Ojakkyo Brothers E37

Compare and contrast this episode with E19. The mini little daebaks from that night have matured and grown and turned into this. Gone are the days of puppy eyed innocence with all that blinking and blank stares devoid of any expression that left us baffled as to whether he was interested in J or not. It’s been replaced by this obsessed one track minded man who has waited way too long to be doing stuff he should have done like a decade ago. I love how the writer took my favorite “car lean” scene and turned it on a dime to give us loved starved TH reacting with unrestrained instinct. Too bad it’s still just in his imagination though. The more his dimples come out, the more mine does too. Sore cheeks are a small price to pay for gems like this scene.

OMG screencapping this scene was sheer heaven. Note that the scene that aired was different from this preview shot. There was only one angle from this vantage point that aired…

…which leads me to conclude that they shot this scene more than once to get that angle above. his hand never gripped the dashboard like in the preview. I think I lost my sanity over this drama to be able to point out stuff like this -man I need help…. 🙂 I am going to resume translating and not replay this anymore for the rest of the night. 🙂

this was posted before the episode aired:

E37 video preview

Lip balm was tossed in the car at the beginning without the cap placed back on – was in too much of a hurry I guess. 🙂  ROTFL

TH and J kiss…actually more like makeout in his car.

TP said to TH: it seems like you did it too hard (too passionately) – your lips are totally swollen, you kissed didnt you?
TH pushes him and says: Ya – I told you not to talk nonsense.
TP says to J: your lips are swollen – are you tired?
J replies looking guilty: no I am ok.
TP says to TH: actually your lips are swollen too hyung.
dad agrees and asks J: that’s right – why are your lips so swollen?
ajumma looks over at J too

*OMG best preview EVER -it’s like I died and went to Kdrama heaven 🙂

Credit to psycho2005 for the video and thank you Rienz and ninahime for posting them here.

I wrote this last night….and the first and last part came true. 🙂

Sometimes they skip right over the last scene and jump into the story. This is the one time I hope they don’t cuz I really want to see J’s reaction. I keep wondering what her first words will be. Maybe they will walk back to his car holding hands. Can’t believe this couple didn’t even go on a single date or hold hands yet and there they are kissing first. Not that I am complaining of course…poor guy waited 30 yrs for this so by all means, keep following your instincts. There will just be more for us to swoon over. 🙂

Whether this drama has an extension or not doesn’t matter for me anymore. After watching each scene countless times to translate, just the fact that I still want to rewatch the entire episode again speaks volumes about the quality of this show. As long as it makes this translator feel that way – they can add as many episodes as they want. I won’t be going anywhere. 🙂


Thank you Joonni for coming to my rescue again tonight. 🙂



Starts from the most awkward car ride in history.  J sort of looks over at TH and then plays with the window – rolling it up and down. He asks if he should turn the radio on for her. she says yes and there is a song about kissing with the lyrics “kiss me darling kiss me tonight” so TH clears his throat and changes the station. And a radio dj’s voice says to a caller “Han Chae Hyeong-nim – heard you finally had your first kiss today – whoaaa– congratulations.” TH turns it off.

When they are stopped at a light, they see another couple kissing. TH remembers how he kissed J. J writes on the window. TH is lost in his memory and doesnt go when the light changes so a car honks at them. J’s stomach growls so TH grins.

TH and J are sitting in one of those old fashioned places to eat. TH asks if she can eat some kind of uncommon soup (I dont know the name of- not everyone likes this kind of dish cuz of the strong taste and scent) She says she at it with her dad a lot cuz her dad likes it.  TH orders two bowls. J lays out the utensils. She says the restaurant must have been around a long time.TH nods yes. J remarks the window is steamy and wonders if it is cold outside.

*Joonni said the soup is “loach in hot bean paste soup.” It’s considered to be something that not everyone likes, or you have to be a little older to like. That’s why Tae Hee asks if Ja Eun can eat it.

J says she has something to give him. She gives him a new lucky duck pendant. J: last time I broke it. it bothered me every day. also when you injured your hand in front of the goshiwon too. so the first thing I did was to make this.  TH says: it’s not and takes out his pendant and holds it up.  He says it’s not broken.  J: I thought for sure it was broken and gone. He holds both of them side and by side and says the new one is different. She says the other one is his character and new one is Oja character. she points to herself: me. TH grins and says : give me this one. J nods yes and says: then give me this one. I will carry it around. he nods and says ok. They exchange characters and he takes hers and she takes his character. She asks if he likes it. TH: I will try to get attached to it. J looks confused.  He gets a call from D and leaves the duck pendant there to step out and take the call. TH tells D that D shouldnt have let someone leave and that D should have continued questioning in order to get a confession.

J wonders, “‘I will try to get attached to it?’ What does that mean? It means he doesn’t like it, right?”  She picks up her character pendant and says, “It’s pretty! it’s more delicate and lovable (than the other duck) You could tell just by looking that it’s exactly like me.” She holds up both ducks and makes them kiss.

TH comes back and asks what she is doing. She puts the pendants down and quickly drinks water. He says: that was the cup I drank from and that is the exact spot where my lips were. she sort of chokes.  She puts it down. He tells her: it’s ok drink it. I understand. I’m not a kid.” (Joonni said: I think he is saying that he doesn’t mind that she drank from the same cup because he isn’t a kid.) J says she was curious all this time – on the day we went to the zoo – what did you to do in front of Kim PDnim’s car? He changes the subject and orders for the food to be delivered. TH: they are a little late. The food arrives and he says let’s eat. he puts his rice in but she says wait a minute. she puts peppers and green onions and seasoning into his and says it tastes better if you add this stuff in. She tastes it and adds more flavor and tells him to eat. he grins and pushes pickled radish closer to her and tells her to eat.

SY’s dad asks his wife if she is ok. Who was that person for her to be like this. She says that was TB’s girlfriend. Dad: what? TB follows them into their home. The dad asks TB if that is true. Was that woman a while ago TB’s girlfriend? I asked if it’s true! TB says yes it is. SY’s mom hits TB with a cushion and ends up hitting her husband first and then TB. Mom: what? You were caught like that and all you have to say is “it’s true.” The dad yells at his wife: what are you doing? Don’t you get that you doing this isn’t helping at all?  the dad tells TB to talk and explain the extenuating circumstances about what’s going on. the mom yells at her husband – after what he saw with his own eyes what need is there for any explanations. He yells at her to be quiet cuz they need to hear TB’s explanation first. The dad asks TB : Talk. Explain yourself. I told to you to explain. Why didn’t you tell the company that you guys are married. I told you to explain why are pretending to be single and working with your ex-girlfriend.” TB says SY was the one who didn’t want to reveal to others that they were married until her job evaluation was over and it’s been 2 wks since he worked with HR. I am sorry I have no excuses. Mom: what? It’s been 2 weeks? the dad says he was wrong about TB cuz if it’s been two weeks, TB had plenty of chances to get control of this situation so I was wrong about you. the dad accuses TB of not taking SY seriously or her dad or her family. I thought you would at least put in the basic amount of effort – even though you got married from the start cuz she got pregnant –I thought at most you would make an effort. If you were going to be like this why go through with this marriage? It would have been better if you held your ground till the end that you cant marry – why do it? Her mom says to TB: do you think we liked everything about you as a son in law? she attacks his character and says how TB had nothing to brag about but was overly confident etc and how he was a husband who didn’t even go with his wife to the hospital once. She says she didn’t put up with all that cuz she liked him. She was just being patient with him. Cuz after you got married you were our daughter’s husband and our son in law. I made an effort to understand you and accept you and you behave like this?  You dare to backstab our SY? Who do you think you are? She stops yelling to ask: does our SY know by any chance? Does our SY know this truth? Answer me – does she know who that woman is? Does she know or not?! TB says SY knows. Her dad asks: She knows? SY knows who that woman was a while ago? TB nods and says yes. Her mom cries and says: she knows? She knows and that brat (SY) is leaving it alone? She orders the dad to call SY right now and tell her to come right away

*about SY’s job thing, Joonni clarified: It’s like an end-of-the-year promotion. So employees are getting evaluated to see if they will get promoted. That’s why SY is so tense about it.

SY pulls up as TB comes out. She asks him: what happened? How did my mom and dad find out? TB: they came to the office and saw me with her. SY: what? But how did my mom and dad know who Han HR was? Were the two of you perhaps doing something? TB gets defensive and asks: do what?(as in what would we be doing since it sounds like she is accusing him of behaving inappropriately with HR at that time) SY: what did you do so well to be irritated?  If you had quit start together sooner this wouldn’t have happened. She goes into her parent’s home.

SY tells her parents how she really did tell TB not to tell the office cuz she wanted to reveal it after her job evaluation in 3 weeks. Since she hasn’t done anything outstanding lately and wasn’t sure of her standing and isn’t favored by the head director. Dad: so you hide the truth of your marriage cuz of that? There are other things to hide – not this. SY: I am sorry. Also scriptwriter Han is just the writer for start together and that’s all – she is someone who has nothing to do with TB now. The two of them really have nothing to do with each other now aside from work. Her mom asks: are you a fool? She says how she heard that TB and HR were well known all around school as a campus couple while they were in school – so after having that kind of love for ten years and meeting his first love again –how could he not feel anything? SY asks how her mom knows all that and if she had TB investigated. Her mom screams out SY’s name. mom: can you not come to your sense? You “understand” it all? “she is just a scriptwriter”? Don’t you have any pride? Do you still want to hold on tight to him by going this far to do this? Don’t you feel responsible for your life and pride/dignity right now? get a divorce. SY: mom. her mom says: over a man who is meeting some other woman and leaving you behind, why are you holding onto him and crumbling? (crumbling here means SY is letting him bring her down and destroying her life) this is not the best thing to do for your life –what are you lacking? Why should you? Even if he isn’t giving you overwhelming love or a life of luxury, at least you should get respect and consideration. Life is short. If you waste your life and treat it with disrespect, your life will get revenge later. Do you know that? You are committing a sin to your life right now so break up. I will raise your child so break up. Why aren’t you answering? You did your best. for the sake of the child in your stomach and for the sake of your family you did all that you could so stop and break up now.  SY: I don’t want to-  I wont break up. I am not doing this cuz of the baby alone. He is someone I really love. Mom:what? SY: I really like him – I married him cuz I like him and it wasn’t just cuz of the baby.  Her mom asks: does he love you? is your marriage as precious to him as it is to you? ask him once – if he feels that way too

TB thinks about what SY’s mom said – have you ever followed your pregnant wife to the hospital even once?

TH pulls up to the house with J. he gets a call from D. TH: did you get in touch with him? what did he say? I told you that would happen. While D is talking to him, TH watches as J puts lip balm on and he cant focus on his conversation.

TH suddenly drops the phone and leans over to kiss her.

He imagined it. She just keeps putting on her lip balm. He stares so she asks why – “are your lips dry too- want to apply some” and offers it to him. TH: no – let’s go out.

* what happened to his conversation with D? when TH snapped out of his imagined kiss, there is no phone.

They stand outside and TP comes by and sizes up the situation. J: maknae oppa. TP says hi to her. TP asks how they are together. TH says to him: you are late. TP: is it late? TH says let’s go in to J but TP says he has something to say to TH and asks him to stay. TP tells J to go in by herself first. J says yes and then says to TH while smiling: I will go in first. TH: ok. J says to TP she will go in first. she touches her lips as she walks away.

TH: why? TP asks TH: didn’t you stop contact for 3 days. TH: It just turned out this way. TP: did you reconcile? TH nods yes. TP: it looks like you did it too hard (passionately).  Your lips are totally swollen. you kissed didnt you? TH hits him and says: ya – I told you not to talk nonsense. TP laughs and links arms with him asking: did you really do it? you totally hit the jackpot. congratulations. congratulations. TH shakes him off.

J is lying down to sleep and remembers the kiss. She grins and texts TH. TH is lying in bed grinning too. he gets out of bed to get his phone and reads: ajusshi sleep well (with 3 hearts). He grins and texts back : you too (nuh-doo).  She tells him to text longer than 3 characters so he does it again with extra character “nuh-doo-oooh (means “you toooooooo.”)  so she gets up and laughs. they are both smiling as they lie back down to sleep.

It’s 4:30 am and TS wakes up. He covers N up and gets up.

TS gets caught leaving the house by his mom. mom: are you going somewhere? TS: you woke up mom? I want to go to the hospital early – cuz of N’s school problem I kept using up my days off and tm too I have to go to N’s school for his admission test.  She offers to feed him first but he says he will eat at the hospital later and doesnt feel like eating so early in the morning.

TS is waiting in line for work. The earliest people get to work and get in the vans. TS asks another guy if another van will pull up but the guy in charge says that’s it for today

GM asks why there is an empty spot. Mom says how TS went to work early cuz he has work backed up. GM: he did. she tells everyone to eat.  They all say they will eat well. Mom says how TS left with his shoulders drooping when she saw him leave. She tells the dad not too be so hard on TS anymore cuz he is doing his best to live diligently. Dad denies he was harsh and that he doesn’t say anything at all to TS these days. Mom: that’s the problem –how do you think TS feels now? If you give him one word of encouragement how energized he would feel. TP agrees. TP: yes dad big hyung needs encouragement more than any other time.  Mom tells the dad to drink with TS tonight and say something nice to him. Dad says he will do it when he wants even if she doesn’t tell him to – I have to speak from my heart and cant lie. (meaning he will when he means it and cant force himself to say something he doesn’t mean) N looks sad so TH explains to N: it’s ok – it’s just adults talking. Just eat. N: yes. J smiles at TH for doing that.

TP sees that and says to J: your lips are swollen. Are you tired? J quickly covers her mouth and says no – I’m ok. J keeps closing her lips together. TP says to her: don’t do that or your swollen lips will swell more. TP says to TH: now that I’m looking – hyung your lips are a little swollen too. You must be really tired. Mom looks at J’s lips and then TH’s lips and says: they are? I cant tell. Dad says J and TH lips are swollen. GM agrees and says TH’s lips are swollen. GM asks TH: did you work overnight yesterday too? TH: no grandma I came home early. I’m ok.  J announces today they are going to have the duck tasting . mom: yes mother we have our first tasting today. GM: you are doing that already? TP: that’s right – how is it mom – is it going to be successful? Mom: don’t know that yet cuz we haven’t even started yet. I’m shaking (she means from nervousness). J: me too. I didn’t do much but I am really shaking. If we succeed we only have to focus on selling. GM says to J: don’t expect too much. If developing a new feed was easy would this person have been like this all this time (meaning the mom) I still think instead of wasting energy on something that wont work, it would be better to wipe your hands of it.  (meaning give up on the ducks). J scowls at her and says: grandma. Dad says it’s a problem if they do succeed with the feed cuz the cost of the ingredients would be expensive.  Mom: even if we have to worry about that later it would be nice to succeed first. J leans in and says to the mom: me too.

TP is blackmailing TH about the kiss. TH hands over his credit card to TP. TP says thanks – don’t worry I wont reveal to J that I know. TH yells at him to just use the card once or twice

SY comes out of her room. TB: are you leaving already? just wait ten mins and I will change clothes and we can go together. SY: it’s ok come slowly. TB asks if today is the days he goes to the hospital and to go together but she just leaves

TS is walking the street and sees mittens so he buys a pair and a headband for a little girl (H)

TS gives MS the mittens and headband. TS says he was passing by and thought of her. all this time he imposed a lot on her and he never thanked her properly.  She says he doesn’t need to cuz they are friends. And that she needed mittens. He says that’s good and to try it on. she says it fits and the color is pretty. He says it’s not expensive. MS: it’s ok whether it’s expensive or cheap that isnt important. TS was about to say the headband is for H but she wears it. she asks how it looks does it look good on her.  He says it’s a little small. she thinks so too and her head isnt on the big side. it is small but thank you. he says to give it to H if it’s too small or if  MS doesn’t like it. MS: how can I do that with a present.  She asks how is it that he has time today- didnt he go to work. He says he took days off cuz of N’s school paperwork and stuff. MS: that’s good. She tells him to eat lunch before he goes. you have time right? TS: ok. that’s good for me. He says again it’s ok with him so give it to H if the headband is too tight or small.

SY is trying to work and remembers her mom asking – does TB love you? is this marriage precious to him as much as it is to you? SY gets a text from TB asking what time her hospital appt is.

He calls her and she says she is on her way to the hospital and he doesn’t need to go with her. he says let’s go together and gets up to go

The doctor shows SY the baby’s fingers and counts them and says the eyes and nose are pretty too. overall the baby is growing well.A nurse asks SY if TB is her husband and if she can let him come inside since he is outside but SY tells the nurse to tell him to wait outside. Nurse tells TB that.

TB sits and waits alone as other couples wait together. He imagines SY sitting alone waiting all these times

TB gets a call from the head director (he asks where TB is). TB says he came outside for a short time. TB says into the phone “an MT?” (“membership training” but it’s more like an outing to have fun and eat a lot)

The head director says even though it’s sudden since there arent many days left for the show to start and they all looked like they were suffering working so hard he wanted to feed them something good today. everyone is ok with that right? G and HR thank him. HR sits between SY and TB in the back seat. Director comments that SY and TB don’t look that happy. SY says it’s really great and TB  says he wanted to get some air today.  Director asks them to sing and clap to set the mood for a trip. no one volunteers so he asks G to sing first so G does it – then director calls SY and TB to sing and then HR and then everyone.

They are all eating. Director tells them to eat a lot. G asks SY if he should order her noodles. director asks if SY cant eat oysters and says then they should have gone to eat beef but SY says it’s ok – dont worry about her and eat. G orders noodles for her. director remarks that G is the most considerate towards SY. he asks G: you chased after her so much in college – are you still doing that? director tells SY to accept G’s heart. where in this world is a guy like G. G pretends to be embarrassed by the encouragement but tells the director: stuff like that – you can keep it up. SY says stop joking and hurry and eat. she tells the director to eat alot. director says he isnt joking. she needs to get married – don’t look somewhere far and look close by. Choose between G and TB – either one. He wants them to pick up their chopsticks and point to the person they like for fun. he counts to 3. SY, HR, and TB point to director but G points to SY. director laughs and says: what is this? he points out how G chose SY. TB burns his finger and food flies in SY’s direction.

SY’s mom is in bed. The dad says you are awake. Then let’s go eat some porridge- I made some honey mushroom porridge. Mom: I don’t feel like it. Dad: you have to get up and eat some. If you are like this SY will be more upset. She sits up and asks : you said SY will be upset? you think that brat worries about me. Does a kid who worries about her mom and dad live like that? (the mom uses hard words saying would SY live that way then enduring all those bad things that happen and ignoring her own dignity)  Dad says the mom shouldn’t talk so negatively/ pessimistically cuz SY might be correct and that TB and HR might not have anything going on ( and not have feelings) for each other. mom yells back: you think that makes sense? In this world what woman would be understanding in that situation? She is our SY. Our SY – my daughter Cha SY- she is just acting cool –she doesn’t mean it but since she is too warm hearted and kind – so she could never be cool about it. On top of that she says she loves hwang son in law so how could she be cool? You cant be cool in love. She cries and says : that awful brat – how did I raise her (meaning she went through so much to raise SY)

Y is dressed up and the worker compliments her and says Y looks so pretty- do you have an appt today. Y says: do I look ok? I have an important gathering later.  Y gets a call from her girlfriend. Y says of course she is going cuz she really missed all of them. Y hears it’s a couple gathering. Y says the friend should have told her sooner and says she wont go then – have fun by yourselves. TP overheard all that. he greets her: you came.

TP goes and buys a suit. OMG he used TH’s credit card

TH gets a text about the amount just spent and frowns. the suit and overcoat cost $873.  TP rents a convertible car. TH gets the text for that amount and jumps out of his chair.  he kicks D’s chair out of frustration and snaps at D “what are you doing instead of working?” TH looks at the text again. the car rental was $240. TH makes a face like he is going to kill TP later.

TP goes over to Y and says: go to the gathering. I will be your boyfriend for today.

Y shows up with TP. Friends are glad to see Y. they say stuff like: who is this? isnt it nam Y. how have you been.  Y asks if they had been well and that she missed them. one woman ask who TP is. Y says my boyfriend. TP introduces himself and says nice to meet you. the rest of the guys are way older. TP holds onto Y’s hand. Friend asks if TP is really Y’s boyfriend cuz there seems to be an age gap. Y says there is a little and tries to take her hand out of TP’s hand but he grips harder and says he hears that a lot “cuz my Y looks so much like a baby” he pinches her cheekl and says he wants to “carry her around in his pocket.” Her friends sort of gag and react to his cheesy lines.

TP feeds Y. Y says she will eat by herself. He tells her to hurry and open up and say “ahhh” so she does and eats. TP: how is it? it tastes good right? Y: yes. jealous Friend comes over and says it’s strange how Y said she didn’t have a boyfriend over the phone and now Y suddenly has a boyfriend – a really young one at that. Y tries to stammer out a response but the friend says: He really isnt your boyfriend is he. why are you trying to deceive us when we are all friends. what is so embarrassing about being divorced and living alone. why did you get divorced? is that rumor really ….Y looks at her to be quiet so the woman stops talking about that. she continues:  never mind. but why get a fake boyfriend? TP asks : who said? that we are fake boyfriend and girlfriend. woman says: ok let’s just say you two are for real.  Y stands up and says : let’s go TP shi. She starts to walk away so he calls out speaking in banmal: nam Y –stop right there.  they say we are fake boyfriend girlfriend –arent you angry? I am really mad.

TP walks over and kisses Y passionately. Her friends clap and say “we are envious of you”

KJ remembers Hong’s threat to finish up the farm purchase right away – if KJ doesnt do that within 15 days that he wont see KJ anymore. “I’m not just saying that – since your mom isnt here, now I wont see you anymore. after I took you in and raised you – this is what you do”

(So sad…he’s crying!! I cracked up at the aviators with that jacket though.  I’m surprised Maverick is in a car instead of on a motorcycle 😛 -Fand)

At the farm, there is a banner with the duck tasting event. KJ looks at it as neighbors head over to the farm.

J and the ajumma are cooking the duck. mom greets the neighbors that came to eat. Even the neighbor they fought with Chongmin. C says: of course I had to come to see how it tastes. mom: of course if it fits your taste buds then there wont be a restaurant I cant sell it to. hurry and taste. C: ok give me some.  J says hello to them and thanks them for coming to the first tasting when they are so busy. Dad thanks them too and says how his wife developed this feed for the ducks so he hopes they will eat a lot and give them their honest opinions. J says since the weather is cold they have warm green tea for them to drink. People taste and make faces. Mom asks C the neighbor if it doesn’t taste good. C: what did you do? did you really develop a new feed? mom:why what’s wrong? does it not taste good at all? C says it really doesnt taste good and the smell of the meat wasnt caught (controlled) and it’s too chewy. if I am the only one talking i become the bad person. she encourages others to speak up. Others say how the scent of duck is still there and the meat doesnt taste good. J asks if it still has the duck scent – has it not disappeared? C :why ask just taste it. she makes J taste and J makes a face.

mom asks J: how is it? does it not taste good at all? J shakes her head and makes a face. dad tries to eat one and finds it chewy. C says she ate well and leaves and others follow saying they came for nothing. mom calls out: then go safely. thanks for coming.

KJ comes over and asks how bad the reaction was for them to do that. J asks when he came. KJ says he came since a while ago. KJ says hello to the parents.  J introduces KJ to the parents and says : ajumma ajusshi I told you before, KimPDnim gave me a 6 month extension so he is someone we should be grateful to. dad: we heard all that. mom thanks KJ. KJ: I dont know if there is a need to do that or not.  KJ says he wants to taste first and eats some. J tells him to go ahead and taste. KJ says: wow I cant swallow this. he picks up a drink but looks at the ajumma and the ajussi and KJ doesnt drink. He manages to chew and swallow. KJ says to the parents: it’s cuz I cant lie. he says to J: J what did you do all this time. at this rate, even if it’s year later and not 6 months I don’t think you can develop a new feed. J says no- they just started this so she can still get this done.  KJ: with just words? when the meat tastes like this? J: not much time has passed – not even a month. KJ: you saw the president’s fiery temper that day right? I dont want to get hit again.  KJ says just finish out the farm contract (sell to someone else) or else pay back twice the amount in penalty or hand over the farm to Good film. J says why are you going back and forth on what we agreed on. I said I could do it. also you already promised. KJ: who would buy this duck meat? even if you gave it away for free no one would eat it.  Mom says:who forced you to eat it? also why is a person going back and forth.  if you made a promise you should keep it. J nods in agreement. KJ says to J: you said you would develop a new feed with your last dying strength so it seems like you didnt keep your promise either. you said you would come up with a new feed but all you did was date didnt you? mom looks at J

G remarks now that the director left, it’s a little calmer now. HR agrees and says yes- it was a bit chaotic. HR says she was surprised – this is the first time she heard that G has been chasing after SY for 4 yrs during college. Are you still pursuing her? G says since everyone knows how he feels inside, to be fair everyone should reveal one secret of their own. G calls on TB and HR but they don’t answer. G asks SY: isn’t there anything you are curious about writer han?  SY asks why HR got divorced. G says to SY:  that’s too direct. HR says it’s ok – her previous husband left her or cheated on her (not sure which but I am betting on cheating). G: so that’s what happened. there is no need to talk about it further.  HR: no it’s ok. she goes on to say she doesn’t hate him cuz she made him lonely cuz she had someone else she wanted to marry. She loved him so much and he was so precious to her and thought she was going to be with him for the rest of her life but their wedding kept getting pushed back. at first it was due to circumstances and then later it was cuz of that person’s situation and her heart grew weary. at that time she met her previous husband and accepted his proposal.  but she realized later that she wasn’t tired of waiting she was just mistaken that she was tired. I knew too late that person is the whole world to me.  G asks: then can’t you meet that person now. have you met that guy? HR says yes I met him. TB looks up at SY. HR: but he is already married so even if I wanted to start over now I cant anymore.

TB stands and says he is going to get some air and walks away. HR says she made the mood uncomfortable. SY: do you know that you are really selfish (meaning you want things your way too much)–if you ran away and left – shouldnt you not have come back? you leave on your own and come back on your own – don’t you even consider that other person. HR: I know it’s too selfish but I did it cuz I didnt want to lose him again. also I thought that person needed me. SY: you think he would really wait around for you for those 3 yrs. (she added the phrase “would that person suck on his fingers waiting around for you for 3 years”)  he would have forgotten you before that and lived a new life. your messing with a person who is living well. HR says SY is speaking too harshly. HR asks if SY has something against her. G gets uncomfortable and goes to the bathroom.

SY says: yes I do  – as a woman (just like you) I think you are behaving badly – you said that person is married. cuz of you own feelings, didnt it occur to you that family would be rattled?  HR: if it was a family that could be shaken by something as little as this doesnt that mean there was no feelings/affection to begin with. also what did I do for you to act this way- I did nothing wrong. SY yells: you came back. you came back and you met that person.  HR: do you know that man? SY: no I don’t but…. HR interrupts: then don’t talk out of turn – you don’t know what we have between us.



TH asks J: Do you have an appt with KJ. J says it’s just work. TH: where are you meeting? (she must have hesitated in replying cuz he promises) I really wont go.

They all go to a sauna.D complains: hyung why are we having a meeting at a sauna? when I already get steamed up whenever we have a meeting. (LOL – I love D’s humor)

J says to TH and KJ: the two of you have to compete to see who hangs in there the longest. She leaves KJ and TH to battle it out in a steam room and J tells TH: ajusshi you must win.

TB tells SY that he will quit the happy together show.

TB tells the director about quitting the show I think. director: what is this nonsense? TB says sorry. G asks what the reason is. TB says he will take any punishment no matter what it is so G punches TB.

HR’s mom came to see HR and met with TB too. SY’s mom saw that from the end of the hall.

SY asks her mom: why did you come without calling? her mom says step aside

SY’s mom tells his family she is going to make SY and TB get a divorce.


Fanderay’s Comments:

I know that most k-dramas have trinkets with romantic connotations, but I freaking love these duck pendants, particularly because they haven’t been blown up into a cheesy and overused pining device.  I also loved TH’s vague response regarding whether or not he liked them.  I’m not sure if it was intentional or not, but his vagueness was the perfect revenge for her equally confusing statement in the shed, after he confessed to liking her.

All of their scenes were adorable, and my only real disappointment with this episode was that the kiss was fake!  I swear that every good drama this year has tricked me with imagined scenes in previews (Me Too Flower just did it a couple weeks ago).  That fake kiss was almost as good as the real thing, but those preview editors are still cruel people!  Also, I thought the transition between the fake kiss and reality was extremely clever and smooth (good directing, Director!).

I sort of feel bad for everyone involved in the fiasco between TB and SY, and even though everyone is letting their emotions get the better of them, I can definitely empathize with their motivations.  I was actually surprised that SY’s mom didn’t freak out more at TB, and start moving him out of the house or something.  She’s obviously very sensitive to betrayal (just look at how she treats her husband) and she seems more protective of her daughter than she is of herself.  She’s not a nice woman, but I give her credit for having tears in her eyes this entire episode.  Even though she is disappointed in TB as a son-in-law, I think she’s mostly just upset over how SY must feel.

Even though I wish SY would trust TB more, I sort of understand why she doesn’t.  She’s had a one-sided love for him for a long time, and early on he made his disdain of her extremely clear.  I think she’s afraid to trust him, because that makes her more vulnerable, and she’s not yet sure of his feelings. I think that if he had already clearly confessed his feelings for her, she would be acting completely differently.  Since they’ve already had so many problems I think that his attempts to get closer to her seem insincere, and since she cares about him so genuinely she doesn’t want to accept anything that he doesn’t mean.

Of course the problem is that TB is being sincere, and he probably has a hard time understanding his own feelings for SY due to issues such as her mistrust (they’re stuck in a bit of a Catch 22).  I get why SY didn’t allow him into the ultrasound viewing (the whole sincerity issue I just talked about) but I did feel really bad for TB.  Their relationship aside, he’s missing out on seeing the development of his child, and that’s something he can’t get back (although I think that scene made him realize that those sorts of things even matter).

I’m not sure yet how I feel about the HR issue.  HR hasn’t done anything yet to make me hate her, and I think TB has handled the situation pretty well.  I can’t decide if I think he should work with her or not.  If SY isn’t OK with it then it seems like he should quit, but wouldn’t that be like admitting that he has feelings for HR?  Hopefully SY’s aggression towards HR doesn’t motivate HR to fight harder for TB (isn’t that how women usually work?).  I understand that SY is harsh towards HR due to a fear of losing TB (which is valid since she knows TB loved HR, but has never admitted to loving SY) but I think that her brazen dislike is going to end up hurting her in the long wrong.  We’ve known since the very beginning that SY is a bit of an emotional gong show (much like her mother) and I think that a big part of her journey is changing that.

I must admit that I did a big “omo!” when TP used blackmail to get a credit card out of TH, but I wasn’t really that surprised by it.  TP was an incorrigible brat for much of this drama, and it’s not like he’s going to change over-night.  Taking TH’s card isn’t nearly as bad as all the mean-spirited insults in early episodes, and I don’t think he would have actually ratted out TH or pushed the blackmail (but TH gave in rather easily).  TH is also terrible at dating (just look at his jealousy!) and can’t handle all these emotions he’s not used to feeling, so it would’ve been weirder if he didn’t hand over the credit card.  That being said, I don’t think he expected TP to spend much, and I don’t think TP intended to either.  TP’s desire to help Y unfortunately just overrode his desire to be a good younger brother.  TP does always talk about helping out his family once he becomes rich though, so I bet he’s the type to think, “I’ll pay back TH later, with 100% interest). 

I have no idea what’s going to happen with TP and Y now.  I’m guessing several episodes of awkwardness, and denial of their feelings?  There’s definitely been strong attraction between the two of them for a while, but I bet they’re still not willing to admit it to each other.  TP obviously had a hard time deciding whether to kiss her or not, but I bet he was secretly dying to do it, and in the end couldn’t stand just to leave. Y would have been disappointed with the outcome of the night after being embarrassed in front of her friends, and it’s not like TP would get another similar opportunity to make an impression (or kiss her!).

Maybe I’m biased now that TS is playing the part of nice daddy, but the fact that he went out and tried to get work like that made me even more impressed with his work ethic and desire to care for N.  I’m sure that waiting in line like that was a massive hit to his pride, but he did it anyways (a few weeks ago he had too much pride to even admit that N was his son!).  My k-drama experience tells me that his jerk of a boss will block employment within the field of physio-therapy, so I’m not really sure what’s he’s going to end up doing ultimately (maybe MS will help him out?). Before anything, I hope he admits the truth to his family.  They’ll be disappointed in him, but they’ll probably also be a bit proud that he got fired for standing up for N.  When this drama began TS was the most selfish of the sons, so it’s nice to see that he’s changed this much and become somewhat of an admirable person (although he’s still got a long way to go!).  Early in this drama I found the TS story the most boring, but now I find it rather touching.

I was a bit surprised that KJ borderline ousted J for dating, but I can’t feel anything but bad for him.  His mom died, his dad is a jerk, his step-brother hates him, and J has no interest in him.  On top of that he got himself into a massive bind regarding the farm (for the sake of being nice) and now it seems like his contract with J won’t work out, since she sort of sucks at making duck feed.

Speaking of which, I felt so bad that the duck was so terrible!  It seems obvious that they made the ducks taste much worse, rather than incrementally better, or the same.  At the first taste test with MS and her boss, J and the mom thought the ducks tasted good, which is why I’m sure they wanted the opinion of other people.  If J thinks that the new duck tastes terrible, it must be really bad.  I hope that with the next iteration of duck feed development, we actually get to see some of the work that goes into it.  They’ve been cramming a ton of stuff into these recent episodes, but I miss farm-time bonding!  Saving up the 50k is a big deal, and I really hope we get to see more of how they earn it.  I’m not complaining since more romance is exactly what I wanted, but now I want more of everything!  These episodes need to be longer. 😛

I’m excited for tomorrow because sauna scenes are always good. I guess I spoke too soon when I said I expected SY’s mom to do more to TB (since it looks like she’ll be pushing a divorce)..  She seems like the type of person to push it pretty hard, and even resort to nasty tactics..  Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did get a divorce at this point.  It would cause G and HR to both have more important roles, and it would also make it more meaningful when SY and TB got back together.  Divorce is a big deal so I’m not banking on it happening, but I think it’s fairly likely.

Whoops…that’s another novel’s worth of commenting on my part.  I really didn’t plan on discussing every single scene, but I don’t expect that I’ll restrain myself any better tomorrow! 


268 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E37

  1. Anonymous says:

    i prefer the kiss in the preview than the one which appeared in the actual show….even if it was just an imagination i would still love to see a real kiss than a fake one……:))

    but i still love the episode nevertheless…


  2. Iviih says:

    LOL at N and TS screencap, at first I thought the clock was in N’s forehead! LOL


  3. ydoodler says:

    I feel like I agree with everyone’s complaints. While I really wish our characters would stop creating conflict that could be ended or prevented quickly, kdramas are good at taking the longest road to an ending. The point is to have fun along the way! And I’m definitely having fun!
    So on another note, how do you guys want the drama to end?
    Earlier I was imagining my dream last episode. All the conflict would be neatly and happily tied up by the second to last episode. The last episode would be a family reunion of sorts maybe with a time jump. All the family would be there as well as new kids that were born since the previous episode and as the camera would go to a couple, it would play back things that have happened to them since the previous episode such as getting married, having kids, new job, married life, maybe with voice overs. The very end would everyone posing for a family picture and like in the SY-TB wedding scene, it would close up on every couple and end with a wide shot of everyone happily smiling. 😀


  4. Iviih says:

    Hey Softy it’s me or the comments are being mixed?


    • Softy says:

      I have no idea why but I think it is. the most recent one is not going to the bottom. but at least we can still reply to the one we want. 🙂 let me try to fix it…I think it works now.


  5. rainyrain says:

    I’m going to say something galzs but don’t hate me for it ,
    I can’t see TP-Y together , how much I tried to convince myself that this is one of the couples and I have to enjoy their relationship but I just can’t , I really can’t see them together , really sorry for their fans , no offence .
    another thing , I was happy that the car kiss was a dream and not real , I’m more for the tender kisses , you know that kind that doesn’t show that it’s more about lust then love ( which the car kiss was , at least for me ) because I think still it’s not the time for this kind of desire since those two needs to understand each other more and develop their feeling from that ” chowa hae ” to sarang hae ”
    TB-SY’s problem needs to be solved by those two and only those two and no one has the right to interfere , I know the mum’s reaction was undertandable but then since her daughter told her she doesn’t want to divorce becoz she loves TB then she should have let her sort out the problem by herself , who gives her the right to return back TB’s luggage to the hwangs and asks for divorce ?
    I don’t know why but I have a wish that tomorrow JE-TH will hold hands , I dunno but I got that feeling while watching the preview , when TH was asking her if she’s going to meet KJ he was holding JE’s hand , I know it’s mostly my imagination but still who knows .
    also as I already mentioned in a previous post , I think for TH now , the question with KJ is not jealousy about JE but a jealousy between brothers , but I wish this time and since they are going to stay together and alone in the sauna , KJ will find the time to tell TH about his mum and that she left something for him .


  6. ck1Oz says:

    Hi softy passing by and saw all the deconstruction comments on the episodes.If you pull apart the separate story arcs they are actually progressing at their normal pace. I think we all notice the jumping because something was off with the editing yesterday. The scene transitions were not smoothly done that means it’s. not the writer but the editing team. Drama angst that’s a given. Sit back and enjoy people I can’t be bothered rushing the storyline anymore. After 36 episodes. the writer has earned my trust to resolve everything at her pace. So I am chilling waiting to see how TH is going to behave like a boyfriend who has hints that he is thinking of what JE likes in a husband. Ck giggling in anticipation. Then SY. Well it’ll be sweeter when they finally end up on the same page. TS is actually the one storyline I can’t quite anticipate how it’ll. end. I mean how is he going to get there. In the meantime if everyone is so free as to be dissatisfied- join me in counting how many times TH smiled last night. Contrast it to episode 28 to 32. Man that poor boy. TH I missed your smiles you cutie pie with those dimples you 🙂 I got my priorities hahaha.


    • Softy says:

      CK I love how you think my friend – totally agree. This writer earned my trust so I am sticking by her. I keep trying to focus on his dimples too. But I have to admit, all this negativity is wearing me down. It sort of saps the fun for me. Why is there so much of it for this episode. I am almost afraid to read anymore comments. I tried not to discourage people from speaking their minds, but when there is so much criticism for an episode I actually loved, it makes me wonder where all this sudden dislike is coming from. At this rate, I hope there isn’t an extension cuz I rather end at 50. It feels like there is just a handful of us calling this episode daebak and enjoying what we can out of it. It’s too bad cuz I still think OB hasn’t lost any of its sheen and brilliance and I love this drama to bits. If anything, it’s shed its original outer layer of sadness and gloom from those episodes before J came back to the farm and just got shinier and more luminescent. 🙂


  7. cher says:

    i really have to say something… because of the different comments i’ve read, which makes me feel defensive on one side then to the other. its like thinking which is which, what should be done, what shouldn’t be done… and so on. no matter what your reaction is, THIS IS JUST A DRAMA, created for the sole benefit of the audience, not just one person but for different people with different ways of thinking with different sets of imagination… i must congratulate the writer, producer and other staff who makes this show because it makes one feel really entertained. people keep on guessing and asking, what will happen next?will it be the way you wanted or the other way around… so you’ll feel satisfied if it goes the way it supposed to go for you… but just think about it. if it goes the way you want to go, no conflicts and everything, then this drama would have been finished a long time ago… say at 16 episodes? so what will happen… you’ll say, oh, how i wish they’ll make it longer…. that’s the reason for those conflicts you’ve been complaining… there has to be a series of problems they have to solve otherwise the show will not be interesting anymore.and as you can see base on the rate, they are doing great. so keep up the good job, OB staff.(2 thumbs up!

    about the couples….

    TB and SY… the conflicts should really be like that because in the first place , theirs wasn’t even a normal relationship to be gin with… but as you can see, they are beginning to care for each other, so just be patient and wait for the development to come… ne?

    TP and Y… what can i say, theirs doesn’t have that kind of chemistry like TP-SY and TH-J, but i have to admit its kinda cute… (that’s my opinion, so pls. don’t overreact)

    don’t care much for TS, though, but its good that he’s turning a new leaf for the sake of his son.

    and now…

    TH and J… (blank) hmmmmm…. (blank again) … ;> ;> ;> OMG, don;t know what to say for these two… hmmmm…. PERFECT? AWESOME? or BEST OF THE BEST OF THE BEST? (borrowed line from MIB movie, bwahaha)… can’t stop grinning and having goosebumps if these two shows up in the drama… i mean no matter how they appear, whether they are arguing or liking each other, you’ll just feel contented, and then you smile….and then smile again … and again and again… bwahaha… that’s how i feel(so don’t splash me with water)… another word came out of my mind…. D A E B A K !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (omg, didn;t realized it turned out to be a long comment)


    • Lizzie says:

      Why can’t people complain? They don’t have to accept everything that is throw at them… they can have their opinions too and if they disagree with the writer or plot, I don’t see why they can’t… not everyone like the same thing.

      And I don’t know why people can’t think in what will happen… some people like to think in this… actually just when you don’t care about the drama or about the characters is when you don’t care or don’t think in what will happen… also

      this:people keep on guessing and asking, what will happen next?will it be the way you wanted or the other way around… so you’ll feel satisfied if it goes the way it supposed to go for you…

      This is not true. Sometimes when the things don’t go the way we thought or wanted it can make us surprised and glad… because when it’s happen the way we thought it would, it’s no fun, I wouldn’t be satisfied like you said, I would find it boring because If what I said happens, This would be so boring… and wouldn’t have a point of watching this drama…

      about this -> no conflicts and everything, then this drama would have been finished a long time ago… say at 16 episodes? so what will happen… you’ll say, oh, how i wish they’ll make it longer…. that’s the reason for those conflicts you’ve been complaining… there has to be a series of problems they have to solve otherwise the show will not be interesting anymore.

      Hm you know, if the writer was more creative he/she could create more conflicts after the old one was solved and it wouldn’t be tiring and all. One conflict in the drama don’t necessary need to last for 10 or 20 episodes because people grow tired of it. Creating a new and reasonable conflict is better. Creating new conclicts after solving the old one is better, fresh and fun…
      If they keep this ”old’ conflict for like many episodes and they just go around in circles and it’s no fun and you get tired of it…


    • Softy says:

      Hey Cher, I thought your comment wasn’t long enough. 🙂 Good for you for trying to be defensive. It seemed like a losing battle over this episode didn’t it? I read what you said right before I was about to sleep so I wanted to thank you for giving me something positive to read before I went to bed. I couldn’t agree with you more and you said pretty much everything I wanted to say about this episode. I think it was a great episode too and didn’t understand why so many people are criticizing E37 and then going after other people’s comments as well. I was hoping all that negativity died down while I was sleeping, but I woke up and read some more. Like you I am going to just focus on enjoying the show and the fact that people love this drama enough to care and comment so I hope you won’t let any of it get to you. We really shouldn’t let naysayers affect our enjoyment of this episode – just as they have their right to voice their opinions, we have the right to disagree and not let their pessimism affect our appreciation for a great drama. Easier said than done right now, but I want to try to get back my initial feeling of sheer bliss like I had before all these harsh comments rolled in. 🙂


  8. Lexy Kristine Cheng says:

    Thanks to Joonni for the dish info >> “loach in hot bean paste soup” I’m quite an adventurous eater so I’m still game on trying it. Agree that this is a 50+ episode K-drama so the story is still weaving…. I enjoy all episodes and its interesting characters. When it touched on adorable Noodle’s dark skin color, I knew it would be different. I’m learning Korean culture and having a blast along the way. Positive, negative, in-between comments are all still good. But yeah, TH and JE sweet scenes are the BEST!


  9. LadyIgraine says:

    because the ‘kissing’ scene from the teaser left me feeling unsatisfied…tumblr comes in handy :).


  10. Gizzy~Chan says:

    thank you Softy for the recap! I really love your blog. I hope to read more of TH and J’s sweet moments. =))


  11. Ditu3ka says:

    Thank you very much for an another recap. It´s wonderful like always. I spend two great hours watching and reading and replaying ….

    I´m kind of sad because all those harsh comments today. I mean we are 36 episodes in and we got first kiss of TH and JE in episode 35. Most of the dramas would be already over, twice actually. I like OB and I got to its slow pace and it didn´t dissapoint. I´ve noticed that usually couple of episodes happen in one day. So I trust the writer and the whole team to keep its quality and “flavor”. I don´t have any particular scenarios how it should go on and I don´t want to analyze it too much because I don´t want to be dissapointed when my expectations are not met.

    My least favorite characters are still GM and father and I´m glad TP is turning to be a cool guy cause I liked him from the beginning. I felt he actually was really angry when Y´s friends questioned their relationship. He was very defensive so I felt he wasn´t acting as a fake boyfriend at that moment. I agree they don´t have the same level of chemistry as TB and SY or TH and JE but they got what those two couples didn´t yet. Mutual understanding, it seems to me they don´t need to talk to understand each other. I really looking forward to their development. Maybe they will just ended up as friends but I´m totally ok with that.

    TB and SY are real. They act real and they behave real. At least for me. From my experience, having a baby is not some automatic glue to your relationship. The reality of it hits you hard, especially if you don´t feel prepared. It´s not some magical cure to your troubles. TB and SY don´t really know each other much. They had a one night stand together and she got pregnant. They´re getting to know each other and they need time, a lot of time so I´m totally ok with their progress so far. Personally I would behave differently than SY but I´m not her. And I don´t hate her mom (although I totally hate her ribbons and fashion sense and her voiiiiiiice :-)) , I would probably kill her if she happened to be my mother-in-law but she loves SY deeply and feels her pain as her own and she pushes TB in right direction.

    TH and JE are like two teenagers from Sunday school :-)) Totally new in the world of dating, kissing and dealing with emotions. It´s a first love for both of them. The first love always feel more overwhelming, it burns hotter and cuts deeper. Those emotions are simply raw. Oh, I wish we could go back to our first love (I did actually :-)) I have always seen TH as very hotheaded and rash guy, not calm and collected just because he didn´t speak much, the way he behaves when he´s with his brothers, D or when he´s questioning culprits, he´s not what I would describe as calm and collected. I really love the scene in car and restaurant. Those pendants are adorable. JE actually gave him herself. It was sweet.

    I´m curious about KJ now. He´s a character I like a lot and his actions so far were not malicious and his interest in JE doesn´t seem romantic. It seems to me more like his way to deal with his brother-brother issue. KJ is actually the loneliest character in OB (since N was accepted by his dad and family).

    Oh, sorry sorry, it was long. I didn´t write much last week so I got carried away this time. I apologize for my English, hope it´s not too confusing.


    • Softy says:

      No need to apologize for your English or the length – both were great. 🙂 thanks for making up for not writing much last week. And also for chiming in and defending tonight’s episode. My fingers are starting to hurt from typing on my iPad trying to reply to comments like yours so I guess we are both trying to do our little part to keep up the appreciation we have for this little drama. 🙂


    • edisa says:

      Love your comment 🙂
      Every scene with TH & J were always sent butterfly to me.
      No words can describe that feeling.

      And I loveee softy and faderay point of view too (totaly agree).
      You guys really have wide knowledge and large comprehension.
      Adore you !

      Oh, I notice something.
      In all this scene at this episode, J nail color was white, but at the restorant it’s became pink. Her hair became slight different also.
      I believe that restorant scene was taken latter / at different day from car & fakeout kiss scene.
      Glad how their face looked more fresh too.

      Be cool guys, just trust the writer (and all this drama production people) that they will present us the best drama of 2011 till the end !!


    • Hi, Ditu3ka! Just read your response a few comments back. Thanks for the encouragement.

      That’s one thing I like about OB, that it doesn’t rush anywhere. You really see the relationships develop and to me at least they seem natural. No matter how I feel I would react in a situation I can usually see and understand where the characters are coming from, and that’s important to me.

      I think you are right when you simply say that TB and SY are real. I just read Fanderay’s comments in the post and I think she does a great job analyzing their relationship.SY begged TB to marry her and all the while he was emphasizing that he could never love her. Giving that it was clear that she had some feelings for him, that had to be a huge blow to her self confidence. Making herself that vulnerable had to have its impact and now that he’s changing it would be hard to just accept it without any caution. Another thing I feel is that we as the audience have it easy when it comes to seeing both sides. It’s not so for SY. She’s too emotionally involved to be able to just rationalize everything. I think she really needs some unambiguous proof of TB’s sincerity to be comfortable enough to truly trust him. And I think that up to this point and the talk with SY’s mom TB wasn’t even aware of the fact that his intentions weren’t as clear to SY as he thought them to be. Sometimes you get so warped in your own perspective that you forget that the other person can’t necessarily see what looks to be so evident to you. They need to really get to know and understand each other and to build trust between themselves, but that doesn’t happen over night and with their current circumstances I feel like it can only be a rocky road.


  12. YeeKrFan says:

    OMG…that’s seriously a passionate & wild imagination but then that is one delicious looking lips..*grinning sheepishly*…can’t blame him or his raging hormones…LOL! Love how TP keeps on teasing him..please carry on!

    Ahhhhhh…so good to be in LOVE!


  13. Yurico says:

    Gracias este capitulo estuvo super chvr!!!!:) gracias!!!:)


    • Softy says:

      Uhhhhhh the only words I understood were thank you and super so I am going to read between the lines and assume you were thanking me or the show for being good. 🙂


  14. Lizzie says:

    I’m sad about one thing.

    That people are complaining about the people who are complaining…

    I mean, really? When J and TH weren’t together and had no cute scenes between them or not much scenes of them together almost everyone complained and all, the comments always had a complain abput J and TH’s couple….. always had also a wish of them doing or happening this or that… but now that your OTP is together and cute and kissing, you are all happy so you don’t have much complains anymore…

    but TB-SY shippers have, and why they can’t? Things between SY and TB just get worse and worse and there is no cute scene or a happy one… so why we can’t complain like you did too about your OTP? It isn’t fair… We also wish our OTP to be happy and have cute scenes! Not always fighting…

    And you complain we are complaining about it, when you complained about the same thing before too?

    I’m sorry, I guess am too sensitive today…. sorry for my rant.


    • Fanderay says:

      I don’t think anyone minds complaining when it’s done in a friendly manner, but sometimes complaints can start a spiral of negativity, and people start attacking others and their points of view. What’s most important is that everyone respects each other, no matter how much we disagree. Regardless of what we think of a specific episode, we’re all here because we’re fans of the show, so there’s no reason we all shouldn’t be friendly with each other.

      Btw, I’m looking forward to more romance between TB and SY too 🙂 That being said, I don’t personally think they’re ready yet. They both have stubborn personalities, and it wouldn’t be like them to suddenly get along. I think most people complained about TH and J simply because they weren’t getting enough screen time for their relationship to progress. TB and SY have always had tons of screen time, but I think they need it because they have so many character flaws. It’s frustrating to watch them sometimes because they both kick themselves in the butt repeatedly, but it’s also realistic, and that’s one of the main reasons that I love this show. Most dramas throw away realism for the sake of a fast paced plot, whereas OB always lets things play out naturally.

      I see where you’re coming from, but don’t worry, the romance between SY and TB will come! I think the build-up is going to make it even better, and even more meaningful 🙂


  15. ck1Oz says:

    People chill. Reposting this from KD 7 from Jomo. Think you guys need it.


  16. siopao says:

    that was an interesting point there about the angle thing, haha! i could watch that scene all day and not notice a difference! please continue to point things out like that in the future! thank you for the recaps, so much~ <3<3<3

    i feel so bad for KJ the most. it's so true, he has no one. with his dad threatening him, i think this might change him into a bad guy(?) i hope not, i like the good looking flirty KJ better. and it's kinda weird how SY can handle all this stress and nothing happens to her. i mean, won't that affect your pregnancy. o_o

    everyone is talking about the fake make out scene. i was so mad how the writers trolled me, lol. but i think the best scene of the night was the texting scene. that was just the cutest! JE is totally head over heels for TH already, and it's only the beginning of their relationship! and TH is just clueless about being romantic, which make it even more funny! so sweet~ btw, i also love the duck key chains! i hope they start selling those, i bet it would sold out fast~ haha


  17. Anonymous says:

    I feel for SY. As a woman trying to compete in a male dominated world, she felt forced to hide her condition, suffer silently while keeping an open mind and trying hard to understand TB. SY can’t even share her pain or happiness to others, she is not even given a chance to feel what a new bride ought to feel when she just got married (let alone share the same bed with the fellow she married!). Sounds trivial, but she does not even get to enjoy being introduced “here’s my wife” nor utter simple words like, “here’s my husband”.

    I feel for SY’s mom and I totally sympathize with her. If I were SY’s mom, I’d absolutely feel the same. Her only daughter NOT ABLE to enjoy her wedding day, no cute honeymoon, goes through all her checkups all by herself, and worse, her son-in-law not confirming and building her daughter’s confidence given her sensitive condition (pregnancy).

    The viewers can see TB’s effort, but from SY’s and her family’s perspective, I see it as not enough.

    Ah, show… I do hope TB and SY end up happy together and have some happy moments. And I mean happy moments now or sooner, and not a 2-minute montage in last episode.


  18. Betty Ruan says:

    I recently re-read Softy’s comment above about how the aired kiss screen different from previewed one. Although it was just TH’s imagination, they definitely did kiss. To choosing the best screen angle, they must have shot the scene at least 3 times ;)) (one is rehearsal, another is for close-up scene and the last is zoom out). If you watch carefully the kiss scene in ep 36, you’ll find out that the editor mixed 5 different shooting takes together…Maybe that is the reason why their lips are all swollen :)))))))))))))))))))))


  19. ttp says:

    I started watching this drama when I saw bit of the wedding, it was hilarious and they are my favorite couple in this drama. I understand why SY is feeling that way, although I don’t agree with everything she does. She has secretly loved TB for so long now and things are getting better until HR came back (not blaming her). HR return will determine if TB has really fallen for SY (we know that he a feeling for SY but is that enough to forget HR). As for TB, he has tried to be part of this marriage, but has not really shown to SY clearly. To SY, he married her because he was force by his parent, not really for the baby and the one year contract? (Out of jail card free). TB has once said to SY that he was unable to date anyone more than 3 times because he loved HR too much. To SY, TB being with her is a force. Even after their kiss on the roof top and joking with each other happily, when TB saw HR he changed straight away. He became very distance and cold once again. He hasn’t shown SY any security.

    As for SY mom, i believed any caring mother would do something to protect her family and loved one, because SY seemed very weak in this relation. I love how straight forward she is- speaking out her mind and you know how she feels instead of guessing all the time. TB should learn that quality off her. Although she can be a bit too much at times.

    I do hope that SY would leave TB for a short while, not a divorce (they should decide on that together). It will give TB a good chance to think things clearly, if he really loves SY (not because of the baby) to want her back or knows that he can never get over HR and makes thing work with her. It’s just my opinion.

    I really hope SY and TB will end happy together because they love each other not of other factors or influences, If they can get though this, their relation will be so strong that nothing can tear then apart.


  20. Anonymous says:

    I love this episode ❤


  21. Laica says:

    Thanks Softy and Fanderay! I missed commenting last weekend because I was traveling and super busy. 😦

    I was dying from cute this episode. I find it hilarious that TH is basically a hormonal teenager around J. Texting scene was adorable.

    I am a little surprised at people’s strong reaction to this episode. I do think the editing was a little off as someone mentioned. But when I think about it, this episode was a little frustrating because although there was a lot of talking, as usual in OB, there was hardly any communication. TH and J are still stunned by their new relationship (and KISS… lol) and barely talked to each other despite all the cute; TB is confronted by SY’s mom and barely answers her, and then he leaves without saying much to SY, who then talks to her mom about how she feels, but her mom just railroads her and tells her to get a divorce; TB feels bad and makes an effort to go to the doctor, but SY avoids him and doesn’t let him in; TS goes out at dawn to find work without telling his family what’s going on; even in his conversation with MS they have a miscommunication about the headband. I feel like the writer is doing this on purpose. The Hwangs even have a conversation about this at the table – Ajumma tells Ajusshi to not give TS a hard time anymore, he says he isn’t, but she says not talking to him is worse. And he replies that he isn’t ready and the words have to be sincere. I think the writer is making a point about how even though arguing and not communicating always makes things worse, things have to take their natural course, and often people just aren’ ready to talk yet.

    I admit to being frustrated by TB and SY too, but I think they’re very realistically written. Their problem is that they bring out the worst in each other – SY’s harsh and demanding way of talking when she’s mad makes TB clam up, and his non-responsiveness just drives her crazy and she yells even more (and then she throws things). Definitely a bad habit learned from her mother. And both are incredibly stubborn in their own ways, so neither will give in first. They both need to grow up and realize that they’re only harming their relationship, and I’m sure they’ll reach that point eventually – I just hope it doesn’t take something tragic to wake them up.

    On the whole this wasn’t my favourite ep. but I didn’t dislike it. This kind of angst is par for the course at this point in a 50-ep family drama. The one thing that HAS been bothering me, since last week actually, is why they haven’t addressed TH’s dead mom’s stuff she left for him and the fact that J still doesn’t know that she’s dead. I want her to find out so they can have a real bonding moment where she comforts him (not the physical stuff isn’t great).

    Oh my Lord, I wrote an essay! 😛 Sorry. Just wanted to add my two cents. Thanks as always!


  22. radtrix says:

    During TP’s buying-clothes scene, I thought I saw wrong — but it’s really DOSS instead of BOSS! And the scenes that followed will give us VIVA instead of VISA! Also, the name on TH’s credit card is Hwang Chang Shik (the dad?!). And when TP rented the car, he signed off as ‘feel’! LOL!


  23. Sohee Park says:

    sweet end the car ^^ kiss don kiss me to night


  24. Anonymous says:

    Hey everyone, If you have time please vote for UEE and JOO Won for the KBS icon award. I know they are way far behind and probably will not win but can’t hurt to try. You can vote once a day.

    Links provided by Lupita in After School forum;
    The website does come in english too but you have to register first to vote.

    To vote for PSH, please register 1st as member at KBS’s link below.

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    * 1 account can vote once a day only.
    So please vote every day until 31 Dec 2011

    Please support them!


  25. Iprefernottosayit says:

    I heard there’s a deleted scene. I wanna see it, plss? 🙂


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