister-in-law has the right to be angry. TB: What? TP: Why did you have a contract marriage? You should have just lived together and then broken up if you couldn’t live together anymore. Only very rich people have contract marriages. What woman in the world would like a man who was always digging a hole out while he was living with her? Also since sister-in-law is pregnant, even if you said that instead of a contract marriage, we should just live together for a year, she is in a situation where she had no choice but to do that. You were just taking advantage of someone’s weakness and placing yourself in more advantageous position in a really petty and sly way.  TB: Maknae! TP:  Even if you didn’t have some selfish agenda, although I am suspicious if you really didn’t have one, sister-in-law, as a victim, is someone who from the beginning had to experience embarrassment, insult, and an unfair compromise. If I was her, I would also be angry at you even if I did cut your wings (note: as in block TB’s career advance). TS: Maknae… TH: What’s wrong with you? TP: Maknae, did something happen to you today? TP  (projecting his problems onto TB, mutters): What do you mean you didn’t meet? If you are in one place together, of course you will end up meeting HR, under the false cover of coincidence. TB: Why do you keep not answering the questions I asked? Who is continuing to meet under the false cover of coincidence? And what are you doing calling her Han Hae Ryung. She is a lot older than you. TP: Sister-in-law wants to break up because you react like this. With Han Hae Ryung, in the same place, in the same building, breathing the same air –just doing that is a problem for sister-in-law but you don’t know that you did something wrong and got defensive so sister-in-law got furious and is causing trouble for you on purpose. TB: Ya! Hwang Tae P….! (TB looks to the other brothers). Hyung…Tae Hee…Why is he doing this? TP: Everything is good about you small hyung except when someone says something contrary to you – you get angry. That is a flaw for people who are smart and successful. TP looks over at TH and says: You are the same too. You misunderstand your stubbornness for conviction, your self-righteousness for thoughtfulness. TH asks: Why are you dragging me into this! TP: Hyung, you should learn how to listen to others. You need to beg sister-in-law for forgiveness. In the position of waiting for judgment, you need to beg. Why are you playing hard to get when there isn’t another woman like sister-in-law in the whole word? TS (patting TP on the back as TP pours himself another drink): Maknae, are you sure there’s nothing wrong with you? TP yells: I said there wasn’t! TP to TB: What is a contract marriage?! How can a guy (note: in korean “nom” means “guy” in an impolite way) be so petty (as in wanting his way only – thinking of only himself). TB: Nom? Nom?! TS gets TB to back down by pouring more drinks and saying let’s drink.

Bravo Joonni -great job with this scene. thank you for saving my sanity.  🙂

* did TH raid his dad’s closet again – what is up with that sweater – are those deers? nope this time he raided Santa’s closet cuz those look like reindeers. *aigoo*  I swear for certain lines, I think TP forgot to speak Korean and opted for some other language I don’t know. I want to strangle him for making my job unnecessarily harder. 🙂  Softy

GM looks at her photo album. J goes in with bread and asks if she isn’t sleeping yet. GM asks what that is. J says the sweet bean bread GM likes. GM says she will eat it well. J asks who is in the picture. GM says TH’s dad, her second son. J says the one who passed away. GM: that’s right. she asks isn’t he good looking. J says: yes he really is – he resembles TH ajussi a lot. GM says that’s why people have the phrase “looks exactly alike” cuz of that. If you just judge based on just looks, TH cant follow his father. How smart he was too. It was a real waste that he left so early. (passed away) now soon I have to go meet him. My baby waited a long time for his mother. J: grandma why are you saying such things? GM: what is my age – even if I go tm –it’s an age where there is nothing strange about that. I don’t have anything to regret about not seeing in the future –the days I lived weigh me down but the days I have yet to live have to be light as a bird’s feather. Just one thing – that I leave after I find my baby TH a good match. If I could just do that I would stay but even that since there is Hwang, he will take care of that himself. J was crying all that time so she sniffles and it makes the grandma turn to look at her. GM: aigoo this brat – now that I see – you are a baby. From the expression on your face, it looks like I will die tm. J tells her not to talk like that (about dying) even as a joke. GM wipes J’s tears and says: ok ok I got it. Now that I look you are a baby – a grown baby. J: grandma should I massage your shoulders for you? GM asks if she knows how to do it. J says: of course I did it so many times for my dad.  J starts to massage and says: my dad said he liked my massages. How is it? Is it invigorating? GM: it feels so good – how could your delicate hands have so much strength coming from it. Now I think I can live. J: if it feels good I will do it often for you. GM: ok ok.

Mom asks the dad- TH asked about his dad’s accident. Dad says TH suddenly asked about what happened in that accident 26 yrs ago. Mom: so what did you say? Dad: so I told him the truth. That there are a lot of regrets cuz the case wasn’t handled properly. Mom: why did you say that? With TH’s personality he will look into it. Dad: then that is good to be able to catch the criminal. What else could be better than that? Mom: a criminal from 26 yrs ago how could he find now with what ability? If mother hears about it- it will turn her inside out and only end up upsetting her so don’t say anything. Dad: now that I hear that I didn’t think about that. I just thought it would be nice for TH to catch the criminal with his own hands.

Next morning J came out of the bathroom after her shower with her hair wet and runs into TH who was on his way from the kitchen to his room with some water.  While toweling her hair dry, J asks if TH went somewhere last night. He mumbles yes. She asks if he has time today at lunch. she was thinking of packing his lunch and going there. He just keeps grinning like a kid in a candy store and nods “uh” (yes). She says then see you during lunchtime. she goes up to her room and he stands there and watches her. He has a strange smile on his face as he goes to his room.

He is totally flustered and shakes out his sweater cuz he is feeling hot and gulps down his water and fans himself. TP comes in and says “ya last night I…” TP stops talking and stares at TH’s face. TH: why? TP asks why TH’s face is so flushed-are you hot? TH: no I am not. TP: It’s not possible you would be hot in zero degree (celsius) weather. what did you imagine for you to be like this from the start of the morning?  TH gets defensive and says, “Ya, don’t accuse  people so casually (note: as in don’t pretend to know when you don’t)! What would I imagine?! TH asks why he came. TP: why did I come here? I cant remember. I will come back when I remember. TP turns to leave but comes back to say: I understand – it is tormenting you that you live in the same home as her doesn’t it? TP grins and leaves. TH yells: ya!

N is dressed for school and looks at himself in the mirror with his new backpack and smiles. TS says let’s go up to eat breakfast

TS and N come to the breakfast table so GM asks now no one is missing right? Mom says yes. GM says let’s eat well. They all say we will eat well. TS announces that our N is finally going to start school today. GM: is it today? TS: yes GM. TP says to N: our N is finally going to school.  TH says to N: congratulations N – what should small uncle get you for a going to school present? J says to N: noona too – is there anything you need or want to have? N just smiles at her. TS: what present – clothes, school supplies, desk, chair, bed, are the only things he needs. J stops smiling. Mom says to N: your dad wants to send you to school to run a furniture business. Everyone laughs. Mom says to GM: isnt this good news (N going to school). GM agrees it is. GM says to N: I heard you did well on your admission tests. TS says yes and takes it out of his pocket to show everyone. TS: this is the test he took. TP: you still have that? Why don’t you just laminate it and frame it. J asks N: did you get a 100 N? she pats him saying he is the best. GM: I said that from the start – no matter how much I look N is not TS’s son. N blinks looking confused but the rest of the family laughs. Dad asks for some water. GM asks how it’s going with TB-has he called yet. Dad says he didn’t call yet –if he got the in laws to ease their anger than he would have called. TS, TH, and TP exchange knowing looks. Mom says she is thinking of dropping by the in laws with the dad later.  Dad says since the in laws heard about the contract marriage they wont easily get over it. Mom says she wants to look around and see where TB is living this time. GM says that is a good idea. She says it’s a good way since last time the inlaws came here so this time they should go there. mom says she is thinking of packing some kimchi for them. GM doesn’t think a few pieces of kimchi will calm down the inlaws. Can just anyone barge in with bags saying they will get them divorced. GM says that day she didn’t like them for doing that.

TS takes N to get his haircut. It’s more of a bowl cut than before. N looks like a girl now – a very cute girl 🙂

TS holds N’s hand and goes to school. TS checks N over and adjusts N’s clothes and says N didn’t trim his nails and TS says he will trim it later at night. N: yes. TS makes a “fighting” gesture. They go in to school together

N goes into his class and H waves at N. teacher says N is the new friend who will study with them from today on. She asks N to say hello to his friends. N: yes. N looks over at TS who is smiling at him thru the door window. N: hi my name is Hwang Guksoo. I lived in the Philippines and came to Korea. the reason why my skin color is dark is cuz I was born between a Filipino mom and a Korean dad -even though my skin color is a little different–I am Korean like you guys. good to meet you – from here on let’s get along. The kids clap. Teacher says N introduced himself well. she asks who wants to ask N questions. A girl asks how N learned Korean. N says I learned from my mom. A boy asks if N knows who SNSD is. N says his friend H taught him and he knows super junior too. TS is cheering N on thru the window. MS is dressed up and calls out TS’s name. she comes over and stands next to TS. TS is surprised by her appearance. MS says it’s good that N  got into the same room as H. she says N looks so good with his haircut. was he always that good looking? you should have trimmed his hair sooner.  TS says MS should have gone around looking like this sooner too. you look pretty. MS: I do? when I come to meet H’s teachers, I pay some attention (to my appearance) cuz my H keeps bugging me to come to school looking pretty. TS admires how good MS looks.

TB looks at the sonogram pics again. He takes his baby gift and knocks on SY’s room and says let’s go together to work. since it’s late we can eat breakfast on the way. how about the bread you like? there is a new ….he goes inside. She isnt in her room. He calls around but she isnt home.

TB goes to work and stares at SY. SY gets a call from that woman (Kim S) SY and TB tried to interview in the past. SY says she was just looking at news about that woman. SY says she will go meet her right now and thanks her. G asks SY if something good happened. SY says Kim S called and wants SY to interview her now. G says SY is impressive cuz UBC tried to get an interview with Kim S and failed. everyone congratulates her. so does G.  He says to get the camera team and asks where the location is. it would be better to take my car. SY: you are going to go with me? G: of course -how can I send you alone on this important interview. I will go too. TB says he will go with her cuz last time he prepared for this interview with SY. SY says it’s ok she will go with G and gives some other work for TB to do. she tells G that it’s in Mapo so they should leave now. SY drops something as she leaves. Choi remarks to TB about the mood between G and SY – as in something is going on between them

Girl coworker finds SY’s maternity planner that SY accidentally dropped and the sonogram pics are in there. choi sees it too

TP goes to work and remembers how Y said she doesn’t want to date him and is going to fire him. TP goes into the store as Y interviews other people for the manager position. TP goes and sits down. She asks why he came. He says he came to interview for the manager. Y: are you kidding around – I clearly said yesterday that you were fired. TP: I am not kidding around. i came wanting to start fresh. I finished settling my feelings for you yesterday so you dont have to worry anymore. Y: does that make sense? overnight, how can a person’s feelings ..TP: I can. to a woman who said she doesnt like me, I dont hold any feelings for her. I dont do that cuz it’s humiliating. in this world there are a lot of women and the number of women who like me isnt that small. yesterday you threw away a king card ( a great catch) I wont be mope so let me work again. I like this work. for the time being, I want to spread my dream here. I also want to keep my promise. like i promised the elderly in law (Y’s sister) i want to raise this store’s revenue by double within 3 months. why arent you answering. is it perhaps cuz you have feelings for me. Y: that’s not it at all. TP: then let me work. I said I really dont like you. I dont have any feelings for you now. I have to go at 3 so there is not much time left.  She takes him back and tells him to work again. but stay within the line. if you cross the line one more time then I wont see you ever again. TP: that wont happen. Y: we are no more or less than just owner and manager. TP: of course. Don’t help me and don’t receive help. TP: call (means I agree) he stands and says he will work hard.  She says new products came in so sort thru that first. TP goes to work right away with the other girl

TB is sitting there and texts SY

after the interview, G says SY did a great job. SY gets a text. TB asks if she did well and offers to buy her lunch to congratulate her and to meet at 1 at moolan (that buffet place he took her to)

TB goes and buys rings. And champagne with no alcohol. He buys a cake and flowers too.

TB waits for her and remembers how much SY ate and smiles. He looks at the wedding bands he bought for them. It’s after one. He keeps waiting and it’s 2:30. He texts and asks where she is. He asks her to call him. He tries calling but her phone is off. He leaves everything and goes.

SY is editing with G when TB gets back to the office. G asks why TB is standing there (by the door). G: if you are going to come in then come in or not. The head director comes in and asks SY if it’s true that she got the interview with Kim S. SY: yes. G says Sy did a good interview and the director did a great job in nurturing SY. director praises her and asks if the old SY came back. you did a great job. you can look forward to next week’s evaluation. she thanks him.  He notices TB and says he hasn’t forgiven TB just cuz he didn’t put the paperwork thru to fire TB. how could you backstab me and disappoint me like this. TB: I am sorry. SY shows the director the interview footage. TB leaves.

TH is at the police station. officer: an accident from 26 yrs ago? TH: october 1985 – a hit and run accident that happened on Chungdonggo and the victim’s name is Hwang Chang Soo. The officer says there is no record left of that case if it’s from an accident from 26 yrs ago.  TH: yes I know that. Another officer asks – the hit and run accident from 85? TH: yes do you remember it? the guy says he was in charge of that accident. TH introduces himself as a detective from Seoul dongbu police station and gives his name. TH says he wanted to hear what the guy remembers about the accident.  The guy says he got the case after the other guy so he doesnt remember anything. the original officer “bong” might or might not remember that. TH asks where Bong is now. the guy says he retired or something. TH asks if it’s possible to know Bong’s contact info. do you know anyone who might know? the guy shakes his head no.

D was waiting outside. TH says let’s go. D asks why they came all the way here. TH says he will tell him later. They are late so let’s hurry and go. D: these days you have too many secrets you know that?

J is feeding the ducks. Each group different food. J tells them to eat a lot and looks at the time.

She makes kimpap and other food. that is one gigantic kimpap roll she made. 🙂 she sort of has a hard time making it look pretty.

J takes it to his office and J and TH sit together to eat with the other officers and D looking over from the sofa area. the other officers look at the food and want some but D makes them stop looking.  TH asks if she made all this herself. She says yes cuz the ajumma went outside today. but I cant vouch for the taste but you have to eat it all. I made this for 3 hrs today. He says he will eat it well. D and other officers are eating ramen. J asks how it tastes and TH says it tastes good. J: that’s good. she pours him some green tea. She tells him to eat some marinated beef. TH: I wanted to ask from before but why are you like “ajussi ajussi” to me when you are “oppa oppa” to TP – there is not even a year difference between TP and me. J: ajusshi you told me to call you ajussi. TH: I did? when? J reminds him how TH asked her to do that the second time they met. She asked him which do you prefer for me to call you- oppa? officer? ajussi? And you said “doesnt matter which one at all except take out oppa.” you said that – dont you remember? TH: yes I remember. J tells him to hurry and eat. TH  asks where his mom went. She says to meet the second ajussi’s in laws.  TH: oh yeah that’s right. is grandma home alone? Since TH keeps talking she asks if he doesn t want to eat. he denies it and eats again saying it tastes good.

J looks over at the officers. D pretends he just noticed J and says when did you come – it’s been a long time. J invites other officers to join and eat with them. they are happy and stand up, but TH glares at them to keep their distance. D lies that they cant cuz they have work and have fun and take your time. J says see you next time then. they  leave the room. J remembers how KJ asked her to help him give TH a keepsake from his mom. TH: why? do you have something to say. J: no I dont. TH: from the look on your face, it’s a look that you have something to say.  so she asks if they can talk about Kim PDnim. TH says quietly – it would be good if you didn’t. she says ok. it’s nothing. just hurry and eat. TH resumes eating and smiles at her.

J texts KJ saying she cant bring up the talk about the mom to TH and it will take some time. sorry I couldn’t be of help

D and TH are on a stakeout. D pleads for the criminal to come out: come out Im Jae sung – come out.  suddenly KJ gets in the backseat of the car. KJ: so you two were here.  TH asks how KJ knew to come here. TH looks over at D and D looks guilty. TH snarls at him.  KJ offers some fish bread to them. (this is yummy in the winter – it’s got red bean paste baked into a fish shaped bread)  TH tells KJ to get out of the car cuz KJ is getting in the way of official police business. KJ retorts: then arrest me.  KJ asks D: you like fish bread right? TH says again to get out of the car. The men they are stalking come out so D says they came out. TH says wait till they get in the car. the bad guy spots TH’s car and yells to run for it.

The culprits start running. D and TH chase after them. TH tells D to go after the other guy. TH chases after the one that went right.  KJ chases them too. KJ follows TH. KJ tries to head off the bad guy and runs a long side of them . TH turns a corner and can’t find the guy he was chasing.

The bad guy is about to hit TH with a stick but KJ pushes TH out of the way and gets hit really hard on the arm instead. KJ falls to the ground and checks to see that TH is ok and then lies flat on his back. he looks like he was really injured-maybe broken arm. TH looks startled.

SY’s mom is in bed and sits up cuz she heard the doorbell. she asks who came. the dad asks if she is up cuz TB’s parents are here. She says tell them I am not here. He says he already let them in so hurry and get up. mom:what?

Choi tells TB shocking news happened at IBC about SY being 5 months pregnant. TB asks who said that. Choi says : you are about to faint too huh- but this is 100 percent true -why? cuz I saw with my own eyes the maternity planner.that rumor last time that she was pregnant is correct. I wonder who the baby’s father is – it it perhaps G-then the two of them… TB tells choi to shut up. choi: why are you like this suddenly getting angry. TB: it’s her personal life. she must have a reason to keep it a hidden so should you go around telling. when it’s the team leader. TB tells him not to do anything and keep his mouth shut. SY is in the bathroom and overhears other women talking -have you heard the rumor that cha team leader is 5 months pregnant. they think G is the father. one girl is jealous and says for a spinster to get someone like G, SY is set. (cuz G’s great background and wealth) she got the world.

SY goes over to G and HR. HR: you came. .G: we are all gathered but the other team is late. they hear people talking about how SY is 5 months pregnant and that it’s G’s baby (boy these people do not know what subtle means or how to whisper cuz they are loud). TB walks by and hears all that. SY tells herself to hold it in cuz next week is the evaluation.hold it in.

G stands up to say something to those gossiping people, but TB calls out “Cha SY team leader is my wife. This September we got married. we are a married couple. The baby she is pregnant with is mine. So please don’t misunderstand anymore. SY glares at him. TB tells her to get up and let’s go.  She walks off furious. TB follows her. G is stunned and so is HR

SY goes home and TB comes in. she asks: are you crazy –why say that? what right do you have to say that. TB: what does that mean? then when rumors are spreading about you, you want me to stand still? SY: you think I was just holding it in even though I was feeling indignant and upset? the team leader evaluation is next week. until now I had been trying so hard to hide the truth of my pregnancy, so why did it have to come out now – also why did you have to interfere and bring that out into the open. TB: that is right so all this time I didnt say one word and followed what you wanted, but at least in today’s situation isnt it something we shouldnt hide? also you were being misunderstood and maligned .. she cuts him off and says: even so what right do you have to interfere? what do you and I have to do with each other now. TB:what? SY: what I said about breaking up with you, you think I was just saying that? I am really going to end it with you. I wasnt saying blurting it out just cuz I was mad – I am really going to sincerely end it in my heart. I am totally going to end it. I am going to break up with you. TB:why? what did I do that was so wrong? tell me – what did I do that was so wrong? That I met HR again after 3 yrs? that I didnt pay enough attention to you during that time? that I didn’t go with you to the hospital? that I didn’t think of a nickname? answer me. answer me. What did I do so wrong? if you are going to turn me into someone who lacks. You should at least it explain to me. SY: what you did wrong – what you did wrong was commit the sin of not loving me. cuz I love you so I cant do this anymore – this married life. I cant do it. I can endure anymore – I dont want to be scarred anymore –that’s the only thing you did wrong.so let’s end this now. now I want to put first the side of me that was scarred and destroyed and want to focus on loving myself – I want to love myself at least. From the start I liked you so I held onto your ankles. I am sorry for liking you. I am sorry for making you the bad guy. Let’s end this marriage now. TB and SY both look at each other with tears in their eyes.


No preview

*I think the writer for this drama had way too much caffeine in her system when she wrote this. I swear the dialogue came at me at the speed of light. My head is still reeling from processing so much info so fast. *softy having a dizzy spell* 🙂

If I have to write the words “contract marriage” this much again in the next episode, you are going to hear me scream all the way from Seoul. 🙂

I love this guy. As soon as he got that text from J that it will take some time to bring up TH’s mom to him, KJ took action and went into TH’s car again during the stakeout. KJ knew exactly what he was in for – more cold shoulders and more rejections from TH. KJ told TH that he didn’t want to hold onto the mom’s keepsake anymore, but you just know that’s not true. KJ could hold onto that forever, but he just wants TH to hurry and have it. It makes me wonder more and more exactly what that keepsake is. But aside from wanting to fulfill his duty as a son, KJ is using that keepsake to get one step closer to his younger step brother. Since TH’s obstinacy knows no bounds, KJ literally had to take another hit for the team. It made me wonder tonight why he wants to protect TH so much to shove him out of harm’s way. Was it just brotherly love or was there something else. I really hope KJ didn’t do that out of some warped sense that it’s better for him to get hurt than someone like TH who is so loved by his family and J. As if having more people care about you automatically ranks you higher in worth. Cuz even if KJ doesn’t have anyone in this world, he has some other great qualities that draw people to him. He radiates warmth and has a loving heart and if anyone can get through to TH, it’s this guy and I will be cheering him on all the way. Before this drama ends, I would love to see a scene where KJ joins the four brothers while they drink and bond. I think KJ would enjoy that immensely. Something tells me he would fit right in with all the brothers.  🙂

Fanderay’s Comments:

I love this screenshot.  Softy already summed up the KJ stuff perfectly, so I’m just going to say that I agree!

I feel like I might have magic fingers or something.  Yesterday I wrote that I wanted SY to confess her real feelings to TB, and she did!  Even though their situation technically seems like it got worse today, I think they actually took some massive steps forward.  TB is sacrificing more and more for SY, but he is also standing up to her more too, and I think it’s important for him to do both.  I thought it was fair of him to tell his co-workers the truth, particularly under the circumstances, and because he seemed like he was doing it for her (what does he have to gain at this point?).  G has always been much more forward than HR, so it always seemed a bit hypocritical for SY to be so sensitive about TB and HR, but it was understandable since she had been operating on the understanding that she was the only one emotionally invested in the marriage.  TB was operating on the understanding that they were both emotionally invested to the same degree.  Both of them were wrong, and I personally think that each of them sincerely care a lot, but that SY loves TB a little more (so far).     
I’m sure SY’s behavior has seemed a bit over the top and irrational, so I think that SY’s confession will help TB feel even more affection for SY (since he’s probably been misunderstanding aspects of her personality).  I also hope that TB will now be prompted to be honest about his own feelings (assuming that he himself understands them).  The end of this episode feels like the perfect opening for them to finally come clean about everything and understand each other, but I’d be crazy to think that it’d be that easy.  I was looking forward to their romance enough to begin with, but now that TB is excited for the baby I can hardly wait.  I think that watching them be all goo-goo-ga-ga over their child together is going to be far cuter than just their relationship would be.
I think that TB’s family has handled the whole contract marriage thing fairly admirably.  After calming down, they wanted to smooth things over with the in-laws, rather than make things worse.  Even though I’ve always understood the motivations of SY’s parents and empathized with them to an extent, it’s nice to see the contrast between the two families, and it feels like an accurate reflection of the different types of people that exist in real life.  There are people who focus on the good things in life and and try to turn bad situations into good ones, and people who look at things negatively and try to cut their problems away, rather than solve them.  Hopefully the Hwang family can have some positive influence on SY’s parents (since they seem like loving people down at their core) and maybe a flourishing marriage between SY and TB will encourage SY’s mom to forgive her own husband.
It may not have been a critical part of the episode, but I’m soooo happy that N got a haircut. I never thought that a bowl-cut could be an improvement, but that previous haircut made N look like he had no neck, and I literally took less screenshots of him as a result.  TH might suffer the same fate if he doesn’t cut it out with those sweaters (I’ll have to crop down to nothing but dimples!).  That “Christmas” sweater that Softy described seemed high-fashion compared to the one he wore the following day that looked like television static (did he raid an upholstery store’s garbage bin?). I guess I should just be thankful that he doesn’t wear capris or ridiculously low-cut V-necks.
I can’t help but wonder if TS’s story has pretty much run its course (in terms of drama) and if now he’ll just develop his relationship with MS, grow as a father, and work at the duck restaurant.  I don’t honestly mind since I love all the small touching moments lately, like TS carrying around N’s test all this time. TS’s plot was certainly less predictable in the earlier episodes, but I feel much more invested in his character now that I get to watch him as a proud daddy.  I find MS much more likable too, now that she’s given up stalking as a hobby. Hopefully TS is the first one to make a move and show some serious interest.
I think that the grandma has been the most minor character so far, so I was very pleased to see such a sweet scene between her and J.  These episodes lately have been incredibly packed, but the writers still find time to mix things up and give us good variety.  I’ve hardly watched any family dramas, but it seems like it’s pretty standard for the oldest person to die, and for a child to be born (it’s the circle of life!).  I must enjoy torture, because I actually want to care more about the grandma, so that I’m all torn up and heartbroken when (and if) she dies.  More scenes like that one between her and J, and I don’t have to worry!  
I’ve sort of loved that J has called TH Ajeossi this whole time, and even though I think it’s super cute that TH wants to be called “oppa”, I won’t mind if J doesn’t oblige.  For people who are trying to keep their relationship a secret at home, they sure aren’t being very secretive anywhere else, so it seems like they’ll have to get busted soon!  If that happens, will they still be allowed to live in the same house?  TH seems like he’s barely been able able to keep himself in check (it’s like he just hit puberty) so I wouldn’t necessarily blame the parents if they thought they should be separated 😛  It’s going to be funny if TH and J get married because TH will probably stop fighting his fantasies (and he’s prone to lunging!).  Every time J puts on chapstick she’ll practically get knocked over, and who knows what TH was contemplating when J had that wet hair  I could probably make some good guesses. Ahem. Anyways…
Darn it.  I don’t actually have anything else to say, so I’ll just have to finish on that slightly awkward note.  

487 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E40

  1. HALFTWIN says:

    this will be my first time posting in here. i’m a silent reader after all (not until this moment ^^). ji just want to show Taehee-Jaeun wallpaper that i made. i’m not sure i.f it’s good enough. had a hard time editing/erasing the logo KBSHD of those 50+ pics… hahaha unfortunately, there’s no enough space… well feel free to use it and i well come opinions/comments (need it to improve) ^^


    • Softy says:

      These are so cool – I will use them as my wallie too. Great job getting rid of the logo. Thanks for sharing your hard work with us. Sorry it took so long to approve, but sometimes comments with lots of links end up needing me to click “approve” and I was sleeping when you posted. Just woke up and clicked “approve” as soon as I saw them. Happy holidays to you too. thanks for breaking your silent reader record for us. 🙂


      • HALFTWIN says:

        thanks… it just hit me that i need to share them than having them on my own… those wallies are decaying in my laptop for a months… though it really not *decaying* since i’m using it as wallie for my cp and laptop… that’ why they are different in size… the other one is for my cp.. AH! i realized my name is exposed better change it (to HALFTWIN) hihihi


        • Softy says:

          I just noticed your pic after I hid your real name – is that the hunger games logo? I was about to start reading that soon before the movie came out. 🙂


          • HALFTWIN says:

            Yes, my pic is the hunger games. all i ca say is the book is AWESOME… one of my favorite books (i’ve read the whole series 3x)… and it’s movie will be released march 23, 2012. better read now hahaha…. you won’t regret it… promise. (unless your not into action-dystopian)


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